Newspaper of Evening Star, May 2, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 2, 1862 Page 2
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iw? ?tUmmtm? PV^MT\rn QTAD i? T innu u x mi* WASHINGTON CITY: TRI AY MAY 8, 1962 1~J" Reeding matter on eVery page. Bee out ?jf ior interesting telegraphic and other matter. Spirit ( tb? Mtrilai Pr?M. The Intilligtnctr It occupied with newamatteri to day. I be Republic** csmmen'a upon the fill of New 'ri#>a?9, and th'.nks It Is (be first decisive ahock <u the confidence of the rebels. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. GENrRAL SCOTT'S OIMNION. A gentleman who on Sunday last bad a long Interview with the veteran patriot Scott, In Ellz.k.iw XT I kt. V *>11. ?? tV.t k. J t nifio, i? ?/ , uis urinr, iriiB ui iuai or uctiam that tbe war will rarely be virtually over by the first of July next He expre*ses the utmost confidence thv by that time General McClell&n will have completely subdu'd and driven the rebels from the field. He also expresses the u'most adzn ration of the manner in which the I'resider! a-d the S? cretary of ?.tate have managed their sbtrr of tbe responsibilities of the times. Though physically feeble, bis mind Is as clear as his iinrr?t friends could wish. NOMINATED AND CONFIRMED. Ht uaillfr Rrn'l Shprmm ih fithcr of Senator " R -- ? Sherman) vai yesterday nominated to be a major general of voiunteera and confirmed ere the Senate adjourned for the day. Major Crawford, who has been acting aa In?r>ei tcr genera! of General RoaecranV column, ha* been nominated to a brigadier generalship cf IB. ASSIGNED TO DUTY. Brigadier General Hart?uff, we hear, has been nMl^ncd to the command cf a brigade In the division of the corps d'armee of Gen'l Banks rein ??.. J.J W? n?- 1 % K/ia/irr iii in>iTu uy ucii i Avrrtituiuiu. RK ESTABLISHED. The Secretary of War tat re-establlahed the A V . II* _ _> tl'lll A A . nc: mng ?:nce aooninfa Military ueparxmem or Kdiisai, wf hear. The General to command It hat not yet been dt ilgnated. APPOINT!!KNT9 CONFlRM E0. The Senate. In executive session. vesterdavron. ? , .7 / 11 r:ned the following nomination!: t*ha? L Lathrop to be collector of custom* for the district of New Orleans, Ln. [This geutlej?i u f rinerly resided ln New Orleans, but left there on the breaking outof the rebellion.] \Vm. T ; hcrmau, imj:>r general, and Sam'l P. Carter, Ttnn , brigadier general of volunteers; Artenia i'hapel, of Nebraska, and J T. Heard, of Mae*, nri[;s<ie furcronn: etna M l*roro*t, i:yrm S Hal* fWman. both of fa , and Marcellua V. G. Strong, f \ V., assistant adjnranta general, with the ?.? .k c{ captain; D. W illard. of Dlatrict of CoiiiKbU, remrnlaaaiy of Hub*iatence. in*!n.i*L ?The N??w York paperaof yeater?l*v ;*? tb*- rrj-ljirred mVi of Governmenta are r" r ? VOivft. in eddltlon to large private trane ^ '-"ps Tfcc *'s of !-rl ?rld at r?-, the o'? cf -?! at 9?>; tuc 7 JO prr cclU at 10~2 ^, and tbt 1 dtb'edneaa Certificates at tv>, ahowiug an ?drance Id til description* Toe locpmrrmfnt In ? ? 'f 1 ? 1 wi'b'n a <rrfk Is about 1 per ien? - ta*r stock* srt active and better Kentucky * '<;!* >?. -TV, Illinois conpons, 91. Indiana 5 s, ? ' ?' , 5* vj: North Carolina M -sourI * '?, 50 * , California PO. American told. 108V- Forrign cxrHsngr steady PsiioSAL.?Capt. Ueruford, cf Montreal, Is at Erown't. . Mr. Bla> kwell and wife; Mr Gudweod and tl <fa a*>4 P I J. ?A ??- ? mx. c.iiu i j cwwuiaH, u vauaua, ttll'i LT J L'-tttrman: U S A., are at Wlllards*. F earroin ied ? J J CUco, E?q , we hear, has b-en reappointed Assistant U. 8 Treasurer at New York. OI R AR?1Y He?OilK TORKTOWFI. (Correspondence of the N. Y Evening Tost J Nbae Yoiktown, Vo ,April 28.?By an ord<r issued waay oy Ufn'rai McClellan, General FITz J bn Porter it assigned to tbe direction of the lege of Yorktcwn. General Porter baa, In fact, had almost the entire direction of tbe siege since its cftnmeDC'irent, and is now simply inverted ? 9 ally wi'b tfce powers that be previously ei? r r!?r?t In saying this I am confident that none of b - frier ds will think le*a of the honor which his apt-ointment at thia lime ionfcra upon him. I have before aaid that Gen. Porter ws? an nnt ring indefatigable General, and was never at . nrirt aix> that uen. McCleMan appeared to t.xvf ?t?- utmost confidence In blm, and to confide to Liu* bis p ans and rely upon hlsjodgment. 1 *iso htafed that Gen. Porter had practically the d'rpe'lon of th* selge. And 1 am more than ever satisfied that tbe sUge will have a glorious and uncceMful termination. Ever since the General'* u ?ivcu*>vu v u CUIIUOTi me < m inn j iQ very sua* day after fce arrived here, be has bad a perfe< t kuo wlrtlyr of the defences, strength and approaches to the enemy's frrttficationa. He saw at a glance the euemy'a strong end weak points, and has governed himself accordingly, as the rnfmT will soon tnmjh learn, without Information from correspondents it^neral Porter la a native cf New Hampshire, ?h rty nine yeara of age. lie has resided principally in Ntw Yrrk city- He was graduated at Went Point In 1HI; was brevetted Second Lieu i rism oi arnuery in ipi?; became First Lieutenant In 1"I7: wai breT?tt??d Captain for gallant and meritorlou* conduct In the battle of Mo lno del v, SW-ptenib-r, ? , 16? 17, and brevetted Major for valiant conduct In tbe battle of Chepultepec, 13th S p'cmber. 1S17 He wm wounded at the capl f of the city c f Mexico. Since 1?>49 be has been ^aaulan) 1 * a* o . iu?..u^.v. ... aimicir, ana nioniDorou^bJy 1? be qualified for tbe direction of an artillery alece at this time. A* nsnal, I have to report a few shell* from the rcb^U thrown at our r> cketa, ?nd other random Khota; resulting In no lota on our aide Our gun? orta alone have replied to the enemy's lire today, dropping a few shells into their works by w*y of dm niton. The rebels evidently discovered something new this morning, which xomewhat surprised them and drsw their fire aulta sharply for a few mlnit wm the digging of a trench within * > <> it twelve hundred yards of their chief t??n?T. ?>, d. row an op*>n space wblch stretched from ttr vicinity of Wormley's Creek to York rlvrr, ,?T<<i rommaiidlni; a fAir view of their work* In rlr entire length Tbi? trench wag dug during t?.. r.i-fcf 1* i* deep enough to prevent any rir , fr< n? sharp artillery shots or tbe explosion ?I -?el!s rbe r.omKf r of prisoner* and deserter* from it r?-b< ia hw been quite Urge, but 1 am not per xittrd t? ?\r* sn official list, bo I withhold any i?.? i.-nt:?'? n- 'ely laying tbat they have all been acat northward. ( p?ti?,?'dfiw< of ?be PblladeMPbla Inquirer ] Wishild Hcutt, near Ycrktown, Va , Apr .; jit -"fwh 1# eTldentlv annoyed at the 1'. h it;?unrr in wbirb th? Yankee* are burrowinj is front of ibrlr wnrka In one place we fc vf n parallel about *1* hundred yard* from oi> , 1 tbrir vrorks Our sharpshooter* keep tbelr ii -n from working npon It In 'be day tliue. but tntbentebt pop, pop goeatbe rifle-, upon both >! tis > s'>rdav afternoon they thought they brt found a body of men at work in the edge of 'be wood*, and tbev accordingly kept flrinz sb<li? from a ten-inch gan and a forty two and thirty two pound eoluiiiblad Nearly every one f t 'h? -bells oiploded. They were the old onea -.-m th? Norfolk Navy Yard, and bave the long f ; < * Miol of tbetr sheila paaaed over the wood#. Having ?<een Bred at too great ax elevation. r b?- p? sac ?<lon of a ptece of woods, from which mt nave driven tbeir pickets, givea aaa line view <1 ?a tH<?mpiwsl near the Yorktown rnul I tttw qwtentf a mile from Yorktown i it i:??? to toe rt?r 01 one or tbe rtrongeat \%ork*. which baa been '"iwtructrd to prevent an <i*aa<.e by tb?. Hamptoa road Tbe Rebel* can, ? *b ?be aid of a cla*a. be *?n In large number* r t r barracks are ?>l wood, and a large force have i?" donbt wintered tbrie. Monday utcmipg, about 9 o'clock, a popular l*v?w< our rill e pita, tb? enemy appealing In force below ttoe "dam " This brigade w*s sent out to watch their movement". Atx-Ht iu o 'lock heavy musketry Mag conainriiord aud )a?u-?i about one hour. About II o'cloc k the enemy sent up their miserably onntructed and Ill-shaped balloon. It was up oue uiluute, and then weutdown quick. aw! t? n mlmilM >flrrw*rrf> it ??t? * ? ... ? ? -ft-'" pproictt. j?nd rayed up laoiitr minute. Tb? chape ct this ^ llccn !a not unlike to two 81 bit* tenia, tewed ?-V.?tfcer at tte bii'a, bring pointed at each end. ? ! like *?*r>tblim el?e manufactured at the t^CJlh In Its Infancy rt.f ohjcct of tblareconnofaaanee *? for the piwpoMaf diatfjylng lot of low buabea and bruife. ea tb? eotav bad bteo In the bablt of < railing up on their bind* and kneea and fopI our picket* Tbe npedltion waa anc i ?aful ?l h- broth acd trm were r?mo??d. and iiow car (kk-1? watch without fear or favor. r rSchuAtwJ, the *> anew hat notorloua Pr:nM>ln*li politician and Ircturer at Connertii b( Ptare Mertlu^a, ta?turned up, alnc# Um ill*, ration iroui Kurt Lafayette, at Y>l!**lUe, AtAbu*m, u a Colonel, at tbe bead of 1.women. If A WD UBTDo tin mm n<iuinn uAia ntn.> DI IbUiOAAril* FROM MlSSOim. Ill Hnadred Rebel Indiana Completely Defeated The following dispatches have been received at the War Department. Pitt?bc8?.Lasdiso. April 30 ?Hon Edio:n AT Stanton. &tcr't(try of Ji'ar: Reliable inforina* tloB li rfttlvd that Major Hubbard, of the l$t MUsouri Volontei-ra, rn the 25lh, with 11(5 men, defeated Colonel* Coffee and Stearnweigbt and Ix hundred Indiana at Neoaho. Missouri, killing an! wounding 32 and rapturing 62 prisoners, 6 horses and a large quantity of arms. H. W . Halleck, Major General. Destracllsa ?f Rebel Siillpetfr Wtrki in Arkansas by Gen Carus' Trsip? Fohstth, M?., May 1 ?On the 2Ub ult., tbe Federal cavalrv from this rlice destroyed an ex tensive saltpeter manufacturing establishment near Yellville. Arkansas, and burned the buildings Lieut lltckoi, of the 4th lowacavaly, was killed In a skirmish with the rebel*. A large quantity of supplies. hid r>r rebel u*e, with deserters and jawCawkera hiding in the mountains, hnve been captured by General Curtls' command. FROM Ci'M FOUlE'> FLOTILLA. Prsspect *1 ? Speedy Term natlsn of the .Itfie of F*i t Wright?The K?- bels UurBloj <*U*B . * ?.n oa ?ri - v. . v ? ui! rv*i ?? B.oni, a pri* ou. ? a ucrc aas i/Ctru no change la the cv'iearJ appearance ?f things here for the last two daya. hut nstfain indications now point to a speedy ter or 1 nation of our protracted siege, but I am cot at liberty to say how soon. A deserter to day from the rebel fleet savs that the ve?sel to which he was attached has been employed nearly for a wek past In cruising between .Memphis and this point In search of cotton, and that every lot discovered had been burnt. The lots varied from Ave to sixty bties, and thrui;j ?* ...J t ? 1 ti a u-i ? ^irj;ovc unvruyni is w?cioi iq':u^aiiu uni?'? The rebel gunboat fleet from New Orleans bns arrived off Fort Wright and Joined Hollina" fleet Th^v have now a sutti-leiiMy strong naval force to make a show of resistance. INT? RESTING FROM NEW ORLEANS. wicBjiotivu me ? 11 y uj rciifrm I rtopn TiieOJJicial Correspondence between Commodore Farraput and the M-iyor. The War Department hia received the following correspondence It Is token from the Richmond Enquirer of April 30th : Coot. Farragut to Hi Mayor of Jitie Orleans. Off New Orleans, April 26, 1>6.'. t? Ua f ?, . ,L. If. j tf <7 J t t ntni y I'lR A* I o/ tA? city of N'tr Orlrant 81r Upon my arrival before your city I had the honor to rend to your Honor Capt. Bailey, United State* Navy, second in command of this expedition, to demand cf you the surrender of New Orleans 'o me. a? the representative of the Government ? f the United States. rapt Bailey reported the result of an Interview with yourcelf una idc military aoiDoriues. 1$ must occur to your Honor that It It not within 'he province of a naval otfl'ier to assume duties j of a military commandant 1 came here to reduce New Orlean* to obedience to the laws nnd to vindicate the offended niajftty of the liovcrnment ?i t t_ i ?a o?-?? ?.? ' * " <ji iu>- unucn nwn. i w neut* or persons ana property shall be seen red. I therefore demand of vou, a* its representative, tbe unqualified ?urrender of the elty. and that the emblem of sovereignty of the United b? hoisted over the City Hall. Mint. *nd Custom House bv meridian this day All tUgs and other emblems of sovereignty other than tbo'-e of the I niied t?'ates niuw be moved frcm all the pulsllc buildings by that h?ur. I i>artleiilarlv rrnii?-*f tVi*? rivi your" authority to quell disturbance ?, restore order, and rail upon -?U tbr ^cod people of New Orleans to return at cnce to tbalr vocations and I particularly drma-'d ibat no per?on shall ij#? molested, In perion or properly, for pr? f Mlnr sfitiinen's of loyalty to lh?-ir Government I sh?ll speedily aid feverrlv punlsb a-iv p*r?on or person* whc ^bal! loir.mlt such pnfnyn ? ? Witnessed 5*? Menl v, hy armed inrn firing upon helpless women mid children for giving e*rresslon to tLdr pieisnr^n' wltnrssln^ tbe old flig. I ?m. respectfully, yonr oto-dienf ser.ant I). G FAK?A(JITT, Flap Officer Western Gulf Squadron. R 'fly of tht Mayer tk? City of iV-re O'Uans. f*iit Hall, April 20,166*2. Flag Officer P G . F> biuoht, I" S Flag-ship Hertford. cir: in purinunc? or a rffMattOB which we thought proper to take, out of regard for the llv?-? of the wonii n and children who Mil! crowd tbla great metropolis, Gee. I .o veil has evacuated it, with his trcops, and restored to me the adai'.r.latration of lt? fcovemmeut and the custody of lta honor. I have, la. council with the city fathers, con IJ * 1 J a a- - ? * jticiiu lururuisna miae vi (Tie yeMeraay, Tor an unconditional surrender of the city, coupled with a requisition to boi*>t the flag of the l'n:ted States on the inbllc edifices and hsul down the flag that still floats upon the breeze from the dome of this Hall It becomes my duty to transmit to you an answer, which is the universal sertiment of mrconstituents ro lis* than the prompting rar own heart dictates to inc on this sad and solemn occaslcn The city is without the means of dtfence, snd is utterly destitute of the force and material that might enab'e It to resi?t an overpowering armament displayed in sight of it. 1 am no military man. er.d possets no authority bevwnd that of ex rrutleg the munlcirnl laws of the city of New Orleans. It would be presumptuous In mi' to attempt to lead an army ln?o tbe Held, if I Lad one at command, and 1 know ?tlll less bow to surrender an undefendtd place, held, as this is, at tbe mercy of your gunn?*ra and your murtars. To surrender such a place were an Idle and unmeaning ceremony. The ?ity Is yours by tbe power of bi uial foice, not by my choice or consent of ita inhabitants It Is for vou to determine what will be the fate that await* us here. A* to holstlnc anv fixer nthfr tK*?> i#!??* a# /? ? ? J , ?.?V ?"f, VJ ?> ' < *? 11 adoption ona allegiance. let nie sav ? yon that lb? man lives not In cur midst whmc hind and t;eart would not be paralyzed at the mere thought of such an act; nor could 1 9nd In mv entire constituency so wretcb?d and desperate a renegade as would dare to pnfaue with bis band the sacred emblfmcf our aspirations. fir. you bave manifested sentiments which wouia uecoine out t-ngat:?(l In a belter cause than that to wblch you have devoted your sword 1 doubt not but that they spring from a noble though deluded nature, and I know how u> apprecla'e the emotion* which Inspired them. You have a gallant people to administrate over during your ocenpaney of tht? city?a people sensitive to all that can In tbe least aft ct their dignity and self respect. Pray, air, do not fall to regard their ail# ceptlbllltles. Tbe obligations wblch 1 ihall as umr in their name shall be religiously complied wim. 1 o'j may trust their honor, though you might not count on thefr submission to unmerited wrcnft. In conclusion, 1 beg you understand that the peopl* of New Orleans, while unable to resist your force, do not allow t bcmsei ves to be Insulted by the lnlerferencc of such sb have rendered tneir.selves odious and contemptible by their a a ? ? aaawaiy aesertion ol ourloum In the mlgtity struggle in which we are engaged, f such as might remind teem too pjwerfully that tb*v arc the conquered, and >011 the conqueror* Peace and order may be pr?a.;(ved without resort to 1 measures which 1 could not at this moment prevent Your occupying 'he city dcea not transfer 1 allegiance from the Uovemmcnt of their ctolce to one which they hare dellberattly repudiated, tnH lK?t? !??. "~L* L '1 _ ...? y pouiucui viirubv wmcu lot concjucror la entltlrd to xtort fr^in tbe conqucrcd. Rcbpcctfully. John T. MnnaoB. Mayor. IIV NOTICE-Th# Stockholder* of the WuhLL?? in*ton, Alex?ndna ?n<l ueorcetown KmI read C?m?an<, aie here *? notified that a meeMDg will be helu ai the office of Alexander Ha?.Em, Ro. S*1 Pcnn?*lTaoia avenue, Washington. D. C.,on SAK'KUA V, Msj 3d.l*bi,*t 11 o'clock a. 01. ?ii.'\?Nni? u?v ?1? <M JOBEfH /HUKNTON. Purchwr. I 111" F.VKHY ONfc'S INTKNKHT-2V THK II R CITlZKys. STRANUhhb, A?U SuLDTERS 1 im?v?ja?l received * t??it larce and Sa* iMorinett ?f fofing Clotfaia*. wb^h I am oflAricg %t c*r oko&Ilow prion*, at No. 4?>0 Seventh street, owo?jt<)_Po?t Oflloe. n??r 27 3m MM* TUk l'Nlf)N I'btvru MVVTIMll W.Tl * > M y ?*?"? ' m ? ?? ? <?% i*4 U 14 J 111 JW * ? uI UtB b? hoiden e?w; <U? this weak in the LutherSaThwrch.fRev. J. Hutler's,) %t the corni?r of lllh H streets, oommpnciof fct 4X o'oioek p nu, + << Cor.t'CO?1%nt on* lionr. Jt in ITOR _BALE-*?n ft U*?> f??t of HICKORY * buTt*. six loft iniig, ?ua-ter?J and harfc*4, ?uit*bl* for gcTprniB"ct ?ur ;mw. Inqui'e of K. It. H * L'.. od? milolap Heltaville button. ou B. tOJ.R m'JW | HlN WOOLKNrt FOR WENT8', YOUTHS'. J a id Buy*' wear. Many olioio* ia> rics fcnd atyl*?,at onr froTorbia'.I* low prioer fKKKt ft liKu, ui 2-fit pa. av and Ninth ?tr??t. AVEKV FiNE I OlIR J?OUNl> COR MER Btvan-^otava Ohiokeriai Piano, ini b*?ii kkU v ut a hurt ti > . will (> utdHIMi far #22S; original oo?t 9*L0 To he n-fbMltl i i in" M nnic c\oto c I _m 2 W. 6. MKT7KEOTT. PNSRAVlNC-KNGKAViMJ, ? fcNbRAVING. _ W?dd1??, Viaitmc.tni Buameaa C?;da. Nntn, Ch*oka. Bill Htadi, Muno lieo'ipu^n ?o 6?or<la. Medala. Ara??, Hjp'.m, oofta P M*i Ac Ao Nftllr fxicaiel *?.J with tii* pvctl M aso P? 4101119. C. J. HOlYHNn. < ffit PUt* fri -UB? g.aiw _ |^t R t?ALIS?A *ar? Q ?>r uuub a i ?tr HuKst.; udo* wa.l uudar rn??? a**M.rt-tn? sropeitr ot? tenU*man wtoTJR ft4* no uto lor hi.ii. fhnm 1a no r* Iiu tt* utmocALi* iio-?e in Dut lot W?rr? lea uu'tf, n (OOd O'jrilitlOQ. An He iM b-> the ?<?i> eavf Or. Johufertfavn, 1) aireet, t>?twea UH UMl HU? aU, ftnUlv \ - CONGRESSIONAL. IXXTilth CO?mRKSS?Sweeei ItHlia. ?After oar report closed yesterday? The resolution inquiring whether soy further legislation Is necessary to prevent the return of fugitive slaves by military rfhcera. after a short dlacuaalon by Meant* tfumnet and Saulsbury, waa laid over. The conalderation of the confiscation bill wea then resumed, and Mr Wilson offered an amerdment directing t Via Praaldant f a i jana mnn H (</> I ??l i HQ a i v v i vav i isvuc a w>i<tiiiu>ivti wwiiii tr^ the alavee of all rebe I* free He looked upon every Union aoldler killed aa being killed byalavery. He thought that l>v this movement the rebellion would be crushed out, and by It alone, and alluded to the emmclpitlon of the alavea of the District, for which 13.000 black men were bleaalng God this day. The dlacusaton waa continued by Measra Morrill, Carllle, Howe and Davis until the Senate went into executive aesston. HnfTtv A ftnr nnr nnrt /?1 a? < w V >7 n VUI I V^UI ? v w V Mr. Dunn reported a bill for the reorganization of the Adjutant General's Offlc*; recommitted. Mr. Lovejoy, from the Territorial Committee, reported a bill to make freedom national and slavery sectional, and asked to have It printed and recommitted; agreed to. The House then went Into Committee of the Whole and took up the Pacific railroad bill, which they discussed for some hours without coming to a vote. Mr. Stevens, from the Committee on Ways and !\T*>nna rpwirt*>ii a hill to rrprflt th* ?n?t Territories with inch amounts aa they have advanced in furnishing supplies, Ac., for the%defense of the Government a* an off act to the aumi rrqulred of tbem by the provisions of the direct tax bill; recommitted. THK STEEL ARMOR that has saved the lives of ao many offiaers within tho la?t few w*ekr, may be fonnd at the Ajenoy ot th? Company. 15th st, rezt north of Rises & Co.'a Bank, mi 3t* in riAW" B'?ar.n, the lumber of wl*oh u -f'J valuable to IviiiUerp, will be Bold very low to make ioom, at the Mubii Store of w. g. mutzerott. m 2 Onfiitr of llth ?tr??t ?i ri t*a av. Black and colored sil.ks.-Nsw sup phes ?p?c a' bargains New Pren tioodn oflarM todar, with our nsial full Btonk of t?r? Gi>od? (Foreign and Doraesto) required for general family wants. One pnoeonly, marked in plain figures. I'bKH V a bro., m I 6t Penn. avwnne and 9th ?tr?*t. ii/iii,L.r.i?'J5 univn stable ITI hn'it on cormr of Cand S~,xtk sts.* WatMctton, D. C. HORSK3, CARRIAGES, TOP Kai NO TOP BUGGIES, for hire, sale rxch?n<e,or ^ taken at iirery by tho day. week or mnnili, on reasonable te-m?. A ce? lot jp|l of Horses, Carriaie* and Uatcies juat W received and for hire. Persons, osn*"1^ a>wa?? r>e aooummodated with Horses and Bug gie?. eithe double or sing!*. in Mm* ' ALHKRT BELL. Agsnt 486 newotuck. 486 INTERIOR ADORNMENTS Jn?t received a ohoioe selection of new and de sirsbs styles. PA I'ER HANGINGS. From the rion and orrat', to ?he iro?? ohaste ard sin p>e satterrs appropriate Tor Parlors, Halla, Dininc Rooms. and Chainhors. F1REBOARD TRINT8, STATUES, CENTER PIECES, ftr New DeaiKoa, warranted U'?ld Han<?e, Inflation Gold, and Common. WINDOW SHADES. Window Phnd*a nf any r<^?ire?1 etyle or ute, made Mordei. biff 6r*enand Bine Shade Ho. lanla by the ?ard or ir a 'e into S#aJe?. OVAL PJCTl'FK FRAMES. (wariant?d to be ai'aeJ with *o!d ieef ) The liar.daome?t acd lart*et assortment in the District, t>e te?t <r<i'!ijf%otory in theconntr* A mo. an assortment Dark Woed Frame*, witn a h#?Atifnl v*.ri?tv nf ?mA.II iiimI Ova.! anti f*rti Vis tp Frames, of Foronn anl Dom?9l!? manafao tor* Fa?8?r?tont?. ft c. Pinri'By. CO?D AND TASSKL8. Different siz*? and oolurs, 1'ioturs Pints Na'ls, 4o. Farona?!H ei??t usively for oteh, tltwaborecfwds fsocordin* to th?u <iq*nt?.> will t*? dt?o?*a?i o? V a* low i *?s is tu*v o?n > * inrehMirf fjrinthe O'*triot. Noroier presentation rn*deto? fleet ea'es Urders !c? F?perh*njin* or Window bt-ade?.?xeeut???l b? expei re I woi kmec, ;n oity or ooottry. A cail niciied from thoee nff?dint tn? above goods. 'leim^^ash. J. MAR8R1TKH. Remember tlie number. No 4^6 Seventh et.. 3 doo's above ? dd Fellows' Hail. and tr>e terrrs, CsbIi for goods a d Isb. r tu < liwif* |?OR HALK^A pair of f?T HORSK8, EXr PR K!(K kVARUN iit tRlfflCV >nk& doul<i<* rft of HAKMK8S, all oonidete,TijR The above will bo d che?pforoa?h Th> m *'.o?e oan be 'een at MCMoFlELD P Stable, on K ftre?r.?bove n?n street. It \V N^TLS * ? Mi uo?u mi* 'i?y ufcuou a rv uu 01 i wo nnnnrra and fifty thouund tfKlCK, which we will sell cheap for caah. jn l St* A. k. T. A. RICH AKDS. f:OK SALK At Whitehar?t Qillerj, 431 P?. ?t#du?. three WOOUKN XKNT*. B?m Whitehurat'? oolleoti in of Carta de Vmte of diatiifuirh^d ir.en. A'ac, Likeneaaea in Oil and Water Colora- m 13t* A PIANO. FINE Toned Seven Ootave Piano, perfect:? new. fur ?ala on terma. nr will * ? ohaora it for * good bo licit rig lot. 1o?uI(a|HRA No. N atieet. belwren 13th a ad Ver TTYTI niont av. m 1 ?t* S GREAT SACRIFICE ! ELL1NG off 20 per cent m.ow o<>?t, large atook of THU*h*. H A H N SAUDkEf*. BKID!?, and MILITARY GOOwf, t-> olote the roi.o?m, at 'i#S Fenr.aylvania avenue, between Uth and 13th ?ta . aouth side. m 1 la* [\OriCE a i^l TO THE PUBLIC flfSft IN GENERAL GOSLING RESTAURANT, '247 H5NNSV1.VAMIA AVKNUE, South Sidb. (Formerly of New York.) Haa the Name and Faroe ol beinc ONE OF THE BEST RESTAURANTS IN TOWN ! !H7"6 lve it a trial and judge for yonraelf.^31 Al Everything itiihe houie ^ _ BEST THE MARKET VBlL AFFORDS 1 "I iron l loreel the number? 1 947 Pennsylvania avenue, m 1 8m Betwe?n 12th and 13* ?t? . ?ogih Attention, ladiks;?mrs*. s., 468 11th street rroeivsd by ast 'earner from fans a choioe assortment of 1 adiei' Undero'oth nc, elegant and (raoeiu1 Hoo? Skirts, very narrow Point.Point AMi'd.Valenoiannesar.d n-.i - * ^ 1 wuupuio vu'<ftri mh qbhi jian>ei, Coiffur'?, Veiia n o >'all ?n?1 ?e? ap 3?-3t* THE SUBSCRIBER HAS JUST KEOEIVED over thrre hundred new itylea of Card Photograph* of fine engraving*, Comio Pioturea, Kv pbela, Madonnta, Ao. AI*o,anew aupply of handeoiae i hotographto Alhnma, at WILLIAM P. RICHSTEIN'S National Bnofiatore, aa 3<>-3t* No. Wt*i Penn. avenue POMB ONE. GOME ALL, and bayyour outfit of SPRING ard SUMMER CLOTHING,at the oorter of E and SeveMh ata. The aight of oar l*r*e a took of Men'a and Boya' Clothing will relieve all app ehenaioi of not being able to get anxed or fi-ted at oar establishment ^1va Ui D JL UD/iTil bji* * - - v *v i#n n t*. unu i n c>n a Lri&lj ftOd the* WlII a wn do what i? i ight. ap IO-2m* ' ^HIRD WARP. 1 MUNICIPAL ELECTION. The followiDK tioket will ba supported by the Union ir.en of this Ward fur rr-?'emo? on the fcr?t Monday in June next, viz : For Mtyor-KKUUKU WALLAOH For Alderman-JOSKP'l F BHoWN. For Connnon <*ouncil?T HO& LEVY 18, ALEX. R J?H KPHER D. THOS A 8TKVKN* ror Aimior-HEHRV ;>.C('R Tlr* ap 30-*o3t. ____ Pm UB1.IC NOTICK HKRKBY GIVKN.that until otherwise ordered, the CominieeioDera under the %c\ of Congreas of the 16th of April, 18&, entitled, "An act for the release of oertaln aeraona held to service or labor in the Diatnot of Columbia." will hold their seeaiona in the City Hall, In the City of Washington, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Thurada?,and Friday, of every weea, and that all pereona.loyal to the United States, holding claims to aet vloe or labor against persons diroharied therefrom by that act, may, within ninety days from th? ?? ??? ' L,-L ? ZEX&tilP* n7xt.> bnt ?ot tbeVAftir i? he Co mm i * i o -ier? their reeeeo i*e *tatementa or petition* tn wntlni. verified by oath of *?riy*tion setting forth the i&fnea, &tge*. and mtwh^h ion "??h ^?oo?* the mannerin which the petitioner* aeaut'ed *110(1 claim and ?n? f&ou toncfi.o, the *?' * In ereof, and den?in0fg or h?r ai.egianoe to the Government ot the United Htate*. ami tha.> th? >>! ! kT___. k" ? ? ?' w? 'K." w** *,r? *ld or 00">fort thereto. *'"ff J' h*tb*J*tk'f/[ ??** that 1 he time n%med intra 3th ection of that aet. for filinc a ?[??hedot* with th. ?"w/of

the Lv-.i i?!!Il f >r thf "lBtr'ot of Columbia, by ?Uf 55 owner; or olaimanta to the aerrioea of l**?**'* BMd? free by that act, aattinc forth the *nd Mrtioular deeoriytion of thero^nT^nnirrTi^L^k ?? ??* fixate 55"1** ola'm Of any person who SSS^'s^a kH'i0%^2DL0E' Commiaeioners. Waabinc'otu A?rn &, iWi. a? an-if T NOTICE OF REMOVAL. 1 HAVE Removed that totuoi 01 my etook saved from the fire to No. 470 Ninth 'trMi, between D and t, two mqum from P*.arena?, where 1 am elling off remainder or my atook. Ail peraona ind?fct<*d to me are rMpaotfilly rato Mil ud sMtis ">-i4JfgV%OAN. lit K> 4 > O Mi-It - ?"-? " 1 " -r - ~- -m w m ??f WWBW1 U UU Cd* | MR8 HENRY WOOD'B~JiOVKLg -lk? bannmf*. K*?l Lynn*. Ct*l>( Wafer toa i.*rl it Uaira; >#??>. p?oh si oenu. Pot ?als by wI l,L)'AM F. ftlCaSTKljr, N?*?OB?l B?H?kiU>r*. No. 81 8 F? ?v. N. M Winuil-thtMh rot urn* of th* 2<] lerkii M**)** ***'"' Corr*?fOBd?tto?. / 3 0 4BORGETOWN A DVERTlfTH LIST OF LETTERS REMAINING IN THE POST OFFICE, GEORGETOWN, D C , May 1, 1863. rrr Pereoes applying for letters ta the following llvtVill pl*aee say ther are advertised; otherwise they may not reoatve them. urr. All#? Mn Mtry Died Mri Jin?i J Ktlly Careiir* Aod?I*on M J (eol) Doty Mary W LifH Mr* Sink A?4?t?o? Mn M C Doidion Martha P Murphy Mr* Win Al?und*r Mr* L Dippall Mr* GtorftMoorc Harriet R 2 AoaUj Ritti* Davi* Tannic Middltton Mutt* Armttppor Mr* M ADoontlly Elian Malctr Ellen % Burro*" Mr* C Eair>so* D*IU J Mnrphj Mr* A ? M mm V w n ?i_ U ' *. . wr0W,, ,ti m nuia cioiiaoni! < urnim IHirilD inn A B*Uow* Mr* Marr'tE*!li i Alic? V Moata* Joaaphtsa giTovt Mn M B Emmons Aan? Nicholson Mr* 1 Mtrnnl Pitiptttr.k M?r*t Pryor Mta* M Batt*r*by Mr* Porraat Mary H FilmrMriLB ainltmin Mn M 8 P?n?dick Mr* P?;?? l<4a gill Mr* JtMi Pruiir Abb Jib* P*t*r* Klltn nroBBoo Mr* Julia P*rj*r*on Eluab^i Payaon Mr* AnM?E BfCkrt Msrfrttu NPo* Mia* B 3 Ra*h Mr* Bebr*r Mr* Jacob Part)*** Mr* Ann BlUrner Mr* Anna B**cli Mr* J E Ptnth A a jnauoa 9 Sol'.iTaa Mary Ana BurOit Mfftrin f <Mlin Lilt V 3 Stephen Mary Birnsid* Mr* E Grow Miu 8 Sew; Mil Mirt't Bohr*r Kanoi* 2 Grattin Marrrett* Bilera Mr* Marg t Bniin Annia Gibaeo Mr* Miry Hten* Julia Ana B*rdio* Mr* M E (irow Mr* Jan* B?**nr Mr* Aim* ennninrhnm Mr* Wfirnr HarrUt Bager Harriat A Crown There** Urine* Catherine Smith Harriet c*toii Mr* Elillb'h Greeee* Main* Schuefee Mr* CalTtrt Suem Hall Theodora Smith Fannie Catoo Hill Martha Sikhkh Mi* C Ccltoer Mary Hildreth Li-lie Bigler Ea'Jer Curran Jane Hardy Heater Aar. bhune Aa.-.a B Coetur Marrare: t Hymenal Er.nna 1 ?rry MraCarolistS CnlU* Mr* Mary Hone*ty Emily Thorra* Ge.igenna r.rter EI*aor IngUhart Mr* Trarrmell Jane A ... m.. M i?!.. u.. n u -!? V/I"'"1 *" " ** *l u** * - ? T? urou miM Kj D CltrkMr Emma S Jon?? CUmt A WirlUid Mr* R Crotkar Jaonia E Jaekeoo Aliac J Willum* Mar* Crocker Amanda 8 SKaalcr Mra Merer JWttd Mra Emma no??h?rty Mr*R * ?? Mr* Mary f Wild* Miaa A P Daatiffhcr Mr* M EKirby Litti* 3 William* Mr* IN3 DostrLacyS Ktmp Mr* BiUy Vonof Mr* K L GENTLEMEN'S LIST. ArioWm Frink Orril T MeMaccolooeEdw AiraaWm K"?i?r Andrew MsGlorklaa Danl Alkint Rufut C Ficb Ju Mackiy J no Ailini C>;( M M Gimtll Wm McFurland B Ambit L GUdftlttr Win Matttwt Albert P Athtord Lewi* B Uhm? S D-9 Muh Juo Arrowtinlth Dill-3 Uallowaj Robt Noblt Nathl H A??r; Dinnii OorhamPri?* W 2 N'tUoo Slicer Altinton Chat O Gtaos P^tk Norrit Jno Adarot LllO Orttn M ) Capt 8 Nict J F Andrtwt A B Garton John Ntlaoa Htorr 8 Bartlftt Wm Griffin John Newil Oio BlincotWm Gilbtrt Ebtnitr Nitderanct E Bl?ekm?n Wm Gibion C Him KilttChai Biehop W m u-3 Orove A C-3 Hieaolim A 8 M?j Bilger Wtleon W Hunt Jot U'Brun L 8 B ill Valentin Harrington Wm H OToole Jao Benton Simon Huter W H O'Connor Jno Blair Robt H Hunter Tlioe Otborne Robt C Batee Ruben Hemeler Thoe Oaht Geo Baxter Phil N Hamer Stephen P Oellenree Henry Bol.j Oli??r {]???? %?A. p"? Bennett Nathaniel Huyck Robt L ? , ?- ? i Bixler Mixta H.nnfPR Po?lltn*ifUt J J Sfl BrJd. A H HiinPb P?t?r?on Jno E Bnrk Levi* Hodft. Oli?.r Buffinrlrm 8 L. Htrroan Mr Ptrry Htnry Bormn L?wn A-J Houktr L? Roy-3 ? \"i*?*iVV Brady John L(?ii PiriUJM R, ^ I n u -' * ' earns ;onn nunc jonu riwi r riiniio u Burke J D H?r?ereiraw Jacob Partridge C A Beckett l>uc Ll Hiekok Tboa S Fain* C A Ball Ju H Hoor Jobu W Feriretitee B F t Booth John W Henault J Piraooe Wm Breur J Willard Harried E V Fepper Bidmh H Brenner John Henleme Ju P?;ol Albert Barker Jae (col) Helaimer John Fereona A>>rani Barkar J?a H tminond Jobu Q.aian Jno Brebte Geo Hill John T J Richarda Wm BiddiUrG R Ho?ell Jonathan Rmon btnon Barr John M H<(titf John Raid Richard S Bowee Frank Howard Hmtj Roach Richard Berkttt E11?-i Hofr Hamilton Reyoolde Raateta Ra i mm n*wi<l (Z llnH la?r?KArn H* I Bilfar D M H?;l)?r F M Rtdanbonr'i } W BoVrdman DS SargtHunparford FO Rul; Ju L BKck Htnry 8 Hall Frank R'jhier Jet?? D Brown C K Hanlant F S Riordaii Jno Barnait C Capi Htnanlt F J R??djn? i Bjck Chrtatian Hw?r Emil r 8 Riddiaon G H Barnhort AG 8?r?' Hiwkuia E-4 Rowland G'f Brown Kdwd H HdkiniM Mia* C A Roby Ckia Cunimijhair. W A Htrnck Daal B R??d Ban A Cook Win Htaa Ban) Roerra E P Capt Conk Wm H Hill Albart D 6t?m?r Ga? Cock*r<ll Sidnr He?d AuJw B S?ga Wib R C?i| Robt M Harbaly Jaesb Smith W C-2 Cortocb Mr fwoed lm?? H?nr? Stoot W P Mirer contractor) J?S?r?ou It W KilaociWn Crown Joffph J?9?r?on J?c?b Skinner Wm A Crmnp J?i Ji*>?? Jamci Smith Solmcr 4 <J?tbc?r. ]b? S John?on John H Cimtk bilu l>oe? John Jeakiot John H B Bn?iMon R A Dr t/?lliwan John Mum Ch?? Schick Philip Orbit* John Jonn A H Shannon P?*k Conor ly John Jon*? A Say<J?r Peter fjofly John )amH Aron Smith NictioUe Ccnoor Jchn KirrWm Mfft 3 Kh'pmtn Ms?on C ilhown Joe K?gf 6<?Fhtn Beheele hr C"!e Johu r Regan L?!nou Beimoud* > ruby Cli*<Hoarn* E G Kerr Sainl Smith Andre* B Cacell Jus K*rn?nn Patk Sibet' Henry H Col* Jicktm Krum Jne M 3 S*(er*on Ja* Cook John G Kebv? Joo Sharp* Jno Crey Jacob Kuir Joo J Spencer Jno Crawford John 8 KellyJ.i*R3 Bcbmitt Jnr Ccpelnod (ie? Kirk Henry Smiley Job M Conkim FrtMU Ketler Kdg?r-3 Spilmaa Jai D Catifhey K1? d Kanfoitn Da?nJ Small Ju T Clop C T KocherChrt*ioph'r-46a?ar* Ja* Chiroplln C W Kelly Btjuird Sid it? Hart Clark John w Lit! Mr Bhiilw Gm Carter Croihier Lathro M D Shaw Geo Carpinui B?u)T l?fj Ptnr Smaller Edv F trirj I. II Lttui Itibbtj Thoa B Smith E H Crrwell A F LafleieharWWCiptSbarp Edw Connor Micbl Lyder ]m% Shith I)a?id Deroiaton Wra Le*edoe Lorenio O Smith Chae Dankee W H LimMtn John Seiive Chrietiao Durn Win Ltury John Senter Alvm Duel Freeman Lake Joehcu Stoma Aloozo Duncan Roht Ltckar Jaa Scott Afred V Doyle P?tk Lilly Franeie G Sluele A F Duffy O E Lanfhler EJyar M Safer A 1 Davia Martin H Little Ely*!? H Burt Alei Daniele John Laueing Elpir Thmaoti Wn H Deechr?*er T J Lou Phil J Thcmpaoo Walter Dnff J B Meekee Edw Taylor H S I) a r lai.aitHa Ma.aa t'<4 _ V. I ? D. a i/JCI * /? I'll I TB'II Dlipptnn-l P"JJ! Col Mound Liwii B Tajlcr Jeran I>*? H Martin Loreni Tompkir* Joihoi Duihov (! ? H 1 Miilrej Wdi < Tr*<nirtli G W [>i'kbon Ktlwd'l Moraii Tims Tnlljr Chat Da via E R B Moriarty Tho* Travn Gio Dm.tar D L-i Mttihtvi T M l Tra?u G?n W PlIIDJCapt Matthew# Tho# H I'lrot Piitr Donohu* Bernard Miller Saml VanBurenDr Dtimitoo Allen W Murpbey R J W<rd Toran Dill A R Murphy Owen Watt Andrew I)err Jacob E Moran Mickael Woodall Andrew-7 i? m i iTiurpnr micoaci ft nrl A J IS Co Emfrej Thed Moon Milton Wood BC Bur Ota Kmick John MacackanJeoH WafoDtrCf) Ir lltott Geo Millar Jaa Willlama Collin Fntrekin A C-2 Malijan Jno Waeur Edw Fia!*r Robt P-i Maaaay Jo* Wtthioftw; Geo E 3 PmUi Oriaon-8 Mordaii Jno W Wagonar C W Fry John i Millar Jno L Capt WauarlJ W Fowler John MeBonald JertmiahWabb Jot Fmoimora John Martin Jno WrifhtJar*ia Farrtll ]<i Mnrdock Jdo Wmdliml Jo* Frnniek Jaa MclHnnia Jaa HitJ John Sarft Fitzribhon Ja* MhDowall Jat Wilier Phillippia-4 Fay John Moor# Jno Wilburo ir Peter Furit Frtncil A McCrarar Jno H Walkim Maria Fennar Edwin 8 Mnrdock Jno Wagner Simon Framphee John McCraekerJno H Wyand Simon ?'ry Rich J Martel Jot F Wallace T K Foarloor Danl McCarthy J#r? Wadimrli WmL Pielde Chaa Mackir/no Wiuford Kott French Ban] T Morieiieo Young AleiG Poller Aabery Moaaa Fraoct* 1 MISCELLANEOUS ?To the Soldier Friend of Harriet Oarlock; To tha Officer who haa charge of the electa left by the Soldier* of the 1th Reft. M Vela ,D. C , Oaorgetowo. lET All Letters (exoept "Soldiers' Letters") must, in every insUnoe, be prepaid. tt HENRY ADDISON. Postmaster. W A NTH V * A VUANTKD-A WASH WOMAN, at th* Na " tiota: Btetm Laundry. Good **? ?. Referenoe require*. . a2 ft* WANTED?A firet-elaea Journeyman BAR?? MEH; ?MMioirto It*doll*r? and board; constant employment. Am)t No.93 High meet, Ueorgetown. m 8-21* WANTED TO BENT'rA HOUSE of modar" rate aise, in co*d order, aitaated between Pa, avenue and north E afreet and berwwen 13th and 19'-h rte. Addreaa J E. HI LGARDtCoast Surrey Office. m J-*t* WANTED TO BI'Y?From ? to 16 tores of LAND, pmtab'e for gardening, in the neighborhood of the Distriot. Any person having such to dispose of m*T find a purchaser by addieesirg "Bayer," ieorutown PoettHioa. m 1 3t* IV ANTED? Aboat one hind red able-bodied MEN to co to f hip r >int, near Yorktown, ?s laborers. Apply to Mr. Vos?, at Morgan's Wharf, at foot of 6 ?t. Payment for vagee to be made with eertainty on the last da? of each month. m I A. BI,CK\wTfl. Major C. B. V WANT UOO A RKNT4 In a?ll _ ?< 1 goolt. This II a fine ohusa for f&cey-stnre kWMri, A liberal disooeot is Gloved to those who wish to sell again, aa I can supply 6.W patterns stamped on the finest muslm. Call, on next Monday at the New Stamping Depot, U80 Seventh at., between L and M. Please rail earlj? No. 390. m !_* * n/ANTED-Kwr Lady to look at thu, and " then out at the new Btamplos Deoot. No. *?o Seventh aireet, between L and M street*, ud get their stamping done on flannel, relret, ailk. aatia, cam brio, aelaine, mnalin, ana cloth, at greatly reds oedprloea. We have on hand 5>o onoieeaatW 4NTKD?lOO LADIKfl to embroider yofcea, ? b?nda and aieete*, Pantaletta, akirta, oowara 380 B^enth atreet. between L and M. Tee highest prioe paid for neat hands. Steady employment given to those who salt. Caii next Mooda? It oonven icnt, bring ft Mm|?le W# ka*? ft Oi*oho?oo Mttoru for (tamping on ?r*rrd?NriK tion of goodt A )?o, an endlaa lot of Unpod good* oh>?.p. m i 9\" WAS?KD.j^ ft Hor?o, WftgonftwiEftrB^rk'?A??i?to?yof^lrgSft; Coin*: Aatof rapbs; Old PiinU?f?i(iid I>oo*n??nU; Writing*; better*; Lee'* Memoir*, in motto*. iom* wlamee were ioit: their TtJee will be Mild, if returned to me. lLfKKD HUNTKiT list* Over Beak of Waehkctoa. %*/ANTED?AtlftL to Ukeehtrge oftwookil Yl dree. Inquire et AO* Ninth ?t m *> ** w 4gB|*jrssshatr!A? KS ?M. Peel Oleo- mKA* (lFANTKIUi un?toU.??v.w-J. Tf "bnuMM. "ifiV it tTe" p\Tct*ix Carrtage Worh. corner of Caad?xt>tto. f?** 1*7 ANTKD?Foar DREB3MAKK&8at No 99% t* ink (tree*. Ixtvtn fi?n11: bom bat good hand* need apply. Also, a Yoaag ?irl to learn to* bam"?. *???? U/ANTjtH to bar, kMt, aotiva YOUN0 MAN to drive a milk vaaoa; ke aut aaaer taad tbe oare of kip fcoree and wagon; alee, milk; meat come vail taoooyaaaded. Aleo^tvpMea to ! 9Umt ro*l, D?ftr U? ferat toHf**. ifW | | A-MU8EMHNT8. rorus 1TUNICH. Jmh ?. Fokd Proprietor ud Hmitr o?* B. wiwit S?m* Mumv FIFTH WEEK OFKDW1N FORREST. this MWEnine, Po?itiT*)r_th? Mt Mpx*r?B?? bat fonr of EDWIN F<>RRK*T, Who trill nattiD hu ncritr?lled character of CLAUDE MELNOTfE. TR THE LADY OF LTQM ? ? _ BNuMit John MgC^llowh ??inM? ? M LM?J|U _ ?Brcfci ?er\ & s C B I'M line M m AUmm Widow Meinotw Mra J * Mia D*?eh?j??lia?._ Mra Barrell Sktnrdty, the n#w and eoMtftl >wati8? Plftf of EAST LVNNE.oft th? blommmt. ttABMtMIOII. _ _ Dtom Cirol# ud P*r*oett? ??w?*| rod flaoU ?i?..? If oonr 8nU . } OrohMtro $*%U ? (M PriT?i* tfrxea (holding K>b>iIt Cirole 86 ooaU ItJT Box Ofioe op in from till 4 o'olock. Door* opSQ ?' 7: ovttin rim ftt I It PHILIP WA RREN. Troftwror. A? I>/\ tr W* ? ?? ?"' - "" unwirLft O lUHAlKJi Nr.Ricvu has the honor to asaocaoethat he has tffcctid arrasfeaenta witn the ?orltf-r?aoved Fiaaut. L. M. OOTTSCHALK. In eonjDDt'ion with the rr'neipal Polo Artiete of the ITALIAN OPERA. Prom the Academy of Maeie, New York.the only^JtAlien Or^ra^ompajjyin the oovatty, in v^ivuibicu vuauhvj _ _ _ MMK KbENA b'ANGRI. B16NOR BRIGNOL1. The (rut Tenor. 8IGNOR AMODIO, The dietaotaiehed Baritone. brother of tfce late Amodio. N SIGNOR MANCU8I. BIGNOR 6U81NI. The ireatect Hum in Amtrisa. BIGNOR ABELLA, Ma?ic*l Director and Coadaotor. This treat combination of Maaiaal oelebntiee wiu jive in WaehiBftoa THREE 0??AOn WEDNESDAY,THURSDAY,aadFRIDAY. Mar 1, ?. end 9. 9*1* of inU commence tt Metserott'e, Monday, at 9 o'clock. m ? /^ROVER'S THEATKR, " (THE NKW NATIONAL.) Penney 1 varna Arenac, near FoarteenU Streetaad M Hnt*l irtWis^vr^SBS asas m^Jg^SBBSST toVoun MISS EFFIE GERMON. Ml98 r3SBPftWk ww. ||t V V T1 WW*?Iff. | And ft LVfi ftnd Effiof t DftmKw Compear. 6L0RI0US RECBPT^N m? vriuonlADlilk DVliV/HO of tM NEW COMEDY, tVb'oh will b? pr?aent?d ? THIS bVEMNB. THE ?BAB ?5 1N*7*H*B "lvljOD THE BABES IN THE WOOD. THE BABES IN THE WOOD ^adjr Blanchek ush'oo MinViiu D*nta jmemima nwe Mr i) Botch? 11 To eroeloda with the l??rh?Ma Ftrce, a .. . ?*ETCHE8 l? INDIA. Bally Scraift? Mm bffis 6?iriob UFFER TKNA^^wtiK TWENTY. R? pt!c?9 of A?MU?oi?. Lire!*BTi Pannat Circle.. ^ofnta milt Cirol?? * nftnta Oroheatra Chair*. - - .. 7seenU Private Bexee ?.. - f? Peata in Private Boxea ..#1 Colored flaiierj ,? oeota C olored Parterre. Jt> oenu Doora will be o>en a*. 7 o'clock ; to oommenes at 8 o'cloc*. Box oSoe f'tr soQiiriBi mil oje? from 9 nntil and 3H xntil &H o'otoek. / CANTERBURY BALL, v, LoviauH* av., wmaa Cixra tt. 1 P lM?0MBlNAT10^MBlNATl0ll I I TALESTBD ART'??&& tfgftT" \ 1 't^x^oiVTa ' v IK'} INI A MUMMY' VIRGINIA MUMMY! In vbioh FRANK BKOWfcJt, The Forr??t the"S* iop^sn^pSxn?, will 19peer .n hi.BL"! Thy 8w*et Operatic ! MISS MILLIE KOWLKE, The moet b??*atifui Diimum on the Amenou *^FR YA N? ,U' The WMhinxton Favorite, will uiut Fraafc ^Hrower in hie Harleacn*. damon and ptrmtk! TH* tOIITOTBuetT in N?W DARCM ! Th-/.issittm/s&a. ? Tb,cFi?,'vP8OT&?,,! Struts tf A relate >? and Roars *f Ltmtkttr. The Mauaf *r? ara ever on tna alert to aeoara the BESTTALKNT IN TH K noiTNTD tr " ? ? ? . ? ?? ? wv ?? ? a They Know no Limita! They f ear no Opposition | They Maoate for the Poblio Taete! (IT No pereon leasee the Hall and regret* Jua money and unt epent there. Doore open at yy ; performance at o'eloofc. dnuuion ? oeuu; OrehMMv CMlri 0) emtm. Gala Afttrnoon Performance for Saturday ! X . U.|. "ictal **nor?etllt*T! Mils Millie 1-owler?Mer Ptrat AtUrMM AppearIM*. ? TUB VIRGINIA MUMMY! Frack B'over, and the entire Company, i<i aa Ibmenre bill, to pleaae the ladiee and children. ?uT u' *12 tha afternoon performance of the Virginia Mammy. E?W* J* . No. ? K etrttt, an" Uth. reoetved a #26 stiver Cake Ba?fcet Weaneeiay afternoon. hi j ^unx injiPiTAL. (JPaKA HOUSE! CONTINENTAL OPERA HOUSE! fMMylvuw Atnh ud Eleventh Bt. enntyl??m? AT?m??Dd Eleventh Bt, ... nmttvm.... swmrnmh Dw^rM in nnmiatakMble ton** ih?? thf>Ontin?n /' UJ ? ?*e b?,t I ^^gig^str I i sssrjt Oa SATURDAY AFTERNOON at fS o'atoak. l"i?^ZW'Wwaa OF THS For the benefit o! Lad/ee and Children, oa vkiah TSL^"&2?aaf my l-?* aft mftwiwrw. HUMr VAW.ieJASBj?*A " On Cafitol Hill. ? rn&mK-* ? l^oiosBEKIlMi WIIIBSoeMtaBtly o??||k pgsgg||p AUCTION SALES. rvm j WMamnsff M tmt'% j niH n.M- i iium/uiT if iirJVVMWF Bt J. C. N?3UIBE * CO.. Atetittrnt DONIEB AT ArnVION-Oa P\TC1DAT |T (To bwpw) NORNI>6. M W fc.oofc. iff fetr.ttt J. C. Mo??ir? k A?eM?B Rrrma, earner IMh ind Pl. arena*. Ylil \f boM ftt Mt"M aaetioB.K ??<r nf h?nl*o?? t?y roti* CWti* and toned, fuiMthie ?'th?r for ritfiac or dhvm M tj WALL ft BARNARD.A?<UoM*r?. >MUt ftnwr /?. ?r. mmd MA ft*tel. UORBKB. BI'SCIKA WiailNK HllMBM 1 Ac-a* A reran On P*TT*DA V MPIN* IN?. M*r M. will Mil. 10 fnrct of anr Aa?t>r| Ropbi. %it"ont rtmerrt Ine HtrrM, Wort a*(! Pad'la Hrr*?, FIt? Top *d4 No top Bitty M||ou, Barea frj?l bMD awxl bj aatiars. Namber of a*ta IK>ihla aad Urim. Alao,om very &m yoaig ai>4 aoaaO a irtkara t*H Ha* flArai Aiao, on* Bat Mar*. Tarma ouh. It V/AuL 4 FUKNA1P Aaat*. fcy WALL tt BAKNARU. AMttoMtn. South former f? ttmui mnd 9rA it. f|EY GOODtt, TBIMMtNGt*. Aa . AT AOCV Tion -OaHATOkDAYMORNiN&ICay M, w wui aail, ia front ot oar Aaotioa Rooma, wiueat mmLot of l>ry Gooda, Trlaaitp, K:nt)roii*riea. * ruoli, Lasaa, Hoop Bkirtt, Vrtla. Ae . viU many otbar articloa _th lbwj'tocs to nraboa Ttr-re caih II *VAL.t. A BAANARO. A?te Bv J. C. MefiCIKK A CO.. Auctioneer*. DA1R OF CARRIAGE HCfftPKS. CARPIXT 481, Hot TON CHAM*. fliMIH. Ac -C? ?ATI KDAV MORN1N0. M?t ?d.M I*o'ektk. Is front oftbe A action * ohm, we kail *eli? A pur ot Bat Carrie*e Horeee. S?a Foargeated Faaai.y Cirri ace, (oeiient Button Ckaia*. iree cevere, Doable and Single Barneea, R%d<l ? eed Hnc .e, Ao. Tern, c&ah. Bid J. C. MofUIEE A CO.. Ane**. FUTURE DATS. Br 1. C. MoGUlftK * CO. AaeUoarwa. OXCKLLtNT NEARLY NEW HOL8Er> jlo ^rimtrii At ABcTiox ?0? tuetDAY kiORNIKG, May ?th. at ) o'oiook. we ?ha'i Mil at the ? niI'Mi of a cent * ma rtnoT.rt from th* city, at No. Ill Inkit, bei??*n L and M. a atnail l?t tood t iiutart, tat cbort lis* in KM. oouibUbc of? WaJnai Hair on th Parlor r'araUara, E< okers. ar.d *'d# n airs. Walcat ''entre.aLd Mahogany 8id? TaMaa, Wai&at W natnot, Cano Boat fcaerptioa Chair*, MihOfiCV f rmflh chinf * i a*ai?<4 ? abma ? Llf tit 6u Ch*nd*iler?, Mfcn >r*c? H?t- r??. *n<i Ht'l Oiic'oUi. B;nf?e.?. f&i-lor, and 9Uv Carpets. WaJ' nt, French and ulMr t>?c.Lpfcj?. }! "*#*? cottonand Hn*k Mnttreeeee, Fob Child Crib ind Beddinr. Child*' Rocttri. ?an Table Chatr*. M%r>? Can# feat *?k'r and Ct?mb*r Chair#. Mt*rc?nj SideUard, Walnat Vz'obsiou Table. Q*k' J&?at Kreaen Dims* Chvr?, <rcl4 Band T?? Set, ?h na. 6 ia?r, and Croekerr Wa o, ami Tab'e Cat e r, B*iri(<T?ior. wnwr lo.l<r, L?\t Diiiisg T?h?. CooVmj btoie,?nd Kitchen Reeoieitef, ft*. HrnuM eh. m ? dU J. C. MBGUIKK A CO.. A??f Br WALL A B*R*ARD. AteUonoert. A DMINIfTRATOR'S SALE OF VXCELX\. lb?* FrairtTTBB, Bilvbb Wabb, Fubkc* Pr AVI Mia* sab* I m ?.m .... - El L?AS wTLo T<iBW f TU*.8l?AY MOENING, the 6th May, omra noise at tee th* * *' ?*<** cl Hodmn*. 394 * ena?ytv?ia ?**noe,naar the National Hrtel, eompri*iD( ? Three piecdid fi'ver Pitshera, ???at ##? Pi!T*r ?*Jrrn. Caalore Hmom, Katvee, U1 , PilVi.Ud other HilTfr Wu?, Pair French P ate Mirrora, 6 < tj 56. Two Maroon Covered Te?e a-Tetee two Polka, Wa'net Fu*?re. Wa oat Mnrn e toy and o?he' Bidebotrda. Marble top ceotre and other Table* and Corera. Five elegant Rrrt Cartnme, Futuree.acl Cor?ne Jtnant Mabo/arr Fitenaion Table, 14 fe#t, %rlor, Arm aad Pmiri t laira, able Llatn. KrMMk r.kiM aiu< a->r. > -r. kl. r--.' _ - .? VI v? ?U u A milW Chafing and Meat Diahea, r?*<*?uy, VrtNtli, and othsr Car?*t?. Rao. and OtleJo J>?. Bedatoada, Carted titir and Shark Mattraaaea. Maaocftnt n?aibl*-to? Baroaaa, Walnm Marble-tot Waahataoda aad Fistaraa, Maftogany v\ ardrobes, van* aaatChaira, Iroa 8?fa, Tiltoc ft MeFariatd'a. Two Refrigerator . Hat ftaek, 6a? Fu?nroa. i vi t rapnivi voouni cmj\ p, R tehen I teocil*. With mufothir irtiolM not noeersftry to en?mwrnte. Term* o*ah.* ALEX. HAY, AdnlDiatrftfu. M? WALL A BARWaRP, A note. C* X ECU TO R*9 BALE.?A n'uN* FARM, li oorta. nr?*Soat K MrM ud ) perches. a?or? or iMa, ib the Dictr ct of Colimbit. By Tirtve of the (over reefed nmen exeoBtor of the itat will mc wjwneoi or At?s*nd?r Borrow*, a*oeu*;, I n* i?r *VSl ** om 7 H I R 1*PAi\^*?*y ??t, th?t owutifn ud h*iM2w? np 1 i1 from 6*orie>."^ sr-iftcra^^ 0:L-r",rt *?"? o(.*M: Uu U'rd omIi. om third >> .* # Tf lte* twelT* montht. trEft;*.;sjsg?* " ? ??? w.rB2e?^,sgasS??!2^55SS5f frpyiTt ?on?i?tiDf of 1 horae. Itrmui itnnii, "1&&J ?%u ? ? ?***, *o. ' *?**-1(n /6HN DAVIDSON. JVf ARSHAL'S SALES si:5P- ?feTf "?? Arji, uilltK MEKoS^aewiras, S&ffiHeS** swi?4 5^ Ml' * U o'oioofc ?i' "LS ?fr*c '? tM ?ebooner "Montortr," ooasuttiif of tfeltrotro. Cc??r. OU, Hone Dart.U* box of Dry (rood* tixl oUor Mftrob&odjM. Al?o,att*? tw? tiB? ud ?im*. ui? gruoof bMiiSII'ofCorn. " *? ? ? **>"< M" AIm A* i m ** .? _ m >??,* M? !- ?UU fiMF, (D( QV|( Of the *1 oobot "i'arah Ao?."c ?Btainmc aboat 1JM of Corn. WARD ? LAMON, ap 3n ?oAflc U. >. MtriAtl, l>. CMARfUiLB 6ALEof ve,selr By Tirtae of Dwaoa of tk? Uiatriet Co art of lbs Uilt<sl jor tk? riatriot ofiJolaabU. I will Mil at tab.10 aaia. tor tba to*t of &utk traet wharf, on <he fo o?M MONDAY. tb? mh day of May u?t. >Wi, oomaiotoioff at || o'clock, a. m.. tkafailowiat naiord veatel*. U*>r x^vseiisv Rchoonor **Jokn Bo?i,|o*.tVoooaar "r&. o^t" arxi a cum A?oattha Nary Yard in thia It e'oie?fe oa tnaaame lay, ike aohoonar " Ba-na Vi?ta " WARD U. l.AMON. at SO eotma 12 Ti. * ir.r-i.-i wmi. the proptt fiiuk Form to be ?i*oe<i oa record by theolerk oftbeeirea>tooart,aD4*iaotb?(or?Mthonsed by *he Board of CywmiMiotifri. with arootioaa m to the aunw of ? l ag U?oa ue ror ton pare liaainc theee will eava n?cb trouble ud expense W. 1.4 O.H MORRISON. M ? 3t* 440 Penn. >t?bm Wmmti RKSPKCTFl LLY CALL THE ATtaatioa cf the rub le to oar ad*-*rtieement ia tbe Natioaal latolligeneer ?>f aa<e by E C. Merge*, fcM traetea, by deorae of the Circuit Coart, of Real Batata, oonaiaUag of eeverai Ma>rorod Lot* and Paaarea vanoaelT aitaated. At thiseaie, whioh will be at the auction m?u on M # let noon, the 5tli liiliiitt it 4 o'clock, wii b# ^er^mttary , rare ladmoejoents tr? offered to tkn within* to iirwc in rft MUt* Woo<l?. thoy rMMOlfUIr ft Ml] the oo a tinned ?*on o[ their mUou m>o Mm the ?nbne generally. BP 1 hoy aiao rooart Mootal atlas ti on of that r- ? kt- sr*Pncoo*or? toH F. Loudon * Oo., w? ?a wumry nuOTt. . WoTtcy-^l) Mraotia id4?M?1 to ih? late firm of r^T..?.At. .;.lOT,r*1 f raqaMtod to Mttje the atra* antboat deiar. _ F. 1. Hl,HKR6tR m OO.. Tkim, lyBRffiaieLL, ~~~ W KT BBOKfl DAM 4 6KD BY TRJi. FIRE. ? No.Ti* **?. for LtdiW Mimm' ud Chit . .WW I !! . v?l ""J* Mtfcty be loMrfoti,U I. COBKN*B. M4 Pk iTftit, ? ?n?.ow Bro-JewwtW. ?? 1 W-? wmn>,i>nrton. I BAVfc A W Sgrsseaus? M Uad n tk? bww. QoilOii o/iKf beat (VWtmMM) bv tw barniLOrto* K>: 1 ei i d ?* OlMi raefcsa Tin Mars, ?bl?U, C*??i Bmt are 'A^ig&xssjyg w?5 ? IM>* MkN> V BAY >.EV * CO. ft***- 1?ARI* GLOVES.- For L?d>M. ?#?~~SS1Shiu.

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