Newspaper of Evening Star, May 3, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 3, 1862 Page 2
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*?~*r EVFNIN6 STAR. W ashington CITY: *ATtR? AV MAY 3, lMj. \7T Resdlng matter on e*?y . St# ont? for lntercatlcf; telegraphic &nd other matter. or* raiw ? it t&e ariout military c&b pa and poc'.Ucm will confer a Jk?or ty keeping u? p*ted u to irmmecti ud attlln to ttelr ricinlUe*. t If Tfcfiua'n Tit* Stai r>rlBt*Ki on thfi fMVf. ?? pr*? In aentb of Baltimore, lt? pdltfon 1* tt> iargp as to r.vMili* it to be p^t to pre?? at an eirly hour: tb*r*foTe, aberld b* cent )n before IV o'clock m ; otbprwrl?c they rr.ay art a? p?Ar until Uw? rest firv. new Dollar Weekly Ptar, fn'.!rr than ev*r of Metropolitan newt and gonlp, and cho!re library rending, la row on out-counter ready for deliver? t<* tbe pubilc. Knr.fcrared !n !ta enter talnln^ content* are tie following article#: An nnrlTallrd Military Budpet?Lsteat new* frrm military department and ?eene of operation*; Propreaa of the ?iepe of Yorktowr; The bombardment of Fort Jackson ard fall of New f>rlean*j Latest from Piit'bnr/ Larding and t on niiow; ana ir.capiui r?j iniere?? r.onnec*ed with >11 eperatlona; and war news from trery part of the conntry. F*t'acfs from late Sr>utb?rn parer*. plvfn? a fnU wrunt of affairs In Dixie; Affair* in Norfolk. Richmond, Mobile, and ell Soitfcern riMee; *ru!bern optn'cn* o* the late bat'.lrsand miliary operation*; I ate foreign r,f?'V by te'.ecf*rb and bv mail, and news from ail carta cf the country, r.ffai.-t ta and ahout Washington; Onpfa ?'onal proceeding; I'mxss of rrvr* ?nd cpinmT?. naval, rivti and military; A caplal *tery; f<*trv: ami wiftlol!?m"s from Prentice; and mutters cerrnrwia! and financial v aluafce matter for fanners to think ah->nt; Hertiruitnral and agricultural aflairs; and carefully ? iirica LiiiisrsDio rfrip??. 'Hit i? juat th?- pip*=r tb. ve all others for pros* sojourning 1n IU<? Metropolis to *?-nd to ttie'r fri#>nd? ?t a dhtesif. I'r'.re only icrp^renta per copy, or SI poranmim; poafcig* fa paid by sleir 71 wc?n so arransjrU. Spirit ?f t!i* MsrJiag Prf. Kc i..!.ntg!Httr Invito atfen'ton U> th? un/.rtnnnte roDUii'.on o/ th? L'nlon of Ka?t i>r,n-- **. TV Ktpitilirnn toninkei; n^sln?t! .VcClelua dl>lorti tiu language of a Nrw Vurlr p?.pcr 'The .Nfw VorV Fxjrtts romplala* tu?t G?>n can n-.*- ?t VU> in the " 'rmr.-ipf nn4 we.:.If pfn'Mtb a" vi'h^rr li?* (?, be! me the \a*y d?4s t,ol rtmt m hi* re,tef'!' 1'bf Italic , are th? Hepv^hecn's. CUR MILITARY BUDGET. AFFAIRS IN THK WKST. W tile !t Is poMtble tfcat the paragraph la tbe t t?ram from Cairo, ?tdtir? that "The urwa /rom P!tt?bur<: Landing ia of the blsjLest importance. but i!a tra?i>miMiC!) over the wire* la prohibit' d," (published elsewhere In to-day's Star) ia correct, It n;4V not lr innprrper for m to ray that the 1 i<n which we yesterday pi:b 1!*L> d fiomGenersl Hailerk at PltUbtirjj Landing in iuv ?? nr urpurtiiirni ij.intai ?a:-: cuum fc?!bi'/ hftvt* t?en kii-wn at Cairn from tfc*t fo!:i? wlirn tl* ?l>?v t?l?-gr.D? Vf: 'L-vt. I r. iu tnat Infuruiauuti, from (i< n-ral 'Inll^k differ, it U eleirtbit 'te irjj?:?rrlom *cl?*gim?n L:.s r.o r^Vre c-. to a?>lhli.<; l!k< en Union itv-'n?. C'ui Ufir.r?""*!o-i 1? t^?t i? jr.cvt n,?r.t cf car umr WAVY YARD. Thr K!r? Pb!:lp, Ccptalii Word*, 1?ft d^r ?ft? ri.crn for Fcrt;e*s Mr cr***, f-iK.1 nf!'n n Cepta'n Fn, Anl?<n:.t of iLe K'itv) ?"d nuniix-r it orl^r [frmu The fv-nnr CJt'er Miami, \eit et 11 ?'clcck la?t i.ii'Lt fSr tbr nine d? ?;': ?Uon, t?kinj: 4ovn R'rtcct ji.rty of giMicmrn, tnnocj wcc?n *w? ci?,ta:ii?e?-w?rd and Chnse COMMUTATION FOB SICK AND WOUND ED SOLDIERS at L)*partm nr. A'u'anl Wi'tr- rj0et. / Wis\t*g'o*. April 2*i, 1S6^. $ General OfJer?, No. 47. When the care of ?l=k and wmsN sol<S!ert!? d by the ?Utr? froca which they ecnje, the Sa->?t?.en?v? Department will commute tlie'r xaC?s a? twenty-five cen t. ay order of the ?eere?arv of War L., Adjutant General. OFFICIAL NOTICE Headjuartirs JVrroJt Marthal's Cflrt. ^ \V*?H!MTO!?; .\inv 3, SSr*. ^ \cili, not l* rfquWui frr the Cipn.ent r.f *n*ier?? ?tor?? (ilqnoM rxcpteti) tn pr\ nt* not caanfftwi with tue srmy cf AI*jor < ?tne-al McC.euan By crder. Xa}oi W K Dn?TH*, Prove*? Ma*?L?l C F. Aojotanl. Ftsascial.?New York paper* of veiterdar report a rr.oderaU- reiettocMs the **rock mHrket. partly the natural reau.t of the a<-tlv1-y and Uiot an"v ot yt^hn&oy, end psr'iv of t^e very iinj>ler?ant wpntorr. whi.-h k?pt the opt utcr* enl rf the Tbfff wti alio wm* ren!!r)n? by part)"* win rair.e in et lower prir?*, bat new bu>eri eppear?!i. ar;i {Ur rea tlon v.-!-a checked laOttilrt'fier l-lfMfrtnm tin r? L?< b^en I mr\ urt've bj*'r.-?i ?? CsHJX#*-,,. T!-?* quotation {. r > T pp. f,.t'I wwryNotu t? 1W. alUfJj Seme j ft:.. Rmka. it'* nr.cerito'J, .f buyinw e | x better lavesimtn! is-ii 5 pT c?n? G'-vernnsent | r* ?.?i ? vrriiuTBi*^ 1 te market for American 0?!d !? f"?!rly aftlre! it 19*\a:(?*. Frmso**!. ?Cel. C. H Toznpkiut, L 5 A ,l?l at ki k vctd ?. Were the galls*' rija'sjr r-f tLe r&val v ".nder the rcnrn.ind c>t Lieut, 'i'cmpklns It Fairfax. last tuacmT, wuen 'b? rebels ocoapled tus.t position. Lieut T 1; s l?een p;oat?led, *n.l V.i? aenrt-d In var out lirjcMaiit prul'lo^" Recently he hut been appointed a Colo sal of and u.sltnsid to Ibr command of tfce Fint Wrmcet Cavalry, aenrSng with Major Gen. Ear.kt' dlvMon. Col I alrrir.p!e, l,t Crl B.irlnff, Capt. White and C.tpl Sh< U.jr, of the Br!i!~h uo.y In Canada, jr. t \V K L -d^r. N. Y., are !c fiis city. |?7""MnBual fur Engineer Tionpa." by Capt. j. v; nnvf engineer Corp? r S Army. TLe; abcv* 1? tLe ti lie of a very viiusble work reef1.ed fr<?m f> Var. r\c?t'iind. lt>2 Br^sdvay, New Yerki tLrcu/h Hwdaon Taylor, 331 Pennsylvania avenue, wlo h?? It for ?aie Tfce work tr*aia of pentocn d 11; rale for conducting a ?l^e; aefcool of : the ?\j.; n?4.tary mining aud cons'ru'Mon '.f I:at- { terle". com piled from tt?: author* of . Europe, with alteration* to adipt th?> work to orr J rrv'.r#, *n<i '? very finely cnioellltLecl with de- j cr'.ptlTi' platea ai d wood ruts. UxricviATic ?M. L'Ulidt Gevfioy, Pint J?ccr?terv of Ibe Fren. a Legation at WaabiogU'U, baa kfu p'omoted ro b? the French Miaiatar (o Greer*. ar>d hia depirtaie from thin city ?c. tiey. Vlumte Julia Trellhard Uk.s Lis ^lace here aa Fir?' 3ec?e'ary of l.*-<(&liua, lieuu<e here to that end on tLe day before ytaterJay. Ootticbala and ihi Of?.**?The aale of aeala t*>r the three opera performvicea which ate L) tlk# t !lM> *1 ri P|.??r!< ThMl*? ? !! ?*>nr -- on.Mmday,9a n? ,atMr M^z-rott's i&ualcstore. For partlcuUta ?ee adTrrttfOitnt. 4X7" Tbe I'ziton C< nv^ntioi of Holt roonty. J4o., f?roirmend \\ . I' Hall for CouJieia In tt# St. JoerjL district. |^7"Hon ?*. C. Cambrel'rg. rr?ny \*r'? e?o a Bsrmb^rof Congrr?? f. om Xevr Yc-jr? *i d Mia* U'^ to K'lSin t.nder Pr aldcnt Van liaieo. d!?d In Brooklyn to NV?dii??(liy. _H7- McCklian has n-.tivd bis favorite charger I XlftD WfU?r The n iltiry pound*r a?d ite great t-xpcur<!? '. t*yt Vanity t'?lr, area >harp Team, and tan tardy fail to t:binpl? the tr.cmles of theCouetltutlon under their (~*t. ITTMfWfi John Swarm, of Bait! more count*. and Henry 8n.!"h acd K<iw?rd toiti*ry. of the elty, were ent to Foit AlcHtniy v?t?rdty (?r making iiinf demonat ationa on tLe arrival of tbe Gun frderate prlaooera ([7" TLe Naahvllle U ulon aay*: Cotton atill com*a freely lr.tu lite city. Tie Federal autbi till ea give evtry facility to ae 1-ra end buyer* On tbe bther band, the rebel irfc'audera on the Upper Prnnhc lattii ??? ? ? a?-? - ? ? ?ir uiii?iriiuy IU j 'irfvui ficuirii ; from Piling it, If Cfopa. Whictt a/e Le lr:en<i? I of tee cottou fUator? I LATE MSW3 BY TELEGRAPH? HtBHLY IMPORTANT Iht War lRl,Hiilau-Admei t( the C. S. Tor en?Capiare ( Baton Rouge aid the Rebel AiiimI. CucAto, May 2?A ap?viU dr?p*trh to tbe Cblrspo Tribune mv? We have newt froir. Commodore Foote'i fleet, Intelligence haa been rdo vvd from M?m: : la r# th? ?H v*nr? ?f thp IJnJ ted states force* !r> Loutalana and the capture of Baton Route and the Confederate araenil IMPORTANT FROM CAIRO. Occapatlan ef Pardy, Teaa . by Of? Wallace?Bombardment ef Fert Wright. Cairo. May 2?Gen. i.ew. Wallace's amnon b*ve tak?>n possession of Purdy, without opposition. TLe enemy's left Rank bad rested on that town. The mortar bo*!* below cont.nue firing on Fort Wright, a? Interval of ten mlnutfa. Commodore Foote a prepailng /or a general at* tack on the rebel work? An attack on our fleet waa expected on Tneaday from t'ue rebel guaVoa'.a. Our flotilla accordingly formed :n line of battle to receive them, but no demonstration wan mad*. HIGHLY IMPORTANT NEW* FRO>l PITTSBURG LAXCTNG. Cairo, May 2.?The river 1? atationary. The water i? eight inche? higher than it wai ever known to have been. The news from Pituburg Landing Is of the hightst impuriar.c, but Its trar.smluion over tbe wire* Is prohibited The latest advices from Fort Wright aay fhat a ?'!anecrs ctaek will be rr.ude by the fleet before tbe close of the week. Tbe Memphis paper* cf tbe 29th ?ay a meetine wm htld there on the previous night, at which It waa concluded to burn the city In cete of the apprcii h of the Union Aerst. The editorials urgently rail on the peop'e to reinforce Hen Price at F ort Wright, ai the only hope for the aalvitlon of the city. O'ov Yatea. rf I!lino!?, left to night for Pittsburg with a lu??pit3l steamer and barge, and a quantity of sanitary iore?. LITE FROM TI1E SOUTH. From late Southern jeptb w? gather the fol iowlr.g lntereft'rfr particular*: Tl.e \leTf?hi? A" cf 'he '2r? h ult says : ''The 1nd'.cat'on? are not to rn'MnrajjInx for rn'.i'nn t}\o rltro" air?ln^f aiip /roj nd'naif ? ? > * *??? ?*??.*; ?vm? uj iy *? . < r a cu i-erlod fvlt bv T'.e rr; pi in ArVansn are represented as very rrnmtaimr in G-?r?r!a !bey are backward. Con Uju?it tvgi'ininK to ^nrreup Wheat !o?5.? well in nidd.e Ceorrla. but Is badlv damaged bv rust In w'niern George. The Kicbmond Erquirtr rays tbst "Jb^ war will er-d when w<? tave made tie Federals weary of It, not b?f.->re." Gfreral Albert Fik?* ha* Issued Fjvrlal ordf r? complimenting th" Indian allies for their gallantry in the action of Pt?.< Ridge From Corinth the Memphis Appeal learns ' the t-eai-rais ebvp wi-aarnwn meir nreea rrrrn !te M!?!si!pp1. and conr?ntrated upon the Tenriei?ee A fir?at blow will b# given or received with In tbe next two weeks. Our people art* hopeful." Gen. Wise sny? of the Roanoke Nland defent, that whoever li respontible for tbe disaster de* Serve* death. tk< ? wol ,-,-v... < <h - / i.. - M U' ' IKD1UII' . " "'UUCH' ' ? ? lur n " 1 ) 111 Fort Plllov.* :u;4 Meiripbi*, and sdvltfa all br>Mr-r* of Confedf rate note* to convert tb*-oi Inmn^dl?te1y Into property, a* otherwise fbp nr. r:iparion of Memphl* bv tbe Federal* msy render Co- f dfra'i* rnrrfnrv vo?thle-??. Tfc- f: !<''ir.Mi-1 Kxiwlnrr openly eb.ii:,"* the KcIxm Cuajri^i vullh t-e"omiiii; l*>n!c-stllck?;, pvn b?fi>r?* the receipt of t befall of !\}pw Orleans, find ei Laying h??lMv adjourned and the' It/, IpivIhz lirpo'tant buslneaa ucflnlsb *d I' would ?" nm'^lnjr If It wer*" r.ot * : ;1 to reri^ a ltd L?'"ir thel protcfta tLat tlie opinion they nn f;om " r>p?rhirjs?or." v.a? &Mo<;?tbtr en '" ':t*:df '&< n.'' and 1 nut 'bpir ndj-itiriinnent v i cji;?'io "if nirpl* r?ct tbni r.djnnroed hccnttie Congrfs* bnd "no nnf-rc bt?s'n*h* ft do," whiie tbetr rncord uliow* that the tf?r!IT tin; i'? mtJiai, wfc'l** om<* h'mdrod and forty* p'iv mllt'Ty romm1f?!om lay nnop- itei on tbe Ifililr; and w hl'e lMVuluir tn air.e>sTye rf th?* Pre*Idrnt declaring that Le fce' re*?ri i d iiis!c."?d ^ r nn-.ber of till*, the tit!'-* cf whlob he had not tnc 'oiture to rtlsto, iir>r Conyre<? the time lo Inquire. Went ofoc ajMtloQ rer'alnly was not lh*? reanon of the rcRmrcrliif adjournment; and W "anpre-' il" bad nothing on earth to do with It. aa wf? sr? bound In politene** to beilsve, then the Lord knowi whv t-onpre?>a 1* gone, and the Lord know* when Conye?? will com"? b*ck to <it. We y oj-e that a>l i^tK^r reraor,? In Richmond who lr.?rrd to r'ff" flight t'i fl?bt. should the rl'v ever ?>e In danger, will dr. wfcat tbey do In t lh*t vrr\xr l!k* f!rn<7'^t??withnnf < nnnrohm_ I ?lon" ?r panic. If R'chmond falls, Jt will not a sudden tumble. There is not the lt-ast denP*>r tbe>r pr^iou* c?rca?v>s will be caught nrder a iraKfc-tr^p. Abtindant tim* for an aiJoumment will always be afforded by the opera*',? ni of unrb offl-*-rs r.? ootb parties bave In the Jl.-irf. No lasve city, defended by ei*en?1ve lines and several erf it ^rroie*, ever wji or can be *urpr'?fd Richmond will always be open on one ?!de, an4 tbc?e wto waat to get out of It car. do to At lime. ii ii r npea idbi npre a" l?-ait tli* Crnf>d*rR'p armies wilt n?t bounr* off ?ft^r burning a strriEtioat or two and a bridge the moment they learn tb<? enemy are In the neighborhood, wlfb nl knowing br.w many they are, nor whether tLev are r.ot worw fr'cht?r.pd than themaf-lVF*. Ag-lo, we Tfr*"rt the fsl'.lrj of Richmond, Ii It tak^ place at nil will lr' a *!..w prorew, &nd we eball know all sbniit !ontr bef. re it romrtlo p?**. I#*t uo "t.f therefore, g? t out rf heath before the rare. If ?h? Conf^W.-te Government Is worth a r:nb 1' w'll drfend Richmond to the la?t. for th" f It tl ^ V. ? ...1 II A _ _ _ t _ . if? v.ii m ii iui>u<.'u n *?ii' v i wr un 10 riUii in" DV | thowanda ef it* wil! not fc?* lea* fatal to tap ti.'verniT)?'ri? lt?e'f. Notbtng will remain to tl e Lfada of t' p (iov^rnrrent butspeedv realpnat^r.rj to ??rape - lo'-d of execration and inf mv f.arb ? would cru-h ibe pr? <ite*t c??.queror and dnp t tLrt Lave ever ruled the world. I bev had better a;* k dra'b ?>n the 11-id that will decide the f*ip rf tt ? ri-p'fal tb^a attempt to prolong a nonnrv* ?x!it-n'?* at Montgomery. Though the p-cpleof (br rlty ard country would loae terribly L>y ?! e orrjpatlon of RIc" mnnd, the member* of tbe r,,>*ernm<-n'. would arff-r more than anv other InrtiviJiial*. ani if Uicv Lav* * grain i>t coiT;mcn *me, i bey know it Hence it may be saf-iv pre t rt'd tha* they will defend thl* pla-*e with all tie force that !b"v can command. We have no dnubt but that tbe&rrarjjernentiof Mr Rat dolph ar? efficient, andonraimleiaret nmpetentto ir.ect the drcnar^s cf the crini*. Soldiers atid oiBcera k .< w tb? stake and will play for it accordingly. Miny a nation has owed l?i redemption to a dej . i ** ? ? - ~ -- c:*iyf- vi' icry nciore winoj it* capital The R'crcaond \Vb?g nlao tUudes to rumors afloit of sn intecd-d abandonment of Richmond and Virginia by the Rebel Government, wh'c'i It t?rir.a treason arid alander," though ev!. drntiy i'xelf btlieving there la truth in the rumo-, HON J0HJ1 M B>TT* ?E.NT eOCTH Tb* c< :.dt?!ora on which Hon John M Baft* w*? relfftstd frr m lil? iir.prlaoament in Cattle G dwin Ly t&eCourtcf Inquiry that examined t?.e charge of disloyalty p-eferred against him. r.r?:?First, that after bein;.' permitted to go to hit residenceIb llenriro h?* ?ball, with all convenient *pve?l, prepare to r**mov- to a location further Hontb;ard 'X hen tie tiBK 1* Indicated by Mm. It rou?t Ix* apT'rov- d by ?e War D-j?arlin?*nt cf fKP f1 ^ rAV.Mf.-.rr.pnt It hn i n!ro?/ '?* .... v ... - u?? ? V -?u r K/T ' u iii'ti* irt.iUd that ban not Mr Hot'*, with bin characteristic cbdttnscv, d?c ared himself a neutral In ibe freat war,?li?? Court of Inquiry would have rtcoumended bl? dUcb.rne. Of !b> we know no'blny. bn! the condition* <f hl? release, as p>-r!tled above, u.ay be relied on. 1HK V\\ B OH BIKTS AT T t IACHEK'i IN >' K \V ORUiM. fFrum the Norfolk Div Bo'k j The t-!? rtpa tell* ?bii morning the most de t.-ie r?'r Seaid in America, or, w?* b-lirv, la Ti e wbolf world Two conft-mptlbie little ft?saern have coma up t.> tte preat city if >?w Orleans?inhat Ited bv a population of two fc.n drt d tbou?and souls, defended by miles upon iuil-*8 <>f cftl'imblads ai.d rifled caunffn, pcsscsv !nr Coating batt*rl?ft of lmnwnae power, and containing within her bosom not l?*u than thirty thousand disciplined troors?and have commanded tLe authorities to bad down the Con fed e rate flat;: Aa we write, there bad been do lntelil* geuc<? of Mo having bet*n hauled down; but we re prepare! to expect the worst. Sa.linjj through m!ltJ of the heaviest artillery, it doe* not appetr that ao much as a alagl? ahut waa tired .tt ibe?e two llltle steamers On the contrary,?verything seems to have been prepared beforehand for tbeir quiet reception. The troops were tmrr-dlatelv withdrawn, l<?t tney mi^ht t >H 1 A i tn .Umin * 11 IK* AH ?V?*? ? . - t wvvv ... f ? ( *wv ?iv?ru*v? vat IUT3 hkn v?re di?mintle4; the guns were thrown down vi'hout b*-lng lnj<ir?d; the steamboats, that could have :'ott?n up aUkin in one hour and been off wre, and the defenders were drawn ell to a d!st&nt point. N?-T**r since the wcrld began was there such a truntaction- "> dt>rk, to in)sterioui, *o altogether unaccountable. The trie*: ra??h, thus fs?, f? a very confused arronnt or thla mont myst-rlous and most drplorabl. cff*!r. Terribl* tuspirtous are afloat, but we Loll It best uot to give voice to them until some icing tboic at finite abaii Lave reacbrd ua. AIUII* AT RICH MOND. Sorf?lk and Hnkmond mutt be Dtfrndrd?Jeff. Datis >ayt ht teill K(??r Surr mttr. (Correspondence cf lbK Norfolk Day Urok.] Kichm st>, Apiil ?7.?Tbe nnvnfrom New OrItaca cvuflribln^ IL? tall of that city, baa b?ea . " r sssssssmaasesasss read here with torrow. bat we in mi dUplrtted, and d# oot doubt oar dual nccmi. Norfolk and Richmond moat bo defended ?t 11 baxardi, and It la blgb time roar fnreeaaboold be mora than doubled Year onr and (bo Nary Yard are of equal Importance with Rlubmood. Not only la Norfolk ard tho Navy Yard of Imc 11 mnkia vi i ii? #a flmv kn# tka a# !* ? ? - ?~~ ia?*UV??W ? M I HI' |V VUk vi I llPCVf* Anne la India rentable In this erlaU The delegation from Bootk Carolina and Georgia wait?d on the President before Coagrew ad* journed. and arced bin to withdraw the troope from tho*e SUtM, and X all hazards defend Richmond and Norfolk, and I think they ire coming Indeed you,wo?Jd have thought ao if yon kad Men, aa 1 did, on Wadaeaday last, tk? South Caro'lna regiment, from Snlllvan's Island, thlrtcaa hundred strong, pass Chaster, twelve miles from r? .?w_ ? 4 ? i?-i?-- -*> ? ?? v u.uuiuiiu j auu ucmu turn oacr * urr I i rwuDtt I through the fornt for "Old Virginia?she matt 1 and ahall be free!" I convened with ft Sooth Carolina officer on the same trip, who uld that Savannah nay be surrendered, and Charleston, too, but Richmond never. He aald defend Richmond and Norfolk coat what It may. You have noticed In the papers ft abort aecoant of President Davie' speech, lately madent Rock t ii*, ut luc uiuicia passing 10 inrxwwa, It VU the beat ?hort speech I ever heard him mike. He aid, so far ai Ue was concerned, be would contine tbl? war for twenty years, rather than one Inch of Virginia roll sbonld be surrendered. So let i'B bear no more about unrrenderlug Virginia. ry??COLUMBIA TVPOSRAPHIOAI. 80CltTY.?A aUtod mMlng of the Colnmb a TY>?ir%?hJO*l Sooietr will bo held TH18 (-Aiurt'ar) EVhNINO. in the Common CoaociI Chamber City UaH, at s o'olook- Punctual at ten """"" H. 8. BOWKN, Ecc. Bee REV. MR. GLADWIN, THK. SAILOR 1 p prfMh?r. will prfft-fc at the let Colored Piatiet t'hu'ah.oorner of 19-.h and I afreet*, on SUNDAY MORNING, the 4th ineta&t, at It o'clook. fhe public ie invited toattatd. Seats Ire*. (W^AN ADJOURNED MKRUNO OP THE J J5 Unconditional Union rotera of the bii-.h w&rd w;il be held at Oc*d Pe'lowa* He>l. Navy Yard, on MoNi'AY EVKXIN?, May B o'o r.ok. for iho pur?niis of making arrangeirenta forthcoming M*mcipa! eleoiion m 3 8t* Y?P?TBR NEXT REGULAR MONTHLY *.5 , n.oeticg of the Foard of Truitwi of Pnfcl 0 S noola will ce h*ld in the A'dermea'a Room. itr Hall, on TUESDAY AFTERNOON. Mar Cth. at 4X o'clock. Wi 3 3; WM. B. DAYTON, Hfo. LKCTURE BY THK ITEV. 6. J3 w. ^4:4so*. D 1), at tbe Kocm* of the \ ounc Men a Ct riitmn Ae?oo:atitn, I'encaylvai.ia av-cue. U?'w???u tt.h ani 7t!i at'e?'?, every r-ATURDAY LVKMNG. at half put an . .4.1 t? mm ' . _ rill' !U uuruia Ij u.viufci. tiling OKO'I r'H'tr Me tine from 7 to 7>? p. in. mS-?Stf NATIONAL DfcMOCKATIC VOTER'* I R <?F i'HE SECOND WAKD-A m??tir.( will be tie id in the Hal1 ? f the Franklin Kn?ir.e Mp i WKDNFSDAY EVENING, the 7tn n,?t.M t, g.1 a o'c ook, tor .he purpuae of boininatinf ves for t ie Citr Counoil?, and appointing .<?.*? the Ma?craltT convention Alt Nat'ocul Pemoerati.and tboaa ootoud to Aholi. tun is in. &r<* invited to attend. mj 3v* r-*"" NOTICE.?UNITED BUILDING A?S(T l * OIATIOK - All person* holdin atook or intare?t''ti therein, are req neated to ireet at Poto mta Ha!', on MO.NDAt EVt.NING.tha 6th of Mar, &t 3 o'oljck. 'Jh-se who de?ire to ?roTidef.?ra aettlement. and to set their nioL?y."ihoul4 not nftfleot thia m*#t i>< CHAS. WILSON, It (*??> > 8?t?tary. |Y?-OFFICl> OK JOINT COMMIPBION LkJI I'sini) Stats? im Cocta Rica, Wiih isgtoh. April 1. It)#?. or< ereu. That this Board will b? in Mien on the 14th day of July next, for the purpose of oonunit KC'Uf noon aunh ?uu u m?? La rtidy tor adja^icVtton. *pi2 1aw?tn 'JHARUEH W. T>AVIH.8ee. (V*3??S:VbKY ONE'S INTEREaT-TO THB J.q CITIZENS. STRANGERS, AND SOLTilRHS i have 'ust received a very larie and a. c andurinieut of {rpring ClotbiDK, which I am otfarcit at oar uaua". low prioea, at No. 460 t*ev?utii dtreat, oppoaits I'?>#t Office, near H. la *7 3m ".V?"THE VNION~''RAVER MEETIN? Will } ** b* iio; Jen e?">rj day tMa week In the Lnthera.i Chu>c>., (Key. J. 6.'a.) at the corner of llth and H rt:<?eU, oomn.taviiu at ?H o'oiock p rn., and oorit*.!iu?l hut one hoor. ji SB fKMLNT! CEMENT! I' cement: Jant ivd a cateo of Krtih f!eir:??it. wWtnh will be eo:d low, at inj'I ms kilc. Mi a at W H- GODEY. A LOT OF SUPERIOR RYU STRAW FOR a- i" in i>'t4 'o tuit parehwar*. *t .106 14th it. L'r.r l.uuz lJrulga, cr Inquire it 479 Hth street, up 1 "?"y* 8. W. K HANDY. F?AKA-OI.S ANIi SITN l!MIHEI.I.i?-N? JT tup;.lea One prios only. PERRY * BROTH PR, _m3JU Pa. *v>. tnd Ninth it rent. 1 (l(\ ju3t received IOU PC/EN .More of those Fin* LINEN HANHgf KCHIKFd, at 13* cent*. worth %6 oU. At the lii.din >ro Bargtin Store, m 3 2t* 3T* beventh etroet. Army and navy blue flannels. iiia^inm fir a ? ? H??iitu(| w?.v| ?*um- au|rui wuv| wvu vimv P T) ?*. 'Mt * oo'.or in eaoh of qua itl?? warranted in nil respeote. PERRY* BRC) . inS-6! Pa. are aud Ninth atr?t. wash goods. for MEN, YOUTHS AND w hoys Many ?6ieot and really good atylM. On* prion on j, mortal m plain figure*. PERRY * BRO . n 3 ?' Pa. avenue and Ninth acreeC ? ii. i,** . i - TMK Bfc-Sr STOCK OF *> SUN UMBRELLAS . . and Pa&ASOLS, <- &n bo had at LANSBIRGH * BRO, _ ? _ Baltimore Ba't&iD Store, ni i Si 3Tfl Seventh ?tr?et P^OTICK TO LEATHfcR DEALERS. We Uftve raincwl our atock ?o No. t?9 Louinata b t'O'n a h and iO h ?t?e?ts, wt.are mar lo'iqost all tirara a eerieral iaajrtm?Lt <jf HaR IMfc^Sa-i SHO:; L^AlHEK, Alao, th? hijheat c*fh p-me jau for in j j? j r. titt'eaav * uu. TVTsonh desirous ok pur ha**i>g ?. I'e&t CAKRiAGi-s weuM dowellAjanBffy ' . 5 v - mo a n&l . r.? 1 havi?o" hanu ?Wfi-ftPr lot which I will t*!l low to o'oeo ont My ~ ?? A no, ra'br&l ?.eoon ! h*r,d Sr?t ?a*!ity New York buil- Kursio*, wh cli will b tnid ver? c~rap. Rcpiiri')* <.ffwlt itiuue pr< mot y attended to ROBKftTH GRAHAM, m 3 6t* Ooeflhmftk? r. nth I/OK. BOSTON ! 1 HLtib'LAR I.INE! WITH DISPATCH ! Onr 'egol&r inn o. P&o?et? between Boston, A 'xandri* and Ocojpetnwn hiving now r??unie<i we*' p~-p?.r-d to forward (oods^M^ ( tie above port wiih ditpatoh every I'iiA iiiAArirr H??? u*** ..rv..V.? ?* ??MUUK ?- !?* PUlCTBirUi brwweli' m-a or. is now recemr>( f ? jht for Boston, an.i will ?aila!>out A id e?a*y, tne 7th mit. ' ApytJ HARTLEY k BaO.. in j 4c 90 and 101 Wa1 sr st.. Georgetown._ 1,'KOM LONDON?Five thousand Words at a 6 lance; 19. r?vj, wrtttea in the intervals of Busiusis; 87. Tr%vois of Hr.roa lIur.ohausSTi, ll'tutrfcied: ffl. The Te>?pe? By Bir John HersoMl; 81M. rtau-t'a tfoueeWo a French; 9119 Origins and inventions? by William Pn'layn; 91 75 Thu nf ?!.? C"'"? D- D-?? "?k? .uw * viuiu?uj rvm DUIKV| #175. Hv d iiook cf Political Foocomr? Br Lifin*;?7 Oi'! lion*", or Not ? fo' ?uuei Naturalists; #150. jo'-ped a of Poetioa: Qiotatiom; ?187. G ao?fi)l Kicinj?By 8. o. Weitp; Si. dpmi'ni. &o, of Isaai H*olr?r?Uiff, K q , 1'i oUkisp i I Iwtt a'ior *; #3 85 ml FHAftCK TA^ L.OR (?on BALE-W* or 1JW f?et of HICKORY six feat i?m, ?uatered and b?rked, au:' b> f ?r iovart.oi?nt parpoaea. Inquire of R. <> H 1/ ' , ori? mil: I'roi.-i fcieltaville Station. on B. &. (?. H. H mt 3f LVNGRAVINO-ENORAVINU, Vj &N6 raving. \V>lU;n*. \ ttttifac, 1 Buaia?aa C&rda. No tea, Oh^ck". l?i l I:fiuid. > u6io Titlea, ?u Ma4?U. Arum, Craata Ilypnua, CuAn Pikiu * ? * ? fw?n- J . ? !< ?<? j Arouwi uu w 11a u'^jO I'* .vrei.ue C. J. HOLYLANf>. Copper 1'iUa Printin/. m2iw* I^OR ?ALE-A very haetmriy ?r deoble h?rneu tiuK8&; ndoa voil uuder the jrv a*dd!e?the property of ? centlemin wbo^Sfll hiu E-i fu?ther cso for bim. 'there la no*H. more serviceable hone in tba Dietriet. WtrniM #ou d, :n tood oorditmn. to. He cu b? mm at Ue at&b f? of l)r. Jobs br*faon, U atreet, between UX IUh ata. * } lw 486 NBW^TOC*. 486 INTERIOR ADORNMENTS Just receiYid a ohoioe laouon ofuawandde iraba Btylw. FA PER HANGINGS. From tna rioh and orEat*, to t Ke moat oUwto aid "Jb ?!? P*lt?rn?. appropriate far P&rlora, Ht li llinin* m r>A ? k? ? k^.. ' ' ? NXHSZIB ^fi-WiTUES. CENTBE n?d-ub.. ?iSSSaS?? I C.U.?iO,.:..?.|>|lv SBAUES. I ?o'; I u? i,h. 'n? " ? JW* VI a r IUW PUIW Z * t , OVAL FIRYUKK RAM fe?. <f?araot<*i to b? tildtd with gold leaf ) Th? handMinatt nd larrett a??ortiu?u in th? Dutrict, fomtn bMt iranufaotorrin ma ooaatrr Aiso.en attortmant Dark Wo?d Framat, with a baat tut variety of kniau sited Oral aod Card V f'e frVtia**. of Foroif n &nd Doinftario nuLauf&o ture. Pt*?ep&t iuU,4o. i'i?vryk>: qp?p and tasisklh, Different him an<l oolors, Piotur* Rings, Naia, Purotuuing fxolmiveiy for otih, the above goods (aoourdins to their quality.) will be die*. efriof at a? lov :a:e? as Uey oan be purohastd Jit in the Distriot. Howiir presentation madeto easotsalas order* lor Paperhangingor Windovfebades.eseouteu by expeiim e?i workmen, in etty or eoturtry.

AealIs*ioiti >d from thuee n*cJinc tk? ahmr* I good*. csati. J. Rein-?irb?r thepumb?r. No 4* 0?T*nth It, I doo;? aU>re I'dd F*llovt' Hftl ; tad tha UfBL 1 U? for toodl | 4 1 J-lSuT I * << COL0/LEB AMAM Qf* :-* ? I claim e*ll ipm In toot paper I u to reply to ma irtteletador tbr ikorr b?MlB|, pahlUhM la the RepuMicaa, ao4 aigaed by one IMptlb ? Ho eigne hlmeelf ? Agent of Emigration to BafflM*' 1A iklt If Ka nati mnti mb. aldarabla ?nm of the " yomr mgftt't" mamry, ha ean mwrt that he kMmIt m an ?*e*t?ibatih* noser ? |?I4 orac to lk? prffcclpal, a*4 U? "w* ??#rar" moat leak for " Jfr. ffattfvatfaa *? The Afr'caa or colored race took op to aad IN prond tofcaeeciato with thoae who m auperkw to theotaelVM la Intellect *r rlrtor: tker have jralftfd Iha little VmoMmuJ tha nA >?ni tMt mark Uwlr coon* br ftt Indulgence of tbU feettag; hat they regard it a* a Md aign low i white man endeavoring to a.<sect4f? wti* thin ; their lnntlncta and their reason teach then that be doea not do *o from Iwi of the colored race, bat from a predetermination to rob them In aome way. It la Mid that the oetrlch, when It fcldea Ita need beneath 1U wings, believes that Its whole body la concealed. It la a foolish bird ; the Aftlean or ne?ro ran m* its bad*. an4 *wi in haaii throogh the parted feather* ;'?nd the negro If not ! so Intellectually blind but tbat be can mo tbe to *uul, In tbe white man'a desire to be ? bale-fellow well jnet," and ?' one-of-or" iamea Red path has tried the confidence gtme, baa failed, and now wlshea to gain some little respectability by "mes?ar1ng pena with me." Ha calls me Mr.Joaepb E. WlJIiama. In this be ia np qi i bid J0. wi-ttams wiu? mv rrleada and pquala, Mr. WlUlama with WraBgara, and Mr. Jottpk E. \William* with all tfaooe wbo acknowledge their inferiority to rojaelf. Red path knowa bla rtlaHr? poaltloo, and la tbla caae aaea tba proper mode of addrena. Kiperieoce gained by rentnrt with mn tiu taneht Wm ???? ??i ??i? object la making an attack on em through tbe newspaper* la either that he mar P*in reapeetablllty with oar people hr asserting that /was kis agent, or to diminish my Influence so that my knowledge of his character snd actions might, If told, he lees Injurious to him! He has failed la either case. He gained notoriety of no enviable character, hAW???V In tWA afstf* Via*.# #W?? ?v? 1 ? .w - . .?? - * . ? ?U?k ?M i UV JUHH Brown raid Into Virginia, where he acted aa the camp follower, and not u the bold marauder? willing and anxious to gain by the raid, but atlll more dealroua to eacape Ita danger*. Second, la joining In the attempt to get up a mob In Beaton having for lta object an Insurrectionary party who were to ?o down South ostensibly to liberate slave*. it ii wMi rememoerea mat tnt* mob meeting was broken np, and the parties had to leave to escape fiunldhmeat for their attempted vlo'atlon of tbe awa. Redpath next turned up in Haytl, where he succeeded in ingratiating himself with some of the leadiag men by stories of exertion in behalf of the African race; by representing himself aa a friend, companion and leader with John Brown, and by narration* of his loaaes and aacrU fleet consequent tb?reon. More truculent to the negro there than he baa sine* been here, he became a ready inatrument to Induce emigration to Hayti? to aupply laborera upon lands which the Haytlana could not work themarlvea, becaoae of their unhealthy locality. Supplied with money from the Haitians, he came back, and Judaa like. haa ta#*n trvincr the colored American* here l&to their ruin. How many piece* of *llver be recover* for one, I do not know; bat It 1* well known that be ha* been enabled to get on with more show of respectability than ever before, and that he ape* the atvle of a man of aUndlng?ha* opened ? "Bureau" of Emigration, Ac., under the belief that the name ?tn - * ?????- " - 1 if?rcu? f*tu wuim wuuuti I 111 \Q IM nfto ar, and tbat not fully understanding its meaning, they will attach to It some mystic Influence. He Is mistaken. The heartlesraets and fraud of Hartlan emigration having become known, he found itdtflenlt to get more emigrants; and these dtttcaltlee Increased as the supply of mouey decreased from Haytl. The vulture-like instincts i>f his aature baa cauaed him to "aceat from afar off" the 1100,000 appropriated by Congreea to aid the liberated alavra. With Itching palma he baa coine Irrc in the vain attempt to wheedle himaelf Into Its handling. Finding that myself and aome othrra are trvtac to Inform the people of wiiat la best, that they may determine upon their future residence, be attack* me with bis only weapon?Jalmkood?and tries to get a little more influence by saving / was his a^ent. I was never an agent of bfa I went to Haytl to examine aud report upon It to our people, and especially the people of Indiana At first I wv? pleaned with the Iiland, and with the people. Bat It was concealed from me that we were to bold Inferior positions, to become mere slaves, ''hewers of wood and drawers of water" for mea of our own color, and no bettor than oarselves. When I learned this 1 did not hesitate to make It known, and hence It is not wonderful that I have awakened his wratb, for it is well known that I have nearly put an end to his frauds of Inducing emigration to Haytl. He attempa to discredit me by Baying that 1 worked In b coal yard. The falsehood will not Injure me, nor benefit bim. I bare not worked !u a coal yard, but I will greatly preftr doing ?o to stealing from either tbe colored or white race; but tnere is no neceaaity for my following up hta alandera. 11 Is auAcient that b* baa uttered them to cause their dlabelief. There U the difference between Redpath and mvaeif. Tub people here I I II a_ *a._ nuw mil can u*r 1a me cuuairy WDPW I VII born?tkey know be bu run away from his birth laud, and dare not return. They believe what I say?they disbelieve him. They open tbelr doors and welcome me to their hornet, but shut and lock theirs r?ktn kt it wear. He says I "did not write that memorial," and that "tbe colored people are Joatly Indignant at It." Indignant at what? Indignant breauae 1 did not write that mtmorlil ? IV>?? h* mam ? .?? the colored people arc Indignant that I did not write a better oDe, one more expre*>lre of their di'guat at the meddling, thieving propenaltlaa of certain white 'elIowa wbo arc trying Is rob them of tha boon which the great and liberal minded of the American nation haa conferred upon them? If no, he la perhapa right, for 1 ought to have aaid more, ought to have dona more?done more for them in it. Redpath ia Winer than Dogbery, for the latter omj wuned tUtst tome one "would write htm down in ai?." Redpath Laving pw'orined that good otjioe fur himself, I truit he will no longer seek tquality with the houest and true-hearted negro race. May3 It# JOSEPH E. WILL1AM9. BALLS, i'A RTIE3, 4c. LITE WART HOLI-A.NI> CLUB ? IS THE FIELD AGAIN t The Riemb?r? of ths Holi&cd Oluo t?ke (rMt (le&tur* in acuuuco nc 'o :heir friends e< and tUe ?u'j1io yner*llj thai they wi 1 fi?? Jfl tueir eiKS'n U?A,1U DAi.l, at riiNIUNKB Hall on MONUAV ,Ma; ISth. ParticalarfWMk In future advertuemetta. m * S-* BE PIC NIC BY THE BSNKVOLENX Sooiety of Georgetown, which waa to have taken plaee Thnradar, May lat, la as POSfPONKU, A on aoiount of the weather until MONDAY yflBk M*y?h. (aMI) THE OOMMlTTEgr jMfe 1. O. O. F. fc. sE^HPgRAND LKVRK aicd*E^MW festival. To b* h?la at Odd filldwt' Haul, 7th itrNt, On MONDAY EVUNINO, Mar Mh, FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE LIBRARY. , The CoramitU* el Arranceacnta vonld r?r?fet full* id form the fraternity a n* its friend* that the rand I^tn and Fratirai will be hatd at theatwre hall on MONDAY KVKNINB. Ma? 5, for which the moat oomplete arrang amenta have been mada < J or the oomtort and pleasure of thoae who may a*or them with their o->tnp?HT. The Entertainment will oommecoeat 8 o'o'oek Ilth a Brand Promenade Gonoert by F. Proa?*ri'e ae band, acd at 9 o'olook a anort Ad<ireaa will be delivered by the Grand Matter. The Conoert will be ?ontinued nnul in o'olook, when the Haloon will be tiken in oharca by the floor manatera for the enjoyment of thoae fond of tne pleaaurea oi the aanoe. Tickets ONK DOLLAR?fcdnutti-e t geiit'ejn*n and ladiei; to be had < f the Committee* of the UilIVnEt Lodges ltd Knotrupnienta. M?)-St EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. A HD i ft] I) A MMfTA f PVntni1?l"M AD?I i "i.I oaojuiiiuii mm BALL will Ulce p'aoa at ToiHrtM^ ?. Hall, K at on TnKS0AY Nr?HiyM?T fi. ? Daiioioc hr Prof RaroM' pnsila from biaJA tbr0? aiademiei, from 8 to 9K o'clock, atuflk whioti hut hoar th? audieno* vi l oootn.ue the Uanoea for th* nicbt Prof. ?*orre Arth'a fall band I Alif&fM for (KA Tmbala A# mm m ... .Mw A ivavM MIMIVH U| at*ntieroan tnd l*di?a. >p a 7t* WP. *. LAUBK ILL GIVE A MAY FESTIVAL oASSfi&fti&ftVW P. ft. LAB BE kM th? konor of uformuu th? i Ei ud intlwn of Waahiactoa and rtalaity ha wPl (it* a #r*M Faatiral at the abOT* I and tima. a# 36 uj* THK felBEL ARMQR that haa av^ tha llrrt of up aay opaara jpthtn the La;t fav vaaka. a z. tarsta 40 reBAffittWtt 3 ! room, U lh* Mu?io 8tor? of _ yy. v. rasiikkutt, m 2 Cohit of lltli ?tr?t?. d >v, , puct^AND 90^*30 B1LK3.-N*W W? . fv?^J witk o?r uul f* 11 ftojk of Dry fitooSTPorMni tad DomMlii) roaolrod for Kuril Hamilr vmti du? prtoo only, marked in pl*in fifurei mi 9t Pobb.*tob?o nndMhrtroot. I IV1 ILLBR'8 UNION BTABLK m _ c..< w..... 2? Tor UkfU H Iiwy by U?? tey. ?Nk or I mot tta, on nuoubl* urw. A n?v lot , sawftffiif'tir fcsas ?JDS. i t-li* alTbert BELL. Ami ] -* < -t1"" V *" t . . 4 I ? #*ff Iffll riCPAETMEMT OFSTATE, mJ Waibih?tor. Mtjr sd, ISW Informttlon ku b*?n rrcilnd at this D?p*Mmrml t*m Mr. T- C. taltfc, tht Oomloftte Cmutcflef the E upliM* xH?n?< by the Baptrcr tflth DeeembfT iMt, BVthortxea for six jTMii lor the porpooe of (rUl, the importation by the porta at the Math, of? < ' 1 tot. Datscbed ^ortiaaa of agricultural ltnpleMti, at plough-shares, eeraol m, coulter*, teeth offcww and Mlttntw*, tut Iron wheels for wheelbarrows, free of dutjr. id. Shovels, spades, rakes, piak-axrs. and iImI pitch-forks, at a doty of fifty ropecks per pound * >!? L>i!rroL!f, Preeidtat or the Luted States of AmariAA! To Alt Wkom tl Mat CtMrm. Satisfactory videnoe hannc b*?n oxhibitod to m? that J. C. KoKsatr, of Waahtflf ton oitr. ba? b??a appointed Vioo Consul I)T Denmark* in and far tne Dutriet of Columbia, J do htrebj rooocaist hiia ai oh, and deelare him fres In iTArniail InH an in* an mb AnutttAaa' ? pnvilecMiu are allovod to tbo V>o? Coctmla of the most uvored uUou, in the United State*. In tootuaonr whereof, I baeo oaaaod the*? letters to be mod* psUofit. and tho Mai of the I'm tod St*to* to bo hereunto affixed. vivm unuw in? nana, u ouy or vvud[L. ?.] &Q* of the of th? of Antnot th* fhty-cKlh. ? ABRAHAM LINCOLN. By th* PrMuJaat: Wiuuv U. Siwac. S#or?tiTT of 8tt:? Arniix Lincoln, Pta.dact oftha Unitad Statoa or Amarioa t Ta Ail W?em U May Cemttr*. Satisfactory aridanoa hiving taan exhibited to mo that E. 8. Satbi* ku beae appoiatad Via* Conaal for DanmVk, in and for tha Btata cl Pana rirama, at Ptiladalyhla. I do bartbr reootaia* him aa auofc.and desUra bim frea ta axaraua ard etj jy ?noh functions, pow*r? ud privilege* u &re allowed to the Vic* Cociuli of th* iLoat favot*J cation* in th* United SUte*. la :?atimony wheroof I bar* oaaaad tbeai letter* to b* mad* patent, and th* **?1 of th* (Jailed State* to be hereunto i ffi iea. Given under mr 1 ana *t the city of Wa*h ington, ih9 l?f day of Ma;. A. D. '858, ?td [L. *.) ot tt,e independence of the Ui i eu Mtu* ot Amerio* the eighty tilth ABRAHAM LINCOLN. By the P. e*ider,t: w.llum H. Fiwaid, 8eorct?ry of State. A _ _ WANTS. %J|7ANTKD?Six food DRESSMAKKHS, it " *41 1 c?ar ?t.i. ?r Ht* WANTED-A SITUATION Mcook or chair" boim*id.or co >' > c?Mial tocravork. ddr? ' If Hen." Stir OSw It* IVAINTKD-Bf r?M*ot?W? girl, a SI fi'ATION M chucbarm&id. C*Ji at No 401 5 h nnr. It* WANTED-A WOMAN to Mai?t ? Priiok ooofc in trecUnrfcat- Apjiy at 9TT P*md*. avow. h* WiNTKU-In ?h? riotelty of tta NftUoMi ?f Hotel, t Room with Br^wA ir* * ebi<4 Addrw A.'L. MaPE*. Cfia*. It* o/anted-A WOMAN to di (mtral Ioum" work ; the hi(h?st w?in t i?*o : maat ?om? woU raoommandel. Imu.r? 4- 4 duta at., btlvwi g ana H. >?' WANTED TO KENT-By a p*raiM?Dt Unant. a Mna'l HOCHE of 4 to 6 tovmi.ii a tMMWt p?rt of th? ci*.t. Addrtu Box No. 29T, Citr Pwt i m ra. a tt* WANTED?A SITUATION- br ro?j?o'?b!? giri. to do chimttorvorir and mvibi- or to Mict in Ml:iac. Call o of K sod S < ?t? , Pft%r tb? Clro'c. m vlt* WANTKU-fl.tOO, istu'nd on MMMfttoMi * ' out jtruporir worm e# WW ? * or i*4!! having ift^nar to l->an wi I fie&ae direot to 0. V. CARPENTER. Cit? P.O. mi>' CJ'KRK WANTKD -A fount mar: of good a<l dress, of ncexoept oc*Me cha-^ot-r. who kac had xperier o* in ing goods, an1 who l? wi'lir.g to wor*, may hear of a situation iu a hou*elnrni?|j inc awe i?t (gmiig refereioot) Poat Oao? Box 6*K. ni 3 gt* HOU8K WAN IKD?A rtaairabla onfaruiehed bnaM in tta? VNt ?rn4 of tta? towr-tittr Lafayette Square preferred Avlar???, etalinc looatioc, deasriy-mn cf iiouae, teruu, 4.O., MlC MtLLEN, Browc'a Ho ?1 LODGINGS REQl'IHKD-WantM. Purwab*t Rooai ntar 14 h and F aU.. lor 4 geutieman, wile, obild Mid a?r<tLi. ?ta'.a location. deeonjtlou of r??oni?, >noa. Ao , to "P.." Bog St> P. O. n a 8t* \17ANTKl>-A WASH WOMAN, at the Na " tlorai tftaaxn Laundry. Good wage*. Referetioe rHi'ra1. m i ?t* iiriNTPn-i ?i?.. > " |||f> ViMB /1/*I OAR* ( EH; ?(' f?ur to ft <*?ll*r? snd boord ; oontaiit (Dfloruut. Apply No. 93 H if h at root, flwn?0??. >-H* WANTED TO RENT-A HOt's'K of roodarrste aisa, in cordordtr. attosiod borwoon P*. ttnui ax.d Lorth K atraatand Mtvni IKh tod )9th it*. ACdreaa J. E. HI LG ARD, Cv*at Parr ay Uftca > *>* Y\T ANTED TOB fj Y-F ro ra 5 to 16 serf a of ww liAiiif, vaii&o v ur faraoi.iLf. ID U19 r.? jfcborhood of the Dutriot. Any ?*r?<>n harirg sneu to diapoee of may find a parobaaer by addiea?ir ( "Birw." 6?ori?towu Poit OBoe. m I St* WANT ?00 AG KN 55 to Mil mj e<amp?l too:*. This u a fine rhacoe for (aner-rtor* kMMra. A libera; iiaooir t is a lowed to tfcoae who wien to ??!l aiam, aa i can sepal; 4,noo pattern* tamped on the finest muelii). Call, on n**t Monday at the New Stamp m Depot. 89? Seventh at., between L and M. Pleaai o?fi aarit?No. M& m I K* " \JL7 ANTED? tvery Lady to look at tkia, and Tt thao o&Ti at (he new Stani?lrc Dep t. No. W&O Seventh afraet, between L> ana M streets, and gat Uieu stamping doia on d&nnal, velvet, ilk. aatta, oamhrio uelaiu". mos'io, too cloth, at treat y rodnoed prices. We haw on hand SjKO choice patt;rus for etanaemc th?%l?oTe toods. Will be open on Monday, at 8i>0 oeronth at. m l-?t* Wah'I'Bihuiu L.AIJiKS to eimrouler yokM. bands ?"d !??*?', P&ntaletu. nkirU, CO. tr* *ad ooffj, at &**tn>h ?:rret. between L atxl M. Tne i.i{b?*t ?i;o? pAil lor n*?t h*n^?. Meady einpl~.Trr.?Bt (ivnn to th.Ke who anit. Call next Monday If oonvenifnt, hrinr * **rop!e W? hire 5 ooOohotoe p?tirm? for a'*irp<nf on everr description ot io.ii A too, an endless lot of stamped gwjlWM. wi 1 S.* WANTlsU, to ??il a Horse, Wk|?udHv ??*. for fC0_. via Amjnou Hittory, U and 4th vo'amac; Hark'* b i?torj of VtrfiBia; l?'?iton'? Uoath Carolina, S v. lam??; Nil->'? Kejiatar; Ruun'a t&oath C?ro<ioa, Wiliiaso&'a Trial; Bu r'? Trial; old Coin*; Aatotrapha; <JIJ Pv Uins; O d lMtUMolii Wnlijfn; L?att?ri; L &* Mtmosra. In mount, lom* tdIiom w?r? lo?t; lh?ir %!? >rill be ?au, if returned to ma. Al>RKD BU>1BK, in 1 at* Ov*r Bank of >*a?bictton. nj ANTED?At a fort in the vicinity of Wukff ???*?* * a nnf * yybunDv DU | M COOI lor IB omotri men of ?ron> two to fiv? ptnon. Atalr [or twod?,? to -How?rf," at tK 8tTChariM Hotel. Wa?hin(too, totwoen9 aad 10 a m ?nd 4 m ?j>? PARM WANTED?Wanted, an 1 ir proved firm * **} Montfom-ry or Prino* 8?ori?'i ooeotv. Maryland, within 10 suits of the oitj, for whici Q&ih will nil kiiH A bbI* a. 4i * -? ?: -- r? "rr/ %?? / ?? ue iftw offio# of li m. POlKV , Mo, 3, Colonisation Baildinr, Washington. aplo-St* AM LAOV FROM PHILADELPHIA WiahM t*ttnition M dretamtker, either at children'* or ladie*' dreaeea ; * so, b?ddreaa? ? eo^aetent bud. Address a note to WM. GO ill-. Willkrd Hotel. _____ M??f WANTED IMMEDIATE!.Y-Ceyiea or the duly Evening Mv d?ud Sep-emt*r um, 1861, fcnd September Kth. 1M1. The mm ? B Lood p:rf<5ot A liberal prioe vill be given for Item, on application to t he gtar t ap?-tf ft 1 HI! -AGENTS WANTED TO OPEN <3 1UU an ofio? a> d tut tue vholea&le ageooy, la every Slat?, for all of Lloyd'a Groat Military Map*, aaed by our Coramander-tn Chief. The Dheapeat mm ia the world. A forton* can be nia-ie on theM miH m each Staie 8 ?WjO?oopiM of om olmy mape hare already baen ao'id, Also a mas to (o to C^lilorcia, Eaglaad and Cat*. Af cuu alao van tad in ever* oouty amJ la mrr regiment to ourarntj. band for MM J. 1 LLUYO. mM-tmtyl 164 Broadway. N?* York. w?^sn*JxiagBS la tki aoaMtsraiaiuac lis*. Taoaa laariac tha mi [aaat ilia,) Daalar in Naw and Saaoad kaadPa/- ; Hit ? ?A * " ?.... MWB llTANTED-To Mil. h?M*fonr*rdLm btrnu Tf fcL<l tj*.f barrel of Ale every va*k ; aUo the Ortmutki Poet Oftoe will be tulel for itlh D??a. at the very loweit ntn, at SMITH'*, No. 160 teratk otreet. below F. fi tt-tm WAOTsn-v. ? ? w__4? to U-tf N?. Ife wK REBPBOTFUI^LY CAt.L THK ATW UcUod cf th? jab 10 to o?r dvtmMjncgtlB mrnmmmm > i ? mp-M nriMriy (itMMl | vbloh will bi it tfc* mmUcb toopp ?e Mo boat i I Kmoon, the 5ta loatant, at 4 o*a>agk,wtH baja- | | 4C ' I AUCTION SALES. FUTURE DATB. By J. a MoSUIRK A CO.. FVJVJ R&0l!l.A%VU82K WE | nk.ftt*on tk-? MII-M w* will rt f?. a? rtn??rtNo.Htt,!W'U?? M fe?o iiitw ? ?'>> ?!* . b?fwe?r Lin M ?? ? rs: - w ? ? vw.isss WttJlMIW IMKMC ofttw awrr JFSi^st as' Ajraas-vs dwd oftraat*a tk??r raaaT ** ?? ? J O. W^ClllK A CO , Aaau. lYfAEMALU PALVJS ?"1 f I U A V ABCU ? tmum??paitVk ^asmnneaan wk*rf. <*n the Pot triKo nr?r, oa BONlHY tta 5U day c f Mm i>?it. (4.a.mmmwim tl 11 ' mmI ?*S*?rT? ?' "?W|ooa>r ^Mentorey," Ooa i?tint of > affaire Copp?r. oOom l>a?, aa4 a Ihjx of Dry CaMti ao^ other M'tltuiiM M l*o, at tft* ran t.iae and ti*oe, Ue era* o al the MbeeMr 11 l^OckAut " nnr ( ~ w - - >lk?.l of COTK. Alw,at U?etine tiK the tlrtttf U? ?ohoop?r "S-arAk Am-"* e -nta-n i r abootl jm tm?h?l?V7Cor?. WARD H LAMON, ay ? ?u4ci t W. Wntol, P. CPr WALL ft BARNARD, AHMHn TRUiTEJTB BALK OK VALUABLE 1Mnom lui KtTATi it Arotioii-Ji' *t?Uo oiaOooro* of tteoCiroait Court nf tM IHMnol of Co. u ml.a for lAo ooat t# of Wwtiii?, mV sa.r JUiof Hu. >?. M4o'?,o?t 9 m . at U>* Amotion Ro^iaa oTWtii 4 B?i(ir4.MitlioorMiofP?ife nvinit ??/ -- *L- -**- ?* Wutluu>n,tti? toi'i'irini d?*c rth?4 R?1 K-ta U. ptinafriLoUl, tad la, ta M?aar* Ufa ? #~?r^nMUSr?js'sps KiiTWrK 8??Lf2&.'~J <~~ ^J^vEyz. 'isr^aa WS^raK??u ? H-r-sis I will then M'l.M 'b? uiu rlaM.S*aara No. ?4. Thli mo are u b. Boded by north i) ttreet, Kifht* street east, norm C etroat. aod rereutA street east, and ia tail oat ia sixteen lota, vfeieK will U lo c wMraf t. I will than ae'l, at tM aana y^aaa. Lot No. , ia Seaare MS. at tha oornar of Da a vara avanaa and aouth G atraat. Al! ortbe foracaiac Kaa fcstate la sitaatad ia tke city ofn'a?hinrU>a. U. C.,aad will be aold uadar afaraaaiJ deoree Tk? t?rm? (hw?? - *"?? "- - ' w . vt WI . IT. V'Bt lairu TlilL bfti\ao? in ?ix. twelve, and eight*** month?. Deferred p&ymetita to b?ar l&toraat, and b? ?*o?red by U s ^trohiMr or pcroliutri' note*, ei dorae< to the ?au?.?cUoD of the Trwtte*. &?. Morgan. Trut**. w Al UfcHtKMAHU. Aaeta Br J. C. McetUKK * CO* Auotionfar*. PXCKLLKNT NEAR I Y NBW HOUSEJCjulLV K-BM*rai ?T A cones ?Ob TVK?> DAY ftlORNI\G, Mfcv 6tb, co?im*fioii>c it It o o.ook, *? ?n?'l ? :; at th* r. of*.?Ut ntatnwTiri from tt* city, itNo 354 it?u> ?? b?:?e?u L tod M.b m* I i? t rood MiuUn, tot hort t m* 10 BM, oon??Llc? of? >V?u:ai H?ir CKta Pari.* Kunu'iia, ^"(u. Kiokiri.tcd 8'?l" Ctbn. W?l?at ^tbtre. and Mahogany Tab 1m. ra*^kc.M?r' Manor aa' !???- t**, an4 Ha.) O1V0U. V. ! . Pfif, and t?taw Carpau, Walt at, rr?Ml> and otaar i>?i?iaa4a. Husk and Cottoc aul Hu?k MutrauM Io* Ckil<ra Crib and Bedcler, r . ! ' Hooim, ?B<i Table t'l,?ira, M*r'? Caae *.*k*r aod Chamber Chair*. fc'ySr2?VK'; "ao~?" Hefrifer?tor. Water it -l*rt frabojany Leaf Dicuj T*ble. CooiriDf Mo\?,and litcbis Reqniaitea, ho. I Anna M ah r" V"dU~ f. C. MtflUHK A CO.. Awato. Br WALL A BARNARD. AaoOoBMn. A DMiNlbTRATORTS 81LE OP KXCELrA Li.** FctKimi, IhLrn Wm, Punri PLiTB Hon t'AFE. AND OIBU Uor*BBOL? AWD fc"Tct*!? Fr*niTV*i.-U? TUkBUAT M??KMiN?. ih* ?k M?r. o??o? no?? *f? o'o.ook I ?ill ??il ti?? entire (ITwta ?1 HoumNo. lOJ ? aur^. V..? " * j > luaiifiiat MI Ml ItUlbUJ HOlf lf apBintiifThree ipucdid Bi'.ver Pltohere, rntt ?aso Silver fce.vsri. Cuton Spore Kcirca ud Palte, Soi?r?. WU c th?r Si Ivor ?' . P&ir Fr^toh F ats Mlrrore.5) bj 56. Two Muooo Covered Teie i T?im two Eolfca, Ws'ait Wa nt Marble top and other Sideboards. Mar Lie top Centre and other Table* aaa Govere. Ktve e eiect Rett Cvrtata*. Fixtmree. aod CorUm'lrjiht Mfchw&nr Exteeeion Table, 14 feet, P%rlor, Arm aod timing Cieire, Teble Linen, ^safeii"s.?2r-4 ?? ??* T?P?etir. BrueeeU. m i Ccr ?d unrud flhiok Mttrr?M. MtW*"* m<uU?-tot Boimii, Walaat Mirb.e-to> w?hu?U3f? u4 PistarM. Mkt ojur W?rdr< bM. i'Mr ?*%t Chtui, 1 roc Mf?, TlltO* * MoPv.Ui't. Two ftefrif ?r?ton. Hat Kuk, 6aa Fixtures. KfuL2,Uw2rei?eT>kln< fcUK#' W ttn Mi) oUt*r trtieiM sot otcMurj U Mlncntj T?r?? ??-k " ~~'alkX."haY\ Admteistrttor. ?y? WALL 4 BAR HA It P, ?mh QBO&QETOWN APVKBTMT8 Lbastmfn ush : AURADOR, BAY ISLAND. NRWFOINDLAND, M*GUA!.FNK AND OIBBED HKRRINQ. si -a ? Iff 4o Bit Island do 100 do N?trf,.Bn<l!H5d do 1?J do **t ? L*i>ra?or do 2 5? fnm? do do ru -Ohaaeia, oa tha meat fa?orab a tarw? "*lt 4%y ...... ...Wl'jFt? 8?o? ... .. -?ji 11 . ivO'|6lOVli y ICI8I1W BLUVKlll" Ramsburfr k. Ebert, 105 Hl?K > : BEITi BEOHVhTOWX. D, e. xtwfcrttftiysv*' tesvfcjsss^a MTTTKNB in tb? Plrtnol Ofic- ri' 6*nnl.?t# rc*4a to ord?r. Baekakui Dr?wwi end Shirt* )? U We here Jaai reoeiT'uj & ?bmIj of theeLoTe 4Mb VMk*? rooommaadtobeoreverj auperior (tliitj. rfriotii vtnim to pcrcheeo. by trim ? . , -w -wn ?C lUlBlEBau, wv kKNy WNOTI? E. E Havi this d*7 ??*ii*d? Kiln of two cucdi ?o and fifty thoat&ud bklCK. vlub w? wuT Nil Omf fof... A. t T. A. BICHAKD&. S? 9 It EAT B^CaiFirK off SO par Mot bt.o* oo t, l&r? gtoofc n."IM:..1HA?SW BAUUiLts y?i COeflJ *^0* A? AR\ OVMJim. to OjMI tt? 8ga-ia&0aa?g" sr~ PATENT OFFICE Cy*I08ITIE8-?ud? to I PfcUDta, C?i?io(ce of Ouriositi* tod fiorm 17 "ct tt?rd &?,*! th* sU ad id Psfr.t Ofr* H?r? Aoti^unu Books ; t?cve'i.ra*i t Book*, Tkx-n men'.i furuikliod: Rii.rosd Ksporta. MiuUrr Efforts; Uttrnt Pst*r.t Oir? H?po:u, ChM* Book* rorc abed to MiJimrf Triftic^Miliary Ltvs; Army RmkioLi; Puoruuof tbsCcss* r.or.ti owr J,WJP miies; msaj ttonuLC Obs*s Books. fcwohsot thHi rett. Lsrrs silts, \0W ?igr..y i^OMK ONE. CONK ALL. and bcTjroar oatft L ( f SPRING udtfUMMEK the oorner of E and t*e?e ih eU. The ?bt of our l?rje *took of Aten'? and Boy*' Clotaia* will r?Li?ra ail a? e?e2?io? cf not t*iuf aU? to g*C liied or fi Ud at on' Mabliabneiit TTiVi BAB. A BROTHER a tnal, ami th^ wUI a wari <o what tat ig tit. a# tl la* p O T A T O _E ?l_ _ __ r u r A T D H t! 1 M bashala Wkita M?r**r Potattti i??( unw* at R uay'a wkarl. foct ol lick efrwt, w aohoonar Sarab Hal an, turn Baa* or, Ma aa, wui ba aald vary tow la lou to a?it br D. U m-KRlHON 4 CO., aoraar of lttk atd B M*., a? M lw* o- Ua eaaUia o? baft. laiNUIR * CO., \&9) OP T IC 1 A N8, M4 PlullTHlMTtt lUk) bM.UU IM ?. ITIflJfttlli HAilMI AND FIELD 0 LAMBS* COMPAHUi 4k JAY 000?(ViJ. 4H ^lrtnyji Brim. V. %. ORftTirtOA^BIk oVlMDKBTBDNWB. QuaritrmMri* Ckttk* mm4 7?ikti, KY NOT|t^ V.I., I vmijMll I JUIU ^iSSS^jSSSt&n ud* hurmfrwpt.imM.vkm 1 mi ^W^aSSUiTint ?fHlIf fUNMtowllHlMtMttrr ??*" KOAN. f?? 4TtNi** *,*? ? !> *%

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