Newspaper of Evening Star, May 13, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 13, 1862 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. ,[ Washington city: TrKSUiV KIAI u, ices. ? ~ ' " Own Piirm at the wletu military cm*j? u4 positions will c-mtfcr taror by keeping as pooled w to nio?f?fnti and affclrs In their vicinities. *ptrli *f the >l*rila| Prnt< Tfce IntePigenttT notices, approvingly, tbe decision of Justice Swarne, In the case of tbe United SMates r? James W. Cbenowlth, that the clause of the Constitution which apecllles " adhering to ttt- funnies of the United states, ^Ivlag thein aid nud comfort^" applies only to those who jlre aid and c-iufort to forttgn entmui, aiyl does not apply to those who commit like acts in respect to domestic rebels. The Inttlltgtnttr says : 11 The purport of this doctrine Is, that the party In the above-named cause might have be-n ln-?>- ?? ??' vrti ion Inst thi> Hlitr*. but cannot be inJictrd for 'adhering to their cnemie*' tbe enemlea arc domestic. He ml^ht Ve lnd'ctcd aa a principal, but not aeanarcrs orr. btcauae. .tecorAlng to English authorities, in 'rraaon there are no ac(^*?ori?a, all are principals ' The Keyukluan ia antl-McClcllanlah and ncgrojf. pbobUlsh to day. . Bp the Prttideut /:kt Umittd States / America. A PROCLAMATION. Whikkas, by mv Proclamation of tbe nine teentfe of April, one thousand eight hundred and ?ix*y-ont, It waa declared that the porta of certain S'ate*, including thoae of Beaufcrt,ln the State of North Carolina, Port Royal, In the State of South * ''arollna, and New Ofleana, In the State of Il' I Louisiana, were, for reasons therein set forth, intended to be placed under blockade; and whereas the said ports of Beaufort. Port Koyal,and New Orleans have since been blockaded; hut as the b orkade of the same ports may now be safely re j j?r-d with advantage to the interota of crmmerce: , Now, therefore, be it known that I, Abraham 1.I5COLM, President of the l'nlted States, pursuant to tte authority In ine vested by the fifth section rf the act of Congrr?a, approved on the 13th of July last, entitled "An set further to provide for (be collection of duties on imports, and for other pnrpcs*s," do hereby declare that tbe blockade rf tbe said ports of Dcaofort, Port Royal, and t New Orleans shall so far cease and determine, ? from and after tbe flr*t day of Jane next, that I p commercial intercourse wun mow porta, except aa to pertona and things and Information contrshard of war. may, from that time, be carried on, antject to tbe law* of tbe United State#, and to ibe limitation# and in pursuance of tbe regnla* tlona wblcb are p-eecrlbtd by tbe Secretary of the Treaaury In t la order of tbladate, which la apjcrdtd to this proclamation. In w'tnea* wfcere: f I have hereunto aet my hand and caused tbe aeal cf the United 8 ales to 1*> ;<fllxel Done at tbe City of Washington, this twelfth day of May, In tie year of our Lord, one . , thousand eight hundred and sixty-two. , 1 1 and of tbe Independence of the United States tbe eighty-sixth abaa11ax ijiwcolif. By the President: william H siw??d, Secretary of tftate. |The regulat'ona of tbe flccrrUry of the Treasury. alluded to In tb * Proclamation, bavc not been received. They wlU be published to-morrow ] CUR MILITARY BUDQET. BOTTOM'S BRIDGE. Gen. McCUlUn may probably, it aeeini to ua, . be delayed some days before Bottom's bridge? on tbe direct road to Richmond. We bear that its approaches are not only densely wooded, but o swampy for miies on either side that tbe road through them la substantially of carpentry, and therefore easily destroyable. That, unfortunately, Is the only route for his army except very roundabout ones. For Instance, to essay to go around tbe head of tbe Cblckabomtny from that }?>lnt, distant not more than fifteen rn^es from Richmond In a direct line,would involve a march ?f perhaps seventy-five miles through a difficult country, without water facilities for transportation. vVe believe It to be tbe policy of the rebels to delay his army btfore Bottom's bridge until they u a7 remove as much of their war material in Richmond as possible by rail to Danville, and get off ai n.any of their troops by the same means of conveyance. It seems probable that our fleet vrili, however, interfere successfully to defeat that plan That Is: if It has been pushed up wlthlo shelling distsnce of the city. A ?TRANOK IDEA. Nothing seems stranger to us than the Idea prevailing in some quarters (hat a rebel army between thirty and fifty thousand ?trong, Is ad -vsncng irrra mcomona in tot direction of lien. McDowell's front Under tbe circumstances ol ?'tbe situation" on tbe Peninsula, especially aince tbe fail of Norfolk and tbe destruction of tbe Merrira?c, It Is simply an atourdltv; tbe chaoce for tbe success of an? such rebel movement not being oue in a hundred, as Davis, Johnson, Lee and Ma^ruder well know. We place no faitb in this rumor, because crediting tbe rebel leaden k 'l.* * ? - wun a- owing too much of the art of war thua to ad?i>t *l.c policy tuoat likely ct all other* so to cripple themselves a* not only to esaurc the def?at uf the',r army oppcaed to McClellan, but a!ao tbe capture of any force they may venture upon so hazardous an experiment. Their present aim la but to pet aa mar.y of their troop* and aa icu~b Cot their material of war aafely out cf Virginia aa poaa.ble, and to divide and thua weaken their main force, already too weak to do more than retreat before the armv of the Potnnue i> ??t ?h* policy likely to enable them to accompllah that object THE JAMKS RIVER. The James fiver la navigable for tea ^olag teamen drawing eleven feet of water quite up to the city of Richmond That Is unlets the lebela have succeeded In so blocking the channel vrith a sunken stone fleet, above City Polut, as to Interfere with the progrcM of veeaela it aeeiija to be ucdtratood that our gupboata are pact City folut where the river la aballowcat. Many of our gunboat*?even of the inott formidable of I hem-draw not more tban nine feet. If It baa bee a the policy of Geo. McClellau and Commodore boldaborougb to advance the gun. bo*te much ahead of the army, we aee no reaaon l j doubt that by thi> Ume Richmond la almoat If not quite at the mercy of their guna. MARINES FOR NORFOLK. A battalion of U 8 marines are under urdera to proceed to Norfolk to guard the navy-yaxd flHU UIU11 I?UU IV 4C?Tt Uiil UlCT* ?00?- f r r DiriAiiD ?Tbe action of Um House yesterday in luodlfrtag tbe fori* ltd dockyard* tmu, ' cl pall on bill of Mr Lovejoy to m to confine lta application wholly to territories, was a substan tiai victory over tbe taction of tbe body beat on cvtrtnrniug the Const!ration. They s?w that tbe House would by a Urge majority vote down their proposed attempt to Interfere with slavery in ike Siatti, and therefor* to prevent tbe ex position of the'r real weakness that would be Involved in tbe defeat of their measure, they took time by the forelock, and themselves so modiled it as that, If tt becomes a Isw, It will .imply amount Sto a virtsil declaration of the purpose of Coo. gress ? < to Interfere with slavery in tbe Bute* Financial.?New Verk papers of yesterday report the fallowing vales of stocki: 1.9 6 s of Mk registered, Htf; coupons, 105^. Oregon vra/ loan, 101 l?. 8 5'? of 1671, registered, 95* V ?. i t of 1?7I, coupons, 96. One year certllcates IWHIOD^ 7.JJ Treasury no(as. 1U5* Border *ta:? tMocks arc without chaags. New York 7*a arc quoted at 1I4JK; Kentucky 6?s, to; Illinois coupons, 97; Illinois war leu, 99; Tennessee 0 s, 69*; North Carolina '?, 71*; California 7 *, 91*; Mluoun o'i, us* ABtrieta golf, ioo?f. Arro xTkD ? Aioozo Jobnaoa, of Now York fcaa b.-?n ?| polated to a temporary clerkship U the fauatoa Uvtia. IO* The recti 11 of tattoo at Cincinnati from AvaTUJratof^dnriBfrtlMpoat wrck will amnnnc to l.utW baJea Cotton la an)ring In Naakvllla from the pU stations ia tl* Interior at tfce rate of ?M> Miea per day Bi LATE MEWS BY TELEGRAPH. IMPORTABT FROM THE SOUTHCon. Pert r's Fleet off Fort lorgM #n r?al? (a Hahllr. Oir (.uDboats RcconnolteriDg ! IN Savannah River. Niw York, May 13 ?Cominodorr 1'ortcr'afleet are reported aa baring been aeeu oil Fort Morgan near the entrance of Mobile barber, on Thursday. An attack 011 the City wat hourly rxpect'd. Our gunboats were reconnolterln^ the Savannah rlvi r on the morning of the ?me day. *? n -l~l k.n?i>. (.avail will. ocanir|?m iiciwi*ivc? / uvm* #? v?? ?. ?H 30 000 Men. [Special to the Chicago TlniPt.J?The teamer M? ti-ra has arrived from Pittsburg Landing, which pla^e ahc left on Sunday morning. There had been uo general engagement, though (he (wo armlea threaten each other more than at any previous time. Thr enemy Is trrn^thenliij; hla deftnsea for thed-.f' it of cur iraki. An liumenac forco of ne^roi* nro at work felling trees, and ftrengtheu. log the <Mrtbwnrk?. It U now known that General Level I has reached Cormik. bringing vrlth him his ariny of 30,000 men from New Orleanp. Beauregard wai preparing bis army for a desperate struggle. Our reconnoitering parties in* variably meet tbe enemy, go wberetbey will, and in tbe wood* along tbe road* t'ae rebels teem present la overpowering numbers. Our forced are, at tbe same time, strengthening tbelr position oa a grand scale. Roads are being cut through tbe woods to facilitate the movement* of the different iHvlnlon* onni rta h?!nir mounted lu great numbers, and nothing is being left wanting on our part to win the contest. The Rebels In Sackcloth Jtff Davis Appoints n Day tf Fasting and Humiliation. Niw Market. Va., May 12.?A Richmond paper, ofthetf'h instant, wnlch was seen yesterday by an uli-ier, pubii?be* a proclamation of Jeff Davis, appointing Friday next as a day of fasting and liiiiulllatlon, to be observed throughout the Confederacy. From the Mtsttsls Department. NiwYoix,>lay 12.?A dispatch from Parkersburg to tbe Time* says: Tbe two guerillas recently captured were hung at Chester on the 9th. Generals S^henck and Mllroy ore safe. COmttibSSlUHAL. IXXTIItfc COS?RK#S?S?ces4 IihIu Sksatk ?After our report closed yesterday? fbe bill providing for the collection of taxes In the insurrectionary districts was, after some discussion, passed Tbe bill facilitating the discbarge of disabled A1<IU>. L..W I "? ' viwiiii -ii. uatk iruiu luc linuic WHO amendments, which were concurred in. The House resolution looking to an adjournment on the tbird Monday In the present month was taken up and rejected. Hovsb. ? After our report closed? Tbe bill to render freedom national and slavery sectional was amended by Mr. Lovrjoy so as to read as follows, and passed : To secure freedom to persons within the Territories of the United States: B* it 'itorttJ. tfr. , That slavery or involuntary servitude, In all cases whatsoever, fother than in the punishment of crime, whereof tbe party shall have been duly convicted.) shall henceforth cease utt uc pruaiaura lorever in an me Territories of (be United States now existing, or hereafter to be form?d or acquired In any way. Toe bill making an appropriation of ft6.(*)0,fXJ0 for the payment of bounty 10 the widows and l?{!Bl heirs of volunteers was passed after a abort debate. ArroiXTXzars ?The following nomination* have been confirmed by the Senate : Dan'l K. Sickles, Brig Gen. of Volunteers. Harvey Brown, Brevet Brig. Gen. U. S. A. Win K Merrill, Brevet <:%pt Kng'ra, U.S. A. Thas O. Howard, Capt l^ih Infantry, U.S.A. S Wiley, L'eut 1st Infantry, U. S A O. A. K'owley, Lieut 2d Infantry. U. S A. M. Howard, 2d Lieut 5th Infantry, U 8. A. K. R. Corson. Assistant Adl't GcrMl of Vmim Jos Hlbbard, Assistant Adj't General of Vols. F F Forter, Brigade Huartermaster of Vols. It. Van Vlelt, Assistant t{uartermaster of Vol*. J no. Jordan, Commissary of Subsistence of Vol*. Win J. McClure, Commissary of Sub. of Vols. John XV. Hunt, Brigade Surgeon of Vols. J. C Ramsey, Commissary of Sab. of Vols. G F.SpUlman, Commlasary of Sub of Vols. A<si>ta*t (^yart-rmastfTt ?G. (-1 White, Chaa. K. Smith, Gt-orge 8 Dodge. George fcly, Charles Goodman. Wm. Hooper, J. K King, Wm G. Morris, Charles Hoyt, G W Wcodbrldge, John H. Tlghe, Wm Stoddard, Joseph Justice, H. A. \jiriiaui, urui^r r. ? rosier J. H. Manstttld, Comal at Bogota. C7" The monarchy of England will be represented at the Inauguration of the International Exhibition by a vacant throne, on eltber tide cf which will be plated bust* of the t^ueeu and Prluce Contort. In front of thti will stand the Koyal CommUslcners In their rui-ea of xtaU-, aud here the prayers and addresses will be read ATTENTION, METROPOLITAN RIL5f FLF.b!?A o%Ue^ matting of the Cumptoy wTT Ka kn il on Tn MnDui.u/ ' " ' ..? VM Mb v? ?? | rw rub^lUIJ > EVEN ING. the Utii iu?:a;.t, a? the Metropolitan Hook an1 <vU er House. Itj ordor Capt. Wm II. ta 13 it* K. C. EGKI-OFF. Pec<t?f PUBLIC TEMPERANCE M- EI ING ? JJl Uocd riimritan DitiiIou Hon? o' Tern par ?.!icewi!; hold tlicir '"*ni?r iu<>o h r puMio meet icc st T'lup^r-uce If%!1, on TL'EiDAV EVE NiN9. th* 13*h lnitaot, a*. 8 o'olook. Temperanos epaaa.?ra s.i3 ;nv.U*1. in 12 it rvW?A r'fKNHON, FIFTH WARD UNION :L3 DKMOCKACV ?There vil^ bea me*Un( Af InA 1 " r* <??- f\ " " _ ... U >U V??"U VIS roiart Ol *ne nlUI Wil d on TL'E^DA.V HVLMNO, Mtylitb, lWJ,at7* o'o oo?. ai LUHru1 U<t<s for me >0'|K)se of as leoMng five dei?eat*? to reareaent the Wwd in the National Umcn Democratic Con re tlon. in ia ?t? ANUttEW P. McKENNA. See. t?m' WO VICE-TO the VOT? RS OF THE llj? 81XTil WAKI)?You are reaaeot/ullT lr.TrKl to at'erd i meeting on \VKI)Nfe.i*JjAY EVKMNtf. 14 h iniUQt at 8 o'olook, at Odd Fel lows' Ihl , Navj Vard, to take mi h action at m?j noit prod?ut at the oomiac ninno.pai e eo loo I' ii desired th* every vi>ter will M preet nt who is in lavor cl the war policy of tte ad miniatiMioa, including the rcceir emano.'pation act It > expected i f the caididAlea io answer tuaae au rations, no that t-rtrj voter mar koow wLat he i? voting for Turnout in rour iu'.ght aa buaioaea rf rreit importance la to be tratn?oted Thi oaLdidMea are reapeotlii r invited to re prea ent. nn 12 8t* fW?THK NATIONAL UNION MKN of the 1J Titiid W?rd c pp"??d to tU? preaent ronoici paltioket, to a-.o it<?>ciiiii (or tn? hppnHicao Hit] >. i.e reiueeied tc atteu> a meetiot to beheld at l>mper?nc4 U?ll TlteDAY liV'-NlXG, Nlfc; ,3Ui. at 7S o'cIook. for the pur|oee cf appoint to the ^?pfrai ? ofninatiDK oonventioo.rnd teieotin ? w\rj Hoket. m 1" 3t* MpTUL UNION I'KAVKK MKET1NV Will JJS be hold en ever; dtr tnis week in the LutheranChcph, (Re*. J. 0. (hitler'*,) at tha oor&ftr of U th and H atreota, oorameooiBc at Of o'eiook 9 mM and oontinoed l>nt one hoar. ia W r> -?1 ?* ? ivnui' uinon nniRT mOPlIS, Beit atylM, all trie*/. ? PERKY ft HRO., 113 61 Pa- * ?*. and Ninth ?tr?t. J^ILK AND LACE WRAPPINGS. We have just reoeivrd (this day) oar Uurd np ply rf HlLa MANTLES. aad &aCQU?B. alio LACE M NTLEB. and POINTS? uaftliic oar ?took nowrery oojnp.eU u a<l the laadinc aitlee m eofit No. 48 Outer Market Speoe. AKMY AINU NAVY BL.UE * LANNKL?, of tu.itwi and aoiori tbkl Mn lw ttlltd oa. * A InU etook cf mod in in and this WOOlERI for Genfa\ Youth's and Bort' wear. On* >noe odr marked in plain fee <- ran, the aetnal ?h atnadard value ; benoe, no parehaeer u de r-d Ai inrpeotion of etoek tolloited at all time* from resident* and etrangeri; It iinpiif a no obligation to paroha?e- PtiBRY A Jku.. m 13 ?i Pa arena* and Mnth el 1'ABLK LINENS. NAPKINS. X lOWEL#. DOYLIES, Q WILTS, SHEETINGS. PILLOW COTTONSAND LINENSAnd a.l oiker kin'** o( Dry Good*Lr houaakesp era' una, at oer prcwrbiailj low pnoe*. marked in piatn t ? ra??tha retail oath a'andard va na. ah iu?pcetion tf *iook eouoited froin etraoxere. j jaraara aoa rMiaoau ; it inoaia do vbntaUon to pn'ohfck*. fKHKV fc Una, ?t?w P?- averat >-a Ninth at (^KMTLUMKN'S CLUU HOU The aadaraicacd o?f l*ava to okJl the attention of IBa oiuseaa and ircvauni oonuti f to tfca toiN tiiey tt*? Jirt ot?Md lot tkm totoamoditioo of c?ut omen The tout iaijarniabedl in tplen Old atyl?l?ar?e Airy Kooaaa. Chaml>*ra and Per lore The Tabie via ha anaelied vita alt i| dtlioaaiaa of cli? taaaca. Tha Bar com*,ning ae aood au ohoso- Liqaori. *etara, to , aa oao oa fuand la tLu or aa * otner eity no paiaa nor nr*iu? a ui t?t ayarau la n?i e*t lUaatioa ta ail Vhw tuj aatruoiiv tfce haare ttrut n to orocra ba givra tir dtrnere. An. at Mauve and ^Duaiuc M<vaaU H>ttt?a?.ui"<y e*m*t?<t. ou in*. OJiuur *)? aad w. etreeta ?mi, lately u.ekp,*a VStP ?V?WN * OOWNIMi. FURTHER PARTICULARS OF THE OCCUPATION OF NORFOLK. Mere ab?m the Mfrrtaac-Tbf D?irar> tlon ?f G??p*rt Matj Yard?The M*nH?r and ^liBgB.ack ra r??t? to Richmond. - From the correspondence of the Baltimore .1 'tunc in we take tbe following 4 WaaI In? .. ?k a? ucaoBi i? vui iwt?* fvooc*?wu, IQC property of the I'nltcd States. of the Custom House about dusk on Saturda/ evening, and <ke flag of tbe Tenth New York Kegliuctit was hoisted over It. tV> soon as the ceremonies of taklne possession of the city were finished, General Wool, accompanied by Secretary Chase, and several members of his stall', Immediately started bark for Fortress Monroe, proceeding by the route the army had advanced from Point Pleaaant. A boat was there In waiting and General Wool arrived at the fortress at 11 o'clock the aime night, and announced to the President and the Secretary of war tnc graurying indulgence or the surrender and possession of Norfolk. Unfortunately the troons were not marched In on Saturday night, or tne burning of the Navy Yard and the vessels would not have been acccmpllshzd. At four o'clock thla morning a bright light wan observed from Fortress Monroe, In the direction of Craney island, which was supposed at first to be a signal of sonic description from the steamer Merrlmac. It w as closely watchcd by the officers of the picket boats, as well by the varions naval vessels of the fleet, snd precisely at half-past four o'clock an explosion took placc which made the earth and watertremble ft r miles around. In the midst of bright flames which shot up thrsngh the distant blaze the timbers and Iron of the monster steamer could be seen flying through the air, whilst Immense volumes of smoke rose up and iui a uiin ooncurea erfryitine No doabtwas entertained that tbe veritable Merrlmsc, the monster of tbe occau, had ceased to exist, and bad doubtless been abandoned by the crew Thla wan the report which the picket boats brought In the morning. ar.d tbe fact that a beivy explosion was heard about the time mentioned gave assurance that the report was correct. Immediately at tbe upper point of tb? Island we foand a maas of blackened wreck floating on tbe water, some of it proceeded from aunken portions of the vessels. We had also passed large quantities of floating timber on oar way up, all of which appeared to have been torn and rended into splinters. On inquiring of the men found on the Island we ascertained that tbe Merrlmac had laid during Saturday at point nearly a mile below the position In which t2ej fragments were observed During the night, however, she had be?n brought bark and run ashore. Her eutirc omcers tna crew were landed on the Island, and a alow match being applied to her magazine, which contained atvtral thousand pound* of powder, was rended to fragments by the time the crew were out of reach of the failing timbers. The negroes state th't the officers and crew passed through the adjoining country on th? mainland about - o'clock in the morning, to the number of over two hundred They said they were on their way to Suffolk, from whence they Would Droceed to Richmond \V> gathered up a number of fragmenta of the wreck aa mementoes, and aped on our way to Norfolk. On tbe line of the river leading from Crane? Island to Norfolk there are not leas tban alx heavy earthworks, mounting in all about slxtv-ulne cannon, all of which are atill in petition, except those that were In the worka near the Navil Hospital These are aa!d to have been taken to Ricbmend during the past week. Not far above Oraney lalind ia the f-iinous river barricade, of which bo much baa been snld. Although tne river here ia nearly a mile ^ide, a line of pilea baa been driven from shore to xnore, with the exception of an opening in the ccnte' of tbe channel for vesaels to paaa in and out. Ht*re were twn itpnin nilp.Hriu^ro ?*???uk *? ? * ? t ^ u I1,U uau Ul'Vll U^C?I for tbla work, and near the opening was mo?red the bulk of the old frigate United Mates, which It was proposed to gink here In case our vessels should have succeeded in pacing the fortification* There she stands, nowever, having refund to sink, It is said, or to take its position at the appointed place. Well done for the old United States. Immediately roiutnanding this river barricade Is a most magnificent calcinated battery, forming a half circle, and mounting eleven heavy etuis. It Is beautifully sodded, ana Is most formidable. On the opposite bank of the river Is another battery, wit& two or three other small works before you reach old Fort Norfolk on one side of the river, and the Naval Asylum batteries on the other On all of there works, including Sewell's !>.*? nt ?w?i i ? * . me icuci u ik ubu ueen lowt-rei by tfce fleet and the American flag Bubstltuted. In addition to tbe amount of ammunition left In tbe batterv abed*, 1U? magazine*, of which there was a great number, were left well ailed. The amount of powder In the magazine* la estlmated at 0,0W) pounds, and tbe flxed ammunition could be enumerated by the cargo. Tbe harbor of Norf >lk looked mott beautiful, and tbe green foliage of the trees gave a summer aspect to tbe whole lanlacape, as we laid "U tbe broad expanse of water Hvr?>ii thi> t?n riii*? After cru'ialng about for come time among the fleet, we landed at the wharf nd took a stroll through the city. It being 8undav, of course all pieces of business were closed, and the city presented a moat quiet aspect. The wharYes were crowdey with biacka, mile and female, and a goodly nnmber of working people, with their wive* and children, were atrolllng about. Soldiers wt re stationed on the wharves and picketed through the city, whilst the flag of the Union floated in triumph from the cupola of the cu(tornhouse. This Aug, by the way, la the regimental flag of the 10th New York regiment. The houses through the city were generally closed especially most of tho*e of the wealthier rlmcM WA???A <*' 1 vwvv. uviuu v? ?ut: iriliaifR OH 106 lirPff cowled at the horrible Yankees, and tome a 1 moat attempted to ?plt on them, but there was a aubdurd quiet among the middling clane*, which their countenance implied to mean a desire to watch and watt for further developments. The Seceu onlftta, especia ly among toe men, did not however go to pouting. They talked boldly of tbe Southern Confederacy, declare their determltlon to rect ive Confederate money, would tave nothing to do with the Lincoln ah.npla^tera, and were lull of confidence that iu twenty days Norfolk would be repossessed and the Yankee.-, driven out True to the spirit of Secession the Are, a* I anticipated un Saturday, and which threw a broed | rpan rr laro Vw? J * * 1 ???? ^v wvivw ?uo u?a cu? uii .-nuroay lii/ui, procrrdfd froin the dralruellon of tbe Porumoutta Navy Yard, wliich was done by order of the Rebel Commandant. It la now almoat a maaa of rulna, acarcely anything left but walls and tall cbimneya. Kven (be immemie atone dry dock, wblcb coat nearly a million of dollara, wa> mined and damaged, and it la said that tbe engine and pump belonging to It waa removed to Richmond. \\ hltat remaining bere this evening Commodore UultUborougb ordered tbe Monitor and the NI antral iip It t a ru /?? ?? ? * -?- m * w .ciuui iu i u>nr->t mviirot', com up and procced up the Janiea river to nli;bt. Nothing definite bta been hiard from the U&lena, the Fort Koyal and the Arostcok which went up on Friday. Tm accetaionlsta In Norfolk admit that the Galena ettcctually allcnced all their lower batterlea on tbe James river, but at Sandy 1'olnt batteryuhcuot aground, and tbat one of the other boata whir h edine to her aaslsUnce waa aunk Aa to tbe truth of this atatcment 1 have been unable iu uwuiiii anyming deflalte, but have no doubt tbat tbe Galena baa been doing good servicc. It la thought tbat this story bad been promulgated to prevent tbu desertions which were constantly taking place among the troop* at the time of tbe evacuaMon, and to obviate tbe difficulty experienced In carrvlng tbe Virginia troops t be in. Tbey leu here ostensibly for Richmond, but It Is the belief that tbey arc ofi for tbe Kingdom of Cotton Whilst tbe I nlon men of Norfolk are reserved and fesrful, those of I'orismoutb, on th? contrary, gave the moat enthusiastic testimony on Sunday In behalf of tbe faith tbat Is in them The destruction of the Navy Yard bas glvcu great dissatisfaction, and as we steamed along tbe wharves quite a number of flags could be seen suspended troin private residences. Small boys were parading tbe streets with flags, evidently msnufaclurtd by tbelr mothers, and mmmrm evidence that with a better supply of banting there will be no lack of tbe disposition!and determination to give it to tbe bteese. Tbe possession of a concealed federal flag was deemed an act of treason by tbe Mebel authorities?all that could be found were destroyed?hence the present scarcity among the people. 0oim of tbe men and cflcrn of ih? bare been arrested In Norfolk. Ou??the sailing master?although professing to be a rebel, spoke very candidly with regard to her previous operations On being questioned a* to tbe effect of the Monitor's shells on tbe Merrlmac, be protested tbst not one cf them bad entered ber. 1 hey had made heavy dents, and welded tbe Iron, but the only damage done ber by the Monitor's heavy blows was to start some of her tlmbeis and cause ber to leak badly. The only shot that bad really Injured her was that of tbe long gnn of the Cumberland, wblcb entered her port and split one of her guns wide open, tbe splinter* of which killed three men and wounded some fifteen, Including Com. Buchanan, who has nesrly recovered. The Secessionists of Norfolk denied that tbe Merrlmac had been blown up. Tbe Sailing Master said he bad not been aboard of ber on ber 111! VOVH'T hill lh?r? """ * *- - J -m-J ~.Mv>w niu I.VIU1UCKVIQ UUUUie on board tie admitted that some on board of her bad been unwilling for her to attempt to flght

the Monitor, whilst others were anxious for another conflict. Ha admited tLat Commander Tattnal had been ordered to go up the York river about tvo weeks since, which he declined to obey. Ha then received an order from Richmond that cn the evacuation of Craney Island h? should proeeed up the J hub r.v-r, and ?erve as a battery to blockade aud.p.otect Richmond from the gnuboats He said that there were soma on board wbo were not willing ta fight on her aay mot-, and they would be glad to blow her up. A nsj wlty were uiwullng To light the Monitor, wUirn th?*y would have been compelled to do hud they gone up the Jamee river w bile iu<? navy yard wm being destroyed on yi ' -" ' _j / Saturday nlpht, another party was engaged In firing tbe shipping and ateamboats in tbetkarbor. Amang tbeac wrrc the ateamer William t*eldeu, atolen at tbe commencement of tbe war from tbe Norfolk and Baltimore iMrnmboat Company, tbe Cayuga, tbe Pilot Boy, and other tmiil craft. There were also two Iron-clad gunboat*, wblcb were unfinished, set on fire and floated toward* Norfolk, probably for the purpoae'of destroying tbe city Tbe firemen, however, towed them out and cxtliigulab*d tbrm. This work of des'f notion was accomplished on Saturday nleht after the Federal troops bad occupied Norf >lk. and the Inrendlarlcs could be seen moving about In tbc <Wknem. with their pltchplne flambeaux, like so many diabolical visitants The aeenc strou?ly reminded the spectator cf the panorama of the burning of Moscow and with tbe Immense flame that it threw forth made the acenc one of terrible grandeur PlrVpfl and trnnni Kjm K#??n Jhrnwii am! *pv. eral mile* in tbc tor of Norfolk, and active aa latenre will be gl?en to General McClellan In clearing Virginia ol tbe Rebel*. Tbe steamer Hero cam# down the Jamea river tta'e evening from tbe neighborhood of Wllliama* burg, aad brought down about four hundred prUonrra from Gen McClellan. Tbia puta an end to the doubta that had becu promulgated by tbe aiaertlon of the aecewicnlata that the Meriimar had not bt*< n blown up, but bad gone up tbe Jamea river to Richmond, which, of course, ahe could n?t do for want of aulttclent water The Rebels around Norfolk did not leave until Saturday mornln . when ifcev evacuated in great haste Camps of three cavalry regiments w?-re found In tbc rear of Norfolk, tearing evidence of having jus! been evacuated. A* the troop* retreated through Norfolk towards Suffolk they helped theraselv?s to private and public property without distinction Private tables were r-r< ken open and carriage horaea and harness taken off, without any one daring to question tbeir riyht A large iiumber of young men In Norfolk admitted that they had been in the service, and had deserted during the flight. They all professed to be Union men, and expressed great sat lafactlon at the coming of our troop*. FOR SALE?A pair ol handsome Rrey *1 ARtS, one a beaiMfal riding Horae ; ae ) n\ together or aiugly. Apply f>rtw<> day* ,r> 1 "if Dr. GKE6MO . Veterinary Surgeon. L) atrect MM 14th m 12 H* JCOAI -COA I -COAL! U8T Reo'ive '3J ton# rf beet quality Oookirg Ova . which I will ae!i at Hri->5 per ton fiora the eiael, and at $7 par too (2 A') pounda) at the yard. AUo. alwaya <<q i at:d a guo ' aaaiity of Oak and P ie Wo.xJ, which wii' be aold t the !owe?t market pries for oath. OtH;e cn Ue corner of m'h and K rt-eet = . ra 12 Jr GKORGE T. LANGLEY. pROPCMAl 8, WILL BK RECElVhD AT a. ine Mayors umo< urtn faturilay, Mar 17 h. at 12 o'clock noon, fo' grading a-;d grave,iHg Herscfi t-ooc w -btfr mihesouta tido of atraet nirth to t.,8 north nd" ot Boun i?'y street state toe price per ^ua-e yard for gr\v<< ing. foinding the grading tn >t may he retu r d t? form the street. The gravel to be nine lacten de- p in ths c inter, 08 lo four tnobee dee? at t'e eu'ter lioe. an1 to be r? ed of a I atone of im a-oper s ze, and well rolled with a h'avy roller. Th* gra ing to b* d ne to ifte aauifa tton of tne Commiuionert before th? w^rH of graveling oomI *n. f /ttl F U - U/ I.' Mi* j in juv.a? 4 vo> %? ** u < vo.-| Commiasune- Western D strict. mJ2 |'ntsl. tL Rspub.) QROCER1E8, W^NKe^ WHiSKiES, AND Fore Ground ColT-e, I Gr??n Wnit-J *od J?va Cofl?e, ?%nd?!ion Coffje, rime B aok and flreen Tm?, J tfrown. Yellow and Whit* Angara. Plain and sugar cured Hams, l?Ayror.'s ana ;arjii<*eon's Crackers, Frecch P'ur,esar,d Cooking frutes, Freich Muet&'d and Oil ve Oil, Ci.vrs A t moods, Currants, T?li!e trid Cookiuc tiairns. Golden ?*irup and plcw i?r.c*T8 Molasaes, Dinner Basket*. Vtrniihtd IJoxeg, L*-k? Tubs nod Coo ars, B-owo ar d V?,rn:*f-.?d Box**, Flour in barrels and bsge, at lowestjprioea. At L A DELLWIG'S SUPKRIOR OLD FORT WIMv, J*h?rrj, Madeira Ficn Drandiss, II I'and Gin. Ho?o Oordltl, Kin* Old Whiskies, In botdo* and on drUKht At L. A. UULLWIU'd. CIDhR, C1DKR !? A prnn?5 article of 8weet Uider, ou drausand lot sale in ne; and t>ar r?)?. at I., a. DKL WIS'3 Also, well ?eimr.e1 "AR and PINE WOOD for sale ani *rompt j delivered br U A UKLLWI8, ... I A M a H n r, ? Ill l" cy*ou ui a it cm narv BTT3 A1WD WAR. I> K A F N E S S . OI'TIIALMIC AXD AURAL INSTITUTE, 227 rrnnsylvaula Avrnne, Opposite Willarda' Hotel, Devoted to tJi? tr?-.trn?nt Mrn'r\lli a.vl PuticiMkm !! ni >) ?._ i.j <* >1 - t* ? . % r? * n vbj./i vi cfc.i UiliAUIOS UI mo Cj 1 E* DAR? in charge of DR. F A. VOI nVSCHZISKER, OCULIST AND AUR1ST, From Clinton I'lacs, New York CitrTESTIMONIAL*. Ir. p<il ii?h:rr the following iMtimnnikla. I)r. Vnn M<wch?i*ker f>e*? ti> at*t* th\t he i* only icdnoed to do as they proo ?e<t from touroee no h!(h nod re 1 able *s to render it a mvttor < f c ral.tical on for hun not on'y to pos?t3>, tu'. to publish them : Tr*akcby DiriRTMKNT, May t, 1862. In attestation of tie rkitl cf Ur Von .Mn*oi z ?ker as io Aurist, I w< nlil itv? that I have b?eneffiicted with deafness. which requ red a very loud roio* lo er.abie me to he*' tJn<W the treatment of Dr. Von Mosohz.skor. in theooii'se ol ihreo months, I hivj p far reoovrred tbat 1 can n. w h??r o 'nvernation inordinary ton* of v >lo*, a' tl al! th* disagreeable ~?i- - ? - - ? r iwuuia wnMNk uouoi!ip?U?Ott IOT ( P'ICll 18 nouna in the hi-ad, ar.d i!i*oharce? froin the ear, have nearly, and 1 truatwill very wn ce? e entirely. w. H. Uookk. From tht Hot*. Ftnntor J. F. Simmons. Mr. rooks'* oam of d?ali-e-? has been lone known to me, m i Ii\1 much < iflicuity in in?kirc him boar, re^uirm* a treat r evanon of Toioe. It fives ine pija^ure to ado my i?<nmouiai to tbe profess or.a! skill of Dr M-'8ohz<eker. a* lam > ow able to oonverre with my ln*nd, Mr. Cooke, aa with other persona in mr osn?i tore J. F. SiMMone, U. 8. S. W a* hi mo to ' , April 19,1863. This is to o?rtify that tti- r.oii irg of my soc,\ boy of thrteen years of age b?s t>eo . rreat y im? aired for some rears. 1 ain proad to state 'hat his hearing is now ro'torod b? the treatment of Dr. F A. V"n Mo ohji*?er. to whom 1 woti'i noomuieod all who are e ill oted in that way. Wm. Klaus. V3 Massachusetts avenue, betwoeu 4ta and 5th streets. Mator's offii-bGeorgetown April 19, l?bl. This is to oertiiy tbat ?ny hearing having been muoii impaired for for some tune ?ast,l placed my* se'f ui der ibe p ofcssional tr*>a inent of Ur. Von McNobaisker. Alter a tew week* of his oare, I experie oed * very perceptit ie improvement, and at this tirao my r.eanug is as roo-J as it ha* been at any lime within my reel ?o nc. m 9 Iw* himv ihinan* M?tnr want HAUL E? s FOU LER k CO ,an IMPORTERS, ? W110LB#* LB AND KirAIL liyi W* DIIMKA IN CHINA, Gi.AbB AND KaKTIIKN WARE, rtn? r*utlftr?, Jrrinnel Plated Ware, < nil Oil Lamps Roll Met* Ciiimn?T? and Wioka, ?look Tin (su*>Lacuna, A?., Ao. in Chair.lter ?eta. in8-1 m.if *Q1 (Ocd K?llow?' Hall) 7 h?t (1UME ONE. COM K ALL-, ?BU boyyoor o?Ut / of gPMlNU ard CfUMMbK CLOTH IN 6. at the oorner of E au<1 Sere to eta. '1 he aight of our large etook of Mea'? ftuJ bjya' CloUunc Will relieve all aaa ^neaaioi of uot fceiu* able to cat anted or fi texl at our eatabliati:nent. Give BAB ft ilROTQERa trial, and th?- will a-w?nlnwliU umlit ap?0-2m* Mh frknch milliner v. R9. THOMAS, From New Vor^, Room No. 9 Delovan Houae. has juat arrived with a ae-^gfc ieot atook of FRENCH MILLINERY ofdB} the la-eat ?tjlos and faahio&a, to whioh alie^^ reareotfnilr invites the attention or the ladiea of Waahintton. a?a 3w* PROFESSOR ALEXANDER WOLOWUI * uoonur?^randrin llneinc. m by hia new and aimplifted Method, at hiarealdenee. No 401 Tenth atreet. b*tw-en is. and f. All thoae who datire to beoome fina atnreraor exoolleat porlormeia. eh md avail thenaeafvea of hia naw ajatem of inatraotinn. M p ru ooachmaker*. ~~~~~ brocket's leather clkth, russia DUCK. 12 ya.d pieoea, atfSoanta par ya d, lor Caah only. For aa a ty in 5 ao?w ' N cpub ) JOHN R. ELVANp. f\?K?8 MAKING?Mia? I. G- ARTHUR, U FaahionaMe Dreaa Maker, respectfully tntormt the ladiea of Waahinston that aba haa ArAmm mmtm Wl?^ ? * u; -vwuiiiuuiviik i^o. ?iu 9.h "trret, bitwein H and I, ud la prepared to ?*eontBaJl order* promptly %nd in the Ifcteet at jlea ten^eoid"' CtttUng 1111(1 fittlDS dons, and p*tVVanted linmediately,?Yoaag lad tea to learn Dr? Making- gm |Mni? ?*NSRAV1NGtKNGRAVING, ?Weddlar. ViBitiDc.and Baaineea fitwie. JJBWII, Bill MMl, N HU TittMileM'ipUOB '> fl-ord*: Mod^UTArBii, OTMU Hyp u, Ccf&a PUtoa.fto. 4to Nattiy rxecaWd ?*d witt di?p?u>h it 9*0 P? irnw. C. J. HOLYLANO. CopMT Pltt i Prmticg ?!??* LfuH UftLiK- 4.000 OtDAK and .HKtflNUT I? Pi'dt^} ftlto J*yx? CMES1NU HfciiLS A tpif Mt door to t??*4 bakory, Loiiiliu ? >?. B.??in ? oo;. *in w"K ok i JOUXSOIW * NAtiLE, ( euth tide.) Bctirn* mtk and Ttni? 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TOBACCO and SLtiARd, of all kinds. I'A K AITIN K and A DA MANT1N E CAN DLLS. JOHNSON * N U.Lt, my 10-3m at'J Pixnsvlvama Avimi. pLATliD ICE P.TCHKR8: We will o*en this noroini an onuaulliy Ivie M?ortra?nt ol fiated loe Pitohera of the beet qu%.ltj, witii ttelateat improvement*, At vert low ittw. M. W. ?Al>T * BRU . Jewell? , m 10 t>t * aft* pennn?l??ma T ANBBUROB ft BRO 'H BALTIMOBK HA1. ! Li GAIN tiroRti. Juat rftoaiTwl, from the late New York Auction, a tpieudidMaortmect ot the iaisat atyle i)KKS8 O OPS. Han Cmbrel!aaaad Parasol*. Linen Handkerchief! of all klndi.Tery oheaf, fliovet ac<1 tiaintieta, Hoaiary of avery description, B!?ol( Silx Miu. With a fall ?t<KJk of 0no? 8ki/ta and Fancy Good*. whtoh wiil b? ran ofl oheap for otah. V/ome and o 'nTiiiOa your eii, at Hail'a old plaoe, 374 Sf nth at. IDT Hoop Skirt Factory, 119 Liberty at N?v York m 10 Tt* ntiDCL-nv PL*IMro * i ?o ^vnvlivii VtjilD*1 Ab O Ur r 1v/E|| ? Washihgtoh Maj 10,18?. An Arm? Medical Board wi 1 mtsib e in V* Ash mi'on, l> 0. on the 1st of Jane next lor the e*amuiatmn of applicABts for adnns*ion into t*e Me ioa: Corps of the Army. In Addition to the ordinary retirements of moraJ ohAraeter, medioal a d lurcical k'jowiedf.*, eood aaadenuo ednoAtion, ar.i sou ad phjncA condition, the appliosnte mast be fsminar with the pnnc>p es cf hrfieceaad the conditions neoee* Ary to the healtb of the troops la hcspitals.o**npa And trAo*porM. n tpiimviuuv mum nuftrHi^wi vo in? pwrciAr? of War. Ikrouf h the t*urgeon General: muat atate the r?i fPM of the applioant.a&d the d*te tod pi%co or hia birth They muat be aco n>ra:.ied (referenoea wi!l receive no attention) by rea?eota> la teaumoniala of hia poe-<easinc the morai mad pliyaioal ?ua ifioat on* re^uiaite for filllnc ereditIb y the reapoiuit>le atation, and (or paHorn.ici ably M.e arduoua and acuve of aa oAoer of the M'dioa! >?tsff. Are io?i<tamuit lnWnmmwi" ?* ty eight ?ov? of age. No ailowan -e im made for the uh&mi of per lamu dnoini tneee mmdiiiUioiii, m they are odispeneible prerequisite* to a#?ointfn9r.t; but tho*e who are *pproved and reoeive appointment* win be entitled to uauportatun oa obeying tbeir first order 'I bff are now and eoon will oooir, several vacancies la the Medical Stag. in Km C ? A bl c o A l::: C 0 A Ll! Having reee'ved * larg* mantii* of KKD ASM! KG? AND S1UVK COAL. Will disp >* of tfce miii* at in>deraie puces. la all case* i .240 p. uaO' u. the u.n ii. L. PHbRlFF. Ynrd Pa. av , m 9 tit Repnb ) bet. ?1 and ?>? eta. RKG9?r EOKlvrNG Da1 )T- >0 t-? an barrel* fresh repacked KCGS. and wiil be aotd clieap for oaah by A t> ^ i U !>' I V m 8 lm* No 4 Cotnmeroe ?t. Wtwnore. M*d. 486 NEW^tock. 486 INTERIOR ADORNMENTS J uit room red a ohoioe *jleolion ofDtvMddiatrabo itylM. PAPERHAN6IN6B From Ui* nob and ornate, to tha moat ohaato ar<l aiir.pi? pattern* appropriate for Farlora, Hails. Dintac Room*, and Chamber*. FIRE BOARD PIUNT?, STATUES, CENTER New Dealgaa, warranto*! Sold Band*. Imitation Gold, and Common. . WINDOW SHADES. Sad*b^tSr^*id"B^ Ho!: land. by t&e^rard . (warranted to bo cildod wiU cold ioaf ) The hJLIdti'HiAat HJuf 1 Lrtaat aa*Ar4MA.? *La Dirtrtot, from U-e b??t TMsfiotorrin me ooutrr as# ?s??ii XlTgXZZiSiZEr "" B?-~"0 ? *" PoronMing exolauvely for otth, the aborefoods (aooorc.m to their quality.) *mb? di*? M low rates u they ou m pnrohMMfor is the UiftnoL Normsr p-essntatioo m?de to elect sales Orders it PtywMMiM or Wledow ^bades executed by expetierped workmen, in oity or midtry. A o*!. sVicited from thoee peediBsth* above foods. Teimi auh. X kUJLKRITKK. Remember the namber. No 49* Seventh it., I doors above ? da Fellow Bail; and the terms, Cash for foods labor m MmP HP FRESH BUTTER finmemsiBsp* csss^ss $?ujh 2Z?T J-10 Trwu-y Not*, Unlto! t*t&i?i Buuda, Bouktftad told by ",TE"BBuZr?;.FAg;AS25> rno naJMonxl^Ut^Av. < r ril ? a nrre* Kb *ud ?otb J-ORKION AND UIHW*K?T!O 0*Y GOODS, ^p;^4sr?jaa^,sstes, ns?pMS.MdMHOlftllf to Qtf VUit* Of bl? OKliMMn, to r?MiT? Adociter**& ^ ,JJ^J*jr0j3^y( m?-lW T AUCTION SALES. ^ TMIB AFTERNOON ? TO-MORROW B? J C. MeQUlRK * CO- AuoUoo?r?|^OVKBNMKNT??AI.KOF r*A*E Bl'ILO rtr.fiuv AirmNtH.M iUr tfih* *t lo'ol^ol, on ?b<* we *balf ?* ?? A l*r?* Fi*n?e |:?i A nc. ? < <1 in int r?*r r ( <'nrp\ri?*s Bote.. B?%r U?? sovlii (U* of ib? Oft# ?*?' U? >< r* cvti at tb? *?p*n?* of ihe purcbuer Wllbifl a after (). ?> * Tmidioftuh. in Oo*?fUK?st f?rd?. B ord#r of the yr?t?r*ii?Ui i l>ep*rtir?i>t. m i. O Mofcl'lKt * ( AooU. 0y GKKVN * WILLIAMS. Amt*MM SALU OF M''l F.CA1Tw.HA* NKfH, .*<?AL Hiavb*. m.mi, Orru? Fr?r: rrit. Ac . At *i?ro*.-o. KuNWDAV. ib? I4tb iB?Ulit. II- ?t II o'n.o??. t m t tb? C ?l Yard o* * W ??'r. ^ , tnrMr of Seventh au?*t ACW M? eeefce?fUF ?* ?? i?*r the Nrrtbvro Mai**'. u? fo.l wi?? Att.o.ea. vis 1 *o*!lcnt Mui".I C?rU,S feta Ha'um, Uoa: tkwiU*. wliieh Co*! Sieve*, h h T?lt, Odi J? Karrrure, Ac., Ac iTjntt#Mkfi?KKN A Wll I '*" * B? J.C. McUl'lHE A CO.. ABliliiWi. fJOVKRNMKNT 8ALK ??F CO*l>E%INFl> *T I . Bl..? Al'lt ON - Ol WKDNK8DA V MOKNt.\G. M*j ?*< Miineoo'i'i M?? o'ot<-nfc, we ?hH' eel I at Ot'Ofiiti ne*r ti?a National olmituo'tA riclm of MORtfc!* iui>l MIL!,!1. t>rxiem e>*1 m ncfat lor lite Go?ernuM?al Mtvioa. Term* oath in 8oT?riun?i t r*fw *. I. J. DANA.Oapt??n, 4 AaeiftantQaartenoftetor 0. 8 Armj. in 7 d J. *. MobUiKE k CO.. Anato. FUTURE DATS. By GREEN A WIlI.MMS Acoti n?ert LARGF AMD I*K* EM*TORY f A LK OK Fihi Wi?j-( 11 a * r?>-si, E a* ji it . w nTur, Gib tod Fanoy L. <n * C Wr* ) . f-10? broooriM, Tobanoo au?l -ftar?.Ao . Iy cat*! ?oe?t Aneuou. .. uii 01 *a?, icetant, will h? aotd at Auoiion, br virtue of a ?ie*J of t-nut to me lOo'olnrk.a. m .a< No u?i lean jl'ania ffutM* V* illarde' llut?l il.e { took ard ( ixturvg of a 6re-c aca W |C?, L-u^r aod t?roo?rj ftore Tli<- above ttook ?ai Mircird v|th crest care for a tree oi**e trade. I olud'd in ih? ?a>e will ba foai.d aiar* articles offiroeeriee ard hse L'^uore, worthy the at eut'on of Homekeepera, Su Ier?, am tf e trade ta general. 1>rm? caah. P.M. IKAZ')R. Tr*etae. n 7-dftda GRKfcN a AM*. Aecta. . U7*rBE ABOVK fAL.K WILL B?- COLA * J.11." B8 D A % MOR.M G. the 15 a in? t*-era-_*h-?r when will ha eoid e.?m? oi lb* e*ci?Mt l<!<iori. ud th* tttntira of daaia-a an ' tt e pubi o u lt.vii*d to the u.r,Mtt?r moat b* ?olu to f.te h i??t hide'era By nrdar of tha ml} d OAKEN A WILLIAM?, Aur a. By J. C McSUIKK A CO., Auctioneer* TKUSTKE'8 HALE OF FRAME HOI SK m Lot .* tei Ft*?t \V*an?? n THl HyDA V, the t?d day of May, tc o'clock i the praniiaM. by v rtne of a of truat to the aubaotibf r, dated December Sd, 1?55, ar>d daly reoorded in LI bar 4 A S,>o in j Iio? 292, et c*a ona of tb6 land re-ords for Wa?hinctou o< u&ty, 0. C.. 1 abali aail tha *?t i.aU of Lot nun.t?red ?? . in 9* ware nu ^ibered f itt; four, frontin* i' teet on N?w York av-nce, bet-?ern fr' to and ui ru'cict tack 114 f *t. wuhUaia- . provftfMKta.COanstn foftiskll 1 rtm? i>weh-nt liWM. Twm* : Oo*-thiri ?Mh; th* renal ndnr in 6 ma 13 nt"ath*. * ltd iLtcren, ?ecurrd tj a 4te4 of trust on th* premises. Ail MftflMiu it oo?t ^ ('HAS AHfT. TrMt?*. J tj McG! i K K A OO . ?nct?. BOARDINGS Aukvtoman AM. WIFK AN "TWO lilt ! S< ulein*u o?b he aoocn.iJK*Jat?2 with Rooms an<l boar-J, ? ret>ier"ar? >w t oard?r?, bycailir.f ?"OD, ?t 39*J |Rtn tet*e L K tii'l and * metis A lev oij t <?vders cm beacoowmodattd a '? TWO OR THRKE^iKN ri.KMKN- < Bfc acx>ir.iii<>da ed with iioaid, at 174 B'tdg* stren, Wror?ctnwTi, I) <5 >a t? i w , |^IR9T OLAtM'TABL* HOAKI'?4 44 Tw^llk ? >u?n, Miv?tn tt ao<l U N?l hosrs a 4 ftfid 7 o'olo-'K FPU SALE AM> RENT~ FOR RKNT At No l*h??r?et,i*?t tkCe. *tw??n ? And H oomfortab!* A Fartmeit?, r'.?n.t>?r? ? r.g , a d w 'M ini 'Wi attaohetl: M*rt t ai 'irtiMl. Moot dr?n in t e hoi**. TJe.ocaucn ltcneof tne iiioat d* i'*b to W*?>iiB?ton. no U lw FOR REN T-NimIJ (inuahtd APARTMENTS. in ?s<t? and aire ro< iri*. in a moat wnMe I cation On* ?uit or. firttfitxr Afplf 347 K ?t ett, C'jrn?rrf lUfc. m II ft* mn DtM* ? * ; * ~? J-w nnn i-? oiwif lurnifiira nuv"K.fitUftn'tj ritu*'?4 in the u>p^r pprt cf lb* wt?. Tnc *. . !l ( >*'a :'i Mi, *ih Acd ciud. Call ftt R<k isi 9J Fourti Aud it. r'? ' i- , 6 oft. ml3-> ' Rooms for el\t-two ?mti? ud fc " ly Fft?u?"?d <>c tbe fcrf fl ?or. Hon** oor 'tiRiiii im?r.,v?n>'rt? A ryi7tlNo.X4( bMvtra 'St! ftrtflvii.op- ? ?o?te FraLkliD r*i:*rf. A !to for reat, ft "??fth ft MUl Cnrnftf Hoc e. m 8 r.* ~ * Room to lf.t. to iiHtmt" ?t>4 wif*, viu bo&rd in ft (mill oo'.Ucft unit honte, with W ptewftnt r;;r* iurroin^ '-j* Tl< bo*M u tbft cniy one t> the e*nftr? on Kth. R ftnd 8 trreta, ? nvncte# *r* . ! .in Wi<iftrdt\ A f?n t-viuau ?vu WM7UJVHpy ?? ? i umr 11 pruveci ifcu otlh^it n.utt.d w:fewii; betaken** boarttot. 1 M eUOTO. M-tt* FffRMSHEO ROOMS KOR RENT, with board or withoat, No. 444 sth street. Wanted, a*r?t rate C?OK. m IS It* ft^OR EENT-A ,?ri? BRI 'K HOUSE. M*t r door to m* rf?iietc?, ocntnlnmf niM lair.l r roorcf.trn M<rv??U rooms, kitofetn. oei.ara, aa4 table. To a good and p?rmacent tenant the rock willbe#t?*? tear. *p"sit to !? . J. K MORGAN, ouM\rjle.LO avence and ISth rt-eet, Ielatd. m U-8t* P)R KKNT-Either with r.r witaoat Board, well far<n?aed R* OM9. oocmrtinf of Parior acd Chambers. in a >;e&?*i.t .coition for the Bummer r??.iK>r. Term* to viprate K . l A r~? . ? -J -?? win lie ro^airvu. r or lucauvn ppiy at inr mo* of ta?? yyr. m 12 at* Fl HNJHHhD ROOM* TO LKT, with of w.tbout Boars : and eix or euht ten iemen can c? f?rciah*d with their n -a p at reaaoaabia rate*. vithin five nrnuiea' walk of War l;eaart meet?at 16a 6 at.. between ?th and 21at mlf- M* POR REMT?Fine KUIT8 OF ROO*&to I* a at No 494 Fifteenth ft rest, between New York an? U at . eaat eu*e. Boaae with taih i Mrb ? atepa. Plesaant acoomrooflationa n.a* ba , obtained for tee auum^r, oc immediate a;paoation. > to 4 * * CH>R SALE-An od entahiafred B"ARD1NG A HOUSE oa Pa. arena*, bow dome a ?oo4 bnaineaa ; feaaa fine tran?i?"U onatrai. ai d wo?K a mvke an eiceliett at?nd for fcrttciaaa reetaar*o?-Jor farticaiare apply to 6RfcfcN A WILr- \ *? m?wo>?pnfTT IIMW II W. tn v ' FH OR K KNT- friir bandaomalf FUtNI MKD ROOM*, < vituoat on tta* fc?? <>'3.^ hruM 334 K BtrMt, L?tvwu l Aii and 1?* Tl# furnttura la aaw. tiia room* f loaaa&t, and loaalion oi koaM nutur^vo-x! in the ei'y T? ycriofttvbl parti**, lea prif Will be very mod'rat* .. , , ' A 8'able acd Oar uige Uoim oa rear of lit. for rant. A y?.y aa ab va ml* ?f EHIR RENT-* ftno tonad 7 ocUrt Ho ?VO"d I PIANO, nciWa atyla Term* notfara'c A? ?ly at 33T P*. a^aona, aoa'fc aida. mi I* tj?URM*HEO ROOMS Fi'R IKiMT-T*o? thrao (*h%tnbara aid a fit ina Mooib, aaatif aod o -u,l ?[tabl^fnriu?had1atj iOTwalftS atraw. W" > ?! a xuu a >H. 1 110 IMWH 1* o e of ths mo?t detiraoU in the city. wi A Iw VKRY PE3IRABLK BUILDING LOT ON LKASfc. WITH THK PKiVILK"K OK POR^HAHt-1 cboiee BiiMioi Lot un F ?tre*t, Ik.vni I" wsiflh and Thirteenth ?tree will bo ImmiI for a torn of run, with the privilege of tuchas u< at a stipulated priee As t y to J AS C MoGUlKK A CO.. m 3 *t Aectionscfl Oow. Merchants. VA RARE CflANCK. ALUABLK PIKCK OFFMOTERTY FO* ealsoo fwB amai-, between ?H and M streets, oath ?id*. with i efOTMMb two snail fiMM v , , hoiMt, tr<MtiLf on Fobs a*Mit,la Lot No. a, 84 aare A. 99 foot, riumi t?ck to aa alio* 127 foot ft mores, (tenure fee* S.U& ) For farther inform* tionapplrto JoPKHH F. KELLY, Axa*t.osMA street No S?l, between 1 tad New * ork ar, a? a tw* COR Rt.NT-Two desirabla ROOMS, with or r wttho?t board; near foil Ofst Deytrwn'. No 437 K?treot AI?o,Moi.nt bo?d bydcj, TMtiOrnonU f<>' iK>j?rtt?. m T >ooC* \ TO LKT-Tto BRICK BOUCE with farei * tare, on th? north tide of f mq Irtaia t'Ni', bttvwa IKi ?od 90th eta , tad roooutly oocopiod by ? 'I MM. Itoi/b'.&tft* fti>oat'5 room*, and ro? m?i rrery mdt*um?( to a*k? it oomfc?rt oU rwdNN Apply to M. ADLEK. No. ?t?. Wl?Amr'u BnildUf. ? l*> , PHWttffitefc JsaaJgaMg arcs- =$? tKSSasJS& ?? *???.? mii # ^. flrMSLd' L srr/.>fJfccar5?'.;^a wrL ' fcri.1 ^.tanisssiL ftjLijaS\ ISA>t/iViiS54: f ' vta->?a to iit? doumthukimi ? ' < ' t\

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