Newspaper of Evening Star, May 13, 1862, Page 12

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 13, 1862 Page 12
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I ' c * <* /*EVPNTNG STAR. ! . WASHINGTON CITY: Tl'ESD&T MAT 13. IMS. ?** " ~ " 11 " " * " ' ~ L iOvm F*i*t*w at tbe various military cassps an? positions will ?onfe* brw by keeping a* potted m tr mr-fftnenta and attain In their Tlclnltlea. ftpirtl < ths Ntralai Prui. Tbe Inttl'-igenier notices, approvingly, the derision of JustlceSwavnt, In the case of the United States rj Janus W. Chenowlth, that the clanw of the Constitution which apeclfies " adhenug to tlie enemies of the United States, giving thein sM end comfort." applies only to those who give aid ina romior* w jrrtign mtmm, ana aoet ?o* ?ppiy to tbo*e who commit like sets In reaped to domestic rebel?. The l?tiUigenrtr says . " The purport of ?ki? doctrine la, that the party In the above-named cauae might have be a in v dieted for levying war against the United Piatts, bat cancot be indicted for 'adhering to their enemies' when the enemies are domeatlc. He might >?? indicted aa a principal, bat not aa an accea?. * .Jf r?. t ?v > * wvir. uthuk, (nxinuiiK 10 c<{i{LiiBO aumornifs la 'fusion there are no acce?*oriea, all are Principe'* " The Republican la anti-NcCIellanlah and negropboblalsh to day. i> f tht PruiitMt /tht Unittd Statu if imrtit?, A PROCLAMATION. Wbkkkas, by my Proclamation of tbe nineteenth of April, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, it ?a? declared that the porta of certain tfta'ea, Including tboae of Beaufort, In tbe State of North Carolina, Port Royal, in the State of South t * ? A ar ? ?*-? ? - -? - ? ' > aiutina, ana ^(w uneaai, in ice sisxc ci i Lou!*iana, were, for re^sona therein aetforth, 1n- I tended to be placed uader blockade; and whereea the said porta of Beaufort, Port Royal, and New Orleans have alnce been blockaded; but 34 tbe -) | >? ockade of tbe sam<> porta may now be safely related with advantage to th; Interests of ccmnwrce: Now, therefore, be It known that I,A? ..ham .L.1NCOLX, president or tbe United States, pursuant to tbe authority In me vested by the fifth aection f tbe act of Congr*?> , approved on the 13th of July last, entitled "An act further to provide for the collection of duties on tmporra, and for other pnrpos??," do hereby dcclare that the blockade rfthenld porta of Beaofoit, Port Royal, and New Orleans aball ao far ceaae and determine, from and after tbe flr?t day of June next, that commercial Intercourse with tho.?e porta, except I; aa to pervona and tbinga and Information contraband of war. may, from that time, be carried on, anhject to the laws of tbe United States, and to ? 1 llfr-WtHAiia mmA In ... m--? ?0 ? ? * vh? tH pui?uBiiv.c ui iuc rrgniiiItfonawbloh are pre?crlb?d by the Secretary of the Treasury In his order of this date, which la appended to thia proclamation. In witness where;f 1 fcave hereunto aet my f und and caused the aeal if the United Satta to be fllxed Done at the City of Waablnpten, this twelfth diy of May, In tie year cf our Lord, one r | tfecuiand eight hundrel and *sxtjr-two. ' "J and cf the Independence cf tbe United States the eighty-sixth. ? Abraham Liscviy. By the President: | William H Suvahd, Secretary of Stitc. "(The reaulat! ?>us of the tsfcreUty of tb Treasury, alindrd to In tb* Proclamation, taava not been j received Tbey will be published to mtrrow J OUR MILITARY BUDGET. f. * BOTTOM'S BRIDGE. Gen. McClellan may probably, U aecuit to us, be delayed some days before Bottom's bridge? oir tbe direct road to Richmond. We bear tbat It* approaches ar* not only densfly wooded, but swarnpy for miles on either side that the reed through them is substantially of carpentry, and therefore easily dvstroyable. That, unfortunately, is the only route for his army except very roendabout onea For instance, to essay to ^o , around tbe head of the Cbickabominy from tbat point, diatarft not more than fl/teen miles from Rt/<hiMii ? 11 k > auiim mie.wouia mvnve a march ft perhaps seventy-live mile* through a difficult r antry. yrlthcu' water facilities for transportation. We believe It to be the poller of the rebels to rt?lay bia army before Bottom'* bridge until they n.ay reio.-ve aa much of their war material In Richmond aa possible by rail to Danville, and t off aa n.any of the) r troop* by the same means of conveyance. It ae?ms probable that our fleet will, however. Interfere successfully to defeat that plan. That 1>: if It haa been pushel up wlthia shelling distance of the city. A t?TRANGF. IDE iS>.'.blag seem* stranger to k* than the Idea prevailing In some quarters that a rebel army twtWMn " * - _ .....j mm unjr muuuon >iroog, is ad vbK'.n^ from Richmond In the direction oI Gen. McDowell's front. Under the circumstances of "the situation" on the Peninsula, especially since the fill of Norfolk and the de?truction of the Nt rrlmx, it is simply an absurdity; the chance ft>r tLe success of any such rebel movement not beln^ one in a hundred, a* Davis, Jchii?on, and Ma^ruder well know We place no faith in this rumor, because crediting the rebel leader* with knowing to? much of the art of war thus to adopt the pciicy moat likely of all otbers ho to cr! i pie them?elves a* not only to ensure the defeat of their army opposed to McCleiian, but also fho capture .of any force they may venture upon *o hazardous an experiment. Their present aim i? but to get as many of their trooos and u m?~t> I ; . of their material of war aafely out of Virginia as jxHS.bie, and to divide aad weaken their main fcrce, already too weak to do more than rfirtit before th?* army of the Potomac, la not the p-'i'.cy likely to enable them to accomplish that object. THE JAMES RIVER. I ; The J a me* river Is ? ?*? *v* ^VIU^ 1 ' uner* drawing eleven feet of water quite up to the city of Richmond. That It: unless (be rebels have succeeded In ao blocking ths channel wirh a vjrken stone fleet, above City 1'olut, <ts to In*- rfere with the progress tf vessels If *een.* ?r be understood that our gunboats are past City 1'olat where the rlvsr is shaliowtst. Many of our gunboat*?even cf the most form.Jablt of ihem?draw not more than nine feet. If It his been the policy of Gen. McClellan and 'cmmoduie Uoldsborough to advance the gun* totals much ahead of tbe army, we see no reason ? > dcubt that by this time Richmond Is almost if quite at the mercy of their guns. r.irsta n?K NORFOLK. A battalion o( L* S marines are under orders to procted to Norfolk to guard the navy-yard and ether placet, and expect to leave this afterneon. ? SDirtAT!t> ?The action of tke Hook y eater day in modifying the fort* and dockyard! emancipation bill of Mr Lcrejoy so as to eondoe Its application wholly to terrltorlea, was a aubatautial victory over th? faction of the body bent on cvrrtarnlng tbo Constitution. Tkey ?w that the Houae would by a large majority vote down tb?ir proposed attempt to Interfere with slavery in tkt ttot**, and therefore to prevent the expoaltlon of thfc4r real week nets that would be Involved In th- defeat of their meature, tbey look tiiu? by tfee forelock, and themselves to modified It as that, if It becomes a law, It will (imply amount tea virtual declaration cf the purpose of Cop. great mot to ioferftre with slavery lo the State* I . Financial.?:New York paper* of yesterday report the f Mowing: Hales of atock* : U.S. 6 t of le^l, registered. ICS; coupcu#, IC3#. Oregon war loan, 101. V. P 5'* of 1671, registered. W* l 0 5 of l-?|, coupons, 06. One year certltt* f if. cate? luOil'WIf 74 J Treasury note*. 1U5>? Border Prate rMoeka are without change. New York 71 are quoted at 114#; Kentucky 6'a, 91, Illlnola coupons, 87; lUlnola war loan, M, TeaaoMM 6'a% 59*; North Carolina81,7*California 7'a, 9l\] Mlaaourt 6'a, Am#rlean gold. 1U0HArroiHTio ? Aiooso Johnson, of Mew -York bia been appointed to a temporary clerkafelp la the PeiiiM Bureau m \TT 1 he re?elrt of < oUoa at Claciaaatl from i> t?uvllie 'on* daring ti?? past week will amount to l.MJU lab* f.mtt#.? 1 ->.iui?? ?? v.? ? " pt jib cations la the interior at tbr rate ol I I *** UTS NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. IMPORT AST FROM THE 80UTHCom. Pert r's Fleet off Tort Ilorgai en ronte to B?Hle. Oar f.unboat* Reronnelterlng In the BBUDnnu nifci Niw York, May 13.?Commodore Por?cr'? fleet are reported a* hiving been a< en rtfFort Morgan, near the entrance of Mobile harbor, on Thursday. An attack on the Cliy waa hourly expected. <>ar gunboats were reconnolterlng the Hirannah rlrrx on the morning of the smoc day. Braartgard Reinforced by Gen. Ltrrll with 30 000 n?. [?per*ial to the Chicago Tlm^a J?The atjam. er Mftora baa arrived from Pittsburg Landgj which placc -'be left on Sunday morning. There had been no general engagement, though the two armlet threaten each other more than at auv previous time. The fufmT la atren^tbenlng bit defend f;r tbe drf-at of our armita. An Immecae force of negrot* ar?? at work felling trees, and strengthening the earthworks It la now known that Omtral Lnttll has*eathid Ccriaih, bringing with him hl? army of 3d,(>00 men from New Orleans. Rraurp^srd wai nr?n?r!nu hli nrmv ' r <1. . perate struggle. Our reconnoiterlng parties invariably meet tlie enemy, go where they will, ar.d In the woods nlong the roads the rebels teem present In overpowering numbers. Our forces are, at the same time, strengthening their position on a grand scale. Hoads are bting cut through the woods to facilitate the movements of the different divisions, guns are being mounted In pre it numbers, and nothing la being left wanting on our part to win the contest. The Rebels la AackcUth Jtfl Davis Aypwnts a Day rf Fasting and Humiliation. New Makebt, Va., May 12?A Richmond paper, mid?mn jusxani, wucu wa? seen yesterday by an otliier, publishes * proclamation ct Jeff Davis, 8||?olmin:j Friday next asadiyof fasting and humiliation, to be observed throughoat the Confederacy. Freiu the Miiataia Drpsrtment. NlwYoix. May 14.?A dispatch from Parkfrsburz to the Times says: The two guerillas recently raptured were hung at Chester on the 9th. Oei<erals Schenck and Milroy are safe. CONGH HBSlOliA L. ? I JULY Hth COF1 OR ESS?Ssc?h4 IrnUa. Sksate ? After our reoort closed vesfprdsv? f tie bill providing for the collection of taxes In the inaurrectlon&ry districts was, after some discussion. passed 'I he bill facilitating the discharge of disabled soldiers c; m" br>ck from the House with amendmen's, which were concurred in. i'be House resolution looki to an adjournment on tte third Monday In the present month was taken up and rejccttd. floCfeK.? After our report closed ? The bill to render freedom national and slavery ectional was emended l>v Mr. Lovejovao aa to reatl 68 follows, arid passed : To secure freedom to perauns within the Tcrrltori-s of tLe United Slatea: B* it >nact"i. ire , 1 hat alavery or involuntary servitude, ;n all case* whatsoever, (other than In the punishment i f crime, whereof the party shall L;ive been duly convicted ) shall henceforth cease and be prohibited forever in all the Territories of the United Sta'.c-a now existing, or hereafter to be fotUi'd or acquired la any way. Tlc hill making an appropriation of S#,(KX>,uu0 for the payment of bounty to the widow* bud 1t?1 helra of vcluuteera was paMed after a abort debate. ArroiNiMKNTs ?The following nominations have been confirmed by the HenaU JJan'l K. Sickles. Brig. Uen. of Volunteers. Harvey Brown, Brevet Brig. Gen. U. 8. A. Wm. E Merrill. Brevet Capt Eng'ra, U S A. Ohas. O. Howard, Capt 18!h Infantry, U.S.A. S Wll>v OA I 1 -? " - .. | m-m \ u*< ibi nuaniry, V. D. /V G A. Rowley, 2d Heat. 2d Infantry. D 8 A. M. Howard, 2d Lieut 5 h Infantry, U H A. K. R. Corson, Assistant Adl't Ge. of Vols. Jos. Hlbb?rd. Assistant A?lj't General of Vols. P. F Porter. Brtgade Quartermaster of Vols. L Van Vleft. Assistant Quartermaster of Vols. )no * " " " , .?>uau, vyumiiiii?Bry oianosutenceor Vol*. Wtn J McClure, Commls?ary of Sub. of Vol*. John XV. Hunt, Brigade Surgeon of Vol* J. C Ramsey, Commissaryof Sub. of Voli. G F. SpHlman, Commissary of Sub of Vols. Assista*' Qvart'tma^utt ?G. II White, Chn?. K. SooUb. G<-orge 8 Dodge. George Ely, Charles Goodman. Wm Hooper, j. K King, Wm G. Morris, Charlts Hnyt, G VV. Wcod'urldge, John H. Tlahe, Wm Stoddsrd. Joseph Juttlce, H. A. Conaut, George p. Webster. J. H. Mansfield, Consul at Bogota. C7" The menirchy of England >*!U be retire ?*nuti ti tte Inauguration of the International Lxb bltlon by a vacant tbrcne. on eitiier ilde ( t whl~h will be placed bu?N of tbe <Jue*n and P;ince Coaiort. In lront of thin will *tar.d the Royal Commi^lcneri lr. tUeir robe* ct nUt>-, and here the prayers and addrease* will be read y-w??*TTENTION. MfcTROFOLlfAN RIFLI'.s !?A ovl*i meet n< of the C<>mp?!:y wil< h* led on TO MuRhmW (W*die?daj) tVK.N I.NO, tuC yui insiatit, &l the Metropolitan Hook an1 I ad <er Home. Uj order Capt, W M H. ^*Lirr: in 13 If E. C. EC' K LOFF, geo-VTff-FUULIC TEMPERANCE M!- ET1NG ? L_3 tiocd ??iit4rit?D Hivislou *oua c Temp;r ance will hold :n?;r r*<ol?r m>>n'h r puMio moet,r.c at T-'ispartioe 11*11, oa TLEsOAV EVE rVlNH. th? is?h t.ikf*o? -'-1? , ..w) > w v giuQAt A om^srsooo ffgfcgiMt iuvitad. in 13 2t If ATTENTION. I1FTH WARD UNION lL?f DEMOCRACY.?-Tf. ere wil Imt meetini cfttn l'n oa D?mrca?io voters (f 'h^ Fifth W?'d on TUESDAY' KVENIMi, M?y)3th, 18?, *t 7* o'coot e" ** ?&:; ' Hotel for tnn pu'Pone c f loc-i-t five de:rc&te? to repieaeat tlia \v aril iu the National fnitn Democratic Conv* ticnin '3 2:' ANDREW P. McKENNA.8?o. Il NOTICE-TO THE VOTERS OP TH^ LL5 SIXTH WARD ?Ycaare reipeotfully inviie-1 to at eiid a meeting on WEBNh>I)*Y LVKNINtt. 14. h instant at8 o'clock, at Od-I Fet ; -wi' Hal . Na?y ? a>d, to take ?stii action a? may l*s deemed a?o?t p ud?nt at the coming raun c i >1 e eo ton It ? decired that every ?oter Wi I m present who is in favor cf the war polioy of tea ad . . iiaxnuvit iiio.uiine mo reo<?tjt emancipation a-:t U .? exacted cf the candidate* 10 answer tn*?e that evfrT vctor ma* kr.ow what h- l* voting for Tumi eut in jour might an biiaiueae <>f creat importance >? to 1-e tr&uaaoted. Th? rai Ui'i?tfu fc;0 itbf actiu.ij invited totopree eat. m 12 at* vyiUK NATIONAL UNION MKN ?f the 'JsS Tn.rd Waid < ppoead to the 9'eaer,t munioi p<vl ticket, to a. o tt oni?in ;or the i.epubnoan part* >, are rcjueatrd to atten: a meeting to he held *t Tempeianoe II?I! TUK.^DAY hV^NlNQ, T% u'ckjci, fit the pur^oae of appointtPs: fle!eg%t?k ro the sen?r%! ?ouiinaticc oonvention. f do f elect 1 ng % w?rd ticket. m in at* fflpTHKUNION PRAYKR MKETlNtt Will 11^^ be h?j)des evci^ day tfcia we?k id the Lether u uasiiMi) i ac*i Jt u UfltiOr'iiJ tt the corner ot UtL and H streets, oommenowg it IX o'eiook p n?? and continued tut on* hoar. ja W UTITCHCU LINEN SHIRT FRONTS, ?o Beit styles, alt srice*. FERRY * BRO? m 13 6> Pa. an?l Ninth street. ?<ILK AND LACE WRAPPING. We have just rece'Ttd (fh's day) car third sup py ?f xiu MANTLES, and ftACQL'I- 8, alia LACE MsNTLES, and POINTS; mating our too* now very oompiete in all the leading stjles ol t;.s statin. Laoies will please call early. M. TAYLOR A ? O , m '3 eo6t No. 4* Center Market 8p*o?. ARMYANUNAVV BLtE FLANNELS, ftf mm. 1UMUN ena aoiora tbet oen l*e leiied on. A lull etjck of neaiam and thin WOOL.EN8 for Gents', Voath'a and Bor.' wear. One tr:o*oolf marked in plain bivrea, theaotns 1 oa?h standard vaiua ; henoe, so piuohaser U Co oei* d. , , Ai IDIpaction of stoot aolloited at all iiraes from re*neata and stringers; U impLira 00 oblicatiua to pnrciia'a. PfcWHY * bKo.. m )3 6( P? a??nu?ardMiith it. T""-" 00VL1E8. PILLOW COtTONS ANOUMKNS. And a:i oilier kinds ol Dry Goods fjr kou?tke:p era' uk, at oar piovrrbiaily low prioes. marked in 9lain r (?i;e??ti.e *oiual oath saudard vane. An inspection < f aiock eauoited fio.n etraagera. m j turners and re ideuia ; it icoura no ob.uation to rv.otaa. fhKlV A BMo.. n? 3 ttt Pa. aver-ne an?i Nmtn at (^tNTLbMEWB CLUB HOL sE. The andrreifaed oeg leave to aail the attention of Ui ettiseae and tr&vtuju common;? to the koBM tbe/ na?e ja?t opened Tor U? aeooounodat'OH of xet.t rm*>. ?t-' lora i b? labia wi,i be t u/plted vim an id dati0MI6I Ol llM IMIOB. 'fk? ilMCOSU'Sllll u lufid aoaobuio^ Uqam*>. Ao . M oiir'o^lSStd tfcif or an/ otJjar our. No laiu nor i idod^a ?h*li r>a apareu to jjra ulaotioa to til vtiv mar ??trvai?. ibe aoaio strict at emit, a to or^rj Uj?T Ja ?trrn ?tr dtiuara, 4o a ?<*,?" vo7?J fcutiui te, va ito. Menu aunatail, uu tue ? "t" *" *: a*'?*1" ?a?i, taulr by ??Heoii eaa^al LAarwm. p u a )l ?m flKOWN 4 DOWNlAU. M 11| . - ? FURTHER PARTICULARS OF THE OCCUMTIOH OF RORFOU. More tltnl ths Merriraac ? The P??trnri Ion *f Gtiporl Xarr Yard?The JI?nitor aud >i?|a>Kk en root* to Richmond. From the correspondence of the Baltimore Anurir 1* we take the following n * nr * a_ _ .a _ _ ururimi ?> 001 iwi posscwion, u <U property of the United State*, of tl-s Custom Howe, about dnsk on Biitwrdiv everlng, and ibe flag of the Tenth New York Regiment waa hoisted over It. So noon aa the ceremonies of tsklne possession j of the city were finished General Wool, accompanied by Secretary Chase, and several members of his staff, Immediately started back for Fortress Monroe, proceeding by the route the army had advanced from Point Pleasant. A boat was ttere I Is waking and General Wool arrived rt the fortress at 11 o'clock ths nme nlffht. and an uoanced to the President and the'Secretary of War the grrtlfytng intelligence of tie surrender and post.-?- on of Norfolk. the troops were not marched In on Saturday night, or the burning of the Navy Yard and the vessels would not have been accomplished. At four o'clock thla morning a bright light was observed from Fortress Monroe, In the direction of Craney Island, which was supposed at fmt to be a signal of some description from the steamer Merrlmac. It waa clooely watched by the oiflcers of the picket boats, as well by the various naval ve?sels of the fleet, and precisely at half-past four o'clock an explosion took place which made the earth and watertremble fir mlies around. Ia the midst of bright flames which shot up through the distant blaze the timbers and Iron of the monster steamer could be seen flying through the air, wklllt ?1 m - - - iiiiuivuk ?utuiuc WI 81UOK6 rO'P Up RDQ form time obnrnred everytting. No doubt wat entertained that the veritable Merrlmac, the Bonnier of the ocean, had ceased t? eilst, and had doubtless been abandoned by the crew Thla was the report which the picket bwta brought in the morning, and ttie fact that a he ivy explotk . wat heard about the time mentioned give assurance that the report wis comet. Immediately at the upper point of tha island we iuuiiu b uiw i f oiacsenea wreck floating on tbe water, some of it proceeded from tun ken portion! of tbe *?*sels. We bad also pasted large quantities of floatlog timber on our way up, alt of wblch appeared to have been torn and rended into spiltiters. On inquiring f t th<* men found on the iaiand we ascertained that tbe Merrlmac bad laid during Saturday at point nearly a mile below tbe poaltion in wblchtse) fragments were observed During tbe night, however, she bad been brought back and run asbore. Her entire officers ana crew were landed on the Island, and a alow match being applied t> her magazlre, which contained several tiotiaand pnur.di of powder, was rended to fragnrents by the time the crew were out of reach of tbe falling timbers. Tbe negroes state that the o?cer* and crew passed through the adjoining country on the mainland about o'clock in '.hp morning, to tiie number of over two hundred. They said they were on their way to Suffolk, from whence they would proceed to Richmond We gathered up a number of fragments of the wreck as n.enieatoes, and sp?d on our way to Norfolk. un the line of the river leading from Craney Island to Norfolk thercarenot leu than tlx heavy earthwork*, mounting In all about slxty-nlue cinnon, all of which are still hi poaltlon, except those that were In the works near the N&Vil Hospital Theae are ?ald to have been taken to Richmond during: the past Wet-V Not f*r above Craney Island ii the fatnitu river barricade, of which so much bis been said. Although the liver here is neatly a mile wide, a line of piles has b?en driven f.-cm shore to shore, with the exception of an opening In the center of tbe channel for veaseis to pass hi and out. Here were two steam pUe-driVfrs which had been u??d for this work, and near the opening wa? mo?red the hulk o( the old frigate I'niu-d states, which It was proposed to sink here In case our vessels should have succeeded In passing the fortification* There she stands, however, having refused to atnk, it is said, or to take it* position at the ibnnlnlMl ?! ! ? W?li ?? * r| r .,vv. .? v?t UVIIT7 4UI IUC U1U I'DKCU States. Immediately commanding thla river barricade la a moat magnificent oa??maVd battery, forming a half circle, and mounting eleven heavy euns It la beautifully fodded. and la moat formidable. On tbe oppoalte bank of the river la another battery, wlta two or thrre othtr ain*ll worka before you reach old Fort Norfolk on one aide of the I river, and the Naval Aaylum battcrlea on the o her On all oltheae woraa, Including Sewell'a Point, the rebel nie had been lowered by tbe fleet and the American flag substituted. In addition to tbe amount of ammunition left In the battery aheda, th? magaxine*, of which A ? mere was a great number, were left well tilled. The amount of powder In (he magazines la ratimated at >".,000 pounds, and the tlxed ammunition could be enumerated by the cargo. The harbor cf Noif ilk looked most beautiful, and the green foliage of the tree* gave a summer aspect to the whole landscape, aa we laid ^n tbe broad expanse of water b- twren the two cities. After cruising about for nome tlino among the fleet, we landed at the wharf aud took a stroll through the city. It being Sunday, of course all places of business were closed, and tbe city presented a most quiet aspect. The wharves were crowdey with blacks, mile and female, and a goodly numbrr of working people, with their wive* and children, were strolling about. Soldters were stationed on the wharves and plrket-d through the city, whilst tbe flag of tbe I'nlon flov.ea In triumph from the cupula of the customhouse. This flag, by the way, la the regimental u k ui luo iuiq new y or* regiment. The bouses through the city were generally closed especially most of tho>eof the wealthier classes. Some of the females on the streets scowled at ihe horrible Yankees, and some almost attempted to spit on the m, but there was a subdued quiet among the middling clone*, which their countenance implied to mean a dtixlre to watch and wait for further developments. The Secessionists, especia ly among toe men, did not however go to pouting They talked boldly of the Southern Confederacy, declare their determ'tlon to receive Confederate money, would h^ve nothing to do with the Lincoln shin planters, and we'e full of coDlldence that In twenty days Norfolk would be repossessed and the Yankees driven out. ffl A ? 1 " ? i rue 10 me spirit or Secession the Arc, a* I ai tlclpatedon Saturday,and which threw a broad read glare acros* the hvaven* on Saturday nl^ht, Rroceeded from tfe destruction of the Portsmouth lavy Yard, which was done by order of the Rebel Commandant. It la now almost a mass of ruins, scarcely anything left but wall* and tall chimneys. Even the Immense stone dry dock, which cost nearly a million of dollars, wa.t mined anl damaged, and it Is said that the?nglne and pump belonging to It was removed to Rlchmo id. ri uiisi remaining nere tbi* evening Commodore Goldsborough ordered the Monitor and t) e Naugatuck to return to Fortress Monroe, coal u > and proceed up tbe Jamea river to-night Notbli r dettalte baa bt-en hturd from tbe Galena, tbe Port Roy&l and tbe Arostaok, which went up on Friday. Tne aeceaalonlRU In Norfolk admit that tbe Galena effectually ailenced all tbelr lower batterlea on tne Jamea river, but at Sandy Point battery abe got aground, and that one of tbe other boats wblch came to her aaalslance waa aunk Aa to tbe truth of thla ataument 1 have been unable to obtain anything definite, but have no doubt that the (ialena baa been doing good service. It la thought that this atory had btcn promnli/atMl to prevent (be desertion" which were constantly taking place among th? troops at the time of the evacuation, and to obviate the difficulty experienced In carrying the Virginia troop* with them. They left here ostensibly for Richmond, but It Is the belief that they are off for the Kingdom of Cotton. Whilst the l?nlon men of Norfolk are reserved and fearful, those of Portsmouth, on the contrary, gave the meat enthusiastic u*timnnu ??'? ..? ? ?~~MJ vu uuuuaj iu brbalf of tbe f&lth that la In tbem. The destruction of tbe Navy Yard baa given great dissatisfaction, and aa we ateamed along tbe wbarvca quite a number of flaga could be seen auapended irom private residences. Small boya were parading tbe streets wun dags. evidently manufactured by thelf mothers, and tbere waa every evidence that with a better aupply of banting tbere will be no lack of tbe disposition and determination to ulv? u tn ?>?? r*"~~ . _ n ?v viCC3C< * "t pum- I session of a concealed Federal flag was deemed an act of treason by tbe Rebel authorities?all that could be found were destroyed?-bence tbe present scarcity among tbe people. Some of tbe men aod officer* of tbe Merrlmac have been arretted la Norfolk. One?tbe tailing master?although professing to be a rebel, spoke very candidly with regard to her previous operalions. On being questioned as to ihe effect of the Monitor's shells on tbe Merrlmac, be protested that not one of tbem bad entered her. 'i b?*y had made heavy dents, and welded tbe Iron, but tbe only damage done her by tbe Monitor's heavy blows was 10 start some of her timbers and cause her to leak badly. Tbe onlv *hot that bsd really lnjaied her was that of the lung gun of the Cumberland, which entered her port and split one of ber guns wide open, tbe splinters of which killed three men and wounded some fifteen, Including Com. Buchanan, who baa nearly recovered. Tbe Secessionists of Norfolk denied that tbe Merrlmac bad been blown np The Sailing Master said be bad not been aboard of ber on her last voyage, but there was considerable trouble onboard. He admitted that bam ? h?r bad been uawllilng for her to attempt to fight the Monitor, whilst other* were anxioaa for

another conflict. Ha admited that Commander Tattnal had been ordered to ge up the Yorh river about two wee ha alnee, which he declined to bey. He then reoel red an order from R ichmoad thai cn the evacuation et Craney I aland he ehoold procetd up the Jamee river, and ?rrw aa a battery to bloc hade and protect Richmond from the gabDaats He mid that there were aomo on board who were not willing to fight ea her any more nd they would he glad to blew her np. A 'Majority were uuwiillag to fight the Monitor, whlcn they would hure been oompeUed to do bad they gone up the J raw river Wblle the ?aVy yard wm being dmtroyed on ** ?- 0 i 11 j' Sttnrdar night, ano'her party wu engaged In firing the ?hlpfHn^ and *ttambonia la tbc harbor Among these wire the steamer William Leiden, to!en nt tbe commencement of the war from the Norfolk and Knltlmore Steamboat Company, the Oayoga, the Pilot Boy, and other email crifl. There were alao two Iron-clad gnnboata, which wcte aaflnlsfced, aet oa Ire and floated towarfta Norfolk, probably far the purpose of destroying the city Th? Are men, however, towed them out ana exun<>i;iBnea ?nem. This work of des'ructlon wn accomplished on Saturday night after thtFrdml troops had occupied Norf -Ik. and the incendiaries could be ?eea moving about In the darknen*. w!th their | itchpine flambeaux, like so many diabolical vlaitants. The scene Mrongly ren.lnde'd the apectator of the panorama of the burning of Moscow, end with the Immense flame that it threw forth made the acene one of terrible grandeurPlcketa and troopa have been thrown ont several mile* In the rear of Norfolk, and active ca latanoe will be given to General McCtaUan in clearing Vfrglnta of the Rebels. ! - The steamer Hero came down Ihe James river th's evening from the neighborhood of Williamsburg, and brought duwn about four h'ludred prisoners from Gen McClellan. Thla puts an end to the donbtl that had been promulgated by tbe assertion of tbe secessicalsts tfctt the MeriiDac had not be?n blown op, but bad cone up tbe James river to Richmond, which, of coarse, the could not do for want of sufficient water. Tbe Rebels around Norfolk did not leave until Saturday morning, when tbey evacuated in great haste Camps or three cavalry regiments were found In the rear of Norfolk, bearing evidence of having Just been evacuate A* the troops retreated through Norfolk towards Suffolk tbey helped themselves to private and public property without distinction Prl vnir napies wprc rsrr?en open ana carnage horses and harness token off. without any one daring to question tbelr right. A large number of young men In Norfolk admitted that they had been In the service, and had deserted during the fight. Tbey all professed to be Union men, and repressed great satisfaction at the coming of oar troops. E'OR 8AL.E? A. fair of hands )me crej MAHtS, I one a lieaauful riding horse : se'l together or singly. Ap?ljf>rtw<? oar* l - .r Dr. OKL6SO Veterinary Surgeon. 2S1'* r-*Ik ?tr SO? >iMe 1J#U uVI X-?H1 m at JCOAL-COAI -COAL.! UST Ocokirp Con , which I will set: &t $ri"5 per tor f on the TMael, anrt at ?7 P*r too (2 .'4# pounds! at the yard. Also, always tin ii&nd a *< "I quality of Oak and Pne Wood, which will bo eold at the U wMt in ?rket price for oath, (jftue on tto oorcer of Ain'h and K straetr. ui 12 3T GFOROE T. LANGLF Y. PROPOSALS WILL BK KEClil V H> AT K the Mavor'a Otfio^ untii Saturday, Mar >7.h. at 12 o'olock noou, {or grading a>.d graveling fc>eT?i.ttt stroet wastfr-m the south side of L street nirth to toe north side of Bounlarv street Proposes Will state the price per nua e yard for grtv* iag. irciudiDg the grading th it may be re<i r d to form the street. The travel U> t># n.n? loocea de. p in th* c 'liter, oil to four mo lies dee* at t- e gutter lia?. and to be ra eJ?! a 1 stone of imp-op?r sie, and well rolled with a hr avy n?l!er. 'fk . ?<* k. A .?? a~ ?L. ? -as -# - All *lC?-'JUfc tU I/O U UD IU IUC MUBIA iiOfl OI 106 Commiafionert Defjr? th? wjrk ol traveling ooiniu*nc:a. JOS. E. RaWL'NGS, Commissioner Western D strict, m 13 (intal. tt Repnh.) (^ROCEHIES, W^NKS^ WHISKIES, AND Pure Ground Coffee, 8r*en White and JavaCoti<?, aiidelion C<>fl Prime B aok and Srwn Tea*. ?*rown. Yellow and Wtiite Sugar*. Plain and tLgar cured Ham*. )>eyto<i ? a.aa .'amieeont Cracker , Frotcli Piur;es and Cuulcinc procrs. French Mnttaidand 0.i?eOil, C/l ves Aimocds, Currants, T al.'a ? n'l I , < Ii^lr in# m aieina G<>id-n Mnjp ar.d Ne* urioarg Dinner V&rmcheJ X a K? Tubs and Coo era, H ovouil Va.rn'?^?d Hoynt, Flour in barrel* and t>8(c*. at ?ow??t ?rie??. At L A DEL.LWJG'9 SUPERIOR OLD FORT WINK. hherrr. Madeira. Fine U randies, H 'l and Gin. Hone Coiditi, Fia# Oid Whiskiss, In bottles ard oa dranght. At L. A. DELLWIG'3. CIDKR, CIDKR !?A prim# article of "*Mt L.tder, cp drai>r it and for rale iu kef ? and bar rel?, at I., a. 1>KU.WI6'jJ Also. well seMoned OAK and FINK WOOD for eaie and frompty delivered by L A UELLWI6, m 10 St Heremh street ?a?t_ ? BYB and ig/Ln.. DEAINE8S. f Ol'THALMIC AND ACHAl. INSTlTVTB, 2>I7 Prnniylmia Avrnnet Oppokit) Willardk' Hot*), Devoted to the tr? tin?nt Mki> Surgically, ol a l iiivrvJics of tuo L Y K a NI' t.'.H, in ohargo of OR F A. VOM UflSLUZISKER, OCULIST AND AURIST, From Clmtoo Place, Now York CityTESTIMONIAL". In foMishiEf the foiiow.n< 'emmon-als, Dr. Vor Moschsntfcer f vt to st*tA tint he n on j iudu >ed to do as ttiey pr< ~ *ed from n>aro?s so high an! ra liable to r*;id?r it a matter <1 t ratrfi -aton for him not only to possess, but to publish thvm * TRimriT DiriRT hkht, M?y 8,13C2. In attoftation <>1tie fknl of i?r Von M > o" z ??er a?anAuri*t, I w?.nirt?tAi. ir.At t have Lean? tflicted witli de&fuoM, whioh rc^ .. re.t a very loud Toiea to enable m? to hear rr.-'e: tft" treitme t f I?r. Von Moachz'skcr. in th* coii'?a < f ihrer? rronth*, I1 ave o far recovered that 1 car. n"W >< ar c...nver?ati<>n ia ordinary tone of vaioe.a* d all diaatreeable fee ink* wnioh aoenmpnn.ei the ceafnea*, ?uc.'i as nuuti in the head. an<; iiifliarjea frcm tneear, have nearly, a-d I truatvrnl v-?rr ? > n ?ne entirely. \v.Ii. Coeie. From the Him. Sttiator J. V. Simmon'. Mr. ?'-ooke'a oia* if d?i! e-? L\? l>een lonkpown to inc. as 1 hai inaott cifficu'.ty in inaki!" him hear. * * a t a |reat elevation of voice. 4. iiira mn yiraanrrio aaa my tra-lmontai to the froImi ol?I tkil! ?>f Dr M' ?c*:z ?lrer. a? I am ow able to ooiitrerrn ir.y fri*mJ, Mr. Cooke, aa with other yerauna in inf ueuil to- a J. F. 8I*moss, U.S.8. WA8HI56TO t, Ajrli 19, IMS. Ttaia is to o^rtifr that tii* ne?ru j of iny aor.\ boy r ihi'teen yeara of a*e l;*a hea greasy impaired to; aoin? years. 1 a n (.roud to tUte that tua h?arinjc ia now restored bj t!ie treatment of Dr. F- A. V< n MofChn'*?r. t? whom t won ; r'oomn.ead all who are siR oted in that way. Wm. Bladi, 5*3 Maasacnuaetta averm, between ?ui and 5:h atraeta. Mayok'b Orpica. voui|oii'wn, April rJ, Thia la to ontity that iut hearint haviuf bean mcoii impaired (or for aoo.9 time fact, I plaoed myaeif mder the po'bjeiona; treatment of Dr. Vi>u Moechxuker. Alter a few week* of Ins care, I *xf>erieroo?i a veir peroopti 1*, a>-d at hia time mi bearing m as K'XkI a* it ha? been at anj ume within rr<y reoolieoti 'n. m9-1 w* HtrMfi aiigno* Mayor. VCHARLKS H FOW LLH k. CO ,OS| JMPURTEKS, Jl WHOLE*ALK AND R1TAJL Wit} EBALIBSIM CHINA, SLASS ANDEARTHKN WARE, Bares: ftBurjs?"Roll Metai G >odfl, Chiiuoera ami Wicki, tn 8-lm.if *04 (Port KH!ow?' HaU)7h at^^OMK ONK. 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Aa Array Medioal Board wi l?n?mb'? ia V\ a*h ins ton, i> C-on the lit of June next for the examination of apflicaata for adtniaaion into t*e Me ioa1 Corps or the Armr. Inaid.tionto the ordinary re^uuenien'e of moral obaraoter. medioal a .d turcica! k jowledge, *ood aeademo education, and aou.d phytica' condition, the applicants ranat be familiar with tue pnnc p ea rf bjfteoeand the conditions neoeerary to th? heaitn el the truopa in hoopitaia. cairn wi tnniwirta A j>?iio\t;crn mnit b* add retted to tha Seoretarr of war. Ihrouifa tfce Sargeon SeneraJ;nml ??at? th9 rear ecoe of U>? appiieaiit, and the date and place of hi* birth. They maat aleo be aoo?mr acted t refereceea wi!i receive to attention) by eiv &> le te?umoniala of hia poeseaaiu the mo r d piiTtioa! qua ifioat ona re^viaite for fitliug ore ?h y the reejonnMa atation, and for parlor nee ably ??ie ardnore %nd active datiee of an officer of the Medical MtsiT. App loanta b? between twenty mm and < *??(y eight jeare ofaie. No ailowan*e la made for the exaena** of n?r sons mderKting theee examinations, m tbej an lcdupersUle prerequisite* to appotataim.t; but those who are p pprovsd and reoeive sp?oistin*iiU will he entitled to iransforUtian on obcrnc their first order. 'J h*re are now and soon will oooar, several Taotnoiee 11 the Medioal 8t%ff. re 10-3t COAL! COAL!! C O A L!!! f 8ayitic reoeived a Urge toantitj of ASH EGG AND H-JOVE COAL. dirp"?" of the ?mt at moderate prices. In all eases 2 .340 pnuud* t" the ton ti. L. tfHEKiFK. Yard Pa. * , m 6t Kepub > bet. and 4S iU RKG6^! ECEIVING Daily, so to SO barrels fresh repaoied EGGS, and will be eold cheap for eash by A. PNlVfcLY, m 8 1 id * No ft Commerce st. Faitimere. Wd. 486 NEWJTOC*. 48fi inTKKlUK ADORNMENTS J nit received a ohoioe asleotion of new ud ilrmbfl styles. PAPERHAN8IN6S. Prom the rioh and ornet% to tha most akuta and ftinot'e pattern*. appropriate for Parlor*. Ha..*, JJiutnc Room*, ana Chamber*. F1REBOARD PRINTS. 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No 4M Seventh at., doors above odd Pellowa' Hall; aad tKe terme, Cneh tor tooda and labor m 1-1 mtf TSU^MSMCTKM ntm. jnat received by 8spjre4f-1?a -S*" York. a.?a *? mmimoj Bfc WHITK,N?.ULl?.. M. ?tt ui M atrMta, oaaoaiM U? Kli Bwk M VV'MklHteB. CERTIFICATE# OF INDEBTEDNESS, v Q?inirwm?n Cbaeka Mi Ttatton, T 1-10 Tre??*rT Mala, Unit*! Stale* Bonda, 1"" ^1iASfa. 7 HE Und*ra<(E?^lM? ufUMtrnof C>??*tt A May, fcUa ilwfcrfte IWlM Ha fnaudsaad jaa^y.aaTC^aa waaiai tM *?? .WMMMWI gy,) b?tvee*ttfe?nd 'vth, *? * * vSltlMB FORF.teV ANVUDOMK8T1C DRY GOODS, to tS* prw?>M innmIuu mm bopM br oonstMt partoMi a^ct: on Una^4~S2SSe?u ; I AUCTION SALES. rmm ArrnKNovy & to- WO s h O* By 2 O. Mo6l HHA < \" A* g ' IVKKNMKNT-A! ?.OF IRAVI ill , 0 VI y-Vn fl K~f AY I rnt\"i'.V y.L 13'h,Ml^'o oek. > ?r?r. . mt ?r,* ? A t*r?? Bu. U ut. : ? a V.r?* H ?u?i .teitri id r^r ?"f <>-? . r.?'? Hr?t# ?e*r th? *outh ??lr of ?* I* r?! irowd at it.* eit*w <1 (he pcrchc ML ? -- ?>11 ?w ?? ijr r Terms oash ?n B- order of the I >< ?* m??l I C MoSI iKt * r<< ^n. Br (iRfch N A WILLIAMS. Auct eiffi. C4LKOFM"LK,CAaT? HAK NK r'?* t<\? \ !?r#Li?, tMtvt*. ?"H ?i? ?'rrir? Ki?> Trg?. Ac. At ah t ?> *.????. wti.^v.sKn, IM l?i UltlDI "ciLi 1 I" M i OC K.t *t the C \ wd of * . %\ Hi". K*., ("t?fr,| Sev?atk ?treet tn-l NrucMrfi nf:* ? tae Northern Mft'kf,??e < I * - * o ei \ 1 1 f*C*1l' nt M?i?. 1 C?rt?. ? >ft? Hvr. . Co*. r*o?!f?. whiaA S * ?o n i Cr*i jjiem, tk ve i, Offise F?. re i'\<te. Ac. *o Term* ci?h mtt?> mr.KN A WILL.AM?. Aaeta.1 Br J.C. MoOltRK A CO Auctioneer.. k f^OVKfcNMKNT IJAI.E OF r<?N.n?-~. - V* A "I. M ? I *t f tIL C ACCT'.O*.- ?.? \*tl?| NF.SUAY IOBNi >? v?* ? - aelf I at<4cVook. ?r.e 'C-v* lh' National i?t *?rratorf ? A ii? Ur of UOR Kr* ar Mi l t *, Cornier c?^ * ?r bt t ' the ?o rcrnwit : >rv .m Tanaa cath 1c it vernr ?? t fua<-?. J. J. l)ANA,Ca?u o. Aari'tar.t Qaartern.Mt*r U. P Ar?,j. old J.?. MobUIKK A CO .A, u FUTURE DA T8 ~ B? SHEEN A WiLI-lAV*. Au : - ? LARGK AND PK?r*??TOHV -A! F t Fin* WlHll-r XtMFli' *?. BIIKM, * H:?M. bin ami Fancy ? c?-? *a >. J- .r,* ?, < ToUw^oo arxt 4 c . u i a'~V' i n? r; m. ''i. ' On MuM'AY.ths Uh rf Ma*, h ?,* : w . o d at Auouor. b? v r'.u* of a ueel ?4DforiD* - > I o?p<>,re vs H ( 'I ft.' ck F : :i'?? ' * rw* .- * ? \N i ? I nod tfrooery rftor* n,'it?>v? >Mk*Ui? ' I with ?'?it e\rt> for ? fcrst ??*? tr*a?. 1 eluded in ii?* ??' wi. Ion < mui ?rt ' ? I *r<1 ? WorlliTW* : I t on of ?lon?fk?!?re:?. Su lorn. ?hj t. I * Terras cult. P. M. 7 T'bmi*. rdici GRKfcN A WIllIaM^ Aatt> itt the ABOVK cai.k ulli bv n tiitVrf on THURSDAY MHIM'O loatsnt, at ti e r*-? * h'i?- ?h?t ?i ne r ? < ot the etanceet Lienor*, and th*? WiA.- r. of dem*<a mi t':e pualic ia lavited to tie ti e, ai iter meet b* sold to the h i?l bi<JCera By or 'er of the Triitf* m 13 d (itt-KM A WILLIAM**. An "a. Bl J. C McGlMKK A CO . Anrtifr.w TKUSTKE'S PAI K ??F FRAMK MOI9C *:*r> Lot in th? Fi??t W*?d ??ji? THl :?? - I I DAY. ttie tid d?i nf -V*?- ** ">lr - r ' drfttr.iioa b? v.rta? of a de?U of truet to tar i?v soMb^r, dated Diwator M. 1855. * id do1? r*-r.-d*il in Lt**' J A >o 112. folio* ?U. #t e*? ' " of the land racorde for WuhiMton c urtj, l?.C. 1 *ha'.l eeil the wert hall of UtiiftUrra ?". i: 9?Mr? mbfr*<l riMt ioar. fro'ittn 9 leet , < NVw York av:n?e, bitwwnWk M") ] ? ai?1 ru'.cinc tack 115 f?*t. t^iejl-^r Wi.h t e .*groveoMoU.coaiitUec o<? I" rani? I. we. ? n u uk. Term* : On? third cuh; the rerr.kioder ir. * tcc I U month*, with iulere?t, eecur'd by a deedo! tract f cn the pienuM* All eocvrjancine at ?nrrh\?*r> ooet A CHAt* ABKcT. Tr??te? T M'l .?*&! J.C. McGl IRE A CO . * nctf. 1 BOARDING. L AOKNTLt.MAN ANl? WIKK AN ' T*u siBtle *enUerc:ea cb"> aeocmiBt<ti*i>.i w~.u Rooms and Boar ). wh're t!?ere are few tmirdfrr, by calUuc eoon, Bt 399 18!b street tetwe*n K ti. Bud H ?tr-eu A few u?y roarderi cas be &oc >mirii.daltd m K TWO OR THKKK GENTLKMfcM <*A\ Kh Bcsoirin^B'ed with Board, at Hi Hn t? etre?t. Georgetown. D fi. n> t IJMRST CL.A8B'I'A8L?r BOA K ' -44--> I w f? ' MMct I? ' " ; ? uck?rcu v abu n nifi. liOtrb 4 nr To'olot m8I> FOR SALE AND I;I;m I70R RENT?At No 6?0 irh atrort.outrK**. r ?>*tw*en ft *Ld H atre?ta. comforr*bi* A?ar menu, chamber* nc . ? d with ??<?!?( attached: toaett'y ur utbtd. NocL;?irea tu * ? houae. The iocnucn it cue of the moit IomhU? in Wa?hin?ton. in 12-lw FOR K E N T-Ntoo * fornia;,e<l apart MENT8. in n<ti ud ?Uf eronnvir. a moit UriNo Iroation On* ?nit on firct floor Arts? 347 E rt wt, oorn?r cf Hth. in .? K* TO RENT?A moeiy-furnnted B?l,4? |> <?v ta!ly ntuveJ in th? u?*er ?*^t cftfc' Ttt rect fin bo tak<-D oat in bo*'d f >r mat.. w"? and oUiid. C?il M Rocni 93 Fonrti Audit r*' fioo* DOOM!1 FOR RENT?Two n?w t nrd e.'-a;.:XV !y Farn:*''*! Mtrta>ila on th? ? House ooaa'na all The ?od?ra imvrovex."' ' a ; ' ply at >o 541 I atrort, b*tworD 'St: a1 d .? ..op povte Fr&nkim t%uarr. Alao far rent.t ?a' acd Carnage Ho?-e. it S 3 ' Room to let. ii<i wife, *. : bo*rd in a rmvi cottage t Hilt Ikum*. ? tt peaaant m*a; ariroundinja 1h* honaa i? i cnljr on* to tbe e^ntre on lith. K !> atirets, fire m nntrs *a k from Wn ard?\ A feoUifflao ard wife orcnpy the t.o^ae at ?re*ert aid only a f?nt'e?r%!i and wife will ?>e tak-r ? h< Appia aa akm. m ? it* FURNrpHKO RitOMS FOR R FN T. witfc ooard or witboiit No. 4it nth a.reei. Wat. tad, a firat rat- COOK. n -J IT fMR KENT-A ar(? BRICK H< I r. i.eit door to mi reaide'c, ?ontaimuf r ?:*?!* room a, two ?*rv at: a roumi. kitcLer. ce. %'?, atd a'-able To a good and pei Tii\rrtt trn\Lt t a rent will be pa- year Appi? to I)-- J. M OR ran, oorter Maryland avscce and I2*n at'eel. i a'and. iv u St* nna a?r*i? ?" ? ?- ? " ru? >?.< ' H ?r Wllfl cr friIIOCI ?. *! % I eevoral vail faraia ie?l R?K)MS. o 1.1 Farior and Chambrra, in a ?.e*.*?t lo??ti<?n !r | tba aummar aaeoc. tirmi Kfi> ere? wiM ?>a i t-^uired For location apply at tn? <tf* of tail p?par. in IS ?* FHUKN18HE0 BOOMS TO I.FT. wiU or' v thoat Board ; and six or eigut fan'lemanft can m larciahed With their m?a> at reaaoctfcr ratea, witair live miaatea' walk of War Iwifart meat?at I <>8 8 at. between *?th ai.<l ?lat mi" M* FBOK IKNT-^b* **riT?OF FOOV^to .e at No 444 Fifteenth *Ua*t, between New Vor erauae ant H at . Mat ai< a. ilonve w.t.i t ic-* marb'e ?#;>?. Ple*ear.t< rt*tioc? ir.a? *i obtained for U.eeu?mer,oEimmedi*tea?p o*t.n_ H4' EH)R SALL?An old aatabliekod B"AKl>i>G r BOUSE cn ra. trtmr, now doms * baaineaa; haaa fioa trmnnejt o??tem. a; a * i mike an excellent ataad f>r? firat cteaa "*ataar- | LlAMS,?on r T h tmi D ?t'. ml W E'OR RENT-four bandenoielr KL'KM'HKO I. ROOM*, (Without board. 011 tn? it >t fijwrof home SSsi K atreet. ovlw~-z 19th aud 14th ai Th? funutare ia new; the room* pleaeast. acJ loettimi of kouae nnaarpvtaed in the ei'y To *ern.aert ptrtiM, tne pri?* will be rery modf 'at?. A Stable acd Oar. lage Xi vuae on rrar <f 1 >t. for rent. A??iraaab?Te. m 1' 4t* I70R RENT?% fine toned 1 octave Ko rwo-*1 r PIANO, mod'ru atyle. Te'in* msiiera'e A?* r?. av?n??. apnth ?'<1a. in1*]*, I FURMKHKU ROOMS FOR RKNT-Two X I tfcre* Cb?mb*r? ftuJ a Sit inj Konrn.ceVJI and cicf Tt%t>:y fumuh^ 4SO Tw?Mft ?r#^ I ?Mt '<} , bt'fMc H and H ?U. TM lo Jfttloa ' o.a ol th* moat deeirauia in the city- r- ' VKRV DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT 0* T LEASE, WITH THE PR?VILK*K Of PURCHASE?A thoiet Biildiitf Lot on F boiw*?n twlfth and Thirtatntti ?tre?-a. tri.l? laaaed for a term of y6?ra. with tfce ?rm f? ?' At a a'i??Ktad prio? Am ; to JA8 C. MoGliKK * CO.. Hi 3 6t A notion and f-onri- M?rohai.t^_ VA RARE CRANGE. .ALUABLE PIls.CE OFPROPERTV FOi w i uu rrnn. tTeni*, kivni 4H ft: J * : e ' 01th Kda. witk improvamanta l*o im* . frftffi* nouMft, trvaticf on P?u avaaue, in Lot No.*. S^uar* A. 80 (act. riDAU baok to an He? W I**1 mere*. (nnrt faa? 8.1*5 ) Parlnrther inform* toon apptr tu JoUKPH F. KKLL ?, Araet, oc 8 traat No SCI, batvaan 1 and Maw \ ork ?* M?I8W SfOR RENT?Two daaimbla BOOMS, with ot witKoat* *rd; naar Post OJ&o* l?afir*?aai. o 4lTKi a*. Alao, tnuiaiaat board, by ?*T. waafc, or ro 1%. T*r?? aodwat*. m 7 eott . fTO I.VT_Th? RRirir Rnn?t ?>. on U? Dcrihtde ol PenBt) Imia I ?lii MMi 30th ate , and rec*rt.T ooctp ed t'l ?oa 1 Keyei. It oontaiaa about 15 roonn. end pt>? ' ??*ry ooEv^nisco* to make it a comf >r??r.,# 10 * Al>LbK, .No. 4il. W11 Haildug. M 16 e< gW I^OJI E ENT?A farcin bed toar-et ry ItKiClil ** ^pWKLLlNO.'.n* piaaaacttnd hoail.fa p^t of the city, with fcx>e ianreceaabera ar d p*rl?rt.l! bath roo? applied with hydrant water, at4 ?? ) ttrungkoat 2 a o?rri?c? honte acd *ubta at Aobc I TkM is a aeairabie rNidsnei l?r aa M. C. or I f rnL.ent idp oyM la either <ne of the I>eper* | m-nu. at STf Klmntk b?tv*ri ' KM>TL.fro? Stotp. m. teisrg^'Sfevini^Agt | (ftfeas *;5;KV&ra?s^n4 iftm.d?:.ol of U? (UbIihwIt to UM? .*&*?* nkilt I k*-" INSTRUCTION IN MUMC.-JuBK & bCHKfci* O CABiM ftf 1 TKObt' o /*??' > vlitm to f it? boiim Utt k# tovinN iu u.?: or tienala K|kl ?&4 iac<n< ?" f? * vuh to ka*e iMir tii?* ?r*ftt?b r m? u?t*t ' 4 Sassr ?; -

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