Newspaper of Evening Star, May 7, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 7, 1862 Page 2
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EVFNING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TTED!*L5 AY MAT T.1MU (?/" lieadlng mutter on evpry page. b?e out Mc for lrt*rr?*inc tr-lrcnipfatc und other matter. C^Ticogh Th* Mat l> printed on tt? cv-rua pr> ? !a a** tenth ??f Baltimore, 1U tdltion % ?o large ** to r v"?1re It to be pnt to press at an ea:iy hpcr therefore, sboild be ess 1b bcfi-'ii! H oVlopk m : otVrwlsf thev raav ?<*t ?ppear pclil tte next ?J*y. Spirit ( th? nsralni Prm. The Inulligtnctr notice* the firm bast? upcn WLlct the financial credit of the Government Is placed, aal the wiillrgr<?*s cf the people to sustain the credit cf the Government, and urgea the rtresaity of adequate taxatlcn. The R$pubhtan notice* the repc-rt that, the Finance CoEimittee of the Senate will propese to emend the Hou*e tax bill by striking out the tex on cotton, and argues thit "If there la one slr.gie article which can bear taxation and should be taxed, It is cotton." Octtschaik. D'Amsri. o itb *.?Thin evening Ihe first operatic performanr of Grau'acelebnted opera company, aided by the planlat Gottachaik, will take place; and If we nny jud^e by the rapid tn'e of tickets at Metieroti's ?-tore, there | will be a very fall house, la fart first cla*s talent Is alwayi daiy appreciated by the Wa?hln<-toa publle. The programme of this evening Is exeeei!ng!y v.i - it * m _ .1.... ?/ i uri'iizwifc. nit. uutincuuiA pia>t iraiit rtpuvn i?x Trovatore Fantasia, from Norm*, and Repond's nici fur four hnnd*, performed l>y birr.self and S?i?c. Muzlo. aime. D'Angri, Brignoli, Su.?inl, Mancml, Arr.odlo will alng ?ome operatic gnna In Mr. Go?t*eb?lk'a concert. The second pait of the programme will be the lu-t and mcst important part of Favcrita, with D'Angri, Brlfjnoll, aad Suslnl In the principal ralet. To-morrow the entire cotnlc opera Barter o! ^t-wllla. by Rossini, will be performed, end Gottschalfc will pl*y bet**een the acU. On the third ril^ht will be performed Befly. ?Jur fashionable mantuvirskers ar.d tailliner? h"Tt been over bu?y this wt ek, and doubtlt sa ILe retults will be exhibited In a brilliant display ?f l>ecu?y a^d spring faaLlona to-nlgbt. Financial.?New York paper* of yesterday say the recent Union MCretsfi have given great strengh tr> Government securities, and with lar-je ?n!e? the Sixes of 1^51 cold up to 1W.J? and the 11vts to 95. Tbe 7.30 per cent. Treasury notts w If! nt Uv.i' . :'* ii lli#* Indphfpdnfii (VrtiflriiV? nt The ag^re^e ?rat?actJors reg'.s'ered reach ?<> O.UvO, but the actual aalea reach a much larger aic The opening ?alea of the atreet were lWi^, a'id at the clc>?e ICS was th? quotation?a decline >? percent on ihe highest rate of the diy. State attx-ks par'Jclpa'ed In :he upward move A i A a I1T .A . 1 ana wtic very arnvc. ?? e rjuoTe : .Yiitiouri r a 53Ki IlUnoJa war loan, 96 *4'; .Michigan 8 week bonds. 98; IVnncMe* 6'?, 6i); Virginia 0'?, 60; Georgia fi's, 7i; North Carolina G'?, A.ntricin g?M,K3J). r All TIC'l'LA I* S or THE ETACl'lTIOl or TORKTOW5. Hpecial Correspondence of the Bait. American i Fokutti Mo^kos, May 5?A zer.tlc.naa ?Sl:ert from Yorktown Informs m^th?t^t t rc 1P?1 p\'pnini; * nnrfiAii nf flon W-. ? W ? ?? ? - *> ? ^ W pv> ??? W >? . Ill\." 1 -iaiV advanced ai.d wereclesely follow- f ing np the enemy. In Yorktown a nnmifr <"f dt id ItK^ea wert- found. Including severs! tflictis, wbo were kllird during the cannocadln^ >D Saturday night ar.d Sunday morning, a brisk Are bfing kapi np tbe wbol? xn^bt. The Kefe^is kc-f t thtlr gum manned throughout the ni^bt, red the rtar^oard abandoned them at davllgLt cn Sunday, when our col'imna advanced and took imsaw^lon, the c*Talry and artillery roliowirg rapidly rfttr them. Ai iu iue moiiTe ior ice evacuation me prisoner* taken represent It to have been a necessity o-i th* part cf their General* from which tb?*y couid i>?t e--cape. 1 be new* from New Orleans and tbr evacuation of Ccriath bv Beauregard, tose'h-r w!tb the acarcltv of provision*, Cad created bo Tnucb disaattaffcctlon that many of the Rtbel resilient* were tlmoit la open revolt. The difficulty >f transportation and me scarcity of beef, espec ally if the gunboat* *hou1d advance above YorkVjwti, gave promiae cf actual starvation, a..d s Vol the state of demoralization that a collision rould only have resulted la total dt*tructic.-n. On Sunday morning Gen. McClellan signaled I'jt hve iylng below Yorktewn the fact ? r me evacuation, wi'a instruction* tn proce<~rl up the river to West Point, and remove all obstructions Id their way. t^utte a fleet of steam er? acci vessels loaded with troop* were discovered in the distance aud a pursuit commenced. r? suiting tn the capture of tome of them, whlUt other* w*-r? run ashore and Bred by those oa ^**ard, wiio escaped to the woods. It Is said by threr o'clock in the afternoon (Le gunboats fce<j . V %? * ... D?lr.t ?* ?U* W > - * ? - ? ' mk a* ucu T? r?i i 01 luc UCOll VI CBYl^ailvQj neariy thirty milt-* above Yorktown, frtquer t'y ?heli!n? pertie* of tbe enemy discovered Hying tke shore, and tanking that portion of the rttrcat'ug army tbat were moving towards West Point to take tbe railroad for Richmond Immediately la tbe wake of tbe gunboat* followed a long lice of river steamer*, loaded with troops, carrying Gen Fraaklln'a Division, with from tlteen to twenty thousand men. Among these boat* was the L?oa!alann. tbe Columbus, li e Wilton Small, Georgia, ana a host of Haitimi re boats, which bad R-en laying in Cheeseman's creek waiting tbe order* of ?ien. These troop* reached Yorktown dar'n? # V-. * * ' ' uv atiCiiii'VU) auu wri j PkWfijjru > UCI" lO W3K lc?rl:igepc* from th? gunboat* They had not W? v. one o'cl.x*.k to-day. it la proposed to land tht-ni at Weat Point, if the report ot the gunboat* Is favorable to such a movement. The railroad from V\ eat Point to Richmond In about :ju milea long. Thla la doubtleaa the point to which the fleet of veaBeU ao long lying at Canf/i n wliK ???* I AAA* ?* * 1 ? J - ?* ?..., luuu. u iw,wiwmr? nurvijuru, and von ii ay look for their Immediate departure for R li b mend, via York river There are four locomotive* aid about alxty cara here, which, with ?uch aa may have been captured, will foriu quite a rf*?pectat>le roiling ?tock for this new route tu the South. l t-svrrany *j:rrr.oon s ncnooner C3TOf dOWQ I be Jamea river from Richmond, and when near Viewport Mtw? fte wai run ashore on the south aide uf the river. Her atoijui&r movement! attracted considerable attention, and the crew were cV-rrved to Immediately ta*e to their boita and jjuii f t Newport Newa. On arriving they an> " 1 ,rrd tuat they had Intentionally run her itsboiv for the purpose of reaching cur linea, ard she contained sixty tona of coal for the Mei p a- Brveral br>a'? were Immediately manned a..4 sta-ted ?>u; for tee purpoae of endeavoring to tow her olT, but ttndinjf ihla to be impossible ?it her oufire, and ine burned to the water'* ed>.e. 'the Merrimac w<u la ai^ht at the time, >>vi? did itot pentose up to aave the veaa.'l. The a ? uiaf* ta Wum tA n? ^ ? * ' n ? v - t twara ?w ur?U'juoHCi? ai 1U JJflTC B Ut'* ] account of affairs in Richmond, and axoiig th? Koopt, who retarded ail further attxuf i'ts to sustain the rebellion as sheer folly. I l- Monitor still maintains her position half w.y hetwtea sSew??ir? Point and tbe Fortress whe-f. She keeps her steam constantly up, and is re*dy to five * hospitable welcoipc to the Mer-1 at any moment she venture out. About thrrf hncd'rd vurii distant liM ih? lial.n* a ?l3*k Ijw black looking craft, hooped over at fcer >?uiwarka, aiid pudlux swev with an air ?f readiu lor ail corner?. Sbo baa on board a picked citw wLo arc abating with Impatience to get at wo: a \u iue service of their country. Oi.d Foist, Monday. 6 p. ro.?Tbe French fUame.' tias?eu?ll b&a just arrived front Yorkbavin? jjone "P *or tbe French Mlni?t?r, M Mercitr, Capt. Fox, A*al?taHt (Secretary of tbe JNavy, sr.d P< stmiater General Blair, woo went iheie cn $jaday, la a ?mall ?learner lieu Washlutfk. I learn fr. u a gentleman wbo accompanied party that op to one o'clock to-day tbe staam ?"* iuvib^ utn. Kr&iiklla'a division on board bad not {irocrt-Ucd beyond Yorktuwn, w&ere tbey W ft w?Ulu*? orders to proceed. On" cf It*, gunboata wklch went up the river en Sunday morning bad returned, and reports that tLty bad ail proceeded to West Point, and fjuiid tLe river unobstructed. A force bad been landed nnd destroyed a railroad bridge leading u Ri.bmocd. Iff Mr W!ll!?ni Nicholson. ?/ Exprea Ccuipiujr, waa klUed ou tfce B<ii':tii^rc &i.d Philadelphia Kailroad yev.< ruey, by ttiling itorn tb? baggage ear. CJ~ A large numbrr of Gr>*ernm?wjt horse* mere Mid in Baltimore y?at?rday, bringing fair prlcta They had been condemned u unnt for arn.y u?5 IT V'rrlbA Wh nJ *Ail 1 iM 4 r .4 ftaaa.wl I, 7 n.pui uuirucu "'?v i u tkio y ? i u "*ri Uc il r^i'* F?*ry within tw?i.ty four titer il rn op?n?d to travel, ou aur.4hy laar IZ7~ t?u RoUtt AadetMB, of Fort Sumter w*? In fbiAd-ipbU, I uc?J?y, anJ jurt; Jp?tew la tLe fuaer*! obavqalca of feeti. {^T Ike titrard Htubt. Philadelphia, wss clu on Tuesday for 810,uoo. over aad above a : nwrwt of tiow.uw. I LATE NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. A GREAT I'NION VICTORY ON THE PENINSULA! FiFTt THOUSAND REBELS DEFEATED! TFILLIAItlSZIIIRG TAKEN! 1,000 REBELS JIADE PRISONERS! 1 L1RCE irSBER OF REBELS RILLED! 150 cf their Dead ltft on the Field! Brilliant ccndnct of Hftneock'fl4lvlsUB Hooker's Division Suffers Severely! The Kebti ventral Kit&eus nuieai Ti c Rebel* Again Fly by Sight! General Icfleilan's Cavalry Pursue! f Per Telegraph.] W!LWA*sBmo,May ?The enemy evacuated thii place and their works in front laat night? the renr puard passing through about 6 o'clock. At y o'clock General McClcllao and eacort entered the town, and to .k poaresnlon. About 150 of tLc etemy'a sick aud wounded were left behind and a number of their dead unburled. All of our wounded In ycaterday'a engagement, wco uis in icpir were ien wmna, Colonel i)w!^ht, of the K*cel*lor brigade, vrai evtreiy wounded and taken prisoner. He waa also left. Ii tbe engagement yesterday, tbe enemy suffered terribly. Geu RickeUi (rebel) was killed. The enemy had a force here yesterday of fifty thouinnd men, and only decided to evacuate after the k&lltnt bayonet charge of Uen. Hancock. The town 1? very pleawntly located, and the majority of the white inhabitants remain there. The number of the encmt whom we have made prisoners, including the wounded, will reach about one thousand. THE GREAT VICTORY AT WILLIAMSBURG! Cen. UfCIeUan's ottislal account of It! ? Headquarters Akmy of the Potomac, William?3CK<?, M^y f>.~Hnn E<lwi% M. Stanton, Secretary of War: I have the pleeau rc to announce the eccupn'.i^a of this place, ai the reault of the hard fanght action of yeaterd;iy. Tbe tfl\'ct of Hcncock'* brilliant eg?gement yesterday ?fU-rnoon was to turn the left of their line of works. He was strongly relnforccd, and the enemy abar.dored the entire position during the night, leaving all his sick and wo i:idtd in cur hands. His low yes'erday was very severe. We hnrc 300 uninjured prisoners and more tfcrn a thousand (reb?!) prisoners wounded. Their lois In kiil -d js heavy. The victory is complete. I uavc s^nt avalry la pursuit. but the roads are In very bad condition. Th cond-srt of our mfn h*s been eioellent, withrcirccly aa exception. Thi enemy'* work? are very ex'-ensive, and exceedingly strong, both In respect to their position and tte works thamselvfs. Our less was heavy in Hooker's division, but very little on other parts of the field. Hancock's success was gained with a loss of not more than twenty killed and wounded. Am I authorized to follow the example of other Gcaenls, end direct the names of battle* to be placed on color* of regiments * We liave other bittles to tight before reaching Richmond. The weather it good to-day. 0. b. McClell*!?, Major General Commanding. Election at Atcbtsan, Knniai. A rem so*, Kansas, May 6 ?The municipal el-ctfcnn to day resulted in the succcss of most of tLe Union and A ntl-jav hawker ticket, hy * majority of thirty. The Council are all Uulcn men. nrrivni 01 invalid*. Nsw Vokk, May C ?Ttewtfamer Daniel Webr l a* arrived froruSblp Point, with a hundred and eighty Invalids and sick from Oen. McClelan's army. IMF 'RTAST FftOM KEWVKLEIWH. Capture of Fort* J?rk?tn nnd Philip?The I' > Fluj* Over lh? I'nstom H?u*r. The Savannah NfWi ha* a special dispatch from Mob Us, of the l*t of May* It?ays that Fortn Jackson and St. l'btlip bad fallen, and Gen. Dunran wsr In New Orleans on his parole. Also. that the federal was hoisted on the Custom House. [From the New Orleans Picayune, April 24 J We understand th&t the telegraph operator* at Biton House and Clinton Informed thos- here that the sound of tlie gun* at the bombardment of Forts Jackson,and St. Philip was distinctly heard In thcie planes on Tuesday evening. And we hive beea told tbat on the tame evening It w:i iifura litre. 1 w distance or me iotw, on air llne,f'oai Baton Rouge la abont i:iO mllea, and from Cl'.riton l5t). I! air line from here they are about 60 miles A gentleman from B-rwlcka Bsy, opposite Branihear, told ua, on Tuesday evening, that the reports could be heard their also. The Bound of the bombardment could also b? heurd at l'ort l\ke. A gentleman who waa there on Tuteday night tells ua that there waa firing heard all that night and on Wednesday morning LATt I'ftUM I>1X(K. TBS RIBiLS CAR'* CNI)KR?IA.HD BCRHSIDI'S MOVKMSNTS. [From the Norfolk Day Hook, May 3 ] Through a correspondent of the Wilmington Journal w?are Informed that Burnalde has called in hi* pickets, loadi d all his transports, and put his K'jubvau In order. What the Invader of North Carolina means by this?whether looking to future operations at Wilmington, Norfolk, or the SeaUtard Raiiroed?w e ie.ive the reader to judge. A XYSTERIOC8 BINT. [From the Norfeik Day Book, May 3.] We anticipate, nays the Suffolk Sun, mui h excitement about Sulioik during tue next week. COTTON COMIKG INTO FEDKRAL HANDS. [F:cm the Montgomery Advertiser ] We learn froic an otficer juat from North Alabama, who it well acquainted with the country, thai the entity are securing considerable cotton by inems of threats to the planter* should tbey burn It Quite a ncmber had burned their cotton. and some of them had been captured The Yankee forces are threading through (he country in the neighborhood of fuacumbla, which ia in their possession, but they are closely observed by Col. Helm's Kentucky Cavalry. A skirmish occurred a few days since between a party of these Iinrt Mfimr Vankres u i'hin th? llmlti of ih? Inuin Thtre were twenty-one of our men, only four of whom thowed thtmielves The enemy, after five of tteir number were killed, fell back, with the intention if drawing our men into ambuit, but they were tco shrewd for them. We underataud tii it the bridge at Florence wu burned by our men. Losa or omciii. [From the MUledgevllle (6a.) Union J Dur;n^ the ynt,t three month* we have lost many Vdiutble officer*. It ia beyond queation teat the Yankee* have xharpshooters, wearing bullet proof breaatpUtaa, whew eapecial bualneaa it l? ta pick off our officer*. At the battle of Shiloh an unusual number of our otticera were ? a > . > a * . ? wounaea. i;t nine 01 me Auuama regimenta every tteli cflicer wm wounded. la there noway to put a stop to thia mode of warfare ? if the Yankee* ate allowed to ilgbt ua with breaatplatea, ataould they be treated aa prisoner* of war whi n caught T We aay not. W ben one la taken with hia nfe-preserT?r on he ahould be bang to uv a *1 i n H'4 wmj imu j i?w? ?mi ai illjr ur^su' lie > rvrp* t'f ?Uarpati,,otet? also, W pick vff ibc Ktdeia! U is a ^itnw two can jd?y at. Lmi riOM COR!Hi H. [From tu<* NoiIoiki>?>' Hook, May 3 ] :'*vMay t ?A duf ateb hotti loa Corin u t ijiltut of U.r Republican, dated t$.U, Ki\stoat tt?c (uemy lisve beeu r?lnforced and at? dvaarift:; Ttitre lUirary akiriu'.afalu^ datiy. aa aa*.r occurred to dav Ui.g aide ot Monterey. I ??p???Cli? ???H CONQRBBBIOtiAL. XXXTUtk COWflH m-?wm (Will. Pi!*4T* ?After our report closed yeaterday? The discussion was continued on the Passenger Hallway of Washington and Georgetown, bat the special order coming up its consideration was postponed. The confiscation bill was taken up. and, after some discussion, referred to a special committee. Horss.? After our report nosed? The report of the Commit tee on Elections, declaring F. F. Lowe rot elected to a sett aa representative from California, was discussed and aaopiea rita roc?, thereby rejecting the claim of Mr Lowe The hour of two havinz arrived, the vote waa taken on the Pacific Railroad bill, and it wa? pawed?veaa 79, nays 49 A dlapatch waa read relative to the military operations, and? Mr. YVickliffe took occasion to ray that he had been pained to hear whWpers relative to disturbing the position of Gen. McCleilan. He d!d not know the General personally, but hid the utmost confidence in him. He hoped that he would not hear any more whispers about removing him from his command. The ^Jprtlon case of Mr Joseph Segar was taken up. and after an lnefi'ectual motion to make the resolution of the committee read that he ta not entitled to a aeat, the reaolutlon wtt pawed, and Mr. Segar appeared and was sworn In. The con'eMfd election ease of Nvbraska, of J. Sterling Mortnn v? 8. G Pally, was taken up, hut wa<? not disponed of when the House &journed. -flB^RKV. J. J. MURRAY. D. D. of New '" *? ark.N J . will Ucture !o East Washington Metholmt Pr<?t?*unt Mission, corner Virrlni* ?v*nuft and I- street e'st. r>n THURSDAY KVKNINU.MayS h Hutjeat? Manxmont Leotar? to oon iner;Oi at. 8 o*o!ock. Admission j<r?n'?. m 7 21* Y^NOTICE.-CitiMui of the F fth Wad, If who approve the war polio? of the Admin man,suu u-.Bfipproveoi tn?iiCK0t Aire*<l? n?m in&tsd iu ?*id wa-<1 for Aidarraan. Counoiimen, A.O., Lut otharwiae tritkr.Ht ci tinctta* cf a-f reau'itad tn mMt at \Vard'? Htrldinr. con er of 2d* reetand Pa. av..ou WEDNESDAY E VEIN IN G. ?h? 7th in?tant o'clock, to nominate candidates to ho aupported at the enauiag eleotioo for Mayor and ity ? ounoil N.Sarcen!, J 'f. !! Durham, H. H French, Tn;>?. Scrivener, Jog H^driok. \V. H. Baldain, W H Waiiao*, Ed'w Paldw n. M, ItitKihead, JL.- Hojtalanden, hi in. e><ii?i k. u. unamDer*, L. 1.. PtevOTli, Al'red Riohards, It* H fta'dwin. Q?o. F. Ganolf nrg??HK UNGOND'TiONAL L'NJON MEN Ls of the Record of old party fie?,)are re^'iea^dto attend a meeticr to bo I <* d at t-;? Mrdtca! Co1 >ee, F utrret, ne"*r iJih, on THURSDAY KNKNINS, May 8tn,at 8 o'olock, for the nomination of Ward office . m ? 3t* |r*F?Ct*LUMR'A HALL. May 2d, 1881-Ata >L5f * mee'.irj of Jha Colombia Fir? Company, the following rcB ilations w?ie (idop ed. Whrrta* : la titfr infinite w dom of Divine Providenoeonrlate ard ???t?*nted 're* dent, Thom** McBrath ha? been suddenly taken frora our n.irist. Aud wh?-eaa our Ut<s brother vti no l??? end"area to us by his rnar.y noblo qna'itie* than t j bia fearleim, and outfpoien * of honesty, atd ju>t ce. Kesel-fit, Tha* we tender *r> the farr.ilr of the deo*a?od cur li?\\rt eit sympathy anl oon'folecoe, in true their sudden bereiv?meet, aid whil- pointin t *o H in, who a one is tru t t lie oosnorter of th* wt-iow ar.ii orp^a*; we Silt fn mit-jln or ?nsf with tb*tr*. for we truly feel tha ices of a friend and hratiiPr. /itfolvid, Th?i ae a ' 'irr.or.y rf reepoct that the honte am h*-li of the C. rnpany be draped in m^urnnt for the space ot ilurtt cam. Rtxolr'ii fvrtn'r, That the fore^oir.j resolution* be printed In tue dan* paper* of irecitj.acda eopy t>irned hy tho eftioe-s of the ( oinpany, be tran?mitted to tho f-.m W of <he de*ea*ed. ANDREW P. McKKNNA, m -5-8t* Seo'y CoDmh'% Kntir.e Cng-paii*. !* " EVKRY ONE'S INTKRKST-Tf THE L?< ClTIZkXX. STRAXHF.RS, A "l> SOLf)l ERS ;I 1 avo ;ust r^nsivyi a tery larje nrd * * ' *- -"? ? ' ? * ' nuo MBwrJiueil <jl ":pling IslOtntr.g. WBIOii 1 310 offering at oer utsr.liovr prices, at No. 4fc0 Seventh street, opposite Port < Mfioe. ne*r F. fe n 3m MR. H. ?OLf>?MITH. Watchmaker and Jewe ler. No. 404 sSevrtb street reqije-te every t?c? who l3<t waiofiPa o.- jewel rj ?ith t in t > iep*ir to ea'.i !or them on or fe?ore the '8th of tna mocia, a* he ir gon g to e.ose nis :: ueine?e on that dsr. m 7 3f H GOLDSMITH. \r DRAMATIC. OUNS Ganf'emen residing in Washirgton wishing to b?oor&e members ot the KxoelMor Dramatic Association wii. pka e ?1dre?s or ' a'l at UHAKL.E* H. FOWLER'S No. 47t> 7th iroi-t. or Post Office Hnr 129 i^uae bat TMinj mon { re'aactalniUT uerd *?o'y. m 7 2t? OPERA GLASSES AT T'tK LOWFST PRICKS! FRANKLIN fc t Q ., OPflClANi, '214 Pfiinivlvnnia Avm**. m 7 V. Betw ?i I3th Mid 13'h ?U. L1NKN SHEtTlNSH, TAB '> Li.NKNS, bhe?tint Cotton?. Pi I >* Linw.t, Counterpane# N??*in?. Do?Ue?, Towel?, Ao. A full "upplf at very low ?rioe? A 'an lar?A .,*? I. a U * - ?-' - ?:4L ' * 1 <uv iwi |w nuu ovj ii*u rnwpiii wiiii rcucroa borders. PE - B V & BRO, m 7 6t Pa it* and Nfnth street. AJU9T RECEIVED BEAUTIFUL As=urt'i?cnt of M'es?s' and Hoys EMHKUlDrRl.O HATH a*>d CA"8. from 75 cents << JM They never wera sold so ohe&p. Alio re-eived, n ireu ajrcrtir.ent ot Ladies' Dress ar.d ('lo?k T runm ugs buttons, Ac. F. S'JHLAICH, No 30 M&rk' t 8p?o?, _ m 7 2 w' Between 7th and 8th sts. FOR SALE?Ore first-cla?s House near WilKrdf, lor #12 0(0; mo fir2t-oinss Hou&e fv?r AWi ui.- >.? i_i r - * ? "? - * n v wvw? Vil'? UUUB3 lv r ijivi''1 > "119 JOOU onw for ?VS00; one tood Houao for )JI SOO; one g->od fjr 92 .VO; o&e tood Hou*efar (jvo. Wanted lo ?u ch?? fite au-1 hire f n w?ll located, m-Jicm aisod Hou?e?. Fvmi for ?%! *nd axo.i*.r.|e, by fi. L. RIPER, t^hoe or. 15th it., next to Kiggs ? Co.'* Buk, m7 3t* 'PHKBUffcRB GRAND PIANO U8E1J BY 1. Mr tiotteoialii at hia o<mc?rt* in th;?_ ? ^ oitr% it (irovar'a N?w Theater, i* from thelEJBM o drat, larceet and boat factory in th*??l%?? world?tnoiamooa CnicKiamo 6c Sons,of Boston. WF. ARE SOLE AGENTS FOR THE SALE of Chiok?rini St Sona' Pianoa for the Dsrtnutnf ?;olu'lilia. >l?r? STid virrinia A atrtftk ?'??.? on hand. Piano* exchanged"Piano* n*M, a j. John k, ellis, no. sg6 Pa a*.. m 7-3t B-'tween Sth and loth ?ts.. north *ide. THE CITtf OF THE SAINTS, with Illustratration*? B? C&pt Burton; S3 Tr>o Struggle* of Brown. Jonea and Robm?on?B; Antonuy Troiloye; 25. John Stuart Mill on Keyreu?nt&UT9 Government; The laat of the Mortimers?Bt author of Margaret Maitland; 91 The omldreu*' Fioture Book of the s*gaoity of Annual*; 75. in 7 FRANCK TAVLOtt. / I / p/lla" *&?.',f&fcSMyr John. / 'TXft ?*"itH?U!<1- I | At VVi^u"^ *g dar. , rl I "AWLS FOItg?*?^^ 5^ MANTLES FOR SPRING! NEW 8TYLKS* DRE^S GOODS FOK SPRING! With all kinds of Dry bouda for the current warts of families. Our Nortn-trn and Eastern correspondents send us nev supplies daily. One pritx# only, marked in plain figures; benoe no purohaser is deceived. An inspection 01 stock incurs no obligation to purchase. rEKK?&i>RO, in 7 Pa a>eou* and 9th st. S NOTICE. EALED PROPO?aL6 r or turohaainf All the Hideaand Tallow, Hoof a and Ilornr, oftheBeef Cattie, killed i>y the Aim? ot t&e fo*amno. under oonmud of Gon. MoCleilan, are invited till the 20th tfay of May, 1862, at 12 o'o ock, in It U intended that tbe oontraotor mall follow the Army, and ooiteci the Hide* and Tatlow, Kootaand Horni and ahall p?T a certain ?um lor from eaon animal, to be oMleoted at hia own ruk. lie will beotuuged wiUi tee artioe* in eaoh aha nfilaaa he nan a1. arl* aT/~. tk.t l. ? , WUi?M IIW v?? W4' ' J ?uvw HD * ? K"7" rented from obtaining them by proper authority. A bond with gur>d apd sufficient security will b? required, far the fulfillment oi the contract, aiid no t>id will be entertaiued frim prerioua oontraotora who have failed to oomply witn their cont-aota, ar.d no i id will be entertained ualeaa tue bidder la areaent to reapond to hia bid. l'ne articlea ol agreement, with a bo?<J, will be required to be entered into witiua two daya after the oaenng of the bida. ? The bida to bedireoted to Mai A.BKCXWITH, Commiaaary of Babaiatanoe, Washington, 0. 0., andeadoreed "Proposal*." m 7 INSTRUCTION IN Ml!*l(!-JOHN R. J. 8CHEEL., Org&oiat an i Teaober or Maaie, wiaaea to fire noi oe that ha oonunuaa bi? lnstruotiona la aicht pl&jin? and aiucipc those who wtah to have their urn# profitably eic?luyed by weU d? rooted atndy and praoti-?e won id do vail to (IT* him a oalL Refer at Mr. Reiohenl aoh'e Piano Warercom, 11th street, between D axd E. Terma Moderate. ? at* I1TRRIA put K. Jto.. ia 13 J&.d piece*, at ti oacU per rnd, lor Oub only. For aaia by ro 5 aotw <Ba?nb.) JOHN * BLVAN8. 150 BOXES EckHth b&S ry CHEESE, wry fire. Fur .ala by m *-8til?o Wt'BBAY h BKMME8. Palk o txckllkinr carriage llOK-ES KUK &A LB ?The Imvo o j tine f?r of oappl* gray OaKRIAS!i HOKsKS, *ie?J ia Vermont whion thay wnl ?eil a bargain. m5-i>t Jab. C. MoBUHEk.CO. Aaa'a. T>nu KLh^iI Uhl AND UUol) WILL of a 'U(| Boar?liag Hon re for Bale, d<>w full of good payug boarders. Imaita at * Ml?oar| mmi, ml <fi* * w / I l?K AMD WOORDU lOLDIIM 1* oariTAii. PuUiskod in conformity with. th? resolution f th* StnaU of July If, 1861. At 8*wXMrf gwfftfww, May 9 M 0. 0. lafutry 3 3d NewYork Artillery 9 5th do Artillery.... 1 3d do Caviltj. 9 7th Maine VolunWra. l 4th do do.... 9 9th MaaaookaarttaVol. l I tth Pnn. Volunteers. 3 18tk do do.. 1 97th do do 1 99d do do.. 3 45th do do 1 frtockton's Mich. Vol. 5 ?2d do do 1 1?t Rhode lautnd Cav. 3 :4th do do 9 2d do Vol. 1 75th do do 1 15thNew York Vol... 8 83d do do S 17th do do.... 9 85th do do I ?<*h do do.... 1 Old do do...-. 9 33d do do.... 1 98th do do 3 44th do do.... 55th do Reserve.... 1 Mrth do do.... 19 49d do do 1 :>un oo an.... ao nines...... 1 flSth da do. .. 3jl*t do Cavalry.... 14 ';9th do do.... l!3d do do.,.*.. 1 77th do do.... 2 9th do do 4 Mlth do do....52 5thCameron Dragoon* 1 9.14 do do.... 1 Officer's ?rvant.,..., 1, fTth do do.... 4 . ? 96th do do.... 3 Total 184 101st do do.... I'll

Bonoml Hospital, Union Hotsl, einur Bri&ft tmd Washington struts, Gsorgstown, May 2. 1st New York Artillery 1 12th Peon. Volunteer*. 1 1.1th New York Vol... 3 24th do do...... 1 lTth do do.... 2 02d do do 2 23th do do.... 1 731 do do 2 29th do do.... 3 93d do do...... 1 33d do do.... 31tU2d do do 8 dith An An o m m ???v ? ?| Ui ??UV ? UV O * 45th do do....10 7th M&m. Volunteera. 1 40th do do.... 1 2d Maine Volunteer!.. 3 50th do do.... l 4th Vermont Vol 2 ?-2d do do.... 1 5th do do 1 68th do Mott'i Battery 1 OTd do do.... 1 1st U. S. Cavalry 1 CTth do do.... 3 S~h do do 1 l?t Penn. Cavalry.... 4i 1st do Chasaewra... 1 8th do do 1 1st Long Inland Vol.. 1 let do Volanteera. I 34 U.S. Infantry.... I 34 do do.... . 1 11th do do........ 1 4 th do do 2 Sberman'a Battery 5 7th do do...... 1 ? 9th do do l| Total 92 At Gtturml Hotfifi, tCirclt,) Wmtkimfttu, May 2. let U ?. Cavalry 11 Rocket Battallon.N V. 9 2d do do 1 !3th New York Vol... 3 5th do do 2 j-iJtta do do.... 3 6th do do........ l Sfc2d do do.... 1 1st do Artillery.... fi 4th P^nn. Cavalry.... 1 2d do do Sjiflth do Volunteer*. 1 3d do do 5 90th do do 1 4th do do 2 521 do do 1 5th do do f. 5th N. Hampshire Vol. 1 2d do Infantry 9 ?d Vermont Volunteers 1 3d do do 5 lit Kane Rifle* 1 4th ftn tin ..11 I KtV? Malno Rnftovv 1 8th do do 3 10th New Jeney Vol. 5 lfttb do do 3 7th Wicconsla Vol... 1 12th do do 1 ? 17th do do 2 Total..... ...88 2d New York Militia. 1 A* Hosfifl mt Ctlmmbiam Colligt, Wotkimgtom, Miy 2. let U. 8. Artillery... 1 fttd New York Vol... 1 2d do do 1 7-th do do.... 1 2d do C&Ttlry 2 91 ?t da do.... A 4th do do 1 03d do do..,. 9 Sth do do 2!!i5*h do do.... 17 3d do Infantry.... l|96th do do.... & 14th do do 8 Beth do do.... 1 ? ."A-L - wm LuomofViunte^TlM 1 'ii_TU CIO CO.... 1 15th do do...... 2 ltilut do do.... 7 11th do do 1 load do do.... 1 7?h Muwchuaetta Vol. 4 1st NewJeraeyCavalrylO IOth do do. 1 10th do Vol.... 3 15th do do. 18 lit Penn. Artillery... 1 19th do do. 8 3d do Cavalry.... 4 20'h do do .in tth do do,...*. 1 lnt Rhod? Island Art. a 6?h do do 1 2d do Vcl. ai6th do do 26 lit Vermont Cavalry .. ai4'Jd do Volnnteers . 1 ad do Volunteers 2 Md do do......10 3d do do..,. l!5<?th do do 2; 4th do do.... 9|71at do do...... 1 5th do do.... 1 K3d do do 2 4th do do.... 4 lOttbdo do 3 lit New York Artillery a ltathdo do 1 7th do Battery. 7 113th do do 1 id do Cavalry. 1 McClellan Dragoons.. 2 3d do do.... 2,7th Michigan Vol 9 8th do do.... 5 19th Indiana Vol 2 ?th do do.... 3 5th Wisconsin Vol.... 1 2d do Militia . 2 Citizen 1 25th New York Vol... 1 3*th do do.... 5 Total. * ? *245 42d do do.... 3 At Mount Pleasant General Hospital, May 2. M*(na AhUImv iicm?w M?v-.u ?f-i ? v*< . - * v- i ? v. j ? m a. iTV1 i- I VI A V U? 1 7th do Volunteer*. 3 10 id do do....11 | 11th do do.... 3 104th do do.... 8 1st Rhode Island Art. 1 l(>''b do do.... 1 3d New York Csvalry 3 lit U. 8. Cbs*seura... 1 5th do do.... 1 7"}d Penn. Volunteers. 1 6th do do,... 1 101 at do do...... 3 20th New York Vol... 1 103d do do 1 40th do do.... 1 2d BerdanSharpa'rs.. 1 5fith do do,... 4 3d do do 1 57th do do.... 1 10th New Jersey Vol. 2 eist do do.... 3 5th Michigan Vol.... 1 With do do.... 3jl*t Wisconsin Vol.... 1 80th do do.... 1 New Ycrk Zouave InGO/t A n Ark ll ^nrvar.Jor-1 ** a Ml p:uu^u V uau(uiuu.l? !>3d do do,... 1 ? 05th do _do.... 1 Total 73 At Domglat Hotpttal, ccnntr of I utrttt and Ntw Jit try armut, May 2 1st U. 8. Artillery.... ljfllth New York Vol... 3 3d do do 2|6?th do do.... 1 5th do Cavalry 3 Abth do do ... 4 3d do Infantry..., I sfcth do do.... 1 12th do do 5 mint do do.... S 17th do do 3 H3d do do,... 1 21 Maine Artillery... 1 lOtth do do.... 1 l*t do Cavalry.... 2 1st New JerseyCavalry 3 6th do Volunteer*. 2 Cameron Dragoon*... 1 UJ A f .1 I a- 1 A *u * ciHivnt t viuuitrra '* j t?l rrilil. vovniry ... z 31 Muaachuartta Art. l|*24 do do...... I 15th do Vol. 1:8th do do...... 2 2t)th do do.. lil'Jth do do 5 22d do do.. 2 tt do Volunteers.. 1 T?ft'? N Artillery ljlltb do Reserve.... 1 1st NewVnRIArtillery 1 23d do Volunteer*.. 4 4th N ew York Cava'ry 1 31?t do do 3 Sth do do.... ft 49th do do 2 tat II S. Chaaarura ft Sid rfn <tn I lat Long Ialand Vol.. 7 Slat do do 1 2d N.Y. State MUltla. l|71th do do 3 Pth New York Vol... 2 fllat do do 1 17tn do do.... 4 S5d do do...... 7 19th do do.... 1 :>#th do do 1 2<)tbN Y State MUltla 4 lU7thdo do 2 23d New Yoik Vol... 7 113thdo do 1 25th do do.... 2 3d do Reserve.... 1 34ih do do.... 2-7th Michigan Vol.... g 43d do do.... 2 5th Wlnoonala Vol... 1 43d do do..,. 3 0th do do.... 1 15th do do.... 1 Andrew s Sharps'rs .. 1 54th do do.... I fi3d do do.... 1 T?t*l m ? | ? ? ? - > ??( I. At Gtn*rnl Hospital, ( K eking ton,) Washington, May a. 8th New York Vol... 3 T5thPeDn. Volunteer*. 1 13th do do.... 1 103d do do 6 20tU do do..*. 6 lit U S. Cavalry 8 23d do do.... 3 2d do do. 5 37th do do.... 1 6th do do 11 29th do do.... 1 l?t Maine Cavalry.... 7 J , 1 1 O J V <-? uu uv ...ii jttnew i uri uivsiry, 1 45th do do.... 1 4th do do.... 1 49th . do do.... 1 3d Virginia Cavalry.. 1 54th do do.... 1 ?th Penn. Cavalry.... 2 69th do do.... 1 3d Maine Battery.... 1 77th do do.... 3 4th do do.M... 1 61st do do....11 5th do do 1 93d do do.... 1 1st Berdan Sharpen . 1 With do do, 7th Michigan Vol.... 1 96th do do.... 3 l?t U 8. Chaaaeura.. 1 103d do do.... 2 17th do Infantry.... 1 107th do do.... 1 5th do Artillery... 1 l?t Penn. Artillery... 1 nth do Volnnteera. 1 Total ???122 At Jnditmm HnpittU (Pfnt OffUt), W*t king t*m, D. O., May 3 3d Indiana Cavalry... 2 95th New York Vol... 1 12th do Volunteers 2 New York Battery... 1 i:)th do do.... 1 Oneida Cavalry 1 16th do do.... 9 96th Penn. Volunteers. 4 19th do do.... 8 ?2d do do t lat New York Artillery 3 81st do 4o 1 2d Excelsior Battery.. 8|91st do do 44 4th Now York Cavalry 193d do do I 8th do do.... 6 *6tb do do...... S 13th Now York Vol... ! 104th do do * 14th New York Art... 1 107th do to.V.V.'. 3 5 Id New York Vol... 1 3d Mlcblgaa Vol 53d do do.... 1 Uth Maine Volunteers 1 67th do do.... 1 let Rhode lalaad Gav. 4 61at do do.... 1 13tb MaMachoaotUVol I Md do do.... 1 New England Cavalry S 76th do do.... 3 ? 93d do do.... 3 Total..?*....?...13S Bitk rtmmtmtmg in tk* Hotfitl fm Ji ifllii /WidAiil Al YAIammma Mail 9 W dMWVTWIfVf W*y Bib U 8. Ir.fs.alry 1 7M Penn. Volunteer*. 1 18th do do........ 3 96th do do...... 1 flth do Cavalry 6 107th do do 3 Sd VeroaoatVolantaen l 19th Indiana Vol I let Maaaaehoaotte Art. i 87th do do 1 UtNaw York Artillery % l?t Mtohlgaa VU l 3d do do.... 1 td Betdaa 8h?rpa>ra.. t lttth New York Vol... 1 ?d D. C. Volunteer*.. Mat do do.... 1 Unartermaater'* Dept 3 Blal da do.... t Citlien 1 96th do do.... 1 Oaelda Cavalry 1 3d New Jersey Vol... 1 Contraband I l<Kh do do.... 1 ? 4th Pena. Cavalry.... I VtWimHiMHtitt fM 40 VOlOOHNM. I Ill I 1 I At Qt?fl Htfifl, Judiciary 5fMr?, fii*. ??<> ?. May t. 3d U.S. Infantry 2 <Wth New York Vol... | 4th do do. 2 6t?d do do.... 1 6th do do 1 ?2d do do.... 8 ftth do do 2 ffkt do do.... 1 Stb do do 3 Mth do do.... 4 14th do do 3 94th do do,... 1 l?t do Cavalry lilOtth do do.... S 4th do do 14thNewVorkCaTahy. 3 in ao v nasseun... i via ao an.... i 5th do ArtlUcrv..... 1 eth do Battery. 1 3d Maine Voltrnteer*.. lilst do ArtlllereS 5?h do do 3 Id NtwJeraey Vol.... 1 7th do do...... 3 1st do Cavalry 3 11th do do...... 1 tut do Battery l 3d do Battery * UMh Penn.Volunteo?a. 1 2d do do 8 *7th do do 3 2d N. Hampahire Vol. 3 57th do do 1 4th do do. 0 57th do do 1 5th do do. 4 6lat do do 1 6th do do. 5 73d do do 18 l?t dp Car. 1 74th do do 17 9d Maaiachuaetta Vol. 2 7th do do 1 9th do do.. 1 7-Vh do do l? 1 l?k -? ? -M - ? -?.v M _ J - ma ao so., i?in ao on...... 1 i8th do do.. i:B3d do do a l#th do do.. 6 90th do do IS 221 do do.. ijlOd do do 1 4th Rhod* Island Vol. 1 f?th do do 3 lit do Cav. 1 107th do do 4 1st New York Vol ... 8 1st do Artillery ... 1 Sd do do.... a l?t do ReaerTe.... 3 3d do do.... 1 2d do do 1 tth do do.... 3'3d do do...... a 8th do do,... ft:tth do do 3 13th do do ljsth do do 1 ltth do do.... 1 ?th do do 8 13 th do do.... 1 Tth do do a Iftth do do.... ft^th do do 3 17th do do.... 3 Vth do do 9 1?th do do.... 1 12th do do 3 ?7th do do.... i m do Ret Cav ... 2 29th do do.... 3 lit do Cavalry.... 1 37th do do.... 1 Ith do do 3 30th do do 14 5?h do do I 41tt do do.... 2 9th do do 1 43d do do.... 4 1?t Indiana VolnntHera 1 36th do do.... I^th Illinois Cavalry .. 1 44?h do do 2' 1?t Michigan Vol 3 45th do do ... 4 7th do do I 4Mh do do.... 2 2d WIkmMi Vol 7 Slat do do.... 1 id D. C. Volunteer*... 2 52d do do.... li Exeel?lnr Baitery.... 1 54th do do....24;1?t Rockct'a Battery.. 1 5*th do do.... 2i 4th New York Battery 4 63d do do.... 2 5th Maine BatUeiy .. 1 ?8th do do....12! fl!?h do do a' Total 99ft At St*%4 General Hosjntml, May i. 11th Maine Volunteera 9 10l*tNew York Vol... 8 10th MaiurhusettaVol 1 105th do do... 1 80th do do. 8 87th Pen n. Volunteer*. 1 3d N'w York Cavalry 1 32d do do...... 6 89th New York Vol... 1 74'h do do 1 50th do do....22 H>3d do do 3 931 do do.... 1 104'hdo do 3 95'h do do.... 8 24 D C. Volunteers.. 1 96th do do.... 4 loth New Jeraey Vol . 4 Jbth do do.... # ? 100th do do.... ? Total .83 At St. Elitmbetk Ho*pifl, JTuiira Sruc4, May 2 5th Vermont Volunteer! l)8d Maine Voluntaera . 1 xta new * ore vol... l|83th Penn.Volvnteera. 1 41st do do.... 1113th New York Vol... 2 Cameron Rifles l|41d do do.... 1 Excelalor Artillery Vol 1 i5th Wisconsin Vol... 1 64tk New York Vol... 1 4Wh Penn Volnn'eert. 1 Oth N. Hempahlre Vol 1 06th New York Vol ..21 57th Penn Volunte^rt. 4 ? 59th New York Vol.. 1 Total 40 At Gaurml Hctfifl, Ahmm trim, JTiy t. 3d U. 8. Infantry.... 4 105th IvewVork Vol.. 1 3d do do 1 istNewYofkArtillery 5 4th do do 2 2d do do.... 5 6th do do 2 11th do Battery . 3 11th do do 1 12th do do.... 1 12th do do ft 13th do do.... 3 urn ao ao........ 2 iaaep'tr*. V. BHKry- 2 17th do do 1 l?NewYorkC?T*lry.IO lit do Cavalry 2 2d do do.... 9 5th do do 3 4th do do.... 3 6th do do**??? 3.6th do do.??? 1 1st do JLftlllcry 1 |9th do do,... 3 2d do do 5 istNewJeney Vol.... 6 3d do do 2 24 do do 9 4th do do 4 3d do do 42 5th do do 3 4th do do 13 1 J* - o? ? - - - * " in no caarpa rs ... iim ao An 1 2d do do 3t 3d do do 1 3d Maine Volunteer*. 7 lat do CavalryS* 4th do do 7 lat Persa. Volunleere . 5 5th do do...*..11 2d do do...... 5 7th do do 11 3d do do 4 3d do Battery.... 2 4th do do 13 6th do do 1 Sth do do 4 5th N . Hampshire Vol 10 6th do do 24 lat do Bat 3 7th do do 21 2d Vermont Volunteers 4 6th do do 4 3d do do 2 y.h do do......11 4th do dc 15 10th do do 13 5th do do 10 llth do de 22 Sth do do 3 12th do do 12 za AMKBURW vol. "J SHU do do 7 12th do do.. 1 46th do do 1 13th do do.. 1 iSrth do do 1 13th do do.. 1 5'id do do l 19th do do.. 1 5.3d do do M 22d do do.. 3'54th do do...... 1 1st do Bat. 1 57th do do S 1st Connecticut Art... 7 fllst do do 1 id New York Vol... 2 flid do do 1 31 do do.... 1 33d do do...... 4 6th do do.... 1 7 id do do I io#K Am. -? - -? Uu uu. ? . ?>u UU Qvtat99? V 14th do - do.... 4 74th do do 13th do do.... 4 75th do do 7 lflih do do....?.! 8lit do do 0 17th do do.... 5 88th do do...... it 10th do do....10 ?3d do do 2 9>th do do....22:95th do do 19 21st do do,...l< 96th do do...... 0 224 do do....31 99th do do 3 23d do do....31 103d do do...... l 24th do do,... *5 104th do do 1 28th do do.... 5 i 0.5thdo do i *th do do.... 1 lit do Rlfiea. *8 /7th do do....22 tat do CiTBlrf 13 28th do do.... 2 -id do do...... l 29th do do.... 2 3d do do l K A /x A ~ 1 I u.L a -JVVM ?u U0....14 DID CIO ao 1 Sl?t do do....VI llth do da 1 32d do do.... v let do Artlilorr ...13 33d do do.... 3 4th do do...... 1 35th do do....31 12th do Battery 1 36(h do do.... 1 12th Indiana Vol..... l 37th do do.... 3 iswh do do......19 3?th do do.... 6 <7th do do * 39th do do.... 4 l?t Ml.'b'can Vol *<>?V _ _ a m - m - . * tvia w no.... i *a an 3 43d do do.... 1 3d do do...... 8 44th do do.... 1C 4th do do 4 1? *<> ...5 ,lft *? ** 50th do dn.... 4 1st do CtTilry, 4 5'2d do do,... 7,3iockton'i Mich. Vol. 1 53d Jo do,... 1 dth Illlnoli Cavalry...60 54th do do.... 5 id Wisconsin Vol.... 0 55th do do.... 3*1 do do 1 57th do do.... ft ftth do do 1ft 5Sth do do,... 1 7th do do *6 At*# <l<\ 4 A AI ?-A ? ? - ?? - vio> uu uu( i y lbi 2H inflcwm v 01 i 83d do do....11 Cameron Dragoooa...3* 84th do McClellan Dragoon* . 3 Wtk do do.... 16 Knapp'a Baitery 1 fteth do do.... S C&llln'a Zouaves 1 09th do do.... 10 Signal Corp* 1 77th do do.... 14 (ioarteriBMtM'a em 87th do do.... 3 ployeea............. 8 88th do do.... 1 Citizens 3 92d do do.... 8 Prlaonet of war 1 93d do do.... 1 99th do do.... a To?al 1337 Washington paper* please copy and Had kUlf to the War Department. may 7?3t T'he latest news is that New York P&pera are bow bein? mid at ooIt Three Cents ?er oopj at the NEWS and PERIODICAL STORE, 3T9 F ?tre??, Vetwer u ?th and 9th it*. Also, o mULii; on hand, a choice lot of TOBACCO and SKUARS. ECome one. come all, ?o the Cheap Store, lember the namber?379 F street, in square west of tha Post Offioe. may 5 >1* TBIROWARU. I MUNICIPAL ELECTION. The foKowicg tioketwil b* supported by the Union man of ti?i? WrmI - *?* j r vu wv urn Mona?T in June next, vis: FoJ AldVr^-JOSK^H^BKu^N. For common Council?TBOSS LLWiS. ALEX. i&EKKfcltft i.?fl8F H IMdt gBK.IOE CARRIAGES FOJ " Jut roosivod a lot of ths sb?v? artie:e?, of ?bparior Ptyie tod Finish, and 9u? and Cabs, at all arioas. Jfcp mSSJOffStmum mot-?H?g.VSkB$feE. mil* m?wi&?ttMwP?.>*i. M,LHS2i2i222Vi!(*? ad Bug jg." 4o.ff. or a^RT BgLL ^ nor* eenriewbU hora* i& u* Dirtnat Warranted (M&4, ta food ooftdttinn, fto. H? can be mn at tk*dMiHOf Dr. JokufiMiaM ik *-- ? f m' ! r OFFICIAL NOTICE. H*+4q**rt?ri Prtrett Marshal , HJht* > Wimimii, Ntr 1, im > PlsK? Will, beretlirr. not be required for tbf Ulpnunt of sutler*' stores (liquors excepted' to points aot connected with the irony of Msjo? General McCleiU* By ?rd?r. Mrjor W. E Doitn, ProtMt Manbtl. C. E. Roaixi ox, Adjutant may 3-lw =? * AttrilUW iruBLijJfcS. THIS AfTKRXOOX TO-MORROW Bj6REKN4 WILLI AM?. AuttoDMrs. TRUHTEL'S BALE OF THREK ?T??RY Brick Hor#a j.j?d uot ok 1 itiiit at Acction?On EDNKSIiaY. ti.a Tih d?y of Ma*, 8-3. I iL?i; ? 1. In I'oat of ta? ?r*a.iaM. at 5 o'ol jck |? ir . br virtue of a f "a?t to tt>e n'-icntxr. t ?ir;nf tia?* tha 14th day of F*f>ruar?, IMS, and reoorOM ic libar J. A 9.. No 98. fo.ioa Wl ft sr?i , od? of tk* and r?wo:4i for tt? oopnt* of Wa?hnttcn. in Uf Dirtrict of Colnn<bia, tha f 'I'.oirine n?m?d jrcjortj, iyinr sea hainc in U? out oi wuimtuii, is th? irat'ioi a'<.?rc?%i?i. * * Part of Lot rurMrrd fourteen. <??.) io tquar* nuraDered three h una red &a4 MHstr four, (*?? t the 'njrrOTeir.enta. whioh are an exotilMt three-etor* Brick Ho^ h took betiding,we'er and aaa, oba'a>circ tve to *oo<1 ?ad eoa*MUent * arrauaeu room*. I Uia propert? f oota on the e< uth aide of north 1. hetwrea 9th and nth vni Terma: U/?e foortu r*?h; the balaao* m ?.i. tw? v*. and e-41 te-n month". All ounvrjau in at tne eaat of the f?riha*er. w,v. ii. 'vakil m 1 fltr v \ A WIM iTM9 Au<*? By J. c. McGUIRtS it co.. AdoUoooora. i7k a m t hou3& a.udl/tt in the FIRPT r Win Fo* H*ta ?<?n WKDNK8DAY. May 7th, at 5 o'clock, oc the p tuun we shall ae I ot No SS. in rqua-e No. Mm. aoLting fil feot 7 motrea on -tHh a'rtet. t-Mwe*c L a- 6 M atreeta, rcnning t?aeg lMfoet 9 ineSea to a an feet a ley. together wttk txe iirrrorrnecta, ooc*uUck of a two a-ory Frann h Ufa. Term*: Ute third ce? h; the remainder in an an1 twelre m'n'ha. with JLtereet, i ecu red hy a ' 1 deeJ of trust ?n the >ri m.eea. A m ? d J C. McCl'HK A CO.. Aaota f.f vVALL. A BARNARD. Auonoaeera. rpiill \VT?fT / ?*, or. M8 5J* T. TH KTSTKE'S PA.I.K BY CATALOGUE OF BtlMill, VV Hi KITS ) OlLtrii Ol", JaMtiu r,p4*ir?. C!i?xr?hji'i,-Oin L ^rn?? *c? at arcrioji ?Th 1"KMIAY MOHMaW, kim a, oomnircoicc at o'oioot, v* will r?H ?t'h?Au? tion hoom', ? .arte tiosk of excellent l.nuoi, reicoved to onr store for convenience of m ? . constat) nc of? Kuhtn ouki of L*rer Fr?re, c^'ft>?<te?. Kighih casta t^a^rmo da Force'* H;at>cf, ?*ateilo, Ot&r>2,*n<l otb# KmcdiMt _ fcifi* n p pm HtMB't. jn>r>n?oa ? uo. i ?raniy, Haf pipe* *r.? *?arW e*?ki Brandy, Haf pipes Hoi Mid Gia, Ha fpipe# Jamaica Sairita Bb>. Bomrton, Monoofahala, and other WfeiakT*, C*fka tjootoh, Arch rg Jtiey,Scotch aialt Whi?kr. Ca> k? Port Wiue. CaiM assorted Li^oora? Brandie*, w hiakra. Brandy Cooktaiia, "aaket* CtaaTnrce, Two barre.s a ><1 f .or-haif tarrela Darecpor'a oelel>*ated Whiakf, And otner arti?le* n<K h-re named. Tbia ?&le wi;! rflar rare orp jrtuBtty te R titanra&u Lull otliora a* theral* wi'l b^abaom'e. C. 8 LAVVkF.NCK. Trustee w ?i W*LI. fc PAWNAW l>,.A?c'l R> MtHmJii i * I>ICI.' * MOKNI NO! M ? Vo.i. at the ttor* *>i ???? h^tf ind ?i*tb ?u j ^^?Vo^i. 8i?r k ;ad FiXU.efcO-wi.tM >Vine? ??<! Lt^or., l'ntect *}<> ? ^or A ' Ccotirt Slow, B t' kMi, ?ia?s. i rocferj. Tin. and Hardware, Patent Ch*?u. Trttuks. Knives ard Fork*. Ueusteads, Mattresses, Art a varietr of other roo^s <'Also, at II o'o ook.a rood oorered Wagon a:1 Barne?s, tuiub e for a G coer. m6 it MARrHALL A PAGE. Auct til J. C. MoUUlRK A CO- Auction?<:.-? HAND^OMKNKARLY NCW ANbSOOD OLD FA?U:O!<IBI> Frksi^c** IT AmiotOuTHlKMU V MORNING. May ktfc.oo i oipe at lOo'o'ook, we shvi e?tl at hoeee, ^a ? ? , near aoth stre-t. the reeiccr.oe of a ia*** ?>* ue remoTf fron tfca citj,a good assortment oi ht heboid Femitore, Dins in part? Rosew od c&se seven octave 1 tano Forte. Beaton made. Rosewood Brocatele oorered Parlor Suit?, en mstlcK? S i&rce tk-fM, 3 Arm, and 4 Si<!s Churi, Mahoganj Marbie-top P>er aud 'id# Tables, Maple inlaid vsure ad Certe. Tab:*. Dii'jwk covered Sprii.g goat Psrior and Li V? Chairs, .Manojar.* Hair eloth ud Ctu i*?at Reo*ption Chairs, Dsniv k cove-ed f.onritr. and Rookies Cm* M&bocanr a~d Wa cut Wardrobes, Bateau*, ft'.d Wa#hstauda. . I Can* Seat Chat be' Cba rs, cad Rockers, Hail Hat t>-ee. and Oilcloth, ^'alnut. Ma?leand Cottage B*?s'.ead?, Featbar B?d?, Bolitert and Pilcws, Hair aad tint Mattre*se? aud Bonding, Child#' Iron Cnk, Ma'trets and Kil o?. Witdow Curtain*,a&d Miad*?, Toilet ware, Three-plr ?Ld ibgam Capeu. ttau Cs-pat.U1 _ Oi'oU?Uiv. 3iuo(inr, i nion i?imng TaMe, S.deboard, 1 Kut Idci* Chir * Dinner !*<t. Chin*, Ol&rn and Crockery Ware, Library Book Cm*, and Bonk* ecntatae<1 therein, Brittama Ice Pitch?r, Plated D cnnter J are, Cooking Stove, and Kitchen Rc* nisi tee, Ac.,Ac. 'i erma ca*h. m6 dti J. C. McGl'IRE A CO.. AnoU. FUTURE DATS. By J. C. McGUIRE ft CO? Auctioneer*. PEREMPTORY SALE OP LAR6E LOT | k Kait ?f CirilOl -UB FRIDAV AFTKRNOON, May 9th. at 5 o'c.ock. at tk? Aaot oc Kooat, stall eeil to tke highest bidder, for I CMb, Lot No SI. in Square 1<?3. f roc tug 55 J*M | on South b, between litn and i*ih etreeu ratt, I i rnnairg beok JH feet Sinonet, tea ?feet alley. I . Titie perfect. _ _ I m 7 <1 (K?p ) J.C MoSl'IRE ft PO . A ecu By I. C MeGUIRE Jt CO.. Auction#* . rkbBIRABLE bU'LD'Ntt LOT ON MARY19 la*d atiati, Mtwim 4h *>d 6th 1 at Arcno* -On rt.\TlKDAY aKTKR^OON. 1 May ai 5H o'oiook, on tte pr?m.aM, we tea.. W Mil. without reaerve, Ute Kufn purl ?f Lot h, in tha tabciviaioa of^^oare No. 492 froist't* 8 ' l*?t I inoh on Marj *n<l iT?aa?, Mve?r 4* tad ?tb tt nets veil, asd raantng baot aboattft ieet t? a lOlMt a ley, ft .d oontainio* i.ximu haadrwd act! eigoty e*uareieet. J , ?'erir? one third ca*h; the remainder in mard ' twelve inor.Ui*. with (detect, muea by a deed of uiisi on me premise*. mid t * ?) JC.VeSUl REt CO , A ecu. Br 6RKEN A WILLIAMS. AnetK-nefra ARGK AND PEREMPTORY SALE OF Li FIH? WiKii-CKtm um,Bhitt.W h?iiT, ?*Id, and Fancy U'tnora ?c^c^r?1 ?, Fie* G octnM, To: icoo,aac -?{?'?, Ac .by oaraiucu?at Aceu r. C'C MO>1/aV,iU 12:U : Ma?, lr.t'&r*, w: o'd ftt Auction. by r. t. e of a dMd of t u?' to the a*. l? o'oloc*. a in, at No J'l? Penn?TiT*t!a arena*,oppoait* Wi a-. u , lb* Mock and Ftxturea if a Iritcn ^ L.<uor. and ttroo? y Store. The a ?t< ck waa *!?-et?5 with cTta? c?r?forafirat cia?a t ao' Included in ik? aale viil M foon) many ?'tie m of SrooertM, and fcn* l,.?aoia, won:.? ;nea? n tianof HoaMktepn. Satiera, atd ih* ti? it ( neral. F M RKAZoN. Traits m7 d . GR?.K> A WILUIAMS. Aoc > By J. C. M6GU1RE A CO- Aaoboneara. J.JOVERNMENT t*ALE OF CO>DbMNi D I ?T "rrax-'c Arcrion.-on WfcD- j .?? l i ?cinaiNe?f [ at id o'eiock, w aball Mli at iLe Corral" near t? I National UtwrrntorT_ * am?bortf HORNER and M ULEP. CopdMnood at aaitfor the Goteramect errioe. J Term* oath ia 6ovornm?tt fu _ 4. J. DANA,Captain, A Ml stac t Q oar term aeter 6.?. Arirr. > ? d 4. .= MotoUlWE A CO . AaoU _ I By WALh* BARNARD, Anetione*. a. Corntr South rid* Pa. a'-enut and At?i* ttrrH CALK or THK STOCK OF THK NATIO*O Hot?l LirKXT.Sal* ?fd Lxchihi MAILS AT A?CT10R ?KJU SATL'KDaY IHOtNlM. lotn iu?tant. at 11 o'o eok. ve will Mil at the > tioati Hotel Lirsrr, fa> and Exctiaace J*?ab . ?f 6th ree*. between 1 ouinana ittott ami C * the entire ?took of Mmik. Carpenter A TLonwoomprutng? 0n ba&d of good Family and Carriage Horeee. 15 mht Open a ad Top W agone, 10 Clooe and Open Carnage*. 20eete Double and Stagie Haraeee, Kobe?. Uiaiikeu. Wbifi Ac., Ae. The National wotel Ommbaa. Aleo, the Sood Will and Leaae of Stable. Term* cask. nk WALL A BARNARD. Anct*. I k MARSHAL'S &AL.K o OP VKH8EL8 . J it ! ^C*#0'D%cre** Dietriot Ccnrt oltbe I If or Ik* Puiriet of I wi.i ! 'tL w Ml*, lor Mali, at the 10 t of l?utb | STJLTte"'1?!!** <** * riT?r.cB MONDAY. 1 the l*th day of May oast, 1K3, oommecoirc (t 11 f o e cmk,a. bl, the fo ,cwil< Mnrd vee?e.?. the.. V taok'eandMP&ro,. T:>. ? 1 ?c (too aarul? ally Me* SohooiMr"Jot.r. H*n, too." J SSobooter '"IT* oot Mid a(UM. Ail AUo at tie Navr TOirthu city, at 11 a'atoorf1 I * OB to# mm* day, the ?choocer - Bi*? V teta^' IJ . WAlO H. lamon. ?y a?? aotma U U- 8 Mnt*.., / By 1. 0. MoGUIRE * CO. Auctioneer* I T^RUSTKE'a PALE OF PRAMt ?<JlA? I _* _A*I> Lot ih tei Pibit ffaii ?< HiTKl I iiAY.Uft^c dayefllft#, .Ko aloofc on I preisiiM, by vrtve of ft d*od <# t.-u*\u>n?* M-f V ont>?v,CftM i>*o*mtxHM.ia?, fted deVrec^fw#* I Ift Ub?7T. 8-, (? II*. folio* Ojft * j| Umi Uc<i rosord* for WuklaiUi onoui. U. C? I I ftbftli Mil th* Vftal hAi>f Lx't ftft?b*rec Uft " I Nw nqtwrM otrtoty fo?r, frortinr N?? York irtiM, IrnvNiVk sad tin ?* * I ftnd ni*Blft? i ftok 115 fMt. t^cotMr with U u* I oauuiui oi iMurraa* w? I OM-tkirt cub: tlM roMiBdor )'* ? * * I U month*. with interest, *wtn< I?t ft 4mA ( W" I OB Ui riMum. J . All niT*fiuli| ftl ?archiA?r*a WMt * / cHAS A?S?T.Ti?t** ' M???jit* i c M^i.umco.n^ j 8*. CKKAT 8ACHIP1C*.! KLLINO ifr^rci t D*.o?w klftrr*****

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