Newspaper of Evening Star, May 7, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 7, 1862 Page 4
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evknTng star. The >'ew Ba'.lnd tl Ltrd LitMU Lord Lowell be ?at In 8t Charles' Hotel, Id St Cbarie*' Hntel Bit be. A? line a cr?e of a R -bel swell Aft U*? rn?t! A nt. -V A ? ? _ ? ??? -? ? V ?v? JWU U WI?U HIM.C KX?PCC) As ever you'd wish to see. L">rd I.nrellthe town had vowed to defend, A-W'.virg hit sword on h'gb, He -.wore that his last ounce of powder he'd spend, And In the last ditch he'd die. 11 swore by bleek. ard he swore by blue, H?- s'Jtore bv the Stars and Bars, Tb-t nev?r he'd fly from a Yankee crew While he was a soa of M^rr. I!e h.-d Uf'V thousand gallant men, Fifty ^onnnd men had he, Who hed all sworn with him that they'd never surren* D?r to any tarnation Yankee. 11? bad fort* that no Yankee alive could take, He had lrnn-ciad boats a score, ? * ? - ? - - - * v\: i nn;!e?m an around i?e l?;i*e And elung the rlrtfr shore. SIr Farragat cam? with a mighty fleet. \V ith a mittktv fltet c:mr be, And Ijord Lov.-l! iuatanter bczran to retreat Btfrre the Ural boat Le crald see. IJ1? flftv thfin**nd gallant men Dwindled down to thousand* !*; 1 *y teard a d!s*ant cannon, and then Oomineaced s-cutting tbclr *Mck?. OH tarrv, Lord Lovell."' Sir Fwnguterled, Oh tarry* I^ord Lovell." Mid Le; * 1 r>th?r fhlnk not," Lord Lovell replied. F?>r I'm <n irmt Lnrrv." "J t'fco tte d Infcn nt St. Charles' Hotel, Cut I atrer couM be*r ?* Porter, K'p.-claTy when It's served In the shell. Or mixed la an 'ron uioitar." ' * rri kn:i you're r??h*,M SMr Farragut #a'.d. ' I rrrkon you're said he, i':'or If iar l'orter should fly to your head, A tcrr;b!e trash ihrre'd be." tth a wonder It w.n to see '.hem run, A wondtrfal ?Vr.g ?o >ee, % ^ 'V.. \ . .1 U .1 - J . ur i a. . * ^ '3 uufc n.iuuu' M1UUIKIJJ a ?C?n, A!.*1 <.*ptared their great cttle. J. *rd Ijorell kept running all day and rl^hf, 1 ord f,ovell a-runntnz kept be, Fnr ' ? %v?or? h" rnijld'nt abide the Sight *?l t?;*? pun of a live Yankee. AY> e;. !.ord tavell's life waj brought to a clo*e By i slnrp-rtbobtiag Yankee stunner, I'mij h m beud ?b< re nprout^d and red nose, rroRl bis t et?: ScarM Runner. f ? h>hiiielpl>ia Bnlhtin. \vr-r.u rc^.'JiMi-NT ?Yeir? h<o I,rWl? Holt s- ;;.* .".ill r?-f e-lif at a and a! the ration at I, ? j nnillg IT ft Ue had a wuy i i .1 4.i U's p*-i?u.nii>n L <ve not altogether ; of ? kini'the money of psj9M(f?-rn, . n - 1: iVo h ' il'aw?', and fumbling after t - sr -e till tb* mm were rjf, when the {-tas-a -r \*--.?. d baT?? t<? run and le?v>? bis money. ? l>"iT d o".* of th?c;i-s ttert3 on(* v.t ck n *_:}r.vr* r rop.'' P'lre s;x cetits, laid i'- a i < rj'v-rt.-r. wi.irh Holt dropped Info Ills ?r.d Wr'it to r?-t out the chant?" v nttfcrrn*. .ri i Chnrlie jumped on with? . ? Van but he h l.i time ;j read the name ? i Unit iv r the ilour, a itf. makings note rf H r >de on. J . ^ r. vl :? ; V'nh in Vi/.a? A r? ?ti4 ?? ?? - ^ ?. .. - > - . u it> tin W, BiaU was nu* ; <i(n"idv .ur . From nufijlo Le wrote to ! - ->-'1 foair twmfv flvee'ntM# will * _ lie!: I '.Id Irn iT'itxiu thtii md lea ?i v" < >1 f'?a> H troit, ind twenty fl?e ema>? < t r f.-om Loirs, and fur two ?r three vr; ?i hr k> pt r ? from hia unknown ?iei er. r.;irt would hare I'ot more to this day, I; k /or tbe Jaw requiring postage to lx?pald In !>d*a!ir#' He b*d ?o piy two or three doUara ?a I I. - fore the letters ceased to rome, and 1 ? w-r always direct-d in a new bar.dr.-rlUng, i:?' fr- I. ?n*? ?' Al _ .vrv? v ? ? ui<7iiBjp^rmu c mail I the o -? btfore. If U" of Attica reads ibis, he will I ti i l for tb* first time why he was sj punished, | aid by whom The naJtt on tbs Lo?:d<<n Times rereiva uri editorial ea?:.ry, btu La* to forfeit one guinea ! ' *veiy tyf c Mtpiiicul error, eT-n a turned let* * r. la 1a U d?y ' lrupreuioa. I' be baa marked t.i on tit procj, the r.cmpceltor wboneglecUd *?; correct it puya Ibe forfeit. !L5" 1 b5 Counteaj of Clismbord, wife of th? I-mniinUt pretender to ibe tbrone of France, is ni'i to be t nnen:*. ltAI UM !ibCi;iI?ED FOR THE WEEK* LY bTAK, TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRJEND OR RELATIVE? t T* I fcJ Till' rw ??<^? ? 1 i is i Ji?? li?i9J UOLLAK IVtijKLV IN THE WORLD! IV3 WASHINGTON NEWS 13 UNEQUALLED! ITS GOECAL NEWS IS UNSURPASSED I?V THAT DC t\V TBL'ft nni i A O - ? -?.m V. *? ? ? ? ** V WEEKLY! ITfc* AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL BE WORTH TO ANY FARMER A HUNDRED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ITS IiOIVEnOLD RECIPES WILL SAVK TLN TIMES ITS CO^T EACH YEAR 'lO ANY FAMILY. rr;,". V I-_ i? +T '. Trr. . r i - rt j. '"-7 ii ujitocr jwr >/iM ?? M(, to M QUI OH r r I day Morning?-price Three Cents?trill hi a rcnutrlably interesting one. Every ttr^on at a distance who would keey Tested with reference, to what tf really goii-g on here tn these interesting times should receive if regularly. CALL AT ONCE AT THE STAR OFFICE AM> SUBSCRIBEFOR IT. r * i Mil J * I> v? ixr??^n t?r.u . v>ji??ni viiivano Anvvinuk * BATCH* LOR'S GSBOTXB 11A IK. ? YM, Vh? H-UiX ia World. TV: *J%lv mm.4 JfsmlMJ Hair I>H I??rt 8 J ill rmjrinj; *!?<). ? HzxxiTtM'a FW:i ?-?*r-::'c.ue ?ifc>r?,?F. tHani O2oe,scr. ? > 'ti, *cd &t :?*' Es^r etorp, < .4 fnn't ?Tec?9, vhc>( Li > ?... r.a-.-? *j?Led, ?f daaired. r*Ci? T'-cl ?./let* iS UTC?iW*T) W. T. * 1 - I * iT? UAI.M; ilAl, SOOTS. V7f;A rTi?:?ed i>oat>.??o.o BfcoiwrtU f 1 <'.!( LM J? -* 1 ? ? * ??. i ?jw W9 GO - B* 00 C.'I??0*W da ism -. ?, t. oth?r ?rr)e? of Ladios ?n<l Mimas' .?' . Uo- u, tie ?cd fcwt assortment i_ J. K08KNTHAL. Jig. 15 21irket ?p?c?. 1 * J _? ' _ u*c- nyf &n?, ?<-tw?en *>h om?> *th sis. W Bi>r^ currdiN*. t> * j k r ? r ?v. _ * e-J *i t tii n t .<e :*?t day o r tor? s mrs ?SHU( JIUYB' SHUNO CLOTH:k . :% t., ?t? 1?? of itfw-pncsd, madiam, * ? *'>* <?*, wti:ch ire ?r9?eiiifl* at wtj * 4-7 aHb n > LI., ffTKPHKNS ft CO.. VJ4 i i. ?* , batvsr-u MU tod 10 It aw. ? it IntrJ. A I > fc.M.T'A'liS KlD CL.OV Kf, FOR LAD! LU. it < uz"'? co ?.rd, vo-r !-*t foality. - > uhr kn\l fa;! *u>ck of Dry Qt'Ovli, in all o.;v of LTiu ? wants. < . < i)u (t.j. u.-*rit<i iu pi&tn f'(ur68. PttRR? Jt BRO? i-.; ... r?? Pa. ???, an<t.NmU> nireet. l.-o:: A l KW i/AYS ONLY.-t hava remor^d ? in* Gas s <?ck of l*i??ch?ni from over y?iu J*** - *j ^:<>rc to i. II. SMITH'S*.No. 460 ? I.. ? ?{, rf-4' F, ?aer? I shmi ofler it&t .? ? la?B vt ? 'E4i?ni>t ?rw??- Inta f?w < ? ? ?"' j. w krv'p i ?,, \OUOK. *'V AMI Ai' TKK TUKBDAY, APRIL 1, ! -- ais? ou t??? ttaltisioie ard UMo ?a:l,..v^ a-?"v*j~n riauUDf daiiy, faodaya *xce?t?j, *???? ? ' ?" A. M , audeoncMtioc * Jcostion witfc u.tu t'*m for all t? v\ c?t barker*0nrg or Wheeling. v*. va una tuu ?v. P iSiil rH. V cf T ^asportation ttiltimwe and Ohio K.v f ay 1 <lu -X TMAVKLL1N0 TKU.Mtrt. t Set 'or ta tuo ?rr-?: a??oi tmeat fof TKlv rt.L.lV* 1 KU>KS to i>?foai<d lagvtn ?? city. i"cir.?n ; * K'?t ^o> l.eaiacrKvn (.*?!'V |}rr sh4 l*?3kii? Tninkn, Va-^*-*"*"' li ? I'-i-ft li?n, to., WHICH W??r? COW MillBf Ht;,; low pr cm. W ALL, STtPUK^S k. co? is '3 383 f ?nn. a range. fV i]\f AU?!V?I, OP i> ULaUIIFUL STYLES i 1' il I N N c'l OTIIN9, At Astok!?hi?? Low Paicaa. WLo.'a tot or at !? and #?t, li n * ??* '? , . o?* ? HKU., 2 <V>ftw P. 7th ir?U. u APIb^^'N UMHRLI.LA8, ft S>MASOt? A>l? SUN tlMDfcP. i \ i? now in store, of to* b??t <,A.J?ttli9 .ovotarlcM. J. W. COLLbY. :* "if 17th straw, nw r?. I T T J! K~ u o'u S E. * -a.W SO^HKN HI." rTKR mow r?e*tioc 'v '. ^r.ttvr ? !? ! confUnUy in SMk*, k~ \ ? t..c i-JWMt .Vnkil I.T U. K. D?j I Ku W. No. 410 ki??tlb ittNt, "> '* '*r* '??> f'?. **** ?+. ij?* . kkmovau .1. % n J t, :n ecn?e^a*BSd of J? ; V?, H? r?f>iTrt U .101 r*ut lylvcaMI tM* ' ? 9(It si 4 HlU MiiwU, *h* ? tMr? v - co ap.M* UMiMMit ot TIM icsf mil f A. KltKtMNO AKIlcLtS, *o. W*ke. 1 M 1> I ADDITIONAL TESTIMONIAL*. (i FF.W OP THK MANY TESTIMONIALS FROM THE CITIZENS OF WASHING TON TO DR. TUMBLETY, THE INDIAN HERB DOCTOR. ? ? * f ? DrplornbU Condition of Eo ly and Mind. I wm utmost dead with pain In my chest, back, abouldrra; aide and bend; wta debilitated that I eonld srnrrelw walk M? n'nH ? ?nB?tnn?11? melancholy and gloomy; but were It not for Dr. I Tumblt ty't skill and bia remedies, I would have ( been dead belox* thl*. I am now completely cured. Thomas Griffin. P street, between 15th and 16'h, Washington, D.C. | Erfsiptlas Cured. Dr. TrMBLKTT?Your herb remedies are the paragon of all that la sreat In medicine. They l j - # * 4 . ? a - j?- - * uivr cu - u uir aitcr unuj; j*iven up vu u 1 tf ui e'y?!pei..?. Mn. Kmma. Kkrnali.. Fairfni county, Va. Curt of Cought, Fain in iht Breast, Vysptpsi*, with gruit Wcakntis. ThU 1? to certify tUrtf I Lavebeen troubled with th- above-named complaints for yeara. I trl-d amne of our moat eminent pbyalclana la Washington, Alexandria, and Ueonjctown, hut received no relief. 1 ffat persuaded to try Dr. | Tumblety, and In a very *bori time hlaherb j medlcinca cured me. James H I!bail, Blacksmith J*Lop, Navy Yard. Dfptpsi* and Liver Complaint Cvrtd. Charles W. fiarinaa, Metropolitan Police, 1 Washington, D. C. Curt of an Ulctratvl Sort L^.g with stvtn holts. Mb Trwnr tTY?1 hrtv?> llfltnrr tr#nip VorK m ?? . .V ?? m ? ? ?V*, Wt>l lly* JUUI V medtcliH* to cure a bad le^. with seven running ? norea, of K-rersl ye;u? aUtMi'.ng, which the doc- | tors thought Incurable. ard amputation was regar ted as the only flltiinVe relief. 1 can now walk aa well aa ever. 1 nm cured 4 C Pahrifn Seventh atreet, 1'ark Hotel, Washington. Consumption Cured. Mr*. Edward T. Tuplpett, Navy Yard, Third treet, between M and N. Scorry Cur'd (a very bad else.) Jaa. W. Larkin, Government Printing Ofllce. V? astirg'-on, April J, 1832. Blindness Cured. Tkils 1* to certify that I Lave been blind for two years, and by the a!d of Dr. Tumblety's treatment 1 can waik all over Washington without a guide. Mrs McDowrll, Sevesth street, Island. To the Lad'tts. My wife hai been a'Jlicted with a disease feculiar to h-r ?ex, for thr?.-e years. Had tried various physicians without any bcneflt. Ur. Tumbletjr his curtd her. VV. TrcsKR, Alexandria, Ya. ConiumptitH Cured. -\ ryewinie course 01 Treatment presented r>y Dr. Xuuiblety hxs cured, me of Coniamptloa. jo^tph esxridge, Brigade Wagon Maatcr, I9tu atrcet, Washington, D. C. Deltas* of tht Throat. Franrls ttcala, Eoq , leader of the U. 8. Marine Band, Navy-Yard. Stiofula Currd To nil afflicted with Scrofula. Try Dr. Tumbkty, the ladlsn lltrb D<- tor J. E. ilCTCHIXSO!*, Patent Odlce. Rtv. (\rtts Cured. I would recomovnd a'.l who are troubled with General Debility, Dyspepsia, Ac., Ax , to try Dr. Tiirr.blety, who has cured rrt. Rev J. Ccrth, Baltimore, Md. Cancer Curtd. Dr. Tumblety has cured my wife of cancer by hU herb remedies. J. Cafh*, Near Fairfax Seminary, Va. S?re Evix Curtd. P. Maher, Bridge afreet, Navy-Yard. Prolans** Uteri. Dr. Tuanbiety'a llerb Medicine ha.? cured my wile oi tto abcvc-nieatioatd dl^ase. CAM. ?.T*.<nNGHAM. Georgetown, D. C. Fits Cured. kf/klintit />n kv W fklrnAM huanonala Pa> ? tw w?? " J ?* uaiiraa, */JB |?>B) VUr tlveneaa, Nlgul Dreams, Ac., Ac. Jamks Davis, . Alexandria, Va. Larqe Tumor HtmovtJ. Jf.m't King, G street, Washington, D. C., had a Iar^e tumor of a cancerous nature removed from hla head without resorting to thi* barbarous practice of cutting with a knifr, as la usual in such cam. Fnnalt Complaint Curd. Mr*. C. W. Blake man, Lan?'? Hotel, Georgetown. t?- Curt of Nervous Debility. Frederick KoMeder, F street, corner of 2d. Island. Scrofula Cured. J. Moloney, corner 4th and H streets. Enlargement of tke Heart Curtd. a tlT ? ? ?. t- ? . ? ?i ? ' ? - ? a. it . ljcajke, corucr 11 ana oia sireei. Scrofula Curtd. J. D. Lakcman, 9'xth street. No. 438. Consumption Curtd. 3. Laird,, United 8W?iea Capitol. John Clark, Camp Duncan, D. C. John C. Day, corner Second and I) strecta. B*d Cate of JaunAitt Curtd. Jokn liurd, No. 500 New York avenue. Fits Curtd. Dav'.d DUon, 472 F etrcft. Nitrous DtbtUty Curti. John DoRofco, No. 30?, corner C and 3d atrcrU Ctarl a A. Courvelaer, Navy Yard. ( Cured of Chronic Diiiaji. William Sulllvau, corner Fou'-and-a-hilX and ' G street*, Ir?u Foundry, Navy Yard, D. C. Curt/1 of JJtbtliif. Chaxlea Wllaon, U. S. Regular. Dysptffia Curii. I II. nt l - . Ml'. IV. -* W-l I uj . a/vi??. j , * ?? vuuv^u ctij uciuw rCQB* sylvania avenue. I I Cnrtd of PimpUt oh tki flits. j James Rend, Twrnty-s!jth ami L street*. I (Vnic KKcumattim Cnrtd. M G. He ward, Teeth street, near Pennsylvania 1 avenue. 'Aitkmm tfttr all tk4 Doit on FaiUd B. J. White, No S53 B street, south side of ! Capitol. Cottar Cur id. I J. Blackburn, Georgetown. I Bad Drtamt with Night Small Cmtd. R Usansch, 417 Seventh street. ] % Fill Curtd. J.J. Kane, C street, between ?th and 7 th. i 1 ' ' J THE INDIAN HERB DOCTOR J will d??crlbe dlse*JM? snd tell hts patients the ' ik.l ' -* ? ?i i.uc.i cuiL>iiiaiaia or uinrnt, \AHL ,ut recfliviogany Information from them So Ckargt far Catuultttim or Aduiet. 1 * ' OlM, No. It WasklnvtM BolUUcv, FmumyInili raw, oorncr 7tk aw*. jnay s Df J M McLCAI'l JTRENGTHENINO CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFtER! THB GRBATE8T BEMBDY IH TBS - world ! El jSL A* OSVdkliciocs ElmXk ixn DiunHTrrt CORDIAL BTER VfljW TOf The thnomnds npon thontarda IK jH * who am daily iajj l OMSIt MCL*?*'j t*T**!mTHF?tl*8 I /iHra Cokoi&l. c?mfy H IJVlB that it ii ?dm- Hj ?_|f If loi?ly an Intal'i- * fILJI "* bit remedy tor Ji r^Jp-ff rerovstiac ard^^Bflm^P (Wort tifix A" Ut irte k i m. ML*A(1 tem. jrifnnr and ?nri?hin? ?fc? ul^~l _ rftctonrc the aiok.iufTsnnz invalid to Health and Strength. THERE IS !?0 MISTAKE ABOUT IT. It will cure hirer Complaint. Drtpep.-ia, Di*rrhcra, Dysentery, Healeche. Depression of gpirita, Fever nod Aiue. Inward Fever, Dad Breath, or anydiaease of the Liver. Stomacii or Bo vets. (t^Gentlemen, do you una to be Healthy, gtiosr and Vigorous TOP Ladies, <lo you want tl?* Bloom of Health to mount to y?Hir eh*.it? aean ??then coat once *nd cet McLean'* Stf *etkentn? Cardial and Blood rwilier, Do ay not a moment; it is warractfd to give aatisfactiAa It will cure any disease of the HiJneya, vvorab.o' B'.addor; Faiiitinc,Obatrcoted Menstruation, FaMirg of the Womb, Harte-ines*, or any die'ase ar sine from Ohronio or Nerfoua Demity, it is en Irta)Ii?>:e Remedy, FOR CIIILDRKN. Do you wactjouree. c>t?,tiekly, pony Children 10 oe tieauny,strong and Kr.tiuat??then ti*e them stT*miinnix< Cordial,( etliecireetiona 1 on a*.au bottle) it la de.ioious to take. JH7"Oce table-arooufal, taken orcry mornint faaticg, la a auro pre?en'ive against Chilla aid Fever, Yellow Fever, Cholera or auy prevails di>*M6 IC^CArTTo*! - Beware of Drugciateaud Pealera who may try to pain upon too* bmiieot Hittera or Sarn^pan i la. <wOioh titer can Lot ch?*p ) r>y aaiirg it ia jnat a* good. There areeren barb enoueh to a*ea! pa'tof my nain*todnh their vilc decoction*. Avo 4 eaoh laUinouj pibitE" and their villainous oomponrda A as for Dr. J H. McLean'* Strengthening O-ird'al and Rlood Fnrifi*r Take nothing ela?. It iaf-.e only remedy that wi I Pnnfyyour blood thorough! j, and,at the aame t III * K ISiiTHSN ard INV7r;i>Ii ? . * th? whn'^nr ean'iation it it* put op in Large Bottlea? 31 per bottle. ?r aix hot' ?s for #5. DR. J. H. MoLKVW, Po'.e Proprietor. Corusr f turd and Pins its., St. L nu?. Mo. DR. McLEAN'S UNIVERSAL PILLS, For Liver Complaint, Billtmisn'ss, H'adnrke, fc. There hat n^vfrffeeHa'arfcurruineJijine ofla ed to the i tnat ha? given ?uoh entire eati*iao tion as McLean's Universal Pills. BeicgenH'Oy veteta'ile they are perfaoty in- j TH'cnt and ca" betaken t,y the niJ?ttender infant; yet prompt aid powerful :n removing all Bi.ious secretions, Aoid or Imporo, Fet*d Matter frop.i the Stomach. In fact, ti er are tb? only i'll.a that ?.? - Qiivuiu 1/7 ucou 1*1 llinHriUllfl UIBiriCiS They produce uo ttripi'g.Sieknte* o' Pain in t^e Stomvn or Bowel*.though very activeandecarchin< in tneir op?rations piomotin* heatthjr seor*-I tions of the Li *er and K.dneys. vVno wi ! aulT.-r f.-otn biiiourdojr. H'adsohe acd F?ol Sfotrach, whenao cheap a remody can be obtain*)? Ke<p them oonatant y ou har.d; a aiuc o oso. taken in season, my rr?>?ect hocra, liate.aid months of sictne**. A?kfori)r.J It. AloLean'a U/lver-ial fills. Take i o oth*r. Heirto at'.d, they are taatolers Price bfcly 25 cents per box. am canbeaent by mail to any part tf the uniel Sca'e*. J. II Mol-KA fV,Sol* Proprietor. Co ner Th'rd and Pine ?ts.. St. I.oms, Mo. DR. J. H. McLEAN S VOLCANIC OIL LIN-1 IMEXT, Th? but Ertimal in the World for Ma* or B'aft. Thousands of banian Leings hive : eon aav.d a lile of (lecrepituie and mistry ijt the use of ?his in- i valu.blo Ltii-ment. it will relieve Pain amoat instantaueoasly, and it wi'i cleanse. pimfy and hoai | the foiil*?t }<om in an incredib'e *hoit time. Mr Lean's Volrinic Oil Linirnint wil> relieve the ! m<>j; icvete ate cases of Khciiir.atism. 6?u', < r Neur&jgia For Paia!y??a, Co'.trso.ed Mutt-Ire, | Stffnessor Weakceaa in t-ie Jo.nt-, Wu<a'ea?<r | wli never fail Two applications will oute s^cra'1 hroat. Ilev ache or Ka'ao'o For 1 iju.'lb, or ."ssidd. or any P*:n. it is an Infallible renoJy, Try it. &--><? you vrji find i an lDdisfenBibleremsdy Keep ii a way a c.u hand- I Plantar*. Faruiex, or anj oneliaviEg obarja of boiaea, will ?ava iii>r.ey by U8in?c McLO?n> Volo&nio oil I,innnet.t. It la a ?peidy an! infaiiiu cure for Gal r. >praii!B. Cbai??, ?*rell:?ig. Larue ue.?, ??orc?, Wuiii.Ji. Soratc'.e*, or any external diacaie. Try it and you w it te ounvir.ood. DR. J. H Mo^fcAN, Sole fr< pri?tor. Ht ' o-<ia, Mo. m S 6m C. STOTT, Acent,Was lBjto , D. C. tXA * fKX KIMS' CZLB>fcAT2J> Worcestershire 8tnc?. fr*i*UMil by EXTRACT tffeMNOIBSEVKS |j ! ft Lent froa ft f MM. 11 MUU* G^Um^ Ml. ft* MftdrM "OKkY ?OOD nm, Brill* AK'E," ByS nWoroester. fti4 *??Ueftble to EYEftY tr~~.'^n2~- in Inct*, w;i it. in YA*!K*Y a;? o?iniyc.ih'?raoit I SuM^V ? ttaiaiablj, * < wen * n? [hum the inert wholesome OF UloB. u'a?t? th<4rt mKle." The above BAUCE is not only the i*st ftn? most forvtA* eoitsiHkitT known, bntthe mo?t Urn^ M ft few drops in :.-??? fcrre?V* or With ntk. I ana cold Joints, Bttf Stimk. tf *>*?. f1!nP*r* ftf ?**oi?ite x?t, whioli m*n" tfaottirere have In vain endcarorftd to teetiai*. On the Brtnhfast, L*rckf>%. lHnnir, or I>bii, a or>?-t coEtv:.;ri " LKA * PJJRK1N8' WOECi*SJiKRSimil? iiAWCE" ?? ia<ii?5 enable. To appreciate the tumlitits of thia dtli $iov/ prazuAlion it ia only noceesari to pnrcha?e a aiaali lutfl&jf the itnxtmt, of a resectable trover or *!ea eryaa many Hottl ami Ktstwnt prepjietors aeldoin j lace the Put* Sft'ioe before their cneata, but autjatitutea genuine h*tlt tiled witk a ir*no*t mixture. Far aaie by Grccara and Frmlterera every where. JOHN DUNCAN & SONS, Vniffli Squat* MMJI Bc!? Wholesale Atecu for the Unilad State*. A Sleek always u? ?toro.?Al?o order* rec*i*?4 for direct shipz^nta from Enelacd. PTflrtwn / C*%+ttrfriii ??4 vrp Hy.eo murrrm TOPUAM'b K?9 SSI r M S M 1 t M TR W K K Qui MAN VF ACTOR Tt 4tt livnii tiruir, Waihimm*, 9. ?. DM M*a?i ? ? ' 1? ., Baltimore, No?onjt?#r 7, is?o. 4iM, Medal br Alelroyojiun Meehsnios'lasUtitt vv Mftiai M?a, u. c? 18*7. t ui een?te?tly icafcint, ard alwa j? kare ea kail ef the Lett uiaterul, avcry 4?acii?U?i ef rl?e Sole Leather, iren Frtra*. L?A19'j w*d Dex.and Faekicf Tnuika, f, Carpet, aii Canni Trarejia* ilaia, _ 4. ie. ???' mvMovri ?i uoutroa* ?nd tra?*lero trill fi?aa* raamiL* my ?toc* before purchasing Uwwtw# Vrtalci that an* inula in ether oil)**. Stjeri*r Leather md Ore** 7r?rk? mad* I* H*r. Trinka aovaroi and repaired at ahart not)**, t*4jU de'ivsred fr?* of cttarce to uilyart af tkt sit* aargetavu. and Aioxamr a. JAMbS g.TOfMAM. BOMETH1N# NEW ! /~\ Djwayni arAU >1 111 ffilTMt, VHlill ~~ (44 nuiff. Oy?TEtt8 STEAMED _ la ikaSkail and TboroM^r Coot*a (tar nyarlar ta a raaat) la rtMmt? :?, iti /uiui ti?u ? titer*. Call and aaa. Tk? tadaraifnad rea??otf?ll? inform* hi oity, Utftt h? uu !?V?L?\0LB "S WMLLr-tM?Wa tETllLlHMKTif IhoroMh manner. Ana ht? imd* comJie^f3*nrein""tofarni?h OY8TKK&!D *nr rtjie tod in *uy ?u*ntltj. ?oo to son cnlioniahiicle) BgSSgSaBi^B "inLsi SSSHre s'JFi^Ss ?4a^EiCEH2 m puvOTjui mm iow. fcc.,Ao. Also, I'iciles, CsUa?, Brao4y i'eachee, Ao. Also, Game aad Freeb Pish. T*rtiM.TtrrtfiiiB, Freeh Lobsters, Cod. Hftlibvt,Ae. In Cwt, every thing for sale tn the Northers nttrlivered without charge to any part of the ttiitrtet* 1b se?on. if the money le eent with the order. My establishment!*eeen from I s. bl to 11 si sight? every <l*T. exeojl Busday. whe? | elooe at '?lafrM * * T. M. ?|lTiT. V_ . ma <j?uia>ui rvociviuf ,uo iHUTin on hand, k foil enpely of all the moat celebrated WA fCHfc.8 thai are maainctarad In Eniland. 9wit*erlar<l and America, both in GoTdflB ted PfWer oaaei. He alao keeeea large stock or $in? JKWELKY ot the moet deniable atylae id Vktn liiamouiis, KmeraJai, Rnbiea an! ail other EJbib*. . He I* a'r>!*anafaotnuncaJI kintta of Solid *ia(.card HilTer VVbj-o, and kee?a Sworfii, Rerolrira, Sword Helu and Maat aa, Knife*, ktaora.tic'.a^ora, Uold, Bilverand wUil Sp*ctaAnd a srr/ii variety of other ttunf i naoallr i?ci in a Jew. r- S'.cre, r.nd ail at the vfciy lowen No. *3S Pa. arenas, fetwean ?ti wpi / # TILS lltAT tiAMERICiN RKMKDIK1,* Known m HELMBOLD'8 gxvxmrs pkepaeatiohs, HELM BOLD'S EXTRACT "BUCHU" imrnuvEv husk wash.

HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. -HIQHL Y CON CENTRA TED" COMPO UND FL DID EXTRACT B VCH V. A Poaitive and Speo ?*> Remedy For Cia*a*es of th* BLADDER. KIDNEYS, GRAVEL.and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Thie Medioiae inorea^ea the jower of Dictation, and excite* the ABSORBENTS into healthy action, by which the WATERY OR CALCAREOUS demolition*, and all UNNATURAL ENLARGEMENTS are rednoed. aa well a* PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, and i* rood for MEN, WOMEN, OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU, For Woiikr.easea Anting from Kxonki, Habita of Dissipation, Early Indtaoretion or Abnm, AtttniUd with tkt following Symptoms:? Indisposition to Exertion, Loea o! Power, l,->?a of Memory, Difficulty of Hreathmg, WMk Nnr. Jk Trembllnr. Horror of l?i?e*f?, Waircfuneaa. Dunneea of Viaion, Pain in tt>? back, Universal Laaaitnda of tha Mnaoniar 8yatem, Hot li&nda, t lnahine of the Body UffDAli fit lhA Kkin. Pm?tinni ?n th? PAL LIDCOU NT ENA NCE, Thei? yvptumi, if allovd to *o on, which ttii medicine icvarsatily removes, lotrn follows IMPOTENCY, FATUITY, EPILEPTIC FITS, in one of which the*i?ati?nt ma? expire. Who c\n thntthey are nnt frequently followed by those "DIREFUL DlSEVBtSS." 'INSANITY AND CONSTMP1 ON." Many are nw&'e of the cause of their iBfl>rmft BUT NONE WILL CONFKS*. THE RECORDS OF THE INSANE ASYLUMS, And tht Mtlanckoly Diatis by Conrvmptitm, BUR AMP LI WITSK*? TO TRI TRUTH OF THIS AMSMMK. THE PON?TlTHTinN nNM" ippcpren with'"organic weakness," Rf<nires tneaid ol medicins to itrengthen and InTigorats th? Sr'tMn. WkuK HELMBOLD'S EXTHACTJBUCHB ?? variably riots. k trial w:ll convinct m* most nirrirai.. FEMALES? FEMALES? FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE. MARRIED OR CONTK>1PI. AT t N G M A R RI AG K, In mnny Affections peculiar to Females, th? Extract Itnchu is nn??uallei br any other remedy, a* in Gtiloria or Retention, Irregularity, IMicfJlne'a or Suppression of Customary *_v*cuatioim, LT'eemt?d o<- Scirrhous *?at * of the Uteru*. L"uo,orrhoc? or Whites. StoriUty, and for a'l complaint* incident to the ??x whether arising frorc IndiBcrction. H^its of Dissipation, or in tLe DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. SEE HTMPTOM* ABOVE. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT! Ta?w wo *n*x Ralsam, MiRcrRT.oR r>rlia?A??T MWMCINBf? ro? Cfi P! ia 'ANI A5D lawuieoiss d!bsa?cp. IIEI.MBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCIlt? cms 6ECRET IiISEASES In *11 their At little Eipente, Little or no chance in Diet, No inconvenience. And no SxpOiurt. ItoviiH a fr?*uent <!eeire and iivm tre"rth to Urinate, thereby removing obitnnt'ona. Preventing *nt! Coring 5<tmtnre8 of the Urethra. A'layinc arid lnfl^m-nation, ?-> fre^u<*utin the o'mk of ditcaie;, an<4 rzpe.hnc ail l'tiionnu, Ih stand and worn out blaUtr. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSAND* WHO HAVE BF.BV TUS VICTIMS OF QUACKS, an<1 who hare raid hwavt m to he enr?d in a abort time, have foucd they were dncnred. and that the "POISON" has. t-ytheuaenf' powerful been dried up in the araiem, to brezJt oat in an Rjtrarated form, arid . PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. I l!?i Hklmbold's Extract Bcohu for All affections and diseasea of tlie URINARY ORGANS, Whether exirting in MALE OR FEMALE, From whatever oause originating,sod no matter of HOW LONG STANDING. Dlieasea of there Oreana require trie aid of* u. DIURETIC. HELM GOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, ?nd is certain to have me Centred effect ia all laeanet rou which it is recommended. BLOOD! BLOOD? BLOOD! Htlmbold'j Highly Concentrated Compound ILUID EXTRACT 8ARSAPARILLA, SYPHILIS. This is ii an affection of t'ue blood, and ATTACKS THE SEXUAL OR6AN8, LININGS OF THE NOSE, EARS, THROAT, WINDPIPE AND OTHER MITCOUS SURFACES, Making iU appearance m tbe form of ULCEUS. Heinibold'e Extract Sarsapanila, Pnriftea the Blood, and removes all Scaly Eriptiona of the Skin, 61VING TO THE COMPLEXION A CLEAR AND HEALTHY COLOR. It being prepared eipreealy lor thie o.aii of complaint*, it* Diood Purifying Properties are preaervod to a greater extent than any other preparation of Sartapanlla. HELMBOLD'S HOSE WASH, Sn excellent Lotion for Diceaves of a Syphtliti* ifa.tnre, and as an lnjsotiua in Diteataa of the v i luai i wising irum nmiii oi JJl**tp&UO&, u?<vl la connection with the f.xtracts Buihn ar Sarsapariila. in <Hoh Diseases u recommended. ?viu*%c* of tk* most rihabi* and rtrro%*U>l* ticrartrr will aecomrany tk* medicintt. CERTIFICATES <>F CUKES. From 8 to 8) yHtrs' tta?di*t, With Na.m*s known to SCIE.NCK AND FAME. For Medical Proprieties at DUCHV, im Dispensatory of tne Un.ud States. See Professor DE WEE'S valuable works on the Piactice of Physio. See remarks made by the lata oeiebrated Dr. PHYSICK, Philadelphia. cm rrintrii rams DJ ur. Kl'HRAlM MoDUWhLL. aotlebnlM Physician ana Member of the Roj&l Coilete of Pargaona, irel&id. and published in tho Tranaactiona of tn? Kins ana Queen'a Journal. See Medico-ChirnTfie?l Renew, anbiiehed by BENJAMIN TftA VERS. Fellow of Royal Cotieje ol SLrjeona. 6*e most .of the lata Standard woi ka on Medioin*. Kxtraot Buoha, 91 on per bottle, or alx for $5 00. ExtraotbaraapariHa, floo per bott.e, or aixfor 00. Improved Roaa Wash, 60 por bottle, or alx for 92 SO. "r.halfdoieaofsaoti for tueo, which will be auffioient to onre tun most obatmete oaaea, if di reotioaa are uhertd to. Delivered to m.r.? Adareaa. eoureij p?3ked from obeorvfttioc. DESCRIBE 8YMPTOMgN,N ALL COMMWCutm Sovaoteed! AdTio# 6r?tia!! AFFIDAVIT. being anlr eworn, doth a?y; bia treeftrMiuna oonUin noi Djroouo, bo merctry, or otTer iaj*ru>aa druga, but are porely vegetable. " H. T. HKLM HOLD. iiSSfSlEiSffiffi?"" Addreet letters for iaforration in oapfideno* I* Depot, Phil*. I F T BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPR1NC1PLKD DEALER*. Who endeavor to diwoae "or tbkik o?i"m "orm-' abtiolsi on tub kirmnoRiniuui By fefcMl M f lit>roTea*lU?afW^iL SoiJbr ALLL&UGG1STS MVMR YWHSKM. ASK FOII 'BBLMBOLjr9< VAKS NO OTSJUL Cat oat tfce Klrertiwrnect and ??nd for it, AND AVOID IMPjjemOW* AWfl1MXFO ttUI'fe i PKNT1BT8T. 2L JSfflBW'StfflWI.'S ul<xb yeraosaily it hia 0*0e s. Una eitiMmmm Mui Hf*ou eu thaea teeth wao^""" eascot **: ot:,era, fcr.d no parson oac voar otkera Perectm aaiini atmy ofloeou beaoeotnmoaated with any sty a awl priMof Terth they mar deaire; tat to tsoae wbo are yartiealar and vtsh the yurest, eleaneet, atron?est. aad moat perfect dentBre that ftrtoanyrodoae, the MINERAL PLATE wili be re fuljj wvrantML Kooraa m tnie city?No. 33* Pa. b?tVMi U aso Pti its. Aim, V07 Arck *tre?U Phnadcl mtr 4-1 y^C ANA) 1ALPB.OVKD INVENTION AST1F1CIAJ. CHS Of LAST 1 BONM Villi. Winm Mini Pun n Cuin. DR. S. B slo ESMOND, 919 y, Atw TV*? afeO P?*A* mm, !ii4 cnJ 2Si* ill., :*?, CaSla tin* mtteofoc of *h? pnblio to the lo lo*i&c ?4Y*Et*se? of feia !?r>?fo??d ^i*'*1. Ti?? Troth cf bw sn?Eoract?r? wiilfoJOi B?T?r eorode ocr ehM,je oolor by, o?'ni three fonrtlta 1<sitter than *i.y ther. t I*? teKii or not* rtM be sxtr&otrd, aa ike Ar?iS ciai onet cas be :i>?r>rt?d orer taem. *. T?-are?ta *ii; k# aiada mofetanra. u twr MM 4. No tarnao-Twry t??tb ara :i? m.h j#rm?p?1 nf? c%r. be r^ Je imniefli*t?<y. ir.'re * Frreerrtng lae aalwra ?* pr??*.,.T. ci U><* aoa. whioh ander tba oil! kj t*an la iTr? ucttlf d'.aiiared. t. fMi work h?< ftulj tAgteo oyer fire y*ara by uar.y ?; t. c tul friieiziisti and pfc?-ticia^a c. fui oantrr. Dr.b.Hu?!M a whit* atrieatraftt Ta rn?t*i ?!nnc, with wuick thenj?i ? -?* ?u to fet.ou viUo?t ?*?a, m l cm bm.d up ? per f?oi, *oui.'i ifrcth ou rocu, which will iut throath UfeUuir. Tie t?**iof r*>-ep-?o river.?to Dr. V. Mott; Pr. Poremwe, Pr^f.*esor ofClioni'.^t'?. N. Y.; Hon. Waynr, of t!.e 3t?reice Court of W?*hn 'ftorjii.-it of other*. Cfcli ti:d ?x?mir>o for yoorarlL not In GAS FITTING, Ac. A.FT Nsv A-fy'ordsro vllfc tk^r n*r t? f*Tcrcd ib i\? rk?Wr?:^? z-izfis rirr;*? r?8iNs^a. SWr? -? Its ? " - - ? - -* r?io*-?t * ww t?r?ff rti ftrtss*. e cia^_ i* fai^ * a i%?crtm*at f C ? A N D V. U i: A ?;.* *tti: Ad, 5 3?: A M %mi WATER riXTSSKB. :?r u W? A S FIXTVKERi K Hm*e >t Mere. ?r.d r*? dn.y TPoeirinr, #4* FIXTVKKScfw. -e,r New Patterns and Deaifcc and Furea. tu^erior in ?*:? to atythicg tjoretoi?r? , 9ivT"y& in th f ir?'?ej. w* jctIu- oit:a?r.? c?-.or?i jr >? ?aii an-! ex*.ri;.re oar p:ock o| tia* uJ \\ tU! Plr* arc*, * '.-?*:in confident tint tr? Sar? t*? b?*1 M.?Oi?d etcc% la Wf.nhi-yton. All Work iu th? *? ?*? jin? tatramd to ?*r ML'I Will * ?r?sr?t r i'Vrr-'l*-' t#. JIYKM * KM! KAN. Mrl U ?T? OMITIZ in BROTIISIR'S 7Vf p rrr vr* n iiiirr i fj> /v. ppppp AA ll eeeeeee pp ppp aaa ll, ebeeeek pp ppp aaaa ll ee tp ppp aa aa ll ee pp ppp a a a a ll em5k ppppp aa aa ll eefck pp a a aaa a a ll ee Pp aa aa ll ek p aa aa llllll eeeebee pp aa aa llllll eeeeeek xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx i xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxxx;l xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx x\x xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx aa ll eeeeeek aaa ll eeeeeee a aaa ll ee a aaa a ll ke a a a a i i f l- * ?? ?? ? -- ?-?** f<?jriJU AA AA LI. KEEE AAAAAAA\ LL EK AA AA LL EK AA . AA LLLLLLL EKKKKKK AA AA LLLLLLL EEEEEEE ! nrnin AtlUER ALE, I'OKTER, AND EXTRA BROWS STOCT, In WkoU, Half, e%d Qumrttr C*.<hl, BREWED TRCM THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND IIOP3. BREWERY. 19th Stre?t, 7th ted 8th Atmim, NEW YORK. frW-dye* P n I V -A. T B. PRIVATE, r XI IVA -3? J22. DR. LA 130NTA havinc removM Haotf-^to Hootr. No. f, a4j"ini?>c the Micday CMMlk?Slli i? Washington Buildict, Fa avenue, ooreer of Tta ?!r?t, is new read? toourea I UiaeaaetW a Private Nature, without the use of tiacserou* or disgusting d.urso: ar. j fciod, and do iat?.*fe:?uos vitu jour luMneee avocations havicg ?>T~te<i nit whc:a t;me to the tudjaMi oure of l*r wts lJi?*??e? of both t^xoi and to Chronic 4 of the Womb, Liver, Kidr.QTt, Sk'.r. ?r4c .end graduate* ic tkn --w ... ? ? 'j " ' * * mi/ ?/? D.m-"i m wui .Uf I'jo cw T on Ho?pU\l?. nnd?r F *fs- Chilton aol Fa.ker, lo whom ! no??t re*poc::?ui'? refer. I will cm 3M?'J to the pvrs' n it.o a ca-? o! a:.j of the abjre dis*aa<*? whicW1 <rwinct ap<?e<lii? &n<\ p*rman?ntiy euro, leithecMce he old or new. N? tfirtini required , 110 Urn.- Un&sideaUe ib an/ part of tht treatment. Couu;tatioas f-ee. Rocnn vert prints. M. LA HONTA, Room (first floor; VVvstinpton B<n diar. mfc 26-2;:.* l'a. aTcnue and 7th at. SKCRfcT DIHKASK3! ?KCKKT DISKASJbS: bAM AK? FAN'S GIFT! SAMARITAN'S ?IFT! The Most Certain Remedy Ever Used. "Yea," a positive cere ior HKORKT l'ISEASF.8. GONORKI!(E\. GLEET KTK1CTURKS, *o. I Containa no Mineral, ro Ba>*m. no M*rcuiy. , Only ten pi lf t-> be taken to <-tfs?t a core. The? ar* entirely T?>Re;\b e. Uavng bo aniel: nor ( any unpleasant t*ct*,and will not c any way injure tho stumach ?.r bowels of the nr?o/t de icate. Cure* iu fruin two to four uaya, acd recent caaea in "sweaty four fcouia " f-re;>ared i>y a iracuate of the Uriversity of Pour.ay!vts;a, one cf the moat eminent Dootjre ind Cbeirn?u of tfce rreae&t day. J*AMAK1 fAN'S GIFT Willoure any casein from two to Sami day a,ani recent oatea in TWKNTY FOUR ROUE8! Ho txrosure. no trtmpU, mo eimngt wfcair??r. Let thoio vriio havo dripalrsd ol i attic c cared, or whe have been tortetf with tfa.anm Cofavia ar MArnnr* a? ??? *? ? T 1 vnv*' H J SAMARITAN'S GIFT. P-ent by trail ia a p'ain envelope. Pnee male packages, <2 I'r'.o* f.-u.S.-- rfcCiSge#, $3. SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB JUICE8, A SPEEDV AND PERMANENT CVHH FOR sYPfltLlS OR VENEREAL DISEASED Here U a positive euro?no Mercury?no Poison? but the Juices oi Roots and Herb* eooibused. This form of the disease make* its appearar.oe in sores os the organs of generation, or th?y ra?j cocur *>n other parts of the body, which happens mostly on tbe groins, and very often as aloers or the mouth. t?iier?, *pots. caries and nodes of the hnnM >/< >? 1 -',X -??-.<* ?out ?uu v* tunc JIL piOIUft will toon yield to the BAMAKiTAM'4 KOOT AND HERB JUICES. Seat by express. Pnoe 91 a buttle, or 6 bottles for Si. SAMARITAN'S CHANCRE WASH. Price 35 cents Full d>rectioas. DESMOND & CO., Box 1*1 Philadelphia Post Office. Sold hyB. CALVERT FORD,eorMT llth tsd Peun. avenue. J H. EATON. 8ft South Eighth street. Philadelphia. as 22-1 a i NOTICE. " ADAMS' VXFRESS Tail Coon3t of?r? to the ?abiioM Un??nfciletf AsTMtEga*"for the Bafeancf Qnck Di?j&loa Anrj Pmghte, hUMMky^??b!e?. Money. Ae. Ao., to til Hkrta of the United State*. Ki?rf?wi to am: fron. the North and Woet depart fro>n en<i im?tn WM.^itftoc tw.c- daily, ^lJ^rettBeii are 1B ohxri* cf txurimui ?U ' All The Beidlere eamec at "em %rc 2^ot?sus&tas.u a u uireuM leera PhiladelakU.>? ? " ?-? 11"WMkiif tea at MDF, *, %b4 SHSEffi wukir.^.. SH2.4t%n?L,fcx'r^',Jc - ?- ???? o?if ^ ? _??? i I CHAN'S HAIR DYE!?TO CtiLOlt BLACK U 0* BHOWrin?Only MRta % i+t. To'H B2m for dm dol!?r. 6r*y, rexj or flu?n hur cftn ckal;o<3 in ft ttm ec._.:d? to a M tolftok or oim, br netnx Uyhun'c L'<o>d B*ir p??< .. ?le tu>M ftnd is tr.a world, pro<tac:;.s, tho wr-tai ftnd 8. rVALVKRI FORD, tornm UU ir*l indPftin.; la AJftXADdn*, fcy HKNRY COOK 4 C*M Drmituta, ?> I wR TRAVELLERS' DlttEUTUHY. BALTIMORE * OHIO RAILROAD lUHKMHI NOTICE C HAW G E OF HOURS. Or ard artrr Wrrrmbav, April i. Iftit, trr p4mrr?rr trair* 1itwrrk WABXIINflTO!*, BALTIflOKft, AMD THE W1*T Will rasu follows: Am I>iuu irttw < and ft>?i f*mm IM D*?>'V dur\%t tk* ??? *. l?D <*? For PHILADELPHIA and NEW YORK ? Lw( W aWimjtoL at f & in., 7.4" a m ,11 * in. ao4 A^NAPOLIS-Leave Waahlngtoisat lj* a m and 5?0p m. For FRFDF.KiCK-Lrare Waahitfton at 7.*) a. m. ana FOlC A I.I. P?lNTf? WfHT, And for Harper'* I *rrT. Martio?f>nrK *nl \\ .n ccecter, leave \\ aehiL?toD at ".? a. in. train* Moving SOITH. Leave New York at 7 a. m.; Fa<la?le phia II & a m.; Uaiiimor* 3.50 p. m. Arrive at Watiasi tor? 6 ?o p. m. _ Leave New Vo?k at f p m.; Pfniada'phia H*80p. m ; H* 'in.>>re 4 ?' a. in. at Waehinc.on 6 9U m. Leave New Vo'k at II p. m ; Phiiade phta * ?< a. m , |>a 1.mare TM> a. u*. Arrive at Vf a.'hinj on 9 2a % m. Local Accomrr.o^j'ion Traire leave B* 'in?o-e at 1" a.m. an-i b !<? p"m (or WaihiPftUir., arri*e there at it k. rr an 1 7 <? ni. On fcii..tajB ati.30 a^t 7 4f* a. ra. or j frvn Haiti* more. n?. Acsapohe or Frederick oo-.Lect.oue nit'i w ? PMffrjfr Thiidi Irirut W*?h;n*t/?B ftt 7 ?<' ft. m ftnd 6<?>; ip .am Us New ? at 7 4" ? m. aod 5 10 p. m.,n-*ka ? >r*ct c<tr.roticr,? for Annapoiia at Ui? Junction. Tbe 7.40 a. it. ooireete at K* ay | for Fradonot. I?a<?r?t(t* n Harper'i F?rrr. Marti r*. W incti??M>r. WhM if(, Paraeraburo Ac.. ?*c*rt *?orj?Ja??. 'J ra:n? l*av? Arnayo'.'a for Pa r mor^atJ WftahlMton V??vm. aadKOp rn. -ft Pa*?ec;.?r I >ai: ? Ituvu e V a*liit jtc.n ate no a. m. II ft- w. ant 5 p. ni? arc? liainn.orr at 4 &>ad 7.<0 a m . ar.d aV) p. in , vi'l .-top oaly at Annapohi Jv*rtie* Way Par;rar?ra iccat take the Arrcmmn<1xi\c% Trntms Only. W. P. HMiTH. at 2 Mfcr.ter of TrareforUktiaii, m t. 1969] THE [1HI Penniylvania Central Railroad, (wHh its cr:. section*) 18 A FIRST CLA^S ROLTK TO ALL THE tVKs*T? RN CITIES SPEED, SAKKTY AND COMFORT! STONE BALI.ASTED ANU FREE FROM Dl/ST! UAti?iAGi: OH KCCKD TKROUEii FROM BALTIMORE! TIKII 24.II.T T*AI!*? HO* rilllAL'LiJ'illA TO FITT^UL'RiiHl Two : :r.nn me.k:cc cron cok**ctio*s at rikt:mi? wifi tr*tc? on tv;? NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, a led f^-nnat THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE nox WASHIJinTO* K*V BALTIMORE * 10 Rll (OILtl Til lt)? I " Win, North-west and 0o(TB VKT. By For Throajh T:okf??, at the Vff t* *i t&e Northern Centre! Kail Ro*<! Coir ?a=7.C*!rert Motion, Ws i.rnote. Sflrrdid Slrtpjrig Ci'J cm rll JVickt 7*? aint Smoitrg Soiocn Car* or. mil Tr<tin$. FKOM WAfRIN?TOH. Pu>ti!{?ri witi t&ke ihe C * t,. a:.: * p. rt,tm>rf. arri*:n; in baltimore Rt 7 AO ft. m. end ? ?! p. it>.. wnere?Jt,?e cutneoiwrt ric mt-.c ? :ii tm'^eoa the NortheriiCei.tra< H. K..a: d trrr in HArr,?I'urj si | p. m. an.1 i.?5 a m.the-e 901.1; xst'u* witn t5e traira on tt? l*ecn?T ruiis Centra Raiirta-.f for a~ ft*t2 i.fthe ws?L .*** ?_ 1 o . s 1 II* A bl91t IO# Br UUa rr?n, frettbta cf a.I jtione ca: y* forwarded to acd Iron. % t poir *. oa V:? Kii ? ? i of Ohio K> tuckj, lrdis.t,a, I inoie, V\ .t, r. ' low?, or >J iB'vuri, fty f.'"tIro+d 4t**rt. Th" H'-inPT v& t ? abroad * ?!? C" ' U i at I'ituSurt with t; which Oo * .3 t e forw%rdM U> acy poi t on tr*> Ohio. Mua. . KeotuokT TerncKtje. Cumt^r.A'.a. Il.iao.r. Wiecor.ctn. Musobri. KwfM, f.t. and R?i R .*ert: ai< 1 a: Ci-viacd, r??ido'*' % 4 Cttc\{? with Hairier* to a'! N?irthw*?te: iini Mcrci mve a. ^ ?h:p?er9 rr.trn*tint the irr.r-foj of the:r Frets be tothii Compart, ci, *< 1 With eor!ic?no* on 1U transit. THL RAlKs OF FREIGHT to as* ft oil ? r fojtuii u.e WHt,t / lb? Foiic.** Krlroii, ?f ?il !i?u ?i _f?voT?bl* < cy fi*Urom?C < vmr?n\f. IZTBf Mtrticskar to mark ?c^st"v:t I ?**. lL R." MAVE AW A KOONS, Freight Arwti, No. b?? North street, iia.t Tnora, ENOCH I.HVf 10. Cen'l SaMrint'u Altoan*. I *. kL. MOliyr, fen'l T:ckc{ Aj't. l'ijj!?de tM*. H. GOUS70N. ?esM Froifit Ar?>ct,pv.? >* 4 Ji? MORTHKKN CENTRAL RAILWAY. Tkt Skttitti, Q>?? fit But Kc^itfrtm F*JHtlX< 19 l?? WEST, NORTH ASii) NORTHWEST. gMMBBiaeeiLaa WINTER HCHEUCLE. 1'ir.^sf t y K m*. Oi tad *fl?; 3CNDAV,t4th NovMDbw, PUNILtr tv-will arr.TS tj>. tfrpart {r*a GAiTCrl tftUcc u fellow* : ln:p? Nsiti Luti Ml ' M X>ft:)Ezrrn<l|.B. I . L AcCCITiIBOdtflOR 4 . d. l\tUuari &na Harrisbarg fcxf rest t Jt I- ? Tbxins fcrrrn Ac.siv? P?rlrtrs Aocoicriclatior t! I v a. h?**]a Express ?>' a. m. Pttukmrc xa<i H*. n?. *;( J?x?r??? 11< . Jtjui > p. IB. | Tit* I x. m. train fro a >VMh'nct?R etcuMa wtta tse JKi a., ni. tr&ir, from re for t. Want aad for Kaflaio. LIa:ir?, Rochester, Drokirk, aj.<l N;acar? Fai ?. and tor Nev Yo^i city. 'taa ii a. m. trtln from Wa?h:L*ton connate Vilit melt, m- trail, from jJa.t;more to West. North ai'i N orU-ww! ar.d E'.nur* and Uu?a.o *xt *ocLc?t-r. Th? 4 p. re. train from W aahington ?omneou viu t.holJOp. m. train frcra LSi tin-or? wr P.'ttMrii Mfcrnaburc *ad tu? YYeat aad u a direct corre* ties for Le)>anoD. I> a ran AlircUiva aad N cm Yorkna Ceatr?l Rat. road of New Jertej. "S:t tk * route for N?w Ycr*. IC^TheoBly tram lean-- 8%'tlroare or. la.TaeS p. m. lr?.:c. far iiarriafcars, i'lttabcrf, Ciuou? aca tn- W e?t. fknAn!.!,... .??*-' ? Hwmi :a m?tre cc la lis 8Xi v ic. tra'n. JAS. C. CL.A li K E, co a lf SuKrictfr.dtt TNUTICE TO TRAVELER* 1C ((.tasMW CanerM having ordorod til muMrooo tatvrrn WiAtailw. _ii ^ Ctltimora. an<l Old Vcmt > loitr?m Monro*)) to bo reanmod, on tad afi w ia^^wr' Monday, tteottttfc instant, tlip linj I.ine of ?toou.or? Will loavs Baltimore EVERY PAV (exo?*tgrn day) from their wharf. fo.>t of Uutc.3 iXci, at ?? o'oiock p. m., ortcimodiato t a:;?r the arnva. o! the Washington Tram, wiucit caroa Wa?:..ugioa at XH o'oIook p. a. mtO-tl M. W. FALL*. PrfaH. L. Towxxa. J. M. Tovm. J. B. Towbbb. L. TOWERS * CO.. STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRIHTINQ BSTABLISHMENT, . Comtr Lkumm ??nw Mi Sxztk ll. The attention of the tms.nees community is r? poctluily invited to .the New Buck and Job Pnnti::t Establishment, which ku b???D fitted up with new material, in the must ooir.plne manner. n now prepared to execcte. in asatisfactory style, every variety of Printing, ti? : Hooks,*1 peeches. l'amphleta, Cards, Circnlara, Sntlera' Blanks, Ac..Ac. The attention of memt>ers of Congress is especially ra^aested for oar facilities for pnntiDg Speec.'.es.aswh hare the lm.rgttt steam power is the oitTj rt* 1-law n; Dry good* for "the folks at HOME."-OSeera and others neert.rn Dry G^odt ol any kind for the folks at home, are solicited to inspect otr stock, all new, and the prioes 4 n.arked to plain be ares. the aotaai oash siandart All parcels lor the interior, properly packed for forwirdms bv AIDiFAA or ntW?r am frmm olahvfe. PERRY * IRQ.. J M Mt P>. %rd Wirtti STtPHK.NS * CO., l w m StfhxT'i;svhvr-A y AND I ' ? t-tf Wi?asysad^W^4s?gs I OVKRa8H1RT8. WILTS nn o, UAJtr HLiArVi KK T!*. HAL.K BUSt,.*?., which wo innte ail ouh porohaaers to eiaim&o 9 >99 Pa w> Te wdfc ay Ma IM ^ CASH NOTICE- _ N CoBteqaeaoc of oar tanuj to pa7 oaah for vary artiote ot iiwdi wo yarehftao. we ate jwrced to reduoe oer bun iwoa to Caoh ezelMireiy, for rfce erenenU Wo t>s*m w iter* a t?t? 'ai^e a?eoix??f of KfcADY-NADL CLOTHING T?r ro-c \vl bo??' wear, which are Milcc at a icnch low?r .* . Uixd otoa.' y. wA LL. rfw* KNf A ?'0, 199 Pa. avM 9th an*1 eta. A ? l? ? I Uf * 1 ^JOCWHtS OOLl^MOA H^KNISffS. A* CM.'**JTV VXD Si f- . I t !t rw ? IF Tfflui MMIUi ftltt feMUAr CV?i* f*J'&r - iSSJWff WJKTS SgggijI

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