Newspaper of Evening Star, May 5, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 5, 1862 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. ? 1 1HI BEE #\?M tWL .1.^. %? v (i iu? stover m The blf-wcm loving b??, Though 'tie Sunday morn, Little Sabbath-breaker W ;nd? ber bumming hori. Where lily-bell and roee No door denying cloee? A.VI. * r.rnocr price nor pay, Wooing what might pass that way, To be their tweets' partaker. Jont! 1iJ~ !n one of the city churches In St. Louis 'eurly, an eloquent divine, while earnestly supplicating at the Throne of Grace that peice m'ght 'gain spread her g? ntle wln^a over our beloved ountry, *?ld . " Put one hand on the North, O, L?rd, and the other on the South, and say to the eletrents, pe?ce, be still'" An elderly Titan f*r.m lnH1>t i a e\rl**to In r>na nf th? rpot. men?* tationed there?Interrupted the reverend cnUtman at this point by aiylng, diatlnctlv: "No. T.ord?put both band* on the t*outh, and n:^Sre her ?'ay in the Union." '""According to thfe Chicago Tribune of the 7 th Inst.. mucn alarm begin# to be manifested ^r? u^hout Northern Illinois with regard to the ' rnlnj crop* of spHpp j?raln. Parinz four or s v weeks it hss rdlnea almost dally, till the soil ) tocroiintlv saturated witb water as 'e preclude he possibility for seme time of either plowing, o*lB2 ?' p'anting. 1 Fra Track ?The Hallffex Express, speak !nir r f the present state of the fur trade, says: Tbla ^" nrh of Industry, like most others, has been ; 2V* ted by tbe civil wsr in America Many de* r'.pt'.ons of fur fcave fallen oft' fnlly 20 per cent. i rr^ The trwd? his, for the most part, been i lnor*t!*e one, ar.d Halifax enjoys a small share ? I tte profit* accrulrj; therefrom. U7~Tbe papers of Southern Indiana and Cen' .-.-i l> nn-fwt report that the whe?t, grain and fr U crops give p.-omfse of a more abundant and t < altby yield than for many y^ars pa?t. The late M, .? appears, have been wide spread, visiting ' surrounding country and lefrohlng the i ?utk. ? IL/"Oil la sent down the Alleghany river from ' i4"ify and Tld!rute in boi^s. Tbey a e made ' "ct. 16 by 1 % f<et, and are filled from \he wells i ks a I on j tbecrreks; twenty are fastened toI < tter to form a river fi et. This fl*>et Is run to I ttekmy, wt>ere the oil la put intD barrels and ' forwarded to mnrket. i i'co e s Hunt, or w oodocrTi B tit'.cncTf, hive completed and bave now ready i . kbiptnent a s'e rn fir? engine for th; city of : !v q :!li, in South America. It l? somewhat -vi.t 1 a contraction to tbo?e u^ed In Balti- ( m r<?. but Is a powerful engine, and im^ll enough i?> '?e u*ed wi*h facility. R'toixisg the Schools ?The loyal Common 'o'tacil of Nathviile, acting undtr the protection ?r i.n7 r<iVn. .? ?.?? ? - ua??- uigur a awrcpuig ir.wi i?i In the ?< hoc I* of ttc city. In wMch a<?ctsilonl?t I . h?r? have !?-pn elnploved. Hereafter all , t i h?rs mu*t Hke the oath of allegiance or re- J th? Ir position t^'-Unthe tM'tle-fifld at Pittaburg Landing j c:i poor frllow, a boy, who could not have been ? v>r fourteen, wa? found l\lng against a tree. a | "*n f- la Ms hand, with which ne had carved the ht'ers J( tn Dm?. The N was but partly finished, w(ca deat'a bad compelled him to give up the nay ta?k of earring tl? ovrn epitaph. ITT"Andrew Johnson has quietly notified the I' .tcloriof the t?titc U.-Mik of Tennessee who a ir 4'd otm the ave's cf that lnstltntion to the r tifi leaders responsible for every eentof interest , *" - ''at* had in it. Tb*y a e very feorrowful. [jr i! ra icy of them have ^reat pov-feMlens. | j ID"A large utiiiSer of aie'i are out of emplov- I i at Naihvl!!",dntl niauufacturera nfati kind* -.I'lOii esti'Hy ?:isfciiJei, Capltalista are 1 la invest their money, and the local auttcritics cannot relieve the distress, as ihe city saury v?aa cleared out by ihe rebels. LIT*" A IttUr fro n Mt Fkanut, Iowa, April 17 < tav?, It ]s i'j weeks after the usual time of bowla . spring wheat, yet o'vinij to t"a? wet weather lio wLeat was then sowed Tbe waters we'e * ] hitter than for 10 years and still rising. I ?tw- n - ? o * ? * "* " iiic rope o: rtoir.r aiii m** Li;r ci tiusv.a f fc come to an under-.tir.ding in regard to tht: { t s'boilcs In the Rusiia-i dominion#, and diplo- , J iii.:tic relttiors i to&g ?i"?p*ni?d) have been renewed bttA'esn the two pete&tates. ?"~7" A Mri Cav.iriab . vlng !n the suburbs of DririJit, walked bcir.e from town, acd was so inilignaot (being drunk) that her husband had oat r .. teidv, s&e deliberate; y sharpened a knife, . i.:d inu'Uerrd him. '.ZJ~ A w-tchai?keT of Cbespsida, London, pay# 1 < f*? guiceax? apwardi of So,(sGO? for xa adverti.-<emer>t covrriug the laat pi?je of tb? catalogue ?>o. k of lie Uteas Exhibition. That beat* Bonntr. \iy A new feature La* reeentlv been introduced -a', oails and p<?r le? In Paris TLe ?appet is not -rvta ou on* 1 o;14 table, es usual, btJYoj; little i I b>4 at neb cf which presides a lady of the company- The innovation provesa ^reat ?jcc *s \7T The Tory candidate for Parllamen?, at a p?< 1?1 election ia Trtston. Kng'and, was choaen h, .V.o majority cv~r Liberal aad Temperance ?i id:di.t? r>at It la estimated to Lave coat the To.y a round Stto.WX). JJj" The parotic Germans of Cincinnati hare Jj?t subscribed P2 2U) in aid of o'jr sick and "w, Liud<-d aoid^rs at Pittsburg Lai.diug. Tbe ' &:e 'n the tanks, and among the to give when tfc*y do not light. rte Kmpero? of Russia haacorferred upoa V l John R. Oowin, a former realdent of l?os in* atccraaon 01 ivm^nt or tne order of Kt. < MuliUiM. UI7"A rollhlon occurred on the Northern Central Railway yesterday. near Punbury, Pennsylvania, siightiy damaging several car?, but injuring 10 ons. | CC A vessel ha? left Boston with a thonsr.d ? cf ice f?>r New Orleans, and three more ret* ? with similar cargoes will soon eall for the 1 tiikt port. , Mr. J M MrKIm has resigned his post as I arw^M/l t n ? -? aw- n *- ' 1 ?.?>.jri.uny Bcuir*gij ui me i~ennsjrivaoia %Ml Bbicry Society, after an Incumbency of 1 I . y-two JMMl ( p" A letter from Southwestern Missouri says i Ml an uncommon thing to find persona there 1 \v?o have not aeen a newspaper in seven years. U"7"Tfce 10th anniversary of the Northern Home for i rir?:d'ta? Ch.idren was celebrated in Philadelphia, May lat. j |?7* Mn?'i Stewart & Co , of New York, have , linna'ed to the Princeton Theological Seminary tn- munificent sum of $50,100 [?7~ The appearance of the Ml wheat plant In Upper Canaan t? unusually good, wherever the heidt hove ?utBclent drainage. U7- We g less the New Orleans Picayune ft-ela , m *- b? 11 :i were naraiy worm its aame.?Louts- j i 't Journal. i |^7~The branch ofilce of the Usltimore City Railway waa robbed on Thursday ; , hi ?l j~. In notes and coin i O" The first vessel bearing the Siamese flag Ui ?":iU-red the per' of Bremen, where she was lv purchased by th? King of Slam. I K lesson, has stated that the Monitor its (prlhc lak?-s may be built at a cost of ' i,o: more than #200,000 tacn. Jt/"^itT'S fcudrcd eriklkl In New York. ? r- t::tly ??nt to John l?a*ta ' the rran who j ?at . Jte powder " , I~? j~ rtv *>. Paul l'rp^s ?ava that the tide of ie ration for the Lu Katchewaa gulu mines his *1im4i ? cLI?:lly fioiu Canada. I !. i " Olmti-ad the rebel commander a? i |>rt P.iimfcl, 1* a rat ire of Kldgetteld, Ct. s:?*Li \oif> a^m?w twlnt of r* MIJiKi:'9??RiN8 WKAPPIN8P, jn P A-V ti * r"ACyi:ti9, Cloth 8ACCJUK5*. F.*cfc ?Ufc MANTiLLAS, ii-%ok i.?ee SHAWLS and MAf|TlLLA? | ;u!t -9?if4.?-d*!il bo sola ?t tan iow?st j (1 S p?IU5 11 <e lmiim' sp?ci!;? tt>v t?d totftiiKiidrsiause t .ef.?r? rui<.l?esr>g J. W. COLLKV, <: > ?t..f Vi3 Tth stroot. nae.r ?ro. J \?;w akkival of n HKALTIFI'L STYLM f S r K 1 N e CfL, OTHIN9, AT LOW P kicks. ? ho.'? KsiU eiecutlT sot us?t fl &ad Alt, At H A R A HRI).. ' ' IT* _ Corner E ad 7th ?tr?x?t?. | ADIE"' *lfN I'MBRELJJIS, } S-J l?.?K AHOLA AMD SUN PHADE8. 1 e%or?i?j.:t :,<>* in Sivre. ?f the best td 4.1 Uis ow?upric?4. 1JIW J.W.COLUY, . * ** iJ' < Tth cesr ft. are. Tn? ?. , V'ANT BE UKAT! * nr. Barren ?er? Ueisnnmaa to aoocmmodat* * - a, eitLsr in f.Mtaro or bu?t .MB. ! i: to s iirge oi pa3-?e Ic Uie$l5pLj5*Kf - ?? c: w&rr ag*?. nu/t.p?aiiJ t*?d JM. " M . u- .-#?*, ail fur th? aia of the fublio. mauliM t ? ;a? -t, cao at a:. time* prucsr* ft oiM c&rriace * * ? |fn? hor?<M **m? a *<wvl and oaialal dimr. | ' Cs:j s?i.t lo ths ?Ut w.U etrtet asl number ? w I -toutad to. C.Winm modaraia >, a? ;* *: iu?? wu) aiWnr. Horf? lafcen at iiTeiy. a J C COOK k. CO.. \ H'*?5 etieet, oc? Hock oath of *B u if.* P?mnft. amafc ii r r t e m ii <>T ? ? u I *?KW SOiUEN UTTER mv rMftivlDg " ' *' * l-ttt-rofa,: ( ?<.? ooBfteatij ia g. if.! -a <? * t>? i')??n( 'Twk-t nu??. t>r i l>. K. DiriROVT, t No. 430 Jsichtt itrnt, ?? ?* I** I'M P?. Ip REMOVai.. 1 J H ft fl J. Utk-t.U'JIk , ) 4CUl^t??M ?( 4*v? i? no??d u> JUl ? ai>*/lv*Aia *v?u?? hhI t*t? ttreau, ?*?? u*r? IM riNRITLVANIi ATIHDI. Is911LE DFPRE. Jul RwlTtd and Opeaed, A large and lnt<ian stock of cholM FAMILY GROCERIES, ccmNtia* (: BU9AR9, of all grades. TEAS, OOFPKK, BVTTFH LARD, FLOUR, MAiLLARD'S CHOCOLATK, &?.. fte f Ac. Ail ot wbiob fce offeri ?t lnvr?tt t _*h price*. PIIK^ CELEBRATED WH!?K|J'| 500 barrel* Mijtn-'ijn, &N> b-.rwlf XXX, 5?0 bemU .Millers Rye #06 barflJ Bae Old Rye, 300 barrel* fine Old Dourboi, AT CINCINNATI PRICES. All tbe favorlis brtiads of CHAMPAGNE, Mnmm Verxeny, Green 9?al, Heidslelr, irblcb, being bought lo-sr, we offer at ajiuftiaUv levr rate*. Alio, Soli Agrat for PIBF** m?T roitiiiu frb I4-tf SOLDIERS' PAY. HARND&NV EXPR1!?3 WILL FORWARD SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES. Whithto Mosit on Allotmfst Drafts, To their Families at &sy p!*co on t ,e line* ol their Express at a oNarje cf TWENTY-FIVE CENTS ? For ftny anni not ex3?ic;us Fifty D;-;lar8.(#V>.) And ft proportionate additional e.Args for jUcee rerwsti?'! by ooriafroiir.< Lx;rf?tes The remittance, Whether ?a G<Treasury Notes, o; A.lo.i.. ut JraJU, ..1 t>*cr.o:caed c an art! aecureiy tealcd, ar.J ha*e the Full a-Mreea, uo adifij t!.' : ttii, h'oat ()iEee and State, o: th * pc:?<>^ to -vN"n i?> &e so..t, anil the imount If ?:b.V thereon. Kiivplo?es lor iLn ? wi.i furnished at this ctfic?. Money rsceiT^ to h? forvarr,'?l at the r.ffioe 10 Washington. Tuir'J s'jt-ei, acor t>CiOW Penr.ey ;var..\ er-,_ae. aa l-tiii K. 8 !?'.l IYH. Agent. pENSION OFFICE. Jcnk 6r_;, lit 1. I V Al.i* t* ti'JIS J VfiAi VU.~M f.tiPr. Application f.Rvicj b?i.i iimsr tha aot of JM June, l.v?, fi-r *<* of t:.:* Wj> rar.?* dePCrihn! hf" rr;l ?o ftv, e Sn?? ordest;.iT'^.?- ' " 1= l-eieLy given, tuM it the dr.te ?fcn > .criptioa -?ich War 'ant. a n-Tjr *'i r*!<>?. ?. of ! ** t -rur, t?a Sa mec, if bo vv:*1 oi-j-iotJoi Ri^ulti t en appear ISo. 45,<22. 12 S'jfi, ;*<uH t?'?*rr ti.s a;t of March, l.iss. in th? n*ii.o i t i i *.-: .ma n! Wai'er C<'ic, ar :i *rt* t rented J&cu&it *?, 1USMayl7, IflU. litsi \V?r-i*nt Csrt:No.7f-,117,for 1f'>vr?s, (act :847.) ia Uvoi of Ka'ric.* Brr. :y, Pn?ai? of Conpiiur K.2-1 i'-i'l y, c'vi :c'.9 Oi?t ??'>oen:>>*'. 1% ?Ju.-P V4, L'snd "W srrant Certifies,'?. No.77.?xi, for lt.1 acres. una?r tiiaaot of litn February. 1??7. in larorof Y.'ioicas Hexham. p ifve, <>f t"spt. Hunter's pom^ar.T, Ustta.i.n ot Mcmon VoicnteetB. leaded !S?h Aprit. 1"3j? Ju y J*'- 1812. LcjiJ w*.-r4'i t C3! t't. f.te iv 6j,- I'.for 6~> a* re*, granted ur is- net ?>1 ?;t:? Fs: r -a y, ,3i7, to_A* - ?:?w iwa'r ur iii u 'r. a>tiv&ia oi i:&;i Tiller's coaoparj, Ci".New Vnrt '/o nat ?rf *ai irtM.zi ca 3 :Bt.l April, 1830.?July i9th. 133< JUSLPH a. BAH a KIT, mh ZT-lair ' t'.firnn ?>ioiier. Wall. Stephen* & Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL ME&Cil A ?i T TAILOR S, Asp Usixzfis SWORDS. BA?Hl.? DKI.Tf. KPAULKT1. BUCULDLR 8TRAPtt, GAUNTLETS, GLOVES, * , Lei terj of ililjibi- MAD* CLOTHIifQ, At K?A>ri|.Fi.* PllrM. 7 ALL K7KPELN8 A CO.. ?99 P'lr-rr'.Tacii. fcetwwc 1* 11 U'-tcl. v ;? - r 1 J _H -r* if'th cu. CH. RIVART A CO. SILLER I CHA MrA'UiE DEPOT REMOVED TO *, E. COMK c? ^rarc. AT.:.. * 1TD Sixth 8T., C:*rmic3 iioV.-l Baild-m, VSajmingijn. H. ROSEY, A?, N*w Yokc. 11 M f.'Q M/vr * v a *?* ? - ?A^IUStfTORi l/? U sherry, fort ant madeira wine8, PlNIi OLD IIRANDY aud WHISKY, jrr A Hfcwal diBcogpt to dealer*. mh 19 | Bouts and shoe:* to suit the times. We?f?now maaufaciurmi; a!i iii^ris of BOOTS Hid SHOES, ?nu oo^sia:it:r xjeivir.c t f jpply ol Mat :& ws'it vor*. >f evert d*- <^i3j icription, made nx* rem! j t" order, ud vr y T1 < be told *t tmi>oh lowsr pries thfn ?t:cen* I heretofore oiisiieil iu litis city fcr inacti inferior I Ulicies. Persona in w%rjt cf RooVs ?na >*nooa of rasteri) ?r city iiJiie \rcrk. w i *;\ra.ys tn j h. coo 1 a?iei>rt m^nt in mtr\r+ a *? k/* ' ? ^ - ??.*? at ?*iv .u^rfi UIV0 fiI Mil. ORIFj-IN ft BR')., >-r 314 F?nr?fiyari* f ti? ue. HOY8TKR8-OY8TES8! ' OTKL8, H*8tfcur&L'.3 ad erivato Faimliec Ban Ue Ji y with OVS^ .?, Fresh from tU<J ?h.vl,dxy inr&suro, -.] eP^. /? J ht ?ne lowest pro*. 'iAj ,j!? ;? P.fiue five ua & cs.ll. w-w AYRKP \ CU.. No. 50J ISiatli tt, t?TWf?on 0 an<1 Av. |I /~ Cystere of tiie t>?m: ?uahly t?.ae<i tj cider. rrih S3 IL'9t HECKIVH) AT I. < ? -*i i k J No. 361 tSerentti, between 1 e-.O K -trents, ? to* itock cf OLOrai>G, i'UKKISiiiNS GOODS, TRUNKS, HAT6 CA'-tf. LA BEAt.Ltl'O.'^No 3bl t*ov?nth Btrael, b*tw?i?D I and K. m olaca to bar your CLOTH IN?. URMaHIMi ttOUD8, rRUNKS. Ha IHa d CAP"4m Now \ or* price* COMK 0:?t >NU ALL A? L. A. [!1^LL4 CO.'sS No 9*1 s?T?ii?i> Ktr^',' ??.<f*en 1 K. ?o l>uy ?i*. CL'iTHINti, FL'RNIHH 1N$ GOODS, HA rr- ^A i':v NOW IS M'J-i TJMi: T.? BOY YOUR CLOTHtN*-. "URNiSniNO GOODS HATSnd CAI f 8? T^ry lov, L A i? r.A L.Li 4 um ' *, i\9. 3til boTo. tiJ. between ] irrt K utrwit*. _____ mh IS K HAVE~OW > 0 A LAK>tI: T <7(7* n{ Vf?r? fir,? U it l? fc B 8 ft 1 R T 8 *Eri DRAWERS. wr.ici: wii1 b<? x>!il a*. re*R<:t<i?bi? r*o<!?. SAM L -v. TH.?Mi'8UN. i~U F;ru. Avunea. Mruif^r i:,'ovn*i 1 | AWK8" RtKbfcE ttiHifi* la AND SHOfcP, A'! i ifi, &t J. B. PUDNEVS, . 324 P^na atciMe, bad of ii? u*? - - V - *.*> ? mfi i ??? ?! \I EN'S KUiJULK BOOTS ltI and shoes. AI J. H PUDNKY*B, fo '> t/ Vi 4 I't. ! \v.. lixnk it in 13. LA K e E MAPS or IEOK6IA, SOUTH CANOLINA. ALABAMA, FLORIDA, mbiiefce*! by t&9St*i? iio vernm^tts on*v?r? m*rt?d ?ei>, moasteJ cn oloth u a porUbe iorm. ,, 17 ' KKANOft T AY LOW. W BOYS' CLOTHINW. E H?t? recci*?4 within d&y or two u.iTai mi |w nin ut v* nv i p Ol ftlU'l V/iili JL' *1N6, einbraeinr ill ?t?le? of low pri?od. m?dit>a, md in* anal?;cr, whioh we are aeiliac at tod w ?ri?M tor WAjLIm 8TKPHii\3 * OO., i'i'J Pa. Slil 13tli (4. ?B liit-?'. * Kc?.l L^OR A KKW liAYS ONliV.?1 have rscwved r in* fine S'ook <>f Clotltiac from oy?r ttalta' lewe.ry trior# to J. H. !*i1 ITEx'y, No. 400 tier >ofh atreet, tf&r F, where I ?Lvl ofler it at leu hxn whoieaalecoat ?rioet. for a tew csja nr'r. i vv gntr hw bPKC'AL NOTICE. JN AND AKTKR TUK8DAV. APBIL 1, 803, the traina on th? Baltimore ar J Util'j Hailoid oommence nmul?? daily, Hondara eaoeyted, aarir c ttua a'-atioa at 7.40 A. M , and oonoeotinr ,t VVanhi JCton Junction witii train for all *rUoftbe We?t.?i? Parkerat art or WnMHag. Taronzh CiakeM aof<f tad Um?k checked Mutor of TruurortWion BftlUaor* nr.<1 <?h|o tulmmT *p 1-ritf iv tkavelling tku> k tj. ?? K Clffsr 'or *.? Uj? iAr* ?t ' of mAVFl,;..iftb TKCi?KJ l l."f B'.'l 'i<M' ' ? bU CItf roin?rt?:ji* fcrBt Ho L??th< 4T-1?>f' in<l rkclri'c Irrnik*, V? " ' W i?t, (v <uk?, ??., wj.jh w? m* i. jw ? 1014 it *ar? lov p.*te?^. WALL, 4l?i'H>- A IJO.. *4 ? IVo* 4??UU?. HA % FIKftlRI' W?rctrtenSSr? Btac?. PrtMUlK by jfi EXTRACT tO It MO IS SIEVES H f?LMOTfroa> t# b* th* H etmtUmm OHEY ?OOD - . r? Hu Uftktr K'" 58k! MWoroerter. -wiRVftpfe ij-jfis^sLssa 1IIKV, r^s-ewj:- IB Ind.%, *nd it. in M*i6ii injo? moil HpMp&l&uMe, m v?ll u OF DISS, ^BCa?9^he n:o?t wholesome tn? ra mtde." ?fce above 8AUCE ib sot only tbe but and nest fiFlIil coNDiirriVT known, bat the inott Ercncm I um^' V * ?ew dr?M in Son*, or with i and cold Joints, Bttf Stimk, impart xr ex^niaito xott, whioh unrrt^rM IuaB" ??xctursr? hXTe in rxm endextorM to imtimi*. On the Brt+kfm, L%r*ek?#t*. T*>>U, x cruet eoststninx " LEA A; PEFRINS' WORCESTER. SHIRK 8A?CE" ? indix?*n?bt?. To xppreoi%t? the t*e*ll*+< t**MUs ct t*v* eie*? ?r'3F*rxtion it u only ne^essvy to porotxa* * amxll bott'.o of the unuint, of ft res?eo*At,ie (ro w i <7i '-rsrr, u many now auo buiobtmi pro Vietors seldom plaoe the F*m 8auo<? before their fuests, out substitute a genuine JSouh filled witk a nuxtnre. i'or (.*!# by Grccers and Fruiterers everywhere, JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, 0%%m Srnmri mmd 141% strut, NlW York, Sola Wholesale Agents for the United 8tat?e. A Stook always in store.?Alco ordors received icroireat nfupmrota rrcm England. IU~ Btwari af CinmUrfritt cud Imit+iiM-XI f| <-ly.5o ___ mai topr4X*O r M E M 1 9 M T R 9 If X 5?iH23 manvfactqrt, 49? ?I7?1S trrust, WmwtTWi B. C, vtardwl by Mr.ryi?r.<1 IrntlHI# a i^?,lt!rror4, N-ytrabm' 7,1P40. A '.A V^l.j . M.W.4.1* L'; 'I jMw?vu??ui?;wu? VVrvftiajtOD, I). CM ! ;r\ 1 tm aaatlantly rc-kit*, 4r<? a'to?: ktr* ai ku4. ?f lie best lsfcianal, *r?y * af Pita ro!a Letthar, Iran Fmc.9fc?4iar' Drama, Wa?d Go*, and l'?AK'ai TruU, r*u)??r, C*ra??.u4 Cmtw Trft79l'.cc BUh school rstoiau^^** At Fritf. M**!>araof Coi.cre??and trAT*i?ra will )!<mum awunine ray nek !^f?re furciu.Biii* flafvkarf V. <?i? iliftt fcre ins'je i?i otlnr est.^s S*FSrior Letthar ard ??r?sa Trar.ta n*4? %? ftfir. Vrania aoTere.i *r.d rewure-; *t rr#ri fiA.v i d^iivpr#N! fr+* of nh*rr* t-'? n,c r2?Jiri Af tbfl e:t? <*ijel9wn,?.r:ci - A >11 rt *.T(>PIIAM. BALMORAL BOOTS. \TOA7 Ti?od Double sole Ba'morai ftl ?0 Calf Kid do do do S2 00 8lore Calf do ?#2 W, ai! other ttr'.e* of Ladies and Misae*' Bairaoral Boots, tho cheapest aad ts<?t assortment in tfcecity. J. ROSENTHAL, So. i<? Market S?aoc, Jul en Penn. aTerne. bet g?en i n aed 9th ?ta. _____ u<i if ?.?iti i ai u u i- t*r - f A cujili/ \ :ir" **m& A< 851 O *irt*l, 0rr?i<t$ X?j3jr w $kt tx#*c. OY9TKR8 STKAMiilf !j> tk* f-k*:i Red TTbcroa'hly Cc--s-^ (,'ar 5*?*rl?r &? a r?t?t) ia * ?? i>.? Hsn? ?- Oa!l ??. ffi>? *a<ers!in?<3 ret?oct"aa? 'rjemi s tr.6 I>i*v:ot, ar.rf niters tola# -i r-s ha*': hit c?p and w*iii-*3iow!i ,t*r?h <B;.T I.- * in -4 s'ivrV9;a iPA*ibrr? ?rri J fv * CJUi? *rr*utPfr.?a'-? to fcrr,i?h O * RTFH8 in *-y *I.J ?0*ntuy. ?' . Joirt""backed per vir. to J,ono u^iti cf Sjiovd ?-d !'.*** at ~t r?c?d? herrrotioft'-; T Id ths by taa hn.? -6l or b*rrc:. r<?r*ona to u?*e Oysters fB:tlRi;ed refill. It throuch I'-ie iriaier, kt* wiinout ts^r c? *ho*!d oa!l tui nun r?as? *t cr.M. rreifiii, tiar... and money ifcve.i by ?jroa*?;ac si aw.1 i*rn.. article vci! to the asleoratKl iixt^ibtrs *Au?nU, &: iniatjuiu iov. TO 5?*V,E?8. CfcEred Muti, i<obitert, bArtinM, Ciloi, Toautloe*. Plt?' Feet, 'Stnf?, Ac. As., Ac. Also, Piok>?, C*Ln>p, '.if.icff, lirmey Petohes, Ac. Alio, Qufiatod t reih Pish, '?a/tle-s,Tfrre>ics, Freeh Lo6=?pi*, Ced, hilitrat, Ae. la i&ol, every tl.iae tor ule is tLe Northers n*rfce's *]w*ys or 11 reasontble prices. Hotels *ni Ucii.iea sallied with Oj?ers, delivered witnoat c:i?rje k> *oy ?art?? iue District, :c iismou. if the inoneT is te,-it v.t.i in cnier. Mt oaiablishir enJ :s cpou fr^m i a. m. to IS at Blent, every a*y,?xos?tg^ofcj, when 1 c.oue it 10 o'ciook &. ab JO ti ?. M. HA.itVET. TRIB8EMAR. Pteluitd bf Royal Liltirs PatiHi of England, *d ncurid bf ikt Statu of XA? Etoh di Pilar w<m til Parit, **1 I Li Infiriql Coihgt / MtdiciM, 7Whm. *nii.?bia4n. no, i is the effectual remedy for Rklsjutio*< Hr**MAIOJliHtBA Had ElHATSTlON Cl T3* Sisiim. TR1K8K.UAR No. a, Cornpletaiy and entirely erad:oats? al. traco* of thojw disorders, for which Copaiva f.ud Cubefcs h&ve tone;ally been thought vt. r.r'idote, to the rum cf the h-salts of a /asi pertioc cf the jopulauOB. TRIK5KMAR No. 9, is the |-?tl and snra remedy of ths ciTiilaed world fcr ail im?uriti9e of th* syrfim, <u weil as seconder f symptoms, obviating t^o de?truot:T9 use of Mercury, as we'.! >? other de.ieienotis ingredients. ?Ld % hio-1!'!I tta baraapari.ia in tr.e vo>.d > *nr. >i rrs?r" Tai*->FM'.K .tos. 1,2 *cJ 3 ai<* deTom of or r:r-r>i. and of ai! *{ ^naiit.<8. The? ?re in t:.e f?.rm of a .*rae?ste, ru*y ?ir on tno iouot ta4u3 v*li.out tL?ir ??> horns ?i*hold in tin cftaes at 03 ev:h, or four $3 case* in oi for C3, avi in #27 oas-i, ttiae tafing ft.M a-IuuEiite.-etl i>y Vsljea:', Lxl'!. Ueux, Jto? hr? Wholesale ard rorail by DA. H. A. IJAR: OVV. 19-1 t>:eecW<-r (4 <\"ora lion- Mao1) jjb! etrf^t). Now York, immediately ca reerift of re:?..ttaacr. l>r. Dtikov/ vri!i forward TriM6mMr to ar.y M.rt cf th? woriJ. eourely facK?d.scd ad?ir9"*e<l acoorai^s to tiie luatrKCtiou* of the wnicr. FaLlmhod *!?o by DR. BARROW, th*t ofBlwr Via b-'&iitifuliT ii.uotr&W'l work. II :hj*e Jr rilltr. Fnce Si eert?. 'frieaemw ?r4 Hoc-)i can * o.'tftinri bj iiihcri.r trcai S. C. FORD, VV>j?hington. ?. <' <! ii-lr f^LOAKS, BHAWLtf, MANTLES, AND Vy FINE UKKftS GOODS FINE DRESS HOODS, Cl,OA>S. SHAWLS, AND MANTLES cllAWLS, CLOAKS. FINE DRES4* GOODS, AM* HiNTLRM MANTLES, SHAW JUS, <:i.OAKS, ANDF1NB DKKtS GOODS. A !ar*? aiiortm?nt now in Store, aad new suppl;e? iro n tte North and K&> t daiiy. Out? ?rioe only, inarke i ia ?l&ia hture^. An inspection of siotsk incurs no obligation to purchase. . PERRY & tiK'>., &p2i 6t Peon. avo,u? and Ota ct. XU. O. HOOD S Constantly receivlrr.and tisalwa?s on hard, a fall H ipp;* of ail fua most celebrated \VAl"Hfc3 thftlare m&nuf&oturcd in Knr- ?*S taort, '^waxena. .J and America. Loth a-:d Silver casta. ilt? alio keeps a larte mVjcI jI wine J L W JiLK V of the moat UMirable FtricssBt wit!i t>iain^it?l?. Kraerala*. Kn'oian and ail othsr Qbiua. He u aiao manufaoturmt ail kindsof y;id ijtaydard Silver Ware, and kecpt Sword?, Revolver*. Sword Beits ar<d Sas&M, Covie ?niv?9, Risora, Seizors, 6o!d. Sitvwrar.d Steel Sp-ctaoict, and % jro&t variety of other thints usually k <*oi iq a J ewe rr Store, and a 1 at tiie very ioweat price. No, 33* Pa. avenue, betweoc 8th a?J :<>th ?tr<*>ta. fa lfc-tf '|^0 M1U7AKV OKF1C??0 ANU V ? Ht.S.8, BATCHBLOR'B OMXVJNB BAIM OYM% wbs HS?I in me worn. Tn 'Mlv BiliakU ?U Hnrmlut /i?:r Dy? Kurmm, So'4 by *11 DrifiisM; ilio.kt Bmtvcx'i P&Unt t?u>ro,c?. Patent OMoc.ocr. p 4 7tk. lid M C:m ? a&ir Ktore, S?? F?an'? ftrstae. wktra Ladiea fc.n h**e it ?*?iiAd, ir ri<w..-3C. fM>TT??l B*xolwrat. ?j ilroiawi?) N. Y. oa ?-Ir DR. DUPONTB BU8AR-COATEi>"~F^ J MALE. RE6ULAT1NO Pll.l^ A newt tn? ioiiow)rf nnaouoiieu encomi ttfrV to: Cf' i "I cannot oomn>?nd them loo hif hly~r5 "They are the boat freraale Pilla extant." "I have DBOd them with complete amoeaa." "Would not be withovt them upon any oonnderittoa." "They oaerate apeediIt and effeotiTeir."

Pnoe fiT Sect by mail. Sold by 8. C. UPHAM, 40* Cbeannt ?UmI. Philadelphia, ma jn Waah1 niton by P. C. FOKD, oorner 11th ?treet and Pa. kvenie.; in Alexandria, by HENRY COOK b CO.. Practiata. B<i??olf DR.eODFRKY'tJ ANTIDOTE WILL. CURJ5 UOpORRHtXA in aut daya No ? | obantecf diet repaired. It la an Euj-fSSgt lien sjeciflo pi aixty-fi?e yeara atancinr n* ' mi trui not barn the mostceho&te oon-^HE^ atititioa. ltoontama?e Prioe fl. 3cId by S. C. UPHAM.403 l>h?ennt airoot, Fiuladeiataa, and In Washington brS. C. FORD, oerner 11th atreet and Pa- a?e.; in Alexandria, by HKNRY COOK A CO.. Prag?i?ta. toa ^lf Fmt OR SALE?Two Crat-oiaaa MILLIARD TA.HLEd, marWeeiaha. and every arrangement complete. Those desiring the above will atady their intereet r>? tailing immediately at the Kuro ??*n Hotel, orner 11th sireetaad Peuuayivacia awrna. ma a-tf CTKINWAY A bONB' AND RAVEN, HA I O (i.n A r<> ) ??*? tnenia tra "iola Vt TavaaVfaoti-r; Kioawfl^^pH ! { aWSflfTTifo*!S,":.'i; i'.t"t ?n<l p?ja *vrn?*. 'ivrrtl I'.an n*hu l *va bam a??U (or mi# i*4? A** <**? > IV ' ??ti ^ L?A X1-li ttaiftTOM Fa nS . I notlVMOP^ M MM O TAL. SSiS d 0 # i. juij.' in,. i .... lurmOil. 11 Mm THE ?H EAT HAMniCAR RBRIOIU,!. Kmwi m HELM BO LI)* QXXTJltt PREPARATIONS, HELMJ30L D*S EXTRACT ?BUCHU,? , ? ? 8ARSAFARi\LLA " IMPROVED ROSE WASH. HELMBOLU B 6ENU1NE PREPARATION. "HI&HLT CONCENTRATED" COMPO UND FL U1D EXTRACT B OCHU. A Poeitiva and Speoifio Remedy For Dieeaeee of the BLADDER, EIDMEYS, 6RAVEL. and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Tbts Medioiae lnoreaiei the power of Digestion, and exeitea the ABSORBENTS into healthy action, by which the WATERY OR CALCAREOUS drpoiitione, and all UNNATURAL f NI.ARHKMENTS n.rm radi la well U PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, and is good fcr KEN, WOMEN, OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT B UCHV, Pot We?k*??? Arising from Exs?aee?, Habita of Diuipati?a? Early Indiscretion or ANnse, Atitndfd with tkt/tUow\*$ SvmptoW?-' Icditpo*ition to Exertion, Low of Poarer, L?ee of Memory, Difficulty of Rraathinc, WeakNsrvea. Trwnblint, Horror of Dueaee, Wakeni neaa, IMmneaa of Vision, Pain ia tbf> Back, Universal Lassitnde of the Muscular Byjstem, Hot Hand*, Flnahinj or the Body Dryceaa of the Skin, Kraptiona on the Faoa PALLID COUNTENANCE. Th"a* ayiaptcnia, if allowed to go on, which thia medioine lnrariahly remorea, aoon foll<rwa IMPOTENCY. FATUITY. EPiLEP*jfIC FITS, in one of whioh the patient may ezgiire. Who ovi say that they are not freanently foK lnwp<t t>T thoBO "DIREFUL DISEKB^B," 'INSANITY AND CONBUMPIOC1." M*nr am nw&re of the oaaee of their nff%riDCt BUT NONE WILL CONFESS. THE RECORDS OF THE INSANE ASY* LUMS, An I tkt UtlatuKo'v D*His by Cons?inption, BUS iXPLI WITXRSi TO TH> TRUTH OF THIS iumm. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH OROANIC WEAKNESS, ll t^a n i rf a nl maril ?v^ <?I|VS HIV (*i\4 VI 11IUMIV I 11(7 to etrenethen and InTiiorata tho 9r?tem. Pkitk HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BOCHV ??variably dots. A TRIAL WILL COSVIHCR 7H1 MO?T KKIPTirAL. FEMA L ES- FEMA LES? FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE, MARRIED. OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In tntny AJttctxoM fttulinr to t*mal4S, the Extract Knohu n nne*uan?i hj any other remedy, at in Oilone or Retention, Irre*u;arrtT, P*inf'i;ne?s or Suppression of Csatomary k-vncuatjnua, UioeratNl or Scirrhous state of the rteruf, L^aoorrhrea or Whites. Sterility, and for ail complaints incident to the sax- whether arising froru Indiscretion, Habit* of Di*sip*tion, or in the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. SXK37MPTO** ABOVE. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT! Taki ho vors Balsam, bfplrabakt m1dic1nj? for r*pl?aga."? I aks canosrors k??a*18HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU cv Mm SECRET DISEASES ic all their ?tsc?e, At little Kxpenee, Little or no eh&nce m Diet, No inocnveiuence, And no Mxpw*> Iteanset a frequent deei*e ?wi<l c'.res strength to IVinAU. tnPrAl.r rpmnvin# r.hitrnAtinr.a PreTOLtini and Curing Btrictorea of the Urethra. A'laring ruin and Inflammation, n" frequent in theclaaxuf<i rxpallinc ail fotsonouf, IHscastd and worn out Mutter. THCCiA.NDS UPOH TH0t*3AHDS WHO HA VE BEES riCTTMS OF QUACKS, and who hare aaid hbavt F?*ato t* ear?d ma short Lme, i.ave found they were d#cfir<?<t. an<l that the "POISON" ha?. bf ?he nee of' rowiwri, ff>TaiNeixTa," teen *n<id up in the ayatoia. to break ont in an aggravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Ues Hilmbolb'b Ext*act Bv9Bv for Ail tf*etioce and diseases of tne URINARY ORGANS, Whetner exiftmc iu MALE OR FEMALE, F*mm whif^TCr nririn*.tirr. nrri nn mtM?r ?* HOW LONG STANDING. D1s.*?sf>? of thM? Orgaaa require the aid oft DIURETIC. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACTBUCHV IS TUB GREAT DIURETIC, And ta certain to ba?e uto desired effect ia j?5ieets*s FOR WHICH IT 18 RECOMMENDED. Bl.OOD! BLOOD' BLOOD' Hdhnbold's Highly Concentrated Compound FLUID EXTRACT 8AR8APARILLA, STPBJLJS. This Is ia an affection of tht> blood, ana ATTACKS THE SEXUaL ORGANS, LININGS OF THE NOSE, EARS, THROAT. WfNDPIPB AND OTHER MUCOUS SURFACES, Mains* its appearance in the form of ULCERS, Heimbold'a Extract Sarsapeurtila, Purifies tii? Hlood, and removes ail SoaJy Frcptions of the Skin, GIVING TO THE COMPLEXION A CLEAR AND HEALTHY COLOR. It t*tre preyired expreaaiy lor Una class of oomp'ainta, it* Bio<-d Purimnf Properties are pr*> eoryed to a iroster extent than an; other propagation of Saraapanila. HELMBOLD'S ROSE WASH, An exoellent Lotion for Diaeaaea of a Syphilitia Nature, and aa an injection in Uiaear-M of tk? Urinary Cfrraus arnini from Mabns of Duaipatioa, oaoa in connection with the kxtraota Bnahn at bariiAparltia. in auoh Diaeaaea aa reoomraended. of ike. mnti mm A ??**Mia?).l< tkaracttr ttxil aeeemrawy tkt CERTIFICATES OK CURES. From 8 to X yt*r j* Handing, With Namb* iwws to SCIENCE AND FAME. For Magical Proprietiea of 0UCH9, bm Dibp?saa&torj of Lhe UuiUd bt&t?a. t*e? Profe??or DK WEE'S valuable worka on the Piaottoe of Phjain, See remarks made by the lata o?iabr?tad Dr. PMYS1CK, Philadelphia. See remarks made br Dr. EPHRA1M Mo111 1 UT I f- Mi!aKrat*rf I> L. ?? 4 * ? * V < uuui ??vivunwi UJIIUIMI 5UU MFIDMr of the* Royal Collate of Pnrceona, IrelaLd, atd published in the Tranaactions of the Kin* ana Queet'a Journal. t*ee Me>d;oo Chirnrcioal Review, anbiiahed by BENJAMIN TRAVEKS, Fellow of Royai College ol Surgeons. See most of the late Standard woika on Modioina Extract liuohn, 9100 per bottle, or alx for $b 00. Kxtraot Harsaparllla, tl 00 per bottle, or ux for 5 00. Improved Roee Waah, fio per bottle, or aix for 9ZM. *?r, half doien of eaofe for 912 00, wkioh will ba auffloient to cure the moat obatiuate eaaes, If dl reotiona are adhered to. Delivered to &ny Adareaa, aecurety packed from observation. DESCRIBE 8YSIPCATIONS ALJj COilMW* Cures Gaarnntesd! Adrtoe Srttu 2! AFFIDAVIT. Peraoaally appeared before me,4b Alderman of the city of Pbuadelehia, II. T. Hilmbold, who heme duly worn, dotn My, his preearationa oont&in no n&rooUo, no mercury, or oifcer injurious b" *" ,U"t?\ HBLUBVLD. 8w>nn and au been bed before me, this 23d day ef JNovemtief. 1SJ4. wM. P. HIUUKKU. Alderman. i-? i urn Dirm, iDora HiMi Philadelphia. Addreaa letter* for information in oonfidonoe to H, B. HELM BOLD. Chemist, Depot, 104 South Tenth 8t bel. Cheeant Pkila* BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS, Who endeavor to diepoee "of tsbie ovinu "OTH** ' U1KLU OH IU UFVTAT10R ATTAJMBd UlirDVM KOI* wui foldby 4 ML DM VQBIBTa KTEHTWHMRM. AHl FOR UKLMUOLD'S. VAKK NO OTBSR. 0u? oat ?h? tdv*rUM?0?t ihlt MM Jbr Hi ' and ayoip mroyrfloH jlmp kxro ji J. ii ' i pmmsTBY, 5L mbaSWRVES sss toaZa KTMD^lr M kit tffot .1Uii dltrMB Idikiij r?rwu oka Mr the? tmth annof ??r others, am no >wm 0*0 wmr mlkmt mamnt fur tKw. raraoaa Miuac at mj oBaa aan to mnmmM with im ?tyi? and >no* of Tmu th v ?! mim bat toUiaaa wbo ax* jaruon . v an<i w*?h tha^araat, ?.eaos?t, ?tion*Mt. and most aarfoot dantnra that Vt oan arodnaa, tha MINERAL PLATE will ba era rally warranted. P. ooraa in thia city - No. 9S8 Pa. aveaatsbatveeB Mh and I*u att. A!aa,9?T Aral atraal P hi atal ahia. mar?-ly^P J^KW AND IMPROVED INVENTION A ATI FttfT i t ntrwn mt t c?t ba? J. ?wp m W ft ft W ft. WiTMtT Nnu PunnCUlN. Oft. & B BieKBMOND, . , It BrMUhil, Ntw Tcrk-J60 P?wu?lH^? 4* mm, txiwm is/a mm lsii flf., iteai?w? ?? Ca~a the attention of the >nblio to tfaa lollowiac ftdvutac^* of U? improved e?rte>m : > i. Tns Ifffti. o| Ufa cutrnffcctare *. KM n*Tfr ooroOe nor o: %rt? oo.?r by lay "' ciiia, tome tiircr f^n;u.e Iucter tbtc *-r ether. S. No ts?;h or -ocla caen h* exV-actwJ, M lha *rti?ct*i cr.?* car ;raert*d <rm them. $. 7ue rccU wii: an T_a<*e :o?ffeoa>Te, u aerer 4. iSo leeth are oeeded. %? ftramnl euea c?r. be iu?c? irnmeCifctfliy, thereby preeemnc tto Divismu ewre*?ion of the face. whioh ud? th* old *7item i? 'r-vjratiy diafimrod. *. Tfbia woi> l.*e t-?en f* 'j tsi;r<l o^er ire mri by maty of lue flrat eaeu. .*U and puTrtoiana of this mtn. llr. :i. hu ai*o Invented a white D<lr? met*. fi.iicf, with whioh the most lenmtive teeth oaa be filled without and ean bmld nf ft aorfeot. Bound tooth, c-n u? aide recta, which will laal tLrprt'a lifetime. Tfie ''Oei cf rrferrret tireo? u> Dr. V. *\ott: |>r. Kremn, Profeteor olCnemiatrr, N. Bon. i*e Wayne, of the Suareme Coirt of Waahingtoa. aid thouMiiC'a of otKera. uaU fcad e?fcntir*? for yomroelf. no >-4a GAS FITTING, fcc. AWI?T7pvb t oo. HE }4*y? rmceii to MMIM aa? ?rtfTi ?lu wa'eh titer *%,* b? N^oroc in tM _ 6AK OH STfcLM l ITTIHt BWINBIS*. t HT* r *B ?lt str?At, * i6TT 4e?r? ?*rU *1 f? ?**** , vh*r? m^y l? Ubs* ? M?ortawj WcgANl^F.LT KtLr, %c4 *i*?r ftfLlMW WlTOit I1XTHKE5. frrr-W W# A 8 FI1VIIEC, E Ba?e iG more, ?.a-l aro d*i 7 rcoeiYinf, ?A9 WXTV/CJESof *ct-:?iT Nan- Patterns and Dmi|U Fitifh. snffnor :a ?tri8 to a^yth'.nf h?r?to:?r? far^d in th'K market. w? invite citi seua reowai t* m Mil ard eT&<) (tr si.->ck 01 'Ju and Water rm nr?,.-c.i, 5 -jOiUuler.t !Lit W* lUTI tit t*Bl ?:c<;ic v:ubuzxteu. A" Wcl in t'\? e ' ore :itr*?t*4 t* #mr art Will rr*ntf "' ? t?, r>:*? * K?#ffAW. uri-tt t*e r> ?chl as Mits AM D BROTHER'S A'.S W YORK e?fppfp a\\ if pgeisi pp ppp aa*a ll ee pp ppp aa aa ll ee pp ppp aa a a ll ekee ppppp aa aa ll ekee pp aaaaaaa ll ee pp a a aa ll ee u aaav aa kfcttfci; liliiie xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx XX* Y V V vv v v *. v ^ - ? ? . ? n J* A % A A \ JL A \ A XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXXXXX XXXXXX xxxxxx xxx\x xxxxx xxxxx xxx.x xxxx xxxx Am M?*h XXX xxfx HX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XX* XXX XXX XXX XXX lxx XXX xxt XXX A\ $ pfiSISS aWA ? ?? MuLJ EfWii AA A A Lu EEEE A A A A LL F.KEE * AAAAAAAA LL F.E AA AA LL EE A A A A 1 LLLLLL KEF. EKEE AA AA LLLLLLL EEEEEEE mniM AMBER ALE, PORTER, AND EXTRA DROWN STOrT, In W^oU, half. *nd Owrtn f?tk? BREWED FROM THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND HOTS. BREWERY. Ifetfc llriii, httwacn Ttb ?i< !U Amiin, NEW YORK. PRIVATE. PRIVATE. 3E* H I VA. T B. #DR. LA EONTA liarinf removed hi*'.<!:>* to Ro-trn No . adjoin it>i the ?-onday Chr-T ;ci? i?: Wathmctoc Buildice. Fa av^cne, ocm?r. : r\u tire*t. ia now ready tooareal b a frivate Niture, vuboct ths use of caug*r( i>? or ^ii[u?Udi dtugaot acy k:cd, and no ic;e.-fer?a' B witii your business avocation* ham:; d.'Y-te-J n-y %h>ie iinn to the atu-Jy ar J cnre of Pr-eito Uis;a?e? of both w?xpb ard to Chronic ?(Tt-ition* of the Womb, ^.iver, Kidney*, fair. KruMioca, 4o .end tradu?ti:.? ic mo urti B3u'i"n in in- trc.-ia, tn? Voik City llosp.ia ?. uiku'^r l'"?fa Chilton Parker. to whom 1 most rafn^ctrcuy refer. I wiil ?ay 31,0<? to the pfr?'"r. fJrni-L".rg n-.e a p?f? of any of the above whiol* I cannot ar.-i permanently cure. <rt to* omte \-e ok! or nww. fvo Q.etirx ie^airad : cotLii^ Ctsa;reoabi? in any f:r! of the treatment. OOLIultAlifirt fr<i* !!?/>? ??? ?. ? . i -it -i ClrVVlH* j f i M. L\ BONTA. Roora ? (firet flvcr) WwaiLgton Bni dirg. Eh 3&-2ci* i'fc. ?*<?nc? and 7th St. SECRET DISEASE! SECRET DISEASES! O MMAKITAV'rt t?lKT! tAMAUITA.N'tf GIF r: Th* Most Certain Remedy Ever Used. & positive cnr* lor ( KCKKf M8KA8KS. GONORRKCEK. G^EET. rTRlCTUR KS, to. Cont&iaa r.u Mioerftl. no Bsletni. no Mercury. Only ten pt.l* t rxi taken to eff<*ot & oure. The? ura^nt rr-'t rr^etAb hnvirs r.o emel! nor any unpl?&^%nt aad vtli cot nmy w&y in JU1CIU. v-m.-.-.h r iioc^.1 OI iae hjo-i do icate. | Cur* ? in from two to four acy*. reoent m?m | in "twenty four ioa*e " t repared by ? tj?f b?j of the tlriyera't c ofl'enEiy.vaaia. one cf iaeiqoet eminent Doot??r? \nd OlM-'mi't* ?t the present day. Samaritan'S ?irr Wi'l oare t-ii? oaae ;a frtir. two to fotr <iay?. aac roccnt o"^VENTY FOUR HOURS! A"o trjotvre. n i trouble, *?? ckanj* 10A att*tr. , LMUoie w?o live dcjya.lre^ ol reten* Sr wht have Keen Rorf ed with Balaam Cop?Tt? or GIFT. Sent by trail in a plain earelope. Price male package?, 93 Ptioe female oajlagee, 9* n 8AMrtr'EDvu^uNp?"SNBt?iCL9' Cl-Rh FOR SYPHILIS OR V12NKRKAL DISKAShS. Here ! a pontiv* core?no Meronrv?no i ni?r?n? ttuttlie JaioesolKoota ai.d Herb* combine-i. Thie firm cf the disease m&koe its appearanoe in eoree o? theortam ol jen-raMon. or th*j inky ooonr ?n other parte of the body, which happen* mostly on tbe trmni, ana very often a* ulcere of themoutn, tsiten, ipots.ovies and node* of the bones. Ac. to Ant and all of theee symptoms will a?on yield to the SAMARITAN':* ttOOT AND HKRB JUICES. f*rnt oy express. Pnoe $\ a buttle, or bottlea f?r * SAMARITAN'S CHANCRE WASH. Pri'se 25 centa Full directions. DheiMONU ft till- ?n* 1*1 pmi~4?i-?.i- d~? OAc?. " * 8Ud by 8. CALVERT FORD.eorner llth lod Peno. aTenne. J H. EATON. Ui South Eighth street. Philadelphia. wain NOTICE. . *? ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPART" J hi. Coomst offers to the rvblio M V ne* meUetf rMtaceaf' lor the Sefe and Qtnok J)ti>?tcA ef L-fe.'S'Ji'K"' KxirHm lo and from the North and W?rt toaSfsrsKsafc T All JPfcokSt??*fof"Th? C*Hi?ri urn* at Mia KSsrsr amK/sWit a vt %J am BROWNIIfMGUt^oL Yhroe boiM for i>n? dollar. <Sr*7. IM or ftaxob hlir oM m otaiicM la a ftw x? n4a to a f?K Mack or I Uo-jtb. t.? Miac 0*h?m'?Uaakttair Vr*. ta? twai i. jjj-jini. m'i ii i will TEAyKLLMB' DIMUTOBY. BALTIMORE A OHIO RAILROAD. NOTICE HHBB CHANGS OF HO V BB. UH *119 AVTII WmniDiT, Ami t, IMS. m FtuiMii rum mtiw WUHIN8TOH, BALT1MOKI) AND THE WtIT Wlli itsu toi.ovi: At< 1V?IU inw 11 (Hi Dn*y A?i vstiy :** ?? fW WNI, two mi km t3|fi. For PHILADELPHIA and NKW YORK ? L?a*e W at 6*. m., 1.4H re ,11 a m.aad ' Vor ANNAPOLIS-Lmt* Waahioftoo at l# arn aoH Sun ^ m. For F.KEDKRIOK?Leave Wa*hin|ton at a. in. and 3 30 p. m rem ALL PC1NTP WFHT, And for Harpei*? Ferry, Martiuaharg ao4 Witcheater. :eave Waskicctcaat7.40a. m. TRAIN* MOVING SOUTH L*are Netr V? rk at 7 a. ro . Puiiadafahia HJf a m.; Baltimore: V ?. is. Arr.veat Wat, button 4 f ' UtnN' V York at f a at.: Pklaila'ikia 16 ffi m. n> . liftitimo.-e 4 J*J ft. 01. Arr.?a ftt Wft*!i:iu?cr< 6 3" a. m. '.ears New Vo?k ftf H p. rn ; Philftdeiphtft SSP ft. n i iJft.timore 7.0 a. rn. ArriM 11 WMktnftoB 9 35 ft m. Loci! Aeoofnr-'XifttinB Tr*ir? Imt? Rftltimor* ftt 1" ft. m. fto?i ? in p. m fur \\ ft*iun?tou, ftrri?e taere at 13 ?. m am 7 <<r r m. Or Susdays at 4.3) and 7 4* ft. m. only from Ba!ttmoL* Aa?ftfoiu or Frederick ccsoecUona ot Sunday. PftesecRer Trft.o? i?ftvinc Waahiafton ftt 7 4" ft, m ftLd 5 00 p. ra., ftiKl Baltimore ftt 7.40 ft m. aixJ 5 10 p. in., n>ftke < irect ooaneetiona for Annapoua at the Junction. The 7 40 a. n. o>v<ceoU ftt Kelftp ?..? .k iJ - It i?? 11./ i\fi r'Vuoiitk| n'^rrpiuvq. nirprr r?rry, mmrtiDSbirc, Wicokeoter, YYhM.inf, ParEerabarf, fcC.. *XO?pt HOLdftf Tr&:ni fmr? Acaapol:* for H vt.niorf aiid Wut miU u at 6 5t< a. m. & d s.?<> p m. Pa?a?T(er Tr?n irevmc V. Mb'Brton at < MP a. m. 11 * ra. *r,<1 S p. iu.,Rr?l l*%!tunor?at 4 Snand "M* I ni l and 5 V> p. m , will *tor omUy ?< imup*h< Jtmritcn Way Phnb(?r* roust iske Uia ^crowmixia.'m* TVniits o*2y. W. r. HM ITU, ip 2 Master of Tnkcffport&noo. ?a;t. 1869] THE rm? Pennxylvania Central Railroad, mn (with i*i 19 A FIBST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN 0IT1I 3 PPEKP, SA^ETY AND COMFORT! BTONE BALLASTED AND 1 FREE FROM DUST! I BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUfR FROM BALTIMORE! mil VAILY Tlim? r?n* PHILADELPHIA TO flTTSBIRKH! Two of thwr. latkiac tun comnttMM at mimww witti train* on th? NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD. and forrc?Es THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTB rmoM WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE to ail fct&w iB the W*?T. No&TH-WBCT l?lO SoWTH-WWt. IET For Throcgh Tioket*. apjly At th? OA** M the Northern Central Ku! Road Cocapa^T. Calwt fetation, B*1Uidom. fyt'enAxA Sietging Cars on nil Ntfkt Trains evtonvg azi con lits on *il It aim. FROM W77H!N?TON. PM?*rr?r? wiii t*ie fc a. m. eu.J k p. a. trasaa, iriiMi ib HkunK<rt at TJfl r- cu ar.a t ? p. m., wuere iio?e c<>-^0cuo?? are raaae w;th tnun . ? tee Northers Cectra! R. R..ud arrive < Kar.itberg ?t l r- m. ?ti l.o a in , tlconi act^M wiw! nit* iraiba on i-.e U<t VTW Railroad ior all pa -u of the west FRKISHTS. _ By this rente, freiibts cf *11 daeenptioE# etc 6e 7c r ward e.' to and from *37 point oc the Ra::roada of Ohio, K-Ltneky. ln^i\T;a. Itiisoia, H laoorsin, low*, or Miraotm, bj Ha: rttmi dtrtrt. Tbel>ni;ej.v?ii:a<;?ntr*l Railroad aleeoorcoeta ?t FUtstare with !*teerrera. by whieh tioocsraa fc* forwarder to any port on theOhio. Muakic(cixk, leitack?t TfLne*e??. C?uBt/"ri&nd, Ilanois. iu.*sissippi, Wisconsin. Missouri, Kanaas, Arkansas, wd Red Kirer?: %ni at C!ev??land. gandnak; ana Ct-sajo w; J> ctfaiti to al! North western Lakes. Mercharj^ and nhif yera entreating tne tra^?portattcu cf their J- rsirat to this Comiuy, oa: re:y with oos&tfe iceca its fat* it. TB? RATES OF FKElQi: I tj and froob; joint in the V. est, by the F^nn'rama Central Railroad, art a; ?i{ ??? ??? ?i fiormbU < ??? K e?4?f ftmtfre+4 f**?raw?>. eartioaia; to mark packages"via Firm. Cnmt k. R.M MA OR AW >. KOONS, Freirrt Ejects, No. t?C Norte afreet, Uait.icora. VMnnn t nt?- *? - - - - ? uivun i.o ITiL , ?'s . rw[S!inn, AlWOIt, rv L ? BOUPT,??": Tiokw Af't, Pl.iluieiphim. H^'?h5.0l,e " hre't;il A,e5i'4Pi}^" Korthern centra* railway. i Sitriwi, glutei and But Km* fr+m B*tHVE9T, NORTH*/"l) NOiiTHWEST. gMiiBwri?ia<aLj? WlJfTBM SCHEDULE. c1xm3 ci Ob tad after SUNDAY, fvk Piowober. Pmiw rw tr*tM wiil tmve 4ep?rt rrm CB.TBrt Station u foliove: ? Tzaijm Noxtb LUVB KwJ at (?. nr.. Ka?XiO Kxprcos t >. ??. j'vril"; Acc?')uiiod?t;PB 4?. m. Pnutarc Hir* rtrrg !'.ir'9zn * Jit ? a. T*aihi ^oxru Afc KTV* Ptrlrtoii Acooinuioo?ti- l ui?.is. psi?. o Li ;r?M tJO ?k. m. Pittetars aci U*jrut/?:t Eiyreea tp. m. MAll U ?. ou The I &. itu train from Wun'ctUt oereteti *".t" the *.? ? ?- it l iis frr?n 1!?1iikw? lor tM \V*::ac<i for 15- ,V.o. I ;r..-a, R ooi>e*t*r ( PnoViik. Ceixdaituajxi Ni*c*r? ted lor N?w o k dtr. Tu? SI v jr. train from W*?h!agtM ?*cs?etc witp i . i 6it. Ir ui I>v! .it,ore to WML Koita fc"'i N crlMrc*". aai Llarura iud Uaflaio ant fcoche?t?r. The t p. m. tr*: froir V. aehuif ton ocnnecta witfc t^e ?JD p. in- train froia Malt) mora nr Pittanar*. afcmMHtfi *od tne Wwl fcco i? ft direct oorae*Don for L'.i* tor A ie&uwi M.d N^W York tl? Centra; Pc.. Ml oi Nrw Jersey. Trr tkia ro*U for Nf? Vert. |T^"Tl?e ?*!* tr*m Baltimore on S?r4*y ?.ta?2 >. jb. tr* r. . :- .tl?rrt,l'ittit urj,CUcuo u4 th? \\ ML The OLiy bait arnrici in Ra'.t-.roore on g?r4*y lith?KJOa.u.t-k.o. JAS.O CUHKK, no K It gpyriptei.deol TMUTICR TO T& AVfcLLRS, W P?ilai nt*r rntr*. h?na? orUer?t Ul fwi n? viuv iwnrw: vv mniififf, ^ Hkitinoro, and Old I'oint ( ForirtM JfjsiMltOM rf*B.i.eo, r>D?L.1 fj?nr.ay, thr **ii imc*t t tNe B%? l.'oe of BU^mer* Sill ie?Te B*itiru"re KVtii V f.\Y e*cej: t*m) t 1 from their whirl, trot of v< ojon Dock, at 4H o'clock p. m., or i:n.neO.?.;c ? Uter the ?rriv?j el the WMhiBxton Tr%.u. vLiOh leave* Waa&i&xtoa at Ut o'clock ?. m. g*-tf M. N. FA.LIS, Preet. L. Towui. J. M. Towim. J. B. Towns. L. TOWER* tt CO., STEAM BOOK AND JfiB PHTVTrMn ra TABLISHJrLKNT, Canuf tMinaw ?*mm mad Sixth it. The attention of the baatneaa oonuncnity ta ra feetluUr invited to the Now Book an Job Prtnting Establishment, which ha a boon fitted u| new material, in the moat ooiuelete manner, la iow prepared to execnte, in aaatiafactory atyle, every anety of PnnUnc. ' Booka, fepeechea. 1'aiaphieta, Card*. Cirealara. 8a tiers' Blanks, Ac..4c. The attention o{ mair bera of Congress la especially requested for oar IhcitiUee for printing Speeches, aawe hate the imrtui atean. jotet .l the oitr< deT-lawtB> f\RY ?OODH FOR "TH E FOLKS AT U HOMK."-US(*:? asd othera needing Dry Goods of any kiad for the io'.ka at home, are eo i lioited to lnapaot oar etook. a.I new. aad the aneee marrea m plain Linr*?. ite notnni ouh itnixlnrt KM. .All parcel* for the interior, proper if packed for forvardiac by eipieM orolW oouvei n noen, fro* ofoWia. I PERRY k BRO.. M Ml Pn. ?Te.*iH Ninth ?tr?et. WAL.L. PTEPHKMt* * CO., . -VV> 8RSv VaTP ANDRXTENSIVK DKALKRJJ !S 6LNTLKtfMfcN> Ft'RNlfcHIN? OOOiiS. keS^M1 f ! we lontt a I oash parehMen u> umiim before making Ut?ir M.roti.-o . .? 'SAStu I IM CASH NOT1CK. *N Ooaee^aacce ?i oar hamng to pe? eaak far eeerr artiole of loods we aerebsee. wesre fc.rced to trc-j m oar bu?iL>-a? to Caafe ex c: naively, for tt? TOABrH? sr^ffRFvrsrrJ borr VMr. whirr- art - It t al a mnuii ovir r#.:? tri "r WALX.iTKPliKllf ft C&, it, Mt?a*n HA *?4 l?fe ?u. *1 ??* linft- ? Hw.l _ COLl?-. HOA**KNKl?S. ki otmrvxmi) 8<ivr t<r hcm ihamic.

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