Newspaper of Evening Star, May 8, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 8, 1862 Page 3
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I ??* LOCAL NEWS. Nnfiri ?Mr A. W. Burns, tbemutatfaff iff?nt ft thf Strr?'? circulation in ecorgvtown, will b-rt-afler a too net w the Sfjr'i advertUlne a*cnt tv n? Any Georgetown advertisements left at pr G B Barnard's, corner of High and Bridge :r*rt*, or with 6. Crandell, No. US Bridge cwt. will B??t with prompt attention. -?AHVSntSlfTS To nibht. TVac's Athkkitm ?Mr. Porrwt will nodonbt draw an Immense bouse to-night to wltn*?* bis pomonatlon of " Spartacas," in the Gladiator. Tb? other part* of the plav will he adenuatrlj nu'taloed by Mr McCulloch as Phasarlns, Mr. I.?*h ta Cra??us, and Ml?s Athena as tenons, together with the entire force of Manager Ford's splendid company. Ganvtu's Theatii?T\* Optra ?The operatic perforroanee announced for laat night was p??)?rllv postponed on account of the non-arrtval In time of the Grau Opera Trwipe, their dttrntl">n having been caused by a railroad acr.ltk j * ? - j i? ur >( p?roini{ aramauc raifTiiinment tcok place, howewri and Mr. Gottschalk b*ine here performed bit part, and thus very '?*ah!y tmeo'hed down the disappointment of (be public. The bill announced for last nlgbt will positively be performed tbla evening, snd operatic performances will also be given on Friday and Saturday evening* The tickets sold are good for eltber of these evenings, or they may be rxrbanffed at Mc'xerott'a music store?where the sale of s?afs will continue to-day?&a well as at tb? bo* office. Ca^TiaiciT.?Manager Perclval and his corps of performera ae?m determined to please, If keening up a continued succession of novsltle* can do It. "How to*et a Wife.'' wltb Harry Rlee u the Contraband, aeem??itllltodrBW bugely; wblle the "Glp^T'* Lay" give* renewed satisfaction nigh'ly. Besides tbr?e attraction* we hare the Washington pet, Mrna Julia Mortimer; the tweet aonKBtreaa. Mlaa Duval; and the graceful danwu?e. Millie Fowler; and the other fevorlte atara of the Canterbury. Vocal Concbet.?The children of the Third Diatrlct primary achool, under the direction of tHttlr frndl* tMrKsr Mr I II rWa%l^l . . . mm hwiv WWVH'I ( #. 4/t*' % OHIH'UUtr a vocal concert fur tbla evening, at Odd Fellows' Hall, similar entertainment* heretofore, hire been attended with pleaalng n<<ce?, and tbla one will not be an exception Misses Thomson and McConnell preside at the piano. Parr F R Labbb, whose announcements alwavs r?n*e a flutter and commotion among the little folks, sdvertlses one of his favorite festivals for th1? evening; and the assurance la $lven that al! who mav natroniza k!m *111 n?mm ftrnlog. ' r * The Cosctot Fodallty (colored) 8t. Aloyilua Church to-night will dlaplav tome of the best talent from New York. The orchea'ra la said to very fine. r>E*oc*vric Miktiso m thb S*cosd Witt. Pursuant to adjournment, a meeting of the " National Democrats" wa? held last evenlne at the ball of the Franklin Fire Company, at which there were present between fifty and ali'y periniia Rmnni* wknm w? nAtU?I ? * - * "HUH * v a? Councilman Edmonston, of the Fourth Ward; J. H "(lien, ex-Intendant of the Aavlum; \V H. Hop**, Geo. Spencer, bailiff of the criminal court, ard al*o a number of roune men from the Third and Fourth \Vard?, who, If they came to see fun. i were disappointed, aa the meeting pawed off quite mtldlv. Mr W. E. Pe'tlbnne called the meeting to ?rd-r, and moved that Mr. J. F. Ennfr take the r ha*r. * Mr J F Hallday (ex-Collector) was appointed secre'ary. Tbe Chair toted the meeting to be of the national democrat* and opponent* of abollttonlara rf tbe i*econd W ard, to elect delegate* to meet In 'onvention to nominate a candidate for tbe mayorality, and tc select candidates for Alderman and Common Counellmen. Mr. J E. JtHard moved tbe appointment of a cwmlttee to nomlna'e delegate* to the meeting, and Mrxara Jillard. 9-tm'l Lewis and Pat'k Jordan were nominated. The committee reported the names of Nlch. Callan, G IV. Barry. W. P. Drury, W. E Pettibone and John F. Ennls, who were choeen delegates to the convention. The committee buz ii*ated in their report that a* aoon m delegate* ball be chosen la the other ward* the convention be called to meet In the ball of the Franklin Fire Company; accepted. Nomination* being in order for Aldermen and Common Coancllmen, Mr. L- F Clark nominated Thoa J FUber, and the nomination waa unantmnaalv carried. M r S? Lewia nominated N. Callan for Common Councilman; and he waa una^imoualy choeen. Mr. Clark nominated Grafton Powell for the Council. The Chair.? A'l !n favor of the nomination of M' P. well taj "iff.'' Several Voice* ?"Ave." Chair.?Thoae of a contrary opinion say ?? no ." one Voice.?? Ne." (very lou-i ) Chair ?The aye* have it. The voice.? Division." Tbe Chair Mated that thia was a Second Ward meeting, and that peraona from other warda would not take part In the voting. The Voire?"A fecood Ward man called for a division " Mr Powell atated tbat be did not wish to be In anybody's wav He bad served three yeara In tbe Council already, and everybody there knew hi* course. Mr. Clark suggested that, to avoid difficulty, tb? balance of tbe ticket be voted by ballot Mr. Hallday ?aid the upper portion of the ward ahould be represented, and named aa a suitable candidate from that section Mr. Michael Green, who was well fitted for the position. Mr "T Ut/vu.. I P .* . oivwn nuuiuiaicii Li C . "viari. Mr. Clark said be bad no aspiration for the position. He would prefer to stay at home, but if bla feilow-clt:z?na saw It to aend him to the Council. be woald go cheerfully. Mr. Patrick Jordan nominated George \V. 8trwa't. A Voice?"Will be accept?" Mr. Clark thought that Mr. 8. would serve. Mr. Hd'.lday stated that last yew Mr. Stewart had positively refuaed. Mr. Eanla was nominated. Mr. Ennla a?ked to be excuaed, stating that toey bad already cbooen a representative from hi* ectlna of tbe ward. Hia heart and aoul were In the ronteat. whatever mleht be tbe result, bat be did not wlah to be a candidate Mr Clark aald If Mr E. declined he would have to follow hia example Tbe meeting proceeded U ballot, with the followtne reaolt: O'afton Powell, II vo'ea; John F F.nnia, 12 vote*; L FC lark,# vote*, Michael Green, 5 votes. The Chair declared Mr. T. J. Flaher tbe nominee for Alderman, and Mraar* N Callan, G. Powell, and John F. Ennla for Common Coane linen Mr Powell, after returning hia thanka for tbe honor, stated that he had been fbl?elv accnaad of b? lo* a *ec*?aionlst He wi* opposed to the reb?l Icm, and hoped that Mr. Lincoln would pat It down to effectually that we may never h?ve a not her attempt to dissolve the Union He waa ^pi<Med to the abolition of alarery la the 8 la tea cr D'atrict, anleaa by the consent of the people, tid unless aome provision waa made tot the Immediate colonization of the blaeka. He waa In favnr of edar?Uny every man's child, bat he weald have the ITttle word lefctis before It He ?r:?hed it distinctly understood that he waa a I aloa man all over. [Applause j Sota Bens.?With considerable pride we call the attention of the gentleman who threatened to "swat the Stsr bis ow?? th* k?rf? look to poke fun at tbe Meeting, to our above report, about tbe genteel thing. Nary fun PoLiri ?Tbe Third Ward patrolmen reported veate'day the following eaaea?Geo WlUlama, Oeo. K W Parker an<f Geo. Taylor, all colored, druck and dlaorderly, fined f I 48each William Moody, col , carrying weapon*; dlamiawd Ever bart Cotman, disorderly, fined SI. Jamea Poe, reddling without licence; dlamiawd Virginia Hunt, disorderly: do. Josephine Hunt, do : floed 91 91?by Juatlce Clayton. Levin Love, do ; do SI M?by Justice Clark. P. O'Day, Ihruwlor fllth In th* ?l??l it? ? ai?>.? . - ?| <WH.? Tkcmpxw. The Fourth Ward pa'.rolaen reported the following Before Justice Walter?J. W. ?. Moonr, Deonla Donohue aad Mark Wbnrten, profanity and fighting; locked np three koura H ish Maxwell, drunk; dianlaaed Pat'k Brannrtftn and Win Averton, do ; turned e?? to tbe military. Before J aatlee Johnaon?Hrnry Trawam?o, aa?au!t and battery; accurlty for peace. B. W ?rd. do ; dlamlaaed. CirrUl OvaiDBOCa* Caana ?Jmtttc* Walttr ?A. C Uimtnoad, auaplcloua character; for bearing. A B Baaklll, picking pocket; do frier Copner, disorderly, and abuaing hia wife; fl-i-d 91 John Gaynor, riding on pavement; Co<ti M Mala lllntl llw ditmUscd VVm. rtchrntg, drill; turaed over to the military John Kennedy, drunk; fined US M V Wbuaua, druak; tgrwd over to the military. * otiTB Wiir Station Cash?Biff* Justice filter.?Charles Brcu :k, druak: dismissed H McDrrmott. drunk lad disorderly; 13 94. ' Jonra, disorderly cooduet; 9U. Marj Hhss, drunk, dismissed W. H. Church, auaptcloua character; dismissed. Chaa. Kelly. toraed over to the military. **oom> Wabd Station Casbs?B<ff* Jtuiiet ? Biddy abb Johaaoa, colored, drunk aod <1 ?*rd?rriy; |2K H. O. Frearaonl. erunk; dlarn'??d CoroH.u* Newman, colored, iaaultlag a f inals; t 91 Timothy Reyaold*. aaleep la 10* a:r<*i, ?3 'Jl KoOt Miliar, the* dla.nlaard. A Carrion.?P?trr o'Day, for ca? 1 .g a r?rt ' loa ? uf m'bUL la Nlulh atrm, w* Bnrd sM Djr Juatlce Tuoiupaou yrawrday |( may lt?? a , good purooM la pcerewlag a nhMn 0# tfa* Tlby Otter j Fittb Waf Political Mnrin*.?A meeting of ill "who approve the war policy of the ad ml flirt rati on and disapprove of the ticket already nominated in aald ward, bot otherwise Irrespective of party," waa held at Ward's building last nigni. ana organised by calling Dr. j. M. Brodbe?d to the chair and appointing Mr. E. L Stevens tec r eta v. Mr. Brodhead said this was a meeting called Ir- ' respective of party; but no one need give up hla party predilections. He had ever been opposed to bringing politics Into munlclpalaff-ilrs, and he at this time knew no partv. On motion, a committee consisting of Messra. B B French, John Mills, Knlcht, G F Gnllck and Dr. McCoy were appointed to draft renolutlona expressive of the sense of the meeting, and also to make nominations, who reported the following rreamble and resolutions: Whereas It becomes the daty of all good cltltfni til ltfnnr# nAvtv 1nrr In thla trvlncr rrlala ? ? Kuwiv pma ?? IVV>III? ?? ??' " J 1 v' "?? and select men who are true to the Union, the Constitution and ".he enforcement of the law*; also possessing wl?dom, prudence, experience and legislative ability. Such should only be encouraged by being placed In positions of honor and profit. And to protect the Union, and unite all parties for the sake of the Union, It baa become necessary for all leyal men to sunder all lines of '-political parties" and battle together as one man for the glorious heritage bequeathed to os by our Revolutionary Fathers. Therefore Rttolvri, That the Union and tue Constitution, the invaluable legacy left tons, receive our warmest and heartfelt support, and we cheerfully will defend the same from the band* of traitors whether domestic or foreign, and we also pledge ourselves to stand by the Union for Lbe sake of the Union ?inmric, im we, ss cuuens 01 me firm Ward, In meeting a?ta bled, cordially endorse the acta of the preaent Administration In the policy tbcy hare adopted for the auppresalon of this Infamous rebellion. ttttolvtd, That we recognise In Richard Wallacb, Esq., the qualifications to plainly set forth in the preamble, and that we do moat cordially approTe of his (Mayor Wallach's) coarse since he haa been acting at auch Rffnlvtd, As cltlxens of the Fifth Ward, In meeting assembled, that we do most cheerfully a 1 n t.t a ? - - - urtiarr mcoiru waiiacn, hiq , CUT cbolce for the MiToraity, for the two year* next enaulng; and that he la hereby nominated aa oar candidate, and that we pledge ouraelrea lo uae all honorable and Juat meat.* to elect him. Ruolred, That the action recently had In onr Counclla, looking to the erection of proper and suitable school houaea. meets with our heart* approval: and we truVt that measure* will be tiken without further delay to erect them, for the convenience and health of the pupils; aa the present buildings (many of them) were unfit. And bt it furtker rttolred, That we will support no one for muolrlpal offlre who will not subscribe to and endorse those ever memorable words of the Immortal Webster?"Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and Inseparable." The Chair hoped the resolutlona would pass without a dissenting voice. He cheerfully and fully endorsed all tue resolutions except that one referring to Mayor Wallacb, which he could not endorse In part Hla objection waa the many re* movals of good men from oSce. Be merely stated this to place himself right with the public. But hp WnnM IM?nl mm*.A ? ? v 1 - ?w ? vm? tv nic * rw\'i uuuiii aiiu ?I?C UlB cheerful support, nevertheless. Mr Gulick cbjecied to tbe endorsement of the Administration. Tbe meeting bad been called Irrespective of party, and be thought the endorsement of the Administration would make It a political affair; for the endorsement of President Lincoln wa* the endorsement of a party. Mr. French explained that the resolution as originally offered In committee was much longer, out an naa Deen struck out except the endorsement of tb? President's war policy- He hoped there waa not one who would not endorse tkit. For htmaelf he could endorae the whole of the reaolutlon; but the lmpresalon appearing to be that thla would make tbe meeting a party affair, be had atrlcken It out [ The part atrlcken out reada as follows : "And for the perpetuity of tur once glorious Union; and that we approve ot tbe course of the Executive for the bold and Independent stand taken by him upon numerous occasions, and also for bis wise and jadlcioua recommendations made to Congress from time to time."?R*p ] 1 be Chair understood tha reaolutlon offered as merely endorsing the war policy of the Admlnls uauon. Mr. Gulick said hl? own feelings personally were In f .vor of aurh endorsement; but he wanted to conform aa strictly as possible to the call If we Intend to make a party affair of this, let us make It known at once Mr Sargent s:!d the call Itself approved of tbe President's war policy. The Chair suggested that tha words of the call abouid be adopted; and offered the following a? a substitute for tbe resolution offered by the committee : RtsolvtJ, That, aa citizens of tbe Fifth Ward, In meeting a*a?mbled, we cordially endorse the war policy of the Administration in putting down tbta Infamous rebellion. The resolution was adopted with aome alight ooDosltlon. "the commUtff reported the following noralnanatlona: For Alderman, Nathan Sargent: for Ommon Council, E L Steven*, R T. Knight, and W M. Ellis. The following Indtarldial nomination! were made : For Alderman, \V. M E11U; for Common Council, C. J.Canfleld, Albert Richard*, and G F. Gnllck. On counting the rotaa, the following gentlemen were declared the nomln?ra: Mr N. Sargent, for Alderman; and Mrsara. Ellis. Richard*, and Gullck, for Common Council Mr. B F. Dyer was declared the nominee for A?e?' r. Mr. Elliot WAA A\mrnttiaflvi?K th? nAmlna. Hons. They wera *11, aa uaual, from tbe *outh end of tbe ward. Tbe nortb bad never had a representative; and be therefore moved a reconsideration of tbe vole whereby Mr. bill* waa nominated, aa there was tome doubt of the latter gentleman's running Mr. Canfleld thought the ward should be more fairly represented. The north end bad never had anything, and could never get anything done. But a* the ticket had now been settled, be would cheerfully do all in bis power to elect it. Tbe meeting refused to make the nominations for Alderman and Common Council unanimoas. Mr. Elliot minted on his motion for a reconsideration. Mr. Wood waa willing to have the votes on all the candidates reconsidered; but did not see why Mr. Ellla'a name should be specially mentioned. He (Kills) was not the lowest on the ticket. Mr Can Weld wis much obliged to his friend (Mr Elliot) for hts exertions to have the north end of the ward reprerented, but he thought beat to part In good feeling, and support the present ticket. He wanted to aee It elected. Mr. Elliot Inalatlng on hla motion for reconsideration, It waa flnallr put, and lost. Mr Z Hunt Mid If there waa any doubt of any of tbe candidates running. It ought to be known. He therefore moved (he appointment of a committee of three to wait upon the candidates, and report at next meeting. Messrs. Z Hunt, E O, Handy, and Jos. Lynch were appointed said committee. A A i m i r nxl nntil r,..? Unnil.. ?-I IW. ..WJV?,HVU HVA* VTVUIU^I Ol IUC same time and place. Th? A?t Photo?**phic ?From W. F. Rlchsteln, J7b Pennsylvania avenue, we have aome floe photographs of noted persona and places. Rlchsteln haa a large stock of such for sale. At i%illi!iato!i,??M'me Demorest's Mirror of Fashion for aumraer, containing numerous engravings of new and elegant designs for dresses, cloaks, waists, sleeves, bonnets, trimmings. Ac., with fall descriptions and reporta of the latest Pans fashions It Pzkniis amd Bmall CiiR?i may alwaya be had for exchange at the Star ottce counter. tl Osilt mil or it, silver-plated spoons, forks, castors, pitchers, cream Jugs, butterdishes,sugarbowls, nit stands,, for only one dollar, at the People's Dollar store, 439 Penn. avenue, near Foar-and-a-balf at. m 8 tw? Coins, *tc ? All persons afflicted with Corna whether bard or aoft: and all afflicted with Bunlona, Calloaltlen, club and Ingrowing toenails, ma? And great relief and be satisfactorily bascsltfi b* sDDlvlntr to Dr fi Whll?. 1m Pennsylvania a?enoe, between 4J{ ud 6th KtwH, Room 7, aecond floor. Art pbeio!< wiahtng to procure a loan of a few dollars on satisfactory security, can do ao by calllag at 456 Eleventh at., between G and H. aplt Tn Indian Hub Doctoe (F. Tnmblety, M. D , from Canada,) will describe diseases and tell hla patlenta the nature of their complaint* or Illness, without receiving any Information from them. No charge for consultation or advice. Ollce, No. 11 Washington Building, Pennsylvania avenae, corner of 7th street. ap 39 All fismm caa tad the bat stock of Clotklu, Furnishing Good*, Trunks, Hats tad Caps, atSmlth's, No. 470 Beveatk a?.f Mar P. fe*T-3m liBBIiP. Oa tka 7;h instant, by tba Kit. Father Lyaok, 8. J ?*ohOATto/ Naatas. Fr?nos, to CAIOLINK K.. loauMt nutklar nf #. Mast. Km i of Una oity. IM?Ui O. the awraiac o'th* 8 th JOHN MoCUTCH EN. OB of Willuua Bad MargBrat MoCo.onen, ?f?d U j Bra. 1 he friBB4? of tha flunllr Bra ram*atfBlly iavitod to atttnl hit fiBB>Bl. t*Binr.i?y afternoon, at halfpul 2 o'oioon, from hia f?th*r'a iMldMM, ifth a<r*et ev t, bet vmb 6 Bed 1 a tract alft* . In Wuhlaftoi ottr. ?b til* morninc of Ih* 7tn of M?r.Bt ? miuate* off o'olook, JOHN B. DkV1 uSo ?, in the Mth jear of hi* age, son or the l?3 IB^I Jamas ObtuUob, o fmc* Seorga'a, Tne frisnds of tM fbmtly ?rs oorrfislj UTitod to fcttoad his tsnsrftl on Kriaaj ,?t S o'oiooi, fiom his late rssidtoM, 3?9 13-h st * At (M U' I J*?0 H?1M. la tt.S i'Uj O' IlltlltfllS UjbvI IAS D->WfU, C*?t UfciAK k WllLUS. wt hut* ]< N. Y.. formerly sttvo;.?a to U. 5. s*r-los it Vorl koju. in, Y. snd nT7. hf*r* oojjJ * # a ^ _ AMUSEMENTS. FORD'S ATHKNKUm. iw* V. Kokd Propnstor and Manacer Joan B. Wumi SUi? Maaa<or Positively Last Night but on# cf EDW IN FORREST. THIS *7K?1N?. Dr. Hi**'* n*ist>r*ted Tra?My of THE GLADIATOR Pp&r?aeu? .Edwin Forreet Puikiiii John McCnUongh Crmaeaa W. H. LMI Rnom%ns C. B. Harrleon Benana >li?? Athena FR1D\Y. Benefit and ?o itivMr the la?t aatf arttoe cf El)WlN FORRfcJST. Who will aa?e\r In Bnlver'a oelebratad play of THE LADY OF LYONS. eApmaaion. a Circle and Paranette 71 cent* nred Beat*? >1 oony Seat* ._fl Orcheetra Seat* ? . ?1 Private Boxee(holding eight>__ BIO Family Giro!* ? 26 oenta 07* Box Offioe opsn from till 4 o'olook. iFwii vivu m% i uu inu rwi o. It PHILIP WARREN- Timwer. GROVEti'S THEATRE. Mr. fliovu hM the honor to annovnoeth?t ho hu effected &rr?a(omenU with th? world renowed Piannt. L. M. OOTTSCHALK. In eonj onc'lon with Gran's Italian Opera Troupe, Academy of Mneio, New York. MMK. EI.KNA Fi'ANGRI. The oelebraUd Prim* Donna Contralto. 8I6N0R BRI6NOLI, the great Tenor. 8I8NOR AMODIO, The famoui Baritone, brother of the late Amodio. S!?1SJR MANCU8I. Primo Baritone, J9NO* Pl'P'NI, the famone Baeao. BI9N0R MUZIO. Mnaical Director and Condector. Thia treat combination of Mnaioal oelebritiee vill give in tVaahington. THREE GRAND INSTRUMENTAL OPERA TIO PERFORMANCES On THURSDAY. FRIDAY, and SATURDAY, May >.9 10 ON THURSDAY EVENING, May 8. The Programme vill oonaiat of A GRAND GOTTSCHALK CONCERT. Of ten pieoee, aeeiated by Gran'e Italian Opera Company, named aa above, and the laat aotof Donisetu'a tragio Opeia, LA FAVORITA, IN PULL COSTUME* MME. ELENA D'ANGRl in her renwned role of Leonora. SIG BRIGNOLIaa Fernando 810. BU81N1 m. Balthazar. On FRIDAY EVENING, Mar 9. will b? terformed Roaaint'e oelebratei oomie opera IL BARBIERB DE SBVIOLIA. Atd L. M. GOTTSCHALK between the aot?. On SATURDAY EVENING. May 10. Donuetti'a latest treat work, i BUTLY. ] The Oroheatra will be under the Hireatmn of the I d'atiaimahod ooaanotor, 810 MtZlO PRICES OF ADMISSION. Breaa Cirole. 75 e?nt*. eaorved t?*ati? ?1. Family Cirole an o*i<ta. O?o?>eatra < hairr St 50 private Boxe* 00 Seeta mar he aeourel.ooiPmenoinKthlanomine, at 9 o'olook, a. m.. at Metse ott'a Muaio Store. Doora oppn at Ti. performanoe to eommen e a* A The 6>a<i(i P ano used by Mr 8ott?ch*lk ia from the oelebratsd Manufactory of CHICRER l t SON, Boston. m * 3t f*i u t? ounnain i araitf * ^/vai^a-n . - a il II DDVUHU A'lll I'Ali llUntTilli 1 07 TUI Sodality (Colored) of <it Aloysius Church, Asaiated bj A FULL ORCHKSTER And levera! of the B??t Talknt or N?w Yon and washinstoit, W i 1 take p!aoe THURSDAY. May 8th, At the ? EtKoolroom% rf ft- Alo*'iu> Chutrh, North Capi'oi and l sta. Admission ?5e?nts ; children half prio*. Poor* open at 7K; lo ootnmwnoe at *jj o'olof k * T VOCAL CONCERT. HE Childran of the Third District Primary Pohooi take areat plM?nre in anrouoomc to their friends and the public that they will give their annual May Concert, under the direction of their musio teacher. J ti. Daiisl, on THUKSUAY EVENING, the8th instant, at Odd *>llows' Hall, East Waabington, onmmenoir* at V, o'olook. The Piano naed on the oooanon has been kindly furnlahed by Mr. Kills, and will be r'eaided oyer by Miss addis Thoxtson and Miss tfubia McConhbll. m a It CANTERBURY HALL. v> Louisiana av.. niai Sixth it. Extraordinary Announcevienl ! First Week of the MUSICAL CONVENTION OF ARTIST*. Thi Larobst m Most Talbntbd Company ever ?resent? t ON THE CANTERBURY' STAGE. FIVE NEW STARR THIS WEEK And a 1 of th?* OLD FAVORITES Re enlevement of MISS JULIA MOR TIMER, The Idealization of Melody anq Beaut* . r*? Waskinnton Pit! % Firet w eek of J. H. BUDWORTH. The world-renowned Ethiopian Aotor.the Champion Banjont of the World Firet app*aracoe In Washington in two years. _ ? , . HARRY MCE. T\t Celtbrmted Ethiopian Author mnd Actor, Mr. Rtoe a?tears on MONDAY NIGHT acdev*rT night this week, Aa the COKTRililin in thn (r> m <v1 t nf HoW TO GET A WIFE. WILLIAM WORR1LL, Chart pion Song and Dado* Negro. . . MIB8 MILLIE FOWLFR, By lsr the moit beautiful and aoocmpn?hed Dan kum on the American -.age. TO-NI?HT, TUB GIPSV'S LAY. MI88 IDA DUVAL, TW? i a.. * M. no dwwv vponuo noniiuvil : DICK PARKER, Canterbury'* own Boy! MA ATMO TU CO MP A N Y ! I , _ ? Tnm Uovrt of Bbactt, MiM Frank La Folle. Mim Livsie Franoic,'-Mim Frank Beonr, Mim Lilly Brandon. Mim Jnlia Riofcmond an<i Little Ella. Entire Change of Programme ! Door* open it 7J< ; performance at ft.? o'olook. dmiMton U oetiia , OroUiti Cfcalra to ceau. Matinee* WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY for I.adiea ftnd Children, when a number or valuable PreeeeU will be |ir*n away?one a f ;5 silver Cake Basket. Mr*. Cowrr.No. ivmth atreet, reoeived a 925 iilv?r Otk* Rukttnn lut. m A Humphreys * juenemannb PLEASURE GARDEN, Ow Capitol Hill. Will oppn for the tewon oa MONDAY. Ma* Mh A DANCING SOlRhE KVKRY MONDAY EVENING, oommenoinc at 1 o'olook. JA Tbe pnblio in general are reap-o-iully in ited. ^ Choioe BEER and WINESoonstantly onVHfc PATENT OFFICE CURIOBITIES-Gnlde to MT Patents, Catalogue of Cariosities and Gorern? aft Is DkSa.A t t M .A. UBU usiuvwiai >uw muu ! ravcm UHIUOI Jl?l? Antiqn&nm Book*; GoT?rninei>t Booka; DoonBMti furniahf?d: Railroad Reporta; Military R? fort a; Word t'atont Offioe Reporta; Cheat Booka nnilahed to Pediart; Mi.itary Tnala: Military Lava; Army Re; ulationa; Panorama of theCoaat ahotrinj orer 8,000 milea; many t*oa?and Cheap Hooka. Reooi.ect cheat rent. Large aalee, law prloee. Up ataira, over Bank of WaahinxtotL my 1-lm* ALFRED HUNTER. FRANKLIN * CO , OPTICIANS, 44 P?n?*a a v., (north mde,) bot. 11th and Utk ato. EYEGLASSES, MAAINE AND FIELD 0LASSES, COMPASSES, *?.,

of the boat ?nahtie?, oonatantir on hand. rfi JUST PUBLISHED, I Union Gum of feo?Mion,or SkoUhee ?IIMK0MUiob; taatthe thing for th?f%milr oirmh fo-aofta 4X ?t. *nd irtp?>, ARMY AND NAVY BLUE PLANNKL8 aMiam, fine, and inperfin*, at modirtU of " m?<t Pa. ay md Ninth ?tr?t. a b a arvt m > kin oitu nu unni UAKAPVUO A11U OU11 WHOR&Milll.-neW Om trice ODif. PKRRYiBROTHEH. ? ?t f*- Md Ninth ?tr?t. AVKIV FINKFOUR HOUND COR*Kft ??veo-ooUv? Chiok?ria( Pi?o<>, tiav lng b'?n d tut * ihert lira#. will be wK>l|R i>>r ta?; orifiBAl ooui f?CO To b? Mlu'll 1T1 *1 ,W* W. 9. METZEROTT. I WANTS. W ANTED?A jooMKTMn BARBER A ?ocd "? will get steady work and lood 8. FlHBJiK'S, 191 Seventh it, n<v MftrjUnd ay , I "lend. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU A tionae oook. to. lea thoronvh eoofc and focd .. .k?> an/4 a 1. .4 M. flOA U w?<u>iwiiaiigi, dppijnm. <?u m m 8-4t WA!1T?.?" A rMMoltb e roan* *onu wiihea a SITUATION aa ohambaiiMid. Sood ie? *r#nc?a given, if required. Addreaa Box l.Ctw Office. _ H* SITUATION WANTKD. by a reaproiable v? yoaac ladr, aa chambermaid or to do pUin ewirr Can o >me we'l reoom mended. Applj Nc. T3 ri'.h atrtct. between M aid N. If WANTBD-By a white woman,a SITUATION ae nure? or to do plain se#iDg aid ohamb*rwoik. Apply at 437 E atreet, between 6th and 7th ft*. m 8->t* W?V.1!*,'. vv.a?hK.r ? ? ?*iu lliUil iur Kintii iniiiiiy ? m able whit? woman, with good references A?pij at 430 D at m 8 A RESECTABLE VOUNO WOMAN wiabee a situation aa watterefa in a respectable private family, or no otjeotion to go to a utipeotahla hoarding house. Good lefereace can be giv?c. Addreaa Box a.tMarOffije. It* WANTBD-A COLORED MAN or Bit aa waiter. Apply t> DR. MIDDLEToN, at Waa hint tonAraenal , in 7-S<* WANTED TO RENT-A HOUSE, wltn 15or more rooma, north of Fa avenue. A good tenant mar bs nad by addressing "D B. H Star Office, f?r foqr Hay a. m 8 St' WANTED?By a lady, who baa had aeveral vv yeara experience in t?%ot>ln(. an<i oan give food referanoea, a 8iTUA'l ION as teioher in a oountry boot or m a priva'e family in the omotry Aadreaa "Teioher," Daily 8ta- O?oe, Washington. D. C. m 6-1'A Wlm \JLJ A.NTED-Ky#ry lady to know that I can an*" deraa.l every dealer in Waahin?t -n m Frenoh Working Cotton. 1 now offer 100 groa?t of the finest brand, at 35 oe&ta per dmn-nothing bat the real French otton. Call at the new Stamping Depot. No 9?0 Seventh street. between L and M sts. JO.OCO Yokea and Sieevea for aa!e, on the finest mnalin. m5_3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?Copiee of tha " daily Evening Star dated September 14th, l?6l, and September 86th, 1M1. The oopiea muat * 6<>od and perfeot A libera! prioe will be given for tiem. on application to the Star "fliae. ap23-tf \17 ANTED? Every person to know that I am m * in? msrioi. rnuj 10 pny oaio ior an amoipa In the housefarniehing line. Those le&Tinc the oitT.or having a nurelne, will do well to call. R. BUCHLiY, 4B? Hwr?th at. between G and H ata., (east aide,) Dealer in New and Seooad hand Fnrnitnre. no > tf \17 ANTED?To sell, henceforward. too barren " " and half barrel* of Ale ererr week; alio the same of Beer, ior She Baltimore Brewery. JOHN GAYNOR. Arent, Corner of Slat and G eta. Ordera in the Post Office will be oailed for at 9 a. o 2 ?. m. ay 7-1 m* VE7 ANTED?To hare every one know that they ' oan find the beat atook of ClotMne. Data and Can. at th? tutt ln*Ail at AM I rH'*. Kla I 465 Seventh street. below P. * * (? ?7*>ni WANTED.?We are now bnrii.t SECONDHAND FURNITURE, STOVES and BED DING, for whioh ar? paying the highest eash prices. Families declining housekeeping, er taring a surplus of fnrnitnre, will find it to their advantage to give as a oa'l. 0ONTZ A GRIFFITH, le l?-tf No. !)6V Tlh it. hHw. I and K ate. 1/JriT AND SOUND. fOST?On last Monday ev*"in*. Ma* Mh. at -j the Odd Feliows'i*v*e. a FINK EMBROIDL D t t\ I, iCL' U I... _L,.L tU. C-.l.- ..II t- - - - ui%ni/ a iycb i iu> wiiiuu i>no uun "I win up rr , warded bv leaving the ?air.e at No. 4 12 D street, hw ween 6th and 7*h- It* LOHr-<)n Mo^?l?r, the 5th instant, a 6KNTLKMAN'8 PIN. ?et with one l*rte oral. The finder will (>"? s utably rew tided by leavtni it at 397 IB'h >t. between t- and O. in 3 3t* I08T?"n Tueadiv even mi, Mat 7, in the oari J from Philadelphia, a BUnULh oortamioc a lady'e blaok velvet body %nd ucder veat of water?d ?i!k. The finder will be suitably rewarded by I At uiflt tk A rr* (Iiiq r\(T\nt* ? O ""* * W ?? H* > (>1 ?"i|o "IIIUO " O STRAYEO OK STOLEN from the corner o' i'?t and 6 ?tr?f t?, <>n tl.P 7;h insuvi t. two black rows and one red. and a oaf A liberal reward will he given for any \~-JKmJmm fo matinn reeeeotins them. m 8 3f JOHN GAVNOR. ? | a REW,* RD.?Strayed or stolen, on the 'J) HI eight cf t?e 7f> m-tant from mi <rv remises. on 20th street. First Ward, \r Washintton, a rapnie gray HORSE, belonging to Government. Iwillgi?etne above reward if returned to me or to the Quartermaster in A exan<1ria. m 8 3t* T. H. STAHL. Wacn Mait>r LOST?On the 6th mttant, between the Marine Barracks and the Metropolitan Hotel, a bangle ot PAPERS, with the subscriber's name attaoh?d. A liberal reward will be paid fcr the ceiivery ct the ?T>e at thia cfTue. m 7 3t? W. A. T MaDPOX. CJTOLBN-On April, a long-'ail brown O HORSE about Ifjf handa hirH. one white hina foot, with caudle and bridle. A H .r citable reward will be im?q, if brought"-*-* to K. R. CONKLI Vj* Stat le, Uth street. be'ow Willardt' Hotel. Waa hirtd by a person who gave the name of Norton. m 7-st* f 08T?On or atont the :oth of A prll, between li Georgetown and 2d atreet in this oity. two Walnut aides of a Hediteai Any one re'nrmng them to the sur>toriber will be euitahly rewarded. J(K I. SAVA??K, m R-Vt P? avan.,? IMk.^lllk.i. mmm ? ? ?. v t v<-> w vuu "Hi duu mil oei ffi? R REWARD?Strayed from the sobecrioer,on th?jnor*ing of Thursday. May the^^H 1st. two'COWJ*?one wasarfdand white,|Wf^ with rather a redtsh neck; and the !et>er JUU H, on her rijht horn; the (roat rient p%p lost. The other, asm%ll hrindi? Oow.witn h'-rns inolimcc upwards. Both giving mi.k. The at o?e reward will be pai4 to any person who ehall b irj the oows to ini premises,or clve mi s<ioh information as shall iea<i to the reoovery of the same. JKKKKMIAHiVNCH, nfiSt* Keti l*nre, N st. bet. ?th and 5th st west | OST-At the Railrrad D'pot, this morning, Li about a quarter before six o'clock, a biaok leather POCK K t BOOK, containing tveutr dollar* in Treasury notes, and Treasury warrants on the Asmstant Treasurer in New York.asfnl lowt: No 3561 f>r?lfin- No. for ?2C9<K; and No a:6(1, f ! 4333 62. There were also other memorsndi a>.d acco mts. as the payment of the Treaanry drafts bas been atopped, none of the oontents of the pcket book,except the money,can be of use to any hat the owner. will be paid to any per?>n returniot the po->ket book and contents to the Kirkwood House. No questions will bs asked lithe socket book is returned, iriuas the money mH 3t? J K. HllOWN. UTOLtN-On F iday evening, M*y 21, from the ?3 bsrraoksat Kalorama Highta.a Mack srv HURst, with two white spot* on hind et? and two whit* soota on h a i ump; about^-"14 hands high; branded U.S. in usual place; also, oompanj K on leA front ahouluer Supposed to n'??v; i>oou muto'i uj a upriu wiiiUJjK mni^rn juiopn Pa'm. A liberal reward wil! begiven for Inf rm\tioa leading to the reoovery of said borae on application to headeaartera of Witt New York regiment, Kaloramaflight*, or ^upenntrndant Metropolitan Poh?e. m6-lw* THE FORfUTtJRE and good will of a 'arge lioartfcog House for eale, cow full of good paj icg boarders. Iaire at 64 Muaouri avenue, m 16* ?CA REWARD?For the arprehenaion (and ?vU dnllfiirT tnilMiat Rlulnnahnrr. Mur*. land, or ?eoared In any Jail >n Maryland, bo ivtiut i get him.) of NEGRO MAN, HjTVeiiter Lfilee. lata the property of Henry II. W*r- 4FW unr, aeo?aa*<l, oi Prinoe George's ooucty, ii* Ma. Pylreeteris of copper oompleiioa; of atont tatue; about aix feet hiju; and of pleasing oountenanoe when spoken to. Be ia wall known in Wuhl*gt?n oitj, and it no doubt larking in that place or ita vioinit*. 1 will give tbe abora reward no matter where taken. DWNY8IU8 SHERIFF. aplt-lfli* Ext'r of H. H. Warring, deceased. BALLS, PARTIES, fcc. A GRAND FANCY MAY BALL Will t?? iiven at K% ward'SHall, it Corner of Id ttrMt ud Pa avenge, On THURSDAY EVENING. May 8 faA TiokeU one dollar, admitting a gentleman and ladtee m 6 31* WILL GIVEFARMAV%?T1 VAL O/THURBOA'/, MAY iitSba. F R. LAB BE haa the honor of informing the ladies and gentlemen of Washington end rioiiuty that he wPl give a Grand Festival at the above place and time. a? 2i td* BOARDING, JOACUIN8 ?A large Front Room wttn Board, I> may be had by applying ai No. 873 F strwat, near the oorn?r of 13.n mMt* A FEW QKNTL.KMEN CAN BE ACOOtfmod*iM with Rooms and Board, in a N?w England f-mtly,at No. 399 ltth street, between F aid H street*, by calling eoon. ra 7 it* TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN CAN BE loooniniodttM with Board, at 1T6 Bridie treM.fteorietowa. 1> O. mi Iw 1IMR8TCLASS TABLE BOARD-443 Twetlt* r meet, between Q and H. Mcalhoura.8 4ud To'oloeK m? ly I>0\RD1N?.?Gentlemen with or without tbeir D fimiliee. vuiucg Phi'ade pfcia on t>nunM? or ylimr*! will bm iiHnM itwawdaiioaKtloit h? ' .Hr'*: *':10"? J io the aoit de*irabl? location, No. 1909Cheanutatreet?ooiiTeaient to baaineea ?ad all the jubi.o ptaoea of laterect. Permanent aid transient m9|v* 8PLKNDID STUCK OF WRAPPINGS. We are tow ptnind to exhibit a largo *nd ele gant etoek of Um abo re good*, of the .?t?ai rli lea, taeaMrioe.Blaak 9iU, Ladiee' Cloth and Mohair Clothe?ail OI VklAk nffAr tt Brinaa IMI unnnl tailtopiaue. M, TATLOH * CO., MP too Wo. 48 CeaUr 8>m?. 0 SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCE, P. M. THRILLING INTELLIftEVrlT FROM YURKTOWN. Ef. leCLELLAI Kill ITEITilCS THE EllEflY, AMH DRIVES THEfl ACROSS THE CHICIAHOniW. Prisoners Taken in Droves. ? The Whole Army of Lee, Johnston and Maprnder Flying before McClellan in a state of ntter demoralization. ? Their Betreat to be Cut off by way of West Point. Fifty Steamer* Transporting Troopi up York River to that point. President Lincoln at Old Point. TPer Telegraph.J Baltimore. May fi ?Secretary rf War The following la taken from the -pcclal correspondence of the .American, dated Yorktown, May ?: ('At 12 o'clock to-day, aa I close my letter, the late*t Intelligence from the field of battle la that Gen'l McClellan haa come cp with the enemy about eight mile* beyond WHltamaburg. and, after a pretty severe aklrmiab with his rear, baa again put him to flight acroaa the Chlckahomlny. A large additional number of prlaonera have been taken, Including many desertera, who report that thev have had nothing to eat, but a few hard blaculta, for 4*> hours, and when brought In fell down In a state of exhauatloa. Heavy cannonading wa? heard by the boats coming down the river at an early hour thia morning. Nothing as to result* la yet ascertained There la no daubt but that the whole army of Generala Lee, Johnaon and Magruder are In a 'ate of utter demoralization and under rapid pur' suit by Gen. McClell&n are flying with great pre. cipitatlon without an Intention of making a stand anywhere: and nnleu they reach Richmond by bosts by way of Jamet river, will certainly be Intercepted or captured by the Union forces landed and landing at West Point. iNot lea* tban fifty steamers are engaged !n transporting the balance of tae army (I'nion) to Wwt Point. A large number of prisoners are arriving at West Point, and others are being constantly brought in. On Monday, the enemy took about eighty of our men prisoners, and captured one of the Pennsylvania batteries, having flr?t killed all the horses, and they having but a small support of infantry, were overwhelmed by a nunerior forre I and compelled to abandon their gun*. But before the clone of the day, this battery, with oae of tbe enemy's was recaptured by Gen. McClellan, aDd tbe prisoners they bad were found In Williams bur* next diy engaged in attending 011 tbe wounded of tbe enemy tbey bad left bthind Their rctrsat was accompanied by too much confusion and haste to be troubled wltb prisoners T t rmr < 1 have juat learned that the enemy ha? destroyed all the brldgea across the Chlckahomlny, and that General McClellan Is resting Lis army on thia ?lde. It will be remembered that the Chlckahomlny runs parallel with the Jamea river, Into which it enter*. It la the general impresalon that General iMcClellan bas now got the enemy juat where he U'anlt: V*? ?? Fo*tri?<? Mo*m*, May 7 ? President Lincoin arrived here this morning, and spent tbe day with Gen. Wool. Thla afternoon he vlalted Newport Ncwi to are Gen. Mansfield. and to have a closer view of the Merrlmae, which baa been laying off Craney laland all the afternoon, for the purpose no doubt of preventing our gunboats from running up James river She made no attempt to come cut. Tbe George Peabody arrived here from Hatteraa to day, and atarted Immediately for New York. No ncwa by her has transpired. FROM HANKS' COLUMN. GREAT JUBILEE. New Market, May?.?The army to-day at noon fired a hundred gutis In honor of the victory at York town. The consolidated bands visited Generals Banks, Williams and Hatcb, and played patriotic atra through the streets also. They visited the camp of the Ira Harris cavalry also in honor of the gallant charge of yesterday. The details of that affair show that the rebel cavalry bad a battery which tbey opened upon our men. The latter deployed, and waited until two of our guns had been placod in pooitton. The enemy's battery was soon driven bark; when the Ira Harris cavalry dashed on them with sabres and yells, driving them to the suburbs of the town. Our cavalry were commanded by Major Votght, of the 31 Battalion Adjutant Hatbrouck, of tbe Ira Harris Cavalry, 3d Battalion, was taken prisoner by the enemy. The enemy's force was too Ours was less. The news of the victory at Williamsburg was received this afternoon and was read on dress paiade in all tbe regiments. It was received with rapturous applause. THE KILLED AND WOLNDKO AT THE WILLIAMSBURG BATTLE. An Associated Press dUf aicb, dated Williamsburg, May 7, gives the following list of killed and wounded, as far as they relate to the regiments named : Thirty-seventh New York, Col. nayman commanding?Killed, First Lleuts Patrick Hayes and J . O'Reilly ; 19 non-commlssloned officers and privates. Wounded. Captains Jas. Mctiulre and Wm. De Lacy; LleuU-nants John Massey, Edw. Brown, James Smith Flannel; and 51 noncommissioned officers and privates. Second New Hampshire Regiment, Colonel Marstcn commanding?Killed, 16; wounded, 60; mlaslng, 23. 8econd Michigan Regiment, Colonel Poe commanding?1 killed; 40 wounded. Lieut. R. D. Johnson wounded. Captain Wober's company, 1st Artillery? Lleuts. F.kln and Pike and 6 private* wounded, and 7 killed. Captain Osborn's Battery. D, 1st Artillery? 1 killed; 8 wounded. Captain Smith's 4lh New York Battery?1 killed; 5 wounded. Twenty-aixth Pennsylvania Regiment, Colonel Small commanding ?3 killed; 21 wounded Thla regiment went Into the field under the command of Colonel Small, who proved hlmaelf every inch a aoldler. MOST IMPORTANT FROM THE PENINSULA. In addition to the very Interesting and latest particulars or tne situation on the peninsula, we have reach Information about the movement of different of our corps there, to the end of pursuing and Intercepting the flying enemy. It la of a character, however, that ahould not be publlahed Jnat now, least Its publication might poa slblT aid the eaemy. Sufflce It to aay, that It satisfies ua that Gen. McClellan seema, from it, In a fair way to capture or destroy tbs whole rcbei force between him and Richmond. 1 n A DTTTB vAl M %J mcj v. On tbe Slat ultimo the U. S. gunboat Kanawha captured tbe schooner R. C. Files while attempt. Ing to run the blockade. She was loaded with cotton, and was sent to Key West for adjudlca tlon. Tbe U.S. vessel Isaac Smith, on the 31 of April la*t, cap'.ured near San Auguatlne a schooner loaara Willi prnviaiom, trying ?o run me Dior*. 5rtt? ilratk* let*? to aril her cargo to the propl? of San Aagualine, who, be rtprewnU, are In a atftrvlug condition. riK80!(AL ? Ge*. Keno, U. 8. A.; 6en. ^.youp, l'. 9. A.; ex-Got. Beeder, Pa , arc at Wliiardl. CONOR TONAL. - UlTIItk CU!1?Kt??- InKm. Tarasi>AT. May 8. SiRATt?Tbe l?!!l from tbe How. to Jv>p**ch jmijje Humpbrer. of Teure?e?e, was Ufcea op and referred to a ?eleet committer? M-asr* Fc?ter, Dnnllttl* ?:.d Davit Tbe bill eatabiUbtng a pott cf entry and colle? tion dlntrlct at Beaufort, S. C., wu taken up anl pawedTbe bill making an app-o|rt%tlon far paying the deficiency in approptiation* for ptylnj: to unteera wa? a^aln taken up. and ?>i diama?ed by Mr*ara Grime*. Sherman, Fe*aenden. Wilson, Ten Evck and Harris Hutu.-Mr. Brown, of Va , Introduced a preamble and reaoiutton of Inquiry to aarer'aln 1 V??* facta of the bomlcld*- of R bert E. ott, F?q , of Fauquier county, Va. Tha Iowa contested election ca?e waa po?tpored until tbe Brat Monday In December, wbtrh involves tbe qoettion whether a member of Cvu1'rffli, i Mr ViiiH Junf ^ K<Ji ^' * * ? * House while be W in ronimar d of a re^iit.ef The House next took up the bill to o'^anue temporary government for Arln -ib Mr WbflMWM oppcala^ the Mil w ben cur report cloaed LATE LOCAL NEWS Th* fe*txnr*Tio!iC?*ai?Mi>iin? - ' li~f lowing petition* w??r?- Hied lb morning ?.1 > hn lbomaa and wife, 4 slavea?Martha. ?t?. > and Hemv Robert L Teal, * ?lave* A ?, Charlotte, Joaenh Johnaon, Charlotte, Loutaa. Kdward and George. Art!m'ilt B>; i alavea?Charlotte Ann and LonUi !.'-> ke*: i r llnda A Derkln* Maria A . IJueen. 1 al*v. 1 len Hennon Sarah Jonea. 11 slave*?Jas Coimtee, Richard Wallace, Thomas ^st?rrt, tieorr* Jackson. Charley and Otto fine*, Loutaa and Ida Selbert, Matilda and two in'anta laitwl < etel, 1 slave?Maria Green Ma'i;ar<t A P'e*ce, i ?lavea?Mary K and R">ae l?or??y l.i r.a <> Moreland, 4 alavea?Leathe, Willi tm. J?*r?* *nd Manuel Stewart Benj B Burr. 1 slave?Win Pratber. A Rtrhardi'2 alavea?Frat eta I Gardner and German 1 Green Mlas Fannie Parks, I alave?Cbaa Gordon l.t Col Kd'lln, 1 a'.ave?Maiv Brooks Benj T. Thorn, 6 alavea? Kinlly, Delilah, Ann. Tuoma* and Ben) DUon and John H Hawkins Ann Kelly, l ?'.ave? Laura. Kiw'dChapman,4alavea? Wm DitBn, Polly and Mtnty MiddMon and WlnnyC >ate?. Colaby Young. 1 slave?James Newman |)i ker?on Naylor. 1 alave?Nance Pitt* Chriattar.n Lsrner, .' klavea?Martha and ? i!en M?r>baU. Tkns A 1/ 4 ? ? ? -t ?? -? HVD. g\ . mix*;, i *?..l ?C? H.tTOOCr* . Firk.?About half-put ten o'clock la?*. nlj;ht the tire beli? sounded tbe alarm, ai d th? tl ?.? i turned out promptly They diaeoYered that tbt cau?r wai tue destruction cf a ?ma'l fratii> t> > ment near the Catholic (?"t I'atru k'?j Cemetery, at the northern boundary of the city- occupi-'d by a German Kafb'iier and tile family I'll" t-r UUr,; wm entirely destroyed. The losa was small Tn* WoiKHor^* ?The Intendxnt of tho asy lum Is hardly able to tlnd room fjr th- tmamte number of prisoner* *entto*he penitentiary d*. puiui- n'. dv rtn poii. e rua^ st < ompltmrntary Brgfllt. Miss CKisttuy, Madam : Having lnrm d that It is four Inten* tiou to follow (he profession vou hav adopted, and that you ate shortly to leave the < 1' s f ' a p i<?fesslonal tour In the North, we he.: to t. .<It y h a complimentary benefit, prior to you* depnr' *, at such time ai.d p!ac?a? may be agreeable to you Respectfully your*, Hon J. W. Wallace, Fa., Hoi M 3. Wllkm*00, Minn; Hon. Cvru* Aldrlch, Minn. Hon Wm. K*llojfp, III ; Hon t" B rfc \ % Hon. It II iMtil. V Y ; Hon S:dr.. y F r-??. Fa ; Hon A. G. Kiddle. Fa ; !l?>n A uent, Cal ; ifon. B. F <?rau??*r. Mich , Geo. M Weston, Kdltor .National Hep ihlican. J U i l? Nicolav. Private Secretary to the President, J no Hay, Frlvatc !?c<:retarv to the Fresid- u?; D iule? Goodloe, Horatio Kmc, Commissioner* und>r hmanclpa'lrn B II; Gp.iri.-f Ki^gt, F?j . .1 Carlisle, F?q ; Walter Pivld/e. Kvj , vV 111 A. Bradley, F.-q ; Hamilton I aut, F.?q ; Ja? C. Mctiulre, Ksq.; John F Coyie, Fsq , Geo. PaiU._. I'..? s ii: itr i > ?n, i -. * ?> \? COW. May o, '6i!. 4J5 May?, '? . Cientl<?m<n Your lotter r>( i at evening j_ ;v< me pleaaure; and,aa it in my dtt< rminitlon t > puraue the dramatic profek'.'oa, 1 ceept the protl -red b^n?-tst With gratitude 1 be;? tn dcai^uate l ord * At'.enrinn a* tfc?place, and Saturday evening (l?Kl? May) ua tbo time of it* boatowal. Yo'ir obedient iervant. J Ciumr To Menn scdgwlck, due'l, IIit, Nlcoiav, Weston and o' ber.5. FOK bALE AN D KfcNT. FOR F I-*NT?A nicely furt.ahed ROOM , a >,tthle for oi? gentleman, atH?ui>*No 2 4 - H 2<?t aod 22<1 A p?l ?*'!* m * I ? * NEATLY FURNISHKD ROOMS fO K K.NT, with Board, id a p>ea?ant !oc?ti -it r,?a- tt.o CapiU 1 In^i; re at 3t%r Oriioe. in 7 2' * L^OR KKNT?Two deiira I* ROOM <. wit;, or r board; tear Post Offn* nteat. No 437h??reet Alto, tia' *:ent 1 ad week, or month- T r?i woderat*. m 7 I'd RKNT-IIanda. in J 1'AKLUK and ? HA >! ft tf ^ R, on aeocnd fl .or,with or without boat* Alac.threeo mmvnieat.iic Rootna. Appif turner of U an ' 4ili ata.or at No. 7 I r_<1_*na 11 FOR RKNT-A han-lfirre y F us. ?d I n atort Brick HOU9K- ?uay:iM with w iteran J gas. Njt 44** b urect tetweec .\i- tha- l> t, two ddP Jrom ths oornfr of TeLtr.. loan-? o?, the premises It* TWO LAHGK SKCONH STORY FRONT ft Rooms, weii formatted, will lie let, w.tnout boara, at moderate terms, au?iat?*i ia me u?p*r part of th* oitr. and very deatranie f->r a mn.niAr I A A A aa kr ? -* " I iva . n'iu.cco iCTklUVDt i( (ull UmOf* m 7-tf __ HOL'?E AND Fl'RNITUK F FOK rAuh-A modern built two sto'v and attic Brick Houta ountAi in* 9 room*. looM-d iu a pleasant n?sijkt> rhood. tocttber ?ltd the F urniture ?x?htamM in it. la oflerod lor sale upon aeoo*' m'nc term*. K"i particular* addre?*>* tlvuae," Li jx 7 4 9, Post i fhoe. hi 7-8t* LMIK HENT-A f?rni?h?d foac ?tor? MKICK " DWELLING in a pi?aaaut and healthful part ofth? city, with large pailor and airy oli?m'^r?. bath ro??in wuh hTdrant watnr anl ce*ttor. iuh out; a carriage and ttabia a tacii*d A r?r? deairabie reaidenoe for an M O nr intfinwii'. cm?|n?e* in either oneof the I>*pv tineata lueairn oolt between t and t p. m at 3 74 h.tvoLth ?>reet, between K aim L.. m 7 it* f^l'RN'SHED HOUSF Foil KfcNT ,r. tr.<* Fir?t Ward, near Lafayette Sq .are- Keut $: * a month Am * at ^**0 H ?t m h irt Fl RNI*HKU ROOMS FOR ?E>r-lw?flr ttire* Chamber! aw<1 a Sit log Room, neat t and O'in f rtah y 4 io Twe ft: *treet. east a^de, he> ween tx ami H et*. The i.-o\Uoa la 0 e ol th? mast demratla m the city. in&lw FI R f'ALE?A neat FRAMF, containing ait rooms ana kitchen, or 12th at. i:i?uire at 4 * 2 18th at. m l/UR SAI.K.?The STOCK an 1 FIX ITRKSof 1 a Retail tt rocery and Lsqaor Store Will be sry low for cash. The '.ooation i? a ?coJ une.arxt this la an excel entoeportucity l >r at y one with in* to eccace in the bunneei. A4die>s B< x .No. 41. Star Offire. wi<h fail direction. in 5 St* K.1DR mi.K_n<U'ui<h..i.. Il.t.r. i with all Ue appert*u*ncer. very rti??p lor oash Aso.a Horn-, Wa<on u<l For terms irquue o; tQ JlKKS A SMITH. 476 7th street,or on the pienusrs, corner ol 9th *r,d b streets m FOR RKNT.??entlemen. without a<U?e ?.r oiiildren ess be aoamraradated with a ham. tom? snit of PaRL>OKS and CHAMBKKS j.e?.r the Patent & pleasant cumin*! reatdsnot, with hne yard, fruit trees and staMe attache. Inquire after 4 o'elook p. m at No. H etrfcet, between 4th agd 5th. souf sine m ? 31* Ll'RNIDHkU ROOM? TO L K T?8e*era! r rooms witbont t>oard, nawj dacirshle io?a tion, suitable lor sicfie or maxii*d gentlemen, n.iw* k. ? - i- . ~ ~ ? ?? n- a. ? wu nau 1,7 ooitj sffiiuftuuu x> far 7th at T' w VA HARK CHANCE. ALUABLE 1'lfcCK OK FRUPEftTV F'>R sale oo Penn arenue, between 4S u?l Srt ctreetr, south aide, with itasroveaiect* t?o rma.i fia-j>? houses, irootlDK on Fenn avenue, in L<-?t No. *. tMnare A. 3<* feet, running baok lowtct 1/7 Mnoren, (square fee* 3.H&.> Fvrfnrther m!orn-\ tioo ftrpW to Jo&EPH F. KKLuV'i A?ett. on tlh street No. 361, between 1 &t>?l New \ or I av. I^O LET?The BRICK ROUSE, with Furui tare, on the north aide of Pnn?j Ivania a*enuf, between I9ti. and 20th its , and reoer.tlf ooci>p ed If tien'l Keyes. It eontain* about IS room*, sud poa boss** ever; convenience to make it a oomfor'* He residence Apply to M. ADLfcR, No. ?, Win de-'s Huildinr. ap *<.?w FOR RtCNT-A fi.rnu/>e<l tonr-at* 17 UKK'K DWELLING, t>?*it).fu: */.r. of the city, with fine i\> t+ obamt>*ra n.J parlo'?. bath room supplied with hjdrar.t a'PMwV t?? throat bout; a oarriage- Nim an4 ctaMe atiajticu. Thu i> a urtirnbie reeidat.oe tor an M. 0. vi bov eminent employee in either one of th* ments. Irqnire at 37 4 fcieYectb street. K and I., from * to * ? m ? ?f fpoK KbNT-A large and wo<l tmrrube** HOUSE, ia a ftne loontion, near P#n:.?t v u \ a**nne ; oan ho *e?c f,o?n ( toT* m App ? ?? SO" IRK* A SMITH-476 So?afce*. m ; 1/OK Rf.NT? t KRaMk MOUSK.Mnri iin r nxrooau, on H ?(wi( bnw^n ?h Hi UmU, ud Kirnitcre for ea.e. For Mitioa &: FPif at the iion of WALL, STtiPHIvNS ft to. m f-S * UllMMKR RMlDKNOb KOK KK.vj*. %.r*n C? Uu 'Him Slim Fhrm" U. C. a' out I* n<? 6ev? OtargttovH, iwar Jfr. loutkboroutu- >? A deairabl-) lervube-1 Doubt Huw vet. shAJati, fcne water, Ac . wit* *ut ulk. oaritac* houo , Ao.,Jkc. f ti? Mketito jc of MewNeri ci Uie uM>inet. Forrije M miaiert. ardt antieiuM wiUt ftn.t j ia *a*weiallj lovitotf to thl* idTHtMUBl f?r xaminauoa of the rmr-Uei a?ptj to it,* n.aaarer pon the farm (M r. jtur-ca < ?'Hriac,) at<i lor f.- rfc mfctl ffe*

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