Newspaper of Evening Star, May 2, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 2, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. Nrrrr* ?Mr A. W. Barn*, thf managing a?ent rf tbe 8m*'* circulation In Georgetown, will b^f-after alao act as (he Sltt'i advertising agent h? " An? Georgetown adveftl?emenp lefi at p? G B Barnard's, corner of High and Bridge rr?tts, or with 6 Crandell, No. 133 Bridge treet, will meet with prompt attention. A*T?*M*jrra To m?B*. Void's Athinbfm ?" The Lady of Lyons'? rn* of Balwer'a moat beautiful concep'lona? will i * > produced at the Atheneam to-night, with Mr 1 forrent as Claude Melnotte. Tlse wvirai or mi* r<ay will give satisfaction to many, aside from he genera IcuMflalty to see the great tragedian In .favenhe drama Mix* Athena personates Pauline Thbatib ? "The Babes In the ' Wood's will be presented tonight, for [KMlttrely the <a?t time, with Setcbell, Mi?s I)enin, Mr. >* m ? I- a. M.?. roiiupi, ana ran. ucruiun, m >uc irauniK paiu>. M'?. Hough's aong, 'Joaiah's Courtship," mwt* with such favor that she la called upon to alng it k n'gbtly. . Misa F.tfie ticrmon, who la a favorite in 'hie rlty. appear* to-night aa Salty Scraggm, in the laughable farce, " Sketches la India." Cormrit ?This la the occasion of Frank Brnwera bene9t. and be will appear In hlaeomlcal character of Glnpt-r Blue la the alde-apiittlog faro* of the '-Virginia Mummy " Browcr la In many rcepeata the very beat delineator of Lthl r !an parta on the stage. Mlas Duval will ting (ome of htr beat aongs to-n!gbt. and Millie Fowler will appear In tbe dance To-morrow there will be an afternoon entertainment for lartlea and families, whfn, to plraae them, the " Virginia Mummy" will be presented. Mlsa Fowler will also appear. Po!?T!*?!tTAL ?The troupe draws like a team of elephants Choice vocal and Instrumental music, splendid tableaux, and graceful dancing l? o(P?red every evening. Miss Walton wins new encomium nightly, and her excellent sloping desrrvrathem. For the accommodation of lsdles and children an afternoon performance will be Clven to-morrow. ? flVEWTH \VA*D UKCOWPlTIO-fAL tJsiO.1 MIKT r "Pi ?n. wry rmprcuoir numntr 01 idc Toiern "I he Seventh Ward assembled at Potomac Hall tat nlgbt Alderman Lloyd called the meeting t>* order, and *m!d be knew not who made the call for tbe meetlne, or by what authority It was tmde; hut wben. tn timet like tbe preaent, so many voters of tbe Seventh \Vard bad asaembled, he waa opposed to allowing tbe moment to pa*a without an expression of vlewa. He therefore proposed Mr. CharleaC Anderson as chairman, t a M wm a ? . woo wa? riecwa. in renwic* was appointed PC rotary. Mr Anderton, on taking the chair, stated that be came there simply a? a voting participant, and bad not desired this portion. He d sired iw^me w.wbo knew, to state the object of the meeting. Mr. Llovd presumed tb? caller was absent, but u- % a - m *i ai_? ?*i- *?a >! irtw ioe gujrci 01 wie mteuoK- nil mma was rn*<1<> up aa to the course he should pursue. The vl?-wa he expre*e*>d two years ago Wfre the ?!?*?<< to-day He had no desire t"> change. He was opposed to the Introduction and mixing np of national politic* in municipal afffcira. He w?uld support the Union and tbe Constitution, i'he Union men were the men to elevate. Thnae who would Introduce party politic* at thla time are not patriots. The object of the meeting. In pomlnatlona. should be to ignore party, and Had be trurst men He knew not what schemes *onie I In attendance night have to accomplish, but hw wero his heartfelt convictions In regard to municipal measures. Hla own feeling* were well known Ho believed the preaent Incumbent was the Attest person for the mayoralty; be was one of our oldf?t and moat respectablecitizens, and well known in the communl'y. he understood 'he duties of the position, had, during his Incumbency, had a strict eye to the Union, the Confttl'ltlon. and the enforcement of the laws ; he had Iway* had the beat Interests of the city at heart, and hi* ear wa? ever open to listen to the com r *:ni 01 me poor,wno*e mena ne naa ever Deen. He referred to Richard Wallach The Chair.?1 take occsalon here to cay, that I Intended mentioning When 1 took my neat, but forgot It, that I can't Indorw? thnt part of the call, ' t one of the r?lla for tbia meeting which readt. ?pp -ted to the Republican party," 1 repudiate that part Mr. J R Elvans aald he would aak a question, and beeped to have it anawered He favl attended i ? m??tinrr n f R ?nuhlirftni mt iVia (1*11 nn Thm/4 itt n'jjht He had arm two calls In the Simr for this meeting If the flr?t advertisement, proscribing Republicans, was to prevail, neither h< nor bis fiends could or would participate. If, however, he last call. Inviting all Union m*n, was the one under which they would act, he considered himself one of the meeting, and would participate. The Chair kasw nothing of either of the calls, k...s IS At t.^ 1 _Wi V * ? - uui it was ioc iaii one oiuu^ui mim uui. lie wsi n? pnrtv man now? party or ust be pat aside. Mr t! vfn? thought that, to enable all to take part, a platform of principles abould be adopted, , *o that be and bia friend* might know what constituted an unconditional Union man. Mr l.loyd said he abould have attended on Tienday night, but for the phraseology of the rail He waa not a Republican, but be did not hesitate to say that all the energies of the Government should be given to the prosecution of the war. He did not, and could not endorse all that President Lincoln bad done, nor waa be prepared it Mindly endorse what might be done In the future He would therefore have been an interloper, had he attended the meeting of Tuesday. r% > i wu* wuuia |nn?u? iwriciy man ibc jfunrof tbe Constitution, bad a right to partlctpate In thle meeting. If Mr Flvan* would throw party aalde, and wonld have aa eye alngly to tbe reatoratioa of tbe Government, In Ita Integrity, then ha had a right to participate. But If It waa Intended to Introduce party politic*, he would aay la him (Mr. E.) and bla frlenda that they had no outline** b^re. Mr R. B :con wanted tbe last apeaker to nay what be meant by Ignoring party. Tbe call of T<i*?day Invited all Tbe reaolutiona adopted on T'leaday night aavored not of republlcanUm, and ? no roan could eicept to tbe aentlments therein contained On motion of Mr. I'eter Hepburn, tbe meeting waa organized as an un< <nditlonal L'nlon mert ing, ar.d a comnilttec of ire appointed to draft reaolatlniM. The Chair appointed Me?ar? P. Hepburn, T. K Lloyd, D Hepburn, Dr. Allen, and O. Boa we II aid committee; wbo reported the following preamhie and reaolutlons: W hereaa the event* of the laat rear have ahown (hat. to malBtaln the Government as brntieathed to as by oar father*, it is eipected that only men of undoubted loyalty should be placed In positions ofeie^atlv* function Flrat, to eaccnrage true aid loyal men, by being placed In positions of honor and prolt; secondly, becauae only true tnd loyal men can wttb safety administer the laws and protect the Constitution and the Union And to protect the Union it has become necessary for all loyal men to absolve all line* of political parties and battle together in the cause of the Union ?? but one party, to wit: "The Union of the 1'nlontats for the take of the Union." /U'sltMrf, That the Ualoa and Constitution established by aar forefathers receives oar cordial n? ririni support, ana wt nearoiy concur in all constitutional means to prwerve tbe nme, tniatlng that tbe spirit of party will be set entirely aa'de, and such conciliatory measures adopted, a* wilt secure a Union of States, hearts and bands. Kntlnd, That In lieu of the Senate bill prof/va ai*KaaIi Zap ?Ka oaasa - -w awa w t*wtv *vi ihv ? i* v unuim VI IBIt clty. this meeting recommend* that the Councils In passing the ts? bill for the ensuing year reduce the tain on the property of negroes, so aa to omit that part of the tax now act apart for school p irposes H'tolrtd, That the recent action of the Councils looking to the erection of good school house* meets oar hearty approbation, and we trust that mtKures will be taken 1 mined lately to provide proper accommodations in place of the present unsuitable iMl unhealthy buildings. And whereas tbe Hon Richard Wallaeh, mayor of tbe city since be has been elevated to the ottce of mayor, baa shown himself true to "tbe U at on. tbe Constitution, and the enforcement of tbe Laws," and tbe mayor of tbe tiiy and not of a political party, but tbe friend to all true Union-loving men : Therefore. httolvtd. That we, in mretlng assembled In W AM! lift K#Mk? amiIAMA fKo ef Mayor Wallach ?lnc? be baa been acting u eueb. Ktiolt'4, That vrr regard Mr Wal'ach Man c? :ct folly qua);tfd to act as Mayor of the city of Waahinfioa at the praent crlala, when pare pa'rtotlan la required, and one poeaeaalng the required qualldcatlona aeceeawy to entitle him to It ttw office wltb ability aad Mellty Rtielrtd, Tbat aacltlxeaa of the Seventh Ward we unantnooaly declare Richard Wallach oar choice bj candidate for Mayor for the two veara ? - ? * - - - - nexi ene'Jintf, ana ic?i ae is tmny nominated a* our candidate, and wi will um all fair ind honorable MM to elect hlaaat the next election, and we reepec'fuUy requeet htm to allow hla name to be a ted M aucn. The rcaelntlona were agreed to by an almoa unintmeoa vote Tbe meeting thee proceeded to hcm)nation* for Alderman, and Mr JafcaH Benmea. (thepreaent I ecu -nbent,) receiving all bat four of the ballot*, ?u made tbe anaatmova nominee of the meeting Meaara Char lee Wllaon, J T. Given. Wm J. Murtagh, Will lata Wlee, Aagoatoa Edaon, and l annua B Florence were mnM aa candidate for Common Council. Tike there Aral ?wd gentlemen receiving the greatest number of ?otei were declared the nominees The above nominations were eubeeqneatly made unanimous Mr. Peter Hepburn waa unanimously nominated f?? Awkw i"'6? ,no,lr>n -?J<"".e* until Thursday, May Odd Fiiumi1 Livii ?On Monday evening. M <t 5. tbe ()Jd Frllowa will give ao entertainnwul of tempting order at ibelf ball. on *?ve>.tb Ir-'i I or tmaul tevw tad tfimi of it>l* order, U* hlwtf% been tk$ *tfilr of the yenr Uivmii L<K4fc? ? ?? outside for deferred ioeaiu^ciw. m Couhcil Ptocaiotivea, Mat I?Bird of Alflfmin?PnrtL'ant to adjournment Councils assembled at 5 o'clock. A communication from the Secretary, Mr. Noyca, wii rtu, i niorming we ooara u u> wmi ffflcri bad taken the oath of allegiance, In compliance with a resolution of Counclla. Oa the - 3d of December last the oath wax administered to Messrs. Bohrer. Bredhead, Clark. Fisher, I'lavd, Moore, Rleharda, Semtbes, Sargeant, Wendell and Dove. On theAth of January to Mr. Brown, and aubaeqnently to Mr. Bayly. Mr. Magruder waa alck when the resolution paraed Councils, and has not been In sufficient uranu ?w ntvcuu x. On motion of Mr Brown, in act wu raiM authorlrtng the Water Registrar to loan Meears Mvers 4. McGban two flre-plug# M r Bred bead said thatXounclli had aaaembled apeclMlr to consider the proposition of the Baltl. more and Ohio Railroad In reference to street railways. The agreement had been Bent to the directors, and had not yet been returned He therefore moved an adjournment nntll Friday. Considerable discussion ensued on this motion; - - - - .... . ?l wdicd me uoara aeciaea cy sojourning unwi Monday at 4 p m. Common Council ?Tbe Board met at 5 o'clock, In pursuance to adjournment, sad tbe Preald?nt announced tbe object of the meeting to be tbe consideration of tbe report of tbe committee to confer with tbe Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company in reference to a street railway, and atatfd that they were not ready with a report, ard that the report would be first acted upon by the upper Board, before It would come into posee?aion of this Board. Thla being the caae, on motion of Mr Shepherd the Board adjourned. Mklihcholy Soicidb Yeaterday evening rn Inqueat waa held at the Delevan Ho lae over lfce body of a young man namrd J. M. of L*1 a %r ?? a lit m a _ <1 ? J camira, ?%. *wno uira 01 a wouna in me :.csa from a pistol discharged by his own hand. Frcot the testimony before the jury it appeared tost tbe deceased was about twenty-four years of age. and connected with a respectaole ana weaitbv family of New York He had been to York'own as a spectator, and while there was Uk?n sick and grew to be very feeble. Physicians there advised blm to return heme, as he would probably have an attack of fever. Upon Wednesdiv he took rooms at the Delevan House, corner of C street and Pennsylvania avenue, near Ninth street, where he received all the attention that he de?trel, but he appeared to be depressed, and dreaded am . 4*. . L. ? m V __ i _ * a 7 _ ?A J I _ V an qiibci ui Drain lever. I esirrany inorniii^ tr arose and dreased blmaelf. and sat down at a table In his room to write a note. White writing, a person connected with the houae asked him how ne felt, and he replied that be thought he wen much better. Soon after the report of a plstoL wai beard, and the Inmates of the bouse entering the room discovered that be had shot hlmaclf, the bill entering the forehead. He lingered until 3 o'clsck p. m and died. The note he had written was a rfquest that his friends here should ser d bis trunk hone without being opened. He was plentifully supplied with money, and bad the reputation of being a remarkably temperate young man. Tbe jury returned a verdict of death from a pistol shot discharged bv hi* own band* The body baa been carefully embalmed by Dr? fjrown & Alexander, to be tent home to the friends of the ieceased. PAMI56 Cor!fT*i?ii?R!o*iT.?Jame? Morta, lllllUxtnll .11.. IA> A ?? v*i) wiw ?? ? w as ai i C9*cu jr?-ci day morning, by Officers Kelly and Leach, on tbe charge of passing counterfeit money. A negro named John Dswn* was engaged as the shovrr, and had pasted off f>10 on a broker on th? avenue, who immediately afterward! discovered the worthlessnees of tbe money and called In the officers, who arrested the parties As they were being taken up Four-and-a-half atreet, Moran attempted to get rid of the money be bad on hia person, but It was picked up and taken with him t/> J Ultlrit n'lllM'l nffii a Th? ncxrr'i that I . _ ? - ___.. _ . <rvW> M. HV UV^I VI J WW ?uut thev had arrlvrd from Baltimore In the morulng, and had got rid of aoiue S'O of the traah. About fl?0 worth of the money waa found on Moran. consisting of well-executed o'a on tbe fiull'a Hud Bank, Ntw York. which are very dangeroua; the only means of detecting them from the genuine In by examining closely the center of the note, wo'rc ni'i it priniea la /ea.when it will be wen that the black ha* run a little 0.1 (be r?"1. Justice Walter committed them both to jMl for a further hearing. Ofmatic?Mr. Grover haa had the good fortune to forin a rare combination of operatic ar.d musical talent by engaging Uottachalk, the great plants', Madame D'Angrl. the very first contralto, and the successful rival of Albont; Crlgnoll, the celebrated tenor, whose "llverv voice Is unequalled; Amodto and Mancusl, distinguished baritones, and Sustnl. tbe greatest basso In America. with Signer Abella as tbe musical dlwtnr and c-nductor. Tbev are engaged for three nights, commencing Wednesday, Msv 7. It Is rare that inv communllv hare the opportunity of witnessing so great a number of really distinguished stars upon the same stage and In combination. The concert party are direct from a tour through New York, Brooklyn and Philadelphia, in iin n.auan vprrmc piny are Ql reel irom iDei r K inter eaaon at the Academy of Mnilc, and tb?y join their forces here for a combination entertainment We have no doubt but Manager Grover'a plendld retort will be thronged with our faahlonables _______ BiroHo Wau I'ncondi t ion a l Union Clcb ? Tbe regular meeting of tbe club wn beld last evening at German Hall, and was largely attended t the president (Mr. J. W. Thornpaon) In the chair. Mr. W. F. Given waa elected permanent secretarv. On Invitation being given by the Chair, fourteen new members signed the constitution The following resolution was offered and adopted unanimously: lietelred. That Richard Wallach Is the choice of the unconditional club of the Hecond Ward for Mayor, and that we will use every honorable m'ans to secure his election It was also determined to hold a ward me*ting at the Medical College on F street, near Twelfth, /?rK?.o ?W. olnK m.111 " ' ynmnv >hl viuw wui uum turn iiircn"K* Dfrc-, after.) for tbe purpose of nominating the ward ticket. Paiadz a5D Tabgit Practice ?The Washington Light Guard, Capt. S A- H. Marks, Jr., paratW ve*terday afternoon, and inarched over to Stick-foot, near tbe Insane Hosplfci. and shot for a number of prize*. Tbe flr*t, a handsome liver cup, waa awarded to Joseph Gibson ; the second, a gold medal, to Henry McCauley; and the third, a silver medal, to Joseph Bury. The firing, Judging from the riddled target.wa* mnch Jthnv#? th* ?v?rta* n# wnlnnfMra mv*A ?*? **? ? ? ? ? - ? ?? ? ? - ?- ?? ? wuu ?yt>v*a vual the lemons learned In the three-month*' tervice have not been forgotten by them The corps were accompanied by martial mualc and paraded forty rn'isket*, making a fine appearance, notwithstanding the Inc'emency of the weather. Death or Boldib**.?The following named soldier* of the army have dledaince our last report: Henry C. Emmon*, company C, 10th New Jersey Calvin Clemens, company A,93d New York. I?k>> U I - f -IV U.I * vmm ra ui uupu j ? wuip?uf \j % i *u ztj aiar. Albert Karaas, company A, 1th Pennsylvania Cavalry. Sidney Beldron, company 1,3d New York Artlllery. N . H Joneg, company H, F3d Pennsylvania. John W. Harrltt, company U, 85th New York volunteer*. LAacENT.?Yesterday, William Young waa ar j ..J a. 1 * ...*? - mm wu u>cu uctuic j u?ic? VyiarK upon toe charge of i teal tog a trunk and two blankets from Emma Howard. It appeared from the evidence before the Justice that William had given Emma a ring, bat wanted It to give to another girl; and when be asked for it Emma refused to five It up. and he took (he trunk and blanket* aa a aort of collateral security for the return of the ring. Justice Clark committed hied to Jail In default of tell. ?* W?d Station Casks?Btfor* Justus Clark ?Mary Macartv, 67 yean old, and found drunk la the atreet. C. Conway, disorderly; and Charles Weston, drunk, were lectured and dlamlaaed. Justice Clark, acting at the Central station for TknmMIX tkl. ??1-1 1 uvui^vwu, VWW WWI mug} U1KU J UUU CoctM, for b?lng drank, SI 91-_ Robbebt.?About eight o'clock this morning, a white girl who had hired at the Union Hotel, on Seventeenth itreet, a few day* since, left the place and took with her a shawl and 945 In Treasury notes belonging to Mrs. Clarke. The girl was left In the room by Mrs. Clark for a few moments, and when ahe returned the bird bad flown and took off the above. Cidtul Gdabdbooii C.fbs ?Btfor* Justtc* Thompson? ElizabethCtrson,drunk; workhouse :? div* John Henry, drunk and disorderly; do. Richard Kelcber, drunk; do. Patrick Kernes, do ; do Mary Helse, do.; do Daniel Stewait and Wm. Chase, lighting; Aned 91-#4 each. Polic*.?The Th{rd Ward patrolmen reported yesterday, Christian Aekmann. tor selling liquor on Sunday; dtsmlsMd by Justice Walter George Schnella, riding on pavement; fined tl by Justice Clayton 7 Exhibition Ball of all of Prof Barnes' puplls, will take place at Teas perance Hall on Tuesday nlgbt, Stb Inst. At 0% o'clock tUe audience will bare lbs foot ta themselves, and keep up the dance ail night. Third Ward Uhcowditiowal Uj?i??w Ct?n ? Thta club met Uat night and organised, bat wttheat i ran Mr ting an*Dual neaa, adjourned until Thursday evening next, when they will proceed to nominations. Pnov. P R. Labbb announce* a May bittnl at Temperaare Hall, en Thursday, May tfth. The entertainment will no doubt be a very attractive on*. The ProlMonr will certainly afar* no palna kimahrttao. Hflfiui cupiw ui mr APmmf aimr. date September 14 and December 30, IWJl, will confer a favor ud receive a Liberal coapeaMtlen tot tlum om ppllcetloo tc the Slex ofice. * I __ . I Liquidation or tb* Ploattso Dnr o? mi Citt?On Monday night, In the Board of Alder| men, the following communication was received [ from Mayor Wallacta. It contains Information i of valoe to many readers: Matoi's Orrics, April 28, 1861. To the Board of Aldermen . Gmtlimm : Id answer to the resolution of the Board of Aldermen of the 10th November ImI, requesting the Mayor to communicate a statement showing the entire floating debt of thla Corporation on the Mtb of August last, as far aa ascertained, I have the honor to submit the following Bonds of the Alexandria and Washington Railroad Company due Janua^ 1959, 1??0, 1S61, and those which matured January, 186*2, but outstanding In August, principal and intern* i'!5,6Pn 00 Certificate*of IndebtednessIssued under the act of March 30, 1841 9 03fi 87 flank of Washington, loan and Interest lo,003 ^4 Bank of Metropolis, loan and interest, 1856 5,016 67 William Cammack, loan to grade and gravel Mth street, and Interest, 1*57 . 5,Ot6 67 William Cammack, loan and Interest to continue sewer in 13th street, 185T .. 3,?1 31 Certificate of stock for paving In First 1 ">? 1 -II K1 ?w vv Certificates of stork for filling certain lots In First Ward. 1854 3,720 00 Jackson k Bro , provisions for poor ... 1,100 00 John H. Drary, purchase of lot for school house In First Ward 1,571 25 Claims agaioat the Public Schoola 7 1?>l <2 ("1*4m*. aiulnil IVu> Washington Asvlum 3.25** M Clalma against the Water Department.. I <>??| 31 Palarlea of officer* of the Corporation .. 1 802 31 Erection of Central Guard-house 4,599 33 Hallinan ft Kenneally, repairing bridge ? ? 1?? <;nn on UII il C W J CI BC f ? ?v ??uv </<>u <>v J. C. Mall, purchase of school-house In First District, 1955 908 61 Patrick Reynolds, lot for school-house In Third District 645 52 Washington Oas Light Company 1.609 88 Repairing lamp* and post* 39*2 87 Eipensetnf the Levy Court 665 90 Casual repairs of streets !?xS 5;} CUaning alleys, streets, and gutters.... 7,.TJ4 72 Krectlon and repair of pumps fioi 63 neiunouig Min crrpntoui-iy (wm :m:? \rj Hose, Ac., for Are companies *15 .19 Burial of out-door poor 173 t*> Paving and repairing gutters 2,020 50 Stationery, A:c........ 2M :*> Kngraving plate and printing doe bill* 1'iS (m> Removing garbage.... -J$ Pollccmen for nlgbt duty........ 1,I7.? <>0 Ice..... 01 50 Abating nulnance.... J'i 0o Rebuilding bridge across 12th at. east. 3*2 1*2 Ward apothecaries 1.4 JO Printing and binding mi Relief of sundry persons ?62 93 Contingent expenses of markets....... 100 ?K? Assessors 196 60 Repairing newer In 13th street west.... '.JCT! '25 Arresting incendiaries !? ? <H? Railing around Judiciary Pnnare 1113 <m Grading North Capitol street "(XI i>0 Repairing Canal bridges 3*20 1*2 Repairing water malm 3r>4 03 Completing tax books 1(*> tio Statues at I .aree 15 00 Certificates of stock held by Hamilton k Kenneally for constructing sewer In Square No. 373, for the redemption of which the property ) responsible 3,628 25 Corporation due bills Issued under the act of May 28, 1?61 50,000 00 Add. also, the guarantee bonds of the Alexandria and Washlneton Railroad Company, which have not yet matured, but which wl'l have to be met as they mature, amounting, principal and lnteiest, to. 31,080 00 100 l^o 6r? Less amount in Bank 11,187 35 Total floating debt on 26th Aug . 1;61. 17S.702 51 Of which amount there has bef u paid, ince the Jfith of August to the 1st Instant, to which time this ?tstement Is made up 89,431 92 LeavlnR outstanding and un paid....*S0,270 5<> It will thus be seen that In a period of seven months there has been paid of the floating debt the sum of 9161 33. more than one-half,whilst the city ban, during all that period, paid regularly, in specie or its equivalent, all interest on the funded debt, as well as tbe incidental snd current expense* of the Corporation. Very respectfully, Richard Wallach, Mayor. R FrovRRT nr a Srnt 11 Hoviff VwifrrHnu officer King arrested a young man named C. H. Ksstman, having In his possesion a horse claimed by Mr. P. Donnelly as his property. Mr. Ksstman ?av? be borrowed the horse from another person who he can produce. The caa? was ruled jor a bearing Tuesday before Justice Donn. Fourth Ward Station Cases?Btfort Juttir.t Walter ? John Clancy, drunk and disorderly; fine 91 58. John Cotilson, do ; fined 91 KHaha Graham and O W. French,aleeplrg In a wagon; dtsmtaied John G. Luke, drunk, and in the canal; dtunissed, in consideration of the cold [ bath he bad undergone. lis rtirk to pay a visit to tbe People's Dollar I Store. Penn. av . near Konr-and-a-hulf ?trw? 1 to see the splendid stock of Jewelry and plated ware there offered for only one dollar, mal-31* Th? Ladt bxjpsrs of the Star will please notice the Want column of to-day, for the new Stafnplng Depot on Seventh street The proprietor la determined to please you, both In price and workmanship. Give him a call, ma 1-31* Limb ! Limb !' Limb !!f?The subscriber h?s on hand on* thousand barrels of the best wood-burnt Limn, which can only be bad at his lime kilns, he having dissolved all connection with any other plarc or establishment for the sale of Llm?, urmem, &c., daa wnico win De soia at ?i per barrel. [ap 28-tf] Wm.H.Godit The India* Heeb Doctok (F. Tumblety, M. D , from Canada,) will describe dlseis's and tell his patients the nature of their complaint* or ill* ness, without receiving any information from them. No charge for consultation or advice. Office, No. 11 Washington Building, Pennsylvania avenue, corncr of 7th street. ap 29 Pennies and Small Change may always be had lor exchange at the Star office counter. tf Dba&b's Plantation Bitters. 8. T. 1*>0 X. It Inirlgoratea, ilrengthens and purlflet tbe ?yiteni, la a perfect appetizer, and the molt agreeable and cflVtual tonic In tbe world. It Ucoinnoted of tbe celebrated C&llaaya Bark, RooU, Herba and pure St Croix Hum: particularly adapted to delicate females: cure* l)y?pep?!a ana Weakneae, and la juat tbe thing for tbe ctaangea nf *raastnft Hold by all Grocers, Drugpist*, Hotels and Saloons. P H. 1)rakk fc Co., ap 1 co3m* 20S Broadway, New York. India RTOBVR GOODS. We advise all our "* ;% we know they are obliged to purchase the aborr named goods') to embrace the present opportunity as Mr. H. A. Hall Intends to inak? a rn?nrre In his hmlnrm. and will sell his extensive atoc^ of Rubber Goods at manufacturer's prices, and no family shonld inls* this opportunity to supply tbeimelve* For Instance, Mr. Hall will sell Men's Rubber Overfchocb and Sandals for HO ccnts per pair, and L?adie*' Overs and Sandals for W) crnts per pair: Indla Rubber Bed Protectors for Children's Bedi I oil arucie mai no lamuy oouia DC wunoui) only 50 cents. for ten days, at the India Rubber Warehouse, No. 3UW Pennsylvania ave , between 9th and 10th streets, Washington, 1). C. ap 12-tf Corns, itc ?All persons afflicted with Corns whether bard or soft: and all afflicted with Bunions, Callosities, club and Ingrowing too nails, may And great relief and be satisfactorily benefitted by applying to Dr. G. White, 4'M Pennsylvania avenue, between and Alb streeta, noom /, second noor. * Apt riuci wishing to procure a lata of a few dollars oo satisfactory aecurlty, can do so by calling at 456 Eleventh it., between G and II. apll

stamtlina ! But Tare.?The Volunteers are braving the danger* of Fever, Scurvy, Wound* and Cholera. Many a gallant fellow will leave his bones to bleach, who by the aid of Hollowav's Pills Jt Ointment, would have returned to Bis family strong and healthy. Soldiers try then ! Only 25 ccats pa: Box or Pot. 238. All fiesors can fed tbe beat stock of Clothlnjj, Furnishing Good*, Trunks, Hats and Caps, at Smith's, No. 470 Seventh st., near P. fe 2T-3m LARRUEI). vm Oa thaftl lastsat, Mrs. KACHEL C0LL1N9WOOD. in lh? r.Vi imrnf h?r ?f? Tl?? h'endi fcod relaurea of the fuuij &r? re ap^otfvilj invited to attend har funoroi, from b-r Uto raaidanoe. No. ?TO Fowth attest aoat. &Hr K etroot aoatfe, to-norro w. Maj 3, USo'otoek ?.in. ? ?? ? jn vv3MtSb B.r.tSfl5 BTBKST, U. ?. CEKTinOA^Ie Uf'lNDKBTEDNESS, QtMrtinMtliri1 Cktcmt mud Ttncktrt, 1 3-10 TREAttUK V NOTE*. A*1 othtr OoT?rn nient Mtiri'iM, COIN, CUHHMMCY AND YicHAfiSK. m ?-! ' . * n 4 M??MM??????M0? i balls, parties, kc. The pic nic bv the bknkvolknt Sooh'It r.f (Jetorcetovr, wh'oh wm to hawtakfn ptaocThurvdaT.MST l?t. la POStPONKP, nil aoeount cf the we?th?r until MONDA'i UM yt a n. w r m? * i *<"? .1. o. o r. O^^HFORAND l.KVKK *V|P^ * FESTIVAL,, '* To b? h*la ftt Odd Futowt' H*ll. Tlh *ti**t, OB MONDAY KVKN1NG, MM $ h, 13*?, FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE LI BRAKY. The Committer el A'rani?in?nt^ wonld re?M*tfnlly inform the fraternity an* it* fnerU" that the ftrand Lev??? and Festival will be held ?t th??N>v* ha'lon MONDAY KVEN1NO.Ma? \for whioh the molt onm?!?ie arrantement* have Seen made tor the oomfort and plea?nre of th?>*e who may favor them with their oompany. I The Entertainment will oommer.oe at 8 o e ook with a ? rand Promenade Concert hy K. l'roi?eri fine band, and at 9 o'o'ock a snort Address will he delivered by the Grand Master. The Conoert will be "(intinned until 10 o'oiook, when the filoon will b? taken in charge by the floor manaters for the enjoyment of those fond of the pleasures ot the danne. Tickets ONE DOLLAR?adn.ittmr a testle m*n and ladies; to be had rf the Committees of the d'ffVeBt Lodges a??d Enoa^pments. ap3*-5t EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. AGKANJJ ANNUAL EXHIBITION MA, BALL will tak? p'??? at T^Tp?>r?no? #a HaJl.K it .on TUESPAV NIGHT. M?t 6. Jf PauoiDg 1>? Prcf H?ru?e' t'upil* frnn hi?/nB thr??* anadfmiea. f om 8 toPJ< oVI^lr vUMfc which iMt hour the andi?np*? wi'l continue toe d%Doea for th? night Frof. t>aor??? Ar*h'? fn'l hand ia entered for the oooaaion. Tiokota $2 ?<iinittint a t?iDt'?m*u and l*di**. ap SS If W . F. R. LAHBF. ** ILtU etVK A MAY FESTIVAL. At TBMPKKtyCB HALL, On THURSDAY, MAY 8th. 1862. f. R. LABilK has the honor of informirc the '-diea and gentlemen of Waahinctoa and vioimty that he ?i 1 civa a brand Fetttva1 a' th? M>?>ve p'Aoo and time %p 2S id" LUST FUUSD. LUST?A iiccl* ??t DIAMOND TIN. on I) or K strrst. a Iibo-ftl reward wiii he piid b? 1 earing it at WM. FIN LEV'S, cm'r 7th ar.r' F gfr<*?ta. ?>? V n?t (! tka..j.. n? 1>. |v?" ? ? vii nun j v*. -* avscue, goingjrom B*te* A VVood'a, a ROt.l> OK UILL8 of A full deeemtion and libera' reward, b* o^lfiiu on or addresMne WILLIAM H I.UV8. Ifi Kaat Canto', at. If REWARD will be pai.l for l>a? HORSE. 'J'J with sore on left hind fo">t. stray d |ry f on" the suhsoriber on T6th of April, if re- m .A turned to \VM YATE8.No. 1* 8 street. between nth and 9th, Isian*. m 2 3 * 1'AKKN UP ASTRAY on Tueedtv. April ^th, I two SHEEP. The o*n?r will p>aae e^me forward,prove prnpsrlv p\*charcea a-d takethrm &wit. WM B OOLRURN. Telerraph Offioe, No 3ft Hi*h street, | m 2 Ceorcetown. O CI. RKwar!'.?Lost, on Tuesdar evening, a?m' 29:h, on Pennsylvania avenue, between 14th and * h nt?.. or on I2ih or i?th street. a iiuly's mosaio BREASTPIN, with p'?:n re'd bmdin*; the desicn, t?t. Peter's Cathedral at Rome The abore reward will be pvdon leavtnp tbe ?ame at a. J. JO YCE'S Coach Factory, corner 14th and E ets. m 2 3t I ^JTRAYEI) OR HTOf.KN-On th? night of the I W)?k . If-J_-_J > _ I ? - ' jutu lUEiaui, i MiruunB' oi.i ? bu9?!o COW. without home; the fopert* of ttie (uhfonbrr. 5 jr^warl will b* to any p?reon who will return ?aid cow to Her owner, or who will give information wh?r? eho m*.y h? found. A.ttll E?. m 2 2t* No.'33 Bridge etreet, Georgetown ? C RE WARD.?Strayd or atolen from tfe Oil *nbeoriber.o-i t?>e2J'.tj daj of April a ?v . d&ik brown M ARB. with a lea'hPr Ml'er .11 around her reck.Md marked "U. 8 ," a"d hea?T vrt?hfold ; belonging to the i>p?ain of the German Ar'.llerr I will |iv? the Miove *ew?rd, if aha u bioufhtto me, ro I oanret h?r atv.o. DAVID ATKI^S. m 1 3_* Gam?on ?tre?, Nevt Yard. DI8IK.IOS "F COLUMBIA. Wa?iiiii?toi? ('oriTV ?Thi? d*y fl9r?oii*Uj *p prared Win Knrpht. to me wrll kno?n"Lei2Ft and niv?o oath, m due form of !aw. hat theiSl ine'ant,?ai'T in tho morning,he foi?nd a nay HUH9L, ppparentij oetwen ?ii^ a^e ol 8 and ? rear*: with white ppct on her toret **d, tre?pa;*iu? upon hi? enclosure i. in lh? cily of Wi'hin ton, m?nr the Lone Bridfo. The fc?re? ia branded "li. H. C.t" and the owner or owners thereof c%n have him by Braving property an 1 paynn the leml oliB.i*ee. ?! en under mv hand and ee%l th?? 11th day of April. A. D. 136 J. ml-gT IOHN If JOHNSON. I. F REWARD Will l?e jivec for the aafe retrrn to ine of two hay HORSE*, jrv_ wkiiik r,n... L/ - . t i... IIU? n w iiiuu wci p n?nii iiv/iri ?\f J B'-Cii' lri I" 'Oilta'lonon Wednesday. April 2*1, or in nifht before. The larjeat ane m a bneht har.with a*ma 1 atar in hit f<rehead ; the other 1a nertcr. Hoth hor?e* were f\t and well jroomed, f will give &#) reward for either of hf-m CHARLKS O. HILL, t otlinKton Poet Oflee, *p ?-lw' Pnrae Georte'e oountr. Md. OCA REWARI>?For the tpprehenaion (and delivery to meat UladeDenuric, Maryland, or teonred in any jail in Mart land, bo sb that 1 net hira,)of NEOKO Al AN, Hylreater Ljlec. late the proper); of Henry If. War- *n rlnr, aeoeasH, of prince Georte'g county. ? Ma. SylTeater la of copper comp'eiioo; of atout atatae; ar>out six teet n it; ana ot piearim countenance when ?pr>ken to. fie is well known in W&ehir?t'n oily, and i? no doubt lurking in that place or lU vicinitr. I will tive the above reward no matter where taken. DIONYBIUB SHERIFF, ap 16 1m* Ext'r of H. H. Wa-rin?.dec?aeed. FOR SALE AND fUfiNT. FOR RENT?One large an<* one am* 1. well Furmshod ROOMS, at 460 Eleventh street, between H and O. m 2 2f < R R E N T?A lar*e and well furnished HOUSE, in a fine looation, near Pennsylvania avenue ; can be ?e?n from 4 to 7 p.m. Apply to SQUIRES ft SMITH. 4 76 Seventh at. m 2 IPOR RENT-One larfe ROOM, su.tiblo for I storage on first floor in a brick house on Otb street. Island. And 12" acres I.and in Minnesota, within miles of St. Paul, will be exchanrei tor property in or near Waehmgton. Address box 47 City Poat Oflice. m 2 >t* |?OK PALE?A large. new brick HOUSE,adr mirabiy looated, with furnace, rang*. gas, water, bath room, water oioact. Ac . Ao., within a few ro1s ? f WilUrda'. Ala \ a fe* oh?ap Hou?e?. Itrd firm* i n V lr?i r i? r?H M r?lt W.' ?*" * "** ?*? ? " ? "? *?* ! J !? >?<?. ? ? ?U?VU immediate, j, lour or five medium si?<*l Hounet MKNRV L R1UKR, Attorney tnd Re*' Kutate broker.cfiioo on llth street, nrx*. Hirjb A Co.'e Bank.^ m 2 3t* THK FURNITURE AND GOOD WILL of * Ityce Hoarding House for raie, n.i w full of good PWlsg hoarders. Inquire at 6il Missouri avenue. in 1 6 * FfOR RKNT-A froct Furnished l'ARLOR, * ? l ?* ? .1 J A. _ ? | ? wun C&s. noun sun ono < r iwn eerriein'li as b?droom. Near VVillard's Hotel, 416 14th ?t. corner of Ohio ave. m l-3t* tfOR SALE OR EXCHANGK-A de ithtful I Residei.ce, with three acres of improved /ronnd*, aifated on the Hudson river. 34 miles above New York oitj. For particulars irqutre of S. SKV\tf)IJR. M ?tn. noli tun Hr>t?' *V hi rif ton. "yi l 3t* L'OR RENT?Tbe FITRNI8HED HOUSEN". 1 1S1 G "treet wen. t'o?eeai".on fiyenat'n^e Inquire at No. Seventeenth >t. ap 3n 3t ffURNISHKD ROOMS TO L K T?Several rooms without hoard, in a v?*y desirable io^a tion, amiable lor aingle or marriH rflntl?*ni??n, may be had by early application at 446 b a?re*t, near 7th. ap 3" 6t^_ T^O LET?Six well furnished FRONT ROOMS, ahady aioe of the etreet; every I'arlor, Bed room and kitchen requisite. Hee the R?omi at 3A3 <: street, between ?S and 6th, (up staira ) *?? ? 6f L'OR SALE-Bm&ll HRK-X HOlWB.No. iif> 1 L street, nmr 13th. For terras injure A tt. HALL. 6?s Offijf. [Renuh 1 ap 3ft-lw FOR SALK OK RENT-A iarg* three rory BHr K.oa o? ated for hotelor >Miardiii* house; VlUi t\r . f; .? ? ' - - -? wmuvuvb wiwcrj nuio fti?4unri'. r% ?r>.p yard to accomodate eoniitry watonr; with or without stock and furniture. Term* cash. Situated on 14th street, between P acd Q streets a?a it* GEO. M. Nmuui.8. Prop-isterfpOR RENT?A furnished lour-etrr; BRICK DWELLING.'.n a sleasantand healthful ?art of the city, with fine larte chambers acd parlors, path room supplied with hydrant water, and ;sa throuchoot; a carriage- house and stable sttachcd, This in desirable ruidenoc for au M. C. or Government enapiorse ifr either one of the Depart meaU. I??tnreat3T? Eleventh street, between K an* L. from 5 tog ? m. as it ahoyi Utoftttomt, (ntar Mr. Loutkbor<mnli'i)~A dealrable fvroiahed Double Home well shaded, fins water, &o , with atablmc, oarria*o-hou??s. ?ch?o TheaUeotion of Membera of the Cabinet, Foraun Miaiaiera, and gentlemeo with fauni* M eateci&Ily invited to thia adrertiaement. for lamination of the premiaee apply to the nunutr on the farm (Mr. jamee 0'Bniin,l and for ft" rs. ahu-iai* V. , ,, ? u. A rare cflanck. aluablb pikck uk hkiipkrtv fob ealaon I'tnn. ?t?hu?, between and Sd streets, oath a?4?. vilk improvements two small frame honsM. ruDliog on i'no arenre, in Lot No. 96, Htnare A, 3n feet, running baok to au alia* 127 feet Sineties, (square feet 3.1B6 ) For farther information ?ppl? to JuftEPH F. Ki-.LLY, Ai?oi, on 8th btreat No. 36i, between i and New kork a?. at a *w? ^ BOARDING. To'dltttt " M ?*" 1 f ~ |?liAHl)lN8.-n?m!?ro?n*iU or witbwat tb?ir D fMBtnaa. vitttTnc rhiladapMa on bunuMi ur aiaaanre. will ftadtBMfiur M#ummtHl*tiuue<?to6# half IHo ! umh.) in tia moat daairabia laoMKMta 1909 ChMr.ut *traat, oonvaiuant to ba??aii tha pubU? flMM of mtaraat. ?* % SECOND EDITION. . THRKE O'CLOCK, P. M. OCCUPYING FREDf.FICKSBCRG. We have every r?*"n to believe ?bat last night *- ? it, 11 aw***.*.! unitrai jniL'vwtn Bin-urw ?Hivwin|; a bridge over th?> Rappabannnc*, at Fredericks burg, and that by davbre?k to day hi* advaicr bad eroded the rlrer and taken full poa-^^lon of the town. LATEST FROMGFN flALLtXK'* ARM V. Tbl* forenoon tbe W'er l>?partment rerrt veil a deapatr-h from Major General Hollerk, at Pittabnig Landing. It w*? d'tfrt vnterday. It w? wholly relative to detail* of the affair* of Lis a-my, and nfi nothing whatever concerning the current rn.n<>r? of the evacuation of Corinth by n?fmr?cr* rd ANOTHER BRILLIANT EXPLOIT "F ASTRtlNOMER GENERAL MITCHELL. [tkr teligrafh | Hc!ft?vill", May t, 1h(w.?Hon E'lur'H M. Statiton. Surttatu rf War l>flv morning my tr?of.? rr<m<-d from the ialand |<> tbe main shore and '.ap'ured two tlx poundfr can; *nd tb?lr aumnnlMon. Tb'- Inhabitants r^por' the enemv lo hsve ictre&trd in great confusion O M Mitchell, Brig Gen. OFFICIAL REPORT OF THE CAPTURE (ft FORT WirON Fonr Hundred Prisoners Taken! !?o?s on our side only one killed and | eleven wounded! f Per Telegraph.J FoarBF'? Monkok, May 1.?Htn. K:!vrtii M Stanton. Srcrttaryof War?Sir ("apt. Wordcn of the Navy, wi?h dlapatchcs from Gen Bum(Ode, has just arrived lie report* Tort Macon taken arter eleven fcoura bombardment. Four hundred prisoners taken Col. White, late <f tte Ordnance department, commanded Fort Macon. I.o?* on our aide, one killed and elevn wounded. Johh E. Wool, Maj General. r ATtfJT' i:nn\r vnuL n'nttrv uai Ji U J lAXJJi 1 Vllr\ lv/nil. -? ?? A Sharp Cannonade. ? (Per Telegraph to The t?tar ] f Hiiroim Yorktown. M*v 1?On T<i?*4?v a j *t?pmboat wu seen with a lead of froopn at York town. They probably came from West I'oint, thirty mile* at?ove, Indicating that theenemv are beln*4 reinforced Instead cf preparing to evacuate battery No. 1, at the mouth of Wormley'* Creek, r.nd commanding the rebel water batteries at Yorktown and GloHccster. We opened vetterdav on the enemy's shipping at about a ranee of two mile*. The flrit line shot, which was followed in rapid succession fcv others, caused the rebel vessels to beat a hasty retreat out of range. No damage wao supposed to bk sustained by the vessels, as tbe range had not been ob'alned The gunboats were then directed towards the works at Yorktown and Gloucester, with a view of getting a reply. They were not l?ng kepi waiting, wlun the large pivot gun ate'ioned on the heights of Yorktown seat a messenger which caused ever v one to jump for the trenches. The llrinj; was nnw kept up brl*k)v fur two hour* frcm both sides, with no danv<gc so far at w? wert concerned, although eo?ne of their shells cam? too close 'o make It plea-ant. The accuracy of our gunners, considering this being the first attempt with the new siege pieces, was acknowledged by competent juagcs 10 oc moii aamirdoie. Some of our ahelh wer'" seca to explode directly over the enemy * parapets, which a moment before were lined with men. Abjut ?Uty ihells were flrcd from pur one and ?wo hundred I'arroft during the afternoon What damage the enemy *u?taincllA not known.1 The rebel* worked on our parallel, where the wnrkmrn w*rp emnlovpd ahmit Husk thrnix-lnf shell* at Interval* during the night. No one hurt. Private Cha*. Young, company A,'J6th Penn ylvanla regiment, wai teverely wounded In the kn?e laat night, while on picket Heavy April shower* atlll continue to vl*it u? dally, retarding in a considerable degree mili tary operation* Two de?erter?, belonging to the Miraln ppl battalion, commanded bv Capt. Taylor, camped near Yorktown, deserted last nl^bt while ou picket duty. They are both Northern men, but can give little or no Information. Gens Johnson and Magruder made speeches last week to all their trcopt, calling on them to use every exertion to defeat the Northern Invaders?that they bo'.ild never surrender so long as there was a man left?that If they were defeated at Yorktown the cause of the Southern Confederacy was gone, as they were determined to rest their cause in this their lsst battle. Sergt. Plauman, of the Ith IV S* Infantry, formerly-d lieutenant In the English army, and who distinguished himself iu the Crimean war, rn. ...i.i..v. k. A. ?i ??... ? iui w uii u uc uuu uicuqii, uim ycoicmay irom a wound received while on duty In the trenches on Monday night last. Considerable alarm ia felt by our aurgeona aa to the Incurability of wounds here, owing to the peculiarity of the climate. In view of thl? fact arrangements are being made to ?end north all thoae who m?v be wounded, aa f>oon aa nocalhlp ? ? - ~ ? " INTERESTING FROM THE 80TJTH. + Famine Panic at Norfolk & Kldnuocd. Starvation Prices for Previsions. tonicaerate Accounts or tbe Fall of Fort flaeon. A Terrific Bombardment. E\crutlon of a Confederate Spy in Richmond. Formal Surrender of New Orleans by (he Jlayor. The illy held by a Battalion of tr. S. Marine*. + (<en. Butler'* Land Forfft within a few fllles of Men Orlran^ via Lake Ponchartralo. (Per Telegraph from Baltimore ] Baltimore, Way 'i.?The Old Point boat br'nga the following new* The 11 sg of trace from Craney lslaud this p. m. brought down the English noblemen. Several newspapers also giving particulars of tbe capture of Fort Macon, and some additional particular* of th? Nil of New Orleans, together with other Interesting news. mj ?v n?.?- -??? i uc iiuriois uay dcoi una (i cursasy) a m., aaya that no telegraph dlapetchea were received lai>t night. n order from rrovoat Marahal Pat ham, prohibit! all huckstering within the m^UUrv ditrtct of Norfolk; the privilege of aelllng poultry, game, fltb, and fruit, vegetable*, etc., it restricted to tboae who ratae or catch the same. Another order extendi the privilege of bringing oyitera to market from May t to Jane 1st, and allows Un?i.WAr. ?? U.? - W WUtVHUD ?w vuy pVTSi The Wilmington Journal of Tuetd?v hu the following in confirmation of the report of the fall of Fort Macon telegraphed from here yeaterdar: "We have Juat learned that the fire upon the fort waq opened at a quarter before alx o'clock on Prlitv mornlnc. and th? the fort and Federal battCTleT^T*" e*en o'clock that evening whT k**K UP unttl wholly untenable and wa?' *>eca?e All the gunaon the * ' * * rendered as aboveitUckea we?' -?ae of tbc fort oppoalte to tbat th^ .? demounted, and all but three of ?.ms betrlkg u??n the enemy'a batteries were fl *l*t> ^srnouuted. Jhe enemy'* central battery of 1 VtiniiiJ voHd: 1 to react lim kud* wm wuum c?>??u - ? th? tight and IcT liking b*rt?l?i were more distant. It turns ??nt that the report d fifteen < o'ir men having b~n killed In a ecoat trmt da* inr? s;-?in?l the furnv'i plrkrta I* untrue. l)na ITlAfl oniv vm #> vr n u-nnn/irv4 in^ not)# Vffi kl'led until Friday |? tb? day of the attack " F rom otbrr ircounti It gathered that during th? honthufdmf nt ?f Fort Maron 7 rebel# were killed and a grcV nnnv wounded Col Whtte ainl l.'<0 men wcr? reie??cd on psNf by General BiirnnMc. THF MRRRIMir A !* 1 Sol k ro'rpupOBd'Ht of lh? Fe?rr?burg E*? rtr?< April *\v* ?H were expecting <? h??r ?owtMns; from the V'rjl?li Merrlmar> thixa.m . but Ibe Norfolk (Hv H""k l? u iHrnt ?? tfce grave upf>n the uhjerl I fnrtxsar t? report tum-'i W hit iKi? ritmrrl rtfrir^A fn U tK?? * e -r?nH ? ? - - ?? r arc. may po?*lbly be Inferred fmm the fact ?b?t a rumor w?* laken from Norfolk to iVteraburg yeaterday thai a prominent navil offl< cr bad resigned his commiaaion. KXCITINU Rt MOK* The Pelrrilwij Kxpre^a of to day ?r? that ma'ty rnmnr* v>cr?- in ri'cilatlon jrettrrdav? amonc th^m <i report of thf rvacuat'on of Mem. phl? and t'rnntb, end a rtport of tbr rapture of Wilmington, N C . by Burimld- Hrt-ckTrid^? and Hindmin bnw born appointed major gene' a'* and Col. W A B*a',cl Arkatma. bn^-sdkr PPM f *1 r.\N!?: IN RICHMOND The Richmond I>i?p?trb of to d*v nyi that tb? panic on the wibject of the a-arclty of food la on? the most causele**. Tbc railroad from Daovilla to Greensborouuh i* rapidly being constructed, and will open North Carolina, Tennw-ee, and even Georgia and &?u'.h Carolina, for ?uppllf * to feed tbe whole t*tate of Virginia. How cauarleaa i< the rvanic above alluded to. nuv hr In nart lr< ferred, from th? fact that an adioimn;; colomn of tbe same paper chionlclea Mle of bu?*er a* Sl.tO per po ind lis the rlty YANKKK AND DOMESTIC TRAITORS.' Six Yankees and wen d^roeatte traitors, and one rer ifc?nt CcafedfrHtr soldier arrived In Rlcb? moud yr?t? rday. The former belonged to an ?>h!o regimen*, and were captured in Bath caoa ty, \ a. A SPV K\ K.Cl TKfV The Richmond Dispatch ot y<*terday record* the e*?TUticn ? .? ?py on the J9th of April, of Timothy \Vtb?*?r. He la ild to be the flrrt spy t vt< ited t>v tUr rtlwls WLat t the Federal Government should comment e hai'gim; soles* THE CAPTURE OF NEW ORLEANS. Tht'care no t-lecraphlc dispatc hes In auy of b? morning |>*pcr? of to day The following additional items regardinc the fall of New Orleans arc all ttat cau be gleaned from the papers Com. Farra^ut had proposed term* of capitulation to !Viavor Monroe, which the latter hadac ceplcd, and the city, at lest accounts. held bv a battalion of roar'nta fr?m the rquadroo. Gen. Butler's forcea were within a lew mIlea of the city, having landed on Lake Poncbartraln. A note from C8(jt Henry A Gadaden, of tbe steamship Arago, informs your correspondent that there la no truth In 'be published commuitcation stoned R B. Cr-aby. in reference to an attempt of two boats" crews from that vessel to inlka ? KaNi>?v nn W^u-alPi ?> >! ??t m 9* **? "r?v ? j * wtul ? ?tw ?'(?* sine#. Tht gtntlemen named as in charge of the boats?Mtssrs Robinson and Becket?are officers with the Arago. but n<? such pmcn Is known en b>>arl as R B Crosby > lain CONOR HS8IONAL. IS It 11th CO.IURKSS -*? <! SiiilM, ? 1 kidat, May 2 Q. w . ? ? t i??. ^-.-41 - ? i i a ?nivrr *ur prvaema\ioii ui pfllQOKll-* Mr Grimes^ntroduced * bill limiting tbe numbfr cf major and brigadier general* in the service to twenty of tb* former and twc hundred of tbe latter Referred Mr Wilson reported from tbe Mil'tary AffVre Committee the Mil to facilitate the dl>charge cf enlisted men for physical disabilities After conversational debate upon It by M?*r?. Wilson and || ursii ! !/! n?*?t nnfll M " *?"4 ? vm- ?? *' ?? UH ii .> J J iinnuin^ next. Mr. Hale offered a resolution directing the Naval Attsii* Committee to Inquire Into the expediency of providing by law mat hereafter offl cers In the marine corps shall be selected In the same matter as naval cadets arc now selected. Adopted. Ahnrflr *fh>ririp/4t h? 1-1 Will ? taken up in aommlttee of the whole, and various amendments to It were proposed, ro isldered and disponed of, without dehite. Housi.? Mr. Waahburneof 111 , reported a btll from the Commttte on Ways and M?ans, supplementary to an act passed iu July laat, providing for tbe collection of dutiea on imp rts, pisaed [This bill sives additional power* to the Secretary in reeard to goods being tranaported which he may have reason to believe are Intended for the uee of the rebels ] Mr. Stevens reported a bill making approprttions for the army for the year 1963; recommitted to the committee LATE LOCAL NEWS. r?L;cK?The Fourth Ward patrolmen reported the following caaes before J uat'ce Walter yeater J m ... ? - uav jss inoran ana jonn Dovrai, for passing counterfeit money on Geo. Rblnehart; j?i!l for further hearing. Upon searching Moran flU In counterfeit flve6 of the Bull's Head Bank of the cltyofNew York, were found upsn him The notes were photographed from toe genuine, and are pronounced bv banker* to be very dangerous, Federal experts having beeu deceived ny there. W. A. Grtvea was arrested a* his establishment, on Four-anl-a-ha'.f street, between Pennsylvania and M itcAnrI *mm ?-? K k i? r Jarboe, for selling policy ticket* conUarv to law. The entire stock of blanks, tickets end orders, were seized by roun l?msn Turner, and James Joshua, G. W. Lee, and John Williams for buying the tickets- All were taken before Justice Walter, who lined the proprietor S-Mi 91, and d'?missed 'he other parties. O. W IMvton k Co , were brought up under a warrant r bared with selling coal uuaer weight, 1'atroWnan Human irm dlrprtMl t.i ur*?/?K tK*? aa?I *r? * upon tlie first load he uv, and Lave It weighed at the Government scales, and it turned out to be 940 pound* The law require* cn*l to br sold by the ion of 2 *.*10 pound*. The Justice fined Mr. Dayton 8*-! i'l. Affairs In Alexandria. Alkxa^pria, May I ?Editor Star It laqsitte J *W- ..?II k. _/ ? II?* a<biu>;i<i; mi rx iur uiau miiui? ui ?r? iiu luiin i uu tbe corners in the morning. to compare note*, and to circulate aome report ot a dreadful disaster to the Union cause. A U w morning* aluce they started tbe tale of tbe Merrimac Laving aunk e??ven tranaper's losdcd with tmopw and drowned every soul. This is only one of tbelr daily concoction . We bad a Tint from Governor Tlarpolnt last evening, ile addrtaaed a large and enthusiastic meeting at Lyceum Hall, and made a very favor, able impreaston on hie bearerv The Plate licences exnlred veaterdav and cannot be renewed unless tbe appllcint take* tbe oath of alllf^iance to the State. Tbla seceah refute to do, preferring to wait until Jeff Davis comes. 1 tnclit.e to the opinion they will Lave t? wait some Mtrte for that I am told twenty or thirty closed their stores to day. That will hardly pay. Occasional.. ALL'S OLD 1*1 AN i). Tbe beat p'kcc for cheap and desirable Goods, iii tb't oitr, ia tr.e bALTlMORk BARGAIN STORE, 3T3 Seveuttt atieot J u?t opened a oomp ete tine of Dreesi 6ooaa. I>oteauoa at l&at jeara' frioee. Irifh Litieca very ohc%p. Pud I'uitrei'aa and Paraaola, 'rom Auction. A apleadid Linen H&sdterohiefat 12% cu .worth 2* eta. Genti' Colored Bordered Handkerchief at IS eta., wo:tli etc. Beit Trhaau 6?ant'aU. at TS eta.. vurtll*ott. B?ai*uaiit? Kid Fimah Silfc Oleosa, at S^cta., worth eta. Hoop fcauta at Faot >ry ir oN. LANSUl'keH * BROTHER. 319 Havaatii airaet. Hoop Bkiit Factory, 119 liberty atoeat Naw Yarfc. . f at ?>-iw* f ^ERTIFICAT&HOK WDKUTbDNESO, v> triarroaatwjp Cii?ialw tod Vpqebvra. 7 3-? 0 I nit?<i HHIrtMia BO"tht FANT * CO., If aa* B*Bk?ri, 3*3 L-oirtJALK-4 CBUAft M<| U.T.i? enae. tho** the mfk?. D.BB,rI * ?aiw* KODZKK. B AB mew ?*>. Mu. TJoiKS"ro"HWwH r paotTu*lVVnv1~cT11 ttwtutB ot UM 1i4im of WMlUBftOB. M?IV* C"AL1 OOU! Ct,US Jtfit fcrrtrod Md aoloAdinj NWii.?r|OM of . ?BS'!wSSSgfl

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