Newspaper of Evening Star, May 6, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 6, 1862 Page 1
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firming Star. V2i. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C.. TUESDAY, MAY 6. 1862. N?. 2,872 111E EVENING STAR is PFBLT?1TED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUXDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR B I I L D I .1 ? S , / P*ntuflr*n*a ??. mud KU***ik itrwl, T . ?V * % ? & * m ^ m ? . w. i.'. *vai.)jAUM; Papers served la package* by carrier* it f4 a year. or 37 cent* per month. To msll *nb*erfber* lie pr'.ce la *3.50 a year, u? odea met; 92 for tlx month*; ft for three months; and foi lea* thaa three months at the rate of 12 cents s week. Single cnple*, o*i c**t; In wrapper*, two rcnTs. IZT AT>v*nTi?*w*:rrs should be sent to the once oeiore 12 o'clock v.; otnerwlae they may act appear until the next day. D BFERRED LOCAL AR TIC LBS. Pouca MaTT??? Firtt Pretinct ?J. Smith, D.t.Uk U?iak. it' II?i - i -M ?_ ? ? i aii.L> Diwwii, omiiu yj onpi, aran* ana DgQN Ing; delivered to military Geo Llgbtner, threatenlns; 9. B Scagga; bond* to keep the peace aix months. frco+d Pneimet.?William Haileton, drunk; turned over to tbe military. Cbas. Baker, flo.; taken home. Daniel Coleman, do ; do. Wm. Degjfuman, aaaault and battery; tamed over to the military. Joshua Brown, throwing atonea; dismissed Tlmothv Madding, dumping rotten r.rai in idf nrw; *- * jonn Koacl, James Francis, drank and disorderly; turned over to military Jane Anger, flfhtlng and disorderly; dismissed. J Titcomb, H. White, drunk; Uken to ramp. P Wagner, selling without license; paid coats. Mary Hnae, leavine corpse unburled; dismiss"^ James Harrletty. do ; held for trial. \\ m Dickeraon and Michael Grander, drunk: uk'n to ramp Third Prertnet ?WUltam Custard, disorderly conduct; fined SI 56 William Brewer, do ; fln?d S3 54. Bud and Alfred Coffee, do ; dismissed Charles C?rroll, vagrant; workhouse. BenJ. F. Morley, nuisance; dismissed George Strand, do ; lined S'2 44. Lewis Sanders, do ; lined S'2 56. John Davis, do ; r?sts. Ann Sullivan, prostitution; dismissed Elizabeth Peters, pettv larceny; dismissed. Columbus 0?;e. assault and robbtrv: tall for court Wiiiu !..? d-unk. dismissed Patrick Roonev. disorderly; d ?rn!*?ed Daniel Relf do; fln?d 11 72 Addison Brown, do.; lined Si.44. F. Poor, do ; do. Patrick Sullivan, do ; do Addison Brown, aanaiilt and baUerv; bail for court Lewi* Grots, nnl? nee; paid coat* Mr* McKeldren. do ; do. |{ Evana. do ; tined 92 56 Mr* Dowllnj?, sell1: j witboata license; fined ?20 44. Jno. Brooks and T. Osborne, disorderly conduct; dismissed J as Boyle, do; fined SI 55. Geo. Mabone, do.; wr rkbnoMK romth /*r*f turf.?James Hvson. assault and tottery; committed to jail. Mary J Harrington, vagrant; workhouse Nellv Ford, do ; do. J f* Hi vs. drunk; d'.smlsaed. Edgar Richie, larceny and tbreata; jail for court David Carson, drunk and disorderly; flo?d SI.5.- James Harvey, dmnkeone* ; ined and aent to workhouse. Missnna * uuer. ao ; ao. Mary J Lucas, disorderly; fined 92, aud s?nt U workhouse. George t'bester. driving on pavement; linen J G. Hvde, do ; do Jame* Williams, disorderly; workhouse Betsy Glasco, do; do. Margaret Jones, do.; do. Etgktk Precmet ? Sarah Jackson, disorderly; wnrkbonse W Homer, obstructing footway; Si 16.W. Lucy A. Dover,drunk and disorderly; vorkbous* K!1za Ward, drunk; do. John K>man, do.; dismissed Wm. Martin and Martn Kr-ef, do; do Robert Conway and David K.l'.-t, drunk and disorderly; do >'m k Prectaet ?Thomas Gordon, drunk and i! ?ur<terlv; fined SI Ut George Hlngerilng. keepinga n ibasce; fined 91 59. John Grayson, drunk; u r k> d or. T'*->> Prtetnct.?Ignatius Slater, carrying conceeied vr??*pon; fined S'20 94 James Maher. disorderly; fined fo M. John Irwin, do.; do Sarah :, prostitution; security for good behavior. M V Bell, do; do. Kittle Collin*, abusive i Utiecent ianeuage; fined 83 58. Patrick dU^derly; dismissed Thomas HutUr, Ca'd 12 Jos Codrlck, ss-ault tecurity i;t D'">., profanity; fined ?158 Virginia I ,'ham, disorderly; fined *1 94. W Hnorwr s'e&llns; dlamiaaed John Branagan, diaorderlv; do. Jauit-a Cowan, do , do. Tboa Baltimore, dmnk and profane; lined *5 84 Rob't Cottrell, vtolatiLg Sabbath; dismissed. Pat Cronan, faat riding; ruled for trial Nicholas Ro^ain, drank ?m'. disorderly; fined SI 94. Wm. McCarty, ln ? nt expcaure; dismissed. Tho?. Baggot. l>rutal treatment of horse; fined S3 Jack BarnLfrt, drubk; dismissed. Anna T ?Cilt SHOOTKa?>?lnV? ' . _ ? - - ?? - m^ui, panvi* ujan Kelly, of the Fourth W ard, ard Buell, of the t at, arrested a young man named Jamea ii t?odfrt v upon tfa'j charge of abootlng iir.u named Kd*ard Daniel*. In Prince George's county, Md. The f>rl*oner waa taken before Juttlee boon, who (omn.ltted tlrn to jail until yesterdav morning, ".'ben he delivered Into custody ef patrolman Kelly, and taken to Bladenaburg, Md. wl l r- a a ... Jmw. Jinn r. Juno, wnu wu cauea upon to arrest Godfrey on the charge of shooting Daniel*, that be beard that Daniels was dying; the doctor said be could not live an hour. Wanes followed Godfrey to this city, and caused him to be arrested J. F. Kelly, patrolman, stated that be went witb Jones to Godfrey's bouse la the First Ward Godfrey's mother In-law said he was not Ja W Lea the door w as opened w'tness went In and arres'ed the prisoner. The prisoner said to Kelly he loaded t - ^ in a d shot Daniel-* It was ..<ided with four bails Tioe prisoner said he had killed DmMv and hoped he would have a ruance "to kill the other d?d b?r," meaning his own brother Charles W. Piles testified that he live* in Marv snd. and tUat XL** affilr occurred at bt* (Pil<?*') uncle * bou*e. He heard the (hot tirtd at Daniel*. and uw the prisoner running The belief of the witoewse* from Maryland was that Daniel* la dead, and the c**e will aaaumo ? more K*r.ou? character than a mere hooting and w. aodiiijj c*8f It wji Int.mau d that the dif11 ulty ori?iaau-d in a quarrel about a female. Stealing ?Franela V. Smith wai arretted on Sa'.jrdiy n i;?it, on tUe charge of ?>alin^ a ti?e note froru Jeremiah M.tchell, on Maryland avenue, ntar TUIrd ?tre? t It appears that Smith when they reached the above place Mitchel took a note from his pocket, and, wh le feeling for in re money , ^m th snatched the note and ran on, bat he was overtaken bv otBcer Vernou In n store, and taken before J mtice Siratton, by whom he was i oir.mitted to jail. K.xc!t?m*st is M*kebt.?On 8 turdav night an altercation took place In Center market between a well known citizen and a butter merchant. In which earh party was about going In f?r a light, but tbe bvtund-rs and separated the belligerent# The cau?e of the trouble seems to urrni iik |?iiniuiuiiii ui a uuurr out lo IDS wife of the citizen, who keeps a boarding-house ?>n the avenue, which the citizen aaya waia thruat towjrd her la an inaultlng manner. Fiox tii Cot^ir Patbol.?Mra. C. Lighter ard (jrot?* LigLter. her tun, were erre*ted by ; trolmm D Cole, upon the oath of Selby Scagga, ?k.? . V. ?... .--..t.l * _ V J ? ' > -u icm i u - kUit IUC| WVU1U uu U1UJ >UUir UDU1 ly Injury, as well as Injure hi* property, craved tte rarity of peace. Yesterday morning they appeared before Juitlre Donn, and were held to security to keep the peace dt?cr ftiomcr Bat<>* Rora* ? Baton Rouge, a city, capita! of the state of Louisana, and seat of jjsticetf the i>ar!?h of Cast Baton Rouge, is a.iaak-d on thelrft or eastbaukof the Mississippi, on" hundred and twentv-nin* mile* above New Orleans. It standson the first bluff or high bank which occurs in ascending the river. The bank 1? elevated about twenty fire or thirty feet above th- Ligheet overflowing Baton Rojge haa the reputation of being oaeof the health I eat town< la th-aouthe?n portion ef the Mlatitalppi and the valley. The ?pl?nade In front of tbe town repreae:it? adeligtitful View uf tbe majestic Mlaalaalppl and the rich tracts of cultivation which line lta bmka Below Baton Rouge tbe broad and deep river awrepa through a plain wbtcb la cccupied by luxuriant plantations of augar cane, and adorned by splendid vlllaa and gardena, and ^ r?vea of tropical fruit trees To protect theae from inundation a levee or embankment of earth La* been raiK-a to in- neigbt or six or eight feet. Tb- >?it of government wa? entabllahed here In l?t7. Since that period tbe bualneaa of tbe p.ace baa become more active, and tbe value of property baa been greatly enhanced. It contain* a elegant State-Houae. a It ua ted Immediately on lb* bank of tbe river, Baton Rouge College, four Cbtircbea. an Araenal and Barracka of tbe United S-. t* which were aelied and occupied by order . ,, ; ai ??w *1? ? * ? - i?; uovrrDOf jiwic warn iuc 3HIC ifCCaM ITOfn the I'n'on,) two newspaper cfllces, Bud penitentiary Fbe State convention assembled at Baton Ku jge ob the 4ih of January, lbdl, and on the v-:h of that month pant an ordinance of secession < >j the 3Uth tbe convention adjourned to meet at N-w Orleans Tbe population of the parish In ombered W 04d, of whom *>,570 were slaves At tr.? last Presidential election tbe vote stood tu i* Bell, 5W; Breeklandge, 4'M, Douglaa, t?; ii>- *? "? ivi ? ? 117"The late Governor-General of Canada, Sir Kdiaund Head, haa refused tbe Governorship of Bombay, at ?14aOO, per usun, la consequence of tbe climate not being likely to agree with L*dy Bead. LU~ I pwarda of three thousand applications ?. recnrru iroai young gg lo be rnytgedM w?lter? it tbe London Lxt.tiltioa. U7-8U haudred ?nd f^rtjr ?ln? rWed at New York daring the pe*? wee*, gt*H*K * loUl ?M,t?6 for the year. Minor? under eighteen yeern, ?f*, bf r*' > rot act at <hr Ohio L*gl?latnre. prohibited I<?m jufln^ blUUrd.n in MhtlA iilfttini. AFFAIRS IX GEORGETOWN. C?rr?.tfndtne* of Tk* 8utr. GxoBsSTOwit, Mav 5,1902. At tbe meeting of our City Councils last Friday night, a message was received from tbe Mayor, recommending the appointment on the part of tbe Corporation of ft sworn officer, whose duty It aball be to ftct as inspector of gfts meters used by tbe citizen* of the town; slso, one relative to placing a hydrant at the north end of the market-house; Mso, one recommending that application be made to Congress for such repairs of our roads ud iireeis u mav oe a earned proper and reasonable In view of the damage tbey have sustained by tbe Immense travel over them by army trains; also, ore on tbe subject of certain repairs needed to tbe cblmney of tbe Town House; alao, one on tbe subject of tbe probabilities of securing action :rom uongrfM at the present session In any matters of lntere?t to the town; all of which were duly referred A communication from the clerk of the Corpontlon, submitting a statement of unexpired appropriation* of the Corporation, wai read and referred, as was a communication from the clerk of the Corporation submitting a statement of the amount of taxes received during the month of April. Mr. Ooddard creaented iha f Sherwood, taking tbe remlaalon of a fine; referred. A message from tbe Mavor, received this evening from tbe Board of Aldermen, in relation to the repair of tbe lamp poata, waaread and referred to the aelect committee, composed of Messra. Tennev, Cellln* and Goddard. Mr. Kelly presented tbe memorial of John Hlllery, aaklng the remlsalcn of a fine; referred. Alao, tbe memorial of sundry dealer* In fiah In tbe market-bouae, complaining that certain partie*, uot renter* of *Unds In tbe market-honae, are sluing nan in the street above tbe market totbetr Injury, and aaklng tbat tbe Corporation may interfere to prevent any further infringement on their rights In tbe premises; referred. Mr. Clementa presented tbe memorial of Rieb'd P. J ark son, asking that a nuisance occasioned by tbe How of foul water from Vanderwerken's atab'es through Warehouse Alley into Bridge atreet, may be abated; referred to tbe committee on streets. Mr. Tenny presented the memorial of E. A. Duffy, representing that In consequence of the filing up of Frederick street h. r property has been Injured dv the overflow of the evil m?v be removed by tbe construction of a sewer; referred. Mr T?nnypresented the account of Win. Whelan, for repairing of fire plugs, hydrants, water mains, 4c.; referred Mr. Collins, from the committee on claims, reported a resolution to pay tbe expenses of th? poor and work houses for the first quarter of 190*2. and other claim*; wblcli was read'a tirst time. Mr. Collin*, from the committee on poor and workhouse, reported a resolution to rebuild a portion of the fence of the poor house grounds; which was read a first time. Mr. Goddard, from tbe committee on streets, reported a resolution for the repair of certain streets; which was read a first time, j Mr. Tenny. from the select committee appointed on the subject, reported a bill entitled an ordinance to provide for tbe inspection and sealing of gas meters; which was read a first time Mr. English, from the committee on the market . ?* - ? - - uuu.m, icpuiiru a irsoiunou nxing me salary ot the marketmnster; which was read a Aral time. The resolution to pay expenses of the poor and workhouse for the first quarter of l^-j. and other ciaima. was taken up, the aecond and third time, and paaaed. The resolution for the repair of certain streets, watt taken up and read, and on motion of Mr. Tenny, waa temporarily postponed till Friday next. The resolution fixing the salary of the market master was taken up and pasted. The bill entitled an ordinance to provide for the inspection and sealing ?f gas meters.was taken up ana passed The board adjourned till Friday evening next, at 7# o'clock. We have been requested to call the attention of the commissioner of public works to the fact that In the present condition of tbe canal company the Day of tbe president should be teduced from 500 to S1,000 per year, as was done some years ago,when the company was In the like condition. It Is with tbe greatest difficulty that money can be got to pay for labor to keep the canal In proper condition; and therefore the gr? atest economy should prevail In ita management. The coal agent at Cumberland write*, that If ike Government will take it la Land, the canal will be navigable in fourteen day*; otberwiie navigation will be suspended for at least six we-k* Our flour market U steady and active; superfine flour quoted from 85 26 to 85 37; extra, *5 75 to 8?>; family. 87 to 8? Wheat?red, 81.25 to 81 30; white, 81 30 to 81 45. Corn?white, 60 ts 63c.; yellow, 58 to 60c. At our flsL wharves this morning, shad were selling from 87# to 89 per 100; berrlng, 5 to 5^. Nothing doing at our coal wharves. SfiTTiTnll J? ? J Affair* In Alexandria. Alexandria, May 4 ?Editor Star: We wer* visited l\*t evening by Gov Pierpont and tbe Hon. Mr. W ha ley, of the House of Representatives, both of whom addressed a large and enthusiastic Union meeting at Ly^eom Hall. uot rierponi delivered one of the moat powerful and convincing speeches I have ever listened to?one that I should hardly think would fail to convince any tane man of the wtckedneaa of thia rebellion. Secenh vlaiw-d Washington yesterday and called on tbe Governor. I am not aware of the object of i. _u < A <? - - - turjr yi?n, out -us supposed to cave D?en in reference to the license law. against which they continue to rebel. I hardly think they got much satisfaction, for In his remarks last evening, he laid it down pretty plain that, to far as he was concerned, they must comply with the law, and that should any of those gentlemen who ref.ise to tike out license continue to open their stores, the y must be rioted for tkem. Mr Whalev, bemg quite unwell, spoke only fnr l ahnrf ttm* Col. Gregory, commanding this prat, being present, was called for. He responded In a few patriotic and powerful remark*, wblcb met witb a hearty rt-sptfpae from the audience, and closed by saying that be had not left his home for speech making, l>ut to aid the governmeat in maintaining Its authority all over the whole country, and tvK i/*K Via ( hniiti Kt IKoo uuah 1 <1 1?? ?? ' ? ? n U.VM uv WWUKU> lucj WVU'U MO BUIC ?U UU 111 a few month*, wneu be would be enabled to return to bis bom*. Th* band of the 9lth N. Y Vols wu present and played several national airs. After the meeting was over they serenaded tne Colonel and Gov. Plerpont. Occasional. How Or* mix Won in tiii Tkknchis.? Thl* la told by the Yorktown correspondent of the N Y. World thus: 1 It msv be a puzzle to mint to ronretv* hn? our men can throw up fortification* right in the face acd in plain sight of the enemy without be* lng aerleualy disturbed by them. A brief description may be interesting, Inasmuch aa it cannot be contraband. because the work la done right under the no*e? of the rebels. A working party Is deUiled for night duty; with musket slung on their backs and ahovela and plcka on their ahoulders, they proceed to the selected ground. The white tape marks the line of excavation the dark lanterna are "faced to the rear,' > the muskets are carefully laid aaide; the shovels are In hand, and each man silently I rnmm^nrM fA Hlor Vnt a la ?* . .??. ? "? ? n^v?cU| HUt oae spade clicks against another; each man first digs a hole large enough to cover himself; he then turns and digs to his right-hand neighbor; then the ditch dec pons and widens, and parapet rise* Yet all is silent; the relief comes and the weary mm retire; the worda and jests of the enemy are often olalnlv h#ard; kii? >* from oar men disturb* the atlliness u*e tbe ' dull rattle of tbe earth aa each upadefull U thrown to the top; at daylight a Ion* Itne of earhworks affording complete protection to oar men, grreta tbe aatoalshed eyes of theeneray, while tbeaharp ahoottrs' buWeUaureet tbelreara. Frequently tbla work.1* done In open daylight, the abarp-aliootera and pickeW keeping tbe enemy frnni >V*U MHHVJ I VUI IUCU? irTThe Toronto Leader receive* ell Intelligence from the States of Federal vlctortea with "conalderable allowance " It very gravely atate* that ''General Fremont haa left Kentucky and taken hla men to Join the forcee of Uueli, Grant and Fope near Corinth." No paper* thla aide of the line have the newa. CJ" Italy, A oat Ma, Greece and Turkey are still agitatea by political dlacuaeion, revolution and aa actual war waging between the Turk* aad Moatenearina. CT" The Emperor Napoleon has directed hit Miuliter of Marine to report the number of wooden wmtla of war which can be sheathed with lroo. ir>Tka Im.1* U- # * nan tivu 1H IHC IT mi piU1UIM7V IU Df I unususlly large tbia year, and In tut Eastern I 0tales Uis prospect* iri also favorable. * TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM YORKTOV* !?. What the Rebels Left Behind at Yarktawn. Headqitaktkbs Akvt Potomac, May 4?11 20 t. m?Hon. E M. Stanton, Secretary of War: An Inspection jnat made shows tnat the rebels abandoned In their works at Yorktown two 3Inch rifle cannon, two 4 ;i-lnch rifle cannon, six teen 32-pounders, six 42-p'iunders, nineteen 9 Inch eolambladi, nix 91nch Dahlgrens, one 10-Inch columblad. one 10-lncta mortar, one 8-Inch siege howitzer, with carriage* and Implements complete, and each piece Ruppiled with seventy-six rounds of ammunition. On ttie ramparts tnere are also four magazines, which have not yet been examined This does not include the guns left at Gloucester Point and their other works to our left. G. B. McClkllan, Maj. Gen. The Pursuit *f the Confederate* from Yorktown?Onr Ctralry aid Artillery hare n Sharp Skirmish with the En^ay near Williamsburg, and Capture ume Prlson[Army Correspondence of the Associated Press ] H EArguARTins, sixi Williamsbubo, May 4. p. m ?The advance of the forces, under command of Gen Stoneman, with the view of ascertaining the position of the enemy, reached this place, 2% miles from \V llllamtburg, about two o'clock tnis ufternoor.. On the road from Yorktown the country, In most Instances, wm laid desolate, and but ftw of the houses were occnpled. On trocrglnsj from a cover of wosds we came In view of Williamsburg and the enemy's earthworks at the came time. Wagons were visible in the works, but a regiment of cavalry could be seen approaching about one mile oft In line of battle. Captain Gibbons'reserve battery wjn then ordered In front, to open on the enemy's approaching cavalrv. while a oortlon of the flth mvairv were deployed & skirmisher? to the right and left. The lire from the battery was very effective on the enemy's cavalry, but they never changed tbeir course. About *200 yard* to the right of Gibbons' battery was an earthwork, which had sll the appearance of being deserted, but suddenly our troops were opened upoa by a deadly fire from artillery posted behind the works. At the same time the rebel cavalry continued advancing until they were checked by a charge made by a portion of the 1st and 6th cavalry, which wax performed in a most admirable maimer. In more Instances tban one it wai a band-toband encounter with the enemy. Strange to say, none of our men were taken prisoners, while we captured about twenty-five of the enemy, among whom is Capt. Frank Lee, of the 3d Florida infantry. Capt Gibbons had fourteen horses killed. Lieut. De Wolf was mortally wounded. One of our guns was lost by sticking fast in the mud. Lieut. Benton, of the 1st Cavalry, and ten men r\f tKa anmo *><> ? ? * 1 ' V. .MV vu.uv ir-nmuv wrsr WUUIiUCll. I.lfUl. McClellan, of the 6th Cavalry, was aligbtly wounded, as were also twelve other* Lieut. Col. Kriei. of the 1st Cavalry, Lai his horse ahot under him while engaged In a hand-to-hand encounter with two cf the enemy. He etcaped with a few slight bruis-i. Private Noble Wis*, r>f M ?1nr Rirlr^r'a MrriolUn V-J WI. boise killed and was severely wounded in the le? by the explosion of a torpedo while passing through Yorktown TLe rebel cavalry w<i? forced by our men to evacuate their position, but the want of infantry at the tline prevented our troop* from advancing on the eneniy'a works, and it being evident that it waa useless to attemDt further ?Derations. th. troop* fell back about two hundred yard* to ?Wd!t tbe arrival of Infantry. General Hancock'* brigade soon after arrived, but It wa* deemed ndvi?able to defer further operation* until to-morrow 9 We have Information tb*t tbe enemy are still ?n lh. * vu tuv iciicai uryuau vv uaaniiiOlir^. The rear guard of the enemy li very strong, as was shown to day. Li-TBR. Yorktowh, May 5.?It commenced raining ber? about U o'clock this morning, and ban continued heavily up to thin time. There ia no newi from Williamsburg, aa it ia yet too early in tne morning to bear. We will occupy Wllliamabnrg early In the morning. From thera our course will depend upon iaai taken Dy tbe enemy. FROM On. IIALLEf K'S CO tlllAXD. The Effect *t tbe Fall sf New Orleans. Cairo, May 4 ?Intelligence from the armv before Corinth has been received up to six o'clock last night. General Halleck has moved his headquarters twelve miles toward the front. Our advance was within two ml!e? nf th? momni. ??J " outer works. The entire column is still pressing forward. Bkirmlsbes between the advance and the rebels ere of dally occurrence, the latter making but a light show of resistance and then falling back. On Thursday 400 Germans from a Louisiana regiment, who had been tent out from the rebel camp on outpost duty, came into our lines In a body with white tings on their guns, and gave themselves up as deserters. Deserters ?ay that Gen. Lovell's advance was bi urenaaa, mih., iortirylng Ihe place, which li naturally a strong position. They also confirm the report that Beauregard la being reinforced from all paria of the Gulf States, by merchants and business men, who, having closed their store#, have flocked to his standard. ; ;\o new* baa b?en received from the flotilla. A refuge** from Vlcksbu'g. who left Memphis on Thursday, nays tbat full particulars of the fall of New Orleans have been published, and created great consternation. All the .fiver towns below Vlcksburg and Natchez are almost entirely deserted, most of the people having tied to the Interior. A large number of rebel steamboat* have gone up White river, for what purpise 1* not known. It was believed at Memphis tbat Commodore Farrj^ut's tleet would not come a* far up the river as that city. Tne leamrr Edward Wilton wa? flred Into on Friday n'ght by rebel cavalry, six miles below Havannab, wounding Mve toldlers. The gunboat Tyler Immediately went down and abelled tbe woooa, and notified tbe people of tbe vlciulty that tb"lr property would be burned on tbe repetition tif tbe occurrence. K?iv? ? ai vol M. cuuntcc. Nashvillk, May 4?The Nashville Union of the 3d contain* a rail, signed by one hundred and ufty Influential citizens, assigning Monday for a meeting to take measures to restore the former relatlona of Tennessee with the Federal Union. i^a?hvill*, Mavi?The citizens of Pulatkl were disarmed to-day la consequence of renderIn^c assistance to the rebel Colonel Morgan In capturlug a Union train of cat* and Interrupting telegraphic operations. From F?rt Wright?Threatens ittack upon Facte by H*lllai> Cairo, May 3.?The river hu fallen two Inches in the last eighteen hour* A deserter to the fleet reports tbat Com. Holltns continues bis preparations to attack Com. Foote, loudly boasting that be will ?lnk the entire fleet, or drive them to Cin cinnatl. The rebels are continually throwing shells into the woods, between the fleet and the fort, and occasionally lire in the direction of the flotilla, but without effect, as the boats are all out of range Spsils laptired at New Orleaas. St. Lotns, May $ ?A refugee from the South, who was at Mew Orleaas when our fleet arrived mere, *ay? inai we captured a Urge quantity of cotton, sugar, and other property. Arrival ( Treatnre from California. Niw Yokk, May 5.?The atramer Northern Light, from Aapinwall, with $0lj,00U ia treasure from California, haa arrive^. /!/k K> *>?? w ? ? XXXVII lb COltGR K?g??y< Imln. SiiiiTi ?After our ivport closed veaterday? Mr. Pomeroy concluded tola speech In favor of (be homestead bill. The consideration of the confiscation bill waa resumed, and Mr. Howe addressed the Senate, taking the view tbat the bill waa unconstitutional and yet be waa In favor of eonSaratlnu ih? ?? perty of rebate If It could be done legally Mr. Footer compered the several bills, after which the Senate went tnto Executive teuton. Hovib. ?After oar report clo?ed-_ The consideration of the Peclttc Railroad bill occupied the balance of the day, tfNURAViNG-lCNGRAVlNG, Hi . , ENGRAVING. ur?iiiii?- -- ? b..i.?? a. t vi . uua,h?i? ^arui. niuiAi. gSr^Wft. *?" ? Cm Pi?. MM* ?-'-"?LYLaND., OFFICIAL. -pVEPARTMENT OF STATE, xj Wa?hiji?ton, January *3, le?f. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Members of Congreaa on burineas on Saturday*, ooamendng with Saturday, tie firat of next Bonth. Jan57tf WILLIAM H. SEWARD. WAK UKFAKTMKNT, JlKVAlY tl, l^W. Oionn, That the War Department will be eloaed Tuesday*, Wednesdays, Thundays and Friday* against all other bnilne** bat that which relate* to active military operations In the field Saturday! will be devoted to the bualneta of ftofUitori mn<! R pnroa?rf?il *o?

Mondays to tbe buitnrs* of the Fubllo. EDWIN M. STANTON, Jt 22-tf Secretary of W*r. PASSENGER TRAIN TO MANASSAS. Wa DcFARTmicr, ) OJflct Military SvpfrmUn lent Railroads U.S. > " Watkington, April 16, Ifciil. ) Mr* t ?i- a ** ?? ?- ? i?" > oniru^rr i imu win ur run irnui yy a-ui:i^ton to Manassas until further notice. D. C. McCALLUM, ap 13-tf M. D. and Sup't Kallrouda, U. 3. N? ?TO TIB PUBLIC IN Ul.NKRAL!^fe^gf GOSLING RFSTU'RAH, iit7 PENNSVI. VANIA AVENUti South Sim. (Formerly ot New York.* Has the Nam* and Fame o! beinf (INK OF THE BEST RESTAURANTS IN TOWN ! |D"tfi*e it a triai and judee fo? your* Ml Everything in the House a? ? | ^mKx is o! the f&jfa&v IIEST TH? MARKET ,?3SSBi AFFORDS. p ^n? " Don't forget the number?' " li4 7 f'onnsj! *?n:i\ avenue, m 1 3;n Between 12th and I3t bib . south sale. PUilLIC NOTICE IS MKRKHV GIVEN, that until otherwise ordered, the Co nimssiorers under tie aoi of Concrete of ih* 16th of April, 18-;2, entitled, "An aot for the re>??e of oertain persons held to Bsrvioe or labor in the District of Columt'ia," trill bold their sessions in the City Hit!, in thfl Pltv r%f Wft?Kin??Ati a? 'I*? ? ? , - v/n .uuu'.t?? , aurwiftji Wedneadiy, Thurada*, and Friday, ?f every w?e*. and that a!! pemona. loyai to tho Ut.ite:' t'tatea, holding oiaiina to ?ervioe or )tlK?r agair et ptfranna diacharged therefrom by that aot. iray, wi hiD ninety oa?a fro>Ti the paerar* th?rt-of, ( hioh wi ! expire n tho 15th of Ju.y nexul but not tfc?=?eafter, present to theOommiaaio ers ti.eir respec ivo atatenients or petition! m writing, verified by <'ath < f affixation netting forth the ram-a, ajes. and per eonal description of audi pereoca, the matiiyn- m wh'Ch *.iie petitioner# acqui'ed auct: ciiim, aift a::y taoH tonehirg the \a'ue thereof, an 1 j'o laricr h:? ??* a ai.c^iauuc i?? fciiC ? t VOTE IXJ0E I *M X110W 111*^1 Btate?, anu that the p^itioner has ijotbo. ro ariTiB tea United States during th* present reocfliun vor in any way given a;d or comfort thereto. And notict u htrt^y /utter tiven, that :h.- lime named in t^e 9tn s^ct.on of tuat aol. 'or rv RtatPnieDt in writing c soheoui" with trio i<- t of t>'6 Circuit Conrt f .r th? M'stnot of v.'o.umbt&. t-y the several owner* or c aunants to toe service* of the persona made free by triat act, aettia; forth the tiamse. ages, sex, and ptrticuiar deaori??:on of iuCi fer?oca aaseraiiy- ia by authority Ki?ei ?r> the Commission* , by that aot, extend?d to the 1st d-yof June next. Ih-? Conums'ioners are prohibited from a! owing the claim of aiiv person who hall nor lect to fi le ?n-*i? - ' ? -- | - 1 wi VWIIVU U.V MlkU sari Ciftrlr, tcnording to tho re^uireiiiCLts of th&t Boction 01 ?&id act. S F. VINTON, DANIEL K GOODLOE, HOKATiO KINS, . . CaT.-imisai oners. WMhimton. April 23, 1862. a.3 tf ALL'S OLD 8 T A NO." The h?it place for ohoap and durable Good*, m tms city, is the BALTIMORE BARGAIN STOKE, 375 Sevautti street. J ast opened a comp ete of Diejss Good*. Uorrestice at last years' Prices. Irish Liners- very ohe&p. t*un Umbrellas snl Paraso;?, 'rom Auction. A splendid Linen Handkerohi&l at 12>? ots , worth Gents' Coio-ed Uordarsd Handkerchief at 55 Cts., worth S7}? ota. Bent Trtieum Gauct'ets. at J5 ct*., worth SO ets. Heat quality Kid Finish S.Ik 5Uots.( worth iV>t ote. Uoop Skirts at Factory pric*". LANSUUKGU * BROTHKK, 31 5 Seventh street. Hoop Skirt Factory, 119 Liberty ?tie.?t New York. ap ?'-iw' POTATO ES!~ POTATOES!! 2.500 bushels White Mercer f'otntoen iust arrivftll III kilPf'i Wh?r# fra.a? />' i 1 w t _ -? . m I Wi I 1 fcil pure' , Fct schooner Sar*h Helen, from B&otor, M& L*, vrili bo sold vary low id lots to km it by _ i 1). L.. MORRISON A CO., corner of 12'h and B ?t*., ap 38 lw* o the captain on board. JAY COOKE A CO.. BANKERS, 424 Kiptk?NTH Sthkkt, Huy*t?dStvi U. 8. CKRTIFICATKS OF I.NDKIJTK.DNKSS, Onart(r?ia.*ter>' Chick' and VotttheTS, 7 3-10 TRKASUHY NOTK?, AU'1 other Government eg, COIN. CURRMMC Y AND EXCHA OO F. _?!> tfllB j ? MB ALMlNti THE DEAD. DR. HULMES'S AMERICAN PROCESS. This arooess, without the use of poi^ona, disoovere-l thirWen years a:o, and p s^r.ced | sines that time in the warmest eeonons of the | United states, is sufficient recon:iroii<ia.tinn of itself. This mode of Kuil>alnuns Dead Jfe.dies | is lo foreign invention. but purely Aioenoaii !iav| in j discovered it niyseif altar years ot c . em k m research. Many of tho resi<ionts o( Ihie oi't will I remember seven y ears since the expositiw j 'of the body of achi d embalmed b* me. My process has been tested bv a large number of phyair tans and o,hermits in tne principal t ities of the V m m. and persons 01 me niftiest respeotabiliiy. who have Riven their oertihoates, which my pa? nph et will ho*. The body of* dug emha ia?d ttif vm month! ainoe, and exposed to tne heat of tbo p a*t summer, is on public exh bition at 30 t Fer.n. avenue, where 1 have embalmed a larte rura>r a', officers and private soldiers of onr army to the arntire satisfaction of their surviving 'elat.v.<* and friends. i will a:so em bairn bodies l>y So<y%uet'a French system at 8U> a piece Thin proo^ss 1 couki have used since tbe discover? of my on had it been as I food or better The Kreimh ?... ..r M V<?HWIM/ VI fc.7VICU?W &t lta annual ?ittin* Itelid oa tt> a S'fd ol March, 1352. publiahed sucquet'a ayatein Wo the world, & copy ol whioh 1 have Peraona wiahinj bodies ^mha'msd by either_?roeeas will apply to A. buo'dy, Undertaker, 303 P a. avenue: Joaeph Buroh, Undertaker, fceorgeaown, D. C ; Henry L*e, 4SVi Pa. avenue. Nopouona uaod. apS6 Ufl*_ m o u n It AM - - 1*1 RKSTAUr.ANT. The popular RKSTAURANT ?nd DINING SALOON lor ladi** an<l gentleman A by Mr*. L. Run*ell. 493 7th street af yl-*?T lord* an opportunity to oitucc* tMJAUwi atangera to get ia>?al?at%ll hours. served upturns l?le for which tin* establishment is lamoua. Viaitora may count upon good fare, courteous attendance, am; *11 me requisites for a well-regulated first olas* home. ap 34-lm DRfcfS MAKING?Mia* I. G. A.HTHUR, Fashionable Dress Maker. ruenMifnii. ooe^'diVir ?S VVMhln??on tbac aha has o h k " ra&k?n? astabiishment at No. 410 Bnuii ^n 'nrH H a,I?d ' &>,d i? prepared to eif)? VlThinn ^ l> inptly.u>a in the lata.t itylea wrniBold ^uWln* *nd fitting dona,and pat wanieo immediately.?Young ladies *o learn DreuMakiig. ap yMm* PROFEeSOR ALEXANDER WOLOWSKI la continuing his oourses on the PIANO AND IN SLNGING. by his new and simplified hi* residenos, ISO 441, "Santh street, brtw en ? sad F. All those who desire to berome Cse sinters or exoellent performers, she uld sv&i. tftemse'.vee of his new system ef instruction. ap yy ST SHOES DAM < GEJ) BY THE FIRE. Now is the time for Ladies' Mis tee' and Children's Gaiters and ?noee to -? u?>* ???* ??* tta arty. ..j R. COHEN'S. as 21 i? lWiV 'tun, o?r ??"'? Bait k ftro.. Ja ralara. BL?hasK.???iCOLORED 8ILKS.-N IV ?u? " >'** ?KO_'*l bariaics fo'n .To^k^f n?0^ olfcracl to <ia?. with - ?r nsoal HI u?red ff or?'?n actd 1 k>mMtiOj "8^'w.i^kssw. "?< Pain.iTMiiuf from ? mm * j- grkgorv, jbjm 101 F*naayhruu% ftvenae- HHgjB WM DrtvwniUmu, 1 * f 1 PP.OPO*A(,<* FOR HMU,!, ARM!* FOR THE UNITED STATES SERVJCE. Oirainci Offk i. I Washtkotoj*. I>. C.. Aprf! 2l>. ia52.\ Proposal* will ho rMt v?.l h? th-s Dsptrtment, onti! ? p. m. on the e?e. icg of ih* 15t.'i of >l?r. iw. for maoufMtMir,*,in th? L*nit?a Saitet, for t%e Roverrm?nt. within ona year from that d*t*, tlia following de?o iption < f irmi, vi* : r?prinjt?eid K.tie Mnsketa. model lw'o. Harper'a Ferr, Kiflea. with awonl bayonet* and steel aoabbards, model 8S6. Breeon-loMine Carbide*. for oavairy, Kevo v*r Pistols, army sue, i**br?i for ii| hi oavairv, Non-oommi??ioned officer*' Sword?. / ?t#?f scabMusicians' Sworde, < t arda, frMeel ^oaf bards for rifled musket bayon*'*. Proposals w 11 otate? ! For nutk'ts and rifts, th? pnoe for 2P oW of euher. ani the reduction proposed per gun for I ea^h a/UI'tior a! lo,o<*> u> ?0 o c. For rtvolveri and eeerbtnes.?he kind propased,an<i tae prioe 'or 5 i'so. ami i^ie'lon, ? r pi no! or c*r I btne. for ea^h itinnul 1 r.iAt.i * For sabre rwords s?:d sta' ba?dt, th? jriceo'eaoh of the prescribed pattr ma to the ruinber of 5 f>oo eaoK au'^R'so ?%ch additiot.a> 5 <?0 to All the fire-anns are to he furmsaed with the regular ap9?soa?"ii. The rifle irsu*ket* are to he id ail respects identical with teat minnfaotu^! a' fie U t* Armory, Mnrfitl'', A" *.fia<Jhu?fttf. and are to interpha.n>o with it m.l aiti. ?a?H ah their parts. K??h ol Uie otter kin'isoftire arms inu*.t s. go intereharge with one another in tne n>ar:ner. The materia a lor theaearms mint be of tbe very ha^t qu&iitT, ar.d no roslleai'.e froa parts wi!i re 4!u>va(1 to I:e All th* artto>? ir.n?t be sub jeM to the ia?pee(ton prescribed oy ti e Or..nmoe flesu ati?i.s ani riUii i.e !?oxed, ref.ity for trar.? portation. at the exp^n** of (he contractors, in e oh i> r.e as may I >e directed. issp^ctxiuB ? ; Le til the l?ctori?s lu ijta of nol .?*? lli'.t l,?w> each. Proposa a w:ll state the name of the estar>'is)i n;'t.t iraki ni the < tf'er, tue uiimt er a:.<i ''ale < ? tue first de i?er?, and rats of delivery monthly th re auer. raiiUroio iMie aoe.ivsry At ? tpftC> UM tun*,"ran? attempt to intriduoe ma les !? ir- n or i.tb?r inferior i?' t?ia vork, wil'tub jb.-'i ttie \rtio;? nuin'r' af a-in* cortrv-tej i r to : irf-Uur? a: th.? ep'i c of t;i? Departmei t. T'-e l>ep\rt!i:?i t re?eivea to itself ti e Mjht to rei*nt a t t id. aad wil: conei^r none '? th. <>hkb * v tf*i ( Kr<ife*r ??' ? *h-* '* mm %m~ ?- V ...| vava t VI %y v?iiV( tuia.l kUV IC|UI(li m&uniactarerp. Provost!* will he f.ddrer'ed as fo !ow?:?"Genera, J vv KiPLKY.On'eJ of OrJnai.'-e, Wwihinf ton U C an 1 wii! be endorsed "Proj<i?a t ,or Maskst?, or nfle?, saf er*, 4c, r.* 'ha -a^ niij he. ap s? dt&tar i5 pROFOSALS FOR 1HORSK3. Depot <4uartkrmastkr's Offici, J Corner Wtk and li tts., Washxnrto*, > Apri, ? itfc?2. \ Proposals wi 1 be received at thie Oftwe linui tne |t>tn day oi May, at 12 o'N<><-k M., for t'jrei?hinr th? env?rspipnl wi'h (2,1*1") TWO THOUSAND HORDES, oi tho follow.Lg djacxlptlutl, viz . CAVALRY. Fca Cavalht.?(i.cwj) one thnuvand hor>*e. from (l.j) I. ft? -a to ( ?) sixteen hands Lien, h^ttrfn five an-1 eght yar?of ae?; of da-It colors; ?r|| brofceu to the addle; ooiiicact.f omit. aud froe fr^m a 1 defeou. ARTILLERY. For Abttlikrt ?(l,0?oi one thousand horses, frota ?iAX i utteaa ard one hair' :o( ? nxueu Lanes hirh. between five ai d "if f1* rears of *$e: of di'k oolcr*; tree Iroin all defect#; oorrpactiy oci't; veil broke;; :o fcameea, aud to va:ga not iess tuar. 1,100 pounds. PROPOSAL?. Proposal* moj.t speoify c o^r .y whether the bid is for' a va i? or Arti:>ry ho-sas.&nd i? no cast rnu*t both be b'd for on tlie same ?ater. li fccj b-diier wliliea to propose lor both c.ass^a n* irnm lorwarn two cic' pr;po?a a?one ior etch cla?? rtnnpltlc ?* ar.i! lavine no refac duo* to any ?>tiier proposa br the cams p\rty. If a bid m in the of a firm tt>e Laiaea of a!! the paitaers must appear or it will not i?s considered. P'oposr. ? u.uit be addressed to Co!. D H. Pucker, Quartermaster f. S. Army, Wvhicstrm. D.C , a&ti must be piainij i:.arke<i "fripus&ij for Hur??a." GUARANTF.K. Theabiiitr oflle bid ier to fill tiie contract. shou'd it. i.t> t.v*rri?i I .? him niiut I ,r* * t%.i i d-.. rerp nsib!e persons, whose iienatures nsust ?>e appended to th? suiraatee. The responsibility ol the fuarr.'-to's ir.u?t bs fhowu ty ih? offi~ a oe'ff-.-'ate <>? ?;:e C ?r* cf the nearest District Court or of the Unito-l States District Attorn** tiiddert muit !>? pruart in person when the bids are opened or their propona a will not be considered. Bonds, in the *um of ten thon?a,idollars, sijned by the o<<ntraoto,-an1 bofh of hie c"%rantor*. wii! lie re? uirfd of the suoaa&stdl ti.ii.iar un.n ncn.n* t e o T'rvct. As the hoed mn*t Jiconirpany the contract, it will be i!ece**ary for ladders to have >ueir bondmien witi the in, or to l.ave bond* iiftiMl in anti *ij.a:!.;a and read* to be prouued when the contract a ?UDe<j Liia'iits for bonds oan te procure i upon application he...i mad* a* tiiis office, either ?erso9&;Jf, by letter, or by telejrajh. Form of UsarMl<i We, , of the count* 01 , a:d 8Ute of ?, and , of the oounty o? , and State < f . do Lereby tuarattce that ? is ah!o to fu'fil a c truot in *-">ordi?.nce with tfie t^nns of hm proposition, Km! that, sir>u.d his proposition be accepted, ho will at ouoe enter int^ % contract in aoaordance therewitn. should the contract b? awardotf Li in we are prepared to beooms his securities. i To tius guarantee mnit tie appended the cjfictal certificate ai>ove mentioned.) JN9PKCTION. I>EL1 VER Y. Ac. All ho'sf" contrseted tor under r is s ivertise m?uwi. t>e Bunjeoiei x -? a riciu 1 nop ecu or., and .! -?? ::ot confornuiit to the specification* be roj'Mstad. N > mans *sril! he rfoc.vH, The hi-rdPB iniii' a: i-r .e'lvtred inl :sc,t? or or before Satur,lnvr the 31 ft day of May, an-: no extension of time wi '! t.e?r%nt-:ii ca a; t pr?text l'ayinent to IjO nw^?? upon tue co.Tipu tiou < ; aca contract, or mo soo;, ther^aller as u10 Depot *4 j*;teriuaeter ?h*.i beta iunde. Am informality ti the biJ, or non-confominse -vith the terms of ti:is advertise ment, wiil ensure rejection of the proposal r&ene horses will he awarded in !otsof*?t mort tw.n (2<M? two hundred eac.'i. un ess li s itasor V wirter inas-er should deem it for Ui6 merest ol I \i> t/ iTeraiiie't to accept & larger uu r.L<er. Tha Depot Quartermaster ies*r?-;.? t.> hunse'f the' richt to r?ject any or a 1 bide th*> he ">?? ^emi urn hub L? H. Kt'CKKR M v.'l t.-ni1) Colonel and D?*pot Oi>*rteiiiia*ter. r|M> '4 LADJ fcS GENER ALLY. A NO ALL M Ai'.nmc.nn i'r i.oui^r. I'?i AO., Ao , FART10*JLAK L.Y.? FOH'SALE?2'i,1**^ tra oIikJps Hardy Pcpetu&: bloonnnr Rcf i, Ornara-ntu Utrrbs. Varlor and O'linbice Plant*, Magnolia*. Khociodinflrum, Evergreena, *o. 'I tie ooiieotion oonipriaee a I lhachoioaat kir.Ua kcown id Kuropc or Aniflhea. All Biaata warrants! true to cum? mi uf ?ru uality. A JARU1N. F!ori?t and Nurteryirar., ap 25 2vr* CoapecMont ay , corner of M yt. rfi NOTICE 1 HE Copartnership l.cretofore exiting m the nnmeiif Cuoitt & May. ha? heen dissolved by TT.utoal consent, since April 1st. All mat"* against the lat-t firm will be settled by J . B Clagect; those niuel>t*d to the late farm are requested to make payment to liim. P JNO. B. CLAGETT. JOSEPH J. WAY. [\JOTICE ?The undersigned will continue th? 11 Dry Wood* husipess at the Oi<l Stand, and hope* 10 merit a ountiniianoe ot the libera! patron act heretofore bestuwed up< n the late firiu. J NO B. CLAr.ETT.3a4 Pa. ift. ftfOTIOK.?All person* havin< account* with - the late firm of Claxetlt A Vfay. wno do not wish them to be presented, will find them ready at thedeek until Mar 1st, alter which time they w.U be oa!l?*! upon, srnen it is expeoled ail cla;ma wi.l be aettlod upon presentation. ap;6 )w J. B. CM.AQKTT. sa4 Ta ava tir ? ? - - ? ? intiHIHSTOIi April 111, 1*3. HEREBY Respectlully request a!! per*'n? din ;,!vve upea accounts, due b.i.r.und nctee due, past dan, Ac., and duo me to come at onoe, if they oan. with the cash. and settio, a* 1 desire to p?y off ail notes and oiUlauding accounts against me withoutdelay. JEMfcl B. VVIL&U.x, Office Washington Building, Room No. 4. ap 11-Jw oorner 7th and Pa a? , north Bid*. EH VERY PERSON'S INTEREST -That fine took of Clothing for sale over tta ta' Jewelry Storejs now offered at lees than wholesale price, ai colitis, r*o. ?ov Beyeum urMi. oaaoaiio Poat Oge* re li-*"* The pkoplk's clothing stukk, no. 460 seventh ?i. Aiwa?a ahead ! New arrival of Sprier Gootia. all the lateat atjea of Ciothi&c, at No. 460 h*v?nth Itr*+u n?a.- f fa tt Xm I^OK t"ALE-A fine atook of Clotbtug, Fnrniah 1 inr GocffU. Trunks. Hata and Caat. at whnla rkle pnce*. at >o. 469 Berectn street, onoiiM o?t Ofioe - fe W Sm RENT'S Furnishing Goods. Trucks, Clottlnj, II Truki, liata and caps, all at Northern prices, at the People's Clothict ?tor*. No. 46o Uh tire t. cmittT!* HHIRTfl. gHIUTm_l..t ??i-J ? l?'do?f?n Shirt*. waiah we offer a: old pnoea. |^KN 5L.Kart fcN8 KK\1)Y M AUK ?A?MV, , ENTS. OF f-'INE QUALIW W? offer eitawnti ana ?tr?nier? ? i?*e amort r ,?.^lorf "w tuaiitiei, nuI m mi as* ftauh to the beat o arte it. irorfc, WALL, BTEPHBtSB * CO, MArMhrnt JTmV.str* AHM r JWKTI^m#* stk* iu ft H- If' '!?? '. V ? ? > ?,.? ,w THE V>KLhlA Sl'AK. VU?esa*n??t dually aa* NrviJ^nit tm talalag * |wi? varl*j of lalnvrtac n*^K< ttu eta b* fnQ?4 la uy other?to pvfcUaha* as FHAiy mora.Bg. Tna?-r?it, iMtriaUy, im tdwmt Pinelf OODV. n#r annnm ? ? ? r f i r ? - 1 11" * *** w Five eopi?.... . 4 74 Tea ooptfk t 00 T wrnty tTP COplri" 90 00 It Invariably contain* tb* "Wa?hlagtea Mtwi" that baa tr.ade T\* Dai.'y Krtmmg Stmt c'.r ? o generally throughout tie country C7" > -e copiea vln wi[.j<ri) a:. U [ ? C':r?i at the ccuatrr. lmm*r?t. : * -? ?v - <? - lolike paper. Ttkm TMUB 'l.srs. i>r J H Mrl.FA^'l ISTRENOTIIKNING CORDIAL AND li LOO D PlRIFlLlt: THE CKEATEST ?& UtMtT-VIN : as . kTM worLn' JL fct I J _ rl Jflfcv r*u*l IIKl.KI9r!IWafM 1M> DELIGHTFUL CoKDI %I. KVKK W ' M TS? th'xisftr.'1* v. upon thouv*.U W 5 Who a.* cm* M U?>T)? VW jpfl < IL? f'/.liniil Air fefofj \MttL %j??t* . fIi "(1 ^rOTi'.'o^i^ -r.n; ir. .*M to H * '* THERE I* IfOWISTAKK Afl^TT IT It Will cor# I iv*r Camount. m?PT*i v OmrCtie tery, Urprr?f ??p rit?, FfT*r an-1 At?;? fu???ri Kei?r. H*<1 IT #nth ?r ant di??a?o ? t e |.ir?>r. Sioiraon or B^>??? * fly (i? "1" TO J tiiii ti b" Urfcltl'T, 8t*n ( % .d Vi< ?roa? . I10 yrr *ra?t iJ'o .ni of <?? niiai,t *<< R**i ?!S?? t? i'.cio,-' -n.i i ?t **rL*an'$ Ftit*rtk>%-.K.- Ccri nf in i P'i J fwifirr ?; .t t w?rr?rt ti t? k r a'ltfftj'i" It w.i ti'dur Cu ? ???> 'lt? hM:!?? . Ho' B ?... -t F?i*iUB(.?lkctr aitd M^iiitrutix. Ft i r ? ( t?? Jfc uoul>. ?u? 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H Mcl> V\. ??. e P-oo i-?rr. Co.-. t i iurJ anl P:n* Ha.. r t. 1, i!?. Mo I) It MoLKAX'S I" VI VERSA I. PIT T? F<n i. it 'r Cotn, lam;. I> tLioutn' m, H-" lici'. 4 Tsere v?r ti?ewa"i:*i?rte inoJj -1 iiat ven m.-ii ?iit re mi,-ao tio*. as Mcl ta* t C*t* <? ' fn'.i. Beir.genii ?y v?-.*iaii.?* ti.?r?r# pvf?et"y ir. nee nt And ear be ra?cj i y ti.e in .> . t-i >r i r; *et prc; ?' ?J p. * r- :\e * B or I onrc, > a t3 : t*-;* S*.oni?r i In fact, tr?M *.re b* caljr 1 i..? ifu,t i?uu J ! * If ... r k k ,i i'8 . s They arod?caBoGnttrF,Htcirne? orP?;n nt n 8? rav h or Bo?e.-, Tfwi ?n v.^r> v.t: ; C sea c;. :u*iu their i;p iatii.Ls i. i u.i .? r>ui? of i!.?s Li ?er f." K tn-jf. W ; *: ?ud f"?m Bi i?>u?u?.??, H-* "-o ?.' d l'"i Sto-? *cn, Thoc ?o ot.? ap ? r??ii dJ* o*a * e o.tain-i ' Ke j> tLern o >C8*Ant v on laid; *. ti .g* c*e uirei in <" %!- >a. may rr??er,t l, &?.*,?*d noj'n *io?ne?'. A?k f"r i*i. J H. L ver-\. Pi';a T?ke-ooth?r IMatc ate d, tiej a-r Puoe oilf c??r t - per t>ox * . s o\L;be>terit by n.atl t>> *pf P*rt? f t..e i n te! 8 % er. J.H >!?CKa M. 8ol? froyrl(tor. ("o B>r Ch>r?l an<* Pin? ?t? **i i,r?ut, Mo. DR. J. II. McLLAN S VOLCANIC OIL LISIMEXT. T*e ">est Er'-'mil i* r i- fftrl t (a* Mi* oThou?*rdsof hums': heinra n*vo eeis ?*v d % li e of oecr -pi'u it %ud r i?;ry b? *h? in-*"? 'h:? ife \vu u p i,iu i.:pu ii win i ?ii vj ft : t mMt 1krta-.'areoa*;/, ar?i <t wi : tltm. pjr:fya < k~*-! the foulo?t Sere in an ircreoib? tin*. Mc L* ?*'? Vo'rmie (hi I inim'W wis . ? n.uat itvHe att* cue^a i>i ha umUitra *?> u , r Nt.i k(i& For Hr-ray*!*, Co t ro ?l Muolu, St ffne?? or WeattDSaa ic tn* Jo.rft M? o*ior LiumeBti, it v 1 n*T*?- taw l ?o pmv:?-n? *iliCSifSMr? J li.oit. !! v mL><.i t^ar.-.p ?? * r l>u r?.or !"c*'d?.cr *n? P*.ie it i?>r InfaifjVe renioJ*. Try it a?t: ?< u wil' finfl i an ind;t;t .tib ? rem^ti* it a w*y? on laud PIanter?, Fauna's, r r an? on?h?vmr e^arr* of ho;i?B. vifl ?a\e m ?t.?y I* utir.j Volomi:o ' ui Lr.ut.fc .1. t it a tpeolj an 1 infeuil*? curn for 6?!:?. Sprvns. ? >?- f. Ur ne>?, Sorer, Wout.d*. Saratcr>??. or auy ext?. jxtea-.e. Try it. a..J loir i.h DR. J II MOLKAN,H>W rrifit St I ouie. Mo. m 5 *>3i O, 8TOTT, At?n',\\M jngto-, L>. C. JIM ARKiVLU, o.ect :ro". m 5-??t ? . tsor l.flfcso uDfl unii'livd p etei t'HtOtiKH I i? MATTi vij ansortmstit ?>f Oil CL' iHr? au<l OArtl'fclicv togothT Bi-f. & .%rje ot CHOCK EK V i-fki ?.e?oriptioa,.. I a%fd on hii'd NKW Kt ATHKR;*. MATTRtSSLSinu JtKOnl ? \:?S. witc & ??e . t ..1 New rug tv-cond Ltad ; 12 gu<wl Ktf i?* * tor?, hut little nse. A'i of which i rv? !> ? loai i t lor cam a:.<i wit' !? -i %t a awai tuvinc ?. K. BUi.ilLV, 4ii*7tti *(rc?t,(ekiu4?,) tpl.1 lm* K*tw**n H atH H rn ICE! ICE! ICE! 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Qj..t?n tit; 31 37 Graorfol Kiding-Hy H. vj. \\ a t*: <$t. liiatnry, Opium*. 4o, of it**, H?ck?r>t#ifi. K?(l.. W.!.: Pt.?ftlT.*r? n 1 * t ?mai*. Ac t nj--- - FRANCK TA?L.OR._ Read with pfcision and act with PRECAUTION! DR. M.VFLLNV"* PKIVVfK R.JS. .tal. ta tti? Federal Block, upi?>*iu> ute oeuer*: fott &i.U P&tfiit Office, Klk>:u 24 up su -s, i >/jer of 7th End F elH , A\ aetucttou, l*.O, for the !*uppr?e?u>n of Qu&okerv. TueVulf li^jaiar i'niuoitt AiveihJint. Dr. M. VelSci't lone experserioe inbo?pit?! prMtit^a Wirrftnts (iu? in -?* 1 ...... ... ?na? M' ? O J U"iV ft.4 of a pr-?*te D&f jre.or he w:.'l lorfmt ttio um of (ive hundred dollar*. Cfti! Mid ?am iiini. No ??<&rcfl f-.r oonautlt'on. A. perfect and radio*! our* eerifcoteJ Jiam ots to four otTi ur' mh .1 In* F K I N li 8 I" V L K 8 PAPERUANGINb^. FIKK BOARDS, AWtt WINDOW t>HADta. Attention ia r??oaat*d to the n*w tad baavttM to :k of the above ?ioodB whioh I an. n<^w t^seirmr. They have oe?*n earefnily lee eo ana pnrci.ewd at tu? iow*?t prioea for o\*h and I ?h*l: ctf<*r rupenor induo?m? ta to thoae is war.* upon tii- tiur u>m?. I have alas a g<>< d atook of Piotura Co:di, Loop* and Tuw'ii ?liade Curd a d 'lrimmint* in ara net? ol oolora l,ooDe?? Mattreaa'a and P'lloweof very Ce cripti. n k^pt on han.l and mi Jo to order. rap'roaoti^f and I r<<o ?:er? work<i?>n? prpmptly at low prioea, Matuaj laid If a icpetSLt workman. Aa 1 find (hart ia acme nutappr*htnaion on (ha part of the pnblio. I wiab to abaia iiattue' ? ife?? i am no longer in tuateat With 8 F Frail in, t ut am Hone ecueavjnuj u? taiil up a L nam eta at 460 9th atrect, Lear t. a? 19 2?w4w L J ROTHROCF. DKATH, 1'tATH, DKATI1 TO KOACUKK. UK I) BIG#. A.VIS, Fl KAH, Ao.-iM Mnore'a Icaeot l>e?trov?r To m?>?h fron jonr fare ?n?l wool*r? uae th? Mire arti He will warTaat it to he rfl -otna . Pir?2Sit-d 5"eta. A large an* tecerai aaaortiuef t c f ruga, M edict ea, Toilet and o'fcer a-t.cka f.,r M eat MOORE'S West bnd Drus 111 I *. irrM, ICT Pertjeaiar and p-tonal a^ea'inn cir~B *o the prfp*mf of physicians' prescription* at ta* above ??tahluhnient ap >?-l* 4 oa CARD reoToeKAPHB ivi: ' SO AND FRAMtK *oO Card Photorrapr ? m variM?, ine.nsiiUf oo?.m of Choioe P.otur?s/A!?o CARD vlflTfc and OV At. P1CTURK FKAMLC, th? iart<-*t a> vi.fa?t, sr4"" ?"^ir astsraA..*? Real faris rid gloves, for laimeb. fch tllM *bd #OiOr?, T# J b>t ?. % lty A!eo, our ncntl f? etook or Prr in m.l> the department* of ATnii* want*. One prioe oaly, marked in eltta fra'ec. .(iV&tSiSs.

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