Newspaper of Evening Star, May 10, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 10, 1862 Page 4
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* EVENING STAR. 1 Shrubs. Although shrubbery, properly planted and car*.! for, constitutes one of the principal at- ' trdctiocs of the garden, yet It is strangely j r fleeted eren in many gardens which. In < 'her re?po?t?, are all that could be desired. I r\a.v?. .v r r ?j 1 " Jtwuvi nc WUIiUDJ IUC TttiiCl* Ul lUIlii BLU * foliage, the attractiveness of bloom, or the ( ease of culture, this department of the flower garden is certainly worthy of more attention \ *han it has hitherto received. As the time has come when shrubs should be planted, a few remark* concerning them may not be amiss. i As moat shrubs commence their growth very 1 early in the spring they should be planted as early as the ground is in fit condition. Where | new plants are wanted, cuttings should be | Immediately made and kept in sand until the ( weather i? sufficiently mild to permit their , planting. In many of the varieties, planta I may be grown from cuttings with as much ease 1 as currant* or gooseberries. ! In general, shrubs should be planted in i group* or ciump4 rather than singly, although 1 a single plant of the large forts may be grown j as a specimen, with good effect sometimes. Of thf* rnmK^r nf iVimha nntnriMiri? A jrroup roust depend a good deal upon the size of the ground. In a large place the number of shrubs in a group should not only be greater. but larger shrubs, even approaching the me of small trees, may appropriately be employed. I Le doil for shrubs should be a moderately enriched garden loam and should receive a slight top-dresiing of well rotted manure each ason. Bat lit:le pruning i? necessary. A stiff, formal shnpe for shrub* is not at all desirable, bat a natural form should be kept, free from FtrarzliE:? and deformed branches. In planting a clamp of shrubs, if on the borders of the garden, the largest size should he planted at the back and smaller ones in front, tte letter hiding the naked stems of the 1 rnier If in the open ground, the large ones should bo planted in center and ihe dwarfer rt.; around them. Tho forms of the clumps nny be various. round, oval, palm-leaf or irregular; any shape being preferable to those w, h acute angles, as triangular, square, <?c. A list of select shrubs is added, which is not tj be considered as comprising all that are desirable. but only a few of the best MDd most easily cultivated. Of large sorts I would name: Althea or Rose of Sharon?Desirable on account of blooming iu the autumn months, when few shrubs are in flfower. ChiooJinthas or White Fringe?This is a fine, largo shrub, with large leaves, and flowers ia large bunches of fringe-like appearance. Cornus or Dogwood?The red branched variety ia very ornamental. Cydonia Japonioa or Japan Quince?Is a very beautiful shrub, with scarlet or blu^h flowers. CnrraLt?Ihe flowering currants are all fine shrub?, with various colored flowers, of very ea!?y eultnre. Euonymoui or Burning Brush?with ornamentai ;n a Private?A well known beige plant. Fine in shrubbery. Philidtlphu3 coronaria or 8yrlnga?A well known fragrant phrub. Very desirable Hose Acacia?A handsome spreading, irregular shrub with long cluster* ef rose-colored flower?. Syringa vulgaris or Common Lilao?well kouffo. Syringa peraica or Persian Lilac?more dedicate than the common lilac. Viburnum Opulus or Snow-ball?Well known. Of the dtrarfer anrtl tha fiillowln? ?r? rfa. airabl*: Amygdala* or Almond?The df-able flowering dwarf Almond ia beautiful, and tao well kcoTfn to need any description. Berberia or Barberry?Pretty shrubs. Calycsntbcs or Alspice?with fragrant wood. Flower* dark brown, of a peculiar and agreeable odor. Deatzta?A beautiful family of shrubs, of which O. gracilis ia the smallest and most beautiful. TLis variety should be found in every collection. Kerri* Japonlca or Corcherus japonic*?Yel low u"w*jr?. Roses of all sorts. Spirea* of various kind??all beautiful. >Veige!:a?One of the very best dwarf shrubs, tine in fvhage and form, abundant and beautiful in bloom. Some of the reseat introductions are especially desirable. In the Catalogue of Bliss, of Springfield, we ob^erra the descriptions of the following new varieties cf tha Weigelia: Iscli^e?pur9 white; interior of the flower straw colored, with a large golden spot. A dwnrf variety ofVf. rosea,variegated foliage. Steimcri?the best of all the TVeijjeliaa known, bearing on one branch of about two feet Ligb, ibrec hundred <*nd fifty to tour buntired well shaped, purplish flowers. The Vvu J .. il n PL* kl ?A<4 >;uu^ ?io uai a uiuyu i vi fetriata?white flowered, striped and spotted with li^bt fcioud sed. Von Honttii?exterior of the flower earmine, with a large silvery white spot on each petal, interior lilac. Every garden should oontain specimens of the Woigeliaa, Spireas and Deutiias?Country iientleman_ As IsrSMrai at ilob ?The following ine!* of the battle of Sh lob !s related by an eyeT?o Kentucky regiments met face to f.ire. and f^u<*bt each other with terr'bl** resolution, Mod It happened that one of the Federal aol dier? w.>nnde<i and captured na broiaer, and tfur Landing t'.tn back, bepan Mring at a man cear a trc, wben the captured brother called to bim pi d ?aid, Doa't shoot there any mere? that * father " 4i j~ A "diaoitr.d cut diamond ' story Is told of the VVla^tfd Link robbers. They lift the rold they obtained from the bank In cnar^e of a New Vork accomplice, who stole the mcney and w yt io Cur >pe. Grera and Lis companion followed. found Lin. and dnrnndixl ttap mniwr The ! ..arpc/ refuted to dUgorge. threatening to (X > ?e the bi!>k rohbery, a.d they were ccinp-llc-d to coin* home without it. . OiF CiiL fltroKTi or thx Battle ot Shtlom Swrctuv ft auto ii. lu a communication to tb<> tzs r'sponw t? a re?olntiou of inquiry*, nay* that the onl y official report of the battle of Shllo'n ytl received at the War Office Is that of General Grant General Halieck'c report haa not come to hand, a: d no aub-reporta accompanied that of General Grant. irr-V.-ra. Rowland, a private in Col. Fowler'* F f.y-f ??rthTenne?aet; Volunteers, who deserted, wji cupturtdon th-? ShiloL battle field of the ?.b. in the enemy'a rank?, and clothed in Federal f .i.. a : su'?seo-je?llv shot in ni-spr.c? of ?i! th? Tennessee regiments ir?" Tue reamrr ^hrcveport left St. Lou)* on the Stub alt. f?-r the Rocky Mountain. t?he had gh board a lar^e number of emigrants from Iowe and Illinois who intend to form a color y In Wmhla*.'.on Territory. The boat will go up the Missouri river as far as Fort Benton Thi Mas '.vao Hat ox tui Powbe* ? Eleven hnndr-d dollars, collected In St. Louis, were Mt en Mondav ;? John 0<ivls, " the man who sa? on the powder." IT7~ Col. Corcoran was born In Bllco, Ireland, la ihe Jail, acd is now nearly 40 years old. He wa? oae el the rebels of 1S43. lH7""Talrtv-flve rebel Drlsoners w?r? ??ni tmm tbe Atbrsen'm, at Whirling, to Camp Chase, on Mobd&y i*?t. C7".Vr. George W. Buu^av, tb? poet and reformer, Las ji'.ucU the editorial a'.afl of the !S?w York Tribune. J?7" George Wolkey wu convicted at 8L Louie if cuuctetfelU.ig Treasury notes, and seat to the iiltentlary for three years. CUT"' 1: la si:d at tbla time that there la more frerflom tf the prt't In the South than anywhere on earth?they prut old and yonng Into the army. On AN'I AP rtR TI^DA^, april ;?2. tr.6 t.aina on ih9 Baiumore acJ Ohio Kalitub*, con.a.oao?> runtana Uaiiy, dun Jays eaoeated, taA<ri> ff r a a* f * *-* -J ? * . - ? ?.? -? l.-mj ?X. .11 , >Wt WI.IRIiUllI &r w uLi:.|toL Junction wiih ma; I tr?m fur &f] fjr ta >{ Wert. > is i*&rk*r?btirf or W bMilc{. i'kroufh tioksu ?old ana bwctis eheckeu. W. P 8?l?H Mb?r of Tr?aoort*Uon B*.Unore and Ohio H%ilrrjLil. a> I dtf WmVELLINe TMUNK3. K OWer 'or *:* tke larieat ae?-.rtm**t Jof TRAVKLLlNt# TKU>K8lo befoiad iLgrane i tan our, MnynuM got* Lmdit' Dr?-? and J?ao*it? Trunk*. licet, Cir ret waioi> we we no* e?:iiaf k?r?rr low ihom. ( U A I f Q1> CDDPMO ?- r*n w T AiiUf D?bl UOUD M it 32 3 P?nn. arenas. E. H. k. H. J. eVfc5u?0\'in OOtM4?*ao? of iM tau kr?, n?*? remorad to 301 t'enijajlff c.i aveca*. I* t v?ou <Hb aid iota itrNti, wh?;? laer# jt*i atill 6?foa&<! jccni ft* MaortoiMtt vl TIN V- AKL. Uotitf tfclHlNS AJlXlCLIkH, Ma. |>AK>1 * IB HERB !-On frM xhiMtioa, ut? L> Hurtt Block of C.oUim id Um oity, M the P?o? o't (J.utuia* i*Ujr?, No. 4?0 8?v?nUi aumt, I'vit Ofto*. N. B ? AU of tb# ibvn ] ffWirtrmitnniaviriM. btHm ' Proposals for furnishing the paPtR FoK THfc PI BL1C PRINTlNtf C/Ut Sup*rmttndi*t PuS'ic Frin'm*. I W?thmiton, M*r U l88^ ? In pursuance of tho provision! ofthefenthMelon of in * * Joint Revelation in r?l?tion to th? Pnblio ^noting," ?ppr<y*j Jbb? 2S. M60, Mtiod ?rop '?*l? will tn r<*oei >x! ?t tnn offlo* ntil Tae?l*y, tholitdsy of Jul?. HriS. ftt U o'ol?ok rn.,for furcishinc the r>ap?r that mar bo required for the W* ream? ??? -.CtA58 * I * s. ? R??i.?y?., to | ? ? - WT MW ikunv?, Oli?> kV WOi?U UlkJ'IIA pounds to the ream of MO sheets [ *greeaMr t3 tbe prcTiwtoas of the Joint resolution aforesaid. umitf* of the character and quality af the r*p*r required for the above classes will he [umiifrd to applicants there o*. This p&ser is to be put up in autre* of twenty five sheet* eac&. and in bund;esof tworeamg eaon; each ream to contain jrtt pe.f'Ot eheets Uniformity in ooior, thijknese aca weight will be require*!; and no bunule ( *olusi ve of wrappers) varying over or under five per oeiit from the standard weight will be reo?tved, &&1 the gross weight will in all o**?es be required. Mixing of various thioknesses in the same bucdie to make up the weirht will be considered a viola*.1 -f ?k- a ? - - * itvu ut un euuuui J Class 3. 40n retmi mserfin* prlnttrg papT, hartf-s;*9d and super-caiendereo. to ms\ture 24 b* S2 inches, and to we.gti fifty pounds to the ream of ?00 steals. CL49? 4. 2/00 reams superfine map ptper, s!??d and calendered, of snchsxes as maybe required, oorrenponding in weight with pspsr measuricg 19 by 24 inches, and weighing twenty pounds per raai of 480 sheets. Class 5. o>-' rums Buporui." d iic p?per, i "iiescfrM or unca>ndere<l, as :n?> t>? required,) 19 by 24 mchu, and of ?no!) weuhtTer ream vi may be re?oirfd. Cliss 6. inches 1.1,500 reams quarto-poat writing paper, 10 by 18 2. 2,0*0 do cup do IS by 16K 3 l"0 do demy do 16 by 2<i^ 4 l,Wo do folio post do 17 by 22 8. 1M? do medium tlo 1? by 21 6. ?0 do royal ?fo 19 by 24 7. 5o do UDor rora.1 do 5ni h*va R. 6" do infp?rial do 2<X by si 9. ICO do doable oap do 18 by 36 CLA.33 7. 1. 6,0(0 resn:3 writing paper, 16 by 26 inohes, to wetgh twerty tlire? pounds >er ream. 2. 3,100 reams writing paper. H b- 25 incLes, to weign twenty six ?-.)un a pur ream. 3. 100 reams writing paprr, 18 by 22ii.chts, to weign twenty-lour pounds per reair. 4. 340 reams writing paper. Id by 13 itohea, to weiga twentj-two pounds per rrair . 5. 400 reame writing piper, 12 by 13, to weigh twelve pounds per ream Ail the papers designated In o aas^s 4,5,9. acd 7, mas' o<*nta;n 4R" perfect sheets to the ream, and no "outside" autre*. They aro io L-e mv'a of the best materials, free from adulteration, finished in tflo V? st manner, cut to a tru? ?H<e, and secure y and substantially enveloped The papers in c ass 6 a e to b? wh teor b ue, aid flat and of a<?oh weghta as may required by this .-ifioe. Those in oltssea 3, 4,5, and 7 are to be whi'e. and oflheaizis and weights specified in the schedule. i re ntrt >8 reeervea or ordering a greater or less quantity of each ?Ed everf kind ccntrac'el for in a.i tno oia -FM, 'o be famished at such times and in such quantities a* the pub'io service in vy reqoira Each olats ttiU be considered sepa a^.eiy, and b^ subject t-> a *epvate coatr?ct but bidder* loay < fl'.-r for one or mure of the otasses in the tame proposal. No proposal Vill be oirsi/ered unless a'eoiupinied by guarantee that ?he bid'W or bidder*, if h i or their propo?I shall b? aocepted. wi'l enter ln!o an obi;<s.Uoii. gc?>d nrd ? ftntrut sarf{io?,to furmeh tli? artiolei iroaofed H' forma ft?r proposal -w?ii nefurnishof at ttrsoflso". ai.a hoe? wm' D3 ixea imo rr>iuiidf>rati<'Q un.eeR nbotanhiil i ?<r.?eine therewith. All tlK-p*p?r jn th" Ff;vmtl nnst he it?li?ered attne 6ove?uiBeAt Pntinc Office iii Wa*U ington city, fiM ia c.&'k 7, wnioh ntuat be deii?e'e,t *t Butfvo. in tne of rv-w Vork.i in goad order, frrt, of all r.ud every, extra cbarte or expense ai.d ?utij"ct t'> the rupe.-tioii. eoutt, weight. V. I r..ea-!ure^. n? of the S?peiu.tez:dejjt, atd be ui rU iee?*(jta a*t:?faotor? . Bidders a'e retailed ?o with their p?op '?%ie. eim?iea of not !?? than or.etuir*of each ot the tutu" ?>! pap?r bid for. and upon wnioh their proprssis inr.j be bcu^d, except in castes 1 and 2. The successful bidders will be required rigidly to conform lo ihcir samples. Prop >ssls wsi: be *ddre*s?d to "JOHN 1). PR foponn'ende*!* cf the TuL'.io Printinf, \Vs?h ngton," and euJcrsed "Proposal* for Suppi ying Paper." mlOaafti m w kJ ! * < *? *" " ? |y- .u o A li el 1 O I ? B If H A I) . DR. HOLMES'S AMERICAN PROCESS. Thi* arooeaa, without the uae of poiaona, dt?coverM thirteen yeara ato, and practioed sine* that time l/i the warmest aeotiona of the United Mates, la sufficient recommendation of iUelf. Thia mode ol Embalming D*ad Bodies ia no foreign invention. brt purely Amerioan. hayitg di?0OT??red it myse f after yeara oi ouemioai reaaaroh. Many of the resident* of ;hia cry will rsmsrr-ber eeren teari tinoe the exposition of the body of a chid emlmliTMl himi. ?rrui?. b*en tested i.y a iai*e number of pnyaioians and cheiaiata in the principal otioaof the L'mon. and p*rani.a of tho hntt*st li?jr. who have given the r o^rt.uoatee, which iny pamphlet will snow. Tie body of a J<>( emoa m*u e.evou inoiitus since, and exposed to the heat of the part summer, i? on cabl.c exh bition at 301 Penn.ave ce, where 1 have embanjel a large nura^r of officers and private goiu.era of our a *t~ to the ettire *&tu faction of their survmrg Natives and friends. 1 will a to crr.baira by Suo^uei'a Frenoh systerc at S10 a pieca. This proeeaa 1 could tiawe oser* nnee the di?oover? of my own had it been as good or tetter The I-tench Aoauemy of Scienoe at its annua! sitting te'il on the >21 of "?Ia/ch, 1852. publish*<1 Mio^uetli syaiem to tue world, a oopy ot which I l.&v^ Persons wieiiir.j bodies emb&!mad by either pr<>oesa will apply to A. Buot-iy. Undertake', 303 Pa. avrnue; Joseph Burcti. U miai taker, neorg^tewn. U. V ; Henry Lee. 433 Pa avenue. No poi*ona used. 26 lin* hBA fc I r. H K 1 N 11 oauisATn Worcestershire Sauce* br U EXTRACT? ?OMMOIS?E**.S ?1 l*L?K*rfrom* ijt I iCiSUAi CituUwmi M b?ttl Kf * 11 ' at Madras -OHkT *000 0% roHuXrtX* 1A?CE." U Woroestsr. cvt?T ffiig rwas^sa wmmmmmm.m I"?T 3, IT S U10?l w wail u oy DISH EL-*3iho mooi tuu.Momi ui^ inoa. (|gjgJp^M44i^Ur?mAu?." The iboraBAUCE la not on!r the kit and moat rarTiax ocitsixxkt known, t> t. the incst ?;cm?%*** *a a lew drcpa in Swr, 6ftor with fwi, i Mid oold Jaimts, p#?,r Situ. #?., ?,-> exaniaite ie?t, whioti 3*ao? m*ntifcolarera h*?e In t&!s scdevrored to On tae BruMfmjt, Ltaukto*. Di+ntr, or Sunm TmiU, ? cruet ooiit*;iuiij " L.irIA & PERKINS' WOiiCKSlLKSHiRE SAWGE" ia in'iu?ena?ble. *o ??r8si*t* the it'tilmt jtilitut of thia dtlirtt*h prepfcr&tion it is on!? r-coeEiry to pnrchua a email bottle of tt.e of a r?e*eotaMe groMr or (lAA ?r. Am *n? r w Ua* ..4 t!??? * --- ? ?? >wj 4iu: <>( ??? fl V" Kictois t^idorn |>!acr> the/Jwr? ^&uc9 before their (ueata. Dot substitute a geneine Retil* fills*! viU rr>*nvu! mix tore. t\t ttie h? Gfotera *i'<l Frilt?r?TB everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN Jt SONS, 9-\iom 5fimm* end Hu :1 rut, fi/m York, So!* WLoicuie A;9fite for the U^ilOti Statae. A St^k k7t;i it ?to.e.?Auo orders received ferdirect ihipmeuta from EcglJtsd. IIT ii?*ri ?* JwUbUmj-JTI CI S-1T.SO T I~L X 2D Ml 13MJLR. Prttitltd by Royml Ltiiwi Pmltnt of England, mud i?e?r>i by ik* Stmis of th* EeoU fit Pha rm?cm dt Pmris, m*d Ik* Iv.pniml C?il41? >/ -H4 fumnm ^ TRIF.SKMAR No. 1 la the effects*.', rnu'-lx for R*LA*^r!o?? ?f*lhatokeui**. and lirii?tioi cithi Stitbm. TH!Ki?BMAR No. ?. Completely ?cd fu::ra.r e;&du>&t*a all tr*o*? of those diaoriora, for trLien Cop&iva and Cnbeba tjkVo jenera:y t<eeu l,.on? .t an ?.ntnin*? ??* ?>.? ram of the health of a th( portio& of the popai*TRIESEMAR No. S, Is th* jrea? and sure ramedj of the civilised worli for ail i:L?ufiUcs of ayatem.aa well ae aeoondary bti"ptoma, obviat.i.* th? deetruoUre du of Meroory, aa well a* otVier d.>leteri"ua mrredi*nta, and which all the Sarasparilla :u toe world cannot remove. Tnimixta Sot. 1,2 aad 3 are alike <?? void of taataor aiaeL.and of al! nauseating auaiiaea. They are iu w.e form of a losenge, and may n?<ca tee toilet taoie without lufcir em being eu?Hoted. Bold in tin eaaei at #3 each, or focr ft casee in vuotui ms.muKi IU un OU'I, MU? tanur as. M .*1 J lAliomAnd, Kuiut, 4o.. ?r,w rata;! bT DH. il. A. ^Aft'* *iooTM irom M*olU??? * ** }' yc'4f* i?n;?ii*tel7 on reS-v' of.Tftm:lt?noe, D.-. Bu&ow will forward to ?"r ?art of th? world, proureiy nhe^n^ * ^ 10 P?bli?h?j &1bo bf DR BARROW, that ?o?ular and beaaufahT iliMtra^d mocioal work, Human *7'?* # e*nU. IriMtctr and dock o*n n?M Long and short wrafpingb] FOR SPRING J BHAWLS FORBfKlNG! MANTLES FOR SPRING I NEW BTVLlSS URE?B GOODS FOR SHYING! . With All kind* of Dry G<<oda for the currant rtrti of fjmtliaa. Oar Nortii rn ?nd E?at?rn eorra?pondenU Mnd t auppile* duly. On* ?ric? ob.y. mnrked 1? plAln Ifuraa i be no* so paroftsaor la d*oai*aJ. Abiukouob 01 Bioak mcura no obiifatiou to finttN, FERRY A OHO. ml f*. ifttw Md8m at. THI6RKAT AMKRIOAN RKMUIKS,* Known u HKLMBOLD'B GENUIJE PBXPABATI0H8, HELMBOLJTB EXTHACT "BUCHV/ " ? BARSAFARILLA ? IMPROTBD ROSE WASH. HKLMBOLD'B GENUINE PREPARATION. *HIQHL T CONCENTRATED" COMPO UND FL VID EXTRACT B VCRU. A Poeitire and Speoifio Remedy For INmum of the BLADDER, KIDNEYS, 6RAVEL. and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Thie Medioice inorMHi the power of Digestion. and axoitaa the ABSORBENTS into healthy action, by which the WATERY OR CALCAREOUS depoutiona, and all UNNATURAL ENLARGEMENTS arc reduced, u wall u PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, and ia food for MEN, WOMEN, OR CHILDREN. HBLMBOLD'S EXTRACT B UCHU, For Weakneaaea Anamc from Exceaaea, Habita of Diaiipatiaa, Early Indiaoretion or Abnaa, Atttndsd with t\? following Symptoms?? Indiapoaitioo to fixartlos, Loaa ot Power, L^aa of Memory, Difficulty of Rreathini, WeakNervea. Trembling, Horror of Diaeaaa, Wakefu peaa, OimnMi nf Viainn. P*in in RaaIt Uciveraa! Laiutude of th* Mnaoular Syatem, Hot Handa, Klnahicc of the Body Dryneaaof theSkin, Ernptiona on the Faoa PALLID COUNTENANCE, Theae ay niptoma. if allowed to go on. whioh this madioine invariably removaa, aoon fotlowa IMPOTENCY, FATUITY, EPILEPTIC FITS, in one of whioh the patient may expire. Who o&n aay that they are not frequently followed hy thoae"DIREFUL DISE\SE8," "INSANITY AND CONBUMPION." Many are aware of the eauae of their anfferinf, BUT NONE WILL CONFESS*. THE RECORDS OF THE INSANE ASYLUMS, And tht MtlancKoly Dtatks by Consumption, BIAK ixrtl WITNXaa TO THI TRUTH OF TBla MBtM, THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, n A l ..J _a xx -i I n.uquiro? vuc ftiu ui mouioiuo to itrenethen and Inriforfttd the Sr'tam. Wkitk HSLMBOLD'S EXTRACTBUCHV invariably doti. A. T1IAL WILL C0MTIR8I THB MOST SKlMICALt ** FEMALES- FEMALES- FEMALES, /iT n t\ D vnt'Ma of r n ax t n n v r* n r\ n uiii/ WR i '/tim, oiiiOLi&i m Anmru, UA CONTEMPWAT1N8 MARRIAGE, In many Afftctiont peculiar to FimaUs, the Extr&ot ilnoha ia nnnua!!e4 br any other r?ra*<1y, ai in Ghlorn or Retention, Irreirularity, P?ii.fiilne?B or Suppreaaion of Customary ?vaouationa, Uloeratad or Soirrhoua atate of theUteru*. Leuonrrh?a or Whites, Sterility, and for a!I* inoident to the *ex. whether arising from Indiscretion, Habits of Dissipation, or m ti.e DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. 8KB SYMPTOM? ABOV*. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT.' TAKI SO MOKS BALCAifi MsActray.oB eitPLiAeANT M ITltriXtl ?A1 VMPT flfliMT A M11 TU HilVOAtlfl Dlsnsi?.'"" HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV cross SECRET DISEASES In all their rttacea, At little Kxpenae, Little or no oh&nge in Diet, No lnoonvenienoe, And no Erfoturt, It etniet a frequent deare and givea etrength to Urinate. thereby removing obatruotions. Preventing and Curing Ptriotoree of the Urethra. A laying Pein and Inflammation, e? freqnentin theo asa of diswuee, an* upeiling aU Foisonout, D\nan4 and loom out Matter. thousands trron thocsamds WHO HAVE BEEN tHE VICTIMS OF QVACES, and who hare paid hiavt ri*a to he onred In a hort time, have found they were deoelved. and that the^POIHON" haa. by thenaeof "rowzmrrL AstXTwawTfT*," bMs dried up in the eyetem, to break out in an aitravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAQE. Us* H*lmbold'? Kxtxact Bcosr for all amotions and diseases of the URINARY ORGANS, Whether existing in MALE OR FEMALE, Prom wh&toTer o&um orninatinc, and no matter of HOW LONQ STANDING. Plaeasee of these Orrana require the aid of DIURETIC. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BVCHV IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, And is certain to have the detired effect In all DI*9UM cria iuuipb it ?o ..... . uivB i? ts A^v/iuiafinubu, BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD! Helmbold'a Highly Concentrated Compound FLUID EXTRACT &ARSAPARILLA, SYPHILIS. This la la an a.flection of the blood, and ATTACKS THE SEXUAL ORGANS, LININGS OP THE NOSE, EAR8, THROAT. WINDPIPE AND OTHER MVCOU8 SURFACES, Mtkmi its appsaranoe in the form of ULCERS. Helmboid'a Extract Sarsaparllla, Purifies the Blood, and removes all Scaly Ermptloas of the s?kiu, GIVING TO THE COMPLEXION A CLEAR AND HEALTHV COLOR. It being prepared expressly lor this o.ass of complaints, its Blood Partlying Properties are preserved to a greater extent than any other preparation of Sarsasanlla. HELMBOLD'S ROSE WASH, An excellent Lotion for Dlaeaiee of ft Sypkiliti* Nature, Uu ft* an injection in l)'seftaea of the Uriuary OrganeaqtiEg irom Habile of Di'eipatloo, need in oonneotion vitii the Kxtraota Buehu er Sftrsftperula. in ?noh Diae&ua a* recommended. Evidtnct cj tk* most rtliablt and rtironiitU tkaracttr 10%ll accompany I hi mtdicintt. CERTIFICATES OF CURES. From 8 to 30 y??r*' Haudtnt, With Nambs knowh to B01ENCK ANDFAMB. For Medical FroprietJee of UUCHVt aee Dlaynaatory of the United Btate?. See Piofeaaor DE WEE'S valuable worka on the Practice of Phyaio. rentarWa made by the late oa.ebrated Dr. PHYS1CK, Philadelphia, See remark a male by Dr. IJPHRAIM MoDOWtLL. a oelebrated Phyaioian acd Member of the lLoyal C oiler e of Surgeona, Ireland. ud pnbliahed in the Tranaaationa of the King an< Queen'* Journal. Sm Medioo-Chlrnrgioal Renew, enbliahed by NJAM1N TRAVERS. Fellow of Royai College of Surgeone. gee moat of the late Standard worka on Mediolne. Kxtraot Ouuhe, 81 OOjer bottie, or alx for MS on. ^..wioainrvum, vi to p?r bottle, or six for #6 00. ^Improved Rom wuh, 60 per bottle, or ail for Or, half (logon a/eaab for #12 00, whioh will be anfloient to eure the meet obatinate mui, if dl reotiona ere adhered to. Delivered to u; Addreea, eeourely yecked from observation, DESCRIBE WflJggftgJJ ALL OOMMVC ere* 6 turanUed! Adrloe Gratia I! AFFIDAVIT. Peraonally appeared before me, an Alderman of the city of Philadelphia, H. T. Hilmbold, who beiog duly aworn, doth aay. hie prewuationa contain no n&rooUo. no ? ? - >U?I UIIUIVH arm a, bat are purely rentable. H. T. HELM BOLD, ttworn and aubaorlbed be/or* me, Una 33d day of Addreea lettara for information In oonftdanaa to H. B. HELMBOLD, Chenuat, Depot, 10ft Soau Tenth et bel.Cheannt Phiia. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS, Whn ??/<? ??? ? 1 ?wr" ?? Tiin owi"w OTIII AKT1CLM OS TMB ftSrVTATION inimk Bf Hlpbold'. (XflUM v# " - Imro^TujhlSh. C?ld br ALL DA UOOI8T8 a VMM TWHMMM. ASK FOE HKLMBOLD?a. TAKE NO OTBEE. Oil oat th? idmtiiNMt lai ml tor M? AND AVOID IMFjyj^ON AMI) EXPO w / 0 Dr J U McLEAN'l STRENGTH KNINd CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER! #TUB GRKATRftT Rxuinr i!? rn* W WORLD ! J E* mil Iha Ml A?dnKLieHTFrL^6|*^^^^A {SSPjL The thon?m<J? wS. :33 upon thou* via MP iS ^Rn , who are daily HflH , U*ID( MOLIA?'4 fm jJ/H , THAI- t*IR?NOTHKM;.Na

* ynra CoHDIiL. certify H ?!? |hat| !t ?8. ^LJl *a ble remedy lor ^ p^KjjiwV renoraun* S'd **?v9MB9^P BtforetaH^Ei ISatSred'and lifter taking M??d system, purifyinr and earichins tb? Bloodrestoring tha aiok, suffering invalid to Health and Snmttk. THKRB 18 WO MISTAKE ABOtTT IT. It will cure l.iver Complaint, Dyspepsia. Diarrha?a, Dysentery, Hfftdacne, Depression^ Paints, Fever and Acne. Inward Fever, Bad Breath, or anidieeaee of the Liver. Stomaou or Bo vela. Cygentlemen, do you wish to be Healthy, Stro"K and Vigorous ? H7" Ladies,do yon wact the Bloom of Health to monnt to yoor cheeks agair??than go atopop and set McLtan's Strenttkminr Cordial and Blood Pwifitr, Delay not a moment; it la warranted to civ* aatisfaotioa It will care any disease of the Hidneya, Wcrab.Of Bladder; Fainting, Obatrnoted Menstruation, Falling of the Womb, Barrenness, oranrdia'aie arsinir from Chronio or Nervous n.. ; ,t. ,? uf.n.k * u.?-j_ i/euiubi i?u mu iui?ui"'o n vmw j, FOR CHILDRIX. Do you wast your ce o?t*,?iokly, puny Children to be Healthy,Strong and Rohuat.? then tive them McLean's Strengthenmg Cordt t/,< me the oireotioua oiM?a bonis) it i* deliotoua to take. C5"One table spoor ful, taken every ipornmr fkauDf, la a aure preventive afainat Chilli ar.a Fever, Yellow Fever, Cho.era or any prevailing diwM* H7-Caption! -Bsware of Druggists ard Pe&i.era VAu may try to pa!m upon yoc a bottle ot Bitt*ra or ?ar?*par.!la, tv.?y car. bur oLeap ) by a&yi< a it it iuat a? ecod. Then areeaen it.* m<i enough to a'teal pvt of jny r?m? to dnh their vilk decoction*. Avo d sich iuf?mons ptr*t*s and their villainous eompourd* a** for Or. J H. MoLeftn'a strengthening Cordial and Klood Purifier Take nothing e>B?. It ie tre only retn -dy that wi 1 Purify your Biocd thoroughly,and,at the same t m<*tr*ngte*>' ar.d ihvigor*.'-k the wholeor janixation it l? put up ?n Large Bottlea?$1 per bottle, or nix * ot?>e? for DR. J. H MoLKAN. Pole Pmp-ietor. Corner ffhird and Pine ?ta., St. Louia, Mo. DE. SIcLEAN'S UNIVERSAL PILLS, ror L.\v<r l orry aint, tillixousntts, Headache, fc. There has wvr been a cathartic meJisine uffe ed to the pnhuo tft&t hM given siioh entire satisfao tion as McLean s Universal Puis. Being eniiiey veietal>;e the? are perfectly innoo-nt and can t>e taken by the m??t tender infant; yet prompt and powerful in removing all Bilious seoretioi.s, VjiH or iir.pare, I't'xl Matter from the Stomach. In fact, are the only Pii.s that should be need in malarious'listrlcts. Ther prodnoe no Gripitg,Sioknes? or Pain in the Stomicfi or Bowel*.though verv aotiveaud searching in their operations, promoting healthy secretions of the Liver and Kidneys. Wno will suffer irum oi.iuuium, nmawne *nu m>ui sromaon, when so cheap a remedy caa Le obtained? Ke^p them ocna'&nt y on ha&d; a aiutle c'oae, takea In aeanon.may rr.*?ent liocra, riaya,acd months of aiotne??. Aak for Dr. J. H. McLean's L'tiver^al Filla. Takeiooth?r. Heine o attd, they are t?ateleaa Price orly 25 cent> p?r tx-x. ani can be sent by maii to any part rf the Un'te I Sratea. J. H McLEAN, 8oi? Proprietor. Comor Third and Pine tts.. St. Loui-t, Mo. DR. J. H. McLEAN S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT. best External in the World for Man or Bet ft. Thousands ol human lemt* have teen aavtd a life of dr.crepitude and - ry fiv the use of thia invaluable Liniment. It will relieve Pain a most instantaneously, and it wi 1 e!eai.*e, purify and heal the fon ett Sore iu an ircreoible ahort tune. bltL'*n'} Volranie Oil Limni'nt vrili re ieve the moat ii.vete ate oases of Rheumatism. u\ or rNeornviv For l'ara'y*!B^O"? t'?ced Muscles, 6?t ffnega or Weakness in tTe Jou.t?, Muscles or Licaments, it will i>e*?r fail 'Xwo applications will onre sore Throat Heana~.heor Earao* Fnr BuT.s.or ^osltls. or arr is an Infallible remedy, Try it- aodyou will find i an inaia?easible remedy Keep i? a ways on baud. Planters, Farmers, or any one having ol arr? of korast, will save inirey by nsinc Mo Lean's vol oauic 'i. i. n :e a *pee--:r &n*i lniailibe cure for Galls. rprams. Chafes, fuelling. Lane ne?*i fore*, Wound*. Scratch**, or any exteinai disease. Try it. and you w 11 be convinced. DR. J. H McLEAN, Sole Frop'j*tor. St l.ouia. Mo. m 5 8m. C. 8TOTT, Agent,VVasiingten,D. C. Ktfi worHAM'a fsrTm CSS r m e m j * ri r a w a k IKhZ MANViACTOHr, ? SxvxMf Stkkxt, W i.aaiiMT*a, ?.?, l.ver Medal awarded by Maryland lutlttM Baltimore. November 7. l&ift. **" *** u lui",u' 1 an moiUbiIt making, iu alwija uti ktu of thebail inaMnai, rj in*.sri?iiei Flaa St- t Leaifaar, Ir*E Fiame, kM* ' Drat a. Wm< Box, ac4 PM^ict Tranka, F#ili*?*r, Car?et,a?4 Can*aa Tri*?.ier Wax a, Me?t>ar?ef Contreaaand travelers will *ieaa? ftWETT iriA tr> tf . ra hAfnra em ?1 i L _ ?u? v^iwi ?- fU!UUMIU| VilfWfiff " Vrauk* ihfttftre in*i? m c?h#>r oitiM. 8a>eri?r Latthsr Uid Dreaa at?a U T<?r. Wr*aka t^verM end repaired ?? chart not"ja. #9?4* delivered frre of charts to s.?yt?*rt at til tlU Hr???V3, RT^a Alssnxin*. -? A.VI1.S "7QP1AW. BOMBWHiNd KKW! jrjfcv w 4< ?ll ? , <7?r.:i !.*15* ?*? TX**lf. s'*kamed. u us am mil mnu uooitl (BT f1<wnir to ft resst) in '* mi Miter, lit fstxitt timt *x rui'd. Call liii ses. T!j? miersuned rea^Ntfdlly informs faro friea4s la the Ihrtriot, and i lsitors to the oity, that Le ;.as rc* t;?'f L ? old md wtZL-trcnit iriiUMti.n tii a most iiioroacit manner. fcDJ has rnaJc comslete arrangements to furnish OV'JsILiis in any style an J in any c usntity. ?uo to too calious shti-skM per day. J.OW to 3,000 cans of fi>io?a ana Fresh rut ir daily?csns hermetically sealed. Furnishes n the shelf by the b?*h*: or barrel. Persous risLicc to h*?e Oysters furnished r?jilarly through the winter, at Baltimore snoas, wit no-at tear of ftulire, shoald eall and mace ar iangemests at onoe. freight. time, and money saved by ?urohaaing ef me, aa 1 famish an artiol* esnal to the celebrated Baltimore establishments, at frieea Jaat aa lew. VO SVTA.?ftS, Canned Meata, Lohstera, Sardicec, Clam*, Strawberriea, Tomatoes, Pica* Feet, tripe, Jce. ho., 4.0. Aleo, Fickies, Genua, Saicee, brandy Peacl'ea, 4c. Alao, Same ami Freeh Fiah. Tardea, Terrapina, Fresil Lobatera, Cod. Hal.but, die. In fact, every thine for aaie in the Northern ojutketa alwaya oa hand, at reasonable prioea. Hoteia and famine* aappUed with Oyatera, delivered without charge to any aart of the Diatriet, in aeaaon. if the moqey is aent with the order. My establishment-a teen fiont i a. ir. to II at aight, everyday, exoept Ssncay, when 1 close at lOo'olocka. at. jaivi 7. M. HARVKT. 1H. O. HOOD 8 Coaataatly room vine, &n<l kas a ira-?* nr. hand, ft fall supply of all the mort o?!ebrated ** WAfCHKS thai ftre manufaotpred in Kni- ?29 land. Hwuseriftnd and A merlon, both in GoTdflK and Silver oaaea. He a'.eo kifM t arte stuck of fime JKWKLRY of the most dcairable styicaeet ith Diamonds, Enieralus, Kubiea and ail ether Qftiyi m Ha It 1 cart mft ?? - I ! - 1 Mwauoi C?u IB ?. O" luauuiavvUI lUfi ft 1 >1UI U1 iSOilQ Standard Silver Ware, and keep* Sword*, Revolvera, Swurd Belt* and SaBhea, Bowie Knives, Rasor*. Ssistorg, Sold. Silver asd Steel Spectacle*, and a great variety of other thine* a*;<ally kept in a Jewe ry Store, and a'i at the very lowest prioe. No. 339 Pa. aveaua, between ?Ui and H'th treeta. fe lt-tf ROAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY. h6ticm otrsuotjli *h? deUvery oflae&f.this company i* removed from Third atreet a the large depot on 0 street, I ftt lan 9A and *! J~ """ *-m ?... ?? W?-vr OTE1NWAV ft SONS'AND RAVEN, BA9 CON & CO '8 oetebratel Itetru-j,1 menta are aold at lowest factory prieecwwfl for o&?h.and approved p*p*r, at the Mn-'' * ' io tttore of w 0. MKTZKROTT, oorner of ilth atreet and Fenn avenue. Several Fianoe that have been ueed for sale upon eaay monthly pa?merit*. ap It LTOR A FEW DAYS ONLY.-l have removed r my fine atook of Clothiac from over Gait*' Jaweirj Store to J. H. SMITH'S. N?. 460 ? *. enui tueet, near F, vbert I aLali offer it ftt lew th?jj whoieeftle ooet ?n?M, for ft few daya only. fr> rt-*rn 1. W. g TUP MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS, i BJLTOHMLOR'B OMN9INX IIAIM ST*. *he Rest la the World. TU Only 1UIUH* mmd Hvrmlut Hmir Dyt ?1111?. ] 8old by ftll Draff lata; ft!so, ftt Uiuntn'i PftUal Medieine Store, op. Patent Ofkoe, oor. F * nk, tadtl VlUt'f Hair Store, SO Pfnn'a avenae. where ladle* can nave It MlMd.lf deairad. , rwUrr-fel B*r?uw??.<SU WBr^wJlf.T. 1 ? *-it G BALMORAL BOOTS. OAT Tipped Doable aola Balmoral (1 M SK/tV* " & ~~I1 K Alio, aA other atylea of Ladiea and Miaaea' < fttaorfJfioeta.theohaapeetacd boat.waortment _ M.W v.*/* ? ?vcfniian*b? ' Ho. 16 Market frfaoe, ta1 oo Penn. aronie, between ?th and >th iU. W BUYS' CJ.OTiilNti. K Bare reomved w.thin tliaijMt day or twe a larce iHortm?iit of BOYtf BnTlNtt CLOTBIN8. eir.brall etylea of low-encwxl, median, pad fine oalwea, which we are aellinf at van wwirieeaforo*?h. . _ WALL. STEPBENS * CO.. S89 Pa. a*., between tth and iota eta, < mrn A W?.1 I DMNTUjTBY. MUittoi wemr others, ?n? mo pmm ma wear ?Un Timr?.rrrry-T?i?T-.II.-I.itwllfl tuj ?tyl# aad f"o? pi Jetth th?y may de?ir?, , vbi wuiu?D wuga;p ynmiTmmTUBU? f ot MtDMti atronfMt, *qd R?*l. ferfoot aent*re th?t *rt c*b troduee, theTIiNERALTlaTK will be re rally varrn.t?d. Rooma in thif *117?No. JSP P*.tTW??,b>l ? ?U U4 liU IK. AiMi 997 Aril etreet, Phi 1*4*1 ahi*- m*r *-lyjH> |^EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHSOtlasti bone V E E V E. Winm Hnu Pun n Cum. DR. 8. B. SliESMOND, tlf BrmdtM?, ytw Am mm, btnmm Ittfc ?u 1HA ???., WejAwtrto*, 0*1 la the *ttentioB of U* public to the lollovuu *dT*ot*cee of Mia unarored aratora : I. The Teeth of hia m*Euf*eture wii?B3 Bflrer oorode nor ?n*Efe oolor by aoida, beinf three-foartha lichter th*s *tj ethar, ?. !-.? otiq or roou need pe extracted, u the fcrt:Bcinl odm oaa b? inserted orer thorn. S. The roota willYomade laoftanre, aa arrer aae&a. 4. No tamporarr tooth irt noadod, as jannaaant ones oaa bo made inune<ii*Ulyt thereby irotirtint Se &?tnral expression of the fto?. which andor o old system Is fro^nontiy disfigured. i. This work has boon tally teetod otot fire rears by manj of tho first chemists and physicians of this aOUtTT. Dr. 8. ku alto Invented a whit* andectraotiT* natal filliai, with whioh tho most sonsitiTe tooth ou bo tiled without pain, and ean build at a t*r~ feet, soand tooth oa aay ?4o roots, whiah wtil last iru-oujn ..fetime. The boot of refer* sseskitob?to Dr. V. Mott: Dr. Doremas, Professor or Chemistry, N. Y.; Hon. Jmdre Witm. of th? -* -? ,mT _ _ ..r.wkwuvuivt h ? iiiih' ton, end thousands of others. Cel. Ml examine for yourself. no I In GAS FITTING, kc. AWM V. DOVK * GO. RE F?? ?re?mrH to eiMiU ui (rii.i *UI VU<h they ry be fevered in the rJLVMBlM?. AS OR ST&RM FITT1H# BTOINESS. rr Store e& IU street, e few Aeer? Berth ef rv erense, where ia*t be fesa* a eemeteto aeeertmeat ef CHANDELIERS and ether WAS, BTKAM aid WATER FIXT1RKB. laf-h WCAS FIXTVREBi , E Bar" in store, and are dai y reoemnc, 9At HJLTBKSSof entirely New Patterns and Deeij^ns hv. m ihibui lufvi jui iu bvtio ml viyiqliii D9T0lOlf!V | effernd in tnia market. We invite oitixene general It to Mil and examine ?r itock of 6u and Woter 1 Fix- tree, feelinf confident that tre kare tk* boat ? e-oted atook in WMhiLitoc. AH Work n the above lino latraoM to oai Mr* Will bo promptly nunarc to. . MTEftB * MlllAN. I arl-tf >T? P etroot MIT JSC AKD BROTHBR'B NEW YORK PPPPP AA LL EEEEEEE PP PPP AAA. LL. EtEEEEE P? PPP AAA A LL PR YY PPF AA AA LL EE PP PPF AA AA LL EKEB PPPPP AA AA LL EEEE PP AAAAAAA -L EE PP AA AA jL EE PP AA AA LLLLLL EEEEEEK FP AA AA LLLLLL EEEEEEE XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XKX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXX* XXXX XXXX xxxxx xxxxx xxrfxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX IR ?A RZ \\\m \\\ fcfc piiiis A A A A LL EE AAAAA LL EE aa aa LL EEFS AA AA, ,L EEEE AAAAAAAA ?L EE AA AA jL EE AA AA XLLLLL EEEEEEE AA AA LLLLLLL EEEEEEE mnuoi AI1BEE ALE, PORTER* AND EXTRA BROWN STOUT, 1% Wkolt, H*lf, ?U Qumrttr Catki, URBWED FROM THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND HOPS. BREWERY, lSth Strut, bitwtta 7th and 8th Atmvm, NEW YORK. fctr-<Uj9? PRIVATE. PHI V A.TB 3P R IVA T 29DH. LA BONTA h*rinc wmovod bia ntfio* to Room No. C, adjoining the Pund*y Chrot:sl? cffioe. in Waahictton Bciloing. Fa avenue, corner of 7th atreet, ic now rra.1i to core a i JDneaaee o( a Private Nature, without t!if> usa ol a&Lgerctui or diacuatiuf drogaof &r.y kind. a.r.d no interfer?cje with jour oasineaa ?voo&uona-having der-red mi whoie time to the n'.udy ar.-l euro of I'r-rats Dia<m?aa of both mxn vjd to Ch'onio of the Womb. Liver, K:ul?t?, Hmn Eru?-iona. 4o . end graduatiur in ti;n b?at aohool in tli- world, the New York City Hoopitala. under P^fi Chi ton and Parker, to vrLom 1 moat reepeonuiiy refer. I will ?&y 81,two to the prra>>a furni-aicc me a oa?e of any of the ar,.rve dTa?asea whioV I cannot apeedily an.1 yermam?ntly cure, iet the aue be old or new. No dieting required : nottuu* Ui*agreeabl? in any tart of the treatment. Oonaultationa free. ttcoma Tery ?r<T*t?. M. LA HONTA. Room $ (first floor) Waahingtou Bui dine, mh 36-2rn* Pa. avenue and Ttn at. SU ECRET DISEASES! SECRET DISEASES! I SAMARITAN'S GIFT! SAMARITAN'S SIFT ! The Most Certain Remedy Ever Vied. "Yea," a positive oure for hECRKT DISEASE**, GONORRHOEA, GLEET. STRICTURES, to. Contains no Mineral, no Balaam, no Mercury. Only ten pilln to be taken to effect a oar*. They are entirely vegetab e. having no smell nor any unpleaaant taate, and will not nany way injure the atomaoh or boweia of the reo?t de irate. Cure* in from two to four day a, and recent caaea in "twenty four houra " Prepared by a graduate of the l>iveraity of Pennavlvania, cne of the moat eminent Doctors and Cbemiata of the present day. SAMARITAN'S GIFT Will cure any caae in from two to foil days, and reoant cases in TWENTY FOUR HOURS: No txfoturt. me tromblt, mo tkmmtt wkmttmer. Let those who have deapatrod of i*tuu oarod, or wh? have been eorjed with Balaam Coaavia mr Mcroary, at onoa try tna SAMARITAN'S GIFT. Sent brniaii in a jlain envelope. Price male ?aokas??, #i. Prioe female nxakajea, $3 SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HKRB JUICES A Sf?fcDi' A PEKWANEN! Cl'RK FOR SYPHILIS OR venkkeal diseases. Here la a positive cure?no Mcroury-uo Poison but the Jomm* ol Roota atd Her'.* xvi j- ... ootnbined. Tbu for in of the diaeaa# inakM ita appearanoe in cres on the uriau of (s&rra'ion. or th*y utt ocof the body, whioh happen* mortly on the croin*. and rery often a* nloert of the mouth, tetten, ?pou. eariea and node, of the !"!?.*? A?-. A.n? ana all of the** irm?tomi WUI aoun TieiG to Uie SAMARJTAN'J HOOT AND HERD JtJICKS. Sent by express. Pries 91 a bcttie, or C 0f * SAMARITAN'S CHANCRE WASH. Prioe 15 oents. Full directions. DESMOND k CO., Box 1*1 Philadelphia Pc?t Mm Sold by 8. CALVERT FORD.oorner lith and Penn. areuue. J H. EATON. South Eighth street. Philadelphia. as C-lm NOTICE. ii ADAMS* llfRKM CO.nPART." I'his Company offers to tbo rabllo** Una* Bails* antaios" for us Bois anf Qaiok Dispalofc ? Baan Froights. Paocacos. VaJaaNss, Moaey, ka A a., to all parts of the Uaitod Statsc. Ezirossos to and from the North and Wast dopart from and arrnro la Was him ton moo daily. All Exprossos aro 1. awe* of ssvsrisassd amd rituUli Hsosonxora. All Packless for 7 ho 6*141 trt samM at Mm liL?" oar asaal rats*. A i: 600-ti for ths so-oallsd "Confodsrato Statos" l^all Artiolos M CoLirabaad of War" will to Oar Exarouoa lga?o Now York M 1,1, aad < P. M.. arrirlci in WasEiJUton at A. M. aad Ml [,%rAas,u,'teisass.',?,a.vs-.a ^xpr'sssfslaarsJJaUb*ts at 4JI A. M. aad a P. m., uixui LB vTMbiacios it I JLM. tad Ml P'Kx?roooei for all Mixta North ui WMt Ihti Wwnicrton fct 7J6 A. M.udtJ) P. M. Cxiiy. ttpeoi*! CoLtrfcoU forlxrio ?04ct.ti*? of rro4fkt me bo mAdo ob ui.ttttiot to tAu Oftoo. il ftooda oalMltf and dolnrorod At* of Lxtre "LI- HarfjBkSfa UPHAM S HAIR DYKJ-TO COLOR BLACK OK BROWNFh-iMT IB Mttllbos. Throe mxoo for om dotlAT. Iru.nd or HuM ulr ?M do oiinkod la l t?nr .eooptKli V) ? MSthMMrtHf tto vorWj|rodeoini, ufo*noMat T&AVJfcl^l.l^lia, l>l*LhulVrt?. BALTIMORE * OHIO RAILROAD. NOTICE. C HAliU ? O F HO V KB. On AMD Arris WinuriT, Af*il t, lWt, TBI rinmn mni mviii) WaHlNeTON, BALTinoil, AND THE WKIT Will r?B M foiion : Am JMih Tv???i irriM mi mmd Dmmn Am Wmtkumtttm Dm*!* *wm tk* wit, tukd ini SiMuUiyii i JL?r. ?J A? * ?Vor ANNAPOLIS?Lhti Wftshibfton ftt 1M ? m ftrM 5?jp m. For FRKDERICK^Lmto Wftahinrtoaat 1M ft. m. ftM 3 ? i. m. FOR ALL POINT? WF8T. And tor Hftroer'e Ferry, Mftrtinaheri ftftd Wtftebostor, loftre W* thing ton ?t7.?b ft. m. TRAINS MOVIN? ROUTELeftre Nov York ftt 7 ft. a.; Pru.ftde.p&i* 11J* ft. m.; Bft. limore J JO p. m. Arrive ftt Wftafeiftctoa * ? ' Loift^o Nov York ftt 6 p m ; Pbiiftdeehift 10 IB p. m ; Baltimore 4 yt ft. m. ftt WftohiBftcn 6.*) ft.*. Loore Nov York ftt 11 ?. m : Phi .ftdeloktft 1 * ft m | Baltimore 7.40 a. m. Arrive at Vf?klMftem 955 a m. bocki Aooommndation Traica leave Ra timor? at 10a.m. aoo *10 p.m. lor Wuhiiftosi am*? there at IS a. m. and 7 OP p. m. Ob Bandaya at 4 J# and 7 to a. m only from Baltimore. No Anaapcaa or Fredenek eoaneotione on Soaday. Pumrxr Traina leaner Wuihinrtcm at T 40 a. m and ? 00 ?m., arxl Be t;more ail# a.m. and 5 10 p. ro . make cireot oonnnataoae for anaapone ?it tb^ Junction. The 7.4- a. m oo; tecta at RelSy or Fredenok, Hat?*r?iowi. Harp^r'a Ferry. Marticatarj, Winer o*t/>r, Wkae.i&i, Parkerebarg, *o.. exoept Bunoare. Tram* leave for Ha.tiaoreaad WaeklHjton at 6 50 a. m. a'id 3.40 p. ra. Pasatnger Traice lea viae W aahicgton at 4 no a. m. 11 a. m. and 5 p. mM and Baltimore at 4 3" and 7.4* a m., and 1.50 p. m , will ttor only ai A*nmrolt$ W?T Paaaaogera msat take the Attommodwwk 4TOUW nMf, W. P. SMITH. MS Mutt: of Transportation. tM L IMS] THE n??? Pennsylrania Central Railroad, (with jU oonneotiona) ID A f lKBT CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES SPEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT! STONE BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE! mn daily Tiitm from PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH! Two o! tfaam making fUll CORKaCTTOm AT lUlUlfM with tnina on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD. n/4 fnmiM THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTS VEOK WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE to all pomta in the WSITi NotZB-WBST AJ*D 0?ITI-Vnf. For Through Ticket?, ajflT M the OftN ei the Northern Cent'*! Rail Koad Com pany, Calvert J?UUoc. Baltimoce. Bfltndxd Sl?*vtrLp Cart on all Nxgkt TV?**# Smoking Soioon Cart on mil Train*. from Washington. PuMB|ira win take the ? a. m. anc ft p. m. tralna, arriving in Baltimore at 1M a. m. and ? tf p. iil, vnereoioae oonneouone are maoe with traiua oa the Northern Centra! R. R ..and arrive In Harnat arg at 1 p. m. and 1*6 a. m , there oooneotlac Witn tiie trains on the Pernor. Yaiua Centra. Railroad lor all m u ofthe w?L FREIGHTS. Bly thJa roite. freigr.u of all deeeri?tu>?a eac he lorwaruoo to tea iron) any point on Uie K t.. roatia of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, IJlinoia, ^ .aconaia, low?, or Miaeonri, by Rmtiromd dir$et. The Pee nay:*ania Central K* .road oennecta at Pittabure with Stcarrera, by whioh 6oo<!i au be forwarded to auy port on tte Ohio, M kincom, Rectuok?, Tenncaeee. Csm!#r.atd, Hiinoia. M .mlaalppi, <V itooDtic, Missouri, Kai-saa,, and Red Rivera; and at Clneiud, Smduaky act Cbloato with ateamera to al! Northweetera Lakea. Merohauta and ahippera entreating the transportation of their Freight to thia Company, oan rwy with oonfidenoe on lta ?peedy tranait. THE KATES OF FREIGHT to and from a*y point in the Weat, by tbe Pennaylvania Ontial Railroad, art ml mil imwi u fmvormb'u mj ait tkmrtmi fr* ata?r RmUremd CmMfMUi. C MaVraVV** KQONS, Freight AgmU. No, 80 Nortii Ba.tin.ore. ENOCH LEWIS. ?en'i Scjyerirt't. Altoon*. ft. L. L. HOWPT,S*r*i Tioke{ Ar't. Piiiinletpbi*. y ^HOUSTON, eu'l Freight AgMt.P^j*jyOHTHLP.N CENTRA* RAILWAY. T\4 Skmtut, Qitickt:: ui Fttt KmUtftmm ??MVE8T, NORTa*AND NORIBWE8I. r '?on W1NTEK SCHSDVLM. Cftxxax or f:m. 0*jx4 after t*VNPA Y. Ktk November, Puiuaar tulM wUi ATTlTa Uf 4"f*rt fT?a CftiTtll BiaUwo m fol:ova: u.ii ...? TlAI? No*** Luti M?a' at ? r m. fciyreaa ? p. m. rk.-ktot Accommodation 4j. m. rittflbtrr Afid Hirr:fti.drr PrnrMi f M _ Tsaitm HOVTB AKXTTB Parktoa Aocommodauon at a. m. Ex^reM esw a. m ytUUiut a6d H&rnabirc Ll|rMiI), b, The a. m. train from Waahinatan wunii . viti the ?.*> a. v.. train froai H? tlicore for tin V* m1 and for Baua > Lloirt, KociiMter. Pts*i:k. Canatiaitua a^U Niacara Fal.a.and tor Isew Tor* citr. Tha u a. m. train from WaahiLftea ooeceeta vith the a 9. a. train from Baltimore to WnL North and N orthvnt and Elmira au Bda.o aod aowMtsr. (kThet f. in.tram from v. aahuif ton ooLcecU w:tt m. ir&^u iron uailiraoro tor Pittc.urg, KarruberK And the West And ia a direct oonnooDoa Mr Lebaaor. EAtton Alieutown Asd NfV iork rl? CehtrA. Rulroad of Nov Jereev. Try u rooto for Nov York. ILT The o?lr train ieaTtnr Ba'Crwue oc S*Lda? it.the 8 p. m. ti~Ain. lor Hirnaburg, P'ttabcrj, Ctfouu And tho West. . Tka only WAiu *mvit*;ic BAltimoro on SaatAP 1> tho MO a. w. train. J AS. C. CLARKk, no M-1 y Soporintendoct ST NOTICE TO TRAVELERS. HE i'oatrsMt^r en?r*i hAvinc ordered tM 1 oorviee 6ei??c VVArhington. .A ? ^ umore. And Old Fomt tt ortr*?? J] onroo; to r<? reanraec. on *?<i Mendfty, the*Tti itttart, the li*r W.ce of eieeir.ert w: I i(??8 Untimore K V hK V 0AY (f io*ft Sen cey > from their wharf, foot of l>moc iKx-k, M ot 'o^osk p. ro.t cr ltr?m6<i.?te!j titer the w the W*ahi?fioc TrtiL. whioh ieevee Wuhingtos &l ih o'o.cki p. m. mfcvtf M. ft. FALL*. Prw'i. L towui. J. M. Towni. J. B. Teviu. L. lOWth? k. CO.. 8TXAM BOOK AND JOB PRENTING ESTABLISHMENT. oonmt Lmumm ???< mi Sixth it Th? attention of the ba^cati oomrnnnity It re?0ottullT larlted to the Now Book and Job Prints Fng Ketablithinect, which nat been fitted up with new material, in tbe inott oomalete manner, it bow prepared to exeonte, in a aatiajBotorr etyle. r?ery variety of Printing, yib : Bookt, gpeochee. PampL.eta, Caret, Clroalart, Bctlera' Blank*. Ac., kc. The attention of memt?r? of Congreea lb mioe.aliy requested for obt facilities for printing HpeeehM, aa we Lava the Utimi ateani power la ttttilr. aeT-lawitgi I\RY GOODS FOB "THK FOLKS At I " HOME.'"?Offioert aud othert needing Dry Goods of any kind for thafalk* "" " "r ,ti>c?'new? nd ?? it*? B&rfcsd la pfcu biuret, the eottii euh ateadert t ? f?r tt* interior, jrojerly packed for I &wo?b' w~ or other oocrevecoae, free PEEEY k. BEO., Pe.eve.acc Ninth ?tr>?i. t IT I I I U^L-n.*.. k... I " L w uui siornEnB UU I * " 538 PBanrrLv^NiA Avncn. MILITARY ANDNAVAfc MERCHANT TAIL^KS. __ ?*-?f WK OKFKR TO MILITARY MJtN ? I*J*? O V KSTPHI KT?. *W ?IVT^3 JMM^R T8.^*D*A W KRS?, CAMP BLANKET*. H ^ LK rfoSE.A*.. wmich w lCTite a I euh porehMcra to ainiu b?for? mafrim tii*ir m cui-b . _ . _ WALL. STEHMiWS * CO., m 199 p? >t .W ii? ikimA. ? i/Ann wuni/'B. AN Onm^mm of oar kanar to pa? oaah far varr artielo ol wo rare ha*, we ara foreod to r^ducaoar bwnfM to Ca*k zoinatToiy, for tha z'f'WiDVgnie ztstimJir&srst & AWW *$? . 4tt9 Fa. a*? batwaaa Xh and Mb aia. ta? Hat*. * BarJ QOU?HS, GOLD*. HO^ESKMICSS. *a. * tfomro vxd b) o> r* 4Jt4A/a ^loaaaa^ aa>^ ?^>yu. *r OayhJKanjocr ^k?

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