Newspaper of Evening Star, May 13, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 13, 1862 Page 4
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ff; -----? CITY PROPERTY TO B1 BOLD FOK TAXIS. COLLECTOR'8 OFFICE, Cirr Hall, Fiunar 15, 186] /X'MMKNCIWG ON THURSDAY, the JM day of May Mxt, the tolkrwiog lift cf Property will ba sold by rublle auction, at tba City Hall. Aldermen ? Chamber,) in the CitT of Washington. to aatlcf* ?h? Corporaiics of Mid city for Taxes due thereon u stated, unless the said ' i'ases be prtTionsly paid to the Colieetor, with such expenses and fees ? dq*t hare accrued at the time of payment. Sale to commence at 10 o'cloek A. M., tnd to be continued from day to day till completed I r Terms cash, in Treasury notes, coin and Corporation oertifieates of the denomination of Are dollars. WILLIAM DIXON, ColUttor. If,' .1*1 i ? i - r; I 3 n itf. J | TO WHOM ASSESSED ?? 2| * isco. urn. 3g |/5 ? ^ H ** i. , 468 13 &duni, A'.fxanler part U and V,/; imp. Paring tax, on Interer from March W, 196i .. 38 3P 38 3e 38 36 r* pert 1 and Ati, Cbarlea C 7 3* *6380668866 Imp. Bfl/inning on north I at.-prt 17 fwt east fron "v ??wcnk tvi uci u i i the lot, and running thence eaut 1* feet thence south 80 feet 11 Inches, thence west h feet 7# Inches, 'henct | > south to the extretm * southern line of the lot thence we*t a f?et4fc Inches, and thenc* ! north to the place oi beginning. Tax lor paving alley, on 15 71 j? . Interest from Not. 0 1880. mi 05 and Imp. Anhton, C. H 6 3H # 33 6 08 |N.K6i.... Ditto 75 j 73 MC 8 Ashton, Charles _ 75j 75 75 ' ? Mi . so ana imp. Alexander. Colnmbus .... o ? o w is ? ? ? 4<fl j part 0 and Anderson, Eliza 19 69 2t *i 91 S!l Imp. Beginning for tbe * anion 9th street west, feet south from th< northwest corner ol *? . said lot, and rnnntni thence east 91 feet It I nches, thence sou :h ? feet, thence at rlgb angles with the las " line >1 fret 10 Inche* to said street, thence to beginning. the street. .. 1 63 517 part 3? and Appier. George W 493 493 4 93 Imps. Be ng the western 13 fee* 4 inches front of saitf lot by the depth thereof, fronting on Mav>a K chn^e'ts avenue. | ?HS part 17 and And-w. Horatio N 30 * 30 96' 30 98 i ,1 imp. Beng the *outb 2o fee ft > front by the depth 01 the lot. 79? 1 and Imp... Allen, Henry J 8 71 8 71 <3 71 3W part IS .* . Adam*, James, trustee 7 36< 6 67 13(0 13 03 Being the west M fee front of aa'd lot by th? ! ti depth thereof. 331 tab" Adams. John G 29 21 0 64 HI 331 Bnb'?..M... Ditto 36 3o, 44T i tub? Ditto 1 4fr 1 14 2 ?2| * Ditto. 1 4^ 1 14 2 ? .' 6 Ditto 1 4r 1 lit 2 <W| *37 i 5............ Adam*, James, Trustee 4 f# 4 *9, 4 89 f ?61 part* of 3 and Adams, J nines A & 42 8 4* 8 42 4 and lispti B-Uu the went 9 feet < inches front of lot a >' ? ?i and tbe esst 10 feet i, 1^ ! InoWAor.l.fl.tU. ' I S, ; i by tie depth then of. M Mr4 ? and Adam'-. Jumiii-ianii other? ... 83 83 83 lcpi Be :.g the north '21 fret t ; lncots front rf said lot by the depth thereof and IAee"!, ? *9; 6 5 C6 tap* Bejiiialng at a pnl-it or. Virginia ave:me<iifr* ?tncheafroro the *outl j a ? " west coruci ol the lei J and running thenc* wwtwardly with;tb?! ? line cf said avenue 4^; i feet, then' * north aco: ?' ? . parallel with the wet line of th? lot till ii| ! i reacb?-s the back lln? V thereof, tb-*nce eti1 with said back line 4? feet, and thencewith e straight llae to the place of beginning. ID W * 9 and Arnold, Mary F 7 60 7 so 7 50 tmm im 1 Allg, M ....Puiup tax ... 3 Hi 3 101 5 71 g Do. ... 1 W 1 (M 3 1*>. ... 67 67 7V6 22 Alexander. Robert 2 06 2 06' 2 06 1*5 ti Abert.S* Thaler 5 65 5 66-5 66 p part 13 and Austin, d&r&b..35 13' 35 13 35 13 tmr? Begiiiuir.g at the north wvst corner of lot 19 *" and running theno north 25 feet 6 lnchea thence ea*t 100 feet, theuee south 22 feet 6 Inches,and thence we*' to the place of begin . mv ahuu, ! 15 35 19 Kj 18 82 Lighting the stree' ... i 3 47 5ia tart 1 and Bathman, AdalTneE.? 7 40 7 4<* 7 40 llDM. Being the cut 20 feefront of the weat half cf the lot fronting on nortl N itreet, and running . . . back with that width the depth of the lot 9U3 N.KofNo. B?rTy,Augu?tai F?Tfna- | ta >.il lm ~ " * ~ . .W. m - m ?<u*tcu . | >* ? ?l /p 8 7S| 6 7? 4M i>art~0 mi BayliM, linoiner..* 4 S4 3 7* ? 11 G* 11 Being tba aouth *5 ft*. front by tfc? depth of the lot. Doe for IP58, S5 Ii3. for 185?, ?-t 46 Parlug tax on ln *; , tereat from Nov 1-2, IBM, *51 06 X? part* of ? and Bcall, Benjamin 38 Tf- 29 29 99 591 00 W 5 and imp.... Being the weat *> fret I front of lot 6, andth? I past i 1001 ironl or lot 7 by the depth of tht lot. Lighting th" stree1 2 31 2 31 018 1 and Imp*.. Bennett, Clement W 35 43 ? (W 74 72 74 72 Lighting the stree' 5 IS 5 13 A W. % 6 and Boteler, Charles VV., Jr 44 56 47 36 69 97 imp Ditto.... r Lighting at ret' .. 2? B X 7 Ditto 9 SI 12 31 Lighting at ret i .. ? 80 Ms part 3 and Bow^n, Charles H*<a 7 19 7 1? 7 12 t lap Beginning at the eon'b tine of aaid lot, at lfcint?rsert!ou with thi | west Una of Fourth etreet west, and ran ning thence eaat 95 feel 5 Incbea, th^ce north I of the dividing line be tween lots .1 and 10. , 1 fett. tlience west i Lit ___ . . J ? I fret' 5 lathes, then* south 40 feet to the be K'.ani.ig. 4% 1 port* I ami 14 Boy e, Cornelius 33 29 9t> > 61 4'. 173 26 i and imp.... Beginning at the outb?t?t corner of taid lo" . No 1, and running i thence north #5 feet 3 Incbea, thence east 20 fer I Inrhea,thence soutL 86 fe^t 3 lnch-R to north j j E street, tbence ?eti I by and with the ltn< . of said E street 20 fee) ' ! lochcs to the begin ; log. I Lighting street oc u> , Ut i ???? O sad Ditto 49 701 38 M M 10| 24 and Imp.. B^lnniog for the .an* at the northeast at)gl< | of Mid tot <4, and run I nins south 23 feet 3 In | cheS) thencs west 3t ! 1 ?j I feet, thence northwest i wardly 30feet3 incbe* i thence northwestward ly 30 feet * inches thenre aorthwestwsrd ly 5 feet 3 tBches,theac? aorih tl feet, theact l *. . east li5 feet to the be ginning Lighting the stree' l & 1 5s: to ,r n01?10 n.'.r Vi* ; Vr' 'w 11 7* 8 81 40 #9! 4(4 14 Borl?.^or?*"n? * K. P iood*?rv V. 15 Wj 18 921 15 W ito ? ISUUIaMa, li&ntel - ~-i - ~ - ? .. i uo| 'i (K 7 IB 5,4 ! f: ? 'imp*5: Brtiat,' Kdmuud II 5 31; 5 31 9 88 \7i lmf"" B3Ttlo. .. 4 31 4 31 Brown, Ktltabeth ? T2 7 06| J# 31 1? 31 jy? ' ' ttebber. *???*?* * 10*? tt 69 fc.y Wont H fighting ?tree .. IBM ?... Rnmrtt, Enoch 13 7? 13 76 W ? M Off|fc ?P-iB,gSJ,tSrewt44 | tnc Lei front on north I I I atrrct, *nd extending 1 | SuhwlU thntwldtl I 1 * i m mm i I . ., s* rtrt to IM norm Ui? !of lot 9. Dart Ditto.... 41* 4 1". B.-Ibk th? aor-h M fcr frost aid fxtendIn* back with that wldU M fort 4 lBcbeatotfcr rut Use of lot 7 411 10 & Imp ... ?nrd, Kbora t 78 T 63 17 31 W M 11 OW? I ?l 1 S3 3 #1 *4 ' _IMtto1.. 1 69 It* * fl ?| pwtB*" "" *" - y*r- ' * m * * TO WHOM AWEBSED. 51 LI * * I? lw" ifjsi Brent, F. N., eonttouad... Mid lot, y.o. 3, situa ted SO feet wwtwardly from the aoutheast corner of said lot, and running thence north 67 feet 2U Inches. thence te a point on the northern boundary ofj aid lot, No. 3, sltuated 36 feet 0 incbe* westwardiy from the non beaut corner of mil lot, No. 3, thence wettwardly 20 feet, thence southwardly 0? feet 5 inches, thence southwardly to a point In the southern line of said lot, No. 3, situated 73 fewt 9 inches westwardiy from th< southeast corner of said lot, No. 3, thence 50 feet to the beginning. 810 7 snd imp ... Beh'ens, Frederick ?4 11 84 11 84 II Paving tax on interest from J on* 0,1800 109 D and Imp.. Brown, Hustavus 4 00 4 60 4 00 30 10 and imp.. Butler, George A 4 03 4 03 4 03 039 ; part 1 and Bowen, George (col'd) .. 710 7 ^ 7 10 imp Being lur main urn icti front of tbe lot by th? whole depth. 914 part V and Boiling, George (col'd) .. .. 4 00 4 00 4 OA imp Being the east 25 feet front of said lot by tht drptb thereof. 300 Bell, Horatio * ?? (# j ^ ^ Res 12 7 and Imp .. B?nd. Hugh L 133 74 lw M 8.2 ?00 41 Bradley, Henry n 7V 2 16 44 ! Ditto .. 72 72 *3 ? AMtto. ? ? . 7*2 838 part22 and lm Brooks, Hecrv (coi'd), <tn? 306 2 36 8 25 6 25 for 1P59, 92 83 Beginning at the northeast corner of the lot thence running west 14 feet, thence south 122 feet 2 inchea, thenc* j east 14^ feet, tbenct norm ire ieex? mcne* to the place of beginning. #77 34 Buscher, Henry 32 26 Fating tax on inters) from March 29. 1561 .. ift 13 15 13 35 Ditto IK n 1# 13 75 9 Breckinridge, John A 535 535 535 136 1 Bright, JeMe I) 3 07 3 U7 11 11 2 Ditto 2 00 2 MM 3 Ditto 3 53 3 53 \ Ditto 5 54 5 54 79 19 and Imp... Boyle, Junius J . due for 29 0# 22 36 78 25 1W li 1859, * - # Ktj 20 Ditto 14 ul in m1 in 10I 11 631 8 Ditto 18 99 sio 57 15 83 55 49i 51 part 1 and Im Boyle, John 6 1)8 4 68 10 76 J92 37 i Being the tenth 38 feel frout of said lot by th? depth thereof. 81 land Imp.. Ditto 4 01 4 91 3T1 i 2 Ditto ?. . ? 21 7t': 19 00 43 70 40# : 4 and Imp .. Ditto 69 71 53 63 22t 76 Lighting the ?trre? 4 06 4 06 ! raving tax on interest from Dec. 21, 1859 98 30 i part 5 Ditto 6 87 6 28 41 67 Being the south 25 feet front cf said lot by th< depth thereof. Paving tax on lnter*r / nm oi icfftl ?M *?! IiftViU l/r\,. ?It ICHiy 0<i // Lighting the street a 03 2 00 wji 1 D!t'o..due for 1?59 ?17 17 IB 60 14 31 *0 22 3 Ditto 7 48 7 4^ 0U 12 Ditto 77 77 15 Ditto 5? 6t> 10 Ditto <M 81 17 Ditto ? #~ IS Ditto 79 TV ' \9 Ditto 77 77 67ft ' rut T and Barret, Jocepb, and W. k 35 44 27 28 #2 70 42 70 Imp* J. W. Arnold. Being the east 21 feet 3 inches front by the depth of the lot. 344 part3aod la Barr, Jane A 30 48 23 45 58 73 5& 73 Commencing for the same at point 23 feet 4 Inches from the south east corner of said lot. I and running weit 23 j feet 4 Inches, thence ! north ?5 feet, theno emt 23 feet 4 Inches I thence south to the be glDLlg^Ung the street 2 40 2 40 3 and imp .-jB^^V^Vtr^ }? 1 ? 97 " * " Pwlng tax, on interest J I I frAm ?1 1UW' . SlVlH I VUI UOIJ II, iOW W W| 370 C tad Imp.. Burehe, John C, In trail for Cathnrlne Burche. 99 08 16 M 41 40 41 40 Lighting the street I 22 |K 6t? part 19and 14 Barren, James 17 90 13 72 S3 76 63 76 and Imps. For IBSt, S10 28: for 1867, Stl 8B Beginning e* feet from the northwest come' of said square, on south * A. street, and running thence south 134 leet f Inches, thence east IS feet, thence north and L-uallel with the first ne 134 feet 6 lncho to south A street, and thence west with south A street 15 feet to tht beginning. 335 partafnb.i Beck, Jos. w and Imp* Tax of 1850, ?3 87 4 1? 3 93 11 W 11 M Beginning 75 feet soutb from the northwest Mvner of mi"?> and running tkencr aouth ?t f?*t OX Inches, and extending back with that width the whole depth of lot OM 7 .. Bnllus, John 5 BO 4 55 10 38 13 97 8 Ditto 3 16 8 43. i? 898 1 Md Imp.. Brvan, John A, (colored). 843 4 26 007 9 67 040 part 13 and Baiter. John ...... 3 ft 9 01 6 00 6 00 Imp. Beginning at the northweat corner of aald lot, and running thcnce south 22 feet 9 inches. thenca east 100 feet. thence north 23 feet 9 Inches, thence west 100 in tha nlflAA a# V?? ?vw<) ?w >MV |'<UW V* WCginning. 158 W.X? Beard, Lewie SSI 1 72 3 92 3 92 63 W. X IS and Bowie, Mary, (colored)., i .. 3 48 3 48 3 48 171 13 and imp.. Bowie, Malrna H..... 39 80 t9 80 34 00 14 Ditto 4 80 4 90 724 3 Butler, <M.f In truat foi Rcwuna Stonfitreet .. 6 06 6 0S 6 05 ?3 sub Fand lm Bylngton. Maria K 3 91 3 03 6 97 0 97 4DQ 1 part 12 and lni Brown, Michael, (colored) .. 3 12 3 U 3 12 Being tbe weat 20 feet front by the depth of the lot. -0 10 Bullua, Oacar and Edward .. 4 70 4 70 4 70 2*9 B and lap..! Bwtor, O.H Paving tax. on lntere* from October S3, lS0oj : } , 7 63 11 00 I pari u,MM. raving lax, on interna'! ! from October V3, IWCO' 4 V! 4 07 Being the weat 5 feet 6 I lnchea front of said loti by the depth thereof. 434 It andlmp.. Bradley, Phlnea*. For 1856 * Y ?? 35; for 1858, f7 94; for 1859, C1U 51 11 40 8 77 44 97 138 17 434 perta 1, 3. 3. Ditto Doe for 1856 andlmp. f5 79; 1858, ?27 33; 1-59, 927 32 W 22 77 83 20 I * Beginning at a point 36 feet due north from tlx X southeast corner of tht aqnare, and running thence north 71 feet. . thence weat 90 feet 4 inehea, thence south 71 feet, and thence eaat 09 feet 4 Inchea to th< place of beglhnlog. 488 W. )i 2 and Browning, P. w * * Imp. ~ Lighting street "3 T* *1 7o|"~ IM.H ttojlmp... DIMo M 65 74 toim JS same of J. B KlbWy ?2I W 43 22 33 25 Lighting street, 814 37 7 30 7 30 Paving tax, on Interest from Mays, 1880U04 63, W U 7 and Ditto 51 17 39 22 116 99 Lighting street 2 00 2 HO Paving tax, on Interest from May 2, ktfl' II Ott W % 9 and DKto 32 HO 25 94 09 23 imp. Lighting atrae* 1 ?j 2 ?h Paving tax, on lutereet from May 2, 18W' 25 83 A i art ID and Ditto 32 34 23 7* 74 77 imo. Being the eaat 22 feet 10 lnchea front fcy the depth of the lot. I ??w * biyauBK IH Rrtd t ! 8 61 Paving tax, on Interest from May SO, 1M0 U 43 37uAl*p.. Pmo;....Pa?fcr1fly, Klbbey. tio M 30 8B ?3 78 M ? 98 and imp.. Ditto Due for test In name of l.-B Klbbey ?10 Sol 30 8? ?3 7ft M ? M |Ut7wilBi Ditto * * ' " W W1 I ; Btluy the north 31 feel fr Inches front by tb* dff tu of the lot. 1 jB [part I taA \m | Ditto..* ? m 19 Mr IB M fOQMvmvM) in *vrrfciaiKV4 1 ? ? - ZXtOlC ZZ^ZiZi, )? PENNSYLVANIA ATINOB. E 911 Li E DFPB8. J??l Eewlved and OpriH, A large "d Iritclaai ?tock of rkcl?e f A MIL T GROCERIES, M&aieU&jt *lt IDSARB, of ill ?Ti4m, TEAS, cur FEE, BITfKX, LARD, FLOPS | MAft.LARD'S CHOCOLATK, *?., ft?, Ac. All e! wblah he offer* at lowewi oaah prlMa. PIKE'S CELEBRATED WHISKIES 506 barrels Magnolia, WO barrel* XXX, 500 barrela MUlen Rye ManoifaheU, quo oarrru ane uia Kye, 060 barrel* fine Old Boar boa, AT CINCINNATI PRICKS. Ail the favorite brand* H CHAMPAGNE, Murrnn Verzeny, Greta Seal, Hetdslek, waiu?| WCIUK WUJKI iuw, wc vnrr >1 UBQNtU) low rates. Alto, Sole Agent for PIKE'S ARMY CORDLALj feb 14-tf JjJMBALMINO THE DEAD. DR. HOLMES'S AMERICAN PROCESS. Thu aroceaa. without the use of poiaona, discovered thirteen yeara ato, and practioed aince that time in the warmeet aeo'iona of the United Mates, in rnfficient'ation of itcelf. 7 hie mode of K.whalminz D*ad B< d es ia co foreign Inrentioa. b->t purely American having diaooyerid it my?e f aft?r y eara of o..emioai rea?aroti. Maiy of the reaiciorta ol line ol y viti reme<r>her aeyen ??r.m atnce ths exaoaition of the tHviy of ?ohrd embalmed Ly me My probata li&a b??n teafed by a large number of ptiysiciana and onemsuin tm principal <itie?of the Lci^n. a*.d jorsAns of the highest rei?p?otab;lity, who have given their certificate*, which u.y pamphlet will how. The body of a dog emba'mti e!evon morti s siuoe, ard exposed to f,e heat of tho past snmmor, is on tubhoexh bitionat 30 ( Penc.ave- u?, where I have embaia.e1 a large ouiu^cr of oftoers and trivate soldiers of oar ariry to the entire satitlaolon of their survivu.g ielativ?sand friends. i will t so oinbaun [> d e? by huct net's Frenoh system at Sl? a piece. This process 1 ow d W?s used sinee the di'oorfrx of my own had it breji as good or better The Frenoli At.*.Jemy of Scier.oe at its annua! ?itt>ng he'd on tbe W4 of March, lSjJ. published act's sy.-teni to ti.e world, ft oopy o| which I have persons wishing bodies em^alr?*d by either process wiil apply to K. Huofcly. Undertaker, 303 Pa.

avenue: Josfph iiurch. Ucdertaksr, beorg'-vown, I?. G; Me&ry Leo, 433 Pa. avenue. No poi?ons used. apauini* Read with decision and aci with i'RKCAly' I tON ! DR. M. VE LI N Vd PKIV ATK HOSPITAL, in ttie Poder&l I* oak, opposite the ?i8ceri?l P<>?. and I'Ate at Oltoe, Hcm.i 24 uo f.&irB, o->mer ofTMi ar,d F ((!., WMb'i'it)-!, P. C., EttaMiehmt fir Uje t-nper?5-.i(?!i "f CJi??ker? The Only Advertising. Dr. M. Ve'lny's lone experience in hoepital prae tioe w?rrar.tB p.rn in th*t he'-4.1 ??re ?I1 diseases of h private risUre, or he will forfeit the mm of fivo har.drtd d il?n. Call and nee lain. No charto for ecnruit&tion. A perfect asd radical ecxe ssi.'cctod from one to fe ar dtrior* nth I7-Smi* CH. RIVAKT A CO. 81LLERY CHAMPAGNE DEPOT RKMOVKD TO m. v rA?M. o?? a a ? - i vi am wana? v? i ann? ayfi.ivi jlzid oijltb OTm CUrfnCon Hotel Buiidmg. Washington. H. KOSEY, Asent, Niw Yopi. JAMES MOLAN, Ac-int, Wabeinstoh, 1). 0. SHERRY, PORT MADEIRA WINES, j FINE OLD BRANDY and WH13&Y. A lib?taj discount to deftlrrc. nh 19 OOT8 AND SHOES TO 8U11 7 UK TIMES. Wt irt BST mMnri/.tnrin> *:i Um< n? nnriT" and BHQES, aud taoeirinf aapply of eastern mile work of overr d?-Ml aoripu on, made expre?!y to order, and wil?^ ] ts ?old at anmoh lower prioerhan t-as been" Mk eretofore oaa.?i?>d in tbia o;ty for ranch tnfenoi article*. Peraons in want of Buota and Shoee of eMtora r city mads wcrk. will alwaya And a food asaort mentis itoreaud at the iorr-jt puoea. Give ua a ail. OR IFF IN fc BHD, apt-r 314 tViia?T|T?Esa a?*ww*. ft B a k p?aa t??i niunarn Worcestershire Sauce. Fr*&*?a?fld by fij EXTRACT OMMOISSEUtS |1 l*L**rhon* MMtk. II JELV M HKuU ?Om.Y VOOD ??, x** AVCEt" SSpgrM Kt W?roMUr. Ill iiillcbbli tt I'f'ffi j iHi^ kJjl-tH f?il I.*mt Ptrr.v?w h3C3?'rh?i that their Soui " ' 1 Luhly eeteenati TAI1GW |.n India, lud IB, IB i:jopinion.tin WBFMMiU*!)!*, m well u OP DISH. efc^?rv.o?t wholftso nt thAtfa ramlrt," Fhe above SAUCE u sot only the nar and ouat ftTLix coNBmntT known, bat the ir.oit RtnamU*1' *? a lev <troM in Soup, tirary, or with Fit*. 1 and cold /mil, Eitf Sumk, Guwu, ft., impart aaaxfuiaite aeet, which M>r?KifIi< Banoe manafaotorers hare in vain endeavored to faniiaj*. On the Br?kUst, Lm%tk*?m, Dinnm, or Smpwm Ml*, a ernet containing "LEA Jt PERKINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAPCE" is iadiif?a?abla. ^MKecute the ttutilmt ?% Htiu of thii Mi r???? pivpaiMiva u ia on.y neo^smry vo fircDM* a email bottie of the ??*-.??, of & reapeotable jrooer or das wr, as many Hot it and P.ntaurtmt sratrietora a^ldom place the Pxrt Sauce before their (Beats, bat cat?titatea tannine Btttit filled with a rfwnm mixture. Far tale by firooara and Fraite'era everyvhara. JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, Ntw SfVtri 14t\ Hr**t, y*w York, Soi* Wholesa'e Ateuta for the United States. A Stock alwaya m atore.?Aiac order* rsoaiva* tor direct shipments from Kniiand. [TTfltlWK i'Cn?Kr/(UJ mU m? ?-ly.eo TZiIXI0BMJLZi. Fftttitd bf Koy*l Lit tits Partus of En*Um4t Md Mtutid *1 iK* ?(?it of tkt EtoU d$PkarMa,,1, D?.;. <1. y.- . r-? ^-ii - ???ww 1 W7M, ?n?? iWff ?T??* Vtmff 9/ Mtditmt, fw?w. TR1K8EMAR No. 1 la the effectaa! remedy for Hvlax&tton, 8f*xMiTOllHVi and ExHAVeTIONOBTKB 8i*T1M. TRIESEMAR No. 8, Completely and entirely eradicates all traoea of thoeo disorder!, for whioh Copaiva and Cabot* have aenerally been thought an antidote, to the ram of the health of a mi portion of tho popalattea. Jo tho great ai^^era^reTnt^jJ1 oFtS'e'olnliaed world for all ImeanUoe of the eyatem, a? well aa aoooadary aymptoma, obriatiEg the destrnctiTe oao of Heronry, aa well aa other dmetenona ingredients, aad whloh all the Saraaparllla in the world car.not remove. T*ibsbm*b Noa. 1.2 and 3 are alike devoid of taato or aiueli. and of all nanaeating enalitiea. TLer are in the form of a ioaenge, iu may lie on tho toilet table without their aao being ?uapeo tod. ttoTdm tin eaaea at 93 each, or foar ft oaaea la one for f?, and in 927 oaaea, thna aanng .aa adrciciatered by Vajyean, l,*]ie:riaud, Rojj, Ac., ho. Wholesale and retail I t DR. H. A. BARROW, 1*4 Dieeoker atreet, (4 doura from MaoDoagal atreet). New York, Immediately on rootlet of ramittanoe, Dr. Bmow will forward Tneemaar to an; eart of tna wor d, sees rely packed,*^! addreaaod aooording to tho lnatrvotiona Published aiao by DR. BARROW, that popular and t>ekutiftil:T i.hmtrftted n-.adioaJ work ESr5'"" ... mHSSsais""' wSiMlmihS. ?l Dn y?U<1" for * "" ?* 'Olr Nnrt hfrn an/1 ff Aal?rn __ > ^mwrnifiuW. ??< !n 'l"n l,ar- * k*no# w&tisT**01 ,iook * "?7 'Pa ?*eaa? mwI ?Ji? t. R^RHPM 18 RKRK!?On tie* exkibiltvn. m P V?*l.P*"?" ?i Clothlnr l? the itr, at tta ^ vS?' r ' ? *?Ut ?UiI uAHUiCAil HWKMM,' Known u H ELMBOLD'S GEJUIKE PREPARATIONS, rtnLMBOLira EXTRACT "EUCHU " M BARSAPARILLA " IMPROVED ROSE WASH. BhLMBOLDH 0ENUINK PREPARATION. * HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU. A Po?itiTP and &3 Remedy For DitNMi of tho BLADDER. KIDNEYS. ?RAVEL. Ud DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Thia Med:oioa intrHm ths rower of Digestion, and excitoa the ABSORBENTS into healthy notion, by which tho WATERY OR CALCAREOUS depositions, and all UNNATURAL ENLARGEMENTS aro rodnoed. aa woli aa PAIN AND lNFLAMMATION^nd is food for MEN, WOMEN, OR CHILDREN. HELM EOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV* For WeakneaeM Anting from Exceaeei, Habita of Diiaifatim, Early Indiaoretion or Abnae, AtttmUd mitk tktftUowimt Symptomi:? Icdiaposition to Exertion, Loaa of P-wer, L^ae of^feraorr. Difficulty ofjjreathing. ?cb* 1 rOJTlDUDK, Horror of Disease, Wnkefo neee. l?;rat ess of Vision. Pain ta the Hack, umv?r?al Lassitude of the Mnseoinr System. Bo' Hands, lasbicc of Ihs Hod? Dryness of the Skin, Eruptions on the Face PALLID COUNTENANCE, These 'yidptoois. if aliowd to go on. which ttia mMicina icvanaMy removes, socn follows IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EP1LEPT1C FITS, In one of whioh the patient mar expire. Who ovimy that they are aot fre^a?n?ly follow^ by those "DIREFUL DISE^Sr.S." '1NSANITV Avn nnvsrMpinv " Many *wa:? of the cams of their anffericc, BUT NONK WILL CONFES*. THE RECORDS OP THE INSANE ASYLUMS, And :kt MtUtnrkely Dtatkt by Contwmpuon. B?AK AM PLI WITNIM TO TH1 TIVTH OF THIS iimtioa. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, Re*cirei the ol medicine to strengthen and Inriforate the System. Wkirh HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACTBVCHV in variably dots. A TftlAL WILL C03V:jtC? TBI MO?T HKXPTICAL. FEMALES? FEMALES- FEMALES} OLD OR YOU NO, SINGLE, MARRIED. OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In manjr AJTeetrtnt fttuliar to FtmaUt, the Extract Bn?*hu la annulled bj any ot?-? remedy. in C-Mona or Reteatinn, Irregnlarity, P?ief*me*a or Snppreraion of Cutowkr; tmbetioce, U'oorat^d or Soirrhoa* atata of the Uterar. L**cnrrk<z% or Whites. Sterility, and for a'l ?cm?!?rt> incident to the e?x wh^the* sriairg trom Indiroretitn, of Ditaipitioc, ?f IB U>? DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFK. PES BTXPTOX* * BO VX. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT ! T*s* !?o ion RaL?am. Mxxctjxt.o* r*Pt/*AeA?tr i4vD;ctrti/< rot phpleasa-jt asp DAiwaaora DiaiAava. ul1 r mnnr m ?- n ww?p * * "f err/* irtr n r>M- XTIJ9 \J kj MJO ? Ai Adl A. D L t /I V crims SECRET DISEASES in all their j?t*f e?, At little Kijenee, Littler 110 chants In Diet, No l&oonrrnietce. And mo Irromrt. Itean?ea a fre^usnt deme and giree itrength to Urinate, thereby removing ohttractions. Preventing and Curing Strirtnre* of the Urethra. A laying Pain nod Inflammation, ? freqneatln the c'aea of diaoasea. an* expelling all Put^n-mt, Ih eattd and worn out Matter. THouBA.!rt>s vroy THorsiXM WHO HATE BEEV ^HK VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who have ?aid hiavt nu to t* onred In a ahorttime, har? 'onnd they wore d*o?iv*d. atd that theMPOIHON" has. by thonaeof pownrrL AtTKinstTtTa, t?en Cried op in U? ajaieia, to bre&Jc oat ia ?b &t (rav&ted form, tad PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Das H jlkbotd'e Eituct Brent for all a fee uuHE ua 01 fno URINARY ORGANS, Wkatkor Hinmi in MALE OR FEMALE, Prom whAtortr cum orictBatfog, and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING. Khun of Ui?m Organ* require U>? aid of A DIURETIC. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IB THE GREAT DIURETIC, Artti ii certain to bav? sue detirod effect 1b all Khun FOR WHICH IT 19 RECOMMENDED. BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD! HthnboWs Highly Concentrated Compound FLUID EXTRACT BAR8APARILLA, 8TTHILI8. Thi? U 1? an affootloa of the blood, Bad ATTACKS THE SEXUAL OROAN8, ! LINING? OF THE NOSE, EARS, IVMOntK I (UBvai, WINDPIPE AND OTHER MVCOCS SURFACES, Making iu aypesrance ? the form of ULCERS. Helm hold's Extract 3arsapari!ia, Pariftes the Blood, and nbctm aa Boair KrutuiM of the 3km, IViNG TO THK COMPLEXION A CLEAR AND HEALTHY COLOR. It being prepared exyreeaiy for tiue oaee of complaints, iU Biood Purifjini Propertiee are preserved. to a i reater extent Uan an; other preparation of Sarsapanlla. HELMBOLD'S ROSE WASH, An ATfln!!?nt I .itinii f?? n, ?-? - " * _ ... mmww .? > > VIMHB* I I ? OffftLUOl Nature, p.' I a* an injectu d id i*.tea?es? of the Urinarj Ciia^ arielrj trorn uabiitof l>i?s ration, u??u in cm neat ion with t! e Exwaot* iiuiuu at Sareapariila. in took Duear. a* recommenced. Eiidtntt tkt mett rtliablt ?<td tkmrmf. *r tnii accomrmly ik? witdititut. UfcKTIFICATEB UP CURES, From 8 lo 30 m*"' *tmmd**t. With Nam** khowm to BCIENCK AND FAME. For Medical Proprieties oi BUCti9,*ee Dtspentatur j of the Umud State*. ?*e Pioleeaor 1) EWEE'S* valuable work* on the Piaotioe of Physio. 1 See remark* made by the late celebrated Dr. PUY81CK. Philadelphia. See remarks made by Dr. EPHRAIM MeDuWELL. acelebriiea Phyaioun uc Member of the Royal Coliete of tfargeons, Ireland, and published in the Transactions of the King ut Queen's Journal. tfe? MediooChirarsioal Renew, yablished by BENJAMIN TRAVERS, Fellow of Royal College ot Surgeon*. bee moit of the late Standard wot ks on Medicine Extract Baoha, #100 per bottle, or a!x for t?M. Extract barsapartUa, fl o? per bottle, or aix for 5 00. Improved Rom Wash, IB per bottle, or aix for Or, half dosen of each for flS 00. which will be safioient to oure trie meet obstinate eaaea, if dl rections ere adhered to. Delivered to any r ill sea, seoureiy packed bom observation. DESCRIBE ?VMPTOM, n1N ALL COMMUCsrea Guaranteed t Advice Gratis!! AFFIDAVIT. i r. ?uuoi; j kfMKM Mior6 ins, ac AMcrmtn of &e oity of Philadelphia, U. T. Hilhold, vho ibs Only iworn, doth ut. kia preparation* oontaia uo i.fcrounc, no m?rcary?ec oUtr tajanoaa urui?, but are purely yefetab.e. H. T. HELMBOLD. Sworn and aabaaribed befo?e ne.tiua 33d day af ddreaa letter* for information in oonfirf?? Depot, ftAouthi>iAh frt^LCbSiJh Pklfr. beware or counterfeits AND UNPKINOIPLID DEALERS, Who oudMTor ?o dia?OM "of tint owi"h motha* AattcLH on **a uminoa tttAtni Br MjW " laKov^ESTw*^ g?wt by all drvb9jbt8 ever ywheme. mom rv? ttUHBOLM 1 TAKE NO OTB&B. Cat out tt? idnrUMmnt ud moi tar II, NO AVOID mPj^ION A1U) EXPO ? T R E N O TH V NI \*? C^R D*I A L A K D BLOOD PURIFIER' thb ?*batb*t uniiriirii m*? " j ?T7L?\ A ifk AH iflHOVT p*Lici?r?V*MfS^^ ^ iW DBLlCBiri L w coboial tvii WrH^ ta??! Tyic T he thoBM.iM'a ? <1 VB n> ?n iktuu <1? ' v" wh > ?r? C?i y M? v 1|ffl . |<ID( McL?*?'4 1 mMk. ftb*kot?lxt5a Hfl Ccbdkl. ?<?ntfr IkM It l? lf>?o- v * &y^|| lately u iniBit- . Vfllf -v LI* r?wWy lo,^yfl' Jt r?i or mat ?' J Won fc^^SSfaJS'tftv t.kist im?1 *n?l intklit ts* Blood rMtcrH?? the nek, tnCmni icvthd to H'+Uk mmd fclllf thcki i? ko Himn ABorr it. It will i ? ' - ~ .. .... .? v uip.viut, ?prp>m?T ri a *, l))Motrry, Utprntn u of Vp'rita, Pir?rasd Aim !n??ri Ke*cr, Bad B'tkU. or UidiiMM ci t*:? LiTer. Storr&cft or B?fe.?. |C7"GoBtl?ni"r.. d? yoa %ieb to to Healthy. St"1 r ?ad Vi|" out ? |l7*I y u wart 'be Bloom of Health to moan* to jt>or ohe-fct acair >?ther (? tt osm ??<i l?l MrLtan't ?t'C*rdi*l mud Blmd Pmifitr, i>*fj no' a n?<??ect; it it nniLM to ci*? laHsfao wi will cDreacj di*ee*e of tLe Kldne*a, *v omh. or B adder; Obetrsoted Menatruatiao, Fa ii' t ?~f the Won.!), Haner Beea, < ran* da a?? or etna from Cbroiao or Nervoaa;, it la ac lcfolm? Kerne;'*. FOB CBtLDBBM. Do jron wart yearte e?t-.?ioi >y. esn* Children tn D* M' ? th? , ?*tT<>ln led "OhMtf-t1 W Civ* I6fn> Mrl eum t Strtnukmtng Ct>rdnl,(i e tL? i ireotio . oc e*en it i? ?Je ie>ru? to take K^Ote tabletpovf'i!. takes *V??t7 mcrsio' FeT?r, Yoliow or any prerailitf di ? * ?>? Urcrfii'i krd P?*l(n Tlr/IKMt'f tOHmilfOC ?t?U * li'Hl.e Of B> t?ri or ?Rr???arr!a, i?h t<h tr,?*<ai lor rhwp > by f?n c it it jmr? a* t r>d. I h rnwwBae p*s* erotui tt ??; p* t of iry ? am" to 4vlt til? d?toitmn?. Avo 1 ai?h i*if moss muii Mid tte.r vi.aa.oti crjr.posi! da ? ? for |>?. J M. MoL'an'i ar,j C<-pi-al ? ?i Kh>?J f'?r?fi*r I co t hi c a* I* ;at> cn.y rem>?]y ti at vi 1 Pur-fTynor Bio? d ikoroufMy,and.?!t>?* &?!? tni'ttKJamn t'd T*riaoia t th? who * or f*r.t*vion i(( pntrp n I.arc* Boltlea?31 p*r - ?..< < ? - WfeMf ** f *. *?? "? I'l Q3 DR. J. H Mcl.t- \N. Ho'? Pro# i*trr. Corner iturd sod Piae its., At. Luna Mo. DR. MaLEAX'S UNIVERSAL PILLS, For Ltrf Btlliouinttt, Ha iackt. fe. There la* n< v*r be:aat<ir?<?r!te modi > n* < ff? ?d totuo> <? m tuatHangiveu an-h entire tj?tuiaj tmn aa AtcLmu i F?t'<rwi Pi/li. Betcj ee i-e y v*?*ta6.e the? aro perfect'? i?c? c nt ard ca?i ?? taken ? y tr.o mi?*tteo'1er TiHtt; yet prompt aud powerfW b rrawrii( all Hiu->?a i?or?ti')rii *oi-? or Itcfire, Fet*4 Ala'ter from tno Bromach In f?*t, U ? are tli? only Cula that ahou.ti b? ?toti in ma arioua d atricta Th*y ?rofl! 05 no tinpt g,!?:ckne?- or P?in ib t* S?fi:m\rh or Bn??.?,iS'i5(il v?rj ?3tiT?*nd tfa.ohlatiatueir opnttions ?rotn<nin? thy tiona of tfce Li?*r an-i Kdn?f? Who wf I tnd?r from BiUovtue**. H> &dtch* ?td Foul t*tow?ofc, whoiiiu MfSf ? rwe-iy o?n 1-+ oi t*ia*Kr p t.lem oooetAt.1 ? on hard; * ?iu< a o?* ?* ?c in mr c.niif rr^vect botrt, a<Mid nojtt.i of ic?ne*r. Aifcf>ri>r. J U.'i FiIIi Tkk? t o othrr ft iif r at?d, tfc-y m? 1p?? Pno* otlr *5 por box ftui oube test by tn&il to nr.* ran cf the ( r te I 8<ve?. J H Mcl.J'*>'Prf.jri?or. Co ner T!nr?: *d<; Pinr- ???.. f*t i.ocis, Mo. dr. j. n. McLean s volcanic oil linimt'nt, tv bttt Frtrmal t* th* iYatld ft* Atin r Tfc-in?: d? ol bumii beiag* U?ve . oeo ?*-v d % liftof<le*r.*fr(M and ime> ry b? th* w??of ihif in v?iu d h i. 11 mrut jI wif re i rs f&ie a moa? inatftntftr.AoaMy.ftnii ?t wt i cleftsae. pcnfy ftud heftl tin fon!**t S?>ra in an ireredib # el-fit t>N>?. MrL??n't VcietnU Oil wil' re ier? lb* n?oj? uvaia ate c*w>? of C r, or Nrsnii(i4 I*ot l(>' I to ?J Mintiw, Stlfaecior WMtiru .n t-e Jotnt'f Mb* ei or Li'?m:nt?, it wll iht?' la ! Iwn ?f!k*,:"ui wil; o?j? ^ re T hrott. He*"ftch? ?>r Ei.?c ? Kor Bura.or >c? J?. or ftty i?ar lnfftl!itn? rarreif. Trf it. yo? will find i ftn ik>?? r?in*l? Ktp 11 ft w\j% on hand P;*Ltar?, Faraieia, or ant ut.ebftvi^c ?hftr*a of hc<aas. wi 1 a*vo in >cey \ j aau-i V??104Jhc ?mI !u)?'.t. !t la ft rpmdy and* cjre for G?l:? fc-pr?me. CbaXrs, Mre:ii? E. Lft u* na??, t*or?e, VToicdi. ^cratou??, or an* extern*. Oiaeftae. Try it ftftd 101 w ll t?aooBTisoed DR. J. H MOwt AN, 8oi? rrrp ictor. St t o?ia. Mo, m 5 6m C. STOTT, Atent.Wa*. last*' ,D. C. fifSf rMM 9 , M MM MJWWfACTQRr, 4H Imm wriur, Wurwrni, I, f, KwMtW inittil br Maryland laatttato Baltu^ore, Noweeaker i, istn. AUa, Mattel bf"Eatia?o*ite .Wu h' Tafillili. aihiaii>? D. C- UT}. At ?iM Ft%ts?. Ma?b*rt ! Crrertrt a<>4 wiil Mm , tnauM ebt Btccf baf&ra >are Mn.t MtTwi ?nuv*a that are sate ir other oxuor. P*??Ti?r Leather ati 1>t*m tmb aMi la * flraakt ?9T?ra>i a&4 rapairai at ak?H m>M. hy iaifrrared ftee ?f ? nu 'Htf?un,ti<4 AMuxiiiki 1 A K K? ?.TOr?AM? M*, /*> BOMGTHfPI* HEW ' gm, /~\ ttfariU mfe"' 'r^mJ Vggr At Ml C ???* iu rtwif. t*vt u 2 sttlulkd ._ lBtteBk*il?n4SL?rex?kliC7eKl (Mr npaUr to ft r%xrt) la tws mmmtm, U< /emu W"M ? ruri C*T1 IM sm. . TN n4?r*i<rn?d r?>W?f? If IU?T=> fcl? fp?<* ta U? (Mtnit, rumor* to iwcrtr. ?*< k? mm > ?"?. AUi OLI HI WKL-IIWVK UTKLintlTI uiboiI thorfcml^ n*?jt#.r!a?r hMFt" tS li?mTF*?auu'U *?5?U?V ?YCTli*?** irf mr.e tea u aiiy t?*cTUr. ?r to tor iluFm M! ? Wfif; "?-*i-er^ciieaUy t^niiQ i* ii? uw: ty rbtrrai. ^ wy? _____ _ jass-JS^^^sE-ft-stspjtfA-. Ar/SEf&MmEiS ?wBBti!:? -J 11 TWnQ WllDOQl ?6 to Krt of t&6 DlllriAL il iniiPB i| th? raoMj u Mut witli the enter. Ml'Mt?ba>tliQR<tise?rB^IB * ITu m it diTl "?*. *Vl M *** " t. M. HUTBT. Lr?... f, H.O.HOOD * 8f?? *:v kM^w, on hi?*. _ .... ?Tr , ?i ? > mo? celebrated WATCHKS thai are mxnetaotareo lb Ei i-^| land. Switierla_d er d Aimtim. both in SoTa^B^ ar.d silver oaee*. II> ? *o keep* n arc* ct<>ck of ftlSliKW LLKY ot ttie raoet do?ir*i,i* sty tee Ml with Diamoada, Kmeraia*. Rabies and ail outer b"u.?. He v* also mai:afactcr. n ail kinds of Scud Standard Sliver Wars,and keep* Bword?. Ke velvets, Sword Belt* and Sashes, Bowie Serves, feasors, Scie?or?, Gold, Silver and Steel h and a treat variety of other thins* h*l*i y kept in a Jewe r? 8tare, aad ?U at the very lowest pnee. No. S3* Pa. avenue, between 9th aad loth streets. fe lfr-tf J^DAMV EXP & ESP COMPANY. NOTICE Ot AXMOTAL, Vhe delivery oftee of ,Uils eernpaoT u reraeved from Third street tetfcs large depot on a ureet, tif ?en *1 and M * ?< Sft-?f OTEINWAYA SONS' AND RAVEN, BA- < ? OON A OO *1 Mi*inM ?? ? menu ?re acid at iowe?t faoiory for cMk and mton4 *t tte Mb-*'?*"' to Btore of \\ 9. HETZbftUTT, cjrwafUlk rtMfe an4JPron iv(EB?. 8?YeralTia:.->? that har* been ind for Ml* im ?MT moptblf HTIMfX. M it LH)E A KfcW L)AYt* ONLY.?I hare retnoTrt r my fin* :ock of Clothimr froir. otot Jrwelry i?tor? to J. H. SMITH'S. No. 4#0 8*fenO? htre?t, DMT F. Where I aha!. oflei it at l?M v.'iWi vto MHMMt prioM. iora fww day? on!*. fttftaw. I. \V X ?|M> MlUlA&Y OFFICER- AND OTUKM. J BATCH ML OA'S GMlfVINt HA.IA ETM% The Bert in the Wort*. ' Tk? (Mr JUliatli mU Hmrmlut Umir Dtt Imm, 'iUSXaes^OMSSSfSSr ?uasa^y^rasa.*" hOnj'M Barei?? ?.<?* ? ?r*dwj;H, T. ? t-ly | BALMORAL BOOTS. 5^5'!^?-*5r,BU<r*= ft s TkSoPaS *** ?s<i mIwS TfflSS^ f?T ? . btwwi ?ti> >!?<rRy?lfc_ V w BOYS' CLOTH IN 9. fetes ?m?3si * ar*wiu*< ^ twt ?^kt.L, 8TEPHKN3 * CO - ^ *? r%. *r--1 **** IE ' ? ?'' J i