Newspaper of Evening Star, May 13, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 13, 1862 Page 3
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1 / - -?i W .. . I LOCAL NEWS. < ? = AMVtUtVITI To-maat. FniD'i Annm ?Mr Hackett pliyM "Fal*t?B" lMt nlgbt to a tborooghlv delighted audi nee. and to-night glrea another rendition of the fit Knlgbt In hla loTe-nnaklng character in the "Merry Wln?of Windsor " Formanvyeara llarket baa been recognized In tbta country and n huropr u ute only representative of Kai?taff, a fact duly appreciated by those who nw him lnt night. tiaoria's Thiatib.?John Collin* the popular comediangenial Irishman, will repeat to-night the "Irish Ambassador," and " Uis Last l>e?rs," and will sing two of his comic songs. With a penulne talent for comedy, he possesses sufficient originality to sometimes depart from the routine of n ie stage; but rarely does ao In violation of true tasle or proper conception of the chsrac'cr. He l? adequately sustained by Mr. U rover's sterling comedy company. Caktiibcit -hsrry rIce a* the " Mlschievous i Nlpger" Is inimitable Miss Ida Duval la a sweet singer, and she tooHnues to secure an Immense ?h<?re of apolauae IJenldes these there are on the I Canterbury board* the beautiful Mis* Mortimer, 8?d the graceful Millie Fowler, l?lck Parker, Kra.ik I-a Koile, and other flr*t class performers, appear to-night. OoeMl PsoctEDlxe*, May It ?'l fj AH 'mta ?'The Chair (Mr. Brown) laid before tbc board the following communlcations fr?m tb? 1 Mayor: A communication nominating Richard T. Moraell, jr., for Trustee of Public School* In first district, rice Job ) Lireombe, resigned. Alao, one In reply to the resolution of tho hoard of tb* ??rh nlt'.m ?in relation to employees of the corporation taking the oath of allegiance, and tatlnc that the resolution prescribing the oath . ! k. J %_ #..11 ? II ^ J I *L runu iitcb luiiy i nmpiifq wiu Alio, ooi enclosing a communication from Ron. B B r'rencb, Commissioner of Public Bunding*, asking an advance of #1,300 from the corporatlon to enable him to pay the laborers employed in cleaning Pennsylvania avenue The following were reed and appropriately referred : A communication of B. r. Ml 111 can and Ueorge Stabler, proposing to sprinkle Pennsylvania avenue; tbe petition or James A Bean for permission to erect a frame house on tbe corner of 1 street south and Eleventh Street east; an act restoring an act author'ting curbstones to be set I and a footway laid on the sonth front of square between Sixth and Seventh streets weat: an act to revive an ?ct to repair the alley In square 1?!>; an act authorizing the Mayor to conatruct a "ravel footway on the east aide of Kleven'h street east, from Pennsylvania avenue to North CarOIlna nvcnne; an act to gravel Fourth street eaat to east Capitol street; an act to pay tba bills against the Franklin Fire Company, an act for grading and graveling Ninth street west The following paved the board : A resolution appropriating JO for the purchase of portraits of George and Martha Washington; a bill to lay a . water main along M street north, from Ninth to | Tenth streets west; a bill to lay a water main along Eb-venth street west, from Pennsylvania ' av r.ue to C street north; an act for the relief of John G- Kllllan: an ?rt nnnronrl tint* SI "vHi tn p*r the ward physicians for vacc'Dating persons during the prevalence of the small-poi; an act for , , the relief of Frank T Sands; a i int resolut'oa requiring the Commissioners of Elation to take tbe oath of allegiance; an act authorizing the Mayor to advance <1,500 to the CommWatoaer of A I'uoUc Buildings; an act to lsy a gnvel footwalk in thv Fiflh Ward; a blil to grade and gravel Tenth street, between E and P streets. The reports of the ward aphothecariea were placed upon the flies. Mr Lloyd in trod iced the following: H' olv.d, That the commlttce on finance be, and they are, h?reby laser acted to report a bill to rHU vn f hp rwtntilarfnn nf thii rltu frnm ewrr tax Imposed oa them for school purposes Mr. M wp opposed the resolution. It committed the Board to a certain act. Mr Llovd was surprised that there could be any objection; when V>e offered the resolution he did oot think there would be any , Mr Moore conld not seethe object the gentleman had In view He did not think the Boird had the right to relieve any portion of the populatioa of taxat'.oa. The resolution w<u premature Mr. Lloyd thought they had the right; and that uule?s the corporation Intended to appropriate money to support negro school*?to which appropriation be was opposed? thia resolution wax manifestly proper The resolution simply proposes a direct method, and precludes the possibility of being forced to make an appropriation for educating negro children. All bla feelings aud energies were devoted particularly to the education or .white children He did not wish to have anything to do with the negroes Mr. Moore reiterated that the resolution was premature, and said be had a resolution which he would now read and offer at the proper time: Rttolrtd, Tbat the Mayor be requested to Inform thia Board wfcal amount of money has been paid into the treasury of this corporation ?a account of taxes accruing during the year 1S61, dla( ' criminating on the taxes paid on personal and real property ; and alao ttating specially what amount of tn/ h (aim. nf Mrb rlau hit mIH tby colored persona, and alto what amount of said taxes were paid prior to the 24th day of August iaet, and what amouot subsequently thereto. He Intended to offer thla as preliminary to tome farther action: but he argued that they bad bo right to discriminate In the laying of taxes. and If we relieve the negroes of this tax why not with the same propriety discriminate In favor of these white persons who had no children Mr. Lloyd argued that the whites had the privilege of sending to school, which the negroes had noi it was a man's own fault, or his wife's, If they had no children. Mr. Moore said he bad raised a dozen children, and bad never been able to send them to public school?the schools were alway? full. Mr i.;oya referred totne Dill before toe united S air* Periate, which pro Tided thai the tax?* paid by the negroes for arhool purposes, should be by toe city appropriated to their use. This was making the corporation a custodian for the negro, to which he was opposed. We had no right to tax negroes, when they did not enjoy the privileges for which they were taxed. Mr. Moore.? Then you would relieve them of all taxation. Their property was taxed, and yet thev were not allowed to vote. He was opposed to giving ponltive lnatructio is to the committee of ttnance or any other committee He therefore rtti..d ttie resolution, which called U r Information. He opposed Mr Lloyd's resolution tn the ground of lli*<rality. Mr. Lloyd sa.d if that was the gentleman's obItction, he wooJd amend hi* resolution by addag tbe words "p. " vldlng authority exlsU under " thechar*er." Mr Moore objected to making that addition; It would place him in a very ridiculous position, and make the preceding discussion appear mere foolish new Wf Lloyd said he now proposed to direct the ro:nmlt>e to innuire into the expediency of u>m !tb? law. He did not wish the resolution to lav In tte pockets of the comiutttce. Mr. Bayly said the gentleman's point appeared to be that aa nr^roca derived no personal benefit from the schools, therefore they ahouid not be taxed Tbe same rule would apply to bachelors, old maid*, and all others not having children, lie therefore moved that the matter he laid on the table Yea* and nays were called for, and the motion was loot. Mr BohrersaidMr Moore'sobiectlon aooe&red to be that the modification would place him In a falae poalttcn lie thought the beat way waa to go to the Major as proposed by Mr. Moore's resolution rhe question then coming up on Mr. Moore's resolution, Mr Lloyd offered his resolution aa an wotanl to that of Mr Moore's The Chair ?That would be out of order. Mr Lloyd -Then 1 will alter the phraseology a ItUle. Mr. Moore - I do not like to attribute wrong Motive* to any man. but I would ask the gentleman whether he did not offer that for the simple purpose of defeating my resolution * Mr Lloyd ? Hid you aot propose to defeat mine > by offering yours * VI ? Uaam m * .4 ka '** ?!? ftkia rf flfll for opposing Mr Lloyd's resolution Mr. Bobrrr ?I f the gentleman from the Seventh Ward offers sn amendment I will move tosppend the resolution which I will now read : And in II furtk'T privuUd, That hereafter, by consent of Congress or otherwise, there shall be no ward funds, and that all the receipts shall go k into a general fund, and all expenditures be pa.d out of said general fund Mr Llsya said be would withdraw his amendmo it* t The matter was then postponed rhe following resolution was unanimously adopted : B* it rnoivid, fc.. That the committee of these boards to represent the Interests of tbls Corpora t a, M - * * (A AsW Af Sa IJ I.on OflOR lyUU| rcw in ? ? .! _.U body that mwM be provide* for the aapport of en b persona m have oern emancipated under the late act of Congreaa as are unable, from talrmlty, to aqpport tbemaelvee. Adjourned. CtwummCmmtU.?h communication was received from tbc Major, tiling that be bad appror?d aru to repair fchrbtb atreet eaat; to reps! r fc abteentb and Nineteenth ata., froco L to M at , aad rwenty Irat street between K and L ata Alee, a communication covering a petitloa aakla* eMopenaedoa for vaccinating children la tbe poo lie achooia; wblcb waa referred Petltloaa were received, aakin* tbe lav lair of a par meat on Obio awaoe, be*w<en Thirteen -anda?h?if and Poarteratb au , and from 4 Healy, neb >?u ih- remlaaloeef a fine ( iwm njnwprr? )? iiiiinun iliului I'.rt iag aga>a*t the aa^^ort of alien bUoka to the tic ' tun of the white poor; but on Wrolog ??>?? l.niUr reflation had ?x?en protested, hH was I * *1 N?rt?f;h ttUaiittrd the following )<>IM ^ f# '? <4 ' o*t*? ' it <?4',i, |c . TbOl the cooiiuuolooera of eloiS iiwj, before e.itoflnf upoa the duties of their of. v v M, ?ad they ?f# hereby, required to tUi i > \ _ the oath of alleglanr* to the Government of tbe Halted State* prescribed for tbe olceri of tbe Corporation. Mr. Emerson said be waa under tbe Impression tbat tbe ease waa met by an old law. Mr. Murtagh l altd tbat be bad been under aucb Impression, but upon examination be bad found tbat no provision was made for tbe commissioner* taking tbe oathMr Emerson said tbry were running the test oath Duaineaa lnio me ground, imoi ionc uncr, magistrate bad taken the entire circuit of the cltv?for what? To administer ?d oath to women. Mr. Mulloy claimed to be loyal, and n&d no objections to Uklng the oath, but waa opposed to Inserting the word Into a resolution or bill, and making It obligatory. Mr. Murtogh waa In favor of applying tbe oath to every officer of tbe Corporation. He did not with to caat hla vo'e until the commissioners had taken such an oath. Mr Mulloy thought the object of this more, ment was to Induce Congress to pas* a teat oath bill for nil voters -* Mr. Murtazh said it was singular that all tbe members of toe Board profrssed to be loyal, yet if II.. >.11, ?. mmtlnnMt affirm U'M raised Aa for CoDgroa, he thought It coujd take care of ItKClf. Mr Mnlloydld not doubt but tbcy could and would, but be wanted them to protcct tbe white* aa well aa the nearoee Mr Mohun aakedwbrn tbe Board obtained lb* a: tborlty to pa*a an oath qualification for auv ( lie demanded tb? authority, and atated that they were making themarlv-ea ridiculous In theeyea of the world, by aaaumlng power which did not belong totbem M* Shepherd did not c*re about the appear aaces, whether ridiculous or not. Tbeonly question with him wu whether It wit right, and he would do his duty let other* think a* they may Mr Wtlaon moved to lay the resolution on the table; carried. Yean?Messrs. Edmonston, Etneraon. Given, Hitx. Mohun, Morgan, Mulloy, Talbert, Turton, and Wilson?10 Nays ? Messrs Byiitgton, Lew!*, Murtagh, IVSkc, Raub, Shepherd and Richards?7 Mefsra Vv llson and Oiven stated In explanation of their votes that they considered they wou'd transcend their powers by pasting It. Mr. Wtlaon, from the committee of waya and m-an?, reported two bills for Increasing the salaries of certain oAcera, which, after debate, were laid on tne tame The follow!ug bills were passed An act to lay a gravel foatwalk on Second street east. between north A street and Maryland avenue; an act for the relief of E. Goetx; an act for the relief of Mm 0. K. Beall. The committer on claims reported adversely 0:1 'be petition of J L Dayton and the bill for the relief of S Held, and were discharged from their ctmsideraMoti The following bllla from the Aldermen were referred ?An act authorizing James A Bean to erect a frame back building in square 874; an act for the relief of Patrick Borland; an act making additional appropriations for the Mstropolitan Police Tbe board then proceeded to the consideration of the '* hack law," reported from a select comm'ttee by Mr Shepherd Mr. Wilson s'ated that the bill v?as a compilation of nil tbe laws on tbe subject with some few amendments. The bill was read by sections, and after some few amendments was passed. The bill provldts that it shall not be lawful for any person to run a carriage for hire unless tlrst procuring a license, and for a violation Is subject to ? fine of 910. The Mayor Is authorized to graut licenses to citizens at SIO per annum, residents of Georgetown and other places at 960 Tbe applicant for license inu<t produce satisfactory evidence as to bis character, and non-resident applicants must give security for th- payment of all fines which th?? driver of h's carriage miv tn/-nr hv hfhPrV:ttf the hnrk law -n driver ' permlttrd to drive a ha k unlet* be obt lu a license at Si. and la a resident of tbe ! city, of the age of 18 years or over The Regltter ; ta required to enter the nam*t, dates and numbers of all llcena s granted, and no trantfer of > license la allowed unlet* the name It made before j a jut'ire of the peace, and entered at the Regit- ] ter'i office. Whenever a carriage I* run for the benefit of a peraon not named In the licence, a fli.e off? per day ia Imp ted The number mutt be paluted In black figures two Inches In depth on the lamps of 'he csrrUg-, and If there Is no lamp then light colored figures mutt be fattened to the tide of the driver's Dox; and the hack men between 7 p m. and 7am, aball wear their numbera on their right breasts. The street* and avenues In front of any public apaces or squares, i except market-homes, are established as stands, and authority Is given tbe Mayor to establish other atanda Tbe carriages shall stand length- 1 wise to tbe street, at least fifteen feet from tbe curb, and tbe drlvera are required to be In the v1c>nlty of thetr vebtclea wimln fl?e feet of tbe curb nor more than forty-five feet from tbe carriage; and they a-e not to be guilty if cracking their whips or of boisterous conduct under the penaty of S5 or under. Every carriage In motion aball keep to tbe right, and tbev are not allowed at tbe whr.rves to to nearer than ten feet of tbe wooden portion of tbe wharf Being on the fttand* for hire on Sunday is prohibited, but tbey are allowed to be at the depot and wharves. A penalty-of 910 la ltr posed for a failure to eonform to tb* regulations adopted by the Commissioner of Pubile Bulldlnga at lb* Capitol Tbe following r-.tea of fare ire allowed to be charged: For each and every paiaenger, with or without a truuk or valise, for any distance not over one. and-a-half mile*, tlfty cents; and for passengers alone on the name route when there are two or more, twei.ty-five cents each, and cents additional for each trunk; and for any distance over oue-and a-baif and not exceeding three mile*, ooe dollar for each pansenger with or without trunk or valise; and where there are two or more passengers on the same route, fifty cents for each passenger, and twenty-five cents for each additional trunk? Prafiil?. That In fiaa* anv hackney carriage, cab, or other vehicle aball be detMaed for a loafer period than ten mlnutea, the driver thereof abaTl be allowed the sum of twentylive ceota for each and every fifteen minute# to detained. For the use of a hackney carriage, cab, or other vehicle by the hour with one or more passengers, with the privilege of going from place to place and (topping as often a* may be required, one dollar per boor; for children between two and fourteen years of age half price Is only to be charged; and for childrea unaer two years of age, no charge shall be made. Tbe driver* are required to have their license placed lnalde the bjck In a conspicuous place. Hlelgba are brought under the provisions of th!s act. The register Is required to furnish copies to aLI tavern keepers. The owners of the hacks are liable for the acta of the drivers. Tbe joint resolution authorizing the loan of SI,500 (o tbe Commissioner of Public lJulldings was passed, and the IJoerd adjoiuntd Police?Tbe Third Ward Patrolmen reported? Samutl Russell, boe-pen in an alley, con trary to ordinance; ?i> w. Jamn b vvaunij, assault and battery on t*oloman Hammond; ft I V?. Boloman Hammond, throwing atonea; >1 S?? by I Justice Thompson Tbomaa Walker, riding on Jaremeut; SI 40. Carl Bubler, drunk; dlainlaaed. amea Pumpbrey, assault with a pistol; C3 94 ? by Juatlce Walter. Richard 11. Minor, colored, caarxe of picking a pocket, dismissed? by Justice Donn. Henry Dubant, breaking into a houae; beld for a further bearlag?by Juatlce Clayton. Cr.sTKaL UuAKDHocai Casks ? Be/or? Justie* Clark ? J amea Temple, drunk; *1 91 George McUulre, colored, Ueorge Wlnney, Francla Conly, Jamea (jteen. drunk; turned over to the mill* tary John Rollins, tgbtlng; ?5 14. Fob Sal* at Whitebdest's Galleet, 431 Pennsylvania avenue, three wooden tent* Bee Whlteburst's Cud Photographs; alio Photographs In oil and waiter color*. J'.* Deafness?Lie and Kae.?The testimonials of Mayor Addison. Senator Simmon*, W Slade, Esq., and others, testifying to tbe restoration of tbe hearing in severe case* of deafness, can be seen in the case of Dr. Von Moechiisker, Oculist and Aurlst, 227 Pennsylvania avenue. It* Facts toe Boloiiis ?Throughout the Indian and Crimean campaigns, the only medicine* w leh proved themselves able to cure the worst cases oi Dysentery, Scurvy and Fev#r were Hoiloway's Pills and Ointment Therefore, let every volunteer see that he la supplied with them. Only ?> cent* per pot or be*. ? WAtannrroM, May 13, Li&i. Kdittr Star -Sir : In your l**ue of Saturday laai you publ-abed ?n article heeded " Con Sac atton of Tanglefoot Whlaky," tbe whole of which i* a gross misrepresentation Tbe facts, as they occurred, are these: I was sitting in my store Immediately after dinner, on Friday last. No drunken soldier or anybody else being present at th? time tbe Provost Guard entered and put me ?a? ? ? nt Bhl<th searched not the store alone, but every bole and corner In the house, including bed rooms, cupboard, safes, 4c., without any success. however, except what he found In the store, which was three empty kegs and about balf-a-dozea bottles and decanter, nil of which he carried away. He then hnd am Ct my wife and me aa represented) conveyed to i.entral Guardhouse. The whole cause of nil this, was the drunken soldier referred to coining 10 mv houae the night previous by the express wders of Lieut Hummel, to purcbaae whisky. ?y wife at ftrar refused to let him have any, until represents e umse.f as belug very sick, she was ki dixed i? let him tu>ve some; whc<eupon be carri'd U ba<k to his quarters, and pr?duced H next day aa tvideoce gainst we, all if which Lieut Hommal acknowledged to lb* commandUgoMcer at the guardb?uae; and e also said the eoidier was a man that did not use Uqnor of any kind Sum ars the farts aa atatrri by il..nif?ei lu my presence, and wbicb I suppose be Will .n>t deny Myahaeaca from the city prevented me from before netlelng the article in question [U*J R Fkijtcg. I J On tbefth irataiit. bytba *tv Mr. Tir^r, Mr, JAMK& H rill KCH. of Balfiaoi*, (o M>aa GEORGIA Ha RNK9, of Ihiiotty. ?? * In *b? tattl* of Pit*aburg Lai J ne. fjril 6th, in tha 4"<h year c f ht? ?c*. rterjeent SKORttK T. ?i.oav company K S.hlil vol. He w&aform* It ef Uu? pl&ee. * |_ WANTS. WAITED?A CHAMBERMAID. Afflya'tl.e Ebbitt Hi nsj>. K* WANTED-% rcoI WHEELWRIGHT, one tfcat it toed ai refum* App'y *t the of loth ?treeteMt ftrd Virginia av. m 13 2t* n ANTKI>? A middle agrd American Wlijl AN * * to do K*ner?l boue?work in a email family. * ' O* ? ^ L _ A <1/ i> L 1Q Q| > ArpiT ?IW U Bl , OCIWTQ %?% ?IiU V II ?M ANTKD-i SITUATION, by areapeotabl? yonoc woman. aa oura? or ca&mbein>Md. Apply No 191 I at. batwfc ?nh an1 i!>t. n<13 31 WANTFl)?At DAYTON'S Choker "flakfry. N? 456 fclflvcotb atreet, tjur SKC'?ND H AN pa on pioa and cakea. It VA/ANTKD-Fonr ??od HANDS to work on " dreaiJi, Appiy 3JT Dalreet, between 9tnar<i loth. _ ' If _ AYHUN8 RIKI, WI3HK8 .\ SITUATION to do oh\rnb*rwork and will inakeheraeif*M e'allf uaeful. Apply for two dsya at No. lit F atiert, oornfr ot 7th, l?la d II* WAN1KD-A good COOK. WASHKR and w I ft f fcNI It'.R f\r tmftl I ft m'lt Tl fin<l Vill rM"ir<in?cdf rt food wacea will he fiver. ApfT at 266 F atrfte-t. between lath and l?tn. m 13 st* \X7ANTED-9<T?nl VOUN? LA DIRS to work *" at (lr?MmUim Apply 4S7 sixth atreet. t* Iwmd LObiilana avenae and C at. None but rood hani? n?eo a??ly. It* TWO HEgPECTAHLE WOMEN WISH Situation*-on* to oock. waah ?nd iron, and one t?> do general nonmwork. AddieaaBox 14, Star (Ho* It* WANTED-A SITUATION for a oolorrd boy between !a *ni 14 ara of inaanul. fsm HT-as artiniE* room ronrant. Appiy at imn tres!, between K and L. m t3 2t* WANTKV-Mi intelligontkYOUTH of tood oh?racf?r ; w uld prefer on* having loras know!??;ce c i .iu orut bus n??? App j to B. C. M ? JOR. cora?r 7th and K ?t?. It* WANTED-A SIRLtodo leafral lionwtwork in a small faiiiilj?3S0 seventh ?tro?t, Ke tw*en B ana Maryland aTO&ua. Island No n?f*o MM ap?lr. It* Wj ANTED?25 tood CAR PKNTKR9. Ap? t to J MK8 W. KAXKk R. 42? >1 ?t.??t, betwMn 11th and 12th, at 7o o.oclc in the tTrnitg. m i? at* WAITED?A to-.d COOK. WASHER atd iKONr.R.alan a Girl to do hou??w>rk: who h?ve K>od^ reoomnnondaticnj ; pr ferr-d APP J ai wgiim obiwwii hbiiiiimuu ?uu Cutureaa eta.. GeorgeU wn_ m 13 3t* VI/ANTEP-V YOUNG MAN competent t>?ct "" flerk and attend a atore; muet he wtll reoomraen eJ Waeea * ver w*ek. Ad<lr*aa a note to "Frank," Star Office, stating name, ate, referenoe. e'o It* A GOOD8EAM9TRfcH8 WANTt* KMPLOYI\. ment by tne day or w?*k, in private famines; nnderaUnda all kinda of funily aewinj ar.^ m?Ldint Pl-Miae ad Ireaa "tfevnstreaa," btar V fli vs. m13 a.* MONEY WANTED.?The underlined ia re<s*>t*ri to negotiate a loan of two thousand dol ara. to be aeoured by deed of tru*t on valuable real estate. Feraetu havin* money to put out at interest will ftip'y to R. f JACK8'>N, in 13 St* No ISA Bridge at, ueoigetown. ll'A'VTBW-To ?^y or rent * neat. moderat*" prioe! H??> SK aui table far a hiii i family. Po??etBion n-t want ed for aoine month*. Addreac, (witlitn two w??ki,l atatine torma and locatiou. Box *i'2i t'oat Oflioe. in 3-v* WANT*-I)?A rood Hmrneyian HARD ICR. Tuauoh a one wilt im civen from 94 to a w??L alao oird and waaitiin*. ai.d oo iatant ?m plojment. A?Ijt. HKNKY MONT'/, No. IS6 H idje afreet, between Congn as and High atreata, t?eo'K?town. U* WAITED 'MMKDf nTKLY Uyaamallfcra lif, a am Hi FURNldilbll UU S^.oraruit of fire or ait Room*, wi li the modem improve rafc!*.- if poasible, in the neighborhood oflllh an>l 16th, fc and 11 eta For r.oort aooomuiodaticna a I*ir ? in U' pan Auuiout mvii mi. y?iwbw lara."Hou?e " Star office. m l3-2t* \\ ANTED?A WOMAN to do oonking,wash " inr, and ironing, in a email Irti y Ap>!y third nooi above L?. on 13th ItaMt m 12 at* | U ANTED IMMEDIATELY?At the touth I eaet oorner W and 11th atreet ? QiRLtodo the general houaework lor a family of four peraona. m l 2 3t* 1 \\ ANTED TO RENT-A food HOUSE f* of Pa avenne, at once or t>T tlie lat of June A large hocie preferred. A good, permanent end tronpt month -yaying t-n?*t oan be ?e?ure<l by addreeaing' A C<erk," B<x 473 City Poet Olfi^e, tatina looa ion and term* nt 12 ii' WANTED?To ren^ in *Va?hiogton or George town, three or four un urntshed or partly furnished ROi>M?. Tli? aavernaer has a family of wife and two little nrl?;ha? a good piano and furniture, and wonld take rooms only with a an.aH f?mil?,?cr he wou>d rent half or part of a good l.ouae wh*re the rent was three, tour or five hunarfd d I ar* a year Address for one week, "J U.," Box $2 warhington, 1>. C., Poat Offiae. m '2 ?f WANTED-Aamvll HOUSE, with6or 8rooms, north of tbe avenue; br a permanent tenant, for whiob a fair ?nt win be paid Addrea?Mr. WILLI iMS, Look Box SM Post Offioe. m 10 4t* WAN FED IMMEDIATELY-Thirty food HANDS to p*al barn near t e oitj. feocd waiM. inquire next donr to Bread Bakery. aiaia av , uear the M wket. in lost* \UANTED?By a lady, wlio has .'ltd several " years expenenoa in teaormg, an-i onn give good referencee, a S'TUA I ION at teaoiier in a country tohool or in a prira'e family in the ooun Iry. AJd'ees "Teaoher," Daily ata' O*oe. Washington. D. C. mS UtWlm WANTKD?Every person to knew that 1 am in the market, ready to pay oash for all artiolra In the honaefnrniah'.cc line. Those leaving tte oity.or Luring aaarploa, will co well to oail. R. BUcHLY, 439 Seventh at., betw<*?nG and H (tut aid*,) Dealer in New ana eeooca nana r ?rnitnre. no 14 tf WANTED?To Mil. nenoeforward, harreia and half harreia of Ale ever y week ; alto the same of Deer, lor the Baltimore Brewery. JOHN 6AYNOR, Arent, Corner of 21at and 6 eta. Ordera in the Poat Office will be called for at 9 a. c 2 p. m. *p 7-1 nt* WANTED?To have every one know (hat (bey oan find the beat atook of Clothing. Hata and Cava, at the very lowest ratea, at SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh atreet. below F. fe 71-tm LOST AND FOUND. REWARD?BrRAVED?A blaok COW, 0*J with white atnpeonthe back The^??*| abo?e reward will be paid lor hsrde^very at No. 19 Indiana avenue. tn 18 at* JkmJmm I73TRAY?Came to my premiaea.oa Kiidar.Mli Fj luataut a dark ne* MARE. The Jfy owner oan havt it by oal ins and proving JjSR - ? 1 14Q dfiCZX proyrtj, ami poj-up, v??? ? street. is'and m 13 3t* ? rf REWARD-Kor a I'UDLK Hl.CT, black 'fi'tl ea ri; one hall el her lace, and & a. . j biaek ring around her tail, at the but thet^L^j' balauoe whit?, Dy leavirg her at No ? 646 7th street, near the Navy Vard. the at>.->v? will be paid. <m 13 3t*) JOHN N. THORNTON. LU8T-A new POCKET HOOK oonUinin* about one au^drad and fiftj or s-x!y dollar j in Treas'ry notes'.$)b s>, supposed to bare b*en lost be'ween Citi Hall, via I'a-ave?i e *ud 14 h st '*?t, to Colum ua Collete. A. liberal and s.-.luf?otor?rew-rd will b* paid to *he finder, by returning he a* me to EDWARD HALL, Uiooer,op?oaite Center Market. m li-St* f OST--A Memorandum BO'JK or DlAKV.oonLj taming "und j paters, one being a ohro* on

the Farmers and Mechanics Bank ofThtlacieplua, toe payment of which has l?*en st pped The book and ounteuts are of no vaiue to ai:y one but the o?cer. A libara' reward will be paid for them by leaving tnem at WiHard*' Hotel, w th Mr. CHADWICK (m 13-lw*) W. D OARY. w iht-a Iimtt ohum BRACELET tctween li M'tli ?trr?t, Wft*hiD(tion aal High atreet. Georgetown. A amiable rew&d will be given if reta ned to OKUM6K W. OKMK, corner of Br.dc* and Conereai *U., Georgetown. 1). C. m 18 at V 08T?On F street, between the Herodon Houce L and Tieaeurr buiicing. a bundle of i'APKRt*, tied with a red etring, belonging to Majj<- O'Neal. Inkh tfugada A libera] reward vi 1 be given by leaving them at P WHITK * CO.%, north writ oorner o! ISth ard F ?t? m 13 2t* Ej*&TR AY?Can# to my premie** on Bat a relay Eli morning, the loth instant, a red tiufHlo^^ftil COW The owner ean have it by ealii?g^PU^ and proving property, and p&yj j No. S'J4 Maeeaohasetta avenue, m It-3t* bet lat and Nerth Capitol at. UTKA V Kl) OK STOLEN-A medium aized O red COW.aoont 7 yeara old A1*o.>^M| rod and brittle no horned Oow, witt faoe, ml/' leg , end under part of the body white.JUl^ Anr peraon returning eaid oowa to No. 8,4)* at., will be an tabiy rewarded m 12-Si* QTOLkN-On F-iday evening. May 2J, from the turraokaat Kalorama HighU. a Meet M\ lioKsfc, with two white apota on hind leg a and two white apota on h a r uinp; aboitAQ 14 haada high; oraided U. S. in uaual plaoe; alio, oompany K on left front ahwuloer Supeoaed to have been stolen by a negro eailing hi to tell Joeeph Paiui. A liberal rewatfwili be ziven for iaf rm?t on laadicg to tha raoovary faaid horae on applieation to headanartera flOlat New York reg>?? ?* KalnruA Hlfkla. nr HiMrialnCknt V ?(r,i. Po ice m6-iy tCA bfcwvkd?For the wrehanaion (mm $?>U dalberr tomatt B-saenaoar*, *?tj Md BylvMtor ?,OT oojpor eoinplewcu; of stoat t%tns. about six fa?t tuia; and 01 piaaatu* count? bans* vr.en ap^kauto. fia tavaii koovbui Wuk l-|t naitf.aiui La ho 4umM I trim j miltatplaoa l^tawKaBar 'ii >i i mwmtum ^-mi mmmmmrnrnrn^mmm??. AMU8BMKWT8, FORDS ATIIZNEIM. J?HW V. Koib ProynMor ud Ntntur JOSH ?. WlMfT ? MM* , , , THIS trisWING. M night cf Um emiMct Bli?k#r-*rl?n?omMi4n, M*. HACKETT. >/r* nights ONLY? W Ha Bill f*l?*afp ii* Lots. Aa ;ij?n in Shakaa^are'e Comedy, THK MKiRY WIVES THE MERRY WIVES WINDSOR, WINDSOR, or ratstaff Outwitted by Women FaJatsrf Mr. Kaokett (In the imferaonation rfwhiob he atanda nnri vaUm and alone.) _ ? Admission. Dresa Cirele and Vsz% uati* 10 cecte Beoured Seat* f 1 Baioony geata it Orchestra Seat* ~ #1 rnrate Boxea (holding eight)? #1" Family Ciroie ? 2S oenU 1 '* ? ? a *111 A uy uvi umoe upsu irom * un 1 v mu??i I>ooraopen at 7: oartAln n???at8. _fi PHILIP WARREN. Trtwrw. GROVER'S THEATRE. Leonard Gsovrb .M?bmn REMARKABLE SUCCESS of Uieemiuent iriah Comedian and Vootliat Mr. J COLLINS. COLMNS. g COLLINS, who wiilappfar On THIS EVEN1N0, Mar 13th. for the aeoond time In nine y?a*a. :n tir? jreat charaotf a, win two of hia BEST SONGS, The performance wlli eommeoos w th the charming Iriah Comedy of THE IRISH AMBASSADOR Sir Patriok O'Pienips Mr. Collina (with the song of tln'Bowld 5*oger Boy.") P. ince Rudolph?_. Mr. R. S MeKroni Count MoreLOs Mr. H B. Phihipa Lady ltai>*lla Mite Lotty Hough (Other oharaotera by the Company ) OnaATIC PlLSCTIOItS BT THE GRANDOXCHS?TKA. To conclude witu !h? acreamtr? Iriah Farce, 1111 LAST Lfc6? O'Calagan .Mr Collina With the aorg of th ) prig of Bhillelah." (Other character* by the Company.) for Co'Un*'r.i{h:a inM be secured at the box oflios during the day without extra oharge. In preparation, w th niw aeenery, mtchanioal effect*. Ac , Houroicau t'a ir.aator work, the thiilling iriah D-emv TUB COLLEEN ISAWH. Prices or Admibbio**. Dreaa Circle and Parquet Cirole 60 o?nta Family Cirole ? 25o*nta Orohestra Chair*.. ,73oenta Private B'-XM $6 8eata in Private Boxes. ? I Colored Gallery 25 oenta Colored Parterre ..J& oenU Doors will be o#en at 7>? o'olook; to oommenoe at 8,V o'olook. iJo* office for Heoorinc seata ojen from 9 until 1, and 3 until 5H o'olook. f ANThltBLRY HALL, *. j ijiiiimiNi iv.. sin Sixth it. CROWDED TO ITS" UTMOST CAPACITY witii an audienoe Cuittvtted, Cut tea I and Htl>n?d ! 1 mmenee Soon?g? of Ihe MUSICAL CONVENTION OF ARTISTS. A Nao Pi u^ra/umc Tu-ntgftt ! THE PR.MT DONN*. Or, Our IxiLurt Oraaa! ABRAHAM'S BRIGADE, LA tfAYAUKRA, CLUBS IS TRUMPS. Til B GU'SY H LAI". The celebrated Comedy entitled THK SKCKfci. In whioh HAKRV RICE will appear as the MiRCHiavotrv Nine** MISS JoLiA MORTIMER. The i?iealiz%tirn of Melody anu Beauty ! Tht Washington F*t! HARKY RICE. Thi Ctltbrated Ethiopian Author and Actor. MISS MILLIE FOWLER. By far the rao?t beautiful and aooompuahed Dann > K? A mAvf Mn (fa<a KUBO vu IUC aiUVI IVOU OMKfeVI MISS IDA DUVAL, The Operatic Songatreaa! /1IS3 FRANK LA FOLLE. he Aooompiiahed lsanaense: Tbi Cct&t or Bkactt embrace* the followirg besutiful !adie?: Miaa J alia Rio' mood, Mia* Luzie Franc it, Mi*a Luly Brandon, Mi?a Frank Secor DICK PARKER will be on hand in new n^cro acta and banjo aoloa! WILLIAM WORRlLU The Song and Dance Negro. Tf e Great Ct mbination Choroe, and a eplendid bill in wluott the entire oompanj will appear. Doora open at IK ; performance at 81f o'olook. Adimaaion U oeuta; Orohawar CfeAira to oiau. Maticeea WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY for lAdieeand Children, when a number of TalMble Pree-jr tt will te given awaj?one a $25 silver Cake Baaket. AUIIUVB UU? iW lO *> V>vu? -J VI ? *. VI* * w VVH.W Dv>ora open at 2 o'o:ock ; per f^rjianos commenoe lit I o'clock Mra MoN'ekle, Exohang* Hotel, reset Ted x #15 silver Cake B??ket on Saturday, Mm :o. m IS HUMPHREYS A JUENKMANN8 PLEASURE QAKDEK, On Capitol Hill, Will open to' tt^ ?o<uonon MONDAY. Ma* Mh I A DANCING SOIRHK EVERY MONDAY EVENING, cornmenomg at i o'olock. The publio in general are respeo'fullr in- mi vlted. HI ChoioeBEER and WINE8constantly ocHU hand- m l-14t*~ PATENT OFFICE CURlOBITl ES-Guide to Wl Patents, Catalogue of Cariosities and Government Garden*, at the stand in Patent Office; Kare Antiquarian Book*; Government Book*, Documents famished: Railroad Reports; Military Re ports; Burnt Patent Offioe Reports; Cheap Books Furnished to Pedlars; Mi.Uary Trials: Military Lava; Army Regulations; Panorama or the Coast anowing over S,omi mi les; many thousand Cheap HOOK*. Itecoiioc; oaomw roow L?r|? kih, htv rices. U? stairs, over Bank of Washington. ray i-lin* AI.FRKD HUNTER. BALLS, PABTIES, Ac. A GRAND FANCY BA,I-L Will bojirenat ft* WA&D'S HALL, H Cornir ?J it. aod i'a. are. uo, Hi THURSDAY KVKNING, Ma? 16th. Tickets one dollar, admitting a gentleman ?n1 ladies. m lS-3f I'Hfc MtMlitRS OF THK FRANKLIN ACTIVE ASSOCIATION Uke plwwure m ftncounoinc to Uifir iri?nd? a-jj ineauDiio^H g*nerftlly tint they will give their iLira JB GRAND COTILLON PARTY Hft at the Franklin Hall, D, between 12th tad 13th. on THURSDAY, May 16 m 19 ? PIC NIC TO BE GIVEN F'lR THK BKNK fit ol ft \V idow, ftt Beckett's Pleasure n% Garden, on l'a. avenue, ne*r the Cor xres-JH fional On rift! Ground on WEDN Et; DAY/flA next, 14>h mat roe<lei's Band is engaged HM Tiok-ts 91. admitting & gentleman and ladiea; will be aold on the ground. Commencing at 1 o'o'? ih p. m. in lit-at* T NOTICE. HE Proprietors ol GiAMO^T take pleasure in informing the ei isena of Waitmt w.I . . A Georgetown and A exmdria thai Una fa-VcaAV ?rite plaoe of retort will to recpsned.XLaB-L lor the aotommodfttion ol parties, on and alter ite *? Amm lnn?. lHftj fnr aRrllfliiliri &bbI* ?- K treat, next door to Brown's KeeUurant, corner 1 si It at. ami Pa a*. Anj per go n wickinc to hay a iaorative batmes* oan alao be aoooirmodated by disking application at the ahrve nam*d plaoe. B ri JUNES * MILLER, in H-tl3tAeoll? Proprietors WE COME WITH SONGS TO GREET YOU! Th* firat ^ran* MOONLIGHT PIC NICcf the SOCIAL Gi EE CLUB will be gi\ea U M Green f priug Pavilion, on TBUMBDAY.JH Mq 15, to 0'>mnien0e at 3 o'clock p m. Tiiia/^B beaatiful p aoe ia aituated alojt one ?uarterWB of a. iTiiia if cm die State Stand. 0?oriet< wo. D. C I he membera ot th.? Cub promise to aanre bo mibi to make thie no nio one i f the best i f mioi. P<lioe in attendance to prebarve good order Tioketa 5" oeuta. admitting a cattleman and iadiaa. ? Otmtnttt?. Win. II. Mills- J W. Warner, B If Fox, J. W. Fa*ton, Janiea Mobuire, Wiu. T. haul. ml2 St GRAND NAY BALL Will be given at the JA PARRxO* StvtniK ftrut, *5 Un THUKSDAY EVENING, Ma; Tioketa w oeuta. admitting a lady and gentleman, for sale at the Park. 10 3t* QR. LK LAND'S ANT1 BHEUMATIT J3ANP A rwniMMt Our* for BUdni&iuin, tiwu\ SUanit ? *nJ *H intli&i iiMt'OU. W.c?ti?? with r*rftA?tfU?Cimo[nl! tint/t.l O. SMI JH 4. jet).. l*r^r^r'^,0* k. i. D. flLMAN, AVnt^or tHia&r.fftO P?nc ?yWwl? Atmm. u SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK, P. M. litest from the peninsula COI. ROGERS mine HIS WAT IP J17IES RIVER. Re Disables eae Rebel Battery and Rod*) Past anitkrr. The Rebel Steamers Jamestown and Torktown Ran Away towards Richmond. (fib tblx6rapb.j H tADvCAKTII* AlXt OF T?* PoTOMAC, Camp at Rop*r'$ Cknrtk, May 12,1862.? To Hon EJteim M. Stanton : Commander Rogers write* roe to! day that he went with the gunboats yesterday pent Little Brandon. Everything quiet, and no signs of the troops crossing the river. lie found two batteries of ten or twelve juns each, on the south side of James river?one opposite to the month of the Warwick; the other about southwest from Mulberry Point. The upper ba?t?ry on Hardin's or Mother Llnce's Bluff ban heavy rifled pieces Between the batteries lay the Jamestown and Yorktown. Commander Rogers ottered battle, but the gunboats moved off. lie silenced one battery and run past the other. G B. McCliluk, WaiAP fUnArsl pArnmsnHinfr LITEST FROM NORFOLK. Business Reopening There. Rii hmond to be Defended to the last. TPer Telegraph.J Norfolk, May 12 ?The city continues very quiet; most of the stores are still cloned but expect to open in a clay or two, except tn those cues where the occupants have left the city with the army. Some excitement still prevail*, hut it It supposed that in a few day*, when comtnuiiNation la folly opened with northern porta, the confidence will be fully restored. The pricea of almoat everything are astonishingly high. Candles, for instance, of a miserable quality, CO cents per pound: common brown wrapping paper and envelopes 50 cents per package; brown sugar 2fl cents per pound. A number of stores will be opened however, in a few davs, bv parties from Old Point and Haiti lucre. who will bring supplies of articles much wanted here. The post c dice and custom house will shortly be reopened. Very little I'nlon sentiment is openly expressed. All over tbe city our xoldlcrs, officers as well as the privates, freely talk with the citizens, which must produce a pood effect. All the fortifications in the vkiuity are occupied by the Uulon troops, and all the public property Is in the possession of the Federal authnrtfipi ' The policy of tbe Confederate government appears to be to concentrate their troop# at Richmond, and some say that all the Golf State* will be given up before Virginia; that Richmond will be held to the very laat All insist that a desperate realatance will be made there, If at no place else Several negroes arrived from Suffolk th it morning. They report no troops, guns or fortifications there or on the road thla side of the railroad. Among most of the citizens here there is little confidence In tue officers of the Confederate Government. The Confederate notes are refused in manv >n atancea. Gold and allver are welcomed wltti entbuaiaam by all claases of the population, many of whom bare not aeen either for many month* Elizabeth river, between Norfolk and PmIs! mouth, la of a deep coffee color, on account of th? tob-cco thrown overboardfPshaw' Thia 1* the natural color of tbe Di atrial Swamp water ? Ed. large quantities were recovered to day. General Vlele, the military governor, pnraue* a course calculated to produceme impreas:on 01 the ] superiority of the Federal Government, and in-1 tend* throwing no obstacle in the way of private buslnets or the enforcement of ordinance* of the city government. The Day Bocl newspaper will be continued a* an afternoon Instead of a morning paper on the condition that it thall be respectful In lta tor,* The first number, printed to-day. contain* nothing except extracts from northern papers and ed? Itorlal atatementof the facts of the evacuation and occupation of the city. SURRENDER OF REBEL DESERTERS. Th3 steamer Wyaudank arrived at the Navy Vard about nine o'clock thia morning from the mouth of the Rappahannock, bringing up a number of seamen whore terms of service have expired. We learn from some of her officers that the Freeborn and island Bells on Saturday last cut out of the Plankatank river (which makes Into the Chesapeake about five miles below the Rappahsnnock) two large sized schooners?one unloaded, and the other with an assorted cargo, the larger portion being whisky. After the schooners were got out, Capt. Harris, with the Belle, proceeded some miles up the river, and came acrot>s a band of rebel deserters, numbering nearly five hundred, who bd been stationed on the York river. They stated thst they bad been posted near Gloucester Point, and belonged to a Virginia regimen*, and when the order was given to evacuate, they bavin* become tired ci tne aecean service, rooivra 10 oirca iuwardi the Federal lines with a view of surrender lug themselves. They proposed to lay down their arms and give themselves up, but Captain Harris having no meaus to remove them, administered the oath of allegiance totbem, which was willingly taken, and left (hem with Ihclr arms to protect themselves. Tbe Island Belle bad just arrived as the Wyandank left, (Monday at one o'clock a. in.) consequently we arc unable to give further particulars. TilK l'K<HJLAMATION. The promulgation of the President's proclauia Men formally opening blockaded porta, la most important at Ihla particular Juncture. That 1?. In view?of the fact that the cmiaaariea of and ayiupatbizcra with the rcbclllou arc now making a laat aud uiost desperate effort to embroil the United State* with France and England on account of the blockade. In addition to the porta of Ueaufort, N. C., New Orleana, La., and Fort Royal, S. C., opened to-day, In a few days the porta of Norfolk, Va , Newborn and Washington, N. C.,and Richmond will doubllesa be opened, and probably that of Mobile at tbe lame time; to be followed in thirty daya at fartheat by tbe opening of tbe porta of PenmcoU, FU , and Savannah, Ga Or, In other worda, in a month hence every port (except It may be that of Galvcaton, Tcxaa,) on our blorkaded coast will be open to ahips of the whole world I y action of the government of the United States. Apropos of Mobile:?it 1* believed la naval clr. cleg here that we are now certainly in poaaesslon of thai city. REBEL TROPHIES. Mr. R. C. McCorm'.ck, who went over the leld of WlllUmaburg immediately after the battit, has bronght to Waahington several rebel aworda. One of theae evidently belonged to a staff oMeer, and ia of chaste and coatly manofactare. Mr MoC baa also a bowie knife or cntlaa tf huge alxe, found in a deaerted mansion in Williamsburg. Tbe rebels were generally well ? J Tka A* III* *?# kaHU vm uviu m wiuic vowri draeriptlon. The dead and dying were strewn In every direction, end et WlUlamsburg nearly a thuuaand of the rebel wounded were found, t POSTAl COMF.IUNiCA.TlON WITH NORFOLK AND PORTSMOUTH TO HF- **MTAULiaHf.H. 1 be i'til ()& e Department hu sent mi AgflBt to Norfolk and Portsmouth to leeeetlgete Pitt OMce matteri, with a *|ew to re*eet?bli?b poetel coijumin!c?tior. - ? *ECONNO:3S.\Nrfi l?p THE MATTAPO\r I RIVKR. BrmuU Tftmtmt ?f I'm* em PtrpU bf ikt Rttolt. I la aa oftclal report to tbe Bapertatmteat of the Coaat Sonrnr, Lieut Command lag T H Pbelpa ata tee | "i'poo ikta^rond arrival itWwt Polat, at % W P m , Capita Pbaakltn*. af tbe Carrltoek, rexrted that h<> bad landed and bolttrd tha Irion flag. and bad fonad lb*ul fifty prlaoM of the rebels. ( oit:r women i*4 children.) Uving in a horrid condition. in abed*, and without I the common necetaariea of life Tbaar peopto were resident* of F. 't iheth fttp county, and seat here by General Mtgruder oa account of their I nion proclivities I at oare derided to remain and bold pa*esaion of the place, protect the people and prevent a farther de^trurt on of property by rebela, until thearr.val of the commanding o>rar of the raval div a^on." Lieut. Pbelpa. in tb? t'oaat Survey ateamer Cor win, penetrated up the Mattapoay th.rtv-ali ml lea above Went Point, Andlag white fla*a holated on both ahorea of the river, and the paopto generally apparently plevtod to aw the I' nion flag ooce Bore among tbeaa cofiroRBsa JONAL. I1XTIIU COMURm-lwwi TrwnaT, May 13. Sbiat* ?Mr M( DnngtU reported tack tbe Pa?Mflr Rn .r sdb ii from the ?pecial committee on U?at sabject, and moved tbat it be nUi tbe special order for Thrraday next Mr Feaaenden. urging tbat the adoption of tb# motion of Mr M D oc^bt interfere witb tb#? prompt conaideratloa of tbe tax bill, obJect?4k to It Mr McDonnell addreaaed tbe 9?natc at iMB? length in favor of bli motion. The yea* and nays being demanded upon It, tf , vras not agreed to?veas IT, nay* 19?two-third* h?!no renu red The bill, reported bark from the Indian Affiltv Committee, to protect the property of nnclrtuxed Indians, waa then taken up and coj?ldered. tlousi ?The bill establishing a Department of Agriculture came ba k from the Senile with amendments. which were concurred In, and the bill waa fiaaliy pas* d A hill was introduced to eit-nd the charter of the Washington and Alexandria Railroad Company, and referred. A bill to authorlie the corporation of Georgetown to levy a water tax was introduced aad referred The bill jrrantir.ii pension* waa taken up end was under discussion when our report cloeed. LATE LOCAL Nh W8. EMA!crir*Tios Con*iaaJo?iKB?.?M*y U-Petitlons fllrd by Mary C Fenwlck.#* ??Dto'l Fletcher .Mar* Nel-on, Jarce Butler,0 :?ty,George and Lizzie. R1 hard Butt,5 slavea? Ellen, Wal Us, li-or^e, James and Caroline Ann E. Newton, alavea?Mary Lee and Loulaa Cook Tboe. J C da per, 1 slave?Jas. Thomas J no. Tomsou, 2 slsves?Margaret Smith and William or Blii. Joseph Ostnen, 1 alav> ? Ellen S*nd< r* Eleanor R l.ivig, l(> aisvr*?Mary and George Dyer and. Lizzie, tlcnry. Mary. Eliza, William R Alfred, Maria and Frank Clark Peter Von F*aen, Maves?Rozanns, George and Addle 1-ee, Cornelia, Alice. HeaW Hariet, William and Hamilton Savage, Mal.nda. Lewis. Martha, lassr. i cuari t, Kmlly, Henry. George, Kilen, Jimaud M ttth^w Hawkins Henry T. D ion, 1 aleve? Wm. Johnaon Mary Brien, administratrix, vl laves?Maria and Samuel Butler Tbomu T. Everett. 2 slarea?TWeaa and Roh't Smith Samuel Stott, l slave?Wm Ourrell. Samuel 0U>n, truatee, 2 alaves?Sarah and Wm Cook Walter B Chew, 5 slave*?Jamee. Cha-le* CoeiUta, Mary Catherine and K ijjene Brown. Joseph T. Lone, 3 elav??s?Ann and Sally Brown and Chas. i: Minn Richard J Kyon, t alaves ? William and Mary Carroll. C. P. Pattereon, 6 elavea ? Casey Ann, sr.. Caa-y Ann. Jr . Anthony and Hannah B ltler. Maria l>oner and Josephine Valine Catherine Pearaoo, 21 slaves?1*4w'd l*?e, Nelly, Kitty and John Mitrhr l, Mary SjjJth. James IMngerJield, Jo* Burnett, Anthony Jeffer son, J??nny and Wm B ltler, Geo. Doner, Mary, i:.:xabetu, Thomas, Benjamin. Iiew la. Ilenr;. Sirib. Jarob, Andrew and Frank Shorter. F.lliabrthO'Rcikv.) *iave?_jame*, Mary and IWrfc Smith Ann Rlaro, 1 alavea?Ma'y Forte?t. K!|ra, V.arf Kllen and Marion Curtis I'Ht OptliTIOXt or THE PtOVrt^T GraEB ? t..tat nlgtt tfep varloua Mi ilona o( the guard attested H Ko*enthal, proprietor of the bal'. In .limbs' building, aoulb aide of the avenue, near Tenth atreet; John Hirttl, reafc?uraat keep- r, I Seventh atreet; Chaa. K Ionian Seventh atr-et; -? i Webb, G. between Sixth and Seventh, for liquor'o soldier* after 9)f o'clock p m. Upon examination this morning before the nlUtary an| thodtle* and JmtW Waiter, the two 11 rat were fined tio each, and the iaat named two wrre d?* iiivu, no Roiaicra ofinj; lo'intl in Itnr hOBMt, and Ml quiet. About tfc ft o'clor k thla morning a aquad of tbe guard. with patrolman N .chola of the police, went to tbe room* of l> Ke?>d. on tbe avenue, n*ar tbe Na'lonal Hotel and arretted the proprietor, tak'ng a way the entire paraphernalia of a "ambling bonae, rou?!r.lng of cbecaa, card*., dealing boTee. clo.h*, Ac. After a bearing tble morning Mr Heed waa lined ?-'?<? under tbe corporation law and held to ball In %-KMl to appear ab court under tbe criminal law l o day tbe guard are enforcing another order?hauling up the negroea who are roving about tbe rity wearing I ?. uniroroQK or parta orauch uniform* Rkfccih ?Thia morning, four atout men, clsd In the uniform of the rrb^U?grey clothe* with red trimmlnga?went to the Fourth War* station to Inquire the way to the provoet marshal1* ofli"*. Two of them were New Yorkera, one a PennavlVanlan. and one a Mtrylaader They deaerted from Richmond three wrekaago, and made their way Into McPowell'a ltnta, fr >m thence were passed mrougb, ana came up to tVsshlngton at 14 o'clock last night, on the same boot with the Military Go-ernor, brarrd U adsworth. Tbev report that tbere are but all forts around Richmond, and at tbe time they left there were no troops of any account there, they having been ordered to Yorktown. ItK> one take* Confederal* money, unless compelled. Tbev ales say that Jeff Davis and hla privy cou or 11 ere tar away from Richmond, with a good start ahead of the t'nlon army. Focrth Wabd Station Ca?e?? Btfort Jwttc* Walter.?John K McKay, sailor, who waa vendIn' chips of tbe Merrimac, " ma<le a right good thing or it," and with the proceeds of the ssle* treated some other i?hlpma;es, and be got drunk waa taken and locked up for thenl^ti; be waa dUmlaaed this morning. T bom as Fisher, col'd, sleeping in the market; dismtswd, for being druuk and veiling Are, lined 91 50. Joshua Harper, suspicions person was given his eboloe, to leave tbe city or go to toe workhouse for 9u daw be chose the tatter born of ths dilemma, and waa committed accordingly. Melvln Noyet, do : dlsmiamd. Jefferson Lucas, John H. Moore. 4. *V, , Parker, S. M Kearnea, Ambrose Mtddleton, and George Dorn,soldiers, drunk and disorderly; dismissed Sbcokd Wam Station Casks?Btfort Juttict Clark ?James I'ruury, col d, a??iKlng la the etcape of a prisoner A man charged with a felony was being pursued by etlicera last nlgbt, and i'ennev is charged with allordtng him the iue&tu by *tilch beeacap-.'d, and wlthTntrrferin" with the offlcera. He it held for a heart n? s. C. U road bead, disorderly, flaed Si M. 8. tf Clark, stoning a house; do. 92- Harrison I'enrod. do i dp. ti Rolirrt 'Pate. rnlM drunkr* Ibm S3?.il. James Duff/, sleep In the ?treet, lard R.9L John O'Toole, disorderly; tamed ow to the military. _ __ _ Dbaths or Soi.dibbs ?iMuoe our last report the following deaius of soldlrrs have occurred Private Augustus Geyer, company A, lOlat New York volunteers. Private Win. Klrer, company G, 12th Indiana volunteers Relatives of deceased soldiers can be famished with all the Information they dsales ta relation to the burial place of their friends, Ac., by calling on P. T sands. Government undertaker,444, F street north. TaiBCTB TO THB MBMOKY of Mt VllTOI ?A meeting of ^nUon tad RtptnutatlTCi from Ohio, tod other citizen* from that Bute, look place la 'be Capitol yesterday, and rimrd resolution setting forth their respect for deceased, and expresalng sym pat by for hie family la th'lr eMIetion. Senator Wade waa chairman, n?d Mr. J no. Hutchlna, aecretary. Stoim Good* Rarovtasp.?Yesterday moraIng the detective c fleet a attached to the qoarterraaater'a depot at Alexandria proceeded to a farm house near Pour-mile Rub. sod recovered seven wagon loada of goods which bad bren abstracted from time to tlmp from the eamoa of varloua res imeata who were stationed in Um neighborhood Circuit Cocit, May 13?Robert Ould ut. R(cbard Trnnnell: verdict for plalatlff Jane* West agt. George Hanoi an; on IrM?Carrlagton and Lloyd for ptatottfl eBOKOJHTOWN ADVKKTMTB wT NUTIOi;. 1 HK i^taii larahip borttoioro rudtac aadti tb* nam* and atria of A art * Swma .<! Ti>." ! aia??iTad r.r .aataal ca-awt au afefea the Ulmwiil M Baric 11, R. k S*uii Tt*?a I 5? tt* %ta ?? ll. A. SlfiN.V 6mmi) i*. MB ! <. -?c.

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