Newspaper of Evening Star, May 9, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 9, 1862 Page 2
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EVENINGSTAR.I WASHINGTON CITY: raiWT,.. nir 9, im ftptrtt it U? HhiIii Pr%m. The Inttlt>gtn?tr notices the position of Virginia, and the prediction of the Richmond Emm**!T, u early aa October, 1880, that Virginia woold oppose the inauguration of Lincoln and caat her fortunes with the 8oath, and the fulfillment of that prediction, and ujt " While hearing the brunt of the civil war originated by South Carolina and her confederates, she baa been treated by the latter with bibltual dUparagement and ingratitude, If we may judge from the complalnta ottered by the Richmond journals " The Republican la occupied with new* details to-day. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. THE OFFICIAL DISPATCHES. Thla forenoon, Captains Bailey and Boggs, of Commodore Farragut's command, reached the Navy Department, bringing full cfflclal dls paienes or me operations <n me n*et in me Mississippi, and various trophies of their victories? the aeceaaloa flags lately flying over For'? Jackscn and St. Phillip and the New Orleans City Hall. A large crowd of public men soon collected around tbem In the Secretary'* room, and evinced deep Interest la their verbal explanation* of various yst unwritten incidents of the naval campaign In that quarter THE OFFICIAL REPORTS OF THE CAPTURE OF NEW ORLEANS. We publish to-day, aa Interesting batch of official reports of the brilliant achievements of our Navy In the Mississippi river, and regret that want of space compels us to defer the publication of other* until to-morrow. THE OLD CAPITOL PRISON. Yesterday, we took occasion to visit and in?pec* every portion of the establishment known as the Old Capitol Prison, which cannot fail to bceome ffmous in history, on account of the conspicuous rart it has rlsvedln the drama of these eventful me* The number of prisoners of war and political prisoners confined in it at present is about one hundred; all of whom, with the exception of two In the hospital, appear as healthy and cleanly as any other collection of the same number of persons to be found anywhere Etch has his bunk?cot, good mattress, blankets, (beets, snd bed eorer, which are as clean as those of any hotel. There are two large bathing rooms, sup pli d with hot and cold water, for free use, which rt course have much to do with the remarkable hmlth, cleanliness, and goods spirits of the prisoners. The kitchen Is supplied with a large hotrl range, and the provision room Is full of as ?r<xt food m Is to he found In that t-f any hotel, bough perbaps not quite ao varied?freah meats, earulenta ofdlfferent kinds, rice, peas, beans,roffee. sugar, tea, fresh bread, Ac The dining room la aupplied with tables, seats, plates, knives and forks and drinking eupa. Tbe dispensary rf diets Infinite credit on Brigade Surgeon Stuirt ina an nospicai siewara. surgeon e or^inized and has bad charge of that branch of the establishment frem the beginning, and haa kept the anltarv condition of the prisoners in a most enviable state, notwithstanding the fact that number* of casca of coa!agi?wi? diseases fcav? from time to time been brought there. No other torgeon in the whole army has had a wider Held of constant labor than Dr. Stuart, and we are glad indeed to know that mil the oth-r various hospitals and dispenaarlea of which he has the supervision?those of the troopa. Ac , of Gen Wadswcrtb's command (as of Gen. Andrew Porter's not long since) are alao in like ...iUI.. Ul> n i ? W t *?- ? i t'uumuH. n? cnipivyiuvui uric ou rcany Dt*f n a Mewing not only to tboae whooe health he bu had to i^ok after, bat to oar city; the general beal'h of which must have ?uffered from infection and contagion had he failed to do hla dury rr admirably. Mr Wood, the aupertntendent of the prlaon. ?o whr>?e capital management the prltonera are indtbted for their many extraordinary comforta, haa alao rbarge of tone 400 contrabenda in a separate building near by, who are well provided for. and aa comfortable aa that claaa of peraona can be made to keep themaelvea. He employa many of them In useful labor, to the great ad vantage of the Government. Aa an Instance, we may mention that for some time paat he baa kept cne bundled at work burying the multitude of Government horse carcaaaea laying on the outsklrta of the city. The yards for exerelae are kept aa cleanly as a grn.iemans lawn ahould be, and term to be enjoyed by the prisoners with keen reliab On the whole, this old Capitol prlaon contrasts wonderfully Indeed with the prison In Rich morii in wblch alnee the beginning of the rebellion I'nloalaU bare been confined. THE CASE OF LKVER1TT B19BOP. Editor Star: There wii a notice In your columna a few dava alnee nf a Mr. filahoD. who w&a taken prisoner In Fairfax county last September. Perhaps It will not be unlnteresting to add tbat Leveritt Bishop was a native of Connecticut, formerly In good circumstances, but having met with reverses, came three years ago and settled In Fairfax county, Va. He was nearly seventyfive year* of age. A short time before the battle of Bull Run. his son, wbo was with him. was obliged to take refuge la flight or join the Confederates Mr. Bishop, thinking tbey would not molest a roan of bis years, stayed to take charge of the property In September, a number of solders earnest midnight representing themselves .is Union officers with news from his children In f f.ia ??i tw %nk knanMtinir V ? mins*s twsss ? In disgutM, be acknowledged himself a Unian roan The night following, they came in their true colors, and took him from his bed at midnight, and without money or a change of clothing, 'boat giving him a trial, dragged him onto M hmond. omr time in December he was tried and discharged, bad reached Warrenton on his way home, when he was rearrested and thrown ioto jail, where, worn out with privation and want, hi'Dfe at an f>nd h? iia fctmno?? in ? ntvmn.w* i land. Thin miserably bas perished the best of fathers, be whom bia children Idolized; and tbey have not even the consolation of knowing where his body res'* And such a* Dr. Day, now confined In the Old Capitol, has done this My father's blood la on hie band.*. and the blood of others; and Union others, whose Union ?ona have been forced Into be rebel any, are heaping curses on his head, and every Union man In that vicinity lay at hta door tbe eblef cause of all their persecutions. Gcd grant that the ghostly faces of u?e dead that he has stripped and 'he groans of the dvlng wbo he baa tormented and Insulted on the battle field. mv naunt mm to ms grave. Jtsticb. Mir 5. 19W. GoTTft?al* Cohcert. Ora**.?The Gnu Oper* Troupe opened last night to a superb house, sad the performances were In the highest degree satisfactory. Handsome Gottacbalk was brilliantly good at the piano D'Aagrl, contralto, ihowa Increased wealth of voice and and dramatic fcrce with each appearance, end wu wonderful last n.gbt In tbe role of Lenora. Brigaoll, that fmoo. best of tenera, bat tamest of actors, seemed *o cat h flrs and force from D'Angrl's lmpaas'oned action, and was aaoaaaliy efretlve Hatlal'* msgnllceat bam lorded It over the harmony witfc characteristic splendor. , To night, Rossini's master pleca, the Barber of Seville, will be performed, gtTlag *n opportunity to see Basin! la hl? renowned rule of BarIaU ? v?v \Z7~ Gn Hancock'* brigade, wblch did such brilliant service at the battle of Willtimtbarg, ) tte first brigade of the Mcoad division (Gen Smith's) of tte fourth army corps, Major General Keyea. Hancock'* brigade is coiupeeed of the Mb Wiaeoaala, Col. Cobb; the 9tt Maine, Cel. Know lei; the 49th Pennsylvania, Col. IrwlB,aa4 the 13d New York, Col. Vlatoo. oen Hancock la a PtaMilmitan by birth, and g'jduate of Weat Point. Be aerred la Mexico, aad wii Captain Iq the t^oartermaatee Gt?al'a Peparunent of the rag alar army when the rebellion broke out. lie waa aid* Br If ad let General of Volunteers en the 23d of Septeaaberlaet. After one or tw> nor? of rath chargesaa thia the rebate will k-a^la to Aad that tie Yankees at the F.aet l?hi Jnat aa well a* the mtm of the Weat LT7" From W P Rir.b?t*la. who U Um flr?c I. iw uiukil with tb* book, wr ba** & nopy of ri.p llrjr u> A?blry," by lb? now butiib u'bor, Mil. Henry Wood. II 1? pabilabr* by VICk k PlUf?r?14, Ntw York. % h???????I LAW MEWS BY TELKtiRAFH. FROM FORTRESS MONROE. BOMBABDMEKT OF 81 WALL'S POUT. fPer Telegraph to The Star.] Bxltimobi, Mav 9., (from Fortreaa Monroe, May 7 )?Pbortly before noon to-day the Monitor, Naugat-jck, Seminole, Buaqnebanna. Daco tab, and 8an Jacinto, In t*>e order In which tbey are named, iteamed up toward* Sewell'a Point. Capt. Lardner. of the Saaquehanne, commanding the expedition. Aa Moon aa they got In range tbey opened with ahot and >hell over Sewell'a Point, moot of their ^.11 * .1. _A_ t * - uvu'K ucuj? rjkcriirnfc IDO? II was ocvriy uau an hour before any reply wu made from tbe Point. Tbe Rip Rap* next opened, and then the Naapatuck for tbe first time. Several sho's we e fired from the alngla gnn on the extremity of the Point, when one frotn the Monitor struck In Its *ctn!*v, <toabtle*s disabling the gan, aa It baa not b-en fired since. The position of the Monitor was far In advance of the rect of the fleet, and K? /?nn if n na#( In waHar nntll wl (V( n m smII* a* *HV Wl> VIMUVU ?U IUUI1VU UH?II ?* HU1U a III 1 IO VI two of the Point, when considerable execution must have fcTn done by her accurate 11 ring. The Xaugatuck kept In the background, the range of her Parrott gun enabling her to do ao. The Sewell'a Point battery replied briskly. The Rip Rapa fired occasionally, and a continued fire waa kept up from the gunboata Tbeafiilrwaa comparatively uninteresting from thla point of view, (Fortress M onroe ) On account of the dlsta ce, the details could not be seen. At about one o'clock black smoke was seen to rise, supposed to lie occasioned by combustible he 11s thrown Into the woods. It aoon died away, however, and disappeared. Nothing more occurred until a little before two, when the firing was very feeble from the Point. The Monitor about this time retired from tbe advance position and rejoined the fleet. In the dMtaucc nothing of her coald be seen but a >mall square black dot Id the water. At 2 p m a very denae black smoke a row rapIdly from tbe point, arising, probably, from the burning of the barracka or other buildings. At about half-past two tfce Morrlmae made her appearance; when the fleet returned, except the Monitor. Tbe Mrrrlmte 1* Mill (at 5 o'clock p.m.) off the polDt. 1 he Monitor is ready to attack her. Tbe Seminole baa returned to the lower roads. There la no ornirrrt of toki at nrM*ni 53% p m ?The Monitor ha* returned. The Mcrrlm&t remain* In the same poaltlon. - THE fAPTIRE OF KEW ORLEANS. Official Report of (em* Ftrrsgot. The following was received it the Navy Department thl* morning: U.S FLt9?BIP HAITFOID, ) A' Anchor off City of H-vo Orleans, April 20 $ ?!r. I am happy to announc to you that our flaj< warn over both Forts Jackson and 8t. Philip, and at New Orleans c*er the Coatora House. I an fakinj; e?ery mean* tn secure the oeeopatlon by Gen Butler of all the forta along the coast. Berwick'# Bay and Fort Pik" have been ab*n acnea; in iac* t -ere u a general stampede, and 1 shall endeavor to follow It up. I am bringing up the troops as fast as possible We have destroyed ail the forts above the city? four la number?which we understood to be all the 1 in pediments between thin and Memphis I am very respectfully your obedient servant, D. 6. FAKBASVT, Flag Officer Western Gulf Block'g Squadron. Hon Gidkon \V*llm, Secretary of the Navy. ? ?? - ? Fibahcial ? New York papers of yesterday say ?The advlccs from Gen. MeClellmn of the oecopstion of Wtlllamsbnig reatored confidence fully In the upward movt-int at of the market under the Influences at work other than our military suecosiea, although the*e have an Important effect. The demand was active, especially for shares. Governments were firm at 102 against lul.s in the morning. Treasury no tea were very buoyant, and with large purchases advanced 1 per cent Border State atocks were alao higher. The quotations from closing aal *s are : U. 8 registered fl's, of lb91, HH \, coupons of same year, IWilOT,1!; Oregon war loan, 101; 7 30 Treasury notes, U'litf; one year certificates, 99&; Kentucky ?'?. 91%bW; Illinois war loan, 96X; Illinois coup?n?,9S; Indiana war loan, 93; Michigan 8 wk. bonds, ' ??; Teno?"wee *>>, 59; North Carolina 5's, 9S; California 7's, 91, Minnesota 8 per cent's, 94; American (old, Hi'2\alC.1. fp" Postmaster General Blair, with a view to secure the best possible facilities for the correspondence of oar gallant officer* and sesmen of the Gulf Squadron with their families and friends, rentcrdav order#*! "K#? Wmi vinr\Am ?t i? w. r * ---/ ** ?? " "* lw made a distributing pott otter, with an allowance of the commission authorized by law. By thla arrangement official dispatches as well as private correspondence will be regubirly and quickly transmitted in every direction. From J. Shillington, Odeon Building, we have Madame Demorest's popular "Mirror of Fashions" for the summer of 1863. Dead ?A telegraphic despatch has been received In this city, giving newt of the death of Hon. G. J Bailey, at his home In Massachusetts. I Mi m / ?-? ? - ??- - - H / uoi. 4?nniB?n, or ivanMs uynawk'rg fame, ia now la thia city. CAP P-TO 7?A VOTERS OF THE LL3 tO fiTH If^KD-M? umtfubwnaii oaoc*d fva o-e ol the osndida'ee for the Fourth Want, but vithont m? conannt 1 faily appreciate the kiodnrea lateoird and oonfidenne imp led. bat aiioh are mr ?n*at? euiajeme-jta th\t I am oomyeMedtod*ollE4. WM. BATKH. MarT, \m. m?-at? OFKIHE WASHINGTON TURNPIKE li R CUM P ? N v, Mar ft 1?3-The Preeidaut Bud Board <f Macacera of iha Wa<hini<on Tarnpike Company have thia day d c'^rM a Dividend *t S ter oeoL. for th? rear en.In* StKh April, 1862. vhioh wi i be paiJ to the atrokholdcra on demand at the Karnoara A M?oh\nioa' Bank, Gaoraatova. H P K- If U a i II 'H? -* * *- - ? . ? V V . Uf *%.- P r?nl/, iKH&Ivr OI mo WIIDlBf* ton Turnntn Co. mlJl_ i|fc" KVKKY ONE'S INTh-KKBT-rO THE ULS7CITIZENS, HTRANOER8, 4*1/ SOLDTKRS 1 bAvejast rooeiTed a r?ry large and fine ataoniHont or Saring Cloihicc, whion I em offering at onr ninai low nrioes, at No. 460 Seventh ntreet. opposite Pott Ofloe. near F. fe tl-tm nfTTBK UNION fKAYEK MKBT1NV Will 119 be hotdon ortrj day thin vtM in Um LntheranChmreh, (Bev. J. 6 Ba tier's,) at the oornar of Uth and H street*. oommenoing at Of o'moek p ? and oontinnnd bnt oneJ>oer. > ANOTHE* NKW^OVK^mj,.,AOTBOR tHE HE IB TO ASHLEY; try Mr* Henry Wood. P?p?r.?iiceio oents. Received lo-day at thn National Bookstore^ u ^ r _ ?* m. r nii>BDifiin? >?? ?T? Pa ?T?aoa. Wuhfnitop, P.C. COAL! C O A LI! C O A L!!! Hiving rooolvod ? l*rg? ?a*tti?y of HI) Ana fcOO AND BIOVE COAL. iif)H cf the earns at yrUi?s. In all NIN2 340 p?an<U ?" th? ton ?. L. SHhBlFF. Yard f?. , m 9 at 'Krpab ) bal Si and ?H ata. pKLSH BEEFtAND^ VK^ETABLES FOE Nat* ?*rt*u qf Frovuimi mU Clothing ) Mar it IK*. S flfif in will kA rnmmmmmmTt *V? until Tnaradnj. <h* 6.h ol Jon*. IMS. nt boob, lor of anoh 4L4otiu*y of Freeh Beef ud ViiattDiM u m?j be returM oo the Wufels|toi Station, dnnsf the fiecu year oomBtaaiu on the l?t <*j of Jaly next, and ending oo tki *>th Jim, 1963 l bo Beef nod Vecetabiea want bnofgeod ???!?**. ud tha m-i ihe B?rk?t nfforae; ud nub artlolo aaai ba cff red for bj the poind. Bond vitb approved men rift will bo repaired In ono bnlf the re limited nrn iut of tha oontiut, ud tvemj far ceo. an m nddtton vul bo withheld from tii a uiunnt "f eaoh payment to bo mode, an collateral aeeantj f ?r thndno p- rfcrmuoo of ihe nontrnot. ?nteh llfon no nooonat bo paid iiO! It la faJlp oyn?n?<l wun. fnym'nt to be aMi m oeru&ontea idoid sodmi, or it i raaaa-y doim, at me option of iha ?*or*rsmant. k*?7 < St a.tdn at a at ha uommM <m diJMtM I* iha MI ofCofrrcM naiiu i|fia?im on ftw\ tki naval aartloa for lMft-af uinvM Ainu iH*.) f>y a vntiaa taaraataa, iliMhr on* or mo.a raapca.ibia ??ra?ta, ti tba affaat lUl haorth?r uOvrtata ttaiit- hiddar or hiddera will, if hi*?r it if t-M ? aojtp.rr, ?t:i?r teto an obligation, witaia Ave data with good ted aBAOMM aarattaa, t j (aruiaa lla arfaalea yrwvoeed. I juvz* saMr*"* tassr The Moturiad Galena. A corraponient of the Cincinnati Gaj tt-. who baa be?n permitted to make a full elimination cf the Monitor and Galena. In Hampton Road*, alnce tbe light with the Merrlmac r*port? bia impreaalons u follow* # Bat cannot the Monitor be boarded! Perhapa ao. A squad of men conl4 very likely era) m hvUf /nntKnlH an (hm * r? ft 9 fft rntiM ooly be to meet with swift destruction. To the Monitor and Its crew, I have no hesitation in tying they wonld b~ perfectly harmless, If not very welcome ' One who knows anything of the Monitor's structure will understand tbat the two guns of the revolving tower (aide bv side) c mpletely command tbe deck on all aides, and while tb? guns In tbe tower perform their proper functions would sweep tbe Invaders Into tbe water In a twinkling. All talk of ' wedging' tbe tower, to stop Its motion, Is sheer nonsense. One, too, who fully un aersianaa now me guns are protected, Will not fear their becoming disabled, unleaa by bursting. Against tbat ample precautions are, of course not neglected. Supposing the tower and tbe guns to fall, nowever, there are still ample and certain means?which would satisfy all, were the details pabllsbed?to resist and destroy the utmost promptness any boarding party On this point you may rest entirely secure. 11 That tbe Monitor?which has already proved of untold value to tbe Government?will, under her gallant commander, Capt. J'tfera. fully justify tbe best expectations, in case of another encounter with the enemy, 1 cannot for a moment doubt. " On the name occasion 1 had the pleasure of a r.omnlete ' reran nntaaanro' of th* n>? imnclad gunboat, the Galena?u vet untried. Thoroughly cued in iron, and her surface so shaped (convex and curved) a* to ward off whatever missive strikes her sldea, 1 trust sbe will prove little leaa vulnerable than the Monitor. Hhe has the advantage of the latter in a more powerful armament?eight Parrot guns?and in a capacity of moving nearly twice as rapidly. She it commanded by Capt Rodger*, wuo has under him a choice set of subordinate c (Beers, and a large and wellselected crew " Frta Fartreaa !?I?*r?e?Gen. MeUfHiJ , Waandfd Foktkih* Mosio*, May 7, via Baltimore. M / 8.?The boat from Yorkfown to - da v brlnga reporta from the army 12 o'clock m. The enemy wan at 11 In full retreat, and followed closely by our cavalry Conatant aklrmlahtng between our advance and their rear guard waa kept up. The enemy leemi dlapoaed to content every Inch of the way?at least to make a aafe retreat. Th^rebela burnt their gunboat* la York river yesterday morning. We have taken many prl?onera In amall companlea, but I cannot learu of any large body having b'en captured. Two companlea of the Klghth Illinois Cavalry are reported captured by the enemy. The enemy were driven out of Williamsburg e??rly on Monday morning. Our troopa ruahed over their works aud drove them from their trenches bv a desperate bayonet charge. Gen AlcClelian was (truck by a piece of shell bat was not Injured. The opinion prevails there that If franklin's Division receive reinfor:emen?s in time a great partof the reb?l army will be captured The roads are In a very bad condition, by which our advance la greatly impeded. The Excelsior Brigade (S.cklea's) lost about 210 men In killed and wounded Thi Co* federate Stfam?r Nash v.illi.?The report that the Confederate steamer Nashville had run the blockade at Wilmington, N C , Is confirmed. A letter from Ue&ufort to the New York Time* say: Several drserters have arrived here from Wllmlrgton, who that the rebel Rtenmer Nashvllle appeared off New Inlet on the 24th. and attempted to ran into Wilmington. She struck on the bar and remained aground until the 26th, during which time the w^s lightened of a portion of her cargo On theOG'h.ihe passed ln'o the river and anchored Hhe wai rfported to have brought from Nassau I# OOo stand of arms and 10) tons of gunpowder. The blockading vessel w<ts cruising off shore at the time Tne navjl gunboat* ijuw vca oi necessity 01 longer blockading Beaufort would proceed to Wilmington to look after the Nashville. 07" The National Typographical Society resumed its sittings in New Y?rk city on Wednesday. The delegates claimed to represent V,17l) members of tbe Typographical Union In tbe | Eresent depressed condition of the trade many of le societies have been unable to send delegates Not a few of tbe members have been thrown out of employment, and the few tbat retain lucrative uuu:<m are requires (O contrinuti beavlly towards the support or the unfortunate. Resolution* were adopted against the practice of giving entertainments to the delegates. NO T 1 C K . Washington City, April 1st, 1962 The Copartrerehip h leiofore existing between J. a. Harvey, A. J. H*r*er, and H- A Oia-ke. and trading under the aty>e and name of J 8. Harvey A Co .and a'sotheoo partnorsh p heretofore existing between John T. ttiven ko<1 J.9 UarvevA Co.. trading under the rame of John T Given ft Co., is this day dissolved by mutual o >csent.either of the late partners ?re authorized to reoeist in aeiuemem 01 tne DUBii.esa of the lat* firma. J. f* HARVPY, A. J. HAKVKV. H. A. CLAKKK JNO. T. GIVEN. A- J Hahviy, H. A. Clarki and Jt*o. T. 6ivbn will continue the WOOD. COAL. AND GKUCfcRY BUtel N (?88. and wonid reaptctlulir aoiicit the ooalibutuoe < { patronage heretofore >o liter* 1? extended to both oftbeoid firm*, ani they will endeavor to merit the tame, Of atriot punctuality and fair dealing In ail boaineaa trai.8act.mna. J. tt. Harvey. ia withdrawing from active buaineaa, deeirea to tender hia thanka to his old frienda and tatrtn*, and would moat oordiailj r?ooirim?nd taenew firm to their lavorahle ouLaideration. Jno. T. Bivkn, in consolidating hia bnainaaa inrere*t with tne new oo partneiaftip, feels aasured that hi a faoilitiea lor more ext?ndeJ and enlarged operation*, will therety be enhaaoeJ; and w.*>ile thankful to hia maor Iri'nda for their Terr liberal enoourai'maat ourinc ihe pa<t nine yara, would re> peotlu'ly aoiioit a oantin janoe of t*ieir patronage in hi* new poaition Heoan alwaya be foutd (Jurinc buainee* hour*) at'he termer old and we!, tstablteh^d offioeofj. t*. Harvey, .416 lOih at eat wat, wher* partlAl i * ? C ? ? * - ? ...? uiu 3 II* !P^UO?lOO MJ OSII ud seClle their aoonunU. HARVKY. CL4RKE A. GIVEN. Offioe and Yard?475 10th atreet wea?. between Band E rtreet north, a law dwri north of the anking Hoaae of L. Johnaon * Co Store and Wharv*e? Foot of l&X atrnet .and Maryland arenae, adjoining the Potomac Bridge. m9 St* ZITH AND BAR. E> K A F N K S S . OPTHALMIC AND AURAL INSTITUTE, 237 Ptaaaylraaia Aveaae, Oppo?it9 Willard*' Hot* I, Devotad to the treatment. fcud Surjio&lly.ot&'l m&iadiMof the EYE AND bAK, in oharge of OR F A. VON nOSCUZISKER, OCULIST AND AUKIBT. From Clinton l?lac\ New York CitrTESTIMONIAL"*. IB riMiabiDB the following testimonial*, Dr. Von Moechsiaker beta to atata that he?' only induced to do M they proofed from ?oarret ae huh and re liable aa to render it a matter *f * ratification for bin not oaly to poeaesa. but to publiah them : TasAariT DiraaiMBfiT, May 1,1862. In attaatation of the akiil of Dr Von Moee'siaaer aa an Annat, I wmld atate that 1 have been affliotcd with deeineaa. whioh required a very loud ruiee to enable me to hear Undar the treatment cf Or. Von Moeobziaker. la the oourae of three month*, I have ao far reoorerad that I oan now hrar onawraation in ordiuary tone of voiaa.acd all the diaacreaable faeliDBB which oooompanied the deafneaa, ?octi aa TinliM mil., k.?1 J-A -? ?1 hWwV?lT.]_ . ji* . 'roni lne e?r, n*ye nearly, and 1 treat will wrncn oeue anW. H. COOKI. ? ton. Sinn tor J. F. &%mmoni. .of denlue?a Jim t'tstsa toag iBo*it?B?,mI ha1 maoh ciffioulty in makinc htm hear. repairing a cre&t elevation of voioe, l* ?i vea me f leaaare to aja my teatimonial to the yroiKii0. ?r< *??ol>**?ker. at I am t ow .t fo oon?er?e with my friend, Mr. Cooke, m with other yeraona in my u?utl tor? J. P. BuMORt, u. 8. S. Thi.u,? of thirtMn years oface baa bee.' greatiy lmiureil lor "obi tmn. i un frond to itftto iut ttu b??rb' ^ trwtmeot of Dr. P. A. P - * *fli*! whom ( ton rroooamoDd 0,fJ ia *b*? war. W*. 8lad?. sumU ow*. Mtwe?& ?u ftod 6tk Matok's Oinci. Tki.iatA ^.K. Awu 19,1**. -Sftsfisr# &Z??n&. rtzzsz.'. &: 'jsssw sxrs L&jtitft fair. OTJOTt&MrairBu'tta it mt Una within my rMclitoiion. Mw* Bmit MgyiBon. M*y?w. rHARLU S. FOWLER * CO ,fl|| 1MPOMTEKS, HI wvolbmijt *m> kh S Roll M?2V?o<1?, Chimn?t. Md^ioki. Blook Tin 9oo, LuMtiu, Ac., Ac. *mE"inllf^OC'1to4(Otd F?lk>w?' Hall)7 h ?t RKO??! KCKIVIN6. Dft'ty. t*rr?i? f ?* Kf 08, and will U Bo^oliaM^ojUh |/ In* No.? G0K4MTM *. *4, i ? T NOTICE HIS i? to notifv persons indebted to Nervey k. Co UD<'? toi?n, that (Jnirf* Sahte' iu? onger aathoritsd to to' eot or reo???t foi th* ?*id firm. HAEVKY* CO. '

m 3 lw* Undertakers, 410 Seventh ?t. PHR Undwi in ^iStofthe rmof C'MItt 4 I May, takei sleasure id le.orminc kia fnendaabd the paMie reaer?'7.that be has ?eoaml t?>e *o*?e No. 30* PenptjlTanik avenue. (north sile.) h?twe?? Qth and liM fi streets, wnere he wii optr ;b ?i?wn%?? ? ire?n ?f?o? oi FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, adapted to the pre?*nt ?nd approaohint rnioi B? hopes hy oon?t*nt p viotai attention to bvsineaa,and especially lo the want* ofhi? oo?tomer?. to reoeivo a 4na share of the pwb'ii patrnn*. JO'. J. MAY, i"Hl? 309 Pa. ?t? , kft.9*h ?n?1 *o h in. SrKl WAY * SON'd (.KLKRRATKit P.ANO FORT*8 have hwiji reocved the? firat premium wbenev? and wherever thej|MBH| have oome in oompetitton with an? other'" IT" raanutaetnre. A<nong?t the j id?ee were Oo.'jcha'k, \vra on, wolienhaupt and all t_> firat piam-ta of thia awit^. A large asaortafcnt of theae iDafuxetta wi.l Always be fonnd at the Warerooma of W. G. MKTZEROTT, Corner Pa. avenue and Eleventh ?t One eeven octave fotr roaad corner Chickering Piaoo. havinc been naed but a abort tine, in beat Ofder, for aVe for STOP m n ^ NOTIOK. J' E*LEO PROPOSALS are in\ited nntil the STth d\y of Mar, 1863. at 12 oMook, in .for appirmi 'he United Htatea Hubaiatence Department with 6 Cfli head < f Beef Cattle on the H?*?r The Cattle to hs delivered at Waahinctoa oity. and rach animal to average 1 aounoa uroaa weight, eo an'mat admitted which wen ha leaa t an l,Ot?n pioixl* (tro??. _ Heifera and Bu'la not wanted. The cattle to t>e delirered at suoh time* tod in such qusnut es ?s the fioverrment may repairs. T: first delivery of Ca'tieto be made on the 10th of J one. 1862, or as soou thereafter aa Government may require. A bond with good and sufficient security will t>? rM aired. Government reserve* to itself the right to pay in Treasury n?'es. or other Government funds. No bid wi 1 f>* rn'ertamed when put in by oca tranto'* who have previously to comolv with their contracts, or where the bidde* is not protect to to hi* k*id,ai.d all b:de to C* aicompanied by two gua'antier. The names ?? firm? sbon'd b*> stated :n fall, with th? preoise address of?ll the memb?'? if 'he fi'm. Bids to he direeted to Major A. BECKW1TH, C. a . U. 8. A.. Washlngon. D. C. Form of tiimramlet. We , of the county of?, and State of .and , of the oonnty of , anl State of , do hereby guaranty that is aMe to fulfil a oontraot in aooo'danoe w th the terms of his proposition, and that, s'lonld hn propoution be aooepted, he will at onoe enw?r into a contract in accordance therewith. 9hna!d the contract be awarded hi in we are prepared to beoome hi* aecunties. Thia guarantee must be appended to eacb bid. rr. a MR. H. ?OLD9MITII. Watchmaker and Jeweler, No. 404 Seventh atreet. re*ue?ta every one who left watohea or jewelry with k'm to repair to call lor them on or hefnrs th? lflth nfthia month. aa ha ia going to eioae hia baaineaa on that dar. _m7 Stf H. GOLDSMITH. The latest news ia that New York Pr.pera are now being ao'd at only Three Cer.ts ear ooav at the NEWS and PERIOUICAL STORE, 379 F 'treat, <.etwe?-!i 3th and 9 h ate. A to. o n?tantly on hand, a ohoice lot of TOB*f!C.o and SKUARS nZ7"Uome one. oome all, the Cheap Store, t.emember the tninSer?379 F ?t:eet in qnare wit of H e Po*t Qgier. may 5 3t* 486 newotock. 486 INTKRIOR ADORNMENTS Ju?t received a ehoioe a'leo?i"n of n?w and de airabe aty lea. PAPERH AN6INGS. Krom tne rich and ornstto the moit chaste ard sinp'e patterns, appropriate for Parlors, Hails, Dininc Rnomi. and chamber#. FIRE BOARD PRINTS, STATUES, CENTER P1ECF.S, 4c Nev Deaicna, warranted bold Band*. Imitation Geld, and Common. WINDOW SHADES. Window Shade* of any required style or ?ue, made to order. Un IT, Green and Bine Shad* Hollands by the vard or raA? into Shades. OVAL P1CTURK PRAMK8. (warranted to be ti ded with gold leaf ) The haodaomeft a^d lartest assortment in the District. f.-oA the host iratinfa?tftr? in ih? ?->??' * Aleo. anaaaortment Dark Worn! Frame*, with a beat fol variety of small aised Owl and Car J Viaite Fram?s. o( Foreign and Domeatio manafiac tare. Pasaepatouta. 4o. PI UMiRy. COKD AND TASSKf,8, Different snea and colore, Pioture Ric(>, Na'la, *o. Purchasing excluaiveiy for ofch, the above goods (aoaordtng to their quality.) will be ot at aa low rates as they o?n be purohaaed f >r in the Distriet. fMo ntisr' presentation made to effect aa as Urrtera for Pa porbanging or Window hbadea executed by experieree<t workmen, in oity or oouctry. A oall a?lioit*d from th ->?e needing th? above goods. Terms cash. J. MARKR1TKK. Remember the number. No 4*6 Seventh at . 8 aoora above <'dd Hall; and the tar mi, Cash for goods %'d labor m 2-lraif* OR 8ALE-Tw? firs'.-class BILLIARD TABLKb, nurble a.abs. and every arrangement oomplete. Taoee dee'.nng ttas above will study their interest by calling immediately at the European Hotel, ?orcer 11th aireet aud Pennsylvania avonne. mh R-tf fjPERA GLASSES at Tljr LOVFST PRICES ' FRANKLIN fe CO, opticians, 444 Pennsylvania Artnmt. m 7 3*. Her*(oa Uth and 13*h ?t?. Ajupt received BEAUTIKI L Aa?ortrnent of M?aa"a* and Hoya EMBHUIDkRKO HATH a.r,d CA^S. from lb oenta to #i They never were a^Id bo obeap. Alao re;ei wl, a jreii aaaoriment ot Luin' Dress and Clo?k 1 tiinm e? Buttons. Ac. F. SCHLAICH. No 30 Mark?tSp*o<s m 7 2w* Between 7ih and 8th sta. L^uR 8ALK?Ote firsl-olara House near Wtlr larde, (or 912 0(0; ?-ne firat-e aaa llouae (or t'AOOO; on? *ood lloea* f<r 52,10"; nji? good House for 81.300; on? rood House far ?' tor>; one g^od Basse fjr 92 600; one coo<t Hou.o for Wanted to pnohaee fire ami hire ten well located, m'diom ait ? ! Hoa*e?. Fa'ms for *rrl * h' t?"t by H. L. RIDER. offioe on 15th ?L. next to R'gi A Co.'a Hint. m 7 3t* T^HK SUPERB QRANU PIANO USED BY Mr Gottaoialk at hiaocnoerU in city, at Grover'a New Theater. i? from theaflMB oldest, larteat and beat faotory ia the"'*'' world?the f&moD a Chh k.*b;n? Jl Sosc,of Boaton. WK ARE SOLE AGENTS FOR THE SALE of Chickarmg * SonV Piano* for the Oiatriotef Columbia. Maryland *nd Virginia Astockaiwaya on hind. Pianoa exchanged, P.ano? rei te.t, <to. JOHN F, ELLIS, No. 306 Pa a*.. m 7-3t Between 9th and loth at a.. north aide. CABINET PTT^NTTTIKK ! WUnLUlLItDDimiL, 1^1 At IRON HALL. " "No. 3 IS Pa. ue. between 9th 0591 and 10th ?ta. J art reoei?ed aootnsr large invoioo ?f those be\ut fal COTTaGE SETS, in solid o?k, imitation oat. ai&;le, and dsoorated vita and without marble t?ps. Also, an extensive assortment of all kinds of Ca'tiaet FiruiMre, H\ir and Shuck Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillows, An Purohaeors will e< n??lt their interest anl cava bo'h time and money br nailii>g nron as. ni 6 eolm BUTELEE te W1LLBON. da1k of kxckllknt c ah hi a k Many cnoioe latuoaand style*, at our proYerbiallr low prioea. IfcttK * A. URO . inl-6' Pa. *?- ?r.<1 Ninth ?tr>f?. y^ACH GOODS, POR^MKN, YuUTHS AND Many eelect and really good sty lea. One prioe only, marked in plai n ?. PERRY A BRO., m3 6t Pa. aTMine and Nintli street. Si GREAT SACRIFICE! CELLING offSOperoeut Daiowoo>t, large atoek of TMJixRB, HARNEfH, HADDLfcS, BRIDLES, and MILITARY GOODS, to ohoee Um? cono*rn, at StA Peiniyivaua arenae, between 12th *nd 13th mU . toath tide. m l-lw* A SPLENDID STOCK OF WRAPPINGS. {V ? " We are mow prepared to exhibit a law and ale cant stook of the above goods. of the at*m styles, id loyerkor Biaok fcMlk, Ladies' Cloth and Mohair Clothe-All of whio* we offer at prioee it at cannot ta|l to pleate. flfc. TAYLOR * CO., at ajSieo Wo. 48 Center Market Space. Army and navy blue flannels medium, fine, and superfine, at moderate prioee. The oolor in eaoh of *va'ttiee warranted m ail reepeota, PERRY * MO. _ ?_e, O. ? i MI-.L ..... ? ?rw* i m* Pfo ?m iilPWWWfc PAH ASOL8 AND SUN UMBRELLAS.?New Sappiiea. One prioe only. rffj^jrcgKKk Avery fine four round oor vkr SeT?B~oct*re Chioteruig Piuo, lnc bfftt u?/vl est % ?kort tiwie. will be eoid||jHI| lor #225; origin*) ooet #?(u To be MO'lllTi at the Mnaio store of ' ml W. 6. MKTZEKOTT. T EiRTY-F^f HalfTabLT?KESH BUT IK t, jaat reaeive^i by Ki ores* nom New Vork. &Ad for ?>1M C$iS2SS$S HUBSSBrSSSS* Boaihttadooldbr III TT L'Hjnniiac dim* a- nn AMUHKMKNTri. rOKUl 1THMIIM. Joum V. Ko?P Proprietor mtxl NtitfM joan 1. wimii mh< muh? - , rirrs *r?"irro. Bssefil Md f o?ttrv?It tb? iMt ?f KUWlN Ffkfl fi > ST Who will Un'v la Balwer'a eoiabratod P ty of TB E LADY OP LYONS C'and# MaiaotM- Etfwia FoTrHt Bmumui . - John m?OaUon?h Gaaror. W M U?t Pau'iDO Mm Atkm Widow Meiectie .Mr* 3 K Vinoool SATURDAY, Ml >S CHftSTNHYS PAIIWBLL TVBTIHORUL ! De Wa'drn'a Now CoaM; of Su?iosittT -IBuK WOMAN, M dq ? 01 4 DULH18S OK NOTHING. The C?Jebr*t?rt Phakj^'ariiMi Comedi&o. I?rn?a??d _ A SKI MI ON. ts rmr<B*CTe???Ticenu B* o- cj f^uT.1 ? OrohMtn tfftta ? ?1 Private Boxm (t.o.diaf eifht) f I# F* il? CiroM .25 coati II r Box (>GV'? o?od from tilt 4 o'ciook. poor* open at 7; o anal a rieee at |. U PrtlLIP WARKKN. Traaww. GKOVER'S THEATRE. L. M. nOTTSCHALK. AND ORAU'8 Italian Opera Troupe, of the Aoademy of Maeie, New York, MMB. ELENA L'AN6RI. The renown *1 Puma Donna Contralto 8IGNOR BRI0NOL1, tbe fuoove 1>nor. 8ISNUR MANCU8I . tbeimmenee U?nto. 9I8NOR AMOtflO, thedutiociiebod Ctnfo. 8I6NOR HU81NI. the (rnt Bum. The OreHwtr* will be nnder the direction of tie dietiDgniehed Meaiotl Dir^o'nr %nd Condaoior, glftWOR Ml) ZIP. FRIDAY EVENING, Mftr 9. Will h? stormed Roemini'* IL BARB I ERE DE SEVIGLIA. THE BARBER UP SEVILLE With the f tU/wicg npreo*dent*d 8ttr Cm! : Mme D'Ang'i .... Ro?in% Siinor B-iinol; Coate Mm*nv? d . _ .a. aj O|hvi >. ? ?.IMfcfcTTJ Sicoor Smiai in r.n treat role of. Dob Kartolo Sunor Bfti io Mm? AtojkIu ?? . ? tfertba MMG. D'ANSKl will pint in the Ihiio U?mob 9oene, THK tLLNA VA1.S K, eonioMl ? prMilf for her by tfifnor ftMlift and at the ?onolntion of IheoMia. tfie oelebrated Rondo Pinal* from CKNEftKNTOLA. M. 8OTTW0HALK villperfma barv*enifc?Bo?e, 1. La Fnvonta, 3. A. La SiTUt. S. The Ha:. io, 0, MutmarM Eolicna. CROVER'8 THEATRE. IMMENSE AMI! ENTIRELY urRECED,^NJ^R1CA. OMBINED ATTRACTION! Froa the deaienda of boidera of ree?rred ee?ta for the third (and laat; Opera Nuht, it Udeeved imperative by the DtBUfri of the COMBINED OOrWCHALK ud ITALIAN OPERA PARTY to fit# OPERA ENTIRR. On SATURDAY NIGHT : Therefore, ( m the artict* do not appear twioe upon the ?*m? day." There will be No Matinee Inetead, 6 R AN DC"NCKR*BY GoTTP^HALK I An<i tk* Optrm iriiid. The entire New Opera of SBTLY. MmeD*Anfri_ ? B#?ly t*i?nor Hnguoil ? Daniel Biimu Hit nor fens ni .. swm rerifMt, Mu BtirLer Wn.t GOT 1'SoH ALE W?wt the acta. And a FETIT COMEDY ?y 'he COMEDY CONGRESS ' 3ETCHELL. TILfON. ROGER*. PUBAN DENIN, LOITY HOUGH. And the Immense Dramatic Company OF GKOVKKM THEATRE. Forming a Ga&MO CoMBtHaTUiK O* ATTUACT105S [sever betore rqaaled in Araenoa. GRAND GOTT8CHALK CONCERT 1 FULL 1TJL1AN OPERA ' With al. the Artieta AND A COMEDY Df IhiFirit rnmadiutt nt tkilw PRICES OF ADMISSION. OroHectr* hurt - ?..#! to Dreaa Cirele(rreerved) __ . 91 Dreaa Cirole (ucreeerved) ? . ?5oenu Family Cirole 2ft oeata. Sette mar be eeoarodat'a Maaie Store on the Avenue P<>ora open * t 7 W. performance to ooir.Teno* at t. irTTlie G'and Piano need br Mr SotUohalkje from the oolebrated Mtnufsctorr of CHICKKRIPiti A SON, Hoaton. {Repub 1 m ? it ntNTKinnov nn * V/"" """"vLoViiuni iv., rbab Sixth ?t. Extraordinary Announremsnt ! First WmI of the MUSICAL CONVENTION OF artists. TBS La*?*8T a.RL Most TaXK!?T*D CoMfiKT ever ?re?etrei on the Canterbury stage. five new STAR# THIS week And ail of the OLD FAfORITES! ?imV?I?S3?SW The ldealnttina of Melody ana Beatify! TU ITciAmiim Pit < * Furet w Mk of The worRJ rPno^?dHK!hi^iM Iftor. the Champion Baujout <>f ihe Wor?T Fuat appearance In waehiegton la two year*. HARRY RICK, Tkt Ctltbrtued Etkitriam Am tier mmd Att-r. Nr. Rioe&p?earaon MONDAY NIOHT arder-ry iifht Ula vwk. A? the Coitbarand la to* Coned* of How TO OKT A W1F&. WILLIAM WOR RILL, ~ Chair pion gong and Daaoe Negro, fwiow M1L.LJK rUWLtli, By Uf the moat btantifu! and aocompiuhed Du*? ? ob the AnarMU au< e. to-night, THE GirSY'8 LAY. _ MI88 IDA PUVAU The 8we?t Operatic Bone etresa ! ? DICK PAKKRR. Cutarburr'a ovn Bof! A.dUe nAm*xm\ , w 1^ H rftodoc. 1 B? "** , 1 Bntir*Ck*nS^iPr0gran S Doors opes * ">H ; p*rform&roe at 8* o'eloofc. Adnaauoa li eeiui; UrtkMHr Clttn M guu. MitiaeM WEDNESDAY ftod SATURDAY for t^diM Bad Children, *b?i ft BUBber or TBlBBblB '(MOll Will bBglTtBftWBf?OMB IllTCr OftfcB Bukit *tr?. Cower. No. 4p) 11th street, roocived b #S> ?1tt Gmk? Bftrteto* BtBrdBy 1b*. 6 HCHPBKKVI A JUKNKKANNB FLEAS UKM GAfiDEX, On Capitol Hill. Will ?? lO' U? B?POB oa _A J)^JJCI N9 Sfiblk_fiVskY MONDAY ^Tha jbSSb iTgensrTuu'e'reeiMrtLfeUy ia-A [ Choio? BKKR ?nd WINES ooMtmtiy onflkr band. m 1-uF^ PATENT OFFICE CVftIOSITIKS-G?id? to A P?Ua?a,0?t*;o(Mof CanotitiMMKl GoTarc mant GartiaBa,at the ataad in PatiBt UiMjtan 4j4v?; Army Re* ulacona, Fumnii of tteCoM boYiaf owr mfiti milea: many tbouaaad Cfie%? Bfai*. JUeoLeot ekea* rani. Um aalea, Ww www BALLS, PAKTIB8, fee. qui 14TB SKAltD iMBXBLT t 1 otut afe HIREINU jasssasiSBdimsi: sp u^^.KtK'^rcsBto^'K; Th*Urt ofth? Moriilert- Ht Mlfaor of Mt ?U?( VitoM# Book of the aOfOOit? of F1ANCS TAYLOJU < \ 1 OFPICIAL NOTICE. H?d<r*ari0n frttoii XarittTi Oflu, > ITiiaiMcoa, Ma? 3. IM ( P?? Will, benefVr. M N n^?in4 tor ifclpiwl of nUm' atorea(11q?a*? potato not coMrctc* *UI Um arwr of Major General McCtellaa Br orto. Major W E Dovrta. Proroet Marakil C. E Roameoii, Adjatant Bay 3 ' w ' ? AUCTION SALES. raia afternoon ? to-morrow Ir?im BALE?At la oVoek on MATHS DA V NUKMN6, at MoOauVa Rooma, a?ur of kacdaome _ BAY PONIES ^ _ The; are ?erf??tly geatie aed aoaBd.MdeiiiaMe J io noifct or an net. it*" By C. R. L. CROWN ft CO . Ae*tion*err. Horsed and wa?on9 at auction We will M>n TO MOIIOW MORNINe. the 10U luttat, at d'ewl.Mtk* Ntr Ue Market. ?G cr>< d Work Horeae Tk< m >o vast of Hor??* sad Wiiobi are invite* to attend, u tk*' will YweaM wjthrnt rwrri. Torrn i c4iht C R L. CROWN ft CO.. Aseti . It* oon>?f ?t> ?t ao<| ra it, By WALL ft BARNARD. Aeotioneer*. Son i* comer Pa mrmwt mn4 9tk #?. SALE Or HORDES amd CARRIAGES?In front oftfc* A notion Room*, at 9 o'clock TOMORROW MORNINCTwo Hnggiee. ?ne Carryall, V?MU acd Bridle. _ One 6ray Horee. perfectly eonnd atd ingcod order. I WWW OTDW no/Ml, Term* oath. H WALL A BAWWAKP, *?<*? By J. C- MoGL'IRL ft CO- AMbooMri PEREMPTORY BALK OF LAR6K LOT 1 Kill or CititPL-'Ja FBI DA Y AFIf R. NOON, Mar 9th. at 5 o'clock, at Ui? Aootma Kooini. v* shall oetl to tho h if heat bidder. for oaah. Lot No *1. la t'quare HhJ, Jroctict J* Wt on SoBth a. I?t???r Utii and ?aflr oireafto faat. rrnaioc bioh at feet 3 inoiioo, to a Jn fort allay. Tit o perfect. m 7 <1 i?'>) i.C. MoCUlREft CO . Aorta d. nr avi a uidkiinn a ?? fonwr South iuU Fm. an* A'tack C4LS OF THK STOCK OF THE NATIONi3 il Both Liviit.Bali 4hi Fxrii'ti?-TaBI.b AT Avctioh ?UD BATDRUO MORMN?. lfti instatu, Mil o'ocek.wawtU eeli at the Ni tiont! H ofol Lirorr. frate And Kicbtoc* Biaoie. o? 6Ua root between 1 otiutu ?>mi* Md C itr* t, the entire (took of Marera. Carpenter A Tbcmat. oomprieiag? an head ?f good Family and Carriage Horeee, 16 licht Open and T< f Wa?on?. 10 C;obc aad Open Carriagaa. ?trta Dosblvand Sing!* Hirneoa, oboe. Blankete. W mpe- Aa.. Ao ke National ?ot?l Omnibna loo, toe Good Will and Leaee of Stable. Terme ca*k. ??-d WALL ft BARNARD. Aoota. Br i. C Me?UIRK A CO. AnoUoneer*. FkESIRABLK Hl'ILD'NB T.OT ON Mil L* LAfP ATB*VK. 4% Al*L bi?., at acction -ud!*hTI KDay aPTKANOON, Mat l?4h At iH u'olook, on U>? promiBM, w* ahA . oil. witteot r?oorve, tlie fe*at?rn ??ft ?f Lot h in th? bMiti>i?b No. 49?. frcntiti a foot I inoa ob MAr? 1 ad J A'mi'. bttvn ?S ah: fth rtroota voat.Aad runninc bAck About?i i?et to a wfoet a lor. ard oor.iAinia* aulUab h*acr*d Acd ei?Btr maarofom. I'erio* Ooo third cAib; th?roMiador i? tit Aid 4 twoivo AOAt' l, with IhtOIMt. MoirN by A dof<2 of but OB tho ('(BUM. ml-4 <Ko?.) J C. McGL'lEE A CO . AuoU. FUTURE DATE. By J U. Me6l'ltK k, CO.. AieUomri / 'OVKR.NMKNTfALKGF PR&ME BllLO Vf hg-Ul ftKJ*J>AY AFIKHN<m*N. May ISk,Mt o*eiook, on (he ?rem km, we ?b*1. eella i*rge fitim bu'd >|, ?i ft Mm* uid ii'mted ib the rear cf Cftap*xia'( Hot*-.. BWf tb? aoath gate of Ik* Cftp.tsr, to *? r?rr<~ v?i Bt IM exrenre of the parchftae- w 'hta I ve dft< a ft'tcr the Bate. Ttrnu caah. ib Ro??ruMt fixU. B< order of the V o&rterinftBter'i Deefti tmar.t, m9-4 J. C MofUlRK t OW- A cote By 6RJ&KN * WILLIAMS. Auctioaeert I AR6K AND PKRKMPTORV BALK OP LiFiRi wiHH-Cuiirttiii.biarT.WKiiiT, GiB.bnd Fbbov L^^aoragfLerftllT.PiBB &roo*r>a?, Tobftooo.BBd recftra. Ac ,tj oftift.ocueat Aaotion. OnMONUtV.tu l*th , fMi. oM kt A (otioc. br nrtoe of I M of t??a* to Ik* aatoooriber, M 1* o'doek, &. m.M No '29% PCEUSjlTMUO IVtGU, OrfOOlU W lll*r4a MoU . the block uc Fixtarea tf a ftrat eiaaa >Vma, Liaoor. and Grooe j TM abovt alook au aoioetai with (t?! cue for a feral oio*a ttada % In - a :+d in tke a&le win bo foanl uir artioloa of ?rooeriee, and fine Li^iota, vorU; tkoatl't tion of Hoaaakft^ra, Bailtn, m4 the uaaa la gooorki. le?m?o*?k. inH G K ^KN'/ W^LUA mV'aooU. HIARSHALtJ BALE IU Or VKWBL8 . 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