Newspaper of Evening Star, May 10, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 10, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. Notic* ?Mr A W. Barns, themanaging agent of the Star's circulation In Georgetown, will hereafter alao act aa the St*r'? advertising agent " a? ... t tl ...n n.ifn XmM ml * Bnr. Aujr ucvrKcwwu bu ci n?vmv.v?. ? Dr. 6 B Barnardcorner of High and Bridge street*, or with 9. Orandell, No. VJb Bridge street, wlU Beet with prompt attention. AmininTi To-jtioHt. Gloria's Th*ati??The ptibllc are to-night offered a combined musical, comic, lyrleo dramatic entertainment The entire new opera of "Betly," sustained by all the operatic artlstea, will be performed tbls evening; with Gottachalk In torn* of bit grandest rxecur.on? Between too acts. The performance to conclude with tbe extravacanza, "Wanted, 1 000 Milliners," with the Inimitable Setchell as Madam Vanderpants, and sustained by other member* of the comedy congreos. Foi?'s Athb!*stx ? Mas Cktttnty ? Tbe farewell testimonial to tbis promising debutante will come off this evening, at Fo'<f's pleasant Atheneum ; on which occasion Miss Chestney will appear In an entirely new play, by De VValden, entltU>d 'A Curiosity." The play will be put npon me tinge in me nun ritcuvr nyit, with Mla? Cbeatney aa Clara. the principal role, aapporled by Mrs J R. Vincent and Mem. l.annlgan. Le*k, Harrlaon. and other membera of Manager Ford's aterllng company. CAHTraacmT ?Crowded houaea appear to be the rule at Perclrai'a temple of fun. Mlae Ida Dnral alwaya acquits herself to the delight of the spectators; u also do Mtaa Julia Mortimer in aong. Miss Fowler In the dance, Barry Rice aa a contraband, and Dick Parker and the rest of Managet Percleal's mammoth companv. A good hill for to-night, to drive away the blues. Washington Sciintivic Association.?At one of tbe regular meetings of this association, held on Thursday evening, at the lecture room or tbe Medical College, (opper hall.) a paper was read by Mr. John A. Fowle, one of tbe directors of the association, on the "Climate of the CsnadaaV It was submitted by a French Priest of Quebec. Tbe paper gave a brief statement of the winter cllm?te of Canada for tbe pant two hundred and thirty years, quoting from Jacques Cautier, Father Bre??aln, Charlevauix, and others, to show that the wiiter* now are as ??vere as in the ICtb, l?th, and 18th centuries He also claimed to show that clearing tbe lands had not modified the climate of Canada It was an Interesting paper, and gave rise to some discussion. Mr. Fowle said, in submitting the paper, he differed from the author In his conclualona, and alao thought hie atatement of facta waa not entirely correct in the contraat of northern wintera of the iStb and 19th centuriea. The speaker gave an account of the difference of the wintera of Europe and America In the same latitude: that of F.uraDe In the latitude of New England and Canada Wing mild, while on this continent it ia often quite severe. Thia difference th? speaker | accounted for fcecauae of the lmmeMe fields of Ice directly north of America, covering all the i lakes and rivers on the northern part of thia con- . tinent, consequently our northerly winds, as well aa those from the northeast and northwest, are very cold. In Europe the fields of ice are farther north, and the prevailing winda in the winter season are of a different temperature from ours, being affected by the warmth of the Gulf atream, j which leaves our continent and seta Its courae eastward. i Mr. Fowler doubted the atatement that the forest clearings bad produced no effect In the severity of the winter. In New England and New York he thought it was very perceptible, and we can account for the change of temperature In our winters during the oast tlftv vears in no I other way. He made statements relative to the great change during two centurW of the winter wanon In Germany and part* of Europe, to prove that the clearing of a vaat extent of country from Its forests make the temperature higher. Mr J Diaturnell, of New York, alao made an Interesting statement of facts relative to winter temperature; and the members discussed the merit* of tbe paper It 1* expected by the association that Prof. Henry, of tbe Smithsonian Institute, will read a paper u vuc ur?i ir^uiai uimiug ot me association. PititTTiiT or Potomac.?Thia body iiiemt >d tn the New York avenae church on Tbnrad*y evening last, and opened with prayer by Rev. Dr. Tuatin. moderator. l*ettera of diimlia&l of \Ym. Y. Brown, from rarliele Preahytery, and of Rev. F. T Brown, from VVeatern Reaerve Presbytery, were examined and received. Report* were read from the various churchea, and Mr J. Gilbert, an elder, enrolled aa the representative of Lewenaviile Church D?? Fir TnaMn waa aniNA(?tA^ anil M? ??w? ? u**lU ?*? SUU i*I I . D O Dennlson lay delegate to tbe General A?*?>mbly. Re*. Dr. Gurley and Mr. C. 6tott are alternates. A commonicaMon from tbe commissioners of tbe Baltimore Presbyte?y In reference to the transfer of Beltsville Chnrch to their charge w*s referred to the Synod of Baltimore to be decided on Its merits. Rev. Frederick T. Brown received and accepted t rail to become pastor of Bridge street church, Georgetown, sod tbe time of Lis Installation fixed for the s?cond Sabbath in June, at 4 p. m. Resolutions pre^nted by Rev. Dr Tustlr, premising " That all wise and wholesome govern meats are the product of the power, wisdom, and geodacM of Almighty God;" aed that "The Government of th??e United States it eminently the offtpMng of the abounding grace of God to tbe people of tbla highly favored nation;" and resolving that, in the opinion of the Presbytery the causeless uprising of tbe rebellion *'1* an ex* hlbltlon of folly and wickedness which has acarcelya parallel In the history of civilized nations ^ The resolutions approve tbe course of the President; return thanks to tbe brave officers and men who are periling their lives for the country; announce their willingness to bear tbrlr just proportion of pecuniary responsibility for the sup port of the 6?mnmnl; tiid expreaa deep gratitude "to tbe great R uler of naHona for hla gracloua a? lata nee ?oucta*f??d during tbla fearful content " I The resolutions were unanimously adopted. Presbytery meeia again Monday afternoon, at 5 o'clock. PoLlct ,*Atmi-Kr? Prerinei ? Robert Dean, Frank L abv. John Wllaon, Lloyd Jenklna, and Thomas Duval, kidnapping; Laid for bearing Ztto*d Prttimtt ?John F William*, drunk and aieeplng on tbe street; turned over to military. Tbomaa Dl-kaon, drunk; do Stephen Denton, I do ; do Ezeklel H il, do ; do John Jackson, stealing: do Michael Mote, drunk and dlaor derly; do. H. Golden, drank and attempt to ate*!; do. 7"* ri Prteinrt. ?Mary Fe'gason, prostitution; workhouse. N Herbert, throwing atones; fined fcl 55. Samuel Hivrkiui. firing pistol; fiaed f5.5t> svamuel Hawkins, shooting Mr* Brooks; Jail for court T. Kvans, threats, security for peace, i. Francis, petty larcenv; Jill for court Josephine ; dismissed. Thomas Wa d, disorderly conduct; lined *1.44 Rebecca Herbert, an ; ao a. ao ; nnea * ? ou. mariea Pmlth, do ; do Fourth Pftcmet?John June*, drunkenness; 4lMBtM*d. Etfk'k Ptteintt?J "It Lorn*i, dlaorderlv; f-i-d ?) 5? J Mur .ay, larcenv; dismissed VV!llt*m Hamilton, do ; do. JoLn Codrlck, do.; do. .Smik Prteiuci.?Frank Moor"*, fa at riding; H ied $.') So John Hit, d'uiik; dlsm.ased. Jw. Hurley, do ; do. A. J. Roe, iaiceny; dis ilaaed. T*? * Prtrtnet.?A. J McDonald, aboatve; d'.sruNsed A Gittinga, do ; do. J B. Henlen, fast dri*1n?; judgment deferred. P. Cronan, do , fined *i N. Samuel Roberts, drank; dls< mis-ed Joaeph Sw?*enev, do.; do. Patrick Goodwin, do : flaed f)M John Jonea. parrying c ucealed weapon*; judgment deferred. Jotn Mortlmore, disorderly; fined ?3 01 Thoa I <rK/w ?ln (4a Mirv Sh^nmrd nrr>?HtnMAtk> ? 4 1 vrv* , f F |r>WMlWUVU| ' workhouse Mar^ar^t Cole, do ; do. Margaret Tbomtia, do; do. John Krown, larceny: jail for court Margaret M. Whakeiy. telling Jlqucr Without licence; fined fJO 01 William Klchardt, d"1.; dltor.tfd J. F. Kelly, wltaett for Corporation; diamlttcd. CoimfciTioN o? Taxolbvoot Whiskt ?Lt. 1b. \v . Humuei, 01 tue iwa .^rw jeraey regiment, wh k ronptov U doing provoet duty In Georgetow a, having been Informed that liquor *u told to aoidlere on Twenty-fourth atreet. obtained perm'eaion from the Adjutant of the Provoat Marthal of Waahtngtoa, and nudea descent upon a hoarding and 1 <!<: nrf houae kept hr a man named K. French, capt :r ng aandry amall barrela and botItlea of wttlaky and a drunken aoldler with a half pint bottle I* hla pocket full of the real double-atreaked Jeraey-llg bt a lav-tanglefoot-lghtl n g . wb aky French and hla wife were a r rented and ' conveyed to the ceatral guard houae. Mra French did the talking, and threatened to ' murther" V - ? mI --UU. ?W.t tn kU ii nolv mitoll ?> ! f UlU IT" I ?U?t ??itu w mm* km h.MK la her domictl again. Justice Walter fined ber J3, which Mr. French forked over la "green back currency." The wh'aky was ukan to beadq urtera and confiscated. Thla la the second efla tee for theae part lea; and Lleat. Hummel aavs there are other place* of a similar character in last neighborhood from whence the poison la rlr'ulated among the aotdlera, and that hie Intends to continue his die -cents until ha gets rid of them rux and branch. We hope ha may snooaad. la Limbo. ?Herman Raalen, who Was Kmc ti me ago am sted and confined tot two v or three weeks In the Central Guardhouse for sporting a Brigadier General's uniform whoa he Iata no legal right thereto, vu re arreaiea ana co-.e n*d da, brfotc yesterday for lb* offaaae. Ta? ftrat l nearer ration did not appear to have n? .ra eCeet, for hla desire to "aUT' It evldtatly made him forgetful of the Central Gu&rdbooae and toe terror* thereof As brlgadiar hoaora are ra-h-r cheap inat now. It nay 5* he tbought he ^*4 t fair cla.oi t> hla ?tt#re 1 A?*x?t ?t th* Piovost Gvabd ?Lieut Ray. mood, of Um 80th New York regiment, while (a tbe discharge of hla duty yesterday morning, aa officer of the Proroat Guard, halted a man on E street, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth, wear, lag the uniform of aa cfleer of tbe U. 8 Army. He bad no peaa. and the abaeaca of ahoalder traps, commlaaion or diacharge, or aay other piper snowing Dim w dchhik, ji iv u??c w loaded to any regiment in the service, made Lieut Raymond suspicious; tnd be arrested him for arraying blmaelf In Uncle Sam's bine clotb and bras* buttons without authority ao to be arrayed. The man gave hla name aa R McBrlde, Lieutenant In the TiA regiment Pennsylvania volunteers. While the Lieutenant was engaged examining the pass of a soldier, who at that moment paaaed, Lieut. McBrlde bolted and endeavored to escape. Lieut. Raymond rave chase, and with the assistance of a police officer, found the gay Lieut. McBrlde secreted under an old lounge In a gambling establishment on E street. He was again taken In custody, and closely grasped by the police officer, lest be should * - -mm J A - -J J.... ? -A- A. again msxe on, ana wu oconea. auwn t iweci and through Pennsylvania avenue to tho central guardhouse, where be gave hla name ai Lieut. 8. J. Murpby, and thla time asserted that he belonged to the 71st Pennsylvania regiment. He was placed la confinement to await further action of the Provost Marahal. Capt Sherwood, who commands at the central guardhouse, afterwards discovered that the m?n belonged to Baker's California regiment. His regiment is not now in this vicinity, and perhaps the officers of that regiment may be glad to learn his whereabouts. The Kidmapfins Cab*.?The examination of I 1^.. J IU< I on/1 iiiuju jruiiui, - - l/cbii, riaiiua uusuy auu Wilson, charged with kldnapflng In attempting to take hark to their owner* two a lares who were rnnnlne Into the Dlatrtct, took place before Jaatlce Call on Thartday afternoon. Hon. Mr. Hntchlna, of Ohio, appeared for the prosecution, and Mr VV. R Berry, one of the owners, (Mr. Oden Bowie being the other,) for the defense. Mr. Hutchln* claimed tbat the parties should be held for kidnapping, they having taken an Illegal mode of returning the slave* Tb? only mode In which alavea could now be removed from nUtriAl t?? m Vm* fha nrvl f r\f tV> a Vf a va Vi *a 1 nnrftif ?ur vioiiii/i *?a-? wj iuc ??i vi ?ut .uainuui w?w i the fugitive slave law. After hearing the evidence the Justice derided to hold the parties to bail In ?2C6 to answer for a misdemeanor After the decision was mad? Mr. Berry obtained a warrant for the arrest of the slaves who be and Mr. Bowie wished committed until the matter could be decided in the Circuit Court The slaves were thereupon arrested and taken before Justice Murray, who wrote a commitment, and they ware about to be taken to jail; but on their matters giving them an opportunity to go home they embraced It in prefer* nee to going to Jail, and left for their old home* Prathir'h All it vs. Makblx Allky ?Last nltiht, Nelly Shephard, one of the damsels of Prather's Alley, got too much liquor aboard, and, accompanied Dy a mne iriena, proreea??a to me bouse of earah Hook, In Marble Alley, and committed an assault upon tb? said Sarah A young man, an lntlma> friend of Sarah's family, took sides with Sarah, and assaulted Nelly. The result was a row that called for the lnterfersnce of the police, and tbe parties were arrested The representative of Pratber'a Alley was fined $5 and cnsts, and the young friend of the Marble Alley family was fined 93 and costs under the municipal ordinance for the preservation of order A Lunatic Soldtkr ?The police of the Fourth Ward were called upon last night to secure a lunatic named Philip Cbllds, a soldier, who was roving the streets. The poor fellow glorlea In tltla c\t n?na*il HsrMn an/1 Imaointu Kim self the commander-in-chief of the army. He wti cared tor last night at the Fourth Ward *tatlon, and this morning was turned over to the military. He will probably be sent to the Insaue Asylum. Thb Sutkks of Cha&ity, In charge of the Infant Asvlura, wish to return their sincere thanks to the ladles who show- d so much zeal and gave co mn-h <>f their time for the success of the fslr. The gross cum realized Is nearly *1 500 They wish also to thank the generous public far their liberal contributions, and especially all the patrons and friends of the Institution for their patronage. Accidmt.?On Thursday last, as Mr. John Thompson, qnarterman of the pyrotechnist department, at the Navy Yard, was trimming a war rocket, the composition with which it wax leaded took fire, burning his face slightly and one of bis arms quite severely. We are glad to say, however, that he Is Improving, and will soon be able to resums his duties. Polick?James Bogan. throwing stones;|d1smissed. John Becket, disorderly; fined Thos Stnrgis. disorderlv; fined 81.58. bv Justice Tbompaou. Will lam W. Warden, colored, fait ridln-j; dwd S-5; alao, for profanity; do. SI.5", by Juaclce Ciav.on. Tbe Third Ward patrolmen reported Sam'l H. 'Rurcb.profe.aitv; di?ml?aed fam'l B Colbert, dih^rdPrly; t v*d SI?by Justice Clayton. The Fourth Ward patrolmen reported: Daniel Murphy, lighting; fined S'2 58 Z. R Offiitt, do ; do S> John Gray, do ; do SI John Grav, for ??nult and battery; security for peace. R. Otlutt. aasault; dltmined, Dy Juttire Walter. Kllen Fitzgerald, aelllng liquor to aoldleri; f >r further hearing. AUo, for profanity and Indecent language; ruled for further hearing before t ? * r _ ?? ?t ?? ? * j j*wc" i^iayiun. juun nouver. ruaaia^ a can without llcenae; tned fJ 50. Caroline Thomp on, col., disorderly and fighting; do. SI.5S. Mrs. Johnson, col , do : do. Jere Connor, creating a nuiaance; do. $1?by Juatlce Clayton. Mary Colllna. creating a nuisance and profanity; do SJ? by Justice Walter. FocaTH Waid Station Casss?Before Justice Walter.?A. W. Clark, W. D. Spencer, W. P. Haalan, Geo. Mitchell, T J. Morris, Henry Truman, aoldlera and seamen; Turned over to the military. Thomas Poysell, arretted as a suspicions character; diamlased. Francia Metaeran, Francis Wallace, do; do. Reuben De Groth, drunk; do. John Coulson, do; $1.59. J. B. Robv. drunk and diaorderlv: S2.5S. Marv Smith. colored, profane and disorderly; 91.58. Jane Simpson, do ; 81 5fc Christian Foratngor, drunk and maltcloua mischief; 82 58 Jas Fray, Sam'l Willi, a'e^p In street; dismissed. Ambrose ^brl?tion, drunk; 81. John Coul?r>n, do ; fined 8*2 58. Nelly Shepbard. assault and battery; do. 86 91 F Pumphrev. do : do 83 58. Fhlllp rhllda and Maurice Cuihby, turned oyer to tbe military. Carnal. Or*BEHO ?g C *?? ? Btfort Justiet Walter ?Claries R Near, stealing SUU In money from Johnson k Nagle; securl v fo' farther bearUty. Morris Dillon, drunk and disorderly; fined 8a 58. Wm. Canaday, soldier, Insulting a lady; turned over to tbe military. Michael Angelo, do ; do. Albert Bylngton, drunk; do. Francis May, sleeping in tbe market; dlamlssed Ernest H snrtlr* tn IM * A tVtM /?i fi? Han >v'uill lUt ui uiisi viiavi w tcdvc ?uc uiif , i/nui Dugin, Susan L)ugan. and Win. Pngan, drunk and dlaorderly; lined 93 H4 each Enoch Ward, orerchargijif back hire; dismissed. Sicoud WtiD Station Case*?Bt/ort Jmiiet Clark? John Jenkins, Henry Thomas, Henry Canley, disorderly; dismissed. John Abbott, do ; **2. Marv Hanton, Julia Smith, colored, do ; *-3 91 each. Fred Bowman, charge of stealing; dismissed. Lt Sam'l J. Murphy, deserter; turned over to Provost Guard. Geo. MrGlnnls, fl^htluu: 91.91 Edw'd Lilly. do: dismissed Annimji* Hutchinson, Laura Hutchinson, Eliza Sounds, larceny; further hearing. Mabxiid ? By a UymenUl notice elsewhere it will be se?n that a young gentleman connected with this department of the Star h>s been and gone and got married An he is a worthy young man, and not bad looking, we forgive htm and hope that he and hla aweet bride may "live long and proaper," with no end of desirable "Local Ites" by their ttreslde. Racine os thi A visui.?We are requested to call the attention of those persons who are in the habit of racing their bor?e* on Pennsylvania avenue rant of Rlghth street east, every Sunday afternoon, tb at the police intend to enforce the law against them. G >vn*i(B!tT Mr. F. T. Sands, on F street, between Sutb and Seventh, ytsterday J Wia <1 xtlaa War Ss/v/\ ?va ruuiuirUUCU Ull uuiiri nm UIIUC1 toari ivi tuc uuu^'i In and around tbe District, be having obtained tbe contract. ________ As It ia a. vtsteky to a good many peraona who tave of late bought tbelr ontflu of Spring Clothing at Bar fc Bro'a Clothing Establishment, corner of E and Seventh street*, how It la possible to *?11 ready-nude clothing, eqnal In style, making and trimming to tbe best of ttoee made by merchant tailors, at such low rates, we will therefore give the following explanation: 1. We superlat nd the manufacturing of all gooda ourselves, and have found through a good many yean experience In this branch of buslneaa, an<1 In tV>1a ait?r tVhit ifvlMt fit irrvitfitip* Km( mL ? IH t J | ? * ? ?*-? V??" culated for this market. 9 We are eoatended with smtll proflta. Oar constant aim la to gain the entire confidence of tbla community for filr dealing, as thla la oar motto We will continue to sell good* cheeper than ever. We have last received a large stock, comprising 411 the latest atylea cf boys aa well as men's clothing. Every person can now get salted snd ffited with the most deslrab'* patterns. Bar k Bao,'s, cor. E and Seventh ats. Srhator Simmon's and W. Blade's, esq , teatlmonlals to Dr. Von Moschzlsker, certify log to his aRMlta as u aarlat la having effected the re torstlon of the hearing In cases of severs and long atandlng deafness, will be read with Interest by those similarly aftected. Seethe Doctor's card. None* ?Dr. Voa M oschzlsker bega to give notice to ftwt who wish to avail themselves of hi* wrvlc/? la cum of Dtifoeu or lmptlred Sight, that they most Ao ao at once, In order to have the full benefit of hla treatment dor lag hla stay in the city. At this mmoi of the year la fa* vorabis for optbalmlc or aval surgical operations, those who require aneh should laao ao lUnr, 2*7 renasylraaia aveaaa. |t? f Ths bist pl4c* to get your printing done fh the beat style, and at reasonable rate*, la at J. VV. Twyman A Co.'a, 474 Seventh street, opposite 'h? Poat Offce Department. w* aib selling N. W. Thomaa', Henry Nre'a, G. Casaard's, and Relman'a Orange Brand Hani at 10 eenta per pound. Tbeae are four of the beat brands of nams in the United States, plain bams ? >! in mniiJi of thr bMt Inrd for Si. At 8lewirt <k Son's, corner of 12th and H streets. 3t* Sworn to bofort Hit Worship George Hall, Esq., Mayor of Quebec qrsBKc, Jane 13. 1858. This Is to certify that I hive been blind for ten year* of my right eye, and for the last ten months my left eye became similarly diseased. Four week* ago I was led by three member* of the St. Patrick's Society Into Dr. Tbumblety's offlce almost blind. The Doctor, after examining me, said be could care melnashort time, notwithstanding most of the doctors In town had gave -? ? - vi. 1_ i ? .1 Jk n? me up as i ncurauie, nameiy. nr. utuuiy iiiu 1/1. Fremont, of the the Nunnery Hospital; they gave me up after thirteen we?ks treatment, and my wife led me home blind from the Institution. Then I commenced trying mostly all tne doctor* of Quebec without the slightest particle of relief. I hare been te work for the last eight or ten days, at my usual occupation, that of a mariner on the St Lawrence, and thanks to Almighty God that he has sent the Illustrious Dr. Tumblety to cure me. May Gtd bless! \villiax Smith, otliufbw. C E. Sworn to and acknowledged by the above mentioned William Smith, who ha* read alond in ray presence a printed document which be had never seen before. Giobob Hall, Acting Mayor of Quebec. TBS INDIAN KERB DOCTOR will describe* diseases and tell his patients the nature of their complaints or Illness, without recelvlng any Information from them. A'o ckargt for Consultation or Advice. Office, No. 11 Washington Bulidlags, Pennsylvania avenue, corner 7th street. may S-tf Mbshrs. H. A Hall A Co. have removed their stock of India Rubber Goods from their branch store, 308 Pennsylvania avenue, back to Boston, during the summer, where they will be pleased to recrive orders by telegraph or mail for any and all of the various articles made from India Rub ber or Gutta Percha. Orders will be forwarded by ary express company's lightning tra'n, and arrive in In twenty-four hours, cheaper to our cltiiens than they Could be sold here. Send on your orders and have them tilled at manufacturer's price* at Messrs. H. A. Hall St Co ' warehouse, Iwhere they have the largest assortment of India tubber Goods in the world,) 6.3 Milk street, Boston, Mass. ma7-w,*irM Pennies and Small Change may always be had lor exchange at the Star office counter. tt The Horrors of War can be greatly mitigated by that sovereign remedy, Holloway's Ointment, as it will cure any wound however desperate, If it be well rubbed around the wounded parts, and they be kept thoroughly covered with It. A pot should be in every man'd knapsack. Only 25 cents per pot. 227 j Ant person wishing to procure a loan of a few dollar* on satisfactory security, can do so by calllng at 456 Eleventh at., between O and H. apl4 Bkst Philadelphia Print and Spring noshm Dutter, ii cents per pound, at Stewart A Soi it, corner of Twelfth and H streets. Also, at ojr stands No 43 Center .Market, opposite the tl ih market, and at No 5, Seventh street end of the Northern Market. 31* Only think of it, silver-plated spoons, forts, castors, pitchers,cream jugs, butter dish>>s, suyerbowls, salt stands. Sc.c., Ac., for only one dollar, at the People's Dollar Store, 438 Penn. avenue, near Four-and-a-half st. m 6 4w? all riiHunB can una lae doi muci ui uioidlng, Furnishing Goods, Trunk*, Hats and Cat*, at Smith's, No. 47p ^eventh ?t.. near F. fe 27-3ra Corns, ktc.?All persons afflicted with Coma whether hard or soft; and all afflicted with Bunions, Calloaltles, club end Ingrowing toenails, may find great relief and be satisfactorily benefitted by applying to Dr G. White, 4*26 Fennaylvanla avenue, between 4^ and 6th streets, Room 7, second floor. HAKKICU. On the 8.h instant, at Sulphur Pprincs, Anne Anindel co? Md.. by Rev M L Hawiey, JAMES CR0G80N, of Washington, to ELiZABE 111 C. GARDNER, of 'he former place. (Baltimore papers copy.) 1)1 KU, In 6eo-getownt on the 9th inntant. II minntea before o'clock p. m.,tl typhoid f ver, JOHN, ouly an n o' 6eorre D. and Mary I). Abbot:, &?od 16 year* and 3 month*. The f'leudi of the family are r??p o'failr invited to attend hie fanera , to-morrc w (^nu'.ay) at 2>* o'o o,-k p m.. from the reaidenoe if hie p%r*nU. * Oh the raorninc (f the 10th inatant, at ha'f past 5 o'clock Mr. DAViD CROCKKfci', ajed 10 yeara ar.d 4 n-o -ithe Hit fjnera! wil' move from bia late reaiienoe, on D atr^et, h^tv -en aid 6tu^ laiand. on Sunday, at 3 o'oloak. Hie f tend* a-e invited to attend. In n i nriratr w n nn t K A mnrnircr nf t )iIftrh m?f WILi 1 AM DAVIS, aon of Johu and Mary Davia, io the >eth ??ar of bit ate The 1'ierid" and acquaintance* o' the family are r'apeAifuliy invited to attend his funeral, to morrc w < t at 3 o'clock, from hia late rendenoe, on Proapeot at. * WANTS. WANTED?A BOY to lewn tha tin and nheet ** iron buaintaa. THUS- LAMBERT. I-.* 4 39 Pa. a venae. WOOD CUTTERS W A 1ST ED?T*o Weod Cutter* wanted immediately. Apply at No. 3**I K ?troet, betwe-n a?1 and 4rh. m lo-2t* \VTANTED?* f-tw a tive MKN to obtain tub" *cr bsrt fir a new illustrated history tf tfce present war. ft*ted par t ?eu Apply to VIRTUE ? no., PuMnharg, -ev?nth ?t It* w ANTED TO PURCHASE-A gjod lucnl " and jenlle carrieics and cart HORSE will find a purchaser by apeiTirg at Mr. Vevou'a old plS'e, Boundary and ?l*t at*. It* WANTED?A BOV iVom 14 to 16 >ears cf a<9, to attend a newj stand ir. a hot??l. Hemu't be a g->od r.atholio App'y immediately at Mr R Rainet'* Hotfl, D ?t. near 7tb It WANTED-A am ill HOU9K, with 6 or 8 rooms, north of the aveiiue; br a peritarent tenant, for whioh a fair ient win be paid Adores* Mr, WILLI -.Ma, Look Bo? 'ii Fust Off.oa. in 10 31* A LADY.A STRANGER IN THE CITY, wishes to (liapnse of an Kngluh Fa'eut Lover Hunting Watch. Willseil at a rr*at a is in want of money. Call at 490 K street, tor partionla'a, It* WANTED IMMEDIATELY-Thirty toad HAN1>S to p*al bark r>ear t-e city. bood wages. Inquire next door to Bread Bakery. I,< u,M?raav , n'?r the Market. m W-3t* WANTKD-A CAKRIABE KAINTER at 49* 6th street, aouth of Pa avouue. man* jac??h wilson WANTK1) IMMEDIATELY?Ycug LADIES tile&rn the l)re?t lc Appiy 410 9>h itreet, t?tweon H and I m 9 3t* BOAKL) WANTED.?A gertltmin wnb?i io obtain a p e&tant Koom at <1 U<>ard for h.msaif and wife, v ih a genteel fanii'y where there are fev tr do boarde**. and no great dittacoefrom tno Patent Oftoe. Address, tlaling tenni, box 303 FoetOftne. in 9 3i* WAN TEL)-a good p ain COOK, WasHEK aud 1K'?NEK. Alio, < ham^rnaid aa1 8 am.trr?? Thu ) a good ittuation, and good wftgea will be aiven for g mi girl*. Recommendatiooa required Apply at 3Q*i K ttreet, teween Uth and lttb at*. m 9 Si* i?<JdT AM' f OUM). LO*T?Between 9 h etreet w ? nd the Navy Yin4,*im\l g>laWATCB* IAIN Jtx A *e<y libeia rtw4rl w^ll b? r- J . f A at GAL. r*8 Jewelry Store, a* i? jreviliripj to tbe owwr ?h*o it can b? U W other pereon No qut H'.ioca wi l be aaked. It* OIA REWARD.-strayed or atolen a bundle <3> IU COVVw 1 th whI-eJao? a-.d white r>eiiy. loci hjto r?*uu win on givaa uu If? M It* return to No. 89 S6tb street, between IJmJb and K. m 9 81* P. C. TON A It. SIRAYKD OR STOLEN?From tbe Circle Hospital, three COW8.t?ool -1-?

btffalo cows?o'e white, with red spots, pur one red, with white spots?and one horned eow, rrd and partially white. Supposed tc have strayed west or north of O?orgetnwn A suitable reward will be given for their reooTery. m ?-it* ( OST?A yellow CHILD, aged s years, named Lj Wa-rer Jainer. Hal on small green saok. r.Tuwn >ft*n ss'oa and pants Whoever returns tha Mid child, will racotVa tha thanka of hia diatrcaaed mothsr. ANNIE M J MMKR, At Mr Jaoobi, on h atreot, m 9-8t* bftwe^n 6:h and 7th atr?t. ftae RKWAHD?And no tn'ationa atkad, if fMMraonvhoralitTtd maoiny wA roH (No 9*)?. ladr'a gold bnntinc-ca*a waloo )it| aaar baer oouoart aaloon, on K airaet, bottMs 1st b a d Mtn atraata, on T?*?day evening. May 6 will ratarn t,.a a<ma at tbe offioa ul tha Kirk wood Hot*!. Tr?a abuva rawad will ba *aid and no tnaaUona a'kad. Tha psraon inter?atad may rati upon th;a offar boinc ma-la in >001 faith. m9lt* ?u??* _hTOLEA-*r2m lh8 ?c?r,??r ol lilt HDU HrWI3,UD tuo (in lUIUMmMVH two black COWS and one red. Bud a oa f. A. liberal reward wilt ?e given for any in-GmJam formation reelecting tc.em. 1-31* JOHN OAYNOR. ftia HE WARD.? Streyed or etolea, on th? JJIU mgnt cf the 7tn in?unt from mrjrv_ >reiou?i. on SDU atro^t. Tint W ard, Waehimton.a capole gray HOKSb, b?- ? longing to Government 1 will gl?e the above reward ir returned to me or to she Quartermaater in Alexandria. m ? at* T. H. BTAHL, Waton Maeter. f OST?On Monday, the stb instant, a GEN'niniraii.MnMifuii. ir 4 AMU8BMBNT& PORD'I 1THKIIIUH. { KM V. Fo*n Pr??n?tor tad M?utg?r Job* B. W*I?HT Hunger ? FmwxiL Tifimomii! Flrat Night olio Original Comedy t j D? WaJdee, enui.ea A CUK1O8ITY, A CURIOSITY. A CURIOSITY, A SKNolBLK WOMAN, A 8EN8IRLE WOMAN. A SENSIBLE WOMAN . Mr Latuucaa Jon?th\n.? ? - W H l ?^k The Coant II H?rrUcn Ci*r? Miw Cheetner Mr? Boitoc Mn J R Vincent To oonolede wlU MY NEIGHBOR'S WJFE. Monday the Celebrated Comedian, MR. HACKETT, Will appear m Sie Jckk Fallstxft. _ Admission. DrmCirole and har?uctta__ 71 cent* Secured Seats fl BaIootjt Se?ti . , f I Oronestra Seats ~ il Private Buxom (feoidinc cuat) SiQ Family Cirole 25 oeata iu box umoe open trom 9 tin 4 o'oiook. poors open at 7; oa'Uin n?*? at 8. 1* PHILIP WARREN. Trowrtr. GROVER'S THEATRE. farewell and last night of gottschalk and the italian opera IMMENSE AND ENTIRELY UPRECEDENTED _ IN AMERICA! COMBINED A TTRACTION! From the demands of holders of res?rTcd seats for the third (ana last; Op?ra Num. it is deemed imperative by the manager* of the COMBINED fiOTTSCHaLK and liALlAN OPERA PARTY to five OPERA ENTIRE, On SATURDAY NIGHT' Therefore, (as the artuta do not appfar two* upon the same day,1 Thtrt trill be No Matinee T nalAa/1 THIS (SATUKDTY) NIGHT, GRAND CONCERT BY GOTTSCHALK And the Optra Artists. The entire New Opera of BGTLY. Mmo D'Ancri-.... Bet'.y u ? ?.? ?- " - ? * onDor Dri|nua__ uaciei uirman Signor Suaini... sviit fcergeaut, Max sturter With OOrrSuHALK between the acta, Aud a PETIT COMEDY Hy the - COMEDY CONGRESS' SETCHKLL, T1LTON, ROGF.RS, SUSAN DEN1N, LOITY HOUGH, I And the fi , ? OF eROVER'8 THEATER. Forming a Giamd Combination or Attraction* Never before equaled in Amsrioa. GRAND GOTT8CHALK CONCERT! FULL ITALtAX OPERA ! With all tbe Artiste. AND A COMEDY By the Firit ComtUiana oi tbe Age! rKiuts ur AUMissiua, Orchestra Chaira .51 50 Dreaa Circle (reserved)? ? 91 i>reaa Circle (unreaer?e<l)_. _ 15 cenu Family Circle.. ? 25 cents. Seat* mar be aeourei at Metze:ott'a Muaio Store on the Avenue. Doors open at 7V. performance to oommence at 8. IC^The Qraart Piano us?*1 by Mr Bottsohalk la from the celebrate Manufactory of CHloKKRINS A SON, Boston. m 10 It /CANTERBURY HALL, Vs Louisiana. a v., niar Sixth bt. Extraordinary Announcement First Week of the MUSICAL'CON VEMTION OF ARTISTS. Tub LaR6Xst anl Most Talkxtid Company ever presentej ON THE CANTERBURY STAtfE. FIVE NEW STARS THIS WEEK And i% 1 of th? OLD FAVORITES! Re engagement of MISS JULIA MORTIMER. The Idealization of Melody ana Be&uty 1 TKi WaiMngton Pit! Firet SAk of J. H. BUDWORTH. The wor'd-renowned hthiopian Aotor, the champion Banj out <>f i he World Firat appearance in Wanhirgtou in two jears. HARRY KICK. Tkt Celtbrated Etkxoinan Author ami Actor. * ? ? iu r nioeaifwiiou MONDAY NIGHT ard ev?ry nitht this week, A* the Comeabamd in tbe Comedy of HuW TO GET A WIFE. WILLIAM WORRILL, ChaTpion Sons aad Dasoe Negro. MISS MILLIE KOWLFR. By far the moat beautiful and acoom>:i*h*d DanMit* on the American state. TO M?HT, THE GIPSY'S LAY. MISS IDA DUVAL, The Sweet Operatic Sontatreaa! DICK 1'AKKKK, Canterbury'a nwn Dot! And tbe MA MMO TH COM PA N Y ! TBI CoBHT 07 UlACTT, Miaa Frank 1-a Folle.Mna Luiio Franoia. Una Frank Seoor, Miaa Lilly Brandon, Miaa Jalia Kiohraond aid Little Ella. n . > i? ? nnnre Vsnange oj rrogramm? : Doora open at 73* ; performance at 8* o'clock. Admission Xi ceuu; Oroheoter Cfcairs fci oeuu. . Matineea WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY for L&diea acd Children, when a number ol valuable Preienta will be givan awaj?one a $25 ailrcr Cake L'aak't. Mra. Cower, No. 45911th atreet, reoeivoJ a 825 ailr?r Cake Baaketon Saturday iaat. m 5 Humphreys a. juknkmannh PLEASURE GARDEN, On Capitol Hill. Will open io- tne season on MONDAY. Ma* 6th A DANCING SOIREE EVKRY MONDAY EVENING, oommencint at 1 o'olook. <M The public in ceneral are regpeotfully in- *5; vit*d. Au ChoioeBEER and WINES constantly onHA hand m l-14t* PATENT OFFICE CU RIOSITIES-Gaide to Patents, Catalogue of Curiosities and Government Gardena, at the atand in Patent Offloe; Kare Antiquarian Hooka ; Gpverumei.t Books; Documents furnished: Railro&d Reports; Military Re porta; burnt Patent Office Reports; Cheap Books ntmiahed to Pedlars: Military TriaU: Military Laws; Army Refutations; Panorama of theCoaat ahowint over S.OiX) miles; many taonsand Cheap Books. Reooliect cheap rent. Laree sale*, low rtr.M 17a atA.ira.ovAr Ranlr nf WLahir.nnn ra?l-1m* ALFRKO HIjNTKR. BALLS, F ARTIES, Ac] A BRAND MAY BALL Will be *tven at the g\ PARK, on &*vmtk tlrnt, jfl On THURSDAY EVENING, Maj 15.MA m ?v nuiiiikULK m >?u; auu |rui omaui for ?al* at the Park. m iQ 3t* T1HE HERO OF FORT *UMTF.R!-7A? Anderson Boyt in tkt Field 'rat*'?The % rut it T tl bKANU MAY hal.l, or 1MB Andereon Cluh will take ?l?oe at Fbanklin Hall, oorn?r Ninth and D ?tr--?tc, on luKSlfll DAY, May 20th Tioketi, admitting a gectiemau and ladiM. 91. For farther fa;tioatari eee fjtar* idTtrti?menu. It* THE 14TH GRAND ASSEMBLY of the *% U1BERMA CLUB H# win take pw?e at M TEMPEKAHCE HALL. UM On WE ON KPDAY EVENING, May 18 Hy order of the Committee m?it' STEWART HOLLAND CLUB IN THE ^ di c i vv a n a i w i rioui/ nuaiii Th? mamb?[i of tha Stewart Holland Clab take treat pieaenre in announcinc to their fnecd* M and the public feneratly thai ther will five IB their eiguth OK AND BALL at Franklin Hali.on MONDAV.MaTli OA The Committee fledge themse!vet that no tame nor expeue shall be spared to make tkia tkt Hall of the aaasoa. Th? Ho;y Bill Band ha* been encaged for the oooaaion. Commxttu a/ Arrnngtmrntt. H C.E?fT, c. ? romp, Wb Orov??, J Tanner. m j ? * FOR 8ALE?Two fira:-olMa MILLIARD TABLCH, marble ?iat<e. and every arrangement oomplete. Tiom deeinnc the above will "tody their mtereet bj eaUlnr immediately at the Earopean Hotel, orner 11th ureet and Per-otriTania >?DM- ?* ? ? OALI OOALII C O A LU1 Jo?t arrived and unloading eeTeralearioee of thvmr?ii. 'S'aL""" ?t4 frsa Pa. awea?. r>?t. luh ?-><i ia>F ?u. hay* ob ?ale a. Jlne, pair of ,datpta_ iray GARK1 Iau6 huiipm. mm in vwwm, waiou will Mil ft bar run gi*-6< Jam. C.MoOmKKACO, Aoota. SnuS^nsrte ?? SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK, P. M. ARRIVAL OF TWO RELEASED UNION PRISnuiPDc rcna Riruanun V*'WffV V I?wm iMvnmvni/, Meeting of the Property Holders of Richmond in view of Federal Occupation. To Burn or lot to Burn the City 1 ? m 8tone Vessels to be 8unk in James Eiver. How the Rebels Get News from Washington. Rebel Talk of Attacking McDowell. Capt. J. A. Farrlab.of tbe?8thNew York raiment, and Lieut J. W. Dempaey, of the 2d New York, arrived in this city yeaterday, from Richmond. They were captured at the battle of Bull Run (whefe both were wounded) and carried to Richmond, and. after a time, anccecalveiy to Castle Plnrkney, Columbia, S C., and otber Confederate prUona, and aome time ago returned to Richmond and confined, with about 600 other prlnonera, In a building occupied formerly br a man named Llbby, a* a pork-packing eatabllahment. They left Richmond laat Thursday morning In charge of Lieut. Lew la, of Gen Wlnder'a ataff, and, after being blindfolded, conveyed per railroad to a station which thHr guard aald waa tbe Summit. They were here lifted out of the cara and Into an ambulance. Trcm the tramping and abuffiing which they heard, and other nolaea, tKAir tL'AtA 4 I f ? < l.txU *t- ?? ?? ? ? ' vuvi "vie itivuucu >u luiuk tudi lucrr wet o ihi^c crowd gathered In and around the stat'ou; but not being allowed to aik any questions, they can only guess at this. They were carried a ride of about two or three hours In the ambulanre, when they came to a sudden halt by the ambulance breaking down. Lieut. Barnwell (of a South Carolina regiment) who bad taken them In charge at the summit, offered them his arm, and marched them half a mile through a wood, where h* removed the bandages, and told them be did not think thev could reach the Federal lines that nigh*, and that there would be a fight upon the very grouod tbey were standing upon. At this moment a courier came up witb a dispatch to Lieut. Hernw*ll, who again blindfolding his prls ners. re ? - * turned to where the ambulance broke down, and impressing a cart into the service, put the prisoners therein, with their backs to the horses, and started cff towards the Federal lines, arriving tt Gen McDowell's headquarters that night They passed on the way some soldiers, and they thought also some artillery. They report that on last Saturday night a large was held in Richmond to decide wUl should be done with the city on tbearrival of the Federals. The property holders and most sub tantlal men of the city favored asurrender. while those who bad do Interest there, and generally blacklegs and thieves, were rampant for burning It. Captain Farrlsh thinks there is a very strong Union feeling in Richmond. Every corner is nightly pasted thick with Union sentiments and mysterious writings, which alarm the secessionists very much. On last Saturday, and all day Sunday, there was much excitement la the city, and troops were being rapidly sent cti while ail the artillery that had been ?ent south of Richmond some time previous, was hurriedly brought back and shipped north. From all that our Informants could learn, the Confederates evidently intended attacking Gen. if . rv. si *1?* -? - - ? oicuuwui icai nigot (I nursday), and a Urge force wan hurried off from Richmond for that purpose. The Confederates at Richmond have every vehicle snd cart engaged, busily hauling stones and tilling them In tbe canal and all other boats, for the purpose of sinking them in the James river, on the approach of the Federal fleet. a uiau luuicu ttiuiiin tDurcaiu tutetted Irom tbe 1st Ohio cavalry, and joined the Confederate service. He wu p:aced aa one of the guard* over the prisoner*, and was tbe mest merciless and | brutal of all tbe sent! nel??taking ever opportunity to offer them Insult, and ev?n tiring upon them for simply looking out of tbe window. Capt. Farrish intends reporting tLls case to tbe War Office. They also report that there Is a msn named Einack, a lieutenant Hi the rebel service, who formerly lived in Washington, and whose father still resides here. This man has frequently boasted that he passed through the Federal lines at tbe time of tbe Bull Run fljjht, and taklna a musket, amused himself picking off Federal soldiers. Both Lieut. Dempsey aud Oapt FarrUh have heard him assert that he has frequent communication with hi* father, who livgi in Washington, and that he knows all that ia going on within the Federal llnea Lieut. Dempaey aays, that a Lieut. Danlela, of the Confederate service, waa allowed to t-o to ? - O - Richmond, many months ago, for the purpose of effecting hit (Dempsey's) exchange. Daniels, however, after he got there, paid no attention to lhe matter; but entered again into the Confederate service, and was acting therein while Lieut. Dempsey, whom be should, according to h^ parole, have had released, was lying in prison. THE SITUATION. The presumed exigencies of the public service at this particular juncture, are of course at the bottom of the barrenness of the columns of all newspapers to-day, In details of news of military IB wis, UWIUIU' wuairvri orinj permiura '.O I Into the pre<s of that character. We, however, doubt not that the Government here have late Information from each army corps in reach by telegraph, which we have reason to believe embraces, In every case, satisfactory news. A CANARD. It !l nnt In hlah milUirv UtA that any considerable portion of the rebel umy on tbe Peninsula baa succeeded In escaping across James river Tbls opinion Is of course founded on a knowledge (by telegraph) of facts of recent occurrence In that quarter, not yet made public. PiaftOMAL.?Hon. J. 8. Pbelps of Mo., arrived In tbls city yesterday. Capt. J. A. Farrlsb, of (k* *U'I? V Atv V asW V/v!linIaapa a n ri I I sut I IV "v. i ? vi a v uiun?vv i u? 4 . 11 Dempsey, of the 2d New York State Mllltla, who were taken prlaonera at Manaasaa by the Rebels and confined at Richmond, arrived yesterday, and are at Brown's. Gena. Sturgls, Seymour and Carl Schurx, U. S. A ; Capt. Bailey, Com'r Boggs and Capt. 8. A. Waterbury, U. 8. N.; and Hlr?m Barney, collector of the port of New York, are at Wlllard's. Post Routs* RaorassD.?The route la reopened from Washington via Falls Church to Fairfax Court House, Va., and pott offices are reestablished at both those points. Mall matter ia to be tent via Washington. The office at Winr better, Va., Is re established, and Charles Chaat Is in charge or it. Mall matter for Leeaburg and Waterford post officet it tent by Point of Rocks on Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Not Ritvxmbs.?Tbe President and Secretaries of War and Treasury, who have been at aad about Fortress Monroe for some day* past, bad not returned to Wash lag ton at 3 30 p. m. to day. 117* Major Scott, principal elerk of the Poet - - - *? . - s _ui %J aam v^.w v/ucv i^cparvuicuv, wiu ichtc iirw x via vu uuh* day with Ike mails for Nsw Orleans, ui reorganize the post office there. [JT Oa the outside of the Star to-day will be found such of the Interesting oficlsl reports eoama* >i I n rw tKn A# Maw HrlASas ?* m?a*? Wiuiug kiw o VI waawtaaw WC wrrr unable to mtk? room for yesterday. Mohdat?Opiii ?The " Barber ot BeriUt," with a new Oottaehalk concert, will be given by requett lor the lut time m Monday evening at Carnal'* Theater. ^ THE LATBSf BT TBLBORAPB. Latest from Fortress MoarM. ttelal Report ?f . C?l4ik?rH(k f the I*ak?r4aeit ?f kvtllH M?t. v tie icrrlBti wm to hiv? k?(i Dealt Will had ikr the ft 4 FlfhU Ike Retail of the Boabarlacit. U.S. FLtHHir Nmuou. > Hampton*. Vm , May 0, IMS $ Hit IxctlUnty tkt frtt,J*nt rf lii l'?uU Srar?? ?Sir: Agreeably to a communication just received from the Hon Edwin M 9 tan loo, I ha?a the honor to report the Inntracttona I gar* yesterday to the cfflcera commanding the lenral m ela detailed to open Are upon Aewell'a Point were that the object of the move waa to ascertain iKa n ' ? -? > \ - - a*v vi idiia4ng i way o( iroops thereabout, and to reduce the work* If It could be done; that the wooden Teasels should attack the principal work* in enfilade, and that the Moa> itor, to be accompanied by the Stevens, should go up as far as the wreck, and there operate la front. On the Merrimac'a sppearanca cataida ot the wrecks, the Monitor bad orders to fall back into fair channel way, and only to engage her seriously In auch a position, tt?? th'a ship, together with tbe merchant vessels intended for the poposa, could ran her down If an opportunity presented itself. Tbe other venue!* were not to hesitate to run her down, and the Baltimore, an unarmed staamer of light draft, high ape?-d, and with a curved bow, wa* kept In the d recti on of tbe Monitor, exprtssly to throw hem-if across the Merrlrmc either forward or aft of her plated houae. But the Merrimac did not engage tbe Monitor, nor did *h? pla^e her?elf whore she could have t*ea a'lf'l'ri bv our rara vessels to any advantage, et where there was any prospect whatever. My Instruction* were necessarily verbal, and ia nl ?V. I * ' " I kucui a eu i i'iwu i was carrying out your wishes In substance, If not to the letter. The d' monst ration resulted In e*tab lstalng the fact that tbe number of guns at the principal work on Sewell's Point t as been essentially reduced, and is not greater now tban about 17; and that the number of men sUt!on?d there Is qmto limited The quarters connected with this work were set on fire by cur thells and no doubt aerloualv Injured. I am, very respectfully, your oS't serv't, L M. GOLD??OROC6H, Flag Officer com'd'g Naval Bloek'g Squad's. The Rsiabardment ?f Fert Wright. Chicaoo. M?y 9 ?The followlne d ?palrd from Cairo has been received by tbe Journal The * learner Brown, from the flotilla this morning at daybreak ha* arrived at Cairo Yeaterday four rebel g jnboat* were seen rounding the poit.t, comlr.^ In the direction of the mortars, evtd?ntly with the ln'entlon of cap. turinj them. Our eunboaU firmed In Ub<s ot buttle, tue de-k* were rieired for action, and ?oui?* fifty *hot? were firrd v/tien 'he reb?l boat* retired to a distance ao that it was impcMlble to aay whether any of the ahot touk n'cu The firing from tbe rno-t?ra, which was ?u?* pended for two d=\-i' b*" be<-n renew>*d, aid when tbe Uram^r B'.wn lef: they wer? firing with great vi^or to guard ag Ins! awy ?"irprl?e The mortar boats are now towed up every night, snd remain behind tbe fleet. F.snsGen Halleck'a Armf. Caibo. May 9 ?[Special to Chicago Tribune.] Tbe boat from Pittsburg Landing arrived last evening. Our army w*s within two irl'ea of Cor'nlh and heavy Bring was heard on our eitreme advance, but it was thought that no general engagement was progressing. Caibo, May 8 ?The enemy have KjM cavalry at Dresden, Tenn . COO at Garden Station, and last night, it i* reported, a compauy of rebel cavalry occupied Union city. Arrival ?( Rebel erlMari at Kaihvlllt. Louisville, May it.?One hundred and etirhfv of Morgans rebel cavalry, recently captured", have arrived at N^ahville, en route 'or the North LA TE LOCAL NE WS. Tat EK*SCIPAT!0!S C0Y3f!??I0M?*.?S*.n'? onr laat report th<? following p-titiona have been fiUdCaroline Vac kali, 7 alav^a?Marin. Henrv, William, L ir e, Eugene and Ciarenee Coirptun, and Marlborough Wilson. John P. Pepper, 2 aiavea?Sarah Rcaa and Jo* Cor?>ellu? Chrla topber Camoiack, 1 nave?Gecrije Hurrell John , W. Woodward, 1 alave?Vt-glnla Napu Hur| ace S Johnson, 5 s'avea? Finny, Jmim and El!z<i B ltle', Flora Carter atd Calvin Jamlaon. Catharine Wlndai>n, 3 alavea?Jemima and Dai'l Brown. Cornelia Hampton, Caroline NVeat, Jul a, Noah, Daniel and Le?t>-r Wallace. Sarah Davla, 7 alavea?Uncnab Went, Aleck ?!'&* Hampctead, Annie, Jull* and child. and Sua?n Joyce. Ana Scott. 6 alavea?Dennia and F:!en Magruder, Betty Bender, Martha and Clara Singleton, Jamea and Charlea Tllgman and Michael Parr. John Downs, 2 stavca ? Sarah and Rachel Brown \Vliiia?n W ilklnaon. 3 ?tave??Ellr? and Mary Ellen Coop r tad Kate Leech. Thflm.1* Ii H i rA ? 1 ?*? *' * ~ _ ? _ v -V?nrui j| iqani, Corn, Kate, an' (irmoe. Martin duel I, 1 alavea? Martha Ann and Caroline Jiksn. Jtnph Dovrn1 nj;, 1 slave?Jottn Brocks Horatio Moran. 3 slaves?^acdy and John L<\*;? 'A e baler William Rlcbarda, 1 slave? Henry Dirsey Busbrod VV. Reed, 3 alavea?Lucy and Jackson Jones and Rebecca Hrnaon Owm Leddv, 2 al?vts?Mary and Kmlly Green Ad?ins, i ?lavea?(icorye and Martha, fcallv Murrav and Mart1 n Kin? Uslaves? Miir^ar?t and Miranda. C?L T s aimkiiIm ? a! a*<-s?Wesley, Louln, Bob, Mr,, Kilinora, Kitty and Add. Milton Garrett, 4 alavts?urace Payne, Maria Carey, Mallnda a.ct Koae tioinga Sophia M. White, 1 ulave?Louisa Rr?pn?t. Elizabeth A Hilleary, 4 saves?Amelia Scott, Richard and Mary A Brown, end Amelia 8 Brannan Sarah A HUleary, 4 alare* -Wm Alien and Henderson, Letitla Bind, Lewis Cass Pipaiotw Leonard HlUearv, 2 slavca?Susan and Cetbertne Orme. Robert P. Dw'c*. 2 slaves?Harriet and Samuel Smoot. John Bavne, 2 alavea?Mary Jaoa and Frank Queen. Geo M Ceney, 14 slave#? Jeremiah, Mirua, Caroline, lreltna and John Wealey HaU, Prlactiia, M-ir'ba, Kilen. Prlarilla, (2i,> Maria a .d Laura Plnkney, Louisa and Margaret Alien, and Rachel Jackson (".?? w si.w?? I slave?Reuben Nels n Martha H McKnlght, 1 ulavf? Rrieita D^a<-v Rtxtn Arnold, 1 a^ave? Geo. Cranner John K itp, 1 i ave?Julia. Maj. W . B Slack, 2 alavea?Francis DuckeU and F.vellne Robertson F 8 WaUh. 7 alaves?Emily, Charlotte, Henry, George, E vlra, Ctiarien and a child, Cleiuent \Ve*der, Harrl-t, Bfcjimln aud Joa Price Sam'l A. H Mark*. 3 alavn?BaaLl Cbise, Daniel and Lacy Magrudtr andcbUd vp to tne pre?e-t time 145 netltlona have beet filed, claiming f3 ? 575 for 5> slaves. A mrxom baa been in elreulatloi Id tht? ctt? since yesterday morning tti&t Lieut J no. Howaid, formerly of tbe U S army, and young Browning, of tbla cltv, were killed at tbe battle at Shilob, and that Samuel Scorer, a young man well known In Washington, waa wounded at tbe aatn* place These person* were among tbe first to follow tbe fortunes of Doyl?, Lenox A Co., and Identify themselves with tbe South. kftct**a!? ?Mr#. Kua?ell, of Seventh strict, wao cater# ao welt to the pub! c palate, baa favored ua with the present of a fine abeepebead, aome dellctoua crab*, and aoine in^ red, ripe tomatoes. Mra. R.'a larder la well atocked wltb all kind* of flan, fleab ana fowl, and a be prepare* ber dishes to tbe aatiafacilon ot tbe moat faatldloaa taste. RoBbsd.?On Thursday night, a genLemtn, wbtie purchasing a ticket at Grower's Tneater. Wfil P^lUvM of hit *? ?? tMA by some cktvaltrt d't*d*t:ru at hi* elbow? lS city ia full o( sharp* Jnat now, and the public ahould be on the watch for them Cibccit Cocet ?Tbia court wm engaged yesterday and thl? morning with chancery canes. Tkt Jury trial a will be commenced ou Monday Ooiktioi of Nonrouc ? A Forms* Monro* dispatch aays: A council 01 war vil beid la Norfolk lait Frlday, <*ecretary of War, 0 W. Riidolpb, nod Mallory, Secretary of Uie i\avy, General Huf?r. Brlcadier General Ulanchatd and ttoe Col mem of tbe different reglmenta at&'ioned at Norfolk and Portsmouth, were In attendance ThrITI! tbe determination to e*a< uate Norfolk, Tn* evacuation Immediately eo??e?c?. Tbe MOT 01 im Kf bel troop* were klI to aiTpport Magruder and Johnston. The gnna and machinery of the Nwy Yard lit being sblpprd to Raletgh and Charlott*, N. C. Commtaaary atom arc shipped to Peterabarg and Mcbmond. Tho bear* (ana art beta* dismounted at all the batteries, and r c 1 r a few rsaali of ammunition for caeh gaa are left. Commodore Lot aaya "there ataU art be ft brick left steading" la the Navy Yard. Hsepital, Jtc. The 16th Virginia regiment U at 9ewaU*a Point, and there are 5,WW troops la Norfolk aad Portsmouth C7" It ?b Midshipman John It. Bra?ley who w?t killed on the Richmond, 1 no toad of Acting lUrtir Jdfcn $. Mi, a> pahUafeed. " ? v

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