Newspaper of Evening Star, May 8, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 8, 1862 Page 1
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9 * */ " I a a a - ft X ^ <\, - ^ ? j^H ^BH| n HQ |^H| ^Hi BH sM %2E Or w i \ i V?, XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C.. THURSDAY. MAY 8, 1862. IN?. 2,874 L????????????^?i I THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED IVUT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, if *??. mmd Jbtwti strut, BT \at n w tt.t.*nn> ww m W? 'WW A&AJA Pipen served la package* by carrier* it 14 a year, or 37 centi per month. To mall subscribers the price la f3.?0 a fear, ?* *dr**rt; 92 for tlx air nth*, f 1 for three month*; and fot leas tbaa three months at the rate of 13 cents a week. Ptagte copies, est cast; In wrappers, two cams. GIT" ADTKRTiiBMB^TS should be sent to the ce before 12 o'clock *; otherwise they may ct appear antll the next day. THE HANDWRITING ON THE WALL. The following rh'jws that the authors of the mysterious handwriting on the walls of Richmond are yat at work, and have not yet been detected by the enraged Confederates Taxiroaora a*d urcaantiftr l*<s?5ds. f From the RlrliP?amln*? a# a?*.ii <m i I t . mmym ) v? Upill J Yesterday morning the walls of the houses of Pareell. L?dd A O , E B. 6p?nce <k Co., Binford A Porter, the PowhaUn House, and other eonspicuous establishments about town, were covered with incendiary and blasphemous writings, a verbatim copy of some of whieh w* give below. The writing was in a fair, round and deliberate hand, and all evidently performed by one and the same person?the writing in the various places named being identical in character. The dirty work must have been begun before the street lamps were extinguished at 12 o'clock on Saturday sight, as it could not possibly be accomplished in the dark. We are confirmed in this opinion by the fact that all the writings are in the sslck bnrhood of the lamps From tha amount of writing and th? site of the letters, granting it to have been performed bj one band, it la computed it eould not hare occupied the writer ieaa than an hour, that it from 11 to 12 o'clock. Where, it ia on every hand asked, where, during that dull hour of the watch, were the much-Taunted, highly-paid ($4 per diem and * " *itj* K ^ ?/ >? v ?VV v.. VD . TT UViO TT ?o ivyoef ail J where was Bob Crow? That the writer was an indifferent poet and an illiterate and blasphemous man. there oan be bnt one opiaion among those who scan THE WBITIXO O* THE WALL*. On Parcell, Ladd A Co.'a east wall? "On Yorktown's walls the cry is 'still the; Come " ' Change your belli into cannon, and charge with Confederated'*." 8oothern Lezieon covered with plory Pints of chivalry.'" "The Lord is on oar tide, bnt in consequence of pressing engagements elsewhere, e uld not attend at Pea Ridge, Donelson, Ac., Ac " " He will also he prevented frem visiting his chosen 'pinks' at Yorktown. ' " Southern hearts are beating low? Manama boaster* shun the foe; Stars and atrlDM ahall wim " > ? - Northern??* tread this ebon main " On E B Speace St Co 'a west wall : "Something new under the sun, to wit 'Petticoat gunboats ' '' 44 National!' unfurl your banners over Yorktown walls. On the Powhatan Houee south wall : " Southern boaatera grasp the duet, In the Lord you vainly truat, For the Lord you fain would cheat *V tth Halcyon lips and Pluto's feet." ' The cry la still they come " Also a copy of the apparently favorite lines " Southern hearts are beating low " On Binford A Porter's west wsll "On Yorktown heights the try is still they eome* ' Change your bells into cannon, and charge with Confe?" Here the midnight scribe appears to have been interrupted in his work, m^st probably by the watohman on his way to extinguish the lamps at the oorner. At an early hoar of the day all these ribald inscriptions, except these on the house of Purcell, Ladd A Co., and ?. B. Spence A Co., were effaced bj the proprietors of the different bousee. Those at the latter places, owing no doubt to the fact that the owners of the two houses resided at a distance from them, were permitted to remain, and until nightfall proved a great attraction to Sunday loungers. Many bitter impricationa were Tented against the unknown perpetrator of the scurrilous performance. WHO ARE THEY ? Voder the heed of " Lincclnites in Richmood," the Richmond Examiner ef April 22 1171 We here frequently referred to the unnatural endowment of Yankees and bootlicks from Washington with offices in the departments of thin government The suhjeet has never received the attention from Congress which it merits. For the purpose of inviting an investigation of some curious facts, and under obligations of the strictest responsibility for the truth of our statements, we have thought T\rarmr fr\ m?ntinn t wrv s*j r\f T i ???!- ' .. -W V ? w v<xrw? v? WIUUUIUUCO U9I* r>ored in public office in this city? selecting these cases from number of others simply on account of their flagrancy : Case No. 1. The first case is that of a Jew, we believe?a little dirty, blear-eyed police magistrate of Washington city, who will be reooilected by former resident, of that city as keeping an office opposite a famous drinking saloon, and living on the crackers of that establishment. This fellow was, as we are prepared to prove, employed by the Lineoln government, after blackening his own soul with its oath of allegiance, to administer the oath to the departm?Dt clerks in W nhinrtnn wkink h? ^; .1 '? the pay of "bit" a head. After the battle of Maoa^ua tikis reptile crawled to Richmond, declared himself very much io love with the Houth, and has been provided with a comfortable berth in one of the departmenta of the government Since thia Tile police tool of the Lincoln government waa taken into the public aerviee ? t tne south be bad an adventure, in the office of this newspaper, with a little boy some ten year* of age. Some weeks ago this lion of Judah enteral the oounting-room of the Examiner, and finding nobody there bat a little office boy, proceeded to bully him, and to disembottle his wrath agtinst the paper to the said little boy. There being no one present to kiok him from the premises, he instructed the little boy to stop his paper, that " he did not want such a d?d paper as the Examiner, as it was too much, of a tank?t *fu?t for him." Dince administering Linco'.n'a oath in Washington at a bit a bead, it aeems that this son of tShimei has become a very incandescent supporter of Jeff. Davis and southern rights. Casb No. 2 The case is so flagrant that it might be expected to surpass belief but for the testimony we have to establish every fact we allege. But recently?that is, about two weeks ago?a man arrived here across the Potomao, who had been a clerk in one of the departments of Washington tie took the oath of allegiance to the Lincoln government, and his name as a southern olerk will be found in the report of the celebrated Potter Investigating Committee, as printed in the columns of the New York Tribune Thi i person arrived in Richmond about fjrtniiht in. TJks verit ust Aixm ntfr lu arrival" through an application to an old Washington acquaintance here, be obtained a position ia whet is now the moat critical branch of the poblic service, and where one word of information to the enemy might utterly betraj os. W e do net aak can neh thin** h* ? TK?t they exiat oat be aatabllahed by half an hour'a testimony. The question ia, ahall aneh abutea of this aort continue for a day longer? **?? Homicide it a Woman ?A few day* ago, Mr. Manuel Sloan, a promt' rat merchant of Cape Girardeau, Mo , waaahot and loataatly killed la that place by a lady, wife of a Lieutenant la an Iowa company. Iiy The people of Da Ten port, Iowa, have ap- I piled to Oea. Htlleck for permlealoa to eetabllah a hoepltal for alek and wounded aoMlera at that ! city. IP" Mr. Jeakloe Hoge, of Birmingham, ! Guernsey county Ohio, comm Itted lulclde a , few diva aiace bf bang 1 a* htmaelf la a atable i with a rope, Ca*<M, Insanity. tr7- 1 ountorfeit flvea, on the Bull'* Head Baak ?f New Yo'k f In circulation. They are tald | to br exrHleM imitation i ITT A >1 km Convention of tb? IUl>n mm of i uj.aua L4? b^u called t? litest tUr 1Mb of /a*. / ; . J}I i t v *** 4?. ' ?? 11 ' TUB fttferL LINE op tHE (HICkAHOMINY. [From the Richmond Examiner, April 23 ] It Is very prob?bl*ihat ft deciaivf battle may b? fought hoHh ef Richmond before tnftt on tha Punihmla baa trananiriuf fin* Kmi iog general* have parried the policy of giving the enemy a fierce fight before falling hack under the pressure of superior foroea. This waa the tactic* of Jackaon at Winchester; and, If he ia let alone, will doabtleaa he hia tactics fain before falling baok behind the line of the Chtekahomin?! The effort of tke enemy will doabtleaa be to effect a junction of hia foreee under Banka and McDowell somewhere in the eounty of Louisa or Caroline. 4 We suppose It Will be necessary ior uenerai J action to withdraw until be can get both of these columns in his front. This done, the instincts of the men wilt, doubtless, induce him to offer a battle. Our Corinth is on the Chickahominj, and our Shiloh somewhere in advance in Caroline or Louisa. We should not ba surprised at hearing within a weak of a fierce battle on this advanced thea ter, whefeTet- it b* We argtir iof tbe result of any engagement that may come off in that region of country. The enemy will be far from his water base of operation*. He will be compelled to meet a* on equal terms in every respect except hi* tuperior numbers, and weoan manage pretty hear*odd* of th?M?. A soldier accounted in a soldier's satisfactory way for ?... .u: ?? ? - <>ur jieiuiog ai iui id ode oi oar most important battles. He said we whipped them the best part of the time, and as long as we oould fight, and we should hare whipped them all the time if thej had not "out-reinforced'' until >1 - - mere ?u do ana to them. They got tbe better of as on tbe teoond day at 8bilon, aimply by this procew of 'out-reinforcing' ua, which their proximity to the river enabled them to do. If they oome in upon ua aa far as Caroline or Louisa, they will be so far from their water transportation that this favorite plan of "outreinforoing" will be impracticable. Whatever odds they open the battle with, thoae odda only will they hold againat ua. The men that fight and are whipped one day, will have to fight and be whipped the next day if they renew tbe encounter. A whipped army will not rest while a freah army comes forward to engage our troops, worn and weary with a day a exertion and excitement, as on other occasions It is not for u? to divulge the number of our own troops that are concentrating on the line north of Richmond Suffice it to say, that we believe them to be ample to withstand and repulse the enemy There is this farther encouraging feature of the campaign in that direction?namely, that both Generals Jackson and tiwell have the reputation of being fighting generals. Earnest and vigorous work on our side is all that is wanted. Dispute every mile of the road, sell every f?ot of territory for blood, ia the true tactics. The sage policy of tbe baek track may do very well at times, and the virtue ef spades and sandbags may be very great in the proper plaae, but here is a campaign in open field, where numbers will not be greatly unequal, and where neither side has had time lor engineering and dirtd'gfJ'nK That country, too, offers many battle-field?; and, as this war at last must Be decided by battles, better that they should be fought promptly and bravely than postponed to more oonvenient season* and localities. W CI^Wc hear every day of negroes running away to Washington, which Is the Abolition ! narwHiait Thl? m?i?# * ?"1,w r ?? HIV I |VI OCIIVUI1J W1*U this yrar's crop. We are told that many of tbem re In a suffering condition. Many have, no doubt, bffn taken to the farts, or the Southern cotton fields We see In the papers, that those who hsve gone North, under false hopes, are frequently arrested as vagabonds, or criminals, and sent to the workhonseor penitentiary -Monttfomtry Co., (Mi ) Sentinel. IZmii reported that the Parrott gun haa aent newly invented shot completely through a target formed of twelve one-Inch Iron plates and a barking of twenty-fonr inches thickness of oak, at a distance of three hundred yards. At the same distance, another target, aloped to an angle of twenty-five degrees, representing the slde^f the Merrlmac, backed by twenty-one inches Ptjsk, and covered with six one Inch Iron plates, was completely perforated by every shot. U7~Tha Bprlngield Speculator, published In Robertson county, Tenn . states that from all quarter* the wheat crop la represented as very promising, and ahould no evil befall It, and the aeason prove favorable, there will be as large If not a larger crop raised thla year than ever before. It learns, also, that the farmers throughout Middle Tennessee are planting extensive crops of corn, and are paying very little attention to cotton or tobacco. d^Mre. Reynolds, wife of L'eut Reynolds, of the 17th Illinois, has accompanied her huaband through the greater part of the campaign. She waa present at the battle of Pittsburg Landing, and like a mtnlaterlng angel, attended to the wants of as many of the wounded and dying sol diers as she coald. Gov. Vales bearing of her heroic and praiseworthy conduct, presented ber with a regular commission as Major?at least the Peoria Transcript says so. Q7Mra. Gallsgher, well kn?wn In English cities aa a procuress and general dealer la bouses of ill-fame, was sentenced by the Recorder of Liverpool to twelve months Imprisonment with hard labor, for keeping Infamous bouses In that city. Mrs. Gallagher has had In her employ, for some years, agents In the various continental cities, whose business waa to aupply her houses with a constant supply of fresh victims. 1X7" We learn from Hon. Allen A. Hall that tb?re were Issued from bis ofll?e, one day last week, permits for three hundred and fifty bale* of cotton! A considerable quantity of rice was also shipped. This la a most cheering auspicious sign; the great pnlae of commerce again begins to beat beeltbfully. And rebel emissaries are doing mil they can to terrify the people from hauling In their cotton.?Natkvillt Union, i7ik. |p*Tht Methodist Book Concern at Nashville was long ago Identified with the southern branch I Metbedlfft Church, and has since gone over bodily to the rank* of secession This concern ban bad tbe Impudence to apply to Secretary Cbase for permission to ship Its books, on tbe ground tbat it Is "exclusively a religious and charitable establishment." YET RUb sections of pasture land are being dls covered In Australia. Flocks are emigrating from tbe Darling and Lacnlla northward, and from New South Wales westward. A great company Is sow forming st Melbourne, with a capital of ?5,000,000, to colonize the nortberd part of tbe co an try. ir^a /M i' > ?? ?-*? ? -- -- -ft?- v.; ciiioK an apocryphal atory aboat a raid by our troop* Into Onalow county, aaya that they "carried off all tbe moat prominentcttliem Id lron? and ropea,and went ao far aa to paddle Mr. Henderaon, a very reapectable man, for havlog free nogroea bound to BllB." s IP* One of the aaalatant tuoerl nu?n<t*n?? t contrahendi at Port Royal ipeaka of tbe extraordinary fact that la three daya after a aeed of cotton waa planted, It bad com* up and a leaf bad formed. Tbla waa mentioned to abow tbe almoat mlraculoua fertility of tbe aoll. CT'Owlog to tbe American war, preparation* have already been made la England and Scotland te aow ten timet tbe breadtb or flax that ever waa aowa before, and It la aald tbe "Gem of tba Ooean.'' Ireland, will have a fourth of I la aurfhce covered wltb flax tbla year. The Ice companies of New Yorkatored about 400,000 tona tbla aeaaon, notwitbalaadlnir lb* difficulty la getting It on aceouat of the greet depth of ibow. Two million* of dollar* are inveeted la the lee trade of the city. A bia Contract ?Aa exchange paper eaya *a enterprlalng lumber dealer ha* made acaatraclla Canada, for 1 500,000 feet of lumber, to be dallv* ered la Leek port a* aoon aa navigation open* ip-The Poetmaater of Booth Denver*, Maae.t aod hia aoa, have been arreetod fer robblag letten paaelng through the ofloe. irr Coloqel Mulligan, the hero cf Lexington, haa, at hia own earncat requeet, been aaalgned by Gca. Halloch to daly under hie command C7" The Memphla Appeal of the 15th alt. (la printed on a half aheet of coarae blue wrapping paper. Tu M'mpbian* muat "haee the blura " 1X7* The deatua reglatered la Loudon for one wee*, were l,t$9, which U M below the tveraga. TELEQBAPHIO NEW9. I uiti rnovi Ei ROCr N*w Voit, May 7.?The steamer Australasian, from Liverpool on the2#th nit , has arrived. The stmmef Tubal Cata had left Liverpool for Nassau with a cargo of affas ana ana&anltlon, doubtless for the South. The Parliament p?r.Mi illll unnHimwl The London Htar gWet a report that tbe Austrian government baa demanded explanation* relative to Palmeraton'a late apeecb on I taly, ao far aa regarda Venetla. Tbe Tlmf? faaaa aarcaatic editorial on Preaident Lincoln'a proclamation tOr t day of tbankaglvlns, and aeetfla to think It cjuite premature, ait rffalra at that that tlttie were moat critical and battle* ware Impending. It aafca tbe meaning of that part of the proclamation which refera to deliverance from foreign inUrYentlon. and acarelv thlnka It c?n be for the tardy juatlce done on the Mason and Slldell affair. tbi latk?t. Liverpool, Saturday evening ?The Times has an editorial on the American struggle, in which the editor saya be aeea nothing for the blacka but alavery, extermination or expulsion. A week^r Journal la to appear in London next Week to SdVocate he canse of the Confederates. The "Literary Giiette'; la defonct, after an ext .A _ ? Am isiencc 01 -?o year*. Prince Doulgourousky Is banished for life from tbe Russian empire fcr refusing to obey tbe Imperial order to return to Ru**ia. A treaty of commerce between Russia and Tun kev ha* been ratified. In a bettle between the Turks and tbe Insurgents in Albania, the Turk* lost 4(X> men and 4 cannon. commercial. Cotton at Liverpool had Improved J^'d. Breadstuff* were dull asd declining. Consols closed at 93)/a93T.. FROM GEN. HALLECK'S COMMAND. A Rebel F?rc? ?f 9,000 C?pt*red. CaiKo, Mny 0.?The steamer Ella ban arrived from Pittsburg Landing, which place (he left at 9 o'clock last ntght On Hundav afternoon lien. Tope, by pUclng a batterp of artillery in an open field, near Farmlnghain, in sight of three regiment* of rebels, succeeded In lurlnu them on to blkp thp hfittitrv whan ?-"..wvi J f ** uvu mo i,apiuicu vun WUUIC force of the rebels, numbering 'J ikmi prisoner* The prisoners and deserters report that great dissatisfaction exists In the rebel army, both among the officers and men. Beaungard had made a speech to the troops, saying that he would make a desperate stand, and force tbe Federal army to retire. He appealed to them tt stand by him M? nterkt, Tenn , M?y fi.?In consequence of tbe horrible condltlcn of the road* the army has not moved. Tbe enemy are receiving large reinforcements dally. On 8undsv last Gen. Rrairir remit* a ?nee, h In the troopi, assuring tbem that It wa? the Intention of Gen. Beauregard and hi* general* to give the Federals battle at Corinth. FROM GEN. BANKS' ( OKI'S. Skirmishing with Rebel Scooting Partlen Niw Mask it, May 7?Yesterday afternoon a dcUchment of tbe 5th New York cavalry made a reconnoUaance towards Ilarrlsonburg.and when A vo miloa #K!? # 9 * * * ..v. ....... > ? vi >uc hiwii iucjr rnrounierfa upward* of 5BH) of Ash by1! cavalry Theycharyed on tbe rebels, and pursued them within two milts of tbe town, killing ten and taking six prisoner. Our losa was one killed and the battalion adjutant taken prisoner. The work on our side was done with tbe sabre,and was a very gal.ant affair. An ctflcer from Mount Jackson this morning says that tbe guard at tbe bridge near the town reports that a guerilla cavalry band made an attempt last nlgbt to burn the bridge, but they were repulsed. There it no rtttclal confirmation of theafiilr yet. Nothing but small rebel pickets could be seen in tbe neighborhood of tbe Columbian bridge yesterday. The weather is cool and alMaaat. ?n?l i><? !/ * are Improving. FROM GEN. BORN SIDE'S COMMAND. North (arollit I'llin Mfi Volunteering Lnder General Birniide?" ? Keginient Formed and Another Organizing. Niw Yor?, May 7.?Adviceo from Gen. Burnside'* divlson state that a reclmnnt of North Carolinians has been organ1z*<f, and that Capt. rotter, of Gen. Potter's staS, hat been appointed colonel. Two companies of onr troops had left Pa. I1U.V !--? M ' * - * ivi iTasuiuKiuiitii. 10 iorm toe nucleus ol another regiment Large number* of Cnion men voluntarily come and take tbe oath of allegiance to be armed and equipped by tien Rurnilde. Our troopi have captured horaea enouph to mount two companlea of cavalry, end they make frtquent dashes among the rebel*. FROM FORTRESS MOMKOE. The Merrlraac a?aln hut m?i?? > -- rnanstrationa ?~The Hebe s Kr treating acrtu mttblckahiiBinr. Fortress Monbos, May 7, p m ?The Merrlmac came out again to-day, but did nothing. A rumor was brought by the mail boat from Yorktown. that the enemy had crossed the Chickabomlny and destroyed the bridges In their rear, and that Gen McCleilan la atlll pursuing them The Norwegian corvette ?;eplon arrived here this morning, and her commander visited Gen. Wool, when salutes were exchanged The Strike A Jiang the Pottsville Miners? The Military Ordered Oat te Quell the R Ulars WIV1 * I' u i La del r h> a , May 7 ?The strike among the miner* near Fittsvllle la becoming serlou*. Tba employers not complying with their demand*, the miner* have stopped the pump*, causing serlou* damage to property from the flooding of the mines. The mine* cf the Forr*ot Improvement Company are rapidly filling with water Several companies of the Home (Tuaid leave Philadelphia this afternoon to prevent further damages From Mexic*?Iwanciaot *( hostilities by the fresch. Ntw Von, May 7?Vera Crux dates to the aith state that the I- rench commander had opened hostilities, and taken poaoeasloo of Orizaba. The British Minister wnss<iid to be holding a private Interview with Dablado at Fuebla. The Mexlr a no Kawo ?1 * *' I ,.H. UK I ?ru ir I iui'1' riiini^ niiiouniing to 9,tOO men, and Gen. Zaragosa would dispute the march of the F re neb Death af Judge ttahn. Pottsville, May 0 ?The Hon George Rahn, associate judge of Schuylkill equity, died lant evening, at hi* residence in this place Hla loss will be severely felt by a large circle of frlenda and relatives. Judge Rahn wat one of the pioneers In the development of the resources of the coal regions of Pennsylvania. Bosto!!, May 0.?The remain* of the four aoldlera of company H, lat Massachuaetta Regiment, killed while storming a redoubt at Yorktown, arrived here to-day. They belonged la Chelaea, and that city will give them a public funeral. Malla far Otacral BaruMe'i Traapa. New Yoke, May 7 ?All malla for the troop* oompoalng General Burnalde'a command muat h?r?riu !> * ? " ? ,K..,vi uo scut tib new k on post once, u easels will run regularly from here to Newbern. Gsns Is Eurspe. N*w York, May ' ? Among the passengers by the steamer Persia to-dav were Mlnlater Cameron, Bayard Taylor, and Bishop Lewis, if Ontario. Tbc Persia baa 1800,000 In apecle. JAY COOKE * C Q.. BANKERS, 4fi Kiftibrth 9mm, pujana ttei u. Di i;e.ktikiuaf ES OP INDEBTEDNESS. Quartrrmafttrt' Ckuki ami Voucktri, 7 3-10 TREASURY NOTttf. cottiivis&snsii mrs'ines. a?a-i? rkRBSS MAKING-Mim I. 6. ARTHUR. \J Faahionable Dreaa Maker, reepeetfullr informa the Cdiae o( Waahinjtoa that aha b? 1 oMnxl a dreaa making Mtabliakmaot at No. 410 BUt etreat, between H and 1, and n prepared to axaoaieall ordera promptly and in tne iateat atjlea of faahioa. CutUnc and fitting don*, and pati Wanted lmmadlalaly.?Yomng lad tea to learn Dreaa Making aHMa' EN?AV,?0-?.0^V.N?.NbRtv Wadding, Viaiting, and Baaineaa Carda. Notaa, Ch'oka, ({ill Heada. Maaio Titlaa. "" B?ora?, MMtli, Arms, Uuti Hjp ,u?. Oo?n PlatM.Jko . *o NmUi (xioiiM h.J vitti ditpfttck. M 'iio Pi imw ai? *u ... - i 4 . * " 1 " - ' CONGRESSIONAL. IUT11U CO?flKKS?->w?4 ?Yesterday, after otlr repcrt closed? A froto the Houae was rer.Hired. !pv pearbing W. H- HUffipfcre/t. judge cf the U.S. dUtrtct courU lo Tennease* Mr. fumner offered a retolntion for the e*jf>ul ion of Benjamin Stark, a Senator from Oregon. The bill for the .'nVwf^Jrat/on of. the WaaMneton and n?.ir<r?tnwn r%tr 0 tin An unfln. labed business. The b'll wm restoreu t^r^'rapl* to the condition In which It originally went to the House, by amendments, which WPr^ acted upon seriatim, and severally passed An amendment strillua o?t the provision of Ibree p?r cent of the net receipts to oe paid to the Corporations of Washington and Pee?g#toWa /of p?MI? ?ch >ol purpose*) and Snrtber ?fHk1ng odt the clati*8

authorliing the company to ltiue bonds to the amount of #10#,0ti0, were aeverally adored. The name* of Henry Addison, (Mayor of Georgetown ) Jas. Hall, John M. Brodhead, W. S Glimev. H. N Gilbert anil nl)i?r< ?? to the Hit of corporators, and that of Horace M. Dewey, of New Yore, was stricken out An amendment by Mr. Wade to ?e?ulre of tbe rompanv to purchase tbe stork of tie ouinlVu* line was lost?yeas Iff, nays 20. Hocsk.?After onr report closed? Mr, Crisfleld bad read certain resolutions of the Legislatures of Maryland and Ma*<Brhn?etf? r*. latlng to an appropriation of ?10 00<> by ?be farmer for the relief of famille* of MnJsSchcnetts volunteers killed and wounded on tbe 16th of April, 1861, at Baltimore The Nebraska election case was taken up, and, after discussion, laid on tbe table, thus retaining Mr. Dally, theaittlng member, in hi* neat. OFFICIAL. pvEPARTMENT OF STATE, JL/ Washington, January 85, 1MI. Tbe Secretary of State will hereafter receive Member* of Congreat on builnca on Saturday*, commencing with Saturday, the Int of next month. Jan 27 tf WILLIAM H SKWARD, rtTAR nf.PAHTMKNT W JiRTUI 51, 1*13. Oxsirbd, That the War Department will be cln#M Tuetdaya, Wedneadaya, Thursdays and Frldaya agalnat all other twain"** b'it that which relates to active military operations In the flsld. 8aturdny? will be devoted to the bualneaa of g>enatora and Representative*. Monday* to the bmlneas of the Fublle. EDWIN M HTANTON, ja 2*2 tf Secretary of Wax. FAHSENUEIl TRAIN TO MANASftA*. War Dspartmbnt, ) QJJlct Military Svp'Ttntrn Itnt Hntlrtmdf U.S. S Witfkittgton, April ) No Pasacnger Train will be run from Washington to Maaassax until further notice. D. C. McCALLUM, ap 18-tf M . P and Sup't Railroad*, U. H. IONG AND SHORT WRAPPINGS] -J FOR SPRING ! bHAWLS FOR SPRING! MANTLES FOR SPRING! NEW STYLES' ORB?S GOODS FOR SPRING ! With %li kirids of Dry Booda for the current warta of familiea. Ou - Northern aad Eastern correspondent* e?nd di new supplies dai!y. One price only, marked {n plain fijnres ; hence no pnrcnaaer ta deceived. Aninapeouon 01 aiook incurs no oblieation to inrnhtu UUDDVT ?. -n? r.. v..w?w> i c^n n i a. if" _in 7 Pa aveau* ?nd Oth at. ALL'S OLD STAND. The best p ace for cheap and desirable Goods, in tkia oitr, is the BALTIMORE BARGAIN STORK. 375 S'-'.enth atree? J oat opened a ooinp'ete line of Dieasi Goods, Doireatioa at laat jeara' Prioes. Iriah Licecs rer? cheap. Sun Umbrellas and Parasols, 'toiti Auction. A splendid Liaea Handcerohief at ].;? cts . worth 25 ota. flints' Colored Bordered Handkerohlsf at 55 eta., wo'th ota. Beit Trheart Gauntlets. at 'b ota., worth ota. B*s? snality Kid Finish Sill G!ove?,at frfiots., worth 87>? o:a. Hoop tfkirta at Factor? PnoM. lanhbuk8h a broth?r, At.? Seventh street. Hoop Skirt Factory, 119 liberty ttrfft New York ap ifrMw* T notice. HE Cop&rtoerab<p heretofore existing under tbe name and atyle of Arnt <k ;*hi.%n, la tins da? dissolved by mutual cooaert. ah ovinia agaiiiat the la?e firm will b? aet'Jad by R. A Shinn. Th?ae indebted to the late firm are requested to make payment to him. U. W AKNY. R. A. SH1NN. Georgetown, D C., May 1st, 1362. NOTICE?The undersigned will oontinue the Battling and Agency business at the Old Stand, and hopes to merit a oominuanoe of the Hf>er*i patrot.ate h?re'.ofore bes'.owea upon the late firm m 6 Im n A. SHIiNN. KH8ON8 D481 ROUS OK PUIU H ASINrt I'Kht CARRIAGH? womJ do well-arnft to % ve me a oali. an I have on hana " lot which 1 will ?ell low to o'oae ont. w TSr? A ?o,?e?eral second hand brat quality New York bniU Burtiea, whioh will be aoid very oneap. Repairing of all kinda promptly attorn! <vi to ftOBKRT H GRAHAM, m 3 6t* Cuarhmnk?r. RfK I ! I\OTiC^rO THE rUBLIC IN GLNKRAL. GOSLIRU REST *UR AW1, 3?T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, south 8 m. (Formorl* of New Voik,? Has the Name and Kama oJ beln* ONE OF THE BKST RENTAL'HANTS IN TOWN ! p"GiT? it & trial and judje fo? yourself. ??J1 Everything inth?Hr>u?e Mt0A\I BEST THK thM AH KET kfiML AFFORDS. *710 Don t forget the number? a A * a 1 r ouuij I run <11 ftV6DU9? l ml 3m 13th and 13t sta . south aide. M FRENCH MILLINERY. RS. THOMAS, From New York Room No. i 9 Delevan Houae, ha* lost arrived with a *?leot (took of FRENCH MlLLlNKKY of CD the latest at?la* and fashions, to which she^^ reapestfuily invites the attention of the ladies of Waahimton. *>28 aw PUBLIC NOTICE IS HERKBY GIVEN, that until othmrtae ordered, the Co<nmiasior*ra under the aot of Congreaa of ths 16th of April,1843, entitled, "An aot for the reirace of oertain persona held to aervioe or labor in the District of Col am Di?,--wui noid their aeaaiona in the City Hall, in the City of Washington, on Monday, Tueeday. Wednesday, Thuradat, and Friday, of every wees, and that all peraona. loyal to the United Statea. holding olaima to ?ervioe or labor peraona di?chargad therefrom by that act, may, within ninety daya from the paatace thereof. ( ?hioh x?i I expire on the L5th of Jaiy next.) but not thereafter, preaent MtheCommisaio-jera their reapec iveitalent eu la or petitiona in writinc. verified by oath of ail r it at ion netting forth the nanea, agea. and per aonal deaeription of anoh peraona, the m&on?r in wh oh the petitioners acquired auoh olaim.and any laota toaohing the value thereof, and declaring h:a or Ucr al.egi&noe to the Government or the United State*, and that the p*utioner ha* not borta arma againat tne United Statea dariru the present rebellion nor in any way given aid or o^mfort thereto. And notict u hereby fuiktr tiren, that ihe time aamed m ti.e 9th aeotion of that aot. for filing a lUtAmant in ' .u w -* '< Hunni who ins i i#n oi Ue Gironit Court for th? oictnot of Columbia. t>y the several owner* or claimants to the servtoei of the persons made frM by tnat aot, aettiut forth the name*, ages, ?, and Mrtioular description of uoq persons severally. le by authenty given to the Commiff ionera, by that aot, extended to the lat d y of June next. Th? CommiaaioQera are prohibited from allowing the olaim of any person who ah&il oafleottofilaaaoh etatemeutorsobedulewith eaid Clerk, according to the requirements of that eeeboa of said act 8 F. VINTON. DANIEL K GOODLOE, HORATIO KIN?, Commiaei oners. Washington. A>ni 3<, 1*2? ap 3Q-tf DROFE?80K ALEXANDER WOLOWBKI A is oontinu:n( his courses on the PIANO AND IN 81NOINA. dt liia new and aimplified hit reaidenoe. No 4?I. Tenth atreet. b?tw< en t and F. All thoae who deaite to beooine fine ameer* or exoeilent performera, ahcald avail tUwuiolvea of hia new reaUin of tn?tmotion. up J3-?m ULACK AND COI.OKKD SlLKa.-Nsw tup AJ plies ppecai bargains New lireaa booda offered to (lav, with our ua iai fall *u>ok of Dr? Gooda (Foreign abd l>obtMt a) repaired for general family w&ata. ?.. ?.ir.I'ftiirfi*,,.. mill Pens.trait an4?UiattMt. t)ROPO?A!/* FOR PM'Ll, A* MP FOK 1 IHE LNlTfcD BTAIfc? 8KRV1CE. Unn??i*r? Urru ?. ( V*A?Hir?TO?f. 1* C.. AtiH P, IW,| rnoFOfiLH Will I<1 th il Department, jnil 6 p. m. on th? e?e"ic? of the 1Mb of M?j, ikvi, for th&Ti*liotu:lpg. in tie United Statue, f?>r t'.# n - ?,iKin /\n? *? > fmm thmt O' ? III^UIl ^ I W'"> J * Ml J ??' ? UBrr| ?U3 lolipw!2n d?-c !?tl?n ? f a:m?. via : 8?ria(fl3d Rifle Markets. model 18*5. Harpers Ferry Ri^s?. yUj pwoid bayonets and steel cotbi.iMi, model <ri*. Breeon io*<nn* Cari,i??s, for eavelry, Rpvo.ver Pistols, am y *ijp, ft%b??* for he ht oavalrr. Non oc>Hif*i?tio!iei1 Officers'Swords, { et*et scatMusiciana* ( tarda, Sedi ?e*bhard? f*?r rlfl^l musket bayonets. Proposal* V.i! state- ^ . For mutlet's &Bo rtfa. the pf-*? for ?.??> of eMh?r, auu the reduction ~'<'poe*o. ?*r tun Icr eac'i a?!d;t(ora' W.Mio to 20 o o. ror +**>cl*tr? And 'he kind pr,;"oeed.<??1 the pnoe ?"r 4 snd <^?<>!ion. p r pistol vr c?r bfne, for eaoh 4* !lti<rj?al *.f*? to U*?. Por 'ibre j'f'rfj a*.?J fraliiflf, the prioeof each of the re?o!tibesd pattf.rriB to the number of ,S.(Mi each, and alio for e*?h additiora. 5 <*C to ?>,??). All the fire-anue ar? to be furnished w;tfc the frnlar apMndac'S- ?he r.*e markets are to be In a!l respeots identloal witt. tLM manufactured at the U S. Armory, iSprirfiel--, >'a8ten ?????. and afe *" lntsrchanje with n. ant with taci, in ft! rh P\r al'ta l-'an h nl >ha Irir.ila t. f i\ r*> w tivaa JTWt ? '" <4 0>VH VI <U*' I ' ?'1 arina rr.uet aiao u!*refcat.(e with out another In the eaire manner. The materialafor theaearnH Iti'H he of the terr beat qoalitr, and no ircalleai>;e lr-ti wi'lte allowed to bo u?fd. Ail the arijo>e muit !*?ub lest to ?na lntpeo'ion pr*se>nned oj tr* Orc'mr.e* K?ga!atione. and mu?t He boxed, itsdr for trana porfStior., at the exa-r^e of the oontractora, in a ch rracno-a? ni8y Jireotrd. lii8pecC:?^? will be made at the f4cto:??* m Iota of not esa than l.noo eaoh. i'ropoaa'a will a?ate the nani* f* catabi:?h m?i t making the cfler, the r.*imber at^ late o? the firit de i?ery,and rateol deinrerr montiii/ tfi seaf-er. Failure to n.aie a delivery at a rp~oifS?d time.oracT attempt to iLtr.duoe ma .ea' I" iron or oteer inferior materia' into the work, will aubjeat t?!e Whoe number of arms contracted for to forfeiture a* L'ie o?". r. of tu* i)fovtin?nL T^e Dep*rtn:er.t r<?ser*?? t?? u?elf the ntht In rej?ot toy tirf.acd wii. oonii-'er r;on*ro?<I? thro?*h (ity a*ent. broker, or party othsr t?:aa *& rejuiar manufacturer*. Pn>?o?alB will he a<idre??ed as follows:?"General J. vv. Kiplsy, Chief of OMnaiwe, W.vihini t->n. U C ami will be endorsed "Proposa * ior Mafk?U," or rifles, sa'ers, ft o , an the c??ei?BT bo. ap 9? dtMaj it pROPOBALS FOR WOKHE8. I)*pot Qttartk'?*?st*k,(i Orrtrv, J L'vrnti 18(4 and ii its., W**h>ntlon, > April ? l?3. \ r?KAT.*p rR<~.posAL= will tie noMnd at thi* Ofh-e until J^a'.urday.'he i'?h day of May, at 12 o*'!oi k M.? f>r forni-hire the ?ov?rnm'>nt wi*h (J.0*'} TWO THOUSAND HORDES, cl tli? followins descriptions, viz: CAVALRY. Fo* (l.mnione thousand hors*a.from (1M t ftrea t<> I ib) i.x feu hands hich, between fare and eight year* of age; of dark color*; well broken to the Buddie; compactly r.uilt, and free from ail defeota. ARTILLERY. |>'np ivviriae* n rwkAi - J l. . .. K ?\ i , ? "iiu mviiB^uu uorrn, from d*X ) hi teen and one livf to( ? ) nxieen h%nd? high. hetwftfn tT# *cdeii:iit years ?f &?e, of dark oolora; free all def?ot?; corop%ct'y hu:!t; weil broken to Uarcees, and to weijh aot lets taan 1,1*0 pocndi, PROPOSAL!*. Proposals matt spe?ify cieariy whether the bid is for Cavalr* or Artiiltry hos"e?, and ta mo ran mutt both be bid for ou the came ?a?er. If any b'dder wuhes to propogelor b-?th <5'?r?e? he must forward two ui*'inet propo*a:??ctf for Ann mr>. f ? *"?? "f"* wv. ? . v. V '?f- ir 1 > ?l H' tt " | ?UU t aVIiiH liW I ClOC enoe to any otner propoeai by the ?am? p*rty. If a bid i? in toe name of a firm tt.o of all the partners mast appear or it will not lo oomidered. Proposals mint be addressed to Co!. D H. P ucker, (Ju*rt<?rm*ster U. ArniT, Wa-hicKton. D.O, and must t>e p ainJy u.ariad "Proposals for Horse?." GUARANTKR. Theabi.ity of the bidder to htl ther.oLtract, shon'd it be awarded to him matt be guarantied t ? two retr imWe person*, whose signatures must La appended to th*> guarantee. Tne responsibility of the guarantors must be ahown t>y th? <>ffi ra certificate of tte Oier* of th? nearest Dietrot Court or 0! the United St&tos District At ornev liidders must b? prseat in person wh?n the bids are opsned or their proposals wiil not be considered. Bond*, in the sum oft-n hou-anddolia-?. signed by ?he contractor and bcth of his guarantor*, will be required of til? snooessfal bidder upon signing t e c 'litrvc'. A? the bond must aeo impany the contract, it will b^ neee*?arj for bidder* to lave iheir boud?men with them, or to l av * bond* sigr.;d in anticipation and ready to be produced when the contact is signed. Blanks frr l-onds car. te procured upon app ieation being m?de at tms office, either per, by iette'. or b* te.etraph. #> or wi a4 w/i??a> #? We, .of the count? ? ! , ar.d Plate of , and ?, of ttie count* of ?ami ft&ie < f , do hereby guarantee tLfct i? able to fu fil ? oontraot iq a?oord*noe wit> tfie t-rmn ?f r.ic propo?i tioa. and that, ahoud hi? pn-position he aooewted, he will at o&oe enter :ct*~ % o?n'.raot in aooordanee therewith. should the cir.traot b* awarded him we are prepared to beooine hi* eeoaritiee. (To thia guarantee m??t be appendea the ajtuil certif.oate atove mentioned.) INgrtCTION. UKLIVERV. A.r. AM hor*ea ccntraotfd for nrdrr tMa adv^rti*!* meut will be inserted to & irspeotior, and thoae cot oonforiuiLj to ine specification! will be i ej it l ed. No mart* will be reoeived. The horses most a:l be delivered 10 tlua oit* on or b?fftre Satwizy, (kt 3151 >l?v of May, and ft a (ztfN.?<en of time will begrant-*! on auy pretext n made upon the eoafMira off wh oontrnct. or so soon thereafter a? the Depot Quartermaster shall be In tccd*. An> in!orniaiity in the bior nnn-oonforniaDee with the term* of this &d?misrmoat, *t'l ec#ure Ihe rejection cf tno proposal* horce* w:.! be awaded in !ote of net mors than (??') two hurrti'tl each, nn ees the Depot U uarterrr aater ahould deem it for the interest ?.I tne 0'iTernnient to ao^ept a larger nunl-er. The Depot <(u?rt? uiianter rc*"rrr?i to himself lie ritht to rf jeot ai.y o: fc.i i J3 Hia? he may oe?m t"0 lmh D H. KlCKi-R. a? 23 tni*** Co'.on*; r.rv' Dr-pi'HVuarterir.aater.^ MRP. KIPSKLL'S KKSTALRANT Tka unni.lir U L'JT 1 I II * ? '" - ...? fuvu II 1,11 il VII A il X ft i;u SALOON lor l&die&aml ceatleiuan k'l'lvj A by Mr*. I.. Rut-ne!1 193 7 ri stiwt *f yffijkT ( > da an opportunity to c.ti'r; a <'JUL'_??J? rla"gera to g^t ? ?*;? at VI lijur*. nervel up in ine fur which thu establishment ia l*.: ors, Visitors may count upon food tare, o"urtcoee attendacoe. anu all the re*ui?iiej iora wel -regaieted firat o'im> ho'iO. \p St4 irn HP CAN'T BE UCAT: x HE Subscribers determined to acoommcdate all persona, eittier in pleasure or buai-jg. n aa. gone to a larg6eipea?e in theVeRlwiCT: Surcheae ot Carriages, Hugg tea auJ Sad-*E-~ " 1? Horses, Ml for the use of the pubiio. Families it, can at al > times procure a uioe oarnsge i witti gentle horaej and a good and careful driver. | Oruers a?Lt to the atablea with atreet and nmaber will lie prompt! t attended to. Charge* as m< derate aa .lie ;imea will a:iow. llorsei tsi.n: &t livery. J O COOK * CO., Sixth street, one olock south of ?p iiinr Pgnna. avenuo. f?0 THr. LADIe.3 GENERALLY, AN1J ALL 1 ADMIRERS OP CHOICE PLANT?*. AO., *o , PARTIOIjLARLY,?FOR*SALE?25,0tnox tr? H*rdy I'^rpstual bloomiLc Ro n. Ornament^ S?tiru:>?, Parlor &ud Cirnbisg Plants, M&r nolias. Rltododindrum, Ewrcrwiu. A a. Tho collection ocmpriao? all thoolioiooat ku.Ca known in Europe or Ainerioa. All pi&nti wtrr&ntsd true to rune an<l of first reality. A J&RU1N, Flonat and Nursery nan, ap 25 2w* ConneoMont av . ooruor of M ?? l^VERY PERSON'S INTEREST-That fina 1j itook of Clothing for sale over Gats' Jewelry Store it now otfrred at less than wholesale prices, at SMITH'S, Mo. 4?U Seventh street,opposite Post Ofic* fe r-*"' TH HE PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORE, N?. 460 si. Always ahead ! N?w arrival of Spring Goods, all the latest styles of C!othinr, at No. 4o0 Sesren'h ?tra*t. u*sr F fe?7 km IVOR SALE?A finestnok of C.otninf, Fsrnirh r ins 6oods,Trnnks. Hats asd Caps, at wiole sale prices, at No. 460 ffeventa street, opposite Fost Oftoe fe if Jul i KENT'S Famishing Trunks, Clothing, \T Trunks. Hats ami Oars, all at Noithern prices, at the People's Clothier >tor??. Na. 4 fin ith mtrm > S*I irtVr? IWL #HIKT8!?Jutt r?w??>ivrt ?t SMI >H H. No. <ftO Hoyonth ?t f* J7-I>r | ~JEN1LKMKN8 RKADV MAI?K UAK.M W . _ h-NTS. OP FINK QUALITY. W offer aitiseute and atr&ni er? a :%gt> umiI Enlm AKE*? CO A id. HUW-r1^ cVa*8. PANTALOLNS and VK3T8. W ALL, BTKFifiSAB it yO., Mtc; act Tai'iora and GlaUara. Skia Pa. ? ?., Laci < ?? M??*r k < < "a KhFKlttUAAl'UKS. rtNY Person canaoi tail tu I? satisfied with a K KFKI6KR aTOK ?e:?ci^5 from a arge fgjjjj* anoitment Kept by _ K. H t II J. UHjOK > . MM .<<?i t*dan?fivauu n'liii, SoBth SI ?%. " r>#-? hiu *I?<1 |Ath (yjfr,?!tOTi;ANi' WARE oh ail kioof if fc? u*d of mki*n * THE WEEKLY ST A It. fll? Firmly tsl N-w? Jemr-11 ?a Ulnlng pnifl mr.rty of lBlrr?*uax r^dJigf tb?n c?a be f-unrt la Uf otter ?1? p?Wi?*ed ? r>ii>. i 1?? I ? W? U . U K. r?.?4, ???? *? Single copv. r*i num.... VI * Fl?f 4 79 Tea <y>pl?* * '?? Twmty l*c copies * "" II In^nrlnbly tb? " W??hli?fton that bu mud*' 7"*? flu't Sfr cJrcalu# o Rcncr*l!v U?f?ucta?tit tb? ommtf* IJ7" single cop'.e* (In wrapper** tan be pro cored at the counter. immediately after the laaue oftlie paper Pric??THRK.F. CENTS. 121 rCKNSTLfAJIIA AVCMIK. ENILE DI't'HL. J art Rwlvrd u>4 Opni4, A larf* and IraUelaa atack of ch^'.se FAMILY GROCERIES, aanat?Cn* aft PL'S A RP, ?f all Rta4f?, ?LAJ, | cuirtK, BfTTLR la n i' FLOG*, MA.1LLARD1* CHOCOLATfc., &?., Ac, kr. Ail o; waJak fce offer* at Umwt casta prices. TIKE'S CELEBRATED WHISKIES 5M bcrrrte Ma(it"lla, ?"0 banrla X \ X, 9>M barrel* Mlllera Wye Mrarvagatelt, ?00 baml* flar Old Rye, 600 barrel* Kne Old *?*?-??<?>, at ciyciyyati rkicks. All the fsvorlte brrnd* e| CHAMPAUNK, M>ima Verxeny, 6.T* HeM?lrfr, which, being bought low. n* Pfl-t M mu?j.iUf low muw. Al*e, Sol? Agent let PIKE'S ARM V CUR IMA L; ir h Utt J I'ST ARRIVbl), dirwt Itnmtn an? tlon Miisp oue iinnilr<*1 p ecei CHKt'Ki.R l.i> MATTlVtJ- A ?o,a:; ?v-horlu.?ul fOII.CL' ?'l Ht* M:J CARPET;*. together wnh m up * .unlit; < ! CROCKEK V ft a 1 dMori?ti?n?. 1 nare on bard NKW FEATHKRS, MAT TRESSES and ?Elr?TEM>s, with* i?<ic ? ^ _ M u>r! a* /v/v.4. la- A li .^rw nr.n j iwi1' u??w.? . u tors, b'lt llttid "? . A1! of which have lx??n Unit lit lor &a*U &L<i wih s ? ?< ! ! at a awia i aivai toe. H. nUCHLV,*J^'"i st'M>t,ca#i ap 1*'. Im* Plt*M t? and (1 ?ts. P8UM LOND'>N-FiM thoveand W or is at a I G!auec;l9. K?mj? wria*n in the m'Trala nf |ln?ir><*?a. ?. Travels of tiarou Munchausen, Jl.w?tra'?rt, t7. TiiO T? eaoofe -Hj Sir John tl*rrch?l. f;;< Han?t*e Hoae^ijo d French- $ 13 Origiua and InreuUous?uj WtMiaru l'u ;e?i.: 11 75 The Bomaree of the f-\>ro>n-UT Petri Harke in HainJ boyk of I'ontica Eoor.nmy?II* Lmua.CT OH Boaes, or i>i s for tuuuk*, 91 y. :?copedaof Pos'i-a" Ouotati us; f I 11. Graoefui K'.ditc? By J*, v,. Wait*; ?:. Hiftori, Op nicu:. 4.8, of !smi liwk?ri.l#il!, I'.-q , wit'. er?r I sat ?* ra I KKAM K Tai M?* Read with wnmok and a?ti with PRECAUTION : DR. M- VELL?N V'S PRIVATE IIO^JMTAU ;n t - T'edera! H'ocs, ?>ope?it<* tl>* ?s?ot*r*l i s\ and Patent Offioe. Room <4 up air*. ^rn<?r oi7ib*aa t iv? , ? i?. t , Llst&Muhsd fur th' PtsppreMion of ?}u*ci9rj The Uelj Regular riiTsici&s A<J?e:t>?;nt Dr. M. V#llni*? long exr#r;e: o# ir. ho*p;ta t felloe w?rra.nUnim iu tnr.t h# can pj'f . diceiicps : f a ?riVau> nature, or to# wi l (ariftttM am of five bund-pd do'lara. Cili and ?e# him. No ehari* for ooD?o'tat'f>n. A rerfoct and radica: core verfocteu from on* to [vor iiayi or n.ti >1 ??n* I'll KIVART Jk l'?l SILLER Y CHAMPAGHJB VI-POT RKMOVKII T" 8. K. CoKi?a> o? I'****. Avnreit ?*c Clarmdcn ??! < Bund inc. WatkmfHm. fl. E08KT, N?ur Yoet. JAMF.9 MOI.AN. A?a-?T. Wt'BiMlojl, P C. BHIRRY. PORT ?cd MADfclRA .YINK8. 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Hon'.,! thu^Jf'iA ?u _ , |VE HAVE.OPENED A LAR6I .-*<?<> ?? 01 T?t7 Hue IMltRSHlK ; r? r DBAWKF8, which will to sold at ie**<u?. .? frio?. BAM'L W. THOMSON. *70 penn. falt-tf ? ?wiw Hw.t'i f ADJES" RUBBER BOOTS l-t AND PHOL?. All illdi tl J. B. PUDNEVS. 3*J4 Fena aieruo, pack -f Cl*t?tt'> PrT Goo<f? \1KK ? rwbbi:k boots l'l AND5ROK8, At J. B PUJWKVH. f* lf-tf *?4 P?cn. >y.. wrt J A H G L MAPS GEORGIA. SOUTH CaRO^NA. AIAHAVA. fLORlBA, published by the State Govern :iS*!t* onv?fr? enI&rced lotle, mon&tMl on clotfc . ?p..r ? M 17 KH?NCK TaV I ? H __ |\eMa, DKATB. DKATH TO ROAfHW. LP Bfcl> BUGS. AftTS, K1 KAS, Ae.-Ui* M ? - I ? - - - ? unrci I??iraj?r J O ?e?p twtib lio<a jour rara a-.d vmI^u naa th? ?au?*aruu*?. 11 j Will warrant it to b? effectual. Pie?ZS*&j yc*-. 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