Newspaper of Evening Star, May 7, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 7, 1862 Page 3
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Lf)CAL NEWS. None* ?Mr A. W. Burn*, tte managing agent of tb? S??r'? circulation In Georgetown, will hereafter alto act a* the Star's adverttalng agent there. Any Georgetown advertisements left at Dr. G B Barnard's, corner of High and Bridge streets, or with G. Crandell, No. 1*28 Bridge atreet, will meet with prompt attention. * AMtSIXtlfTS TO-llt?HT. Foid'b ATni!t?rx -To-night, Manager Ford presents Howard Pavne'a tragedy of ?Bnitua," w1?h Mr Forreat a? Brutus The scene la In tha earliest a;?i of Rome, and all the scenery and appliances for the proper prestation will be u perfect aa they ran bes-ade. Mr. Forreat'a engagement !a drawing rapidly to a cloae, and the uppertunltv of seeing him, perhaps for the last time, should be Improved Gaovaa's Tbiatir ?Tk* Optrm ?The ereat musical and operatic combination give tbeir flrst concert, at the new theater, this evening. Tbe performance will consist of a Grand Gottacbalk Concert of ten piece* ( nd the best selections In his repertoire), and tbe last act of Donizetti's tragic opera. ' La Favorita," with M'me Elena D'An^ri in cer celebrated role of Leonora, Brignoli aa Fernando, and ?a*ini as Baltbez?r?the performers appearing in full costume. Great paina have been taken to make th^ae performan C*l a ld? fluiui auu mere c?u uo nu uuuu^ ?>i satisfactory results Secured seats can beobtalned at Metierott's music store, or at the box offlce of the theater CA5TK*sraT ?Tb? manager of this temple of fun will to-night prevent features of a highly Interesting and amusing character Mioses Duval and Mortimer, have achieved decided success at the Canterbury; while tbe charming danseuse, Millie Fowler, still retains her Arm hold of popularity upon the patrons of thia report "The Glpsey's Lay" and "How to get a Wife,'* are on the bllla again for to-night. AcjovmjriD Marriwo or thk "Straight-owt R*rrBLiCA!?a" or thi Skvjmth Wud?Pursuant to adjournment, the straight out Republicans of the Seventh Ward aaaembled at Potomac Hail last night, and were cMltd to order by Mr. J R Elvans, chairman of the previous meeting.. Mr. Elvans had some diffidence in taking the chair tbia evening; a meeting of men, professing a. v - - Jin 1 v _ a m. _ A i l 10 ck> nnronomonai tnioa ra'u, naa as**moiea h're on Thursday evening last, and it might be eome the duty or this meeting to look into the proceedings at tAar meeting, and s^e bow far they were unconditional Union men. TKat assembly bad reaolved to do away with and ignore the Senate of the Unlt-d States, by giving all power* >o councils; they will probably try to do awav with the House of Representat.ves next; and we must alto consider whether we can afitl i\te witb a party w&o at every opportunity and on all occasions, bring la the everlasting nigger. Mr. Garrett regret'ed that thia meeting was not o large aa the previous one; he had nut seen it announced in the Republican, and he therefore ! moved an adjournment for two we*ks. and that the meeting be announced In the Republican ar.d Star two d*ys previous. ' Mr. Bavd asked Mr. Garrett to withdraw his motion for a moment; he wanted to have the resolutions of the previous meeting r^ad and endorsed by this meeting. The democratic call was gotten up in a peculiar way, and It was very necessary that the people should understand the principles 9 (Via */>rnK' 'nan r(n 'l'l> a aa?s n f k ? /I ui i?r irpuwtib'iti ^-o . m lie tvunxy uau utTll blinded with tb? learned dust which the democrat'^ party had thrown into it* eye? That party had ruined the country, and they were a aet of th<eTes and robber* when they were In power. The great men, the leacera of that (the democratic) p*rty were of th? wor?t kind. The call of laat Thursday aaktd the attendance of all opposed _ W I - V. I. < U ~ i V 1 J 41 A fcu ir^uuiiiBui, iiui wucn iur> u?"i inry u a losi wh? accidental, and said they wished to ignore party. That wa? an oldand hackneyed cry. Tbe deir.ocrat> bad bad tbe power ao 1 ng that they were very loth to give It up uow. We mast take notice of all these things and frown upon them, and therefore he wished the resolutionn of the previous republican meeting endorsed at this one. when these creatures who call themselves aneocdltlonal Union men want to get power they carry Union on their backs and front, while all the time they are helping secession. Be did not, however, wish to charge the gentlemen who met on Thnrsiay night with be!n^ secessionists It was time the republicans took a position. Unless they were active tre democrats would again be successful. We must bestir ourselves for the election Mr. Eivans *a'd he had the pleasure or misfortune to attend Thursday's meeting, and he did not think tbe resolution* then adopted would a^ree with Mr. Lloyd'* profession*. They lcok< d toe mach to conciliation. That union of Unionist* for tbe *ake of tbe Union, sounded queer to him; wben It wa? conditional, be wanted a conciliation for tbe*al7ation of tbe Union 111* idea of unconditional Unionlam wa*, not to stop at any conditions. A* a Republican he was perfee'ljr sausnea wun wcai iae rresiaeni naa aon-; ana beinz fully satisfied that nothing detrimental to the country's Interests would be done in future, h? was willing to endorse everything. We must determine how far we will sustain the platform and nominations of Thursday; and we must also determine whether we will endorse their resoldtlon In reference to edncatian, and thus virtually attempt to do away with the United States Senate. Tbe Republican resolutioaa had been once adopted, ana he thought It improper to re-endorse them. Mr. Boyd begged leave to differ First meet4 n >s apa anmot riiM m*? rt> onmmltfpat Knt m m ft appeared to be the wish of tbe meeting, be would wl'fcdraw hi* resolution. Mr Bacon thought It would be entirely oat of place to endorae tbe resolutions at tbls meeting. Mr. Garrett's motion prevailed, and tbe meeting adjourned for two weeks. [ Tbe resolution referred to by Mr. Elrans, as aHMtnrtHno f/t itn turail with K* TT Q U a ??' ui^rtiu^ ?sv ?* MJ ? ?MV v . k7> uv ua?v i? mo fol'ovrs: " Htsolvtd. That la Ilea of the Senate bill proTiding for schools for tbe negro children of this city, tills meeting recommend* that the council* In passing tbe tax bill for the eosulng year reduce the taxe3 on tbe property of negroes, so as to omit that part of the tax now set apart for school purpose* "] As precisely the same number (37) attended the meeting last night as on the previous one. It would se?m that the " straight out*" of the Seventh Ward may be set down at that figure. Pkoceidikss or Boakd or Tjcitim or Public School*?The Beard met yesterday in regular monthly meeting, Mayor YVallacn in the eialr. Complete monthly returns were received from the various schools. Mr. E D Tlbbet's application for appointment as a teacher wan received anl referred. The Chair stated that in compliance with the direc:'.on of the board, be bad bad an Interview with Mr Corcoran, in reference to the occnoatlon of tae school room on H street Mr. Corcoran'* reason for declining to grant the further ate of nU building on H street for school parpcsec, wu the enormous assessment that had bren put upon hi* bou*e and furniture. He however granted the use of the room for three month* longer. Mr. Btuart, from the committee appointed for that narooee. reported a Dlan for the enlargement of the school house on the corner of Seventh and . G street south. The alteration add* an area of 400 a\uare feet, and will coat S?0t, with tlSO addlt jnal for the roof. A resolution asking the Mayor to lay the subject before Council* and ask for an appropriation lot that purpose, was adopted. Mr Stuart also reported a plan for a new achoel bouae on the corner of D and Third streets cut. to coat Sl.UOG. and clfered a rMolntlAn w. questing Council* to authorize the Mayor to # merge the approprietl >ns for the building of two cbool houses into one. Misses Ecftloff and Reed, who have been assistanta In the achoola on the island, were ma4e principals of primary schools 0 and 7, newly established ? A new standing committee on " school buildln>r? rAAfmsH mmt m m fry m _ A M ? M jn^a aiiu www* vwhm " tvi liiCU UU lUUkiUU U1 Mr. Wilson. It la the duty of thla committee to luvestlgate all propositions relative to school buildings and school rooma, and to make repoita aod suggestion* to tbe board from tlmo to time. Messrs Wllaon, L'ttermeble, Wright, and Uelmead were appointed said committee. Mr UttenMbte Introduced a resolution (which was adopted) forbidding tbe female pupils of the acbooUgolng about la public places selling tickets for the concerts held by tbe tehooia. Mr. U. explained that he wished to atop tbe practice of the female scholars going Into the Departments and tore*, ctflces and puolle places, and lodlacrlml a^i- (UW-ta a*U 11. oaicif w ?VI row UV un* uvi isiua It at all conducive to their moral*, but tended to make tnem bold, and took away much of that natural refl lement which every young lad y should ^ Me??r? Walsh, EUU, Wllaon, and Miller were appointed a committee to prepare a programme fn the annual examination, and make all necessary arrangements as to distribution of prlzea, Ac. A motion to purchase copies of the Washing, ton and Mitchell map, and alao Philbrick's - tablets, was 1*ld over. VOCAL uoiciii ?a toc*i concert, oy ue Children ot ttk? Third Dlairlct Primary School, U announced for Tburaday evening, May 8th, at Odd Kellowr Hall, under the direction of Prof J. H Daniel, their raualc teacher. Mlaaea Addle Tbomaon and Suale MoConnell will prealde at the piano Theae c oncer ta of the little folks have been wonderfully aucceaafjl heretofore. ti(*i ?W# understand that tbe Hon. Calrh B ScnitD, SertrUirj of (be Interior, hu ?aU->r?sf>4 Mr Srwutu, 9 .prrlac*nd?-nt of the A<rVuituril Dlvl?lon,t> u?? tta* yrr.nnl eocloaaA us ^ (he Ninth itrrH front of tn* P tt-nt Udl c b'ltlilicg in <rxp?rt'U?rntlr?g > n ibt caiilntKu of r?rfw?n f uU *11 b<? interrotliig to the cuiiuus ia tie a ui V.ter*. ABBirthht RUey'a Wharf aehooner Ambition, of Philadelphia. with coal for Ww4er 4 SKewart, conMto/ H u4 TlrtiXU * N t 4#. I 1 m/<r 'lit Manure in rat Tmtbd Wud-Ib response to tbe following notice, published In tbe Stmr of yesterday, there waa a meeting at Temperance Ball last evening : "Attemiiim, Third Ward '?There will be a meeting of tbe Unconditional Talon voters of tbe Third Ward, (Irrespective of old party lines.) at Temperance Hall, on Tuesday evening, May 6th, at o'clock. Prompt attendance Is desired " VI r J. F Wollard waa called to tbe ebalr, bat declined, and called on Mr. Job Angus to pre MUr. Hit. jODD Llirrwuiliwinwriiii. Tbe Cbalr rnd tbe call for the meeting, and stated that It wu open for the transaction of boatMM. Mr. J. P. Hodgson offered the following resolutions ; Riso'vt4, That we fully and cordially endorae the acta of tbe preaent Administration In tbe policy adopted by them for tbe suppression of tbe rebellion, ana for the maintenance of the Union; that we approve of the course of the Executive in showing hlmaelf Independent of mere party control, and In bla recommending to Congress such measures as he believed were for the benefit of the whole country, and for all parties T>iat In onr nrMrnt Mayor. Hon. Richard Wallach, we recognise an uncompromising Union man, of stern and strict Integrity, wbo has devoted his time, talents, and energlea to promote the Interests and welfare of the city of Washington; and while congratulating our fel'ow-cltisena upon the occupancy of tha executive chair by thla sterling patriot, we hereby nominate him for re-election, and pledge ourselves to use every bonarable means to secure so desirable an end. Mr. Wollard hoped that the meeting would pursue the old course, and elect delegates to a convention; and stated that the course pursued In the several wards was giving great dissatisfaction among their own frtends. and If the present course was continued he thought that another candidate of the tame party as the present Incumbent would be nominated. Mr. Hodgson did not see the use of the Third Ward starting the movement to hold a convenHnn ivVan all > V> a a*Ka> two 9A a K*il t n rassf il t W urn Iirai y wi vvuci w si u* ??u ?- -* their sentiments Mr Wollard said the Third Ward had frequently led off the convention before, and they should do it again. He was opposed to the oourse they were now pursuing. He did not think it proper for the meeting to <>eak for the people of the ward, and It was impossible for such a small meeting to select the mayor. Thedelegates could be elected to a convention, and by the time It assembled they would know the views of the people. Mr. Shepherd replied, that Mr. WaUach had never been nominated in convention, but had run udod his own merits He viewed conventions as humbugs, and stated that in most casrs they were packed The free voice of the people, uutrammeled by the Influences of a convention, was all that was wanted. Mr Wollard stated that it was true that Mr. Wallach had never received the nomination of a convention, but he had never been elected by the P*ODl?. Mr Shepherd said tbat Mr. Wallach bad been elected fairly and squarely at the laat election, by I tbe people, but be was cheated out of It. [Applause.] j Tbe resolutions were then adopted. Mr. Hodgson ofl-red tbe following resolution : Haolvtd, That tke unconditional Union votera of tbe Third Ward, Irrespective of all pa?t political associations, In convention assembled, do hereby declare tbe following gentlemen (all being tbe present Incumbents) to be our choice for the respec lve < fli-va named at the approaching rriul niclp l election, viz: I Fnr VI nunr R(^Kar<( WallaoK For Aliermaa?Jos F. Brown. For Common Council?Thomas Lewis, Alex. R. Shepherd and Tbos A Htevens. For Aue#ior?Henrv B. Curtis. And that we pledge ourselves to um all honorable exertions to secure the success of the foregoing ticket. Mr. (?. C. B. Mitchell (the caller of the meeting) moved to lay the resolution on the table The Cba'.r?la there any second to the motion? Voice*?Take the vote Tne resolutions were then adopted, no one voting In the negative. Mr Mitchell?1 don't think that tbe resolution was fully understood. Mr Shepherd would prefer to have a rising vote, and in order to prevent any misunderstanding he moved to have the vcte reconsidered. : [Cries of "No," "no "] I La motion to reconsider waaloet. The meeting then adjourned. Sal* of Rial Estate?Wail it Barnard, ancMcne-r?, sold on Monday afternoon, at their auction - 0ms, parts of lota 8, 9 and 10, in square No. 5^4, improved by four frame houses No. 1 sold for 92t)0; purchased by John Pella. ii g ii 900' " " ii 3 II 215; ? " 4 " 380; ? John Wel?ta. Lot adjoining sold for 7 cents per foot; purchased by John Fella. All of aquare north of tquare 013; purchased by C De?mond at centa p?*r foot. Lot No. I In square 3W; purchased by John Welab at 2^ centa per foot Lot No. 2 iu aquare 894; purchased by John TVelah at centa per foot. Lot No 3 In aquare 894; purchased by Martin McNamara at 1 ^ centa per foot. l-ot No 1 In tnnsr^ R<Xlr nnrrhMnH Kw Martin McNamara at 1X centa per foot Lot No. 5 In squate PM; purchased by Martin 51 r ."Samara at \ of a cent per foot. Lot No 6 in square ?94; purchaa-d by ti. W. Mitchell at \ of a cent per foot. Lot No. 7 in aqaare 994; purchased by G. W. Mitchell at 1 cent per foot Lot No 6 In aquare t<94; purchased byN C. Bateman at ljf centa per foot. Lot No. 10 in square 691; purchased by N. C. Bateman at 2# centa per foot We are happy to state that there Is a much better feeling In redl estate. IxromTAitT Decision.?Catherine Donovan was before Justice Clayton yesterday, on t charge of telling liquor to minor*, after having been lined the pretlou* day for aelllng liquor without licenae. It wa* proren that sbe aold liquor to the boy*, which ahe did not denv The Justice, after read'.ne the law, dismlased the caae, aa in the Corporation law on the aubject the word minor* la left out; the law only applylng-to apprentice*. 1 i the law of the L*Ty Court of the county there la ao difficulty, the term "vlaves, apprentice* and minor*," being used. It would be well for our City Fathera to aupply the omlaalon at once, aa nn doubt it waa the intention to have Included minora aa well aa apprentice*, when the law waa made. Th* Mato?altt.?Wm. T. Dove, Esq., at present President of the Board of Aldermen, having been solicited by a number of citizens to aufaer his name to be used as a candidate for the mayoralty at the rnsulnz election, has addressed a note to Messrs. Jos D. Bryan. R H L <skey, J. Van Rtswlck.W. D Wise, and others, thanking them for the expressions of approval of his course heretofore, but declining to accede to thalr wishes, on account of the imperative demands of his private Interests; and aaks his fellow-citizens to exeuite him from further connection with municipal affairs. \U . n n . ... D - / - V jj. a?vunu ff Mil UABM? B9J VT9 J Kdd C.ark ? C. J. Murphy, obstructing the street; fined SI M. Edward Bresneban, druns; workhouse 50 days. Msry Barnes, drunk; fined SI M. Joseph Beuiier, assault; fined S2UI. Patrick Lynch, Hinting; do SI 58 Jacob Duce, disorderly; dismissed. John Drunk, very drunk: dismissed Thomas Wardley, drunk and disorderly; fined 83. Pdt Keef, drunk; do. SI 04. John Dunn, do. SI 91. L. Feederlcks, do. Si 94 Alex. Douirhertv. do.: dismissed. Frederick Ficka. do.; lined 91 19 Arrbsts foe first arretfa made under the emancipation law were made thla morning In the county by Patrolman Simpson and other offlcera of the first precinct. It appears that two alave*, who had run away from their maatera In Prince George'a county, were on their way to the city, and bad croaaed the District line, when they were stoppsd by Dean, Lloyd Jenklna, Francis Lusby, and WlUon, who attempted to carry them back to their ownera. The men and negroea were all brought to the city and taken before Justice Cull, who held the parties to Mil lor a bearing to morrow afternoon. CkstsaL Guaidhoose Casks?Bifort Juttiet Walttr ?James Dougherty, drunk and disorderly-, lined SI 96 Phillip Hogan. do : do. S3-46 Margt. Reagan, do ; do. S3 58. VVm. Johnson, alias Jas. ;dismissed. J. Hannsgan,drunk: do. G c. Garrison, M Green, R Brad age, and James Flxey, drank; turned over to the military. FOUftTI Wilt STATION Casis? Btft* Jnitiet Walitr?E. J. Chaffee, druak and disorderly: 11 nod 91 SB June*; do 8S. Wuhlngtoo Clement*, (coL,) ightlng; do 85 Donnls Johnson, do.; do. 86. John Sneekells, do j do. 83. John Muck, do ; do. 82 50. Geo Thomas, carrying oonooaled weapons aad aaoaaltlng persona, fined 9 JC. Mvaaaa U A U a v v A Ha li m m mil I ii 1 ???* * h ? mm vwi w * v v?mw ? u k hvi tock of India Rubber Good* from their branch tore, 3UH Pennsylvania avenue, back to BmIod. during tbe rammer, where they will be pleaaed to receive orders by telegraph or Ball for any and all of the varies* article* made from India Rubber or Gutta P ere ha Order* will be forwarded by any eiprea* aompany'* lightning tra'n, and arrlTe in In twMcy-ronr noara, tk?ptr to ear cltIxeoa than they oould be Mid her*. Mendo* your ofaera and h?w them I'led it muifeetnm'* prleeaat Meoars. H. k. Hall It Co * warehouM, J where they have the It tut aaoortmeat of India libVr Good* la tho woiM,) * Milk atrect, Booii)j, Uw?. ma 7-w/ft w MM and Maria ?oo*?na|jjU? of ki* k?; MU8MKBHT8. FORDS ATHENECM. Joh* V. Ko*e ___ Proprietor and Miui? OKU B. Wimbt 8U*e M?sm? XW.5WJ?KSr X I 'MO !?* * V * V WWW W? EDWIN FOftRKsT. Who will PiToe'a Tnted/ of THEJFALL OF TAkQUIN. Lniima Jisiu Brutu* tvlwlo Forr??t Tltaa . John MoOnUovth Oolliuinua N. C. ForrMtar HorViot ?... J. A. Heme Tu li? Mm AM>*n? T&rqainia Mm Anaia Graham THURSDAY, THIS 6LAD1ATOR. yrr Friday, B*nefit of Edwin Forrwt, ?n<l poaitiralT bis laat appearand. Admission. Dtm Girclaand Par* uett?__ _?7IeerU Kacured Seats .. . fl Baloonr SmU ?#1 Urohwtr* Seata SI Private Boin (holding eifht) #10 Fairily Circle -- 2S centa [P" Box Offloa open from I till 4 o'olook. Doora open at 7: on-taln n??i at 8. It PHILIP W?RRKN. Treaaarer. GROVER'S THEATRE Mr. Qiovn baa the honor to annoanoe that ha has effected arrangement* with the world-renowed Pianiat. L. N. OOTTSCHALK. InoonJnnoMon with Grau'a Italian Oner a Trouoe. Academy of Mnaio, New York. MME. ELENA I'ANGHI. The oeiebraUd P ima Donna Contralto. 8IONOR BRIBNObl.the treat Tenor. BIS NOR AMODIO, 'i he famoua Baritone, brother of the 'ate A mod lo. 8IBNQR MANCU8I. Prlmo Baritone, IGNQ* Pl'r'NI, tne iamona Buw, BieNOR MUZfO. Mneioal Direotor aad Oondnotor. Thia great combination of Mnaioal oelebntiea will giro In Washington. THREE GRAND INSTRUMENTAL OPERA TIO PERFORMANCES On WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, and FRIDAY, May 7, 8. at>d 9. ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, May 7. The Programme viil oonsist of A GRAND GOTTBCHALK CONCERT. Often pieces, assisted by Gran's Italian Opera Company, named ai above, aod the last aot of iioniietu's tragio Opera, LA FAVORJTA, IN f ULL COSTUME. MME. ELENA D'ANGRI in her renowned role f Leonora. Hlti liRIGNOLIas Fernando BIG. 8llt*INI as B&Khas&r. On THURSDAY EVENING, M*t 8, will be performed Ro?8im'? oetebratel nomio opera JL BARBIERE DF. 8EVIGLI*. 1 Aid L. M. GOTffeCHALK between the acts. On FRIDAY EVENING, May 9, Donuetti'a latnet great work, BETLY. The Oroheitra will be under the rfir*otion of the distinguished conductor, t!IG MliZlO PRICES OF ADMISSION. Dress Oirole 75 oents. Reserved Seat 4 .... $1. Family Circle ... _ 60 o*lu. Oroheetra ? hair* - .. .fi so Private Boim .... . ..3;0 '0? Seats mar be seourej.coirinenoingthlsinorntni, (^Monday) at9 u'olookt a. m., at'a Musio Doors open at 7^, performance to oommence at 8^ m *-3t T VOCAL CONCERT. HE Children ri the Third Distriot Primary 8cbooi take treat plea* a re in announcing to their friends and the publio tliat they will give their annua! May Concert, under the direction of their music teaoher, J H Dsnisl, on THURSDAY KVKNIN6. the 8th instant. at O M ' " Hows' Hall. but Washington, ocmmenoin? at7\ s'olook. The Piano ?#*d on the ooosmon nu o*eu kindij furnished tj Mr. F, lis. and will be p-esided over a Miss addib Tbomtson an<l Miss Cd^ib cCowjull. m 6 3t P?ANTISRBURY HALL, Louisiana. iv., nsai Sixth sr. Extraordinary Announcement ! nrai w mi oi me MUSICAL CONVENTION OF ARTISTS. THB Laicist anl mo?t Tamntid company crer ?re?en'el ON THE CANTERBURY STAGE. FIVE NEW STAR 4 TUIS WEEK And a I of th? OLD FAVORITES! Re entacement of MISS JULIA MORTIMER, The Idealization of Melody ana Beaaty' Thi Washington Pet Fir?t v* eek of J. H. BUDWORTH. The wnrM-r?no?n?4 Ethiopian Aotor, the Champion Banjoiet of the World Fir?t spfcaranoe In Wathiogton in two jear?. HARRY RICK. Tkt CtUbratei Ftkiorian Author and Actor. Mr. Rioe apnea's on MONDAY NPJHT anaevTT night this week, as the Contraband in the Comedy of HuW TO GET A WIFE. WILLIAM WORRILL. Chair pion Song and D&noe Negro. MISS MILLIE FOWLKR. Br (ar the moat beautiful and acoom pushed Dansense on the American stage. TO NIRHT, THE GIPSY'S LAY. MISS IDA DUVAL, The Sveet Operatio Songstress : DICK PARKKR. Canterbury's own Boy! A nd th# MAMMOTH COMPANY ! Til CuVlT of Bkadtt. MIh Frank T.a Folle^ Mna Litsio Franoin, Miaa Frank 8?oor. Mm Lilly Brandon. Miaa J uUa Riotiinond and Little Klla. Entire Change of Programme ! 9\ .... . A ? / . . _ ? ? _ ? - ? Ml/ uootu u pea 11 7^ , pariurinsuoo si an o o:oci. Admission tt oolu ; Uronsisr Ckairi *o emu. Matinee* WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY for Ladies and Children, when a camber of valuable Presents will begivsnaway?one a 3?5 silver Cake Basket. Nn. Cow*?, No. iM 11th street, reoeived a 825 ailvrr Cake Basket on Saturday last. m 6 Humph revr a juenemanns PLBASURh GARDEN, O.t Capitol Hill. Will od-*d lo- tb* season on MONDAY. Ma?Mh A DANCING SOIREE EVERV MONDAY EVENING, oommenoincat 1 o'clock. mm. ^T^e poblio in general are respectfully in- IS ChoioeBEER end WINES oonstantty ooA hand. m 1-Ht*? PATENT OFFICE CUR10SITIE?-Gnlde te A Patents, Cataloc ne or Cariosities and Government Gardens, at the stand in Patent Office; Rare Antnuarian Books; Government Books; Dooamonts furnished; Railroad Reports; Military Retorts; Burnt Patent office Reports; Cheap (look* Forniahed to Pedlars: Ml,!tArr Trials: Ml!it*r? Lava; Army Rernlanona; Panorama of theCoaat anowint over J,500 mi lea; many Mouaand Cheap Booka. Jteooheot ohoaa rent. Lara* aalea, low prioea. Ua ataira, over Back of Waabiniton. mi 1-lm* ALFRED HUNTER. 486 newjstock. 486 INTERIOR ADORNMENTS Jaat roooiYcd a ohoioo asleotioa of new and dotlrabe atylea. ai_ PA PER HANGINGS. Prom the nob and ornate, to the moat ehaata and factorna. Mproyriato for Parlora, Haila, pinint Room*, amf Ohambora. HRLBOARD PJtJNTg. STATUES, CENTER __ _ . rlfcCho, aC warranted Sold Basda, ImiUtioa Sold, and Common. , WINDOW SHADES. Window Shadoa of any required atria or fine, B?(?arrant* tobo^Vldad wuhV2ld?i?f ) *h* iiaiideomeet and iargoat aaaortment in tha Diatriot, from u a b??t mano/aatory in ttie ooantrr lBlir>| ?' IHIWI ailDU UTU ?UU UWU V isita rrtmN. of Foreigo ud Domotuo manafeotura. pM?ep%tout?. ?o. PIOTPIS opal) AND TA88KL8. ^Different uxm and oolora, Piotura Ringa, Na'la, Furcr.a?ing axolnaiTalr for otah.thaaboTagooda (according to thair ?a&Wtr.) wi.l ba dirp- ao<fotat ul?w itua M Uay out bo pvrohaae<f f^rintba Dutriot, Nomi?r< praaanUtioo mada to rffaot aalaa Ordara lor Paparaanging or Wiodov bbadaa.axaoutad by oxMiianoM vorkmaa, in oit? or oonntry. A Mil aalioltad from thoaa ncadmg th? abora goods. Tarm? oaab. J. MLARKR1TKR. Romambor tba naabor, NoJM tSfvanth at., oooii WOT* van r?uo*r uu; mm im leime,

Cuk for goods and labor m J-lmti* 1 NOTICE OP EEMOVAL. HAVE Removed that portion oi my atooknved Irom Uxnn to No. 479 Ninth atreet, between D nod E, two Moareefrom P*,?TeQae, where 1 tm MUing off r?Minder or my took. All persona Indebted to me are respectfully reflected toonUaad aette their Mfountn. Him ?T? NuUh?..Lt*i?n Dnndfc. ?OE SALE?At Whitehnret 0nli*ry. 4S? P*. tkrf WO^Sgw T^r_,U WlMrCoiora. m lit* M OTIC E.?Ail poraoMM* varnadM*l9?ttrMt 1^ i?( UT OM on Moo ant of tk? ?ndar?iitnod > vMmm a written or4*r,u thoy will not b? onntobln for ut <UW^Uuywt* ^atw ^ *** 1, f.'AfW WANTS. W uhini ton Arwttl n? 1-8*' 1*7ANTED?Br a reo^MUbla *irl. & BITUATION ?o do fanara! honaavorkt Mid maka araalr gOLertlly aaafcl. In?ul>e at tiw ooni"r of 83d and B ?ta. if W ANTED?A yoonf MAN to attoad to a pair ** of horcM ac-d one who aadaratanca nit bu?In<???, and rnu?t oomc wall r*oo?rir.eD<1<?<i. AmIj at It Water street, Seorjetown. frcra 9 to 1? o'oloofc. ll*_ %I/ A NTItn A HI T IT A TION . btr m. rMtVtsh!* " young womu, m chambermaid an** to asutt i* vaahiaf and iromoc. C*n giya food r?iommentations. Apply &t No. 191 1 street, between Wii snd Slat ata, 1?_ WANTED TO RENT-A HOUSE, witn 15 or more room a, north of Pa avenue. A food ts*ant may M had by addressing 'I). 8. H ."Far Office, for four rf?ts. m6 3t* _ WAMtD-A 91RL or Woman of food character, to eootr, wa?h and iron for a small Tamilr. ?ooc wigea will be dm4 Apply at W.C. O *1 EARA'8 Variety Store. >2A Pa.aTecn*. between id and 3d aU. tp ft-2t* FARM HAND WANTFD-A rood FARM * uaii u wuu oin rgmo wpii rocummcnuoj, u?u find steady emeloymenf, And joixi vt|M; on a mall farm, 4 miles from the oi't line: br en? umni between 9 o'clock, t. m . and 4 o'clock, ?. in., at Mr. WROE'fi St?ble, G street, No. 289, between 17th and 18th street. nb 2t* ll/antfid-ajwl journeyman BARRKR, ? " ewadr man. 6ooti vsisi given, and emjlojmect. Iiqai'* rf KUWAHD BsPlUT*. Navy Va'-d. 8th ?t White preferred m * 3t* A YOUNG MAN is deciroaa of obtaining a t. ltua'ion in a oJtn'niasioo house or store, a? veeroan. hockkeeser or tashirr Referrnoea of the hisnrst character o&n b* five". Ad .rets MP. HElMRY 8UTHKK, Presoott House, washiutton m5St* WANTED? By a lady, who hu hid ?w?l "* years experience ]*> te^ctng. ani oan fire Rood reference*, a 8TUA. i ION ai teaoher fn a country tohoo! or in a private family In the ocuntry Add'e?* Teioher," Dally Bia* 0*oe. WRibin; ton. P. C. mi HtWim \*/ANTED-Kfery lady to know th%t I c?n nn ? derte.l eTery dealer m W^ehint n in French Workini Cotton. 1 now rffer 100 fro#*, of the finett brand, at 2SceaU p*r d"??n?r.o'hin* bnt the real Freuoli o tton. Caii at the new Stamping Depot. No H?0 Seventh ?tr?et, between 1j ani M ?. lit MMt \7aLa. - ? J (J ?r?. ? . ? b>b. i v.iw 1 utcd cuu tjicuvuv i'ji uu ihr u ucbi mmlin. th 5 3f \*7 ANTED? Every person to know that I am in " " trie market read? to pay c&ah for ail artiolei tn the hocaefanushiQc line. Thos? losrinr the oitr. or haTic* r nnfpla?, will do v?!I to c>v:R. BUCHLY, IiS Seventh ?t., tietwesnG ar.d H *V., (east aide,) Dealer in New tad Second hand r arnitnrn. no ? tf WANTED?To aeli. heaoeforward, 200 barrels and half barrel* of Ale ever/ wt-e* ; also the same of fieer, lor tbe Baltimore Brewery. JOHN OAYNOR, Arent, Corner of 2lst and G eta. Orders id the Poat Office will be oailod for at ? a. c 2 p. m. _ ap Mm' VLrANTKB?To hare every one know that they ? can find the beat stock of Clothing, Hats and Cars, at the very lowest ratas, at SMITH1'', No. 460 Seventh street, below F. fe gT-tiu TV 7AM HP l>* (1 U7 A m. rA r r. t* Kn vi rt m Ulri^i t V l~l _ w"w ? ??!' ?T V Biu M'? W UUJIUK /V A V *r V* HAND FURNITURE,STOVfiSanrt BEDDING, for which we ar? pa?inc the highest ?as'i prices. Families deoliiunr housekeeping, *r htv'.nc a sarplan of furniture, will find It to taair adrantac* to ji?e us a oa!i. BONTZ h 8KIFFITH, I* 1A?tf No. 3f>8 Tth St.. hetw. I and K sts. lust asd kuijn >. IO?*T?On the 6th intt*nt, between the Marin* A H&rnwk* snd the MAirnsolitAn ii.Iirr.rfla ot PAPKRH. with th? aubaorlher'a name attaoii^1. A liberal rew??l will be p&ia for tbe ceiivery ol the s&'e* at this cfine _ni7Jl* W A. T MAD'IOX. ?Q RKWAIID.?Strayed or stolen, on Friday. yO May 2d, a <rey M aR E, white m?Dr gy and tail, with a tear oa th? left ahonder. \L-^^ The above reward will he uiven for tho re-^**-*71tarn of *Md m*ri to t^e aut>?cnbe', on E street, betwen *S and 6lh ati,, Ialan^. It* WILLIAM BIRD._ CJTOLKN?On the ll?h April, a locg-*ail brown o HORSE about 1?V; handa hign. one white hind foot, with toddle and bridle. A wR "Citable rewa-d wi'l be ri?*n, if hrmi?l t to K. P. CONK LI Vs* Statla 14th attest. be'ow Willard?' Hotel. Waa hired by a yorson who tave the name of Norton. m 7->t* LOfcT?On or aSout the SOth of A ?ril, between Georgetown and 2d atreet iu this oitr. two VVa nut siaea of a tfodetead Any one re'urninf them to the auotoriber will be suitably rewarded. JO?. L HaVAwK, m 6-3t P* >v?eu?. between i"th and ll'ln'i, 12 cl nr. vv a Ki;-?iri?fW nom uiff sun^'irin^r, on tjftj th+ moraine of TnariJa*. May TV i jjij| 1st. two COWb-nns ??f a rtd an<l wh:t?, g&fg with ratner a reci?h neck; and the !?v;riaJbi ! H, or her ntht horn; tne front rirht p\p !o?:. Tin other, a email br.nde Cow, with horn* lcolicmf upward*. Both (ivinc mi!k. The a^ove reward will be paid to anr person who ?hail b ir.j the oowi to 111 r premier*, or c ire m? euch icforiration &s aha! I leaa to the recovery of the am?. JKKRKV1AI1 t.VNCH, r? K It* C a?iHanra TW at "?< fciH ? m. v -? ? r??? ** i ? u?"hi tm uw ii n w > LOST?At the Raiir<ad D*rot, tint irornini;, about a uart?r before six o'clock, a hitok leather POCKET BOOK, oontain'n* dollars in Treasury notes, and Treasury warrants on the Assistant Treasure- in N>w York, a* follow*: No 3561 f?r $150: No. fifci for 92C9 66; and No i?66, f jr 9333 62. There were also otner me-norand* and acoomts. as the parment "f the Treasury drafts has heen stopped, noce of th* oon<*n:s ofths p"cket book.exoept U.e money, can he of lite to any but the orner. $2j will be paid to ary K"'r ? i v4ui IJ4U\ I.un yu EOfc UV?JI aim tuubviiiB i'i the Kirkwood Hoes*. No questions will l>s asted if tb? pocket boot is returned, minas the money. m6 3t* J K. HRiiWX, STOLEN?On tfiday ever i^g, M*y 2d, from tiiO b*rraoksat Kalorama Huhts, a Olaot rv HORsb. with two wiure apote on hind juTA let* and two white sp-.ta r>n h a ruinp; about 1? h&cds hi<fc; 1 raided L'.8. in usual plaoe; aUo, oomp*uy E on left front sho<il<>er 8uppo*ed lo hare been rtolen br a negro ea line himself Joseph Pa.m. A liberal reward will be given for lnl >rm?tion leading to the recovery ofaaidhoree on app!io*ti"n to headquarters of 101 rt New York re*tment, Kaiorama Hi*ht?, or 8upericten<1aot Metropolitan Police m 6-iwT ? JT REWARD? Strayed or stolen from tfca ?r J tn ki?rtri n n lha 9)th ,'a? r\4 A rpiI "IT ' . vw? V < ""J VI ilflM o dark brown M ARK, with & if* her .Salter T around her neck, and marked "U. S ," heavy with fold ; belonging to the Captain of the 6ermaQ Artiilery. 1 will five the above reward, if mo la brought to uie, so I can tot her again. DAVID aTKI^S. m 1 3t* 6arri%on atnet, Nav* Yard. ?'?(! REWARD?For the apprehension (and delivery to meat Bladenaourg, Maryland, or reonred in any jail in Maryland, ao GST that! get him,) of NEGRO M AN, Hyiveater Lyles. late the propery of Henry H. War- 4ft rinr, deoeaa?d, of Prince Qeorge'a oounty.?UL. Ma. Sylvester is of copper complexioa; of etout statue; ahout six fe*t h jr>>; and of pleasing countenance when ap^ken to. 11 a ia well known in Washi gt-n oily, and is db doabt larking in that p.aoe or its vioinit*. 1 will give the above reward no matter where taken. DIONY8IUS SHERIFF, ap 141m* Ext'r of H. H. Warring. deoeaaed. BALLS, FA&TIES, &C. A GRAND FANCY MAY BALL Wi'i b?civ*n at ward's hall, Si Corner of M street an^ P* atf cnc. P&k On THURSDAY K VKMNG, May 8 GA Tiokeu one dollar, admitting a gentleman end ladi?. in 6 3t* WF. R. LAHBE ILL GIVE A MAY FESTIVAL AiTEDiPKK*NCB HALL, On THURSDAYS MAV 8th, ISO. P R. LABBEhaa the bonor of informing the iaai?? ma (ouuemen ot wumnivon ana vtoi&ity i that be wPl give a Brand FMUval at thi> above f laoe and time ap 2S> td* BOARDING. A FEW 6?NTi>HMKN CAN BE ACCOHraodMsd with Room* and Boara. in a N? w England f roily, at No. 399 18th atreet, b*tw??n F and 6 rtreeu. by palling oon. m 7 a'." TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ao^ominodv.ed wun Board, tt 175 Bridge atren. Ceorgetown, D C. m 6 1 w CMRST CLASSTABLK BOARD?*43 Twelfth r meat, between O tad H. Msalhours.8 4 asd 7 o'eloot ap 28 ly BOARDINO.?Gentlemen with or without their familiee. Tinting Philadelphia on b??ine*? or pleasure, will find superior aooommodations < atone half Bowl prioes,) in the moat deeirable location, No. 1JI08 Chesnnt street, oonvenient to bnainess and all the pubho plaoes of interest. Permanent Ha mmiout. ?p ?? ?i EDUCATIONAL. JgNGLlSH ANDL A88IC AL BOARDING FOR YOUNO MEN AND BOY8, fit Joy, lMutuitr co , fu Th? iotation is Mir 01 mow dj rulroad, and ry bmIUt. For otroiiira ?f?ly to O. W. Asj?li, MlUItU ?? , DMVISU MS MM IW IUOVU, UI Mldr?M the Prlnoipnl, apMeott" K. L. MOORE. |?OH BOSTON ! r REGULAR LINE! ...? WlTU DISPATCH! Onr iinltr line of Paokete betwaea Boston, Alexandria and Georgetown having no. jjs. resumed. we are prrpwd to forward ?ojd?^ala? to the aboye port with dlepatoh every wee The superior, ;aat Bailing brig Holers ton, CmweulBiMMr.ii now reoemog freight for Boston, and will Mil about A edoeeday, tna 7th mat. Alf'yto - . HARTLEY A B"'" n ? 11 OO rbH 1 A1 W a'ar rL. flmr COAL! ^?>?<own- _ jMt n ' eo ALU ?&XCMt&SM&Fr* cffmxrn cnTTTAM ! uikwm; iid?s? 1 iwri. THREE O'CLOCK, P. M. laterTfromtbepe mxsula. The Victory More Complete than at firit reported. The Ennny'i Lots Fspeciallv Great in Officers. Five More of their Gnm Captured. ? Prisoners Constantly Arriving. HSADQUAKTSkS ASMT Of THE POTOMAC, Wit LUXsBCKo, May 6 ?Htm. A m. Stanton: fc,verv hour proves our victory more complete. F.nemy's loss great, especially in officer*. Have just beard of flva more of their gnua [cannon] captured. Prisoners const in tly arriving. O. B MCCIELLAN. Major General Commanding I1P0RTANT FROM HEW ORLEANS. Particular* of the Fight in the Mississippi. Oar Vessels Pass the Forts in a Terrifio Fire and Destroy eleven cf the Enemy's Gunboats. The Earn Manassas Sank. The Chain across the river destroved by Two of our Gunboats. Great Loss of the Enemy. Four Hundred Prhoners Taken. Our Loss in Killed and Wounded 114. Niw Yon, May 7.?Th? 5teainer Columbia, from Havana, has arrived. The mortar schooner Dan Smith, from New Orleans April 2t>:h, arrive! there April 30th with dlnpatches of the bombardment of forts by our from the l?'h to 24th April, when the flag officer, In the mldit of a terrific Are from the enemy, pa**.I the forts and destroyed eleven Confederate gunboats The steamer Mississippi sunk the ram Manass?r The national gunboat Vernon blew up the enemy's gunboat Webster and then sunk herself. I he chain aeiossthe river was destroyed by two of our gunboats. The enemy's killed and wounded is great. We took 400 prisoners Our loss In killed and wounded Is 114 On the mortar boats only 1 was killed and 7 wounded. ??ne magazine at rort Jackson waa blown up A fire raft act fiie to the Hartford?damage inconsiderable. Tee fleet has gone up to tbe city 25th.?The rebel* asking terma; the reply demanded unconditiouai surrender. Tbe Porta are treating for aurrender. 27th.?Gen. Butler lauded 1,000 men above tbe Fcita. More troops to go up tbe river after the removal of obatructlons. ROBERT E SCOTT|K 1LLED. The Hon Robert E. Scott, of Fauquier county. V*., waa killed on Saturday, at Prank 9mlth>, near Greenwich, Fauquier county, Va. A couple of Geary s or Blenker's men, suppcsed to be deserters, having committed many depredation* through the county?among other thlogi violating a woman, (or attempting to do ?o,) and Robert E Scott. with Winter Pavne and others, (some ten or twelve,) made an attempt to capture them at Smith's. In approaching the hou-e, Mr. Scott and his overseer (Dulany) were shot dead by the deserters. The others ran. end Scott's double-barrel gun was afterwards broken over him by the villains. Their remains werebrought lo Warrenton on Saturday with Mr. Scott's gun. The deserters escaped. This affair is deplorable, Indeed. ACCIDE5T TO TBI OPEIA COMPACT.?A telegraphic dispatch has juat been received In thia city Mating that in conaequence of a railroad accident the Orau Opera Company will not be able to reach thia city in time to perform tonight Their representations will accordingly be poatponed until Touraday. Priday and Saturday nights, and tickets will be good accordingly. Mr. Gottschalk has however reached Waahington, and In order that the muaical public ahall not be wholly disappointed Mr. Grover has secured the appearance of the great pianist In four pieces to-night, to accompany the regular theatrical performances, and all at only the ordinary play-house prices. Pkssosal.?Col. Louis Palma dl Cesnola. and Mad. L. Palma dl Cemola, of New York; Cjpt. L. Warrlagton, U. S. A.; Surgeon R. H. Gilbert, Mountain Department U. 8 A , are at Wlllards'. Lteut. Colonel Marston, Major Garland, and Capt. Schermerhorn, U.S. M C., are at the National. Major Zellln and Major English, U. 6. M. C., aud Major Ira L. Hewitt, U. t*. A , are at Klikwoodi'. ' * _ CONGK hSS IQNAL. imnth*?lyl Wifiiiusay, May 7. Skkati ?Mr. Fesaenden reported from 'he Finance Committee a bill to provide for the deficiency for the pay of volunteers, which wa* debated at length by Mr. Trumbull against it and Mr. Feaaenden for It. Hocsk?Mr. Eliot, from the Committee of Commerce, reported a bill for the establishment of a port of entry at or uear Hilton Head, 8. ?V, under the nmnt of Port Royal, with a Collector at a aalary of 91,50!); paaaed. Mr Cox sent to the Clerk's desk the despatch from Uen McClellan, announcing the victory at Wllllamaburg; which wu read, "affording much gratification. The Nebraaka contested election case was called up and was be lug considered when our report closed. Hon. R. W. Thompson, of Indiana, will address the Union Aasoclatlon of Alexandria tonight. LATR LOCAL NEWS. uxxkkal CONPCaXNCK MXTHODtST PaoTIStint Church?Afternoon St ssi on ? At half-past two o'clock yesterday afternoon the Conference waa opened with prayer by Rev. L. W. Bates, of Bait.more. j The temporary President announced aa a committee to examine credentials Revs. L W. Batea and W. Robey, who reported the credentials of luc meuiuer* present; wdicd wai accepted. On motion of Rev. Mr. Bates, the Conference proceeded to the election of its permanent officer* to complete the organization. Upon the 11 rat ballot the venerable Dr Francis Waters, of Maryland, was choeen President, and D. ?. Reeae Secretary. Revs. Bates and Jas K. Nichols introduced a resolution providing that when the General Conference shall adjourn It shall be to meet again at the call of the President and Secretary; provided, however, if either of these ahall d'e, the call shall be made by the Maryland representatives; -* l? - - ? - * mm, pivTtuui cwuuiy, mil Iflf lOOTflUmed brethren shall hare authority to change the place of meeting should elrcamstanoes reader It necessary. Adopted. Rev. Dr. Murray, of Newark, N. J., moved an expression of the sense of the Conference, that the call should not be mad* before the ftrst Wednesday id May, 1663 My direction of the Preside- . > better from Gen. Geo. Vlckers, of Maryl* . rcad explaining the ressoa of hts d expressing a wish SI he ^^"jf Ujn. H | , ??n o? m a n* resolution drew from the member* u ex?eseion of the position the Conference occupies he trouble* exlstlsg hu so interfered with the communication between State* that the ropreeentatlrra from several annual Conferenee* oenld net possibly be In attendance nt the regular ?ee*lon; i and to pro ride far an opportunity tor the assembling of representatives from all the Contersnces It was rapgeetsd In the organ of the church that the Maryland delegation, with the repressatatlTei of dlstrlets new the metropolis, should meet, er|UM Ml adjmra wUl tfrcuaatMo? ?homW ffcvot a foil <y?nv*ut1on of tba Conl^reBcetbttb^r delegatM. Wjth a *>w to a roll a an oartv ?r lat r date, u rlrcumatan^jt f?vorfd. It w??dN eld? d tn leave the time at> p!*r? "> tb* d:*o ? ! fa t'f the o?-era a&mrd in rekciutio-t ft if ?;*? understood that vrLra Ui? general we;!?? labrld the cffl 'e-? eleet w!!l resign to ?fl >*d C. a ffrenf an opportunity rt ?S er? Dr. Murray, Laving ?butr-d lb?n?U?iMi of the views of the delegate*, wt'hdrew LU mo;jo* preacrlb'ag the time fo? the rail Dr. Murray mored ?bat ttr names of aboef delegate* wb??e credentials wer? before <hr Cor ffcrencc b? entered upon the ?o;i; rdoiwod A'so. teat the ine<?l>ers t,f ib?* Miryiand ie'e gv.lon be entered cpon the C?*tn-e t.!. adopted Ou motion of Rer J K N!eh?la. tfc proce?-d ln^s were ordered to be published in iht Mtthiv dl?t Protestant Cburrb * ap?r: averred Ret Mr Robey announced to iLe C#nfff?stc t^at Rr?. W. T. M rlgbt. of Mil . rsry sick. a:id his recoTer* la coraidercd Ou motion, the Confermce adjourned. K ctcalr.g prayer was offered by Rev I>r Mn r?v. Among tbe mlnlstera pwii we re-<>?*: r?<?. brildN tb?M e( tbe D rtclet of Columbia. I.e Franc la Walert, D D ; R?*v. J. K N>cb->i? r -* 1 <S>*nt if the Maryland Conference! Re* L>T I ! ? Sim. Ke?. J W Ererla'. of the Ma'v.and Coc f? ^nce. and Key John J Murray, d Newark. N J. A "Hrow Olp Tm?!"?Ki'rt prayer Br?eettit?r at the Katrevt Churrh. cti tb? nl;bt o{ Taetday. the 29 a uttlau, a b laliieat ir.?-et ^ wx eoavened, and lb? Treuurer of ti??eburef m?do a atateraent of tbe condition of iU It ar.:: ? wblcb led ta debate, wherein the late .Mr. Joba Tucker, to>k o<cation to be ?ey re or aiderman Z. C. Rtcbarda. attributing rtu- & of the diatarban ? or d latere*-, men to >a the ?. <?t? v?r? gatl< n to bla ambition In aeekinir chcch t j?i Wbereupen id anjrv discussion * >. In whirh Vmn Ruth well, Burnett aitd I' r'-u^ defended Mr Richards Aftrr cue Deue4lit.ou ?u prouoanced a fr'era of M' Rlch*rd? engkgrd lu i coatruvri)' v. *h o:.e cf hi* oppouents, ere tho cintrtga'.'.on b ? lelt, ending with his pitching life tt?* ;?rte* dfer tbe mott appr>red style of fl^lcnS-na. "trlklnt; him in tie face, 'o the great horror of the ladle* present, who ot course get tiato a gres* flatter Bystander* lnt?- fered promptly, aid some of the lad >s m-de trjck? f?r tbe bick The assailant continued rrrr much -oi? the rampage," rnaklng banters ttr a ft??- t :tt. which no Oiie seen -A incitm-d tj re^pt e'<ih eqnrr.tly the "happy fetnlly" d'spert-J q j'e'-lv Lut uight there wss another pr iv?*r uwettng here, and also another business roe-'l g lmnie diittty afteriw?rd?, r.t which our *?t-rU'tn.^ tbln i 'pei rfrvifti** for mrh mwui - w _ ? . . - -- - ? viat vt^.ao */" t*r? duly present aad didn 1 iflr?, though iu th" course of the proceedings It ?i? Intima'-i t'.>a' ttas presence of "Auid H^rnl' '' vro sid t>< a u welcome as tLst of a f -?> man vader tl:? ?r cans stances The affair on that occasion. we are h?ppv t* aV-Ie to say. passed off without mother rkrlni mil)* (hi.V. k.<?lk. #.>Ok.l ..u u?f^v , am mm w ?v ?uv ??*_ * mat r.>l" 131" I Ttin-edged'1 was seta 'mm" Ktdrt? disc barge bla duty TlIK KM4.NCiriTi(t.N CUXMII'IOMEI ? Th? following petition* Were fllei tbta m >rnlu? ? Maraball Brown, j ilivr*-tienr'.rtta Loike, liar riet A Talbott, Mary J. Jackson, sMtiiir.* and Jerrtnlab Jackson. Robert E I\? or ' lave? 5?irab A. Cbsndler Alsry Ann Uax'up. 2 alavea?Casper H Hopkins and VV H ? atl Jona KirkwoM.a slart-a ? and Marian Whltakor. Henrv L. Abbott- 1 ?J.??nr | Cole 1 h<*?. Woodward, i slave?Pa; Lei Day F.dwln Colton, 2 slaves?Archie Mann aud rt i: llain. Thomas T?lb?*rt. 4 Wn llama and Mar?, Sophia, Caroline and Caarlrs Brown. Anna Brad>ey,2 alavea?Wm aid Je* K tchards-^n. Perry K Bro hat, I Riele' Gardner ai W altera, guardian, 1 slave?C% ollne Bell. Jdinea Wala-ra, 3 a^vea?Har^ar t, Alexander and Maria Billcv. Caroline v wfilers, 1 alave?Je?rt' M B?U. Car^iint- V ?.ml dlaj, i slave?Vn^ella Birlow. Saoi lei N >rtneot. 5 slaves?t*fr?-na. Truman, AUec, Stm aad Louisa Marial H Williams 3 ?lavea?K mv Martin and Louiaa and L-t Lewis Brooks,:? slaves?Hannah and Rachel O^le. Ki rawfc Llndal-v, 4 slaves? Soph.a. Charles Hrny, Ce eella and Tbos dldney Nathan C. MsK^e ". >' slaves?Robert and Nancv Thi>ma? Folic* ? Patrolman BrStt arreaied Fatav. a negro glr!. charged with stealing frcm tier aU; ter, H. W. Throgmo'ton, a cradle, aevera biar kcts and shirts; and from n lidy in Mr F a fair, ily, a breastpin aud a auin of roon^y hrs wat stnt to jail far court by Justice Clark J-vLr Kail, Tbotnas Wheatly. ?nd tdward (iold?muc* arrettlea oy tbe sere .iL ward pit o.nii.t f >r 'tiaorderly couduct In that ward were lined * each by Justice CUrk. Joseph Natbfa a id a ^?vr, having llleeal po*arwi"a of a horae; dlamtieeA by Justice Jobnaon. ? J. Clarke,inplctmiirk?i acter; dlanr.iased Tim Leonard, J4a .i^tnacn and Jrhu Brown, drunk; tii : 4 'v r 1 - the r ltarv. William Flood aud Cite i*'r.e Flood, fn'>e. disorderly, end uain< :nd-.?nt aent to the workboo?e for.' lav? by J j* Wai ter. Heury Grant, 8~!it''ig, Hoed - F Nlcfcola, do: do. J:il* Coitaor, laaguage; alamlasrd. C W Pa^erson, di$ >rd?-'y and throwing stones, di^mSaed by Ju^'.;a City ion. Wa*dk* i SrawaaT,corner of H ano Twelfth atrft#. are receiving large q r.Titi? ' ?' They are now selling at rrJ ; ?d price. Tbty hare for *ale tLe Su&m.~>k!n I. k - i coal. * It* FOtt SALE AVDBMOT Neatly fum^'shed moiims io rent. With Board, in a pie**Mit - st< t i/? ? Capital. In<ii.ren8ttr(i;: )? n, 7 j 170R RKNT-Two dosiraNe RUCM*. wi:f-cr witNoat board; cwr ?'ott m-rrr i*-..; No 43? K street. Also, trans er.t 1 re. u.bfflst week, or month. T'r??ni?il?r*t?. n ) t ; 'I^O KENT?HtcUs^wn FAKLOK ?Q'. (. HA * BKR, on teaon-i 3 or w;*r *3t; >i Also, three o roircn-oetrr Kcotns. Arp'y cwa*' of L> sts.or at No ? Ird,?r,inv. 1i * FOR RENT?a i,atx1??>?r.e j l'?n;n ^ 1 .t rtory Hr.ok HOUSE, in?p led w::h wte and tu. No. 4*? H street betveen M_t- %i j 1e: two doors from tit* oorm r o 1 Tenth. ir?*ir or the premises. Two largk pkoondsmrv front Uoomt, veil famished, v,:* L-e let. ?:;cost boaro, at moderate ternu, #itaa?e-J >o ilo orp?? Brt of the oitj. and very de?ir%hl? f ir ?, < u i.m-* Address " k'orktovn," at this offi?9. j m 7-tI House ani? furniruv e k>k -ai l-a modern taiit two uto'v ar.d attic Briok Hj?if ooutai icf 9 room*. ioe?td la a s>l?as*nt <msh~ r hood together ?ith the F urnlture orataib*< 10 it. la oaered lor t&.e upon acoo" pj da'cr tei t?j E&rticul&rs addreia*'House," OjX 7 49, I*, t < f ce. rr> T-?t* l?OS RENT?A farui?hed foB'story k* ICR i 1 n tir l* t t ^ ?ur. ..h ki ww duui tu m ?uu iiiiu. Fa" of the oity, with larie par.or and airy ofc8."!>*r . bathroom w.'h hydrant water an 1 tae it cujb out; a oamace iicdm and (table a t&oaed A r-.rt deeirabie retidenoe for aa M C wioTT'iimti fm?l !?? in either ou of the IVpaitiae ;ts in?u:r? ooir between 5 and 6 p. m at ST? > rf between K aa? I*. m t sr? fi^t'RN 8HE0 HOUSE F? K KENT, in the Fir?t Ward, near l,*f?yeUe cq ar? Kf .t ?T0 am?>Biii. Ap? v a: :J*0 H ?t. ro * ?f FURMBBKU KOOMS FOR *ENT- ivoot three Chi ..beie aw! a bit iir Koom, Ksau? and cn.f rtab.f lurniched, at 430 Twa :tu . tre*t. Mil '<!??. H ? ;] ! H tti. T:jf i? o.b o 1 the mot d?airaUa in the city. n? 6 1? Fi r ^ALE- A neat FRAMK, co~t*irir.f n* rooms anl LiteUta, ci 12th at. In* m ?x a.* 4 t j lath at. P! tpOK bALE.- l be ?TOCK ?r i FIX ITKKSof a K Mail ?i roc arrant Liqaor 8io?eirt!l t? ao i try low tor owli. The location m a * ?i oof. ail thu ia an exoel!aetGP?ortn'* t?r a< y oi ? with m* to idiu< in the r>a?i"?ea. Aflore.; Box No. 21, Btar Oft:e. wuh f.t.1 direction. m??* K*OR SALE rte Weet heater Count? Bakert, r with all tie apperfatnooa, v?tj tb?ee u>* oaah A'ao. a Hora-, Wtfon isd Hunf!". r ir taenia ii^ckot tQulKi S A rMlTtJ. 476 *ifc atreet, or on the piemiccf, oorner o! 9th and t atretU m Mi* a> M 1< ** - *' - M li'UR 1.?V0UUOUinU. Winvm tvu ir V! r children mo be ujomm ?dau*J with a ftaau aomeaattoT PARLUKtt Ui CHaM UH M 3 near the Patent (>io?; ? i MMiit tmnmrr r->uMi??, vilh fin? yam, fruit troea and stable attached. Icqaire after 4 o'clock p m at No. H ??re-t bttTMii 4th and 6th. m>at* Mae i. > .f Vm hHV DfcaiRABLK Ht'lLl)i>G LO I \ LEASE, WITH THK PRiV|Hf-K <?r PUROHASt-4 oboio* Baiidlnc Ut on ? /t"bttvMO Twelfth aud f hirteeolh atrce a wi >t? leaeeO tcr a Urn: o( r?ri. with the mrvet- 'f forchaa. ut at a ri?niat?d jrioe Atp!? to JAB C. MoSur K A CO.. m3W A action and Com .Merchartr ^L'R.NlSHtD TO L K T-tteve-V r room* viUoit board, ua vrr dMinb't tion, rait&Me for single or ra%iri*4 gentifmov n<?r bo hfcd lry evl; Mr icAtion *t 443 t. '-rowt, i. : Tth M J' ?* VA ft ARK OILANOfc ALUAHLh FIfcCt? OF PBOPfcKTV FOF mm* od fna. ftvooi*. botwo?B tH 1 - ?tr<w>ta. oath Wd?, wuh fiTOT?iliB 1*0 #?oe.u fiamr ho?M. i run tin* on T?i ftroooo,la L<H No.* s*u?r? A.? foet, raait'Bc book to ?n uic* 177 for A iiopMi (Mflirt w? >.M? ) Kof furtln-r mloca * tion spp;j to JoFBPH F. KKLt<V,A&o t, ot ??_a troot No. Ml, bMVMi 1 ud Mow I ork ??. waif' ?1>0 LET?Tho ? arut * til re. On Uie p^r^u in i ' * w' b*tv?*n IM MM SOU iU , ud rooobily p ?*- t y ??b1 Kn??- I* **oot <A rooms ?uU n>? mm *r*n cbtmiodo* to mtkt It A o-mfor' ^'nr? ahu vo m adlkk, no. ?*. w .0 a* '.^. AfttOCtfW FOE HiNT?A farnuhMI loir-it r; MHiOH DWKLUN&,:b? plMusojtfcM of th?olty, with fiao *tg* oAAmbora a d *+' '* t*U room witA Aydrart tt'oujh-jut j a ??rrii(( tiuue m4 Mai*'* At*A?fcr?5. TAia > A a?AU?bi? rMidoooo for as M. l#. w ?>#? Efflr'iSKrsJwRaf tfMt! S?l *? <k C M4L*M mU

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