Newspaper of Evening Star, May 2, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 2, 1862 Page 4
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K* KNING STAK.1 Acnasl FUwiri. Annuals are ?uch plan's m grvw from teed, I rrxiuce their flower*, perfect their neJ, end rerifh the same reason. They are usually 1*vidcd 4jq'o hardy, half-hardy, and tender :: >rts. - llardy annuals are such as moy be * *n in the early spring in the open ground ; *5 soon as the burden are in fit condition to . worked. Half-hardy annuals are tho.*e j ^htch will not germinate until the ground is j thoroughly warmed by the ?un. which in the . latnudo of New-York will not generally be . 'r.tetssaAlil tbe middle or latter part of May. Tender annual* are *uch as cannot vsually bo brought to perfection without the nsd of a hot-bed to start the seed*, and cannot ~.i?b safety bo turned into the flower borders until the fir^t ot June. The principal cause for failure in gormi at?oti tf Jceds are, too early planting and too a > . ' * * * m atev pianTin<*. met* are a lew mnas ?i ; t<eeds which will succeed well when planted | *arly. as white candytuft, sweet pea?, Ao., x hut as a general rula, plants will be f>und t9 ;*row more strongly aud flower a* early from | L?;cd sown ? ? late as the flr?t of June, than j from Mrlijr r.lantir? Tt will ho wnll. how. i *>ver, to ri?k a few feed in early planting, es if t'<ie weather bo favorable they will get a "art, of thoso sown at a later period, and thus ?u earlier blocra be obtained. Moat annual4 bear transplanting very well, ?nd may be removed Irom th?? hot-bed f?r from uoe place in the border to another with but little risk. There are gome ssrt*, how- { ever, with long top-root?, which cannot be transplanted with n? T..<?rk?r)nrs. Por j'i?, Candytuft, Dirarf Convolvulus, Ac. Some sorts of annuals look better grswn in masses than singly; others, such as the Asters, T:?laains, Aa., taj be planted either singly or j i groups of three or more plants. Portulaeca, j aiox, bruruiaondii. Mignionette, Candytuf:, ! r>^cet Aljwuui. Ac., should be grown in mas- | The following list of annuals will be found i fo comprise tbe most valuable end easily cul- ' fivHtcd The hardy sorts are marked II., ' ui-naray. H II. nn.i tender. T. : A-tera?H. A -weM known acd very highly 1 esteemed cits'1 of plant*. The improved varieties are very superb. ^wret tlyt9um?II. Dwarf. Small white fl-jircr*, fragrant and excellent for bou- j juets. If not allowed to go to seed it j wi'I lln-rni" tKo ^aaOTilt B*I ini>?II II. The double varieties <>f B*l- I E-?ina are rery beautiful, immensoly su- j pcrior to the*old ?itgle torts. Candytuft?II. Very valuable annual, with white, crimen, or purple flowers, bloom- j iiifC the nhole reason U not allowed to , go to .- eed Coreopds?II. Very ?howy. Flowers mos'.ly . ve'.low and brown. ?.dcbcboltz<a?U. Dwarf. \ ery pretty white : or ve'.low flowers. In bloom a groat ! while. Mignio <eire?If. So well known and highly i esteemed everywhere aa to need no ro- : remxendation. By picking off the flowers when they begin to decay, the , biant wilt continue to bloom until late in the fall Thiol DruuiuioLdii? II 11. Oue of the >ery best plants in the flower garden. Noth 1 ti? n A vi W . tka n a Kn.l nf t V M iu? vau UV IUOU a utu VI lU-C mixed varieties In bloom from July until rerero frost* Portulvccar?H. Dwarf An excellent and ; elowy plant for small beds. Hardly any i plant can be more brilliant. T?tani i?H. II. Treated ats an annual, the Petunia will give great satisfaction. A bed of teedling* will be one of the meet attractive in tbe garden, if of mixed color?. Ac abundance of self-sown plants will eeucrailv make tboir appcarauoe sUter the first season. Kockei Larkspur? H. A very bcautifci! plant with hyacinth iike flowers. Plants fn.ui fe?d, town in teptember and protected thruagh the winter, will fiuwer better thsn too-e "own in the spring. ?tock Gi'lly?II II. This beautiful and fra- \ j*tai annual iu not cultivated as extcn- ' lively m it should be. Their varied coLse and df.iightfu! fragrance should procure then a place in every garden. Zinnia?A sho?v> plant for largo borders. ' Flowera of marjy different colors. 'I he sewly introduced double sorts bid fair to become great favorites. The above list cuuld be indefinitely extend- ' ? i. bat as a select list lor email will b? f ;un-i of some use. For those who are decircus of a greater variety, the catalogues of the pricipal seedsmen afford an extended list from which selections may be made. In most Hrge establishments, assortments m?y be > rrr-cured, generally inaile with much discrimi- j nation, and saving the trouble of selection by the purchaser.?Country Gentf?vuin. rr?DiuiTi..\< rw vi?on pr?? ivvn ma Itiucla**.?Boil one oaace of uiogSafti shar- ? in<*. forty Jamaica pepper*, ar-1 a bit of brona eriut of bread, In a quart of crater to a pi'it, a:cl strain it. Thia muke* a pleasent jelly to keep in the hca?e; of whioh a large r nf:i! iumt be taken in wine and watrr ttiik, tea, soup, or any way most agreeable. ftlonrtsUr J'lly.? Boil in two cuarte of vater. till rcduced to one quart, the following ingredients: hartshorn shavings, isinglaa-', ivr-ry shavings. barley and rice, cne ounce of | each. Wben this jelly, which is light and Tery nouri'htne- ?s to be taken, a few table- : pr><*>nfuN of it wast be dissolved in a little mWk. together with a bit of einnamon, lemon- . peel, and sugar. It will be very good withr>nt the seasoning. Bread Jrlly.?Cut the crum of a penny roll into thin alica, ard toa?t them equally of a p^Ie brown: boll them gently in a quart of w?ter Mil it will jelly, which may bo known * J putting a littlo iu a spoen to cool; (train i*. up .n a bit of lcaiyn-peel, and sweeten it with ' sugar. A little wine may be added. j ?v tr*nfth*mng Jelly?Simmer in two quarts r f Soft water, ene ounce of near! barlev ono orn?*e of sago, ono ounce of rice, and one ounce 1 of cr ago-root. till reduccd to one quart; tako , a teacupful io milk, morning, noon, and night. > Cn.icJc*ri Vanwla.?Boll a chicken till ubcut t'rree psrts ready in a quart oi water; take off is? sain, cut tho white meat off when cold,. put into a ra?rWe mortar, pound it to * j : # with a Utile of the water it was boiled j: eoasnn with ?alt, a grate of nutmeg, and th* irast bit of lemon-peel. Boil gently a ftw . . ifpiior ?r.n liltn* if ckn.iM i I Tich * you drink, though tolerably ? thick. ILi* eoETfcjs great nourichmeot io a mall cotipajf. F*i E-ot'n ? Kail two eilf# feet.; f ouo_cs of veil, ard tiro of h*ef. tho brrtom ' >f i pcscy loif, tiro cr three blades of mace, * h: f a uaune { allied, aad a I'ttTc salt, in thr** , ? rti of water, to three pints; 3train, and time off ibe fat. , ' rirxti B oth?May be usde of any f.n\ wbich is afterwards to bo brought t; ?b!e, but the best sort ia to be procured fr c an old cock or hen, wbich is to be stewed 1 n tu rags, r. itb a couple of onions, ceaaoced wi'h Ealt acd a little whole pepper . skioi end c:r*is it. t hvf ? Cut half a pound of 1?an fresh beef iato siicu, lay it in a dish and pour over I u * fiut of boiiing water, cover the dish and ' let it stand half an hour by th? fir?, then just ! bail it up, pour it off olear, and salt it a very little. H W TO *1K* CIDKR WIS*. .J J 11. Kt-ok. of Macon Co., 11).. fires the fr iloTioe iperLcd in the Country Gentleman : j j ure cider, made from eousd. ripe ap- . pies, m it ruoi fron the press, pat 64 pounds >f cjiaiuon brown sugar into 15 gallons of the ci ier. !ind let it dissolve; then put the mixture into a clean barrel, fill it up within two .. ..t W_. r .ll _.;.u - li? ?? - -us vt w^n'5 i!'iii wcu cioso cmcr, put ino "?k into a cool plar.?, leave the bang oat for forty- eight hour*; then put in the bung with a ? .?ll vent, until fermentation wholly ceases, ard bung uj> fight. and in one year it will be iittraie. ThU wis* reouirea no racking; the longer it stand* upon the lees the better, Tu? wine i? almost equal to grape win* when rightly managed. A bUUU LlHIME-lT rVB Ji.1 > OB BIAST. One aod oce tmlf pints linseed oil; two oza. Oil orijranuro; two oss bertaiorn; two ou. | turpentine. ebske well before using. Divide the linseed oil in two parts, add origanum to < ore part, then put the barUborn with the J "b?-r part, thee pit both together and add Tj? *r*ne, aad it rtajy to use for ipraiES j^str ? - ? ? ^i?? Hifi&L* ^si^f^'sara ? ; Iltl Ano Win MIIKU lULUlKltl IN viriTU. n_.i_L > ? - - -* * iM?wiwa m ron-rwttn resolution oftksStnatt of July 16, ISM. it S??Mrf H?fitmt, Vttrfitewn, April 15 *<t U. ? Infantry a 9?th New York Vol... 5 7th Main* Volantwra. a ygth do do,... t tt'b MassachuaeltsYol. 3 H?ut do do....35 ISth do do.. 3 3d NewYork Artillery 7 ?d do do.. ? Id do Cavalry. 4 Mockton'n Mich. Vol.15 4th do do.... 3 i?V UUkUa. VaI flilUV D.r? VAl??f^?r> n i?u *i 11 ui<au ??'?. < , i >iu i ciiu. v untuaxi ? ?? let Khodo Island Vol. t! 12th <lo do 1 2d do do. HJTth do do...... 1 13th New Yoik Vol... 2i4.v.h do do...... 1 I'ti da do.*..lo 6Jd do do 1 17th do do.... v "S'h do do...... 3 CMh do do.... fi 75ih do do...... 1 aid do do.... 1 ?3d do do II llth An Hrt A ? 1 IUIL?/IU UV ??'' " 4.5th do do.... 1 9Jd do do . 3 5?'?h do do.... 13 :>-th do do 4 54th do do.... 2 <*Hh do do 1 ?*th do do.... 2 ltd do Reaenre.... '2 5?th do do.... 1 l?t do Cavalry fi->d do do.... 6 Id do. do...... 4 ?'>?h do do.... 1 ??h do do 11 P'-th do dr. .. 7 5thCameron Dragoons 2 ?3d do do.... 1 !9th Indiana Vol 1 7?til rin do 9i()'c aorvxnt 1 Wth do * 4oV.'.'.*9 trjd do do.... 1 Total............276 At Hospital, IT*t<m Hottl, tomtr Bridgt *?4 Waskington ttrtlt*, Utorgttovn, April'25. l?t ISe^ York Art. .. I|-J9th Penn. Volnnteer*. 1 tniL tr_i ? ? i->m uu v til no * GOii??*i o 17th do do.... 2|7lat do do 1 >th do do.... lj'tOd do do 1 20th do do.... 4 11 :d do do 1 33d do do.... 3!1<?t do Artillery.. 1 4Uh do do....13 Knne's Rifles 2 45th do do.... :> 7th Mun. Volunteers. 1 4?th do do.... 1 ?d do do...... 1 With do do.... l -M Maine Volunteer* . ? f.-2/l Ha rin 1 tDwktnn?. Mli>k Vnl 1 6-th do do....18 -id Michigan Vol 1 H*? do do.... 1 1th Vermont Vol 2 !'-ld do do.... n jtb do do 1 l?7th do do.... 4 Wott'a Battery I "th New York Cavalry 1 3berinan"? Battery.... 5 l?t Penn. Cavalry.... 5] 1st U. S. Cavalry 1 ?th do do 1 G'h do do 1 let do Volrnte^ri. 111st do Chasaenn... 1 14 do do...... 1 i l?t T.on? Island Vol.. 1 4th do do...... 8 3d U.S. Infantry.... 1 7th do do? .... 1,11th do do 1 9'b do do...... 1] izia co ao l| Total 105 At Qmtral Hosjitnl, (Circls,) Washington, April 25. lrtl'.S. Artillery.... fi;iMiNe^rYorkArtillery 1 '2d do do 2 3th New York Vol... 3 31 do do... 4 -fi'.h do do.... 2 4th do do... 1 1st California V-1.... I 5tft do do 6|l!2d N'W York Vol... 1 1st do Car?lry l'4?h F^nn. Cavalry.... 2 M do do l|>Sth do Volnnteera. 1 4th do do l!3Sth do do...... 1 5th do do... 2j-19th do do 1 fith do do 1 3th N. I'.amr^hlre Vol. 1 2d do Infantry..... 0 Id Vermont Voluntwr* 1 3d do do (i| lit Minnesota Vol.... 1 4th do do 111 lit Kane KJUes 1 6tO do do..-. 4: fith Mslnp Rntt^rv 1 10th do do fl ? 12th do do 1 Tola* *5 l?tb do do 2 H Hofftfl ci Ceiwntii* Ctlltgi, Washington, April 2i. 1st U. a. Artillery ... lllid New York Vol... n 2d do do........ An iln * 2d da Cavalry 2 &3d do d<?.... 9 1th do do 1 ?.>'U do do....10 5th do do 3 !#Jth do do.... 5 <*th do do, 1 !^th do do.... 1 ;id do Infantry.... l|l<><)th do do..,. 1 14th do do... 8 lOist do do.... 1 2d Maine Volunteer!.. 1 Ut Newjer^yfavalryio 11th do do S 10th do Vol.... 4 7thMaraaehoaetta Vol. 1 l?t Perm. Artillery... 1 10th do do. 1 Cd do Cavalry.... 4 l.?8h do do 18 Ub do do..*.?. 1 ll?:h do do. - 5th do do...... 1 i!0'b do do.l> |?th do do 26 l.? Rhrtrfa lalan* A ? .?!<.!.? J- ?-l a... ? aavax. a ut u.l /I . i 1 UU f U1 U (I Wf I i 1 '2d do Vtl . Vi-vJd do do.*....10 litVenooat Cavalry .. 2 i8*h do do 4 *2d do Volunteers 2 71?t do do...... 1 3d do do 1 914 de> do 1 4'h do do,... 9 u;td do do 2 5th do do.... l|IOttbdo do...... 6 9;b do dr..... 4jll*2thdo do 1 l?l New York Artillery :i| VTcCleilan Draeoons.. 2 7tb do Battery . 7i7tt> Michigan Vol 9 2rt do Cavalry. 1119th Indiana Vol 2 Jd do do.... 3|"?tb Wtaconain Vol.... 1 Btli do do.... :,,2d D C. Volunteers.. 4 8th do do.... 3 Citizen. 1 17tb New York Vol... ! do do.... it rot&l V h do dn si At Mount PUa;ant Getural Hotpital, April 13. #?h Maine Artillery... l|1*?h New York Vol... 1 7th do VolunW-r*. 2|5?th do do.... 4 11th do do.... 3 57th do do,... 1 l?t Rbode Inland Art. IjrUt do do.... 4 1cl Perxn. Voluutrfr* . I "Id do do,... 1 7Id do do l;S5th do do.... G S5th do do 1 I'id do do.... 2 101?t do do...... 3'.rid do do.... 3 103d do do 1 95th do do.... 1 iu'd sew jer^y vol . S lWti do do,... 1 3d B?-'dan Sh?rp*'r8.. t|!0?d do do....11 1st U. S. ChaMcurs... 2'104th do do....10 5ib New York Vol... 1 Enfants i'ardu 9 6th do do.... ll ? 15'h do d.> 31 Tot* I ~n ? I ? ? - ? > ? ) ?* ? w 40th do do.... 1| At Stone General Hospital, April 25. lltli Maine Volanteenll lotith New York Vol.. fl 19'h M&is'rbascttiVcl 1 27th Penn.Volunteers. 1 VOili do do 2 52d do do 7 31 New Yotk Cavalry )i7Jth do do...... 1 New York Vol... Ijitfld do do 3 fifth do do *i",j 10l>'udo do...... 4 331 do do.... ljjgj D C. Volunt?>ri.. 2 Wth do do,... 2;ioth New Jeriey Vol. 5 SMth do do.... 4 ? fibth do do.... 0, TotAi...,.,...,,.,63 At Douglas Hospital, corner of I *t*ut and Nm Jtrsty acuiM, April 25 Ut U ?. Artillery.... 11031 New York Vol... 3 3d do do 2<Stth do do d 5th <So Cv/dlry 5 Wh do do.... 4 3d do Infantry.... 1 69th do do ... 8 Oth do do ] 'lith do do.... 1 12th do do b -^th do do.... 2 17tb do do 4|!?th do do.... 1 21 Maine Artillery ... 1 lUI?t do do.... 3 lit do Cavalry.... 2!Sltfd do do.... 1 ?Sth do Volunteer*. '2j 101th do do.... 1 5th N Hampshire Vol l| 1st New J eneyCuvdlry 5 til if. * * * - I ? m Tctiuonivoi'imwri i:Uameroa Dragoons... 3 4lki dp do 11Ut 1'eun. Cavalry ..... 3 31 M.1W3-Luietti Art. l|4th do do...... 3 15th do Vol. 'i :id do ll<*Arvn.... 1 ?>?ta do do.. 1 -id ?io Voluuteert.. 2 vf.'d ?io do.. 3 I'h <*?> do 1 Taft's N Y. Artillery J lltU do do 1 lit New York Artillery 4 S34 do do * <J'.n New York Cava ry li^Tth do do..v.. 1 5:li do do.... n';3Ut do do S 1*1 U. S. OLawpun ..1'illMta do do 4 l*t Lob? Island Vol.. !'|.57d do do 3 2d .Nev Vcrk Vol ... I j5!?t do do...... 2 tilt do do.... U|?4th do do 5 I7Ui do do.... 4 86th do do...... 1 1-& do do....16 S?t*t do do...... t SKU do do.... : 'Jld do do 11 ittd do d ....!() do do l xj;n fin fin.... 2|l(Kd do do 1 31,li do do.... 4|t"7thdo do 5 41st oi? do.... '2 Vd 11. (7. Volunt^srs .. 1 421 do d*?.... 'J ?th WVbfyan Vol.... 2 3d do do.... 3 5th Wi?con*ln Vol... 1 46th do do.... 2 Andrew!t Sharpa'ra .. 1 5ith do do.... 1 ? 66ttt do do.... 1 Tetal *tt A* U*n*ral Hospital, (Erkirngtin,) Washington, April 25. 1st New York Artillery I 7th Maine Volunteers. 1 Mh New York Vol... 2 t*t Minnesota Vol.... 1 1Kb do do.... 1 let Berdan Sbarps'rs . 1 2Uth do do.... 5 !d do ?io i V-M do do.... 3|7Ui Michigan Vol.... 1 /7th do do-... J J 1st U 8. Cbawetiri.. 1 i3th do dr.... 2jl7th do Infantry.... 1 3vth do do.... 'J|5th do Artillery... 1 41st do do ...11 1st Peon. Artillery... 4 4.r,th do du.... l|54th do Volunteers. 3 fl'.'d do dtl... 1 j75Th do do...... 1 ft th d-? do.... 11103d do do 10 CiKh do do.... 9|lat U 8. Cavalry 1' 77th do do.... 4|id do do 4 -in ao ao.... 13 ?Mh do do...... 11 Wd do do.... 3 1st Main? Cavalry.... 8 Sttth do do.... M*3d New York Cavalry. 1 Mth do do 4 4th do do.... 1 IMd do do.... 1 1st NewJersey Cavalry 1 103d do do.... 4 9th Peon. Cavalry.... a 107th do do 1 3d Virginia Cavalry.. 1 3d Maiae Batter?.... * 4th da do a Total '? 5lb do do H At Si. MMmm^U ???f?r? Bra*tk, April 25 9*h Srw \<*rk Vol... l!W?h New Ycrk Vol .. l WiVwnoni Volunteers l|ili M?1n* v?|0atr?r?. l '.Wd New York VU ... 1 iSJJb fesm.VrtttBt^eriP. i 41m do do.... 1 lultb New Yark Vol_ tf Uaa.-ron Rite* 1 4.14 do a? ,< KxceWor ArtlJJ^rv Vol 1 5th WUco?.?ln \oi .? i HW^T Yot* Vo'" 1 H^nn Voluntetrt. 1 Han'pt,ilire Vol i 06tb New York Vol ,.n 57tb Pens Volunteer*. 4 _ WtbNfW/tmfTol t I At Ottutml Hotfxtnl, JmAicimr* 8|Mn, Walk- i MflM, April IS. | M II 8 Inhnlrv O *WV ?.? V?W V_J il I iiu v. k7. ?u?ai??i / ? "i'm ?iv?? wa vt 4th do do 2 Wd do do.... 11 I 5th do do 1 <fld do do.... 1 6th do do 9 00th do do.. . 4 8th do do. 3 <Mtth do do.... 2 14thdo do. 3 10oth do do.... 3 l*t do Otnlrr 1 4 th New York C***lry. i . 4th do do. 2:9th do do,... 1 I la# /A A P Vl i i r a 1 (Utk 4 A UmMkfw t ??v UV \> Uil --IT Ul . * UiU V? UOIWIfl a 5th do Artillery...... 1 l?t do Artillery3 2d Maine Volunteer*.. 1 2d New Jersey Vol.... 1 5th de do 4 tat do Cavalry 3 1 7lb do do 3 tat do Battery 1 1Mb do do 1 7th Penn. Volunteers. 1 2d N . Hamppbire Vol. 3 ?7tb do do 3 iHtVerroontVolunteers I 47th do do I 2d do do.... 3 57th do do 2 3d do do.... 1 61?t do do 1 4th do do,... 6 73d do do 13 Mh do d?,... 4 74th do do 14 tith do do.... 5 75th do do 7 1st do Cavalry. 1 77th do do 1 2d Mastachusetts Vol. 2 Kid do do 2 Wh do do.. 1 jwith do do 14 1-th oo do.. 2!93d do do 1 l#th do do.. { r^th do do 2 22d do do.. 1 Pt?th do do 2 4th Rhode Inland Vol. 1 I07thdo do 3 I*1 do Car. 1 1st do Reserve.... 3 l?t New York Vol ... 2 id do do ... 1 2d do do.... 2 31 do do! ? 3d do do..., 1 |th do do...... 4 4th do do.... 3 Sth do do 4 8th *do do.... 7 nth do do . 2 13th do do.... l|7tli do do! 4 11th do do.... 1 ?h do do 3 -J ? -a- ? ..... a . I ioiu uo ao.... i uin ao so J J 6th do do ? l'ith do do 3 17th do do 3 107th do do 1 10th do do.... 1 lot do RnCav... 3 27th do do.... 1 j4th do Cavalry.... 3 29th do <lo.... 2 5th do do...... 1 37th do do.... 8 Hth do do I 30th do do.... 14 1st do Artlllerv... 1 4 ist do do.... *2 1?t Indiana Artillery.. I 4 >d do df>.... 4!Bth llllnol* Cavalry .. 1 OfitU do do.... Mat Michigan Vol.... 8 44th do do,... 1217th do do I 45'h do do.... Moth do o lath do do.... 2 -2d Wtoeojrtn Vol ... S Slat do do,... I.*d U C Volunl^ia... * 52d do do.... l|K*eel?lor Battwy.... J Mtfc do do....W McClellan Dragoon* . 1 r J- ' " . -in uo no.... i aa i?i*ine JtJanery a Wd do do.... 1 <id do do....... 2 did do do.... 3 ? Glth do do.... 1 Total...- 336 6Jth do do.... 13 At Indiana Hospital (Pattnt OflUt), Wukington, D. C.t April 26. 3d Indiana Cavatry... 2|NewYork Battery... 1 13th do Volunteer* 11 Oneida Cavalry ,(unat.) 2 16th do do.... ftl5fith P*nn_ Volunteer*. A lVth do do....27 ?Wd do do 2 Ut New York Artillery J hist do do.*.**. 2 1th do Cavalry, l!91st do do 97 8th do do,... t> U3d do do 1 9?h do do.... 1 90th do do 2 13th New York Vol... 9 llHthdo do...... 2 14th New York Art... 1 107thdo do 5 T5d New York Vol... 1 Cameron Dragoons... B 5'2d do do.... 1 3d Mlcllgan Vol 1 5 id do do.... 1 tth do do...... 1 r?tt- J - M * * * ** aovu no no.,., roaine voinnieet* 'i 57th do do.... l 1st Rhod* Island Ca*. 4 6lat do do.... 5 New England Cavalry 1 Wo do do.... 1 13tb Ma*sachu?eUi?Vol 1 70th do do.... ! Citizen 1 #31 do do....*4 95th do do.... 1 Total 144 8uk rtm?i*img in tkt Honpifl fof Eruftivt Dii$*JU, Mt KslorawM, April zS. <ltb U S. Infantry 1 ?d Penn. Volunteer*. '2 12th do do 2 T'Jd do do 1 2d do- Cavalry 1 107th do do 3 Ath do do ? ISHh Indiana Vol 1 2d Vernont Volunteers 1 27?b do do...... 1 lit MrwuxchusetU Art. 1 2d P. C. Volunteeri.. 2 lltN?wVn>k > OA D.U?. at ? I- a 4 v * v? ? ?* ? j ? *? vriuou ?.'uui pa iO> 1<1 do Cavalry. 1 Oneida Cavalry 1 Pith N?*w York Vol... 1 Quartermaster's Dep't 2 list do do,... 1 Citizen 1 Slit do do.... 2 Contraband 1 !?ith do' do.... i ? 10th New Jersey Vol. 1 Total.... 39 4th Penn Cavalry.... 1 At Gtfurml Hospifl. AUxmndri*. Anril 25. ? w W " 2d U. 8. Infantry.... 5 Wd New York Vol... 1 3d do do 1 iBth do do.... 2 4th do do 4 104th do do.... 1 6tb do do 2 lit New York Artillery 0 lltb do do 1 2d do do,... 7 12th do do 7 llth do Battery . 314th do do U 12th do do.... 1 17th do do 2 Indep't N. Y. Battery. 3 i.? n ??? ** * ? i? ?w vwvairy * mrifWYoriuiTiiry.ju 5th do do 3 'id do do.... 7 6th do do 3 4th do do,... 1 tut do Artillery.... 1 oth do do.... 1 id do do 6 ?:h do do.... 3 3d do do a litNewJeney Vol.... 8 4th do do 4 'ii do 4o ^ 5th do do 3 3d do do 40 1?t do ?harm'ra... 1 4th do do 14 3d do do! 'i-t 1st do Art..... 1 3d Maine Volunteers. 9 3d do do 1 4th do do 7 let do C?valry56 5th do do lft 1st Penn. Volunteers . 3 7th do do 11 2d do do 9 34 do Battery.... 4 3d do do 4 6th do do 1 4th do do 7 5tUN. Hampshire Vol. 11 5th do do 3 1st do Oat. 116th do do 18 >M J- -* - 'v.M.vM.f wimncci* i i IU UU U(? iy 3d do do..,., 'i ?th do do 4 J'h do do 15 9th do do 8 5th do do y 10th do do 10 Cth do do 3 llth do do 18 id Ma*achu*tu Vol. 1 Kth do do 13 1'ith do do.. 1 e-tta do do 1 13th do do.. 1 46th do do 1 15th do do.. 1 49th do do,IM<l 2 1-th do do.. 1 52d do do 1 rin An K r iii J. j .w MV( V | (?u UU I Ut do Bat. 1 51th do do...... 1 lat Connecticut Art... 9S?th do do 5 M New Yorh Vol... '2 fiUt do do 1 31 do do.... 1 Hid do do...... 1 nth do do.... ? 63d do do 6 14th do do.... 4 72d do do 1 15th do do.... 4 73d do do 1 19th do do....34 81?t do do 0 l?th do do.... 7 88th do do A 18th do do.... 10 99d do do 2

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P " Wo?ld BfOt )> without U?ein k?ob uur oomi4?t^fg&SgSS&M \ V ? J TBI ?BAT "AMERICAN RIMKOIKS,* Known u HKLM HOLD'S anrrax pkxpabatiojs, HKLMBOLIT8 EXTRACT "BVCHV," " " BAKDJir&HlLLA ? IMPROVED ROSE WASH. HELM BOLD'!* GENUINE PREPARATION. xiiruifi K'nvcrvrc iTrn" COMFO UN A FL VJD EXTRACT B UCH U. A Positive and S*eo:fto Remedy For DiieMM of the BLADDER. KIDNEYS* GRAVEL, and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Tiua Medicine inorea*ea the power of Digeetioa. and exeitee the ABSORBENTS into healthy action, by which the WATERY OR CALCAREOUS deposition*, and all UNNATURAL ENLARGEMENTS aie rednoed. aa well aa FAIN AND INFLAMMATION, and lsgoodfcr MEN, WOMEN, OR CHILDREN, uvjiuumn'K iTTBirr urtrwri # ? ? ? ??. v a ?# w v ?? v | For WwhMwi Amine from Ezoomm, Habita of DiMifatiaa, Early Indiscretion or Abase, Atttndtd with tk*f*howirn Symptom!?? Indiapocition to Exertion, Lose ol Power, itfsfyjss:"- Dl??01" ?rfiS5i? Horror of Diaeaa*. vVahefo neea. DimnMi ol Vision. Pam in the Back, Universal Laaaitude of th* Mnuilkr ?Jvate?, not Hand*, Flnehint of tke Pod? DrrsM of the Skin, Kraptiona on the Faoe PALLID COUNTENANCE. Theee sy aaptom*. if allowed to go on. whleh thta medioine Invariably remove*, soon lollowa 1MPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, In one of whieh the patiant mar akpire. Who o&nsay that they are not freqsently followed br those "DIREFUL DISEASES." "INSANITY AND CON8UMPION." Many are aware of the oauee of their enfleriSf, BUT NONE WILL CONFESS. THE RECORDS OF THE INSANE ASYLUMS. And tkt Mtlancktly IHatki by Consumption, IU1 AMPLI WIT!**** TO THB TRUTH OV THIS IIIIUIOH. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, Require* the aid o! medicine to atrescthen and i' t"-ve th? 9r'tem. Which HELMBOLD'S EXTRACTBUCHV invariably dots. L TRIAL WILL COXVISCI TBI XMT KirTlC&L. FEMA LBS? FEMALES- FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG, fINGLK, MARRIED. OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In many Afftttitmt fteulinr to Fkmaltt, the Extract iinehu is anrtaalled br any nt*er remedy, as in Colons or Retention, Irregularity, P*infti1ne?s or Suppression of Csstoirnry ! 'intonations, U'oerst*d or Soirrhons etate of the Utsraf, LinaonrrncEei or vvniia*. Biorilllj, and IOr VI oom?!aint? inoident to tha fax whether ariaiof from Indiaoretinn, Habits of Dissipation, or in the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. PKI SYMPTOM* ABO VS. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT! Taii yn mors Balsam, M?RrTJRT,o? r*?l*a?aht MlDIClNIS for vrpliasant amd dangBROUa DUBAI >8. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BVCHU mu SECRET DISEASES In all their t>ta< es, At little Expense, Little or no ohanre Is Diet, No inoonvenienoe. And no Erroiur*. (t causes a frequent desre and fives strenrth to Unnate, thereby removing obstructions. Prever.tini and Coring Htrioturea of the Urethra. A laylrt Pain and Inflammation. ? fre^n<*ntin thoo'asnof diaeases, an4'spelling mil Foiionout, Dueastd and worn out Matter. THOrjANDW cpof* THoriASM WHO HAVE BEEN ^HB VICTIMS Of QUACES, and v ho ha*? paid huvt fx en to he cored ins abort time, hare found they were deo^ired. and that the'*rOI?*ON" hae. b? the nee of "pnwnrrL ??r?i*oi*T?been driM as in tha itatmn in Break out in *n M i r?v?tpl form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. _ Oil Hfi-^BoLD'g Ej.7Hk.cj Bvonv for ail iflte Do us ua diseases 01 in* URINARY ORGANS, Whether existing in MALE OR FEMALE, From whatever oanee originating, and no matter of irn rrr r a ar/i ???* 4 *? ?* ? MTKf ww JUIiiia 01 A?1 uinn. DIjmmm of tli 6## Orrtns require the Aid of* DIURETIC. HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, ^nd^oertaln to bare rne desired ?ffeot la ?U FOB WUIUB IT IS KECOMMENDED. BLOOD! BLOODf BLOODf HilmAold's Highly Concmtrated Compound FLUID EXTRACT 6ARSAPARILLA, SYPHILIS. Tfiia ia > a? aseotion or the blood, and ATTACKS THE SEXUAL ORGANS. LININGS OF THE NOSE, EARS, THROAT. WINDPIPE AND OTHER MUCOUS SURFACES, Ma*ict its appearance in the form of ULCERS. Helm bold'a Extract Saraaparilla, Partflea the Blood, and removei ail Scaly Kriftiona of the Skin, GIVING TO THE COMPLEXION A CLEAR ANB HEALTHY COLOR. It beins prepared expreaaly lor ttua olaaa of oomylaiaU, ita Blood Purifying Properties are preaerved to a greater extent titan any other prrparation of Haraaparilla. HELMBOLD'S ROSE WASH, An ZMllent Lotion for Diaaaeea of a 8y?hi!iti# Nature, and aa aa #*?*? - ? m Diseaeee of uia Wlroin of Diesip&Uofi, m m wuubuiivii wua uio uumu Vltjll tt Mruparlil*. in tuch Diicum m rpoommendrxl. Svidmt* of tkt most rtlidblt and r$?pomibU ikmracttr will accompany th4 midicinu. CERTIFICATES OF CUKES. From KMifMrt' standing. With Nakh hows to WMKNflK INnifiWV For MwMoal PiojrietiM of DUCilV,?M DU eoaatory of the UrnUd 8tatea. see Piofc??or l>EWKJfi'S Taluabl? vorka on the Praotioe of Poyato. 8m remarka made by the late celebrated Dr, PHY81CK. Philadelphia. 8<e rnuka made by Dr. BPHRAIM MoDOWKBL. *-celeb rated Pbyaioisn aod Member of thejfpjal ^olieje of Hurgeona, ire4ai.d. and Siouanea m m? A lUHOUOU oi tM KlC( ED* qnd'i Joarnaitee Medioo-Cbirariioal Review, pa bit a bed by ..V J AM IN TR A VERS, Fallow of Royai College ol Stargeona. 8m moat of lb* late Standard wot ka on Medicine Extraot BooUb, #100 aer bottle, or alx for #600. Extract Baraaparilia, #1 oo per bottle, or aiz for f 8 ? w ^ wttle, or liz for or, half doion of aut for ?12 Of, wluoh will bo raAolont to oare the matt oh?tin*w ossei, 1/ di DESCRIBE ALL OOMMUCim Ga&rftntood ! AdriM Bniii?i AFFIDAVIT. ^,rsmKad.a,,a .T sAiarta betac a?Jy awora, doth mt, lua hwumioTi fonbUa so Mraotto, a? me'oarj, or otter uJ?no?a &SUb?? ?? !???* ?*. HKLHBOL0. A44r?ee letter* for Imforaetioa la ecmideaeete Depot, ft?ws?5?^0issa rhil*. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS AMD UNPRINCIPLED Wko endMTer to disyoas "of rani, owe** la Afin ' am ?? "-* ? x'4' rrsram* Mi4bf ALL UR UQQJ8TS XTMRTWHtAM. ABK KO* HELMBOLD'S. 9AVB MA /MiaPB OMoMtlM knttlUMBlMlaMl for It, wiDiToipwrjiyj^oH W IV9- j I DKWTlBTBy. j topla toraoaaiiy ?t hU .n thia eft! jCEd M?J f*nm Mil VMr th?M ImU <r??-* nig Vko MABOtwen t&M*. "" Mj*itjIe jr o? orfeJfo bit to tqom vbo are portion,?r ind ?<?h tk*#?r?rt, llMMt, itrtmfMt. and moft ?*rfe?t df nnfre lh*l irtMiir^iM, the MINERAL PLATE vlli bo nrali? *trHBtm. Root~.? ui thu oitr?No, SJ9 i>.iT?ittb*tvm Hiul iota ru. Alto, 907 Arok etreet. Phil*i#> ?0i*. rair *-ly |\]EW AND IMPROVED INVRNTion * ? Mr ARTIFICIAL CHR0TLAST1 BOW3 V B B V a, Winm Mnu run n Cuin> DR. S. B SieWMOIfD, , ^ l# Imfctft /*>? Tmk~fwiiniiMirt 4? AIM, tUwMH 12(i Md 1314 *11, Olili the ittHtiflii of Ui* ?nkii? ? ?fc? " 1 i1SPt2 of bn ini?roT?d BTftera : JJh? of hit icocctibctara wi: aorar oorodo nor ehonco eo ?>r r>f ^MsatsBasBStr-.?, _ No tfmjororrtaot* aro noed*4, ? Mraueiit 'V afbssmshss,?. *f tti* ftrrt oiiPtEirt* ud >ii??icifciii tt:? -J&iT.hti^JSSHMLf **iH VBdMtniOtiT* 22*si^VuS?"k,la'..,iSR2 Sff-VSS STre.? 00 "* ??J ?ACi Jadgo Waves, of tho Bnarono Coart of Wwhiaitc i, asd thoimanda of otbara. Call acd turning for yamnelt ao t<?a GAS FITTING, Ac. W* *. DO** * CO. _ t<M> _ IS R?? pra^wel lo naoita araara wio W1fSVaSlVi,1#ASOt fTKAJ* riTTlW# BV81NEM. ILT SUrt n ttk atr??t. a ot Imti n?rt? ! Pv ?y*ca?, whtr* BMkT i* ? eoin?;^u uwtMj W?_ 118 FIXTIKEI. _ ftsa ?r* du.? rsoftiTiB*. 9AB I riJLTisiissorect--relj New Patternsud 0eo:|cj 1 anlFiniah, e&^orior in trie to anythmt hereto!*!* offeror! in th;? market. We invito mtisene cenerftl It to ul.1 aro exaimco o*r stook of 6ai and Watov Fir iroe, confedent tnat we kat* til boot ?a.eote<t etock ia Wukisrlon. All Work in the above line latrutot to oar eart Will be ?r?n?t,y attestto, >TKU*l|f(All._ * MITH in BROTSBR'8 NEW TORK PPPPP A A. LL EEEEKKK ZZ *$?- AA* EKEEEEK PP PPP AAU LL EK rr ri*Jf AA AA LL EK _ PP PPP AA AA LL EKES PPPPP AA AA LL h?EB PP AAAAAAA LL EE 11 it \w m /// w\ A" i w W w imk W& XXX \\\ RZ VxXx ,W XM AAA XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX AAA LL ipiiig ifflft ft || aaA AA YY KrKE a" tt ytK AA M LLLLLLL EKEEEEE AA AA LLLLLLL ELEEEEE itrnioi A91BER ALE, PORTER, AND EXTRA BROWN STOUT, In WkoU, Hmlf, mni Quart* CuJkl, BRBWED FROM THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND U0F8. BREWERY. 16U Stiul, bitwm Ttt U4 hi Itmim, nkw vnm feTJ-dtjet " P R. I V A T H. PRXVATB* I? Zl IV A T B. DR. LA BONTA having removed ki*o#ftetx> Room No. ft, adjr>injr. the Panda; Chrccc!* < ffioe. in Waahlriton Buiidir.t, Pa arenue, cor?ar vf 7tli atreet, ii bow ready ?d core a I Du?*s?*<?f a i'nvate NMara, without the nae of dacrerov* or diagnatinc dmfaot any k:cd. and bo in?e-'er^oe with your bvatnece avo wuosi n&virx aev-tM rny whole time to tta etndy &ad cure of Pr raie LMeeaaes of both arxtt and to CAronio ttione of tt? Womb. Liver, K:dcey?, Skin Erui-cona, 4c . ecd ir*duatiL? id tye beat eohool in tb? worM, tie New Vork City Hnepitale. under Pvalfc. Cni'ton and Parker, tfl whom I moat reepectrnlly refer. I will ray ilA# U> the person lurm-nicf me a oae? of aoy of the abjve die- u?i whtot. I oancot apeedily and permanently cure, let the o??o be ol?l or new. No dietinc reqotrMl ; nothing d.?ajrecaoie ia ai.y part of & tro?vtrnaat. Coneoitatioca froa. Roome Terr private. M. LA BONTA. Room (Erst 9 or) Waabington fioi ding, mh P?. erapne an 1 7th t. 42ECKLT DISKASES! SECRET DISEASES! ? JSAMARlTAN'8 blFT! SAMARITAN'S GIFT! Tl. Hf--. " - " KTCUfra ArffiMIT Ute+. "Yes," a positiveear* for SON OR K F &?"(jftBWA'fc'TctES.40. The? are ecti rely r^getab #, ktni| no amell dot Ifasan^t tute.and will not many war ??Jar* the ftoraaoh or bowela 01 the ?o?t doiioate. . vf"** 'a from two to four d?r?. and rwoei.t umi """' ^dSSfw? s'i^"-~,,MWill onre any cut in troa two to four day a. aad recent oaaec in TWKNTY FOUR HOUR81 /so tzposvrt no (Auriwluwtr. L?ithu*o who &Ave de?pa<r*l 01 g?ttinc oared, or wh"> have been gorfwl w:th lialtam Copana or Merourj, at ones try tee I SAMARITAN'S RIVT P#nt by irnl ia & pi&in enyeiose. PTioe jule MoUfar, *3 SAM A^TT AV'^K IHjft AND HPRD JUICES, ? f cmffikl!vifflEiSB aere la a pott tire cure?do Mercury?no Poisonbut the J uice? of K or,ta ind Herbs oom bitted. Tbta form of the diaeaaa mtkM ita wmrtntt la wrM on theoraanaof te&era'ion. or th*y km occur ?n other ptrla vf ifco body, which happena jnoatly on the groins, and very oft*:: aa u'ocra of tho mouth, t?uor?, ipou.oanea and nodes of th? bona, Ao. Ac Ant and afl of tbeae aymptoma will aoon yield to the . BAMARiTAN'i *OOT ANDHMB JUICES, tfent by expreaa. Prioe |1 a bottle, or fi boUiea f0f BAHAKITAN'S CHANCES WASH. PnoefScanta Fall d'reotiona. DKMHONn a rn u?. ??< Bkiu^un. 8f?d t)T 9. CALVERT FORD.Oorew lttk and i>Bun. arson*. J H. KATON, 3ft Sovth Kightfa streat. Pkll*d?t?hia. ??g-lm wrcFina he-to Jfpirta of th#ftn?Ud jW" ' * &ireiioi to k.od frtm tS? Nertk aad Wm|4?i^jpjtaSriM^rjtW B*Uljra t*me? ?t Mtn ffigggiSfeftM j<u? 'a c pF3?ffff#BSffi&*aw.V:stiS uT^^'lrti^l/wSfSfeu UMP.Vul fc a.-aUi uTitl-TCr-..rL T?I*M ue DMBMt ?MP?s#i TitAVKLLKR8' DJL&BCTOHY. BALTIMORE 4 OHIO RAILROAD. NOTICE C HA#O E OF HO vita. Oa ah? aftsb WimiMT, Arm t, Ml, trs ritiimn ruiM invm WAIHINtiTON, BALTinoKl, AND THE WKST Will nin m fol.owg j _ lf?? zritsi JfTiti ? (U X'rM'l frM ru4iartM IMt.'t Atmi <44 Wilt. m< n?? m inU?m. For PHILADELPHIA and NKW YORKL?a^<? W Mhmf ton ?t Sa m., 1M a m , 11 a. m. ud Vor ANNAP?L18-LMTt Wwkioitoc it 14* a n *l<) s <? t iti. For FRKDKR1CK?Leare WashiBftoi at T.V a. ia. and 3 ? ?m. i'OR ALL F?'l>Tff WEir. And Tor Hareer'e Ferry, MartiDciierg aci Wiacbeeter, ,eave WatMQg u>a ai7.*i a. m. TRAINS MOVINO SOUTH- . Lr*ar* New V*rk at 7 a. m ; Philadelphia 'V^ a m.; Baiumore 5 JO p. m. Arr ire at Waan.agtuc * ef ' LMTeN?? Vo?latf? m.; Philadelphia 10 V p in ; Baltimore 4 90 a. m. Arrtre at WaahiBgbOc 90 a. m. Leave N?nr Yo^fc at 11 p. m ; Phi adalehi* 3 9? a. m ; Ha timore 7.40 a. m. Arrire at Waefcim'oa 9.95 a ra. Looal Accommodation Trains lea re Ra'Uaore a? lAe 4 1A . - ? e?. ^ IV '? IV V. Ill ?VI TV MHilillVI., M1ITV there %t IS a. m. an-) 7 00 p. m. On Sundays at iJH and 7 4? a m on'y from Batiroora. No Anur ia or Frotforiofc ooasocUons on Sanday. Paasonctr Trains leaving Wiahinrton at 7 40 a. m. and 5 w> p n?., and liaumoit at? .40 an. abJ S M ?, w., mako < iroot connections for Aaaapo.ia at the J notion. Tto T4?a onaaoets at Kolay for FrMcrict, Hac*nto*t. Harper's Korry, Martioat>arg. Wine Center, Wbee lug, Partarabarc. Ac., exoopt 8utda*?. Train* leare A nnapolit for Balt.moro and Waabinrton at 6 So a. m and S 40 y m. I ? minil I rftlU IHTIB ?? ?. m. M a. m. and 5 p. rr,., andKaitTniora at 4 90aa4 TA" a to . and SV> p. id , will it or 0%ly at Am?*r?lu Jurim. Way t'nuerf era moat taka the Acccwmodmtttm Tramt?ulv. W. P. SMITH, ap 2 Matter of Trancportauos. itaX 1868] TOE fl'M Pennsylvania Central Railroad, IHH (with its pos section*) 18 FIRST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES DffDA a A c L?W A ai i% n/kunukB A i Any v/v.nrvii A . STONE BALLASTED AND FAKE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECAED THROB? FROM. BALTIMORE.' mn daily Tiiim rmow FUILADKLFHIA TO FITTSBrRGH! Two of thorn rotki&c lo?i coimacTiom at miuiru with trains on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, ud forming THE GREAT CENTRAL ROVTB WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE Mail joists in the Wui, Noktb-wi't ajld stira-wni, B^For Throm?b Ticket*, ajffy the OtM ? the Northern Central Rail K ad Companjr, Calvert Station, Baltimoee. Bfltndvd 8l?*pin?> Ca*s on all Nigkl Trmm Mmottng IS sua on Cart on aU Trains. FROM WAPHIN6TON. PtwiBuri wtU take the a. m. and k p. a. train*, am rint m Baltimore at 7 jr. e. m. acd f tty. wsere oiom conc-ctioci are ma^e with train# oa toe Northerr Central R. R.,ana arrive in Harneburf at 1 p. m. and 1 43 a id , there oonnectin* witn tne trait on the Fenntyivaiua Coctm Railroad lor all part* of the week _ FREIGHT*. Br thle rente, frenhU of all deeer ptioj^e ear be Iron: poici oc tn? Kl!.r<?ca pi Ohio, Ker.tnokf, Icdiara, ItliD' i?, ivy*, or MiMovrt. bj Katiro*4 Tfe* Per.n?j iT*c.? Central M ailrcad aiao oMMfli *t Pittabarc with 8t?un?n, by which t?ooo?oaa ba forwardad to Any pcit on theOhio. Muikiiiiim, Kentucky, Tetn?e*e?. Comt*r:an4. jliinoir. MitaW:?cotein, Mietocri. K&nai*, Arktuu. aod Rad R !T?ra; and at C.ev-.aad, Samdotkj ac4 Cticaeo Willi ataamers to all North WMtern i akoa. .Merchant" and hippara entmttiiif tk? transportation of tbatr Freight tothia Con paap,oaL ra.p With AAr.ft.ia- .ia An > iiVti ft-1mini*. THE " ATM OF FRKI6H T to ud frcm ut P??t m West, by the C'Liru * ? mil timt* (i f?rmbl* m ?r? H *?4?r Railroad Ohvmui. Cm^ri A * STS?* 10 "*** F?,^, MAS RAW A KOONS.FrMcktAKmu, . No. SO North street, s>h5.? * *?n'1 J^ORTHfiRN CENTRAL RAILWAY. Tk? Ektnut, Qmuhut ?U Btst Stmts ft mm JiK WB8T, NORTHLAND NORTHWEST. fiHBHUl war ruwDto ?**>?*?. ?? ?? ? Ceimi or Tuts. sbs Stolon u foiiova: m.<i...?**aiiw No*ni Liin Mi ' it ?.a^ *. m. f&gton A.coci:..t:oC??;oe 4 f. m. l itUutri ar^Harrubwrf ExprMilJI*. m, _ . . T*AIH? SOTTH Aiuts rt'ktnn Ac?omm->Jt.t;on itUm. Exprc*# IT> a.. a. MLiffiucVmi4Urrut*** KxyrMa >?. . 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