Newspaper of Evening Star, May 3, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 3, 1862 Page 4
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EVENING START? KIXG DEATH. K <k Itttth win rare cld'Wlnw. Hr ?at whrre no *un coiilii ?blu<*, Ard fc# lifted hl? hand an vllow. And poured out UU coal-black wine Hurrah ! for the coal black wioc ! There came to him many a maiden, W tra<" evrs had forgot to shine, i .J * ..Itk, ..1.1 ? ' 1 _ J auu w.ut'wi wku gnn o rr???rn, For a draught of tbe coal-black wine Hurrah' for the coal-black wine I"be scholar left all Lis learning, Tbe poet hla fancied wees. And tbe beauty ber Moom returning, Like ltfp to tbe fading rr?e H urrah for the roal-black wine ' . AM rarr.t* to th<? rzre old fellow, W bo laughed till hla eve* droppd brine, A id be tiav>? them hla b*nd ?o yellow, And pledged them i? D<**th'a black win#. r Rami C druteaU. PBINTKEA5IA. 1 he Mbilo Regi?;er respond* to the call up- n the people t<~. bring f rward their bra?e t.. be melded into cannon. It thinks the lawyers a&d members of Congress now have a - ranee t- relieve the wtr.u of the Confederacy ir. -?? ik*i? luMn mt apa Af t V Brfnln * ' iMV" ?fcw rw.v ? - Tha Naw Orlear.s Delta contains an ajvert rtxect for round eteel rods ani ladies' worn < n steel Loops. The rebels foiled that lightring bad struck them so frequently they are <* iig into the manufacture of ligh'ning rods - _ ?_ I r meir ueience The Men;phis Appeal ~&js the nursing !>?h-c in that city have ielrneJ to curse the \ sr.kec??A'<tr Yvrf l,?dg*r. Children taught to curse ose section may grow up to be a cur?e to the otbei^ 1 h? rebel leaders Lave evidently been badly ra;~?.J. Ihey may hare to bo raised over jj'tir,??r rmher hoisted. A- there can't well be tc? tnucb of a good /. j>rct?y rebel woman sb u'd be pressed a: i re-prr?:ed M try able-'K>jird m<>n are actually asking .;iiy. Let theia join the artcy. L'etter take srrj- than Tick. .""The ob?-ll*k t-> I'r'.rre A !b?r!? on wL'ch '' . una h?i ?*t ber mind, wl;l Lav?? to ".?eabhjiti I i.?- itaaon ?iv?*r. 1* ti*al r<-uicnoiitk of i. .ert o-.m- a* ?rs ? an 1?p f-iv'-l !>i tb" Kr'liib !< >t; t ! fh ' '? f'wl.Mr (?;.!i>irr> w..? tir^.d - *' d tLf tUlnc liail t i l? abandoned. will .?o ? ne c^n *?>ja I ?>ndfn let'rr. """".v.i-y, of [ Missouri, a lart-r r ! a-mI a I lion; t. -t tbefinu.t ik air-nt . f t r> lllon, b>'ci>iniii<r nJurinr-tl f?ir rrif *ai*ty < f "Cbntt* ?? :? ?;.? ! sixty t.) I'. U? lof 5 uttr rro!w.l''n. A frw n.o: i!:??^o Lp ? ; t a it--.. 5,'?m r to t i>*-m irtfk Tt?? ^^mnn or. L:? r?tur:i ifp.-riti lL.&t tLcy Laii a;. Orrii cci<ti>?*at.-?I ir7"Tfce Frenrtj jrunncrs imtatatll tbat bad "?he io;> lor and .Mrrrlmaf bepn anr.'rt with t!i?lr lavor t?- jfiins ttf Iron wrnld pot liar* d ? ich remittance Tbe artillery of It" Glulrewill, :t i* ati?>rttd. pierce n?etal piatea "infallibly"' at a dittance of forty Bftrfi J7"^Tb?? Nathville L'rlon pnb!i?b*"a pt.d-.r^rmenU found on pardons, 1 In tke otttee rf tie secretary of State at Nasbvllle, showing ? r ? 11-??- *? - ? * * *?. ?. nami wsi in if iitun ot pardoning f-'.or.K. on conditio* of tbclr jolulug the Coined aruile,i. * There ! & b'.tter f. nd between the M'tMa > , ^ i act! the rrmilDlDg TvnnrKMeregiment*, in i ?>-quence of the former duDuir.if the Tcnnea$( ?[)* f cowards, and not recognizing their . . ? - l ? * ? i ijuuiiy. 177* ?ki? New OrirtEi R^ir l cf Provr.?* .Var 1; have < rderf d the ir.3*i>rs of not to nuage wnlte men deck hmd?. snd to dis < Lur^ tho?t they hsve employed T?.ey mui* no !n tLe urniV ? ? ? r {~r of .%i' -'0'ir!, h3? >s ie.1 h'.i? |.r.< station, ?oriVen!ng the :?t?te Ccnveutior, t. rr ,1 (strict tix? Stair, on the ? it Monday In J I f nrxt. {T7~S!j'v !ar2P bosp< of prnHa ?'oru /?m?r t- I t ut>U t-v the j '-opieof AlSl-*auki<? for ttr wound ?! li'-u I'.fi "... ti.?n twenty-four ;r-> it'rr therati ti.ul t ?-u 11. dr I. * TL- ;r-?u?t? ir? 4?aurctsrnt a'-"1 veiy b tiv,*, m I 'h?* tra'nt and :h-* track l*-twiyi ! "villi!!< : ! -iij Haf'.tord are covered witL water?in placta 12 and 15 feet ni-'d. i v 1 -\/0 for (be poorer r i-fses. n?*r 1 ate, wtlL a railroad tolt. !s pwyoa d ,;i Knj; i inj rs iu>r niJii suiidDie testimonial to l'riate A.oert \lf lh??re :? dr~<i on flie !" Cambridge, which >*1W* a pi" e of land at bnii.drd by ',?t?rnp? r.. J sViiti whf e l ^ui-1^tun il- ktd V. Ullam Smith '* An Jiim.Huat Uyk f'T >vp*?. ?r if1? liVorsbly :r?>[<lrtl f* r tfc"? . II 1 ?' * ? * ' " - va UVI U, ? Uiili , ir"IXi lUlOf^ J. 7"" la I '.r.-ion a rnl-wbipp*r thv L?- bl<1 ml Lad qw?rti^U . nJ partnl for?*v?r mote t^jn tvwntv tin**-*' \'ZJ" r?-bei l. e it Tel Wn t?r ?rs;t, rapt Pitt*ljnrp. '? a ?cn ;.f C. 1 ** n.i? i1 tbr ft-trral seme*. A i-'igf ' io-'tr, v iti. n dit! plat? bine f.'^t ! n d ~m*"er, will W?x. datilie central entf iner to tt?? great I.->nd<.u Eiutoi:iw?. ; f ' hpf*h'-^d of koi.turky tohnero w?i r, . ; -o?d it ix> i>. k\r . at tiJ |*r on* U :i. t Tf .i fO'.rtdi I i. - r > SvnvJ C-S V:',;-n.T ti3?wl!b ' f in tL - ''liri rfi: J" l?).l i.f tb?- L *' >'-* " jtid ? t in its l'?t w:r?bullion ~ i :<!(' ni. iljini* ii 11the M* rr!? f ?f ^ 4.1 .v ?-p. W it t snn nn?l J. j t.'l f Uil l(OB) ILr brad - * I i tj-tT {* > < r !? ? li!:r':i! T'i . " i :!lv: I'?,?-v triri-U ti?'v. i. 'i i.kf ? tf ?// ?.'/ k r o* < - ; -1:i ? :.i r rif? v< ?. L 3 i. . . i New V. Ill v. .? !i"n I,.. :.>th /.?r:l. ! r-o:> 11. f-m..,' u ive ( t-> \ J K.u w- <MMMM?4N?K?^kMMnnna J ?ll|l? 4 I .NT or ' t 4|*iK>' V, K/.?TiN?*. i . l. - i i ft *a? ?.<? i' c;? lh 6<A? t|l hf, i v* ? fc .iant?l:.a*?. ? Ullck l ;r ' SrtAW I o ?a?l . . i il.I ' '* a ,j;-. (a:(i!.n.:? * e> i i:.a iuw?.rt r~l t rr r*'. II r a^ov ? ir.v fi] t>" ' *r.iirs\n ice tr.? in bt'orto Hi..a -ii.j cU*nrhi"?. J. W . COi.l.KY, *; in C..f 'tJl'.'.i. -t. t.*&r f% ?*?rt a srumiiiu 9'ro?;ti of wrappings. j\ ? *r? r.ow to fjli. t * :\rt? ari'i *: f.r it'cb ill l. f a -<>v? 1 > 1?. ol ?b? -M'lt *. pe,-i?>' b.acn ?*.. , . ' > . wi'i < - ?1: of v. .;icb wo ?Jfar s. 1 , iv*-< m.? ? ? .u?t :j ;!? *? . N. T\' !.IR ? CO.. -1 .-j u.tu No. 48 C'*itrr jlla-xei Spiwd. A A R\Rt: (MUMMt ;V - | le ?f 111 m;... to in i ih.-r . . en. l i d .. t' fl -i 'OJ 'A . 1,1. ki.J FlX1 i l.oHOlKi.i n. d'-jnerof hpr . t!i ?r.! i ;ot ?%!' 'i . e-? I. >-ol litti* 3?<? is 1.. |I19( Cv ''R.IS' ibxt IM i:u>. m ?? '> j ? * i ifci .g jf %he iitaitiou Slluw i; is ? - J ? sac* '.or ao:e! f-u*n. v. m vv *?' jugr :i P. \v. DOUBLY. tv <i C-?ra?r7fti ?n<j I Watn'r./roii V- LW AUKI 7AL UK 1^1 xJKACTli- l I, Si kLi.3 A* SPRINfi ?T*L. O T H i N U, AT A'.IOXliCM LOW Haul*. \\ l,o e J rut ui> fc'- *i'- A ii 3.1. AS HAK Jt BKU . Kf J-liri* l!or[?r K v<d 1:n f AD1&-' rl'N i V, r.KELLA*, I 4 ofcA!"). ? AN J SIS EH 4 DEP. a ii'** ? i rtn;-::t ! ? in wl llwbnt g 'mi:*, - i it l: m ? - - n * C'JLU.Y, Sfif Hi 1 ?.h ?trs , *.car fi ivc. PAYlflA COUNTY 1> HA;>;8 AND bHOLLL?ERJ ! I ?o tcr?. tender,juioy m.1 rich,uu o u*um*out a:.>1 for .a* .ov by ALLEN bO OK1D i; t* *. 31* hi >*. ci -mtr Wa acd 1 a'-1. T CAN'T btt-UEAT! 11K 6nb*eri .?ra dj^ru.irdd to fcooommoOate > a!', ftrauiti.eaiw; in f sum* ?r Un-A?Ka -v md jou? 10 a isui? ?ip : e & t'.eWgCXSg^ i fcb-.t* oi Ci r tjn, Hugfici ecJ tUi J* ?? ,. <t ti..Tmte, ? ! rc tiie -us of ne pcbMo. f?mi! tea witbtuz it, o?4. at a! timoa procur* a dim uarriace ?ita s?-iit.a hvraea aao a food ai.<J o&retdl driver, i "ile, * r.*Ll to the at*b r* witi: atrMt au-i lumber %?i i Le (rompllr attendad to. Cu*r(*a?* nc derate ?4 .t ? wiii Ailov, H< r.oa lahen at liver j. J : fouK x CO.. &?XU Street, OLt blvtk ac-Lill l<f ap 14 ln._^ l-tsat ironat OUT'f?k HOUSE. .XEW iiO.'HLN feUtTKR row rw:nrtDj > ?n'? WLtierofail f&.ea coauautlj in *u>iet ft' J fur 9ft a 4i l!.? loveat M?, *<? rut**, br u. k. uri Rt ?w. j No. 440 Ei(Mb ftp U 12** ' t*T >'* ~~ REMOVAL. l i M. A H J 0 n MiuK i , ?n o^ma^u'i o? of . - ?- * * .i u ntom?, aif Ifmuvw id .till rWUilflVlllit a. -Mi* I -i?ml 9:h atd li ta alrrvts. ?ba? * thoi t> ii.\f eii i ? fuub>! ? eua>p am ?/ ?'.riu.?>Dt ot TIN v- AHI . liiiUt?KKKKrliNU AKIlUi.fcr.Ao. . *? " IMKM'M If IIKKK'-Oufie* uUUlwi.. w.? I? l?n*?t ?u>ok "f C'MHut. .a ti.a oiIt, fct tt.a F Wl #^1 .ithir ? M *i. -* ?* y*?* n.b -ai of u? it*i? f<B fffMiunri * tnoM. to* ? I i< . ' ^ IROM BAXjZJ, SM riNNITLTANli 1TKNVI. ENILB DUPR B. iut RtMl*e4 u4 A itrfe and flnt^lua tUek of ekotat FAMILY GROCERIES, A#* wwiuug ?? BUOaRS, of all frsdtt, WEAB, COFFEE, BWrWES, LARD, K? r nrt UV V MAILLARD'9 CHOCOLATE, AC.- AS., Ac. AU of wblch be cfer* at lowest eaih price** PIKE'S CKI.EHKATF.D WHISKIES 500 barreu Magnolia, 300 barrels XXX, Va> barr*la Millera Rye Mono&gaktli, <Ha> barrel* Hue Old Rye, 500 birrc!? Jne Old Bourboa. ? AT CINCINNATI PRICKS All tb? favorite brands ?f C II AMPAGNK, Mama Verceny, Green Seal, He'dHc*, wblcb, btlag bought low, we ofier at nouraallt low rttea, Alao, bole Agent for PIKh'tS AKMY CORDIAL; feb M-U SOLDIKKS' PAY. KAKNDbN'S EXPRESS WILL FORWARD SOLDIERS' REMIT r kir?L.>ki 1 Anvuii WB1THIS rilOI?*T oa Al.T-OTMUNT So tnair F&miiien ? ary j., v?* on t:ie line* ol their Kxpreaa a' ft chart o * f TWENTY-FWK OKNT* For any ?um not axocedirc Fifty Dollars.(A*) ) And a proportionate- additional charee tor plaoea reached by connnctiae Kxyeesog The remittance, whether in Uo!<l, Treasury N tea. or Aiiotmar:t Uratta. should he enclosed n an at velope a;.d securer sea ed, an<i have the full adilrebg, including the t'i?u, Fo*t Ofc-jfl. and r-ate, of tli? porrvii to whom to ue Be.,t, ?nU the v.! am ifiioiy KisrKea mereon. i.avr'otes for this purpose wii! L? farniiheJ &t tiiis otlio*. MoT.f* .eceitre-3 to bo. JorwarJeii at th<? offio^ in Washington, Third street, seen uJ door brlow Feiiuaj vai.ia avenue. i? 1 itn a SMITH. Atcnt._ pen^ion offiok, juwb 6th, ims. iv Ai-L. wrtum MT MAI uunvMKH. Application having htw mui under tVn act of 33d Juno, I860, for the reissue of the<1 Wirrants described uerein, ?i ich are alleged to nave oeen oet or destroyed.nottoe ia hereby cireb, tnat at the date fo'lowinr the description of each War rant, a new Certificate, of ilka tenor, will be is aed. if no valid objeotion should than appear No. 4ft,<22, lor 12" acre*, i??ned under the ast of March, 13&>, in the i.aira ct Charlotte widow of Waiter Cole, and waa crafted January 26,185i? H . I. .UV I #, L-.n-i Warrant Certificate, Nn. 75,147, for 160 acres, fact 1817.) n favor of Fxrruk Brady, Fri?a?* Company K.Srf Keg't U. S. Irfaitry, b?&ris.s date 31*t Oecairjtar, 1&6??June 24. 1862. L*cd Warrant Cerfcfioaie, So. 77,8*3, for 1?) acres, unacr tl:e act ot 1 itli February. B47. in favor ul ijion.a? i5 :.t?Tiam. p--ivR?e, oi ?'?pt. Hunter's oora?an*, Bivtta.son of Mormon Volunloora. i??uh1 iSth Ap-i!. itia-Jr.f 3<l. !662. L&r.! warrant o^rt'fiaete No 6-?,24',for 60 a^res, rran*?f nM?r net of '1th Fobrra. ?, '8i7, to Andrew Tuf<r or Th U >r. a privr.trt of< a; t Taylor's coxpir.jr. Col. rffim^iit, .Now Vo'ttDt-ffr ?nd bearing ?ao 8in April, 1851.?Juij lStii, JOSEPH II. JJARKKTT, irh 271*w fniwMioner. Wall, Hift|>l(eii<< & ( o., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT T A I LUKS, Ana UzALxaain WORDS, fA9HKS, DKLTH, ArAULETB. SHOULDER ST HA PS, A0N7LKTU, ?LOVK3,Aa. Aci ??ri r*n?ty ol HEADY MALE CLOTHINH, At WALL.STEt'HKNS A CO., B'JH FennTlTinji k/euje, Lettreec I> 11 Hatch A R?paM ?th l'tb ?U. PH. RIVAKT X CO. SlLt.HKY CHAMPAGNE DEPOT KF.MOVKI) TO i*. K.OwiwzE 09 PK.II. Avrnoi IMQ Sixth ST.. ritr^n Ion ?|.->t*l HuiMmt, Watkvngton. 1 KAlllMt A At _ ? n. nu-tir, asint, iv*v/ yosi. JAMi-S MOLaN, Asm, \Va?hij?9TO!?, I). C 6UKRR7. PORT sn-1 MADEIRA WINLS. FINK OLD BRANDY WHISKY. \Yy A iih*r?l discount to d?a!er? Kih 19 Boots and shoks to suit xhe TIM KM. We *re now m^nifn.cts:rif* a'! lnn<t?of HOOTS *71-1 SilOK:* J Ooistil:?l? lOOMi'. It.'S Iq|&| t-pr>J ui <Mu.tnrn mfc-te wor* oi aver* ne-H] actipUOU, K".*? 'ekprMtly toor<:dr,&ii?l will* ffe? ; . _ : I ii'iW.Tf'ioJ il.itiMU' M? .3rott>H'i8 Oi.fticed li<i* ouj lot much inferior iIm. I'fr? >'.* m want of ?:ootsar! Sh--?s of i?a?t?:t or miKid wcit, *ri'.l KiwftT* fcnd ? n> ut lu ? 3-tl at t!>0 !> * ?.i?0 U? * ca.1. CKIi-KIN A. UK<?., ?, j-r rn 1 l*rbtiw?l?V.!ft a?-<?pnw. nttVWKHS-OVHTK*!'! K*.:.Miram? ari^i t'rivate I'&mtiiot ?an I A ? l l*.l- ?.tt. /.X UT. .. . I vou * - cu * i*">i u n1 j wi*ll ' ' i r* 1 t'? H (rOkh i'<> :: l?i."% 'ty l.u*?urt>, f J it tua !o*t>at pr c . l'^wa l*ve us s cs i, vSXV AVK?H ft <!!?., No.JOJ Niuth st, l?>t\f?du Udntl A*. ff7~ Oriltri of tiia ii'ibt qu&Jtir fc>ico?i u> on!?r. - in*i 2^ I CS7 K K< "I't \'b !) AT I,. A. f 5 M A I. L fi i'O.'S 9 N't. 3M S???enth. b*1?wi.' 1 and K a ; >? ?u,< * ?-I i;Ln i ii! vj, rc'Kiti^MlNti iOOD.S, TRUNKS. HATH M.dnAI"<. (A l-'KAi.i, A CO.'S, No 301 seventh Btre#l, J> brtirn^o I ?&(i K. i? ll ? c.\oe to tu j jour |TI liT li I ft ?, FUKMsHlNtf (JOOl) si. fKUN H aIb ?: J ''At','at New York pruiM f^OMK O.N*, * NiJ ALL A S It. A. UilALI.A v CO.'?, No |ni ?a.f t;. 8ti?st. betwt-t.i 1 &{.? K. > . ?ur ??? > FURNISHING tiOOIW, I? A ttinl OA VOW !S f., JR TIM K TO HUY YOUR -> O^JiHl.:' . Ft,HMSttlNB GOO!)!< HA'fs w a >".vf 5 it *?"> \ ft pr;ef?. kt I, A ::i A I.I. * en '4. -iti v ? .v k?w( >/w j ?oi:UI t uaiwnofl I ?rrt K ?tr-??>:? ml- 11 nE HAVE OFIi^cID A UKSK MTOCM H * ot vi't &:,c UN IjliKSHlRTS aiuuHAWhRs, w'.toh v;.. 'o ?oic at r6a?cs&b<? ?i.o?a. SA\V. THOMPSON. X<b PtiiU. ?T?.ncf. h \i-tf ( A 1)15.S' KUJlilLit UO'JT* 11 ANDSHOtf, J 0. PUONEV'8, \ii r'etn itusje, back of Ciuatfi Drt Good* Stori, \IKWS KwBiifcK COOf? I'l AND SUoKd, Al J. li PUD.NEY'S, '* It-tf <>;? hi?, ty ; LHck Room. I A 11 6 h MAPS a or UKOBGIA. HAM Ml . , FLOKIOA. ' ' * ' rua.'*, cj . y tho HtataGovorn-n^ato 001 var* en scHo.mouLtaJ cn o'.oih i* aportab'e form *?17 F R A NCkta YLOK. \V O BOYS' CLOTHIN&. ?? fc H?<r? raoairo^ w.ihin llkjJjwt d*r or tvo i &* fSIKSEM SP*IN a CLOTH >n?.hiui ww pnoiw, ir.eaium an.i &s? ualaaoe, wun.h we are mUid* 4: r*r> l&w inud for OMh. WALL. HTCPHENS & CO , litli Pl< IT.i I MVMS 9tii *C(1 )>?U tU. a lr.Ul. k. Be?.| C OR A FEW pAV80.NLY.-l bare reworM M. mv haft ElOOI HI ( .nfuliv frnm />?Ar a* uJ J.w^rTSlorcto J. H. WFVIA 'SJo: e?.a KreM, dm; t, vaare I abaJi offer it at low Hi*j. wl oi?Ml? <v>?t prioeo. lor a (av dar? on It . fa?>. i w ltpfrp OH BHKCIAL NOTIOE. N AN1> AFTER TUESDAY, APRIL 1, 13?, tha triiza oa the Baltimore and Ohio Mailrv-*3 ccmmsnce runnin? lailj, Sunday! excepted, leaving th*a atatioa at 7.4ft A M , and ooaneotinc at Wa^h'nt-n Junction mall train for an pirtf of tha Wml vi* Parkersburc or Wkeeliu, Ttruiuii t oken aoid acd ba{r*c* oheoked vy t jP BJSl mmm Ma-t?r of Transportation DalQmora and dhio Raiiruad. ap 1 dtf TKAVELLIWO TRUMtP. *' K for aaie tha lar?at aaaortmaattot I RAVKLI.INu TKUNKH lu Ik fuand uaft?o lot*, tomrnrini Nat Pol# f.o*th<-iErt%S( l.a'Jiri Ure>M RJhl t'ackirr Trui.ka. Va.^HlU tm#i, i:?r?*t Bl|>, Jto., whioi. we nre now Mlitnf ..u>? ?..-.iLL ?KPHPNS %9\? 3 if a Fean. areaae. kYj* pifiiMb ? IIA * rilKIRI* 1 OIUUUfB WtrcMUnhlr* laic*. ri*MUt*4 bf SB &XW&AO* t ONHOIB8KV R> H j ! t* * -OWkT toOD ,\ IAIOK." MM U W.I ..,? TA..WT J or DIM. iaEat.fe-1 < TceaDovaBAUUEie not only u.esMT ana moal t rerwLABeoroiwiHtknewu, bit the most Z?wew- t i**l- %e ? few drop* in Stnr, Hr**v< or with FUA. < 1 ud cold Joints, Bttf Sumk. impart 1 o ex* oieite Mt, which mmntmipUd Banoe sua- ] ftjtotnrera hare In vain endeavored to tmiimt*. On the Lmmekiem, Dimmer, or Smprm TkbIt, a oruet containing M LKA A PBRR1N9' WOUCESTEgSIiliiK SAWOB" w ladtnnmr ble. to tMTMitta the uutlUmt i%mhtUi of tale dtlitivtu preparation it i* only neoeeeary to purotia?e a * in All bottle of the trniM. of a reejeotable *r** ' oer or dM er,u many Hon I and Rtttmmmmt proprietore eeidom plaoe the Purt 8a?oe before taeir gseeU, bat ribetitntea gamine Mitt* filled witk a fjrwriM* mixture. For aala bj grcoera and Frailer era orerrvhar*. ] JOHN DUNCAN * SONS, Wnion Sfu*rt and litk ttfft, Nnt York, Sola Wholaa&ie Aienta for tha United Htataa, A Stock always in ?tora.-Alao order* roooixad far liiraot ahipmants from England. 117 Btwmrt tj mU ;?<UtiaM-/11 i M> ?-l 1 ?2*3 lUrHAXb ?^ rxvjfiH i MASOfACTOKY, 4*9 xvimti srim, VVugimTiN,!, |, 4i T?r Mei&l *wa.ried by Mftryluul lutltlU Baltimore, November 1 ,.M, ? " I .?<nr?l 1 1 * IM . <Oi# i UanvA* Yrsrcimc Baca, . r ? IPakaai 41 t?? Pruts. a? (o.ijres* ?r.j faveiAr* will >lea*t tucine my ?too* before turolnainc clMwhar* Yrvbka iktt ars maJe in other cities. superior Leather and liroci franki aa4a U Tier. Irvnka aovered acd rotairad at fhait nctlM, udi de'.iTora<t free of oiiaire to anrtpart ( tkl It* rsew^i, aud Alexandria. JA*1K? B.TOPMAM. BALMORAL BOOTS. llUAT TiPH>d i>biible noi? Unmortl ..fl 10 Calf Kid do do do ~.|2 W love Calf do it to * Also, ail other ttrlea of Ladiaa and Miim' D. I , ll?, ? - *1 A - i ? ? ? ^ 1 i*mi;UUI?I uwii) iuc uictpoii KQU UTBI MIOI UU6LK in theoitj, J. PosKNThAI,, l?o. 1# Market Sitot, ia 7 do Penn. *T?now. gth andlth ?U. SOMETHING NEW ! V\ty'mT"T Uucovikt it 111 0 iirMt, *rr*titi iti n?c<r. ? l> U. Shall a^o^S^&V Nf?i? to a rmt) in ?*?? mtmutu, tkt fmtuti Nm tn rtttri. Call as 4 ??. Vh? tcier?itned re??ectfi!!y inform* hia friaMa la taa Diatriet, and Tiaitor* to the oity, that ha haa rafittej hia olb and waLL-ittown istaiuaemff in a moat thoroach manner. anJ hu made oomjlete arrangement* to fuiniah OYHTEH.8 in an? it?.? Rnd is any tuastity. 400 to iuu railonaahBOkM An/t ? a a<v\ m *?> Ci j j ? pvi u?;? ku ju" USiiB Ui OpiOTU Utt fTMl J at ay daily?cam b?rluetioaiij araled. PiruuN In the ahell by the baahel or barrel. 1'snoBi viiLior to have Oystera famlahed rer*lar.j t^ruccb tae winter, at JUItiraore arioea, | wtti.out fear o/ faiiare, ahoald eall and make arraLtoinenta at ouee. Freifht, time, an?l money aaved by aurohaaic: ef me. aa 1 farm ah an artiole ana: to the oei 9 b rated Ualtliarre eatabliahmenta. aneeejaataaiov. , YOBtfVliEBS, ? 1 .tihh, L.o[iser?, tsarulnee, Clans, St'Mrberriea, TotnntoeB, Fica' Feet, Ynpe, 4??. ke.,Ao. A!?o, Ktjoea, li randy t-n*c!iea, Ac. AIpo, S*n?*nii Frsjh F;ah. Turtles. 'ferr*?inn, t'r*sh Lo!:i>r?, (*o<i, HfcliLut, &?. fa every tiiinc for u'e in the Northern 1 k??a tlw?y? on htnu, ?t raaronaMe prioea. ' Uote.s fcc i Ian:i:ic? supp..ed with Oyster*, do- 1 tivarod without oharje t > any urt of t&e District. ] ic aeanon. it the mousy ik sect witn the order. 1 Mr eaUbiiahraentia o>ec from a. m. to U at t. er#ry day, taoftft usaay, wben 1 elOM at io o'oioei a. a. la?-tf T, M, HARVEY. Pr otteitd ty ttcyai Ltiitri Patent of England, , mnd nrurtd tjr i\* S*als of tkt Ecolt d*P karma at dt Pant, and Ikt Imptrial CoiUgt of iitdteint, Kh**i 1 TitII ShMAK NO. 1 la li.s efleotul remcxir for K alxxaTTon, Hp**- i HATOftkUtS* Mtl K*h ??-710N 01 TUB STHTK1I. 1 TRIESfc.MAR No.*. Completely and entirely eradicates ail trace* of tnoae diaordore, for which Co^&iva and Co bet* have ceuerally beep tliouctil au antidote, to tit* rain of Ue tieaith of a ?ut portion of tli* poptla- i TR1E3HY Alt No. 3, i> the (r?at and sore remedy of the civilised worlt i for a!!'.m?uriti*3 of tr.?-?T*t.nn. m w?ii ?? i try symptoms,;.* th? ilentructiv# u#e of Mi"'vjrj,n wBilMoU;.1. ions ingredicnU. 4mv1 which ail tt!0 in the world cannot remove. Tbiv^bmah No?. 1,2 and 3 are alike d*to:j o: iasI-j or oi'tli *t?J of all nauaeatine 4nalltioe. Thejr are in the of a !<>s3U(e, and may iie ?n tho toilet ttlie * ituool llteir ??? Ueinc auapected. _ ] in i.c ?in hi 93 ^vjn, or lour 93 cum in I one lor JH, and ir ?*7 canae. tuns caving |Mi a?.mui?i;re?i t>T Viii^ea.<inaii.J, Houx, 4to., &c. \V:.o:c8tle and resell hj DK. II. A. UAKKUVV. l')4 |{;?sMl(rr- 'raei, (4 door# Irorn MlVCituuea street). Now \or*. tiuiiieJiate!? on r?ceipt of remittance, l/r. i'^iuiw will lorward , fi.-reiuV to an/ ?ait of ihe world, securely J taof O't.a^d adaretted accordn.j to the inetraokloaa < of tne vrnti". pMbliabH also by |>K HA RKOW.tUl ?r ?].d bMutuui.v tiluslrAte<i meJiotl work, Hnman 1 f r*l tj. Priu# 1> *ei.Ik. XriP6?iu?r and lJoofc o*u ,?n o. UiBJd b? t?-.o.a t?tai?riiT froaiU. C. FOBD. bn,?r?n. II. 17 t*LOAK8, HI1AWI 3. MANILLA. AND ' ? , FINK I'K^SGOium ' A?tU < i. i M L' ( ( ) I'k. U i < > . > i- ,i . . ..... . ( ??uw. I 8UAWL8.1 I ' " Tc SokI" t INK "UK h8i OOOW.1 , ? HAW L.3. ^ m ivNTLKii- wlNK 1 1 maNTlks. 1 '

A l&rc* aaaortin^ut now in Store,and new supplies from tie Nonti and East daily. One prioe only, uiarko < in plain tigaree. An inspection of slock incur* no obligations purchase. FEKRY & BKO., apifcl 6t Fenn. avenue and 9tli st, j I H.O.HOOD I I *Bt;onita?UTreo?mnc.& kuat^yaonhand. J ? [all R'jpply of most celebrfct&d ? WAIOHKSthaiEremMinfvjturedin Eu-JH iiiiu. 8wit?#ria. J &r.<l America, LotLinOoTdflK SEiSilveroMei. H? a!bo kaejaa larte <itjSr5| ! Sine JKWKLRY ofthnmoat deairabla stylaaaet with Diamonda, Emeralda, Rnbtee and atl tieiua. He u alao mannfactnnn*?Ji hiJ??'wj uvuu Sia-.dard Silver Wu.i, Mid keeps Swords, Revolvers, Sword Belts find Sash*s, Howie Kmves, Rasors, Scissors, tfold, Stiver and Steal BjeoUe'rc.tMJ a ireat variety of other things usually . kept in a J ewe it Storo, a-d a 1 at the very lowest srtoe. No. 33e Pa. avoiiue, betweao >tA and lOtb . ttrwwts. fa l*-tf 1 '^O MlL.nTA.JLY OrKlOKRM AMU UTUIiJKB, ] BAii.iJJSi.on ti VEXV1NS HAIR HTM, i Vhe Vtkt in the World. c r*? Or.i, a*:utu H^rmUit y*ir d*& k?**m. j I-j *ii DrvniiU, Biuno^i PMrat M*aiaiu? Store, op. Patent OAoo. ?or. F * Ttk, i udtt f 3:ki i il&ir litcra, ?44 Pen:.'* ?venie. wkirt L?didi cfcu hftva it w^iieU^ir daairaa. fict?rT?bl lik.'oii? it.Md tti Broadway) If. T. 1 or 1 ( 1 I ni'Pl INT'U ^I!a & U n?* * *? * " MAL? RKG ULATiNd f 1LL8 jJJt Read tue /ol.uwiuc unioIiciUd eaooml- iflK 4 imi: mEB"\ "I caaaot oommer.a them too highly." PTr? "Tbey are the beet heraaJe Pille extant." ? thein with ooiuplate uocs??." a atiaa/*"*'1 not 10 wiUioat them apon My oontider- j *^Ta?y op?iMe speedily and effoctiTelT." FriOd fil. K#!iI h? mail. fti-.'ilka if ITDtl A W ?On Ch^nut WmT-' ^ niton by 8. C. FO.'Jl5, corner 11th street and Pa. lE Alexandria, by HENRYCOOK* w" Be n.W]T l^SS8?56^5E^W=55 [ re^aireaT It la an Knc-^fl^^k, J <8 aUft I ?*fajr?l#f prioe^^*^ 403'cbeanat street. I C I mttfUVLfilllifUlU 111 *V MQlBflOD DT Ci KORDi ^ corner luh afreet and Fa. *? .; in Alexandria. by HENRY COOK A CO.. Patriate. ot?-?olT f OR BALK?Vvo fira:-olaaa BILLIARD TAr BLE9, marble i abt. aid every arrangement oomplet*. Tfcoaa doeirin* the above will atady weir interest by oallinf immediately at Ue Baropean Hotel, onwr lira aireet and Pe&narivania evonee mn t-tf ^ CTEINWAY A bONH* AND RAVEN, BA < 53 CON A CO 'fl eelebreied Inetra-^magn E Senutre eoUat lownt facer* prioee^^^^J T OMh IB< MM"*"' ' *' ~ xxtm tap ?*** """ -d tar~*;w ?DW EXPRESSCOMPANY. MOT ICE Ok MMMOTAIm i^^awxtexifXQi ratftfcIA* "AMBRtCA* RBatBDISS,* Kioti M BEUTOOLD* " tunui nxrikinois, HMLMBOLD 8 EXTRACT "BUCHD,M ?? " 8AKSAPAULLA IMF ROTE D ROBE WASH. IBLMBOLD'S OBNUINB PREPARATION. HIOHL T CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACTBVCH U. i. Pontir* sad SpMii R?a*dr 'or OiMAM* of U* BLADDER. EIDNKYB, 1R i VVI ..J ntannai/i ? a* * >?J* ? ou, in VKVrDHUJIli BTT BbLinVBi Thi? Medicia? normii the fmr of ftitticn, *nd exoitM tfae ABBOBBBNTftiato kMlhy Mtion, by vhioh the WAT KEY OB GALJAR K0U8 d?yo?itiona, and all UNNATURAL ENLAR9EMENT8 ire reduoad. u veil u PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, awt m |o<*1 for MEN, WOMEN, OR CHILDREN. HBLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BVCHV, For W?kB(WN fcrwnr from Exomsm, Habit* of Early Indisoretion or AbaM, Atttnd*d with tk* lolimiw Indiapoaition to Exertion, Loaa of Power, SvTtf'JSsr- D"""" "fss&'ss: Horror of Dueaae, Wafcefa*neee, Himnae. *4 V..w>n Dai. in ?ka uiuik Universal Laaaitude of tb* Mvaoalar Byeteai, not Handa, Klaahiir of the Fody DryoMaof tbeBkiiu Kraytione on tbe Faoe PALLID COUNTENANCE, TkMotmptoma, if allowed to ko on. vhiofe tbia medioift* invariably removea, eoon follova IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, in one of wkiob the patioct may expire. Who cm ur that the* are aot freenentir fol Lowed bv thoM "DIREFUL DISE\BES." "INSANITY AND CON8UMPION." Many ire aware of tli? oan?e of thoir tnfferini, BUT NONE WILL CON FEB*. THE RKCORD9 OF THE INSANE ASYLUMS. And tk* Mtlcmtkoly Dtaiks by Consumption, BIAR AMPT.I W:TN?*? TO TBI THUTH Of TBI* ASIIIBTION. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH OR8ANIC WEAKNESS, Ke?mrea the aid of medicine to atretic then and iLVicur&'e the Stitem. WhitK HELM BOLL'S EXTRACT BVCH O im variably dots. A TBtAt WILL CONVINCE TBI MOST SIIFTICAL. FEMALES- FEMALES- FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE, MARRIED. OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In many Afftrtions ptculiar to Fimalti, Lb* Ertmot linobu la nnreualleJ br my other really, at in Cftlons or Retention, Trregnlarilp. H*?ufulne#? or Suppression of Castomary Fv?ouitions, IHoerated or Scirrhous state of the litems, Leuoorrbma or Whites. Sterility, and for all complaint* laoident to the sex. whether arising from Indlsorelion, Habits of Dissipation, or in the DECLINE UK CHAN0E OF LIFE. SIX aTMPTOMS ABOVB. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT! Taxi no moii Balsam. vnplvasint Mnncisn foe *npliasa.nt and dancirovi msbarx*. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU cnu BECRKT DISEASES la all their stages, At ilttla Eihsm, Little or no ohang* 1b Diet, No InooaTenienoa, And no Mzporurt. Itoauies a freqnent deei'e and gitee atrength to Urinate, thereby removing obttraoUona. Preventing and Caring Striotwrea of the Urethra. AMAvin# Pftln An.i InflammaHab ?a fm* tbec M* of dia*a?e*. and upeilinf mil Petumcmt, IHitattd and wora out Matur. thouean&a vron thocsanm WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, md who have Mid hiavt r?i to be oared Id a ihort time, have found they were deoelved. and that the"POl!*ON" baa, bv Iheneeof ''rowaarcL 11TITK8MTI1" been dried up in the ayatem, to ureal on in tu sursTtwu lorio, ina PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. 0?* HitMBoiD'* Kxtkact Huotttj for all tffeouoiia and disease* of the URINARY OROANS, Whether existing in MALE OR FEMALE, Prom whatever oaoee ong tasting, and no natter of HOW LUNG STANDING DImmm of theee Ortam re?mre tfieaid of a DIURETIC. HLLttBOLD'S EXTRACT BVCHV IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, Vnd le oerUln to have u?e desired effect la all FOE WHIGB IT 19 RECOMMENDED. BLOOD' BLOOD' BLOOD! UelmSold't Highly Conctntrated Compound o T1IT r\ WHO A /IT o A ua 4 n A . - IUUIU liainAVii OAMAfAMLLA, SYPHILIS. 1 hit ta la an affection of the blood, and ATTACKS THK SEXUAL OKU AN?, L.INI1NU8 OF THK NOSK, LAH8. rilKOAT. WINDPlPK AND Of HICK MUCOUS SUKKACKB, Wailur ita appear&noe in the form of ULCEUS. HelmbolU'a Extract SaraManlla, funftaa the Blood, and ramovA* all SoaJy Eru? tiona of tfia Skin, 8IVINU TO THE COMPLEXION A CI.EAJt AM) HEALTHY COLOR. It baini prftparod axpreaalv tor Uita olaaa of oomt.aiiilB. it* Ulood PuYltrmt ProcertiM ara ara K?f??u 10 a greater ejtout itian auj utbir ireiinaoa *4 rtar?apaniia. HELMBOLD'S ROSS WASH, M|**C?1,?nt Lotion for DImum of a t*r?lu!itia jiuiu nauuoi Ulasif*U*Ht itad i? connection vitU ib? KzirMU BnUu ?r i?ra*>*riila. in >uoh Diimmc m noommeuilad, Etdtnt* ik* mott rtltablt mmd rttpmsUU tkfmctir vnil accompany i k* mtditi?s. CERTIFICATES OP CURKS, from a to 30 year*' fluJuu, % ? -* with nun mow* to 8CIKNCK AND FAM K. For Madioal Frorrieuaa ol HUCUV.u* Dla>enutory of the Umttd Htatea. Piofaaaor DEWEE'8 vaJuabia vorka on tha 'raotioe bf Phyaio. 8m rejiarta inula by tka lata o?iabratad Dr. )uvoi?iv n u I OIVKi ' UIl?U?iplU?. Bee rtnarki rafd# b'nPr- KPHAAI* M?)OWKLL. aoelebratad Pbjetoian and Member if the Kojal Collece of Burgeons, Ireland. and mbliihed In the Tranaaotione of the Suae aae jusen'e Journal. gee %tedioo-Chirnr?ioal Review, enbliehed toy JKNJAM1N TRAVERS, Feflow or Rojai Coieceot Surgeon*. See moat of the late Standard work* on Medicine ^xir?oi ouonu, ?i oo eer bottle, or afx for f5 00. :?iraot Bartaparille, #1 uo per bottle, or iu for 1*00. Improved Roe* Wuk, SO per bottle, or elx for Or, half doaea ofeaeh for 913 00, vhioh will be aftoient to oare the aoet obetinai* ouei, if dl otiona are adhered to. Delivered to aay Adareee, eourely packed from obeervation. )B8CK1BK SVMrroMS JN ALL OOMMU i* ? * hirto SuruUMl! AdvtM 6r?tla!! AFFIDAVIT. M/TT ^SWIboldTWIIIO Mt worn, doth My. kit trHVtBoM onlil M atMOlil. BA tmmrmmrm a- ? ? ???** SS?%7HMjtWL0. Sworn lad snbaorlbod be/or* >?, thia 33d day of AddrOM lottara Cor iafbraatioa in oonidtao* to Doyot, lHo'4BSouuS>Dia ^tP^ChSauii PkiiA. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS, n no anqwror to dlsyoM "or Tim own" U 'OTKIl ilTICLH OH IU lWDTiTtOJI ATTAIJISd I, Heboid'. UonaiM PrM^on..^ WitrALLDMUQQlSTS ETKRYWHKM.M. ABM. FOR HELMBOLD'S. VAKI NO OVIU. Cat nt tM dTtrtiMBMt ud MM tor it, AND Atom iniMMinn DffimSTRT. IV] KW AND IMPBOVin INV VMIikk AWT1W191AJL CHMOTLABT1 BO WW f B K T I, Wmm Inn Pun 11 cum. DR. S. B sieR8MOND, lit Br?Amw, fmTyfawto i? Mil, UU mid 1SU lilt Cj^ tto Mtyttoa of Uoy?btiq f the toiiovtag orod* n?n ebirt* ^oiorby *?? !}*?*?>thre* **nh ItrktlrUuuT thw, * 1*9 or root* Bead to innMH, M tV? ii??rtod oror Um 4t roott irCl >? u,fcc? laofeafcir*. &a in? .Vawsgsaagaa tssss S'ES&K'.KE: Dr. s? bo AlM Ustm>U4 ft Vkitt iBdMtrMtiT* maUl ftliinc, witt vhiok tbo post aopattiT* tMtk ubelllM vrthoutyain, add can build op ? aerMOt, MIB^tOOUl 00 ftBJ a?da roota, VklO* Will laal boat?/ nrfereeew rlrwB?to Or. V. Mott: Or. ?mu, frofMtor wClwiiutrr, N. Y? Hot. r? Wayaa,of Ua ttaarena Coirt of Wubur Ion, and ttonaaada of otbara. Call and examine for yaartelf. bo ta OAS FITTING, Jtc. A WML *. DOVK * GO. Jill N?* yr*MrM to uNiti mtf artora *1tt ITT Bt*r? an tU ?lr*?, ? few Imi utU *1 Fv ?y*a?a, vtora out to r?ii< a Mmfswuiorwrn " ^7^7 " i aMBSgajjfcs.' .. "iiYEka * Nil NAN. i U' Mf _?7? J> (IrMt SMITH in BROTHBR'B NEW TURK ppppp a a ll mamammm YY YYY AAA LL KKfeKKLK PP PPP A A & A LL EE P ? PPP AA AA LL KK F- PPP AA AA LL KKKK >PPP AA AA LL. KKKK P? AAAAAAA i iL EE i$ t? \\ fcte iissgis \\\ /// \\\ j? ^ S 4 A* *AK ILLLLLL j^EEEEK AA AA LLLLLLL EEEEEEE ifrnm AMBER. ALE, PORTER, ASD EXTRA BROWN STOLT, Jm WkcU, H?;/, mmd tr Cmtki, BRKWKD FROM THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND HOPS. BRKWERY. 10th Strt?t, titwua Ttk ?b4 8tk Imiiii, NKW YOKE. totl-dtj* PRIVATJfl. PRI V JlTB. DR. LA BONTA b&Tiox rMDOTtd htaotflee to Room No I, adj^iniu the Sunday Chronicl* t ffioe. m V> aaliiDftoD Boira inc. fi a?enue, cur?er of 7th ?tre*t, is bow ready to cure a 1 Diimim at a Kr irate Nate re, without the nae of danferok* or diagaetirc of any kind. Bed no interfet-nce with roar bnaia?M avoeatione harm* dev-ted wj wboto una to the wuj Hio cur? vi rr rut UIMMM 01 ftoU WIN fkd to Clironio effV-rtioct of the Womb, Liver, idneye, Skin KmMioc*. fto .end tradnatiGr 10 the best eohool in th?- world, the New Vork City Hospital!, under Chilton and Parker, to whom 1 most re?pfotrulljr refer. I viU raj #1.'" to the ptra*n furnUnicc me a ea-e of any of the above dis-ase* whicl* I oacnot speedi!jr and ?rDiluent 1 r eure, let the o?ee be old or emt. No aietioc required ; nothing dis&creeabie in an; part of lit* treatment. Consultations Ireo Rooms vert pritan. M. L.\ a<?NTA. Daam> ft i * ?- ? it*--. *? ivwui V iuia? urwi 7 ?T IttQlUKMO UOI RlFf? mh8t>-2iTi' ?' >Teuue nu) ^th at. SKCRKT DIHKA8JS:"! HKOKKT UiSKAShS* SAMARITAN'* ?IKT! SAMARITAN'S filFT! The Mo ft Certain Remedy Ever U*rd. "Y??." a positive care lor diiTtf i."r hitiL'iucj OONOIKINK*. oi.K!,i. 'RnUGTUUKH, Ac. Contains no Mirerai. no Bftls'm. t?- M.rcur*. Op.It wd pills to to Ut a oare. TIi?t ar* entirely. vnelib ?, havicf ??o croeli aor any unpleasant wi;l not n auj vray in juretlioatomaob *>t U>wela of ti<? iuo?t ic-at*. Cure* m from two to four and rMMjl caiM 'mm?"* MM?? ?? ? V .HIT Ul I UIUMI liuia, DDI Of uif mnil emin*ut Dootora tiid i'U*uui>U ?f ti<6 sioaout dhr. ,M it SAMARITAN'S GIFT , Willonre any o&se la from two to four d*T?, ted reoent oum la TWENTY FOUR HOURS' iVo tipotmt. no treuclt, no tkam?? w4?j,??r. Let tboae who liave detpfclrsd or rottitr ctred. or wfa? hftvfl liMi tor tod with Btlwii Oojan* o moioui j, ouoe iry n,o SAMARITAN'S GIFT. Sent by man id a plaiu envelop*. Prioe male package*, t> Pnoe female iuiiiki, fa SAMARITAN'S RUUT AND RKRB JUICES A BPEKDY AND PEKMANKNJ \ CLRK.FOK bVFIIlUK OR Vf.IXtKfc.Al. UlHKAHKfr. Htrt Is ? positive cure?uo Moieuty-no Poisonbat the juice? of Roots aiul lUrbs ooabtcwL Tbi* form of the disease mikM its apretranoe in ore* on theorians ol jeiwa'ion or tti?? mi; occur on other parts of ihe IkkIj. whioh ha>KM moat It on th* groins, and very often a* ?Io?ts of the mouth, tetter*. spots, oanea and node* ?f the bonea, Ao Ao An* and ftlk of taeee aynptoma will aoon yield to th? SAM AKlTAN'3 HOOT AND HERB JUtCKS. Sent by express. Prioe #1 ft bottle, or ft bottles for *. SAMARITANtl nn?Nnot W *au Pnoe V* oMti" Pall direetiose. ESMOND * CO..Box 141 Philadelphia P??t ?8old by B. CALVERT FORD.eornor lltk and Pean. i?tw. . _ .. J M. EATON, 24 South Eighth itroot. Philadelphia. a>a Im NOTICE. ?ADiSU> EXPRESS COMPANY." ftssags sruxss-^W fnSed 8JH?#!"' . * I Ebwiki to ud from tii? ffortfc u4 Wat 4t+ w ftadamwojaw Minify* nria> MiiM ?ainM u ^'^^-TsassnNBtm: '&miM<(r^.lU>)(U>nut a. u. iu u r.aMwnmi IB nuUHtoltl frllTjpMB 1HT< UA.UBMra at IM A. M. U4 IP. MuTarTifUc la WMkSitoa M ? A. M. uiUi fesaaugmt!'* BtgSl Contrattafftr larf ofFr*ck? *n bit mtu* oa Mi.ioat.ot to thu Oftoe, TRAYHLLM8' DlMOTOtf* I ' * BALTXXO&I 4 OHIO ftAILROAft. CMAM9M OF U O V kM. VitMiRik WiMmir, ArtiiV, ISM, rv* mmdnii ni n mvkn VilHIliaTOF, BALTl>IOKli AS? THE WEII Wm rm* u ft''.## : DmUa i>mfmi Arri9* ? and D*r*mrt Ami Wmikmttv* Vmtl* **' *+* i*i ?<4, Mi fWV PI 4 UA i 3 p . Par PHILADELPHIA and NEW YOHKL*?* w Mhiertoc kt 61. m7.40 a a , U ft K. iih| ANNAPOLIS?Lwve Wftehicgt^i M 1M ft. ?,ftnX>sD^^C*~WftafclBftoB ft! T^t JO^ALLPmNTt' \Vf*T, Aid for H?rftor*? POTTT. Vftrt5r?r>?rc ?Dd WlaofaoftUr,loftvt Wfttumjton fti7.?ft. m. TU a I VU M/ilri vin a?k*?. ai.ic ?HM l IV r TUI II L?nN?v Vork ktl ft. m~, Pii'.iftj?.?fetft UJkft. Bkiuxto;# S.V? >.?. Aruvtftl NV ft?bi mton I * '*L?**?NkV York fttlp re.; PlT.ftaeV.ift Ik 9* ?. ; Bftlbmork 4 * ft. in. at.ti at Wft?hi*g.oa 6 3* ?. in. LHn N?w V<Kk tt II f.m ; Phi *de:plit* 9an*. m ; l.a'tiroork 7 40 ft. rt. A'riTk ftt VNuri uj on J.Sit in. Looftl Ao?k>iikioooftUoB Tr&ir? Imt? Bft.Unor? fttl0ft.m. ftM lit k./u for lYft?i.:af toa, ftrri** th?r?fti it ft. a. ftB'i 7 ft ? to. On Satxlftri ftt 4.3" fcrd " 4* ft m on j fro? Bftttlmor*. N* Aft&ft^olik or Frederick oouicbou OB frftftdftf. Puttt|tt Trftin Imtioc VVftctiinxtom ftt 7 kk ft. J*' so fUJUnwre u t.?o a. m. and ? ** fJNrt or.nnootiom for Anttapolic f* y J"pottoThe 7.4'1e. m twrrcti at Rear J rain* faare.Aiiaa*oh? for Be't more tu; WuhlactoaaUloa. in. ard;??P m. Paaeeccer Train* ieavine Waah tjtoc at t?a. m. U a. ?. aad i p. mJ BaiMmor* it ? * end *?e ft m.? tod 3 50 I. n . Will i? A?i k. Ai iaaa aeiia ZVaiN SOr.iy. . W. P. SMITH, Mi Wntw of Tr>n??ort?tioB, B4l IMS] THE (!* PecniylTanit Central Bailroad, I VIUI IM cor OWIIUMI IS A FIRST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE WKSTKRN CITIES SPEED, SA! EXT AND COMFORT! STONE BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROWS* FROM BALTIMORE! TH11I LA.IXT TBAIHi T%OJt PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH! Tv?#i'tkM> siakinc ? itMi MiniaeTTom at iiunifu with tn'cs on the MORTHKRN CENTKif. BAI!. KiAIL I led fanriaf THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE wttmm WASHINGTON AND HALTIMOll I* ali points in the Wm, NUTI-WMT IDC ^OITB-VUT. ICTFor TbrMfh Tiok?U,a*fly ?? th? UlM ?t tM Northern Central Ri. Read CobyuTiCtinrt station, ita'tucon. opttnats aiupyig Vmrs on all E1\rKt Trmnt Swxcictng Sale en Cart on all Trams. FROM WASHINGTON. P*M*af*rawi!iuU?u*fa.ra.M<i? p. a traiaa, arrmac ta Bammot* at yja a. k. and E ?S p. , *Mri c<ou ooncveticfct are aiaae wtu imina oa the NorthernCactral R. R.,abd arrive m ii erneburg at 1 p. m. and a. m , there couMibi vito tD* traina on tie Pmuht'tliua OartnZ lllkwi lor all ptrU of the ?eit FUlfllL Br ttia ro?U, freif hta ?i a.. deeorie^cL* eu M forv?ri>4 to a&4 from *uj poi:.t oc t*e K*.,.ro*4a of Ohio,Ke:.tccky, ir.J.axv Itlinoia. Wieoota^a, lo*k,ur Miaacnn, fcv Ratlromd dtr?et. The PeoLa?l**nia Central Kail road a'eo oonnesta at Pituwir* with 9team?>ra,br vfesoh ttooda oaa be for* aided to anr port on the Ohio. Mmt.nfui., Kentucky. Teuneeeee. CamLerlaud, liunoie. Mtse1 mm\ mm\ W '?A?r ?t ?. %4 ? - * -l" f r ? *? raiMUil i? nBiUMt ATBBtWMa and Red Rivera; ind it Clev ar.d. handuaky im CukAjo with ateamera to t!i Northwestern Lake*. Merehasta and shipper* entmetibf the transportation at their Kreit ht to thia Company, oaa rmj with ooaftaeboe on its speedy trana't. THE RATF.8 OF FRE16H 1 to and fromacv Mint is the Weat, by toe Pe&asylva&ia Ouiral it a..road. Sri a* mil t*mn ai /m*maiU u era tkmritd h> mktr Rs.urc*d Ccm.wc.nttJ. ^07"Be particular to mark package* **vu Pm MaVraVV i KUONtt, KreifhtArevta, No. 90 North at. eet, Ba t mora, HOUSTON, B=n . Freliht A?eiit, PhUade.ptua. >a 4-dl> J^ORTMtRN CENTRAL RAILWAY. h< SAtrlul, Qmxtki't *%d But HmtH/rmm b+** W*wr. NORTJTA.NU NORTHWEST. WINTER SrHJPaLE. ClAjMBor I,MB. /la ^ RUM r? A ir m - - ? ? ! ?[ ovii v?i, mi icTTODtr, ruM* (M Vrftina vill %rrrr* usd fr?w Cvl*?r1 ?Ui*?nMf?liovi: Vkaim Noiti Lwn Fiikioc >.eooL,aix*.?fioa 4 f. n. rlifarmrg ltd HamiSn-c TKAIHI bOCTB AU|V1 Pit it toe Accc ri.niiKliiu>t ?t ? ?. m. B tflalo Ki^tmi MO %. ui. F tut>nr( aud Marriabajc hiKm If.a. Kti: *-?' t. ia. ffU Mm mm W*4?. * ' ... - ? ?. ?.?.u m .a With the t.t a. ia. tra ? from Be ti more lot tM Wn! ?.til tor Kilkl*. K'*. ItncUiit.', l?rnkirk, ra-'?<j*ieaa aiut N;asara Ka and for h?V York cit?. i tin U a. in tram frana Waehiactoa ooar??ki ah in? it, rn. tr?ib from la.uu.oie to WW. N^rtb at J N 0'tkiwe?t ttiu K'cira at>?i Buflaio ar>4 iMhwtor, The I p. at. train frotr. Wnth't rton MiiMti witk l.tit Hjh p. .a. tram l.-"?i MnltinjOi* far PttUr>?rf, Harnt(>?r( at J the \Vi*e( ?r?i afreet oor. .1 action lut ii<?t> I^atun. Aucutuwn ard New York na Centra! Ra?:rcarf oI New Jftrnaj, trr tkla rt>?w for New Vora. .. . mmmwuj ?WU fHttlmiWCr SttldftJ U.tfc? 1 a. a. Ir&ilL. jor iiftrnxba?(, i'ttULari, Cki0M? Ud Ut? W?l TL?oul) lrft:afcrriv.nt*j lift t; more on t*?>?ftr la tli? 3? ft ?L true i AS- C. CUAKftfc, IM?M ly t?aperiitfixlftfct. T NOTICE S<? ?HAVLLKXS. -E I'MtBuUi mtiii ot4*i*4 tU ftU MnriM Mwma vVmhiuftoft, |lftiuaor?,f?tf Old Pfti .t r. -tr^* * a?Broa)lu bo rMooiM, ou pday, tue auu miuiit, u# Utj l.m of *toaai*ra ?wl ,NkT? Batimcr* KVtRY DAY day) front tWir vbirt, foot ot V'.im Dock, at 4M ' look ?u,?r liun.oti.aloly After the ?-:i?U ? iUs WMfciBctoB Train, trtuoh ;?tm Waotitnrtoa Utiiti'cock ?.*. aVlf M. N. FALl*. Pr?1. L Towns. J. M. Towu?. J. B. Vowkis. L TOWERS ft CO.. 8TKAM BOOK AND JOS PKLN11N9 KTADT TQlDUDun Com* Lmtiti** ? ?*? *nJ Suii it. The mention of the buaiceta oanaaut? ie r% octtmlIt malted to the nww Book a>td Job rrlr. trim Eetsbl whined, which Ui be*n falted n* with nev i?UMi in the moat ooiceiete BiUBW, ie now prepared to ejeeente, i\. a. e*ualtotorj etyie. evory "IGSttlZttX-fe-..-. . - - - ? fcatlMV Blanka, *o..*o. The attention of maiubara of CcLgraaa u wyi cialiy rHiMUd for oar facilities for yriatif PMinhM. ir~*- *-?*Imrgtu iletm ?o*? ia Mia out. daT-lawim rvEV fiOODS FOR "THE FOLKS AT IJ HCMB."?0?c?r? led otLer* naediac Dry Goodt of any kiad fur thef??k? at homa, arc soli ait*! ? u.ipec; onr ail ? ?- *** ** nj*r*e? Ui Lia:?. th* aetaai ouk at*iui*ra of ovarii* orotkar UMiVara&oaa, (raa o PER?Y ft BRO., ***"* Pa. avf.Mirj Nirth tr?ac WALL. SJVHENI! A ca. - It OFFER TO MIUTAR . hLc^Krt&^$L%%rf;,? to I ad u 04 gar ^<tsiu*M to CMh e*o i !* T "nr * 5?8B^ ?? ** OOLD?yHOA.K?ENEt?, ? . VOKrOVXD Sllhf of GUM ARABIC. I

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