Newspaper of Evening Star, May 12, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 12, 1862 Page 2
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t ji i . 1 hi ? FVPNINO STAB. WASHINGTON CITY: MnnniT NAY 12, 1MI. \T P^adlne matter on erery pajte 8*e <rat?' .-to tor interesting telegraphic and other matter. iptrtt et tfea nir?<i( Pra??. T'j* hiiiL.gmrtr ?*otr.iren?i upon the " Bill to srrure freedom to ail persons wllhtn the Jurisdiction of the Federal ioYeniment," and spprcvrs the perdlnp motion to postpone until the fint Monday cf December next. TLe JnUlliftnttr arjrues that no injury rail arise from extending that postponement to a period when tbe pecple In Coogrfaslonal election sbould have V.e J am r.r fu?tnr ttv >A klnii Iftl (Kft! r AM tkla Unu u t j ^'i IUU*?j **** * ?? i?uc^ uu IUII among o'h'r question^ that have eme-ged with the outbreak of rebellion end war; and qaotea from President Lincoln's apeech at Cincinnati to prove thit the Republican party has always announced itaelf a* a " party of restoration" rather than agsreaslon. The littublircM, commenting on the meeting on ?atarday, cf conienratWe mmbcis of Con* fl en, ?ys: ' It require* a considerable ?t retch of credulity rtnt anybcdy is remllv ?urpri?rd that the Rrptibiir sci. when Jn power, should try to carrv oat 'be fundamental idea which brought tbeiu in n jwwrr, vu iuf Micvruuun ui inr Rpr^uU ui alaverf Into the Territories *? ? OUR MILITARY BUDGET. RETURNED I'realdent Lincoln and Secretarlea Stanton and rfcaic returned to-day from Fortress Monroe. Vctrrday they vifited Norfolk, going up cn the turner Raltim re They lar ded and spent some time In the town, end were everywhere well rereived bv the people I? EBF.I. TREATMENT OF FEDERAL PR1S ONERS. C?pt. Farr'sb and Lieut. Dcmpsev, tli* acronat of whote journey from Richmond hither we published on Saturday, say that the room wherein th-y were last c.-n lined in Richmond was -u by 40 f<*et Th" diuienaicna were ?rig . .ailv Us? b; 40 feet, bat the rebel euard hid cut ofl" 2<i feet in front for their own convenience; ttu? allowing but three window* in the rear, aid effectually preventing a proper and healthy drvi^ht through the room. In th ? room wrre i onlined fifty Fed<?rcl cffleer*, and within that -mall ipace thev were obliged to do their cooktog, fitliig, sleeping. acd even here attend to the . .i cf nature The building had been uiw^d by h man named i.'bby as a pork packing establish i'ient. and mask* of grease and tilth were found everywhere about the room Just two days ber..riuk -~-i I 1^.1 T\? a ?uir vap. 1 aiii^u aliU UICUI. l/CIU^SCf QUU lUf otter prisoners were tent into this building, two tbous-ind negroes confined there by tbeir masters imr safe keeping, bad be^n driven cut, and the cnly cleaning and purification tbat the building received wis dbubiug a little whitewash over the wails atd sprinkling lime over tbe doers, in the room Immediately over that in which th* i.rtlr frt a-ort- rnnDnH a?? tarn h..n<l.<w4 .<.4 fifty ?o:dit*r? under similar unwholesome condition*. About one week prior to the release cf Capt FarrUh arid Lieut I)*mpaey the sink in the room above tbera burst, and the coiruptlon and tilth ran all over the floor, and came dripping down thro ugh the ceiling upon the ottt erst. They lived In the mld*t cf thla tilth and corruption for iitp iij',1, ;ne omv aaeviauon beirg t fleeted ?>V o"ra*ior4.'illy sprinkling line. The ? .-.federate Government furnished the prisoners With meat and bread, vrbicb was gocd, and mey were allowed to purchase anything else tbey might require. When these cfiirer* left butter was selling in Ricbmcud at ?!.r>0 per pound. srd everything *;?< in proportion A ftw days ago there was published lntheSfnr a descript!?;i and statement of the Old Capitol pr'.fton, and the tic&Uuerit of the prisoners and contrabands therein confined By looking firit open that picture and thta on this our readers will ol serve the gre&^con'rast in the manner In vrtiich re')el*at>d loyalists tres! their prisoner*. A CORRKOTION. Kb:tor Star : 1 no?lre In yonr rap#r,ar.<t thst of f tLns, 1a linking ?p ibe composition of Gen. Hunr o*k's brigade, you say the " fitb Maine, Col. Kr.ow'.e* " This Is an error. Col. Knowles has not h?en cor.n?-rte<l with the regiment since last Deeniiber Col Hiram Buranarn, tbe real miliary fn'ber of ibe regiment, is in command, ar.d Ha an Gl&rer bU superior is not to be found in the Artry of the Potomac. Jcstick. May 141. l^fti ItAllAN omt asp gottscralk fo* tbi La*t Tim* To ksgiit.?This evening the great pianist. Gmucha'k, In conjunction with tl.c celebrat?d Italian Opera, will appear for the last t'ir? !r? vi * *-1 - ....... ww v^uiiic 'ill, a? Vfl'Uli uiuun J L? oprra tliia eve&ln? will be Ro*iiii'a celebrated B :rher rf Pnr!J!e."'v?ith Madame D'Angrl aa Rcnlnl, Orient*!! a* Count Aloaaviva, Sunn' &a Doctor M ine i?l aa Figaro, and Au.udio aa tuilla ' Muzlo will direct tbeorcl oatra TLW opera alone ta * t5\ lent to draw a crowded bouw. A gr at attract on of tue -venln* will be the peef rma .ee i f Mr Gottarhalk on tbe pianoforte, wh - will perform for tbe S rat time bia grand f nTis* ? on nigoielie, bl* Lucirzia Borgia and Jeru?alm SSoiilk ajin Ptsucou Nut.?la LUctflc'al , r?po'i Commodore Fatnsaf ?<?y* : * 1 have nent f>r Ger. Ballet's Uoopa U> com? up and occupy I jU r ty, a. i I vrill toon h* off for Mobile. Depend upon it, vr? will kepp np tbe s'.aroi>ede " A l?:'rr iL.>1 Pllf.t Tnirn ?? ? >-? ?. - . .,v. a r> ut ??v ? ?UC CUUlUWr?i P.?? cf the MisaUslppt, April 2-tb, report* that ' the tomb flotilla la now lvlng at thw point, re pairing the few damsel auatained during the bom,l>%:dmeot, and taking la aupplies (ft ammunition fir a vlalt to Forte Morgan and Galnea, a< lb- mouth of Mobile Bay " Late arrlva.a froiu Fort Pi<;kena say that on the 3(i ^ i:lt tt e aloop?-of-Wdr Vlncennes and Portainouth were blockading the harbor of Mobile rcrmgue ->iagara wa? at Key Weat. The rebel forces ?t!U hold posacMion of Penaacols, bat an attack from our force* ?si momentarily expected. Tbe rebel army at Pensacola numbered !l,bOO mm Gen Arnold Was awaiting the arrival of relnforceirefita aad gunbocta l^-.'or? beginning tiir attack upon tbe rebel position at that city A corresponded of the S<ir, writing from Fort Pickens, ??y?: W? wait complacently for gunboats ard mortar v?oata from the Mlas.aslppl river. Thea you * will bear from us 'A vesael like ?be Monitor conld com? down bne, enter tbe barbor, and alienee tb?* land KillrriH fn? ?fl?t inntKat u- -> - runs *o nt?r Fort McKae, I Live no doubt but tuat she could breach that also. 1 he only opponent of any eona derable moment that would th-n be left is itor/aneaa, which > quite a formidable fortittcailon, and being on un eminence, It would he Laid for a vessel to reduce it Bat with the :?? :*tii ce cf th fcrt it would be rendexed excea?l?elv d'.-a^rteable 10 tta Inmate* " Finakcial.?New York papers of Saturday any the dealings at the Stock Board were to large exla.,* Ik?t W.t? >>* * > ? * ru? iu?( uuy, wui uui *? j^rrai w aUHQ^ lOBIf OI the must excited of tbe past ten days. Notwitb' standing tbe war items ia tbe morning paper* were ot a f .voraLle character, tbe quotations of bans ii?d a hesitating movement. Government Stork* were firm, and In good demand. Tbe Sixes of 1-31 sold at lUt\, aod afterwards at 103 Tbe f Ives 1874 were ?C#. Treuaury Note* soid to large extent at IDO^aluC^, and Indebtedness Oertifi-ate* at p*r la State Storks there wu a molente i>aa1n<a? at about previous rmtea. We Xetv York 7'?, 1I4X; Kentucky #"?, 94; Illinois Coupons, V7, Tmnr?aee Cs, 5'.?j?; North Carolina fl'?72><; Mississippi # s, W\, California Ilk: American fold. 1U3 ? : foreli/n ??rhi?M Ira. |?TTh? new iroa-clad ?t earner "Ironsides" wii lauuruod at Philadelphia oa Saturday lost, in the p.tseace of an Immense crowd. The (hrljtenlag wai performed by the veteran Commod ore Stewart, of the "Old Ironsides," at wh se mjgestion the name oX "New I.-onaldea" was gives her. D"TLe total klliod and wounded o( the L'n'.on army in the Wltllamahurg battle, at the lateat arccunts from camp, ta reported thus- Killed two hundred and thirty, woondrd, seven hundred |iid sixty-lour, miming, alxty-uiae. i I ?? DIRECT FBOM NORFOLK. President Lincoln and Secretaries Stanton ind Chase f Ult Xorfolk. Hatters sad Tllifi Thfre. ? ? The Wreck ef the Herrlmac. ? The steamer Baltimore arrived at the Navy Yard this morning from Ol<l Point, having left vrsi?rday afiernoo.T She brought up Prealdrnt JJnroln and Serretarlea Chaae and Stanton, who went up In brr (o Norfolk yesterday morning. Th* Bait'more arrived off Norfolk about tea o'clock yesterday morning, andstopprd about ote hour. She found the United States troop* in possession, and a la^ge number of rontrabatdi on tte wharve?, with aome white people, mostly of the working claa*. The city seemed to be very quiet. The Navy Yard at Go#port appeared from where the Baltimore was laying, to be much dilapidated, and aadiy in want of repair, but abe did rot go near enough for her pansengera to observe tee vard oartlcnlarlv. The Monitor and four other vptifli went with the Baltimore to Norfolk, fcrd anchored off ike city, whe e they were left. The ofilrera of the Baltimore describe the blowIrg up of the Merrlmac as one of the grandest lghts ever ?ern On the way to Norfolk the Baltimore stopped near where the Merrlmac had been blown up, and picked up piece* of the wreck, which were brought up to the city and divided Among the friends of the cfflrera. We saw on the boat thla morning three large pieces of the wreck, all of pln?. and well soaked In water. On piece of yellow plae, about eight inches wide and five thick Is supposed to Lave been n portion of ber keel, and had two boles in It. through wh'ch spikes had been driven. As maybe supposed, the wood was eagerly sought after, and soon ail wa* split up excepting a fair s:zcd speclnrea for the iN'avy Department and Capt. Dahl^ren. The President and Secretaries wento.i board the Baltimore on Saturday morning and made it V'n Hag ship, he superintending the movement of the rucpi and gunboats In person. The sailors all unite in saying he !i "a trump," and they expre.-s a be!h-f that be baa at some t me served an rpprenticeship on board ship, so much at borne there did he seem. They also express the opinion that the success of tae movement is due to the energy infused into it by " Uncle Abe " New Bo?>k?.?From the publisher!, D Appletnn Sc Co , N Y., through Hudson Taylor, 3"14 Pennsylvania avenue, we have the ? Journal of Hon. Alfred Ely, a Prisoner of \Yar In Richmond." This b"ok contains tbe notes made by Mr. I'.ly while a prisoner of war In Richmond, and which bave been edited by Mr. Charles I.r.nomn It will be found a very interesting book, and doubtless will assumes place on the book-shelves of tbe ccmlrg generation as a standard work showing what prison life wis among the rebels. The volume concludes with a carefully prepared al pbabeiical list of all the I'nlon officers and soldiers imprisoned while Mr Kly was at tbo?outh. (JjTlt Is announced that the rebel Capital has V en temporarily removed to Dinvlll*?, Va. This place Ik on the extreme southern border of Virginia, about inldwav from east to went. The railroad from Richmond to Danville runs In a southwest direction and is ll'i miles long. The s:age rout* from Dauville to Greeusboro, to the southwest, is 01 miles, and the Milroad under construction will scarcely be less. The distance from Fort Macon to G reensboro Is ?2.5 m;les In a northwesterly direction?ll?9 fircnj Newbirn. Miiiiria or Cokskbvativn Mkmbkks of Conobsss.?On Saturday afternoon, a mee'ln^ of conservative ir.emuers 01 congress was uelrt in the Hall of the House, for the purpose of consulting as to the best mode of "effectually defeating the schemes of the abolitionists and secessionists " Hon. John J. Crittenden was chosen Chairman and. Hon. Samuel 8. Cox Secretary. 'I he following named gentltiii;n compcxcd the meeting: Fram Mew York?Messrs. F.lijih Ward, John K Steele From New Jersey? Messrs. George T Cobb, Will is in G Steele. Fr? m Khode Isund?Mr. Wm. P Sheffield. Fmm T-nnetsee?Messrs Horace Maynard, A. J CI' tXlf.i't. From Missouri?Me>>xrs R. Wilson, Thomas L Trice, Wllliam A. Hall, John VV Noel, James : ?i Uollina I'rwn Ohio?Mrssrs \V. Ai!e?, 8 $ Coi, Janet R Motrin From l'enusylva&la?M^sn TLlMp Johnson, J oseph Bailey. From Maryland?Messrs. Jobn \V. Criifleld, ?dwin H Webiter 1 rum Vir^'.n:a?Messrs. Wm. 0 Brown, Jacob B Blair. Joseph J**gsr. From Delaware?Messrs. Wlllard Saulsbury, George I* Fsater. From Illinois?Me?-M. \V A Klcliardsou, J. C Rnhlna ;n A 1. Ki'?nn \Vm u ?11 ? _ __ - ?, ? ? ....-f'j', ?? IU uviivic^. From Kentucky?VI?s*r* J'hn J Criuenien, Garrett Davi?, [, W. Powell, Robert Maliory, John W M*nz'.es, Aaron Hnrdlng, Wm H. Wtdswoith, Hf-niy 1 rid*' . Ge?>rge W. Dunian Samuel Cwv, Cbas A Wickiifls From I ndlana?M? ??' W Voorhees, Jam <s A Cravens, Wm. S llolman, John Law. Mr. Crittenden, on being conducted to tbe chair made a brief sperch, declaring the aieeti'p ' to be for no paitlsan purports He *?id: 4 O >r ,> '* gocd la the only obj-ct we have in vl -w, < and b w wr can perf mi our duty In the wlseat aud most effectual manner " Messrs. Mallory. VVirki'ffe, Menzles, K*llogg, N ' -ll and others also d- c.aied ;uc meeting to be eni'uelv void of party purposes. Mr Richardson, of Illinois, supposed he was rt>sa:d('d as a party mm After ref> rence to tbe btworraiie party, he said: *lI am satisfied that * utn we come to assemble bere in a future Cop. gres; tbe extreme abolition party will not have enough member* on this floor to make a rollrail." He was fur preserving the Constitution of tbe country as it Is and a restoration of the Union as It was. Mr. Cravens, of Indiana, considered this an extraordinary meeting, because of their being nrMiint n>?n r\ 1 !! ?-.?? IU? * * _.^.l iih" VI mmm |n>iun. lie Wl> U}'P?lfa IO all radical ?chemes of ieglklation in regard to the slavery queittion. Mr. K lloeg spoke at considerable length in opposition to all those wild, road scheme* live on party excitement, and .re suppo.ud by those who love party better than they love their country Mr. wlckliffa snavt-d appointment of a committee for the purpoee of reporting kme fe*olutluin or plan of operations for ail to subscribe to and act upon The following gentlemen*were appointed: Mesarr Cri tenden, \VlcfcllH>, Hsll, Steele, Crlatield, Drown, Johnson, Cravens, Maynard. Ward. Sheffield, Allen, Rtchardaon, KeLiogg, and Fiaher. The meeting then adjourned. rv^P^FUltHC TF.MPKRAIVCE Mi E'lINGL9 Good Samaritan Divifion Sons o- f>uip?ranue wiii n<iW their ' f?la' m-n'li y public nisetini at Trmpirtnoe Hall, oa TUESIMV hVKNING, the IS h in*t?ui, fti 8 o'clock ferrpsranoe ?i>3akera aie invited- in '2 2t (V^Ai TKN rlON, FIFTH WARD UNION LL3 ilEMOCHACif.?Tliere Will be? faeetinc ?>f me t.Q'iiD Pemco*atio voters cf the Fifth W? d oaTL'ESDAV fcViiNICNG. H?yl?th, lWi,?t7>, o'c t aaparia' iintei for the?uipoeeo( ? ieoticg five deir gat?? to re^'qcost the Ward to the National Unicn Democratic Coot* ti n. m Vi2f ANDREW F. McKENNA g:o. ffW NO rICE?TO THK VOTERS OP T JL [ B HIV r II u. < on ' -a- -p *?**% AS-?nu iiv roBVOOHUi 1 vited to at ?Ld a m*otinc on WKDNbi DAY KVtr.NINtt. 14 h lnit&nt at 8 o'olook, at Odd Fel Iowa' Htl t Na?y Yard, to Uk? ttcli action aa may be deemed moat ?md?nt at the ooraicg rruno.pei ee ion It ia Jeaired that ?very *<>ter will be preterit who ia in favor cf the war polio? of ti e ad iirrastralioq, inc'udinc the recent ernanji patiun act It ia expected if tbe oandidatea 10 anawer th?ee ?u atioaa, ao that every voter tear know what be i? for Turn out in tour might as bnaiLeai of gre?t importance ia to be tranaaoted. Tht candidate are r?6peoUdilj invited to fce prea ant. m 12 st? YViTHlS NATIONAL UNION MEN of Uv? JJ9 Third Wsrd opp^aed to the present muc . pal ticket, to a'o ivonitm (or the ttepubnc* : party;, we reqaeeted to atteoa a mnetiu* U? beheM at TemperttToe Hall TOtiSDAY EVKNIsti, Mai _3ih. at 7* o'oloek. for tbe pureose of aeeolnt irf Ha?N i" tli? *en?rai l omlnatiE? oonrantiwn.f pi '. etict * ward jjggi m 10 St* -l-IKK NINTH ANN!VEKSARY OF'IHt Jl*? Ycani Me&'a >??03faii?n will b? he'd Id tbe Hall of the Ai?o'i?(;on i'a. ave? \* tw0?o bib and 7;b itiaata. MONDAY EVEN 1\tf, bia? 1J. at aumrter before a. AtarM?ei (7 l?v. Fmoiiici r. Dtow.i, of ??or(f tovc, Hra Jot. A VV? car.and ? ?. C P. Lrroao. apaoia! Miationvy oi th? Aaajciauon. Tm pabuoara cor*iall? invited. ml) :? BAMIi^L Mogl.WKE.Jr.. Bao Bee. TV AMIS UNION i'KAYER MEETING Will JJK bebotdeaevarruar tiuaweetinth* LatheracCburca, (ftrr. J. 6. Bntier'a,) at IM 00 mar of FOX SAI.K-A Mir ofteniaju a fray MAKkB, oa* a baeiiiiu! ti?1.l? horb* ; w.a ae l arv , t >g*U?r or aioclp. Apply f -r two dap* 10 T2Pk Dr. Git?6?o a VrterliiryBariawi.aas^aX V aUMt, uHt lllfc. m )| |T | ^ ... a < PARTICULARS OF THE MOVEMENT UPON NORFOLK. THE LA5T HOURS OF THE MER RIM AC. TBE MONITOR DARKS HER TO SINGLE COMBAT. THE MERHIMAr: *HO\V9 THE WHITE k r* * no it ri ? r la i r r.r\ . PRESIDENT LINCOI.N AND SECRETARY STANTON IN THE FIELD. THE GALENA "GOES IN" AND WINS ? From the correspondence of the Baltltu. re American we take the following particular! of the operation* which preceded the surrender of Norfolk, up to 5 o'clock on Saturday evening: Fo*trk?i? Moit a ok, May 0 ?The Merrlm'": remained about Oraney Ialand last evening until nlirht net In, and la it'll In tbe ?ame position thlt morning. Oar veserta all returned their old poaltlona except the Dacotah, which anchored a short distance above tbe Monitor. In the nlace previously occupied by the Galen*, which, with the Port Royal and th^Aroatook, are atlll up t11 ! Jamea river, wbew It la supposed, from th1 i heavy llrlng heard all yesterday mnrnlug, tbe}& have done (rood *ervlre. Report thla morning sajra they have gone np to City Point, and have nptured both the Rebel ateamera Yorktown and Jtmeatown, and sunk two of the small gunboats of the Rebels. 1 learn from an oflWr of the Monitor that the shelling of Sewell's Point and Craney Inland yea terday wa? moit effective, far more no than It appeued to the look*rt-on at the distance of Ave or six mllea The Monitor ran up within half a mile of Craney Island, the pnna of which were entirely dipnred, whilst the most of the fleet wu within a ffille and a half of Sewell's Point. The I flVi^tlinrr nf Plfr PaU? was -tf>? .MVV* Oiau *ciy ruct" tive?tbe guns *->on being silenced. At Hewell's Point there were but seven Urge guns in position, ar?d one of these wa? dismounted by a shell from the Seminole, whilst the rapid falling of the sheila within the worka at times prevented the m?n from working any of the rum. The extensive battery was beat almost level with the earth, and at tim?s the sand was sent flying in spravs over the tree tops in the r?-sr of the work The black smoke on the Point during the bombardment was occasioned by the burning of one of the barrack buildings, which wts Area by one ol our incendiary shells 111 ?JA1A?V ? *** SAnnat V?-?. ? iw ? v _ .. u. ? u-^ i vi uraiy KiiM up Jamej river Indicates the approach of the Galen s on her return from her trip up James river. The Merrlmac wni observed to move slightly forward from Ler position under the guns of Craney Nland The Monl or Immediately left her moofiiigs and moved a mile forward, when the Merrlmao cams to a halt. No g;n yvt of tbe Galena. Tbe President and Secretary of War have just left on the revenue cutter Miami, on a cruise around tbe Koads It is arid be has Issued orders that the Merrlmac m'ist be deatroved at th# enr.iest practicable moment. If it require" tbe whole naval tiect on the station to accomplish it. II o'riork ?The saucy little Monitor has cteamed steadily up to tbe mouth of the Kllzabetb river, and is still moving on towards the Merrlmac. which remains stationary under the guns of Oraney liland 3he has gone up alone, th?re being no vessels within Ave miles of ner, and In tbe distance looks no larger than a black beaver Lnt floating In the water Tbe Kip-Raps has, in the meantime, opened on SewelTs I'olnt, and has strewn a dozen or more shells in the woods surrounding tbe Point, tbe denne ?mj^e of wblcb can be distinctly seen The Monitor Is now wltbm a niKe of Jewell's Point battery, and about tbe same distance from the Mmimac, still me* vin" forward. There' aUe fires l, r first shell, which explodes with a loud rej>ort on Seweh's Point IIo'clock?The Monitor ! still moving slowly toward* the Merrlmac, which remains stationary. evidently afraid to accept the gauntlet thrown down to her She still hangs to Craney Island batterv, and now has the Monitor In her own waters, far distant mceor or assistance. There, she fires another j<un, this time at the Merrimac. Th-re !s, however, no response or forward movement on the part of the latter She hugs Craney Island with the tenacity of a leech. Can ?he l>c aground, or is she afraid to accept the challenge' I'he weather is bcauMfill, and the ocean as calm find quiet duck-pond. The Monitor has now stopped, and is awaltfni' tL? monnter rebel's pleaiur" 12 o'c{oek m ? rfa?* Monitor, afer waiting pat'ent'.v for an hour, ha? fallen back about a mil*, butatiil 11m In the upper channel The Merrimac, ! lnitead of coming forward, baa im>ved about a qunrttr of a mile further toward* Norfolk The uteamer Sriden came out to her eirly In tbe morning, but for the past two hours there has been no other vewel near her The Monitor is evidently the'-Harbor Master" to-day. The Merrim.ic la undoubtedly afraid of her. I 0'clo. k p in.?The M<-rrimsc still maintain! her position, constantly blowing off steam, but I>VM ?, ?^rwjr ? ' ' IU tuv J?riHCU?Ilg t? iim OI f'ran^v iiUtid Information hn* been received ber?> ttiGt Coin I?ee. v-iio b*? r'.arge cf the Navy Yard. I* destroying uiI tLe public propeity, and that be will not lesve one brick upon ano ber. It l>, therefore, ?upposf<i that the Memmac is merely ojierating as a tioatlu^ battery, to prevent any Interference with thl? vandalism The recounoU-sano* yc?'t:d:iy, showed that moat of their ciimn bad been evaluated, and last there waa only auili;ient men at tfceir bilt-rrlcw to mm | a ?mall portion cf the cum Taat Norfolk la being ^vai uated, as reported by the fugitive! yesterday, there i? now but little doubt. 2 30 o'clock p. in ?The Monitor U allil in the upper channel, but has drifted fatly three mil?-u from the Merritnac. Doubts a_e now expressed as to whether the Metiluiac baa moved to-d^V from the position sbe wa? In at daylight It 11 contended by some that ?he is a<jaln aground and cat.not move forward if *h?* would 5 o'clock p. m ?There nave been no movement* to note for the laat thre# hoars The Merrimac still lien under the gxitls of Cranes Island, and the Monitor haa anchored above All lsqulet again, and tutre will probibly be no more movemeats tj day. 1 learn by paasenyers from Williamsburg that Gen. McCleilau la ' puauing the enemy to the wall" In good earnest, and that the Ualena and oth r gunboaU aredolug hravy acrvice In J a in-a river ihey aiienced all the bitterles on the river, landed and spiked the t>una, burnt their b^rracka, and mrved on towards Richmond, wuhout tue allghtest losa. From Williamsburg 1 l?arn that veaterday afternoon thf gunboats could be he^rd'shelling the rebela on the banks of tne river above the Chirk abon.l'iy. Aa they have i.ot yet returned they have do ibtlesacnt olfail communication between the rebela and Richmond, as well as prevented their escape across tbe Junes river Tte fact that th>-y have not returned la therefore most Important. Tbe rebels this afternoon fired and destroyed all their barracks at Sewell's Point, and blew up their magazine, of th twenty.two rum fortnerly imunted at ttls pl-ct^ but ?ev?n now remain the ba ance hnvinif b*en c arried to him. 11.(i.iel last Monday night, along with the uu. finished gunbiata Old Point trili evening presents a mod stirring spectacle. About a dozeu steamers and transports are lo idln^ with troora Tuey will land on the shore opposite the Kip Raps, tnd march direct to \ urfolk At the time 1 commence writing?9 o'clock p. in , the moon shin*a so brightly that I am sitting In open air, in an alevated position, and writ' -r by moonlight The transports are gathering i" the stream, and have on beard artillery, cava y and infantry, and will soon be prepared lo start, rtie Rips Raps ar? pouring sho. and shell into Sewell'" Point, and a bright light In the direction of Norfolk indicates that the work of destruction has commenced. President Lincoln, as Cwmmander-lu-Chlef t' thearmytii.d navy, is superintending th? Itlon hlinaelf. About six o'clock he went aero "i to the place selected for landing, which la about a mile oelow the Rtp Rapa. 1 la aald be was tV * tlrat mau to step on shore, and after examlnl for himself the facllltUa for landing returned tbe point, whrrf be was received with enthusi.-. tic cheering by tbe troops who were embarklr?. The Merrlinac still Ilea oil Craney Island, and the Monitor has resumed her usual poaltion. Tbe fleet are floating quietly at their aacnorage, ready at any moment for activity. It la evident that the floale of the rebellion, ao far aa Norfolk la concerned, Is rapidly approaching. The general expectation la that the troopa low embarking will have poaaeaion of that city before to-morrow night. 1U o'clock p. m?The expedition baa not yet started Tbe delay being caused bv the time re quirett for storing the hones and cannon on the Adelaide. The batteries at the Rip Raps have stopped throwing shells, and all is quiet The scene In the Roads of the transports steaml g about Is inost beautiful, presenting a panoran.'c view that Is seldom witnessed. 11 o'clock ?The vessels have not yet sailed. ' The Merrinaac exhibits a bright light. It Is said 'he Seminole will go up the James river .n the course of the night WlLLOUGHSY S PoIMT, V*.. May 10, ft. m ? The trcops left during the night, and at daylight <V1UId tM ?M>n ffnrrt Iho ? (.??# 41 * " ? ~ ??? ???. ? ?? uuu mnuiQ^ SI Wit* loughby Point, a *hort distance from the Hip Rap*. Through the influence of Secretary Stanton I obtained this morning a permit to accompany Uen. Wool and Gen Mansfield and their stall* to Willoogbby's Point, on the a learner Kaaaas, and here lam on the sacred aoll, within eight miles of Norfolk. Tbe point at which we landed la known a| Point Pleasant, on* of tine favorite drive* from Norfolk The first regiment landed was the SOtb New ' York, knawn as Max Webber's Regiment, who pushed on immediately, uuder command of General Webber, and were at eight o'clock in tbe morning picketed within five miles of Norfolk. Tbe l.t Delaware, Colonel Andrews, pushed forward at nine o'clock, accompanied bv General MamVeld and General Viele and staff. They were a<?on foi.owed by thb 10th Massachusetts, I Colonel vVytuaa. jr Ttaa balance of the expedition contlsta of the 10th New York, Colonel Benedlx; the 5?th Pennsylvania, Colonel BaHey; the 9JKh New York, /Coa*t Guard*;) Major Podce'a Battalion of Mounted RID* a; nrd Captain Follet'a Company (D) of the 4th Regular Artillery. General Wool andatatf remained to superintend the landing of the baUoce of the force, all of

whom were landed and off before noon. The President. accompanied by Sec retarv Station, accompanied General Wool and ataff to the wharf, and then took a tug and proceeded to the Minnesota, where the Prratdent waa received by national aalote It la generally admitted that the President and J*ecret?inr have Infused new vl^or Into both naval and military ope^atlo^a here, and that tbr r ountry will have so cause for t irtber com plaint as to the Inaultlug course of the rebels In this quarter. The Pr^ldent has declared that Norfolk must fell, the Merr'.msc must anscanh to the naval power of the I nlon.and that the Government property fit Norfolk must be reposaeaaed at whatever coat It may require What la more, be baa determlued to remain until It ! accomplished. It U also understood that ha yesterday relieved the Monitor from the control of the naval authorities, and her drflant course with regard to the Merrimar was done by Captain JeflVrs, who proceeded st the direction of the President to make a reconnolssance of the enemy'* v orks, and to act as his own judgment might sdjgest. willocohby's point The point at which we are landing, with the aid of a half-dnzen canal boats. furnisue* quite a fine harbor, aid the troopi and horses are laodinr with great facility. The beach is floe and sloping, and a wood' of thick rtdar line the bores. A goftd road starts from here direct to Norfolk, which i? distant only seven miles, and at noon our infantry advance had accomplished h?lf the distance without obstruction of any kind, where they halted for the arrival of the artillery and cavalry. i latest r*om the ativawrb I just learn that fien. Max Webber has advanced tn within three ir.lleaof Norfolk without meeting with any aerloua opposition At Tanner'* creek a small picket wii stationed, with a howitzer, and a slight skirmish took p.are without any damage on either tide. The rebels fled In great haute acro?s th* bridge, wh'ch they destroyed Two prisoners were t fc?-n who statr d theje would be no resistance at Norfolk which w?s b?Ing evacuated, and that the de?ormi nation wa? not to make the '?laat ditch" at Norfolk. proohss3 ov'thk expedition. Foktrkm Monros. Mhv 10.?1 have Just returned from Po'.nt Peassn* to ensure the mailing of my letter by the boat. The troops were steadily aavancln" and reconnoitring.under comrr.nnd of Generala Mansfield and Max \V>bt*r, and hra not, aa far as heard from, encountered the I,nrge reinforcements of r-avtlrv, Infanfrv and artillery are being sent over, ana we will soon have quite a respectable force in the rear of Norfolk to repuine the k-neray if he should make any stand or dispute the po?*?'Mion of tb ? city. The day 1? bright and beautiful, and it may be safely aid thet -'the weatber ia with us." whatever the rebel* may have in store for us Point Pleasant, or4S Lincoln'* Choice," ?s the suitors now cali It, cau be distinctly Keen from the fortress, and has suddenly, from a bleak, sandy shore, assumed quite tae aspect of a commercial depot, surrounded with steamboata, schooner s and canalboats. W tillat all these active movements ar? progressing towards Norfolk by the main land, there la the utmost quiet observable on the sea aide. Tke iron monster, the Merrlmac, still remains moored under the sh^rt of the Craney Island battery, and h&fanoc apparently budded a pey 'or the last twenty-four hcure Tl.1# morning she waaviaited by the steamer Sflden, but ?lnce then there has been no sign of life visible aoout her. The Monitor ha* also remained quietly ail day at her usual achor*ge, and our vessels of war, were It not for the nutflu-g of their ateauiplpea, have shown no vitality. WHAT OF TH* WALKS A * The iron-clad gunboat Galena, accompanied by the I'ort Royal and the Arostook wuit np Che Jamea river on Wednetday ni?ht, and although I have been unable to obtain any po>itivr Information from them sin- e ahe ailenced the forts in tte Irwer part of the river, it la undertook that the l'reaideut haa dispatches from <i#-n. McClellan to the effect that they have given hint moa* valuable aid In "driving the eueniy to the wall '' It Is j even atated to dav that th* -? s v..vh?* *?v?? viuiy l/Up- j tured tbe Yorktown and Jamestown, bat h:i* put ] rrewa ca board of them and run them u}> within | abelllug distance of the river defences of Richmond Of the truth cf this, however, 1 cat>not vouch, as Old Poiut is becoming to famous for fabulous rumors that It is ncccssary to wait twenty-four hours )>efore you can place any r^-11 hnee In anything you may hear. It is also ru ,?ul,u uric luii me uaif.i.i 1* aa'uore, a id that the l'realdt-nt lia? e <pres?s*d dis*:itl?fdction with the policy i has distinguished the navy on this station. These may, or inav not be true, but 1 give them to you as the cum at rumor* of the day. T. TO fel'TLERS. HE rehooner I'er*aiio. n<-w loadinn for York n ver, witr? ono h*if ot & car^o, will huiaa a,4>her lead w.tti Sutlar(!' St? ret. App'y to JMifc M?. M. SEAGKA \ E. Kf.'Wa'n Hotel, 1f< in 7 to 9 p m. to day, 1 * ?r { <'iT! 7 to It' y. in. Tuetday. Jcoai*?coa i -coal ' U3T Roomvc M32 tons tf l>a?t juility Cookirg t'o?', wh;oh I will sal! ?ts?b?5 per ton f'om the fitul. aiU at %i ?sr t >?(2 V40 puunds) at the yard. Alio aiwMj mi a:i<i a, tuoj ajaity and I* ne Wood, wiii^h wi be ?i>iu ?t tne oweu m rkat prions for oath tn t! e corner of Math au 1 K atreetr. m 12 ST CiKOatiE.T. LANGLF.Y. Proposals will bk keceiv. i> at tha Mayor's Offio* ur.til S4turday, May 17.h,at 12 o'clock noo.l. for rradin* *i <1 > *' , ?? ? r.<a?c,iun OOVCWtn J t'f'a! w tlfr m the aojtti title of L strjat 11 jrth to ' t:.e north aiU-* of BOuntary street Yropoaala viil atate tlio "price pnr r*aa-e yard for grsvt> inf. l- oinding tno tralin* thit mar La re?u r d (<> form the ?treet. Tne * nv.-l to be niua liioi ej de a in th- c >ier, off to fou icohoa dees at t e cutter li,e and to be r\ ed or al*toQ*ofim p opjr a ze. and wl rolled w>tha avj roller, Th era to b J ue to tue n i&fa ticnof the Cominaiioaer* LCfjre in w mil graveliag ooit nieuo-t. JOS E. U * L GS# Commiasi r.e- \V atern D striot. i m 13 t atai. A K'-puh.] ' pTTATED ICE PITOHKRW! j We will open thia mornici an onuaua' j large auortm-utof Plate.: loe i1 toheraot the beat qj-.i\ witk ?, >i>u v.b iavcai uiiy. uv?tn<?i l5, MT6. iOW l&tes. Ui VV. iiA' i' A IttiO i Jewlkri, mlObt 354 Per.uarlTai.iaannua. jTlN9BUR9H & BRO.'S fJALTIMORK BARHAIN sroR... Jiitt reoeived, from trie latn >ew York Anotion, a'plecdidaaaorunent of in? iaiest style DRKS9 O O lis* Ban Urobiell&e and Paraec?s. Linen Hardkeroh'ef* of all kinda, very cas&p, ttloveian t tianntlou Hosiery of every description. Biaolc Bui Mite. With a fail etoek of Hoot Skirt* and Fancy G"Od*, whion wnl b? ru ?fl oh?ap for ossb. v^ome 1 and ojn?ince tour e!l *t k*u>? #.i?i ?*? Seventh at |[y Hoop Skirt Factory, 119 Liberty ?t N*w York. m 10 7t* SURGEON GENERAL'S OFPICE, Wasbikgto* Mar 13, 18C2. An Army Medicll HoarJ wi lasaeosb e in Waah initon, 1> C on the 1st of June noxtforthe examination of apalic&nta for adoiiMton into t?e Ue ic&l Corpj of thd A inr. Iu bii>liUou io tho ordinary renuweir.enia of mora! cli&raotdr. medioal and surgical k owlaJg", g vjd aeaaemio education, and sound phyiioal condition, the applicants must b? familiar with the pnncip ea of hjgieneanu the oondiuona neoeaiary to the health t>r tna troops in heapitala, ca-npa and transports. Af piioation* must t . a.d/easeJ to the Secretary of War. throu;h the 1 urtcon Geucral; rnuat atate the teei> ecoe ol the app'ioarit, and the date and place of ma birth. They tnuat alao be accc in;amed (reference! will receive no attention) by rev'sctable teetimomala of hi4 poaneanae tneroo:: r d 1 physical fuaificaro&a requisite for filling ore- ltI abiy the reaponcibie station. and for performinI ably *he arduous and active dutioa of an oflioer of I the Medioai t'.tatf. I A nn'lAAnti mint lift KA* ??? 1 - ?rr .?. wvwrvu II76A(y BIIU nffi* ty-tinKt tears of at*. No allowanra la mads for the expenaea of per sona u-dercoiuf tne?e exuniaaiioii*, aa tbey are indiapensiJle prerequisites to appointment; but thote who are approved aal rsceive appointments will be entitled to tranaportatun on obermc their firat order. I hf r?are now and soon will occur, several vaoanoies iniho Medioal Staff. m 10-3$ QROCERIES, WHISKIES. AND Sars 6 round Coffee, ram- White and JavaCoff*e, andelion Cuflis. Prime Uack and Green Tmi, * Hrown. Yellow and White Sugars. Plain and tugar oured Hams. lMytou'* ana Jatnieeon's Crackers. Freteh Pi urea and Cooking r runes, rresoh Mustard and Olive Oil, Clltvea. AUnouds, Currants, Table and Cookinc Kaisins, (ioldep ??rnp and Newoneara Molasses, Dinnir Baskets, Varnished Muxes, Large fobs and Coo ers, H-own ai.d Varnished Boxes, Flour in bariels and hau, at lowest pnoes. At i,*A UKbLWlii'S SUPERIOR OLD PORT WINE. hherry, Madeira. Fine Uranilios. II ihand 6ic, Rom Cordial, Fine Old Whiakiai, U 1..UI.. M-d O.J1V?-L ^ UELLWIG,3, CIDER, CIDER !-A prim* artiole of Swoot cid*r, on drug at and lor talo m k?c? and Mr rait, at 1?. a. DELuWIJrS. AIm. wall Maaonol OAK and PINE WOOD for tale ana frampty doliv?i*d by _ Li A UELLWIG, ^ in 10 tt f reoth ?tr<x>t ant VCUARLES S. FOWLER fc CO ,0|| 2MPOHTBM?, U| whol*jali asd aaTA.tL Mb CBALSai IR CHINA, 6LASS AND EARTHEN WARE, p?n? Ouilery, Japannod Waitora. 1 aSTSif^u^wi. .. -.lasii)1** JOHMSOR * RAGLE, iS9 PENNSYLVANIA ATCNtli <south sidr > Btiwtm jVtmtk and T**tk Strtta, recommend for the costing warm mmub their un?urps*?ed stock of Clareti, 8*111 aid Spar kiln Hocka uid Mate He Wlaet, from the well-known houwa Mearn Bkardixbopro Fkirxs, Bordeaux, MeMra Moiai & KrrrtLL, Frankfort-on-uie- Main Hockhiix Joint Stock covraxt, Hocsbeim-on-tBe-Kuiuf, ?afro? Ctampapiei, OF ALL THE WELL KNOWN BRANDS. UT? (tiibmntaa t a tlafit m t (via iaW. ??* IVT W I?H tlUJ tTll T V\'U f ai ?UC ?V*? eat market price*, and solicit an early call. JOHNSON ft NAGLK JOHNSON ft NAOLF., have on band, and ofijpr for sale, In caak or by tbe single dozen ; HIBBFRT ft CO.'9 BROWN STOUT, BARKLAY, PERKINS ft CO 'S BRO STOUT, Do. do. XX PORTER, KNOX A PON'S ALLOA ALE, YOUNGER'9 INDIA PALE ALE, TENNENT'8 SCOICH ALU, XX. 0 JOHNSON A NAGLE Ir.vite the attention of Restaurants and Families to their well-selected Stock, off firtMrlea OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, ?also? WINES, BRANDIES, GINS, WHISKIES, PORTS, MADEIRAS, SHERRIES, BITTERS, Ac., Ac , directly out of bond?by the gallon cr dozen TOBACCO &nd SEGAR3, of all kinds. PARAFFINE and ADAMANTINE CANDLES. JOHNSON Is NAGLE, Ml* Ilk )m A&A ?* * uij w-j msEiLmu A'.'ime. WO T 1 C E . WAfBinaroN City. Apri! let, IMS. The Copartrersiue h retofore exietUg between J.}*. Harvey, A. J. H?rve?, and H A Clarke and trwlir. t under 1 tie ety e and name of J 8. Harvey ft Co.. aud a ?o the oopartnership heretofore exist leg b'tw?en John T. %iven *n<l J.H Harvey ft Co.. trading under the rame of John T- Given ft Co., la true day dissolved by mutual consent,either of the late partner* are authorized to reoeipt in eettlement of the bunaese of the *ate fi-nte J. 8 HAKVF V, A. J. HARVKY. H. A. CLARKK jno. t. givrn. A. J. Hiavi;,H. A. Clarkb and Jno. f. Givra will oontinue the WOOD. COAL. AND GROCERY BU8INRW. and would lespeotfally rolioit the eontiGusnoe of patronage heretofore ?o 'iterall* extended to both of ti e old ?rmi, and they will enoeavor toinerit the aame, by itnot punctuality and fair aeftling 10 a>l ' uii .mj t-aneaotione. J. 8. HaRVKY. IB WlihdrAWinr Tram tullwo Hmi- I nasa, de*ua? to tender uia thank*<o tin old friends and patron*, and wonid most oordiaiiy rtooraraend the new firm to 'heir JavcaMe coLaiderattou. Jso. T fiivKN. in co' solidating hit buaiceaa in s'Mt w:th tie new oo pa-tno iti p foe!? aatur^d that hit faoil ties tor mors ext*nde<i and enlarged operation*, will there f be euhanced; and w. ie tnana.'nl to hia many tri'nde for their very literal enov>araK*m?ut ourinc he part nine years, wu.d re peotfu l? eoiioit a eontinus Jioe of their patronage in ait new pociti >n He can aiwajs be foar.d (duricc bust nee* hours) at-he termer old and wel. established ctfioe of J H. Harvey. K?< 4 "> 5 'Otn street ? r.wtar partie* indebted to tue lata firma are requeated to oall and a?ttle tiieir account* HAKVKY CLARKE A GIVEN OSiaeacd Yard?*T4 loch itrwt we* , between H and E treet north, a Jaw doors nortn of tha OaDkinc H jnse of L. Johnaon k Co i*tore and Wharv?e?Foot of UK atroat and Maryland arenue, adjoining tha Potonao Vridge. ma 8f Another new novel irm author OF ea8t l.ynnk. *o. _ rplYD a?lB "A ** ? ?- " * HO nraiL IU ASDLbli If .Mr*. H?Dry Wood. Pt par, price 60 oeat*. Received to-day at the Nation*! bookstore. _ MTM F. RICH8TKIN, ro 9 St* 8T8 Pa. avenue, Waehiggton, U. C. COAL! C O A LI! C O A L!!! Having reoevod a large anantitv of RED ASH EGG ANDHIOVECOAL. Will difp~>s? of the asms at moderaie prices. In ail oaaes 2 240 pound* to the ton G. L. SHERIFF. Yard Pa. av , ro !)- ! 'Hepnb ) bet. 3J and 4}{ eta. REGS'*! I ECF.IVING Da ly. so to 30 barrels f-esh repacked EGGS, and will be aoid cheap for oash by a. snivaly, niim> M" a r> ? ' ' ? " "* aww W yyviumripp H , IJlUf P. WQ, 486 NKWJWOCE. 4gg INTERIOR ADORNMENTS Jnst received ft ohoioo ssiaotiou of nev utl itsirabe at;lea. PAPER HANGINGS From the noh and ornate, to ?be moat ohaste aril stir, pie patterns appropriate for Parlors. Dtninc Rooms, and Chambers. F1REBOARD PRINTS, STATUES, CENTER _ _ i lECfcoj ?C PfV"' **n*ntod Gold Bands, Imitation Gold, and Common. ?, .. ?, WINDOW SHADES. Window Phadea of any re^nirod style or ane, to order Hnff.firMniRiu) n:u> ti>ui?u..i lauds by the ?erd or ni*i? into tMiadeV OVAL. PIC rVRK KRlVMbB. , (warranted to be elided with fold ieaf) The h&udsoiueat Md l&riwt assortment is the District, from t*? best.msuat*ctory in the oountry Also, *n assortment D?rk Wood Frsae?, vitks t>e&t ful variety of small sised Oral and Card Visit* Frames, of Foreign aad Domestic manufco tar*. I'asaepatents.*0, I'l -ruky. coaD AND TABSELS, Different sixes and oolors, Picture Rings, Nails, ^Purchasing exclusively for cash, the above roods (uocording to their quality v> will be diMpoamfot ?t .. .?? imvam mm m?y DU OO fWIMIM I T ID the Dutnot. No misrr presentation made to effect ?a!?a OrJera lor Paperh*nf icg or Wlcdow Shades ex- | ecnted by exMrtorcej workmeo, in oity or oonatry. A call toiled from Uieoe nredtnc th* above goodi. T?'me ouh. J. MA.KK KlTKtf. Remember the number. No 4M Hevecth ?t., door* at>ore ?>dd Reliotre* Hall; ana the term*, Caeh for cood* labor m 2-1 mi f* THIlTT-PiSfSSMETilSie Bl'TIFB, ia ly ft fevaSiT*r" bet. 6U and 7th itrttti, oeeoeite tne m? ?il Bank of WMhmton. CKKTIF1CAT?8 gjMjflDE9JEDSKSS, United ^re7^onds!*e* Boojht and sold by ?K!. r?.._ ? viracis |nw? ** & i May, t&kftt ikiart ip nuorminc fit friiStari th? pabIM imWftliT.taftl M MMMtrMl tlM bo?M No. 408 PcnnaylTluua ? ?? . (north ?U?.) b l*N<9thudjtu ?tr*eu,wb?r? k? villoHnii FOREIGN* ANl?"tW)*BSTIC OKY GOODS. ^ Ia tki BrtMBt im inriiflhlii muoi 1 HV IMMiiyMMulKUw, I ^ I 4 1 I AUCTION SALtt> j THIS ATTMIN O* ? TQ-MUKHOW Br VTALL A BARNARD. AacU<*M? i. MXl Cermtr P+. or m (it ti'?i f-iROO^RIfc* AMI I lQ.'OHS, TOBACCO Ijr ?WD AT rttH'K ? Ob TUttMtAY | MOR MN6.18?h li ?t . M ' o'el-XJt.w* villa*, at UM Aneuon Hu.m au a cl Grooer.ea, . le ?on??n?irf? Uu'n?l'? Kelootf Yellow "?ctec. Do PyriM- lioaea looeoco, Bcxei idwunt ..i, Men..* CaoUlee, uii Ktarch, RotM?B< 6ir m H?'f ut at* Wfc<tePia??. C?l(i DaTereort A i..?try, Poh<Hdaiu bebna p. t?r*c<tT and v, in* aad Oa?ee Bitu>ra. On? ?" it)wn at?t ? Fere, faxraede Fori*. Otiud. Dik* * C :u Br?udi??. One tigbtb barre a B.ieu* . 1 ob'i-oh A Co 'a<3v. Barrels Holland Mm, J arnica Iib. ae?i Ma t wniM?r. Ric^a'da-'t/a, Daren port'a, a&4 other branda of 'Abiafc*. B^xaa Tobaooo, Cetera. d.fTerent brat*: a. A uo. An invoice of Patent Metf'ene, ar.a a iirtui I enrtineet of Satier'a bir>a 1 More*, A o., Ac. 7Sca-?a G lata wa>e, eoi atati-c of Tumbler a, ?ot!*t?. Krcit Uibliei t*a te, Ac. Terin* oaah. n lA.Hl Will i in B V 1 ? ? * ?' ... .. ? - - '???*' ? *' ^ i* n i'. iti By J C. MoVUtRK ft CO. Anciiuara. (*OVERNMKNT8At,KOF FRAME BI II.O ? kg-OB TUESDAY AFTKIi N?*4?v Mit 13;h, at Ro'oicok. <>n <he pren* ??. wa ?h*l. . ? ? A *rc* Fume Bui <1 i. u?*d a? a Mm* P and aitaatod in th? r**r of <?aaparia'a Hiatal, near the ?outh cat* of the Cap U> roiroved at trt*?ip*n>? of the pnrehaaor w.tfcia v? da- a a tor tha wit. Ter*? oa>n. in *>o?er r.mOBt fun<la. B- ordarofthe Qra Wrcaatar'a Oafartirar t. ?-d J. C MjOUIRK A CO.. AaoU. VUTUkh DAI a. L*J Ul* or ;i A W I LL.IA H13| AHCl ODf^m S4L.E ?-F M' LK.CARTsS, H AF Fc?lm, ?i*vic?. riuvm, Or*:c? Kr*.?i? TCRE. &C A* Arrr W KllNFMJIAV, the Mth icftaot, ??o?iial! tell. at U o'c.oc*. a it , *t tha Coa! Yard o* ft. VV Burr, 11**., ?oiner of S?T?nlh rtr*?t ard M* *achn**tta av*n?a r?ar the Northern toil wmit ?Ttial??. v.* : I . xo?ii'iis Mul?. J Ctrti.? I?*u HroM, Coal Hoalta. vhiofc v?igu< ouj ^canda, v*! Sh ??'i Offio* K?r*i??ra, 4p., *c 1 arm* oub. inia a' CHFFNft WILl.lAMg, Abou. Br J Mo'i If h t CO . AucUoD?i?rj. /lOVKRNMENT SALE OF CONDKMNH) IT AH1M4.X.S ?T Pcblc AccT,oj?.-On WKD- I NKSUAV WORN' ? Mar <ife. ocmir.Micitic at in o'eloek. w* ?h?I! w*li At tha "Corral" i^ar tfca Nations.; i;w?r*iU'r- I V m? b?r o| ri' *R K8 and MI LLS. C?Ede/rtnad * Befit l>r the 6u>ernn?iit scrvioe. Term* cash in buTSrnr. art 'n* . I. J. DANA.CMtt : , A Ui start ysirWrcuter U. H Arny. m 7 d J. ' Ma^liIKKt CO . Auots. Br J. C. Mc6l'IKK & CO . Auctioneers. ^PRUJTKtlS BALK <F CITY LOT3.-On 1 TUESDAY AKTKRNoON. Va? 27tfe 1802. at6h o'otoolr, ?c tb? treisi*as. by ?irtn- of two d?eo? o' trust to lk? i*r>?onh*r,o?e dtM J?no?ry S2d, !3#?. *n?l rrc 'd-a .u L?>Tj. A 8.N; n folios M6. et set: th* otner d\teJ Jsylhh,'; . and raosided t? Liber J A. & , Mo. fo ios ??i. et so*, of th? La-*1 rsron s (or \% &nb<r tu>n oonnty. D. C- w sbai: m'I on* stdividr-. : a. fBrt of Lots namK"-eJ 1. 2. S. 4. 6, 6 and *. in |C*re numbered Z*), fronting on S ?U K street, twean 18th a- d 1st, a*r> ats vest < Isiand. > Tanas: OB*-h^lf cub; too t/alsnos in six ma thvvith lutarcst. rackraJ by a daa<l of trust 11 oouve anoirc at th? cf *t of the jorohaee r. I HO. J PIVHtR, Trvaufl. M 12-*o*d? J.C MoCllRKfc CO.. Aeotm. ????????^ HOARDING B'?AKU NG?A jenUercan and tadr, or two iaciee, oaa t-a ac umi.u :a 'ed vtUi Board, in a mill ?a?m,r, where il.f rt wit! (>e daoir,?r bu%r<?er?, at fto. ?76 H street. r. rth ?-de. wertof La2a><> e S^n'.re H> i;?e . witn y>rd in f-o?.t in 12 iifcNTI> MAN AND WIFE ANll TWO intle reu'le-nen o\n be aocon.m -dated with Room* a'u lioar '. * . etiiereare lew lo^rder, h? c\Mr C soou, &t 399 |8ih ?t-*e: l?trern I'lDil and h KtreeU Afn u?y co&rdert can be accotiim datf-d in >; nnu'n no tu? rr n wi*i ms+m *r%j naki ?? J e'wr.modft'ed viib ?otrd, ?t 17.* Bridge tre?t. ?frOrtefc>wn, DO m 6 It EMR8T CLASHTABLK BOARD-44i If ftl r bctwrta G ftail U. M-*. boon. 8 ? *lJ 1 ?J!i r>AL& AN .- i I7?UR PKNT-At Xo 630 IJih itr*t t. Hit iu ? , r ? ftt.d H ctfir.forL&Me A;nr meat*, ch?mb*r? i rt ?, * d witfe ?erir.t &tt?oiied; iM?inr i?n(d. Noehridrer. a. tin Iiousk. The location la oasof the invito e in W??liinitoi m 12 ' ? I J/LRNi?HKI> KO 'MlJ MiR Ri-.NT, w h 1 "o*rd or wilU^i.t. No. 444 8th atreet. Waited, a fi at rat-OoOK. irlSi'J RKSTAl'KANT F?.k -A'.r. wit;, F I. r ? o^mvirtr; as c d atand and do'nj a nut u t u?. nisi). SCO#***' rwuKi- a {. r i->j ovi ?. * giT*n br ?a? *' U?<* **ar office. K* IPOrVl^T-A trie IIKI K Ht>l>l . ex't door to m* r aiueto*. oont?iEitf am* far . ? room,t*o tar^ti rO"rr<* a tcner . ct i *. table To a cc? >: *r.v >- v n,? ' ?|i{ tx> J 4 " ? jfir p* ? * i D' J H SAN, coicer Maryland avenue and i:th ft t. la aix*. m U-5:' For pbnt-a bkick h<?i kk. ?-n ohnaet a avenue. between 9th an" lHli ?t?em, ooataii. ten ri> >n.a. I'oi* c; ia ;.v -\ of Ju*5? Rent 8?'? P?r annum I* -ire ?.f i. T Wood aud Or-ai ^ a d coof 9 h ard K *t. w 12 v 1j*OR KKN I ?fc-.te w ?h r>r wit -.out U a aererai well tumiaa^i R' <? *S. c^riist j of Parlor and CLamb* re. in a p.e*?ar.t lo<? i:?n lor tbe auminsr reaeoc. Terma m .-derate Ref? e- "?? wi'l i-e ensued For location tp? j at tna < rf. e of this p? per. m 12 St* FUHNlS?HrD ROOM* TO ? I T, w a r I \7 ttout H \r.'. ; and a.x or ?igrit cen i cu farnMh'u Witk iliMr n> ai? at rea- \ ratea, w:th,r five iw iii e." wUk tf War I -Mr; in?ot?it Ifc-i ? at.,' ;wern * n a:.d i.. ;* | LM)R KKN i'?? ins * I'l l * ?>F UOOVS to :et | r at No 444 MftWEthst ?*t, b'twwn New V?' ? avenue at. H at. cast si e Hoa*e w.: :.ia nai'.b e-fi-fa. aceom'noc*tioca mtv t.a { obtained for u>e an-Lmar,ui.iin!atditiea?e cit.on. , g> e a<* 1 ti^OR *AL.K-An o d *?:?!. sbed tt?>ARM\tt '< HOUSE m Fa. avt-nu-, new d'jiai a t? -l bn-inea* ; haa? fi&a tr%n-io .t eoctrin. ai d w i m?ka ao t-xo6iiec.t at?n? fjr a li at c.a*a re-:* ?t. For t&rtieu ara ?prf to URtbN k. Wtl,HAMt*,Oor er 7 li an* p at*. tn I 1 w* |70R R f'.NT- f< nr ladao-neiy FDIM Htn . / ROOM*, (without board on th? *rd fl <or of I h^uae K atreet, betir^rn I3ih aud Uth at. T. ? | fn re it are ta new; the menf p!ea?ao?, and location I oi hocae unaat p&aa*1 in the eny T? perma out I partis, tne prioa will lie very moderate. | A 8'able ard Car tire Hcuaeoartaroflnt.f r I rest, a ypiT ae at?>y. ml? St* 17 OR EENT-i fist t<>aad ? ooUt* Ho e?o 4 r PI a ^O, trc/d^ri pty'e Ta nxnodNk'* Av>iy %t P?->vi?db9. ?-g'h ?iaa. n. 9 1w AM FEW OENTLESuKN Canboteoom-n tat-i with -leaean? Roou.* and Hard at 4"?7 K at., batVMnliuiii'kib Aia\ a frw Tabl* H artera r" 9 31* Fm OR RKN r-A w?l. farmahed HOUSE, contaiMac rooira; gas aiui waur <o the r. "u?e ; *iv?B r. u.^ of Tli CP8AN. eo'n*r of II lad 2f>th rta. rtsj? S_* Tm WO LAKGK SKCOMD STORY FRONT Kooms.vetl futn:a!ied, anil l>* let, witcoat boar J, at n:odorate term*. ?t:tua?ed <n the u?p*cart of the tit?, and vrrj desirable fo- a un mer location. Ada.-eea M V orktovn," at Una Office. roTtf CUK! lsH :D KOi?.\ii I OK IK-MT-Twoor i" thru* t'lAinlti ?? <! a Pit in* R???"\ dmi t and o >n<f rtti<'* turni?h*d. at 44" rwe ftb at eet, Mitid?,lirvMD9 ftbd H iu. rueloo*tioB pr tl th? m~>?t i? in th> city in 5 lw j VKKY DK4!RABLK BUILDING LOT ON I LKA9K, WITH THK HKiVlLK^K Of PUR^HA^fc ? A cl.Lic? Mui <Jinr Uol on F ?fe?t, bmTMB tve fl3 ?nJ I !nrt?-"rtli ttre# a wi 1 !* leased lor ft t* m c! ? tL? ?n\ i eje ol purohAa n* ?lt a a t..\u*c pr cr A?p j to JAb C MoGUiKh it O.),. wi 3 6*. Accrica %r.d Com. 5l*rotia.ut^ V -A H ARK . H AKCK. ALUAHL' PlfcCK OF PROPERTY FOR I ale os hetn ave^u am! So ?t'eeU, I Elth a:de. with I sroreraents two int. 1*%me l MM, ireming on Penn avenue, la Lot No. lb, * nare A. SO leet,tu nn iu l<aok to an aile* 127 feet t, ft toe M. (mihto fee' Vl*5 ? For lu"ther inlon. <s . tion apply to JoPLPH F. Kt- Lt) , Ar**Lo>- 'th street No SCI, beiweeu i and New % ork a*. a? a tw* ______ I^LKNJSHKU ROOMS TO I. KT-^evsrs. r room* without ^ard. to a wj desirable ooa k tion, saitaMe for sir tie or otr i*d gentlemen, bm be had by early Mr iouioo at 44? fe. street, rear 7th j POR RLNT-A. Urcithed tonr-at rr BRICK I r DWFLLiNG.-ns r'aatM.1 and liea.tufoi |.a't I of tie city, with fine large chambers and parlors, bath room euppUed with hydrant wa?er, aod t?s Ihroaghoat i a o^rnafe-aoase aad stsl-te ataciieu. This is a desiTab'-e re?>Je ice far ac M. C. or faov- I rnrnent employee in eitaer one i>f toe Depart I meets, lo^uuo at 2? ? Lieveuth street, between | ? "? "W n??f. i. tf 11 UUMUKft KfcSlDKNCK FOR *KNT wm ? tk4 "tilm h '.lm Fa^m" D. C, *bo*a |k mi ii be? Otargtiown, tmtir Mr. dMir&bl* tarciafcod i>ouU* Hosia woli iJiMm), tr. rn^raw?ijr5n:.lTKf: Mt, Por^lf n Muiiicrt. a: d conrtemM witu fin; y ia ?yoifclly ictiud to tkl< advortioemrr.1 I-or "Tl~v? 'l*?f tii* ufly to tk? vinun UMtt*hrp(Mr. J?n.e? O'B iad.) and for furtS?r?ar;icul*r*addrraa< ?pt*rW. A T. MaD KxTv It M , !?? fcinwiwit. *>hi;a<1? |.b a. mhl itnIN?TR I'C ?ION IN ML81J-JCHN E. ttCHKhl.,, O'futit tu Tdtlitr o miiw. fit M to |iY* co; cf that hoooo' ictej Lit il?uaotiona la ai?bt aiayinc tod utf r.f i boM woo Wiah to na*e their u?i ar-fcta^y *ta#ioy#<! I T v?itd recud a ady am iru'i e vuiui<:o *- . 'o ?P? ha a oall Rater at Mr. Re otecl aob'a ?*i*i > Hfroom, uu Hmt, bxnia 0 iai ?. T?rmi ?fcrala.

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