Newspaper of Evening Star, May 14, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 14, 1862 Page 1
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% f 9 55B53E5H5!!55H5H5E5HHE53^B5553355*55H55^55535H35^355!H9^HHB55H!HHHHSH555 ^aPH|^|a^( f V^, XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C.. WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 1862. N?. 2,879 aas9--a THE EVENING STAR rt PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON. (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDI59S. Pc-w? if Ptwn:f!* ania err trui EUrtntk ****?*. IT W. I>. WALLAOH: P*r*fa aerrfd In package* by earrlen 1IM1 fwr.oi 37 cent* per mouth. To mall aubacrlben tb* price la 10.50 a fear, ? ? ndvmtt; ?8 for tlx nunths; tl for three month*; and foi leas tbaa thr>? month* at the rate of 1) rent a a week. Single eoplea, ?** tn?; In wrappers, two cskt?. IZ7~ AsTiaTiaaxrxTa ?Jiou'.d be aant to the pace or: ore 12 o'clock M ; otherwise th?y may Bot appear until tie nex* day. DEFERRED LOCAL ARTICLES. ? fPLici M*m*? ?F'rit Prtrxnct ? Mlctacl F t :?"ra'.d, drunk and tl^ht'ng; d!*mlM*d. Ju. HullUan. dp ; do. W'm Thomas, drunk; turned OTTrv (A tKa ,??rPre- 'net ? Jam-s F!tz?er?14, drunk and . ^?Ptn2 In tb* dtwt; V*ken to earnn. George \\ V.Y:?on, rlotiie; do. Harmon Gl?ler, rioting w'th n??roes; tak^n to Columbia HoaptUl. Jon. t- - niton, r'otinj in A drnnk; taken to hla regiment Thomas Moor#, a**nult and h?ttery on bia do. J~hn Brown, do ; dum1a?ed L?y1 r<?t>"i fl^htiie; t-iken to hla raiment William M r-'ii.dojio. John * Martin, do ; dlamla*edH Caaald*, a<aiult a d bitterv; dia r '?aed Jer>me Amei,drunk la thea'reet; turnel r n? < i:r nuii^rr. ijruwa Jobnion. having I .-d St**** muike ; dHir.ts<ed, and musket reMr.ied ta b m J "larha, drunk; turned over to th^ re 111 tar: J >hn Loomis. threat*; do Robert Cock, drank; do. Won Burton. fl?htin*; di-m'^fd M^ry Lynch, disorderly; di?fnU-#4. Jotn. J*TMTi!-.h and Pit <?erry, drank; dt*a?i*?ed. QfCfwc H Cinldsv. Bellini !???? ? ?nM t?? ruled for trial. Jo??pb Garlack, lnM>lt?n? female; rilim'.?'?ed John M-MnMen. do and drunk; do S nm ' D->r--v, Mrt3f ;:q lor to aoldie.a; do. J^Un n-int*:.'s not giving ??curlty according to live, di--nv-?:? d Samuel Doraev, carrying eoncea'e I ipo.u, fined S-(>91, and a^carltv for alx mon?b*. T rJ Prtcinet ?Marv Martin, aa?anlt; jaU for court Msrv Butler, disorderly; *31?7. Alb?rt Mir'.in, throwing ?toir?; iltl. J^ho Dor*ey, d>< : S*i I I dWd M^un'z, dlaorderlv conduc ; Cb^ri'-a WIS; am?, drunk; dlMal*4?d . Wro. Knore, disorderly conduct; *1 tf Win. V irt?r>. drunk tor ed ov^r to m'littry. Greeob;ry Birn-. drunk; SJ 11. Jdm? Horney, disorderly eondurt: #IH in T '-w'? M y . . u imrr, Ann Li?'u-?r, <1o.; . Jam s I. Warnick. d . *1 <fc" R >fwtt Vennaaooo, do.; #1 31 Thoa r? - . . do.: 0-i- John Cuban, raclnjj bis borw; - .4 Denn'.?O Brian, filing Uqnor on Sundav: v 14 Win. Torney, faat riding; *1 it l.lovd I .nUani, anau; security for pea'.f. John Bohrrr aav It; dWrriwd Wm Baylea, a?aal?; B'l 00 J?m?? Sln mi ' *? Frurt* fr'cmcfNancv MrOttUe dlsotd'Tlv; fl->rd"*J Samuel Herb-rt, drunk; Ilaed ?l 75. J -hi OpT.n. d' nk sad disorderly; workhcuae. F *er G Caruso, do ;do. Fanny Thompson, do ; do Jams Ma-lev drunk; do. Hugh Buck, do ; di John Mack, drunk and disorder!?: flaed S?. J'in Jtrr. f-t, d'- -rdfrlv: (Inert >1 *1 Oiv'd Adanrn. dn.; !1 i?i Pa'rick Rearans. draak; H .i.ierom Serd^nand, riding ou parii?t. Sa^dSl-Sr Tim M D3aongh,ilruDk an.i d'-od^ri', fl :ed $1.75. Hunter Sell en. larcenv, dlim'svrd Corn?'iu? Drum, drunkenne6*. fl^ed *1.73. Tbos R 'ley, do ; dismissed. Kigk'k Pr:ct*rt.?J?ha CoMeha uunlr m-,A Mtterv; aeca-tty for peace Geo.Thom a,vagrant; dt misted D W Lark in. do ; do P.W Pu^un, l.ndecent exposur-. sin d SI Martha 81 *rp, d'.s.irdefly; further hearing Thoir.aa Kentiey dr ink r>n-l diaorder^y; workhouae. Coa*. Miller. ft ed ff!0 ?l vvm. Biiton, fugitive f oaa tee --.i n. workhouse. Mlcheel Mr M ".ban, d* ;r:k; d.?n ??^d John B R'>aa. picking pock el?, d'.smJohn Wilder, do . ball lor further hearing. Mary Ku tieu, do; d'amiased. nui bro^ran. drank and disorderly; fined ?; J- J-stfi W. II McMahan. do : lined 55 5J ha Holly. Josh ia Downey, an<l J.-ibn H. Hillary. having stolen property; dismissed. Si*tk PrtctiMt.?Daniel Reese, Edward B Ct-tuents. H P. Jones and John Harrin-jton, druak, dl-misaed. John Jordan, drank; taken to Navy Y*rd. 7V?f* frtc nn ?John Mace, drank and dH?ord r:y. Jvd ?1 !>l Hrnry Cronan. disorderly; Died 51 H*nry Wilson and Walter Randall, d;?f>rd rly; dwrciisaed Thompson Ragan, profi . SI. J<mM n?nuh#ftr iimitotn*.' ?:?nlaird Hrnry WbltebU'St, drunk and pro fi~ , a-nt to qu uUr* JoaapUine Mile*, tnttctng S i l r! t; Join Ba'lv, diaorderly; 1 il .r/ M NiUjr, dm ikj flaed K "! Win O. "itrartin, drunk; ??at to quartera. Ellen N r.i battery; Jail for court Julia M U vi?>d. Indrcent language; dlamlwd Jobr\ i drunk and dlaorderly; do. Tboro.s H miao 1. do ; da Rai?el H?naon, aasamt and bi' -fv -iri.v-rfd tu Provost liuard John Nela<n, dr ink and d ?orderly: workhoua?. Jaa&es aui.uiuui, u.?;u rauicK ?raay, ai*ord r.v rnnduc!; $ 91 W U S. Colhig, do ; Hard <3 ; ! .Mary Jarboe, *eillne liquor without l; ??:.? , - .ed r. I 05. l'tomu J. Washington, r-fus'ag to usUt en < ball for court. John M .ri'.i as?aod fca.terv; jallfor court, s*ajn'l ? - y. Uo , d.saa wrd Alien F. Hall, carrying c*>u< eaitd w?.p'c?; d'.sm ssr-d Sam'l Poaey, f j ry, t-vl for ciurt Uachel Green, stealing a cu.ehea; dlsm *s?d EU Ferguaoa, f*Iae preteaees raied fvt funter hearing. Ja:r.*> Devlin, dr i ik and disorderly; sent to quarters. John M C.irrin. riding on pavement; dismissed. Tim Nowlsn, disorderly; Uj. Jacob Miller, riotous; beld for further hearing. Fred Koletter, do; Ay. C. Grant, carrying concealed weapon*; fined Firilicr by the Etaa. The London Timet ?<io ts a* it* own the recent remark! of Air. Gladstone, on the American ^oration, In his speech at Manchester It admits tost the circumstances attM-dlnsj the secession cf the Southern Stiles were a bujftcient excuse for the rasbuess of ru hi.2g Into the war withoutconaiderln^ the cocst^, ^en^* It was alwayn ready to tuake allowance, f >r .Northerners if they wou d orljr have ma ie some a1 l^ance for Eugland's nAiirioa u a n#_ntr?I rv?tv?r If rltlma iK?f ltn?_ [and baa obterTf-d a nuo*t dialntereated and aelfd^ay'.ng coarae, and concludea by acaerting that tt?<? real quratloi rea's enilreiv ia whether the h-art of the ?oath ia aet tn aeparstion. The .New York o-rrrspond^Dt of the London Times treat* the battle uf Plttaiurg aa a drawn battle. . The great exhibition waa to been formally opened tn ttie day the "t^ wner left l{ueen<town. The clr umiUcc?a l?ok<d auaplcloua. but the Foreign d?-parttne-iU were only f&itlaily reprea.uted. The pa.'m in aculptu-e la accorded by thp Tim#i tn th? 4m<^1 ?n The ranters f a French and English lntervenUoa in the tfftln of America cntlnur, hut are not of a very autaentic character. Oae report says the two Governments have agreed, and the mission of the French mmulcr to Richmond was connected with the aflhlr. Th-j Times learns, by private letters, that Gen. McClellan's object Is to land a regular selge train under the most difficult circumstances His troops are greatly Irritated by the coaluct of the Government towards their favorite general. He bad been deprived of 1<) COO men when bis plans were r.ll completed, and ue bad takes the field to eiecute them. Suspicious are eutertaloed that ven mcuoweu cas uoi oeen acting with perfect loyalty towards bit old comrade, and recent commander. lie, u well aa Gm. Biski, Is now free to report directly to the War Department, and to receive order < from Mr. Stanton exclusively. Serious consequence** may arise from Mr. Stanton's recent degradation of Gen McCielian to the pest of co-rtnander of a corps d'arruee. H7"6m Halleck's army la reported to conslat of 1?,COO effective men. Tbeee figures probably Include tbe whole of the Union force* in Tennessee, and also (ita. Pope's division, wblcb has lately ^proceeded to Pittsburg. Deserters from v??iHia tcpivcuk vcH' UO??IM?I?1 KtctgU tl from *0,000 to 100 000 men. Gen Loveil, with hie New Orleaca will add 15,000 ?o that number, Tneae latter will now have men to contend with, and not the helpleea women and Children wbcm tfcey fired at In New Or lean*. Laaoi Haul or Haalisoa?The largtet haul cf herring* ever made at the 'Cove" at one 1U(A#n urhfi Uktn VMtrrHfiv hw Ih* *eln?." It cooilitfd of About '20.000 btrrlagi and 11 Ine snad A Urge portion of the herring were of the species call*-d "blue backs," which )r die a tea tbat the run of berrlnga la nearly over. The numoer of barrlnga taken at the Cove tbta ess son la much larger than usual, and already amooata to nearly 100,000.? A'sw Btdftd Stand?? /, liV U7 The Cblckabouiiuy river, acrasa which tbe rebel army baa Jviat bean oo. ?rd to retreat, rtre* In Hanover county, Va , and falla Into lasts river abont eight miles above Jaaieatowa, which la aitnated any mllea K 9. E from Richmond. It ruMnenrly aoutn, dividing Henrico and C bur lea City coantlea on tbe rlgbt f.-om Hanover, New K'tit a >d City connttea on tbe left. Tbe stream furn abea extesalve water power. \\ j~ ibc ic > nmhim ivi uw crapa one week ifo have, In a jrrmi mraiurr, been dlnlpt. ted by tie mote encouraging report* which have come frcm a wide eiU-iit of country, embracing ckMIoo of Mi? higut, Indian*, Iowa, Wlacooaia and Ohio. II/" rhere ere la circulation ten-dollar fcliia ci If H?j|fWawt Mink, altertd frost aura The ti i'jr n^UT> is ?n y ri'isiPi j v*r inru, ad ? <m?, ?.y ? cMui giaupe. ruMKl the )||I' n J <1 (unit. ILJ~ ri?? (.o'jtavilic Deiuorrat think* to water IUa boite in Teaucwe* rtnr mutt be a ruj dry joke to Um borar. LATE FROM THE SOUTH. lM?h l laims a Victory the Peninssla? Afterward* Oct* C?b(IIcUb| Repsits and Prefers te Walt far tbe Official Kepsrts. [From tbe Richmond Dispatch of Thursday.] THS s4ttl* !4E Alt w i lli 4M?BV ho I AM AAA4S( A enatiiK MM. ? -* ? ? ??* "K recalved at the War Dep*rtm?nt giving intelligence of a severe engagement near Wllll*msba''g on Monday, In which tbe enemy Were repn'sod with aheavyloaaln killed and woandeH. They a!aj lost twelve pifc?s of artillery an 1 9U0 prlsiners Tbe fight iaatrd from 7 o'clock to ll o'clock a. m The troop* engaged on oar side ror a'sted of a portion of the dtvlalon of Gen Longstreet An official letter from Gen Johnson state* that 4,a h*nd;ome fiffair" took p'aceat Wllllamabnrs on Monday. The enemy attacked our rear guard In great force, ar d were driven back to tbe wooda about a m'le. Our lata-t Infrmntion Is oomple*e upon the main points of tbe result of tbe engagement Our lo*a In killed and woandtd wan two hundred and twewiy. The Federal prisoners captured by ror forres numbered six hundred and twentythree, and the field pieces eleven. The extent of ? ?- - - ..... Lurir r?u jiucs is ntH correcuv mown. DUX 11 II believed that their loss nmounli to upward* of a thou<Mnd ia k*ll<?d and Wounded They numbered ?'x thousand strong, and Were deployed In a skirt of wo.->d, opposite our position. from which they were driven, u' jjcVd to a disastrous lire from the rl*ht, left aud front Tbe prisoners tiken were yesterday on tbe way to this city, and were expected to reach here last night Th*y were but a few m.l-s from the ct v late In the aft moon. They were niarched by land- under guard. Among others killed or wounded we bare the n?m>i of the following officer*: Killed?Col Ward of the Itb Florida regiment; Major Wllilam H. Palmer, of the t*t Virginia regiment (and son of Mr. William Palmer, of this clty,) and Capt. Jack Humphrey*, of the 17.h Virginia regiment. Wounded?Col Corse, of the 17th Virginia regimeat: and Col. (larhnH r?f Lvr^luipa Another beavy battle took place ye*b-rday near Bsrtismsvllle, in tbe county of New Kent, but with what result was not known, as tbe courier who brought the Intelligence to tta city left at twelve o'clock. The enemy landed their forces from gunboats, ftwenty-four In number,) a' or near West Point Tb<} number enaraj-ed one elthsr side is not known, but (bat rf the enemv U supposed to be very Ur<>e. A genera', engagement cf f'ie nmlea is expected The less on b.'th side* In 'be light of yesterday w<*s vcfy heavy; onra l.til?v<?d to be noties* than I W*) up to U'o'clock Tbe enemy had up fo that hour heen driven back three times to within range of their gunboats. 1 AT EF At a late hour laM night we learned aome farther particulars of the fl^ht on Monday. (ien F.drly Is mortally woundrd, 0 >n. Ander*nn, of N. C , we bfl!?ve, killed. Col. Mott, of Mi** , killed; Gen. Raines, sl'^hily woucded; OaftKbola.of Lv-'Ckbur^, sigttlv wounded; Ca; t Irv/in, of^eiies' N. C regiment, wouud-d The l?t Virginia re?tmeat was badly cut up Out of 21/0 tnen In the fltfht, some SO or 90 are reported killed or wound?d. Col Kemper's reglmtut suffered terribly, though we have no account of the extent of tue casualties. Wo !?*rn U. .J? 1 w. #? * V u^iigiai 1U 3K I >IUCI UOO IICCII 1 l/I several day* tjuile sick at VVestovtr, on Jamea river. The enemv bad not occupied Jamestown at 6 o'clock on Tuesday evening, but were in large force at OroVe wharf and King's mill. Thev are ! alaa understood to be landing forces at West Point. Tbe Virginia (No. 8) was passed on James rtver yesteiday, and will be at Richmond to| day IVe have conflicting reports of the flztat at Bar ham*vil!e v'aterday," and prefer to w*ttlng for an f fficlal statement before giving publicity to rumors. ^ LATHR TRO* SKW 0*LKA93. Arsivix, May 7?The Mobile Tribune oft 4th bill d'.tpatchr? from Jackson, M i??, dated tbe *id Instant The Dilta of Thursday laitt snys that bualueen In New Orleans 1* i;eiiQf*Up sunwrided. itk ' of the bank* are rioted, anil itw> city everywhere present* a s*d appearances The f'i?: Office remilnsopen guarded by ma-inet. Th* t-irgraph ithzt* ere closed and the ratiroid travel stopped. The mat lay it the fort was caused by the false news that the City had surrendered The Delta says that three hundred and eighty men mutinied tnd ma ched off to the enemy from the fort. One company stood Arm The Mobile Tribune has an cfflcial d.apateh from Camp Moore, dated tbe 'id Instant, which savs: A aesert-r from the Yankee fleet, who has reached here, says that Commodore Porter has j left the river for the purpose of attacking Mobile. I *? _ % ? itu s_ .*^4 I* v. e uuu in mc uiieiucai. In aower to tbe foreign conaula, Farragut sold be would allow permission to reach tbe city on fiit boaU and akifTi, but no st?aaiboau would be allowed. Farrajjut notl9*d tbe mayor that he would bold no further communication with tbe city authorltlea, as be had been roiarepreaented He stated tfat Gen Hunter waa expected soon, and be would tarn tbe city over to him. KXPKCTATIOS OF THSS3EMTThe e^ay surrender of New urleana t>a? 1: aplred ; tbe Now \ f?:k jmrnals wltb the pleasing couvlc- j tlon tnat the capture of Richmond la a matter to j be acccmDliahed w th eoua. ease Thev will be undeceived whenever they make the attempt. No Southern position capable defeaae tat yet fallen Into their hands except through rank treason. There ia no more chance for triason now that our eveaare open. If they get Richmond It will be through seaa of blood The apirit of the South baa been only routed by Its adversities, and it Is a long lane that h&a no taming. We rather think this long turn In the Yankee lane of fortone will take place not far from thia city.? Richmond Li spate*. IZF A recent number of the New Orleans Picayune baa a strong editorial beaded, " Tbe hearts <f our foea," in wbicb the emancipation policy now belog discussed in Congress Is severely bandied, and especially the speech of Thaddeui Stevens, of Pennsylvania, which the Hcayune says shows the true animus that prevails at the North, and the determination to uproot the institution of slavery by any means or measures that can be laid hold of. HieH Prick Paid for a Horse ?The fine horse General MeClHlan, formerly known as tbe Pease colt, was recently purchased by a citizen of Augusta, Me , for the sum of f 1.500 The animal is a Drew colt, seven years old, stands 15J* hands high, and when in good flesh will weigh 1,000 pounds. Growth or Ca'caeo. ? Reliable entiniates, nude within a few dayi punt, make II certain that already this optfng full 1,700 new realdcnces and stores are under contract, to be finished during the coming lummer; and It la believed that before next winter cloaea in, full a thousand more will be added to thla number?-Chicago Tribune. Tamil HtriiDim Littli Gbavis.?'The cemeteries la the vicinity of Frederlckaburg are filled with the gravea of children, victims of scarlet fever last winter. In a population of four thou* aand, three hundred children died with thla disease during the winter months. ir^ riAwa? adiW U m IMI AH y f vvtHiuvwviv wvm mm iv*(KiWU? mail) ! well known. Some one Myi that tbe rebels, who are feeling bis bombs, must tblnk he belongs to the hud-shell Baptists. U7" Marshal Pellssler Is about to take a trip across to Stuegal. and for his expedition artesian wells are to be bored la tbe Desert of Sahara, which be traverses./ fc^UPgRIOR CAUttlAGES FOR *,7 CHILDREN. Jut revived ft lot of the ibon artioiM, ofSiprior et;i? and Causa, and Una tod Cabs, at all rtoflSe A Lao, ths Tory bMt RKFRI0ERATOR la in, aad Watar Oaoiara?Kaamaiod lroa UqId*?*Kon? Jan, *o. ?4???-, 'u'i;w^R. 5 lw Bertmth at., aaar Pa. ???, MILLKB'9 UNION PTA8LK Himkt Km ?? C ..V C wk .< X TOP t*k?a M licory Iw On d&j, week or w>?ifc. oa rwwau t term?. n*w lot *?' ?,BBS ?-init ^jAssBsShj? h?C?. ^ ??l?- AL.Yp.RT ??LL, lint \| R8. RUSSELL'S by Mr.. Kuiul!. 49> 7 n ll:Mt kf VMI i? <** an op^ofmity to ?u iti n<U?'Hfl I to pi t b utb. a*rr$'l up ia tfe? * t r wiji^h ihis establishment '* tmoai Visitors a*? oosot oj on g?*d fei , o"urt*oqs at TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. THE WAR IN THE MISSIS:*! PVI. The Naval Engagement near Fart W right. Cairo. Mav 11 ?Our aame out of theme tlon yesterday unhurt. Every boat i? now n ported ready for duty. Cept Htembel. of the Cincinnati, wa? vtanunded by a mntket bill In the shoulder Tvi*> other light casualties occurred on onr aide. The enemr'? ios* la very Inree?probably thrfe *>r four hmdred killed and wounded, the molarity klll-d I'he Union fleet was commanded bj Capt. Davit, the new fleet captain, Com. Foot* having gone home an a lick leave. The Union boati engaged were the Benton. Cincinnati, Ca.*ondelet, Cairo, St Loutf and the wooden boat Cociestoga. The rtbel boat Louisiana attempted to run the Cincinnati d?wn, but wn* rer uised. The rebel battery Mallory attempted the same game, and wa? herielf annk by t?e St. Louis TLe reb*l fleet was commanded by Hollins. The Damage ^attained by the Federal Fleet Tie following baa bren received a^ the Navy Department relatlre to dtimngrs susUined by the Mississippi fleet In the rereut brilliant fight near Fort Wright: Ca i*o, Mav'12 ?New* from the fle^t is jtisf received. The Mound City, which w.i* injured on ber starboard bow by a ram, la on .'ifr way to Cairo for repairs The Cincinnati w?.? Injured aft of her itarboard beano, and sunk in 12 feet water, but will be raised and sent here for repairs, wtftch wlil be done with all po^lble dispatch. Cjsi. tftemble is here at the navhl depot with me doing wwU. fourth Master Rpvnnlri nf tl.? rini.ii.mtl u ? morU'ly wounded There were no otbe* ca?ut Itie*. Stemble fought his ship splendidly. A W. P*!**OCK, Commanding nod Fleet Captain FRO>l FORTRESS MONROE. Flag of Trnce with Heleas'd Union Prls*o> erg?Tho Monitor and ftaugatack wer^" Passed on their Way t? Richmond. Fortkkm Mormon, May 13 ?The tta^ of trnce IPhlrh UTu n * nn I a nruu riuna " " ? " -.v? 1.^ *U?? -> ????.? fvoiciuajf uiviuuig returned at half put'' o'clock ThU morning 305 prisoners of war were #ent up to be released on f'role, hut 85 ot them refuted to give their parole, and will be sent to XV ashlngton. The flair of truce b-ought back ?m5 I'ltoa prisoner*, including: a number taken at Williamsburg Generally tb?v were tbos" tak^n e? Bell Hun, who Lav been waiting release In K irbmnnd f.>r ?ome month*, and those captured on board the Conj;r?*s at tL- time of b^r au^ender. Th?y are all ?t!ll bere and will be writ North Immediately. The minter rolls bev^ already > e?n wnt to Wa-hlngton. There are no officers among tbm Obwtrnrtions are b^'njj pi8?ed In Jnme? river, twelve mile* below Richmond. Tb? Monitor and N>?ghtuck were t?fn?5mllet below Richmond. Federal l'rl??nert ('aming Home?Krb?l I'rt oners D*cI1ii1di i? be Sent Back, and Vol. nntartly take the Oath of Allegiance. FoRTatus Monkoe, Way 13 a ni ?Kight hundred end eigbtv-flvc prU- i;er?, released from Richmond on parole, arrived l cre yesterday, and leave to-day on the steamer Wm. Kent, for Baltimore. Ninety Confederate pri?>ner?, who were to bo returned 10 Kic Limed, positively refused although earn???tlv 'Jrged and threatened by tbelr ctficers, and took the oith of allegiance. ????????????? * FROM .NEW ORIGANS AND THE ? ?t t;?. Gen. Bntler'i Doings at New Orleans?The Maytr and Aldrrmni Arre*t?d?M?r? Troap* Landed?The r.iver Fall of War Vessels ac-d transports. Cincinnati. May 13 ?The Memphis Avalanche of the 9th end ?th eontalrs Interrsttnjf intelligence t at New Orle^n^ and from other pointf. The Usne of the 6th s?ys teiezrapMc news from Richmond i? rainfully significant lien. WcOlcl Ian .?e*irn to be preparing the sam?f?t?* for Klr.broond that Butler and Porter prepared for New Or lean* Speaking of New Ori?ar:s affairs, the same pap?r tap that Mavor Monro* ?nd a!l the Aldermen of New Orleans had beo- arrested on refusing to take th* oath, and tent to prison. Great distress preralla ainouz the people Food it extremely ec-iree, and fiour 1* net to be had at anv price. More Federal force* are to be landed, aod the rlvar I m fill 1 r\f I ~??? A? ? mnA *?>V. ." ?U>> a tuciai guiiuurw, invimiw, "II"* transports The Avalanche says that 33 per cent of 0en. Pcik's army were killed or wounded at S'ntloti The sam* paper of the 7th bat advices from N. Orleans tti gatnrday morni ne previous, 3d Inst. Gen Butler had taken the St. Charles Hotel for hla beadquarWs. The Federal pickets bavn been extended a* far as the crossing of the J?ff*r?on and Jackson railroad* Four gunboat# and one transport started for Bston Kouge on Saturday | morning. Seven Federal regimental had been landed at New Orleans All the ivewspaprrs were still published, but a Federal censor wis placed < ver eve'V offl-e, to examine all matter end exclude whatever inay prove lulmiciil to the Fi derai t anse The proclamation wa* sent to all the ctflcet, and hiving refund to publish It, the guild took possession of the True Delt 1 office. and sent for northern printers,who worked It off In the edition. The lieneial's proclematlon declares martial law, and pr^s rlbe# rulea ai:d regulations for the government of the city The rebels are required tn lay down their arms and t ike the oath or allegiance. The European Legion arc to aid In preserving the pcace of the city. Attack in >1?bll(-l?iu Porter's Mortar Fleet off Fort Morgan. The Petersburg Express hn the following di? pui?; ur o . Mobile. May 8?The advance of Commodore Porter's fleet, constating of seven vessels, are off Fort Morgan Ten mora are off Horn Island, moving eastward. Thev are llrlng occasionally, apparently fueling for masked bitterics. The forces at the fvrt are confident In their ability to hold the enemy in check Mavannah, Mav ^ ?The Republican says that the Yankees were reconnoltering the river and coast batteries all the morning with tbelr gunboats. A balloon cam4 up nearly to the mouth of Augusta creek, and then descended. Farther from Europe. Fabtbir Poiht, May 13.?The steamer Jura, via Derry, has arrived with date* to tne 31 last The Paris correspondent of the Independence Beige asserts that the projected intervention of France and England ln'Amerlca it confirmed la the most abaolut* manner, and that the South will be required to guarantee the emancipation of her (lave*. The same authority say? the treaty between France and Spain provides for th? early abolition of ilavery In Cuba The opening of the great exhibition haa been a perfect aucceaa. The sale of cotton at Liverpool for the week mounted to 40,out) bale*. I he market closed dull at prices \ lower, owiug to the revival of Intervention rumors. Breadstuff* closed dull and prices barely mainttlned Provision* heavy. Consols 93\tt3\. American securities dull and unchanged Reopening of the Mmiisi Railroad. SrRA'BJRO, May 13?The car* cn the Manas* sas road reached toe bridge at the nort. fork of theShenandoan this inocnlnit for tie first time A Urge number of hands are engaged In rebuilding the bridge over that ttream, wbicn when contoLeted. will rnak* rail ?m. ? ???? wHMwvv va iv tun potat. There la a rumor In circulation throogb th? armv that Aabby waa captured by U?n. Ha'cb'a cavalry f'W day, but It la discredited la official quarter*. Freoa the Miutala Department. Pahubcbo. Va., May 10 ?Two guerillas were tauui/ in ObMlfr nil ttlf Oth In ?!? ?' tloui to prevent It l'be ^reateat activity prevail* all over the State among the guerilla*, and the lack of troop* 1*

paiqfuily apparent. Skill muat replace force. Scfcenck and Mllroy are atlll safe. Sharp work 1* at hand In the Valley. C*auils*ary ItMe* and Mail* far Raw Or* t(M>> Naw Teas, May 13.?Tbe government Beads the Ocean Qii? q to New Orleans with cooumlssa* ry tore* f?w dtitrl button The ilMotCT Connect! cnt, for New Orleans, takes oat 10,(JU> letters. R- I KOBIVINO Daily. 10 t? 90 barrels fre?h reI *aoke<l KeaH, and will be sold cheap far oash bf ' m Mm' No. I Commeroe litaaiulmots^Md, 1 CONGRESSIONAL. IUTIItk COHGRKSH?MMl ImiUi. Sawat* ?After our report closed yesterday? The bill making appropriation* f >r the Indiana waa xmmded. hut before a vote wax taken the Senate adjonm*d. Hocbk.? After our report rloaed? The bill granting ptnaiona to officer* and men of the Army and Navy waa, after illar uasinn *n?i amendment, passed. The recsion for a total disability tor officer*. 4c. in the military service Ua* follows par month: Lieutenant Color-el. and all officers of a higher rank, ?30: Mf>jor, $25; Captain. First Lleuteeant, S17; Second Lieutenant, &15; anl nonc^tnm itioned officers, musicl ins and privates, The pension for Ural disability f.?r officers, ?Vc. in the naval net vice is, per month, as follows:? Captain, Commander. Lieutenaut Commanding and Mister Commanding, 930; Lieutenant. Cfci?-f F.nglnear, Surgeon and Panned Assistant Surgeon, i>; Professor of Mathematics, Assistant Surgeon, Chaplain, Paymaster and Master, ?20; Firat Ass1nta .t Engineers. Pilot* and Assistant Paymaster*, SIS; Teacher. Schoolmaster. Pass d Midshipman, Midshipman, Captain*' and Paymasters' Cle'k. Second and Third Assistant Engineer, Hf..? ' " wwin- juste ana m warrant officers. *10; all other petty officers, ?8; and all com anHsloned officer*, of either service. shall receive *nch and only such pensions as la herein providf/d for the rank in which they bold commissions. Mr. Train called up the bill to transfer the penitentiary buildings of the DiH' let to the War Department to be added to the aiyeu&l. Mr Dawes regarded the bill %* somewhat of a general jail dellveryt The ctonvicta w*re sentenced to the penitentiary of fc*-/ ?? lh? District of Columbia, and If the prise fier* a>e taken without tbe Diitrlr.t ?wh of then, . - ???1 " ' --n Bf/jFcciru 10 Dim, would be entitled to a leg^al discharge, on the ground that be ihould be imprisoned for a apecl* lied time In the District perfilte*tlary. Mr. Phelps referred to the ccle of the District, a/?<i regarded the bill as a jill delivery He tbought if the prisoners were removed elsewhere that they could be discharged, on a writ of An! -<ti rrrpx'l Mr. Train offered the following : Prveldtd, That the same can be dene without aff^etinir the leaaiitv of the ?? ? w , ?? ii? VI ?11 tenee. Mr. Sheffield moved to recommit the bill, carried. The bill to facilitate the tran^>artatlon nf troops end mull* between Washington and New York vras taken mp, and after some little dlscuaslcn j was laid on the table?yeas 76, nays 43. Mr. Steven*, from the com nlttee oI conference ott the Washington and Georgetown Railroad, srbnnitted a report in wtiich la named seven corporators, all residents of the el'.y, v.-ho will open the books within live days after the passage of the bill. The road Is to be completed f.oin Georgetown to t tie Capitol within sixty working days, and the entire line in six mootus. The r^te of fftft? U at fltfft ^nti fritm *- * (-vim w |i?iui nnu over th* entire line Mr Roscoe Conkl'.ng hop^d Its consideration would be deferred. Mr. Stevens called the previous question, and The report wan adopted. Mr. TraJn, from the District of Columbia Committee, reported adversely on the bill providing for the opening of Sixth street, hid on the table. Adjourned. JOIWSIM & RAGLE, a ? 9 PENNSYLVANIA A V E1U Li (south side,) Ditvttt* Stntk and Tenth Streets, recommend for the coming warm season their unsurpassed stock of Claret*, 81111 and Sparkling Hocks and Moselle Wine*, from the well-known houses: Messrs Brandkshourg Ikeskj, Bordeaux. Messrs. Mo?*i A Rtppell, Frankfort-on-the- Main HockHiim Joint Stock Company, Hockbdm-on-The-Rhlne, ?also? batupagne?, Ol' ALL TflK WELL KNOWN BRANDS. We guarantee to natl?fy everybody at the low! est market prloe?i, and solicit an early call. JOHNSON A NA9LK JOHNSON A NAGLE, have on hand, and offer forul?, In ratk or by the single dozen: HIBBKRT & CO.'8 BROWN STOUT, BARKL.AY, PERKINS 4 CO.'8 BRO STOUT, Do. do. XX PORTER, KNOX A SON'S ALLOA ALE, YOUNGER8 INDIA PALE ALE. TENNENT'8 SCOICH ALE, XX JOHNSON A NAGLE Invite the attention of Reataur&nt* and t ain 11 tea to meu wen-wieciea Stock of Groceries OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, ?alto? WINES, BRANDIES, GINS, WHISKIES. PORTS, MADEIRAS, SHERRIES, BITTERS, Ac., 4c., directly out of bond?by the gallon or dozen TOBACCO tad tiEGARS, of til kinds PARAFNNE and ADAMANTINE CANDLES. JOHNSON * RAGLE, By l0-3m 899 PlKRflLVAKU Avikdi. T NOTICE. BIB ia to notify person* lsdebted to HMrvoy Jc Co.. Un<1ert**?r?, tMt George 8UU>le' ia no >ooger Mthonsed to oollect or reoclat for the a&id Ira. m t-lw* ' UnderUkeftf/lQSovacthrt. T?? - nr. uprpotmicn r? wjimi >? now itxjawsi at tha loot Eleventh atraet, (Rim* WMrf.lvbara tne pnblia au ha aBppiied with Fiati ud t*a)tdur>n? the iMLfon. *? I* 4w "S? ' C. MosulKK * CO , Am. SN??TICK. K*LKn PR0*>0:*A 1.3 are tiM'jd ?Ltil thf 27ih ?i*y r I M??, 1SS2, f.t 12 o'-!'>olr. m , for rapplrir.^ >h? Unite-l KnheiKtenee Dejartc.eut | *1?h<>{0i hrad rt B?f <'altk on ?h* Hn"f. The ?:attle to bfl flelirerfd at Waehistton o;tTf an<1 ?aih animal to 1 ?? eoua ? irr?M Tretrht. to an mV admit'ed wh'eli weiehi lew t an l,ono?3or.d? tr.^nr. Hoifrro ?nd Hi) I* not vented. The Cattle to l?e?leliverfd at me'i*ii.l .n ?e<Mi < i! in tit en *6 th? fi ov.-ri,?r>e.,: maj re^ui'e T e firMt tie jrer? of Ca'tet? l>e invl* or. ;h* If'h of June. ;B 2, or as <>. t^c ratter as OoTern> .fit ir.*r A bond witt cood ard ?offioier.t security will be reenired. <? >v* i ment r'??rv ? itM'.i the r<*S?t to ft?y x Treasury n ^M.orolCPrWov^r^nient iund? .No bid ?? 1 b*ea^erU!L';i pat in l?yeratrarto*M who hare f*i>i ' > cor ji? wuh their ooctrac** or w:. r.-? the i* r.>>t prntent to r?*p n t to nil ' i \ a:.d a" b It; Le acoomramed by two irnara*i? ,e% The ast'i ?. tirr? a hi tiu ! I>? r?*t*d ;n full, with tfc? pt 'ih adilre-? ?>f all tlie iiiPiri-p-H i i i r.n fi-m. Bids to !-e direif?d *o V%j. - A. BECKWITH, C. ?,U. S. A., Washing on. i>, C. form nf (r??rniiH. We . of the county of , and Stare of -.and , of the oosnty ?{ an'; State of ,do nereh* |f?ar?nty thai tr ah:e to fulfil a contract in e'-co-.-.iree w th the term* of his prop it!on. and !u\t, a ,oa.'t n- pro P '?ition beacoapted, lie wiii at oiicc ei.!?;; to a contract in aooordance th?*re??i?li. SVrn'd the oontraot bs a^ra^ded .hitn wo are prepared to becom* hu eecuntiea. I i ia tuareniea mast '-e appended csoh ' id. i. 8 S NOTICE. ? BAL.KO PtnMM< . J -_ . ?i u .i.k- ui ?rT"nw:nt ft1" Bmmim TklioVt Hoo's u I Bonis ?f Ue--J (Vvtt e. k <vi I.* t.i? A'' '? <?1 1I'o'iw"'. u. l r 0'"i iil*dd *-! 'j~u. ViCL' t1 ai..^-* ir v::(~l ( (J O 2"th ?>%/ ot Ma/, 1 rVi .it li o'c ouk, its It u that t r.ft cur f^t -r annl! f??l ow the Aiirj, ar.d oo'ie?r. in* ?: :i??* * . i * U w. K Hnil nod psr \ crK r Mi'a for?'??ehr tio ci froi) e*oi a: nr.*!, to ?.? c <t at!.;? nwu rirk. He w:!! be oha-Reo-w;tt; t'it> *r'oe?J~e%cL ow, U'llesM he owi ci~ar'T f'.ow th&i!:? pr?ve>-t9d iron) o^ta'DiDC them h, proper fcuth:?r;t?. A V. I :?* rx uvnu wua jaoa vnKoiMit Oirity wil! be re^airnl, for tUcf?j fi itaoat of tUecoi.Vf.o-- ?r i bid will l? *nt.vt&'ncd fr in p.-^Y.oiis ioi t *v.:or w};^ 1-RTff l.i cc.m? t tbetr c- ".'"v. 'b, ft-d no idwili b* *r.t"r's.'n?l a^-Iee" tnc i *d?r U pr**ent to re?pond to h:e b d. The artioles olagr??ittvi:t. vi,v ^ H1;1', w require I fob* outers into Hi t?o ciy?%rt r the ope inc of th? I-'Ir. Til# t i<s : > v.* to M-.j K. BK?*KV. -TH, CoWIVfxf w :i>- WMh!F(<On I O. 17-. 4wd f;.<1one"ii -Pr. ^os?i.i." in 7 I>ROPOi?AI.H V?~?K S*M I A. A W M!* I OK lilt I N1TED A il?? HKRVifli:. PF'TI, i Wawiiwtoji. L?. U? Apt#1 J*, rsfT>cs?L8 ?i i bet(->\T?l !-r ?h * De?%r:ir-- i.t. nnu!' p. ra. oo tU:-o-c. ici ' tSo IV- >>t lor it..-.: ' 'IC'U tt-." t ni'v Vr fiC iovcrt in?rt ir>tnm on-- ??*r fr< ni that dfcta, tUe fo.iowi'.r iIa?? - - f. -W )" i -u ?'l If IH5t VI it t?pr r; f ;.! Rifla >t--*eU. n;od'! )8M, llarp.-j n Fs-tj f 'ie v;t?. ' -.-rd I Aycncts ted fw! - - i ;r j*. Brecon CarMr,e?, l?r cava. j. Mev-. ver pnt<i>, r.v * ?:* }, B-brw* f??f iiiht OtvaJrT. N?n.o-in?!"t?t;or.?4 Offiowtftfworde, I rt*? *<*a'MuBioiaus' Sword*. I t.vrd*, .-C3.t!b&-! . {< r rift -1 ircsket l,V< Fropc"'* Wiii sr&te? For miui -s una r *'S. th? pr-o* ''or jn onn nf either, ivaa t:-- rtuuctiori propjtfcd p?r tun for Wh add t'II! K }0,r?) {.I ? > 0 < . For rf:olrer \ ?:.d e*t *h? kind proposed,%nd too pnoi for 5 ( *. find 'e-c'ion, e r psttol or c*r bfcf. f>r faoh *d .tionV 5. >-3 to v>' (fv<. ror.ii'jr?jvorrfjtrd sea'1't f/?,t'6 prin?of each of th? preaorib-fl pi^'ras to th? i nn? er of 4 f>-'< ?v . and t cu f'-r o*eli iul.::t'o %' 5 c to ?>,<? ?. AH ?h? fir^&rtas t;e ?o fc-ri:rh''d w;tr. t!i* rr-oi/ir apP' n<?a? *. 'l'ne ?-,1? ir.u-k-t' are t" b* n " tumtt iCer-t.eV . tut nawfutanl at f s* I ' >J ? w e>. ArrnorT, irrir bJ . er?l arc to >nterohan:e with i'. nn<i wi?h tner, is ait.Vir parte. taca ol .io nlner ki^<38 cf fir? ?rnn inmt a!?o ir.tercfca.nto wat: oca Mother IE tfce fame r. Mixier. The materials lor three arm* mitet b* o* tiie *?-t beM quVitr. and r.o rr.niicn e ir .a parts wi'l le nlowediobsf wl, AH th" ?rtto:c-s mail *?i mh jen to t :e ln?pecMor p'?s<jril??J r>7 t'? O'l i.tcre reia &t;-ins. ae<1 n:a?* 1>6 hox-*. r? tdr f?r trans portaliua, at th* hp n" of tit* oontraoto ?. to a ck*- as inar ha dirao'ed. ln?p?ctoi:? will he TnaJe at the ficii>u*? in lotc o! not .ess tiitn Ijm rsctl. Propooa a will at&?.a the na na of tha artaV i*h ni ?ot ir.ak'tis tb*f'K'<ih?f "'i l - ... a u an " I a ?" I 1IP1 iirattis ivery, and rat??>f <i*:iv?rT inontiiij t!i r?afier. Fai:ure to '?ike ade iv-ry at a ?poci!iM tim?, oran? attempts ictr-does mali*& -if ir-'a or oih?r interior in%t*ri&' n to th? vork, wil;:uaI j?o? tiie lrtioie nnmt-erof artn? ooctraitca iur to t torfM'cre a' the ojxi^acf t .e D'p'.rtnient. T*-o I>fp*r;jweDt renrm to th*'i<ht to rej*at*> t MU.acd wii'oo?w'erno::?mad?tbr'~-i?*h ! a_r t.ruifc;, vr p'.ity outer than tr.e rrfcl&i jnan^fsctcrtm. Pro$o?*le wii? heaudrecaad a? follotrr:?' ???! er*l J. W. Ripi.*v.Ch:sf of On'?<(kU<se, Washint| ton. 1) C and wiil l>e eudr?T?el "P'-ofo*--. ? lor Murk~ta," or r<fiei. ? ? >? ? _ ? ?-? ? ?a iiiv vers iuj . l*. ap #i dt.MaylS I PUBLIC NOTICE IS HERK3Y 6IVBN, that ? until oth;rwi?? or^er*''. liin Oc | | ua<i?r the M-. cf Oop'.^.s of th* ISfn of Arrii.TS'rt, I ! BLiitioU, "An act l?>r tLe re:<?a-* nf certain p*r?or.? hfild to sarvioo or tihor *n tue t??!Uiot ufCol'jnrbia." Wilt boi<l tiicu c??s>ot.? in tb* Oity ilali, in th? C'ty of on Man jay, \Ve Jn0 ;dij. T: u:?u&?, ir-i PfUay, ?very \rosk". I and that all persona. ;oyal t< t. e Unitod States, ! holding elan** to or hhor agaiaat persona dire.iiarjM tkotefron by that act. nay, *rirb)n nin?>t- n?T(fromthn pa?ract? tl:<*r?>f.( h:<;h wi-.l I empire cu ti'.a 15th of Ju:y next,) bat rot tb?*afi?t\ l pinscnttotiieOt n.iiiisdiO'?r?.Uieii I idt!'." or petitions in writi??. verifiM by o?!fc of ai?m at: n ?eiiin* forth the Lar.i^?, a?6* and per vviuu inscription oi f'jon pt>r?n( 5. (he m&><n?r in ch tno pttifc^cert aoam-el eu-h . sr.y Ujoi* tonehirc the thereof, aa-4 ileo.^ring i u?; a! to t-.e O'.vernraaotol Stetiv, an-t that ft-.? zcr Li? u^t 'uo. e - iim ^fdicatt e Ur ited at\t*9 d - pre#?"ut if^ihva nor 10 acy v.y ssvea a:a or comfort therein. And r.ctiet 11 kvrtby ftttntr tivm, tbat 'he anraed id t\e <?th eeet*on of .iiatact. for filing a Blat^incBt m smting or Mihedble with tae t ifi a of V;c Oirouit Court for th? in-Uiatof Co.cnil la. 0? he r,-v?rai own>-r? or v.ts to i'.- ur. r.r.t Ui* p.'r?o?!? r^adc froa l>j r "U /*:, crt'.i * ' 'M s ram?-#. m*. ??h - -* ? - ?? ?" ? * --?< ? ? ? f'niwu a; uvcjiirii"' I?J fluon feraora g? .'? *!(*. :n br authority fires to *.k<? uo0iral?a:oa"ra. by ui*t * t, arter..; ?to mo lei vViJiv.8?" OomoiKiWMi tie rro-i'.'ii 'fom ?.i o??tjc ciatic of aaj wrwr, wt.<? 1 Dotloot to Sinaach et!it?tn?'jt or tcfie i a t tr itii aaia t^iork, acy r.i^oj to the r6^oirejnenU of that scotsar of #a:4 act a F. V1NTOV, DANIKL R?i>OOi,OK, HORATIO K.UNS, ,v. ... . . _ Coairoie?ior.8r?. __V\ MhiCfton, A?ri.s3,ia6i. TUUlll 1CK! 1CK! ICB! Hi;. Subaciber barms road" bis ooutraota with fAirUtni K m. I ha-*. <4?. j *_ .. rv..?ii/iv uuiiuoih uc^icii iBuuv prrpaimj to famish the citizens ot Washington and tieorcetown with li e r est?u\hty loa, (wholesale and re tail,) ami guva:.t!f.8 a full tupyly dunrc the season- r.avme always in s?ore twoMtbrestifon*aua tuns Persons 'es'dnic oat of tfceoty limits o?a jet their supplies from the o*o?, wmoh will be open Mi uaj. L.. J. iMIDIM.fc,T(>N, Office ooruer U.h and F sts. Depots, Easby's Wkari. foot ol K ?t. west Carter's Wharf foot of 13th et south a? 11 eolm* SH TKIWAY 4. SON'dCELEBRATKtt PjANO I FoRTfcS have hwa;i recent.-d fi'?t pre. mm whenever ana wh#'- ver tli-yEUMaB have oome in oompetition with a>iy otier'i'wii KlMUlaitdre. A<nonr?t the iac1?M wnm Cnlh. ohaik.Wtn. Ma?on, Wolimhaupt atd all the fimt piaai-tsot tine oouct'y. A iarce asinrimeot of th?>e lcetrvTr.ante wi.l always be foosJ at tae Warejoom* < ( W. G. MK1ZEROTT, Corner Pa. avenne and Kletr*nt:i et. One MTen octava Jo jr round ?oii^r Clne*tnct Piano, bavinr ? * ? uted bat a short time, m t>e*t o.d?r, for sa e for Sfm. la 8 pFOM LONDON.?Si' 'mart's Log; oof Bank taj, J.evt. on Taxat'or; 82 W A T eatueon t-aoU-Mv J'mM Ra<r: S75. Heart with the M?rtoi-t5r K. A Vaaihan. 2 to!*; 83 m ClYli KuinMiillf- Riuikii,*: < M Wb*'e(?r MUceilaceoas Lootuia*Kev.ewa; |II| ?r?u'a Gentoiocy of C-e?ticn; ft4 37. i'e fcD'! rorre*por.der>?fl of Admiral J>ir Chir:ea Napier. 2 to i; #j50. Th? Pro|re*a of Nation!; #5 TS. bmi ofc' Livea of bocineers. Z tola,. li.ustratwl; Llf^oJgir ,M 8. Brunei?By K tabard Be&mlah, ' llluatraied; ?t. Bale, oa tie Stn"y of Ciukraotar: m 10 F?iAit<7K TAYLOR. PARASOLS AND BUN UMBRELLAS.?New 3cp? lea on* iTictetly. ferry * brother, B 3 6t. Fa. . and IH ??th etwet. 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W ^ It Invarl&bly coataiastbe " Wa?bliift?D Newa" that Lm (bade Tk* Daiij Lrtnng Sur ctrcuJoVa o generally Ibm^bnt the country li/" Single cenle* (la vrr*pp?-r?) cab b? p*? <sared at the counter, imaudiatelv after tbr i??<? of the paper. Price?TH K KK CKNT*. Bdr.joh>*to^t t t. t i n o h k lof l ii oh r i t A i , Hi* lli!f9T'r'tl ! t '? , o?f rrrtd'n, S) <n/i r> v Ff trtunl K*mt4w ? ? t?* Wm!d. tor all 1)1bk*si.:* of 1m i'rl'dkncl / ET XO fi/.sk ri-l.tCACY P KgrFST ai'i'i.v imvi'.o!vn.i v .1 CUKK WAF.X'*frn OH VO CH * RQ F, /.v F/iOM O vT<tT 'O />4> ? vv(*tkllhi 1 ? l* ' >:t*. A if rttiaa* nf in" aid In?v ''ta'?rr liisr L?ig?.<. ln-.?cfcrc ,r.c < % I >J >. l>f? f. , ?, I. ...* ! i-! " i . AS, I'n.t rawoa ; . 1; fir;. ; * > p.?. I mi ? :?*. I f.i 1 i.'tf. i ; .I' *< *?.< "f 'i* Tl-?1, 1 i.r - i i.? <1 *..? .... :f. ' ; ? n-.-? r ft i 1 ?M t ! I"': Ts' \ it' ' {?r Uff ii . vc i' iu:"!' ? ? 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