Newspaper of Evening Star, May 9, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 9, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. No*ic?.?Mr A W. Bnraa, the managing agent of tbe Star's circulation In Georgetown, will kHwflci also act aa tbe Siar't adeertlelng agent there Anr Georgetown adTcctlneraenta left at r\. C D UI.W 1st. v d oaiuaru 1, corncr 01 ni|CH aou nuu^c streets, or with 6 Crmndell, No. l-? Bridge itrffl. will aoeet with prompt attention. AmntHTi To-i?t?ht Giotxk's Thutii-T\t Optra ?To-night we fc?ve Rossini's lyric comedy, "II Barblere dl Bevtglla.'' with all of the Gran troop* in the cast. Gottacbalh will perform between the acta, "L* Favorifa," "Tbe Banjo," "A La Pavane," and a . t? . J. __ T \ 1 A .1 I I 1 - .nuriuvirr? K>?niru?, inu Miuui kJ AD^n win sing In the music lesson scene, "The F.lrna Valae,n and rlso Rondo Finale, from CenerenMl Foan's Atbixktm ?There wan a gord bouse at tbe Atbeneam la?t night to witness Forrest's personation of Spartacos. To-night the great tragedian appears for the last time In Washington, and takes the part of Claude Melnotte la " The L*dy of Lyons " The public will remember, too, that tbta ia bla benefit sight, and If true merit deserves recognition, and a ine enteitalnment should be attractive, tbe bouse on thla occasion ihould be crammed. Oar cltlvna may nerer bare another opportunity of seeing tbe greatest of ac'ors The otber psrts of tbe play will be adequately sustained. Ca5Txkbvkt.?Tbla Institution, devoted to fun and frolic, continues to draw hugely ' Toe Olpsey'* Lay" has grown ao much In popular favor tbat It la repeated nlgbtly. Harrv Rice, aa tbe Contraband, In "How to get a Wife," la excellent; wblle Millie Fowler's dancing, and MIm Duval'* swart songs addr Immensely to the attractions of tbe Csnterbu^y ' Tbe usual bill of fun and frcllc to-night To-morrow afternoon a performance for families and children. ctv?'3u hud i;iwvoifditiohai? union miitin ?Tbe Unconditional Union men of tbe Crr. od War! (irrespective of old party ties) u^mbled at tbe Medical College, F street, lsst night. Dr. T. Purringtoa railed to tbe chair, and Mr \\ . F Given appointed ??cretary Mr. 0 H Plant offered tbe following reflations : Wheress, in tines like tbe pm?nt, It is tncambent upon all who de?ire tbe perpetuation of tbe Union, a restoration of tbe constituted authorities and a resumption of free and friendly relations, In tbe place of rebellion, anarchy and civil strife, to ignore alt previous political afilnltie* and differences, and to rally in an united and uniform effort to restore the Union as It was,with the Conatttntlnn aa It la a- IV, ? 1 ' ... w vuv cupiciuc iaw ci %uc iMOj therefore, be It Rttoirtd That we. the citizen* of the Second Ward, Irrespective of party, do heartily approve of ahd sanction every effort of the present Admintat ration to suppress this accursed rebellion, and to restore the Union and the Conctltailon In all Its parity, intact. Rttolvtdi That beiietiBg political dissensions In municipal affairs to operate detrimentally to i tbe Interests of tb? city, we will discard politics In oar present election tot mualclpal officers, and will vote for no one who la not true tn th? i'nn. etlrutlon and the Union; and who will sot to Bet as to eondoce to the bat Interest* of tte city. tie solved further, That In accordance with the preceding resolution, we present the name of Ben Richard Wallach, as oar choice far Mayor (oy the ensuing term, who as a citizen, a member of the Councils, and ss Mayor, has In every way sftown himself to be fully qtiallfled for the post i tloa, both In respect of adminlstratlveablltty and * as a Ann and consistent friend and advocate of the Interests of the cltv. m ?II Tte resolutions were enthusiastically tpplsude<i, sad unanimously adopted Mr Lewis Clephane was unanimously declared the nominee for Alderman. Nomlnatlona fwr Ccmnoo Council being In order, Messrs J W. Thompson, J. R Berr, G T. Ranb, A. G. Hall, \V P Shedd, and K Richards. were severally named. Mr J w. Thompson presented the following letter from Mr Rlcbards, which was read W*shti?(?toii, May ?, 186! To J U. Thompson. Eif , P>**i*ent of the Unconditional Union CM of thi Third Ward ? Sir As I shall be unable t? be at your meeting to-night, l ask the favor that von wi 1 re?d it** following announcement to the unconditional Union twn of the Second Ward, at the proper time:' Uta tUfitn Having nerved aa your representative In tbe Board cf Common Council for the past yenr to tbe beat of my abilities, I wish to aay to aoch of my frteada aa deair? to put my ncae !n crainstlon for re election, that while t am ready to do everything honorable to promote the ln'ereafta and r roaperlty of thla oity, and do not ahrlnk from any duty, I do not Aealre to be a candidate for any offlce at the coming election. I wiah It distinctly understood, however, that I ahall do nil In ay power to aecure the election of aucn mi your nominees as are ready to sapport the Goveminent of the United States in lis rfforU to put down the rebellion; to preserve the Union and sapport the Constitution at all h9i\rds, and as are In fkvor of giving to this city the very best advantage for public school Instruction. 1 wish to say further, that after a careful and full consideration of the subject, Richard Wetlacfc, E*q.. Is entitled to thesuffrsge of all unconditional Union voters, inasmuch as 1 believe b? will carry out In his administration the principles to whlrh 1 beve referred. Very respectfully, Z Ricvabds. Mr RlcMrds'sname was therefore withdrawn. end tbe meatlng proceeded to ballot for candldates, whlcn resulted In tbe nomination of Messrs. Thompson, B*rr, and Ranb. Tbe announcement waa received with mueb applause, and tbe nominations made uaanlmoua Loud rails were made for Mr. Clepbane, and tbat gentleman appeared and tbanked tbe meeting tor tbe honor done btm. be bad been Informed of tbe nomination, and felt It bis duty to appear and return thanks; not only for bis own nomlnation, bnt tbat be bad been nominated by an HcoiDiy wwca racnewea party politic*, and had nominated a no-party ticket [Applause } Tbe ticket was one wblcb would represent tbe sentlnier.ta aad Interests of the ward. He was a native of tbe ward; was known to all, and had . been Identified with Ha bast Iclareata [A voice: "That's so "] He would seek no Individual Interest! , but ail hts beat effjrts should be devoted to tbe beat Interests of the elty. Tbe oppoaltion bad nominated their ticket on purely party grounds. They had assumed their old title; In late elections itoty were anti-know nothings; now, they ware democrats and opposed k> >KA1IIIOU? IVW.. J - ' ? i <> ku uun uaiivuu aemocracy mean ' W here are the men who labored with tbe democratic party ' [A voice?'Down Sooth "j Ve?, they are heart ana toul with tbe dlsunlonlite Psiltles aboald not be Introduced Into maatelpsl affair*, [applause; J bat be felt It bla duty to attend to toe action of tbe Second Ward democrate. They (the democrata) have ever oppoaed tbe present Adminlatratton, which baa proscribed none of any p?rty except aoceaaloslaa Tbe speaker a^atn returned tbaoka, and pl> d{. ed himself to promote tbe beat interests of tbe city Is every particular. Mesars. Birr, Kaub sod Thompson wers aucceastvely loudly cslled for: all of whom indorsed what Mr. Clepban^ bad aald. sad pledged them ww? to toe beat Intonate of the cliy Three routing cheer* were then given for the whole ticket; and the meeting adjourned until Thursday evening next. The attendance waa unusually large for a ward meeting, nod the proceeding* characterized by no little tnthuaUam. 1 Siootim Ciai i<i6ioiaiT0wii.-LaitWed? needay. the Metropolitan folic? arretted a lad n*med'Samuel Uawklat, for violating the local ordinance by 1 ring n pistol In the street. He waa token before Jnauee Rearer, who fined bia five oouin in costs tor we act or sriag tbe putol. In tii? coarse of tbe examination II ?u ascertaiaed that an aged aad very respectable lad r, Mrs. Rebecca Brooks, was wounded by tbe ball fi/ad from tbe pistol. Upon bearing tb's, tbe C" mar was detained, and Mrs BrooSa aant for. sraa found at ber resldsaoe, painfully wounded In tba I?ft arm, tbe ball baling eatared above tbe elbow and passed down, lod j lag In tbe fleshy portion below, where it remains?tbe surgeon fearing tbat an attempt to remove It might resell fatally, as tBe age and feebleness of tbe saSetu were too greet to risk the operation Bat a single witness testified folly as to tbe Ifi?t??Cbarlea Flaherty?wbo rated tbat the p lata! wu hla, and be loaded U with powder, Tare| day night. for tb? purpoeeof ?tioot\ng a cat; bat the animal did not appear aa be expecVd. and be pot tbe ptatol lo hla packet. That olgbt so ?iept wltb tbe priasoer, and lo tbe morning, when be got up. Hawklaa took tbe platol, and seeing Mr*. Brooka going to or frost tbe pump, pointed at ber an* bred. Hawktna laugbed, aad Bald he only flred to acoro her. VV lUeea eald tbat tbere waa ae Iboll lo tbe ptatol wbeo Hawklaa got It from bin; how It came tbere, be did not know. Tbe physician attending Mrs Brooka bolag unwilling to toattfy to ber U?l?g oat of dancer, Jos II Zi? ?-?? *- * ncr ivoitci cuiiiuiiueu u?wkim w jtll iWT court. Tfce priaoner U J?4 apparently seventeen rear* of age, and treated cb? matter aa of ao Importance uam tic determination of lb? miglatrate vru announced, wben be be^ao to maltsa hla true po?lMa. ft) fwooTiKe ?June* Godfrey, of WaablngV>n, wm romaltwd to tbo Jail of oar county on Not(day, r barged with ah out log a Ml Daatela, a few mltoa from BLaden*borg Om or two abot eatrred the bead. aad Daatela to mid to ba mortify weuadod. ?Jfarttoro' (Md ) OmntU. Sacoae Was Stitioi Cuat-J'/m Jutiut Clmrk ?limmmiM Mnrahr turkmai. dlaooevlatr I, police at tbe (ptrij Hoed S3 M. Mwird H*y and Kotxrt Hey, boya, piofutlr; tor hear "* O?orge Krioa, colored, tbeft, f.?r fart ber feMrtag Yv*ic J*-* tb? idfcttieival of Ptofrstor S-he i, ufK?rik?t a;td pUnlat We k.iuwfetm to b<?CB)IUl atid p?'lr_.t teacher, ?itd fc? under u?d tbe art of learalar hi* pupil* how to Rtd Mirrno of thi Uhcohwtiohal f mo* Curt or thi Thud W&bd Pursuant to notice, thU club rat la*t night at Temperance Hall, the president, Mr. A C. Richard*, la the chair. The Chair waa not aware that there Waa any apeclal boMneas to come before the club. Thry were probably aware that on Ttieeday night laat an unconditional Union meeting had been held nere and nominated a ticks! without opposition. Tbat ticket w aa a good one, and he did hot suppose there was any opposition to It. He believed Mayor Wallach to be a good Union mm, and for tbe rake of harmony auggeated that thia meeting sbonld ratify the nominations of Tiiefdiy Bight Tbe gentlemsn who bad been nominated for Alderman waa heart and soul for tbe Unlofi, arid the nominees for Coanrll were not found wanting. Mr A. O. Hall offered tbe following; drhlcb wsi unanimously adopted: Whereas a meeting of the Unconditional Union men of this ward did on THesaav last, tbe 6th lbst , adopt resolutions sustaining tbe Administration and tbe present Mayor, we reaffirm si id resolutions, and unanlmoualy nominate thetlcket adopted at that meeting; ana pledge ourselvea to nae all honorable means to ensure tbe success of the same. fTh* rMfllntlonfi idnnt^ti ah TiipuHhv #v?nfn?T are aa follow* ' Ritolttd, That we fully and cordially endo-afe the acta of the present Administration In t 3 pollcv adopted by them for the supprpaa.on of tl * rebellion, and for the melrtttnanPe tit the Unlo. : that we approve of the cotihae of the feiecutlve In showing himself Independent of mere party control, and In his recommending to Congreaa such meaanre* an he believed #ere for the benefit of the whole oountry, and for all partlea. Rtsote'id. That In our present Mayor, Hon. Richard Wallach, we recognlie an uneompromialng Union man, of atern and strict Integrity, who has devoted fala lime, taienta, and energlea to promote the Interests and welfare of the city of Washington; and while congratulating our frl1ow-cittznna upon the occupancy of the executive chair by thia sterling patriot, we hereby nominate him for re-election, tod pledge Ouraelvea ?o uaft eVefv honorable means to secure so dsilrable an end " And the ticket nominated la as follow*: For .Mayor?Rlcbard Wallach. For Alderman?Jos F. Brown. For Common Cnttnfcil?Thomas L<^1?, Alex. R. ^heJVotrd and Thomas A. Stevens. For Aaaanor?Henrv B Curtis J Mr. Shepherd thanked the Club for their endorsement As for Richard Wallach, we all kn?W him; <ve y m^n, woman and c>lld In the dlv knew him. anil not nnlv Wnour htm hill IaupA him Hp (Wlllkch) had every attribute of the gmtleman. He wai identity d with all the prominent Interests of the city, and held with t>onor all Ita prtmlrent offlrea Taere was not a person In the eltv who Could object to Mayor Wallach. Th? Brat time he ran he wail defeated by a smalt majority, and the aecnnd time was moat fairly elected by the people but cheated out of the ofice f Applause ] Secession showed lta monMroua bead then, and tb?- Mayor of Washington, Jamea O Berret, plunged Into the fatal whirlpool and waa accommodated with quarters In a ''cottage by the sea," and waa released only when he took the oeth of allegiance, WfclCh hf hCd before refu?rd, acd reno'jncfQ all ^laim to the mayorally Theft Council* performed an act of tardy Justice, and elevated Richard Wallach to the position tie people Intended be should occupy. All men, too, knew Joaeph F. Brown. The Third Ward h~d nevrr been repreaented with so much rblllty aa by Mr Brown. Messrs. Lewis and curvens wrrr u?o genuemen, ana no gooa van the ticket that the opposition Considered thelt4.aelves whipped alrea4y. The chair eniorwd all that Mr Shepherd|had aid. Alavor Wailacb did not need any endorsement to ralie him higher. Ah to hla colleague. kf . T) _ ? J *--? ? *' * mi. uiooii, nu u?e win mure neTDira 10 lie DfST Interest* of the city. He d'd not think there was a mtmber of more ability In the Board tbnn Mr. Brown: and he waa certain there was no one wbo worked harder, rie la an Invaluable member, end when there Is log rolling done In the Board (if there ever Is any) Mr. Brown law through tbfc plans of the schemers, and they could not pull the wool over hU eyes. Th? speaker and Mr. BroWn had differed politically heretofore, but all party hid now been laid nslae AH the nominees, the speaker was satisfied, were In favor of liberal measure* In reference to the schools and mean* of education. A tu?ceatloD wis made that a challenger be i appointed /or the day of election. The Chair stated ibat Mr. Ashley, who had the ' matter In charge la the House, had assured him of the passage In that body of the text oath MM j On motion, adjourned until neit Thursday evening, when an executive committee and chal lengtr will be appointed. An Important Aeei?t -Yesterday, Detective Officer J M Buaber wai called upon by a c!'y banking house to arrest a person named Charles Murray . wto bad succeeded In obtaining from them fi.WXi United States money, for twenty counterfeit #'00 notes upon the Alleghany Banc of Pennsylvania. The detective went directly to the rallrnad dpnnt >nH Lnnlr n?i?9f? <ib ih? I for Baltimore; but on pining through the car* be discovered bis man on tbe name train with blm He Immediately arretted and < arcued him, and recovered tbe money he bad obtained from the bank ; also, a counterfeit 5100 note of the same kind mentioned Stopping at Annapolis Junction, the officer returned with hi* prisoner and the money to lota city. #Mur aywas taken Immediately before Justice Donn There be would not plead guilty or not guilty, but wm fully committed to Jail for court. He 1* a fine-looking fellow, light complexloned, and about 34 year* of age. His positive silence would seem to Indicate a knowledge of what he was about; and he seemed determined not to fflve any clue that would Involve himself more, or lead to the detection of other*. It stems that a number of those notes hive been Pissed upou persons at the North, especially In hiladelpbla; and It Is not to be wondered at, as the counterfeit Is admirably executed, and the detectors give no description of any counterfeits upon the b ink over the d nomination of So. Probably the operation is a slmul'aneous Issue in several large cltlee, from tome counterfeiting establishment 'ar^elyengaged In the business Murray ks supposed to come from New Yoik. Opxba, Comcirt and Dramatic Emtirtaijimikt ?Oar readers will perceive by the advertisement In another column that there will not be a matinee on Saturday (to-morrow) afternoon, but, Instead, there will be utrtn a novel, musical, comic and lyrlco-dramaMque entertainment at night, tee first of the kind ever given In America. and perhsps the only one which our readers will ever have tbe pleasure of attending. Th? full opera of " Belly," Gottnchalk concert No 4, and a new and delightful comedy will constitute me enieriainmeai ,nr uixucaui, WJa U'Angrl, Plgnora Brignoll, Mancusl, Amodlo, tfualnl and.Muzlo, and Meaaara. Setchell, Tilton, Rogers, Meldrum, Phllllpa, Bokee and Ward, and Mlasea Lo'.ty Hough, Susan Denln, Efin Geim n, Julia Nelaon, Mopby (jlmber, and the entire dramatic c^nfpany, will be In the entertainment. Cnrni. DFitnnnrif r>n< Rtfnrt 7?ilir> Walter ?Thom .t Hanson. David Jones, drunk; tarried over to tbe military. Elista Alden, dronk In tbe market; dismissed. Charles Simmon*, drunk, fined 9*2. Ooiao bt a Cow ?A little sod, aged 11 years, of Mr. G. A Clark, of the City Half, was gored so bidlv by a cow yesterday (hat he was picked up for dead, but on examination was found not to be fatally Injured. Aaairao at Carter's wharf (foot of 13)f street) schooners Union. Hudson, Philadelphia, with a cargo of coal for James Fraser: OUro, Galloway, same pert, with a cargo of coal for C. M Keys. Tm iim of H \ Otlhrrt nf tKli rltv mi among the new corporators Inserted by the Senate tn the Washington and Georgetown Street Railway blU yesterday. Diraaaxo Locaxs ?*ee outside for deferred local articles. Aaaivio at Riley's wharf, sehr. J. A. H. Dlxson, Philadelphia, coal for Warder & Stewart, corner Twelfth snd H streets. It* W? in selling N. W. Thomas', Henry Nve's, G. Gaspard's, ana Belmaa's Orange Brand Ham at 10 cents per pound. These are four of the best W_? f , ... a_ aw. TT-14.J -l.s _ V ?<>ra> oi ninii in mi vnuva owim, pisin aaais 8 cenU; 10 pounds of Ike bfi! lard for 81 At Stewart k. Son'a, corner of llth and H streets. 3i* Stetm Is btfort Him Werskip Otorgi Hill, Esq., Mayor ?/ Qutbtc lactase, Jane 13. 1858. This ia to certify that 1 trave been blind for ten year* of my right eye, and for the laat ten months my left eye became similarly diseased. Four week* ago 1 waa led by three members of tbe St. Patrick's Society Into Dr. Thomblety's offlce alin KJI nil Thu Hnrfnr mffmr *eamUI-? ma a>ldhscouid can me Ids abort lime, notwithstanding moil of the doctors la town had gave me up a? incurable, namely, Dr. Laadrv and Dr. Fremont, of the tM Naanery Hospital; they gave me up after thirteen weeks treatment, sad my wlie led me home blind from the Institution Then I commenced trylag mostly ail tee doctors of Quebec without the slightest piartlcle of relief. 1 ta?e brea to work for the last eight or tea daw, at ay usual occupation, that of "a msriaer oa the M Liwreoce, and thanks to Almighty God that hi has seat the illustrious Dr. Tumblety to cu/e me. Msy G.d blew: William Smith, CHlzea of Quebec, C E. Sworn to and Kkat?M|?d by tbe abota mastlooed 1% illtam ttanltb, who baa read alood In my praetec a printed document which ha bad n?*ar ??en befurt Gaoaea Hall, Acting Mayor of Qaebee. TBS INDIAN MBaa BOCTdt wilt d*aertbe? dlaeaara and tall tola petlenta tbe natn.-a of ihclr < oaplatnta or UlntM, without recrlv: 114 any lufjriitatioa from Utoc. Mo c >"rgt f?i Cvn*mlt?ti?m a/ Advtea Offlca, Mo. 11 Waablngton Building*, feaaaylraau ireaiie, corner Ttto at reft may rtf ! SutTOR 9imMoh'? and \V Slade'a. e?tj , testimonials to Or. Von Moachxltker, certifying to hit merit* at an atlrlut in having affected th- re toratlon of the bearing in caa^a of aevere and long atanding dnfneaa, will be read with to Writ bv thoae almllarly affecfed. Seethe Doctor 'a caid. * Bsbt Philadelphia Print and 8prlng Goaben Butter, 85 centa per pou?d, at Stewart k. Son?, corner of Twelfth and ft atreeta. Also, at oar standi I\o 43 Center Marxic, opposite \ue n*n markft, and at iNo 5, Seventh itreet end of tte Northern Market 3 * DUD. On the morcinn ofih?A;h JOHN McCUTCUEN. son of William ?cd Marc&ret MoCatohen, acef 16 y?*r?. The friends of the family are reapeot/nlly iimted to attend hit faae<al. !?aiur a? afteruoo i. at half* past 2 o'clock, from his fitber's i?aidenoe, 13th n i ..... * . <? ^IVVk r? b. UCkWOOU V ? A fWO*? IB" ( cat oa*t ? Died, of oonaumptirD, CORNELIA J HKME. Kew have pa?aed 10 the tomb o univer'ftlly belorel and lamented as she; end >wed with cuptrior ceoiua, ter ftudions and retired hab u. w-re to her. in the plaoe of rciiool ma-tsre and teaohera. timing over le\f by le?f of the greit vol a rue of the worlds above and below. and >hu* i er faealtie* were atrfngthened, hef underatanding cj1 ivated. aid her mind eariohed by gather,ng theoboioeat lots from the he*t au'h?ra at iim6a and eeaeonl when nio?t<fh*r eek anl age world ha?e brea indulging in the faamona and follie* o! the day. I have ofteu then aatonUhed at tne exir&ordiuity energy ?hf die flayej in theae reeearoaee; eo fragile li it* ww frcm well at me rioh and fceantifel supplies whtoh ahe had foand rendering her capable m oumpi>Biu"CB iipua variiui ?HD|eoiit ?m chaste in sty tre^ (domed by a glow of sweet ?vetry, f?'6 as thi hea't from wheras it crt!*r 4t?<l. 1 say pure rinphatioi. y. for. In all my lorg rx?erieiceaud enie ?i?e as?i>oi?tion. I have ce -er kouwn one o e<aai her In the highest oharac'eri?;ios can aitaoti tj Immunity; patient in tne ptrforrainoe of duty, no matter how elf 8aorifio:np, or the ve&kre^i under whioh it was pe io'infd. not a uiurmur eecip a tier on inn account; charitxble in the f i! est -enre; ni id e f oasip o-breatn of soaaf'ai ever m'lied herpufe 'pa; t laictsreaxd'y Uoeial, nom ?. ver c\me within tne sphere ol hor tervioes who foi'edto receive them, and nnobieot.or <r.diV.d:-ai whose n css:ties rewhed h-r koowle^ie. i-ut eViloi. ited in h*r empathy SnJ !Vans freeiy.wlth on*o.iJ? recret. Uat the ooo <1 not dd mor# Iti a woid.all h? exalted attributes *ni?Jh oonatitnte true womanhood. tha n jbieit Virtues, r n l the sweetest erases of mind and Sertoli were combined in h'rcharaot*r, veiled by that unobtiuuve modest riemeaonr. which oanonly dwell m a guileless and sensitive head The blessings of her 4net life, Te l or. us like the a?w ; And cord thoughts where her footsteps prsesed, Like fairy bloaaoma grew. With lnieHigeuce beyond her years, it mar bet-uly Mid her "n?trr%i piety leaned tow&raa heavec." and imbued her life & id oonvraatioa from a chud with ravereto" a d ue>otirn lor apuitral subject*. Faithful ami t if otiunat* in tier diapou ja- Many voice* from aiok rocm* have called her tho Angel of Meroy. Bui huahea forever ia t|:e nil ver? tc nal Tinea which ohetrrd ar.d aoothed the atflicted. Faiewell, dear one, thy "n n cf life haa eariy set, but thou h?a? entered jiyfuily in that gloiioua aph?re wlier-? it ahall no more go down." U* wants. V?aniMJ-A UA KnlAnc, r Ainifi K 01 "* 49^ 6th stre?t, south of Fa ivsms. m 8 2C JAOiB W 11,SON WANTED IMMEDIATELY-Yout LADIES* tolea'n the Dress ne Makini- Appir 410 9 h street, between H and 1 m 9 3t* WANTED IMMKDIATLLY A Poiupftent flPt?" HATt?.< nn Sinrnr> *iw?nir mi<ihinA. App jr at334 D?tr?et, near tha oornpr of Nmti alie't. It* lUANlKD-By a respectable woman, a SITU ? ? aTION to do *ene al h?use?or* 10 a lam !; of about feu* persona. Goo4 rcoomm?ndatiotg girerv. Addie;g liex 3. Star jfffi ia It* WAN Tfa0?2 or 3 good MILLINERS ; alto, an a pp. entire Apply mmw a -ly at Millinery and Fancy Storo of A. P, DOUSI-As*. 293 Pa. aV<tiue between9th and loth ate AIbj wanted, a i/piortq r.rrsm uin if Board wantkd.-a genti*iran wishes ib obtain a p ea> ant Room ai d Board far b m wif and wife, w th a genteel lamily where there ere few or no boarde-e. aud uo great diatanos from ti e Pa'ent Office. Addreta, ctating termr, box 509 f oat Offjof. pi q at* YVaNTED-a good plain cook, washer " and lROMtR. *leo, Cham1* maid an1 S am tress This ta a good niuition, aud good waies will be given for g- o ?irl?. Recommendations required Applf at 322 K itfeef. oe ween 1 ith and l|th sta. m 3 3^.* WANTED-By a wh'te woman,a SITUATION asnorseor ?o do p!ain sewing aid chainberwork. Apply at 437 L street, beiwetn 6:h and 7th ?ts. m 8-2t* WANTED?A very gcod ? 0?;K. WASHER and 1RONER, lor a tmall lamily-a respect able white vomu, with jc<>d rolerencea A?ply *t 430 D at m 8 WANTKD?A COLORED M*N ?>r Boy a* waiter- Apply to DR MlDULKToN, at W&ahmtlou Araenai. m 7-3t* U/AMKD IMMKDlATKI'V?Copie# of the " daily K?enin* Star dated Bepieiijl<er llth, 1P61, and September Will, 1861. 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LV "J"! ->V4 IV I DOl U U ^V'iJ t> U V I IP| -TS I t_?v ' III \c | 1119* fl'l particulars addre?s House," Bjx 749, Post ?'ffio?. m 7-3t* |?URNI?HED ROOMS FOR RENT?Two or 1 thro* Chambers awd a Bit in* Room, neatly and e?mf >rtably lurnifh'wJ, at 440Twelfth street, eaat s'de, between G and ti tta. The loaatioa is oce oi lbs must desirable in the city. nil* KRV DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT ON LKASfc, WITH THK PRiVlLl-WK OF PURCHASE?A choice Bui'.-linn Let on F ?treet, between Twelfth and 'thirteenth atree b. will be leased for a term of years, with the privilege of purchasing at a s'lpulated prioe- Apply to J AS O. MoGUlRK * CO., ro 3 6t Aaotion and Com. Merohants. VA RARE CHANCE. Af.11A ftf.K PlKI'k (IK CHIIPKBTV FOR aale on Penn.avenue, between and*.! atreeta, aouth?eide, with ixproremecta two awall frai..e hoaaea, fronting on Penn. avenue, In Lot No. 86, ttqa&re . 30 leet, running baok to an alter 127 feet 51 do tier, (aqu*re feet 3,185.) For farther information apply to JOSEPH F, KKLLV, Aieit, ol 8th treet. No. 361, between 1 and New I ork a*. M S tw* S NOTICE. EALBD PROPOSALS or tnrohaaing aH the flidaa and Tallow, Hoofa and Horn*, of the Beef Cattle, killed i>t the Arm? of the Potomac, under ooirmtnd of Gu. MoClellan, are nmted till the anth ?ay of Mar, IMS, at 12 o'oook, m It i? intended that the oontraotor ahall follow the Army, and oolleot tha H idea and Tallow, Koofa atd Horn*, and ahall pa* a oertain mm for theae ar a..i.. *-? ^ 1 L.? 11 _ _ ? . J .a i uo oa ruin p'au iu iwg n cci'u m ma own riak. H e will b? oLarferf with the artio ea in each ou\ unleaa ho can ol-arly ?how that ho wu proreited from obtalmnc them by proper authority. A tond with food and ?uffioioot aeoority will be repaired, for the fulfillment of theoontraot,and no bid will be entertained frim previous contractor* who have railed to oomply with their oont<aote, cd no i id will be entertained nnleai the bidder ia present to respond to hia b d The articlee olairsement* with a bond, will be required to be entered into within two daya after the ope inc of th? bide. Thei>i 'a to bedireoted to MaiA. BECK WITH, Commiisarj of ttabaiatanoe, Washington, D. C., and endorsed "Proposals.' m 1 RNIiW CARD PHOTOGRAPHS EC El V K U This day, of Gens. A. Sidcey Jobneoo, Hiodaaaa, Vu Ooim and Jaokaon. ot 0. A H. 6*as Spr%*ue. MoUleiian, Helieek,, Fremont, arid W ool, of U. S- A. Com-m-dors Foota, etricgt^a, Budaoa. Paaldiif. Bollins, Bnoh&nan. and Pope. AIM. new MMim of Miss .Chutney, Miu bas Denaip, Fd?in Forrest. Edwin Bo?tk.aad a large supply ot Fanay Card Pietarea. * ""jSViilSrilJ.TlCBCTElN'B 7-it* bat. 11th and Hth at, Wessiet'nn. Q. C. INVTRUCTION IN MU81U.-JOHN E. 1 SCHBKL., O-gMUBt mat TMobtr of anno, w1?im to kit# aouoo thfct be ooatinaw bit Inatr nations in slfbt ?lsymi and tiagiBf 1 boss who wwk b*?s tfcsir Mips ?r??tat>fr by WMl d rsot. d n'Bdj an<1 pr&aU *o?ld do *?ll to (IT* Bina Mil. UlirMMr. IUIoMbI aob'sPiaao Wfcr#rooiu, 11th bttWMa 0 ud fc. T?rnu

gpdsraU. m 6 Bt* ********* SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK, P M. TOE CAPTtiftE Or HtfV OftLEMI. OFFICIAL REPORT OF COM BAILEY A U. 8 GvsioiT CatB?A. ? Oft N ear Orleans, April *5. 1*?'2 < i F ag Yotir bojdlv conceived and aplen-' dldlv executed plan of battle bavlag resulted In perfect success, leaves me time to make np ttfc . report of my division. Yoo will fl-id In I.leut. Commanding Harrinon * report an accurate outline of tbe sobie par; taken by (be Cayuga under bis command, and bearing mv Divisional flag. We ted off at 2 a. m.. In accordance with you# slgaal, and steered directly- up stream, edging a little to starboard, In order to give room for your division . 1 was followed by tbe FenSac^l* In tne atyle The remainder of my dlvlalon following In H5g? ular and compact order. We were arareelv above the Boom, when we were discovered, and Jackson and St. Philip opened upon us. We could bring no gun to bear, but ateered directly on. We were atreck from stem to stern; at length we were cloae tip ^tlth St Phll'p. when we opened flrlth grape and eanlater Scarcely were we above the llneof ire. When we found onrsHvrl attacked by the rebel fleet cf gunboats. 1 hi* was hot but more congenial work. Two large *t?-*mer* now attempted to beard, one on our ataiboard bow, the other astern: a third on our starboard b*am. i"be 1 l-lnch Banlgren being trained on this fellow, We flred at * range of 3d yards The effect was very aeatrbctive, h- Immediately sheered In ahore, run aground, and burnt hlmtr-l? up The Porrot gun on the forecastle drove off the one on the bow. while we nrermred to r?rw?l r r ? ? - ^ r""" boarders, so close wn our remaining enemy About this time Boggs and Lee cam* daahlng In and made a finish of the rebel boat*?eleven in all. In the grey of the morning discovered a ramp With rebel flag flying, and opened with eanlater. At 5 a m received the sWord and flaq of Colonel Pfymaniti, and his command of five companies, arm* and Cdtnp cduipage While engaged at this point, observed th? Veruna In conflict with a number of gunboat* She had been butted by one of them and sunk, but with M> forward gu&a rill above water he Was bravely maintaining tfc* flgbt; driving frt his enemies, and saving hla crew Informing Cap* I#ee, of the Oneida, who had alto been engaged with the enemy, of the Veruna's situation, he Instantly steamed np and made a finish of the rebel typats The remainder of the fleet now came up TTie Mississippi had been detained beiow with the Manansas and anothet *fi?r tl>1 s everything paiaed under your own observation. Tbe alt?at duty now remain* of speaking of the "C^nga" and ner brave of officr* andcr-'W. From first to la*t I.leut Commanding K. B Harrison displayed a masterly ability In Ceerlng bis ve*Bel pa*t the forts, under a hurricane of *hot and bell'and afterward* In maneuvering and fighting her among the gunboat*. I cafinot sav too much for him. 'He wa? gallantly sustained hv Lieut. Geo. H. Perkins, and Acting Matter Thorn a* H Morton. Thete officer* have my unhnnr.HpH HmtpafUn I must In conclusion exprfwa the pleasure which I experienced In witnessing the seamaollke manner In which all the ships were handled. The reports of the DtYislonal Captains will inform you of tne particular pafl borne by eacB ship Respectfully your ob't servant, T. Bailiv. Captain Com'g Division of the Red. To Flag Officer D G. Farragut, Commanderin-Chief, &c., New Orleana. V. S Gpnboat Ca*c?a. at Sei. May*, 'GO tl ? n - J "T *? f ' ' rmmm. uia:ci> ireut ', cf??f ji or fAi Plary ? Sir Having found it impossible toget the Colorado over tbe bars of the Mississippi, I sent up a large portion of her gum and crew, filling up deficiencies of beta in the different vessels, and with my aid, Acting Midshipman Hig/insn, steward and boat's crew, followed up mynelf, hoisting, bv authority of the flag otil:er, rtiv red distinguishing flag as second in command first on the Oneida, Com'r Lee, and afterwards on the Cavucra. That brave, resolute and Indefatigable officer. Cora'r D D Porter, waa at work with his mortar fleet, throwing ahella at and into Fort Jackson: whilst Gen. uiitler witb a dlvialon cf hU army in transport*, waa waiting n favorable mortient tc land. After the mortar fleet had been plying upon the forta for aix days and nighta. without perceptibly diminishing their Are. *nd one or two chanuea of progranr. me. Flai? Officer Farra. gut formed ttie 'ship* into two column*, " line ahead. ' the column of the red under my orders being formed on the right, and consisted of the Cavugi, Lt. Com'g Harrison, bearing my flag and leading the Per.saeola, Capt. Morris; the Mississippi, Com'r M Smitn; Ont^da, Com'r S I* Lee; Varuna, Com'r C. S. B< gg?: Kntahdin, Lt. Com'i! Preble: Kineo, Lt. Coin'g Ransom, and the Wlssahickon, Lt Com'g A N. Bmlth The column of the Blue was formed on the left, beading up the river, and consisted of of the flag slip Hartford, Commander R Walnwright, and bearing the lla^ of the Commander-in-chief Farragu'i the Brooklyn, Capt T T Oraven; Richmond. Commander Alder tht Selota, bearing the divisional flag of Fleet Captain H. H. Bell, followed by the Iroquois, Itasca, Winona, and Kennebec. At '2 a m. on the morning of th? '2lth, the a gnnl * *ti? srl vanci.'' ur?a thrnurn aii? v" 1 ? - .www .? V- ? ?/*? > VUl livui IUC ua^ hip. The Cayuga Immediately weighed anchor and If d on th? column We wtre discovered at the boom, and a little beyond both forta opened their flre When cloae up with San Philip, we opened with grape and caulater, atill ateerin^ on. After passing thla line of Are, encountered the "Montgomery flotilla," consisting of eighteen gunboats, including th? ram Manauas, and iron battery Louisiana of 20 guna. I his wai a moment of anxiety, aa no supporting ship w.-.a in sight, fly akillful ateering, bowever,we avoided their atiemptato butt ana board. auu uau fuiccruru ui iu ciii^ urrenafT 01 three, when the Varans, Captain Begga, and the Oneida, Capt Lee, were discovered near at hanl The gallant exploits of these ahips will be made known by their comm'ndera At early dawn diacovered a rebel camp on the right bank of the river. Ordering Lieut. N. B. Harrison to anchor close alongaldr, I balled, and ordered the colonel to pile up hit amas on the rlv> r bank, and come on board Thla proved to be the Chalmetto regiment, commanded by Col. 8 Zymanakl The regimental ttag, tenta and camp equlpige were captured. On the morning of the 26th, atili leading and considerably ahead of the line, the Chalmetto batteries, situated three inllea below the city, opened a cross Are on the Cayuga. To thla we rpannnd>d U'ith nnr two annt At :Via nf twenty minutea the flagship ranged up ahead and silenced the enemy'* guns. From this point no other obstacle* ware en couatered, rxcept burning steamers, cotton ahlps, fire rafts and the like. Immediately alter anchoring in front of the city, 1 waa ordered on shore by the Flag Officer to demand the surrender of the city, and that the flag *bould be bolMed on the Post Office, Custom House, and Mint. What passed at this Interview will be better stated in the Flag Officer's report On tbe :16th 1 went with the Flag Officer *oine seven miles above the city, wucic wc iuuuu vuc ucicunrs ooanuunfa, me ?una aptked, and gun-carriages burning. Theae efenaea were erected to prevent the downward p'.aaage of Captain Foote On the 27th, a large boom, al tuated above theae defenaea, waa dextroyt d by Captain S Phillip* Lee. On the 2?th, General Butler landed above Fort ?t. Phillip, under the guna of the .Miaalnippl and Klueo Thla landing of the army above, together with the passage of lh? ann?ara to ha** nut th* llnl?hlnii imvh to the demoralisation of their garrisons, (300 having mutinied In Fort Jackson ) Both forts surrendered to Commander Porter, who was near at haod with the vessels of his flotilla. As 1 left the river, Gen liutler had garrisoned Forta Jackson and Han Phillip, and his transport* with troops were on the way to occupy New Orleans. I cannot too strongly express my admiration of the cool and able management of all the vesseis of my line, by their repectlve captains. Alter we had passed the forts, it was a contest h^AI) Imam Knsrls in MNIA^ n ? w-w-wr? OVM wv?i?? M WWVWVU ?V0?V<?t BUU U VU clad* with Iron beaks, and the Iron heart* won. On Um 29:h, the " Cayuga," Lieut. Commanding Harrison, was selected to bring me home as bearer of despatches to the Government. I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant Thzodokcs Bailey, Captain. THE KILLED AND WOUNDED. The following Is the casualties In the fleet during the brilliant engagement with Forts Jack___ ikcin -a - v?*? *?t - ou ?uu rump, ana uie ositene* wiow me city of New Orleans, on the 24th and 2Sth instant, via: Killed?Flag ship Hartford, 3; Brooklyn, 9; Pensacola, teamen 4, landmen V. Richmond. *; Iroquois, 6; Plnola.S; Varuna,3?tot .l killed, 30. Wounded on the 24th and25th Apt 11?Flan ahlp Hartfurd?7 severely,} slightly. Brooklyn?14 severely, 12 slightly. Pensscola?J no. C Harris, ilea tenant mattaes; 8hnltze Garard, acting mseter; JohnC. Hundley,3d assistant engineer; Wilson Goodrich, boatswain: Jos B. Cox, carpenter; zm1HIU ncjuuiviouu utu, 17'jniTci, HiMiCi ? inn, 6 landunen, 11 aeamen and 6 marine* Richmond?a teamen and 'i ordinary aeamen. Iroquois?Robert Lewis, armorer; Frank R Halo, 31 aaalatant engineer, and 40 othera. Plnola, 7; Cajoga, ?; Bciota, 8; Varnna, 9. Total killed, 30 , Total wounded, 119. Several rraseii have not fat nude their official return*. INTERESTING SEMI-OFFICIAL LETTER Of COM FAR RAO LT. u. 8. Flag 8h r Haktvobd, t Of tki Citf if Ntw April X5 ) Dm/ Blr: in tho exclMmrnt of im laat \*o day*, you mutt not b? narprlaed If 1 !? ? undonr many things which I ought to do, fend ono whloh wu to wrlir you on the occMlon Of 017 taking tblt cltTi but thank God It baa town done, and la what I con*ld?r a handsome atvle I had two Vulon men on hoard, wbo bad bfn forced into lbs ConfedcrfiW Furl Jack*on sa labor era or OWbanlca The? Ir.forf-d me (bat there were two fo:t? uelf the city, and a?'? appoached <b? locality, i tried to concentrate the v n> 1*. but ti'e lorn t<w that we znuit tak- a rak'ng tre fir two mllea, so wi dl$ not mince the matter, hot das be 1 direct It ahead They permitted ua to approach towHhln a mile er?d a quarter be'ore th<?y opened on na Cafain Bally ?n tDe Cavugv l.ieut t>m H*rrtaon, wn in sdvance c{ mf, and received the mo*t of the fl*t Are; bat. although th* ahootlng waa good, they d!d not damage hi* 1'ttfe vea*el much. He fell t?ack, and the Hartford too* bef place. We had only ittfr Hunt wh'ch f bad pitted on the top-gallant forecast!? that corrld b**r on them, until we got within half a m!le; we tben ahoered off, ??nd pave them aaeb a Are '*? they n-rer art-airfd of Id their phllotorhv " The Pma*r-nla ran up afier a wlnie. and took the itarboard battery off onr band*, and In a few tpinute* the, Brooklyn ranged up and took a chance at my rrienaf on ice leu oans; oui mey wrr? auracra Id, I Should aav, twenty miuutet or half an hour But I cannot *9ef a not* of time on mch occaaions I only know tailti-I ft the veasels did not net a chance at them Th?* river waa too nirrow for more thsa twc or three wila to act to advantage, but all were anxious that my greatest frar wai that we would Are !ntr> each other, and Cspt Wdlnwrlght and myself *ere tlollowinr onnielvi?* hoafs* at the men not to Are Into otlr ship* Thla laat a??irwa? }*hat I call one of the little e!f*anr!e? of the projection?a d??h and a victory? b*it the pn?ain?; of the Kort* Jar%?on and J*t Philip Wia fine of the iTMat awful alght* and e*ent* F ever ?-.w or ctp ct ts% Tl A .wvaWo *? ?*?. an rl, t l> ft tft iw iAj'Tiicin.r i ur piiiuic ? ?w ut .iac nil* 11 was onlv now and then vou could anvth'ng but the flaab of the cannon and the flre-ahipi or rafta, oaf of which was pu?bt-d down up^n u? (the Hartford; by tt?e ram Manama, and In mv effort to avoid It ran the Hilp r?n shrre, and then the fire-raft was pushed alongside, "nd In a moment the ahlp wa? one blaze ell along <h? port side, half way up to the main and mizen too*, b?t, thanks to good organization of the fire d*paftment by Lieut Thornton, the tlimea were ettingnlsbed. an<5 at the same time we barked <>fl and got rlear of the faft, but all 'hi* time we were Dourlnir th<? *h?llir Into the fort*, and tb?v Inla tf?, ?snd evefy now and then a rebel would get under ?rtr Are and receive our salutat on of a broadside. At length the tire alackened, the smoke cleared oft and we nw to our surprla*? that We were above the fort*, and here and there a Rebel gunboat on Sre,?a? we came up with them, trying to make their etcape they Vereflred Into and riddled ao that they ran them on sh'>re and all who could rasde their escape to the ahore I ain told. 1 don't know how truly, that Uen'l Lovell had tone down that evening to make an att i"k with tnifteca g**nhoata, a large ram of 1* guns, and the Manaaaai. TUc M!s?!*s!ppl and the Manassas made a set at each otfief at full speed, and when thev were within thirty or forty farda. the Ram dodged the Mississippi and ran on shore, when the latter poured her broad?lde Into her. knocked away her smoke ?tack?, and then at nt on board Of brr, but ahe was df^erted and riddled, and after n while sh? drifted down the Stream full of water. She was the la?t of the eleven we destroyed, btit the larger ram was still at F<>rt Jackson, but they say here she waa sent down before ?h3 was ready and that she cannot atem the rvirrgnt >he will have to surrender with the forte, which I hop* will be to-day or to-morrow. I will ulve them my attention as soon aa 1 can aettle therffli'rsof tfee city. 1 demanded the atf rrendrr of the city yesterday of the Mayor, through Captain Hailv, ai the second In command His reply wjas that the city liraa nndur mctt I . 1 l-itar V-> ?_ trnnl/t Mnnaailt ? ua uuun luaihiai .in, auu ur ?? uum ^vubuii General Lovell. His lordsfc'p said he would ? ir render nothing, but <it the same i'.coe he would retire and leave the Mayer untmbirra&aed Thi? morning the Mayor sent hit aecretary and tie Chief of Pollc# to see me and say that he would ?wll the city council together at 10 o'clock and give me an answer, m.ti me uenerai naa rex:r??a and that he had returned the duties of hia <mee as Mayor, and would endtravtfr tc keep order iu the city and prevent tbe destruction of property 1 tent him by his Secretary the letter No. 1 (copy enclosed) I also sent him a letter demanding the surrender cf th?eltv In conformity with the demand made by nie 7?s?erday through Capt. Bally?copy No. 2. This morning at six a. ir..; I sent to Capt. Morris, whose ship commanded the Mint, to take possession of It and hoist the American flag thereon, wnlch was done, and tbe people cheered It. At ten I sent on shore again and ordered LlfUts. Kortz, of the Navy, and Brown of tbe marines, with a marine tru^rd to hoist the flag on the Custom House?but tbe pxcltoment of the crowd was to greit that tbe Mayor and Councllmen thought It would produce a conflicted great loss of life. At 11, a signal was made to the fleet f>r FM?lne service, under a General order, copy No. 3. April 26 ?In the afternoon having be*r lnfotmcd tuat there wtrc two forta eight mliet above the |city, at a place called Carrolton. I rmined to take a look at them and domnlfxh them, we accoidiiitfly ran up but to our surprise, we found the gun-car'lage* all on Are, and upon examination found th? guns all spiked It wai a most formidable work for Frole to encounter on nil way down, but we took It In tbe rear They had also a long line of defences, extending back from the river to Lake i'oichartrain, both alone and below the city, on which were twentynine fend thirty gun? eaca Immediately on my tettins ab-?Te the forts, I sent Capt Boggs. who !s now d- priv^ci of a ronominrl hv the sinking of bis hh!n. i whirh he hart nn nob!v defended ) down toCspt. Porter through the Bayous' quarantine, directing him to the surrender of ttie fo t*. Hisdemtnd wa* at flmt ref'ised,but the soldiers told their officers that we were in their rear and that thev would not be nacritlced So this morning, the'29th. the gallant Bailey brought us the intelligence In the Cayuga, Cap'aln Harrison, that the fort* had surrendered, the Ram blown up, and that the American flag floats over both forts. I have seat down for Gen Butler's troops to com- up and occupy this city, and will soon be off for Mobile. Depend upon it we will keep the stampede upon them I send Capt. Bally home as bearer of dispatches He ha* done h;a work nobly, and that while suffering under an infirmity which required attention and repose. I am verv tru'.v and reSDectfullv. vour friend and obedient servant, D. O. FxRBAarT, Flag Officer, Western Galf Blockading Squadron. G V. Fox, E?q . Aialitant Secretary of the Navy, Washington. I>. C. [Here followa Jetter from F. O. Farragut, dated April ii6, 1&62. to the Mayor of New Orleana, which has already been pibliahed. demanding the surrender of the city of New Orleans J U. 8. Flao-shit Hartford, ) At anthor off city of New Organs, April '26. \ To hu Honor Ike Mayor of IVftp Orleans.? Your Honor will pfeaae give dtrecMona that ro fag but that of the United Statea will b? permitted to fly In the presence of this ti"ef, so long as it has the Dower to Drevent it. and as all disDtava of that kind mey be the cause of bloodshed, 1 h?ive to request that you will Rive this communication a? general circulation at possible. 1 have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant. I) G Far*acpt, Flag Officer Western Guir Blockading Squadron. US Fug Shit Hakttobd, ) Off Ike City of yew Orleans, Aprils, ie&i. J Gene 1 a. Order ?Eleven o'clock thl? morning 1> the hour appointed for all the officers and crew? of the fleet to return thanks to Almighty God for nih Kr?*ai nooaneM ?nu uicrcy 111 permuting us 10 puss through the event* of tne last two days with so little loss of life and. blood. At tha' hour the church pennant will be hoisted on every vessel of the fleet, and their crews assembled will in humiliation and prayer make their acknowledgements therefor to th^Great Dispenser of all human events. D. G. Fakragut, Flag Olficer Western Gulf Blockading Squadron. 1 HE CAPITULATION OF FORTS JACKIrON AND PHILLIP. t . ??. OT EAXBR nARIIKT iiAAC, / Kivtr, April 30, l*?. J Sir: 1 enclose herewith the capitulation of Forts Jackson and St Phillip, which surrendered to tbe mortar flotilla on the 'icth dlv of April, 1862 I also enclose In a box (forwarded on this occasion,) all the flags taken in the two forts, with the original fljir hoisted on Fort St. Phillip when the State of Louisiana seceded. Fort Jackaon la a perfect wreck, every thing In the shape of a building In and about it wna ournea up Dy ice morur mens, ana over i,?juu hells fell in the work proper, to say nothing of those which burnt over snd sround 1 devotsd but little attention to Kort tit. Phillip, knowing that when Jackson fell, Fort St Phillip would follow. The mortar flotilla Is still fresh snd ready for service Truly the back bone of the rebellion is broken. On the 20th of the month 1 sent six of the mortar schooners to the back of Fort Jackson to block up the bavous, and prevent supplies getting in Three of them drifted over to Port ? ?? J ?4 ! ft % ^ L.1 vmgMon, ana wuen mfy tucnorra iik rori bung out a white flag ana surrendered. The Klttationy. which bad be?a blockading these for some ilme. aeat a boat in advance of the moriar vessel*, and, reaching the abore flrat, depnvod them of the pleasure of hoisting our flag over what had surrendered to the inortar ftotUia mil the fort Is ours,snd we areaatlsfted I an> happy to state that officers and crew are all well and full of spirHs. I have the honor to remain your obedient servant, David D. Pobtsb, Com'g Flotilla. lion. Oidkom Wiuia, Secretary Navy. U. S. STBAMIK HtftBlIT L.1SI, ) Forts Jackson and St. Pkilltp, Kill. Ait#r,> April *>. IMS. \ Uy artlelea of capitulation entered into tH|? 2S't? day of April. ItoI, between David |> PerNavy, commanding the U 8 MurUr Flotilla, of the one pert, and Kn*. General J. R Duncan, commanding ttae <.o<.at dtfencea. tod Lieut. Uolvnel fciiward HigglM. I I. I I I Itomm*nding Fdrt? J*rk?oa *^4 ? Phillip, of lb? ntb?r p*ft If Is roituallv ?g rrr4 Ui Tbat B'l|[ Gen Lijoun ind LlnL Col. ntgS'.ns ?ba 1 tnf?? ndfr to the BDortar flotilla. r orta Jackann *nd m PMUp, t be arms, mualtloae Of war, and all the nppartenanrea tbercunto b? looeiny. ingt'bf wtrt all pabile praofrtr that may b*- under tbelr ebarige id II l? a?r?ed bv Commander David D Porte-, ommandiiv tb? ui>r?* flotilla. lhat Bri;. Uea. Duncan aad 14 Col toptkn with Ibe oftcera under their command aball b? pe'mUted to retain their aide a - ina and thai all prt. vnte property aball b? mpec'ed. furtceemore th\t tbey abalI gi*r tbelr ;>arote of honor eer to aerva In arm* agalnwt tbe ?overnmewt of the Tatted :*'?t"? until regularly exchanged 31 It ta furthermore urnd bv Commander David D Porter, commanding tbe mortar flotilla, on !be part of tbe United Main Government, tbat tbe non-comm!aaloned ofllcera. prlvalea and moat c'.an* *ba,l be permitted tc retire on parole, tbelr commanding and other efloer* becoming reap?-, slble for Ibcui. and tbat tftry aball deliver np tbelr anna and aconieiinentti la tbelr pretest condition, provided tbat no e*peu?*a accmtn^ from tbc Vaaeportatlon of the m?a. abail br A frayed by tb? Government of the tutted ?t?tf t b On tb? t^nlne these arttelea t?v the ?.ub traction pirtle* (be f??rta aha II b* fotmiUv taken pmaeaston of bv tbf U S naval foroea coap"Wl the aiorttr flotilla. the onfedemy flJ( ahaU be lowerrtl, and the fi of the United Ma ea br .ivd on the fliga'att of Ferta Ja'ktf ?n a*4 9t PhlUlp In agreement of the abirre. w? the undersign* d do aet our hand* and aeai*. ft. ] I tv;t D Polraa, a. m.m ^ ?. .Ml v.ommanain/ nonmr r>>>uin. ft. s J W. B HrmmAw. Commander I' l*. N?*y [t ) J M. WiiiwiwIT, LiauU-rmnt Commanding Harriet |L ?.J J K Dr?ci>, Brig Gca'l Command g Coaat Defaeeca (L. j Kiwai' H.soina. LI. Col. C S A , Com g Knrli J ? k?or> and St rb'Ulp. WllDfMN [h a J Ed T Nic?ol?, Liru? Com < W;?ons [i i ] J H K rmu, Lieut Coin's Kanaw-ba EVACU ATION OF F<?K T LIVINO.?T( Pynorns of Htport of Artmg Matter L ' F'?nmglon, Com > i tmJ ?c t' 5. Henrp Jinm. of Potttr't Mortar hotil.m I'he Henry Janes appeared oil Fort Livingston April Mb, finding there the L". ? schooner* Kutatinntv ?id Gecrge W. Mangbam I"bo *<-hooner Orvetta aUo '-aw np afterward* ActIn* Mwl?r Pennington w?r lnfo-rnr4 tbat tb? reoeH la thr fort hoisted tb- rrein.un flag evvry tJundwy and on that joy orlv On the ycb flag nf truce was discovered <*n the Fort and Acting At aster Pennington proceeded thereto In his lat cutter, a bu tt f?m tae Ktttatin nef accompanying, which r?rbl^c tbe suora a few minutea In advance hoisted tbe Atuencan tl?i; on the ramr^rt* of the Fort But fifteen per ?<?nt w-re found In th>; Forta. t3 men 4 women and .1 children?nearly ail of them roideut* of Um? Island From one of tbe women, whose husband was > m n>l l thd tksl m' - W ? >U<V>|^ ?u-. (I lull *'VV?";,"_U *MT7 I ' H < , |I1U< U V Information was obtained stated tba' the f rt vva? in rha-^rof C< : TbetMveaad3ft) in all?fly French and IUHmis. foev were po >rly clad. with b'lt little to eat. f ori L,1 v'.ngt ton la about ei?{bt hours from New 'Mesas t?jr water The Bee that carried the troopi from the fort wit* still up tbe bay oat of reach of the ve? sels This steamer " as partly owned by tbe pli'.iters on the tu&in land. i>art of wbom are 1 nlon m?? aa also are raott of the people on to? opposite tide. l iic - i..uple," a small battery above Fort Livingston, w<ia also evacua rd?only two guns of small a'te havlui: Seea lef: At Fo-t Livtaga ioi lu-re wrrr wuni o pv loo-rt,'ete; tbree 12pen?der bcwUz'-r*,ttro21 pouitd< m, one 3 tacit coluinbiad, new, painted r>-d, <>o? S? pounder rifled cannon, tbree spare field car1,P"0 3V puund shot, 7c lonlai abcll, and ntber articles of mtoor importance The cifl er'? dtp'rtmeui were < omforub v furnUb^d, witb abundance of wine and a lar^equintily of paper, wbicb tliey eft behind The fort u In Ko'jd order, and tbe' ordnioce, ic: , 1 n good condition !t wu left in ct.Hr 'eof Actio* Matter I -V f* kj %? ...L ^ W~._ . ... ?k M .* a^ t c. 4?.| w uus: UUA; was IUC urvt u> roacb It. Col. Theouve, anticipating an attack trom the vesa^la. abandoned the fort aud act lire to It, and also tired a bri/ loaded with cotton retiy to fin out. One of the fl'stactx of Aug- lo Juaata, whom Acting M ister Pennington had previously mown, and wtio was one of the number found at the fort, was to preaeut him with 3.1 la Confederate nvtes. which he stated was bis si* ts wages CONG MS** lOMAh. IUTI >t|fOW*.H Huiln, Ki.ciT. May 9 Sh*t! ? The Houie bill author,rlag the President to cause clearances to 6? refused to sucli v*?Ktel? as he has reason to believe de*lgn carrying th?lr cargoes to th? rebel*, was reported b.ick from the Commltte* on Commerce by Mr. Chandler; and was committed Mr Sherman's pending resolution, calling for the official repo.ta of the battle of Pittsburg Lnding. was taken up; when Mr Sherman delivered a speech In d-fenre of the Ohio regiments charged with cowardice In said action Hocsb ?Mr. I?i7ejoroffered s resolution,which wea idjpted. tendering the think* of tb? Hu iie to General McClellan for the display of ?ho?e hleh military qualities which aecure Important rea'ilu witb but little aacriflce of human 1 f? On motion of Mr ?edijw;ck, Captain* Bogga and Bitley, juat from tbeliulf. were unanimously admitted to tbe floor of tUe House. Mr. LoveJ ?y aubmttted aome modifications to the bill wblch waa under conalderatlon >c*'-er aav?to secure rre*aom 10 ui person# wium tbe exclusive jurisdiction of the Feder&l tiove'nment Mr Allen moved to lay the bill upon the table, hnt tbe motion was dliagreed to?yeaa 60, navs 65. 1 be Home refused to demand tbe previous question. A debate arose on the motion of Mr Co* to instruct the committee (to which Mr Lovtjov proposed to refer It) not to report haak tbe bill till next acaalon. He wanted t3 end the eternal agitation of tbe negro question U06T AND rUUA'D. f rWT A !1D VT AKTPIM liAtVAAn I-J and my huui>. on M atrr?'. t>otw*oa 1 Ha Ml 16th. ; w;l! pay a vsrr I. eie reward for iU rotmra. M-ini"&ls aro euitavod on tt>* If * V M HUHTHKR. c. I i\ RKWAKO.-Htr?T?d or a t>nnii? C> I ? " t'.OW, ?:*(i whs fao?a'd w' g^fdR i e ly. Tin kS)T8 ' ard will t>- gtvaa cnpMf^ it* ? ?urn to No. P2 26th at.-<wt. h^'twi IJfaaJ^i "??? T. C. TONAR. STRAVKO OR STOLEN-Prom the Cno!? H^artta'. tbros COWJ.fro 01 biff?'oco??-o'i* white, with red spot*, my" od4 red, w tn white aiid oce ix>rn?1 JEeJka cow, n-d ftuu jan.allj w?:?t?. tiaapoeea ic have strayed weeT or no<-th of G^ortetown A rew?'d wit! be c'Ten fnr tweir r*niv*rf. m 9-nm LOST? \ yellow CHILD aced a jeer*, uained A'a ter Juner Hf/i on amatl frees aack. thrown men eptoa and panta Wb<#w reti'ea tne ea-d chtid, wilt recede the thanks of bia diatreassJ tno!h-r, ANNIE M. J At Mr Jacob*, on n street, m 9-St* h*te??i. 6th aixi 7th ?tree?. C?4iC RKWaKD?And no en'ationa aired, if the eeraon who relieved me 01 a y ?%Ar?-h (No 950>, Tady'a g<>i<x'C watoh lata a*er txser concert at loon, on E street, bet ween 13th a d l?tn street*, on JTae day evwiu.MayF Will ...... ?- . k. -a ^ li ?k.. is i.l.? a I n ill u Vi.r BMuetL lyvuuiuv u nic nwi nu r Tue above rewa-d will i>? ?ud and no ^aMtioDi aked. The p-raon in'.ereeUd may relT apm ih a offar being maie in ?ooi faith. in 9 Si* UTHAYklD FROM THb OWNfcK.on ThursO day, 8th instant, three H<>M 8KS?out l?r?9 r?*T mare wiih star m fore:.wi. and *L2PI two small bay fcortew one with star IB* n forehead acd slightly aff'cted with distemper. the oiner lore on rijni noaioer. a rcveru wi? b-* civen *o the finder, ir left on 6 t'rw: (Mt, be or ?en Uth ??d 13tli sU , Navr Y*-*. in 0*? WM DE6KN. STRAVfcl) OR STOLEN. Irom the oc.ner ci 2'.?t itd 6 ,oa tu? Titi l-ntAiit,tafrtk two bi&ck COWS and one red. ao<i a ca I.9Mr ^ liberal rmrd will *ertT* > fur aay formation respecting toem. MT JOHN GAVNCR. C|A KhW'RLi.?Strewed or etoiaii, oa the W 111 ma I.# m f t h IK f. - ? _ _ ? m. i.i? 11 k vi * ?** ?" m -??a* ii J" my g"V ?reiai?e?. on *"ti? itre t First Wai J,T_ .T1 Wmdid' ton, & rapel* gray HORtfb, v loDcmc to Government lwnlgi?etue above reward if rftarne4 t j me or to 'he Quartsrtuaeter is A ex anuria. m 8 ?t* T. W. BTIHL. Wmn Lb o?T???? tii? Mi to-tkot. bttvrca the Numt Bt'trii and the Metro* l\Un Uctel, a bundle ot PAPKR3. vi<h th? iuusoiiw'i mm a '?cb^d. A liberal rewi't will be paid for u.ete i?err ?.t ike a i<? at this offioa. . _ m7St* w. a. T ?iin?nt V t'ST?Vn Taaadav ?v?n aj, May t. in <> mmn Li from PhuKidyliu a UU>UUb entanug a lady's b aoK v?ivai o-.jy aad o' ?* vest at wat?ri ilk 1 ha fiader will ha aaitaMy r-*arJ?? by la*v ?f th?m at U>u oftoa - ? a* Motday, 1*4 Stfc iMUnt. a ?KM i TLKMANU Fl"V wt ?ttfc o'a laria o*?'. The 6ad?r wi'l 0? suitably rsw?d*d oy laartng u at StT l?u a, Utaw ? aa4?. u'IulKN-ub ma ll'i> Ayni, a loag- ati arawa n HCR-K about L'W ba*4a mk. oaagv vklta kind foot, blit. aTTB jitab rovard wiTi i>o?i i< l?r t-hf tn K. V C <NK Jn'- tftttll. I4M .t *i| Iwnv Wtliftrd ' Hnot. w4a h'rtd by ?' ?to" r? tM ?wn? of Nortoa. at 7-jP bua&dinqi he A -X :k>M KrvutKoj* vrfe Hooifi, m?j b* hid #>? ftpiijiiu At No. 9** r ?t'?ot n?*r tne oorntr of t3.&. ?*>H*

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