Newspaper of Evening Star, May 13, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 13, 1862 Page 1
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f >' I II I' . I . - I I I I 11 r* * V2t. XIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY, MAY 13. 1862. N?. 2,878. * \ 1 J - \ THE EVENING STAR l k. PUBLISHED XVKR7 AVTS&HOOS, ^ (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDIJVOS, if Fttmsflrami* ?. and EUrtntk ttrnt, \ " W. D. WALT.AHW l Pap** aerred In peekagee by curten at ?4 a Jw, OT J7 certa p-?r montk. To mall aubacrlbera the price la $3.50 a ynr, m *dw, 83 for all BKQtba; 91 for three months, and foi leaa thaa Uirw ruoniha at the rate of LI centa a week. Single coplea, ona cvkt; In wrappers, two c*i?ts. H7" AoTKKTiasMK!fTa ahoald be eent to the oiBce before 1* o'clock otherwlae they may aot appear until the next dsy. -I k WHAT A PRETTT LITTLE HAMD. IT XAKT I. CLA*?f I am not a bashful nun. Generally speak\ log I am folly as confident and forward as most of my sex. I dress well: dance well; sing well; I don't tread on ladies' dresses when 1 make my bow; I have not the trick of coloring | . t>? the roots ?f my hair when I am spoken to. Li Yet there was one period in my life when all ) my merits seemed to my own eyes insignificant, [ and I felt very modest, not to say bashful. It was when I was in lore. Then, sometimes, I did not know where to pat my hands and feet. ml Did I mention that in th? nm? liBn<ia nnil fuf ^ conrisU my great beauty? They are both riatll. Three yean ago I fell in Iota. 1 did not go into it quietly, weighing my idol'a perfections a-aiost her defeeta; I fell in heal and ears, two seconds after the iatroduotion. "Mr. Hnyues. Miss Arnold," said a mutual friend, and lo! I was desperately in lore. She was a ftiry like figure, with long brown ourls fl >atir.g over a anowy neck md shoulders, and falling down on the waist of an enchanting sky bluo dress. Her large, dark blue eye* were full of saucy lifcht, yet. how tender and loving they oould look ! \Tfcia I found ont later ) * l Of all the provoking, tantalising little coI - quettes that ever teased the heart of a poor inan. ?u*y Arnold was the most bewitching. I would pas* an evening with her, and go home certain that one more interview would make me lao bappiest of men ; bat the next time I met her a cool nod and indifferent glance threw down all my catties. She was very cantioas. >ot a word did she drop to mike me / believe that she loved me; and yet her hand would linger in mine, her color rose if I looked my feelings, and her eyes drop, to be rvised again io a mom at, fall of laughing defiance. Shfe declare 1 her intention to be an old maid most emphatically, and in the next sentence would add: "I never did love, but if I should take a fancy to anybody, I should love like?like a Vau^ A - . 77 I.Tk *- H -a __ mmn mi*, mougu, sne wouia i*j, otrc) lately, "I never saw anybody yet worth set* ^ ting iuy thoaght? upon.'' ^ I tried in a thousand ways to make her beJM tray ?-. rae interest in mjtelf Propow outA r'gbt, I could not. She had a way. whenever I tried it, of looking in my face with an air of grave attention, of profound interest, that was equivalent in its effect to kn<>cking me down ; it took all the breath cut of me. One evening, while there, I was subject to bea :-aches. and the gipsy, patting on a grave face, gave aic a lecture on the subject of health, winilipj nn * it h rhe bea: thing yju can do i* to get a wife tc t(.ke 5?re of jou, and to krep you from over tudy. I advise yoa to do It; if you can get anybody to have yea." Indeed '' I laid. rather piqa?d. "there are only too many I refrain from selection for fear of breaking other hearu. How fond al! the ladie? are of me! ' I added, conceitedly ' though I can't aee that I am particular fascinating." ' 5?ithar can I," aaii 8u?y, with an air of perfect simplicity. "Can t yoa ?" said I, "I hoped?hoped?" Oh' that drea-lfully attentive face of here. ' That ia, Mi? Sj?y. I thonght perhaps?oh! my head ' my head !" and 1 turned my face in thecuahion "I>o?a it ache you very badly ?** and ehe put her cool little bands among my curia. I felt the thrill her finder* gave me all the way to the toes of my boots. My head being really t?kj painful, I was obliged to lelve; but all the vay home, the *oft cool touch of those lit1 tim linger* lingered uDon my brow. J S job after this it bee imt necessiry for me 4 to Iht? th? eity on business. An offer of a lucrative partnership in the South, is the office of a lawyer friend of mine, made me decide to extend my trip, and see bow the "land lay." One thing was certain, I could not leave home ior uiQDii, perudj s wunoui soma answer irom 6a?j Dreiwed in my faultless costume, aud > fall of hope, I went to Mr. Arnold's. Sasj| wm in tha parlor, at the piano, alone. It wu ' I've something to tell yoa." At the words "I lore yoa'. I adore yoa!" she give me sach a glance. I was ready to proetrat* ?yse!f; bat, sweeping back the curls with iMghiag defiance, she warbled, "fiat I'm talking in my sleep." "Then." I cried, "yoa love me when yoa Deep. May I think so?" "Oh! yes, if yoa ohco?e, for Rory O'More ays dreams go by contraries, yoa know." ? I sat down beside her. "Ah!" I said, sighing; "Rory's idol dreamed she hated him. "Yes," said Susy, "that was the difference w > I , do i ween ma case and your*" We ohattod away for a time. At laat I began Miaa Soar, I earn* op thia evening to tel! y>n that I?I " ilow ahe waa liatening! A bright thought truck ma; I would tall her of my journey, and in the emotion ahe waa aure to betray, it troald be eaay to declare my lore. Miaa Saay," I (rid, "I am going South lo-morrew."_ Mia swept her bands across the keys of the "m piano into a stormy polka, I triad to sea her face, bat bar curia fail over it. I waa prepared to catch bar if she fainted, or comfort her if she wept. I listened for tha aobs I fancied the masie waa intended to ooneeal; bat throwing back tha carls with a widen usa, ahe struck the last cbord of tha polka, and said *aylj : ' 'ioing away >r* "Yes; for some months.' Dear me, how distressing ! Stop at Levy's k as yon go home, and order me aoma extra pocket-handkerchiefs for thia melancholy oc? casion, will yon?" .. v __ ? r ?u 1 UU UV UVk OOVU1 Ml VUVUi f A COIU j rather piqued "I shall stay some months." "Well, writ* to pa, won't you ? And if you get married, or die, or anything, let us know." I here an cffer to be a partner in a law offlce in Kentucky," I said, determined to try her, "and if I accept it, aa I hare aowe thoughts of doing, I shall never return." Her face did not change. The old sanoy look was there as I spoke; tut I noticed that one little hsnd closed oonvulsively over her watch-chain, and the other fell npon the keys, making, for the first time, a disoord. "tioing away forever?" she said, with a sad tone, that made mv heart throb. 'Miss sa?y, I hoped 70a, at tout, would miaa me, and sorrow fn my abeenee." She oMitd her ejw with an expression of profound amazement. "I?" ^ "Yea, it might change'all mj plana, if 017 absence would grieve 70a " ' Chance ail joux plans7" ' Yes, I hoped?thought?" Oh' that ear&Mt, grave faoe. M7 ohaaks burned, my bauds and feat seemed to swell, and I felt eold chills all over me. I could not go on. I broke down for the third timeThere was an awkward silenoe. I glaneed at Suar. Her eye* were resting on my hand, whi'ih l*y on the am of the sofa. Tne contrast between the black horee-hair nod the flesh seemed to strike her. n preny inii* Hand ?ba Mid. A brilliant idM dum^I through my brain. Yoo may h?y? U if yom willT" I Mid, offering it. 6h* took it b?t?Hn bar own, and, toying wi*b tha fin g?n, Mid : ?May ir* -Y#, if?if yon will civa Ma ?? ?-J I ratted her baaatifal band to ay ling ' | the looked into my faoe What eh* read ! there I cannot eaj; hot If erar eyaj triad to talk mine did liar eotor roaa, the white tide I fall over tha *1 jrioae eye# and tha tiny hand etsutfgled to Ira* itself. Wu I fool enough to j rde*N it? \Vh?t I said I kbow not; but I dare say my wifaoan tell j>?. Five mioatts iatar. ay arm fc- noircled the blue draw, the brown oaxls f?U b' *' upon my breast, and my lip* were in oontaot with another pair. 4 ^ > THE BATTLE OF WEST TOUT. [Correapondence of the New York Herald J Bairn Hocax Poiht, near W'eet Point, Va., May 7.?With rav eyea full of burnt powder and ray ears tilled with the ringing of mutketry and toe screeching of bombehella, I sit down to endeavor to give you an account of a fl_rht that h?a raffed here *lnce ten o'clock tbts morning, and which la atlll continuing, although I ju?t now he<t d the cry that the Rebel* were retreating. The fi-it of thla division of the grand array of the Potomac arrived here yea'erday afternoon. und<?r command of General Franklin, and bydark moot of the troop* were landed on a beautiful plain, which Is surrounded on three aides by dense woods and on the fonrth by the river, on the south side Of the Patrunkev river, and about half a mile southward from \Vest Point. The reason whv we landed here Is obvious. (1 id we landed on the other side of the rl ver?West Point? where it wa? at first intended we should land, we shr-n'.d then have hai a considerable stream of wster between us and the rebels, and would hav? bad considerable trouble to reach them, as all th? bridges have been destroyed. Our ^unboata have taken undisputed possession of the point, the rebels having disappeared at the appearance of our forces, and the American ttig of our union now noata from one of the moat prominent buildings In the village. Immediately on the landing of oar force* from the transports, plrkpta were thrown out to the edgea of the surrounding wood and our tenta w^r* pitched on the banks of the river, and up to that tlm? rot one of the chlvalric sons of the South h-.d msde his appearance. About 4uak, a part of the division of Gen Sedgwick, under command of Gen. Dana, arMved In transoorti from Vnfk town, ail remained In the center of the river, whtl9 mm; of our llsrht draught gunboat* took a I trip up the r'.vers Pamnnkey and Matapo'iy to capture a portion of the rebel moequlto fleet, which were brought Into use for carrying our men from the transports to the shore, an the river here 1* too shallow for veasela drawing over tlx I feet of water. During tb* night ?ome of the Rebel pickets made a sortie on one of ouf advanced vldettes and shot him through ti e heart. The news soon spread thr iugh tbe cainp, and by daylight tbls morning the plain, which takes in about a thou tuu acrn 01 tfroura running southwest from the York river. presented a scene such a* I have never before witnessed. Here the men stocd for some time, rezdy to march at a moment'* nrtlce; but no foe appeared, and the men were permitted to return to their cimpi for the purpose of getting their breakfast, and, perhaps (om? sleep. A strong p'fki t, composed of t e New York Thlrty ie?.fnd. Ninety-fifth and Nlne'yslxth Pennsylvania troops, were left r.t the edi/ea of 'he woods to k^ep s shirp lookout fir the en my, who were now believed to be in close proximity to our lines. Ab*ut this time one of ctlf gunboat* discovered a regiment or two of the enemy oa the w<?*t side of the river, who dispersed lu ereat confusion after having received vime half dozen of our heavy ahella itl their mid** This was commuI nicated to Gen Sloeum, who iinniedlately made strenuous efforts to t the brigade of yen. Dana on shore, that we might be able to give the enemy a warm reception should he make bis appearance Gen Dana w?.s indefatigable in his labor! to get the troops off the transports, aud through h!s exertion most of the tn"n and horar* were off the boats by nine o'clock, and prepsration* were being made to breakfast the men of 'his brigade, when the order wa? given for the 16th, 31st and 32i New York, and the 85th *n?l u5tii p?nrn?i.. I nla regiment* to advance into the woods and drive off some of the rebel scouts who were firing cccaalonal shots at our picket*, and were supposed to be strongly supported by a force concealed In the woods' ThU supposition proved correct, for no sooner had our men made an advance Into the woods than they were received with a voUey of musketry frrm the Rt-bels who were bidden In tie dense undergrowth. Our men pressed on .and gave them a voile/, after which tbe enemy retreated farther Into the woods, with the 32d New York close at their keels; but thev were iooiwtfl.?mt?l for tx>y??>>einn more protected?and they *00a left the i-M struggling in the mud. While (hit ccene had been going on on the right center, another was transpiring on the center, wbe:? the 95th Pennsylvania regiment had entered the wood*. In a few momenta after they entered they found themselves In a dense swamp, and In their struggle to get across became separated from each other. I One of the companies managed to get to the other side, and were climbing the bank on the oppo?1te side when the* descried a party of nldiera In ambush "Who comes th*re !*' cried the party in ambush "Friends," was the answer. "What are youT" was the neit interrogation. "A company of the ?ith Pennsylvania." No sooner was this snswer returned than the party, whom the captain had mistaken for ionic of his own regiment, opened a terrible ti e upon onr men. who returned th? ?' returned to our reserves Id this affair Captain Batiis, of Company B, was shot through the shoulder, but not dangerously wounded, and one or two privates were killed and carried off the field by their friends, who, before they quit the grouna, revenged the fall of their brave comrad?s by giving the enemy a few well directed vo.)e>a. But now the action bacame more general throughout the lines, and from every quarter of the woods came the sharp craca of musketrv. tat ng&t bed now been going on for'three hour* here without Intermission, sod a number of men were killed and wounded. At tbia Juncture our men were withdrawn from the wood, where they were evidently getting the worst of It, and the 2d U S A/tlllery, trader Capt Arnold, waa ordered Into position on the right, and Capt. Porter'a 1st Massachusetts battery took up s position on the left, and in a few minute* the shell were fifing through the air at the rate of about ten a minute. This soon compelled the rebels to mike a move more on our left, where the sheila flew less thl k than upon the ground they were then occupying. But there evidently is no rest f>r the wlfked, for no sooner had the rebels moved their forces upon our left, thin our gunboats, which up to that time Lad been unable to have a band In the affair, opened their batteries on the foe with so much effect that, when 1 com. mmrMt In vtlU lti.? t-.H *HVV uuu vvuipicvcij UfiVCH (He enemy ought of sight and bearing. Aaaoon aa the guns of Capt. Porter commenced to fir* among them, accompanied by those from the river, the Rebels undertook to move one of their batteries which thev had got into position. The New Jersey regiments received orders to charge upon the Oittery, and at it thev went, with cheers taat mad* the very forests rin?; but the Rebels were again too ileet-footed. B?f*re tbe Jersey boys got through the woods, the enemy had got out of sight in the woods Everybody has done well, and the troops have aciea nooiy. Tbe> hive been under arms all day thus far, aadatandlng In the broiling aun without anything whatever to eat, except that which they may have had In their haversacks. 1 have yet to bear a word of complaint from any qmrter. The gun-boata are still throwing abell Into the woods, to keep the enemy from erecting bat* terlrs T be Rebel army now la front of ua, I have Just learned, la under the command of Gen. Robert Lee. Srani Das loss on Haiti?A Fight at Hand.?There laltkelyto be soma flgbttag In Santo Domingo between the Spanish and the Haytlena. the former claiming land aa within their boundaries that baa been occupied by the latter for agea undisputed. The stronger will override the weaker, but driven to bay, the Haytlcns will iifht. i?7* The doctrine that government* derive their Joai powers from the consent of the governed la correct, when correctly applied, but certainly it is not correctly applied 11 cited to prove that a fraction of a nation, a State or a c'.ty hsa a rig ht to break off at will from the Government of the nation, the State or the city. 117" LavaleUe, the French Minister to Rome an 1 Goyon, the Commanding General of the French forcea there, do not get alone well together. Lavalette refusea to return to Rome unlets Goyon is recalled, and the diplomatic circle* ? i BUS arr utucu lutccnwii HI AUUW WIIV win u? the victor In thia little squabble. Com Flowiko into m TaKAStrav.?Tkf Treasury Lu received nearly S3,0U0,UU0 to coin la e- change for the seven and three-tenth* bond* There U nothing to fear in the way of scarcity of money In th? Treasury. 117-Tbe Prince** Helena ot England waa conflriaed on the ttth ultimo la the little church of Whipping ha on, in the We of Wight, where th? Qafttt attend* while at O.horoe. to- Rernt advtoea from Part* Mitf UK Jeff. Davla baa I nrrated about KUtt.UM la tbe French ffcnd*. Tbe inferene* la that he means to realde in Eorepe, and will aoee take bis depart ure1?7" It ia new determined that Napoleon III wm not visit tbe International Exblelijnn in London; TneMoniteurnyato. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. THE M RHE^IDER OF HURFOI.K. Official niipalch (ria Clen. \Voal?200 t an* ?i aid Large Amtanti of Ordatarf Starr* ftc.? f'uptared. The following hai beea received at the War Department Fowtukps Mnmoi. May 12 ?Hon Edttin M. Stanton. Seerrtnry of War: On the 9th of May, Friday afternoon, I organized * force to manh against Norfolk. On datnrday morning, the imh of May, the troops were landed, under tbe direction of Col. Crane, at Ocean View, and commenced the march towards Norfolk. Generals Mansfield and Weber proceed-d on tbe direct route by way of Tanner's Creek bridge, but Undine It on lire thev n>tn>?A tn th? prn?? ">"< where I joined them, and took the direction of the column. I arrived by the old road, and entered the lntrenchments In front of the city at twenty minute? before five o'clock p m. 1 immedintelv proceeded toward* Norfolk, accompanied by the Hon. Secretary Chase, and met the mayor nrd a select committ-e of Che common councilor Norfolk at tho limits of the city, when they surrendered the city, agreeably to the terms set forth In the resolution of the common council, presented by the Mayor, Win. \V. Lamb, which wero ac crpn-u uv ine so xar as reialea to the civil rl^bta of the citizens. A copy of tbe resolution* Lave been already famished yon. 1 Immediately tock possession of the city, and appointed Rrt^. (Jen. Egbert L Vlele military governor of Norfolk, with directions to see that the cit!z?ns were protected In all their civil ?l?ht*. goon after, I took possession of Gosport and Portsmouth The taking of Norfolk caused the destruction of the Merrimac, which was blown up by the rebels about five o'clock on tbe rcornlni of the 11th of May, which w?s soon af:er couimunk ated to you and tbe President of the United States On the 11th 1 visited tbe navy yard, and found all the workshop*, storehouse*, and other buildings in ruins, navtng be?n set on Are by the rebels, who at the same time rartlallv blew ua I the dry dock. I also vial ted Craney lalsnd, where I found 39 guns of large calibre, most of which were spiked; alio, a large number of ahot and nheli, with about 5,000 pounds of powder, all of which, wi'h the buildings, were in good order. A* far as I h'?ve been able to ascertain, wo have tak-n abouc 200 cmuon, including those at tfewtil's Pol it batteriea, with a Urge nuaaber of shot and sh^ll, as well as many other articles of va'ue stationed at the navy yard and Cranty Islind, SewoU's Point and other places. John K. Wool, Major General Commanding. FROM nei. McCLELLAVS ARMY. HEAtQUARTfR*, O0MB8HLAXD, Va , Sunday Evening, Way 11 -?There hasbeen ?.o movements of troop* toddy, as General .tlcCleU>n w.m desirous of obiervlng the day and giving his men j an opportunity to rest The repo-t# brought in to-dav by srouting partin sent to the Cbl'-kabcmlnv on tbe left, a dls- ! ianee of thirteen mile*, confirms fha burning of both Jones' and ike b'id^e acro?? that river a: the j same point. Tbe enemy was sen in c>-isid nbie force 0:1 the opposite side. Toer<; is nothing ; n?*w from the road leading to Richmond by way ] of Bottom bridge osi the rltfLt haid, or the am ' comch road leading from New Kent Court House. I We learn from a contraband belonging to Gen. I Lee, who left Richmond yesterday, that the tro>ps I which retreated by that road are encainp-d at tne toll-giite, some eight or ten miles this aide of th? j city. He met some few troops between here and that point, fie wa* driving a four-horse train containing a trunk and some private property belonging to Gen Lee. The general's wife has left the White House, and is stopping with a physician a few in advance. A strong picket of the enemv made Its appearance about two miles * ?* ?? - jmm ine ?oiie iiouce to-day. They were not I interfered with until, becoming too bold, a gunboat, which arrived there about oue o'clock, j ahelled th*m out. Tbe firing must bav>i teen heard at Richmond,as it li only twenty miles off. [Per Telegraph via Cherrymtone J Fortres* Monioi. May li, 6 ?3 p ui ?There In nothing new from (Jen. McClelt&n to-day. The telegraph to his headquarter* wckn well, and 1# kept constantly employed with Government bu?lneta Some of thecrew of the Merrlmae have deserted from Plg'a Point, and have just come in at Newport Newa. From ibe Shenar.doah Department. | New Market, May 11.?Two privitea of the Vermont Cavalry were captured yesterday by guerillaa near the ?pot where the Ira Harri* Guards were shot. Tbe n glmenial clerk of tbe 2d Massachusetts Re?imint wan shot and mortally wounded yesterday from the woods near Mt. Jankson. It Is believed that many countrymen, who come Into canopti settle accounts with the Quartermaster, are giving Information to the rebel*, If they are not In active service themselves. Several arrests have been made to day of suspicious persons; among others, of a youth of fifteen years, ?a!d to belong at Harper's Ferry, whose br thers are In Ashby's Cavalry. The result of the Investigation Is not divulged. Th?* women who were examined vesterdav for complicity In the murder of the Harris RntrHi ?re fmntn Ka?i> tv-i ~ I?*v? "?? MU ? V UVVWI VCU kUOi I I house last night. Captnre of a Kailraad Train. Locistille, Mav 11 ?One hundred and forty of Morgan'* Cavalry at noon to-diy, captured forty e'.ght freight and four passenger c?n, and two locomoilve*, at Cave City, Kv Morgan supposed the train would contain 2S0 cavalry prisoners. bound northward. The operator at Cave City, however, g*ve notice of the facta to Bowling (ireen, and stopped the upward train Amnn-r the captured Federals were Majors Helvetl and CofT?e, both of NVo'ford's Cavalry, and one other Federal officer and three or four soldier*. The rebels burned all the above cars, except two and the locomotive, which brought the passengers back to Louisville. Retaliatory Measures. Nashville, May 12.?Governor Johnson, of Tennessae, has issued a proclamation announcing that for every Union man captured or maltreated by marauding bands five or more nrnminrnt rebel* shall be arrested, and for all property of loyalists destroyed ample remuneration shall be made to them out of the property of such in the vldnlty as has given aid, comfort, Information or encouragement to parties committing such depredations. The order will be executed to the letter, and special warning Is given accordingly Advance of the Rebels on Gen. McDowell'* Psiltlsa. Hi^kjciitiis Dkpaktmkst Rappahannock Opposite Fredericksburg, May 11 ?To Hon. E. M Stanton, Secretary of War The enemy advanced upon the Bowling Green road this afternoon, but fell back after losing a lieutenant and ten men, who were cat oM bv th?. iraliant M?i?? Duffle, of the Harris Light Cavalr, lavis MlDvwkll, Major Gentnl Commanding. Expedltisa Agaiast Kebel Cavalry ia Writera Kentncky. Paddcah, May 12.?Gen. Denver and staff arrived here yesterday, en rout? from Pittsburg Landing, with two thousand cavalry, started from this post on Saturday, on an expedition to act in conjunction with military forces from Hickman in pursuit of rebel cavalry that have been overrunning Weatarn Kentncky and Tennessee recently. Fatal Railroad Accident. Indianapolis, May 11 ?A special train, which left nere last night with 6ov. Morton, General Noble, Prof Fletcher, superintendent cf public Instruction, and surgeons snd sanitary stores for Pittsburg Landing, collided with a freight car sUndlng on the track at Sullivan, Indiana, in tantly Milling Prof. Fletcher. No others were injured. Fire la the Moaatalas Easton, Pa , May IS ?An extensive Are la ray. log In the mountains Sawmills, storea, sbsntlta, tbe wood* and everytbluj; are destroyed. ll h&x broken out la a t;reat many plact*. It Is uid tbe Pennaylvanla Coal Company's works, between Moacow and Scranton, are In danger. A Rowdy Killed la Bastes. Boston, May 11 ?lata on Saturday night a party of roogba attacked police efflcer Jamea L. H ill. on duty in Broad street, and In self-defense tbe ofllcer discharged hi* revolver, lnstautiy kill, ing one of bis assailants, named Buckley. Hill W4i terribly beaten before resorting to bla pistol. Buckley was employed on tbe ateamer Lewlitown. Pnuvlvult Politics. Allwtowx, Mif 10.?joha 0 stile*, of Allen- ] town, bat been noinlnatel u the democratic on- I dldate for CongreM, U All the vm-aocy occwloned I by the death of Pr. Cooper. | I | 'V.i "''-'if FROM OEM. HALLECK'S CO?MASiD. Rectnaoilrtlpi fcklrmUk ???r Fnrmimtoo?Kngogrmrnt kfiwtti bin Dragg'* DItiiUi and Gei, Paine'* lew in a ud?Ike it r beta P.epulaed with tircat Slaughter. Cairo, May 11.?S'eimem have arrived from Pittsburg Landing with ncwi to noon of Saturday. No KeCffllrnira?cin#ni Kul v?i t?k?? On Thursday the second bat'allon of the 2d Illinois Cavalry, und*r command of Major Appliogton, accompanied General Paine from t-'auir.nglon on a reconnoissance of the enemy's position. When about two mile* out the scouts who bad b*en wnt in e.dvaucr came bsck and reported a force of rebel lnfmtrv amb'isbed In the woods cn both sides of the road lending from Karmington to Corinth. After consultation the Federal force alvanccd for the purpose of ascertaining tha rebel strength, und were surrounded, but cut their w<ty through the rehe'.s, who had formed a line on the r^ad, and made their wr.y bick to camp. bringing off the l?>dy of Ihe major, who was kHi'd. ; nrt four of their number who were wound d. A

dfserier, who came In subsequently, says the rebels lost tit killed and wounded and missing, 1.1 ?uuiu aiicuKiiuii coionei ecu captain vrttr killed 0.1 Friday rebel Gen. Brink's division attacked Gen. Pdine in hla position, two m'.ies beyond Piirn.lugton. A sharp engagement followed, oHr men lighting bravely and making several bayonet charges oa th-j enemy, who were repulsed with great slaughter. Lar^e reinforcements of rebels having subsequently arrived, our troop* returned to P&rmin /tnn iv? 1a?? m*si? ,,<i *? ? ? ???^| ? ?t v <v?k uvat? y v?AJ in Klliru, wounded and prisoners. No further particulars have been received. Official Dispatch of the Engagement Pitt?bck<j, Trnn , Way 11.?The following dispatch has Just b?en received from General Pope: Near Fasmixgtox, May 9, P M.?To Major General Halleck: The enemy, twenty tbou*ai.d strong, drove In our p'rketn btyor.d Farmlngton, a:id advanced against the brigad? occupying tLe further side of the creek In front of my camp. The brigade h?-ld on for Ave hours, until finding them heavily pressed In front and on the fiank, and that I could not sustain tfcera without passing the creek with my whole force, which wes contrary to your orders, and would have drawn on a general en?;agempnt, I withdrew to this side In nr*i. 1 ' uiucr. ? ui- com* ic . 01 our ir opa w<u excellent, and tbe withdrawal made by tbeiu very reluctantly. The enemy iiriJf an attempt to cr??, but abandoned the movement. Onr loss w.n considerable, though I cannot \et tell Low great. Tue enemy, being much exposed, fcuffertd very severely, one of hi* btuteriea being couipiully aUt'bled, and bis Infantry l;nc driven b*ck several time*. M y cnminui4 are ea^'er for an advance. J so. I'orK, Mojor General. The only fercee engaged wtte Pluiuiner's aad I'alm-r'a brigades. Tbe weatbei is warm and pleasant. All ;s quiet In fruit, theenemy Laving ret ied MoatlUTi May 10.?To Hon. E. M. Huinton, Secrcis.-y of WarThe tnemy ><*t*rday attack* <1 Ot:i Pope'* outpos'.e, n? Faruiington, and dr?v? 11 La-k en L1< mala liu^, which was In posltloti to rt* tlv a.i atra/>, L^t tt.e enemy, after a sL lrp skirmish lu front, rcu <1 t corlntH. l>f*sertfrs this moruli-K report h'-t . , .'/-s-s. 0? n Popt's loas I* ot yet ascertained. II W. Hit LIVCK, MaJ-ir Gene.'Sl L'lminatidi .g. THE IfAVAL VICTORY OX THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER. A F'nrful The rebel jonbont Mall?r; gsra dawp, with alt an board?1 be Federal Flatilia Victoriou*. Cairo, May 12 ?Tbe following are the particulars of tbe briliiaat naval victory near i'ort Wright on Saturday: * Esrly on Patur.lav morning eight rebel gunboat* came around tbe point rbove the fort, and boldly advanced towards our flotilla Tbe Cincinnati, which was stationed at the point where the rebels came up on Friday, did not attriic' their attention until the Beet had pfMM'd abcve hei; but as ?0"n a* the wa? wen, a simultaneous attack by tbe woo it fleet of guuboats was made upon Ler, but with littie eSVrct. ns trie enerry'a jiuns vnfrr poorly alined. The Cincinnati meantime had hauUd inta tbe stream, where an Iron-clad rata, supposed to be the Mailory, advanced In the free of continued brosdatdra of the former until within about forty ya'ds. n. : *i . *?? ?ii? *i? ? * ? ? ucmK ur intcil nutr, me r>-urt uuni incnffa^a In running between tbe Cincinnati aqd the right bank, when men appeared upon her decks preparing to board tne Cincinnati with grapnels thrown out, which de?lgn w?i frustrated by throwing hot water from tbc ste^ra batteries of the Cincinnati. In the meantime tbe rest of cur gunboats bad arrived at tbe scene of action, and en^a^ed the rebel fl*et. The Mallory, undaunted by tbe failure of her attempt to hoard the Cincinnati, crowded on a K fllll Af on/1 ?iM - tu.> ulu>? v* H.Hut nuu uaiiic us mr nati, evtii.-ntly intending to run Ler down O.ipt. S:eiuble. who wti In command, waited until the rebel raonater wees within twenty yardt, when he flred a broudaide into her from hla Parrott guna, which did fear/til execution. Tbe two boata were an cloae together br tbia time that it w;t? impoaatbl* for the ?unner? of the C'.r.clnn&ti to swab out their guna, B?>d it waa only by bringing the ateam battcrlea to bear on her aguin that the Mallory wia compelled to haul oft. Capt Slemble abot her pilot with hla revolver, and waa hlmaelf wounded by a platol snot area by tbe pilot'snaate of tbe Mallory. W hlle tbla Merer engagement between tbe Mallory and the Cincinnati was In progress, ou- shots from our otber vetaela had exploded tbe boiler on one of tbe rebel gunboats, and set fire to another, burning ber to tbe water's edge. The air at the time was very heavy, and under cover of tbe dense smoke which hang over the rlvtr the rebel fleet retired, but was puraued until they gained abelter under the guna of Fort Wright. When the amoke cleared away a broadside from the flagabip iieriton waa sent after tbe Mallory, tied shortly after ahe wax seen to careen, and went down with all on board ! None of our boata were injured except the Cincinnati, and the damage to her is so alight that It can be repaired In twenty-four hours. Four men in her were wounded. Including the master's lua'e. No other casualties are mentioned. LATKR FROM KCROPK. New York. May 1'2.?Tbe steamer Ktna arrived here this evening, with datts from 'Jueenstown to the 1st inst. The Paris correspondent of tbe London Herald writes that "there is a strong feeling growing up here in favor of intervention in American attain. The impression is so powerful as to cause conMdfmhU unriulnMi urn on or th*? nAflKam r?.. i ? W?W ?V i*vi?UVIU p?l*J iU Paris. " It la bettered that verv serious overture* have been made by the French Cabinet to Lord Palmerston,wllh a view to joliit action to put an end to the war, which, according to official Information received here, is as far from a termination as ever." The Paris correspondent of the Dally News gives a similar rumor, derived both from French and American sources It says the two Governmente are seriously thinking of Intervention. TH* LATEST. PKTnsBrBO, May 1.?The Journal, of St. Petersburg, doubts the probability of the Western powers Interfering in American afTilrs. Pahis, May 1 ?The French press states that _A*W tk- .Li * ? ?* ? itrgtmawuns, wilu lur oujrci 01 me aipioimtlc intervention of the maritime power* In America by tbe recognition of the South by tbe principal Slatea of Europe, bave been carried on between Pari* and London throughout April. Instruction* in this sense had bren sent to Count Mercler, when tbe late battles are said to have decided France to abstain from Intervention for the prevent. Later lr*a California. 8am Frahcisco, Mav 8 ?Sailed, steamer 8onora, for PanamaL with 120 paseengera and f?20,00(> in tretiure Tor New York, and also f ITO.UOOfor England. San Fraxcisco, Way 10 ? Steamrr* Brother Jonathan, Oregon and Psnam* have arrived from Oregon and British Columbia within two dava, bringing tWO (XX) In treasure. Date* are of the 7th and 5th. Portland and Victoria are crowded with &:rangera,Ju5t arrived froio California on the w?y to the mines. The Mat informed men bdleve one-half of the papulation of Oregon would apend the summer in Halmon, contiguous to the mining regions; 9,900 men nad already reached these diggings. rh.? klnJ.Af ? IW I Bimi |nvTi?uuB were worm enormous prices. Gold wu believed to be abundant over a great extent of territory. The Britten Columbia mining Beason la opening nnnaualiy large, and people were anticipating lor that country a repetition of the timet of 1910 la California. Miner* are rnablng to Cariboo fi?trr than needed Supplies would bo aent. Seven hundred and fifty people hare left Ban Francisco thla week, by theoaly steamer* that ailed for Oregon U N(?TI^K. ~l ?i.KH rttO*?O^A! . * are mvitci bm.I t c ?7ih <Uy rf *liy, ?t 1? oMo<5k. in .for tst9 ! I nc ' h* I'm ted Cittn i'lbtnttno* itoUitmMi xn<n t>' 'J' "* ad < I Ojul " <v> > k? R.>-.?. TwC?ti>t?'rt c?liTcr*<i af \V%.. .i ^tra a-;d ?aoh anuail to I in pwl'p w*ixht. e?- an mv admit ad which wcu n* i ac p >ii-,d? rr??? a.- d B? ' i. t ?* Th? <'att!?> fn b? d<-!iv-r#i> a' fiioh t.tnosanHn Vii *n*utit *s th?> n^? retu " T e first de'iverr >'f > > e invis on M.-1>' ?. of June !8fa. or a* ?ooj therea'ter as tiursraroeEt n?av re^oKf. A bond with t'H>4 aiid sufficient saoantT viii I* resmred. G iT'Tiiir.ent rff^rv** to the nrht ?o p%j m Treaanr* n!Vf?s. or otberSover"! merit fond a. No h??T wi 1 b* efertam^d *h?n ??t in br ens riwui' ?no n?.TO pt?r!oii?lT *o corrpt? wi'h their oon'.ratu. or ?>r> the 1 : ! > i? Lot p.-ereut r*?p n-1 to hi? M1,&:.d ?!! L <is tj **e ?-poTnn*med by two 'l b' r> hrii.i cmii J f.r?;t~d ;r. 'a tii t>i? pre -ii?-s *<! ^re*? ft *i't *-? t f>rr>r.-?-? f * r> -v Bide to t* dir?->UHl to v*; r ^. BECK vv 1TH, O. t . I'. t*. A.. \VMbll](.OD. D. C. torm <J We , ?f til? coy r;ty ot , *r><? Ve of , mi . of t'.ift county ol . ul of , do hereUjr jii^r&cty the* it t" fn'f.l & contract in JV"oo J-.ns?e With tUe terrtmof nis prop-?it-. >n, wid t!i\t, ?*.o ? -1 hi* proportion bo coopted, h; rr.l! &t oloo eulcr :sto ft oor.traot in r.coo'd*tine ?hdic*jt,?I Sli'iiiid the oortrftct !k> x?rvr<Jed him we are jrepftTP-l to b*oomo hu ?<?riiriti??. This tu&ren'es must ba appended to eioh bid. n 3 S NOTICE. KAL.ED PROPOSALS ??r acrehaaim *11 the Hiiee and Ta'low, Hoo'a and Horn*, or the Beef Catt'e, k'llcxl the Arm* of the I'o'ornas. nn4rr c^Ed o? Gaa. Mot:lel!sn. are ir.vited ti'.l tfco 2*'th ?ay of May, 1862. at 12 o'o ook. to It 14 intended that tte coa' ract>r anal I follow the Arm?, and co;!e-v. th?? Hice* nr* Ta Ho >fa atil Horn# and ehail p*r a eerta-n ?um for the.*e ar tio'ea fron ??? ^ k*' .? > ~ I'Wt *? 4"?> ??f L , nrk. H a will be ctia'f?'4 w;fh the arti?'e.i in aaoIi ci?-.n:ies? Iwcm cl ?r.rn| r.w t ut ht was prev-f ted from obta'uin* them b* p.- UthwiMA bcr.'l with ojT.olent eeonrity ra?uir*d, for the fulfilment of th^cor.traoi. and no Jjid will ue rctertAiDfd fr in pr* cor.traofcrr who have f\i!ed to comply vri'i)' o^>. a .d co - id wtlt be entertained unless tr.e t Uii;r is present t<> rf^pocd to hts b d. Tlii irtielM nl i?r ahimi "',k " 1 ~ ? ??! *? UVill I "*ii IW r?qu'.r?il to be iB'.a wittim two d*r? %ftf r Ibe "p? int of th* bide. Tha bi 8 to t*directed to U?j \. BW'KW 17 H, CJ?ir.ini*?%r? i f ^*it?eu*sroa, \V?v?;i.n.o.i, 1>. C., AJ--1 " tn 7 I>ROPO?AL* FOR. C.M IA. \?vs FOR I THIS INITfcD ST AT lid SERViCti. ?'ho^*hc* Orr'ct, i WiHljV.IO*. I). C-. Apth SO, lS5i.i P&nrosil.s will kateoriTtd by tr. Department. | nnui P p. rn. ?n th? oeing ??f th?15tl? of >1m, fur n>\u<ilK u~!*',i? ti? fi?r t io <icivcrr iii'r t ? t' inon* year Oom (l??t <!*ta, tfis | f t iowitg ne?o ipti 'C ' 1 ii'ina. vis : f*pr ntfcsj" R:3c Slwi'ft. model 18SS. Harpci 'u F tj H fler ^eitft ?*oiii UTCS'ti Ml Mi-AAl Wllilu rAm ' r-' ?? ! ?** 'U< J oon, I Brfn lo^'ioe Calcine?, for cv.ftlry. Kflvo ??r P.*to>, arr> j *!* ?, S^tre* for luht cavalr*. OfSccr*'t*W'>rd?, I ?te^: ?c%bMuiuiaza' tfw rda, ( birdt, k- <? t. ?oa?-b&rJ? for tnn^kPt l-ftycaeU. I*, w li italeFor mvskf'f and * U s, tha pi;o<? for SC "f oi?b?r. an a th? r^iacr ?"> i- 'M p*r gaa f<>r c*oii add tf"i al U>.r<<i to Jf\ o I* For rrr-,/>e*jt * J eerbi***.'k? kit J proper tha pnoe ior6<M'. ?fc-. <e j->!|rn. p * p it"l ?>: o?r b:ie, fjr eaah ad iuoti&! ?. ?w to Jo For aabrt sirrrit* a- d scab**- its,V-.e prioeofeaoh of ?he pre*cribwl paurrsa to ?h? t?iml>or of 5 ^ e\cr, an 1 a so for eveh ad.!itio',al >.'>0 to All the fir? arm* ar* to tn? far-w?i?^ ??t- .w-i _ ... wa?at mo regular appendac*. The r 1!? inu fcet* are to n ail rtapr-oU iiie:.ttoM wit!. tja? inauuJaotu-a'i at ti*? l.' ti Ar>n"rr. t*?ri!fi?i . VaM&cKattttr.. ai*>1 ara to iitarchente with if. an 1 wi?h ?aoh ?ti *r. ;a a, tiuir pert#, tftoh oi the ?tuer WidCb "ffire arms ir.u*t ai?o mtereharge ?Mh out auoUier to tii? *.rr.? ? anner. The materia. * !or then arm* mnet be of the rery bA>i quality, and no mtl'.ea. e !rom paita wili tn a'-la?F?><l to Ire a?rd AU tti* ar^o'-m muat be ?ul> je jt to tn? in-pecion prestrii-^1 by tl-e Orrr*cce (vcgu auoaa &jiu rnaai do l> it vl, roecy for trana porta lion, at the rjp-n?e of the oootractore, in a oh maiue- aa iiiay l.a <Jireet?il. lr.apeotidiis will { t?e made at tho f*cU>ne? m lota of not .e*? ti.Ui I,two p?ch. I\opo*Ve Will e*ate the name of the establish | ra ilt nakiuc ti.e? ff?r, the nrnnlet a. d cate of the first Ce i?err, and rate of de iverr monthly th re-I after. Failure to make a deliver; at a specified at! em Pt to lctnduoe matlearla urn i>r other inferior material luto tee v ut?, wi 1 aubj?-? the vho.e number of anna oontractea for to forf iture at tne op'i- u cf the Dfpvtinect i'* e Department rese vec to itaetf the right to rejecter* r id. and wil' oonsi^er cor.e n.ade 'hronch a> T arett. br-Jker, or partj other than tie recular manufacturer a. n-? ? ?J ' * ~ " n>7i>uit?:. <>e ?r.arM??3 M ii)!!ow:?"General J. VV. Kipi.ey, Ctiief of Orduai,' a, Wauhicjtnn. U C ?ufl will he aadoreed "l'ropoaa s !or M jekitf," cr nil&fl, altera, A.c , u ?be oim may be. a? ??>? 16 PUBLIC NOTICE IS HI-.RRBY GlVf.N.lhat until oih?rwiae ordered, tha Co;. i:.u?.orer? under the aoi of Conirera of th*> 16th of A?ri' .18&. ] entitled,"Aasot Mr the relaa-e of certain parsons i h?kl lb aarvine<*r iahor in me lJiatriet ofColnro-! bid," will b->H tliair a*anona >n tha City Mai:, in i tl Cltr of V7&?M~iKion, *>n Monday, TueaUftj. I * J ??- * ? ouuovivT. i nn'nw, aua Vt.laj, ?. tcrj w-v? a::d that al! pera^na. loyal ti the lTnito?1 Ptat- a. huhitog to imi?? or labor ejsisjt peitona diTch!u*sa therefrom by that lot ir.&y, t*i fun nineif J??t froTi the patrol* thereof.<-hirh wi.; expire on the IStu of Jaiy next,; *>st net t:.ere&1er, preeenttotheComrr.uuiOLtrratliOir reapec irect&iemantB or tetitiots :r. wr'.tir . v**.r S :<1 by t?ath if at&rroati-ja ae' forth the 'a<n?w,acae and pet acnal deaorftion of euoh peraona, the maun?r in wh rh tbe p-titmner* aoq>n e4 such cN.m.a&u any tact* touching the ?a;n? thereof, and deciaricc l?.a or Uc.-a].?<i&Q9o to t^e Government o? the United State*, ana ttia-the p-iitiocer hae t.ot borce at ma attaint the Urate J state* dariug tli? present 'etellion, ror ia any way Riven aid or comfort u?r?ta. i Hotitt in keri'jy f*:htr itrM, that ibo time named in t. e 9th aection oi iLm act, for Chug a a tat* meet in writing or aohodnle with tie < i?rk of tti* Cirmit Court for th* Ui?t.-40t of CoIbinLi*, by th* owner* or cairaaLta to the a-rtinaa o.' tha t??*r?on? ttftrte free !>y tuM aot, : fort!, the Lkisti, &|H, ?-<i and ;? doeoriyt.o? of auou peraoca Fvfera.iv.ia by authautj ?:*er. to theOo<Bmiarion*re. I tli*t aot. extc'.U' u to tiio itt d?? of J une next. 'iLi Ow<.iaiiat>ioLera are ?roh biud from al'owing the ol&im of ai.y pernor. who hall anglect to Ale aooh ataterneat or aoheiale with aii't Cleric, accor.hug to the la^tuieuiOuta of that acctu-L oftaidaol 8 T. VINTON, 0ANIKL K GOOULOK, HORATIO KIN4?, | Conii?i.eaioB'*'8. ] IVa.W.-.?? * ~ .. u.uiivu, Afru ft, wo?. apcOli SUPERIOR CARRIAGES FOR ? CHILDREN. Jnat received a iot of the above artic ee, cf e 1psrtor Style aad Fiuafc, ftui tiita and Ca* ?, at ail price#. A!?o, the Tory hett REFRIGERATOR lb ?m, arid Water Cooiere? Ecame.ed Iron Linici?Stose Jar*, to C?>ok:r.c Stovei and Ranfea.a fuil aupp.y. W. H. HARROVER, mS lw gevraih it., r.ear Fa. a*a. \f ILLEK'S UNION STABLE i' x iLtttt on r?rmr of Cani biztk tts , WMhicitoa, D.O. HORPE7, CARRIAGE"*, TOP and NO TOP BUGGIES, for line, *&.e txahmge, or tak:u at hrery by tho day, wee* or ^ most h. os re&?onabie t?rnr>>. AL?*-lnt HJWj of ilnrsei, rarrl&jM asd lln?t?s J-?* CrJV* roceired and for hirv Per?on? aau**^" a'wayi b? aoociuiaod&ted wit* Hor?e? aiid Baggi?>. either doable or aing!*. 12 lm* ALBERT BELI^ Agent. M""' "UBBEL^S Th? popular RESTAURANT and DINING SALOON lor ladi'*aini gentleman ten! . . A by Mr?, L. Ra?a?il. 494 7h atieet af jf^AW fo<d? an oooortuiiitw to ait'B-aa a n atangera to c?i meala at a'l h uri. served up iu tue t*iofjr vhiob tius eatabitalmiwu is tea ova. V laftora nay eoaut upuo good fare, e^artacaa attendance an < all tbe reqaiaitM fur a w*ii-r?f unted firat oiaa* house. at at lm 'P CANT BE BKATI A HK babaon ?ia UaienniuMl to aooomnncCate ail pcraona, either in pleasuro or bmi -r jyf a n. a*. bate tore to a large ea pent e In theWgJwCT: nrchaae or Carriage?, Doggie*eiH Had JW "* M . die Horam, vil lor tb?? uao of th? public. Kami lea wiaMn* it, can at aii times procure a nee c&rns?e m gcuue horses aad a rood and cvefei unver. . u*7! 1 U) Uf IW):'8 Vila ItT^Cl totf ritilbw vii! t>o promativ att^tiod to. Ckhrt?a m iu< dtrate ??,; ? u 11100 will allow. H oraoy UhM *t liTorj. J C COOK t CO.. fttxtil itrwt, 000 ti'ook aouth of %f 14 1m* Pcrna. 4.0 , i'AExlCIJUAJtLY.? tpH SALE-Wn tra cooloo Kara? Portiaftl-b.ooaiBc Hote?. Ur? nam*nt?l tjbraoa. fa'!"* and Ciimbiii WanU, Matcoliu. khcdodiadram, ^r*>tg rt?r.? 4o. Tno oollecaoo oornpnaaa all tbaohoioott tin kaown VfrSKff warmated tma to naaaa and of Irct I aOJLUtT. A ' " maa _ >??. siasgy'gk. R^sf.?sa tSay s'"3-"- ? fnfirrw^krtf ?i rt?1..t0 WlU OM UUl in 1 stock or nrj Qooda (Koraitn and Domestic) T?^o{r^/orrBn?rs'f?nu!y%"nU On* prioe only, bum m n U*r?. THE WEEKLY STAR. f 3 f #>xr#n??;? r?TVil.f Mi Nrwi i?tm> *r? ? *t?gt rruU) > lMm?a| mO?i Uaa < x.a b? feoa4 la u| o?lwr?It jmHimkmA tm Prld-y trxalim. oopv, JMt ? I lf ^ ^ Iel -mmim-iiiT? M I*u .y lu M w II Invar! 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