Newspaper of Evening Star, May 13, 1862, Page 13

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 13, 1862 Page 13
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_ - ???i* LOCAL NEWS. A?>UHTI TO-RIMT Poac's Athi^icm ?Mr Hackett played "Paleta*" laat night to a thoroughly delighted atidleaee. and Uv-nlgbt gives another rendition of the fkt Knight In his loye-making character In th? uH(,nU'lM.Al U'l.J ? P m j ?? < vi iuu*UI . "i niiUT Harket hat been recognized In tbla country and in Europe aa the only representative of Falstaff, a fact duly appreciated by those who aaw him tMt night Okovkh's Thiatii.?John Collins, the popular corned*n genial Irishman, will repeat to-night the uIrl*h Ambaaaador." and " HI* Last Legs," i and will sing two of nla comic aonga. VV' 1th-a ffianifl* talont W? ? ? ?? * .. w?m;, uc pinmr ii ?uHiirni originality t? sometimes depart from the routine of the stage; but rarely does to In violation of true Lisle or proper conception of the character. Re is adequately sustained by Mr Grower's sterling comedy company. v*nt>?iiiiT ? uarry nice as me "Mischievous Nigger" Is Inimitable Miss Ida Duval laasweet sieger, and abe continues to aecure an lmmenae bare of applause Bealdes tbese there are on the Canterbury boards tbe beautiful MIm Mortimer, and the graceful Millie Fowler, Pick Parker, Frank La Folle, and other first class performers, appear to-night. Cocrcil Piociioiiiei, May 12 ?Boerd / AH*rme??The Chair (Mr. Brown) laid before tbe board the following communications from tbe Mtyor: A communication nominating Richard T. Morseli, Jr , for Trustee of Public Schools in first district, vice John Lircombe, resigned. Aiao, one in reply to the revelation of tho board of the SSth ultimo In relation to employees of the corporation taking the oath of allegiance, and stating that the resolution prescribing the oath had been folly compiled witn Also .one enclosing a communication from Hon. B. B. French, CommUskoner of Public Buildings, asking an advance of 11*500 from the corporation to enable him to pay the laborers employed in cleaning Pennsylvania avenue. in* rranknn Fir* Company; an act for griding and graveling Ninth street wnt. The following paned the board : A resolution appropriating for the purchase of portraits of lieorge and Martha Washington; a bill t"? lay a water main along M street north, from Ninth to I Tenth streets west; a bill to lay a water mala I long Eleventh street west, from Pennsylvania j avenue to C atreex north; an act for the relUf of John 0. Kiliian; an act appropriating SI,56# to pay the ward physicians for vaccinating persona > during the prevalence of the small-pex; an act for the relief of Prank T Sands; a Joint resolution requiring the Commissioners of Election to take me oam or allegiance; an act authorlxlng t_? Mayor to advance 81 ;500 to the Commissioner or ' Public Buildings; an act to Uy a gravel footwa in the Fifth Ward; a bill to grade and gravel : Tenth street, between E and F streets. The reports of the ward aphothecarles were placed upon the files. Mr Lloyd Introduced the following: Rtiolvtd, That the committee on finance be, and thev are hereby Instructed to report a bill to rHieve the negro population of this city from 1 every tax Imposed on them for school purposes, j Mr. Moore opposed the resolution It commitiv? n ?-J I- - - kii ur 0WU11 w * certain act. Mr Llcvd wsi surprised that there could be anv objection, when ne offered the resolution he did not think there would be any. Mr Moore cc ltd not seethe object the gentleman had In view He did not think the Hoard had the right to relieve any portion of the population of taxation. The resolution wji premature Mr. Lloyd thought they bad the right; and that unless the corporation Intended to appropriate money to support negro schools?to which appropriation he was opposed?this resolution was manifestly proper, i be resolution sliuply proposes a direct method, and precludes the potability of being forced to m'ke an appropriation for educating nrvro r.hildren All M? f??ll?a. and energie* were devoted particularly to the ?-ducetloa of .white cbUdren He did not with to have anything to do with the negroes. Mr Moore reiterated that the resolution waa premature, and said he bad a resolution which he would now read and otter at the proper time: Rnolrtd, That the Mayor be requested to ia> form tbla Board what amount of money baa been L paid Into the tieasury of thia corporation <n account of taxes arcruing during the year 1H51, discriminating on tb? taxes paid on personal and real property , and alao ktaiing specially what amount of such taxes, of each class, baa been paid by colorrd persons, and also what amount of aald taxes were paid prior to tbe 20th day of August last, and what amount subsequently thereto. He intended to offer this aa preliminary to tome farther action, bat he argusd that the/ had no right to discriminate In the laying of taxes, and if we relieve the negroes of thU tax why not wlta the same propriety discriminate in favor of those white persons wno had no children. Mr Lloyd argued that tbe whites had the privilege of sending to school, which the negroes had pot. It was a m tii's own fault, or bis wife's, if they had no children. Mr Moore said be had raised a dozen children, and bad never been able to send them to public school?tbe schools were always full. Mr Lloyd referred to the bill before tfce United * aiea senate, watch provided tiia! the taxea paid by the negroe* for achool purpoaea, ahould be by the city appropriated to their use. Thi? waa making the corporation a cuatodlan for the negro, to which be waa opposed. We had ?o right to tax negroea. when they did not enjoy tfce privileges for which they were taxed. Mr. Moore.? Then you would relieve them of all taxation. Their property waa taxed, aud yet they were not allowed to vote. He waa opposed to giving positive Inatructlo ia to the ooramittee of finance or any other committee He there'ore oil-red the resolution, which celled for information. He oppoaed JQr Lloyd's reaolutioa 01. the ground of Illegality. Mr. Lloyd said if that waa the gentlecxau'a objection, he would amend hi* resolution by addI ak. ... . : ? ? ?* J x ? ? ?l **? ? ?? ? mt: iuc wuiub - uiufiuiDK auiuuruy exwi unatr tbe ekUKl " Mr .Vloore objected to making that addition; It would place him In ? very ridiculous position, acd make tbe preceding discussion app ear mere MMami. Mr Lloyd said he now proposed to direct tbe committee to Inquire Into the expediency of passing the law. lie did not wish tbe resolution to lay in V?e pockets of tbe committee. Mr. Bayly said the gentleman's point appeared to be thst as negroes derived no persons' benefit from the schools, therefore they should not be taxed Tbe tame rule would apply to bachelors, old maiilt, and all others not navlng children, lie therefore moved that the matter he laid on tfce table. Yeaa -nd nay* were called for, and tbe motion waa Icat. M r Bcbrer aald M r Moore'a objection a ppeared to be tbat tbe modification would place blm In a falac poaltloa. lie tbougbt tbe fcest way waa to go to tbe Mayor a* proposed by Mr. Moore'a resolution Tbeqaeation then coming up on Mr. Moore's resolution, Mr. Lloyd offered tali resolution as an amendment to that of Mr. Moore's. The Chair ?That would be out of order. Mr Lloyd.?Then 1 will alter the phraseology Mule. Mr. Moore do not like to attribute wrong nntivM to any man, but 1 would ask the gentleman whether he did not offer that for the aimple purpose of defeating nay resolution ' Mr Lloyd ? Pid you not propose to defeat mine by offering yonrs ' Mr. Moore sa d be had openly given his reasons #A? \% r 1 - ivi . & i . uivju iiauiuwuu. Mr. bohrrr ?1/ the K?-ntleman from the Seventh Wud offer* an amendment 1 will more to append the resolution which I will now read: And t? it further pmuitd, That hereafter, by consent of Congress or otherwise, there shall he no ward funds, and that all the receipts shall go late a general fund, and all expenditures be paid out of nld general fund. Mr Lloyd said he would withdraw hU amendme it. . The matter was then po?tponfd 1'he following resolution was unanimously adopted: Be That the commits of theae botrda to represent the Interests of tale Corpora ttoa before Congress be Instructed to uk of said body (hit neui bo provided for the rapport of nob persona a? have beea eminclpitcd under the late set of Congress as are unable, from inarm)ty, to support themselves Adjourned. Ctmmm Conncii.?h commualcatloa was received from the Mayor, sitting that h? had approved acts to repair Eighth street east; to repair E ghteenth aad Nineteenth sts., from L? to M St., i?I Twenty-lrst street between K aad L sts. Also, a communication covering a petition ask* lag compensation for vaccinating cUiidirn la th? >>nhii<- U-boots: which was referral Petit loot www received, asking the laying of a pavement on OLie avenue, between Thirteen-and> a -naif and Fourteenth ata , and fro* J. Heaiy. asking the remission of a toe Mr Mulloy nMnlitrd a joint renolntlon remonstra lag again?t ihn support of aliea blacks to the est. union of the white poor; bat on learning that a ai niiar resolution had been pr teen ted, hia waa withdraw*. M ttariagk submitted the following Join! re o ??:<>? : H ?vle*J. | c., Tbat the commissioners of electloa. before entering upon me duties of their of> how, be, and they ?/e hereby, required to take tk? oath of allegiance to the Government of the United States prescribed for the oftcer* of the Corporation. Mr. Emerson tald he vai under the Impretslon ttat the ease waj m*t by an old law Mr. Martagh ated that he had been ondT fucb Imprraloo, but opon examination he had found that no provision was made for the comml winner* liklmr ik? nath Mr Emeraon aald they were ninnlng the teatoath bml new into the ground. Not long a! nee, a magistrate had taken the entire circuit of the Cltv?for what* To administer ?n oatk to women. Mr. Malloy claimed to be loyal, and bad no objections to taking tbe oath, but was opposed to Inserting the word akmli Into a resolution or bill, and making It obligatory. Mr. Murtegh was In favor of applying tbe oath to every officer of the Corporation. He did not wish to cast his vo'e until the commlaalonera bad taken mc.b an oath. Mr Malloy thought Mie object of this movement was to Induce Congress to pen a teat oath bill for oil voters Mr. Murtazb said it was singular that all the members of toe Board professed to be loyal, yet If theo*tb was mentioned, a storm was raised As for Congress, he thought it could take care of useu. Mr Mnlloydtdnot doabt but tbey could and would, but be wanted them to protect the white* aa well aa the negroca Mr. Mohun aaked when the Board obtained the ar-tborlty to paM an oath qualification for any oficor. He demanded the authority, and atated that tbey were making thema?lwe* ridiculous In the eye* of the world, by aaaumlng power which did not belong to them aa. aa ? _a a> a * * ? *? air. onepnera aia not eare aooui me appearances, whether ridiculous or not. The only question with htm wh whether It wan right, and he would do hla duty let other* think aa they may Mr. Wllaon moved to lay the resolution on the table; carried. Yea*?Messr*. Edmonstnn, Emereon. Given, Hltz, Mohun, Morgan, Mulloy, Talbert, Turton, and Wllaon?1U. Naya? Messrs. Bylngton, Lewis. Murtagh, Peake, Raub, Shepherd and Richards?7 Messrs Wilson and Given stated In explanation of their votes that they considered they wou!d transcend their powers by passing it. Mr. Wilson, from the committee of ways and m^ana, reported two bills for increasing the salaries of certain oficera, which, after debate, were laid on the table a uc iuiiuwiuk uui? weir paHcu .?nil nt% iu lay a gravel foot walk on Second street eaat, between north A street and Maryland avenue; an act for the relief of E. Goets; an act for the relief of Mrs C. E. Beall. The committee on claims reported adversely on the petition of J. L Dayton and the bill for the relief of 3 Held, and were discharged from their consideration The following bills from the Aldermen were referred -.?An act authorizing James A Bean to erect a frame back building in square 974; an act for the relief of Patrick Borland; an act making additional appropriations for the Metropolitan Police. The board then proceeded to the consideration of the " back law," reported from a select con? mlltw hv Mr Hhpnh*r<t Mr. Wilson stated that the bill wai a compilation of all the laws on the subject with aome few amendments. The bill was read by sections, and after some few amendment* was passed. The bill provide s that It shall not be lawful for any person to run a carriage for hire unless first procuring, a license, and for a violation Is subject to a tine of SIO. The Mayor is authorized to ?rant llcentes to citizens at 910 per annum, restJ deals of Georgetown and ether places at t5". The applicant for license must produce satisfactory evidence as to hia character, and non-resident applicants muit give security for the pay. | ment of all fines which the driver of his carriage ' imy Incur by breaches of the hack law. | driver Is permitted to drive a hack unless he I oMitn i lirpnM- at St. anil ' (I resident nf th* city, of the age of 18 years or over. The Register I* required to enter the names, dates and numbers of all licens ? granted and no transfer of license is allowed unless the xmt Is made before a justice of the peace, and entered at the Register's office. Whenever a carriage Is run for the benefit of a person not named In the license, a flie of 8-2 per day la Imposed. The number must be painted in black figures two Inches In depth on the lamps of the carriage, and If there Is no lamp then light colored figures must be fastened to the side of the driver's box; and the aackmen between 7 p m. and 7 a. m , shall wear their numbers oa their right breasts. Th; streets and avenues In front of any public spaces or squares, except market-houses, are established as stands, and authority Is given the Mayor to establish other stands. The carriages shall stand lengthwise to the street, at least fifteen feet from the enrb, and the drivers are required to be in the vicinity oi their venicies wumn n*e feet of the curb nor more than forty-itve feet from the carriage; and they are not to be guilty of cracking their whips or of boisterous conduct under the penalty of 85 or under. Every carriage In motion shall keep to the right, and they are not allowed at tbe wharves to go nearer than ten feet of the wooden portion of the wharf iielng on the stands for hire on Sunday is prohibited, but they are allowd to be at the depot *nd wharves. A penalty of 810 Is iirposed for a failure to conform to th* regulations adopted by the Commissioner of Public Buildings at the Cspltol The following rites of fare ire allowed to be charged: For each and every passenger, with or without A Irit n V Mr ?y1 liii f-\ r n if /lixKn/i* ma# aba ii aua vi tuiik, iwi aujf UI9KUI/: nui u?ri uiic* and-a-half m'les, nfty cents; and for passengers alone on tbe Mcai route when there are two or more, twenty-live cents each, and twenty.flve cent* additional for eich trunk; and for any distance over one-and a-half and not exceeding three mile*, oq0 dollar for each passenger with or without trunk or valise; and where there are two or more passengers on the same route, fifty cents for each passenger, and twenty-five cents for each additional trunk: ProttcUn, That In case sny hacknev carriage, cab, or other vehicle shall be detained for a lunger period than ten minutes, the driver thereof shall be allowed the sum of twentvtlve cents for cacb and every fifteen minutes so detained. For the use of ? hackney carriage, cab, or other vehicle by the hoar with one or more passengers, with the privilege of going from placc to place and stepping a* often as may be required, one dollar per hour; for children between two and fourteen yftr- of age half price la only to be charged; and for children unaer two years of age, no charge shall be made. The drivers are required to have their license placed inside tbe hack in a conspicuous nlace Sleighs are brought under the provisions of this act. The register ia required to furnish copies to all tavern keepers. The owners of the hacks are liable for the acts of the drivers. The joint resolution authorizing the loan of Si,SOU to the Commissioner of Public Buildings was passed, and the Board adjourned Folic* ?The Third Ward Patrolmen reported?Samuel Russell, hog-pen In an alley, contrary to ordinance; 95 54. James E Waugb, assault aud battery on Soloman Hammond; ~91 58. Soloman Hammond, throwing stones; SI 5-3?by Justice Thompson. Thomas Walker, riding on SaTement; 91 M. Carl Buhler, drunk; dismissed, ame* Humphrey, assault with a pistol; S3 M? oy Justice Walter. Kir nam H. Minor, colored, charge of picking a pocket; dismissed?i>y Justice Donn. Henry Dubant, breaking Into a house; held for a farther bearing?by Juattce Clayton. cxsttal Gcaedhousx cAnte?Before Justtt* Clnrk?James Temple, drunk; J*I JM George McGulre, colorcd, George Wlnney, Francis Conly, James Gieen. drunk; turned oyer to tbe military. John Rollins, fgbtlng; S5 W. Fok Bali at Whitkhuest'* Galiiit, 434 Pennsylvania avenue, three wooden tents See Whlteburst'a Card Photographs; also PhotoI U ?t(l O.-fc 1u ull auu wftsci v/viui jl* DiAVSise?Eyi a>i> Eak ?The testimonials of Mayor Addison, Senator Simmons, W $Ude Esq . and othera, testifying to the reatoratlon of the hearing In aevtre cases of deafneaa, can be eeen in the caae of Dr. Von Moachziaker, Oculist and Auriat, 227 Pennsylvania avenue. It* Fact? to* Soldiers?Throughout the Indian nod Crimean campaigns, the only medicines wbich proved themaeivea able to cure the wont caaes or Dysentery, S:urvy and Fever were Holloway's Hills and Ointment. Therefore, let every volunteer see that he la supplied with them. Only S5 oenta per pot or box. 2xfc Washington, May 13, 1302. Editor Star ?Sir: In your issue of Saturday last you published an article headed "Conflsca?i/vn a# wkuwtr ft iha uvu vi ?w^ici^Vk IT HIamy, uib WUUIC U| wutcu is a gross mlnre presentation The tec is, u they occurred, are these: I was alttlng la my store Immediately after dinner, oa Friday last No drunken soldier or anybody else being present at the time the Provost Guard entered and put me under arrest; the offlcer of which searched, not the store alone, but every bole and oorntr In the hoase, Including bed rooms, cupboard, safes, Ac., without any success, however, except what he found In tbe store, which was three empty kegs and about bnlf-a-doien bottles and decanter, all of which he carried away. He then had me (not my wife and me a* represented) conveyed to the Central Guardhouse. Tbe whole cause of all t&la, wii ttw drunken a^iOier referred to coming to my bouse the night previous, by the express orders of Lieut Hummel, to purchase wbtahy. Mr wife ?t ftrst refused to let him haeeitav, until representing htmaeif as being very sick, she was kduredtolrt him have some; whereupon he carried It bscfc to his quarters, sad produced It next day as evidence against me, all of which Lieut Hummel acknowledged totho commsndlog ofteer at the guardhuuae; and he also said the soldier was s man that did not use liquor of aay kind Such are the tacts as stated by Llout. Hummef In my presence, and whkah 1 suppose he Wlllaot deny, hiy absence from the city prerented me from before noticlag the article In question. [It* J R. Prkncm I HARR1XO. OntH#?hn>?t*nt Dy Hr. T?r??r. *r. JAM Kb H CHURCH, of Ba.l iwore, to Mim GfcURGIA BARNES, of thUoitf. MftVi In the battle of PitUburg L*rd nc. *?ril 6th. in #Ka A -JV >Mr rf hia ?i?rarMn? RRIlRflK T. ?i.')A>.ooiiij?ii? K.3*hiil Vol. He w? form?'ly of thi? place. * WANTS. ~ \XTK"TKD-A CHAMBERMAID. AM'T ?<?>? " Ebbitt H<n?e. 11* V^AMTKD-A *c?H tVHK EL WRIGHT, one " tMit li food li 'ejjir'rt Apply at the o?rt*.~ of loth ttreat east aid Vtrcima ar. in H ft* U ANTKIl-A middla agrd Am*rio&u WOM AN " to do n?nera! tone^?ork in a *m*H family. Apply 384 C ?t. between ?nd 6'h. m 13 It* WANTED-A SITUATION, by a reapeotable yonnr woman, as LDrae or c*iaabeini*ifl. A pply No. 1911 ?t. between 3"th aaa ai?t wHii' WANTEP-At DAYTON'S C'toker Bakurr. '? Mo llCI U!?u.tL r HL'I' }V II * X- ? ? V 1.1 U n VI Ul'l, I 'Ml VHW H AN US on piea and oak?a. ]?_ WANTED-Fonr a?od HANDS to work on ^ ^ dreaara, Appiy 3*T D atreet, between ?na AYOUN0 r.lfll, WISHES A SITUATION ?o do chMnbTWork sod will make heraef ??n eially vaefnl. Apply for two d?ya at No. Ill r atreet, corner of 7th, l?ia? d U WAN TED-A good COOK. WASHER and IKONKR for a amall ftinily. Tounewali reon;in"cdfd food wagea will be riven. App'y 26tt F atreet. between lStti and Utn. m H St* Wf ANTED?Several VOUN8 LADIES to work " atdretrm&kiag. Apply 4ST Sixth atreet. r>?twaen Lomiiana avenue and C at. None bat cood han i? nsea apply. It* TWO RESPECTABLE WOMEN WISH Sitoationa-ona to oook. waah aid iron, and one to do general nousiwork. Addteaa ilox 14. Htar Office H* WANTKU?A SITUATION for a olot*d bov b?twe?a'3 n<1 14 var? of a?? in a t* ni I i!?, ai a dining room rervftut. Apply at 3i* iHifi street, between K wd L m '3 2t* WANT ISC?An Intelligent|YOUTB of good character ; w -aid preier one having come knowledge (f the-lrue bus 11833. App'.jr to B. A??JOB. corner 7th and f, ?t<- It* (l/lMTtn-l RIDI.tnHn .A pjr.J hnnovnrk in a email family?SSO t-eyenih ft'eet, be twfen i> ana Maryland aTO&ue, Island No nero pp?l*p?ly. * H* WANTED?? food CARPENTERS. Aptly to JtMbS W. LiAHKxK. 49J H rt,*et, batwesn 11th and 13th, at 7 o clock in tae eTfnic j. in 13 St* WANTED?A lord COOK. WASHER r i. IRONi-.K.also a Girl todo hou-ewrk; tr o h*ve R)od recommendations; pr ferr't Appiy at 94 Wostst., lienreen Waem< *tnn and Congress wts., Georgetown ni 13 3t? WANTED?\ YOUNG MAM competent ti set *8 clerk and attend a store; roust be well reooramen el ?vaees 9* per wiek. Address a note to ''Frank," Star Offias. stating name, age, referenoe. e?o ll? A GOODSEAMSTRESS WANTS EMPLOYment by tne dsy or w??k, in private families; understands all kinds of firmly sowing an* -needing Ploase adJresn "Seamstress," fctar Offi se. m 13 2.* MONEY WANTED.?The un?tomfned fa ra*u<nt'd to nemtiate a ioan of two thootand dol'ars. to l>o securel r>j deeJ of tru*t oa valuable real estate. Per?uni having moner to put out at in'ereit wih a?ply to K.P.JACKSON, m 13 St* No 1 58 Bridge st, tjeorgetown. %*,' A^TED-To hur or rent * neat, moderate" prioed HtlfBK, suitable for a i m? i lamiljr. Posterston nit wact9<l for some monrla*- Addres*, (witb'n two w*Pks > statin* terms and location, box Post Off\oa. m WANTED?A pood journeyman KAKBKR. To auoh a one wilt be gi?on ( om .?4 to $ j a week, alao hoard and waainnx. and coaetant eloyment. Appiy tj HENRY ilUNIZ N<?. 1 H6 Bridge street,between Congress and Utgh ktrente. beorgetQwn. H* WANTED 1MMED1 ATELY?By a small famlty, a email FURNISH ISO HO USE. or a snit of five or aix Koome. wi'h the modern in>pro?emcnta,?if possible, in the neighborhood of 11th and 16th, E and H ets For cooa aoocniinudatiana a fair price vill b*p?i1 Adarees, with all particular*. "Huase " Star Ofhac. >n 13-jt* WANTED-A WOMAN todo cooking, Wftali iue,a?d ironing, in a email lani y Apyly I IOIL _ in (i, ? lilliu uimt mnuvn u? uii id'ii Direct. u um WAITED IMMEDIATELY-AI th<? touth east corner M aud 11th street a GIRL to do the general housew<>rk lor a family of four persons. m12 3t* WANTED TO RhNT-A good HOUSE north of Pa avanne, atonce or brthe 1st of Jane. A large house pre fsrr?d. A good, permanent and prompt month > janur t*n??>t can be seoui?d by addressing A Ci?rk," Box 473 0 tr Post Office, statins location and terms m 12 h' ll/ANTED-To r?n< in vNashngton or George WW tuva. urea or j -ur uq uraisnea or pir: t lurmshed ROOM-*- Tti* advertiser has a family of wife and two little tiris; has a good piano aud furniture, a?.d wouli take rooms only with a sinal1 fiinilr,?ur he wou>d rent half or part of a iood houM where the rent wax three, tour or five humred dM ar? a yr>ar. Address for one week. *J U.," Box #2 Wathinjt jn, O. C., Post Oflne. mU at' 1?/ A I"* M. li JL? X* ?III i l a* W V KJ Wi<-n v?M v i 1'?'* ??, " north of the av?nne; br & permacent tenant, for whtoh a fair ient ?iii be paid Addre??Mr. WILLI \Mii, Lock Box *Ji fo?t Offioa. m in 4t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY-Thirty rood HANDS to p?&> ban near t'>eoity, Wood *aj?i. Inquire next door to Bread Bikery. L<>u?i\ta av , near the Ml *rket. m W-3t* Wf ANTED? Ry a lady, who baa had e*v?rai *" yearafxp*rience in teictlnc, ani can sit? (food referencaa, a StTUA i ION m teaoher in a country *cuco! or in a prira?* family in the ooun try. AdHrea* Teicher," Daily 8?ar OVoe. Waahipgton. D. C. mi-DtWIm \\r A NTKD? Every peraon to Know that 1 am in ' ? me lUAriri. ir?uy u? pa; uaia iv i ?ii ?iuuir? In the hociefurniBhicc line. Those learint the citr.or hiring amu-plae, will do wall to mil. K. BuOHtiY, 4:3S a.-T?bth it., between 0 and II at*., (east aid*,) Dealer in New and Second hand Fcrniture. no i* tf W ANTED?To asll. henceforward, 3?0 barren i! and half barrelled Aleevory wnek; also the tame of Deer, for the ti.nltiunore Orowerj. JOHN 6AYNOR, Arent, Coruer of 21st and6 ets. Orders in the Po*t Offloe will be called for at 9 a. m. an fi 2 t. bb. &t 7-lro* WANTED?To have every one know that they oan find the beat stock of Clothinc. Hats and Cava. at the very lowest rates, at SMI 1HM, No, 460 Seventh street, tieiow F. fe ?7-3ti> LOST AND FOUND. ?C REWARD-8rRAVED-A black COW, V'J with whit* (ttrip?on the hack abo?e reward will ba paid lor h?r oe'ivery JUT at No_l Xadina avanue. m 18 >t* T?3TRAY?Catne to my fremiti?*, on Kric**, 9th u imt&Dt. a dark r*? Makh. The owner o?n hivt r. by oaf ins and r^ovinc TJSTfk propnt/. aid patylDK cuartes. 5!i0 13 -?'? >,! mia ViOCb? i q auu ? lii REWARD-Kor & PUDLE SLUT, black 'JP'J ear?; oae h*lf oT her face, and tuaok nag aroucd her tail, at the rat **-- Jiwni balance white, ilr leavirg her at No - " 046 7llt a'rtef, near the Navy Yard, the ahrlV? will be paid. (ml33f) JOHN N.THOKMiQN. IOST-A new POCBET ROOK oonUiuin; -* about one r.u-dred and fifty or a-x.i dollar* m 'l'reaa?ry notea i .*5 biba), apposed to have been lost between Cit? Ha !, via Pa-avenveand U'h t'tet, to Columbia Collets. A liberal and axtttf*ctor? reward will be pa d to the firder, by returning 'he as me to EDWARD HALL, Grooer.o??oaite Center Market. m 1 i-tt* LOST?A Memorandum BOOK or DIARY,oontaming aund-y papera, one being a ohrok on the Farmera and Mechanic* Bank of Philane phia, ^ r _ v.. ? u I. A _ kl lUOpBTIIICUk U1 Wlli Jll U9I UVwll Bfc 'ffvu. 1 UO UvOft and content* are oi no value to any on* but the owner. A liberal reward will be paid for them by leaving them at Wiuardu' Hotel, v to Mr. CHADWICK. (m 13-1w*) It. i> CARV. LOST?A hear* oha**d KRAOliLKT between )Oth street, Washington, am High street, Georgetown. A suitable rewa-d wi'l be riven if retu ned to GKOK8E W. ORMK, eoroer of Bridge and Congress ata., Georgetown. D. C. mliiX f 08T?On P street, between the Hemdon House 1-4 and Treasury build tug. a bundle of PAPERS, tied with a red string, belonging to Major O'Neal. Irish Brigade. A Uberatreward wi'l be given by

leering them at P WHITE * CO.'8, uorth weat owner of lSUi and P at. rr 13 2t* ? 1 ^ U*&TR AY?Cate to nr.y premia?a on Saturday JL# morning, the loth ina'ant.a ml Bsfuv^fB CO W The owner cau have it by oaliioic vHr and froTiof property, and payj^cohar^ct^JhJ^ No. C24 tfaaaaohaaetta avnnue. ralJ_Sl* bat lat and North Can to 1 at. CJTRAYRD OR STOLKN-A medium aisad O red COW,a?out 7 yaera old. ill n. n .jjjTi^ rad and bnoaie no horn?d Cow, witl face, lac,and nndar part of the body white. Amh Any peraon returning aaid oowa to No.H.^n., will be aatably rewarded- m 13-Si* fiTOLtN-Oa Friday evening, May SJ, from the C5 barraoka at Kalorama Hichte, a blaon *v HoRsfc, with two white apota on liind VJ lata and two whitaaeoteon h a rump: about**-0. 14 hacd* huh; Craded U. M. in uaual elaae: aiao. oompM? If oa left front ahoelwer SuMoaed to *ave boon ?tolen br a negro calling himaei t Joae?* Palm. A liberal reward will fee given for information leadlog to the recovery ofaaid borae oa application to headeuartera of lMtt New York regiment, Kalorama Higfeta, or gaterintendaat Metropolian Potlae. ?n <-tw* ?Cn REWARD?For the eapreber.aion (awl delivery to me at Bladenaburg, Mfrj_ law the property of JUnrp fi. War- jA rior, dMMUfd, of Pnao* orgo'i ooontr . * * BpiTMtorU of ooppor ooinpl?*loa; of stoat statae; obont 111 fsst higu; ud oI ploaeiac eounts moo vhsu spotento. fls is w?.i known in Wwhi Kt.B?lt7.?odU no dombt larking inthntpiaos or its vicinity. 4 w AMUSEMENTSFOKD'S ATHKIfKlMi 1 J*>N 7. Foit Pro>ii?tor Nismc itu B. W imit 8to(l Mu?(?( THIS MTU*IN**. .. 3d night of the eminent 8hak??;*n?noomednn, MB. HAOKKTT. m K F/F fc VIU H TS O V/. V ' i d' ioiwwiDg werr read and appropriately referred : A communication of B. F. Milllean and George Stabler, proposing to sprinkle Pennsylvania avenue; the petition or James A Bean for permission to erect a frame bouse on tbe corner of 1 street south and Eleventh street east; an act restoring an act authorizing curbstones to be set and a footway laid on tbe sonth front of square 463, between Sixth and Seventh streets west; an act to revive an act to repair the alley In square ISO; an act authorising the Mayor to construct a gravel footway on the east side of Eleventh street eaat, from Pennsylvania avenue to North Carolina avenue; an act to gravel Fourth street east to e st Capitol street; an act to pay the bills against -' ni ? r - \ vailed mid alone.) AMIMOft Dreee Circle and Par?u?tie-~_ to cent* rod Seat*? SI Balooriy tieatii ? il Orchestra 4?ata #1 Private bo* ? ( holding enht)__ ?10 Family Circle ......oeota 117' liox Office open from 9 Uil 4 o'clock. lM)ors open at 7; on 'tain rit*a at g. It 1'HILIP WARRKN. Troaaarer. GROVER',S THEATRJB. Lkonahd Gkovih Manager REMARKABLE SUCCESS of the eminent Iriih Comedian and Voeallat Mr. J COLLINS, COLLINS. collinsoollin?. who will appear On THIS EVENING, May 13th. for the teeond time In nine yr&'>, in twe great obaraete ?. with two of hie BEST SONGS. The perforraano* will oommenoe w th the ohariu - int Irlah Comedy or THE IRISH AMBASSADOR. Sir P?rnok O'PieniM-?.....- Mr. Collina (wi'h t! < wile or th? "Uowld !v-?er Boy "> r.inoft Rudo'.?h Mr. R. S. MeMrain Count (VioreioB.- Mr. H B. PciLipt Lady irivoHla. ? Mm Lotty Hough (Other charaoferi tor the Oompiny ) 0P2RA.TIC PHLICT'TNe BT THK tiRAMD OUBVlKi, To oonclnde witu iltsiornmuii Irish Farce, I1H LAST LEGS. O'Cal acan Mr. Collins With the long of thj "J'prig of shtllelah." < Other characters ty tne Company.) Sett* for Covins'n this may b? nsonrad at the box o flicsdaring the d&y without extra oharge In preparation, w th new toenery. m?oh*Ttioal etf jts, ao , Bourcicaalt's master work, the thnllin< lri.h D ami, THE COLLEEN liAWN. rftiLKs u> Dreia Clrolesnd Partnet Circle We^rta Family Giro!#... 35oenta Orchestra Chairr 7joenta Private xaa i%6 (???? in Private Bo*e?_? S Colored 6ailery .25 oents Colored Parterre J" osnte Door* vi 11 be open at IX o'olook; to ocmmenoe at 8i, o'oiock. itox offiee for neonrinf Mate opea from 9 until l, and 3 nntil 5H o'olook. r*ANTKRBURY HALL. v/ Louisum a v., niab Sixth it. UllUWUfcU T?? ITS U I MUST v&fAUlTY with an audience Cultivmttd, Cri'iiif and Rtfixtd '. Inr-non** 8uo??es of th* MUSICAL CONVENTION OF ARTIST*. / New Programme To-ntg/tl ' THK PRIMA DONN*. Or, Our IraliA!* Opifa ! ABRAHAM ? BRIGADE. LA BAYADKRA, CLUU* 19 TKUMfB. THE GIPSY'S LAY. The celebrated Cnmedr entitled Hakr V #{&***. Th a"* I T??" '^a^tion V^ftn;^1Al,!;R "" " -*-?Pi**V RJCK. imiTMWTni'i umirTHW ?w a"Wi Mlf*S Mll>LIK; FOWLER. L'y far the inoat f>eauti!al and aoo)>inpliab?<i Danaf use cn the American stair. MISS IDA MJVAL, The Opera?io Sousatreaa MISS FRANK LA FOLLE. Th? A rtfM\m a! i aha<4 I la man aA ' Th* Cotrt of Bbattt embraoea the followtr e besutifol ladiw Mim Julia Hie inoEd, Mm Litsie 1'ruo'i, Mm Lulj Brandon. Mira Frank 3ecor I)1CK PAKKKK will be on hand in new n<*gro act* and banjoeoloe! WILLIAM>'.. 7 he Song and Danoe Negro. Ti e Great Cr>i.>!>iuation Choror, end a vplendid bill in whio^ the entire compan* will appear. Hnnri oi<in tlfV MrfnrmaviAM %.t AW nVlnnlr. Admission U cents; Orohester lluta so onu, Matinees WEDNESDA Y and SATURDAY for I .adies and Children, when a number of valuable Prem .te will be givsn awaj?one a 9:5 silver Cake Basket. Admission. ladie< 2> ceit?; children 10 oents. Daors open at 2 o'clock ; performance commence at a o'olockMrs MoN ckle, Exchange Hotel, received a #S5 silv?r Cake Basket on Saturday, May 10. m IS HUMPHREYS jt JTRNKMANNS PLEASURE GARDB1*. Ok Catitol Bill. tir. I a * . _ _ _ TYin tiprn iv- iff" rrwun wa MONDAY. Mftf 5th A DANCING SOI K KE EVFRY MONDAY EVENING, commoaaiuR at 1 o'olook. ML The public in general are re?prc*fully in- J* Tit-?<1. Choice BEER and WINES constantly onfiA hand. m 1-Ht* PATfiNT OFFICE OURIOSITIES-Guide to Futsr.u, < lataiotue of Cnnoaitiee and Government Gardens, at the atand in Patent Office; Rara Antiquarian Books ; Gorernmet.t J5<>ok?, Doeaironta furnished: Railroad Report*; MUitarr He port*; Itnrnt Patent Office Reports; Ciieap Hooka furnished to Pedlars; Mi.uary Triais; Military liAWa; Annj Herniation*; Panorama of tlie Coast showing over 3,w? miles; many thousand Cheap Hooka. Recollect cheap rent. I.aree sales, low prioea. Up stairs, oror Bank of Washington. 1 1 ft A I L? D a.* r\ U iTVf L' D my i -j in aur i%ui# nun a r.i\. BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. A GRAND FANCY BALL Wjll l>e ei??n ?t ?. WAAW8 HALL, Jf Corn ?r 2d tl.tcd Pa. &*??n?. /n OB __ HA TH"R.?*DAY EVENING. Mm 15th. Ttuketa uuc dollar, admfttine a jent'eman ?n1 lading. rn 1S-31* THE MEMBERS OF THE FRANKLIN AO1 TIVK ASSOCIATION take pleasure in M an ar.n "? .?>? to th*ir friends and the subiio JK reaenliy that they *ili *i*e their third 0fm GRAN1> COTILLON PARTY faM at the Fra:> k lih Hall, 1) et t>nt, between 12th and 13th. on THURSDAY', May 15 in 18 4'.? VJ1C NIC TO BE GIVEN FOR THE BENE A fit of ft Widow, at B*ekeU'? Pleasure * Garden, cn Pa. avenue, near tbeCorgrea- mm Biona' Burial Ground, on W E1>N h.?D\ Y/nm next, 14'h iu*t S**1 roeder'a Haodis engaged UM Tiok?u 91. admitting a gentleman and ladiea: will b* sold on the (round. Commencing at 1 o'a uik>.m. ni T notice. MK Prmrixt'irKil Bi.VMllNT t>k< llunrii in informing th? oi itena of Wfrsfeicgt^o,k - ? (jeor?3town and A'exandna that thia fa-Tlvl#> vorite plaoe of resort w?U be reopened, Jy^BLX for tbe ao^onmodation of partita. on and alter u*e lit da; of J Que, 18& For rttrtioul ira apply E treat, next door to Brown's Restaurant. oorner lJthst. and Pa av. Any peraou irishinc to bay a lucrative business can also be acooromodatcd by MiAkmg application at the abeve nam*d plaoe. JONES k. MILLER, mi <8-d3*AeolH Proprietors wIE COME WITH HONGS TO GREET *? iuu: Th? first ?-an?l MOONLIGHT PIC NIC cf the SOCIAL GiuKE CLUB will be given at A Gresn Spring Pavilion, on THUH61)AV, jn May is, to oomraenee at 2 o'olook p. in. ThiaJ^B beautiful ?!aoe it aitaated at out one quarter MB of a mile from the Stage Stand. Georgetown, D. C. 1 be members oi thia Ciaft promise to aeare no paina to m*ke thia pie nie one < f the t*?>t of the season. Pulioe la attendanoe to preserve good oraer Tickets 50 cents admitting a ge&tleman and ladiee. Cemmititt, Wm. H. Mills. J W. Warner, B. B Po*, J. W. P&xu.u, Jaiiiea MoGui.e, Wm.T. faal. mil M A GRAND.MAY BALL XX Will be g?v?n st the On TH$ K? bvk' ?VbN 1NOT/JUt 15. ^ TwJjfc^io^ooti.^dmittiBg a lady and c?nt?m?n, mr 0K. LK&jAND* ANTMUUK7MAT1C SAND. A permanent Cure for Rbennatiio, Goe', N? J. 0. OILMAN, AcmtTor Uu*Jly, ??0 ft*ntTlTMi* ?r?a?e. m *-?o9m - Xf fm if* * * j - ** &i If * 1 ?- jh I>sa SECOND EDITION. ?----- ? _ ,-l. ? r ... s THRLK O'CLOCK, F. JT LATEST FROM THE PENINSULA j 01. B06CK8 lilllfi 116 WAT IP JilES RITES. He Mitblca one lefccl Battery and Rnn> Tut iMtktr. The lefcel 9teuicn JineMotn *d? t* _ .1. A. M ? - " ormo* n bod ivay ??ar?( Rlcbnoad. [pbk tilmbapb.j HCASv'TAVTS** Akmt ottii p ro* *r, Camp it Roper's Ckurrk. May IB, ? T? Ho*. Edwm M SM?tM Commander R often write* me today that he went with the pnnboa'a ye???rdav past Little Brandon. Everything quiet, and no signa of the tr^opa crowing me river. He found two better!** of tea or twelve guns each, on the tooth side of James river?one opposite to the mouth of the Warwick; the other abont southwest from Mulberry Point. The upper battery on Hardin's or Mother Line*'* Bluff has heavy rifled pieces. Between the batteries lay the Jameetown and Yorktown. Commander Rogers cfl?*red battle, but th? gunboats moved off. He silenced one battery and ran pa-' the otber u b. McCt.ii.las, M?<or General Commanding. LATEST FROM NORFOLK. Business Reopening There. Richmond to be Defended to the last [Per Tcie^rs^bJ Norfolk, May 12.?The city continues rery quiet; moat of the atoree are still closed, but expect to open in a day or two, except in those cases where the oocupanta have left the city with the army, feme excitement still prevails, but it la supposed that lit a few daya, when communication 1* fully opened with northern porta, the ron fidencewili be fully reatored. The prices of alraoat everything arc astonishingly high. Candle*, for instance. of a mi*?rabie quality, 60 centa per pound; common brown wrapping paper and envelopes -50 centa per package; brown augar W centa per pound A number of store* will be opened however, In a few daya, by parties from Old Point and Haiti njorr. wuo win uiuig iMippucn ci erories m>if Q wanted here. The peat c dice and ruatom-bouae will ?bortly be reopened. Very little I'nlon sentiment la oprniy expr-*a?d. All o*er the city onr soldiers, f.flcer? a? well aa the prtTa'et, freely talk wttbibecltlreni, which mu?t produce a ?ond effect. All the fortification* In tU?- vlclnil* ??? nrrn. pled b7 the l.'rlcn troop*, and a'.l the public property la in the pomailon of the Federal authorities. The policy of the Onfederate gorerwiient appears lo be to concentrate their troop* at Richmond, and some my that all the. Gulf ttta?ea will b#- ^Iren np b?fore Vlr^laia, that Richmond will be held to the very laat All lnaiat that a desperate resistance will be made there, If at no place else. Streral negroea arrived from Suffolk this morning. They report no troops, guns or fortiflcatloca there or on tbe road tbls side of the railroad. Amon ' moat of the rttitpm li#-e th?r? la confidence la tue ofHi ertof the Confederate Government The Confederate note* are refuted In many in* atancea. Gold and ailrer are welcomed with enthualaam by all claaaes of tte population, many of whom have not seen either for many mon'.ha Elizabeth river, between Norfolk and Peru, mouth, la of a deep coffee color, oil account of the tobacco thrown overboard,?f Pshaw' Thla la the natural color ol the Dismal Swamp water ? E< I. JJfa*]? large quantities were recovered today. General Vlele, the military governor, pursue a course calculated to produce tbe imprrsslon of the superiority of the Federal Government, and intends throwing no obstacle Id the way of private business or tbe enforcement of ordinances of tbe city government. The Day Back newspaper will be continued a* an afternoon Instead of a morning paper on tbe condition that It shall be respectful In its tone. mi ,s ??? 1-*-J *- J - ? -- i uc orsi nuniua. prinvra u>-aay, ronuiins noTUlng except extracts from northern paj?ers and editorial statement of the facta of the evacuation and occupation of the city. ei'RRKNDKR OF RRB?L DKSERTKRS. Th<s steamer Wyandank arrived at the NaTy Vard about oltt o'clock this morning from the mouth cf the Rappahannock, bringing up a number of seamen whose terms of service have expired. We learn from some or her officer* that the Freeborn and Island Bella on Saturday last cat out of tbe Piankatank river (which makea into tbe Chesapeake about flye miles below the Rap* pahanncck) two Urge aired schooners?one unloaded, and the other with an assorted cargo, the larger portion being whisky. After the schooners were got out, Capt. Harris, with the Belle, proceeded some miles up the lMA. .?il . V.un4 ..k^l -J - a lifer, auu tau.c ai a uauu ui ir??ci uuwill Iv, numbering nearly five hundred, who bad been stationed cn the York river. They atated tbat they bad been posted near Gloucester Point, and belonged to a Virginia regimen*, and when the order was given to evacuate, they having become tired cf the seceah aervlce, resolved ?o inarch toward* the Federal lines with a view of su'rendering themselves. They propoaed lo lay down their arms and give ihemselves up, but Captain IJarria having no means to remove them, administered the oath cf allegiance to (hem, which waa wlUuiyly t?ken. and left them with their arms to protect themselves The Idand Belle had just arrived a? the Wyandank left, (Monday at one o'clock a. m.) consequently we are unable to give further particulars. THE PROCLAMATION. rue promulgation or ine rresiaenrs prociamatlon formally opening blockaded ports, 1* uioet Important at this particular juncture. That la: In view of tbe fact that tbe emlaaarlea of and aympathlzera with the rebellion are now making a laat and most desperate effort to embroil the United State* with France and England on account of the blockade. In addition to the porta of Beaufort, N. C , New Orleana, La., and Port Royal, S. C., opened I to-day, in a few day* the porta of Norfolk, V* , Newbern and Waahington, N. C.,and Richmond will doubtlewt be opened, and probably that of Mobile at the tame time; to b? followed in thirty daya at farthest by the opening of the port* of Penaacola, Fin , and Savannah, 6a. Or, In other words, in a month hence every port (except it may be that of 6alveaton, Texas,) on oar blockaded coast will be open to ships of the whole world by action of the government of the United State-. Ap*?fet of Mobile:?It la believed in naval cir. cles here that we are now certainly la poaaeaalon of that city. REBEL TROPHlKd. Mr. R. C. McCormick, who went over the field of Willtamaborg Immediately after th- bat tie, has brought to Washington *eren! rebel sworda One of theM evidently beleogrd to a staff ottlcer, and la of chaste and costly manufacture. Mr. MoO. baa also a bowle knife or enfas of hnge aise, found In n deacrud mansion In WllllaiBabnrg. The rebels were generaUr well armed. The scene on the field of battle baft s description. The dead and dying were atrewn In every direction, and at Williamsburg nearly a thousand of the rebel wounded were fooad. POST A1. COMMUNICATION WITH NORFOLR AND PORTSMOUTH TO BE REESTABLISHED. 1 be Poet OfBce Department haa tent an Agent I to Norfolk ud Portunontk to lnvcctlgate Pot| OJUco matter*, with * vtow to re<ectabll?h poctal A u v4* i >it I i W ** IP $ M ! 1 t* V* q , ft 1 A - HECONNOIH9ANOI UP THE MATTAPON RIVER. BrWmi T*'mtmtmi mf limmm FitpU ?y tkt Rtttii. la in official report to U,e Superintendent cf iur vwi c*ai frTi wni' T B Phrlpt * ? ?# *'Cpon itiT crcond arrival at West Po'nt, at 9 30 p m , Captala FhankUnd, of the Currlta. k, reptrted that b? hat laaded and bel?t< d the Vnlea flap, art had faoad atKut flftv pMaoaere of the rebel*. |Oi?t,,' voofa and child ran.) Hetag la a horr'.d coed:t'.oa. It* ab*-d*. and without the common necaaaar'.ea of life. Theme people were realdes*aof K'lttbeth City county, and arat h? rt by General Ma* ruder on acceunl of tb?'.? I'plon procJtettiea I ?t eeee decided and hold poatesalon of the place, protect the people and prevest t farther de*tru'tcn of property by rroeiv, nam me arrival of tbe eorn*n%ndlr.? cftcev of the naval dlv'.tloa." Ltent Pbeipa, tn tbe rout i* irvey aaenm-T Corvrla. penetrated up tbe Mat'aponv tb ttv'-?1a miles above West Palat. lading white flag* bulsted on botb aborts of tbe river, and tbf peopla Reaaiaily apperen?ir ploaaed to See tbe tnlon C V eT?ee more amen^ tbem CONOR asarONAl*. IXXTIIth CO?o?r???and Maataa. raiv id SkxatB ?Vr. Mr Donga! I reported back fh? Pacific Railroad bill f'on ih* apeeial on tbit aubjeet, ind mo?i*4 (Ut it br inidi* <k? special order for Thuradav next Mr Feaaenden. urging that the adoption of the motion of Mr. JtlcD Intcrfcr* wl'i? the prompt consideration of the tai Mil. objected fo It. Mr McDoo^all addr-aaed tbo P?nate ? aomo length in favor of bla motion. loo ytu and nay being demanded npon It, *t w*? not agreed to?Tea* IT, nay* 19?taro-thlida b?1ng requ rrd. TLe bill, reported bach from the Indian Afl Ira Committee, to protect the propeity of nneivtuted Indian*, wai tben taken up aud coualdored Hcrsi ?The bill eatabUabtnc a Department of A ? * - iiKncunn came o?CK irom tbe "*>nate with amendmenta, which were concurred la, and the bill was finally paaa-d A bill wii Introduced t? e*t*nd tbeeburter rt the Wa*htnston and Ai?xaudr\a Railroad Ownpauv. and referred. A bill to authorise the corporation of Georgetown to lew a water tax waa Introduced and refer red. The bill granting pen*'.on* wu taken up and ?:i uader dl* u?a-.on when our report clwted LATE LOCAL NEWS. KuARrirATto* CoMMiMionsita.?May 13?Te tltloua filed by MaryC. Fenwlck 6 otavea? Dan'l Fletcher. Marv Nel?oo. Jane Batler,Gaaty.Georga and I.lxrte n^K.~iu...? ? - ..... uutvt if ?itilirn( 11 lis, George, Jair.?-s aiid Caroline Ann E- Newton, ! slaves?Mary Let and Louisa Cook Thos. J rasper, 1 t>lave?Ja?. Tbonta* J no. Tsntun, i alares?Margaret Smith and William or Bll! Joseph Osmen.l Slav?Ellen Sanders. Eleanor K L^vljr, 10 slavea?Mary and beorgo Dyer and Lizzie, Henrr. Mary. Eliza, William R. A'fred Maria sad Frank Clark. Pet?rVon Emeu, >? l?rn_Rozmns, fforfe &Rd \ddio I? Cornelia, Alice, Hester, Harriet, William and H^n .J ten Savo^?>. Ms'.inda. Lewis, Martha, Inir, t'fcarl a, knally. Ileurv. <?eorjre, Ellen. Jamas and Matthrw Hswkir.s Henry T. D *on, I slave? Wm Johnson Mary Brlen, administratrix, 2 slaves?Maria an<l S*?rnu*i Butler. Th >icas T. Everett. klaves ?Teresaand Kob't Sml'b ftam uel t?tutt, 1 Wm flurrell Samuel Btott, trustee, ? slaves?Sarah and Wn.t'nsk Walter K Chrw S _ ??? j ??o?ii*, v/otncr, \*CK"lUlt, Mary Catherine and Lii^nw Brown. Jeteph T Jaiavea?.Von and !*allv Brown and That K. Msnn KlcLatd J Hyon,V alavea?A'llllun and Mary Carr?H C. P Pnt'eraon, 6 alarm? Caaev Ann, ar., Caa y Ann, Jr., Aotbonv aod Hannah Bntler. Marts Doner and JwrLlnt Valle? Cfctb**rine Pearson, 91 *lave??F.lw'd L-e, Nelly. K'tty aad John Mitchell, Mary'h, Jnm*a DangrrAeld. Jo* Birne't, Anthony JelFtr on, Jenny aud Win ButUr, G*?. I>?ner, M?ry. Elftaheth, Thorns*. Benjautu. Lewli, Hep.ry, J*irab. Jarob. Andrew end prank Shorter. Ellia betb O'Reiley, 3 slew*?Jairie*. H<ry and LHch Smith Ann lilac<?, 4 alarea?Mary Porreat, El!**? Mary Ellen and Marlon Cnrtla Thi 0??atto*? or thi Proyo?t Guaiit*.? I.aat night the various sectlona Af tbe guard lr. rested H Rowniiui ? |r> ?*|r? avaui \J I 1 Uf D1 11 Coomhs' building, auiith aide of the avenue. near Tenth etreet; John Hayi'll, reateuranl kf:/*, Seventh atreet; Cbaa. Kloman Seveu'h street. XVebb, G, between and Seventh. for tiling liquor to ?oldler? after !?# o'clock p. ni I'pca examination thl? morning (jefor?- the military authorise* and Justice Walter, the two 8r?' wre fined 9?S eacb, and the last named two were d mi*?ed, oo Koldlera being found In their ho>iae?, and Ml quiet About three o'clock thi? morn' ^ a aqnad of the guard, with patrolman Nleko.a or the police,"went to the room* of D Heed. *?- the avetine, n~ar the National Hotel, and arreat-d ?fc? proprietor, Ukmg ?w.?v 1 be entire paraphernalia of a gambling houae, con?lat'.nc of checka, card-, dealing b >iea, clo'h*. Ac. AfW a bearing th<? K-iuing .?;r. ivt-ru was me?l 5o'? under 111? cor poratlon law and held to ball In to &ppe*r a< court under the criminal law Ti- day tbe guard ar? enforcing another oader?hauling up the ne groe* who are roving about tbe cUv wearing t* 8. uniform* or parts of such uniforms. Herccst: ?This morning, four ?tout mee, clad in tbe uniform of the rebels?grey clothe* with red trimmings?went to the Fourth \Var?1 ii - - - ixuon to inquire the way to tbe provost mar-h:l'a office. Two of tbetn were New Workers, on i> Pen uav Iranian. and one a Marylander They deserted from Richmond tbree weeks *go, aud <nado tbelr way Into McDowell** line*, fr *n thencft were paase.-i throurh, and came up to v%"a?". ton at 12 o'clock Lut night, on tbc ?mc boa' with tbt Military Go-ernor, General W adswrU: They report that tnere are lyit ali lorta a/< ... 1 Richmond, and at the time they left there were no trcops of any acrount there, they baring V-*r ord red to Yorktown. No one takcj Confederate money. unic?a compelled. They alao My that Jeff Davis and his orlwv cnnnrii ?? from R'.rhittond, wt?h a good start ahrad of the Union army. Forum Wup Station CuK>-?(/m Jr?f?ra Wa'.ttr.?John E McKay, uUor, wbo wm rpnd ing chip* of tbe Merrtmac,,l ma<*? a right good thing of !?,?? and xrltb th* proceed* of the aalc* treated tome p:Ltr s'.JDm>tN. *n?l wu taken and loektd up f"r tbe night; be vru dUmlaaed tbla morning. Toomu Flatter, coi'd, tier ping in tbe market, dUmlaaed; for being drunk and veiling lire, lined ?1 Joabus Hatp-r. au-plciou* peraou, wai given bla eb*?|c?, to leave tbe city or go to toe wnrkhnuat for *" day*; be chow the latter born o' tha dilemma, and wu commuted accordingly. Melvla Novea. do . dla m!a?ed. Jefferaoa Lucia. John H. Moore. J W Parker, S. M Kearnca. Ambroae Mlddleton, and George Dorn, acldiera. drunk and disorderly; d'.amlaaed. ?Icowd Wamr Station Caa?a? Btjori Jmttit* Clark ?James Penney, ccl'd. agisting In tbs escape of a priaoner A man charged with felony waa being puraued i>y offlcera lut night, and Pennev ia charged with affording him the mean a by which heeacap*d. and with Interferlac with the officers. He la held for a bearing F C Broad head, disorderly; fln?l 94 $. H Clark, stcalr? a bouse; do. f?. Harrison Penrod, do ; do. f.J Robert Tate, col'd, drunk; fined S3 94 Jamea Puff, sleep In the street; fined 94.M. John O'Teole, disorderly; turned over to the military. Dkaths or Souusne ?Since our laat report the following deal Us of eoldicra hare orcarrN Private Augustus A, 101st New York vulunteera Private Wm. Hirer, company 0. 1-th Indian* volunteers Relatives of deceased soldiers can be furnished with nil the lnfornantlon they desire In relation to the burial place of tfceir friends. A.r , by call lag on F. T. Sands. Government undertaker, (14, F street north. T*!Bcti to thk Mimosy or Mi Vihtow ?a Betting of teuton and Rcpmralitlm from Ohio, and other citizen* from that look pl*ce In theCapitol yceterday,and tut reaolu tlona aettlag forth their rcepect for dooeaeed, and txpreealng ytnnatby for nla fam'.lv la th-*lr atttctloo. Senator Wade waa chairman, and Mr. J no. ttutchlna, aecretary otulik woods mioniiii.-? eaieraay morning the detective cAceis attached to the quartermaster'adepot at Alexandria proceeded to a farm hoane near Pour-mile Ran, nod recovcrd itrcn wagon loida o( gocda which had W?n a be tr acted frutn time to time from the can*pa of various re*, luienta who were atatlonod la tk? neighborhood. C; net it Covn, May 13?Robert Ou'.d ag'. Richard Troimeii, verdict (or plaintiff J any* Wrat agt Geoi^e Hi'Uuiw, on trial?Cair;?:;ir*n and Lloyd for plaintiff annimimiwii a nvmiTiiiTQ i The o^-?%?K5.V ?xi?tinc | tk? IMM Md atyl* or KIT * ? !* , to llut *4(UMolr?4 Vf attatl oo?m*. ah c^ibb M?n?t wiil ?* ioj bf t. % f*?un.ih?oo JT^F eo?g?o?a.P \|OTlCK -Tk? wui OOBUBM UI* [N BoUIibc A|*MI !> ?? ? W I uil ?ui ! > ?. ? - * - f**TOLM* hwrtofore apoa tfc* 'Jn'' IU A. M1KN. J? t < j: ?iaai<vi '** ? ?ANt tii ( I *

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