Newspaper of Evening Star, May 8, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 8, 1862 Page 4
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KV KNLNG STAK. HOI St HULD RECIFE* WI5K BISCriTS. T>..V \ .# e\ m rvun inn cur p^una oi ary nonr lour ounces T>f hotter, foot ounce* of white powdered ?u?*r, one *gg. end e spoonful or two of thin rream to make it into a paste. When mixed, put currants into one half, and caraway.* into the rest. Cat them as before, and bake on tins 0RAW<3S JELLY. T <ko fire oranges and one lemon : remove the thin rind off two orange* and half the rind tho lemon. Lay these rind* on one fide; yjuecie the juice from all the fruit into a basin. J i,to a ?tcwpan or new tin saucepan put a quarter of a pound of loaf-sugar and a half pint of water, let it boil till it become? a thick fyrup; then add the juice and rinds, cover the f ^ucepan. and. as soon as boiling commences. Fk!m well; then add, by degrees, a wineglasslull of cold water, which assists to clean it; then add the i?>1h? >< nhiwA ??Jr all jr'ther, give it one boil, and paw through a jelly bag. Add a few drop* of prepared cochineal to give it a tint; fill a mould, place it in ke, or in a mixture of saltpetre and salt, and. when cold, tara it out I.BMOX JELLY made the same, only using six lemons, and 2hc rind of one, and add a gill of sherry, but no coloring. TJ REMOVE ALL JELLIES I"ROM THE MOt LP. Slip the mould in lukewarm water, shake it ?:atly, take it in the right hand, place the dUh over it, turn the mould OTer on to di?h. shake the icily eently and remove lb" would. VEAL CTTLETI. Cntleta are cut either from the fillet or the ceck, but chops ire taken frcin the loin Some ; cr-"ns h*ve deprecs;ed the practice of beating meat, but it is essentially nccesaary in veal cutlet?, which otherwise, especially it merely fried, ?Te very indigestible. They should be cut about a quarter or, at the most, half an inch in thickness, and well beaten; they will then, when fried, taste like sweetbread, be ?<uite as tender, and nearly as rich. E^sr them ? ver, dip in breadcrumbs and savory herbs, try, acd serve with mushroom eiuca and fried bacon. A RICH ORAW. Cat beef into thin slices, accrding to the ju utity wanted; slice onions thin, au4 flour both, fry thein of a light pale brown, but do not on any account suffer them to get black; j ut them into a stewpan. boil it up. and pour ?n the meat. Put to it a bunch of parsley, thym?, and savory, a small bit of knotted marjoram, some inase, berries of allspice, vhole b!ack peppers, a clove or two, and a bit of ham. or gammon ef bacon. Simmer till you V.HVft OTtrA/>t*^ all tkft ?n?M* ? K* ? -? ? - - J x w v?*i av?W mmt m luu jUil/V UJ lUC UiCd i < OIIU b~ .?ure to skim the moment it boils, and often after. crmitT or veal Cut part of a breast of veal in moderatesiz-"i pieces: put it in a etewpan with an onion ?r.i a shalot sliced fine, a slice ot lemon, one ? uDoe o? butter, a little parsley and thyme, *nd a tablespoonful of curry-powJer mixed w :*h the f??me quantity of flour; let the whole f * ent together until the meat is slightly brown; i?dd sufficient broth or water for the sauce; let it boil gently until the veal is done, strain the snuce through a sieve, pour it over the veal a . iiila J ? ? ?? ? -?"?*- ? - - " j-ji-.a uvi, auu lorve wna rice to a separeie dub. < m ? m ? fH7"Tbe Atlanta (Ga.) Intelligencer oftbeiTtb, ss\' ' Meupb'i, we apprehend, will share the f*t cf New Orleans To delude on-set w? w*th any other hope Is now a folly. We ought and 11 ittDrepare for the wora!?that worat is the cc 'jpationof nio?t of our cities, with water appf. a L-s, by tbe enemy Kl-The Rnsaiori government has given or<ler6 ? ri ?:or.tinae the ttttin out of the Baltic expe * -r. aqniaron at urons'ad* It wili, this year, mi ritiln t-niy th?* number of vcsaela neceaaary j r th? re^m-nts of the naval ?tat;on*. I'.-ebably tor bear, no leaa than tbe ea^ie and tbe lion, la out cf corjcait with wooden wal a. 177"A correspondent from Aux Cave*. In I!'. - ya that the white men res'ding there *'e, for tbe moat part, a curae to tbe country M r.f ? * * * . . ? -v. .X ?^vn*</sv ^>v?iliVIII flUU t'MIDrCUl'nB in t native lind do not besltatr to make a rery ?' s^rs-rful exblbitlorj of tbelr iiiperlorltv of rare by plunging Into the meat debasing iricee. JJI7" The N'Mbrllle Union says, tbe court* are i r -rd'.ng pretty much aa formerly; bu?in?-?s i? f^ emnu to recover; markets are lmprovlnt:; . n ration with dlflerent point* reopenl^^, > * i? ft vm ant fl llnjr up; sales In real tsUle i ? eflVrttd; and confidence in the 8:ate curi?u v ?" ?g restored. ITT-It!? reported that Constructor Hsnscom. rf I.l' Portsmouth NaTy Yard 1* euga^-d up >n aiaksaf^IM demonstrating the feasibility of . ri.pjj ice o?a i!ne-of-battle ship Alabemi. fr m: y years lving on the stocks, Into a steam i am* 177" Me*?rs fl 9 Mill* and Thomas Piggot'. ; oiisbers of the "South'' newspaper. were rey >-d from Fort .Mellenry on Saturday, ou con .. ttat tbev do not in anv way contribute to Lo rd and comfort of the enemy. The monthly list of marine losses compiled f r tat >. V. World, for April, show* an aggre:,**e o; 40 vessel* of whi<*h 3 were stevners. -I tuips, 17 b?rks, 1 brigs and 13 schoon<^ The i-mount of property lost and missing is 700. {?7* Falmonth, Va , a mile above Frederlrksbury. on the river, is a place of about l <nm? lnij.iblt ; ut?; they are generally "poor white trasb," but some four or flve rich men reside there who ? ainA->g them some millings of dollars. U r~ A man in Vlncennes has Invented a new rr<j*ctUe, which goes through Iron as easily a* wci'il Kngineers will report in Its favor, and it n ay be that a Iloosier will have the honor of sink HI toe .liemiliar. That Reward?The realdenta of Savannah ! r> really cffred SiOO 000 for the "??cue of the ^nrr'.no^ at Fort Pma?k! The Union boy* have "reaciud" It, and should claim tbe reward. | IZJ"TLe Toronto Glob?, the leading paper of Canada West, In announcing the capture of .New Orleans, say* tbe suppression of the rebellion is now a matter of absolute certainty. |P7? a Wrttrr In * ? -- - . ?u. ... ?uv vuriHW y 11uj>i uyi air I'?rltry, of Mltwood, made tb;? it'j?o , H',4 prunda maple ftt in a ?lngle tree HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED FOB THE WEEKLY STAR, TO BF. MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVE? IT ISTHE BEST DOLLAR WEEKLY IN THE WORLD! ITS WASHINGTON NEWS 18 UNEQUAL LED' irS GLNEBAL NEWS IS UNSURPASSED BY THAT OF ANY TWO DOLLAR WEEKLY! ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL HK WORTH TO ANY FARMER A HUNCHED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL SAVH TE\ TIME;* ITS COST EACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. 7 <* Nuwiber fcr this W**k. to be out on F t du<j Morning?p^ire Three Cents?tnil be a remarkably interesting one. J?v v Person at a distance who would ie'f fo't'd with reference to what is really i ' ^ w? un> nzrz ill lfl 36 I ft tt?*Jt" xng times should rectite it regularly. CALL AT ONCE AT THE STAR OFFICE AND BUB8CR1BE_FORJT. Ht.AL FARI8 KID OLOVK*. FOR LADi K0. a i ?r.J o??!or?t tw't b#nt 4naiitf A <m' ?miM f?ll stock of l>r? Goods. In all v.* It p%rTm*nU of t*<niir w?r.'*. i'ue rncecn m*rk?d id ?l?in 6(>irea. PfcKR7 & HHO., " ? to P? ?w. and Ninth lr?wt. LHtft A kill UAV?OIMI.V_l h? . - . uku i riuvfn. 1 v hae >?ck of Cl<>t >a< front over 6au* J?ifHtortio J. H. PMlifl'tf.No. 4?0 ?? r i'\ ^*et, a*ar F, where 1 ?tia'i offer :l at tea* ti.?n <v>*t pnoM. lor % few da?? only, r. r> *.r. I W K RfcP * ' . ami ArH;i^VuK9DAtv. akbil I, <. .bet**;n? oq ine Baltimore aod OnioKai: > * ?:-nr,f>.ce rani..n? daily, ?uwJ?r? excepted, i-s . r tn .< station it f?l A M , ?ud coufceotiuf : <\ i fci'iu Jjtc'.im w>Ur iuaW iruo f<>r all ran* <1 lae Waal ri* Harl?r?r>?ri or Wneeling. T:.r- u?a bottu m>14 aad bacca<e ohecked W? p. &.V i % Ha cf Traneyortatioa Baltimore ard pbj? a I r AAii - - - ? m 1 <m IV TRAVELLING TKU>KS. *? I'. Vter for in thf iarctat aaaoitmaat (of TRAVtLLIN* TKL'.NKS to M foai.4 Harms tnta oitt, h*et Co.# Lo'haiSrt?Vl Lain*' uten aa4 Packing Tninka, Va crs C?fH? iUii.aa., *aioi ?9nr? no* aa.ucg at very .o* pr.ows. WALL, STEPHENS & CO.. ap_? 3*J fww. aranaa. 1/ REMOVAL. Ft H. * H. J. f. KbdOHt, ?.i ccD?MJ?ne? of . f iii?.[tT? 10 SOI ?'it> ?]U'B 1 1 * - i-u' -*u aul Ittta *trt?ca. ?t>?: e u?<*<a },*r rt ? U> fouiki a ?H,u?p att> aa?oii>u?>ut uj TIN < AHL. MOUdKK??FlNa AMX10LK2, 40. j % tiei and wornocn lULOtin* m oipital. i i i rubUshU ?? ro-nformity with tks rttoitUxon of liu St.uiU nj July 1*, 1861. A* Stmimmrf Htfitml, Gtorgttrmm, M*f 1 1 MU.?. In fun try 3 3d NewYork Artillery 2 5lh <io ArtUlefy I 3d do Cavalry. 2 ' 7th Maine Volnnt??r*. f tth do do.... S HthMaxKar-buaetuVul. 1 HthPrnn. Vvln&tecra. 3 < ICIk J- J- " M - ' ?? ov.. i V/iu no oo.iMti i <?d do do.. 3 43th do de I Moc kion's Mtcb. Vol. } fM do do 1 l?t Rhode (stand Cbt. 3 71th do do 2 ad do Vol. 1 75th do do 1 1 ">th New Y'ork Vol... h >?3d do do 5 17th do do.... ? 95th do do 1 2'??h do do.... i 9"5d do do 'i 33d do do.... 1 <j?th do do 3 ' Uth do " do..,. 6 5th do Reaerve.... 1 5"th do 12d do do 1 51th do do.... a nt do Rifle* 1 ?-tb do do. .. 3 1st do Cavalry....11 ftth do do.... t 3d do do,...., 1 77th do do.... 2 >*tb do do t "*?th do d.>....52 5th Cameron Dragoons 1 Od do do.... i oficcr'e aervant. I tcth do do.... 4 _ . ? * <.*tb do do.... 3 Total 101st do do.. ..18 At Gtntril Hospital, Union Hottl, tomtr Bridgi *nA Washington struts, Gtorgstown, May 2. l?t New Vork Artillery J 12th Penn. Volunteer*. 1 13th New York Vol... 3 28th do do 1 17th do do.... 2 62d do do...... 2 j 2*th do do.... 1 73d do do 2 J'Jth do do.... 3 93d do do 1 nd do do.... nllir.'d do do ? 41th do do.... Kane1! R!flo? 2 t.")th do do.... lo( 7th Mim Volunteer*. 1 ivtn do do.... l, 2d Maine Volunteer*.. 5 V*t'a do do.... 111th Vermont Vol 2 ?2d do do.... ij'itb do do 1 IV J - J ~ *<tl M M-Ai "iu uv u"....n?i:TiWi naTiery. . I j ' do do.... 111 at U.S. Cavalry 1 !>7th do do.... 3|6h do do 1 1st Pen n. Cavalry.... 4:1st do Cbasaeura... 1 "-th do do 1 1st I-ong Islnnd Vol.. 1 1st do Voltinteera. 1 3d U.S. Infantry.... 1 Id do do...... 1 11th do do 1 Uh do do a Sherman's Battery.... 5 7th do do .... 1 ? !>th do do. 1 . Total 92 At Hotjifl, (Cirek,) WmtJkmgtm, J?/iy 2. 1st IJ S i:*vnl?r llBooVa* D.H.1U> M \r a 2d do do 1 i3tl) New York Vol... 3 5th do do... '2 -Rth do do.... 3 tith do do 1 (Kid do do.... 1 1st do Artillery.... 6 4th Penn.Cavalry.... 1 2d do do 3 -26th do Volunteer*. 1 31 do do 5 99th do do 1 1th do do '2 52d do do...... 1 510 do do 6 5th N. Hampshire Vol. 1 2d do Infantry,.... 9.3d VermontVolunteer* 1 3d do do 5,l*t Kane Rlfle? 1 4th do do 11 6tb Maine Battery.... 1 6th do do 3 IOth New Jersey Vol. 3 10th do do 3 Tth Wlcconsln Vol... 1 l'2th do do 4 ? 17th do do *2 Tcta) 89 2d New York Militia. 1 At h0tfU*i mi Cotnm ian Collig*, Wmtkimgtm, .llijr '2. 1st U.S. Artillery... 1 6'M New York Vol... 1 .d do do** ..... 1 1 "til do do*... I 2d do Cavalry 2 Slrt do do.... fi 4th do do 1 VM do do.... 8 5?h do do 2|0.)'.h do do....17 3d do Infantry.... llwth do do.... 5 11th do do S !*-th do do.... 1 2d Maine Volunteers.. 1 100th do do.... 1 15th do do 2 101st do do.... 7 Ilth do do 1 10M do do.... 1 7th Masiar husetu Vol 4 litNewJeneyCavalrylO 10th do do. I lO'.h do Vol.... 3 I5?h do do .lP'lit Penn. Artillery... 1 19th do do. 8'3d do Cavalry.... 4 20.h do do.It' lth do do 1 Ut Rhode Island Art. *2 5th do do 1 '2d do Vrl. 2:1th do do 26 l?r Vermont Cavalry .. '2! V2d do Volunteers. 1 '2d do Volnntctrs 2 52d do do......10 3d do do.... 1 .'16th do do....'.. 2 5th do do.... y 71st do do...... 1 5th do do.... 1 ICOd do do 2 ?t-h <!:> ri 1 imiiiii. - 1st New York Artillery "i lt-ithdo do 1 T'h do Bat'ery. 7 113'bdo do 1 ;!d do Cavalry. 1 McClellan Dragoons.. 2 3d do do 2 7 th Michigan Vol 9 <?th do do.... 5 IWh Indiana Vol a ?;h do do.... 3 5th Wlaconaln Vol.... I 2d do Militia . 'i Citizen 1 vith New York Vol... 1 do do.... 5 Total .345 42d do do.... 3 At Mount fltaiant (ieneral Hospital, Mnyi. 5th Maine Artillery... 1 OfiihNew York Vol... 1 7th do Volunt?*er?. 2 10Id do do.... 11 llih do do.... 3 KHth do do.... 8 Ut Rhode Island Art. 1 luith do do.... 1 3d Ntw Vork Ctvalry 3 l?t U. 8. Chaoaeur*... I 5th do do.... 1 73d Penn. Volunteers. 1 6th do do,... 1 lOUt do do 3 20th New York Vol... 1 103d do do 1 4<>th do do.... 1 2d Berdan Fharp?'rs.. 1 5r,th do do.... 4 Jd do do 1 57th do do.... 1J 10th New Jersey Vol. 2 -1st do do.... 3,5th Michigan Vol.... l pith do do.... 3 lat \V!?con?ln Vol.... 1 ^f?ta do do.... I New Yrrk Zouave In02d do do.... 1 dependent Battalion. 14 03d do do.... 1 ? 95th do do.... 1| Total 73 At Douglas Hospital, torntr of I strut and Ntw Jirsty avtnut, May 2 lit I'. S Artillery.... llfllth New York Vol... 3 3d do do 2|ft6th do do.... 1 5th do Cavalry 3 C^th do do ... 4 3d do Infantry.... 1 "^th do do.... 1 12th do do 5 lOUt do do.... 2 17th do do 3 KOd do do.... 1 24 Maine Artillery... 1 101th do do.... l lit do Cavalry 2 I at New Jersey Cavalry 3 fi'h do Volunteers. 2 Cameron Dragoon*... 1 2d VermontVolunteera 1 l?t 1'enn. Cavalry 2 31 Masaach-jaetts Art. 1 J4 do do 1 lOK /!?. \r~i t q*l a. ? ??#?.?* uw ?ui. i no qo 2 SOth do do.. 1 12th do do 5 .d0.- do - * ,d d0 Volunteer*.. l ldfl a N V . Artillery 1 llth do flnerye.... 1 1st NewVork Artillery 1 *Jd do Volunteer* 4 4tbNew York Cava ry 1 3Ut do do 3 5th do do.... 5 4?tb do do 2 1st U. S. Chaaa#-ir* .. f 53d do do 1 lit Long Island Vol.. 7 Slat do do" *d M. Y. State MUltla. 1 71th do do 3 p?b New York Vol... a,?ut do no* I 2? i??4 ,,M do 7 l-tl? do do.... 1 91th do do 1 fc'tbN Y Statu Militia 4 107tlido rtn > Vid iNtfW York Vcl... 7 113thdo do 1 v5<h do do.... ^|:id do Retcrve.... I 3tih ?!o do.... 2 7th Michigan Vol.... 2 til do do ... 2!5th Wlsevnutn Vol ... 1 1M do do.... 3 fi'b do do.... 1 4*?!b do do.... 1 Andrew' Bbarpi'ra .. 1 54th do do.... ? ?? fill do do. .. 1 Total. m At titntial Hospital, (E eking ton,) Workington,' May 2. -th Ntw York Vol ... 3 75th P?nn Volnnteer*. 1 ltth do do,... 1 lU3d do do 6 ?Kh do do.... 0 lat U 8. Cavalry 8 23d do do.,.. 'J 2d do do 5 27th do do.... 1 Mh do do II j'lU do dr I lit Maine Cavalry.... 7 use ao ao....n :id New York Cavalry 1 4-Vb do do 1 4th do do.... i 4!*th do* do.... 1 3d Virginia Cavalry.. 1 Mtb do do.... 1 ?th Penn. Cavalry.... 2 6'.??h do do.... 1 3d Maine Battery.... 1 77th do do.... 3 4th do do 1 ?* do.... U 5th do do 1 do d?.... I 1 nt Berdao Hhirpn'rs . 1 95th do do ...!% 7th Michigan Vol .... 1 WMh do do.... 3 l.t U 8. Chaiaeur*.. 1 IU3d do do.... 2 17th do Infantry.... | 107th do do.... 15th do Artillery... I l?t Penn. Artillery... 1 Min ? Volunteers. 1| TtM .....Ul At Jndimma Horpximl (Pmttnt 0#m), Wmakingtm, D. C., May 3 11 I I'dlana Cavalry... i New York Vol... 1 I J'h do V olunU-*"s i New York Battery ... 1 lith do do.... 1 Oaeid&Cir&lry Kith do do.... ft 5?th Prnn Volaateefrn iVtb do do.... fa Wd do do...... 4 1st New York Artillery 3 Slut do do....?. 1 MImMmMNVo MM do 4e <4 ttb New York Cavalry 1 934 do do 1 ttb do do.... 6 irttb do do 2 UtbNew York Vol... 6 lOttbdo do 2 11.u New York Art... ) Itmhdo do 3 5 id New York Vol..; 1 ?d Mlcl (gin Vol 2 531 do do.... 1 Ulb Maine Volunteer* 1 67 th do do.... 1 lat Rhode Uland Cav. 4 Mat do do.... 1 t3'-b MaftbacbuoeltaVol 1 4M do do.... 1 New England Cavalry 2 T#'h do do,... 2 ^l*id do do.... 3 Total............1?J Sti w tAt Hoifitml fm Mrmptitt* M Kulorawtm, May 2. Alb Infantry l|72d Penn. Volanteera. 1 lith do _ do 2|Mtb do do l iv'n do Cinlry 0 107th do do 3 ?d Veraont Volunteers 1 10th Indiana Vol 1 I st MaanachufcetU Art. 1 27th do do...... 1 1st New York Artillery 2 1st Michigan Yd l 3d do do.... 1 2d BerdanBharpa'rs.. t 12th New York Vol... 1 2d D. C. Volunteers.. 8 ?l*t do do,... 1 Unartermaater's Dept 3 Slit do do.... ? Ctttsra 1 I Idtb do dr..... 1 Oneida Cavalry ...... I VI New Jrraey V.-l... 1 Coutraband...... .... 1 1**' tj do do.... 1 ? 4th fruit Cavalry..,, 1 5*d do Volunteers. X 41 Qtntrml H9*tU?H, Jwrfuitry Sqnmrt, W*tk~ M*p *. j 3d U. 8. Infantry 2 Mtb New York Vol... I lih do do 9 *'M do do.... I tth do do 1 DM do do 8 Btb do do 2 <Xkl do do.... 1 Btta do do 3 96th do do.... 4 14thdo do 3 !*tth do do.... 1 l?t do Cavalry 1 twth do do.... 1 Ith do do 1 1th NewYork Cavalry 3 l*t do Chtmeuri.,. 1 <Kh do do.... 1 K>k Hn ii4lllar> I fctf K An D.u < ?"? USHTi y. & ad Maine VolnBteeri.. 1|l?t do Artillery 3 5th do do...;.. 3 Td NewJeraey Vol.... 1 Tth do do...... 3 1st do Cavalry 3 1Mb do do ! 1st do Batiery 1 3d do Battery X l?th Penn Volunteer. I 2d do do 8 27th do do 3 lid N Hampshire Vol. 3 17th do do 1 4th do do. 6 57th do do 1 5th do do. 4 6lst do do. 1 6th do do. 5 73d do do 18 l*t do Cav. 1 74th do do. 17 ! 2d Massachusetts Vol . 2 7ih do do .*1 ' Pth do do.. 1 75fh do do 10 1Mb do do.. 1 77th do do 'll.. i tilth <?o do.. 1 63d do do' 2 i l#th do do.. P 90th do do"11..12 I !Sd do do.. 1 93d do do"!.... 1 . 4'h Rhod? Island Vol. 1 Oflth do do* . 2 ' l?t do Cav. 1 107thdo do" .. 4 Int New York Vol... S 1st do Artillery'... I 2d do do 2 Ut do Reeenre... 3 3d do do.... 1 2d do do 1 4lh do do.... 2;31 do dnill... 2 8th do do.... t 4th do dol 3 13'h do do.... l sth do do 4 1 14th do do.... 1 ftth do do 2 i 15th do do.... l 7th do do.!.... i I I ftth do do. ,. 0 Sth do do ... 3 I 17th do do..,, 3 Vth do do I i Idik J _ . ^ I I ! ! U UW UU.9C? 1 I ?iu uo HO J j 27th do do,... 1 Ht do RrtCif... 3 ?nh do do.... 3 lit do Cavalry.... 1 37th do do.... 1 tth do do...... 3 30th do do.... 14 5th do do I 41 at do do.... 2|8th do do 1 V2d do do.*... 4 lit Indiana Volunteers 1 36th do do.... 1 9th Illinois Cavalry .. 1 44th do do.... ti 1st Michigan Vol.... 3 45th do do.... 4 7th do do 1 u.?v? A a A a n .i<i _ tr.i . lirvu v* j uu,,,, ? ?u uiKunun vol.... 7 Slat do do.... 1 id D. C. Volunteera... 4 .Vid do do..,. 1 Excelaior Battery.... l 54 "h do do....34 lat Rocket's Rattery.. 1 5Hth do do..., 2 Uh New York Battery 4 aid do do.... 2 Sth Maine Battlery ... i 68 h do do....12 69th do do.... 2 Total 330 At St on* Q$n*ral Hospital, May 2. 11th Maine Volantem 0 MUstNew York Vol... 8 19th MaanechuseUaVnl 1 105th do do... 1 20lh do do. 2 37th Penn.Volunteers. 1 3d New York Cavalry 1 53d do do 6 29th New York Vol... 1 74th do do 1 5fith do do....22 l"3d do do 3 931 do do.... 1 lOitbdo do 3 Mth do do.... 4 21 D C. Volnnteera.. 1 9Ath do do.... 4 1Mb New Jersey Vol . 4 96tb do do.... 6 ? 100th do do.... 8 Total 63 A* St. BHmtbtth Hotyital, Bitim Brantk, May S. SthVermontVolunteers 1 2d Maine Volunteers . 1 22d New York Vol... 1 8Sth Penn.Volunteers. 1 41it do do.... 1 13th New York Vol... 2 Cameron Rifle* l|43d do do 1 Kxeelalor Artillery Vol l|5th Wisconsin Vol... 1 64th New York Vol... 1 4Wh Penn Volun?eer?. I 6th N Hampshire Vol 1 56th New York Vol ..21 57th Penn. Volunteer#. 4 ? 59th New York Vol.. 1 Total 40 At Gtmtral Hotftfl, AUxmrndrim, M?f2. 2d U. 8. Infantry.... 4 105th New York Vol.. 1 3d do do 1 lit New York Artillery 5 4th do do 2 2d do do.... 5 6th do do 2 11th do Battery . 3 11th do do 1 12th do do.... 1 12th do do 6 13th do do.... 3 14th do do 2 Indep't N. Y. Battery. 2 1*>>L J - J - ? " * iuhuu an i niwewKonumry.Mi ; 1st do Cavalry 'i id do do? 0 j 5th do do 3 4th do do 3 ' fftb do do........ 3 6lh do do.... 1 1st do Artillery.... 1 9th do do.... 3 id do do 5 latNewJeraey Vol.... fi 3d do do !l 2d do do 8 4th do do 4 3d do do 42 5th do do 3 4th do do 13 1st do Bh*rps'ra... 1 1st do Art I 2d do do ..31 3d do do 1 3d Maine Volunteer*. 7 lit do Cavalry52 4th do do 7 let Penn. Volunteers . 5 5th do do......11 id do do 5 7th do do 11 3d do do 4 o J J- ?-* <>u ou oiucry,,,, 1IUO do (to......13 6tb do do l|5th do do 4 5th N. Hampshire Vol.10 6th do do -it 1st do Bat. 3 7th do do 21 2d VermontVolnnteera I 8th do do 4 3d do do a 9th do do 11 4th do do 15 loth do do 13 5th do do 10 Uth do do 22 6th do do 3 12th do do 1*2 id Maaaachaaetta Vol. 2 38th do do 7 12th do do.. 1 46th do do 1 13th do do.. 1 40th do do...... l 15th do do.. 1 52d do do 1 ISth do do.. 1 53d do do 14 UiA do do.. 3154th do dn i to Bat . 1 57th do do...... 5 l?tConnecticut Art... 7 Alat do do.. 1 ?d New York Vol... 2 6<d do do...'.".". 1 5 do do,... 1 83d do do...... 4 9th do do.... 1 72d do do! 1 13th do do.... 7 73d do do...... 9 11th do do.... 4 74th do do! 2 15th do do.... 4 75th do do 7 l?th do do....22 Slat do do ? 17th do do.... 5 88th do do 2 18th do do.... 10 Kid do do".., 2 *rth do do '? 9Slh do do* 19 ai_* J. ?.? nA ? . . ?* ? uu oo..,.? w>tn ao do ?? 22d do do....31 99th do do 3 ?Jd do do....31 lOOd do do 1 14th do do....85 104thdo do l 25th do do.... 5 105thdo do 5 20th do do.... 1 lit do Rifles *8 27th do do....2*2 lit do Cavalry 13 28th do do.... t jd do do 1 2?th do do.... 2 3d do doi.iili i 30th do do.... 14 ?th do do' 1 31at do do....24 ilth do do.' l 32d do do.... 9 lit do Artillery ...13 33d do do.... 3 1th do do...... I 35th do do....31 12th do Battery l Sfith do do.... 1 12th Indiana Vol 1 37th do do.... 3 mh do do iq 38th do do.... 8 37th do do a 4? do.... 4 1st Mlchlgaa Vol I 40th do do.... 4 id do do 3 5? i*? 1 M *? ?*<> ? 2? 4?-"-10 ?*h do do 4 a <o ... 5 5th do do .a j<)th do do.... 4 lit do Cavalry. 4 sad do do.... 7 Stockton' Mich. Vol. 1 53d do do.... 1 6th j4th do do,... 5 ad Wlaconaln Vol'... 9 j5th do do.... 3 3d do do.....* i 57th do do.... * ftth do do i? SHh do do.... 1 7th do do.... W #Ut do do.... V lat Minnesota Vol i fwd do do?.#.)l Cameron Dragoons M <VUh do do....)- McClellan Dragoona. J Mtk do do....IP Knapp's Battery 1 wth do do.... 5 Callin'a Zouaves 1 fi9th do do*...IV Signal Corp*......... 1 77th do do.... 14 tioartenaaater'a em 97th do do.... 3 ployeea.....** 5 48th do do.... I Cttlsena 3 Wd do do.... 2 Prlaoner of war 1 f>34 do do.... 1 nrw*. - jjvn go Qo.... 2| Total ..1337 (ET Washington paperi pleaae copy ud md Mils to the War Department. miy 7?31 P M B A L M I N 6_T HE DEAD. DR. HOLMES'S AMERICAN PROCESS. Thu prooeee, without the an of eoicona, dieeovirM thirteen THri ?to, ud praclioed inoe that time la the wannest section* of the United States, is aumoient reoonuneo<iation of tteeif. Thia anode of Embalming Dead Bodiea la to foreign Invention. bat parely A merici" having discovered it myself after yeara of oaemioal reeearon. M&ay of the reeideots of this ory will remember seven yeara ainoe the exposition of the body ofaohild embalmed by me. Mr process has been tested bv a large number of physicians and ohemistaia thepnnoipal eitiee of the Union, and persons of the htgheet reepeetabilMy, who have given their eertifioatee, which ay pamphlet will aiiow. The body of a dog embalmed eleven moetha ainoe, and exposed to the heat of the past summer, ta oa pablie exh bittonat 301 Penn. ???" wh?r? i I n?T? embalmed a large number of offioera and private eolaiera of oar armr to the entire aatifl&etion of their arriving > elatfvea and fri?nda. *s? rags# iff W**1 aittin* held on the JSd of Maroh, 1?58, whShIhEZ?* ' ajaiein to the wwrld,aoopj ?I by either pro u?? win Mfir w> * tfuoair. uM?na#f, WI P?. innu: JoMfh Borah, UxxMrtaker, veorcetovn, LUuTileary Lm, ?S3 Fa. avenue. HP HE SUBSCRIBERS BEING IN RECEIPT M. of a pp'r of laUet faaJuoaabto ttinnc i? SHoodi. the* reoeethllr aoltori a oafl ud^fl eoontinued fa?ora of their patrons ud K1 aabiie generally. air rheyalaoreqaeetapeoial attestion oftheir sr- s?rBaooaeeora to H- P. l o?doa | Co? Citnen and Military Tallow None*.?All Knona indebted to the late inn of Loadon * Co. , or their M00MMra7 ?r? arcectl r ml. X d5s T*uor?. 4 Df J H iHfLKAVI STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD rURIPIER' A. TBB GREATEST W? REMEDY III THE W*? . W WORLD! Jt KA ' r j and the L mWm*

obk /J most PRMcrom V* PfT% ^^*D DELiOfrrm MTl \# CORDIAL EVER Vf Bw HX The thr>DK\c(,s Bfon thcu?*'<u Ik fl ?h!> are daily Eg SB . vsmc MpI,*??"? VK^BP bTRtNr.THf NIK'. Kmm Coa?i*L. certify ImIb that it is ar>?o- ^P*j ^Jf | lutely fto in'alli . f'NLJI ?? ble remedy lor i renox-a'ioc Won tjfciof. e*??d ay item, jurifymt and einnhinc th? Blood reatnrirc the aiok, ?uff?rinj invalid to Hialtk */* S-rtMth. THERE 18 HO MISTAKE ABOUT IT. It will cure Liver Complaint, by?pep?ia, 0iar Tlrr a. Dti enterr, Hra-lacne. Depression of Poir.ta. Fever and Ague. Inward Kever, Bad Breath, or anrditeaae of the Liver. 8toroao;i or Boveia. |t^ Gentlemen. do yon viah to be Healthy, Strong and Vtgoroua ? irr* ycu want ?he Bloom of Health to moant to mar oheeka agair:?thea coatoBoe *nd get MtLtan't Strtittkentm and Blood Pmidir, l>e ay no' a moment; it ib warranted to five B&tiBfaaJiea ll will care any diaeaaeof the KHneta, Womb. 0' B adder; Fair.ting, ObatrooUsl Menstruation, Falli'g of the Womb, Harrenneaa, or any die aw ar:atn? from Chrouio or Nervona DaiiUty, itiaan lrfa!lir>'e Remedy. ro* children. Do you want ro?r?:?i ? tt'.iioklv, puny Children to be flra'thy,8trong ami K <>*uat?-then tire them MrLtanStrmtthtnin* Co?ii >/,(?"ethecireotioxia on ?%oti battle?it ia Oe'ieioua to take. fn^Ote table-apooi ful, taken every ntornint fMiirc. ia a hure pre?ea ive &*?in?t Thilla aid Fever, Velio* Fever, Cholera t r any prevailing dia??a IH7"Ca?tiov I - Beware of Drngc ista ard Peatera who may try to palm upon yoo a bottle ot Bi'tera or Saraapanlla, iwhich tleytaa bur rhe?p ) by aaTli c it I* mat &a tood. Th?re ironton mt? enou?n to e'etl pa t ?>r mj rain* to dab their vilx deeoation*. Avo d aich i^f mom p<rvtk< and the r villainoua oompourda a at for Or. J H. MoLeai'a Strengthening Cordial atd Blood Purifier Take nothing e!a*. It ia t*e only rem?dy that ?i 1 Purify yonr B.otd thoroughly.and,at theaame t ni'MsitiflTUiN' and imviuos*>b the who'eor ran>iauon it u put np in Large Bott'.ea?$1 per bottle, or aix Lotties fo* 8?. DR. J. H. MoliKAN. Prop ietcr. Corner f bird and Pine its.. St, Louie, Mo. DR. McLEAN'S UNIVERSAL PILLS, For Ltre* Complaint, Bilhousnet*, Jf-aJarHe. $e. There hat never beenaearAirtic medi jine t to the putui i mat haa given a??n entire eaticfao tion aa McLean s Umrersnl Pills. Being entire y vet*-ta!>:e '.hey are perfectly in noo*nt and oar be taken i y the moat tender infant; yet prompt and powerful in removing all Bilmua aeoretiona, Aoni or Impure, Feted Matter from the Stomach In fact, the* are th- only hula that ahooid bs usee in ma'ariouadiatriota The* Bfftl1l!?.rnl3f.?.p. ?? _ _ . - ? - ? - Mv- vxjrn p, ? uivntivo - v* I "III U l*T Stomach or Boveln.tiiooKli very aotiveand sea-chine in their operations promoting htaithy secretions of the Li rer and K.dtejs. Wto wi 1 suffer from Hmoucneoa, Headache ard Foul Stnmaoh, whan bo cheap a remedy oan he obtain"*'.' Krp them canstaot v on har.d; a uncle ?:o?e, t*?ea in season, m?y prevent hours, Jays, and months of sio?ne*r. A?k f?r Or. J H. Mct.?ao's l)nvrr?al PUis Takeiooth'r. being c attd, tl.ey are (ashless Pnoe olIt 25 cent* per box. aal can be cent by mail to any parte! the t'n toi SSiates. J. H MoLlvA N,8i/l?l'rof/leior. Co nsr Third and Fin* *ts.. St. Louts, Mo. DR J. H. McLEAN S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT, Tl. t-.4 r* ? S e . . ?' ? ' ? ? imwm oxiernai 11 lite nori'ijorJUa* ot B'.Oit. Thousands of human teitiga hwva i?u Mvcda life of deorcpituae aud mic ry b? the use n( tins invalid bie L.tmoieut It will relieve Pain a rooat idBtantAneujily, and >t vi'i oleanee. purify and Lea the fouleit Sura id an incredible short time. McLfn's Volcanic Oil L>niwnt will reUeve the must lcvete ate c*aea of KUtuinitiim- G< u'? or Nfnra gia For Paralytic, Cni.fee H !Muao|?<s, S*t ifaeca or Wcafcueae in the Joint*, Mu?etea or Luamenta, it w 1: never (ail iwo applications will cu;e sore 1 hroit, Hea- ache or baraoie For Bu'eb,or J*o? <1?. or any P%in. it i?an Infallible remely, Try it. ai.d y-u will find i in ludiayenaiblerem^T Keep 11 a waya on hand. Plantar*. Farmer, or any one having charge of horaee, will aape in joey by usioi MoLean'a vol o&nio ?Ml I.iinm??iii. t i? * ?pee<iy an-l inf?!lib e oure for 6sl!?. J-prfiin?. Ch&fns, dwelling. Lane ne??t Sorer, Woucds. ScrAtohea, or ?nr extern*! aiaeate. Try ;t- ami yon w l< bo oonvincod. DR. J. H McL.fc.AN,Sale Proprietor. St I uuii, M"i ra 5 ?m C. BTOTT, Atent.Wjwi mtt?r,D C. MM TOFJB AM'b flKJt KQB r M. M M i tl T R W B M CSS MAHW Factory, ill Iitixti Brim, Wmiimmii, 9. C i:w Medal ?w?rd#d by Maryland Injtitato t Baltimore, NoTrarnber 7. lP?n. AIM, M*4al by Mi?t'-?olitr.n Meeharuoa'luiltsW. Waaiacfton, D. 0., UJ7. 1 mm MuttntlT ra&ktnK, as4 a! van x?v? ?i uii of the.bert material, *r#rj iei. el PiM Sole father, iron Jr'isae, i?4i?' DrM, Wead Box,and PaaXitii fratka, P?lH??r. Ca;Ht.U< Bui, Mnbin ef Cootreaaacd trarslera will aleaaa examinei mj etocfntfore jurchaau:t (iitvitn Yrmcka that are made :n other sniee. daperifer Leather asd Dreee Yranti W arder. Irankii #o*ered and re.a rsd at iihert, eod* delivered free of eharre to a& jfaart e? ft* alt* * eerietowc, and AJeraiidna. JAMKK ffOPlAW. SOMEYfiINC MEW ! Av /^V ?W,IUT,mIA'u!,,T "VltJ nHf 11 111 C flriii, trr+tiu ? IM nwir, ~ OYSTERS STEAMED la tki Shell an* ThorctjUy Cooked (tar ?erler te a reaat) in mmmimiii, tU /mtutt ???? m rutrd. Call ar.4 ?ee. The an^ersiccod reapeotfilly lrJenaa bie frieidt la the putrict, and Tiaitora to the city, tbat lie .\aa ret ttad hta oiv and wiu-mowii HTiai:?SM?T in a moat tboroaeh manner. and baa made oomjleta arrangements to furniah OYSTERS in any atyleand in any tnantity. ?no to too gallona ahaokei jer day. I.o to 1,000 oat<? of Sjioed and Freak eat ay daily?oana hermetically eetied. Famiehee In the ahellby the bash el or barrel. Persona wishing to have Oysters feraished regalarly throagh the winter, at Baltimore anoee, witnont fear of failare, shoald oall and mate arnneamMfta anaa ?- - ? ^ ? ? . ? ? A IVI?lt?t kwun, ?/iU lUDBVJ saved by P arohasine et trie, as 1 fsrnnh an article eesal to the oeleb.ated DaiCmcrre eatabliakmenta, at prises ]ut m iiw. VO BVTiKll. Canoed Meats, Lobsters, Sardines, Clama, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pice' Feet, Tripe, 4s. Ao.,Ao. Alao, Pioklee, Catssp, Payees, Brandy FeMhe*, *o. Also, Oaine and Freeh Fish. Turtles, Terrapins, Freeh Lobsters, Cod. Halibut,ft*. In ikot, every thiue for sa'? in the Northern markets always on hand, at reasonable prioes. Hotels an<l famliteii ssppiiM * th Oyptam, delivered withoatohargetoaur ?* icf the District, in season, if the moijey is sent with Ike order. Mr establishment >n cpen from t a. m. to it at night. evary day, except tiauday, when 1 oloee at |e o'a>ook a. a. I. a * l ? " jm w n jib v r< i? IH. O. HOOD 8 Constantly teoeivint.snd has always on hud, a full snppiy of ell the most nele*>r*t*d It*. WAfCHW thai are marnfAotared in Knjland, Switgerla'.d and America, both ir. GoTdflK an<l Silver omkI, He also keept a large etook o( fime JKWfcLRY o( the moat demrable stylos set with Diamonds, Eraei&lte. Hsbie* *n<1 ail other Gems. He is also m&Dufaoturing ait kinds of Solid Standard Silver Ware, ami ke*ps Swords, RevolT*rs, Sword Beits and S&sfces, Dowie Knives, JLaiors, Sols?or?, 6o!d. Stiver and Steel Speetaeles, and a treat variety of other things nana1 y kept in a Jews ry St are, and a'l at the very lowest price. No. 33t? Pa. avenue, betwoen ?tti and l(*th streets. fnjt-tf I \K. DUPONTS 8USAR COATKD KKU MALE REGULATING PILLS Read the following unsolicited enoomi-flHU mi: V i I cannot oemmend tham too highly." W. r3 "They are the heat female Pills *it&?t.? "I hare naad tham with oomplete moomi." *'Wonld not b? without them apon ut oonaiderojarat* aaoadily and effeotirely," Pnofl #1. Hoot by mail. Bold by 8. C. UP HAM, 403 CbMcot strant, Ptuiad?i?htft, and in Wubinxton by 8. C. FORI), oornerJUh atraet atd Pv itnimi m Alexandria, by H&NRY COOK b CO.. PramaU. noM-wl* UMpfflrXTX" ohar.raof diet repaired. It ia an liah Bpeeifio of uxt/-fiv? yeaxa iUn(in|Bpk and will not harm the moat dohoate oon fUUUon. It oi>uUi<ia ?o wKumrals, Price SI. Bold by B.C. UPHAM, 403 Chaannt atreot, Philadelphia, and in Waatiuiitoa by B. C. FORD, orner llth ? tree t and Pi i?? ; in Alexandria. by ri K3RYCOOK A CO.. PmytiaU. bo U eoly rpo MILITARY OFFICKRB AND OVHKR8. BATCHXLOR'S OMNVINM HAJM BYM* The DmI in the World. Thi 0?h BUlUkU mmd HmrmUti H?t Jht XMM. Goat .. * w - 9 ?VDUi1 ?n<% U| ]>? ? Pm. VV BOYS' CLOTHIN8. INB. embrsal* eushlMof m* rioea, median, pa fta* ?aaJJBM. vmob w? tisulhacal r*n .7 I i j 5 -A i v? ^ * * ' ' DKNTI8TBY. Mu; r*r?om au we*> th?w> tooth Moot wear otbors. and bo poroon m nil otlMra who oftcoot wear Umm person oa.hLc itniTc^MMtwHiMOMaiM vim tnj atj.a tul pnoe or Tretfc Use? ma* deiut; bat to tnoM who at* particular an<^ w1ah thetureot. iMreit, trongMt. nw nort ??rf?ot dept*ro that HtMBtrodow, tho M1NKK AL. I'LATK wilt to 3rof?"ij vtrruM. ootca in thia cit* No, S3P PuTwu.b^tTm a&* 10th iu. Also, 907 Arch atiMt. Pki?>ad?< nhia. ir-nra It.*" AN1> IMPROVED INVENTION AKTiriCUl. CHKOtLASTl BOMB V E E V . W mat? Mnu run Cuan. Dt. 9. B- WIIKfMOND, 119 n*n>, >n? PiwuyliiM it ?'W W ?* 14*9 VMO l#M ' Ca'.la the att^u'ion of the rubhc to the lollowta* wucUtM of h:a in?ro?r; sfoiem : ^0^ 1. Th? Teeth of bit mirnr^otare virMM erer eorode bot ohenc* -n.or by ut-,,ub aoida, betac three-fourth a :;f*er thee arv ether, S. Ne teeth or root* need be extiaettd? ee IM BrtiioiBl ccea obq be i&aerted over U*em. S. The reota wlil he mBde mcffeaai ve. bb sever 9 BC iIO. 4. No temporary t^eth Bre seeded. aa permanent anee ean be mBde urnifdiately, thereby preaervlni the natara, exeroeaion of the fBoe. whioh a Oder the eld ayatetr. la fre^ner.t.v dia&cared. i Thia work ha a bee* fa'r to# ted over five riart by macy ef the irat ebexmata and pbTeiciata of tola eoantrv. Dr. 9. hBa B'ae Invented a white andeatrootive metal ftllicc. with which the moat renaitive teeth bb Defined without pain,BBdoBn baud np b leot, aoand tooth on any aide roete, whieh will laet through lifetime. The beat of r-ferenoee rivea? to Dr. V. Mott, Dr. a a, l'rofceaor oiCneialFtry, N. Y* Hen. re Wayne, rn ihe Beprerce Ceart of Waahmiten. and thonaBoda of otkera. Cail Bad oiBmino tor yearflf. bo I Ib GAS FITTING, Jtc. A W* *. 1K>Y? A CO. JHl? N?t FeitrM to eiitiu uj erdera wltt watah rear be fiiTorod in tta PliWMBlNV, A5* OR fTKAM FIT* IHt FBBIRESS. _ IET Store en ttfc nrM, a few 4oera lartk mt Pa ayacae, where mar oe fees* a eo<npteto aaaortaaeal fCHANDKLIKRKena eUer tA6. STEAM aaa WATER FUTRREB. }a?T-1? W_ CAB FIXTIRE8. _ t" Fa?e ic aiorr, and are aai.y reoe?*ina, 111 W11TVRESofeat -e.y New Pattornaaad Dee.fta ' and Finiah, eupenor iu ?trl* to acft'iire heretofore efer?*1 m tma market. We r.iriteeitiaeu cenerfe j to Mil and examine oar lock of Sea aaa Watot Put< irea, teelin* oonftdent Uiatwe kara Ike tail ae.ectod atcck in Waahintton. All Werk it the above Tine latraatod to aar eare WU< W fiVIBflif IMWIN 't. MYERS * MillAH. 1 ur Ktt ?y n?trn. MITB ADD BROTBBR'8 YORK P?1'PP? K\ LL KEKKFKE I rJ I AAA LL KKkbliC b PP PPP AA K A LL EE PP PPP AA AA 1 L EK PP PPP AA AA LL EKEE PPPPP AA AA LL EEEE PP AAAAAAA LL PP AA AA LL EE PP AA A\ LLLLLL EEEEEEE PP AA AA LLLLLL EEEEEEE XXX X\X XXX X X X X X X XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX X\X XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXXXX XX XXX xxxxx. xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XX X XXX XXX XXX XU XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX f_f_ CfL't-'L'tT ? Li UL<I<I r, I , AAA ,L EEEEELE A AAA X EE A AAA* X EE AA AA L EKEK AA AA ,L EEES AAAAAA A A X F.K AA AA jIJ EE KK AAA ?ULfcfc EEFL&E AA AA liiULlibLu ALiiLLLCi VPBltK AMBER ALE, PORTER, AID EXTRA BROWN STOUT, In WTkcU, H*i/, Quart* C*fk?, BREWED FROM THE CHOICEST D A U r C IT WLa a v rn + ?r * ? o/i n ua f JlllU IIUI'B. BREWERY, 18th llrut, biiwtia Tth aad BU Atiim, NEW YORK. fefT-dtio* P H I V A T H. 'PRIVATE P n. I VA T B. DR. LA BONTA hanni removed hisofioeto Room No S, adj^ininc I thet?unday Chrt? < in Wa?h:n?ton B?. ( inc. P& &?*, corner of 7th street. is now realty to ?nre a I Diw?w? *4 a Private N stare, without the use ol or dis(U?tin( diufsot acy kird, and ao mie-jer-n:? with roar tnuasii avnoal.ocs fca*iBf rtev-ted n t *Mi? tiro" to the study ari'i cure of Pt t\it of both sexes and to Chronic CWtior.s ol ihe omb, L'Y'rKidney*, f*km Krnj-cims, Ao . end crad-???ir| id the t>est school in tb- wvrid, tae New York City Hospitals, under P"*fs Chiton and Parker, to whom 1 most rupwnlij refer. 1 will raj 9 LHP? to the person farni?o<~g roe a care of any of the above dicues whior-1 oar not speedily and permanently onre. let the (Me be old or new. No required : nothing d^a^reoaMe in any fart of the treatment. Consultations tree. Rooms mry private. M. LA BONTA. Rnnra I i firat fl w.r \ \ro- -* , / f>MiliU|U'U UUi UIU|t mil 3r-2m* F*. ireaat an<l 7th at. kJiiCRfcT DISEASES: SECRET DISEASES I ? SAMARITAN'S ??KT! SAMARITAN'S ?IFT! Tks Mont Certain Remedy hv?r Ut'4. a poaltive core for HKCKKT DISEASES, 60N0RRH(?\. 6LKET. STRICTURES, Ac. Contain* no Mineral, no Btiwm. no M^roury. Only ten pi'U t<> bo takou to effect a care. Thar are entirely vegetal* e, bavirg no ?mel! nor toy unpl-asart ta?'.?, and will not nany way in| Jure the etnmach <-r liowtli of tk<i mo?t ileVtif, uurea ic iruoi iwo to tour day*, &nd recent own in"tw*&ty-fo?{ hours " rreparoti by a trMa&t* of the Univaraity of l'ftDiMTlrikcia, nu? of Ih? moat eminent Doct ira %r.d CbeniiaU of th? ?rdaj. tSAMARITAN'? ?3IFT Will o?r?? *pt "aee in from two to f??r <?%?e, *b4 reoer.t tn^ea it>. TWENTY FOUR HOURB! No ?rf(i<*r/. nc Itemf-U, ehmmtt vitiwn, I <*t I Lost w ho h%vo U^fAire?t ear?4, or wh? haye l>efi. jurist wilii i?a!mn Cepacia or " lnroury, at lr? tii? i?AK1 AR1TAN*?* SIKT. tV?nt by id a a vo rc?tlivpc, ?t oe ma> rvckAfM, i nc?i?iD4it* cvjt*se?. SAMAK1TAN'S HOOT AND HF.RF JOICES, A fcPKKDV AND PKRMANKNT ClKh F<?* SYPHILIS OIL VtNtRKAL l)lS?bA?K5. * Her* lift po?itive cure?no Mwwirr-no Poison? t at the Juice* ol Root* t&d Herbs i oomtnied. This form cf the di??Aee mtlcei its appearftrce in ore* on ttieorjana of reneraMon. or th?y may ooour on other parta of the hody. wbioh happen* m<>atly on toe irctnB, and very often m n'oer* of the month, tetter*. tpota, oAnea and nodeaofthe bones, Ao. Ao. Am Ana All of theee aynptoma will aoon yield to the SAMARITAN'S ?OOT ANDHKRH JUICES. Sent by expreea. Prioe 91 A bottle, or ft bottiea for U. ^SAMARITAN'S CHANCRE WASH. Pr.oe S5 oente Foil direottoaa. DESMOND A CO.. Box 1*1 Philadelphia P*.? UKoe. Bold by B. CALVERT FORD.ocrner l?th tad Peon, avenue. J H. EATON. Ui Booth Eighth rtreot. PhilkdolyhU. Maim NOTICE. ** ADAMS' uruu Whi? Comur offers to tbe rabUo ** UtttUlM for the Bkfefcca Qotck Imsj&wv", ?f l**T Frfighte,Pmoi*, VitfeWee, Money, A*. Cr, to all r&rto ol the UuiUr Uutew. Exprtiwi to fcr.d from the North ud West to ?!.'& ??75 jEffs-ass^S1^ rtl*m*u BNNUMl Ail ffcok*?M VIM UMIIH MTTMt at "A^ G ?od?Cforaih? iSWlwi "C?af*ier?U stater** tnd aU ArUalw "^inlui <9 Wir" will to *&3kFT#28Z?ffAxit2i,& r%nreMM !?* Philadeljkla at IJI A. M u< II FVM.f UTiTiOf In WaokiartoL tlUDP.N, ud '^uraMMlMvvMLttaMr* M4JIA. M.aadl P. M., *TT.Tioi ia WMhiacto^ UllM iMUl Jx'irNM for all Mlito Nortt u4 Wwt Inn wiahiDf ton at 7JO A. M. aad SJO P. M. d&ilr. Bfociil Contracts for Lire* ?nu.titiM oiFrolfkt W?Mactoa. U'o^^JBiSWSSi^WSS Bim for oh dollar. 6ray, rod or fia.x*t. hair aaa obanlod la a few Mooad#to a ijt Uaok or ow^ii by unoi UibAm i Liaoiu HmapTW^. ?u MM cQflApflrt ! tn? world, jrodnoinx, tie idombI arwitojarailw&fi-SS V'i'i A* M OtsWI s?f| lo, (414 ,/f . * ? Tfl I I TKAVg!,LflRH' DIH1CCTOR?. BALTIMORE A OHIO RAILROAD CHANGE OF HO V It It. UK A WD ATT El WKDNSOAT , Af *IL T, 1??I, TH1 rtMlMU TU m (ITWII* WilHINUTO!*, BALTIMO??i A^U THE HItT Will racM fo ?vi; >if? Dm?i? IVtMi Art*?? > <i?<i ZJ?r*?' VajAUMlm /Mtljf 4mrt+i tk? ??k. m4 mi n? twifiii. I F?n PBILADFLPHIA NRW YORK!,(??? WvtiiD|MtHh? ia.,7 ?r>ft. m, II a maud V AN.NArOLlS l.?H Wttb.'^ nH 1*# a m ftixl * ?'? ? For FRKITF.RICR I.MvrWwhiritctit 7.?* ft m and3**r.m. _ FUR A LI. F01NT8 \VRt?T. . . 5 Ana tor Huki'i l-?rrj. Mai tioshorc ftad Winoherter.ifftv* Washington at 7.* ft. m. TRAINS M<?VTN? WI TH. L^ftv* New York ftt ? a. m Prmada phia 11 V a m.; Bftiiiaort iJfi p. m. Amw at W aaaiftfUu t ** !>#?? New Vo>k at S p is.. Philadeahia 1? y> p. m , Ua timore 4 so a. m. Arrive at waahi&cton tyi.n. Loare New York at 11 p. m ; Phi ade_?Ma S$f>a. m ; uaitiaore 7jK) a. m. Arrive at Wbjhtx.|'on 9kb ib. L<*ob4 aoormmcx*! on Traar* mt* Bb umcn at 10 a.m. ac<i 110 e.ia. for Waclunftoa. arrive there at 13 B- m. an". 7 on p m. On 80cc!aj? Bt <sn and 7 4'1 a m on'y from Baltimore. No Annaroha or Fratieriok ooaneetion* on Sunday. Paaseeter Traina irarmc Wafhincton at 7 ?> a. m, and 5 00 p. m., rtkS C&itiinore at a m ar,d 5 10 m.make c irect oonr.eettoue (or Ar.napoli* at the Junction. The 7??a. m ooticeou at Re.ay for Fredwiok, Hac?rMn*i Har^fr'i Krr?. MarUnabarc. Winchester, Paraereburc, &o..?xoept SucCai*. t r?iata a . .!(. f n.u ? ? .4 IB'^.L. ? <?'"? o Aiukfv.ii mr m.i roorr kuo n?'?iacton at 6 5n a. m. and 3 40 p m. Paa?CD(?r Trair.a leaving Wathrarton at f ""a. m. 11 a. m. aixt S p. m? nd Baltimore at 4 S?aud t.w a m., and 3 SJ p. m , will it or v%iy mt Jumrtum. Way I'amengera mnat take tbe Aecommodm-um Train' nit. W. P. UMITM. ap > Maater cf Tran?yorta<ioc. italt. IMS] THE flSSS Penniylrania Central Railroad, (vitk its eottnantions) IP A FIRST CLAPS ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTER!f CITIES SPEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT! 8TONE BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROCRM FROM BALTIMORE! mn daily vitm not PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH? Two o. tham mU ci fUll eONVBCTlOira AT RtllHTU with tr*ir.? no the PORTBKRN CENTRAL RAILROAD. and forma* THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE VMM WAIUIKNTOI AM) BALTIMOKK i t? ali rxtu ic lb# W llti NHU WI'T a*B ???TB WI?T. jypnr Thr?n?i Ticket*, tpplv at the oftoe at the Northern Certr?l Kail Road Com pcty. Calvert *t*tiin. BtHiKot*. Splmdid 8t*4j>inc ('** < <m mil Hirkt Traint Smotinf oon C**t cn mil Ircnu FROM WA^HIN??TOH r HMB(cn viii taae tne t> a. m. turn p. m. tteioe, rriTinc in Ba.utr.ore at?j0a. u.. and f Up tr.. wnere ctoee oocr>eoQoua are mane with tra-nt "B Ine Nortbercreatra! R. R..and arrive id Hamebnrf atl p. m. and 1.45 a m , there oocn?<;fari vita tne trains on the Pennsylvania C?t* Kail road lor ail part* of the vml FREIGHTS. . Bt this roate. bwgltU of all deeoripMon# oan le forwarded to an<1 from an? point on the Rt/*i j ?f Ohio. Kentucky, Indiana. IHinoia, Wiao^oi'n, I?wa, or Miaeoari. fry Rn%lrem4 dtrrri. The Penney vama Centra, fta Ir ad a eo oonneota at I'itubari with Steamera. try which 6oodaaaa he forwarded to any port ol tae Ohio. MeakiBcaa. i Raatuctjr, fenoeaeee. Cumberland. illiaoia. Miaeleeippi, wieoonain, Mieeonri, Kaneaa, Arkariaa. j and Red Rivera; and at Cieve.and, Pandnaky an? 1 Cfeioafr> with ateamerc to all Northweeiern l.akea Merchant* and ehippera entreating the trantpor iMion of their Fre<(V.t tothia Company, oac re y with oonfdeuoe 01 iia ?P*?dy traneii. THE RATES OF F Rfc 16 HI to and from any joint in tlie Weat,ty the pennaylvania Certr* Railroad, art m a 11 uaui ? /e*erai>ie a? er? ikmtfd bt 01k*r Jtaii'rM^ C^mpmmUt. IZ^Be par'ieu ar w> i^ark pacta*ae **ru l ot ClRTUl R i." MA?RAW *IOON3. Freicnt Aienta. No. 90 North atraot. Raltimara. ENOCH I.KtV IS. ?ac', trcprroit't, Aitoona. Pa L. L.. HOUPT.?eo lTioke<Airt.Pu5lade>eh^. l.H HOUSTON, Im'FFrw.fU AM. FK*MaUhia * - - - - MOKTHtfiN CLNTRAi RAILWAY. Ki Si?rlut, ^?ub.?l ?<* Fiti KmxAni f?l< WEFT. NORTHMAND^ORTHWEST. fiiHBuamLH WISTbE. iiCHBVOLM. Caajms or 7 mm. Oi ac* after i?UNPAY. t?U >?*?in>*r. r?mi ter Irt'Li viil arr:r? athi <-pxn fr*n Cairffl UttOB M : 7> 41 HI NOTE Liin M ail it i.r ?. m. b?fft Mf farktoo Aocau.modAC.os <?. m. itttbug aaflliarruburj Kikmi?JI p m. Teai^c $ovt> Au:vi Parkier: Acoonm.xlfttioL at 1 ft n. Dtflftio Ritran ?f ? Pittatarg via Hamal>*rg Eirw I f- . Maa ?J0 > m. Tbe I t. n. train frrm WMb'rtur ?*crN? ith the fJ** a- m. tra'n from Fa tJinore for u-? Wmi ar.4 for K rcirm. Rooster, l)a?- w r.;k. ,-a.'a-laigua aid N.?ga>? Falla.and for New I ) org oity. Tb* 2i a. m. train from v. acurriMi ?ori-eeia WiUi the If. m. trt.c from Bfc.unjore to WmL Norti ard N crt-veat aatl Luiuraand Bulaic a&4 lMheit?r. Th? 4 f. as. train from n aair.ngtor. oornocta v tt the tjri p. m. train from Baltimore far rillaoarg, ktarrie! urg and the Wnt eji?l la a Drool oner.? toot for Lebanon, Knatoa AUiwlewa and > ? iork via Ohtral Rv.r?ad of New Jmmj, Tr? la roate for Nov York. SrThooa!? train lonr'.ng Ha'tlrrtaroor , eS a m. tra>o. foe Hainabarg, 1'ilU* a g. Cbioa^o ana th> W ??t The omj U?;r. *rriT:iic ir I'.aliimT* or. Pnr'ftf la the *jn *. u. train J AS. O. <'l,AKKK, _t?8U iiitMlM' TRdTICE WO VR4VKIKKB. l-fc Pottiuatri C?Q*rai h*t &c er<erM IM lltU HTTIH MtWl! V% ^rmm k |lalt<|u?re. and <?ld Feint i ForV?e? Manioe) to b?> reaumr<i, on and aftei^^^^^^^ Menhir, the *?th icfxrt, lb? Bay L'i# of te?n"i Will leave Baltimore KVKRY PAY (ei<-e?t ?"C 4av) front their vht'f, foot of Union Ho^k, at ?H e'ernck p. m., or :r ' '.ateW after the arri?a ! the Waetni.ctcx. Train, whicfc leavea Waabincwa at 1^4 o O1OC1 p. b. M. W- FALL*. Pree't. L. Iowhi, J. K. Town*. J. 0. Ttwitl. L. TOWKHC 4k CO8TIAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING 18TABLISUMKNT. Cewr inumm trim mmA Suit it. mac KitDiinD or rh? hufiPMi ooaiiramty re paottuilv iSTitaa to the N?* Hook find Job Prictipi Establishment, which ku t-eec CiteJ up with new nttoru!, in the n<xt compete manner, is tow prepsred to cimuW, ic %satisfactory style, every wNtr of Pratiac, Tts t Boobs, tfpeaohes. Pamphlets, Cards. Clretlars. Butlers' Blanks, &e,4o. The attention of members of Coacrwa is espe eiaily repeated for oir lac. ities for printinc Ppe*chea,aswe have the isrtui iImiti ?o?ei is theoitv,_ tie T-laWm I\RV GOOD# FOB "THE FOLKS At \ LF HOMK."-Ol(*ri tjxl others naadiat I>rr Kxls oi any kind fur lite folks at kome. are so tad to laseeet oar stock, a! new, aad the prieee ?n*rtrc u plain ft^ures. the aotua; cash stands^ i AU paroels lor tka interior, properly peeked fo' foiwardint by express or other oucrnai.cea, free k of chatf* PERRY * BKO., ap Mt Pa. av*.*ad Nirth ?tr?et. WALL, BTEPHENl* * CO, ISOiHSiTLViHii Arniii * 1 k4 J A> V AND N A V A fc I WE OFFER TO MILITARY ME* >:? MoranMt?ffiBK> uc HLL'fc FLANNKL OVER-SHIK fs?, WHITE PHJRT*. i ER8, CAMP flLANKKTt*. HALF HOtK.*', Which v* invite ?.l oath ?orci?*?*r? to oia-nta* ( Won making th?nr ? imri>? . rnm IM^'JSSggAgti I? CASH .NOTICE. N CoiM^UM* of 5?r atTlu to MkT Nil. for ??rr trtioi* of cooda we vsrohftM. *e *'? foro^c to rtHiuoooar batitrw to CMli xoibuto't. ft r lf>* w?*wt WeUMinitor??TCM ?r(tut? i.tfi of RKADY-MA0E CLOTHING for nac ... ROUSES, COLD=>yH^R8KNE??. *o COMPO WT*D S\RVP OP GUM ARABIC. f Vhu COktb ft-UiMI DM be?o BO i?b< |.,u? L*LJ w.?o !u* n.?*t bar* tu? ?nulMW with itt nhM^i - a fJz ."*&r Wl""'

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