Newspaper of Evening Star, May 9, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 9, 1862 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. S?wi?S Clever W?re we giftcl wi'A % po?t s jenics * ^"vjid eing ot Clew. Not or its bounty, Ml it? frtgrttce m?rtly, bnt of iu Utility It U the grand rtct>v&;io* riant of Amermw ?cri. culture Turoott bring op nutriment from the subsoil. and its leaves sip fertility from the atmosphere "Raise your own clorar feed, and sow It with an unsparing hand," is oar standing ad vice to wh?at growers. If land will produce a good crop of clover, you may be cure it contains *11 the mineral plant-fcod required to rreduce a maximum crop of wheat, corn, or barley or oat*, qr any other cereal. Any thing which increases the growth of ^ ~?* L ~ r?1 4 v.v?w? iuv?uc?-uj uiLivaav? nilgrvw.u wucav | and other cereal crops, th this way planter or I gypeum bccamo a valuable fertilizer for the wheat grower. It b?a itself little dtrcct 'TTvCt J on wheat, but it frequently increases tbe \ growth bt olorer to a considerable extent. This clover when plowed in for wheat or if ccnrjin?<*. on the faim either in the greet? etate, or mads into ta*y, farni>he<? mnnure of good quality. It may bo ?aid that the eame ia true cf th? grasses, oats, corn, etc. But there ia this great difference between them. The clover retains alt the ammonia it gets from the and the itmosphere, while the graces ard grains do not. The gTowth of grain* and grasses always involves a certain loss of ammonia, V>Yl f tKS? j mf #Kn nsda wt?k aLr?i> or>rl leguminous plants. Grow clover then, grow it as a renovator; gr^w it for its food and for its fertilising yowcr. <irow it wherever it csn be brought into rotation. Sow it with wheat, g"w it with barley, sow it with oats, so* it with corn Sow it on a sandy soil, feTen if yon intend to plow up the land tb% next spring 1'V\ hea ?uall we tow, and how?" We care t?oi, only scatter it with a liberal band. Same like to sow it on their winter wheat cariy in tJ* spring. when there is a little sr.ow on the ground Others prefer to wait until the ground and weather are warmer. Somo few think it better t<j harrow the wheat after eowing the clover, tbr* covering tha eeed and benefiting the wheat at the same time Others, again, and we think wisely prefer to =*o<v on s frosty morning in Aj ril, after aj! dancer of c >!d weafher is over. Sew io the morning till the pun thaws the ground. and repeat tiie opera lion no atf-: ires y morning. If "onii with barley or oata, let the ground h* tine before aowirg the clover seed, and xhen run a light harrow r?n 'he ground, or to'.i it afie>Tthe b irley is up. l'h? shallower it is covered the better. It will do very well os a moist soil if cot covered at all ' How much eeed per acre We think many farmers err in being too sparing of seed l'onr quarts or eight pounds per acre io the 1- ?n a I nnfinftfr \1 a vnnM na?rn? a-'W j ?i? 11 J ?? v nuuiU UVIV1 c/n *V. J, and uaies* the soil is excellent. would prefer to sow another quart The English farmers, specially on light sandy soil, not unfrequently sow fr- in 16 io 20 lbs. of mixed clover seed per aero. Our eoil and climate are so well adopted to the growth of red clover that such txtreine thi<*k seeding 13 neccssary, but thin seeding is generally poor economy A Hit ?t ras ?rr*Mlo*'st? ?The humorous rdiUxvl the U?lt:m<re Couuty American admirably Lfsiffa ' d culous practice Into which lp* !*?cm!oni?'? of M -rylantl tave fjllen -tka! of ^'rculnlln,; and chuckling ever bogus Stories of Federal d? feats: TLi-y tan in le** ttire than It taxei ti* to write th!? article, get new? from Vurktowu that ibeir rebel frier,d? hnvt really ventured from b-tih.-d he1rentrer.ctnaer.ti and whipped A'cCleilttu killIn,; tfcouaanda of the "deteaianl- Yankees ' At mcea bottle "f O.d Rye, Jr ,i? brou^Ut oat,an<i a >-trfe<-: joltiflratfop. ; had After an honr or tw;? spent In thi* way, and when all become quiet adrnuktn riwdy fr< in Baltimore slips In SuleMy. aad dc.lc8t?ly rnakea It kr.ovrn th.'i the icrrimac has annihilated our m dera Sampaon? hilt th it it 1* ha? n^iipr-j 1 IruAtwn i r* I? ? i > ?*inPw w w m * aw < v> ?^ ~ ilVi 41* J A'tv ? it * U 4_? liii * * |V I r a Out come* tbe bottle airaln, and by the time It gets round twice the "elebration of that victory U over. Tbry etart out and ?pr<*a<i tbe report, end telilni; ittbey really frighten lome of car I'.-itn friend*, who nre not acquainted wi^h their habits of lylnjf. T*b*y then await the arrival cf the News ?hret; It ?'ll have It. I:comfi?but it i$ not tn it. Bat there ccmes a ntggtr wagoner, icber. He wiiitpM* the news that wu ?<;nt by blsn to hi? Kce?? on n.atter, by a Rebel friend In Baltimore. Hcnk? his had 5,(00 mtu drowned, and tee hai'rre. 40 OOQ, havr btva cut to pl??-e? or taVeu I lei* by the c. Itbrited Cjptaln A?hbv, w'th h!? ? !<|j| r -?VNI rrr fhou ? a# ??? ? ? "Tr V ?? J . m ui f w ? IV * r / % VI Cl/KI ?v | did'nt tue B:mraayit, and Mr A. (who wa Kmr'a ad de camp in gettiae up thr re be 1-, lion) ?tod tuch word to Mr. B. (who burnt the b-idji*-* at Kane's command) If it wan no' to' At aay r?<e, out com?-? tbe bottle a^ain. Hi|.'! hip: i . ratr hurrah! (but vety quietly; ther genera ?y retire to ihe cellar to citeer). c*o they go; one roDtir<ial round of pie sun- and rejoicing, and ttit ir friends jjcttiiijj whipped 1 it ti^e South about twice each weei.'' A Ssssibls Colo^kl.?A letter from Vorktown ays: A goo?l j jke occurred about Congressmen this afternoon. A Michigan Coionel was In command ? ? the gunrd. C'itlijM were prohibited admKtu ?,e Sevt ral came up and asked tte corporal to pa?* ibroi. saving that they were Congressmen. "Ite < j , <ral stated the caae to the Colonel ' They are Congressmen, are the*' ' asked toe Co.'oael. ' So ifctyiay ." U'?ll, let ihem ard go where ttey please, ' ?aid tbe Colonel. "L?ttbeni t;anip on terp?doe?, Into tbe ma^azinea. and where there lsat;y prospect ofth-U be.n,; blowi to t'.? devil, for that la tbe quickest way to end tta war" Tbe Ln;;ilsh papera by the steiuier America from Liverpool, report that Ceptiln Hwirnn, (la'.e of t:.e privateer Sumter,) wltb other others, : d .;rr.ved a* Southampton with their bay^a**?tr:,e of ihe < fllce's reported that tbe Sumter had ?( M K?? - M - _ < % ara* viuril ucil ICU It, Sliiw R ^ t it ?Le ren.a!n*-d at Gibraltar under the cUur<e of one (r two o!3cer?. Lin Tok Kcs?ia ?Gen. Cameron Minister to Rc*?ia, left by tbe 1.40 train yesterday on 4he l.rbanoa Valley Kaliroad, on h'? ir.iision to Russia. A number of hla friends cor* d at tbe cars to aee htm fit, and wish bina a aaft journev to the land of the Czar3 ? Harris^urg (Pa ) Patriot. IJjr* Of :he arriving contraband* tbe PLiladelpLii Ledger aays ' W> hat tbeae poor creatures a'e to do in a ptecf like Philadelphia aiready rvercf'Wded with unemployed white labor, and wtere mucn suffering exis'jfnr w<nt of employmint, it is la.po?s?uie.t-j coojecture." Powers" stiitaceaibl?Brj !tlc of "California" is eonon? the works o fc? exhibited at the Loudo i International Exhibition. tCT The Lynchburg K( publican has it. upon authority, t&atOen. Flovd, with tls coalman d. L .s be. n ordered tc Knoxviile, Tcnn. I ?>N6 AND SHORT w RAPP1NSS. IJ FOR BPRLXi ! tiiAWLS FOR Bfall.< *?! MaNil.KS FOR BFRING! NEW STVLf ORh-O eOODi Fos SPalNG! Wuh aU kicds ol Dry tfooda for tan current waits of f<m.I'M. oar No?tn-ra aad Eastern corrsspocdenta ??nd as u*v ???!??s dam. ' tut ir -? uit.r. marked n plain figures; hen?e n ) pure ?t?r is il' eel <etJ. auimptcuju u. s.ooa iraars uc obligation to wtayv ? ? WWN ft w w */ ? rn Pa ?*aa?? *nd ?U ^DAM8' EXPHtSfl COMPANY. J10T1CM 0J~M.SM0TAL. The CehT?ry cBc? of thi? o*m?*cy ia remove? fraiuXt.rd street to Uie i*rf? depot on B alre?t. ttn.l *4 <|. ^rr.tlN\\ AY ft bONtf AND it A V K.N, liA S9 CON A CO '8 ee?et>r?te4 Imrn-^ w - ....... ?.v ?' u at n*ui Hoiorf f-r ov?.i *n?l #?pr.?T~<l the Ma-' ' ' <sskT?(l \\ 9 M t.1 ZcKoTTi o>)rs(r ofUU pron fcVfiiBP. sr. cral f .bd?>? thit b??n uacd for Mis n?oo ?>%?? T>?Q'hn p?t Hi*rt-. *> 13 A t*.W i>A\r* Or?i?V.?? h.m r*mu(?d r iuy fci.e ook of (Jlothtnjc from over ttfc.U Jewe.ry ft'-oro u? J. H. f-Mil'H'J*, No. 4M 8f t rftj 5tr?#t. r.??r P, wbvre 1 fl *1. ?dM K&t nu lj?? u wi.o.?**?? cntt tnaH. tor ft f*w usyft ociy. #OJ>? I >V KRKP On AND ArrrR'Vij^H^AV, april I. H*J. h?trv*? o? R?.'tiiDoro ftrtl Ohio K?iltn?ii o. irr>e c* rsoMuc (July, Sundays ?xc?ptftu, Imvilx 'ki? ?: T ?' a. M , ar?l oorii*otiQB M V> ?<hu g to?- JaMiioa w.Ui inft.i lr?in for Alt 9Ai:? . rtf.e Wiit *;? r'arkwafcurg or Whemiof. la:. ^4 a uoctu ?o?c mm! uacf&<e checked Klriar cf Truuportittoo Baltimore ""Vc* *i 5fc io *"'* M l au IV TKAVLl.Li.NU TKUMIsJ. *? K c>fjr for ? tn? ucirtmnt '.of TKAVKLLIN* TRUM8lobt7oi?du>(nrB t?i* oi'?, ccni;n?.L* b*?t Wxe XVtmm mO PmIik T rack*, V* lioo*. 0?mt ??., mLioa vctr* cow ioainx at v?ff U/w kri'X*. w WALL, *TEfHB\S ft CO.. ??ji* m Pwm. svroie. * ?' REMOVAL. * V* M. * Ft J ^sTiiOii-i , in ){ i? L b 1 *?ui ?wm? &i.d J?t.i treats, whe. I*?J S'i.11 M*?rtmeL.t oi iiH WAJUi. ttOWtfKKKKHlNe AK 4c. ? - ? { M* . ?I4 v?. - *'. I >4 % 1 p _ _ ii?t Ado ?oi?rr.ii luuiiaui ? > ftOWiTAL. PtWi'lM m renfarmitf w*iA t\? Wuhw pf th* S*n*l4 / July 16, 1H61. > A? SnHMff W#??ucJ, e<ir(H?v?, Af?? ! 9d OS lr.fantry 3i3J New York ArtlUerv 3 6Th <1o Artlllerv I'.id do C??*lr* 2 1 7th Maine Vola:>t?-era. 1,1th do do.... 2 9ih Ma*s%ch'j?ett?Vol. i! i lib P. an VMnnteers. 3 J l"th do do.. liST'h do do 1 ' VM do do.. 3|V>th do do,..#.. 1 j Mockton's Mich. Vol. sipjd do do 1 Kit Rhode Island Cav. 3'*Uu do do...... 2 2d d" Vol. l|75*h do do 1 ! l&thMew York Vrl... S}H3d do do 6 ' 17th do do.... 3|P5t!i do do 1 ' 29>h do do.... ] 9?d do do 2 ' 33d do do.... i do do...... 3 Hth do do.... 5 5th do Reserve.... 1 1 50th do do,...12;i2d do do...... 1 Mth do d".... 2 1st do Rifles 1 do . dc. .. 3[ 1st do Cavalry,... 14 I'lth dc dc.... li-td do do...... 1 77th do do.... 2 ith do do 4 s*tt do d<\...3i 5lhCarr.eron Dragoons 1 IQd do do.... 1 Officer's s;rvant...... I 7th Art 4 - It- a do do ~j Tola!............131 lulsi do At Q**i* ! HotpiuU, Union Hottl, rcrntr Bridgt ?n i iV ,<kington sfrttts, Utorgttown, May 2. 1st N#>w York Anlleiy j lv!'h Penn. Volunteer*, l 13lh New York Vol... 3 -isth do do...... 1 17th do do.... 2 6*Jd do do 2 2?th do do 1 7?d do do 2 CSJtta do do.... 3 tOd do do...... 1 3!d do do.... 3,ll^d do do 2 4ith do d".... PjKane's Rifles......... 2 i 13th do do....10 Tth Mas* Volunteers. 1 19th do do.... 1 Jd Maine Volunteers . 5 .^:th do do.... 1 1th Vermont Vol 2 fWd do d".... I 5th do do...... 1 G8th do do.... 10 Mott'i Battery I 03d do do.... 1 I?t U S Cavalry 1 l>7th do do.... 3,8h do do I 1st Penn. Cayjt'.ry.... 4il?t do Chasleurs... 1 ?th do do l|l*t I.oog Island Vol.. 1 1st do Volunteers. l)3d U S. Infantry.... 1 3d do do...... ljllth do do 1 1th do do....*, 2,Sterman's Battery.... 5 Tth do do .... ij ? 9*.h do do II Total. 92 It Gmral Hosvitsi. (Circlt,) W*skingtin, Mi y 'I fst U. t*. Cavalry 1 Rocket Battalion,N.Y. 2 I'I do do 1 3fh N? w York Vol... 3 '>th do do 2 do do.... 3 tth do do 1 *>?d do do.... 1 l?t do Artillery.... $,Hb P?nn. Cavalry....- 1 id do do 31' do Volunteers'. 1 31 do do 5|00th do do...... 1 tth do do 2 5M d > do 1 Stn do do C| 3th N. Hampshire Vol. 1 id <?o Infantry 9 id VermontVolunteers 1 3d do do 5; l?t Kaoe Rifles 1 1th do do 11:6?t? M?1n? Hatterv.... 1 8th do do .. a! lOili New Jrrsey Vol . 5 lutb do do 3 7th V\ lcconaln Vol... 1 lith ds do 1 _ I7tb do an 2 *0*1? .88 2d N?>w York Miillla. 1 jLi Htsfiui ?; Cclinnltan Colii&t, WatkwgtM, _ T<lay '2. l?t U. 8. Artillery. .. l.r.M New Yor* Vol... 1 id do do l!78th do do.... 1 24 do Cavalry,.... 2,*let df do.... ? Uh do d3 I'fcJd dr> do.... r 5th do do 2,S?5.h do do 17 Jd do In/sntry.... Ij'rfl'h do do.... 5 14th do do 8.081^ do do.... 1 2d Maine Volunteer*.. 1 u*?b do do.... 1 l.j'h do do 2]IOlKt do do.... i Utado do lllCid do do..,. 1 -?h tr ^ . <! i-i %* ? ? * - " i ?u .uiww.uuan'.B TU*. .> ?rwj cn*'y' ^nviiiryi u ICtb do do. ljl(?h do Vol.... 3 15tb do do l$jl?t Penn. Artillery ... 1 l?'h d? <jo . - Jd do Cavalry.... 4 8<Kh do do.l*Uth do do...... 1 1st Rhodr Island Art . 2.5th do do...... 1 2d do V< 1. 21 fit h do do 26 litVennoutOavairy .. vrt'JcJ. do Volunteer#. 1 Jd do Volunteer* u .>id do do 10 11 ?1o do.... lja<?'h do do 2 Uh do do.... $ j71 ?t do do...... 1 ! 5?h do d<? ... 1 ((.'id do do 2 6ih d" do.... i'ltri!bdo do 3 I i.? i* i. * -*ili -?l - * tiiiicn i orinruutry Yiliaooo 60 1 7th do Hfittery. 7lll3ih4n do 1 ad d < Cavalry. 11 MeCMlan Dragoons.. 2 :M do dc.... 2!7tb Michigan Vol 9 *Hh d'i do.... Sjliftb lnd!m? Vol..... 2 yth do do.... v. 5th Wisconsin Vol.... I Ji do M'.lttta . 2 Citizen 1 tftfa New York Vol... 1 Wi do do.... 5 Total ?....24S 43d do do.... 3 At Xcunt Pleasant OtHercl Hospital, May 2. 5tb Maine Artillery... l.flfi hN'ewVork Vol... 1 7th do Volunteers. "J'lOid do do....11 llih d" do,... ltHth do do.... 8 lit Rhode Island Art. IjlUSth do do.... 1 31 Nevr YorkCf.valry 311st U t*. Ch8*seurs... 1 5th do do.... 117Id Penn. Volunteers. 1 6th do do..,, liioiitdo do 3 5WthNew York Vol... ljiOSddo do 1 10'h do do.... 1 |2d Berdan ^barpe'rs.. I 5?th do ihd do do 1 I 37th do an..,. 1 ?t?th New Jersey Vol. 2 Hst do do.... 35th Michigan Vol .... 1 I -oth do do,... 3j l?t Wisconsin Vol.... 1 HKh do do.... 1 New York Zouave Jnf!d do do.... 1 dependent Battalion. 11 do do.... 1 ' ? 95:h do do.... l Total 73 At Douglas Hofpital, torntr of I strut and JViw Jtrsty avtr.ur, "Jay 2 l?t U. b. Artillery.... i;?4tUNew York Vol... 3 3d da di> 2jet?!h do do.... 1 5th di Cavalry 3 o**h do do ... 4 3d do lafant.-y.... 1 vth do do.... l 12th do do 5 Hi 1st do do.... 2 17th do do 3 IWJd do do.... 1 21 Maine Artillery... tjlMtb do do i im uo uavairv > l?t New JeraeyCavalry 3 O'ii d<> ers. _'jCaijp?-r.',:i Dfajfioni... 1 jdVtnK'nlVoiaiitefn ' !!u i'eiirs. Cavalry 2 3i .M.rwbuaeti* Art. J |'2l do do 1 iZ'.h d Vol ! jeth do do 2 t'-Ui do dj.. 1 l'Hh do do...... 5 lid ?lo do., vl ;a do Volunteer*.. 1 N V. Artillery ljlirk do i5e?-nre 1 la: Nt-wVork A !,'!?-rv 1 i id do Volunteers.. 1 4-hKew YorkCava'rv l|3lst do do 3 5*b do do...". 5 JQlli do do...... 2 l?t U 9. Ctenonn ... f" Vld do do 1; I?t*rd Vol.. 7 6 at do do 1 M Y.flalf MHftla. 1 71th do do 3 j "'.h New York Voi... 2,Sl?t do do 1 iru no do.... 4 'Jt*l do do...... ? Ieth do do.... 1 USth do do 1 aotbN Y.SMateMilitia 4 KCthdo do a 23d New Yoik Vti ... 7 H3thdo do 1 *5th do do.... 2 3d do ReaerVA.... l 34 b do do.... 2 7th .Michigan Vol.... 2 421 do do.... 2;5th Wliwon*in Vol... 1 43d do do.... 3,fitb do do.... 1 4jib do do.... 1 Andrews Bharpa'ra .. 1 5ith do do.... II ? 631 do dc ... 1| Trtal 144 At Ot?*rai Hcsvital. ( Rt-kimirtnm \ m :? ? M-iy 2. Rtn New York Vol ... 3<75thPenn. Volunteers. 1 11th do dc.... 1! ItCd do dc 6 Wtu do do.... r.iUtU 8. Cavalry 8 *231 do do.... 3 id do do 5 27th do du.... 1 t>th do do 11 '?tth do dr.... 1 ut Maine Cavalry.... 7 Il?t do do II ,31 New York Cavalry. I 45th do do.... 1 1'h do do.... 1 49th do do.... 1 3d Virginia Cavalry.. 1 Mtn do du.... 1 3th Peon. Cavalry.... 2 6?th do , do.... i fd Maine Battery.... 1 77th do do.... 3 UU do do 1 c let do do. ...11 5th d'> do 1 !'Dl do do.... 1 l-t B< rd?n Sbarps'ra . 1 uiu ao ao 7th Michigan Vol .... 1 W.h da do.... 3 U 8. Cbaaaeurs .. 1 iuJd do do.... 2 17th do Infantry.... 1 ltrth do do.... 1 5th do Artillery... 1 l*t Perm. Artillery... 1 64th do Volunteer*. 1 Total............ 1!?J /i l*4Umm iPatrxt Offlct), Wmikingtm, D.C., May 3 3t Indian* Cava'ry... 9 83th New York Vo*l... 1 I2ih da Volumetra 'JiNew York Battery... 1 ljlh do do.... iO^eid* Cavalry 1 ltttn do do.... Spdth Pt-nn.Volunteers. 4 ivth do do.... ?[?*Jd do do...... a 1st New York Artillery 3|8!st do do...... 1 .id Excelsior Battery.. llim do do 44 4tb New York Cavalry 1 WJd do do 1 etb do do.... # 118th do do...... 8 I3tb New York Vcl... 6 lOltbdo do 2 14th New York Art... 1 limbdo do 3 Sid New York Vol... 1 31 Mlefclgan Vol * ' 614 do do 1 lltb Maine Volunteers I 1 67th do do ... t 1st K bode Island Oav. 4 . diet do do.... 1 I3?h Massachusetts Vol 1 *id do da.... 1 New England Cavalry 8 i M?k -i- - - fV.U ??V 119. f f t 4i| Ki4 do do.... 31 Total 122 J 8itk ri?umw| Ik* HoSfilml fr Mrmftim* 1 lHmuu, mi KmloranuI, Miy 2 , fltb U S. Infantry 1 T*M Penn. Vol ante? n. 1 j 12th do 3 tf5tb do do. .? 1 i flb do Cavalry 0 Kftthdo do 3 VeruontVolunu*ra 1 !9th Indiana Vol 1 litMUMChUirltiArt. 1 *?th do Ho 1 lit Me*.- Yor* Artillery S l?t Michigan Vi I..... I i m ao ao I va BcMu Btaarpo'n.. 8 j i?th N<w York Vol... 1 W D. C. Voiuntffi.. 9 lit Sc do.... 1 ^tuvmiytcr'i Orp't 3 sl?t c . do.... ? ClUren I *1*1* ri# -ti.... ? On*ldt Cmlry l J4.Nnr)tr?yVtl... I Coniral.arid I I lULli do 4o.... I _ : t'h Penn. Covmlry 1 j KM Ao Volunteers, i J % ? , *? r- * i ?; ? > ' 1 - >V?i# . ' * At Miami H?fUtU, Sfmmrt, W*tk- I wytw, May t. I 3d U. 8. Infantry S A4tk New York V?l... | Ith do do 2 (Rd do do.... 1 *th do do 1 93d do do.... 8 Ith do do. 0 0Od do do.... 1 ith do do. 3 Kth do do.... 4 14thdo do 3 94th do do.... | 1st do Caralrv 11103th do <tn a Kb do do 1 4th New York Cavalrr 3 1st do Chmfun... 1 0th do do 1 $?h do Artillery..... 1 eth do Battery 1 2d Maine Volnnt**r?.. 1 l?t do Artillery 3 5th da do 9 Id NewJersey Vol.... I 7th do do...... 3 1st do Cavalry 3 11th do do<(<>(. 1 1st do Batterr 1 3d do Battery 9 10th Prnn.Volunteer*. 1 ltd do do t ?7th do do ..3 id N. Hampshire Vol. 3 47th do do " ft 4th do do. 0 47th do do 1 Stb do da. 4 01st do do.*'*".'. 1 ' 8th do do. 8 73d do **do .18 1st do Ctv. 1 74th do do" ...17 2d Massachusetts Vol. e 7th do do. ? l , f'h do do.. 1 7#th de do**.... 10 llth do do.. 1 77th do do' I'th do do.. 1 93d de do* . .. ? KM* a OTMV "" .2 **" W|(rv*H UU IftO 224 do do.. 1 (03d do do'"!!. I 4'h Rhode Island Vol. 1 Qflih do do 2 l?t do Car. 1 107thdo do 4 l?t New York Vol ... 2 Ut do Artillery II. I 8d do do,... 2 1st do Reaerre.... 3 3d do do.... 1 2d do do 1 4th do do..., 2 3d do 4o"*lI S fcih do do.... 6 4th do do"*' . 3 13th do do.... 1 Sth do do 4 llth do do.... 16th do do 8 15th do do.... 1 7th do do.'. ".', 2 Iflth do do.... 0 8th do do" 17th do do.... 3 tfth do do 8 19th do do.... 1 12th do do 3 *?T?K A r. 1 1 .< n " ?.IU* ?| W * *>th do do.... 3Urt da Cavalry.... 1 37th do do.... 1;Uh do do...... 3 39th do do....14 5th do do.....? 1 41st do do,... 2i3'h do do...... 1 V2d do do.... 411st Indiana Volunteers I 3f>th do do 1 j8th Illinois Cavalry .. 1 14tu do do,... 2 1st Michigan Vol.... 3 45?h do do.... 4 7th do do 1 i'>th do do.... 2 2d Wisconsin Vol.... 7 5l?t do do,... 1 Jd D. CrVnlanlnn.,. 8 ,V?d do do 1lKlMl?t?r ' 51 U do do....S4< lit Rocket'* Battery.. 1 5Mh do do.... 2 4th New York Battery 4 ttid do do.... 2 5th Maine Battlery ... 1 6* h do do.... 12 89th do do.... S Total .* 330 At St on* flnural Hospitai, May 2. llth Maine Volnnt?M? 9 101?t New York Vol... 8 19'h MaMachosettaVol 1 105th do do... 1 '20th do do. 2 97th Penn.Volunteers, l 34 New York Caralry 1 52d do do fl 20th New York Vol... 1 74th do do 1 5<tth do do....22 103d do do 3 aal do do.... 1 104'b do ^ do...... 3 Wh do do.... X 2d D C. v>lunteers.. 1 Stftta do do.... 4 10th New Jersey Vol. 4 98tli do do.... A ? 100th do do.... 6 Tot*] 83 At St. ?H*?^tA Hospital, gmtttrn Brtuuk, Map#. 5th Vermont Volunteer* 1 3d Maine Volunteer! . 1 Kd New York Vol... 1 8Jth Penn. Volunteers. 1 41st do do.... 1 13th New York Vol... S Cameron Rifles 1143d do do.... 1 I Kxo?lslor Artillery Vol 1 5th Wisconsin Vol... 1 64'.h New York Vol... 114?th Penn Volunteers. 1 6th N. Hampshire Vol 1 5?th New York Vol ..21 5?th Penn. Volunteers. 4 ? 59th New York Vol.. 1 Total 40 At Siwf ml Hoififl, AUxmmdria, May 2. 2il U. B. Infantry.... 4 105th New York Vol.. 1 2J do do 1 l?t New York Artillery 5 4th do do 2 2d do do.... 5 6th do do V llth do Battery . 3 llth do do 1 12th do do.... 1 12th do do../..... 6 13th do do.... 3 14th do do 2 Indep't N. Y. lUtterv. 2 17th do do 1 tat NewYork Cavalry. 10 lit do Cavalry 2 2d do do.... ? 5th do do 3 4th do do.... 3 6th do do........ 3 6th do do.*** 1 1st do Artillery.... ] 9th do do.... 3 2d do do 3 latNewJeneyVol.... 6 3d do do 2 2d do do 3 4th do do 4 3d do do 42 5th do do 3 Ith do do 13 l*t do Pharpa'ra... 1 1>I do Art,.... 1 2d do do... 34 3d do do 1 3d Maine Volunteera. 7li?t in r.?Mir?sii 4th do do 7 lat Penn. 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S Prisoner of war.,. 1 Old do do.... 1 ? 94th do do.... 9 Total tLT" VV luh'.ngton paper* plea? copy and send hills to the VV ar Department. may 7?3t ?MBALM1N 9 THE DEAD. DR. HOLMES'S AMERICAN PROCESS. This srooesa, witboat the asa of toisons, discovered thirteen years ato, tod pracUo<*i sinoe that time ia the warmest seoitoos or the United states, is sufficient rooommen.i*ti..n nt itaeir. This mode of fcrcbelming D*ed Bodies la to foreiga inT'ction. bet perely American. h*TiDc diaooTered it niyaelfefter jew* of ooemioei rea*aron.

Many of the roaidenti of this err will i remember seven iter a since the exposition of thd booy of aehild embeiaaed by me. My prooeee hu been tea ted by a large number of pSyaioiana and obemiata m the pnooipel eitiea of the Union, and 1 P'raoca of the nigheat leepeotabUUy, who have i 11Ten their oertihoetes, whioh my pamphlet will i enow. The body of a dog embalmed eleron montha ainoo, and expoaed to the heat of the past summer, is on pnbi.o exh bi??on at 301 Peas, aveeee, where I have embalmed a large number of offioera and j private soldiers of our aiei to the entire setitiao- 1 tion of their sarriving i elatnres end frienda, 1 i will aieo embaimnodies by tonoauet'a Frenoh 1 nystem at 610 a eieee. This proeeea 1 oeld he?* | used since the di?oorery of my ova had If teen as J t wvrvi vt i/<Dkwi. iuo r rwiMJa AOAQemy Of t^OtoOO? at it? annual aittinf held on the sad of Maroh. lMt. ] ?ur>liihfd ^uo^aet'i ijitna to the world, aoopj of , WHlch I h&TO Persona wuhing bodies embalmed by either ?roOMI will apply to A. Beobly, Undertaker, MJPfc avenue; Joeefh Baroh, Undertaker, veorgMOvp, ; Henry Lee. <11 Pa. avenue. No^i*?M ; tke oontlnned fe?i>rs or thetr patron* aai Km in (hat line, oomitting of &word*,B?lut Bhonlder | i<sr. Wr~- j Bnooeedbrs toH F. ixm.lon k. Co- * A*uam >M atuaugXirikw. , Notiox-?Ait^?rfor.? lixUbtMl lo tb? l*t* Ann ' I .undo a * Co , *>fU*ir immoi, III aif ratir *?94Kl J* Ink* ^ j *? ? J 0 Dr J H !tlrLKA?*R STRENGTHEN IN<1 CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER' TBS GBBATEflT . BBMRDT III TBB W Jr . .*?r.v. &A?. /JMOST PEMCIOC9 Jr AMD DBLinrrrL Bin W CORDIAL EVER Wl# e9RC Thft ?h us*n<l8 spon thon*a'd? ? who ar* (taiiy Rj. n| , B?idk Mrl,t*?'j !>' k? Ptrssoth t !hko \>k..<A MM M Coin * l o'-tify Hp* ul]b that it ia ab?om. m W lniely an inialii- A ?1^11 ? ^ ble remedy for' racoTaiiox w??taU24 i? ut? 'skin*. mi nrt trttum. aunffint Aid A'.rmhin r Rlftnd ? reatorioi the aiok,inff*rin; invalid to fl-ahk and Btrmtth. THERE 18 WO MISTAKE ABOTT IT. It will eure l iver Ccmpiaint. Dy >pep?ia, Diarrhoea, Dyeantery, H?alaetie. Depression nfHimti, Fever and Aine. Inward Fe?er, Bart Brr&th. or M? disease of tr.e Liver. Storr>acr, or Bo pet*. ft^Geiitl'insn. do yon vied to be Healthy, Stro"K and Vicoroue ? KT' jcu want ?he Bloom of Health to moaiit to yonr oheeka acaittkeo coatonee <nd ret MtLian's St't*ttktninr Cordial and Mo A PmiAtr, Deiay no' a m< me^t; .t la warranted u? fivd satiafaotioa It will care any oiseaee of the Kldncra, Womh, or Bladder; Fvi.ting. Obstructed Menttruation, Falli'g of the Womb, Harrern?ss, rranydia aie ars'De from Chronio or Nerrout Detiuty, ltisan Inlauioi* Nunody, FOR CHILDREN. Doyrn wast your re: oit-,riok'T, pony fhi'.dren to be Hfa'thr.Strong ard Kohoet.'-^en rive them McLean'* S'rengtktni* f r?rrft Tf,(*?ethe3irecUona on Hoq bonisMt i? do lowua to rake. Jl^Ono table-epooi ful, taken ev<?ry irorntn* f*?ticg. is a ituro preren lva against Chilla ard Fever, Yellow Fever, Cholera or any prevailirg |f"7" Caittio' ! - B 'ware of Pru;cia!a acd Pealera Wfio may try to aa'm upon yon a bottle of Biters or t?ar*a?arillft, twb.oh they ran bar cketp ) by ayn g it ii juat aa food. Th -re are even mo., n<t enough to a-eal p% t of my mm* to dub tbe:r vilk deoootion*. Avo <1 aa*h inf..mou? P'Kkts* ar.d their villainoua ooaipoui da Asa for Dr. J h. MoLeao'e Strengthening Cardial and Blood Purifier Take nothing ?!*?. It ia tre only remrdy that wi I Purify v?ur IjTooti thoroughly, and,at fie aame tinisiRrsr.iHixard ljfviooak k the wholeor Rntiation st m put u> -n Largo Bottle*? 31 per ttle- "r ?ix ?-ot*:o8 for $"> DR. J. H. Mo!iK\M. Po'e Pro?-ie?or. Cofu?r tfhird and IMne ?te? s?t L^uie, Mo. DR. MoLEAN'S UNIVERSAL PILLS, For Liver Complaint, B iliiontnrst, Ibalxcht. ft. There ha? w v?r beeuacatftTrrte meJi off > *d to the pubna. tnat ban given aoin entire eatitfao tion as McLean j Unmtrsol PUlt. Bcidi en i<e; vecotab.e they are perfeot.y in nootnt and oan he t&ken 1 y the ni ??t tender mfant; yet prompt and powerful id removing all ftiiiona orations, Aoid or Itnpare, Fet?J M&itei from the btomaoh In fact, tr?*? are th* only til's that should bs n?eo iu ma arious districts They proilnoi noUripir g,Sicknes? or Psin in t1 e Stomvh cr Bowel*, though very activeand eea'ohmg in their operations promoting heaitby sooretions of tfce Lirer and Kidatiys. Who wi 1 suffer from lii;iouBne?s, H'adaeha acd Foul Stomaoh, when so cheap a remedy can be obtain*: Krp them oonstaut y on har d; a singe dose, rat ea in season, may ir-Tsnt hoirs, <ays,aLd months of siQ?ne*p. A?k for l>r. J H. Mel.eaa's UiiveM&l Hills. Take toother. Jieing c at:d, they are tasteless Pride only 25 cert# per box. an 1 caii be cent by mail to any part < f the L'n'te 1 States. J. H MoLfcAN,8o!? Proprietor. Co.ner Third an*1 Pin;* ate.. St. Louis, Mo. dr. j h McLEAN s volcanic oil liniment. , 11' "'*r c .-'"-"1 tit r/u Worll Jot Man or Beast. Thousandsof homtii beinc* hkvs teen e*?-fd a lift of decrepitude and itii*? ry b? the ue? of thu invaln?ble L.m ment. It wi!! reluve Pain* moat matantaneo jaly, and it wi'i oii^-cp". pur fr a>:d heal the fonleit SorB in an incredible n.ort tme. McLfn's Velrtnir Oil I >mm'nt will ik hh ih* moit lLveie ate o*?9? of Kn-mnitism. Won", or Neuralgia. For Paia!yM?, Co-Uro ed Miiarlee, Stffaeaaor WwUfit int.? Joint , Mu?cosor Litamenti, it v II n*v*r f*;l i \ro ?prhcvi*>iia will care Sore 1 h:oit. Hevaehs or Ear?o->* Por B urea, or Scalde.or an? it an infallible remedy, Try it and yon \rili fin<l i an mcuayei,aibie remedy K^ep 1* a'vui on h?.nd. Planter*. Farmers, or anj onehaviac cfcarre of horaae, vitl aave jii >r e7 by Ujiog MoLear>'? voloanio <?U LiMmecl. It ia a ?pe~jy ao l intal ib.e cure for Galla. fpra'aa, Oh*f*?, Sweiiicc- Lame dim, Sore*, Woutds. Scr'.toha*. or j?jut external disease. Try it. and tcu w,|: beoonvitccd. DR. J. If MoLI",AN.S.iiii Pr(?ri?tnr. fit 1 ouia. Mo. m 5 6m C. BTOTT, Atent.Waa' iinton, D. C. n toph.U'o Rrg OH r m e m i ps r a 9 a x MANVP ACTOR T, 4H Iituti &xx?T. Wt.taiN?T*M, D. 9, Uw Mad*l awarded l>j Mnyiaml inrtitita ? B?ltin)or*>, Nnvsuibar *. 18to, Aia*i M?lal bj M^!U0a,I*?.it*l#. Waeiuciton, V, U., iu*7. 1 mi MMtantlT nsAkiDf, avi twji t toe teat matanai, awy ?Lei<,rlfj?? ?f Via* Bole Lea-mar, Iran Pram*, hftiiftr' Draaa, Wm4 l.'ei. ar4 PacJcrr Tfraaka, P?uUitr, C*r?f t. te4 .\o> Kitskcir, Ac, ill Iw Fricis. of Cortrs** ?rd travele-* will ?!eu? amaine mi stock bofora fura aciii ?ijeva?r? Trick* tbtt vr uia/le m vtfier cities. Bmpener Leather ?nd Diu?? Tnnke bU* t* WW. Trick* covered and re*tired it short cotiM. |g?4i deliTerwt free of on*r*o to es< ipfert *i tki tlti * ?*r? etcirx, asd Aiflxaitdna. JAMM S.TOriAM. JHCV SOMETHING NEW ! C|rJ?mTi.T At ??1 tr strut, oTf*'t*t ? til n***~ OYFTKBH STfiOlKD la Ik* Shall an*. Ticroschly Con so (far aaptrlar to r*Mt) Lc tk* ItM4 m Ttirrd. Call and M?. ?ha raat^f*iiy liitenua fan fnem4a la the Diftr.ot, and Ti?itora to the oily. that lie kaa raittad his ol? and wii.L-tKow'* &*yABLienn.iv tn a moat Ui&roach wanner. ard h v> made complete arran?ense>LU to farnuii <) YBXtCKfe in any atyle and in any ^c&ntity. *n> to te> gallons atisokad par day. *><"> to lyuoo cs>:n of feptsod and Fr?e> Lit ap daily?cane hermetically s^tied. Finuatad t the ahelf by the baahel or ban-el. Persona wishing to hara Oyster* famished r?mIftrli throigh the winier, at BtUmore pnees, without fear of fkilare, eboaid eaii a ad mate arraageiaenta at onee. Freirht. time, and money saved by purchasing at tae, aa 1 famish an areata Meal to taa celebrated Ha.?mcra MiaPiiskmenta, at priaw laat aa lw, TO SVtLEKI) Canned MeaU, Lobsters, Hardinee, Clftne, Btrftwbarriea, Tpnaatoea, Fiji' Feet, 'Jnpe, Aa. to., civ. ain, riokiciii u?'.en?, rwjooa, nrxnoy Peachea, *o. Aloo, Gtur.e ana Freeh F)?h. Tcrtlee, Terrapins, Freeh Lobitere, Cod, HiUtmt. <V?, In not, artrj uunc far rule .n the Northern mrketi always on hanil, at>.e priori. Hotels and farat'iea supplied w;in Otstara, delivered without oharje to any part of the Diatmt? In ataaon. i| the money ia sent witi the order. My eetabliahmeat is open from I a. m. to II at aicat. every day, ezoept Ban-lay, whan 1 s'.om at 10 o1 elect a. a. jaf-tf T. M. HAJtVET. 1H. O. HOOD 8 Conataatly reoeiTtnc,and k*s always on hand, a fall supply of all trie moat celebrated Jtv WAVCHlb thai are mancfcoturod in Kni-?3sA land, Switzerland and Amerioa, f-oth Go.dtBMf ii. -i? *- ? aiiu oiiyti yaooe i no iiisu ftcvvB Q lir^O 8lOO| or fune JKWfcljRY of the moot aesiratio ?lrio???t With Diamonds, Emer&la*. Rubies nud Ml other Genii. He i? also inannfaetnnniall kinda or Solid Standard Sliver, and keep* Sworda, Revolver*. Sword Delta acd Sarnies, Uow,? Knive?, Rasora, Soie?ora, Sold, Silver and Steel S|*> a treat variety of other ttiins* oM.ii'y kept in a Jewett Store, and a'l at the vnrj lowest prioe. No. 338 Pa. avenue, ketwseu ?tt> and loth street*. f* \t-t{ Read the folio wire anaouaited encotniMwv am*: Cr-J "I eannot oommend them too highly*" ~r-5 "They are the beat beroale Fill* extant." "I hare used theiq with complete aaooeaa." "Would not be without them apoaAay ?onaiderItlofL" "Tney operate speedily and effectively." H mail.., S- </. UPHAM. uinuut itrw, rmiaaeiyata, and in WmIiLn?ton by&C. FORlXoornor LUh aueet ud Pt, irenie.; m Alexandria, by litN R Y COOK * DO., PraytieU. bo ?-?O1T I\R,eopntEV8 ANTIDOTE WILL. CURE LP SONORRHlEA ;n six daya No shaoceof diet reasirM. It la an Kii-OBk liah Speolfio of aixty-five j?n atacciuc|^HBu bad will not harm the most delicate oou-^^K^^ Utntion. It ooDtaii-a no mineral*, Pnoe II. Bold by 8. C. UPHAM.403 Cheannt atreM. Philadelphia, and In Washington by 8. C. FORD, ernerllth atreet and Pa. a?e.; in Alexandria, by iBfohv COOK fc CO.. Praytlata. *.? ?eoly J?0 MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS* MATCH*LOR'8 GENVIHX HAIR JDTM, The Bert In the World. fU Omit RslimkU mmd Hwrmlut H*w Dft imw. lao, fUI otkar Btrle* ?f Lftdiaa ud Mimm* fio.MMirktt Swot, h h W ff * ITtlM. ttwe?n >th aofltth ?*?. I 1X7 - BOYS' CMJTHINO. hSmS1 ?Juoh we arcaeihnc at ??j .? " 4 DKNT1STBY. Il/l VKKTl. .%*. *mh*f iwv 2?5 " SSOTKii'i SHfci'JSS *J5?w hmuct vni ounra, tad mo ptnom mm wmr ottart who cauaot *f*; thaaa. 1'praocf ml'1-? Itmf cllftteu he MMtBBMtM iruhar.t eWt*and orTaeUl tkwj may daair* >?t to Uom vm ara particular atdraltefvan, refally warranted. Room in Uiia eitr-Na. 13* FMwMlltWi Uand lWi eta. Alao. 907* atraat. Fh. a?? akia m a ? ma " ?' ?-1 J t*" AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL C H EOF LAST 1 BO HE V B B V M, Wmm Mitu Plats a Ouin. ... B.BieiSBMOND. , , 111 StnAm?, > ? IirMM ftmnrylmmmim A ww, 12/A m4 1S*A wr. Ifirtumw, Caila the attest:en of tL? pubiio to the loHoviai aivaotacee of his lrr.srortd aratem : 1. The Ttntt of hie nacnnctar* wi Aflfgil ever ooro^w tor obecfi* ooicr br ?et<U, be-izt tiirM foartha lighter than Mj other, *. iio wnc of ro^'ji SWtl OO eZUVM. ft* tM ftrtoistfti ones o*.n fc? userted ow them. S. The roots wiil he male LBoffoowvo, ftft novor Mkt, 4. No tamporftry teeth are needed, fta permanent net can be made lmined ately, thereby preserrini the natural expreeaion of the mo?. which xadev the o.d it ate in U frequent;* cuLt i. This wore has loe?i Ic.y testod over Ire yew* sy rrtnj ef the tret che-a:ats and puTaioiaaa of thia country. Dr. S. baa xjm Invented ft white *ndestructive metftl 6;line, with which the most ??naitiTe tooth canoetiied without pa:n. andcar build up ft perfect, sound uk>u on ftnj aide roou, whioh will ift?t through lifetime. The beat of references xivet? to Dr. V. Mott; Dr. uorrmoa, rroftwmor of Chen>>*tn< N.V.; Hon. Jmdf Wayar, of th? Sifrme Co art of Wutan?toa. And tbouaar * of others. Call and mtai.ce for younflL ao 14a GAS FITTING, Ac. AW* *. DOVE A CO. _ _ IF. lerr ?r??aU czecaU u; ar4?ra Witt weieh ?-??r inar b? fataraa itUi rhWX&lKO, ?A? OR STKAM FITTIM* FWSIIU8S. fir >t?:? ?c Si'-i m?et, a rev u?rt aorti ?( Pa. tjauta, wW-e a>?.j r-? fcacd a oom?.?te Mportmaat tf CHAND?U >:<vvl otter tAd.alf AM aatf WATEX KfXTWKtS. )a*7-W 1 W ?A? F1XVIKKI. ? ? e. mw id Btoir, t< -i aredai.r r?o?iTtnr, 9AS riX.TfKS!Sa(cotv*ij Pattern* and DMirca ud Piniah. superior ia ?r??*o *.Ljtbinf horetotor* tfernd in th,? ma^Vei. VV i invito ottiaeca renem It to m.:! ftiid *x%nmo <nr stook of #aa and Watoi FWirn, tee:icc cf?ni->nt lutwi Uti tk* boot M.fov?d Btock io Wa&hincton. AH Work in u<?ab6<re ;c? BtfW ttnrMn will # pronftij wr^a ted to, MYStl * Mo?MAR. mari tf 0MITS AMD EnOTHBR'S NEIV YORK PPPPP AA LL EEPKKEE PP PPP AAA LL EKEEbKE FP PPP A A \ A LL EE PP PPP AA AA LL EE PP PPP AA AA I.T PUff ppppp a a. aa %L f.EEE pp aaaaaaa l i. v pp aa aa ll ee ? pp aa aa llllll eeeeeee pp aa aa llllll eeeeeee xx* xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx XXX xxxxxx xxxxxf xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx Xxx xxx xxx xxx \\x xxx x>;\ xxx xxjx xxx AAA AAA AAA XXX XXX XXX AV. ft IPHii A AAA LL RF. A4AAA IX KK 'V*. V!' fi f.S: g AA W LL EL?ii AAAAAAAA LL EE AA A A PL EE AA A A LLLLLLL EEEEEEE [ AA AA LLLLLLL &EEEEEE iirmoi AMBER ALE, PORTER, AND EXTRA BROWN STOUT, /? WkoU, Half, and Qumrtir Cmtki, BRBWED FROM THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND* HOPS. BREWERY. 18th 8tr??t, btlwtta TUi aad 8th AftltM, NEW YORK. to T?-dt!e? PRIVATE. PRIVATE. X* XL IV A T 31. DR. LA BONTA harlni remor^d hl?c#o?to Room No f, adJ?irtT>i the Sardsj Chroriiol?<16oe. in Washington Buildin*. la a*enne, wr??r of 7th atre-t, ia now ready to care a 1 l);fce*eranl a Pi-irate Nature, withoal the um of aanjsercn or diayuntinf dm*ao( any kicU, and no inte . fai?noe witn your bnaioeaa arocaticna havr? !iv-ted pit whote time to the etad* an'f cure cf Pr-trate Disease] of both aexea and to Onrt.sic A flV?rti?ns of the VVomb. Li?er, Kidneys, fkin }".ru>?ioca, 4o . end rradaat.i-e i> the t>ei>t aeliuol ,r, tb- world, the New Y'ork Citj Hospitals, under P~?fa. Cm! ton and Parker, to whom 1 most re^peotmlij refer. I will par 91.wo to the prrs^n furni-bing me a ca*e of ai>r ci the abjvdii MM w. io 1 oancot speedily and permanent:* ours, lot the <w ho old or new. No dieting required : uothlce Gi?atreeabie in any part of tiM treatment. CoMu.tations {roe. Rooms very private. M. LA BONTA. Room * ;5rst floor' Washington Bui dice, mh 25-?m* Pa. avenue and 7th at. SECRET DIHKA8KS! ttBCRKT DISEASES! SAMAlliTAN 9 OIKT! SAMARITAN'S ttlFT! Ths Most Certain lienudy Ever V?*d. MV e?," a positive ear* for SK.phkt i.tsriBM GONORRHCE*. GLEET .^RI<?TURE8, *.?. Contains ro Mineral, no no Mercury. Only ten pi.Is to be taken to effect a ears. The? are entirely vegetal) e. baring no smell aor any unpleasant taete, an<l will not ,n any way inJure the atomuh *>i bowels of the moit de loate. Cures is fr.mi iwo f> four ('.aye, and reoent oaaea in "twenty for.r hows ** >rep*'ed by a graduate of the IIt irersity of PeEnsTlvao-.n,-me of the moct omiue:.t Doctors *n<l Chemists ?l :Jie present day. 8AMAR1 TaNI* GIFT Wi'loure any oaeein fi-ra two to foar daya, and recent oasee iu % TWENTY FOUR BOHR8! A*0 ?TOi*r<. no IttuH*, *e r4s?ff W4?ire, Let trose wbo have deepalreo or i.nting ?sr?d, or wh'> have been gorged with Balaam Cc-pavia er Mercury, at once try tfte Samaritan*? ?ift. P*nf by sail lc a plain envelope. rioo male $7 Prioe fem%ie paok?gee, 43 bama.ritan s root and hkrb jimcbb. A ulli ?' "??? - ? ? ~ A F1SK.VANJCNT CURK FOR M'PHILIB OR VENfcREAL DISEASES. Here la a positive our*?no Mercury?no Poiaon? but the Juioe* of Root* and Htrbt _, , . ooabiaed. Tola form of the diceaae mikea ita mttrtiiM in orea on the ?nana of gearranoa. or the* mar oocnr other piru cf the body, which haaaen* lnoatlj on the in .u*. and very often u aloera of the mouti, tetter*. fpctK.oariea and nodeaofthe bones, Ao. Ac. An> aud all of theaa ajoptonia wul aooa yield to the SAMAMlTAN'd *'IOT AND HERB JUICES. . S?Jit by expreaa. Prioe 81 a battle, or boiL.a IOr ^SAMARITAN'S CHANCRE WASH. Sloe 26 oenta Fall direotioft*. SSMOND tc. CO.. Box 141 Ptul*de>1?hl*Pott * Sold by B. CALVERT PORD.oorner UU and Pj"a*BATON. 38 Boatt Eighth rtreet. Philadelphia.. >y?-lB . 'NOTICE. M AD1BU< EXPHKM OOMPAJIY." ?hi? ContMnr offers to tfe* Mblio " Ub??m11?I AcvBEtseee" tor tu Scie in a Qn.ek Diep*to??i a?n Fniihtt. Pmoim. Vtiuki- U^. fto., to all parts of the iToiCsd State*. Er>reesaa to and from the North ud We*t4*todarn y ta Waahlag^^riMuUJly, jffl ntftasrw1 fo?*tin b^un ttmm at "an ?"*2?g?t jcusswaw a '& L? W? PARounS? WM??.BlXltiS%i*'T~0*Ztti ! raKsiS?0^S 1 ' TRAVKLL&&81 DLKJBCTOBY. BALT1M0&1 * OHIO RAILROAD ! NOT1CHC MA NO K OF HO URa. On in mil WnnHMi, Aran I, IMS, tbs rmmwmmm mm tuim ? m mmm wauiNnTo.i. liLtmonr, oo THE ? ?*T Will r?BM foll?w? : 0?<'? TViwi irrin M *M ? AM VMMwtm Dmtj 4mhmt w M4, For PHILADELPHIA M? NEW TORKLw? WMhlactoeT.?ft. m , 11 ft. m.ui Vor ANNAPOLIS? L*m WukliltM M 1# ft. m ?d3 5 ?0 jt m. Per FRKDKR1CE?L?n n'ubitiWi fti l.?n ft. m. ftnd S *> . m . J^R AL^ PCINT^ WKPT, _ _ adu n?r nwwr ? rp'ry, nirUMMri MO Win hector, lea re Washington itf.t* a. im. TRAINS MOVING SOUTHL?*V6 Nov V'rtKTi m., Pnilade ?feia 11 J* n. m.. Itaitinoro3JK* p m. Amwn Wuka(toi i ? p. m. L^aee Now York at? p m., Phlla<1e pMa 10 gr p m ; Baltimo*e int. m. Arrive tt nukiui>oB Loot* New York it 11 p. id ; Phtadeohi* ajr a. n> ; Ha 11more 7.40 a. a. Arrire at \\ aahinj on tla m. Uhs*: Accommodation Tmir? leare Baltimore at 10 a. in a no pin p.m. for Washington; arrive there at lUn. an<l 7 00 p m. On Su-.:?j? at ?jr> and7tfa.m on j from BaJtlinoro. No Annap alia or Frederick ooaaocUona Ob Sunday. Paeeopcer Train* leorlnr Wnahinrton at ItfL in- and ? 00 p. m , aod BaiUroore at 7.t? a.m. arid 510 p. m .make i ireot oonneoUrna tor j?rnap?> a at the Jvncflkm. The 7.40 a. m onaneota at Reiay for Predenak, Haceratoen. Harper'* Perry. Martinabvrg, Wineheater, Wheeling, Pari ere b irt, *e..axoept s'urifia?* Tram* leave Annapolis for Balt.moreand Waeb inrtou at 6 50 a m. aod S40 p m. raaaeocer Train* lravior Waah'Dftnn at no a. m. U am. and 5 p. m., and Baltimore at 4 30end 7.4* a ra . and IN p. ra , will it or ?aJ|i ai iaaa^'u Jtmrtvm Way Paeeeng era ran at take the Au*mmod*t\om 7Voi??* Ouiy, W. P. SMITH, apt Master of Tracaportatioo, Halt. IMS] THE [19?* Penniylrania Central Railroad, (with its aoLntctioM) 18 A FIRST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES SPEED. SAFETY AND COMFORT! TONE BALLASTED AND FBBE FROM DUST! I BAOGA6E CKECIED THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE! mn daily Tuim no* PHILADELPHIA TO FITT&BUROBI Two ?f ifcow aaklac ?i*ti cojrn art: on? at uinnu with tmu on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, RAW fAnntfiv THE GRBATCENTRAL ROUTE mi I WllBl.fOTOJI AND B AX TIM OR* to all poibta in u>o ffm, NolTI WUT ARB 80ITaVHT. CT?For TbroBfh Tickata, MP'T M tho Otto* M U>e North*ni Central Hail Road Con pair. Calvert ?tauon, BalUaoao. SfltndxA Sleeving Cart on all Traint Smoixng Saloon Cart on all Tratn.?. 1KU? WASHINGTON. PuMSftn vn! take the * ?. m. and I p. m. trains, aninar m Baltimore at 7 J" a. m. and U f. bu vaertoiad connections are rrM? vitk traiua oa the Northerr. Central K. K ,aod trnx is Barm hctf *t I p. m. and 1.46 a m . there ooaaeotina vita ti>* traina on Up ['enuiay iraaia CecUa Railroadfor allfartaiTu*veat ^ By thla r?iu, fraftcu of a : dewriptioas eat be forvarviec to and from ar* point on the Rai.roaca of Ohio, Rectaoky, Indiana, Uiinoia, Win*?ia, lc?a, or Miaaoan,*# airaci. The Peanaj iTaaia CeLtra! ftju.roM a La* o^ m.r**ta at Plttsbarc vith Htee.m*r?, by vhich Good a oaa be forvarM to any port oc the Ohio. Mitakiniam, RentuckT, Teaoeaaee, Camfenrlazid. IKiaoia. Miaalaaipai, wiaoonatc. Mi*aovri, Kudu,, and Rod R it era; and at Cleveland. Hamdaak * *r>4 I Mlllt .0 w ^f?*lrf ..HIT U / *4" "fe&ji jSH&nSMB6 E.N oca LBWltt, #?nt ioom. hi. L Lk HOUPT. Sen'l TicketAf't. PuiJM)*>?fci%. ?l HOUSTON, Cec' Kmthl A*ent, Phi*. del?hl? y* 4-^It FUORVHERrf CENTRAL RAILWAY. H* SWtiil, QwuMut mm* But Rmttfrtm ??MVE8T, NORTH*A>?D NORTHWEST. flfiWH?UBB WllfTBR SCHBDVLM. Cxaswi of TIMS. ass. flftlZj^Avswmo&SUa 4 ?.?. Pittsbirg ?Ld ritrri*t>Brc Fik<h IM p. m. __ _ . thjju sovtb atun RBafisgagya * * " Tka I ?. *. trail from WuHin/tM aonnovtt it* th* ?JW a. e. tra.n from iiatmore lor tb* WNt Uk4 for HnffMo. t.Imjrm .Rochester, Diu>- % kirk,Gaoadaigoaand Niagara Kau?.atdlor R?w 9 The0':/'a. m. trail from Washingtoi oobd*o?i ? hiu hob Miiinon to wm, North a?4 Northwest ani Riairaand BnliiO aU Kocfceater. The p. m. train from Wuh^toc ooaceeU v.u the *-? y. tn. tiVin from Bkitimore for PtUaoerg, Harm Lure asd the Weet aad > ? direct oocneei Uon tor Lebacoa. Eaeton AUentown and New " N- T?' *" IJ"7*The only true leaTiat Balttmare on Sindar ujEhe 2 >. m. train, for Hamabars.Httebnrg.ChiM<o and th? WeetThe only wain amTtafcla Bf- timor* on. ??< ? la the uo a. ml tram. J A3 C. CLAR KK, B"? 't SateriBteatlect 11 . ' ' 1 ? | TP MUTICK *n tmvi'i w!i^J^i^n"<^Kt',Jy^.'>> *f !*'froiltlmr whariTfoot of L'uoi t>oot. M 04 h * *"' tgmeiliatg !y ytor the rrlvai m wkwJ,TwT"VMtintto. B>fc>-tf K. W.FALLS, Prw't. kTnmi. J. M. Town*. l,I.V??ui. U TOWfcRS * CO? STEAM BOOK. AND JOB PRUTTING ESTABLISHMENT, Omnimt Lwiiim mmd Sixth tu ?he ><f>tioi of Ue btuitNa oommuuty U ramotmlT mrUed to the N#w Book and Job Pristine Etta bit* tune at. wtuoh hne been ittad at with new material, in the moet cornilM manner, le now prey red -no exeoc to, in a Mtunalerr atyle, evert vwietr of Pr.LBng, via: ^ Boofc^ftpeeeaee. P&mphjete. Carta, Clronlari. ?We atteouonoIjMabnn of Conine in enpacia j requ?#ted for cU|hci..UM for li SituS." 1 Sooc* oi u; kind for tfc* /oik# M kojae. ?r* ? l.ciWto iMMolo?tatook.*11 ? *,uilto kmn owrk?4 in ?Sui k|Bm. Ut? Htui o**h ibaOvti ^T%yo?l? for tka taUrtgr, royorly p*ok*d tot , atohiigC " i? - mBM WALL. 8TKPHKN8 * CO., MitVTVfTSftiSjyw*, ,i ILBEcHAflT TAILOffl. _ faM I.N Con?*,nea?? of oar t?nulo P* ?M* for ?wr iruoJ* of (ooda ? MnMH. v* M jormm to radoot omr mums to CMk ?uniirWi for tta igESaEyrgRHS*r6??ra MrtJ t???T ^Otim, COLD*, HO^BSBNtSB, *?. COMPOUND SlfbP OF O CM ARAB/A ? Tku llMlUt *B? |K??Jar Comb K.kM) hM |n*d itoi?od

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