Newspaper of Evening Star, May 13, 1862, Page 11

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 13, 1862 Page 11
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w t - ? - - ?? -?? -f -.m . - ? . . , I " | * fijl SB 9k/ MM PQ Sw '' 3 f * -? * ' ' " A * I U I I I I I 1 1 III I I I ,1 '..... V^. XIX. i WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY, MAY 13, 18(52. N?. 2,878. - 1 ^ THE EVENING STAR is FFBLI8HKD EVERY APTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE ITA? BUILDINGS* Ce-*?* 9/Pm?lfImw ih. mud BU*mtk lift. ?I W. t>. WALLAOH; F?r* la packages by carriers at 94 jnt, "r 57 cents per month. To mail aobecrlhers the price It t3.y> a year, ta advntt; 9-i for all si^ nths; f 1 for three months; and iot leas thsa tbrn? months at the rate of 18 cents a week. Single osiciit; In wrappers, two cuts. C7* Atvurumnf ahoald he aent to the cffi'-e before li o'clock v.; otherwise they may l act appear aatil the next day. J*t ii i i .* rntii 1 x iii A lib II AW 1/ BV MARY B. CLARK. I am not a bashful man. Generally speak ing I am folly a* confident and forward as ui> ft of my sex I dress well; dance well; nog well. I don't tread on ladies' dresses when I make my bow; I have not the trick of coloring to the roots ef my hair when I am spoken to. i Yet there was one period in my life when all mw mo.Mf 3 mw * , u.-." -W?.VV? VTHV^CO iU^i^tWUCaUl, ! an<l I felt rtry modest, not to say bashful. It w.?? wbra I was in lore. Then, sometimes, I di l not know where to pat my hands and feot. Did I mention that ia the same handaand feet consists my great baauty? They are both small. Three years tffo I Ml in lore. 1 did not go iau? it quietly weighing my Idol's perfections against h?r defects; I fell in head and ears, * > tecondj after the introduction. * Mr. Hijne*. Miss Arnold,'' said a mutual fiien !. and lo! I was desperately in lore. She wai a f^iry like figure, with long brown curls floating over a snowy neck and shoulders, and j filling do rn on the waist of an enchanting sky l>lue dres;. Her large, dark blue eyes * ?: full of saucy light, yet. how tender and loving they eould look! iT&is I found out later.) Pi all the provoking. tantalizing little coqcettes th*t ever teased the heart of a poor man. >'isy Arnold was the most bewitching. 1 wojM p%3s an evening with her, and go home - in lKnt nno infavviacw J - > -1U U? > VUV H"'< v tu vvt > ie IT ?T UU1J mi the happiest vf men; but the next time I l. ; her a cool nod "and indifferent glance threw diwn all my oaalles. She was very cauti 13. Not a word did she drop to make me b leve that she loTod me; and yet her hand ? al l linger in mine, her color rose if I looked my feelings, and her eyes drop, to be rai<cd again in a mum nt, full of laughing defiance. Sie declared her intention to bo an old "> maid most emphatically, and in the next senIttn ;o would add: 'In?rer did lore, but if I should take a f ?a.*y to anybody, I should ioro- like?like a i. r. ?? i. * n -% ? * ii?: unre. --inouga, eqo would ssy, c?rck leisl/, "I never saw anybody yet worth setting u:y thoughts upon.*' I tried in a thousand ways to make her betray ;'jae Interest in myself Fropo-ie outrght. F could not. Bhe had a way. whenever ' L triad it, of looking iu my face with an air of crave attention, of profound interest, that was equivalent ia its effect to knocking mo down ; it took all the breath out of me. One evening, while there, I was subject to hea . achei, and the gipsy, putting on a grave face, g*ve me a lecture on the subject of health, winding up with? Tha best thine rou can dais to iret a wife to take car? of you. and to ke?p you from over study. I ad rise tou to do it, if you can gel anybody to have you.'' Indeed,'' I said, rather piqued, "there are ?>nly too many. I Mfrain from ("election for irdr ; f breaking other hearts. How fond all the ladies are of me!" I added, conceitedly ' though I can t see that I am particular fascinating " N'.:itaer ean I," said Smy, with an air of po;fect simplicity. "Can t jcu?'' said I, "I hoped?hoped?" Oh! that dreadfully attentive face of hers. That. i?, Miss Susy. I thought perhaps?oh! my head ! my head !*' and 1 turned my face ;n the cushion Does it ache you very badly ?" and she put 1 her cojI little hands among my curls. I felt he thrill her fingers gave me all the way to the toe* of my boots. My head being really very painful, I was obliged to leave ; but all the wiy home, the soft cool touch of those littl; fisgcrs lingered upon my brow. ^jen after thi? it bec ime nsce'Siry for me to leave the city on business An offer of a luarative partnership in the South, in the office of a law} er mend t[ mine, male me aeciae to extend my trip, and see how the "land lay." Oa? thin? was certain, I could not leave home f< i iii j'j'.h. perhaps, without some answer from Many Dr?e?d is uiy faultless costume, arid fuil of hope, I went to Mr. Arnold's. Susy w *? in the parlor, at the piano, alone It was I"Te something to tell you " \t the words "I love you' I adore you!" ?he gave me su^h a glance. I was ready to pr rate myself; but, sweeping back the eurls with laughing defiance, she warbled, "But I'm talking iu my sleep." "Then." I cried, "you lore me when you sleep. May I think so?" 'Oh! yes, if you chooss, for Rory O'Moro sits droams go by oontraries, you know. ' 1 sal down besida her. 1 Ah " 1 *id, sighing; *'Rory s idol dreamed shs hated him." 'i cs," said Susy, "that was the difference ^ between his case and yours.'' Wa ehatted away lor a time. At last I began "Miss Susy, I came up this evening to tell ycu that I?I " " ? ? a* % a- i ? ? it * e&c was iinening a origm inongnt s'.ruck iuo ; I would tell her of my journey, su-i io the omoticD (he was sure to betray, it woald be easy to declare my lore. ' Miss Susy," I said, "1 am going South to morrsw." ac swept her hands across the keys of the j;ano iato a stormy polka, I tried to a? her ftce, but her curls fell over it. I *? prepared t'> catch her if she fainted, or ccmfort her if she wept. I listened for the sobs I fancied the music was intended to conceal; but throwing back the curls with a sudden toss, she struck he isst cnord of the polka, and said gayly : *;,*oing away ?" \es, for some months.*' ' L>aar nie. hew distressing' Stop at Levy's a you go home, and order me tome extra T ^ket-handkerchiefi for this melaaoholy ocoviaa, will you?" -You do not seem to require them," I said, nthor v 4'ie<l T shall stay some months.'1 '> W1 ???> M w?r\r**t ?<m ? A n/i if run *' 1 * %V w J V'i s. J V H It J 1/w g-1 married, ot die, or anything, let aa know." "I have aa cff<*r to be a partner in a law rSBce in Kentucky," I **iJ, determined to try her. "uad if 1 accept it, as 1 have some thoughts of doing. I'shail never return." ller fa;e did not chtnge The old tauey look was there as I spoke, but I noticed that job little bsri'l closed convulsively over her watch-chain, aud the other fell upon the keys, miking, far the first time, * disoord. ' Going away forever?" she said, with a sad tnn? that mida mv heart throb. "Miss 8nsy, I hoped you, at liut, wocld mles me, and ?orrow in mj abeenoe." bos omom! her eyes with an expression of profuxea amazement. , *'I ?" Yes. it might change all my plana, if my absence would grieve yon " ' Change all your plan* *** 4 Yes, I hoped?thought?" Ok ' that earnest, grave faee. My oheekt barncd, my hand* and feet teemed to awell, and I felt cold chills all over me. I eould not g> on I broke down for the third time. There was an awkward alienee. I glanced at Susy. Her eyea were reating on my hand, which liy on the arm of the sofa. ["r?e e?/ntrast between the black horee-luir and the flesh seemed to strike her. ' Whet e pretty little hand?*' she said A brilliant idea passed through my brain You ma y have it if job will '"I 0ffer. iag it. She took it between her ova, and. toying with the lingers, said May I"T "Yee, if?if you wi!l fire me this om," and I raised her beautiful hand to my lip*. I sua looked into my face. What she read *w-? T - K..? if **m triad ?n I ?u?ig i vmuuvb ? /. * ? ? talk mint did Her color row, the white lids < t?il over th? rUriouJ eje?. ?n-1 the tiny hand 1 ' erfcl^l *r> free iweJl Wml looi ' ?ugh to Icfouftit* i*"h V. h?t I mUI f know n"t; tul 1 rfarc 9*J my wiU cic t?li j ,j. Kise aiiantm leu* i?jr ?rm t;,yii?Ud the blue ureM, the biowu ourli fell upon my breast, and my lip* were in contact with another pair. THE BATTLE OF WEST TOIST. [Correspondence of the New York Heral^ ] Reich House Poisr. near West Point, Vs.. May 7.?With mv eyes full of burnt powder End my ears Jilted with the ringing of ir.usketry and the screeching of bombshells, I sit down ta endeavor to give you an account of a fight that Ins raeea nere since irn o'clock this morning, and which is still cort?nalng, although 1 ju?t now he<t'd the cry that the Rebel* were retreating. The fltt of this division of the erand army of the fotemir arrived here yea'erday afternoon, under command of General Franklin, and bydark most of tbe <nx>p* were landed on a bexutlful plain, which is surrounded on three aide* by dense woods and on the fourth by the river, on the south *lde of the Pamunkey river, and about fcalf a mile southward from West Point. Tfce reason why we landed bora la obvious H^d we landed on the other side of ?he river?Wett Point? where it was at first Intended We should land, we shon'd then have ha* a considerable stream of wafer between us and the rebels, and would bnv? bad considerable trouble to reach them, as all th* brldpes have tven destroyed. Our gttnboita have taken undisputed pos;e?s!cn. of tbe point, the rebels bavlnz dlsanoearrd at tbe an p -arance of oar forces, and the American Hag of our Union now fljats from one of the most prominent buildings In the village. Immediately on the landing of orr forces fmm b?? transports. pickets vrete thrr *n oat to the edprs of the surr.>undln2 wood and our tents wete pp -bed on the harks the .IVer. and up to that tim* not one of tbechivalrlc sons of tho S">uth Irtd mid? bis appearance. About d isk, a part of the dlV!s*on of Gen Sednwtok, und?>r command of G( n. D-ina, artivrd In transport! from York town, and remained In the center of the river, while some of our light draught j??:nboats took a trip up the rivers Pamunkey and Matapony to bi)>iuic a punioD 01 me reoei mosquito fleet, which wert* brought Into use for carrying our men from the transport* to the shore. as the river here ia too shallow for vessel* drawing over six feet of water During th<? night some of tbe Rebel pickets made a aortle on one of our advanced videttes and shot him through tbe heart. The news soon spread through the camp, and bv daylight thta morning the plain, which takei in aboui&thousind acres of ground running southwest from the Yo k river, presented a scene such a? I have n^ver before witnessed Here the men stord for some t ine, ready to march at* momenta notice, but uu iappeal cu, aa? me men were permitted to return to tfcelr r?mps fo- the purpose of getting tbelr breakfast, and, perhaps soine kIwI). A strong pi'-Vrt. composed of t? e N? * YorkTbirtyw nd, NInety-Ufth and Ninety-sixth Pennsvlvania troop*, w^re left at the edges of ifcp woeds to k*ep * ?h irp lookont r>r the fll-my, who w?rp now believed to be in close prcxlmity to our line* About thi? time one of our gunboats discovered a regiment or two of the enemy on the west side of the river, who dispersed in great confusion efter having received some half dozen Of our heavy shells In their midst. This was communicated to Gen Sio< um, who Immediately ir.ade strenuous efforts to get the brigade of f?en. Dina on shore, that we might be able to give the enemy a wj'Di reception should he make his appearance Gen Dana was Indefatigable in his labors to get the troops off the transports, and through V. . -? ?>-- - wmuvii auwai ui iuf ura aiia worses were on the boats by nine o'clock, and preparation* were being made to breakfast the men of this bri^ad'1. when the order was glv?nfcrthe tGth, 31st and 3J i New Yo.k, and the D5:h and #6th l*en?sylvanla regiments to tdvacce into the wood* and drive i tf some of tb? rebel scou's who were tiring occasional shots at our pickets, and were supplied to be strongly supported by a force concealed In the woods. This supposition proved correct, for no sooner bad our men made an advance Into the woods than they were received with a volley of musketry fri-m the Rebels who were hidden iu tte dens undergrowth. Oar men pressed on,and f.r<- tbern a vol eyr, after whlr.h the ennniv retreated further into me woofli, with the 32d New York c!o?e at r fce?-l*; bat they were too swift-footed for oar bov??Wing more protected?and they toon left lb* .ill struggling In the mud. While tbis scene had been going on on the right fi!fr, another was transpiring on thectater. where tue 95th PenHiylvan'.i regiment had entered the wood-*, la a few moments after they enured tbey fouad themselves In a dense swainj>, and In their struggle to get across became ??j>aratf>d from pnrh nfhar One of the companies managed to get to the otber rde. and were climbing the bank on the opposite side when thev descried a party of soldier# !n ambush ' Who comes th're !" cried the pirty In ambush. "Friends," was the answe/. "What are yon?" wa* the next interrogation "A company of the 9>th rennsyivauia." No sx>ner w is this answer returned than the party, whom the captain hau mistakes for some of his own regiment, opened a terrible fi e upon our men, who returnea the fl'? and thea returned to our reserves In this affair Captain Kattls. of Company B, was shot through the shoulder, but not dangerously wounded, and one or two privates were killed and carried off the field by their friends, who, before they quit the ground, revenged the fall of tbelr brave comrades by giving the rtiemy a few well directed o'.lejs. But now the actloa became more general throughout the lines, and from every quarter of the woods came the sharp craca of musketry. The tight had now been going on for three bours here without lntermlsxlon, and a number of men were killed and wonnded. At this Juncture our meu were withdrawn from the wood, where they were evidently getting the worst of It, aad the '-'d I' 3. A/tiilery, under Capt Arnold, was ordered Into pof ltlon on the right, and Capt. Porter's 1st Mamcliu*etta battery took up a poalticn on the left, and In a few minute* the shell were flying through the air at the rate of about ten a minute. This soon compelled the rebels to make a move more on our left, where the shells flew less thl k than upon the ground they were th?n fvrurwIncr Hnf .. ?- ...? * ? . , p 9 m mm m-9 vatvi b rvavcuvif I U? i"l for the wicked, lor no aooaer had the rebels moved their forces upon our left, than our ?unbMU. which up to that time bad been Unable to have a hand In the atfeir, opened their bitterles on the foe with so much fleet that, wLen I commenced to write they had completely driven the enemy ought of sl^ht and bearing. Aaaooii as the nuns of Capt. 1'orter commenced to Are amon? them, accompanied by those from the river, the Rebels undertook to move one of their batt^ne* which they had sot into position. mi ar - ? i ue jersey regiments received orders to charge upon the battery, and at It they went, with cheers that mads the very forests rim;; but tbe Rebels were a^aln too (lee t-footed. tbe Jersey boy* got through the woods, ths enemy had got out of algbt In the woods. Everybody has done wall, and the troops have acied nobljr. Tbe> have been under arms all day thus for, andstindln? In the broiling sun without anything whatever to eat, except that which they may have had In their haversacks. 1 have yet to he:<r a word of complaint from any quirter. The gun-boate are still throwing shell Into th# In tK? frnm K-* . . - ' | wv PW VUVIMJ A * Will tlCV?iUp^ Ufl'." teries Tna Rebel army now la front of us, I have Just learned, Is under the command of Gen. ttobert Lee. Spanish dimo^i on Hatti ? A Fight at Ha*4^?Thet9 la likely to be some lighting in Saato Domingo between the Spanish and the Haytlens. the former claiming land aa within their boundaries that has been occupied by the latter for ages undisputed The stronger will override the weaker, but driven to bay, the Haytlena will figat. l?y~ The doctrine that government* derive their Just power* from the consent of the governed 1* correct, when correctly applied, but certainly It ia not correctly applied If cited to prove that a fraction of a nation, a State or a city bu a rig ht to break off at will from the Government of the nation, tbe State or the city. 1?7" La vale tie, tbe French Minister to Rome' aat Goyon, tbe Commanding Genernl of the French force* there, do not get along well together. Layalette refuses to return to Nome noire* Goyon 1* recalled; and tbe diplomatic circle* at Fart* are much Interested to knogr who will be tbe victor la this kittle squabble Com Fiowwe isto th* Ta*4straT-?The Treasury ba* received nearly S3,000.000 la cola In change for the seven ana three-tenth* bonds There is nothing to fear In the way of scarcity of ! money i? the Treasury. 117* The Frtnceas Helena of England was oon1 Armed on tbe Mtb ultimo In the lltUe church of wtuppingoarn, la ui iw or wiju, where the Qup?u ?tt- .d? while at Osborne I ip* Recent advice* from ParU Mate that Jeff Daeta baa invested about WO(),iW la tbe Fnu?a land* The nfrnce I* that be n?Mi to reside In K irop^and Will ?qpo take bla d?|iarttire |[jr It I* now dfWirln^d that Wlpoloop ill WIU ooi uau it* later national K?bl<jiU?a la Loudon. Tm Monlteur wye av. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. THE Sl'RKEKUER OF NORFOLK. Official Dlipitch from Gen. WmI-200 Can* a and Lnrf e Amounts sf Ordaauce S;ert a etc., raptured. The following has b?en recclvrd at t>ie War T^anflpfm^rf Fortress Monroe. May 12 ?Hon Edwin M. Stanton. Ptcrttary of War: On the 9lh of May, Friday afternoon. I organized a force to marrh against Norfolk. On Saturday moralog, the llith of May, tbe troops were landed, under tbe direction of Col. Crane, at Ocean View, and cominencrd tbe march towards Norfolk Generala Mansfield and Weber proceeded on tbe direct roate by wayof Tanner"! Creek bridge, bat Hading it on fire they returned to the crosa rosds, where I joined them, and took the direction of the column. I arrived by tbe old road, and entered the lntrc*K-,bnieiite iu front of the city at twenty mlnutei fc* fore five o'clock p m. 1 lmmedlatrlv proceeded towards Norfolk, accompanied by tbe Hon. Secretary Chaae, and met tbe mayor and n select commltt* e of tbe common council of Nor1il it i ? - ?v - - -? jui m me nuiiis 01 m' ciiy, ween tnev surrendered the city, agreeably to the term* set forth In the rt solution of the common council, presented by the Mayor, Wm. W. Lamb, which were accepted by me so far as related to the civil rights of the cltli?ns. A copy of the resolutions liive been already fumlshrd you. 1 humediately took pos?e**ion of the cMy, and appointed Brig Oen. Lgbert L Viele military governor of Norfolk, with directions to see thit the citiz?n* were protected in all thtlr civil rights. Soon after, I took pos*vai!on of Go?nort and Portsmouth The t^klnj? of Norfolk caused the de*tru"tion of the Merrlmac, which wa* blown tip by the rebels about five o'clock on tbe morning of the llth of Mny, which wr.s toon communh at*-d to yon and the President of the United States On tho 1 1 T V> | wist tuH *h?? nsiwif > X'J v ? ?MV/ ? v avail vt vu> H'4 ? V | UIU) UtiU IVIIIIU all the workshops, storehouses. and ether buildIncs in ruins, naving been set on fire by the rebels, who at the tame time partially blew up the dry dock. I also visited Craney Island, where 1 found 3!> gum of lar^e calibre, most of which were spiked; also, a larpe number of shot and shell, with about 5,000 pound* of powder, all of whi'-b, with the buildings, wrre In good order. As as I have b*>en able to ascertain, we have taken ahout WO cannon, including tlio.?e at Hewell's 1'olnt bitfiiripl ? I 4frre rnmnar nf pK<?? ??i,l r> ou u -i hi -it i u? nm/ii itii'i .J11 c? 11 'J w WfM a<< many other articl** of va'ue ibtioud at the ujivy yard and Craney l^lnr.d, !<sw ir,< Point and other place* J:>hn K- Wo n, Mfjor General Commanding. FROM UE!V. McCLELLiK'S ARMY. I?KA?Qr *RTER*, CCMB'.ELAJID, V .1 , Sunday Even!nji, May 11.?There has been iiO m iveraenU of troops to-day, ns General /?rcClellm was d?.?nirous of ob?crvin^ the day and giving his men an opportunity to re?i. i ne repoiui oron^iii in ip-uav Dy scouting parties ient to tbe Cbickahomlnv ou tbe left, a distant rf thirteen mi'e?, contirint fh? burning of both' and the bridge acrcat that river at the tame point. Tbe enemy was te-n In considerable force *?n the opposite side. There Is nothing new from the road leading to Richmond by way of Bottom bridge on the right ha-id, or the ma 1 coach fond leading from New Kent Court Haute. We learn from a contraband belonging to Gen. Lee, who left Richmond yesterday, that the troops which retreated hy that road are encamp d at the toll-gate, some eight or ten miies thi* aide of the city. He met tome few troops between hers end that point. He wat driving a four-horse train containing a trnnk and tome private property belonging to Gen. Lte. Theg?-neral't wife hat left the White Houte, and is stopping with a physician a few mi let in advance A strong picket of the enemy made its app^ara^c- about two mllet from the White Ilouf- to-day. Tb*y were not Interfered with until, becoming too bold, a gunboat, which arrived ttere about o.".e o'clock, shelled them out. The firing must have been heard at Richmond,as it ie only twenty miles off. fPer Te!"uranh via Cherrvs'nnp I Fostrebs Monro*. May 12. 6 25 p m ?There Is noising new from Gen. McClt'Inn to-diy. The telegraph to h!s headqmrter* wo:** well, and is kept constantly employed with Government bu?5neu. Some of tbecrew of th" Merrimae have deserted from i'lg'i I'olnt. and have ju*t com" in at Newport New*. ' From the Shenandoah Depertra?nt. New Market, May 11.?Two privates of tbe Vermont ("avalrv were mdIiiikH vbii<.fHji? ko guerilla* near the ?pot where the Ira Harris Guard* were shot. The r^Kimental clerk of the 2d Manaihusrtts Regiment was shot and mortally wounded yesterday from the wards near Mt Ja;k?on. It la beltevid that many ccutitrvm<>n, who rorae Into camp to s<tie accounts with the l^uartermaster, are giving Information to the rebels, if they are not in active service themselves. Several arrests have been made to d?y of auspicious persons; among ethers, of a youth of fifteen years, said to belong at Harper'* Kerry, whose brothers are In Ashby:s Cavalry. The result of the Investigation is not divulged. Th<-wora'n who were examined yesterday for complicity la the murder of the Harris Guards are reported to have deserted their house last night. Capture of a Kallroad Train. Lopthvilt.*, May 11 ?One hundred and forty of Morgan'* Cavalry at noon to-d^y, captured forty eight freight and four passenger car?, and two locomo^lvc-s, at C-iveCltv, Kv Morgan supposed the traia would contain Sit) cavalry prisoner*, bound northward. 1 he operator at Cave City, how-ver, gwe notice of the fncU to Uowllag Green, and stopped the upward train Amon^ the captared Federals were Majors Helvetl and Cofl?e, both of Wo'ford's Cavalry, and one other Federal officer and three or four xoldlers. The reDels burntd all tL? above car*, except two and the locomotive, which brougat the pasftengers back to Louisville. Retaliatory H a>urei. Nashville, May 12.?Governor Johnson, of Tenntater, bu Issued a proclamation announcing that for every Union man raptured or maltreated by marauding bands Ave t>r more prominent rebels shall be arretted, and for all property of loyalists destroyed ample remuneration shall be made to them out of the property of such In the vicinity m ha? given ala, corr.fort, information or encouragement to parties committing such depredation*. The rrder will he executed to the letter, ?ud apecial warning ii given accordingly _ Advanced the Kebrli *u Gen. iMcOiwdl'i a ??l ???*! IlKArt}CA.BTCK8 DfcPlKTMSNI R A I' P A!! ANNOCK Opposite 'rederlcksburg, May 11.?To Hon. E. M. Stauton, Secretary of Warihe enemy tdvancwl upon tbe Bowling Green mad this afternoon, but fell back after Irwin:? a lieutenant and ten men, who were cut off by th?* ^allani, Major Duffie, of the Harris Light Cavalry lavia McDowkll, Major Geucni Comnaaiidiug. Expedition A|?iait hebet Cavalry in W?t* ern Kentucky. Padpcah, May la ?Gen. Denver and stall arrived here yesterday, en route from l'lttsburg Landing with two thousand cavalry, started from this pest on isaturday, ou an expedition to act la conjunction with military forces from Uiokman In pursuit of rebel cavalry that have beon overrunning Western Kentucky and Tenneoaee recently. Fatal Railroad Accident* lxDiASAPOLit, May 11 ?A special train, which left Here last night with Gov. Morton, General Noble, Prof Fletcher, superintendent cf public instruction, and surgeons and sanitary store* for Pittsburg Landing, collided with a freight car sundiog on the track at tiulllvan, Indiana, Instantly Killing Prof. Fletcher. No others were injured. Fir* la the ftlanataiaa Eastos, Pa , May 12 ?An extHisive lire Is rag lag ill me mountain*, aawmim, sterr*.*nantit*, the wood* and everything are destroyed. It has broken oat in a great many place*, ft U said the Pennsylvania Coal Company'* work*, between Motcow and Scranton, are In danger. . t,. A Rowdy Killed la Be*te?. Boston, May 11 ?Lato on Saturday night a party of ron?h* attacked police ettoer James L. Hill, on daty In Broad street, and In aelNdefense (he otteer discharged hi* revolver, laitaatly killing one of hi* aaaallant*, named Buckley. Hill waa terribly beaten before retorting lohla pistol Baekley was employed on the (trainer Uewlatown. AiL**To\v.i. May in.?John D 8tUci, of Ailru- J town, bu b?on nominal u the democratic can-1 dldav for Cone row, ?> 111 tfc* vacuity ocealloiMd | by the death of l>r Cooper. FROM tiSil, IIALLK( K'S ( OBMA1D. RidBioiUilai ftklrmtih n?ar Farmlag. Mi? ttwrea 0?a. Brag|'* UivltUa Rod Gea. f'aine'a Canmaad?I ha lltbfli Repnlaed with Gra&t klaughi?r. Caiio, May 1i.?Steamers have arrived from Plttaburg Landing with hewn to noon of Saturday. No general engagement h*d yet taken place. On Tharaday the aecond battalion of tbe 2d Illinois Cavalry, nnder command of Major Appling ton. arcompsnifd General Paine from Farmtngton on a rer,onnpl*sa?re of the enemy's position. When about two miles nut the acontt who had been sent In advance came bsek a?d reported a force of rebel Infantry ambushed In the woods on both side* of the road lending from Farmlnnton

to Corinth After consultation th* Federal force a<t?ancfd for the purpose of ascertaining the re* tl strength, and were sorronn?l??d. bnt cot their way through the rebels, who had formed a line on the r >ad, and their waybsek toeamp, brln^lr^ ntt'the body of the m^jor, who waa klll'di dn-4 four of tb^jr number Wbo were wounded. A deserter, who came In subsequently, savs the rebels lost 49 killed and wounded and n.issing, A# (I' K /-*!** '' *" ~ ~ * ' ? * ~ ' v* ? uv*m ucunnanx. vviviiBi am rnpiiiii were kill'd On Friday rebPlGen. Br?rpN division attacked Gen. Paine In bit petition, two mile# bsyond Farmlncton. A ?htrp eti,rigement followed, our men fi^htin? bravMyand making several bayonet chargen on tbt en??mv, who were repnlred'witli great alaughter. Large reinforcements of re be U havlnir subsequently arrived, our tro?pa returned to Farmingtoi. We loat nearly 2tit> In kille d, woonded and prlnon rc. No further particular! have i?een recovcd. * ? vinti?i v?|i*ku m ni" f.majfiiiriii Pi t t*bcr<5, Tenn., May 11.? 1 be lollowinq diapalcU bus just l>eeii receivi-d from 'Xnerai Fo|>e: N&ak Farmingios, May ST. P. M.?'To Major General II tlfeck: The enemy, twtnfy thousand strong, drove In our pirkef* Kyor.d Faruila^ton. stud advanced against the brijpde occupy iny tLe further side of the creek in front of my cimp. The brigad; h?ld on for five hours, until finding thena h?-avj.y pressed in front and en tie fiank, and that I could not anstala them without pawing the creek with my whole force, which w.:? ( ontrary t?> your orders, and wou.d have drawn <><i a general engagement, I withdrew fo this ?He In o/der. Th- conduct of our tr ops was exc ellent, and the withdrawal mide by theiu very reluctant' y. The c-ne.ny nu'de an attempt to cro*?, but abandoned ttie movemeat. Our Ioei was considerable, th-xj^h i cauaut vtt tell fcrw urent. Tb?cutiny, be:ag much exposed, sullered very -kvereiy, one of hi* ban- u<? being contpletly di?abted, oud his Infantry line driven bark several time? My cointiiiuu are oa*' r for an advance.^ j?o. rerK, Major uenerai. The only forcei enjrtged were Plummer'a end Paiintr'# bii^adt*. The weather is* warm and pleasant. All i> qaiet la front, the enemy having ret red. Momkiev, Ttss., M?y 10.?To Hou. K. M. t?taet<>n, Secretary of Wai .?The enemy yvsterday attacked <?en. Pope's outposts, near Karmlngton, and drove it bark on his main line, which was in pu.sit'oti t;i rerelvc an attack, but the enen.y. after a ?h-rp klrialih in front, retreated to Corinth. I>eu.'rte;s tiu? morning report heavy lowe?. Gen. Pope's toss 1b uot yet ascertained. 11 W. II Major General Ccmmauahg. THE IT AVAL VI? TOR Y O* THE .HISSlSSirPI UIVER A Fearful Struggle?Tkc rebel uanhaat Mai lory gi't iliwo, with all on buird-lbe federal Flotilia Victorious* Cairo. Mav !2?The following are the partlou lars of the bMUlaut navzl victory near Fort V?right on Saturday: Karly on Saturday morning eight rebel tunboa's came around the poiut above the fort, and boldly advanced towards our flotilla. The Cincinnati, which was stationed at the point wher'* the rebels came up on Friday, did not attract their attention until tUe fleet bad passed above her; but as toon an ?U?- was seen, a ftlmultajixout attack by the WLOle fleet of gunboats wa* nude upon ter, but with little '-Bret, as tne enemy's guns were poorly aimed. TheCin cinnatt iBeuitlme bad hauled into tha (tti*-am, where an iron-clad ram, supposed to be the Mailory, advanced In the face of continued bro.:d !de* of tbe former until within al>out forty yard*. Being the fastest sailer, tne rebel boat succeen-d In running between tee Cincinnati and the riyht hank, when inen appeared upan her deoki preparing to board tht Cincinnati with grapaeis thrown out, which detign was frustiated by throwing hot Wider from the st?am batteries of the Cincinnati. In the meautlme the rest of our gunbosU b-'d arrived at the scene of action, and engaged the rebel fl et. The Mallory, undaunted bv the failure of her attempt to board the Cincinnati, crowded on a full h*ad of steam and came towards the Cincinnati, evidently Intending to run ber down. Capt. tremble, who w?s In command, waited until the rebel monster wan within twenty yards, when he fired a broadside into her from his Parrott guns, which did fearful execution. The two loats were so clone together by this t1m<; that it was impossible for the gunners of the Cincinnati to swab out their guns, aud It wu only by bringing the steam batteries to bear on h?r again that the Mallory was compelled to haul off. Capt Stemble shot her pilot with his re volver, and wa* hlBself wounded by a putol shot tired by the pilot'a mate of the Mailory. While thl? flerc? engagement between the fthllory ar.d the Cincinnati wan In pro^re^t, ou' ahota from our other veaseU hid exploded the boiler on one of the rebel gunboat*, and ast Are to another, burning her to the water's edge. The air at the tim? was very heavy, and under cover Cf the dense smoke which hung over the river the rebel fleet retired, but wan puraui-d until tbeygain<?d shelter under the cuns of Fort Wright. W hen the arr.?ke cleared away a broadside from the tiagallp Bcuton waa tent after the Mailory, and shortly after ahe was Been to careen, and Went down with all on board ! None of our bon'a were Icjured except the Cincinnati, and the damage to her ia ?o alight that it can be repaired in twenty-four hour*. Four men 4r? woffl WAnnrtwl I n.->!nrl1mir fhp mRit^ r's ina'.e. I\o other casualties are mentioned. LAT1.R FROM ECROffi. New York, May 12 ?The steamer Etna arrived here this evening, with date* from Queeustown to the 1st Inst. The Paris correspondent of the London Herald vrrltss that "there la a strong feeling growing up here In favor of Intervention In American a&dlrs. The Impression 1* so powerful as to cause considerable unea?lne?s among the northern party In Parfa. " It la believed that very certoua overtures have been made by the French Cabinet to Lord Palm^rctnn wtlh a hi inlnt In n.:t *in piiH to the war, which, accoiding to official information received here, ia a* far from a termination as ever " The Part* corrcaponden*. of the Dally News gives a similar rumor, derived bf?th from French and American sources it says the two Governments are seriouMy thinking of intcrvei.tioa. TBI LATEST. Petep. = bcro, May 1?The Journal, of St. Petersburg, doubts tue probability of the Western powers Interfering In American affairs. Parts. May 1 ?The French press states that negotiations, with th? object of the diplomatic intervention of the maritime powers In America by the recognition of the South by the nrlnolpal 'Slates of Europe, have been carried on between Paris and London throughout April. Instructions In thla sense had been aent to Count Mercier, wl.en the late battles are ?a!d to have de r- ? 4. , I ?t ? I. .. tiucu i j?urr iu auvuiix! iiuoj iuicitcuuuu tv( tuv present. Later Irtm California. Sas Francisco, Mav? ?Sailed, steamer Bonora. for Panama, with 190 puMu<>eri end ,000 in treasure for New York, and also f 1T0,0W? for Euglaod. San Fbanckl'o, May 10 ? Steemers Brother Jonathan, Oregon and Panama h??re arrived from Oregon and British Columbia within two davs, biinginy 9&HJ owJ in treasure. Dates are of the 7th and 6th. Portland and Victoria afe crowded with strangers, jiwt arrived from California ou the yrjy to the uvines. The brst Informed men believe one-half of the population of Oregon would spend tbe rammer la contiguous to the mining region*; * .500 men bed already reached these diggings. There flour and all kinds of provisions wore worth enormous prices. Gold was believed to be abundant over a great extent of territory. Tbe UrlUiaColBflabUinlntBg season la opening unusually large, and people were anticipating tor tbst country a repetition ef tbe timet of 1S48 in California. .Miners are rnshlag to Cariboo fsater than needed. VuppUrs would be wat. hundred and fifty people have left dsn Francisco this week, by the only ?teamen that sal eii for Oregon. SNrTf~*K. PRO^OSA I.S tir* umted urtil tM? 77ih diy ?.f Mat, 18SA at 1? ?Viook. m ,*v>r aap? j ?oc -ha L'mt.M [V?? "(ko> , wi'h 6 W h?ad > f U?#?f Ont?!? cj ?h? Hr?if. The C?tti? to l>? neiiver'd a: W agination e:ty, an! 'anh aniirVi t>> av-rs?* ISO ?ro?? v?i<nt, co *2 nn' admit'ad whioh w?icH* lew t: an l,0>n ?l" i d? ? >* . He.iers aad lia ? ?aut?,i. The C&ttle to b3 delivered at ?pch tiEM and in er?h ?mntit ?e aa ;he 8(i*erT?nt may require T*-a firat da ivery of Cart et? o? ?nvi?on ?h* 10th I nno 1 QC9 <?r ? 4 ^ - '* ? *"* * .. - ...... iu awu wjciott iwr & uOTWniUPW I m?v require. A bond with rood ud sufficient security :,= ui red Government reserve to tt?e!f r'ebt to r*T m Treastrjr 1.0 fs. or other Government food*. No bid wi 1 he erivfirtskin d wtien put ,u \-j con t'*-to-* who >teTinii?l? faifsd *? ^<?n>(,; with their contract*.?t where tH? bid-?.*- 11 cot p e-en: ! > r?H?. n>1 to m* :il,&..d k. I. i? t> Le 4?co<npRCied b* two jua-antie-. T&e mmii ? firms ?'ton'd h? stated ;n Tall, with tU* Pr<-useoi?i; tu? member* < [ it.f frm. Hid# t > hfl di'ffted ?o M nj? A.BECKWITll. C. 8 . U. ?. A., Waehinr'oc. P. C. ftfui fif fimtrimtsm ' Wo , of th* OOUEty of??, ftcd Hut# of . an-l , of the oo?nty of , an-i $rata of . do h#rrty gu^rartv that?? la a 19 tofslfci a contract it area oano?> v.tb Uie tr rns of hi? *nd that, el oaid hi? p-o position be eooepted. he wr at ore? enter uto a contract ?n accordance therewith. | ?iiou.d u? contract be awarded him we ar? prepared to b-oome hid e*cuntie*. Tt>ia toartnta? mast be appended to esoh bid. 1 " 8 C NOTICE. ^PAL^RO PROPOSALS "ot ?urniiieinc al! the HiJe*and T^!ow, Hoo'e aoJ Ho'n?. nf the l<eef i Catt'o, ktl'ed t'Vth--) A.-m* of tue FoVnfi^c. >in<l r ooirniHud ot ties- Mculel au ara invitee tiil ?fcc 3"tb i'.y/i' May, I!**! 12 ro:c=k. <n it: inieu-ial tha* toecob't^"'. *ha" f^l'^w the Army, acd oo'.'ec. tn? r- _*d It . ?w, R o>faaad ' Hotii" ftn*1 el>a!l p\r a certa a ram tor tho6*> %r tic oa froip eioti, to be o >|!ect?d at ins nwr rUk. Us will be cr.arj!*! with the urtio'es in escii ui icaa ur usu O*r;T PIU'W IHSl P? WV, p Pvaf tsl rr">fr obtxinirt fiem b* jr -p?r a/.ihorit*. A bond ^jtn fond *nd tiAci?ut ??"onrity wm }.e re?uiri?d; for u?ru!?i'irr.'nt oi thaoor tract, and no bid will i;? entertained fr m frev:i<u* oontraotcr* srho 1i*tc failed to oom?Iy *n'h their oout^sta, *: d co in wtil t>& er.trrt*?uel u-.!?ss tne ti<Jd*r )< present to rtspjtsd to his b d. The rticlea o/acr*etrieut, w*h a bon'i, wil! lie required to bo eauirM into viUuq two ('a??r.ft.-r t!.e rjf^rinf ot thA l'iv's. The hi-** to Mdirectid to UfaJ K, BECK WiTIl? C>iami*nr? cf Miioaiatanoa, Wt< nine ton , i?. C., v.d efido'eAj Trppoa&ia.' ?a f PROPOSAL* KOK 5?M LL AK MS FOE Tiifc 'JMTt!) STATES smv.CK. OeesaNC* OfFiri. { WAimanTon. L>. C.. Ar^W vr?, ix2.\ rRV.-." ?i. > v'iJl t-?recc;vfv] by th-? . BTitti p ?n.?n Mw ?*e;.icf of 0?* iMn of >\rj, in j, for r.i/vactvj'UMnc, in the I'rnfvl grates, iW tje Covet' rn'iit. wijhin or.<? yur fr^m Ika. u4to, the f-vicwp ? if ?c ipti?a > [ srru, via : Kiilj M-!?>ket*. n.otlc! If'**, Harper'^ F?r? K fl'a. Tith sword '-Ay^e?? aul (Mi (nbbuw,mwl w. Rree^n loviicic Carhiu?s, f'>* cavalry. Kevi> for t*ifto:a, arr?y ? ??, h-1 re? for iscbt eawaUy. Noj.oa;!;tm? aionr-d Offi^orr'H?or J#, 1 *t<"-l a?*'' tiw^rda. ( b*r*>. u'oii r -T :rr *'nvi ? ProyO w.|| I'nf irmk'tt ?.cJ ri*<s, V'9 prm? for of either. aoa toe reO action proposed, pet *nn ioi GV'll ?ti<i ItOrfti JO,(M* to 20 e 0. For ??i ,..'( ? > vd carbinet.'he kltii prer-j-ed.v- j the pr'.c for ?f?". ir.<l >e'Gr im, p r p-Mol cr <*%r f >r t>? ll *.J ItK.'Mi 5.' ?a u> ?> ?<" . tVr .?;vr< ?irjr/f? a: 4 ?t?!rf", t a price rr ear !i ?>f 'h.- p'e?cr?hKt p4i?-""r.s t<> tlto i ninyfr of b ' e.v-an ! a!? > for e*.cii addit:o a n"? to ? jot. A 1 :.<J fir . a:.r.? a. ? ?j ! - .. -J v'i\t t'i? r**u:?r appertains. lhe T'fls iru k*t" ar?-?i be in mil rrrpeotm luoancii wur. mftl maiitl I Vj !?- <? ft. til* V. S Armory, t?pru " '.a.-iftc^utrtta. ?n*1 are to 'ntercn?zi;e with it, an1 witji < ao>. <-ti.*r, ia ftiiu-i' parts, Eft oh of \i?> otirf l iu*:* r'6i? ft-r.a rmst V?o ictorc ji^RO w?tfc cxp ?r.'?ther in the *&me traaner. The m?.terift!?lor theeeftmn tm:?t h?o* the?er? ben q'lftitr, fti-1 po nal e*.'i:e :rcn pa-ta -suite .\!Iow?m1 to u*ed. All tti-* ftrtiolcg must be sub jejt lv the m*p ?o ioa p es oy t ? Or? u\ .ee ilegu fttions. ?nil maat be rwilr !or trftoa P rtv-ion. at the exp?na? ol the cu-.traoU r*. in b oh ? ?' &a my be rfireoted tt?peot,o:? *-iU bo m*S* ftt the factories in !i>ta of not o?s tnin i l,rf? raeh. i'roposVa will afate the nam* of the e*tab'i?h m-i t :>.akim the Her. tie uura t or v.<l ( ?' of ths firnt Ge i?ery, acd rate i.f lie.iver? mooter lii '? after. Fw uretu msUe &<ls;jvfrr tt a ?p">C'.fied time, or an* attemstto ir.trcdnos'&'M* iron or other icfs-ior mat*ri* into the work, wi!i iar>jwttuwh-)'# iiarnbfrof arms eor.traotea 1:t tc forfMt&re a: tha o?u-n of the Department T-e IV p-rimept ressives to tha ri;ht to rrj*ot ?&} i-id, &ul 7il oocai er n"iie laa^e tLr^uth a-1 f.?r?1 n?ter, or r*rtj other than the rocular lranuaotvera. Propofsai* will t>o a<ldren"?d a? follows:?'' 6?&nra! .1 VV. R 'P? tt Thiflf nf OrlmtiAn W?i??? 1 t >a I) r and endowed "Propoer. a !or Muak^U," or nllea, sat*rs, A.0 , s* the .-a. c ma? Jkj. ^ __ a? 31) dtMa.t 16 PUBf.IC NOTICK IHHKHKRV GIVEN, that antil oth*rwiae orcer^d. the <'onmi??ior.?ri nnder tue sot of C?nere*? i?r?h?? 16th ot Apri eijtit!c-d, "Aa act for tv.e re!?a-9 of cer tati pe-*jas h'id to swi se or i&biir in tho b.strict vl Columbia," wii! hoid their B-'sni'int iu the City Hiil. in 1:9 City of WR?Mnetor. or Monda?, fmeday, Wo.ine?.1?T, ThtirBtia??and Krid^r. of ?r?ry woes, and that ai! persona !oya! t> the i.citM Sta'e*, bo'dmi to trrvioe or labor ejs'rist poraoaa I (:!?cliar?e t tlio.eiroia l>j that aol. tp-.y, wn!;in [ EiaetT dara fro*n r..o p.-?eat? tb<-reof,(?inch ?i I j pxoire fin i::9 otu oi j a y cexi,i i>ui not ineraMter, presont to the ' V rnminr\<r crs their reap?>o>ive meuU or r:>,',,or.a in vritiur. vorihed by oath ^ ?;hrn atiou FO'tin? forth the iam?e. acas. and >or peris! dcsoriptinti of n:cii paraor.*, kiie in wh oli < i.e petitioners ac?ui e<i Kuch oKlni, airiasy lacu iouehtre lh? vaiua ih?reoi. ?n1 d+clasui; h i cr (!?/ a .3*iaii0e to tra Government ot ts?o Un:tod Btato?, hoi ti.a: tI>o p'tui iror Las not bon a arroa acaiiH the United rtaritf the pro*<?!:t totKiiu a nor in any way * i v eu aid or oomfort therft An*I notia u kir&v /*iktr rtcM, that ib* Urn? aamrii ib t o 9tli ?-otion of that ar.t. for h:;ns a s'?Atsme?t in writing oi ??h<?oiil* with the < Irik ci !!. ? Cirssu Court for th? Kiewict ot Coismbia, by top a?-T#:i! ;?wi>er? or olamisii to lo tb* rorTids of the poiaoua made froa i>y fiat act, eettui: foith the lavcea. csx, aci particular do*2ri*t:i>n if auon persons sera;#.. 7. it !iy authority m?* to no v. (ii** -jfrj C* It I li U I.' I i.C i at , d?jcf June ueic. Ti.* Ccmnai??4cr.e s aro pronltiu-d froTa Ali??wiB? U'ffllii^ of wii.i ah&il n? ?laet to ft !o each alat^tseiit or oufrluJf- With ??i ijiork, ftcc-irdjos to the re^ciresiacU oi that section of eaid fro; 8 F. VINTON. DANIEL R.COODLOE, HORATIO RIN6, CoriiiKis?!f?r.*r?. Wftsh-nt'on, Ajnl 2*, IP62, a* sp tf SUl ERIOa CARRIAGES FOR CHILDREN. J sat received a lot of the above artio!??, of ???psrior sty.e and Finich, aud b'ui aud <_'*> *, at ail arioOT. I Al?o, the rcry heat Rt FRIGFRATOR in ??f>, [ and Water Coc:er&?Lta:;.e:ed Iron Licit*?Stune Jars. *o Ooukiaj Su>vo? and Ranees, a full ?uf p!r. \V. H. tlARROv hR, m 5 Iw fi"?2 8??<?L?h si.. near Fa. ?. ?. MILLER'S UNION STABLE Hight ei f emir C &*4 S\x^ j?s.? \Va,a?irt:t<m, 1). C. HORSE3, CARRIAGES, TOP and NO TOP 1JUGGJES, for hire, Mia *xeh<iige,oT^^ laic n at lirery by the diy. voek or nriTh, 011 re&aonal< e trriD*. A ce? lot mjfl cf lloreea, l.'arr ia?es and jtsifiea juat received and for fcir*. Por#on? aiv&ia be acooiumcuated with iioraeaatid Uajries, either con bio or aiag'.e. hi 4 1m* AI.RF.RT RRM.. AmiiL MR 3. HL'gSELl.'S RfcSTAURANT. The fopa'** Rt'STAl'RANT and DINING SALOON for Itdi'tUxi ? ?itiera?c kwt* . . A by Mr*. L. Ru?aell. 49S Tib alieet af TuHkV fo'da an opportunity to oitix-oa IT1 t'"W ? e'ALgera to got tneaia at ati hour*, aprred up in the bi ?! for whioh thie e*tab,i?trc-.'nt la faaoua. Visitor* may ooo&t upon food fare, o^arteoae attendance. auu ail Ute re*umce? lor a veil-rernlated Brat olaa? howae. ep84-lni THE gub*or??rJ'%?&rin?n^^To aoownmoittte all peraons, either u. r.eMBri or bmi rsj?!>ugy nf??,har? rrvtie toa larceeapeme i". theVgQgjg: v urchasa oroarr ages, Ktigcieiacd ?? d o Hurset. Ml for ths uee of the publio. rami'iea wiaLicg it, at ail tirnr? procure a ?ioe oarrUge with gentle hor?e?> and a rood and c .reful driver. Ord*r? a*tt to tka atabiea with atroot and w. l be pronaptl* aitanded to. Chare** u m -derate M kh? Itmee will allow. Horace tahea a> lire'?. J O COOS* CO? fcvixth street, cue M??ck anuth of ap U Itn* FiBM- aracna. TO TU.Ht LADltut} UKNE&ALLV, AMD A'iL> AoMjKhK* OK UftiOlCB PLANTS, A?., , P AHT1CCLiARLY.?J\>Jt ax UftohoMH Hard* Perpataal b'ootr.tSf Hots, Or* cam^oul tUimba. Parlor and Oluabicg Plant*, Maico.uu, Khododia.'.ru'n, t-rsitri-ei.c Xc. I'ha ou,lectioi eompriaaa til thecboiocat k-td? raown lii IMIU|0 W AWIiUflh ' All ilii&ta vuiuUil trma to iuhu4of first ?tt*Uy. AjhtUlSi, Flo rut mm! Nurtorfi lu*, aj? WJw* Ccimeo'ioot vr, oora?r of M it. l> LACK AND COLOEKD SILK?.?.New m D plte-*. a! btritiM Near J.VM4 uood* olrorol to<Ur. witk amt nni! full nu*<k of Dri Koo<l? (t'orwcn and Donwt.t) tMuinxl for g?a?;rit fevilr want*. . 3?. ???! f-fK/rr?*"-. m: M Pens. ?wme todttE ?tr?et * mmmmmmmmmmmmmtmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmrnam THE WEEKLY STAR. TkU cxc*n+%\ JFMII if NrniMm M a RWAtct Turtaty i( iair*?*Uajr na^ut ?b*8 ?aa be feus* ia u; tfct? la robOahat "? PM4aj rurrai Tti r?tA -ii- ?-?? eia?k; eepv. p? iuub 91 m PttfcopiM.,,,, 4 T<? eopl?n 0 IM Twenty 1 ?e ? ? It Inrwlibljr conUln' tbc " Warhlngton Neva" tbat bu mad* TJU !>?? > E-*ntnt Stmr circulate o Kcneraii y throughout U?< country IT^ copln (tn wrappers) e*a h* pre cured at the counter, Immediately after the of the paper. Prlc??lll RLt CENT#. RDM. J0H5IT05, 1 V T > M ii w ?. Lor'l IIOOPITAL< discover'itk* n-,o" Sr cf jr and oniy Efftctmai Kiwi Hjr m itr Worli, FOR ALL DlSEvSE* OF IMPRL'DENCL ' LEI .YO F4LSK riTi lr ii Y P R F i'KFT AFl'LY IMMEDIATELY. A (TIE WAKRA \T~KD. O X \'0 CHARUE, IS FROM OKE TO TWO DAYS 1 \\>ftkn?M i? ti* Ptai.MrialnrN. Affsotioraof tha fciiruva ! H'aclder. Into uu-arT l/rcbar?P?. InwtP-oy, G<- <va !> hi.;tt. ftnvuU = r,*??. Of L^ugacr, fssio >?r i4 ??, rsipra'un : hv h-art, I,, w - j> .. I ir.. . it. Ttwj U.hii, lilH'.icHU of f i c h' < r OfJ 'if- ?. Dimmi of kleai, I nro*t. JN'r?t? oi >ff*t>Uon> v{ ih? Lu'.if, -.a-". i-'T h T# '<=- !.?#* U-irlLlf ' Ituri'lii from 1 tv y Ha' it? <>i To?iH ilitm) Dr*V:!t:i kb'1 '>?" ri, jiiwo l*r?i'ich wii" n c. oe- fti? rip.s.* iu;o??.; ?, .vid ilemo? *vt*. B "U ftutl !?iir.U Yor x<* HEX Knpeciai; jr who h?v8 t?:oraeii?f victims of ? ! --- V r.f. d-fait'.i! an 1 >?tru<tvo ha'-rf m a am >,? . ?? 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I'wm ib ir.o Hm<!, U'ie!, ' ! f Murcu'ar P.jirer. ?'%p;tatlon ?1 iti* Hf* t. i/tcp*?-). ,N v at irnt*l>wit*. De:i' tc ' n" o. > F Ubctiocs, Cfc..e.a U^Li!i"11 >yiu?tA-o* w{ rou?u^wa. fto. MK::A?L'.. T ? fci.-fir < on liia A'cd are h to b# uratdad- 1 ot* o? Mna?r? Couftision it lut&i Lt+p cssioo of pii'tf, Unl foreboding. Art i c, >a of M Ss'f- Lo*o of Ron ? Timifliit, etj , mo ?< me ? f U?e pro C?.r -<i i\a*ri>r? 0?.-?a.:Tv -Tk?i?rdi can dot jidt* Wl * r I' fpn fVIHi nr ?, <r * <?]: 1 : cf fc?S tt?. t :'i -itor, r>KK Hur< ? ??*,??> oP'f.'Ui*'d?m* c.s.1 >1, nnviug ft ftPt '-p;?xr?uoe about 'W At 'i? rt Mil' .ir tni* " a/ a v; ?- ?- M?H "1 "!f? li a VI ??l ^ IUi . DISEASES or IMPRI VEZCE. W i ea 11." m iiudid kim imp iiaeut v>?ary *?' pieaeure ha imbi^AO ti ?te<.-o < of ihic pals fs;. <lisra?a. it to.t nf.r.-i hftppPta that an Ill-UifiOd #>pn?ecf orflrraa ot r-,?oo?ery oetara bin from t?p fiht otiuie who. frt-si actuation and r<., cv. a cio t>clriac<l hm. 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Phy?io?! or Mental L'iq.i.\ ib??uoi a utst of frooieativa io?f, r>.iw<ua li-riU>iUtj, 1 r.'trunm*. Weakneaa o? Exfcsaiti-iii ci t hs r.,ogt '??aifui kn<! tpttA lj cur*"1. E19DOHSEMEXT OF THE PKEiS. Thi M?m 'i hoi timm cured htthia wit iii :h3 iaet asrekiceu t aa<l the nuioeicja important rur*ical ofcr*ti?ict p*; f irmM I>r i ? 1 r t in W. ? M h? t ft. ? . A aI ^ 1 - v- -vwm f w ? J ?uu I *T|-V| in VI p?)rria acj man' ?>th?r persons notice* fl whioh ikit* ap pee.'e*l atainanl acV'i t>?f<?re tb? rnb'io, >>eaid?>? liix ?i?ci r:j ii acentletnvn of Qharaat-r acd re 1 itj, II % riificiau'. fU?l?at05 *0 lb# Kl fliotrd m i" f.m* J i SX ARKlVfc.I), are"? !'. i 4T) UasUtu aoc tinn iiouee otic huudrcd pteo*^ OHfcU-'ahRkt> K\TTl*e. A bo.mi aa>oro >cct ofOiLCLOTHsi rd*1 OA RPETS. together wi h a lar?e qcact'tT of CKQCKEHV of a i fi*M5nption? i hard ntw ktatokks. matTRt.-^Kh and 8PW1? \ US, with a .z:t? tot of Now am Second bin* Good* ; !J rood Refruoratora, but Utii? >it?, A1! ut wLich rav* lx??n boafht ioi Ci-T. ar.J -yUi i-e sol i at k iiuall fuivaae#. Si. UUCllLY.i'iSTth rt'Mt,(eattiid?i) # it l'n* H#twror. <? at'd fl et*. TI1E srH8CKIRFKt? BEIN6 IN K KCEII'T i iT&suppif&l fior<S?. the? r?j? fa'Ar * ;:<nt iw C4~. tho ec. tinned ls.' 0'B of '.noir pitroca ax.d MA the ?ut>lie tenor*!It. _ST_ I us* also rc queue pec:*.. mttecttco of their' jr.iu r.r<! :^vj cc'torv.erf to ibfcit ?Srt!l of fO?a? intr?*t Una,cobsuti?* ?f tword?,B*'?,,*f"0?i,1*r tsr- am ' asrPacoMci'n to 11 H. ijondoc 4 C?? CttiiMi and M ;.it*ry Tailors* Not'c*.?Ail per?on? mdrhtsd m? th? tit* firm pf i.oudcn * lo , ortuan euoowwe, are urgent y rc?'iv?fctoi to th* sar.m without b. J. iiKiUl.Kt.KK * CO-. t*uoces?oi6 to U. 1 > .Cbdoa & Co., r.lt31-?o3:n Oiti*"u aad Military i wlorm, W~E^HAVK Ol'K^.EDTL4K9P. HTtMK uf TfT N I'NOKRBHinS ?M J UKftWKKb, *11 ten W.U to antd n rPMotfthl* IT'CM. a A ML W. THOMPSON, J'O troDtt. ( ll-M ?ndor HtowhV LAI?je,CT B?iUr* . AND SHOE*. AM kin, II J. B. PUDNRYT*, S34 Penu a?eoae, back of C!??fU'g Drr tiocxU bloa. Mi.N'S RUBBER BOOTS AND ?*10K8. At J. B PUDNKi lJr fa 11-tf Sit4 Pmi. it.. liaon Room J A K G E M A P b bEQRGIA, ?OLTTB^U^EOL*NA. ALABAMA. ubuabad bj toe SUte UoverBtaoaU o*> a r+ry na T*ri?l eo&le, mounted on ol^ta i?. ? rortab ? tui;n? M l' FRANCE TAYLol 4Qt\ CARD PHOTOGRAPHS AUH *OU AM) FRAMES. 'JoO Card PhotOfrtpSis n Tafia*?. inoin<ti&g ooytM of CfcnoeVietarM. AimCAHDVlHITKudOVAL PICTURE FRAMES, the IftrfMt a^ruwtl. from tif best c%uttl*ctor? is th* oonairj for UbU. U J. MAMKKlTEk'S. No. 45*6 HereDiii ?tre?'. (? il Fo. low*' B?il ssx&is sasis.!-i?. and wit! not harm tao mo?i dobmie own- TUg/ tititian. It aoctajDi iu nuutt.l. PrlC? PfeSS oo'ufr Ilia street and t* ?* ; m /.lu&bana, by HKMP V COOK fc CO.. Pratyirta. woM wit EVBBY PERSON* IPfTK.EKST ?That 1m took of Ciothiu* (or aajeover Gaits' Jew*iiy Store is row olWol at l!?ss tha;: vUoienals pnc-*, at SMTTH'tf. No. 4M Bersotk street. cr?o?!to PMliliU klM* TttigsriS? sgss ? I UHIRTS. CTII*T?? ?MI*T4'-,' *.' ?,^ ^ ?t ?i, ??l?n tad ??au*?. ??wU m*? Mi % *

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