Newspaper of Evening Star, May 12, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 12, 1862 Page 1
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? V?. XIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. MAY 12, 1862. N9. 2,877. ????I THE EVENING STAK ts PUBLISHED IVH&r AJTT1RN00N, {SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT T HI STAR BriLDINAS, Com* tf Ptwuylvnin m. and Eltvmik mm, rr r\ nr * r * * rir* ? . Lf. niiijunuat Pa pen aerred In package* by carriers it Xi year, or 37 ctou per month. To mall subscribers ike price la *3-50 a year, m ademes; S3 for six mcntha; f 1 for three months; and fot leaa than thrae months at the rate of 13 cents a week. 81afie copies, orb c*rt; In wrappers, two nun. IT7" Asviuiaixini should be sent to the ottce before 13 o'clock m.; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. aMBMMMMaamMaamaaamsaBi^mHH - fl FROM NEW ORLEANS, Tht Avunran Flag Torn Down?A Stoesh fquad of Soldierj Reetive an Admonition. From the New Orleaiu Pieayunt of the 27th alt. we take the following Indication! of the condition of the oity after the fleet arrived in front of it, and before the fo?mal turrender took place W? learn that a boat's crew landed, down town, early this morning, and hoUted the Federai flag on the Mint, and that In the course of the morning a party of cititens tore down the flig, and while doing eo were fired upon from one of the enemy's Teasels. Such is the common report About 11 o clock the party that had torn down the flag came np St. Charles street in triumph, and very soon the Federal banting, torn inte shred*, was distriboted among the excited multitude assembled in the vicinity of the City Hall The hoisting of the fl*g, if done u represented, was an unauthorized and unjustifiable act, pending the decision of the city authorities in regard to the demand for surrender, and our citizens were perfectly justified in tearing it down. In our extra, published yesterday afternoon, we hid a brief notice of the tearing down of the Federal flag which had been hoisted on the Mint by a party of the eneirfy early in the morning. We nave since heard further particulars of the affair It appears the report that the hoisting of the flag was the act of a boat's crew from one of tBe enemy's vessels wu correct. We can only conclude that this was done to test the endurance and patience of oar people, for it is difficult to imagine that the act?unjustifiable and insulting as it was under the circumstances?could have been committed without the knowledge, eonnivanee or authority of the naval officers of the enemy It also appears that the report that the party who tore down the flair were fired nnnn from nn* of the enemy's vessels was well founded. We are informed that there were two discharges, neither of which, we are glad to hear, did any injury The first was a shower of grape, and the second a shell from a 4-pounder brass swivel gun. A portion of this shell we have seen. It struck the honae of Mr. J. A. Laoour, corner of Victory and Frenchmen streets, and fortunately did not explode. The names of tKa tvtptv t V? f ffii i?K tkamaalvAS Kw HV |/?i ? ???7??UgHIVUW VUVUldQI ? CJ %f J gallantly tearing down the flag that had been surreptitiously hoisted, we learn, are W. E Slumlord, who cut it loose from the flagstaff amid the shower of grape, Lieut. N. Holmes, Sergt Burn?, and J*me? Reed. They deserve great credit for their patriotio act. Thanks to the precautions taken by the authorities, and to the good sense and unshrinking patriotism of our citiiens, by whom the authorities are effisiently supported in their _ tr # At ? ? a; e _ ? * - * euoru ior ids prswrviiiun 01 peace ana me firotection of property, the city at a late hour ut night was as peaceful and quiet as a country hamlet?a<? quiet as though no extraordinary excitement prevailed throughout the day, in fact, it was much quieter than in ordinary times. Oa application to Generals Juge and Maignan, the troops under their command, consisting of the European Brigade, were placed by the authorities in_char^e of the peace of the etty last nignt. They commenced their vatrol about sundewn, and still maintain it. for the preservation cf order, and private and public property. The Provost Marshall suggest, in a proclamation wued yesterday, that the family grocers and bakers keep open their storei and shops for the sale of bread and provisions, as usual. This coarse it is absolutely necessary to adopt, as otherwise those dependent upon such sources for supplies will be subjected to the severest suffering \Ve learn that'dealers in provision and other necessary articles of trade refuse in tome case* to receive Confederate money in payment for their goods. This is very reprehensible, and is the canse of no little distress to poor people, who, on the faith of the representations made to them by the authorities, have taken that money, and have now no other. Daring the confusion incident to the events of yesterday, license was taken by many persons to p* *es* themselves of articles of private property from the levee and the stores and APAhnnitAt in th* vi^initv TK? IIawa* kaa w ! w .. y f - ? *? ? * J A HW iUB^VI M? J iieueJ a proclamation warning all such to restore those articles to his office upon penalty of being proceeded against to the fail extent of the law The Mayor of the oity requests the services of all order-loving and law-abiding eitiiens, to assist tee ponce in tbe protection of property, and the preservation or peace and quiet in the eity. It is also suggested by the authorities that ali citizens cot connoted with the publie service, do retire to their homes at or before nine 6'elock, p. m OKK MAS KILLED AMD TWO WuUHDBD ON TBS LEV Eg BY THK KNK MJT. Under the head of "Coroner's Inquests" we hare mentioned the inquest on the body of a man named Drown, who was killed yesterday morning on the steamboat landing, by a Mime ball, fired from one of the enemy a Teasels. It AnnAAM frAm lr.fA?fnafiA? Law* * |/^/vwi ? 41 vim (Hiviiuatiuu i?y UBT w * CI f uu that a party of some eight man, of the Pickwick Hangers, who participated in the battle of Shiloh. and hare returned to the city, marched down to the steamboat landing, bearing with them a Confederate flag, and baring a drummer and a fifer with them, that they proceeded to the water's edge with their flag displayed proudly in the breete, and that ou arriving there they had their farnrite tunes. Oarryowen. the Bonnie Blue Flag and Dixie, played; that when the enemy, discovered them, a party of sharpshooters mounted the riggiDg of the Jiartford, the aratnv's flmrihin ainl nr,?n*l a Kri?W fir? upon thecs; that the man llrown, who wag a spectator, ?u shot and killed, and that two of the Ilaoger*. were wounded?one in the leg and the other in the heel This information we have from Captain M. W DeBolie, of the Hanger*, and bis first lieutenant. They also report that while thej were nnder fire, a daring lady, who was by. asked permission to bear the Conf. ierate flag for a moment, which wu granted, and that she exultantly waved the flag in the face of the enemy, utterly regardless of the balls which were whistling around her. Although we think eueh demonstrations as the one we are reoording are injudicious, we cannot but feel admiration for the gallantry 01 taeae enga^ea in it, and who, their face to the foe, alowly retired from the scene of actios. It says little for any consideration that may be expected from an enemy when they fire volley* of Minie bullets among hundreds of unarmed men and women, as we re assured waa the case in this instance. TBI 0C3BOATS GO!** tTP TBI RIVES ? MAY TBIY KIVIR BITCH. I All the enemy's vessels, except fonr steam gunboats, departed about 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon. They went up the river?deetinaliop unknown. Til t'l'TT Or TBI BOCI. [Kditorlal Comment* of the Picayune } We have great satisfaction in reading the several proclamations of Mayor Monroe, addreased to tha people of this city, with refer. _ a . 1_ t? ? ? i 1 ? * * a enee to me amy uevoiTing upon mean, ai me present solemn and critical exigency. Truly as he says in that, which has also the sanction of the Committee of Safety, through its President, one *f cur best and most prominent citizens, the eircumstaaoes, sad and melaneholy as tbey are, in which we are bow plaeed, require on our pert the exercise of the utmost wisdom and forbearance. We hart devoted freely of our men, our substance and our exertions to the defenee of our beloved city, and have nothing wherewith to reproach ourselves in the way of dereliction neglect of duty to aooompliih that object. - We have not succeeded. A superior fore*, availing itself of facilities of approach we had not the power to resist, and of an arm in which we were not capable of competing with it, has accomplished iu purpose, and stands before our city dictating to us terms of surrender. It now devolves upon us to meet the exigency with dignity?not with craven submissiveness on the one hand, nor/as the Mayor ssjs, with indecent alacrity on the other; but with oalm and reliant hope for the moment, which we miv oonfldentlv trust is not remote, than nr.r brethren and countrymen will achieve oar deliverance. Meantime, we have domestic interest*, near and dear to aa, to guard and to defend. The preservation of the pease, quiet and good order of oar city, is now the paramount duty of every citizen. The Mayor tells the invader that he has a gallant people?a people sensitive of all that oan affect their dignity and selfVrespect, over whioh to exercise the gov eminent be now, we trust, bat temporarily, oan assert. Let us verify, by our example, the character our Chief Magistrate has not unjustly claimed for us lie promises to discharge all the duties imposed upon him by his office with religious fidelity.* Be it ours 10 sustain mm ana tne otner authorities of our city in that good work. Let us nst, by ra?h acts of violence, 'hough these may be the dictates of offended pride and deep sense of injury, give the enemy warrant for &i>persions he has not been backward, in time past, in throwing upon us ; nor furnish him a pretext for inflicting wanton and irreparable injury upon tne city. The striot and full performance of these high and holy duties is not by any means inconsistent with those feelings which, though temporarily defeated, we have, as freeman, a right to entertain: nor with that dignity which the soul conscious of rectitude may maintain, even in the midst of disasters. We have now pressing upon ua, with more stringency than ever, many relative obligations, the sacrednoss of which every good citioens will be free to admit. "The poor ye have ever with yon," said one, whose precepts were ottered for our guidance. It is ours to oonsider more than ever, and in every way possible, their imperative wants. Bakeries, and groceries, and markets, and provision stores, should be kept open daring the day, and thus articles necessary for subsistence be made and'Mpt easy of access and procurement. This is no time to practice extortion, or to higgle about prices The exorbitant profit upon the sale of article of prime necessity, wrung from the scantily supplied purse of a fellow-citizen, is now more than ever a robbery. We trust that every such instanee . will meet at the hands of the community with tke execration it so justly merits. OFFICIAL. Department of state, WasHiHAToit, January 25, lafll. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Member* of Congreaa on bualneaa on Saturday*, ooaamenolsg with Saturday, the first of aeit oatk. Jan T1 tl WILLIAM H. SEWARD. TTTAE DEPARTMENT, VY JA.ivast *1, law. 0?ciRrr, Thai the War Department will be Tuesday*, Wednesday*, Thursdays and Fr.days against all oth?r business but that which r< lat-i to active military operations In th? field. Saturdays will be devoted to the business of senators and Representatives. Mondays to the business of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, tS W-tf Hvwtirv nt VV.? FAUKHOKH THAI* TO BUHASSAS. Wis Dbpabtmsxt, ) OjJUt Military Sttpermtenim: Kaiireadf U.S. > W<iski*gton, April 18, lo<53. ) Ma Pn?nn ir?r Tr?ln w111 ?nn f?Am 1X7 n??_ ??w A HOWMgVI A I ?-?* ?* ?* ! ? vv I MM *1 VIM V V IMUill^ ton to Manaaaas until further notice. D. C. McCALLUM, p lb-tf M. D. and Sup't Rallroada, U. 8. TNOTIOE. HE Copart-.erahip heretofore exiatioc under the name an 1 atyleof A Shi**, ia this dar uiiiuirvu uy uiuium ou?bcuu aii uiimi (vcsiun the late firm will t>- eetilej by R. A 8h;nn. Thoae indebtei to the late firm are requested to n>ake payment to him. C. W ARNY, R. A. 8H1NN. Georgetown. P C.. Mar l?t. 1?83. NOTICR?The undersigned will oontinue the Battling and Ageoey bucneea at the Old H'aad.and hope* to merit a ooutlnuanee of the liberal patronage heretofore beatoweu upon the late 6:11 rnS lm R. A. SH1N.V. FOR BALL?A very hue botgy or double tarne?? HoRfK; ridsa ?e;l under the fix, vJd'a?tin propert* of a ceiitlem&n who j,Xr haa no fuMher uae for him. There la nom m >re aervioaable horae in the Diatj lot Warranted eou'd, , n cood oocd>ti"n, Ao. He can bs aeen tae atab.ea of Dr. John Graf ton. i) atreet, bet wee 13K and lath ?ta. m 2 lw PtHSONS l>ii?lHOLS OF rtl KCH Al?l l.jht CARK1AUK8 would do yell^ JBMjg/ to e ve me aealu aa I have on hand ? kit whioh 1 will cell low to o oae oul*fc?A'ao, ssverai fcccoad hand firat auaUtv New York built Uurtimi, wh oh will b- ?n!d very oh< ap. Ee?'u """KXlVtTA&aitt. in 3 6t^ Coachmak> r. 8th e?reet. N?rlC TO THK PUBLIC IN GENERAL GOSLING RfcST lUR&H r, S?T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. South S:p?, (Formerly of New .Yoik.) Hu the Nam? and Fame ot bainf ONE OF THE BEsT RESTAURANTS IN TOWN ! fT"^8t*e It a trial and Judge for ronrialf.-TTl KvArviliior if) (hu hitua* ?? ii*oi the 4E&A-L BEST THK MAKKtTwCl k^jgK AFFORDS ^rng> Don't forjst the number?' V4T Her.nayl?ani?avenue, m 1 3a l)?t>HD 13th am 13'. ?n . routh aide. COME ONE. COME ALL,and bnyjrouroutfit of SPKING ud riUMMKK CLOTHING,at the ooroer of E and Mn tb ?t?. Tfce i.jht < f our urge atook of Men'aanJ Hjji' CloUun< v>lt relieve a'l aaa "heuaioi. ot not >.?it? ?t>? ? ? m ed or ft t^i at ou' ^BtablishTi*nt BAR ft BROTHER ? lri*i, ftcd tho- will ft w%. r do whtt ) iltht ?pMV-2m* M?? _ FRENCH MILLINERY. RS. TBOMAS, Krom Ntv York, Room No. 9 l>?l?Tftn Rouse. ha? jmt arrived with ft ?ieot itoot of FRENCH MILLINERY offlG toe Ift'Mt it> l?a and feahioca. to wbioh thf^Sfr reeaeotfally it rites the fttWnUon of Uie ladies of waafcington. M 28 3w*" PROFE 80K ALEXANDER WOLUW8KI la oontinuiBc hi* oo*raaa on Us PI ANo AND IN *IN01NG. ?< h!? new and aimpiitad hie raaidenoe, o 441, Tettb street. b?tv< en E and F. All 'lio?o who daaira to beoome fine alnceraor excellent parlor mart, ah: aid avail thamaalvea of hia aaw ayatam of loatnution. ay 2Vim JAY "*? iV.-WBi8'""U. 8. CERTIFICATE* OF INDEBTEDNESS, OuarttrfnaHtrt^ Cktck* ahd VoucJktri, T 1-10 TREASURY NOTES, And otter Bovernment Moar< iaa, COIN. CVHRMMCY AMD EXCHA*an ap ?-! T\RR?8 MAKING-Mies 1. O ARTHUR, 1/ Fashionable Urni Maker, respeotfally informs the ladies of Washington that she hu oMoedtdrMi making estaDntbment at No. 410 9;h street, bttVMo H and I, aid is prepared to exMate all orders promptly and in the latest styles of fashion. Cutting and fctUng don'.and pattarns void. . Wanted Immediately.?N oanc ladies to learn Preea Mattel ap ?Hm* nMRDiViNn.KNnu * vimu ? lltU) ~W*ddiji(t Vuiting^ad .^a&T&1. C.Vcn, bi.i Hatdfl.Mttiio TitiM, it to i?iion <ia KSjM- A? ssx&f^fts p?u h. at 9*0 p* tmu. .. . C. J. HOLYLANH. Coppf Pit* Printing. ??tw* P<AMP FUHMTUMK Arti# V1N WAKJS OF kMa " Va"rn\e1 TELEGRAPHIC NEW3. IMPORTANT NEWS. RAPTURE OF NORFOLK, PORTSMOUTH AND THK NAVY-YARD. Federal Tro?p? in Fall I'?stesslon> Tbe following official dispatch wn received at the War Department yesteaday morning : Fobtbus Monoi, May 10?12 o'clock at night ?Norfolk la.onra. Also, Portsmouth and the navy-yard. Gen. Wool, haying completed the landing of his forces at Willoughby Point about o'clock this morning, commenced hla march on Norfolk with 5,000 men. Secretary Chase accompanied the General.. About five miles from the landing place a rebel battery wm found on the opposite aide of the bridge over Tannsr's Cr?wk, and after a few discharges upon two companlesof Infantry that were In the advance the rebela burned the bridge. This compelled our forces to march around live miles further. At 6 o'clock in the afternoon our forces were within n short dutance cf Norfolk, and werf met by a delegation of citizens, and the city was formally surrendered. Our troops wore then marched In, and now have possession Uen.S'iet Is In command as military governor. The city and navy yard were not burned. The Urea which have been teen for some hours nroved to be the wonda on fire General Wool, with Secretary Chase, returned about 11 o'clock to-night. General Huger withdrew bis forces without a battle. Commander Roeers' expedition was heard from thla afternoon, ascending J am?a river. The reporta from Gen. McClellan are favorable. Fdwin M. Stantox, Secretary of War. FROM FORTRESS MONROE. THF. MERKIMAC BLOWN L'i' BV THF. REBELS. The Monitor and stber UnnboaU (>inr ? Narfolk. The following highly Important announcement has been received from Fortress Monroe: Fohtke?s Mosrok, May 11. a m ?Bon R H WaUon, Assistant Secretary of WarThe Merrlmac wm blown up by the rebel* at two minutes before 5 o'clock tbl* morning. She wa" set fire to about ."J o'clock this morning, and the explosion took place at the time stated. It is ?a!d to have been a grand sight by those who taw it The Monitor, Stevens and the gunboats have gone up towards Norfolk. THE WAR O.N TIIK MISSISSIPPI. Engagement Between th? Federal Flotilla and the Rebel Fleet of I-on GunboatsTwo Rebel Gunboats Blown Up and One Sunk. The following dispatch has reached the Navy Department: U 8. Flag snip Beston, above Fort Pillow, Mississippi river, May 10, via Cairo, May 11 ? Hon. Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Havy:? The naval engagement for wfclrh the rebels have b?en preparing took place this morning. The r?*b"l fl^et. consisting r?f eight iron-clad gunboats, four of which were fitted with rams, came up handsomely The action lasted one hour. Two of the rebel gonboaU were bl^vn up and one sunk, when the enemv retired precipitately under tbe guns of the fort. Only si* vessels of my squadron were engaged. rue Cincinnati auatafned tome Injury from the ram*, but will be In lighting condition tc-morrow Captain Stemble distinguished himself. He is seriously wounded. The Benton la uninjured. Mortar boat No 10, In charge of Second Alas'er Gregory, behaved with great spirit. Thf rebel squadron is supposed to becominanded by Com. Hoi 11 us. C. H Davis, Captain Comcnandtng Western Flotilla, MU?Ualppl Liver, jno tem. THE ADVANCE O* R1C11UOXD. [Army Correspondence of the Aaaoclated Press J Naw Kkst Court Hou?k, Va , Saturday, May 1ft ft P M / 0*7 mllua frnm D l?Vi r*r*?.?/! V a v t . Kt ? V*" ??- " v?M H l'/UIIHMU./? 1 liD pursuit of the retreatlne rebels by* our troops, under command of Gen. Stoneman, has In every reaped been successful Hii headquarters are now here, 27 miles from Rlcbmond, while the advance, consisting of the 8th Illinois cavalry, !s a miles ahead. The enemy are in Night, but gradually falling back. The Inhabitants have, In nearly every Instance, left, but from the best Information that has been obtained, the enemy Will make a stand at Bottom Bridge, IS miles from Richmond, the headwaters of the Chickahotniny river. General McClellan, with the main body of the J !. #. ? J ..~I ? ?* ? - - army, is [ {iiuijr luuvwiug. up WHH1U 1 lew mile*. Cumberland, a amall town on the Pornonkey river, and two and half mile* from here, waa deaerted thla morning by the enemy, and la now occupied bv our forcea. There are no rebels to beaean.aa rennrt^d hv our scouts, this side of the Cbickahomlny river, except on the direct road to Richmond. The force under Gen Stonemsn consisted of the 'id Rhode Island and 9th Pennsylvania regiments of infantry, Capt Robinson's battery of llubt artillery, and the 6th cavalry under MaJ. Williams. The rear guard of the enemy, which remained bere last night, and which our men had to drive before them, was Gen. Longstreet's division, ron luting of ten regiments of infantry, two batteries and a regiment of the 1st Virginia cavalry. Our advance was tbis morning strengthened, on ascertaining tbe force of the enrmy, by the 8ih Illinois cavalry and two regiments of the lit New Jersey brigade The enemy on leaving here this forenoon tired two buildings containing commissary and quartermaster store* The engagement yesterday between our advance and the enamy'a rear, at Slater's Mills, three miles frcm b?*re. resulted in fourteen of the enemy's cavalry being- killed and several taken pri*. ft. pn Th#>t KPfMirpri thplr wnnndprl TIia Cavalry, which made a moit brilliant charge, had three killM and thr e men missing, i.nd thirteen wounded. Gen Howell Cobb remained her* last night and left with the rebel* this morning. The enemr's retreat has been most admirably accomplished, carrying almost everything with thtrtn In the shape of forage and provisions, the wa^on trains In the day time and their troops at nleht The enemy covered their retreat with a line of sklrmNhen stretched across the country, driving in their stragglers at the point of the bayonet. The Richmond papers of th?- 6lh make no mention of the movement! of tbe;^ army. The country between here and liottom Biidze is thickly wooded, with a few clearing* and in many places low and swampy. The jail here was burnt yesterday. The railroad from West Point to the bridge where it crosses the Pomonkey river has been torn up, and the destruction of the bridge will probably follow. FROM THE KOl'N TAIN' DEPARTMENT. Information has been received at the War Department that General Schenck had, after a forced march of 34 mile* in lets than 24 hours, made a innr.tlnn with Gen. Mllrov. at McDowell. V* A sharp engagement with the enemy took plare there. The rebel! endeavored to plant a battery In a position eomimndlng our troopa. General Schencfc succeeded In preventing this, and then fell back on the main body, aa ordered. Our loaa waa 6 killed and 75 wounded. The rebels appeared to Lave suffered aeverrfy. Major Trimble, after being reinforced by three companies of the 10th Virginia and a company of the lit Vlrtinia Cavalry, had aoundlv ihruhod the guerlllaa who bad been ravaging the country about Spencer, and expected to kill or capture the wbole gang. Rebel Oatrages?Fire en the Mtiataiai Niw Marikt, May 10 ?9ome weekaflvo 1 sick soldier, on bis way from Stranburg to Winchester, wa* aurrcanded bv armed cithens. atrinnod of bis arms tad released. A few days ago the soldier Identified one of the party, w o wai arretted and brought nithrr. More recently a dele gat Ion from Winchester, In hla behalf, arrived here and offered If the person arrested, whom they claim to have been, be released, the fire perpetrators of the act shall be delivered np It has slnoe transpired that there was a reg ? w..J ^ ? w*-. ^ uLaiij vi|aaiiiu uiuu wi uiaacri Of OIJ EDO VOI* dim by night tor tbe purpose of Intercepting our BMrngtri, bat the aolvlty or our cavalry prevented tbe coaaummition of tbe object. To-day. three members of the Ira Harris Guard, detailed to guard the horses In pasture near tbe foot of Maaassutten mountain, a mil* from camp, wtal to a neighbor log farm houM u4 asked Xor bread and intlk. They obtained the milk, bat were directed to another bouae at the foot of the mountain for bread, and cn the way thither they passed a barn, out of which came fifteen or twenty rebel soldiers, who (hot two of oar men, killing one and mortally grounding the other. The third eacaped. Our men were ouarmed. The rebel* probably came over the mountain by a tecret path inaccessible to cavalry. Four women occupants of the first house, who directed the inea to the second house, were arrested on suspl nwu vi cuinpiicny in me aourma tumiDta, dux exonerated. Tbe Harria Guard*, Colonel De Foreat, paid a vlait to Harrlaonbure to-dav, but there was no enemy there Aahby'a aconta occasionally*'*'? tbe town to enforce tbe conscription act The Inhabitants express their regret at our withdrawal from the town ? The Manaanntten qiountaln, eaat of thla town, ha* been burning for two days and nights A magn!t;ent spectacle at nlgbt, visible for thirty miles. FROM GEN. HALLECK'S COMMAND. Chicago, May 10 ?A special dispatch from Cairo to tbe Times s-ivt: Tbe Continental, from Ptttsbiirjr, has arrived. On Thursdjy morning (Jen HalWk had, witb 6.000 cavalry, im'ai.try, and several batteries, made a reconnniesance far tke purpose of ascertaining tbe position of tbe enemy. At the time the Continental left the expedition had not returned. Our line hai been extended, so that our advanced pickets now evenpy the ground lately held by tbe rebels. Tbe enemy s pirseu are posted In Uorinth within rifle range of our own pickets

All the Rebel T'o?p? Ordered t? Fall Bark on l'*rinth CmrAGO, May 10 ?A special dl?patch to t!.e Cairo Tribune ?avs that Beauregard hat issupd a proclamation stating that the Federal force? virtually tad pcaaeaslon of the Miniaa ppl river, and ordered all forrea to be sent to Corinth, and that all the cotton, sugar and moiss-es be destroyed, which order wat being obeyed < cmmsdore F*ot? at Cair?-OfMrir(l*n of Property at Memphis Ctilirmtd. Cairo. May lo?Commodore Fi?ofe arrived here to day, en route for Cleaveland, leaving Captain Davis in charge of his fleet. The destruction of property at Memphis 1* corroborated by the Federal prisoners exchanged yesterday We also learn from them that General Villiplgne had expressed himself as thoroughly disgusted with the manner In which his command had lieen taken away piecemeal. The general opinion among distinguished r (fleers is that Fort Wright la to oe evacuated within a week. The Latett. Thp latent intpll irbnrp at W?? Ti^. prrtment from General Haileck's army I* dated May 10th, p. m. It wa* moving on Coriath, but bad been Impeded in its progress by the beivineaa of the ralna and the almost impassable condition of the roada, throngh a densely wooded country. The army was in good health and high spirits, and its officers ccnlident of success. FROM <?EN. BANKS' CORPS. v.... A'- m... ia r? * _ __ ? i^*w Mtnici ? a., iu<y JU.?ueMrrwrs irom the enemy report that the recent Union victories have caused the greatest depression amon^ the rebel officers, who looked upon their cause as hopeless. Their soldiers are very ragged, and without the means of renewing their clothing, and buna reds would desert if It was generally ki.own that they would be kindly received by ?ur officers. The enemy's ranks are becoming dally thinned by desertions. The weather is now dry and the roads horribly dusty. No new movements of the enemy have been disclosed within the last 18 hours. A few scattering rebel scouts are occasionally seen In the eastern vahey, above Columbia bridge, who fly rearwards on the approach of our men The wheat crop in this region is luxuriant, and the fruit trefa b?*?.r nrnmiap r.f *? and are conaidered beyond danger by frost Active scouting Is kept up between here aud Harrisonburg. FROM FORT WRIGHT. The Rebel* Snppesrd to be Evacn&tlng the Place. Chicago, May 10 ?A special dlspa'ch to the Times, from Fort Wright, say* mat deserters arrived at the fl<*et yesterday, and assert positively xoai an me iaiia rorcea or me enemy ud been wi;hdrawn from the fort, leaving barely enough to work the kudi. Jeff. Thompson came ye*terday under a flag of trwe, and eichanged a couple of Federal jargons captured at Belmont for rebel officers cf tqual rank. He has command both afl >at and aahore. I ? From Tenneste# Cairo, May 9.?The enemy have 1.500 cavalry at breaden, Tenn , SOOatQarden Station, and lust ulght, It It reported, a company of rebel cavalry occupied Uulon city. DEAFNESS. OPTHALMIC AND AURAL INSTITUTE, 297 Pennsylvania Avenue, Oppoeits Willardi* Hotel, Devoted to tha treatment Msdicillt ani Surgically, ol all maiadieg of the CYC AND tSAK, in oharge of DR. V. A. TO* MOSCHZISKER, OCULIST AND AUKI8T, From Clinton i'laoj, New York City. TESTIMONIAL'. In piMiehinc the following testimonials, Dr. Von .Tio*cniirier i>9*? m situ fhtt lie m ou'y irdu->eJ to do as t;iey proe v>d frrnn sources so huh and re liab e*s to render it a matter >f ?r%t'hrat;on fur him not only to posses*, I ut to publish t*iem ' Thia?c*y Dipiktmknt, May 3, !S?2. Is attestation of toe skid ol ur Von Mosol z sser as au A urist, 1 wruM state that 1 have beon r IN ;?ted with d6afnes?. whioh required a very loud vu:c* lo ??"able ms to hear Under the treatment of Dr. Von Mnsohztiker, in the oourse of three niortfi?, i ava ao far tecovered t) at 1 oan n?w '> ?r o'<nvsrranon in ordinary toae of voioe.ard all th* ditatreeable fee'ings wtiicb aocompan;e<l the ceafness, ?neh as rniaM in hr?il ? < ^^a v. ~ ? u-..?va .a. ? ? u wu | auu uiDuum |rs 11 ? > in u:d t'lirf have nearly, and 1 trust will very so n ceve entirely. >T. H. Cookk. From tit *lo?. Stnator J. F. Stmmcm. Mr. Cooke'a oase 01 deahie<? Lis Seen lone kuownto ino, as 1 hal much cifficu ty ia mekitf h:m hear, retmria* a freat eleva.ion of voice, it fives me pleasured add my tes'irryimai to the pro teas oiat kili of Dr Mosoiis sfcer. *? 1 am . ow atile to oonveree with my trien4,Mr. Coote, as with other persona in nu usuit tor e J. F. Sist.MoN*, U. S. 8. WA?HMOTO?, AfTli 19, JS62. This la to oartify that tlx* beanof of ray aoc.a boy of thi-teen yeara of aje baa bee. rreatly impaired for torn* years. 1 an proud to atate ?bat hu bear1D{ la now restored by the treatment of Dr. h A. V<>n Mofohii' whim 1 woo d recommend all who are affl oted in that way. Wm. Sladi, WJ Maaaaohuaetta avenne, between 4la and r>th s treat* Mayo*'# Oftic*. Georgetown, April 19,1862. Thia la to osrtily that my heariua hayitcbeen muoh i > paired tor for aome time ?ait,l plao-d myae'.f ui der the p o'eaalonal tr*a meni of Dr. Von Moaohzmker. Alter a few week' of hia oare, I exp?ne> ned a very peroeptlrle improvement, a'd at ihia time my Iieartni la &a food aa it ha* bean at any iimewiU in my raeollaoti-ra. ni m-iw H?NKV A dpi now. Mayor. RV CABINET FUciNITUKE. , MiillM L*k WHOI ?f ALK AND EE TAIL, nH At ikon Hall, H' 'No. 31 s ha. ar? ue. bMVMii dtbXJBDI and loth (U. Jo?t received another ia'f? invotoe of thoso be\ntifni COTFaOK HETd. in solid oak, io?it?tios oak. mayle, and deoorated with and without irarMe t'ps. AIho, an extensive assortment of all kind* ol Ca'unet Karniturw, Hair and Sfinck Mattresses. Holsters and Pillows. Jto Pnrohasers will 0"m?lt their interest an J Bars both time and mousy b? oallirjcupon as. ni 6 tolm UOTELBR * W1LLBON. /i t< i nn A OU UtVL'Dd ROCKET* 8 LEATHER ""TH. RUSSIA DUi K. to . in IS yard pieoea, At ?5 oanta per it d, lor Cuh only. Far % ty m 5 aotw < Bomb.) JORN R. KLVANM 150 BOXES En??Jhfcl>iurj CHEESE, **ry fit*. For iat* by mMtifo MURRAY k 8KMMK**. I?VR 8AL.E-4.000 CEDAK tsd CHESTNUT r >08T8; alio *>,*? CHES'I Nl* i KA1L8. Am<T n?xt door to txaftd btkary, Lonul&o* tr nva. above tha rairkat KOtZMR. BAR RICK ft CO, < S NOTICE. R4LBH PROpOs*AL8 iirvtt?d nstll the 27?hd*y of Mrjt. 1862, ftt 12 o'ol?>e?. m .for eapp lylnr 'ho I riN Httf-a huba:?tfluce il^pnUfleut vi?h 6 hwl rf B**?'on ?h? Hn?f. Tu? Catlie to ??s delivered it 'A aahinjtoi o:tr, a:-J ??oh aaimai to *v-*r%ge ISO cottu-a (ro;a v*irht, to u nit1 a5oittt?d vhieh irejjha leaat an 1 f\'?> ? Vinlw r. \mm u aifar* *> ! U? ?? ? ? " ? , r It *? 111" 1 - auu UU !!" Wi- * ' The Cattle to hs delivered at inch t m*? md in emh <uanut e* " tii? *?overfipe-t :nAT r;>eui'e T first deivery of Ca't eto he mads ou th?1?:h of J uia. :862. or aa iooj therealter u Government it?? re^mre. A bona with food and rcfficient eecarity will t?? IMlilM, G'>vo<niren! reterv?8 to tteelf the rUht to pay in Trea?Hry htm. or other Government Iod'1*. Mo bid wil entertained ?Uen vol ib hroni tr%**to*? who have previouel? failed ?o romplt with their oontraote. or where the btdde' la not present to r*?p.n i to hi? h4,aid all b,da to he accompanied by two f uaar.tier. The namea m firmi ahouid b? rtated in full, witk th* P'eaiae addre-a "fall the wsmbfi >{ tl>e h -rr Bide to \<t> directed ?o >.aj^?' a. BECKWlXri. C.8.U. tf. A., WukiDK'.oi>. D. C. form of H*ara*tet. \W - "~* ? * * * ?T " ??r?, vi uio vKfumj t*i , &ru pwe of .and .of ttie oonr.ty of , an"! State of tdo hereby cna'a^tr 'hat m at?Ie tot.ilhf a oontraot in voo da; ce w ?h the terms of in a prop ?*ition. and that, should ht? pro position ba aooepted, he will at nr.ce enter icto a contract in acoo'dacoe therewith. Should the contraot be aw*rj?vi him wo are pared to beootne hi* eecnritiee. Thia guarsntes must be appended to each lid. ? a SNOTJvK. EALEH i KOIMit>\i,8 or tnr.-' a!' the Hi I?a fcLrt IViov, Hoo'i and Rom-, of the Be*f Oatt e, k'lled >< the AMiitotihe fo'oait. < iii r corrrnnid of ben. MoCiellan. are itivito.1 till the S^th <ia* of Mm, IPGS at 12 u'o ool. m It i? intended that tre oon'ra^Mr snail fallow the Arm j, ard ool'eo: me H td#* and T* low, Ko 'i and H> rr* it.d fhal". pt? a ceua r i urn frr rhi??e ar tic ? fror> e?on ar una!, to be e llcct" athi?o?r rule. He wil:'ce<l with the ariic estr. cscl< use-, uLit*ee ii? o*n Oi-fir ? ?Gr.w tr*tne '<ar\~ peVi9? t*d Itmb ..'jtvr'r: then h? aut'-.or;f> A f-ond wjtn r?n<i and mluciect ?<MSiintT wt'i *>e re?mr< d, for >ae tuili mmiot the oontrao',and*r.o bid trill bn *ntrrta ned fr in pre?.ei>? co- tractor* who have faii*3 to linyir with their cf>nt-??tg. Hud bo idwu' be ectma'nel unles? the bidder Is present to respond to hi* t> d. The art>c!e? "t Rtr*eiDPnt, with a bono, wii t required to bo en;ere.1 into witiun two days alt:r the op?* inr of th* bids. The M'b t j b^illreoted to Maj A. BUCK WITH, Conimi'sar* of S'ubsiftosne, VVaalm:*:oa, ">. and endorsed Proposals," in 1 Proposal* for cm ll arms for THE liSITED STA1K9 SLRViCE. 0*THf?wc* OFFtr*, I Washikuto:*. D. C., ApiH H, IRC.t rR?Pog?i,8 will Lo received by th Ppparnrcnt, cnui 6 p. in. on the eve.'.iog of the 15th of M*y, looi, for rnanntaciU'irK. n the L'nifxi Siatea, f?>r trie iovernmsnt, withm ore year f.oiu Jiot cat*, the Sr\ Intffi n ar <ia*A ? ?? ? ? - - ? - uoiu ipir.'U '' I > I* flpriu*G3d Rifls .\ft??kets. mode! Harper's F+rrj ksfles. inta *?o ! bayonets and b; so&bbirds, inodol ais, Breecn loacir.s Carbites. f>r oav&lry, Re*o ver Pisio e. army sue, :* . 1 re* for cgtit oavs.rr. Non-oirnv?s;<ir.e-l Offioers'tfwords, / rtee 8^ai>Mu?tc:ans* Sword?, \ bards, Steal t-oabbards for rifled musket bayoneu. Proposals will state? For muskets and rifUn, th? prioe for an 000 cr ei'.aer. and to* ieduc;;on proposed, per sun 1 or eaoh additional to^!0 0 0. F"r rtvolvn< &-d eatime'.'he kind prop^se l^ind the price for 5 rt-o. and r?rtnr?U'E. ? r nutol or o*r bfue, l ?r f-aah ad tUonal S.'W to f*??. For ?airs swords a\d sia'.vti d!, ti.e prioe of ea^h of the prescribe patterns to tfce Mim'er of => i'-J eaoi',an<f a so f?>r ouch additional i f*0 to 2 .'* > All the fire-arras are to be fcrnisafd wstn the regular ap5rr,(Jai--B. Th? rifle mii'tfM ar? to : ? in all rexpscU ideLtioal with that manufactured at the U. 8. Armory, J?rri< lisl '. M?.?&ac'"UM,ttr. ard aro to icterenance with it. and with < &c 1, ether, in at tntir parte. Kaoh o! the other IiilC6 cfhre xntis iiiu^t also interchange wita one anutiidr is Ute tame manner. The materials for these arms mast he of th? *?rT ben q ia.itr. and no rualka^.e iron parts will fa allowed to be n*ed. A!! th? artic'* must be sub jest to inspection p:?scrio d ay ti e Or^nvuce ftego auona. and must be boxed, ready for traua p_.rtation, at the expen?e of ?he oostraefc rs, In a oh iramer aa may ba direot'd. Inspections wtl; be i:iad<* at the faotoaea in lota ot uot ess tii*a l.ttW each. Proposa s will state the came of the ertabiish m-.t making tue rffer, the csmber acd Cate of the first de ivery, and rate of de ivc-y tnoLfVy ih -o*fter. Failure to oiaka a delivery at a tp*o>Led time, or auy attempt to lutrodnoe malleable in n or other inferior materia' into tue wore, will sublaaf th? ?im*?Ka? /\f ??? ? ? n.tfiW umuwi UI aiiua V.-UUkiK'.rU I'JI W forfritare a' the option < f the Ofp&rtmcnt T*e Dfp*rtn.e> t reeervee to !t#eif the mht to reject iet tid.and wil;ooti?i erccnenia<Mhr >ath r.iy lit a at. bioker.or pirtj other tuaa the retilsr manufacturer*. Fropoaaia w 1 be ?.<iJres*?i 6.3 followr?"General J. w. Ripley, Chief of Orit&i.ce, WaaUicctr>n U C :** as<! will be eudoisei 8Tropo?a * Jor M jsketa," or ntl<??, satera, &.0 , a* the ca*e majr bo. ap su dt.Hay i6 PUBLIC NOTICE ISHKRKBY GIVKN.tfcat until oth'Tviee ordered, the Co- ltiaaiocera under th? ao\ of C?n(reis of Ihi \6ln oi Asn.,:^, entitled, "An aot for the ro!??&?e of certain sjraar.a held to aervice or labor in the District oiColumbta."jvill hold their aesaioua in ti<e Cit* Ui.:. m Use City ?f \Ya?hi?it?>n, us Mouiiay, Tua^uay, VV c^ucti; v, TtiU bJat, Ki.uay, ?-f *vor? v.**. Hid tiidt ft I pergjui.'.o>il to the L'niU-i SUtoe, holding olaim* to'erv:ce or labor pj.-d lb diTiiarced Ttie'efro-n by '.hit not way? within niii'iy Jays fron t:.e p&ftat-t.:<?r<-of. ( - mob wil expire ou the 1Mb of J aiy r>xt,l bet cot thoru.-.'le'-, prfli?nt tot.ieiv iiur.i??uo:era tiie.r rmpec iverraten:cn*.j or poiitioba m writin*. vor.fcivi by <*th of asfint ?ti?.u tali..u? fortn the lihim, ages per aona! doporiftioo of each peraoua, the m&tn-r la ?b cn the n t!i!<u.nrx aoqui od *jc>: acy fact* tnKctiire the \au-j thtroof. and declaring h a or ti?r al.?jitvca? to the Woverar-.jnt 01 ilii Uuitcvl J?iata>, isu t,.u Ltip Utlonet baa cot borr.o an; s ag&mitti.e United rstat^a uar.i.* tiie pro.rut i?t..-ili.'n ror in any way riven aid or comfort thorets. Add netia ts ktrcby fut.itT that ha atue uamed 10 ti e 9:h amotion of thai act. for fii.rt a atatrment in Ttriti c or achwlu'.o with the ;*rfc of I trie Circuit Court for th? met otof oium! ia. 'jt j tie eove &1 ownrr? or oiaim&iU to t"e aj-v.csa of i tee prrtona ira-le free >>7 tnat act, aetunt lor'h the mmies, ages. Hex. and p?rticu ar (Scaonptic*. of! cqon pemoca s???ruiT.ia by autbentj *i*tu To ; tteCorrir.Irsiou?r9, t>r that let, extec 1?*J 10 tl:? let 1 dttor June next. Th* Oomnua?ionerE aro pro- j fcibJMd from ai'uvin? the oiaim of art aeracn *1 a!I ne-L-^t to tile euoii HAtowautor aai.e^a * .lii aaiil Ciorlt, according to tiie re^aireiueLta ui tuat eotiuu of said act 8 P. VINTON, DANiKlj ft.UUODLOR, UOKATiO KINS. Commisat^cera. Waamn;tcn, Aprti 29,1863. a? Su tf CUn.RIOil CAttKIAbttt FOR CfllLDRKV. 1 ? ?-* -* -* - - ? - juii rcovireu ? loi 01 me arov? ftrTif. *?<*, <?1 r? Jp.*rior Sit j e ir.J ticua, lad but aad Can. a: 4.1 inoM. Aleo, the very !>??? Rr FRI^F.R ATOK in' P?, and Water Cooler*? Iron Liranx?2toL* Jars, *o Cook.ut Stoves and Kancet, a full ? >pp'y. VV. ??. HAKKoVfeK, m> Iw & *evfEth tt., noar Pa. a*e. \1ILLER'S UNION PTABLK t'l htgkt &n romtr of Cnni Sixth its., Wa*)iia|ti>n, I). C. ,<<rniuA?ri3i iur tr i r?*.? ror BUGGIES for hfe, ?a!e fxch npe, or ^ taken at livery f?y the day, waei or gj. ?- L month, on reaeonab e terma. Anciot bhI of Uorcea, I'arruvjp" and Bcgfiea ju?t vv'jS" re.eived ana for hire. Per*on? aiwaya be acoommoUa'M) wan Hcrtea and bafcioa, either Couble or aingl*. m2-lm" ALBERT BELIt, A ten I. M| R3. K U 9 8 E L L ' 8 RESTAURANT. The popular RESTAURANT and DINING SALOON lor ladiraanrt feauenan keet A - A by Mra. L. Ru?ell. 492 7 h at/eet af ffj|f fo'da an opportuoity to oit s?aa a cj?j3LX ttankers to set moala at all hoars. served up m the st?ie far which this establishment is fauoua. Vlaitnra may ?omit upon jood fare.e^arteon* attsndar.oe aun ail ther??uimasl<jra wei.-r-fs ntnd first ?;?? hr,n<e. ap U lm TM CAN T BE BEAT! _ uu WHUoviifi uvioiinwgu lU MOUTUlT.OatW all penoui, mitoer in plaaaura or heei-A?g?.?? ci as. Lave (oce toaiartaejpan<? in ueuu#: parol.aae orCarri&c". Bagsicaand Sad W*??= ale Horaee.aJl for the sae of U?? pabiio. I ami iaa wlal.tnc it, oaaata.l timw pruoa<ea nie? camera with (PDtia hcraaa and a good an J carafji driver. Orders a?ot to tha atabiM with iliMt and a ?l ai wi 1 bayromfiiy attended to.* Cluraai n.< der^t* aa ihe uidm Will a^..w. H^raea Uicn at liver.*, J o. COOK & CO., Sixth atrecti, one Mock aouU of ap 14 lm* Pecna. a^aca. TO TUB LA.DIfc.3 6KNLRALLY. AND A LI. ADMlKhRa OK CBOIOE PLANTs*, 4o., ko , PARTICULARLY.?-FOR SJLR-4V*#.* tr?ohuioa Hard* Perpetual-boonaof Rot?e, Orn?in?nt*l Sbracfl, P?rlor ixd Climbing PlinU, M?c&o1im. Khrdodmdrum, K.verireeoe, Ao. The oollMbou ovtnpriaM fcll tUeefcoioMt kir.d? known in Knrope or Amertoa. All ?luu mruud Ui? to name tnd of first ?wiu7. , . AJAR1MN. Flonet ud Nur? Connao'leat ay , ooruer < M ?C Black and ooi orejj auLKd.-New m phes. tptoai bargains N?* l>r?M tfoodi onwd to dir. with our anal fall Monk of Dryttoodi (Foreign and UubmUo) repaired (or (iiwnl fanily ?UA Om f no. ?Uf, UIM u ;!?*? rmm.inmSUttStSi?. 0 ? THE WEEKLY STAK. Vk:? rxeeJVml FwbI.'t and N>wa Jwriv ?r? to'iUf |mi? vwlftf of liiaKu ?i'M Iku c*B b- f-:r.4 Is b?t <-vk?- p?*L-Jfee4 o? Hlliy saorelng. Ttiaa?T??4. tm?rutHf, ?* UMm. PlB^ie opy, per lutm ? !.? r ive oopiea.. 4 7ft Tea oopie* 00 Twmty-lve ooplea 90 Ou it .ur?rt#My coi-Uln* tbe " Wa*h<of[tMI M?n'' that baa mad* Tkt Dm* If Krmmg Stmr elrcoluo to generally throughout ue oounwy C7* H'njjU eopla* (la wn(^n) can be pro cnted at the eoua*" immedictrly #f??r the iaaue of the paper. Prl*?_TH R K** rr\rj?. D DR. JOII.\mTO*. ulltimohk lock hospital, Has 4xi(or*r?4tk* mtifcirtua, Spt4y and ? effetnml rrmtdj in lu ir?m. for all diseases op imprudence LET SO FALSK D~SL f^ACY PRETEXT apply immediately. A CUKE WARR4STED. OR SO CHARGE, IS FkOM OSE TO ?WO DAYi w?knt? ii til* bbc*. vtrictu'm. affiotioaa at th? ftl4c*t* ?t>4 w.adjfr. ll?v!anl*rr l>ttoh*me?. ? u) ? U' ri tk I ?r. Ill' ' v Q3T*^ If I'?? p p'?, L.?i<?u jT, t'o -fn? > o Mrti, KaJprati n of the li^art, L? w s'pirva. T;mul;tir, I ron.burtra, IHmaeM cf N|li. cr Uuldin?*?. i> ?r.a?9 of 'ha Hrni, Threat. Now ">' rfciu Aff.-ot?cr<a ?f Lu .c?, St -naol. or bowo.a?tha,a urribla r|? O'dert aroint Iron nI t\ry oi W?!ktbean Dr ai.ul a-U ii??rrts.stir* fraction* vfamh si.tiAr Ma.rtaca .u. e, and <Seatroy Mi LJ _*iy and .ulr.a YOUSO MEN K?p9ciai.? who (.&* i? cm? ma v o'litta of H< urj vice, IMt d'Wdlul enl drilruol vi htut ?Uch&. uallf ??e p I r. uatim*:? ?r*v* thou ?a: 'U of V-'UOf <>1 tn.? ?ti ( nt Ud f* ?-i i* v b*i *:: 'nte'*o?, wii if*it ?fh i i wi?e h*v* firf r o-U ist#n<m wtc'i th? ft ! . *i? ( e . ,, i.? . - >< *?o-l torcttca/ lb*> livujg Ijt*. u *| w ii MABhUGE VT *r.F!?f Vi?*<j - *1 in* "Ton e- a t'rr ? nirnjf j aw\r vtphj : ai * <i*b <i.y o- -i> - t.- , !i * - _> -f : He wfto pl&oen Bidvlwrtr#*)' ir J n>*? rel t u-> j o? .h ' .c . i> . 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[?is, bmiig ainrn,. d *t ' -1. n.u-,*>, t.vvfil of? witti ir*^ueot ag, tl.?<.iled mu w;th <1 'angeiLeni if m ?, wore -a red numtO. lt* ' TAKK PARTICULAR NOTICE Your* bioB an . oLurra ? :u have ii : tti?n telves o* a ceriAi tract', o indulge i r when acne?a habit ir-*u*tit? e*r.?<i In in rvi o?.ro paaio:.*, wr at> , in * eiJe-'e ol wiion are n n i? felt evf i wieti aae-p. a .il it -m-misd, r* <! ?'? marrie-ie lutbictia a d <Vrtro?a i* tu aud b.t y. ?bo i >i %pp:t im-i-^.a e ? i -e s' of t' stvi fd mel*.ucho> ?ff oU p-.d joe > b' *%riy mbi'i <>f youth, viz " ArUntia tine liaia aaU Lirn^",i'iiiis <a tbe Head, i? n,no?aof MtLt,l>oia> Pu??r, I'a p taiiou ?! ":.0 fi i t. IHsfOp-y. N v u" lmt?>..,tj. l>e ra- ;eui ntor Uigsftiv* Fu cu<>ua, lh" bi.i y, syaietniia ofco^ai<^'is'. <to. Mas Til LT.? T^e f?v fr>! i|T^.k?ii the irtvf are mint igi'?ulWIN?1 OS* 1| .Mfir.j-jr. 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The MtKT 1 HuCiikm on red et Una ireti uflon Wit' u U-iaat a???eu.<.eu j * ?, and me ci meiuts 1 'iiponaut Mireiea. o>t-rn:.un pti. fjrnisd t| Ot. Jo > ?tor>, b? the r^portara ol p&pcra at?l iuMiT uU r r rwu* u-:n.6i v i wfclr1- ha* a r v p-v^d g.:ain and ar?.!-i U-t . & ih? raw to. 0?ei. m hueiau'l'Df aa a faatieri.a- of ct>ara:t r a? d ret sor.nuiiy, ii? abjiCMui cnar&ntee ?o the k! tliotod re !" 6|?1* ARRlVti), direct Irom an baawn ana tion honae one i!.dr?d p'coeaCa KGKI1" KI-1? te ATTt ac?orr:ue^t ofO! I CL<?TH*? tr.- C A tli'l". ic. t'.^tuisr li a .*r?e ?^a aij < 1 CKOCXtto 't a \i't cr:pt'o-.t. I one ou ha-d N. ?<? : r. Vi ahKS. Al O Viihfc^i.r fliwi m t D" I K A Us. Vttii a iarrc l??t of Sow and 8*ccnd ha^J Gooda ; 12 K? r i|?ra tore, but little uae. A ! of -crtnnh i ave b* u tuux .1 lor ca?ii and win t e a id at a asuau advaou#. K. DUCiiLV, 4?b VI '. rtrn?t, (s&ti t: 1e.> a?l5 ini* Ue?ar*-T to an1 H itl. TUF. SUBSCRIBERS DF.INO IN RKCKIFT <>fa ruppiy ol iv**t laaiii< ntMs Good*. they respect! .11? a .i^ t a oa i and^flB tti?ouuticaed fa-o'B of tl. ir patron* auU the >abiic icue.a.y Iff t b?;ak31 qub^t a r^eial attsnticc of their arm? and nary curtcmers to tfcetrf rr!? pf rooda in that lice, occaift n g cf r * li. He ta, ou. ?r Htraaa, oo.ii L?c? Sa?eau?. Jto. F. J. HKlHKRbFR: i Co . fccooeas. a to U F i.iudonft. Co? Cmaen ar.l A1 Hilary fa. lor*. I wotio*.?All ira ftad to n? I&te fcrm cf | Loudon * i o , or th - r ibot ii - % e-? D .jfLl r retaeavod to th? t r? v th t. J. iio. a. MGl.K.i (M . Bicactio> w U. F. I "td.ja & Co., raMI-eoS :? < V M' tv..ui. W~K UAVK OFtNilp A LAteir^TlKH of ve?y f * * (J A p FB? ri! H T8 taJ i.'R&WfcK?, wfc ch % i 6. ?i tiAAi i, W rH<)aH??O.N, STO Poi'X. ?*()CON ii,A? Mm??. 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