Newspaper of Evening Star, May 6, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 6, 1862 Page 4
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MP? CITY PROPERTY TO BE SOLD FOE TAXES. COLLECTOR'8 OPFICB, Gtrr Hall, Piuuait 15, 180] /WiMESCINO ON THURSDAY", th? 21d d?y of May next, (ho V following list<f Property will bo tvla by jmblic Motion, at the City Ii?l: vA'-iercmn * V/tamner.) in \*uy 01 nuoingioD, to aanny me Corporation f Mid city for Taxes tint tboieon w sUt?d, unlcas the said l"-xr* V? r>r?Tionaly paid to the Collector, with roch < xpenses and fees ac nifty t?*e aceroed at the ime of payment. Sule to commence at 10 o'clock AM. and to be continued from day to day till completed. Term? cash, in Treasury not* a, coin and Corporation certificates of the denomination of dollars. WILLIAM DIXON, Collector. | * I M (? | 3 irmmtm. Sj lis. y Z - 3-3 ? X TO WHOM ASSESSED g1960. 1861. 3? So\ o i a ? ? o? T. 1 Z H )H 4<>e 13 Adams, Alexander part 14 and Imp. Paving tax, on Interest from March 9fl 18111 .. 38 36* 33 3ft 38 36 77 part 1 and Atz, CbarleaC 732 ??3 ?M ?86fl imp. Beginning on north 1 street 17 feet eait fron. the northwest corner of the lot, and running thence east 18 feet, thence south SO feet II Inches, thsnce west fc feet 7# inches, thenc* south to th? extreme southern line of the lot thence west 8 feet 4 Inches, and thenc north to the place 01 beginning. Tax for paving alley, on I 15 71 j Interest from Nov. 0, 1960. 502 45 and Imp. Aataton, C. H. B 5 33 5 33 6 06 N X 85.... Ditto 75 75 Wf2 S X86 Ashton, Charles 75 75 75 645 23 and Imp Alexander, Columbus .... ? 47 5 9e 12 45 12 45 410 part 6 and Anderson, Eliza H., 19 59 21 22 21 22 Imp. Beginning for the sam* on 9th street west, 21 feet south from tb? northwest corner of said lot, and running thence east 91 feet It Inches, thence south 2t feu, thenre at rlghi .Milk tlo Ue, w i iu vuc iqo line 91 feet 10 inches to said street, thence tc beginning. Lighting the street .. 1 63 517 part % and Appleby, George W 493 4 93 4 93 imps. Being the western 13feet 4 inches front of sail lot by the depth therea# front i mr nn \1 boo* VI, iiuiiunt; VII miuoa' chusetts avenue. rue part 17 and Andrua, Horatio N 30 96 30 96 30 96 imp. Being the south 25 feet front by the depth ot the lot. 796 n and imp... Allen. Henry J 8 71 8 71 8 71 U24 part 12 Adams James, trustee.... 7 36 5 67 13 10 13 U3 Being the west 36 feet front of said lot by the depth thereof. 331 t rib ^ Adams. John G 29 2S 8 M :OI rib-.*....... Ditto 36 36 447 aub? Ditto. 1 4fe 1 14 2 62 4 Ditto 1 4f 1 14 U2 5 Ditto 1 4i< 114 2 flj 637 5 Adams, James, Trustee... ... 4 8V 4 HW 4 H> febl parta of 3and Adams, Jamt* A 8 42 8 42 8 42 i and Imps. Being the west 9 feet 7 inches front of lot 3 and the east 10 feet 5 i nche* fron t of lot N o. 4 by the depth thereof. M> part 7 and Adams. Jeiuur.iiau?lotUer> ... 83 83 83 lnpi He:ng the north 21 feet t inches front of said lot by the depth thereof 4fB part 8 and Angel, John .. S C9 5 69 5 69 lap* lie^inuiog at a point or Virginia avenue65fee C luchb*from the soutl west coraer ot the lot end running thecct wesiwaraiy withttw lint tf said avenue 4;> fcit, tuence north an*, parallel with the w*? I tut; of the l<?t till 1' reai fafs the La<"V lin? thereof. theuce ca?'with fcu':d bark line 4? r.u>t ?..^i ii?~.n?- - *vv fc, ui<u iu< m-r nuu r straight Hue to tLr place of b*uinning. f D W X ? Arnold, Mary F 7S? 7 SO 7 60 laps Of.-j 1 Ailg, M Pumptai ... 3 1f. 3 10 5 71 3 Do. ... 1 IM | M 3 Do. ... 67 67 756 &4 Alexander, Robert ... 2 06 2 00 2 06 166 'it Abert, S. Thayer 5 65 5 65 5 66 B part U and Austin, Sarah 35 13 35 13 36 13 Imps Beginning at tb*- northw?*t corner of lot 12 cad runiiing thenrt t'Ortb 2S feet C in< Let thence east 100 feet. t bence south 22 feet 6 1 rv s' I* a n/4 I V.on/iu ?tr <uat iui i(.n,a.iu turner w rn' to the place of begin Blue. IM 6 iuitin, Wl!l!sm 15 3"? 19 ? ? 1393 Ligbtiue tue btreel ... 3 4? 51'J part 1 *nd Buthman. Adalfne E 7 4t; 740 740 lmpe. Being the east ?0 feet front of the weit half or the lot fronting on nortL \ at.cet, nx.a running back with that widtL the depth of the lot 901 N. X of No. Berry, Augustas F? Tru?Ilk smjI In. r.. t*4> for J P If Mur?ll J OO 1 TO a ?. > O m iv a uu i in iw i ?" ? " " ' 1 o /x or* 4M part 9 and BaylUs, Buckner 4 ?4 3 7*2 69 11 69 11 imps IHntfthe louth 25 feel front by tfea deptb o< the lot. Due for 15)58. *5 C3 for 1SSV, #4 46 Paving tax on Interest from Not 12, 135b, S51 06 371 ?rta of 6 and Beal!, Benjamin ? 7S 28 29 M M ftfi (tu and Imp....; Being the wnt 20 f<*t front of lot 6, and thf ea?t 1 foot front of lot 7 by tbe depth of the lot. # Lighting the stree' 2 Si 2 ai 318 I and Imp... Bennett Clement W 35 4;j ? 74 70 74 ? Lighting the aired 5 12 5 n * '2 A VV * ? and Hoteler,Charle* W., jr.... .. ? X 47 3G 5# 67 ? imp" I l)ttto *I I Lighting iireet .. 2 9<) K X 7 Ditto 0 51 12 31 Lighting street .. 2 Wl 523 P?'t 3 and Bowen, Charles H 7U 7 12 7 12 Imp Beginning at the south line of Mid lot, at lb Intersection with th? we?t line of Fourth ttre#i wmL and run. ning thence east 96 fee! 5 Inches, thence north cf the dividing line be tween lota 3 and 10, 40 feet, thence west flu feet 5 Inches, thenct south 40 feet to the be glm<lng. 4?i Deri* 1 and 14 Bore, Cornelius 33 29 96 3a 61 4: 173 96 ** sad l?p....| Beginning st the wutbwe?t corner of saa lot rvo i, and rur.n'n? thence north 05 fct 3 Inches, tbeiice east 20 fee' eX 1 ncbe*,thence soutb Uu feet 3 inches to north E atreet, thence wen' by and with the lint of ?*id E atreet 20 feet 6JK inchea to the begina ? ?. ill*. Lighting street {*, r/i 491 n'ft? 83 and Dltto?a>a( 49 70 38 n o? i#> 94 and Imp.. Beginning for the umt 0 at the northeast angli of Mid lot 94, and run nln? south 23 feet 3 in chea, thence west 3e feet, thence northwest wardly 30feet3 inches thence northwestward lv 36 feet k Inches thence northwestward ly S feet 3 tnc hes,thene? north II feet, thenct east 125 feet to the be ginning. Lighting the street i c, < ?. 40 DlttO.11 Til b tt, an cn 4v4 II...... Boyle, Cornelias it K P ^ no ? BiaSwel'i^iVei! ;; *52 ?2 SIS EXBJtmp Ditto " In In 17* lmP... BrjaM. Kdmund .. 5 31 f J1 ?? ?7 1 ' Drawn, MIMWHJI y 'U 7 00 16 31 10 31 aM) We?t * ?... tfabbey, Ehaaheth K io 80 13 6*18 60 Lighting ?tree? .. l 89 4t4 Oft|* imp. Bnr^ KnocT>...... .... .. 13 75 13 75 17 88 lMng the east 44 f?t 4 laches front on north J trfrt, tnd f i tend ink back with that widtt P5 feet (o the north lint of lot 0. - 4,; front and extend ins back with that vldt! 00 fott 4 inches tat* iln of lot T 415 10*. imp... Bard, Eburn 9 TO 7 0 17 3)019 It ..... DUto IK 143 3 01 ~5 f Ditto 1 00 1 tt st 8) ?4 pan a areot, Francis N *01 0 00 14 77 U 77 J I ? III! I i |s Hi g IZ I-" 1*1 ? O ro WHOM ASSESSED. "8, o 18.1. |g |aj z F Brent. P. N.. MnttROMi... said lot, No 3, sitn ted50 feet westwardly from the southeast corner of said lot, and running thence north ? 87 feet Inches. thence te a point on the northern boundary o) aid lot, No. 3, situated 36 feet 8 inches westwardly from the northeast corner of lata lot, No. 3, thence weatwardly 20 feet, thence southwardly 87 feet 5 Inches, thence southwardly to a point In the southern line of aid lot, No. 3, situ tfri 74 fwt 0 inrhpi westwardly from the southeast corner of Mid lot, No. 3, thence $0 feet to the beginning. 818 7 and Imp... Behrens, Frederick 84 11 64 11 84 11 Paring tax on int?at from June 6, isflw 102 D and Imp.. Brown, Guatavus _ 4 60 4 60j 4 60 36 10 and Imp.. Butler, George A 4 03 403 403 529 part 1 and Bowen, George (col'd) 7 10 7 10 7 10 imp. Being tbe aouth 100 feet front of tbe lot by tht whole depth. S14 part v and oomng, ueorge (coraj 4 061 4 06 4 OB Imp Being the cut 25 feet front of aid lot by the depth thereof. 309 ?? Bell, Horatio 3 44 3 44 3 44 Re* 12 7 and Imp... Bond, Hugh L 133 74 102 86236 62 236 62 90V 41 Bradley, Henry 72 72 2 16 4 2 Ditto 72 72 4 3 Ditto 72 72 639 part22 and lm Brooki, Henry (col d), duf 3 06 2 36 8 25 8 25 AVI loujr, 94 CO Beginning at the northeast corner of the lot. thence running west 14 feet, thence south 128 feet 2 Inches, thenct east 14 feet, thenc? north 122 feet 2 Inches to the place of beginning. tn 34 Buscher, Henry 32 26 Paving tax on intere*" from March 28, 1S61 .. ib 13 16 13 35 Ditto ]g n 16 13 75 9 Breckinridge, John A. 5 35 5 35 5 35 138 1 Bright, Jeaae D 3 U7 3 07 14 11 i Ditto 2 00 2 00 3 ... Ditto 3 53 3 53 a - ?. - - - a JH 3 34 79 19 and Imp... Boyle, JunluaJ . due for 29 06: 22 36 79 25 169 15 1859, tat sy 20 Ditto 12 14 13 15 10 12 36 41 #:I4 1 Ditto 18 9W 20 57 15 83 55 49 54 part 1 and 1m Boyle, John 6 08 4 ft- 10 76J392 37 Being the aoutb 38 feel front of aald lot by U? depth thereof. 81 1 and Imp .. Ditto 4 81 4 01 r<(! 9 . nittn Oi "Ju in niJ it "ti> u | v ?* ?vi i?r Wj l?J f\n 406 4 and Imp .. Ditto 69 71 53 63?9 76 Lighting the street 4 06 4 06 Paving tax on interest from Dec. SI, 1850 08 30 part 5 Ditto 0 87! 5 2? 41 ?7 Being the south 25 feel front of said lot by the depth tbereor. Favlng tax on Internal from Dec 81, 1?5? 32 77 Lighting tbe afreet 2 03 2 03 634 1 Ditto..due for law $17 17 i8 60 14 31 <0 22 3 Ditto 7 40 7 4C 641 12 Ditto 77 77 1 5 Ditto 59 58 1 6 Ditto 64 64 17 Uiwo 6H 68 lb Ditto 71 72 19 Ditto 77 77 570 part T and Berret, Joaeph, and W. A 35 44 27 * #2 70 G? 70 impa J. W. Arnold. Being the east 21 feet ft inches front by thf depth of the lot. 314 part 3 and la Barr, Jans A 30 48 23 45 58 73 58 73 Commencing for thf (aiif at nomt 23 f?i>t 4 Inches from tbe south east corner of said lot and running west 15) feet 4 ! neb is, thence north b3 feet, thenc? eaat 23 feet 4 inches thence south to the be sinning. Llgntlng the street 2 40 2 40 40ft 3 and Imp... Brereton, John .. 28 Ki 97 81 97 81 Lighting the street 3 25 3 25 Paving tax, on lnteres' from February 11, IP?' 02 48 570 C and Imp.. Burche, John C, in trws' v for Catharine Burche. 22 02 10 94 41 40 41 40 Lighting tbe street I 22 1 22 6^8 I part 12and 14 Barron, Jame#.^........... 17 90 13 72 S3 7? 53 76 ana imps f or icsoo, ?io 5?; roi 1&57, ?tl 8tt Beginning 89 feet from the northwest corner of raid square, on soutb A street, and running thence south 134 feet 6 Inches, thence east Id feet, thence north and parallel with the first line 134 feet 6 Inches vu nuuiu it. Burci, ana thence west with south A street 15 feet to the beginning. 336 ptrtof Beck, Jos. W ur and imps Tax of ?3 W7 4 10 3 ?3 llMTl? Beginning 75 feet south from the northwent corner of the square. and running tnenct aouth 81 feet 'J\ Inch es. and extending back with that width tbt whole depth of lot. MM 7 Bullus, John S 66 4 58| 10 38 15 87 H ? * ? Ditto.????n.,,,, 3 18 8 43 5 59 898 1 and Imp.. Brvan, John A, (colored). 5 48 4 85 9 67 9 67 640 part 13 and Baker. John H 3 7b 8 91 6 69 6 0* Imp. Beginning at tbe northwest comer of said lot and running thence south 22 feet 9 inches th?nPA pact inn ?W 4V?i thence north 24 feet ll Inches, thence west 100 feet, to the place of beginning. in WW# .... Beard, Lewla 2 91 1 78 J? 3 98 55 w: 512 and Bowie, Mary, (colored).. .. 3 to 8 48 3 48 571 13 ant/*Imp.. Bowie, Malvina H........ 89 80 18 Su 34 Go 14 Ditto.................... .. 4 80 4 80 3 . Butler, M., in truat foi " " * Rr-unna Stonestreet. .. 5 05 6 05 5 05 803 ?ub F and Im Bylnjjton^Marla E. ...... 8 W| 3 03 6 97 6 97 air. mn iv wnn ini uruwn, oiicoui, (COlOfrtlJ M 3 12 3 li 3 12 ?Kf puusuaiiu tM weft 2(J fee| front by the depth ol the lot. 7fl 18 Bullus, Oacar and Edward .. 4 70 4 70 4 70 9B9 B and imp.. ? .H V *'' r Paring tax, on lntcrea' from October 23, 1880 7 ? 7 53| 11 60 ?,tl Pnwintr ** nn In!*'-' from October ioTiSb 4 ovi 4 07 Being the wwt 5 feet 5 lncnea front of said lot by th? depth thereof 4*1 IS and Imp.. Bradley, Pblnea*.For 1858 vh i* tao.imp.. ^ ^ 1S68( #? Mi for 1859, tlO 51 11 40 8 77 44 07 138 17 in parts 1. 3, 3, Ditto Due for 1856 and imp 70; 18J8, *17 32, 1859, f27 32 20 00 93 77 83 40 Beginning at a point 36 feet due north from the southeast corner of the iinaM ?? ?) ?UU (UUUIOK thence north 71 feet. thence wwt 90 feet 4 inches, thence sooth 71 feet, and thence eut W> feet 4 Inches to the place of beginning. 4oa w u Q una Browning, P. W 57 07 43 90 105 869*7 30 imn Lighting street 3 19 170 ,?.,0 .?SSip... g>? "*',"I2S A land Imp... D1^e" VoV'^'ln"'.'^ " " I name of J. B Klbbey f21 89 43 22 33 35 Lighting street, f14 37 7 30 7 30 Paring tax, on Interest from May 2,1880104 63 W. * 7 tnd Ditto. ft! 17 39 SS 116 99 Imp. . ^ Lighting street ? 00 8 so Paving tax, on interest from May 2, 1860 *1 02* W. K 9 and Ditto 3280 4594 99 23 top. Lighting street 8 68 2 to Paring tax, on Interest from May 2,1860 25 83 A m*4 1A mttn 4A 4i M m _ n *? ub * ? ot w /s ft 77 Imp. iJelng the eut 42 feet lo Inches front by tb* depth of the lot. Lighting the atreei 2 81 2 ?1 Paving tax, on Interest , from May 20,1860 U 43 37 tad imp.. Ditto.....Due for 1859, in neme of I. B Kibbey 910 50 30 86.13 75 54 A3 38 tad Imp.. Ditto Due fox 1839 In name of J. II Klbber 810 50 30 fift m 7 s <u ?, 65 I p*rt7andlm Ditto.. IS 51 ; u u ?3 Being the north 31 feel fr ItiChe* front by tbt depth of the lot. M Iparttaaiial - - it 91 MM fOONVDIVM 1M VrPklMKmr.) THJE9RK1T "AllKRICAll RKDUDIES,1 Known u HEUNBOLD'8 ' QEHUIKE PHBPARATI0K8, HELUBOLD'S EXTRACT ??BUCHU,? " ? SARSAPARILLA f IMPROVED ROSE WASH. HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. -HIQHL r COrtCXlfTRATBD" COMPO UND FL UID EXTRACT B UCH V. A Poeitire ud Spooifio Remedy For Bieeaeee of the BLADDER. KIDNEYS, GRAVEL. and DROPSICAL 8 W ELLIN6S. Tbia Medioine moreatei the power of DifMtioB. ?nd exoitee the ABSORBENTS into he*] thy action, brwhiehths WATERY OR CALCAREOUS demolition*, and all UNNATURAL CNLAR0EMENT9 are rednoed. a? v?H at PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, and is food for MEN, WOMEN, OR CHILDREN. HELMEOLD'S EXTRACT B UCHV, For WeakseaeM Annnr from Exoessee, Habits of DissipattM, Early Indiscretion or Abase, Atttndtd with tkt following Symptom* ? Indisposition to Kxertion. Loss of Power. Loss of Memory, Difficulty of Rreathmr, Weak Nerves. Tremblinf, Horror of Disease, Wakefa'ness, 8imness oT Vision, Pain in the Back, mrersal Lassitude of the Musonlar System, ot Hands, Flushing of tbe Body Dryqms of the Skin, Kruptions on the I- aoe PALLID COUNTENANCE, Theee symptoms, if allowed to go on. which tti? medioineinvariably removes, soon iollovs IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, in one of whioh the patient mar expire. Who can ny that they are not fre^smtlr followed br thote "DIREFUL DISEASES." "INSANITY AND CONSl'MPION." Many are aware of the oante of their so 3"enni, BUT NONE WILL CONFES#. THE RECORDS OF THE INSANE ASYLUMS. And tkl Mtlanckolti DiatK 1 hu Cnn inm. 11A R AMFL1 WITN18H TO TRI TRUTH O* THII iMkBfNRi THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFKCTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, Requires thatid ol medicine to atreD(then and Invigorate the S*i tern. Whith HELNBOLB'S EXTRACTBOCHU in van ably do*t. k TRIAL WILL CONVINCE Til MOST SIIPTICAL. FEMALES? FEMALES- FEMALES, OLDOR YOUNO, 8IN6LK, MARRIKL). OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGK, In manv Affections rtculiar to Fhmales. the Extract Kucha ia ant quailed br any other remedy, at in Chloria or Retention, frregelarity, P"inftilne*a or Suppreaaion of Cuatomary kvwuationa, Ulcerated or Scirrhous state of the ITtern*, Leuoorrbuea or \Vbit*a. Sterility, and for all complaint* incident to the a?x< whether ariamg from Indiaoretion, Habits of Disaipatioo, or in ti>e DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. SIX ?YM PTOM- ?f IVK. M?i MHII V HUfllll n Dl- urifanni* IT I Taxi no mors Balsam, Mmcukt.ox P!??liasant mkdic1nk8 fo* vnflka9axt and lak81rovi dubasks. HELMBOLD-S EXTRACT BUCHU

cvbii DfitKE.1 U1B1SA??,B In all their Stages, At little Expense, Little or no chance in Diet, No ineonvenienoe. And no Jtzpos*r$, It sanies a frequent desre &r.1 fires strength to Unnate, thereby removing obrtrwetiona. Prerenting and Curing Strictures of the Urethra. A'laying Pain and Inflammation, so frequent in the c'ass of diseases. an<! expelling all Fots^notu, Distaud and worn out Matter. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS WHO HAVE BF.KM THE VICTIMS 0* QUACKS, aid who have ?aid hbavt fbcs to ?>e cured to a short time, have foutd they vera deoeived. and that tha^'POlSON" baa. b? the iihoI1 powkiful taTarNB*?iTe," been dn?wt up in the system, ta reak out in an attracted form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Uu BfLMBOLD'a Ritiict Buohu for all affeotions and dneuei of the URINARY ORGANS, Whether Misting in MALE OR FEMALE, From whatever cause originating, and bo matter of HOW LONG STANDING. Disease* of these Organs require the aid of* lra'KfiTIU. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, And ia certain to have tne demred effect la all i Diieuu FOR WHICH IT 18 RECOMMENDED. BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD! Hilnbold's Highly Covcentrat'd Compound ILUID EXTRACT SARSAPARILLA, SYPHILIS. Thia la Is an affection of tho Mood, and ATTACKS THE SEXUAL ORGANS, LINlNeS OF THE N03E, EARS, THROAT, WINDPIPE ANI) OTHER MWCOU9 SURFACES, Making iu appearance in the form of ULCERS. Helmbold's Extract Saraaparilla, Parifies the Wood, and removes all Boaly Ersptions of the Skin, GIVING TO THE COMPLEXION A CLEAR AND HEALTHY COLOR. It being prepared expressly l<?r this o'asa of oomplaintn, its Iflood Purifyiug Properties are preserved to a greater extent than an* othsr preparation ol barsaparuia. HELMBOLD'S ROSS WASH, An LoHod for Diae&Ma of a 8y>h!!itw Nfctura. &nd a.? an miantii.n in 11 ?r ika Urinary Orgfcaa truing irom Habiuof lhitipktiuu, ued in oouueotion with the txuacu liushu ?i hareap&rula. in tuoh Diismm u reoommemied. Epidtna of tk* most rtliabl* mmd rtspoHSiblt ckaracfr trill accompany tkt mtdtcmtt. CERT1HCATKS OF CURES. From 8 to 30 years' standing. With Nimis mown to 8CIENCK AND FAME. Prt? " A Vt 4?*waW?el * IWfliWMWB V/I 0 UVXltf f IOO UIMyenaatory of the United Statea. See Piofeaaor DE WEE'S valuable worka on the Practice of Phyeio. gM rea*rka made by the lata celebrated Dr. PHYS1CK. Philadelfhia. See remarks made by Dr. EPHRAIM MoDO WELL. aoelebrateu Pliyaloien and Member of the Royal College of Snrgeona, Ireland. and Mbliahed ia the Traaaaetlona of the Kmc ana Qaeea'a Jomrnal. See Medieo-Chirnrfioal Review, published by BENJAMIN TRAVERS, Eellow of Royai Col lege 01 Durceoos. 8w moat of the lata Standard vorki on Medioiae etraot Bnohm, 0100 Mr bottle, or six for #6 08. tract Sariaparilia, #1 uo per bottle, or aix for *00. Iaproved Rom Wash. 60 per bottle, or alx for sco. Or, half doxen ofeaoh for 91)00, which will be aafltoient to oare the moat obatinate ease a, if dl raotione are adhered to. Deliver ad to any Adareea, eeonreiy packed from obMrvation. DESCRIBE SYMPTOJJg^l ALL COMMVj i ? - ? ? ? ? * - - u?? w aaiwimu AUTIOI or*via;: AFFIDAVIT. personally-appeared before me, an AMerman of the eity of Philadelphia, H. T. Hblmbolo, who being duly aworn, doth My. hia preparation* oontain no narootto, no met-oary. or other ujirioaa 4 .,b.r? HELM BOLD. Sworn and subscribed before me, this sad day of Bovember, MM. WM. P. Ml BBKKD. Alderman, lnth street, above Kaoe, Philadelphia. Addreee lettera for information in oonfitleaoe to . HfA HKLMBOJUD, Chemiat, iwfoi, lot sotu renui sc. mi. Cbarant Phiia. BE WARS OP COUNTERFEITS . AND UIt PRINCIPLED DEALERS, Who MugMver to dinoM "6w iuu own" an "OTHM" AftTICLM Oil THI MPVTATIOH ATTAJltatf By U?ipboi4's OiuiM Preparation*. ; 1: w - ? Improved RouWub. fold \nALL DM uooisns MWMRYWHMAM. AM W1B HHI.HDIil.lM. TAKE NO OTHER. Cmtnl tt? Kvtrtu*a?l mi ami for tt, AND AVOID IMPOSITION AND KXPO9k++ w ?** I'M ? w lll DgMiaTKy. 51; ?KM# a x?p<!f f?rBoc%:> ?t u ofte? .a u.:? (ttrMB MAC; pcnoua ru WMT Uteoe tMtb WBC1*" ' " Ms not v?r oUie.-?, aai no person tu v?r otter* who o&arot t?r t _-t. _ r??w cail?.? i; wy cC<* sar. MececrnraoeaM | with acy atria miA *rt?? of Toot* Mji?t na? etm'rm oat to those vuo are particular and wih the b greet. e2e*&e?t,etroDc??t.ajul most perfect (lecture ttmi ?f?fWI ft SOMlXtSSglHar m*r 4-ly.K) j^EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHK0TLAST1 EOttR TEETH, Winm Mnu Plats n Cum. DR. S. B 8I8ESMOND, 111 Brmd*?v, Ntw Jtrk?UbO Ftnnrylnmmia A mm< bwun 12(4 and liil 111.. VuiaillM I uaiia tfce attention of the pubhe to the toliowiaj ad^antajtw of hi* irrtroTwl ?r?t*Tn : 1. The Xeeih of hie macnfMtare wi *?? never oorode nor change oo'.or by ut*"" ' *" Mid*, Loin* tbreo fourth a hi Uter than ur ether, L No toe lb or root* neoJ be extracted, mm ui artiloial ocm 04p he inserted over then. I. *he roota will ?e mad* sncffenjire, u lerar e aeho. ?. No tereportrr teeth ere needed. aa permanent ret cm bo maae lir.ntod lately, thereby jreaerrlcg the uturai eapreaa.on of the face, which acder the old ayatem la frequently diafigared. f. Tbia work has bee- fnlly taatod over Ira year a by many of the trat ohemiata Md ?hyaieiana or thia VHV t iflTCBlfQ vim anoeatrnetiT* I metal filler. which the most sensitive teeth an ba Ailed vithout pain, and oaa btuld ay a perfect, ouT.d tooth on any aide roou, vhiot anil last through lifetime. The oest of reference tirea?to Dr. V. Mott: Dr. Doretrns, Profbssor c.rChemistry, N.Y.; Hon. jadge Wayne, of the Supreme Coart of Waahiagtoa, and thousands of otrxvs. Call and eTamice for voorMlf. no t ta GAS FITTING, Ac. ^ WM * rvnv v a . ?r ! WTO Wl JitE W?w irtnrt^ to uwito Mr *r4n ftU Wktfh the* aa?r i* fiYerftd u> tfc? ftf MBifct. 9AM OR fTKAM FITTIM! JJ V91K ES0. ITT BUrm ma tth itr*rt, a frw Amti Mrtk *T r*. vkero mtrbt m cxzt.M* M*crtn*at Ssfekfe' "* WC AS FIXTI IKS. E Have m tlor?. ?.-a are da:.y rncsiTiEt. 9AS f JITVRKSof mt-ralj Noir Parterre and Dtcixsa and Finish, mv'iw m ?tr!? to anything hwotowf tfonvi id this market. Wo inYit?oitiier.? f antral It to Mil acd examine enr ctook of 6aa aod Watot rUC. iree, looting confideat Uit vt k?T? tk* loot a.eeW stock in Wur.ii.iloc. All Work in the at*re ..& latruto* to tir tart Will to promptly attended to. i MYKKf * MltlAN. aar ?n ,T* AJID BROTHER'S NEW YORK PPPPP AA LL EEEEKEK P|> PPP AAA ! _ dl _ . - . Mimn I'U CiC-EiDlSiEib PP PPP A A \ A LL EE PP PPP AA AA LL EK PP PPP AA AA LL EKKK PPPPP AA AA LL EKEK I PP AAA AAA A LL EE PP AA AA LL EK PP AA AA LLLLLL EKKEKKE PP AA AA LLLLLL KEKKEEK XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX X V T * V Y vvv *vv I w mh x\\?x aw* XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX AA LL KF.GEEEB AAA LL. EEEE^EE A AAA LL. EE AAAAA LL EE ? A A A A Lf. EEKE AA A A LL EEKS a a a a a a a a 1 i ?rt.XAX*.rt.fX..-\z* la IJ t*j tj AA AA I.L EE AA AA LLLLLLL EFEEEEE AA AA LLLLLLL EEEEEEE umioi AMBER ALE, PORTER, AND EXTRA BROWN STOUT, Jm WkcU. H*lf} Mi Qaartir C*ikI, BREWED FROM THE CHOICEST BAKLLY MALT AND HOPS. BREWERY, 18tk Strut, bitvui Tlk aid BU Atiiin, NEW YORR. fe?dtjet PRIVATH. P n I V A T BR IV A T m. DR. LA BONTA hanng removed tiininx to Room No f, adj--inirg thei^undaj Chrcjio . flica. id Washington Bui'didc, P* a rents*, ? r 7th stre.-t, is now ready u? euro a I Disease* < i a Private Nature, without the use of tiangeroi.* or disgusting Circs of any kipd, and no interf?i-n e witn your business avocations harm* -lov-teii mt Wi'uile time to the stu ir anrt oure of Pr ?*ie l>i?e??e* of both kim ana uj unronio * n??iii'?a? of the womb, Liver, Kidney*. Skin Lruj?ioue, Ac .end cradnatin* in the he?t tohoo! in tb-wor d, t!i? Ni*w '.'irk City HoxpitAla. under P> if* Ch<ton and Parker. t.o whom 1 mo? rwpeovxuliy refer I vili war 91.ft* to the p*?ra>n furr.i-nic? ir.e a ca?e of aty of the above die aeea whici- i caunot ?peei:..y and permanently cure, let the Me be old or n*w. No dieting required ; uoit.nj d?*&sr?i*! e in any part of the treatment. Consultation* free Roomi very ?rivat?. M. LA BONTA, Room (tret tioor) Washington Bui cine, mh 36-2in* !- a. avenue aud 7th at. SECRET DISRASES! SECRET DISEASES! ? SAMARITAN'S GIFT! SAMARITAN'S SfFT! The Most Certain Remedy Ever Used. "Yea," a positive care lor VKCRKT DISEASES. GONORRH(K\. GLEET. STRICTURES,k9, Contains u*.' >liE6r&t. ! ? aa Mercaiy. Oulj tea ptl!a to be taken to effMl a oare. Tuer ?re'ijtire!i vfgftab e, havite no amel! sor auy unpifiv*a i.t tajt<\ ai.u *i,' cot n aay way ic jure the atocuk-li < r boirela of the ino?t de.icate. Cures in from fro t;? fucriitye, acd reo?nt case* in "tweet* four linma " h? ? of the IJriVartitT o< ivania. one of the moti eminent D-jetora and t-i-euiii^a of ft* pra?Qt day. 5A M A R i lAS'S ?IFT Will euro ar,* Cfuo in iruui two to foir daja, as4 recent ca*on in TWENTY FOUR HOURS! No trpofvit. n i trp*bU, no OMii ? *al*??r. Let ttoae who htvo era pat red of r?tLu* care4, or wlii have been (urcM witb li&laam Cupavia or Maroury, at oiio* try trie SAMARITAN'S GIFT. Sent by trail ic a j'ila envelope. Frioe male packages, 93 Frioa fema.1* na?k**M- *1 8AMAK1I'AN's Root AND HERB JUJCL8. A 8PKEDY AND I'ERMANENI ClIRK FOR bYPHlUB OR ? , VENEREAL DISEASES. Here is a positive on re?co Mercnrr?no Poiaon? but the J nice-; of Koota as J Herbs _ _ oombinert. T nia frtrm r> f t Hi ba* m & n.? ft. a. > *_ ? - _ M. ?VI IU ill* UIOUBHU in tppwnDC6 11 ore* on theortaus of geoera'inu orth?y invj occur on other pvta cf ilie !>.oJj. which U???ni nio?tly on the troint, and very often ai n'.oern of the month, tetters, tpote.o&riee and n<xlee of the t>onfB, sc. Jto- Ant and all of thee* iiEptomi will aoon fje.d to the SAMARITAN'S HOOT AND HF.Rfi iUICRS. aoin. vj express. rrioe 91 a ocois, or 6 bottlva f0r*8A*AKITAN'9 CH ANCRE WASH. Pnoe 36 c?ct? Full dirrcuoaa. ( UtSAiONU * CO., Bux 141 Philadeljhia Port Sold' by S. CALVERT FORD.eorner llth and Penn. avenue. J H. EATON. 9* South Eighth street. Philadelphia a?g lm NOTir.U *? ADAMS' K1TEESS COMFAMY." izs, STA'av^^^*?' *' Exmnti to and fro-n the North and W?*t daf?rt from and arnv* In W aahing ton tinee daily. au xu^rovOTi m >1 ?u>T? m imrmmtt* mm4 r,ijS\V%o'StS^loT'Iki ft*ldi?ri MmN it M*n ult" oar uamaJ rate*. All Goods forth* ?</-oallod "OoiJMeraM StaW knC all Artio'es Coctrabaad of War" tnil b? SrKzprMM lnreNnr Y?rt M U.udlP, H.. utitihi m Witiiuflu it A. *. aad Ml 'Iummhi Inn P&iladaltkia at IJI A. M. and 11 P. W., arriviM la Wa*klt*tan at uir.M,and ' ^XTMIM l?*n H* M ?W? *? ' * " M., irnrlnf ia Wa?l:!iifioB"itt A. 8. uMMi aw glacial ContraaUTor itrga <uantibM of FraUht WaiklncWn. Aeoat boxafi for caa dollar. ?raj, red or flaxes hair a*j> il tnueh i* HAIR D,Kf.*^y' \ ? ? ? TiLA V L'iZlIj- ? Jit. BALTIMORE A OHIO RAlLitOAD ?'V IV D CHANGE OF HOURS. O* AWT> ATT** W*T"?*?T>AY. A?*JI. t. 18W, TBI rit-llicn TMA-tt* IITWIIH WAIHIN?TO^, BALT!>lOKI, AND THE WtU Will r?a v follow? : Am Mtiv Arrtvt at mnd Dtrmn frtm W*tktm*tom Dath, dmnmm i?? ^ mmd two on * *nda?i. For PHILADELPHIA. and NEW YORK ? L?a*e w Mbiagton at E a- ra.t "M a. m., 11a m. and 5^or A NNAPOL1S?Laara Waahlnftoc at 14f> a. in and 5 w p m. For FRKUKIItCK-Lfava Waahincton at 1M a. m. aad SS)i.m. FOX ALL POINTS WF8T, _ , And for Har^r't Ferry, Vartmsba'g aad Wi? VJIOVOI , ivvvc " II 7.V a. m. TRAINS MOVJN9 SOUTH. Lrar* New Vork at ? a. m., Pbiladeiihta 11-3* am.: H ammo re 3JO 9. m. Arr^e at Waaluactoa * 40 *'heave New York at 6 p. m.; PhilaJe >?ua lo Sfl y. ! k ; Baltimore ?? a. m. Attiw it Washington I^aata Nev York atll r.m ; Pki'adeiehia SSBa. m , Baltimore "?.?n a. m. Arrive at Washiacioa 9.2s a m. Local Accommodation Trail? 'mw Ba'tiroore at 10 am. ani b In ?.m. for Waaliinfton; aruv* there at IS a m. ao<1 7 ?' ?. m. Oa Sunday* at ?.?* and 7 4" a. m. only from Baltimore. No Anuatolu or Frederick euueeboM on Sanday. ruwrjw Tr&;r.? ieaYinf Washington at 7 40 a, m and 5 00?. tn .acd Baltimore at 7 4?> a in. and 510 p. m.make rirert connections for Anbapoite at the Junction. Tfca rmi. ?n oonrscts tt K? ?t for Froderiok, U?[?ni6*n. bir^r'i Kerrj. M?rtic?tu-t. Winchester, Wiwuiii, Parsersbarg, fcc.. ?io?i: ^undare. Train* leave Annapolis for Baltimore and Wwkin*ton at6 so v m and a4ft p m. PaMenger T'atM> i?aTt?c ^aah'Bcton at CM a. n. II a. m. and 6 p. ir.? aad B% tunoreat? 9'and 7.?o a m . and SS3 p. id , will tiap only at jimutpoJu Way Passengers mast take the A(eommmUtim Trams only, W. P. t*MITU, Bp 2 Master of Transportation, ba l. INS] . THE flMI YenniylTftnia Central Railroad, ami? (wth iti connsotiou) 18 A FIRST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES SPEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT: STONE BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKKD THROUGH FROM BALTIMORK! T3UI TA.ZL1 T EATKf TTU>* PHILADELPHIA TO PlTT?BLR6*4l two of thorn matins L?l? COXNBCTIOTfS A* EilllflVU with tr*m? on Ui? NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, aad foraunc THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE wmm WASHINGTON AND B&LT1MOKI to all poicU in tne W*?T, NOKTH-WMT i!(9 Soira-wnt. C^For Tnronrh Tieksts, Mfiy M the OAc* at U>? Northern Central Rait Road Con?u;,Cft.Ttrt station, KalUnoM. Splendid Sleeving Cars on all Train* 8mo*nng Saloon Cart on mil Trains. FROM WASHINGTON. i PftWBAnvAr* ?rt!: fn Va * k* ? a n. t ? - ? - ? w in vmv ?uv v . ut. ?uu m p. zii. am vine in Baltimore at 7Ji a. m. and 6 tt p. nu wneje ciose onnnectioci &re made witt trams oa lue Northers Central K. arrive m Uarristarf at I p. m. and 1.45 a. m, there oonneoting Vita the train* on Up Pennsylvania Ceutra, Itailroac for all parts of eke vest. KR F10 IITSe By thte route, fre.jnte ef'ah d'eeenptions oan be forwarder to and from any point on tne Re; roads of Okio,ke..Ucky, Indiana, Illinois. Wisconsin. lo^%, or >5 lesoon, iv RaxiromA dxrvt. The Per Mf ?*nia central Railroad also oonn^efta ! ?t Pltuburc with Steamers, by wbteh Goods eaa be forwarded to any port on the Oh'o, Muskinram. Keotuokv, Tenn?m. Cumberland, Illinois. MinlMW' Wisconsin. Missouri, Kansas, Arkaum, and Red Rivera; and at Clevoiand, Sandusky atd Coioagp villi cteairera to all Northwestern Lakes. Marchti.'t? and skippers entrusting the tranapor i?iicn 01 iswr h ren.-.? totnn Cuni#uiT, 0*0 rslv with oonfidtttc on iu ??e?Jy tranuC 1HK RATE? OF FRElwHT to tad from acy Eict 10 Bit W?3t, by the Peuuflruik C'litiv ki.roac. mr? ?i immi mj /m*or*bis mj mn *??*< &> ?tkf Rmut o?d Cnvhuj. ?Il/ he Mrticu &r to m&rk hct?tn **T1a Pmb Crarui R. R." MAltAW & KOOV?. Freicht AffmU. ? No. CO Nortb street, Jj&.timor*. LNOqn LEWIp. ti#n 1 A ioon?, pt, L. U HOUPT.eM'i Tioket A4 I. JJSfou8^N? ^15. f A jm, 1-iiiy J^OKTHERN CKNTRAfc RAILWAY. TU SknHU, Qmuktit ui B*rt Amat/rtm LmtHVEST, NORTHMAN!; NORTHWEST. iunimyi WirtTEK SCHEDVLS. Ciutitr Tins. On ted after SUNDAY, ?4U November, Pum?er ?rmi will arrive aiid depart |r?oi Cavort UUul u follows : w... t?Tw,",N#ltl Lli?" Mail at s.*? a m. BiiUo Express p. m. Parktoc Acocmniodatioc 4 ?. ra. ritteoarc acd Harri^burc t'lp nea I Ji p. a . . T*.A:B? Sc trTn Akkiyb Psrktor A ccon-mndstion At t a ra. IsftteJKcra***.'*? M asivw'B B?ri'.ioir| X^I^WI 3 9* VI* Mail UJ.D. tie c &. is. traifi from Washington mibmM With the ? *) a. m. t.aia frou: Baltimore for tb? Weet and for Unfit o, F!.a;ra, R x>hP?ter, Donkirk, Oanatia:rua a:.u Mi?(t I Fa. a, and lor New York city. The II *. a. true f'ora Waeh'ntton With thete. in. tran i'a.i more to V. Ml, North ar.d ~1 oitkwe-i U'l Llmiraatd BuJaio and Rochester. Thea p*]!: t m h nftoncrrn?ct? wit* thef.Vp. m t^am from Bi t more for I'lttatxirK, harriaburj ard the V\ ett ui ! ia a direct cocneeUob for Lebanon. baaton Ailentown and New Vorkuta ceiitrai ha.rosui ol New Jersey. Try thia roate for New York. (T^ThflOBly trait leavinj Baitt:r>areot> Hsnday I la.Ui* 2 t- m. tr?in. lor Harntburt, I'lttsbarg, Chfouo and tfc- West. The only uain arriving ic Baltimore oa 8 an day ia theSJCa. m, tnun. JA&C CLARKK, no a iy SupoTiPlonjaBl. TROI1CE ?0 WRAVKLKE3. EC Postmaster Hdnrrai having ordered m nail samoa botweeu V% ui.'.Bik't. ^ lUltunore.imd Old Point i Fortress Monroe) to bo renamed, oa and Mocday, tbetuth inai?nt, t&e bar L.i.e o! ateamora will leavo Baltimore F.V'tKV DAY leaceptBan dt.r) from their wiiarf. foot of Union I)oofc, at ?M e c.ook p. m.. or immediately a'tr tka arrival ?l i ib? wunicftoc Train, wtucfe leaves Waetunrtea at U4 o'oiook p. nu m M. N. FAH.S. PreeX L. Tcwiu. J. M. Towm, J. B. Town* L. TOWERS * CO., 8TKJJC BOOK AND JOB PKLNTIHQ ESTABLISHMENT Comer Lmuwm mmd Sixth ru The attention of the bouneu cornmnnity t? ra pecttuliT invttAU to tbe New Book and Job Printing Establishment. wLioii baa been fitted us with new mat?n&., in the most corr.?:?te i? w* rtyirdl to execute, 1c a stiafSctory style, rwf wieU of PriBtiaf, yis: Books! Sposch.*. PampWsta, Cards, Clrealara, BvUm1 iM?ki, *c., fee. Tus attentive of member* of Congress is eapoelally rsqneatsd for osr facilitisa for pnn Lg Speechaa, M w'? tara the Imrtui steam ?o*w la the city. dsr 1 twta_ nRY 600M FOR "THE FOLKS AT LF HUM K."?()<Sosr? sad others needing Dry Oooda of any kind lor the folka at home, are so. cned to inapect oar etock.ah new, and the prises marked is plain hiu.ea. tha nomai <?ak MM. Ail ?*roela for the interior, properly packed for forwonJiiij by tiftM or utktr ooirtikLOM, free ol coane. PERRY * BRO.. y Mt Nicth atr*?C W ALLStK5tt8.f-?,2 AND R EA D "VAW: AC LOT & E *5, ??Mf WEOKFER TO MIUTARY men ? larjr* 8SlVABJf^felfeo?E?: Which UTIU ail ca?" purcti???n to ??min? ^|n>f ? it mi ?T?H -I _ : aii>an * co., ? IM Pa. m>o IM _ CASH NOT1CK. to redr.oe our t cubmto Cask xelmu**ly,M?r tb? KPtffi iKMiES??""PH r* ULuiHinv lor n?r uc IC0"*"- OOUryffi|3KM"*' **" OOMFOMD SfiVf of BUM AlABieL -Tfeu Ilwatt Ud fop^imj CM|k I'Miy kM IMBNIuli luoVMuintMiiTtiriiMtkllMd fnouM 1i*t? tftoome tan, *?' v V. ita utriMff * T

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