Newspaper of Evening Star, May 3, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 3, 1862 Page 1
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V2i. XIX. U? 1 1 ? i WASHINGTON, D. C.. SATURDAY, WAY 3, 1862. IS'?. 2,870 THE EVENING 8TAR is PUBLISRXD IVXRY ATTER500B, <SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT T MI STAR BUILDINGS* C?rMr of tn. mmd Mkwmtk ttrut, IT %V. L>. WALLACH: Pa pert Barred la packages by carrier* ?1 94 a yw, cr 37 cents p?r month. To mall wbeerlbera lte-pilc? U WJO a year, to liwiH, 93 for tlx mcntha; 91 (or three month*; and foi lees thaa tLree months at the mte of 13 cents a weak. 91a gle copies, ?wa rrrr; la wrappers, two c*?it?. AiTiiTiimxn should be sent to the efflee before 19 o'clock otherwise they may motappter until tbe next day. A STEAMBOAT ISCIDKXT. A clergy laan , giving in tbe Ladiea' Reposi tory an account of tome of his experiences in a trip from bia own ?' eomfortable parsonage' to Slew York city, refreshes bi* readers with tbe foltowiog exhibition of practical Christi anity which came nnder hie observation : .n rjvuruvj to uuaivtt wu <U UIVOVWOUUI possible, and the two-houra' detention there was not particularly exhilarating. There waa no time to risit places of intereat, and I felt tco misanthropic and gloomj for aoeial inter course, although other gentleman were wait ing like myself. More than once I nearly de termined to ro home in the retain train, hot I was ashamed to do that after Mary'a generous self sacrifice. We were half waj to Stoning ton before I began to rousa ap and look about me I was awakened bp the oriea of s ohild, and I aaw that the aeat in front of me waa oc cupied bj a young woman, plainly but decent ly dressed, but with an expreeaion of anxiety on her face that instantly attracted me. She had a baby in her arms, and another, iust big enough to walk, on the seat by her. He was a bright little fellow, with great, flashing black eyes, and thick coils of chestnut curia cluster ing all over his head; but he did not seem to te well, and fretted continually for the aooth jog attention that he sew bestowed upon the re helpless babe in bia mother's arras There were several bundles and a carget-Lag j ilej one above another on the seat seit the window, aad the little boy, in hia restlessness, often displaced them, and thej oame rolling d jwd upon the floor. I would like to see the man who would not have succumbed and hauled down his flag before such a complica tion of miserios. The young mother bore up bravely. While hu?hing the baby and lulling it with a aweet, low luilaby to temporary quiet, she contrived al?o to coax the littla boy 's curly head to a pillow on her knee, and thus doubly burdened, found means to divert his attention with a cheap picture-book But the weather outside grew dark and un pleasant. Thick clouds were slowly gathering their forces, and the wail of the wiud was often heard above the noise of the engine. The anx ious expression of the mother's face deepened as the watched the ominous signs that foretold a stormy night upon tha Sound. There was a quick, tremulous motion ef her lip at times, as If .Ka ?ara M*vraaain? a- U? ?i wmm-rn ??? ? vara v-waMK ua? 1UV)UU?UUU bU Q1TQ ? " hearty cry'' oririir trouble*. I had just thought of what should hare oc curred te me a long tiu* before, that it wai pssible forme to relieve her of a part of her burden, and waa trying to drive myself out of r.y seliah isolation by calling up all the good .v*uiaritan thoughU that I had ever used in my sermons on practical benevolence, when an accession of passengers at a way-station obliged me to resign my seat to a lady, who actually thanked me for the civility. Left again to myaelf, leaning against the door of the car, I resumed the thread of gloomy contemplation that had of late be come habitual, and was soon lost in the old, weary labyrinth of conjectures in regard to the state of my parish, its spiritual deadneu, and the measures to be used to awaken any interest in religious thing?. I grew more and iLjre desponding as I m?ditated, and my cogi tations were as fruitless as ever. I did not again think of the babies and their mother till we were about leaving the cars at Stoning teo Happening then to glance down the oar, getting out, I saw her looking about her in evident perplexity. The heavy raia was al ready pouring down, and the darkness outside ( was not very attractive even to unencumbered travelers I am ashamed *oown that I did not offer my assistance. Mary says she will never believe it?that it is impossible for human nature to be i) bearish?but the humiliating truth must be told My own wretchedness and my sense of utter uaelessnesj in tnj profession made me almost indifferent at the time to the claims of huminity. Still 1 was sensible of a feeling of eurpri^e, which gradually became indignation, as I saw one lady after another unconcerned j,ass by. and other gentlemen as heartless as myself ignoring her silent appeal to our sym pathy The car was emptied at last, though I stilt -tood in the door, hopiog te see another do the Coristian duty that I was so reluctant to pcrtorm. I could not leave her to her fate as the rest had done. Just then some one entered the door at the otaer end, and I saw the young woman look eagerly round. She bad again failed in her . f H nt to arrange babies and bundles twr traws * ].<irtation to the boat. The new corner wa? a - ut-looking, elderly man, plain, and almost shabbily dressed, with a great shock of red hair nearly lifting his hat off his head, and a rund, fit face, deeply marked with small ' | x He waa whistling a lively air, which t* the discomforts of the bleak night, but be stopped at onoe wueti ho saw the helpless group before hiui " Doing abroad, ma'am ?*' " Yea. sir, ai soon as 1 can." 4 Good, so am I. Let me carry this young ster for ywa. 1 ve got one at hoinj Just hu size. Jehosai>hat! bow uat'ral it seems," said the man. as he lifted the boy to bis shoulder The child stopped crying and laughed glee fully " And those buudles; are they yours, ma am Yes air. lhank, yon, I can carry those very well I can, indeed " "That depends." He had already gathered them in his arms, and wrapped her thin shawl mure cloeoly around the baby. "New we're ready Keep olose behind me, ma'am. It is but a few step* " Ai they paased me in the door I seemed to awtie 11 v/ui uuui'i uiviui. J DXtvij auvi morbid melancholy vanished I suppose they c iuld not stay in the atmosphere of that did'i blunt, cardial kindness I envied him the luxu> ry of doing what I ought to have done. After kit. I said to myself, there is good in the world ? real Christian charitv, loving piety and ao tive benevolence. I followed close at the man s heels. We were jostled a little as we preyed through the throng, but ware scon dfely on board, jut in time to avoid being left behind. " llere we are. A nice ride you're had, my little man There was something absolutely inspiring in that rough man'* voice. "Now, ma am. I'll just take you, bag and baggage, d jwn. to the ladies' cabin, for it rains as if it meant to free its mind. You had better get th^se damp wrappings off as soon as you can. Come, it is but a step further." She hesitated. " No. sir; I thank yon. You have been very kind, but my tieket U only tor a deck passage, and I have no money. I?I should not have attempted such a journey, sir. without more means, but I have just heard from my husband, who is returning from Cal ifornia and sick ia New York, ile did not end for me, but I ooald not leave him to ha nursed by atrangwn." ' Of course you eouldn'L But yon most bo! >tay her*. You'll catch your death if you do. Wait till I tee the Captain. I'll ii matters for you. never feur.*' lie trudged eff to the CapUia'a office, I still following. The Captnin glanced at the rough man and hia rougher attire oareleealy. and listened without much intereat to hia atory, till begged that the poor woman might be al lowed to take her babies into the cabin Then he aatumed a vary knowing look indeed. " la the lady very particular friend of years'" he aaked "He ere importuned cv?ry trip for eapeeinl accommodation for del icate ladies with gentlemen frienda on board, all as poor aa Job a turkeya. We aerre them *>11 alike, and each peraon geta what he paya fjr." ' Look here, air, there'a no call to ^inault In U 1 a aWaaaa #A aa# - ;-v?j * uu tm aau ??" "" ltk? i gentluitD ud i Christian, bat I mtw ijuml with a mil if h? pr?f?r? acting lik? Leathen iiow moch do joo chnrg* fc* cabin ?< on* dollnr." " Tbere'a the money. I're joat got seventy cents left. It will boy them a little rapper, nd I can go without mine." The Captain looked a little aahamed. He handed back half a dollar. " I've no doubt ita all oheat and humbug," he laid ; " bnt if too are not telling the truth, jou lie ao naturally that it i* worth fifty eenta to hear you." u Thank you all the anise," was the reply, aa the coin ao ungracioualy offered waa ac cepted. 1 sever aaw a more grateful creature tbas the poor yousg woman when ahe found that her friend bad secured a shelter for her. She cried with pleasure, and kissed bis great frec kled hand id a transport of thankfuness. He helped bar to a comfortable seat, waited till a tray of refreshment! was brought to her; then giving the stewardess a trine to secare all neoessary attention, he left her to enjoy the comforts he had provided. His berth in the eabin was just abeve mine, and though be kept me awake half the night whistling softly to himself, or hamming tunes when }he was not snoring, I forgave him with all my heart. I wrote to Mary in the morning that I had found a cariosity?a man with a soul as big as a ca luouiai. , Spring The season in this section is unusually later The soil is far too wet for working, and we have every night six or eight degrees of frcst. There is, therefore, no chance for early spring work; and even our nursery mon, who are al ways ready to take advantage of a fine day, have had to suspend operations and wait for more favorable weather. At the present writ ing (April 10) the weather is bright but freez ing in the shade. When the snow left the >;rourJ, only a few daya since, the aoil was ound free from froat, and parsnips and other hardy roota were got up to some extent, but they were soon blockaded by froat. The pop lars, that usually show their catkins in March, have scarcely made a start, and the botanist may aearch in vain for our usual early spring flowers Potatoes buried In the ground have suffered severely from water, even in places usually * i - - conaiaerea Qtgn and dry, and the loss from rot will b? vary great. Whether this will af fect price*, we eannot say, as ahippers from' the Eastern market hare hardly commenced their spring operations. We understand that fifty and fifty-five cents are offared for good marketable potatoes, sach Peach Blows, Mercers, Ac. We do not think a late season any disad vantage to the fanner, if he will only properly prepare for a vigorous campaign when the time cornea for action. Usually we are in too great a hurry; a few fine days tesupLs us to sow and plant, and the result is rotton seed and second planting. A few days since an ex tensive dealer in field and garden seeds ex pressed his regret at the backwardness of the season, as it would curtail his sales at least one-third When the spring opens early, there is so much second planting that sales are good, we took a note ?f this for the beneGt of our renders. Wo like to have the seeds we commit to the ground germinate early, and make a vigorous and oonstant growth until the plant is matured. The grass starts but slowly, and it will be i?ng before the cattle will obtain any good from the pasture*. There will be a temptation to do a very unwise thing?turn tho cattle out before the ground is well settled and the grass has a good start. A little patienoe here will be t>f great advantage and no small profit. A top dressing of ashes will do the meadows a great deal of good, and if you have a good compost, it will not be wasted, if used as a top-dressing for grass land. There would be very little objection to a late spring If farmers would improve the time while they are waiting for genial weather. They should learn to labor and wait. Mueh needs to be done after the winter and much must be done before the regular spring work can progress with any degree of rapidity or furaueawith any advantage. AJthough the rosts of the past winter hare not been severe, there ha# been a good deal of water in the ??i rl ? -I ..1 *1 - - * " " givuuu, iuu turn gate poais will DHfl straigdt ening. and the fence repairing The tools, too, should be inapected, to see that they are all on hand and in order. It is exceedingly rex atioua, when the work ia pressing, aa it will be in a few weekl, to find that a tool, jaat as you want to nso it, is lost or broken, or so worn that it mast be replaced. The team will have hard work as soon as the plowing commences, and they should be in "rood heart." so that they can be poshed a little wheu nesessary. '1 he farmer that has all his implements in or der, the eutaide work all done up, and plenty of horse power, will not be much behind the first of June, no matter what may be the char acter of the spring. A good deal of oleaniog up ab<>at the yard ia netseaaary iu the spring, and the farmer's better-half would delight to have it done just now, but she haa suggested the thing so many times that perhaps she has become discouraged. To se? a woman in the farmer's door-yard with a rake and shovel clearior bd th? rhin? n/i ml>? **/ !m >I < of the winter, if a Jiagraoe to aomebody. The elfanings of yard* and lawns are worth more than they ooat for manure. Plaoe them in a pile as near the house aa poaaible, make an ar rangement to have all the waate water from theliouae thrown upon it, and in the fall you will have a pile of rieh manure. By all meana fence off a apot for a vegetable garden, for lettuoe, radiahea, peas, beana, .to , and for the amall fruita and vines, There is no reason why the farmer should not live well and enjoy the laxuriea which othera obtain on ly at a great ooat. And if you should spade up the front yard, ao that mother and daugh tera oould plant aome flower aeeds, if only a few astera, or atocka, or aweet peas, or migno nette, and a cluster of morning glories to cliinb over the porch, nobody would be any poorer, and some folks yon lore would be a great deal happier ?Rural Nt\o Yorker. S NOTICE. EALKD PROPOSALS Will bereoeived at thia OAj* untii 13 m , ot Satcbdat, Mm *J. lata, for a oou'raot tor the banal of deo*aaed aoldiera, the ooi,tract to terminate on Jane Jbih, IMS. Tne contractor to prapare the bodies lor inter ment, dir. the crave, and furaiah the ooffia and bea ae The aoldiera to be baned at the "boldiera* Mom#." 1 tie teraa of the oontraot will re*aire that the oofc i farunhrd shall be ot aoaed pin# or poplar wood, n'at.r and well male, and to be aiained or p*int!>d tbe oustoma'T oolor, and taat the craves kftil m.n? aW??i - J ?-* ??. WW Mvrw iota MIW1 H*? ?1A IBUi'Vi IU UOflllt If a bid la in the unit of a firm, the ubn of all th * partita mutitp^Mr or it will notbaoonaidared. Prop-aa- will ba addraaaad to CAPT KDW. L. HaRTZ. Ae?ietant U. S. A., ooraar of UU and V atraata, Washington, D. C. VARANTKEB. Tbeabt'ity of the bid iar to fiU the oontraot.ahould It be awarded to him, muat ba guarantied bt two raaponaibla pereone, whoaa aig na>urae raaat ba aa ?ii(W: to th* iiiirtAtM. Tha reapoaaibilit? of the gaaraatorr matt ba ahawa bv the oAoial certificate of tha dark of tha na treat Dtatnot Coart or of tha United Stataa Die tnot Attorney. Bidder a Mat ara opened or their pro poena will not ba aon B id data mnat ba praaent in paraon whan tha bida alaarad. Bonde. in tha earn of one thou <an 1 doliara, aif nad by the contractor aM both of hia goarantore, will ba required of tha aaaoaaafal bidder a pen aignlng tha ouutraot. , Aa tha tK>bd meat aooompacy ?h? oontraaUt will ba neoceaary lor b'.Jiera **o have their boDdfmeo with the on, or to hare bond a aifaad in anticipation and readr to ba prodaoad when tha ooatraat la atgnad. B aoka for bondaaan ba arooarad aacn appli*alion balng made at thie ctfico, either per aonaily. hy tatter, or by telegraph. ?/ StdlfMKI. Wi .of the ooaaty of- ud State of .md-t ( thm ooanty ot , and 8ta?a of?*? ,do Mraby (u&r&ctr that ia able to Mill eontraot ia aeoo'dajM* with the twine of kie yrojOaition, and ih\t, eaoald hit pro po*iuou be acoepted, b? will ?t ohm ntw iuo a eontraot in aooordaaoe therewith. Shou '1 the eontraot be awarded himweareyre >m9 M ..?.to haooia hie MctntlM. (To Uua caarantee wait bo appended the tfeiai oerDftoata above mentioned ) ipS Wk^gE TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM YORKTOW*. Heavy rtn?BidiB|-Thi Eifmy'i Great 6?a ea the Heights ef Ytrktewa Buret? Startliag Eveate te he Leeked fer Seea. [From Army Correspondent Associated Press ] SSAtQV&XTIK* ASHT POTOMIC, Btfot* York town. May 2?2 p. m.?The rebelsopeaed fire thle morning with tnelr rifled columblads,68-pound ers, placed on the heights of Vorktown, when our No. 1 battery of 100 and -A)0-pounder Parrott guna was brought to bear upon the only gun which has given us any trouble. Oar shots were falling over and around It with every prospect of Its being dismounted very soon, vnfi ob iu x13 aiscnarge, me enemy's gun Durst into a thousand pieces, tearing up the parapet and making havoc among the crowd who were collected around It. At the time of the explosion not less than ten persons were standing on the parapet, within six feet of It, besides those who were hid from view by the work* The destruc tion of life must have been considerable. Tbla w?? the only gun which the rebels have shown fo be capable if doing No. 1 battery any barm. All firing on the enemy's side nowceased, i while our guns were manned with rene wed vigor, directing their shots Into the town. About one hundred ahott were fired by ?.urgunsup to 2 o'clock this afternoon, when, as though by mu tual consent, tiiey all ceased. About 14 o'clock to-day a rebel ateamboat came down the river and attempted to land at York t?>wn, b^lkat prevented by a few ahcts from our 100 pounder Parrotts. The rebels kept up a con tinuous 11 e i.ll last night on our men la the trenches, but the only casualties was the wound ing of James Fultoneand Philip Rachliew, of company C. 13th N. V regiment." The weather is again pleasant, and If it should continue you may look out for startling news from * thva quarter, a.i the work laid out 1* approaching completion. Jai Doeker, of company G, Berdan's Sharp - hooters, was wounded last night, on picket duty and taken prisoner. THE STKAMEK MERKIMU'. She la Ordered to Ran the Blockad* and Kaacli Yorktowa?lona Tataall ttesigas. Fortius Mokbok, May 2 ?Three refugees from Norfolk, who left there last night In a row boat, arrived here at aeYen o'clock this morning. They bring but little news except a repetition of previous reports Commodore'l atnall, It appears, received sealed orders on Monday and sailed with the Merrimac, baton opening them In Elizabeth river found that he was ordered to run the blocksde and proceed to York river He thereupon returned to Norfolk, and ImmMlitdy realaued bla com mission, together with bla chief omeera. There waa a general expectation at Norfolk that tbe Merrimac would coma out for at least three or four days paat. THE WAR M NORTH CAROLINA. Tbe Official Arcoauts ?f tbe <'aptnre ef Fart Macao? The Recent Affair Near Elizabeth City. Foetus* Monroe, May '2 ?Tbeateam*r Julia Farren arrived here from Newbern tbla morning, having left that place on Tuesday. Hbe brings the malls and otllcUl d 11> patches from lien Hum aide. All tbe previously reported partlenlara of the capture of Fort Macon are contlrmed. The fort aurrendered on Friday evening, and all the a'.crea and ammunition?the latter in large quan tity?were capture!. Toe fort waa garrisoned Immediately by tbe Union troopa Everything waa quiet when tbe Julia Farreu, and there waa no otner newa In that vicinity. Only one man was reported killed on our aide during the bom bardment. Tbe enemy lost seven. By the aame arrival we have Union accounta of tbe tight above E.izabeth City, as previously re ported. Gen Reno was dispatched bv Gen Burn (tide on tbe l~tb, with five regiments and four pieces of artillery, aa urevlounlv tn i'Um. - . . J > ? beth City, thence to move on In the direction of Norfolk. The special correspondent of the Tribune gives the following particulars: Gen. Reno landed at Elizabeth City and sent Col. Hawkins by a circuitous route to get In front of the enemy, and followed with a part of the re maining forces After inarching twenty miles the enemy was fouod entrenched, with batteries In position, in tbe edge ef a wood which com manded the approaches over the open Held* C<?1. Howard of the Marine Artillery, in tbe advance, fired upon the enemy, and bis pieces being put in position, an artillery duel for some three hours was kept up. Col. Hawkins'force got astray, and found themselves four miles in Gen. Reno's rear. Gen. Reno sent his regiments to tbe rlgfct and left, to outflank the enemv, the move ment being finely executed, and with a prospect ... -? a ?( ? "> ?uuic rcuci lorce. ?v uen 1UW klna came up (jen. Reuo ordered talin to the right, but coming Into the open Held he charged on the enemy with the bayonet, ancceaafuUy, lu the clearing, and received the tire of both the batteries and all the rebel Infantry. Colonel Hawkins wa? wounded In the arm. and Adjatant Gadadeu wa? klilt d. A charge was then made by the other regiment* on both flanka of the enemy, and they were put to rout and retreat ed to tb? canal locka, and thence to Norfolk. General Keno pronounce# thia one of the most brl ltant fetTairs he ever aaw Our loaa In coinmta aloned otHcera wan : Killtd 1, wounded 7; non commiaaioned otttcera, killed i, wounded 13; pri vatea, killed 6, wounded to Urueral Burnalde poaitively ordered Gen Keno not to advance any further toward Norfolk?the object being merely to feel the atrength of the enemy in the rear. So, alter remaining alx hours on ILe Held of battle, be returned to Ellzabetb City. Having not etioagh wagons, and the men beiiig exhausted by their aevere march, aeventeen of our wouuded were left on the held, in charge of a aurgeon with a Bag- of truce. I bene have, aa ban already been pnbiiahed, reached Fortieas Monroe froin Norfolk The enemy's Iom wu larger than oura. There are several hundred Union men In Nor folk, known to be such, and ri.auy others wuo keep quiet, Including many of tbe aoldlera. There are alx or seven hundred troop*, under tien. Huger, between Fig Point and Norfolk. Three companies cf aoldlera t% Portsmouth re belled and stacked tbelr arms a few daya since. It la alao reported that a part of Gen. Magruder'a forces bad mutinied at Williamsburg. A torpedo has been constructed at Norfolk, wbethef recently or not la not stated, calculated tj be managed under water by oue man, and to be propelled by blm under tbe vesael to be de stroyed It la said to be five or six fret long. Tbe flag of truce sent out to day baa not yet returned The French steamer Gasaendl arrived from Washington this afternoon. Addltleaal Southern News. New Yobk, May 2 ?A special dispatch to the New York Times, from Fortress Monroe, dated yesterday, nave that three or four rebel boata had been aeen offSewall's Point, apparently engaged in placing buoys to mark the channel. Gen. f rentlaa and seven hundred Federal pris oners had arrived at Selma, Alabama. The officers would be sent to Talladego and the pri vates to Montgomery. Pom llnlltna rmth./w.'.K r?_1. vi '1 - ? - ? iuivuy;u VUlUlllWia UU urdav, en route for Richmond. He la atnaz'd at the ffcll of New Orleans. lie stated that there were oae hundred heavy guns In position be* tween Port Jackaon and the city, that the Louis iana was ready with numerous boarding parties organized to take the city Federal vessel* at all hazards, and that the stfhboat Miaalasl ppl, though unfinished, could be brought Into action. The rebel Gen. Gladden had died from wounds received at Shlloh The Fadaral Lass at PI tuba >g Landing. Cincinnati, May 2?'The official statement of 1 the loss at Plttaburg Landing la as follows-. Total killed 1,735; wounded 7,802; Biasing 3,056. PROFESSOR ALEXANDER WOLOWBK1 1 Uoontiuuiuc hiaooursM on the PlANu ANU 1% 81N61N0, l by hia new and simplified Method, at his rastdenos. No ill.Tenu street, batsr. an K and P. Alltkoaewbo desire to baoome fins sinters or sxoaileut psriartssrs, should avail them solves of VI IUBM1WWB. tp 3CVIIU PENN MUTUAL LIFK INSLIRaNCK CO. Philadelphia. Caht*l_ .. 1,091,40* ?a. Tho buarJ have deolarod * So;ip Dividend of tkirtw *v$ p< ritmt. upon the ouh premium* pud in ltol^nd b??e deoned to reo?ivo the eerip Di vidend* of 115"), 115', ud UM in payment of preral uu from thoao who p?y tho pe*numa in oa?h. Ininrad plow* oall at the O&oe, No. 346 Penn irania a U H.lnwSw* JOHN RIOOT,B8, At?ct IbUhHt in rooet^lof LOH8TKK 8, Asf ARASUB, TOM A To K <4, a ad %H the de! ictoiM ? the aoMoa. Notich.?On Sunday a Lor dinim aaioou and pri Ho pa .ora a-e op?n from 7 ft. m. to 4 pm. Kn titnoo Pr?T*w Door, t>19 8.1m CONG HESS IOHAL. XUVIIUt COPieRESS-S?c?D4 ? ?* . Pvnati ?After our report eloaed yesterday? The confiscation bill waa taken up. and? Mr. Doolittle gave bit views of the atveral projecu propoaed. Mr wade replied, taking the ground that Mr. Collamer'a bill would be of no utility until the irar was over, and Mated that he b-llaved God to be a gradual emaaclpatlonlat Mr. Collam?-r explained the principles of his bill, and defended it. Mr. Saulabury aald that there waa a lingering bore of the restoration of the Union, but if this Dili was pawed It would be forever gone. He fleclared tbat the white man will govern, and never will the negro be elevated to th* equality with the white mm; and concluded by noticing the nae of the slavery agitation. The Senate adjurned to Monday. Hotrs*.?After our report closed? A large number of private bllia were p**?ed. Mr. Morrill asked to make a per*onal explana tion He referred to h's having a few day* since stated tbat a high officer wns drunk at Yorktown, and that the public Immediately flifd on General vv i' ?iniih > til. V.1IHIU ua tuc VUi' CI . nt" BWIIVCI LIU W IIC g(Ji the Information, and sent a letter signed by H. I. Suydain to the Clerk'* desk, in which It i.? ?taWd tbat tbe fact was well known to the 3d and Ob Vermont volunteers L'pon tbU Information he felt it his duty to call put.Mr attention to the mat ter. Mr M sent to tbeTlerk'sdrak a Utter from Gpd' ral Smith refuling tbe slander, and testimony dNprovlng tbe charge. 1 iif House adjourned to Monday. U Washinsto^, January 25,1SOT. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive

Membera of Congreaa on builnra on Saturday*, commencing with Saturday, the first of next month. OFFICIAL) EPARTMENT OF S'i'ATK jan 77 it WILLIAM H. SKWAKD. TTTAH DUPAU.TMKNT, W JA.RVAET 31, IHtt. Onnn, Thai the War Department will be closed Tueadaya, Wednoadays, Tburadaya and Friday* against all other bualne?a but that which relate* to active military operations In the fUld Saturday* will be devoted to the bualneaa of Senator* and Representative*. Monday* to the buaineas of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, Ja 2'2-tf Secretary of War. FASSKXeEK TRAIN TO NASASSAS. Was Dbpartmmt, ) Office Military Superintendent Rnilroadi U.S. > Washington, April 13, 1803. ) No Passenger Train will be run from Washing ton to Man&saas until further notice. D. C. McCALLUM, <i|i ,?i i> ana sup i naiiroaat, l'. 5 'I^O THE PROPRIETORS I OF HOTELSAND RESTAURANTS! The attention of tlieii.ove n rtsp?etfa:!v ci'.M to our larto and varied Etook of ^ IRr?T CLASS WO0P?*? emb-acinc ?verx ihinr iathairhuo? WINES. LIUlJOKSind CltiAttS*. CORDIALS, OLD JULEP. PICKLES. SAL'CK*. OLIVE Oil.. PET! T PO!^. CHAMPIGNONS, CURRIK I'nWUKR etc. etc. Very Superior OLD RYE WHfSKV A largo lot of COULER SHERRY just re oeived?\n exoe'lent article. Th<* *bore will be ?o!J a'. the loweet C*? H V as kit Paickk.&du in?uautitlei to auit purchase.*, by S.MI1H 4 H?RT, Hianoh of P. Tinman 4. Son, oaltnrnre. 611 Seventh it . adj jiniiic office of *p?8<reo3t National Inie!. ger.o?r. TJL'BI.IC NO'?lCE IS HKREftV ?;l VK\. that 1 outil otherwise ordered, the Co ciiiimioi ?ri und6rthe tot of Cougreta of th? 16th of April, 13-2, entitled, "An act for the release of certain perxoos hold to asrrioe or labor in the Diainct o/Colun: M?." will hold their aeBeiona in the City Hail, in the City of Washington, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thuradav, and Friday, of every weea, and that all peraon*. loyal t i the United State*, holding olMinfto ?erv:oe or labor agairat parlous <Si?oharced therefiom by that act. may, *uhiu ninety daya from the paarate tii?r*of. I ? hieh will expire i n the lSt1! of J oly n??jtt,> hut not thereafter, preaent to the (Ju nnniaaio uera their ron pec iv? s'ate meuta or petitisua in writmr. verified by oath t[ ation letting forth the names, &*;ei. and per sonal deioription of auoh peraont, the manner iu wh'Oh the petitioners ao^uped auch oUim, aud ai.y facts touotimg tat value Utweof. ait t de.-Uung h.a or U?r al.egtance to the Government ot *ht United S*tat??, an J that the p-tttfouor haa not bori e arnit againit the United Statea a urnw tho present itbei lion ~or ia any way riven aid or comfort the eta. And notict ts htrtby futktr tiien. that >he tune named <n tue <>th aeclton of that ant. for filing >* >iatement in wuti-g or aoheduia with tlia < :?vk of t?>e Oirouit ?.k>nrt fo' th* iHetriot of Colombia. t.? the eeve a! owners or o'annaiits to tiie aai v;csa of the peraona made free by t'lat aot, aettin: forth the namea. ansa, cm, and particular description of aooii perr.oim a#verai! by autheiily Kive.'i to the Commiuioutra, by that act, extended to the lnt dtyof June next. Th<? Cniiiiniseionera are pro hibited from allowing tha olaini of any parson m,o hall unfleot to file su-sh utatume or uheduie with U?i.l (M*rlr A. 1 . t . ?L. ?- * k-~ - eeotion ul said twuI 8. F. VINTON o. r . ? i i un, DANIKl. K OOODLOK, HORATIO KINS, CouunissioudrB. Washington. Aprti &n> an at tf Ml SI tf SALOON lor Ifc/lirs an l gentleman kept A ? i by Mr*. L. Russell. 4tfS 7tn tsticet ai t(TBt lords an opportunity to citizens H 1 '"r1 | ytangers to get meals at %11 hours, served up iu tno t*l? for which tins establishment is fan ou*. Visitora may count upon good fare, oarteous at tendatoe. ami ait the requisites for a vol:-regulated irst- olas* houae. ap ?4 lm DRK9S MAKING-Miss I. O ARTHUR, Fashionable Dress Maker, respectfully in lorms the ladies of Washington that she has opened a dress making establishment at No. 4 10 9.h street, lietween H and I. a>.d is prepared to ex ecute all orders promptly and la the I ale* t styles yf fashion. Cutting and fitting don-, and pat terns sold. Want%l Immediately.?Young ladies to learn Dress Making ap $ -1 in* rat FISH?FISH?FISH ' he Corporation Fish Wharf to now located at the loot of Kleventh atfeet, (Hilei'a Wnarf,>whcra the public can he mippiieu with Fuh aud Salt dui m the ?o n * * rro QUARTERMASTERS i AND DEALERS. COOn ttushela OATS. 3000 ki)?hel? COkN. lfio Tom of Prim* timothy ha v. ju?t arrived anl for aaie at ta vl'?k v* Wharf, naar the Canal Aqueduct, S?uri?towa, I). Apply to A P. HUNT. 39* 16tli streH.. >*' Bt th# vh?ri. f ~ " - B WhM-f. from >?. in . to 4 p w?. tp '.t lw* eautiful SPUING ' 7~ DRESS goo03. Jaat received in (treat %'ietiea, in atyl?s ar.d fabrioa, and at reduced prions. ULACK SILKs! ULACK SILKS '-Very cheap r'.ack si.kt, in aaperior cradea. Juat opened thia d?y. J. w. uom.EY, ap 26 <?if 6u3 7th rtrawt.nea' Pa. ave. Tjust published. he New Union Came of * eoeati(m,or Sketches of the Rebellion; iuaithe thing for the family oir ole, or to aeod ?o the Union ao'dier. Petoliahed >>y JOHN P. charl'f0?i, Philadelphia, and for mc ui jus Btiibiiinyiuw, mh )9?o8ra 4K ?t. and Pa. ET 8HOK0 1)AM Gfcl) BY IHb EIKE. Now la the time for Ladies' Uiiau'ind Chil dren'* Waitera and Shoet to be bought at h?lf ooat for ouh. Pnoee frem 25 to 75 eenU. Ca*l early, " ? ?. COM BN W. 394 Pa. avenue. n? tain, trtr a> 81 IX Bait A Hr?>.. J?wi?n, T.. POR NKW YORK. _ HE THOONKK EMELlNfc CHESTER le low loading for the above jort. >,?> For freights apply to &LSP PETER BEHRY,*?1 ay 28 6t No. Sft W ater ?t., treorgeto w.^ COAL OIL LAMPS. HAVE A Large assortment of Coal Oil Lamii, CuillllllM. PiMr Hkulai. Wi?k 1 Co dealers it the lowest eaitrn pnoes. HtviDi Che areney or a large class faotory, d?*ler? mar l* ttau red to purohaae at the lowest rscs. Chimuiee Llwavs on t.and uj the barrel. Coal Oil of the boat brand* (warranted) by the barrel. Orders solioiUJ [Wr Glass such *s Tumblers, t?obleta,-Luser Beer Mui?, * o. at factory pnoee. Pleaso give u* a oall kt fco. 476 7th street, opposite tne Post OAioe. Washington, I). C. ?. a-ls* HKNRV BAYLKV A CO. ~i REFRIGERATORS. ~~~ f% N Y Person oinnot tail to fee satisfied ~?'th a REPklOKKaTOK seleoteU from a large iioi Maortmept sept bj j, GRKtiORY, 101 Pennsylvania av?aue. HH South aide, DII Batvaea ?tfe and lu$ streets. PROPOSAL# VOR HM'Ll. ABM? FOR A THE UNITED STA1E3 9F,RViCE. OSDNAMCI Ovftrt. / Washington. D C., Aprii 2?, lWJ.f fl'fOULs wiil be received hfttrs 0?-partir?>r.t. nattl 6 p. m. oa the e*e:.;ag a/ the L&xb of M*r, 18-jj. for maLaiacturi. *. in tr.? I nitio State*, for tae <?over?- ua*ct. witVin or?? year from that data, the l<?lowii* de?c iptMB of irmi. vis : Springfield Rifle M"<-keU. model 1855, Harper'e Ferry Rifles. with sword bayonets and steel soabbtrds, model 856. Breoon loMinc Carbides, for cavalry. Revolver Pieto's, army sue, S?bres for light oavair*. Von oommi?stoned Officers'Swords, / stee soaL Mueioiacs' Swords, { barJs, Sieel i-osbbards for rifled musket bayonets, propo**'* will state? For muiktts and r'/Ut, the pnoe for of either, ana the redaoiion proposed per sun tor each addit<ora! 10 aw to a> o f?. rv" Iirnw S'lli C'lT3l?f'.'n?IIIlIl propctefl.% ,J the prioe 'or 5 out. &l>! -e-iuc'ion, p r piaul or ctr bf ne, fJt each *d ttional 5.?*rt to iO 00i'. For sabre xiro'dn ard 'tabbi-dt. the prioe o'each or the prescribed pattrrns to the iiuin'?r ?f 5 owi ew1,, and also f->r e?oh addition'. 6." 0 to J1',***1 11 ilie hre-arina a^e to b? furnished w;tfc the regular apeend&g*s. The rifle intmketa are to tx? in all respects .de^ti :ai witL that manufaCurod a* the U S Artnory. Stnrfiel.-, >!f.mac^ti?et?f. ?i d are to mte,chnr.{*? with i?. an l with 'ach, .n atltfinr parts. hach of :he otaer kinds offer? arms miikt also interchange with oca another ic tlii fame mrntr. The materia el or theaennn- rouat (>e of the *erf l.e?t ??ua'it?,and no mH'piimo ircn psrt* ?ilii e rIIovm! to U mrd. All "he artic le mu?t !>e*<ib jest to the inspection pri??o"!wd i>7 ti e Orlntnce Kegu atiooR. and niM?r l e Iwiw",rwid? for trar.? porrautm. at ttio exp'n*e of the contractor*, ?n a oil ?i>**>ne-as ma? be directed. Inspections will be made at the iiotones iu 1-ts of not eae than l.Mii ?*ch. Projosa state theraroe of the establish m?i>t i:;alcin( the > if f r. tne tuiml er aad Cat" of the ftrst de ivery, and rate of delivor* inonth'T th re afier. Failure to make a deliver; at a f p~o: tune, or an? attempt to introduce malle&Me ir. n or other inferior materia! into the word, v ill mt> jee? ths MrtiOie number of arnia contractor for to lorfritare a* the op'ion cf the Department. T & UffD^rtlTiftl.t TAlAfVAt tn ifBAlf ? .? rif kt t'* rcj40t ar.y Md, and w .1: cotsi^er none mad? thri.urh any asent, broker, ur party other than the regular manufacturer*. Pru?os?!i will t>e addret-??J as follow*:?'"6ei eralj. \V. Hiplky, C-;e?r of OrJnarce, Wat-biuc t?n, U C airl wii! he ouJoue<1 "Proposa s lor Musk^ta," or nttea, sarert, &o , a* the c*?? ui*i be. ap 3t> rttMay 15 PROPOSALS FOR JlJOKStS. Ditot Ovrici. J Cornrr \ttk and U stt., Washington, > A?ri! 23 1*ji. 'i i*KAi.KD 1'R3Pok?l? will be recelveu at ttiss <?rti"? nnti! Saturday,'he nth day of May, at 12 o'"l<?ck M.. for lprEi'hinf the bovrnment wi?h-(3.W") TWO 1 HOUSAN1) JlORstS, bl tiio loUovib* descriptions. viz: CAVALRY. For CaviLBT.?ore rh?>ti?a?)d horsra. from (15) t fteea to (>6) sixteen hands Meh, between five and eight yearmi agd; of dark oolora; well broken to the caddie; cou^paotiy ouiit, aiid free from all defect*. ARTILLERY. ton ARt:IAEKyone thousand horses, f oni t1f>? ) fifteen ar:d one bilf 'odd sixteen Lsnds igh, l>etwe?n five ard night year* of age; of -lark; free f.omalt defeou; ?oropactiy bui t; w<Nl broken to naiads, and to weigh not i?u tiitu l.liw oaadi. PROPOSAL*. Propoea * nvist e?*c.!y cl*a?iy whether the . id is for Cavsirv or Artillery horsea. a\d in no east must I oil. i?? bid for on ttie same ?*?er. If a-.y b.dier wishes to propose tor both he must forward two uisrinat proposals?one for eaot. clfti* rornplt'.t tn xt'tif, ar.a i av.r? no rols/ er.o? t'? liny ot?:e? proposa: uy tho na.m p\rty. If a bid ir in trie name of a Ann tii? names of a!! the paitners must nf;??ror it vrill not b?c neU er?<l. Propnsc's mtet t>? addressed t > <""ol. D H. Ru.-k er. <(?j*rtt-riu*al*r l', *?. Aru.v, '.Va liiLgton D.<!. and must be p aiuly marked ^fropoia s tor Horses." fiUARANTKK. Theabii'.ty of the bid erto fi!i the contract, shou'd It l>* awarded to nina. matt l>e g narar>tie?1 ?.y two rstp naib'.e person*, vIium ngnaturei must i>e ap pended to tti guarantee. The responsibility of the ci'irantors must t?e Flown t?y tin offiva certificate af t: e O'erk f the ucs's>i LMMiroi uoun or o? tr.o l n.teu frtatai Uia trict Aforw? Bidder* niuat be pr?aert in penion when the bid* are opcuau or tueir propwa.* w:!i not oe con sidered. li >n<Jr,in th? *um of t?n Mion-anH dollars, 8;jn?>d by ani both of Lie guarantor*. w.!l l>e ro^uirad of tiio Biisoaa?fal bidJer upon aumnc tec utr ici. Ai the bond muet aoo mpaiy thecontraot, il wi'l b* Bf oearary for Muuers to have iicir I#-*..d'iron with them, or to iiav* l?on li aign-xl in aiiti";pacu>n and ready to be products] w its tho contact 11 aur.ed. ttl&Uca for binds uau l? p-ocurcJ upon app .cation ' ire made at tnia i?ce, citLor per aoeaiy. by letter, or by te.fcjrs.yti. Form of (iuarantet We, ?of thecount* ot , ai?l State of , an 1 ?01 Hie oaun'.y of . and Btato f , do Uerei.y guarantee mat ? la able to fn ii'. a con tract in acoordanue wAt the Wsna of i,;s ,irop?ii tiou, ana ti,at, should nia prtpotiticn Ueacoepted, lie will at o.-.<10 outer luU* a u-iutracl tu aoooiUauce IkcmnU. should tha cot.tract ?? a?r*r.le?l him are pie f\rod r<i iieo.rne his s?a?Mties. (To this guarantee uisit b* appei..le<i trie official oertikcato above lr.Tiuoued.) JNSPKO'g'iON. 1IKLIVKR V. ftc. All lw;rcA? ? * . . ??* -4? - * - - - ? ' * ?? -? *? ? vuutiavi* u n?i ui.'*iri v ii vriiib"" ru<*ut wi 1 l?e niiljome 1 to a ri<i i inapectioii, tml llioa* :.L>t oujforu.ii-C to the o,)d>>.L. l-urnx will Lo rcjooUsl. N"> will I e rrceiv?J. The tK.r?n ii;im? &:i i.<> dttlvrM inftueiN on orb?k?t? fioturday, :ks 3i.?f d>ty of May, and no t:r leu'tci? ol time v I I !*? grant- a Oil &i-r ^rr'r-xt Pajm-'nt to be tuviA ujM'ii the . ti<iu ? ? f-ach o<>niraot.or bo haou thei6&iter a* t:.o Deyot (.{e&i teriu&stcr 8>:ai) le in IuijiIb. A iit mion-ialti* in the hior con-cuuf.Kn: nice with the teim* of thl* a<1 Yrrtlsmieat. will euaurd (tie rejection of t: s p -opo?ai The** horaea will le awarded in lota of at wort than <$ <>) tvra huudte.] eaoh, uti eea tiie Ua>ot Quartern-asier ahould deem it for the interest of tiie G-vTimie-'t fa nocept alar*-* uumber. The Depot Quartermaster i6??r*ea to himself tiie ri(ht to reject auj o> ail bidi that ho irar tie-m too huh ' 1> H. KUCKt'K. a? a tmiO t'olocel and It^pot U uarterinaMer. TO THIS f.ADItia GENLUALLY, AND ALL A li>l IKKRM OF CHorrK PLANTS, AO , Jto , PARTlCtiLARLY.-KOKf&jlLfc-li,n'ii>e* tra choio- hard* He?i.atnal h'uf. .n? Un.?? D&meijUl Siirutm, Parlor and Climbing p!ir.t?, Matcolias, Khodvdindruin, Kvertroen*. /to. '1 lie culieolion comprise., ali meoL- ;oest kind* Ktovu in hor.po or America, All plants warranted true to um? an ! of brat *ua:ity. A J&RUIN. hlonat ftn J Nurserrn an, ap 2i 2** CrtEnoo'tuut av , oomer o> M st. '1^ NOTIRK 1 HI. Copartnership heretofore ezutin? id tne namonf Claoktt 4 r.1 at, has dissolved l y mutual oone<Mit emae A prsi *11 HUiidi the lata fir.i. will be tiled It J B. Cl??ett: those in iebt?d to the late i.rm are re*?e>-.tej to make payment to Lnu. J NO. B. Cr.AGKTT, joaKPH J. .MAT. NOTICK?'the tnde?igne<l will continue the Dry woctli business at ti.e Old Stand, and nopos to merit a oi>iitinu*iiG9 ot tue ul-ora. pairi-u a*e heretofore beatnwed ?ip<,n the late firm. JN? BCl.AfiCrr.3i4 Fa. ave. IWUTIOR.?All persons having accounts with the late tirm of Clag?Ut&. Viaj, wtu do not Wish then* to I -? prateuted. will Bad tiieiu ready at the desk until Mar 1 st, after ?hio*> tune ther w.ll be e&lied upon, wtten it is expected all claim* will be settled upon presentation api5 1* J. B. CI.AOt Tl. :V2i fa ?v. I WASHINGTON, April 10,18(3. HKREUY Keapeotlully request Kit periuma who have open account*, Joe bma.and nct^a due, past due, Ao., and due me to ooiue at ouce, il Uiet ua.i. with the oasn. anu wettte, ?u I desire to pay ou all nota* and outat&ddiDt acoounta ataiu?t nie without de'ar. JKsSK II, WILSON, Office VYaakintton Huiidiur, Koom No. 4, ap 1 l-sw corner 7th and Pa. a* . north aid*. EVERY PERSON'S INTEREST-That fine took of Clothing for aa> over Gait*' Jewelry 8 tor? ia now otfereil at !aaa than wuoieaale pric*a, ?t SMITH'S. No. 460 Seventh atreet, opp.tiu Poet Oflo* ? **- ? r|*HE PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORE, No. 1 460 seventh ai. Alwaya al.ead! N?w arriral of Sprinr Gooda, all the lateat atviaa of Clouting, at No. 460 Sovonth iitrwl. D?tr F fe S7 iui 170R SALE?A fineatock of Clotiunc, Furnish inc Gooda, Trnnka. Hata and Capa, at whole aale prices, at No. 460 seventh atreet, oppoot* l'oat Oftoe. fa b 3ib / KENT'S Furniahinc Gooda. Trunks, ClotMnc, " f Truht*. Hats and Capa, all at Northern pnooi, at the paopie'a Clothinc *tore. No. 460 7Ui aire t. uh1rt". shikts. fhir th !?ja?t r<x*.?o4 c5 \u?a >?fin ^tiirt?. u tiioh-we ofler ai old jricci, *t KM 1*1 m'm. Nn. 4#?<i ?t*vfcnth ? tm ? Gentlkrjens READY MAUt H ARM KNT9. or FINE quality. we offer e?lt??nu?no etrmier? & i.ue fce?*ort rneut of OV kr COAT**, dhebsooa'jfr. nem ct)ATr?, pantALOC ntf ?nd vkh18. or ail ooiora *cd ?u\:illc<. a^a&i ia buu? &bo iniih to lb* beat ouatotn work, wall, arEPHE>8 A CO,, mtrehaut 4?i u-? *!i4 c mtf ^.r*" -b*-j ^ il' u,? *? ^ f ? pahp furniture and TIN WARE OF v> ill kiadi to b? bid ofm _ m kma ^ ^ ' nifc > - - - - ? j TUE W^tlkLY Sl'Alf ., % ^ . n. Vkla nwOni Kutilf 1*4 NfWt Jnr?v oca telling Rrwiw varictf *t l?teneCa# thu ( * be fooaA ta ur *Uier?U ptkliiM ? Frl4?y morning. Tn?i-( *Jt. mvr.-.MbJp, m WfMn. Single copy, p?r .tl ? ri?f c#pi<? 4 Tea oopiea V 00 Twenty-lv* copln ? w It lnrailiUy contain* th? W??t.'npV>n Nf?i" mat bu made Tk* Dmtlp Krtnmg Sim* clrrn ;? ao geuerally throughout the country. iL/~ Single eopte? (In wmppm) can be rurrd at thecountn, 1mm?3'.aV?v after the '? e oftU?? paper. Prlc*?THRKt ?;K\TS>. AUCTION SALES. Br GREEN * WILLIAM *. Aactionocra. TRl'STEK'9 PALE OK THRLK-*Tt?KV Hue* Horn <s!) Lor o* i ?t*ett at rcTW't?On FI>M * *t<A^ fi-a 7tn a?y ?f Mmr, i-S, I atail ?< i, in iiojt of th ? ?-*r ire?. ?t S o'clock p m . br ?irta? of a dee ?f??ttoi>.? ?n'io'ii??r. tearing dot*tfce Wtfc dar of Faomtry. 1?5), and reoordel m hl?er J A 8.. >? 93. t? i ? ;6? *t m<i , fn* 01 the a-v? reco-di f.?r th? ot? tahlogtrtn in the District o.r C??luirt;.a. u..? f<?l oirln* n\n?l *ro*?rt?, itmr no k>nct ir ?' oitt O! W*? nmDn. to the IMst iot r z - fftit of L"t tuvb*red < U 1 .n Domtditl thrse l.o .dr^vl auO M?r*ntj iou?, (*74 t with tbe in?proveir#n??. wSieh ?rm %ti ?xo?ii?nt thre? ttory Bri'k ti*ek '.ui! ii&j.'wii r *nJ tav 3cr*?it?ift tw* v? tvKJ-i oooMierti* ?rr%Lt# i tucin* r?j: ? ?rop?*rt* fro'it* r?r th? ? u'ii mo* noith i. ! ?t*<PB 4Ui and :' th tt'?M* Terns; On?M..urta <&?t; ti.e iift'.anre id ?ii. If v?, and ?ii t??r month*. Ai! cotveyiaciif it tb?> ooit cf t r >?eh*r?r. *V>i. H. ?v \K U. T-u<t-e. ml ?oKi B8 * KN .V ?V|i,i UMd.Au.f. It* J. C. McQUIRK tt CO., Anction?#r?. ?'K OITV LOTM?On I TUKS*OA >' AFIH'.NOON. M?* 27lli 'rf*. %t:l* o'olock, n liis by ?irtu? ol r?o tract u,1hI-r.ou#J?Tt???r M,Will8lftwfa i.i.- J. A h , N? "<r?, f'>lio* S*>. ? .?? ; fh? <thr I* ; J< | lifh, !? *', find re-3oi?l?d >n . * , Ni.W, f?> !<? v?i. ?( . cif tl'S I.A'xl r? -? . a tnr tt >tUlnrl..a oi.dtil*. I>. C.. w? rt* ' ove 3r^nW*?! !.a ' pfc't ?>f L?'?c \uir.?^'e-i I. 9, *. 4, % 6 r >. >u P^urf ui'- litnt) SSJn'it.iif <>ii s? it U t-. ,.rr? u |.tt*i*en i2t'i U <1 IWjI'ntli weal < I? i Trra?: ll.T-Ulf cm.i; t h?hr? in sn mnrtn*. vitti ii.ter?*?i, t*ctiroJ I j a dt*<2 oJ truit on the prra>!M? Ah cjftTeai.o.? t at ?h? c"?t of the pirci"1', TKO. J W'HKl.Trirt.# f 9 12-ftA.^f j r Mt gy K t. A C<a not*. If J. G. MdttlllKK ft CO., AiidiorKf. ' MUSTKE-t* SAl.K HI' KRA.MK ?<??'. tK I a?it> Lot in thi Hii'tWou-i'iiTIH k DAV?Uii !.tl (Im nf V%r, ?: I t'rloek i> in . .>r.: a premites. \ rittof a ??f lmii,.lotn*> m' ncilln r, l)fe?ait-9r a4?|x s, and do * n in Li'>-'*r J A.f >o I'J. i .(<'* I ti>? an>i re ord- for \Ya?i inct'io c-si ,t?. f>. I ah%i: >eil t!:? ?Mt i.aii ?l Ut nni'.trn) t ^uar?uuuti^rcj lour, f>oi<t>n' 0 :?vt Nrt York avtnue. l>?iw??n 2-rfh ami i\?tf <-<t. an!rn:n<i>e rack 115 f-?t. *!?!?: ur<>v?ni?t.u, tu it tain g otaiH>*li rr?i:i?* liwe .n. ||(HM6 'lnriBi line It..rJ I? - ? ' 12 moblha, with interest. *ocurrd :.y a Jr^u: iru.i un the p:etni*,e? All oonvetanoiDt: at aiirpliaser'i c >?t ?:ha> alhkkt. Tnciw a?2I?t?ftJ? J C.McUiim: A. CO . All t? ElKCUTORV IAIA-* Taut>.te KAl.v. 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