Newspaper of Evening Star, May 12, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 12, 1862 Page 4
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g-wagmh rvKWING STAR. Pint* man a Mill?U U veil knn?ns tbst ?U fa-lies have an intenae admiration fr>r a tewlag mvfclr.*, and that that thv'r ctellfht In tfe* Pbc^eaaton of oat catbu?laa'.lc t#rma of praia*. a laUy called a; a at-wlnj mar1 >!ae * rnov ir purclnae, and lsqulrtcg for aof??* f>ne vtr. Lai * macblra of who abe routd ittra oT !r% ? cri:*, v-??, ?m?ng ?tfcer?, rfferred to a!->dy tN?n prr?<?ntt a qnlet. demurs Whin* .nauirn mdv. Itpon be'.ag qaeatloned, thia individual ht n-^t r? j.lied with mod cat reaerve, bat ftnally th* chaorbinc delight every aewing machine rr<j>Tletr.?sa lrevitab'.T feeia, got the batter of her d?#denc??. ?nd ?h?* warmly en'ogir?d the object vt in-- ln"(n1ry, and Anally her eyea brightened, iier cbeek ?iew roay, ard she aprang to ber fe?-t, urd with pri en^gettc voice ?a!d "Like mv *?** ."k machine? to be I do! Why,/ ir I* gin to ezekange it for a ma* C3 Th? dtstr*?*a la Belgium, owing to the fallnre?ftb? -ntton fwpply, la stated to be terrible. Tbe city of Ghent Is tbe chief victim More tbin # 000 workmen are literally on the *'re??, w'.thcut retcnrc* ,'ard about 4,000 more r an jnut drag along their exlitecee by working three days 1r. tt><" week Tbe atndents of the UnlvTalt* hireciven com'orta and started collertlnna to aid th?m. Other cities sr* In nearly ??qn*l d!a(re*f. and the government 1* aerlotialy ecaH?rra?sfd et tbe wide >pread miaery that hai ovtr'-akr n tb's flourishing kingdom. d^Jn Bradley Co, Tenn, temporary hanging w*? r??r>*>d to bv * rebel Captain named Mc Mflian. to livluce Union men to vo!ni?teer into tbe Confederate aervlee. In B.ione Co , In the fe^rv <* S it?#* tli? nrnnMlv ftf ITnfnn m*?n lrnnwn (n if in trr Federal army, was seized, and tbelr wives required to pet bills of divorcement before .! con id be recovered Several lad 1?a affectrd to jirr.,--.:re a i b bil'a. and actually obtained a reles?e of tbeir property oy the expedient. U~7"Tke depreciation of Confederate paper m<? U tLe bent evidence of the hopelessness 11 f. urVi >h tKa U/.iitKavn nAnnl* ?<?"-? -rl Iko iamo " * . II U < u>. ? ?* ? mm V? IU>, 1B1UV of the war. At Richmond jjo.'d It at a premium *1 !> p?r cent., and the not?* of ibe be?t Virginia i ti.kx are a' a discount of from 4?> to JO per cei.t. *1 be note* of banks fnrther south will not pan on : 11/ tvrnw in Virginia. Northern fund*, on the # .tntrarr, are readily taken at par. l?7"In a tanking bouae !? Cincinnati, there Is . ju^P'.ngw named i*lytine, who is a model of ftleiUv. Dnrlng a quarter of a centnry, be has . .irat ciW i> f o ain. Iu ?? 11? aWKo Uam * > /> I- WW urvu >'U uu<j a ' *?<>t , ?rj?u^a wr auor of sickness or far pleaaure. Although a ma rird and th<? pfi????*or of a comfortable horce, t?<> h>? alwn\a ?lept In tbe bank, attending as f -rup j'on? v to all the dutlea pertaining to bis ? 'nation a-> he did when he first asiumed tbem. r^f'jwngfri from Baltimore northward shurt'v pats In tcecara dtrectly from tbe dT-otfrom Walnut street, Philadelphia, to Camd-n, by nifans of tb? f?-rry bo^t John Million, upo? ?rblcb four tracka bare been laid. This ?? at !? two hundred feet long and accommodates fo?i*tee? freight rar?, and can carry ten paa*enger _iij? a. ? ? I ??i ??- a_ _ a .k. u?u^u ii ??i iiuaiucr win rareiy crotb al one time. JUT" Hon TLomns P. Porter, late Speaker of the ud Marshall Carter, ?t>-> of Dr J. C Lar^r, ?f:?T beiu4 several months among tbe it-bet* ta tfce weeding States, returned to their torn- s in V?rsa!ll?M, Ky , on Saturday last They bad tard!y dnstcd the'r clothes after tbelr arrival from Dixie. wh?*n tLey were rrrrated by the fror.B' Ma-*Lal fro;n Lexington. if"-- ! Le Y.?rlitown correspondent of the f!ln. cliTn iH Commercial '.ys: "Here pcrmlt me say that my olm Nation ii'iiflw me that Gen. McOllaa !< r allv !h? pet of thearmy. There l? no doutt of tUfir corfldnce In him. I have h' retofcr* crit:cited kit admlniatratlon; I s? frankly and #? hr'.4 v ??at?- mv belief tLat thecrmy reliea upon fc'.m confidently." |X7" The foilcw.ii? Is from the Nashville Patriot of recent date: "We ienrn from a {rentlera^ <f veracity, direr t from Chattinoojjra. tha? the Vigilance Committee cfthat place recently held a meeting and determined t? pnt to d-ath fifteen or twenty of the f roirJof nt Union men of thit vicinity on the approach c.'the National army." fT~7*?c -or* *re of urme service for other pnrb?*idt-ae^ it rww*paper?, a* appear from th? fact *u:td below: At the battle of Wincoeat?r,i bui. t a'.rurk a p sir of actwori in the- v^nt tv cket of L'l u'eoac! Cotton, nt Tf.!?l 1 Th? bullet t;l iaced ntl a-ived the Lieutenant'.* life, thoa^h it spoiled fait scissors. pro^ irtioT of crinoline is going on at s flourishing raie In One Arm alone #*nds oat no : *? tban t*??aty torn weekly ol the delicate material, whilst tta- t>tal cutler,- capital a moan's to ro Jem than one hundred at;d aft/ tons. }tJ" \ r*v. b-..k: th- BrliUh Lion, built in Cacada 'u. ! e European trad?, la at Detroit She 1? peculiarly fnad?*, her rljj^ln^ co iilitlnz wholly of wire with the ex eptlon of fcer iu-.nlr^ g- ar O r' ?hrt>?d of her tending r'.?liing !* s.rong eat! igb la auppcrt twenty tom v el^bt. itjTTblrfv-e:x b ^h^f5?ntarlv one bsl? the ncuitx-r in Fra'ice?ba/e notifled tie fHleisfer of Vnh:!'* WorsblQ of their lnt-ntion of ?*r??lrir,T to ii ja.?: in compliance w th tbe euutuons of tr.? Pope. JET T- e rich Utile ci'y cf An'wrp La< vote?t .i' lM. ft?r derontlsrg the old Town U<*i'with jvitn^ d ^1 Tte inhjecta are to be illuatrittve ?>f (Le c'.ty's tislory. I'J'itil Thompson !? aaid to l?e la western K*ui..r<v w.tb eivairy, and "? haV^ ?n ou Uftd fcid di>p?TBPd. near bidden, a comj?iny "f Caitia' .Nebraska Horae. JIT" * ' ' r' ,c* prevent: vea of tb^ rava^ea ?.f vrot-al dnUeftiK trsawta ia early ww'nj;. The i particular may be guarded against In la * inioner. ;; .?4ir I K?.m? . P. n^a'-A'Vi w* #vn |VA J I f r ?-- ? *?c'. . ? warn sj.i vu-i ?u un ^ t> i .it " Ur uf Ihp U'itiih of Ooorinooni j j r rt,.- ojrcu L of Prejtori, at a ccst to of ItSVW) i 1 i 41 liKATll TO KOAOfltii. i;t > i AMIS, Ao.-Ue# .It >u.i . A.*<?oli>e*Uujbr T?> ka^p moth from y ur i it- a ?i uM tfc* aaiu* arU?l*. lie I ^rul Tra-rai.t it 1 > b* t-tfiOtBa!. P io*ii?ad &">on. A ia^j- ?n' jo-em! cf ius?, Me<2i c uv, ic. d'i&lo herftrtioi'C fir?s.leat ult'OKr. 6 \\ eat Isrd Uraf Mors. 114 P?. IHT P^iienlir arJ a'.tensoo f iven to tl^pfpa v-' of preeouptiou* at th? ae36-3w ns5PKi:?Ai. notice. * AND AFT KK Tlti?L>VV. APRi I. 1, i.i'?, !;i? on thi Palfnior-. Ohio Kail r; -a i toiifli-ce rminir^ da-'y, Sac'ajs eieepte<J, ici?i t Wii? ?IM at 7 40 A. M , *nd oonuectir. i ?t Jur. alien witi: matt train for aH ?*< ># of v est Ti* I'&rkftMbart or W oae iu. x'arouMid ba;(&t? oit?'kod vv. I' s.vii rii. cf T.anijortaaon ttalusiore and Ohio t*?i > <? ' ap l <iif Yj dTfcRrf?OV8TKH8! k i / .Tf f a L? r^.t. ?,.r ? > ?n.4 rAml'lA. A A ' A I.UCi ~ Jl?Ui U ?I I IIHVB I IU..IDI ear. be with UYBrEKii^?, if?-h frt * tii? she'l, dry iu*Mur?, A. J at ' ;<-?*r" ft ce. VjU'y P::1M *iv? tu * oai! ^*V?ar aVREK & CO., ^I,?? \j. 10 J NUiti; St , lx?!T?oeu D 41.1 At. tor C/siara ef tu* t?t ?oalit/ epical to order Tr* 35 JL:n UUU?iVKi> AT L.. A- tfEALL, A CO.'? 4\o. Sol fc'jfjjtti. between I rJK ttreote. ' h?w itj<k cf CUJCUlNG, FtRKI^UlNfi GOOIr*, riU'NSH. HATS aid CAra. ff A UKAa.1* ft tO (Do 3?1 r-effBth street, i MtU K. la tit* ?>%p? to buy row Ci-Ut HjN?, FlRiMSrfflStt ? U U D !*, JKLAna. Ha l4?pd CAP-- &> Now Yorfc prioM C"?Oa?- ON* >NU ALL AT U A. BKALL* / CU 'rt, Nu *41 scventk iirett. betvecc 1 iac K. ?o uut CLOTHING, kuknuhliC <JOOJ13, HA-'I!* M-dCAPS. VOW :s i?J? T1MK To BUY YOUB J.> I LOTH!**, KURNI5HIN0 dOOl'g Ca/i a- ??r? low pro#?. nt L A Bi'ALI. ? CU I, No.^fcl bC70i:th, kttMQ J >r'! K BtrfrrU. tr.ll H W all, Stephens Jl to., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILOR a, AM> i?xALna ui YOR.L*, KASOLS, BELTS. hp a0lkts, shoulder straps VAITKTLE78, ?LOVES,*?. A"< ?*cry variety wf AMAJ) Y-MAM2Z CLOTHING. At Rxa*o*aklb PlJ?i? vfALL.BTEPa*.^ ft CO.. 393 Pss^ayinou a**tas, between ?* 'I IIh?a) A L 1 itk ar.4 iMk FFOM LONDON?Fi?* thoa/and Wcraa at wriu?a 1a Ua 1 a'err*i? of GutJieir, 87. Trvrets cf tfvoc Ma^cHfciae-i, Irnrrs'M; #1. The re pit Job? Hrraaoal; $1 &. Maa t'< tu .Mio a Freaoij; 8: 3 Otitic* ana iamtoai- by W'ltliam Pi i?ya; The MoauuuM of ti>? Foraia? Of P*i*r Darke; #116. Hand book of Political Economy?By Liftna; W 07*Uoc??, or N ??- (or *OBBCWatnraii?u; #1 50. ? )Oo?e4*&of Pootioai Qaatatucc; $m. Oraoefal Ai4iB?-tty *. u WaiU; #1. lliatory, op oi< us. Ac, of Uaa? Beefc^rsteilT, Ktq , V.U V^'Aogrtpi I l Jet ?Lpo??; $m _m J FUANCK TA\ LUK. Ul/ 1 RAVELLING TKU'NKi*. '' h imsr Tor Ui? iirtai ?*a<>rtm?it ;o! TKAVKLMNrf TRUNKS to ix>fo?a4 itM> wjntrtelw! Ace*. C*r?et Bah. * ., v&ioii v? tr? now mIIibi " T tow ""Uu aTerasts * co? <? 3irt Pren. mwm. E n. * h j. oStSSoiy^in eosse^Mcoa of lh? Ifctr fro, r?.T ovwl to SOI f?nr.Bjiv{ju& & .?& ? iitt^wc 9 Ji *tJ iota strecta, vha.a tKlr? c;?fc ?.4uaa? oimtfs," ,?. r >- i I ^ ^ IM rCKNSTL VAN 1 A 1TI1IUI. Eflin.E DrPRE. iu< Ro*el*e?l ui* Upeacd, * iug? ua Juw-cinai iicc* oi cauiaa FAMILY GROCERIES, OMlBtlOf Of! BUG A S3, Of all prade? rns, COFFEE, Bvvm, LARD, FLOUR, MAILLARD'S CHOCOLATE, *?., it, Ac. All of wbl?h ke offera at 2owr?t ouh prlees. PIKE'S CELEBRATED WHlSS.iE?. 606 barrels Magnolia, . 600 barrel! XXX, too barrel! Ml Hera Rye Maaongibala, eoo barrel* flue Old Rye, 900 barraia fine Old Bourboa, AT CINCINNATI f KICKS. All the f&voiite brands el CHAMP AONE, Mumu Verxecy, fireea Seal, Heldslok, which, being bought low, we otter at uauraally low rates. A jo, Bole Agent lor PIKE'S ARMY CORDIALi leb 14-tf j? M B A L M I N tt T H E D E A D . DR. HOLMES'S AMERICAN PROCESS. This roeeri, without th? hps of poisons, discovered tmrfen y*ars ato, and practiced Mice thv time in the warmeit section* of the United States, is sufficient recommendation of itseT. Tilts mode of Kb.balmins D?ad Bodies is no foreign in?-,rition. but purely Amerioan, having discovered it myie'f a.'tor vesrs ol ouemioml research. Many of the res>!c-,t* ul this ci y will remember eever. tears since tha exposition <>f the body of a chi d embalmed by me. My process has beea testfd b* & .arte number of pnystcians and ohemi?ts ;n thepMioipa! titieiof thelm-m.aod peisocs of the highrst ?e*pectai?ili'y, ?r;io have given their cvtifccatee, wmoh r,y pampn et will show. Tte body of a do* eroba'msi eleven months since, and exposed to tie t-e-u of the past summer, itra ?ublio exh bitionat 30 I Penn. ave oe, where I hare rrr.iilrrel a larje number of officers and privat-* sorters of our a> my to t!i? entire satwjaotioa of their so vivit e elatm-s and friends. I will ?f* oinK* IT? V>? C. . ? ... > ? > wvu??B wj CUU^UCl 0 r IDUQU system n.t ;?10 * piece This proop?n I con >d have az*d sinre idc droovery of my own had it b??o as cotvl or batter Tho French Aevlemy oi Science ?t ita annual tittu? he'd on tnA3d ol Mirch. 18U. put iirnitd Mjotuot'a system U> tne woriu. ft copy ol wliioh 1 have prr?<>i? wishing be. bo* "m!>a'r>i*< by either proofs will ?rpiy to A. Kuchijr, l!n '?rtaker, .'<03 Pft. ftvmqe, Jost^h Ru'cb. I'nda. tftfc . r, t>? orgeiown. 1). C ; a?nry Lee, 433 Pa. avtraao No >oi?ong meu. ft# 26 Ira* Rka7T\yith~Wkoision and act with PRECAUTION ! DH. M.VKLLNV'S PKIVATK HOSPITAL, ia t>;? Federal fl!ook. opposite the Oer.eiftI Post ft d PMvut Of- e, i.vK'u: 24 a? stairs, corner i I 7th a.,d i b-? , \V&3r.ii.?to2, v. 0. L'-t.LI.-l r- ? ? " Eiiu iiniim ior ws roFprea?;on or (^naokerj. The Oaij Hejuiar I'fcyeioiaa Advertising. Dr. M. Ve:!nyTa lout exp?rienc? in hospital practies wtrranu iMm a eaymg that he can otreall d te?r C8 f a private feature, or ho will forfeit the cm of five hundred dil'ars. Call and see him. No o^arge for ooceuitat'on. A perfect aud radical cure aeriecteU iroci one to four aaraor- inh 17-?ra* CH. K1VART & CO. SILLERy CHAMPAGNE DEPOT REMOVED TO 8. t. Conria or Pskr. Avinvi abd Sixth St.. Clarendon Hotsi Hml/im* Washing ion. h. HOSKY. a??st, Ycri. james .MOLAN, aob.m,!58t05, D. O. CHERRY, PORT an-i MADEIRA WINE8, FlM" OLD BRANDY and WHISKY. IE/* * riiaoonat to ^ra. mh!9 OOTd AND SHOE* TO SUIT THE TIME?. Wear? ?w m?nifiwturiac a:l kinda of BOOTS L*c<l SHOPS, ft ad couat*nt!/ rtooivlne ica? [ cappif ' ?>? Vt. tr.vlo work of everr onation,nvi8e*>rsa? y t->c*iier, and wiilF HI be eoiu ml a f::i;eh loirer jrica titan l>aa bMn* h*re?>for* o,*ar;?4 in V:.s cty^or muoh tnferiot articles. PoraorR .s iract of Boots at.i Snoe? of e&ai*rB or oitj <?orz. w, t.. *tyi a jooJ asacrt .aent ui atoraand at tfco lowest pnoea. (iivcca a oaii. til< I Kl.N <fc liRO., ay l-f 314 f^r.Ev^lrania oil H FSKKINI* eUU2AT? Worceitersblre S&uce. ?^r ?*? ? ? - ? -/ 7 ui&af\AVB OIWOIBSEVtS 51 ?* Lrtt? t? uta* f 1' )iV>utl "OHW OOD ?*\ IW Hit BrstXtr ?**Ca " rS8? * WcrcwtOT. &14 >tT: 111 r # to j^ Mfc/* :W1. " ? *? KrfW =: " F*!l * ttr rVfeST-' -W.J U't? Sunn * ' v'>!f Mteeii.ftd YAKIEVY rrosini^s.tiMtootl i: ' -NMG ..? ?,&! .3. Si y?l; as i j ir n'SB 3 . b j o-i wi oi^L->:rs r ikU f? IIAU?." tt6 above SAUCE li aoionb Ui9 ?*3T and most r*riLXK lONU.'MlMT knaorn. kat (.hamsat E<mm. i**i- *? % t*>w drops ia Sri**, or wi:h y.ik. 1 in-! cold J si mi', Puf St I'm, Gem.*, ft., Impart *rex?uirit9 i?at, which vmpriMifttd H*oo? m?nifacturera .iftTe In rain rn<2*ATO'?l to On the JJr.rMUst, Luntkton, IHnntr, or S*?pt* Tib *, a eiaet containing "LEA & FKKK1N8' WoaCfcbT. iiSHIKL EAVGfi" u luUiipenaabla. To a?>r?Maie the izc^lnU t*aliiUs of thia dtlih?J preps-ation it is only nocoesary to p urcLaaa i email bot::e of ti.e ttnuint, of & reapect&Ule ereecr or cea er, aa many Hcttl ar. t K?s<a?ra*s propri?u<ia m loai p \oe tn? P*rt Sauce before their m\*Ariw Kw? - *? ? 4L (m*i u.'auiitwa faumuio dwiii iiiiw wilt ?truism mixture. For t*.e hj Grocers rc<1 FixtU^er* eTerrwhert. JOHN DUNCAN A SONS. W?t j* SiuMtt **d lili rtrut, New York, Bole W ho'ftMLe AreuU for the United States. * OA *_ -? - - - in atoro.?Also order* reoa:r*4 tot tiireot fro>a Ens L*rd. 07" 3tw*rt ?/ C*** m/iiii mmd /wimtnu-fll ep Prettcttd by Heyal Lttttrt Patent ?/ England mmd tttmrtd fry U< i>?aij of tkt Etolt it Pkarwwii dt Paris, mmd tkt Imtftrtmi Ctlltgt #/ Mtdieitu, Fi?w. TR1ESKMAK Tlo. 1 ta-the Kffectial remedy tor Rilaxaiio*, !*?iihatoutbota and Exjiawstiom ox iui . TElgg*lfAft trMMji 1 12sss* .sr I KiSSS**? ,f " * ml, uuiui ivn ai mo Kniem, k* wcu u reoondKTJ oi.v.mai tUo tUvitfUOl ve DM of M-TJ-iry, UW' :?r otv t* V rtf riocs <tir?d:oDU, ir.-l wnie.i all tao 8ar*ii>&ril;s in ti o world omr.ot rem^re. .Nob i, it ?^a 3 ire aiikedeToid of taete or suali. bus. of ?!! !i?o?ratiuj aualw tiee. Xh#f Bre in the form of b, ana m*j lie os tie tci.'et tiLi.e witLoai their bh beinr ?*?Sola-!a tm met at S3 each, or four fS oum in color #9,aud tu ?Z7 OMM-Liai ?.* " ? I><u administered by V*.:pa&v, Lalienr.apd, Koua, Ao.. 4c. \Vbolee*:a ud retail by L?R. H. A. BARROW, 194 U.9?o*er ?trMt, (? lioori from MaoDo uri! etreet;. N*w Yer*. lmniodiateiy on reompt of. Twnittanoe, Dr. Biaaovr -will forward Ttiaanrar to ai?r aart ot Uift world, aeo&rriy packed -v;d addrft'aed ?occ: iinj 10 the initio bona at ths writer. Psbli?i>*J a *o by DR HA R ROW, that aojular and baaatilUlir j!luatr*tod medical worr.Haman Priaottoact*. TriMeoiar and poot can McuuiMil by <fo?a>atuarttr fr?a8. C. KORD, Wuhiicfati.!). C dalt-tr f ONG AND SHORT WRAPPINGS! Li FOR SPRlIHG ! fcUAWLS FORSi'KlNO! MANTLES FOR SPRING! NEW BT VIjKS ORE*S GOODS FUJI SPRING! Wi'h all Weda of1)ry Good* for IM onrrant of htntltM. Our Nort'i m aid Caatern coiroiycoUanta tend ns n?w aupplka dai'.r. . Ou? prtoo ouiy, n.a kad n j'alu Ifaroa ; heaoo aa pqro?a?or ia ueoaiiwl. As in?rcetion 01 rook ironra no obligation to liretM, PKftlt Y * ?KO , pi 1 Pa avana ?nJ 9th at UARMIM id ULJLKOa frao uhibiuoa. tn? 13 fin#at atock oftflothln* in tb? otty, at tba " 'sJtr % THE tKIAT "AMERICA!* REMEDIES,' Known aa HELMBOLD'3 OEJfUIJIE PREPARATIONS, HEL MBOLD'8 EXTRACT "BUCHV," m u ? 8ARSAPARILLA " IMPROVED RUSE WASH. HELMBOLD'9 GENUINE PREPARATION. * HIUHL 7 CONCENTRATED" COMPO UND FL VID EXTRACT B UCH U. A Positive and Speotfio Remedy For Piaeaaea of the BLADDER. KIDNEYS, UR AVEL. ltd DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Thia Medioiae loorwNi the power of Difi*tion. andcxoitee the ABSORBENTS into healthy action, by which tire WATERY OR CALCAREOUS depoaitiuna. and all UNNATURAL ENLARGEMENTS are reduoed. aa vail aa PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, andia food for MEN, WOMEN, OR CHILDREN. HKL MEOLD'S EXTRACT BVCHU, For WetknoMM Amine 'rem Kio^iiMi HabiU of DiaaiNrti*?? Early Indiscretion or Abuae, Atttndtd with tktfollowing S own ? Indisposition to Exertion, Loss ot Power, L^sa of Memory, Difficulty of Rreathiif, Waak Nervae. Trembling. Horror of Dieeaae, Wafcefujess. eimness ol Vision, Pain in the Baok, mversal Lassitude of the Muscular System, Hot Hands, Fluahinc of the Body Drjnsaa of the Skin, Kruptiona on the Faoa PALLID COUNTENANCE, ThMeirioptoms, if allowM to jo on. whioh thia medfoine invariably r?mov?. soon lollowe IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, la one of whioh the patient ma; expire. Who c*n aa? that they are not fre*iirntly followed by thoae "DIREFUL D1S*E\BF,8." "INSANITY AND CON8UMPION." Many are aware of the oan*e of their anfferinc, BU T NONE WILL CONFESS. mil (J > n f?n *-* w* m mm r? i aiti > at 11 a ' ilia iioourus ur 111c. msAitn A31 LL'MS, Jn>Ith* Mtlameholy D*atKs by Consumption, B7AR I'iFLI WITNKft* TO THB TRUTH OV THTt iUlltlOil. THE CONSTITUTION ONCF. AFFKCTED WITH URBANIC WEAKNESS, Requires the aid of maJtcina to strengthen acJ iimgorate the 8y*tem. Wkuk HELM BO LP'S EXTRACT BUCHU in variably dots. A TRIAi WILL CONVllfCI TH* MOST 8KIFTICAL. ?1 m ar j r T' n n una j r n fl rirt a r n n ramAL, rc.mAL.aa? rninAL,ni3t OLD OR YMUNO, SINGLE. MARRIED. OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In many Affections peculiar to FtmaUt, the Extraet Wncho is unf?ual!e1 by any other remMy, a* in Chloris or Retention, Irresularity, P?inf linen or Suppression of ('OHto^ary Ji vaonations, Utoer&t*<l or Sourhou* state of the Uterur. L^uoorrhcea or Whites, Sterility, and for ail omp'aint* incident to the sex whether arisirr from Indiscretion, Habits of Dissipation, or in the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. PEK SYMPTOM* ABOVX. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT! TAKI *fO *081 TUL?A%I. MSRCCRT.OR B!CPL?ABA NT ftlBDIClSJlS FOX USPLBA'ANT A.1D DA.J?G?HOB? DISIAOBS. HKLMEOLD'S EJTKACT BVCHV CtTBBS SECRET DISEASES in all their At little Kzpenae. Lattie or no chanie in Diet, No lnoonTenienoe, And no Ezpesvn, (t o?cm & frequent deire %rd tirea atrencth to ! Urinate, thereby removing obstructions. Prevetting and Curing Strictures of the Urethra. A laying H?in ar.d Inflammation, so frequent in the c afH of diseases. air! expelling all Poitencmi, Dutattd and ?torn out Matter. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSAND* WHO HAVE BEEN -THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who have paid nrAvr FK??to he cured it a short time, have found they were deeeived. ana that the"POfSO.N" haa. hv theu?eof' powsartL ASTaiNQims," teen dried up in the system, to break out in ?n aggravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Uii HfLvnoLD'a Kxtkact Bcoku for allafiaotjor.i Mid dn?'?" of the URINARY ORG Ays, Whether exlatmf in MALE OR FEMALB, Kroro w^atey^r caoee oritinatinr.and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING. ]>Is-a??? of theie Organa require liioaid of A DIURETIC. HELMSOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE UREAT VIURETW, And 13 certain to hare ute deaireU 63eot is all Diaeaaaa L'i.l/ ISTtimn in la r-a "? - i- \?i\ (? niun i A iO A MAMI iU t.iX 1? t. U* BLOOD' UI.OUD! BLOOD! ' HilmbotJ's Highly Concentrated Compound FLUID EXTHACT 8A1UJAPAK1LLA, SYPHILIS. 1hi? la ! an aflootior. of the Uood, and ATT AUKS THE 5JKXUAL ORGANS, L'.NiNGa OF THE NOrfE, EARS, TilHOAT, WINDPIPE AND OTHER Ml/CODS BUKKACEB, Making it* ap^M.-dno in trio furm ot ULCERS. Uelinhold'a Extilot 3<ii?aparllla, Purges the illo-d, and removes all boaly Ln| tiona of the Skin, eiVlNti TO THE COMPLEXION A CLEAR AND HEALTHY COLOR. It bAiDg prepared exprea*irlor tma c m? ofooin$ linti, it* iiiuod Punljiin Propjrtiee are pre orved to a treater oxtaat ttan any other preparation of tiaraapanlla, HELMBOLD'S ROSE WASH, A n I ?* ???> r? ? ? ? uuuvu lur n;iMiei oi a SjfhilitM Nature, and aa au injection in Diseafaee of tii? Urinary Organa arising from Habits of Di?aipatioc, nee<i in oonteolion with the Kxuacta Buol.n or baraaparnla. in ?uoh Diaeasee aa ieoomniended. E*id*nc* tj Ik* mat rtliablt and rupotuiblt ikaraittr tcill accompany tk* mtdicinu. CERTIFICATES OK CUKES, 2-Vom 8 to 30 ytxrs' itemdiHg, Wijh Naxss ixuvh to SCIENCK AND FAME. For Medical Proprieties of BUCtiV, aee Dta I j V* UIO VlilKU dlA(Oli See Fiofptsor (lEWEt'3 valuable works on tia? Practice oiFlija;n. . ** rem&rka mad* by Ui? late celebrated Dr. FHVS1CK. Pciladtlfhia. See remarks made br Dr. EPHRAIM MoD??WbLL. aoelebr*ted Pbyaioian ar.d Member of the Royal Coilece of t*urieona, Ireland, and publiahed to the TranaacUoua of tUe King ana Queen'a Journal. See Medioo-CUirnrrioal Review, pnbiiahed by BKNJAMIN TRAVERS, Fellow or Royal College ol Surgeon*. v Sea moat of the 1*1* KU.nrffc~i " ? uiMva msQioins Kxtraot Buohn, #1 oe per bottle, or elx for $6 00. Extract tiaraapauUa, |H? per bottle, or aix for 9?Mi Improved Rom Wuti, to per bottle, or eix for *&u. <?r, half dosen of tuh for 912 00, vhi oh w ill be aa&eient to oarethe iHJBt oUetia&te cases, if al reotions are adhered to. Delivered to any Adureea, securely packed from observation. DESCRIBE BY^PTOJg^jV ALL COMMUCaret 6 ua^nteed! Adrloe Gratia!! AFFIDAVIT. Peraonallv p.ppeared ttsfore me, an Alderman of the city of Patlaoelphia, H. T. Hxlmbou>, who being tiuly aworn, doth aay.hia prep?ratione eont&inuo naroouo, no meronry.or other lajnriou &u..buu? >" !' "?"?>*. BELMBOLD. Sworn and eubeori bed before me, Xkim tad Am* tJ a*.? - ? ----- Surruiueri MM. ?V M. Y. HldBER l?. Ali0riMD? iatn street, above k&oe, Philadeljhi* Addreaa letter> for information In oonfideaoe to B. B. HELMBOLD, Ohenuat.

Depot, 104 South Tenth St bol. Cheicnt*. * BE WARS OF COUNTSRnr<rm AN1> UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS. WbosiulMTor i* diapoM "o? tbui own" aa OTHU ' AATlCLia OX TU? MFUT&TIOII iTtiUH^ By H?ijxb?id'? G^aiaa P " " lB?ro?#d j (MbjALLDR UQQI8T8 MVM&YWHMMM. abk for hblmbold*. fAKB NO OTAKE. Cat oat tea advartMMMat and Mad for It, AHli AVOID 9IPOJIJjON AND EXPO [ 0 Dr. J H McLEAX'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER' upon thonaada cV- j| - ?no ore eatiy lis -a t natng Mcfit??'i ?? fcTRKSOTHFNISfl t&,& ATI Cokdial. oemfy tm\B tbat it is abao- Bc'h #Jf m uieir an infalU- _ ? tie remedy A ?4553^^6 renovating ? d Won taiEl (L'tsr L k I ?*. ea?*d ay item, purify in* and enriohiBg tM Blood restoring the aiok, miT^rinj invalid to Htaltk and Strmttk. THERE 18 WO IflSTAKK ABOUT IT. It will oure liver Comprint. Ly?pep*n, Di?rShcpa, Dysentery, U^atfaeue. Deprteaion of <*piriU, 'ever and Agne. Inward ^?er, Bud Breath, or cmj utswup ui ktiv cvi'irauii vr duw~ i, OyGeatl?m?n. do yoa viah to be Healthy, 8tru"i and Viforoua I fC7^Lsklie?, do you want ?ha Bloom of Health to mount to tout ch?<?ka aitair .'?than (o at one# *nd cat MtLtan's Strtnirtk?ntnr a?4 Blond Pwri/br, I>aay no' a momeut; ,t ia warranted to ?t*a aatiafantioa It will eureany auaaaaot the hidcPTB. Womb, or B add"; Ftii ting, Obatructed Menstruation, F% liT g rf tbo Wonih, ttanenieen, rran* dia aia anaine from Chrouio or Narvona Daoility, ltiaaa JDffcliin e Kemady. FOR CHILDREN. uu ji-u ni.1 tuui i ?. vim ,(iai t, f ji.j < aiiurnn to be H?atthr,Strong ?r,d rtnhoet.'? v en five ?hen> Mr Lean's Strength* ** Oryfti?,(ft>ethe directions on 'ict! t>?itle) it is de i >i?us to take. lE7*Oiie spo.T: fui, taken overy mornint fv>iug, la a sure prereu ive agtin?t ChtUe ard Fever, Yellow Fever, Cholera or any prevailing di.??*'e JJ^CauTio^I-H^warsof Druffiite and I'ea'en who may try to paim upon you a Dottle 01 Br t?rs or s'araatan.ia, . they ran Lut cheap ) t>y ayu g it it just aagood. T.vre arenven me? ba<? euougi to a?e?l pvtof my rein to iluh th*irvn.K dscootion* Avo d gioh inl.moua piritks and tbe:r villainoua conipounia ahl for l> J H. MoLeau'a Strengthening QMW and Rlcod Fun tier. lalte r.oilnnr 6'?e. It is t' ? ouly rermdy tl at vi l Purif?yoor BToc<1 ;hou ugMy. an l.&t theeaine t limn iNuTHtN and jtivu.oui b the whole or gan'iation '? i? put n? 'Ti Lares liolt'M? 31 fir bott:? <t six >ot" te* for 85. DR. J. H Mcl.KAN. Pole Pr>pi?tor. ' Corner f bird and Pina its., Louii, Mo, DK. McLEAN'S UNIVERSAL PILLS, Far Ltw.r Complaint', Billtousness, lf'.a iackt, $c. There has nev^r be^aarafasnie me.<mn? offe-ed to the that! r.s jiven vncti entire eauriaction as MeL'in s Un\*ir*al Pills. Ho.en entirely vegetable ther are p^rfeotiy in Doo-tit and can be taken ty the mutt tender infant; yet prompt and povr<rful tc re movie* ail Bilious secretions, Acii or Impure, Feted Matter from the Stomach In fact, tier are ?h? only pt;;? that ahonid bs used in malarious'!.striata a uoj 0ivuuu7 uu xjrifi' s,cic?lcb? or r*ID ill 10 S?i m^n or Bowel?,ihough vary aotirocnd aea.ohin* in their operations promoting healthy secretions of tt.o L: *er and Kidneys. Who vrl autTer from Bt;ion*ne.'a, H>adache ard Foul Stotrach, when io cheap a remedy can bo obtain**:.' Kc p them o^natar.t y ou ha: d; & m.i e ocse. taken id eeaaon.iuay tr-?ei,t hotra, ava. a&d months of ajokne?r. AtkforDr.J H. McLean's Ihivernal Piita Takerootbrr. Pfnr c attd, they are taatelees Prioe 0Lly 25 cnt? per box- anl can be sent by mail to any part ?>f tlie Un'te! Str.tea. J. H .VIoLKA iV.Scl* Proprietor. Co nsr Third and Pius sts.. St Lous, Mo. DR. J. H. McLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT, Th< b?st External in the World for Af an or B'.att. Thouraods of huma i being* have i oen aav-d a Ill's of decrepitude ana mis- ry b? t:.e use r.f this )n?aln,ki. .. .. ? _i!l n- -- ?m<viv u'U'Wcai. Ift Witt lent TO Iftiuft IUUII I U tanfaneojtly, and it wi i cieatse, purify and heal the fouleit rcra in an lroredib.'e ?hort time. Mcl.e-n's Volcanic Oil Lihimmt will re iere the moit if.vste ate casoe of Kh-um%ti<im. tt?u', or Nrnraig;* For Para'y*:*, Co- t'?o ed Muselea, Stfl'!i9B8or Weaii.ras :n tie Joitit-, Mu'desor Litaments, it wl; new fail iwo application will cure tore Throat. He*< ache or Ea.-ae.e For Hu na,or t'os'da, or any Man Infallible remedy. Try if. and you will liud i an mdiepeuaib!e remeur Keep it a way* on hard Plantsr*. Fanuera, or anr on^ having ebarre of hora?s, wi'l wvve m Jtey by uting MoLean'a volcanio < ?il Li aimer. t. t ;* a *paedy an.i infaliibe cure for 6al>. Sprains, Chafr-n, dwelling. La Tie ne??, Sore?, Woutdi. bcratohes, or aty external Unease. Trr ft. and you wli be oocvirced. DR. J. H MoLbAN, ttaie Pr< prietor. St I ouis, Mo. m 5 6m C. 8TOTT, A jent.Waa, lnitor, D. C. |M|a YOFR&K'a mam jt m jj i?_t r w it m wcEs juAjy v p.iiriv/t r, 499 ?|TMTI UU12T, WJLIUiaSTCll, ), V, Ci.T?r Mftdai awarded bj Mary.aad iutltvta Baltimore, November lata. Aim, ft*4*1 by Metropolitan Mooiiimu'lasUtlta, Wa?tun*ton. i). C., IUP. 1 aa MiuUrilt t&Xiit, ard littTi ton ?a Uli f toe beit material, ?#rr ^nrrliUii *7 rim* Sol* ^oatker, ^T?E??b??, Wead He*. ?n< PaaMii:* Tnaki, Jelljjner, Car>*4. ?*4 Gatira* JTr^^'.nc Ba*?, 9S*o? tSatahlTfc*. if t?? fr%e*t. U*ittb?r? ef Go^t:e*s fced t * ?!?-? will ? ?>? utnuiA inj aloof Mfore yurn>i?a:si Vranka tliatue c-iie ^ti.ff-r c:tie?. Ciurntr I rAih^f 411/^ *i: *-?? ?? ' a***--**"* ##!? SI9ilt1 Will H r4?r. SrKnii coverfd ?r.d re*itr?u tt ibcrt o?u dsi:Terf-J trzeo:|f*it ?i U* l!f * ?>ar?eU*Ji. n.a i.:aUi'l"v JAftlhM aTOPHAM, ^a?cv SOMETilJNC NkVV ! 4' 981 f orut, v'uitt i4? Vkistif. OYS"ffhR9 BjiKAMED (l It* r.fct ! Rr.d tccr?tf Mr Co*1 ? iir vtvarUr U a rajut) ;n it-'-k t\, fmsu+i ISA.; jH b09. fkt ?nJ?nirr*l r ?j*3ffj;lr iriorxc Un'rirsdi 1> the ii.sirict, anl visitors toths oily, :hw: ho bu r*?,Hai li e oi.> and wicLL-iito-.T* r*TA*L!?uit3!*T :n u no?? Ihorovfh Mtncftr. ?r.4 Lie rcwis c?x slete arr*ajMa?nt? to fii?ti*h ?)VS'IKR8 in &nj ilj'.t tr.J jc ut ?: ai:.'::*. i00 ? "'l.oni ?h?o*e? per uif. S.iX.tJ to ?,-X-1 Oii.1 a{ iiy-i a i.1.1 ; ;6th ui ty 3~etui hftrraetiCAiiy E?sJ*ti. FurtiihU iu lh? aiiollby liie bashei cr Iijui?:. raricta wuhtcr to hav? Oy?tt>t fcni;.h?l rsf*l*r'r throach the Winter, ?t iifcit^oro ricei, Without faar vf w.'ure, ffiokid c? u rn4 mils t: r*at??n?uU tl o.yw. FraieLl. tiaie, &nd it:on?7 nt?l by ?crOP*f:u-: ci n?.M t l*rr.uh*n fcrtioit saufti to Hi* c?let?r*uJ ttkiUai*:* *?fa>b!iftliai?cU. 8 ??? ? Hit u low. EB V >/ V w A Ili SkM ? Caaa*4 Mean. h*riu*R, Ctna, BtTV#t?enion, ! :r?' I'?ct, '* npe, a a. Jto.,&c. A:ao, i'iiiklM, S'sije^s, tir*."ciy Fe&oliM, io. Al?e, SaiTioa^j Freah Flah, "Sirtlos, Ter>-?riaa> Freeh i^-teiera, C,.U. fiali^ot, At. In fact, evarr Uiine for palo in ?t e r^ordttrs uiarketa kictr> on at r?;oni!i;9 f no?a. Hotel* aiitl t\mi!iN *r:tu Oyetera, c?IWersd tmnuut 011x15s ? > any ?art of tiifl Diati i?t. in ijuoCi >f tii? money 1* Bent vitfi iLc oru*r. My eatabiiahmentiaoaenfroio ( t. m. U) U il nlftit, ?vary day, axo(?jt Sauday, *hen 1 eioca at 10 o'clook a. m. ? . ja?-tf f- M. HAIVLf. IH. O. HOOD I S Constantly J ks.s always on hand, a fall supply of all tin moet celebrated JK. WAlCHtS thai are in&:.uiv<inrAd in Knt- ?Z?a land, Switzerland and America. i.oth in (jo;dfljt3 aiid Silver cas?a. H<> also keossa larje attck of fiine JKWELRV of the moat aesiiabie atylea aet with Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies and ail other Gems. lie is also mannfao^urintall kinds of Solid Staudard Silver Ware, and keeps Swords, Itevol era. Sword Delta and Fashes, Uowie Knives, Sazora, Scispors, Gold, Silver and Steel Speotaes, and a treat variety of other things nsualij kept in a Jewe ry Store, and a'I at the very lowest srioe. No. 339 ra. avenue, between tUi and 10th atreeta. fe T?-tf m jujuup uAi wairAil X NOT ICS QTaBMOTAL, The delivery ofioeof.taia oompaay ia removed from Third atr?at to tka larja de?oton B itieft K(4*mh M ?.nd VI ?t* *v-?f CJTEINWAY A SONS' AND RAVEN, BA 9 CON A CO '8 oeiebratel iBatra-jdgg-Sai mectaere aold at loweat ftctorr prioe?wW^H far caaii and approval p*p?r, at the Mu-?* ? * aio Store of W O. MlvTZhROTT, corner of Uth alreet and Penn avoi-ue. ' Several P.anoa that have bees naed for aaie neon my monthly parniaiitr. ap it L'OK A I KW liAVH OXf.V I r my ?ue a:ock of Clottuuc from orer Salta' Jew airy Store to J. H. J-M1TQ8, No. 460 Her nth meet, near F, where 1 shall offer it ?t lea* in?nwboieaaie ooat priaea. tor a few ci^a ool^ M1UTAKY OFFICERS AND OTflE&S. BATCH*LOR'8 BRNWIXX HAIR ?7*, The Beat la the World. Tki Only il*iuUU mm4 H*rvuut limit Dm Xmm. ?. <r, * "J"! wawu, Wit r * nil IBIS1; Hair Store, Zi"rr-?:> .km Ltd: e? earn have it ihIim, If declred. FaelerY~-81 Barclay at. <iate W Broadway) N. T. oe I-It BALMORAL/ BOOTS. lore Calf do ?3 M A lea, ail other stylM of Lartiae and Miun' k-rSSs^vstE,t?' _ _ ho. 1? Market ^toe, laT eo Poma. are?Vaetweea itk andfth ate. We ^ *nd fine ?biJi???, -^Loi?0?' arl mUucm rtrj tjyjpl?&? jEE&MHtfg m DENTISTRY. iHihHS Persona t^'Tnr it m j o|m ou bt mndbmiM wfxk *nr tyle nxTpno# ofTeeth U,?? msydelw battotkoM vbotrftpartuivI&rtDd wirtitE* 35a?iE ?ti>. atf?-ly^l .f^KW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CRMOTMJLBT1 BOMB V E E V I. WifiHtMnaPutinOuan. ... m^jSrUOmKStf-- * I1MI fcuwiw liii aai l&fi r|J . IfAUmilMi Calls thi MlnUotof ttofttbli* lo tte tollowtif TSfMi.'ft'BraiaSCi carer ooroco nor oh*n*9 color by M'.ds, boinc Utroo-fonrtm !ii ttsr th*a toy othor. *. No leotn or rooti coed bo Mtr?.ot#d- u iu artitetai odn ou fee ineerieJ over them. t. The root* ?iU fc? made laeffeaaiTe. u lerer HK ?. No temporary teeth are needed, m permanent eiw? can be made immediateJy, thereby ?re?ernrj the exareaetoa of tiie face, wtaeh ander **? } IWfaefitly ci?fi?i;reO st'esss jsxsiejse ^s^s^??,jasr,sa eac be ft..ed vitboat pain, %a~ can fmul ay * ?wUrooVh^fefej ?B " T Kd# r*wU* wk)eJ The beet of reference* rret?to Dr. V. Mott: Dr. 5f**SS' ^ToT^mcr o' Cbens.f.try, lOTtoE * Wayae, oftse bu?reme Coart of WaiLiai*03f and tuo?aande of other*. CTalfand exs-uune for yotrsslf, do Sta GAS FITTING, *a A WW V. DOT* * CO. ... U.T, mow >r?Mkr?4 to cjmti ur ar4?ra Vttfe Watah n*>j DJ raeored id vt>? _ rjblMSI*#. ?AB Oj^^gLAN FIVVIH* ?Wr? aa Cth strati, * few 4*?n n?rU at fL fcrec**, w.*ere auM faa&? a icsutttiiionnm W?AB FIXTIKKS. K flare is store, and are cu.j re-ot.riij, VAM HlTBRjkfiof ect r:iy New Filtered and Dhum | Fintah, anpenor in stj.e to anything hereto fere afer"d in tits ziarket. we invitooiusena aen?>rfU j to tall and ?umics oar atock o' 6u and WU* Fir* ?r*?, ieelivi confident that we ktn the baal ' ejected stock in Wsahinctoa. All Work in thaabare ce i??r?fte4 U aar aire Will ha ('.BfllT after dec ta, MTKM A MtMAI. 1 Mr I C "" iT? D?tr?>. 0MZTZZ VP BROTHER'S NEW rORK PPPPP 4A LL EEKKBKB PP PPP AAA LL EKEEEEB PP PPP AAU X PP PPP AA AA X. iK PP PPP AA JUL Aj EKEE PPPPP AA AA ,L JBEE PP AAAAAAA X iK EP AA AA X SB P AA AA .LLLLL iEEF.EEE rr AA A A LLLLLL LEKEEEE , m m m m \\\ m m? w w xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx. /# \\\ M \\\ iii xi& AA LL EEEEEEE AAA LL EKEEKEE AAAA iL EE A AAA A jL EE AA AA LL, EEEE AA AA LL EEEE AAAAAAAA ,L EE AA AA jL EE AA AA LLLLLLL EEEEEEE AA AA LLLLLLL EEEEEEE vrnioi AMBER ALE, PORTER, AND EXTRA BROWN STOUT, Am irwtf, aat/| um? yiwrw t'tttl, BRHWED FROM THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND HOPS. BREWERY. 18th Strut, bitwiti 7til uU till At*b?M, NEW TORR. fr??i uy?* PHI VAT 3D. PRIVATE PRXVATS DR. LA BONTA having removeJ bliotfloe to Room No. , a4)nlami the botid&T ChronioU office, in V."uh'^ton icg, Pa afecne, cor?er of 7th atre?t, la no* ready to oure ? I l?eaaea of a Private Nature, withoot the dm of damcerow or diarnaticg diuge ot ant kird. aol no interference with your hu?i ueaa avooationa Uav.rf d?v-ted wy whole time to the atndy &cd euro of Pr irate Diae^sea of both aexea and to Camilla <-ff?itiona of the Woab. Liver. Kidney*, H?ir. Eru>-<ione; &o . end graduafcu? la tt>9 b*Rt vchool in tb- world, the New Vork City Hovpitala. und*r P~efa CnMton and Parker, to whom 1 Moat re?peotmiiy refer 1 will pay il.ioc to the p -rn >n farni~omg rne n ca*e of any trf the above dia aaee whio? 1 tviwtt apeediii and perraan?ntly core, let tao &*?-> Le old or c^w. No cieupg ie?mr*.! ; Jioth.-jg diaagree&b'.o in acj j&rt oI ma tr .-a truest. Cocaultationa irea Rootr.a very pri?n>. M. LA BONtt. Boom (firit floor) Wfcilunrtta Uu~cn'r? mhib-2iii* Pa. a?t nne an;l 7th et. SECRET DIKEASEH! k SCR LT DISEASES! SAMARITAN'S GIFT! SAMARITAN'S Sir ? ! The Most Certain Remedy Ever Deed. "Yea." a positive oar* for HKCKKT 1MSEA8ES, GONORRHCBV. GLEET STRICTURES, As. Contains j o Mineral, no Balaam. no Meroaiy. Only ten ptila to M taken to eifrot a enre. Toe* are entirely ?c<?tab e, no aael! nor any unpleasant taote,and arrl i.c? n n y way injure the ttoniaoh r howela oi the n:o?t de icate. Curea in fr:>m tvo to tour aara. and r?aent ? ? ln"t?tiXitT fonrUoart" rrejarod f.f & (Tmca?t? of the (jriTeraitjr ofPennailvnuia, ox.? of lb* moot nuneat Doou>r? and Cbemi*(s ul tba KUBitttr. SAMARITAN'S ?IKT Will oar* mi? o&*? in from two to fomr dAjs,IM recent otuten id TWENTY FOUR HOURS! No txpcsun. mu tro+bu, no ikmmit ?*?cM*<r. Let Uose wdo b&ve deep&lrsd 01 imIiik cir?4. or wild i.*v9 been gorged with Balaam Coftvn / Mercury, at un<?e try tb? __ SAMARITAN'S 9!PT. Seat by r..t. uia Flt.u enveiop?. Prioe male p&ckagoa, 98. rice female $t SAMARITAN'S ROOT AN? HFRB JUICES. A SPEEDY AND PERMANENT CUR? FOR bYPH'LtS OR VENkREAL DISEASES. ' Her? ia a po?i live cure?no Mercury?no Poiaon? but ine Juio?^ of Roou aod il?rb? oo uj bued. Tbla form cf th? diaeaa* makea lta aprearaiM* in aore? ol theortana of g?B<-r?*ion or tb?T mar oo- I cur mi om?r pirte ci me t>o<!y. which happer.? { mostly on the troine, and rery often &? a cert ?f the mouth, tstun, tpuu.oariee and nodes of t'i* boon, 4.0. <to. Ant and all of theae syisploias will aooc yield to the SAMARITAN'S MOOT AND HKRB JU1CR8. Sent by express. Pnoe ft a bottle, or 6 bottlea r#8AMARlTANTI CHANCRE WASH. Pnoe 25 cents Full directions. ( j?E?MOND * CO., Box 1*1 Philadelphia Peat Bold by 8. CALVERT FORD.ooraar nth aad TVESFon , 96 South Eighth atreet. Philadalphia. aa ait NOTICE. Ekf r*i*e? to &ad from the North ?nd W?*t 40pftit from and unWtaWMhmlOE twler dAJiy, j^&ssssas.'* rr *r?4~-? All tor VIM BtUltl MR1M At "MO 1 ju m c gSparsr toass/tfirita '& I^fex'vafBsvwTfctaito .p^HggssjSPc: rate^aCT'a^iftjrM.. ,tar*" B,rti4i^cru? WmMHUII. kMfmmtSHwi. ? boxm for 0110 dol.&r. 6i%j, rod or II J? Mir MB i browrTb? came Ummd'i Li?nid fli'rm thobect ted otMMl la tko world, mmmiiu. tnK atoroeiit 1 lHjlitiiJ nw j>tinl*fyTt">nrT Bos of UPiLa M a IlAiR DVK u vuruM to ooct&n M niwtff JV M othora Mil lot mu dfUmr'. I Taivmxma' oiaE?. n?^i. . BALTIMORE A OHIO RAILROAD NOTICE C RANV B OF HO V UK. OR us irTit WmnuT, Ari.iL t, IWt, m fAMiMB nLAim nr*ti!< WUHIKIbTOR, 8 A LTIMOH I, AND THE WEST Will m M fo!;ow? : L ? 7' - ' For FBIUkDELPHIA ud NEW YORK L??to WMHiftni ?t ?*. m., 1JC w m, li m.**i '^e^ANNAPOUS-Lwre WeehiBgton m ' Vor*S?Ulhci ?L??V? WMhll^tOB ftt 7 it | | YoV ALL FOlffTS WEST. And for Ha.r?#r'? Forry. Marunc^cir l?l \N t- I thMUr, WTI WMhlB(IOC lU.W I. HI. TRAINS MOVING SOUTH > L?tTt Now Y?->rtr ?l 7 ?- ; PmMclphift 119 ? m.; Bftiumo'* JJf p. m. Arnvo at Wtahie<u _ i? |'"u?wNf*Vo'?ue? B-PtilidiiMi 11'^ . I B ; BtiUaort 4 SO m. at ft'u: t.|.vn b ?b.hl Lmti Nrv Yo^k at 11 p. m ; Phi ad* hi* 3 ? *. i in ; Haiti mora l.?> a. m. Arrive at WuLci?? ?ea . Local AoeoanncJation Trait* l?ar* Ba mo-? at 10 a.m. aaa *10 a. m for WiilciU ar: ?e thor* at it a. m ao<l 7 oo a iu. Oa Suroara at ou and lVaa n'r from Kaumc *. No Axnapotia or Krodsriofc ooir?ot,,:? oa Baaday. Passea/ar Traina leannc WaakiactoB b; h t, m and SW?.m.,aod Ba timor* MliO a m km ft 10 b, in , r aks i ireot ooocaaticBa for Arr.ip ( at ih* Jbbc*. on. Tn? 7?? a. m oortacU at k?it f?, U. . ? - * 4W. ? av>? >1?(CllIV v u nM pvi rwm. Mir* I tlMbtrf, Wiact.n?ter, WhMiiii, Pvtrrcbiri, he.. cxoett Sum:a/a. Train* 'eava Atinapoliefor Bait.more aci W a >. tcrton at 6 S" a. m. and 3.40? m. Paa#rp^?tr Trail a it*TU ? Waahinftot a! 6t? ?, n. tl a. m. ard ft p. in.. aid Ba!tt?or*at 4?'an<i 7 ?.i ? a m. and 1 p. m , will Mar ?.'??? iaaa^.u Junction. Way Pasaaogara aut laka U? 4r??Raafria;.j? Tram.' emit. W. P. SMITH, ap ? Maatar of Trmnaaortaii, i. . ut t. IMA] THK ||?*? Pennfylraiua Central Kailroaj, I tiu iu oorncraoiii) 18 A FIRST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN OlflLS SPEED, SAFETY AND COMPORT: STONE BALLASTED ANU FREE FROM DUST! BA66A8B CHECKED TBKOU6I FROM BALTIMORE! mn wit TUiin rio? PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBCRUH! ?_. I A W V. IMD nilBI (IMI COKKCTTIOHS II lailimi with trt-im os tho NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAU. axd fornunx THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTS , { ma WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE to *11 rncU in the Wm, Noith-wiit un 8otr?-vi?r. B^For Tfcroigh T:ck?u, Mp.r M Utc OSn *i the Northern Ceutr&i Rail Ro&d Com peer, Cilrtrt htAtion, Ui.UmoH. Splendid Sleeping Cart on all Wt?&J Trmt r.$ awionng oatoon car* en mil PROM WAPUlNOTOTf. PuMCfen w;U u*? the im, aad i |.n. tri r?, vrtTinc in Baltimore ? 7M a. m. and 6 ?t p. i.-u. vwr?(i?M connection! ?re made with traiu the Northern Central ft. R.,abd arrive in hi n?Dnrg at 1 p. m. and 1.46 a m .titer* ocni ?u. * wtt? tne trains on X:? PeaaeriTaBia CtLU Railroad for all parta of the tmi. FREIGHTS. _ By thia reaU, fmtbta of all description* :? forwarded tc and from any point on tie Rai - ku cf Ohio, Kentacty, Isdiaaa, l.lineis, Wiecou***, Iowa, or Mtaeuan, bjt hmlromd d*r*rt. The Penney rani* Centra! Railroad also ooc2*rto at PitUbarc with Pt seiners, by whiob ?iro<J*r?a be forwarded to aiy port on the Ohio. Maskircu.-. KectaokT. Tenceesoe. Cunberiand. IiUiKx* V ?. Wisconsin. Miuunn, Kansas, Ark? v. and Red R ivers: and at Cleve'acd, te.Ua .? who u> a.i rvortr. v*et*' ?. I Merehaata and ti tpperi ectmrt eg tbe tn: t?tWu?their Freight to thta Ou.*n;y,cv. rey tr-n , , r'int 1a the Wmt, Ly the P?.c?j!vai... ? ! ? a;iroad. mrt mi a... imuj mt ?. ? # ^ ?Aaffe4 t? (liUr Kmilroid gartjsalar to tuark paa*a?M"tw Pay*. JLMHkTw * KOONtf. FreicttAcenu No. ?0 Norti. treat. Uaiuir.cre. ENOCH LF.VU&. Wei- Soaerint't, A !tooa. if It XpCPT!#*'! Tio|? Ac t. Pil.iade p ? k. n BUUBIvn, FreUJ Aft!. > * lll|Mfc It t-u .y MOF.VHEKN CENTRAL RAILWAY. H? Sktrtut, Qmitbut ma. Etn ?w<iAni B+l* WEST, NORTHLAND NORTHWLP?. fin^siL^ WiyTBh SCHEDULE. OIOMI OF Tats. Om kfid after SUN PA Y, ?4U November, Pxu?rc?r Train* wiU a?riv? tad <?Hrt fr?u C*. *?il ( ties m Muti: _ ? _ Tf*i.m N*tn L*ati Ail ?* AM a ? 55&J fix i 'iif' o 41. a. I rittatarc aM Mi rubarc Lirwi SJ3 ? _ .. . T*Aim bovrs Auivi ? F?^k aA eoc 31 .Jiodatio u kilLu. Buftalo Er>r?y L*t%.a. LiltVy^ Uviut'ui I?. a. ? t/Hn tn>ia VasbicxUc <v?r' ** i? ^ ??" ,trF5, ft#:B >*?Ajmore fCl- u? MS T.~*. 11 ft. tn tr*:r. f-n-> > J'. I . _ ? wL5k--j ?' "' tT*!p fr','?, Baltimore to W ml fiS&aitw.wprtfcwomn? mi ?*??.:? lJ Ui?a an f' 2" tSLn tr?m w??hnfto? ronner titill |MI* m- fr%-ru Dtitinore for f*iilt nil auiuberc udlR. v\>?t udk V ort- ?fa ' u ?*t?>n All?iw%jl ted tt.uS,feV,rc: 5** J'~'- *" ?!giyj&g%.lsat?!igwag*i?g WfO ud tL- Wta Tt.e omy Usin ai. iTim.ta. Baltimore on P?ri4xy la tic >? a. K. train. U&C.CUKKK, BO Wly go?er1r;te..^< u? NUT1CK *0 f HAVBLtS". 11 X? Poxurjui-er ei.e-a. taring tie un: nrrtM betwee:. x.v:nrton, _ . ***" k |ii'iuic?6,(uid Old Potat H&croe)io be iriuaec. ca anc Meiilxy, th?*rth instant. the Be? Line of teent i vm iMfe we iirore F.VKRY DAY (except d'.u \ uf j J from tfteir vharf, f.?ot of Union IVx>k, xt O* e'eiecx a n.. or i>n mediately after the arr:va. ? the WxekiBxtoa Iran.. which leave* pIm/ MH.PALlB. Prex'v 1 L. Town*. J. M. Towm, J. B. Iiviii. L. TOWERS & CO? 6TXAM BOOK AND JOB PEISTIBS K? TABLISHMKKT, CfcOMT LMUMJM BO??M oU SicU X. Th? attention of the baaineaa oommct ry i? reaa>uUaliT invited to the N?w Book auu Job FriLtiag Kat&bliahment, trtiich tea boon fitted u? %uk Mar ?f in the moat oomalate manner, it now BMfMWl toezocate, inaaaualaotorv atyta, erarj aariet; oI FrictiBf,vtst 3;.^ssv,?^w},ss?,r *.hs DfMnMiMTtUTItM Ur|Ml ?lMJB KW'T li I U.ecitr^ c 1-liito I niY SOODtf FOR "THK POLKS AT 1J HOMK-OfiMfa Md other* MMtUnf Dry GooCi ul BUT kixl f?>r tha??lka M hom?. *r? ?dprM?a I mBrk"?l is pmn tiur#?. U>? Mtui QMh mriiiim Ssraaaagtrrt.irrfc f of charge pkmv * nan ?Mt Pfc. IMirU | W?^? E'. V frW W I? .. nr - js i ^*^01* o( tooda v? MraMMi v* mn for ^ Iwov bcnaMtto CMb?xelui**:j,for im t Wefcewmetervsrwy ?rEeeeeoftm#Bi 1* I ?. M*>fijgrtfca,rai"vg';u ?H)OMB, OOLDCy^Q^RSENKaB. * . " JL OOMPOVND BlhV? OFQWM ARABIQ. ^WfTt mV**"*""* ?*^fcl>* *"***' I

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