Newspaper of Evening Star, May 10, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 10, 1862 Page 1
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w 4 . ??i i ii * I 0* W Jfjtj* 9^h Pi 19 Fj \ t* -. *?C-? ' / a b u \ $3 K5 ^ |A M| / ^K ^^Bg^BgBgjjh. TJ }ji # a. H H ^H ^B H r^f r 86 vs ^/ *^r ly t* l^^1 /y| ^j|)r ,%y " ** * * r ' w *i i?^ V5i. XIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY, MAY 10, 1862. IS-. 2,876 * THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED EVXBY AFTERNOON, (SUJfDAT EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BCILDINQIi Ctnur tf rt*W}nmm ??. M ? Um??, ?. wallaoh: Paper* aerred In peek*ge* by carriers it 94 I year, or 37 cent* per month. To mall aubecrlbeTi the pr'ee la 10.50 a year, m Mdvanti; S3 for six mcntha; 91 for three months; and foi lets than three month* at the rate of IS cents a week. Single eopiea, on* c**t; In wrapper*, two chits. ?T7~ Adt**ti8****ts should be aent to the J W??VV wvaviv mm v V*vv? M I V\UVIWWV WVJ lua J act appear until the next day. ???? a^?? i PRBXTICEANA.g A Mississippi r a per rjggeats that the rebels, Instead of destroying their eotton, "can hide it on the approach of the Federal troops." We apprehend that all the ootton hidden inccewfally from thorough aearohes of our boy* will be that hidden by the ladies. Beauregard's late dispatch to Jeff. Davia has ?au*ed maeh comment. It ia to be hoped that in the battles about to torn off each of the two, Daris and Beauregard, will get " a dispatch"?one at Corinth and the other at Yorktown. Men. like the rebel Generals, who exhibit such extraordinary performances " upon the turf,': should be rewarded by having it plaoed above them. General Mitchell holds one hundred and fifty miles of the Memphia and Charleston Rflilrotd R* ia ?b* mil i Urr HaIamiii af Bt\maa Did any founds of earth ever before have so many and sneh tremendous echoes aa tbe roar of the artillery opened upon tbe old flag at Fort Sumter? Tbe Yankee? can no longer be charged with meanness See how liberally they "shelled oat" at Fort Jackson. Confederate Victories.?Deeply and earnestly aa we deaire the success of tbe Federal arms, we are constrained to acknowledge in all oandor, that recently the Union foroea, at various Important pointa, have been utterly defeated? in their attempts to overtake the rebela. A PnnntW i?AVM?rvAn/l*nf ? w?? >U?U Witwpvuuouv aa J a kU?k f;*rd criticises severely tbe policy of the Conederate Government. Beta c?n hardly be more critical than his position is. It is supposed that there was not mnch cotton in New Orleans at the time of its capture, except what was used by the men and women , for breastworks. Where wishes are fathers to thoughts, there a.? ? 11- J.'.V.. A -i % l - -? t ? a i> gouciaiij unuuuciisiies sua una cnnaren. The rebels mast think they haTe plenty of arms. They threw away 10,000 at Corinth. The southern men are brave, bat that's no rea?on why they should be bravos. It is treason to kisa lips that talk rebellion. The rebel name of the Merrimac is the Virginia. What is she staying so long for in Norfolk 7 Doesn't she intend to run again into our tleet till after our armies shall have run a hundred miles more into her t>oor old name sake 7 Memphis, Helens, Yicksburg, Xatohes. and Baton Rouge, are now between two fires, Com Foote's fire above, and Cora. Farragut'a fire below. That would seem to be enough for any reasonable set of salamanders. It is claimed that tbe ram Manajaaj, which very nearly demolished one of our Teasels by a single butt, has the most formidable butt of any creature in the world, except Humphrey M ...W.ll The Mobile Regiateraaya that the rebel Confederacy "has brooded deeply over ita wrongs." Well, bat it haa had a bad brood. We are often aaked aa te the aise of Halleck'a army. Oar frienda need only know that it ia too big to b? whipped. The Mobile Register aaid of New Orleaca before ita capture, that it waa "oppreaaed with too heavy a load." If 'tia overloaded,we hope 'twill not be fired. The rebel* have abandoned for the preaent the idea of getting up a new flag. That'* well; they won't long want any sort of flag except the good old one they were born nnder. Oar troopi are getting into ominobs proximity to Humphrey Marshall. That old genius of oil and tallow had better be removing his hind-quarters to safer headquarters. Snm? .if th? rah?l 1A art in on r*vatn?Afnl in disposition and so tortuous in movement as almost to induce the suspicion that Ere was antra* to Adam in the garden and that oae of her sons or daughters was the child of the enako. Why didn't the rebels keep their pledge of burning New Orleans before surrendering it? They would if red-hot words oould hare set a eity on fire. The Charleston Caarier *ayg that the Federal* bave "no just hope to repoae on." The rebel leader* will aoon hare neither hope nor anything el*e to stand on. Beauregard promised hi* army a thonaand dollar* apieoe bounty money if they would win the battle of Corinth. Beau proclaimed afterwards that tbey had won it. but didn't hold ont to them the liirhtMt hnr?? of tha Knnnti money. That wonTt do, Beau. The New Orleans papers, God knows, looked miserable enough a week ago. We should like to see photographs of them now. The roads are improving. The improvement doeen't jet seem to hare reached Hamp? . r? - * i . ? - - un rvaaas. oui we trust mat it aoon will. Be-turegari certainly surprised a* at Shiloh on the firat day of the fight, bat we surprised him a good deal more on the second. The Charleston Mercury thinks that the cotton S;ates have a right to cry alond when all their slare property id at stake. No doubt it u a case of great cry and a good deal of wool. The Atlanta (Qa.) Confederacy quotes the confession of a Surgeon in the Confederate army that they ''are whipped on all sides" ..J uW.ll X- A- - >) UT..1L. -I *?.. uu uvii i? w \)?/ ?? ait uuwu iu lue cuuu* ter, then, and pay your indebtedness. A correspondent aayi that Beauregard made a very good moral address to his army the other d*T. Probably he thought his troops so demoralized that they needed a little moralising. There is one thing, and perhaps but one, in v: v. _ i* i 1 a % - ? t i ? ?? waica ice rsairn v/uujrw migci well lmuaie the R?b?l Congress?adjournment. The Southern papers are publishing that ''the Federals hare run away from Pittsburg Landing " When our troons run away from that point, they will probably run in a direction that the rebels won't like. A Memphis letter speaks of Oen. Price as laid up "with a bad eold." Of course his nose is running continually. Ah, he can't last long. A cask tapped at both ends will soon run out The rebels, frem their boyhood up, hare never learned to appreciate the bravery of anybody but themselves. Thev are at arh nAl nnnr I _ ? ? ? -v?wv? MVW Ana a good deal of shipping may be necc*>axj in that school. Everywhere the rebel armiea, inatead of marching boldly agaiuat u?, intrench them elves. Their reliance ia far leas upon chivalry than upvn shelter. The rebels are praying for hot weather. But we gueaa their army will melt away long before the greateat heat cornea. Few of the rebel aoldiere i 1 etn i 11 niviti I their skirts" for the/ bar* got no slirt*. r What single advantage bar* the rebels derived from this war ezeept in the humiliation of their foolish pride and vanity 7 There was no Gen. Jackson to defend New Orleaaa againft men fighting under the old flag of the I'hion. It ia aaid that the Tankeea no longer make their nutmegs of wood but of lead. CTThe Misslaatppi la higher now than It has be<-a at any time alaee tbe memorable flood of 18i5. It ta overflowing its banks from Cap* Glrardesu to Baton Konge One correspondent avera tbat la arm* p'rn below Cairo where the vol. amea of the Ohio awella the already bankful parent, the low ahorea are ao far overspread aa to make the river eighty-four miles wide. 117" Among the passengers bf the steamer Perala. whir n sal led from New V'ork on wii the Boa. Simon Camaron. Minister ta Rua la, ud Mr. Bayard Taylor. Secretary of L?|MM. (17 The Inn porta at New York of foreign dry goodx for the month of April ire half a million dollar* in exceaa of tbe Imports for April, 1881, a? tae elaborate table* In tbe Journal of Coauoerc* plainly abow | k THE CAPTURE OF HEW ORLEAffS. OFFICIAL REPORT OF COM. BOGG9. U. #. 9TIAMKK GCNBOAT CATUSA, > At Sta, May 8.1312. <, Hon, Gideon Wtilts, Stcritary of tkt Navy: Sir: I have tbe honor to enclose herewith a duplicate of the report of Commander Bogga, late of tbe Varuoa. and attached to dt dlvtaon of the attacking force. Tkla gallant officer came up with tata vessel to my anpport, when I had more enemy'a ateamera attacking me than I could well attend to. I afterwards aaw him In conflict with three of the enemy'a ateamera, and directed Commander Lee. of the "Oneida," to go to hla aupport, which ne did In the moat daahlng manner. Commander Bogga' description of the looa of hl? ve?a*l I believe to be accurate. 1 aaw him bravely fighting bla guna level with the water aa hla veaael gradually aunk underneath, leaving her bow reatlng on the ahore and above water. 1 have the honor to be your obedient aervant. T. Bailey. Captain. U. S. Stxami* Brookly*, ) Off New Orleans. April 29, 18M. V 8!* : I have the honor to report that after pasting the batterlea with the steamer Vanina under my command, on the morning of tbe2lth. finding nr.v vpufl amlri a. np?t of rphpl itpsrr.ppa I ?tnrtoH ahead, delivering her Are bcth starboard and port at every one she passed The flrat on her starboard beam that received her fire appeared to be crowded with troops?her boiler was exploded, and she drifted to the ahore. .In like manner three other vessels, one of them a gunboat, were driven on shore In flimes, and afterwards blew up. At 6 a. m. the Varuna was attacked by the Morgan, Iron-clad about the bow. commanded by Beverly Hennon, an ex-naval officer. This vessel ?(i.<u ua aiuii^ 1UC puii^Bii^way, Killing ioar ana wounding nine of the crew, butting the Varuna on tbe quarter and again on the starboard side I managed to get three 8-lnch shell into her abaf* her armor, as also several shot from the after rifled gun, when she dropped out of action partially J1..L! -J ui'oui ru. While still engaged with her another rebel steamer, Iron-clad, with a prow under water, truck u? In the port" gangway, doing censlderable damage, our shot glancing from her bow. she backrd off for another blow, and atruck again In the same place, crushing In the side; but by going ahead fast the concussion drew her bow around, and 1 was able with the port guns to give her, wblle close along side, live 8-lnch shell*, abaft her armor. This settled her, and drove her ashore in flames. Finding the Varuna sinking, 1 ran her Into the bank, let go the anchors, and tied up to the trees During all this tlms the guns were actively at work crippling the Morgan, which was making feeble effort* to get up *team. This Are was kept up until the water was over the gun trucks, wLen I turned mv attention to getting the wounded and crew out of the vessel. The Oneida, Capt. Lee, seeing the condition of mr ? nruiji. uau rumru to upr UClISIlCf; DUX 1 waived tier on, and the Morgan surrendered to her?the vessel inflames I have aince learned that over 50 of her crew were klllel and wounded, and she was aet on Are by her commander, who h?ifn?<4 Kli miUV, vuiuw **? "IIU Ull ?cwa. 1 cannot ward too much praise to the officers and crew of the Varuna for the noble manner In which they aaslsted me, and their coolness under such exciting circumstances, particularly when extinguishing Are?having been set on Are twice during the a'tion, by shells. In fifteen minutes from the time the Vaiuna was struck, she was on the bottom, with onlv her topgallant forecastle out of water. The tfficera and crew loat everything they possessed; noone thinking of leaving his station until driven thence by toe water. 1 trust the attention of the Department will be called to this loea, and compenaatloa made to those who have lost their all. The crew were taken off by the different veasela of tfc? fleet a* faat as they arrived, and are now dlitributed through the squadron. The wounded were eent to the Pensacola. 1 would particularly commend to the notice of the Department Oscar Peck, aecond clasa boy and powder boy of the af-er rifle, whoae toolnesa and intrepidity attracted the attention of all hands. A t ba r<l f,\e aiiak ^ ? ? XX uv ICWBIU *UI autu ?CI ?ICCT WUUIU UC AU Bp* ' polntment at tae Naval School. The marines, although new recruit*, more thsn maintained the reputation of that corps; their j {calling fire cleared the Morgan1* rifled gun and t prevented a repetition of ner murderous flre. Four of the marines w;re wounded, one 1 fear, mortally. 80 soon as the crew were saved I reported to you in person, and within an hour left in the only remaining boat belonging to the Varuna with your dispitrhes for Gen. Bntler, returning with him yesterday afternoon. Very respectfully, Chablks Bo&asj commander U.S. IM. To Flag Officer D. G. FAB*AaBT, Commanding W eater n Gulf Blockading Squadron. THE SURRENDER OF THE FORTS. U S. 9. Habbibt Lamb, April 29. Ib02 Sr: The morning after the ahlpa paaael the fort*, I ?ont a demand to Colonel Hlpglna for a surrender of the forta. which wan declined. On the 37th I aent Lieut. Colonel Higgloa a communication (herewith incloaed) aaklng again for tha aurreader Bla answer la lncloted. On the 26th 1 received a communication from him, atatlng that be would aurrender the forts, and I came up and took poageaalon, drew up artlcUa of capitulation, and holated the American tJaj over the forte. Thcat men h*v? A?tmnA?A these forU with a bravery worthy of a better cause. 1 treated them with all the consideration that circumstance* would admit. The three it'imen remaining were under the command of Commander J. K Mitchell. The officer* of the fort acknowledged no connection with them, and wished In no way to be considered responsible for their acts While I had a flag of truce up, they were smployed in towing the Iron floating: battery of 16 guns (a most formidable l&fltlr) to a place above the forts; and while drawing up the articles of capitulation. In th*> I cabin of the Harriet Lane, It whs reported to me I that th?v ViaH uAt 41 -a *A fVin Kb--1 14 I .... ..vf av* ? ?. iur uauci J , Q1IU lUniCU 11 Bilr'ft upon us. 1 asktd the General If It bad powder on board, or guns loaded. He replied that be would not undertake to sav what th? navy offl'^ers would do He teemed to have a great contempt for tbem. I told him "we could stand the fire and blow up If he could," and went on with the conference, after directing the officers to look out f?r their ships. While drifting down on ua, the guns, getting heated, exploded, throwing tbe shot above the river: and a few momenta after the h?tterv rtnlmiMl ?itl> ? ??i" * ? j - ? j ?? ?V I I MI. HUi?r, IUIUW lot; fragment* all over the river, and wounding one o' their own men In Fort St. Phil lp, and Immediately disappeared under water Had abe blown up near the veasala, ahe would have destroyed tbe whole of them. When I had finished taking possesion of tbe forts i got under way In tbe Harriet Lane and started for the steamers. oae of which warn atlll flying tbe Confederate flag. I fired a (hot over ber and they surrendered Tnere waa on board of them a number of naval oficera and two companles of marine artillery I made them surrender unconditionally, and for their lnfamoua conduct In trying to blow ua up while under a flag of truce, 1 conveyed tbem to close confinement as prisoners of war, and think they should be sent to the North and kept in cloae confinement there nntu tne war l* over: or they should be tried for their infamous conduct. I have a great deal to do here, and will send you all Um papers when I am able to arrange them. 1 turned over tbe forts to Oen. Phelps. Fort Jackson is a perfect ruin. I am told that over 1,800 sheila fell in and burst oyer tbe centar of the fort?the practice was beautiful Tbe next fort we so at we will settle sooner, aa this has been bard to get at. The naval officers sunk one gunboat While the CSDltalatioa *I1 ?rnlncr n?' hut I htve one of the other steamers at work, and hope aoon to have the other I And that we have to be the Lewera of wood and drawer* of water; but a* the Midlers have nothing here In ths shape of motive p wtr we will do all we can. 1 should have demanded an unconditional surrender. but with such a force In yoar rear, It was desirable to get possession of these forts as soon as possible. The olfleers turned over everything In good order axcept the walls snd building, which are terribly shattered by the mortals. Very respectfully, D. D Po*r**, Com'* Flotilla. Flag Offlcer D G Fituait. COMPLIMENTARY LETTER RELATIVE TO COMMANDER BOGGS. __ ? t Fob* Jackson, April 30, 1802. Af* Dtar box: Everything goee on gloriously. Just aa you w)d. The official reports win tell you 11. Com Boggs le going home, and I wish to say a word for him, although 1 do aot heller* one \m mA Da k la .k< ^ .. I.. JIJI mm < ?. uc wuxui uw i^iriiuiaiv; Wll not In fault for bet Iom He la a man of energy and determl ted character. Olrehlm agoodahlp: he deaervea It. My reaped* to Mr. Blafr. _ Youra truly, Biw. F. fiVTlsm. Q. V. Fox, Eaq , AaaUtaat 8?crttary of fury. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM OEM. McCLELLAH'S ARMY. The Battle ef Wllllaastbarg?The Expedltlsa I'p the Ysrk River Meat Kaccestful?The Rebel* Retreating Acres* James River. Williimsbcro, May 8.?Tfie details of the engagement of Monday are so incomplete and VAlnminAM* tVal If ts?ni 1*** ?? ?" *? ? ? !? t v< ukuuv'iv ?ub* a* ** iii wc Jicvc??ai y iv a **bii iur report of Gen. McClellan, which la now being prepared. Deaertera from the enemy are hourly arriving. Gen. Jamison has been appointed military governor and provost marshal of the town. The official report of the killed and wounded being too lengthy to Bend over the military telegrsph line, has been forwarded by mail. The expedition tip the York river haa been most successful, and now ocruplea West Point. Heavy firing waa beard in that direction, but particulars are not known. Yesterday the advance guard of our cavalry had a skirmish with the rear guard of the enemy about seven mi if* from h're. The mnln body of the enemy have retreated across james river. The general Impression with the military men is that the rebels have made their last stand la Virginia. For a distance of ten miles beyond V\ Uliamsburg the road is lined with broken army wagons In the retreat of the enemy. Brig Gen Jas. A Van Allen has been apDnl nf Pfi mllitArr onvornA* anH or\mnn-?nH?nf r\f Vorktown and ?loucester, wl;h Capt Cyrua Haldeman for adjutant Gen Van Allen Las appointed Capt Revere, of the 4ltii New York, to be provost rriarahal. THE LATEST. The Galena Aground en the James River? Gea. (ttcClellaa'a Army MoTiii(-A Junction Formed with Fraaklin'a Forces. The following haa been received at the War Department: Williamsbcbo, May 9-12 M?To tkt War Dtj>artminf I beard, a few minutes a^o, that the Galena was aground, oil Hog Island?I judge not badiv. for the reason that Sunt Rnopti ilnoa not throw over hia coal. 1 have aent him all the aaalatance be aaka. Mytroopaare In motion and In magnificent *plrfta. They have all (he air and feellnga of veterans, it would do your heart good to aee them. I have effected a Junction with Gen Franklin. Iratrurtlons have been given so that the navy will receive prompt auppou whenever *nd wherever required. Gkorgk B. McClkt lan, Maj. Gen. Tbe Success on the Pemnaoia. A private letter from an cfflcer In tbe army of tbe Potomac to a United State* Seaator, d .ted on tbe StU inst., aaya : "We have whipped 50,000 of the rebel*' beat troop*, led by Joe johnaon in peraon. Tbe rebea fought well until Gen. Hancock ^ave tbem tbe bayonet. Gen. Franklin i* near \Ve?t Pohit, and was engaged with the enemy ail day yeaterday, with a loss on bl* side of 100 killed and wou.ided. He consider! tbe day'a operation a auceeas, but we have no particular* We are push'n^ up heavv reinforcement? This mi-?t H< tt.? rebel* greatly. When they left here they abandoned the strongest position 1 L.ive ever seeri." FROM GE->". HA I.LK( K'S COMMAND Beauregard In Dauger 0f being Surrounded. Chicaoo, Way - ?A special dispstch from Cairo to the Times, *av? It is reported from Pittsburg Landing that three brigades of Gen Huell's army had seized that part of the Memph!? and Charleston railroad midwav between Corinth and Grand Junction, thus cutting eft" the rebel communication between the two points. It is nlao reported tUct a detac.hmen' of Gen Pope'? army had seized the road south of Corinth. I ire at Sandnsky, Ot.ia Sahottskt, MavS?This morning a Are broke ont In Miller's book-bindery, Jn the Register block. The building was destroyed It wa? occupied by the U.S. Kxpress, the t.fiW of the Sandusky Register, T. Hosmer, wholesale liquor merchant, and Bear A. Son, produce and commission dealers Tb? total loss amounted to 835,01)0, on which there Is an Insurance of g 14,000 The Pettsville Strike. Pottsvill*, May h ?The difficulty with the miarii una ?rn ?ciutu, biiu mr iroops Will return to Philadelphia In ibe morning. The em ployers have agreed to pay the advance demanded by the workmen. Sentence for Embezzlement. Detroit, May 9.?John McKenney, late State Treasurer of Michigan, wu yesterday sentenced to seven years' imprisonment in the peniteatiary, for embezzlement of the State moneys. H7* Tbe Na*Uyllle Union publishes a call signed by one hundred and thirty Tennesseeans, from all parte of the State, r*que?tlne 11 their fellow-cltttens of the State of Tennessee, who are In favor of the restoration of the former relations of this Sfate to the Federal Union, to be fireaent at a public meeting to be held at the Captol, in the cltvof Nashville, on Monday, the 12th day of May, 1S62 ? The Richmind Examiner denounces the rebel Secretary of War for deceiving the Southern people by assorting that a great victory wit trained over the National force* In the two day*' Ughtat PltUburg Landing. The editor states that | ail the evidence collected on the subject goes to stnw that the Con/tderata tctre badly deftattd. IDT Amnne the fruits being Introduced into California, and for which the toil and climate of that Ststa are presumed to be adapted, are the European grape vines but adapted for wine and raisins, the M editerranean currants, almonds of Italy and Smyrna, oranges, lemons, olives, fl^s, j Italian chesnuts and pomegranates. ff^Hpnrv O Thnr?n r,n? nt it,. ?? ?? ? u r ?/ IUC tuiriiiUK thinkers and writer* of tills age, died on Wedn?s. day at Concord, Mm., of consumption. Hla most remarkable book Is " Waiden, or Life In the Woods," being an account of three years of lonely life In the wilds near Concord. 1 U7~ It la estimated that there are nearly eight hundred thousand stavei piled up In and around Perrysburg, Ohio, a K'enter por'lon of them ready I for shipment. The Mauniee is fimou* for doing a "staving business " [?j- The Parla Mercury, a secession sheet nuh. ilsbed at Paris, Monroecounty, Mo., ta? tiwn suppressed by the orders of Provost Marshal Gen. j Farrar fTT- It 1* utated that claim* which have been I made on a late London hlpowniug millionaire are on behalf of no fewer than 3s Illegitimate children. 1?7" Paul Delaroche's celebrated picture of ??Marie Antoinette led to Execution" ba* been purchased for the enormous sum of ?22.000, by a London brewer. Robert Lowe, one of the editors of the Loudon Times and Palmeraton's bead whipperin, was blackballed at Brooke's Club, London, recently, aa a tmob. COME ONE COMK ALL,and bor yottr outfit of 8PH1NG atd SUMMER CLOTHING,at the corner of E and Seventh sts. The sif ht of our Urga atook of Men's and Bars' Clothier will relieve al! app ahensioc of not being able to cet saved or fijed at our establishment. Gire BAR A BROTHER a trial,and the? will aiwais do what is right. apin-8m* ^ P R 1 N 6 T Y L K 8 PA PER HANGINGS, FIRE BOARDS, WIN DO WS HADES. Attention u rMueettd to the new and beautiful toe k of the above dooda which 1 am now reoeivior. They have oeen carefully *leo:ed and pnrchaied at u.e >v*m> priwi lor oaan.and i ft&lt cffer superior lLduoeme-u to those in want upon th* tame urini. 1 have ai?J a (')fd atook of Piotora Corai, Loom and Tasse'a, t hade Cord aud Trimmings in a va netr of oolora Loosem, Mattreeses and Pillows of every description k'pt on band and mads to order. Pap-rhanging acJ Upho sterv workdone promptly at low pnoea. Matiing laid bj a oompatent workman. Aa 1 find there ie some misapprehension on the part of thepnblio, I wish to itue distino?iy that 1 am no longer in buainees with 8 P. Frabk la, bat am aione en flavoring to build ua a bnuuu *i ?du 9th atract, bear E. a? 19 3a?4w L J ROTHROCK. REAL PARlS KID GLOVES. FOR LADIES, all aizea and oolora, vary beat reality Alao. our naual fail atook of Dryttooda,la?U the department* of UTTuiir vaula. Uu yncc oai.y, marked ia ?1ub firarsc. PERRY A SRO.f mh K 8t Pa. avo. and Ninth TJU9T PUBLISHED. H E New Union Gim? of faoeasion.or Sketohee Of the Rebellion: inat iha ?hi?? r.?I- --- 1*. or to sand ?o tha Uoiou to dnr. Published br I CONOKBSSIOPiAL. XXXTIIU CONGRESS?S#eee4 ImiIii. Sknatk ?After our report closed yesterday? The resolution calllnq for official reports of the battle of Pittsburg Landing, was adopted.

The vote upon tne bill for the education of colored children In the Dlatrict?laid over yesterday for want of a constitutional quorum?was taken, resulting in?yeasS4'. nays"; Messrs Davla, KenDP(} V . PoWPl] yianloKnrw W4 1??* WII?a?* j j , ww.auu i | | vvitVJ) ** I l"VU U? iU ! * tourl, and Wright voting In the negative. A resolution "concurring In the action of the House In reference to the Humphrey's Impeachment ease was adopted. The House bill making appropriation for snndrvcivil expenses was taken up, and a proposition from the Committee on the District of Columbia to amend by adding S25.000 for the purchase fri,m Amos Kendall of thirteen acres of land adjacent to the Institution for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind of the District was, after some debate, rejected The t*enate went into executive session, and uuaequenuv adjourned. Host*.? After our report closed? Tse debate on Mr. Lovejoy's freedom bill wns eontlniifd, by Metsra WJakllflVr, Kellogg, Crta flpld. Ulven, and others, until the hour of adjournment. official. Department of state, I 1C* ?? Aoniiioiu!i) waxiuary y lovfli The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Members of Congreaa on bualneaa on Saturdays, commtjnalug with Saturday, the flrat of aeit month. Jan 27 tf WlLLiAM H. SEWARD. WAR DEPARTMENT, jA.x*L*r 81, IbCT. OsDiaiTt, That the War Department wlil be cloaed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursday* and Friday* against all other business but that which relate* to active military operations In the ?#ld. Saturday* will be devoted to the boat neat of Senator* and Representatives. Monday* to the bn*ine*s of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, Jt 22-tf Secretary of War. PASSENGER TRAIN TO MANASSAS. WJR Dkpa^TMKNT, ) OjTlct Military Superintendent Rmlroadt U.S. > Wa*ktni(ton, April IS, 1802 ) No Ps^aenser Train will be run from Washingtoil tn M 4P.akl.iH unt.l further nnt'/ n D. C MeCALLUM, ap lft-tf M. D. and dup't Rutiroidi, U. 3. TNotihi; HE Copartnership heretofore exi?t:n< under the name and style tf Arnt <k Shis'J, is tms ?Ja? dissoired by mutual consent. Ai>c mdii aesinst the Ivefirni will t>? s't'laJ by R. A Shiun. Those ini? to th? late iLm are requested to r>ake pajiueut to him. C. W ARW, R. A. SH1NN. Georgetown, D G-, Mar lit, 1#S2. NOTICE?Tha und.?rtiicned will continue the Bjtt!:cz an.l Agonoy bacm?e? at the Od K'and.and nape* to iner t & ootitiiinance of the liberal utroiajo heretofore bostowea upon the late fi rm. in 5 Im R. A. SH1NN. FOR SALE?A very fi^eburjjr double tar DNi HORSE; ridr-a weil under the tsy anldia?the property of a icntleman wh? A-5C has no further me for him. There ta no ?*?? ^more serviceable horse in the District Warranted eourd,:n eood oor dition, Ac. He can b^ seen th* itib 'i of Dr. John Grecson, D street, betwee L3X and 14th sts. in 2 1 w PERSONS OZS1ROCS OF PIJK!'H lijht CARKlAGh H ^kon'J ?1<> weis . to k.vii me a call, a* 1 have on han J sVflSLiiigyi lot which I will tell low to close ont. r* at~z. Also,several second h%nJ fir?' quality rsew York bail* OurtiAf. u*h:ali will 1?- c;i!.' ror. n - _ ? ? ~ V. I V 1?? U/ 1 ifcfcpairict of ail kiaas promptly attsn.-oo to ROBERT II GRAHAM, m 3 61* <?nacnc)&fc?r. 8'h j^OTlCE,^ THE FUBL1C 5^/2 IN GENERAL tiOSLne RI STU DiM i. *17 fENNSYLVAMA. AVENUE. SOCTH Sil>*. (Formerly of New Yoik.) Has the Nam* and Faiue oi beln? ONE OF THE BEST RESTAURANT:} IN TOWN ! ir~7"fiive its.trial and judjefor jrouraelf.^Hl tfL Everything in 'he llouia ia of the 2&3&K BEST aTHKrMARKET Don't forget tho number?" " U4 7 Hennsyl?ama avenue, m 1 3m Between 13th anil IS: at* , south side. M FRENCH MILLINERY. R3. TPOMA!*, From New Vork, Room No. Q holewen U All ofl I. - - " -* ? 1 ? ~* - v I/oi<t?0u uuuou t nan j RTF 1 V0iT " I'll ^ 8^~ ieot stock ol KRKiNvH MiLLlN t?R Y cfutatf the la'est ttj!e* and fashions, to wbioh eh?^? respectfully invites tae attention of the iadie* of Wanhinit.-n. *p *8 3?* Mrs. t. rus*f.i.l, No 4 95 Sbvbsth Stbkbt. lsdailr in reomptof LOBSTKKB, a^PARAOL'S, TOM ATOE4, aid a l the dehcaoias of the eras; n. Notici.?On Hundavs her dinin* ta oon and private payors a-e open from 7 a. in. to 4 p m. Knt'ar.oe l*nvat? Poor. e.y 19 3.1m ALEXANDER WOLOWSK1 i ia oo&iinu>ng his courses on the FlANu AND IN H1N6ING, by hia new and eimplified hi? resides#, No 431. Tenth street, o?t? ea h aul F. All'hosawho deane to become line g:nrrr?or exoe.iont perlormere, shi n'd avail themeclvse of hi* new ?item of instruction. ap 2S-lin J" A V C O O K EAC O.. BANKERS, 492 hIFTKl->TH SrRKKTt Buy %nd Se 1 u. 8. CERTIFICATE* OF INDEBTEDNESS, Quartermasters' Cheeks and Vouchers, 7 3-10 TREASURY NOTES And other Government Penur-is a, COITi, CVKHAMCY ANU EXCJfA ?>UF. ?n sej-iin DRESS MAKING ? Miaa I. G ARTHUR, F&shionanie Drees Maker, rerpectfuily informs the ladies of Wanhin^tfcn lha'. rho his openrd & dreaa making establishment lit No. 410 9"h street, between H ?ud 1, a:-.d is prepared to exnnntn ^rHore r,uiu|>i.i; n.iiu m ins ia:est styles of fashion. Cutting and fitting don *, and patterns aold. Wanted Immediately.?Young ladies to learn Dress M&kiug up SM in* pKNSlON OFFIOK. Jean 6th, 1S61. TO ALL WHOM 1?MAY CONCERN. Application bavins b*?n made under the ant of 13d June, I860, for the reissue of the Lau I Warrants described herein, which are alleged to h&ve been (oat or destroyed, notice ia hereby given, iliat at the date following the description of each War rant, a new Certijioate, of like tenor, will be is -??ru. 11 uu v?uu oojocnun ?nou;a tnen appear. No. 45,432. lor 12? acres, lMued under the act of Maroh, 1166, i? the narae ot Charlotte widow uf Walter Cole, and irae granted January 36,1856? LiuVw?n*at Certificate, No. 75,141.for 160 aore?. (act 1847.) in favor of Patriot Brady. Private of ComMknV K.3d Beft U. *. ljnfantry, {marine data SUt beoember, I86t?June 24.1W3. Ltnd Warrant Cartifioate, No.77,e?3, for 160 acre*. hh*T the aot of Uth February. 1847. in favor of Thomae Binjham. prime, of Uapt. Ilunter'e oiiuwiun 01 mormon Voiunteer?. i?, ausd lath April, 1858?Jn!y 3d. 186*. Land warran t oertifioat?. No 6>.S4t,for '6? a re*, granted oivier act of 11th Febroa t, 1817, to Andrew laofl>r or^Th<tf<?rt a private of Catt Tarv 1 c?"!>P*pTt Col. atavemon'i regiment, New ^ri0' Ca# ,8Ch A'rilL^dt :? *?foT *5 %?r?? . T" * . Vi. w? i ? in ?? l? ~? mil di, Admiro,Eutab*?h Bmh, Pre* to a Stark, and br.?ih?raaad enter* of Allen Mark, deM?fl of Captain Tri*lnt'? oomaany. > lrat Kenluoky Vofunteere. (war wth Meiiao ) dated Aarll l.t, 185* Auiu.tSd. 1*8 mwooJ mh ? i>w JOSEFlf *. BAHKtSTT, _ mh 27-law noiniwMioMr, jgN<lRAVlNO-liNGRAVIN6, Cttraka i\i!"tMrll,ld BneiDMiNCard.T NrfLa, iiS*?"'^Sj A?" Neatiy *x?x>nWd ud with UiO Pa avanue. n-? d, ? ? . ? c. J. HOLY LAND. _Ooppar Plata Printint. mjtiw* Black and colored silk^** .up UM.ipeo'al bargain! *Jn eT "I**? ??#di onarad to-dar, with our uinal fU.i StOOk of ilrv fioodl ^ForA!#n an.l Hama.*..! wjniirod lor (Moral family wanu. ' Oao pnoo only, markfed in piain figvtt. _ fKKKtf f BRO., _m '* Ponn.*Twnne andftth ?tr?t CASMIetKlifS "lu *'N W41"i SNOTIOF. EALKO PROpO:>AL3 are in\it?c until the 27th d*y of MKT. 1882. at Li f.'eioclt. rn .for aiipp > ?nt 'be Lei ted ^tate* ?uhmt?r.ce Department vith 6 C03 head rf B??i Cattle on the HrW. The Cattle to i?e delivered at Waehicjton c;tj. and *aoh animal to *v?rare 1 poun 'i crctn wetfht. co an rra! aJmit'ed wh?eh weicha leu t- an p )ud?1? rro*?. H-ifrr? and Bu l? n>>t w*n'el. The Cattle to be delivered at ;ooh t:ine? and u: noh aeinlihas ?- ? -? iTT nutei liinom may > i j itTni brat de lvery of Ca'tie to be in vl> on t b h o< Jane. 1862,or u soou therea:ter a? Government mty reunite. A bond withtood a.r.4 sufficient tecunty will t>9 repaired. Government reaerr^ to IturIt the nsht to pay in Treaaory n-> e?. or other tJovernmert for i* No bid wi 1 b?? cn*?rt%irrd when pat in b* ?o* trar>to who h*ve pr?7ion*iv failed To coropiT with their contracts, or where the biddc- la not prerent to r"t> nd to hi* hid, and all b-dt to b* accompanied by two cna'atfe?. The ntwrs 01 firm? abon d b? ftated in foil, with th? previa* of all the merab?*? rf 'b* h'rr Kida tn he Air??tiui /? 11 i DPnimmn ? - ? ? -- r.,.- - i ur^V' it ?? I A ll| C. 8.U. 8. a., W&nbtc(.ou. i). Form of fHuiran.t'1. W* , of itte county of-?, mid Stat. of . nut! , nf tqe coeaty of , au : Siate of , do hereby guarantr that le aV.e to f >i!S1 & ooc'ract in *.~nodance f i!i the term* of hi* prop'i?it<on. and that. r oa!d uj* propoMtion he aooeptod, hewil' a? t>L09 ter ir.t > a cot tract in accordance therewith. Snn i d the ooctraot he awarded htm we arc pre to beoom* his securities. Tiu? cii&raatej must t>c appauded to eaej bid. ? 8 ? NOTICE. ?KAliKP FROPIM? \ Li* H>r ?urn!n*!PC .? Hides and Taiiow, Hoofi and Mo-n>. of u,?- fJftff Cait a, k'J e<l f'T ia? Arm?ofUt? I'o'nnnt. nml ' coTTin^ad of Gen MoLiel'aD. a e i.vitod lit; ti.e 2?'th 4&i of Mi?, 1962. at 12 o'o onl, in It i* intended that tne oon'f*o?>r f: ; f, \]lV, t;.e Atmf, atiu c.i.lec :ii? and Ti'lrw, K . a-.d HoriiJ and ?hall par a * urn f"r th<v? - tto ? from e*o-i arin:a:. to i f c fcf i *; ri?k. i!e w.; bo or.* *" *? <* 'a e?.C, ?J J lii-Uan ? ' *' "* ' " ...?? i.u v vi ai ;T ^ 'uw i.iai no ws* V vprtM fr .m otita>r:nj th?:n or prr,j,pr aut<i.>rit> A bond w;?h j-^d ?uffi.'u<*r.t ft" n'j ?i' if rMau*d. for th? Jii'ti'lirrnl of t'u-eoctraof.Mid i.n hid will Le entertained frjm prevail* c< t-?.-irc. ? who lave failed to oompir wni> t..r c i ' *. *m! i:u riJwi: be er.torta r^J unless liddfr : p.-flger.t to rt sp.uj to hie l> d. The artir.If* of a?r??ment, -with a tone1, m1 rfqui'?o!'o be mto witam two '.*> af'-'-r tr.e opp' inj of th? Ti s f'i*? to l"?diref>*?d to Ma* A.BKCKW IfH, Coinmiraar* of >u:wif.tai.c9, Wa?iitr.?T0n, 1*. (' . anfi en'orsei 'Propoaaia." in 7 PROPOSAL"* IOR HM Lit *R.\ir* TOR 1UE UNITED STATES SLRViCE. ? Bi'Si*'-* Opytrt, ( W**j;iv.37CN. I). A.D'f. 2> ri**ohl! be received ? t th'? D??artivent, lint! ep. mi ?>f tfc? >' for ir,F..!|*c'uri-f, lu tvj t . sva'ea. f-.?- tie ?overi ui.-fit. wtl .r. o- y \r from thai, tii* f ..lowing de?c ipi r, > l iriiiS, v:i : Spnngfc ] '! R.ilu >[i!fk6ts. mod-1 I80, Harper's Fi*'-, I< flea. wit: tword t>aycr.?ts aiiJ steel ?oibti*rd?, :r,od?' S55. Breecn lo*nn? Ca. bites, f -cavalry, Revo ver Pi?to;r, arrt.t f**bre'lcr lirht ca--air?. \'oa-0'>M)ini?H!ciied OIlioer?'aword?, i ?*.e ' f&bMos>c:a:m' Sw rds, \ t>ards, ro-.r-'-ar 'r. f. r r:!!- I rru-*et ;.a? Propo*?'* w li ?ta:o? For rnuikf.s anc n<'?. s rt'C? for 2- r eitr.or, a .a tne reduction proposed psr ton lor os-i'h add tior a. l<i to 2-> o n. For rtnlvr* a' <1 rat ?.*. *hc k:'n<{ pr<.p.>'*;i,a--! the price lor 5 wi e-'u Met), p rp stoi ui cir b'':e, t^r ea n ad itioaai 5.' < ) ro . For *arre ueord* ar d >ca',bfd>, t-" r.-i<-e . of the prw-cribed p^ttrrrs 'ho i i;m ^er o! ft (w : each, an 1 a so r r t'.co adJitioa SmOta . , ? Ail tlie fire arias are ?o ;?< furs- fc:,<*d trie regular epcfr..:at-t The r-fis r. ufke?. ar -to be in all respect* idettical with tr.a- mar.ufaotu ei a: vnnij.r ivruiurv, fsrir bei-', .Vi'nc1 ?i d ara to liiterchanse with if, una with t t::?r, in a. th' ir parts. Kaoh ol ihe t ,rr in;, .s . ine arms uiu?t ai*o tiiterohanie with ace aaotas: in tii* *arr.e rtianuer. The ir.atena'8 (or theae arms ruunt be of the ??rj be?t quaittr, and no r-?!ea 9 ircn parts ui.I' c allowed to be H?^d. All the &rtic1?n must ' e *nl? jest to the inspf-ottort p-esci'i-d n* t^e ? > * a atiocs. an>? ma?: le !n>x?d. - .'t! tr p .nation, at th? eao-t-*'- u! las coi.tra/virg, * J a ch n ?: r.c. a* imt be tii.-ect.-0. icBpectu>:.? u ; he n a-1" at the fa.jton.-3 in lots ot uoi e?s than | I i.nnf! each. Proper* a wiU state ts.fl tmt^ of fhn e*:aKi*h in >it u akirif too "fi>r. t:..'* r.umi or t:.o date <4 the I rst de i*rry, &.Lid r&lr . j-j v.vrr r* auer. Failure to i^ake a ?] ?;; v*ry at a ep '-c J.ed t.sne, or ti.T attempt to intrrduoo manea' ; ? Kin <>r nther inferior matftri*' iitn tho vmi, v,. ?u jMi the wtioifi number of arm* coctrvtpa tor tu lorfMture a* the opM?n cf the Detriment. T*<e i>^p*rt! j-eeeiv?s to useif th>- -31ht to rej^otai.T wii oo'iSi>rneerca^e a: * aeer.t. broker, or psrty other titaa tee re* al*.r manulaoturer*. Pr w.:! he aJJrc^peJ u follow?:?'"8e era! J. VV. Kiplkt.O: e( of Jnaur.e, UwhiEtt".n L? <3 n: ' wi r-e e.idc:tej ' J' jpt a z -or M-skou," or r.Ues, ?a!ora,A.p, sa ihs 4 e ir.iy be, _ ap i< Ct.'-iay iS PUBLIC NOTICE 13HCRKBY G!VfV.?h*? iiciu ot:r -w;?e ordered, ?b? Co^i&- ._>n?rs un.ler tlio act of Cnr.rrrr* uftli- ICtii of \t>ni,;<4w. "Au ?ct fur Cua to 01 oar laic r*;?OL3 held 10 ?>6r Vioe or latw.r :n r~i IMtrist olCi bia.' wi!1 hn;1 their irir ons . t:i-< Gitj I.a... la the Oit* of W??ii!rctoD, on :...i a*. T,::sdsy. Wedi.? <!??. T.\nr*da?, and Friday, rver? v,?i, and that af! persona.loyal to tb* USuiM, holding o!air.!? to tervice or :?bo' ciau.:.; por*oi iimcharje-l ?Herefrom by hat act may, wttli-n nisei* dam from tne p\~?at - thereof. ( - bicU wi.I expire on th? 15th o.' J u y uest.) but not tLoreaf*r, pre?enttothei:* n.rmir ;o-er the;rreetea iveetasmenu or petitions in -w-itint er:lT*< by uain of atb>-irati?B forth the t.ame?, axe? and *er eonal description ol each j>?reon?, ihe raiu.n*r ia wu.ob t:ie> aoqui ed snob oKim.aad isi iaois i juoiiir2 in* va us rhsreor. and dc . <?r a?r al.efi.%r.a? to t:io GovorLr._:it 01 iha Lnttd Stata-1. an.i ti at tho p'fiti.ner baa not borre ar,* ? eainat the I i<iteJ M?t?? dur:t? in? rresent it-fc-: ii. n ror in at 7 wr.j uvea aid or o.-iulort tL.-vct >. And notic* ts htTtly futu- tuea, t %t iiiotitue nwteil in t e 9th section o! thai ?2t. for L a Matom?*Et in writi^ or aor.ou.::* ;,-C t:.? < ;sr* of ti Cir.?j:t Court for th? Dirtnot of > oiombia. I * th? sove a'. otrn?r? or o'&iroa ts to trr aerviooa of the ??rioijt u.ace fr** fy t^ai act. -ottint ?orfh the namoij. at?w, sox arid particular deseriftiou of uon rer?v.ii? ??reraity. ! by authority it: v on to the Coirinimen'rs, by t.ntaot, exter.d d to the I?t d y of June next. Th-> Cnmranfionem aro ?robiNifod fron al ?i?icf th* c aim of any p-r*ou wi'O hill not>ct to fiiri such ?t* om?at < r acne-'. J e ? lit ai<l Clsrlr, vxordicg to iho regain e! tua; taction of ?iij act s f. vinton, u a nik. i. k uvjodlof, iiOKATlO kin8, vv?ua:is?J*? :cn. I WsBhinfton, A?ni 23,1352. ?s> >' tf | "Vl RS. KU88LLI.'S 1*1 k PSTM'RANT. '1 he popular RESTAl'RA NT *r.U DINING SALOON lor ladi?s an-1 tet;tiem*ii kcptA . c X by Mr?. L?. Rum*!!. 49.1 7th ?t,eet af y-T^roW lo'ds an* to ? 1 ?? I utangpra to got ir.9Ma at all houi *. served ^ m ine at* ' for vhicii this establUtmrat is temoui. Visitor* U.&J count upon good i?re,o unsoci arteudaroe. ar.u all lit* re^uuiiM fora wel.-reao KteJ first V?."m * bp I -n CANT BE BLAT! HE Subscripts deterir.iuoa to accommodate ail persona. eitner in pleasure or boa /v9f*l m-as. nave ?oue 10 a large e*p*u:e in theVg?j#gg? Surchib# ofCarnages, Bugtie^ an 1 Sad le Horses, aJi for the uee the pubuo. l am; les wishing it. oaa at ah tiu.ea procure a uice carriage with gent.e horses and a good ai d careiul driver. Orders s?tt to the ?t*b!es witii street and number will be prompt!? attended to. Charges a* moderate aa ihe urnes will allow. Hortes taheu at livery. J C COOK it CO., Sixth street, one block scum cf in -r .... renin. avenue. Tho this Ladies generally, and all ADMIRERS OF CBOlOE PUNTS Aa., *0 , PAltTICU LAR LY.?FOKiSit L E?ex tra cLho9 Hard* Perpetual-bloonniig Ko<m, ??rmmer.t&l Shrub*. P*rior and C uabiat PlanU, Macnoluui. Rkododicdrum, Ewrirwrj, Ac Tfce coliectioa oompriees all thechoioeet kinds known In Europe or America. All ?i*lu warrant*! true to name and of first tuaiitr. A JaRDLN. Florist and NsnmrTtran, ap 2* 8*' Connecticut av , corner of >1 ?t. tr?VKKY PERSON'S INTEREST ?That fee* j etock of Clothing for aalo over Oa.u' Jew.'.:y 8tore ia oow ode*ed &t i??? than who !e?*'e prieea, at riMi'i'H'fl. No. 460 tfevanth atrdot.i?6*uait? Poat Ofic? rn r-?-? THE rEOPLE S CLOTHING STORE, NO. 1 460 SGVticth ai. AIwa?aahoa4! N?v Irnre! of Sprir.a Good*, all the lariat Kty'.ea of Cioitunc, At No. 460 H?v^nrS ntr?^t. near F te tt an l/OR *ALl??A tins atock of C!otair.?, Turslak 1 ine Good*, Traxika, Hat* an-1 C*.**. a: wfeuid aaJe prisma, at No. 460 bovoatn auoot, ?-c^oe'ta PoatOAoo. ff ri sun fiENTS ParaiahiDc Gooo*. Trn&ka, C oth nt, Trauka, Hataand Capa,a*lat Noilcorn p 4t*a. U iu? Peop'?'? <^iot iir,f -Jtorw. Ka. 4i>o 7ti> tiro \. WUIKTS, SHIRTS. SHIRTSS?Jntt ?T9 i>?<iosen Sttirts. wiuoh wa otf?r at old anaes. %t EMI IH'H. No. *?U? ? t* sft-fwi ^ieh-v8"" We offer oUiMnt?MKi ?tr*atert & :ace uici SSfl of sii oolom ?nd ?<uuitiM, a^ui in c*k* ?&J An^ajate* I THE WEEKLY STAK. VklarxoenMt FwallyaW NrwtJMrsa* -mm talalo? a m*W variety of tDfrertiag u*4ai Out can be foni4 ia i?. Mb- i> ? ? Friday taorBlAg. Taunt?r#f 4, m mdmamm Single copy, per annum 31 ? Five copies 4 75 T?a crpit* w Tweuty-lve copi"* *t M It Invtrtabiy contains tbe "Washington Newt" that bu made Tkt Dai if E fmw( Sim* circulate o grnermUy tbrouebout tbe country. ITT" Single eoptes (to wrappers) ran be pro curt d at tb? counter, lately after tbe lmu? of tbe paper. Prire?THREE CENTS. SM rC!t!(STLVA>IA ATIIICI. EMILE D r P R E. J??? fg4 A >U(( tr..t lr?:- in slock of rholM FAMILY OROCERJE3, ?emict;B|r (> anfl t bib - * -i? ? - owv.tna, ci m grw?*. TfiAl, OOFPU, D1 i Itnt LARD, FLOUR, MA1LLARP'3 t'HOOOLAlb, A?., Ac , Ac. All c l W"lefc ha offers it lowwt oufc prion. PlfcK'3 CELEBRATED WB19&IKS. harrela Magnolia, Ml bArr- .a XXX, lob b&mla Miller? Ryf M bam ia tnr Old Ry*. 500 barrel* lie Old P?nrbo*, AT CiyCISNATI r*IChS. All tte tarcrjte brand* M V H A M P AG iV if , Mumm Venenv. - -jo. mom.I'. ,, I wfctch, being low we c-flt. at asosutUf K.vr rttea. AIM, Sole Ap?ot lor PIKE'S ARMY CCHlsiAJ*. Kb 14-tf Jl>T ARRIVED, an<?ct fro;. ?a ;&-?t*rn asu tirt*. hjuie cna huDUred p:*ee? i'-ti eX'KKKt- D MAT ft A ?:>,? navaii.t .1 ofOliCLO f H? tut ?"A X PE1 ? tor.- ii^r vinit .tr;? 4 auulf of CSOCKKKS "f a IfV-CTiBtioa* I Ii?.t?< or. ,v0 Nb-v FEAT ^KRa. MAT Tli r..- ; >1: ' let Mi New s; > Ct." 'il'/J t? : - ; 1. * IOd Kf u . t ?. A . o: whi^h ' *.? bf-n bomh? {01 ct* % *! W;i >* 1 -i at * ? i ni??n^ K RLCift,Y,??"?7t ?t ?t.(en.t ; :!*,) tp 15 'rn* K*ttr?*iri ?i atid H *W. S^RCM M?MiON-F t? t^outand Wora? ?t ? Gi&ucr-; 19. . ."ji wiu n is ?!>e i t'.u, o<??? *7. 'I t-f :i?'On ilaro:<VuMfi, li ?ntra?f; d7. Tb? re e* i* t*?By ~ir J . l- 24. 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