Newspaper of Evening Star, 14 Mayıs 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 14 Mayıs 1862 Page 2
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9 FVFNTNG STAR. WASHINGTON CITT: TTEi'XSSOAY . . ..HAT II, 1M9I. ^a!f ? ? thft* Pr?a?. *"Tbe Intel 'fn ere, cn'lclng the successor, wlilrh 1 ave recently abed such itialreoc the Navy, they tbev are everywhere regarded "as a sufficient v.ndi^alion of th* Secretary who preaide* ever 1ha^ D partment from the charges vrbtch Imputed to him a want of efficiency and activity in hH administration I he lHtfU>gtnt?j urge a that Conjjreaa.nt an eaflr should iDlbofiu thoK distinction* of ofrank which are due equally to tke dignity of that service and to tba gallant ctilers wlio have 'nit |Uu?rrated Its anna!* bv acliie vemerts tbat ;? v v? the but traditions of our own or any otter iMvy " i k. nAli. * ho laffl nf " conservative'' members of Cou^ ta, ard argues that tfce whole nomcrnt wra? one " to ?ve nlgi;c. > lujrt than the Republic.'' ? ^ OUR MILITARY BUDGET. ? FROM THK VALLEY. We hav? Jnterotlng and satisfactory Information from lb? lower port'on of ihe Valley of Virginia Grns Milrov and fthcnck are still In frcut of Staunton. Gen. Blent ker bas jointd Fn mnnl' < .unround. r.rid is at the countv neet ft ilardy county, wilUu eaay supporting d'.atantc ?>f Mtiroy and Sctenek. We have every ica?on briieve th%t the rebel fort e In their front U n'i:th smaller and !fcss etTectivc than tbel." newniwfxra represent, being barely sufficient to keep up a show of annoyance of our advance, aa we progress. Jackson and Ewrll command thelr forces there, which cannot be over six ihciuaad iu ali, including three thousand militia. A CANARD. The dispatch w" published yeste'day, from Cairo, ea'ima<ipg th? force with which Lcvell irccarly j?li:ed Beauregard at Ccrlutu at 30,W*1, ' .unci De True i dii i?. or dm nu turn tun nr ! rc?* to carry to Cerlr.tfc. la rnnning aw&y Iron-. OrJ?an? be csrrlrd off bat - CW armed n:?;K; :n.?l nenriyall thit be can po.-*lfcly have gathered i-- prrnrwi ir>u*t nereuarlly r.e unarmed 'It tba-? * . r*a t.i one that h1* junction with neanr< *:ird ha* s ot t!!Vct!v?*ly lncr???ed the force oi the la'.ttr t> the es'eitof 10,(XX> well ariDed ae.i. NAVY YARD. The W^andrnk left yea'erday morning for tbe Hsppatar i.<? ir la the afternoon tbe Baltimore left fi>r N?rio!k,w!th Secretaries Seward,\Vel!eaj r.r<^ Pnnf*ln Thl.T?*n TKa Kalollitr vh*rh him cn on the ?avi for ?ome time, wa? got ott' this moraing. THP.STEVENS BATTERY. We learn tbat lh?? ientlfl; board charged with tl.) duty nf n&m!ning into and reporting upon tatii's and pr iptctlic advanta<:m cf the SU ?. . r.k* (? > i Krt m J Eiitm s ? j ? uarn f ?'' I uat vvi uv . > ua . ui'jui/ u vsry strong lepcrt again*'. it. FROM BALLEdf!* ARMV. We La*s news up to yesterday morclag from Gfn. Hallrck's army in front of Corinth. At tfcat time ail ? ai qu ?-t in hit- various ran ps. though n' anv irnni>nt .1 Hpr!r,ivr pnt')i 'Piiu-nf ir^tr o J thvre. ALEXANDRIANS KILLED AT THE BATTLE Ol' V. 1LLIAMSBURU. The Richmond Enquirer, of May 8fh, j^restbe following j? fining*! ih? Coafederate kilkd at lue battle of Wlliisnuburg : CoL Ward, of Fia.,aod >Iaj Wm II. 1'elmrr, < f tfcc l*t rrglmfn' Virginia volunteer*; Cart A. Z Hon pbreva, 17th Virginia rr2im?-nt; Lieol ithu (j. Addl?"p, Alexandria; Lieut. Winston Carter, Prii?e William; private* Joseph H. >jcVrlgb, jr . Eu=??ne Fairfax and fra-fc Baiienger, X'txanuria. Wound?d?Lieut. John A. Ad?!i*or> ar d privft'ea Henry Bradl?v ai d V\ Jllie Mc \itnedtU; lo! Carland. of Lynchburg; >1 Ktmi*:', of the 7th Virginia, (Speaker of the t-f L)tlrjjaWa;) Col. Ccr*e, l<:b Virginia r>.t:'.B>ent, and ctt?crs. In tt-e civalrv e.ze????nt on Sunday, MaJ^r W H Paysc, | Biiiy Faine, of Kfntpiier?k'l >r<r.) 4tb Virginia mrltr-ent, it !? found, was ! crhiiy wou<:>lrd-4li?t through the retk. In .VrnOcv't C|{bt, Cel. 1- B. Williams, 1st Virginia I . r ??!* J nvu.tu.ui 1*3" A large number of the k>ng-e^p*cted reH s??l I'cdcrsl prisoners arrived at Newport News oa Monday from Richmond. The eteamer wt :h brought them down paired the Federal **c^tnrri Monitor ard Naugatuck ibcut seventv* fl - bf!jw Richmond, making their way up :>be reports that obstruction* wrre being placcd lu th? rlrer; but If these steamers, which are of 11;*Ut draft, fouud no serious impediment, they probably reached Roeketts, the landing place of ft1* H.i'l 'rnfP llr.p rvf ttMnr?r< o-li'a belww tbe city, yesterday. Military Law. *su Couhts Mabtial; by Capt S. V. Leoet, Ordnance Department. U S A ?The above la the title ct aa excellent work, ;ubU?Lcd by D. Van Ncatrand, N Y. It trr&ti of military lh\v and the constitution, componttlva ai d jurisdiction of courts martial It mtbcrltsiive Information of value to the array at 'srge; and will so doob: take ita place aa a >Ur.dcrJ work. Hudson Taylor, Ptau-ylvanli avenue, Las it for sale. Mobile 1? turrerderrl, the I>deral tercet will have achieved a em! Important rac* - ' r tLe princ!pel rlv?r? of tL? Stat.-?the Tomb:gb?e and Alabima?trsvera?> the whole ffece from the North ?o South, and are nsvi^ 1;!* not only to .Montgomery, the Urst Confrdera ; capita!, but aiao to other very luiportant potato. !~>~Frotn Iludnon Taylor, 331 Pennsylvania arr p, stie ag^at for W-ialiingtoa of Leonard Be )!'.' admlrab e r?prlr>ta of foreign znagaztnct, we .ive the Westminster Review for April. MfiT :*'? or CusenvATivE Mix at a ? ? Co?coat An adjoa-nrd meeting cf the couaervv t've numbers v.-aa held laat aigbt, lion J. J. Cr" nd n in th- t'tc1 r sad Hon. U S. Cox. acttar es xcrcUry, i. I? c?aidaoB moved that tb* Chair hive *-t <11 t;u- M:f?-tlag tr2<tb?.r v? !i<ii?vn it ?, ijTi rrcr iia<-y to dt-f'.at obl ctionable : . > Tbfy wtfe in tfce n<idat of atiftiog <: ?, should bald themselve< Id readlnewi ! u.^ii^rea aa polU.y nil^bt d',tetr .Vi K *f tllioo a, concurred In the au^, r.U }, and argued that the bill "to cure free ?-.ctn i*> j r.*oi:a wiinin me territory of the l/utted - . & l j.I '> ?u stf!j pid cf iu inuct ooj rtlon.K:.' V - >- t\ tte influence of the'..- former contvtta ;?> . Mr Ci tt?nu/n tif -et'.cd ttat instead of c?nfr':: ? upca the Chairman the pewer of r-tlllog 'h-n.:etln%' ttpether, t cvmnittee be appointed * r ttal purpcac. Lie agreed with Mr Kellotv *i ii.e . jurn cr ccn-uiiaiio.i Hid a tx icBclal ele t. .ilr. Cci ?a:d they bad not killed thr afooLUl on basin-#i v*t. By an arraa^fment t>etweerthe t-peak-r and un? of bla party friends an objeetlvub!e measure might be lutrcductd at any tin;-. Therefore all consemt'.re men ought to ? or siilt i i on wLat actl ?n should be paraurd at all tin >- I tt< romml trv to be appointed ought to iee th^? tfcctr f.iend? are tn ttelr Bests to defeat nr?ct.i-**. us legislation. Koine plia ought to be *dwi :rd fcr i uRoeukalia^ and combining at any t:n?e wh?n n*c?*?ary. Mr. Mijo-y coacurr-d in the rltwa Just exfr<4 it. i: ? 4rial.?' oneluded to appoint a committee n s?vrn meuii>ers for the purpose sug grated. wb?"ciipou ih?- Cfct.rnian appointed M-iara R cbirdso.i, Kello. ,, of ill., Blddle, Mallosy, r?i, >wle of Now jeraof, and XtttA-id. Mr CrlUradca suggested that it waa desirable C?urr>? should ?dj .urn at en early day Mi Wtcklltfe *a d that It appeared that the ' wr? dexio>!3ed not to aUjoufu. and bad rjrvt <1 lb rc?oltiU?u Aalag the time Tl- l'retideut, bowtTrr, hu the constitutional _ u to adjourn Cc; &ttm when the two Hooaet . a tkc! agree on that point. s - . ilivlixd vi * hul mAV mA tA anlxtltnt^ tb* 7tb cf Jane tor tb? time tied by the Hoimf; but ?Ma was rrjrcU-4. Tbrre wit no purpoae man'lest d by tbf Ornate to fix any day at al'. jit MnUcrv retu- rktd that bad a cocveraa- | . oa w.'u sxutu.r Fesx'adeu, who baa ctiar^r of iMMTUu; :a tii?t bodr aod waa loformed U* L iu tfc. .t . u?y wm d be ready to adjoaro by ii?? I... if i* < { J .? -r t ? i pta! d lit^t (k* fl'nmxe .lira u? . .! l ? iii) ?t<"; lit -at tlitlr jw , U? CUuliUUtf lu IJ U?u I.WiV . J-' etPf I owni M<? he hid tart"* nine etU'n.f V oitora remark it at ttey wot 4 not adjvu.ii dt'ios tbe war 1 toe uttini tfcra *d;our?fd. 1+ FHOM NORFOLK A*D RKHMO^ID. ( Rflran ( Federal Prt?*ifri-ANtlri at Kichm*?d?The Mmlur and Xaagatack A bo ?e CHy P*int [Special corrr*po- denre Baltimore American i Puktbkbk Monitor, Mavli ?tberrpo*ae??loii of >crfolk fcaa caused quite a lull In tbe xciteir.? nt here, and we are now lcoklni? with great 4*>. ? ?v .. ./?? nf tV? Mnnlfnr nilAiriy JV! ilTWD 11 IMI I mr -U? live w< <uv *? ami the Nangatuck up t** Jam's rlve?. They lelt last tvenittg ao toon after receiving orders as tfcey could take a L*ood >.uprl/of coal on boird. Ws h'jvp this evening, however, Ju?t as the boat was leaving, the j-ratifyiug new* that th^st* two 1 fslsfable* were City Poln' at M> o'clock this morning, wt) -h la only twenty iTil'e* from Richmond. and were steaming ah?ad. with the prcepi c: ot bv log able to r ach Rockt-tl's before nightfclt RKLKASSD rEI"!i>Mi R^. f he R< hel st smcrs Curtis Peck and Northampton left Rlehmt-ud this n>ori>liig at daylight. ha\!ng cn board eigLt huudred leleased Federal pri-oners. Our fl^g boats went np above New Eort ?ip?i, snrt toot np wita mem me icrec ur.drcd Rfb^-1 i>riaop?-rs tent here from WJIhamabitrgh ?>v Gen. McClelian. who were relt3Md and sent to K!fba?on<t. 'l"he boit* bav? juit nrr! ved en the boat ! > about leaving, and I have ? i' v time to learn tbit Col. Coeoraa It not atr.cnk tbem, r.nd tuat there are but few officers anions ihe party. The reieevd Federal prisoner*, eight hundred in number, will leave here to-morrow morning for Bi'timore or tbo strnmer* Kent and Hero * - n-?ii ? Itr.. LI l r in n.iiiiim'rf iury win guuirco "j a?-uiiijjton to Lave th'ir accmiata vttled. Tbey siy that the fall of Norfolk had added to the consternation cf tue Rtbcls. IHX M >f ITOIl. GM.*r-k, AND STEVBN*. * They report tfcat tae rt-'sinTa Monitor and Niujratuck were pa>?-d by th -ra hevond City Point, 6'eamin?r up toward* Richmond, and the Imprtction wan that tbey '-Tould reach Rorketta during thf evening. Tb?? Iron-clad ?t?Hincr Galena, widch went up lait list week, hud gotten eft the bar on which she was ^ttojrp^d, and ws? iteanj'ng on after the Nnuptnc^ and Monitor towards Ilicttncd. Ihey had \ *j a v... ..?it.? v.4*i * urtu u iu u])? it u) 'M?r ut mr uourrm, nui merely returned th- shot as they passed. defining them of too niir-b inslgn'tl-ance to stop and punish them for tbelr Im^ertlpenne. Thetr shots were, of course, harmless on the iion-ctads. AFFAIRS A T KiCHMONP. Thr returned prisoners report that the exc'teim-ut In Richmond wa* hrtomin^ Int-nse. and thnt It* fva- uctloii was looked upon as a mere o^iiPot <*f t!m: S*o:ne o; tbe wealthy stcessionist* were reir."*!r^ tln-lr plate and property out of the cHv. whilst tUe 1'iilou men were con ceallng tiulr* In the city 1 he i-aniblers and n rknorkeU. and worthless portion of the comnjtmHy, were nrglng the de struetion of the city by ft'e, which favor* d by the frrelrn, but t'^e Virginia troops ai d The old citizen* were stnngiy VPPf> d to tl,l< vandalism ft". P ?vif? anil ihf ^ovemmfn' officials deelired thsttUey would rc??t to tbe last, hut it was believed iUttkey were secretly preparing for an evnmnt! n troops Lad J-ffr sent mrthward to check the adv-<r,re of Mcli iwell, and '.he most vio'ent declared their Intention of throwing ihelr whole tnr.v '?:i Warhi ttor:, but theUnio-. hit) b?llcvid this to Ik* a mer*' rn?e torfecfive the people. The terror i f tbe ?*<;nb?ifB wai n:cat intense, and th?y anticlp^'.ed ^re-?t consternation when the heavy K?in?of the Mo^'.'.tr an?l Xa.i^atuck.sounded in th? vicinity of Richmond, wheu the Hag iramer left. Thesntelll^?iicehave from Oen. McCl<4 in U mo?t fdvoiab'e, * lid hi? plrkf t? wrrc ntd .hie tveaJi'" to be witUtu mx'.cvu n/.l'sof K.chmond Vi.ur-?,Ac., * 1". FEDERAL VESSEL* IP JA>I?S KIVtR. Citot-l'aHlc ( au?cd !>j their Appearance. TLe cit'.z?r!? of Pelinbare. -Virginia, were thrown into a rrrat pant? on 'he '-ch Inst., by the of the utw iron-clad runlx-at (ialena ?ip Jain.-t river We moke the f >llo-*!n? extracts from Petersburg aid K icbmonl p-pers: TASTLIJi IflTFLT.'.aKXCK [From the l'et -r?burg Kxpress. May f.J A pecia! muspn^er f'c-ni Cact Tucker, of the Co if derate steamer Patrick Henry, arrived In this rity ye?terday afternoon with important lnt !!l?,e* i th t ore of thr- enemy's iron-clad ?wbboa<? fcsd sl'ercrd our batcricsat Day's Point, on .'arrei rivtr, ei:d was tbtn coming up tbe liver. To ?ave time Car t Tucker bad this messenger placed on tue st?amer Y>rkt?wn, that beni2 tbe milrk#>r v*wi'h firrf^rit tr> r\rtrnt */? City Point, and thmc to thUfitv, to notify our prove*: if the fact ard telegraph the r.'r- imitaccw to flichir.ohd From City Point the mfsser.^er came to this cltv in a buggy, a.-.d at f-.nce perf rm>*d Lit duties Tue ue**? toon ?preut airaad on the streets and created preitdtal <-f txcltement Whatnleps have been or will te taken id prevent the ascent of the Jdinrs n?er to any vi'al point w~ d? not know, and would not tell If we knew. The matter wear* a serious aspect, but no one here will falter In ary duty that inny be assigned him. < Rumors we'e rife, aft-r the arrival of the Nor-1 folk train, of the bombardment by the enemy of th*Cr-ney Island and Jewell's Point ba'.trrlet, I and ; ur fortilf-aMois elsewhere below, but tLey I are donbtlek! all unfound+d. 11/.. .1,^11 n . I .. ? _ ... V . .. - a- I _ A _ I tic luiii piuua><>> UC'T iiiuic VI iu B aiiJir 10day In tie mention-.' we advise all to keep tool and . alu, and pursue their ordinary avocations US UiU3l. [From the same paper ] L'-.te l:i tbc tftemuon a rumor tbnt one of the tnsmy's Iron- lad ^nntoa'.s had come up James r ver, ?'!?n ed the Confederate batteries at Day's Point, a^d was th^n leisurely feeling her way still further up, p it many t:mld souls in a flutter, arid provoked a t tl -?.I of discussion as ro how Ijng It would require for the piratical c?aft to reach Petersburg We fcive information to the effect tbat one of the enemy's gunboats did come up J .mes river yenterday us far a* Harwell's Hay, anu recouaonrrta o ii; ie; out tnn cer commander Lita any idea of coming higher up the liver at tbls time we do nr?t beliwve. There i* a rumor that th" Vank-ei were landing forres yeit rday at Uurwell'a Hay, or Suiilhn id, and that thrlr lutrr.t.o'i w Udoubtiess be to uiarca across the country?a distauce of aome ei;'Uitt ii or twei.ty auiea??;id tike potteWon of I: la proper that we should atats that this mmor lacks ccrfftrimticn. OPERATIONS CN JAUi* E1VF*?PROSPECTIVE FALL I'F KICHMo.ND. fFrom the Richmond Dispatch, flth iast.J \Vo 'earn through Captain Hill, of the steamer Schul z, wh" arrived he.e last ni;jhtat 10 o'clock, thit our batter>a at Diy's Neck and Hardy's it uff, on river. \Aer<? attacked by threa of t r i* oiif.h^riU ro.f??r^ ?u m.??n Ir* ? of u I o'clock, and aliened in a ihort time | The a'.esiner* Patrick Henry and TtieinaaJefftf-fon both crrivtd here waterday owning at a I late, aud arc now at Drur\'a lit ;fl swatting further order# 11 U believed that tbe river ?t ttat p>tut will be proptriy ib^iructed by tbr j sinking of boats and ve?sel? O&e of tb- v??ci? which atta-kfd o;ir bitterlea at hr>r'. idi'Ke ws< ttc iron-clad Meamer ijalena. The two ?>tber? we c tjppofe-d to l* wooden vesI ael? \Ve learn from C-?pt Hill 'hut he wa? yesterday j o:d-r?d bv*?to. Maj(ru<ler (now tick at Westove) to take on ?t IS rkit-y wtarf 17o barrels of liv ar ic-l a ge lot of b^con end be?f. and proceed at cnce ip Chickabeiutny river to supply the oaimtssary department of our army Af'er having loaded,' Capt Hill proceeded without de- j liy; but upon arriving at !*hop wharf, on Jatuss river. received a letter fr >ai Wm. il ^outhail, l><i , a magt*t'a'e ol Charles City <*>unty, lu which It was stated tlir.t a t aw H^ht was then (Wednesday evu.injj) progressing at or near |>lasrtun bridge, In jttiut t city county, immediate!* opposite bU residence at Mount AS rev, ?nd 1 * it.* - A- t r*f;rr.> >;n^ (will a [;U(UtQ 01 OUf aiuiv bad oeeu cut < {} \\ e make this i xtract from hi* letter: ' From appearance*, the fljbt appro&chet Trowt-r'a Potnt, at the mouth of l)id?chu'ii creek, j J f*ur our army is en: *jt. God help u* lu oar atru^le far ludepentftuc*. There U a lighter now eroding thr river r.t the mouth of the aoove crtek, loaded with troops " Capt. Hill, learning' this Information, end akortly efUr meeting tb?? Patrick Heury and Thomas Jciterson on their way up, deem?d it prudt nt to return tj Uichmoud with the commls arv store*. We are noalarmlsN, but in vl*w of ihi far.t? above stated, we earnestly urge opon evury cltlleu to be watchful and determined to meet tb-j tuvadsr wltn nu u.idauntrd aplrlt, should be succeed ia making bts way to tbe vicinity of Ktcb> inoud. Paioi^uf the Jimei River?Letter fr?a a t Uaurd tbe Uairaa? Koii**em ct wttk tit Kebst I-aria? Pil?bt af tha Rebel an beat* ?Off far City Paic?. [From tbe ttaUlmrre American.] We are IcdebUd to a friend for tbe following extracta from a letter from a relative ?u board the Iron clad uur.bout Ualeua, engaged In tbe move* men* up the J&mta rlv? r: Ois^oar Sandiv. Mnv ii?n?i? UrolLerI suppose by thia time you bnve beard oi the Oalcna leaving Hampton Koads. I wt i g>ad of it, for auch a flja ship a* this ought not to be kept idle In auch times ca tnese, sod the boja wrre all tnnous for a tight We got under viy and left the Koada After a minute a pait seven o'clock on ibe inorniug of the -th, and It was rot long till we paasei tewli'a Point, without one abut being fl'*d at u* Aa we f aaaed Newport News we were Lai Led by loud and Iork cLeera from th* m?u of tut- fort, wbo w<r<> gl?4 to we a* mik-3 a a>07i to Help tbeir broih a diors L'ut w? csdouiy p&**cd (beat ?t? >ut t?ri.iy-lre n.U-i tea wit:., Ut our gr a". Joy, ? ?> tu.ry b^vc hi at^bi It v .? art ttsu by tt?e w?i ' t+. tf tor ^aiUnt CajtUiri. H-_ ^i\e u.itn t? L ru ?a*Jit ftc<a?o t~ ca:l &:i ti4b<h tu r?, wty, Ij( bf l? eiH?i *> d oi .v* l n.? <stu.?r v.-.? pr-rnp?ly M-r, > .J by t :eew, uho trxoq^M rvery ?m?n#a: jsa r *r ti? try ttell ?iill r>?, ttr- Tbry ?:>&!> I >t * r fi-r ? r 'M n'tiirfk U V<4i WW opcuvd by our pivot | m fonrtrd. t i'b* hot fell fthort. The aecond and thi-d were flret, but there wcs no reply We ran in under their Una range, but all of theahot fell burmleae tgainat i our Iron aMea I hardly think they knew what was coining at them. We Vet fly from our whole battery, and made It prettr warori for then W# Tiled back and forward by tbe nri toree or roar tim*s, and noon leveled tbeir flag and made It drag In the dust. After an action nfforty minute* bey ran like "red shirks," *s tbev always do, frcm the well di ectt d 11 r*? of our brn*e sailors. Wot on' fhotttriKk wt*p la tkttnl of tngagt. mint Fort No. a.?The action commenced about one o'clock, three quarte t of an bour after we hid silenced the tlrst battery. In this fort we found a mor>* formidable eppontutthan the first. It moun*ed twelve |jun?, aud af'er an hour and flfte?>u minutes' boinbardravnt eleven of them were slierced. The remaiulng one fought us for an hour after" d, making thl* bombardment of two hoars ; l I fifteen minutes' duration. The gunboats Aro .t>ok and Port T.oyal were with us, but did I not take active pi t in the engagement, though tbcyald some exec: uon wr.n toetr long guns. FLJOHT or EEBKL OCSBaATS The Kebrt gunbot's Jamestown and Patrick Henry were lyinj; under the guns of th* second ! >11. but instead of assisting its defence, they got up steam and ran away with'all apeed towards Richmond Our damage in the engagement w?s small One ahot wlruck the Ato took and went through her bulwarks under tue hammock nettings. No one was Injured One or two shots * ruck us, but they only left their tmrk on our iron-no ail and glided off. Alter pr.ssing the second fort we started up the river, but the buoys have been removed, and there w? stuck hard and fast, waiting for high tile. The batterirs siifnced were califd the Upp r and Lower Mthpal Batteries. Great praise Is given to Captain Rodders, Lieut Newinin, ar.d bngineer-iu?cbiei inompson. LATH YVe are just ???t*lng off ?ho"e, end n boat baa come on board from Gen. MrCleilan, by which 1 send Jhis. We will b-oft' for City Point in the morning. Yours, ftc , J A. S. Financial.?New York papers of yesterday report large transactions In Government securllien at an improvement of 1 -?15% percent. The ?' of 1.^31 Pold at lnS^aMK#; the 5's of 1671 were In large demand nt 05^i'.K>; 7.31 Treasury notes, lOS^alOj^; zed indebtedness certifl^tes at par. Border State stocks were active?Ohio 6's, tOSjf; Illinois war loan, Indiana war loan, 03 ^; Tenn?"*S"e ('>'*, ; Missouri C's, S2\; California 7's, 91; North Carolina <>'?, 74. American yold. 103*. foreign exchange Arm. Governor Buckingham, of Connecticut, de.lverwi hla annual uiiHavt- t i the Leglalature oa the 7th Inst. 1 lie document enter# largely Into the discussion of war trattera. and the cause*, progress and present condition of the rebellion. The Governor aiy? Connecticut ha* furnlahed thirteen thc-u?<ind Ave hundred and aaveaty-el^Lt fl^titlog men to the government, of whom two t-iou?3ud three hundred and forty, being three tnonf:? men, have returned; two hundred and uvnfy-elgbt discharged, one hundred and ninety one killPd in battle, and thirty-one resigned? leaving >till in the r rvlce teu ttuui tnd seven bundled and eighty-eight yirr* ?TTENTION, M i TR07OLITAN RIJ. H Ftihs:?A e *iI ?n in??ttinc of the O'xnpar. * wil> ho tie <i on TO MOKHoVV ( Wediegdiy) KVEMNG.tko t4?h io?>act. at the Metropolitan [ionk aui I ad or Houce. By order Caps.. \\ v H. : m 13 if E. C. KCKIOFF, ?eotmr NOHCE-TO THK VOT* RS OP TKE .Lr? tflXXH \V AR D-?Ycu ar? re??e3tfaliy l*1 lted to at.?r.<l a iiiarUoc on VVEDNbHlMY KVKNl.Nt), 14.hinit.iiit at 8 o'ciook. at Odd l ei lows* Ha! i .\B?r V r.'d, to take stch action a* maj l>a t\ MntA/i m > < f r? r r? At the nrvm i r> * utii/t. I '? UVWIJJVVI ?? 1 U' Uk Bfc l||V W?'IlliUf( IUU u V/l fo. a ?o i->i4 It i? ae?ire<l that every voter wni b? present wftu u <n favor r f the war pot'ey <"f tre ?wliii Me'ration, nioiu Unr ths reoent emancipation act It "xp-cted ff the car.dic&tc* ?o anawer tu-ae ?u*at!ona, no tiiat everr vetor mar know what he i? votjr.j j?r Turn out in ?our ui;tht ? basiLOM ' { xrev irr.portaLos is to be fanaaotei*. Thi cirnii'Hfa are rewpaut.'uly invited to re pr?a frit. m 12 S>* -VH?THK UNION I'RAYER MEETING Will JJ1 be bolder every day this woelt in the Lutheran Church, t Kov. J. B. Bulier'e,! at the comer of I'tii and il ?t~**t?. commencing at i% o'ctcclr p ta? 2-1 cor.xia I*-' hut one hour. is in L'OK fULK ??H CHARTER?TIm feat ailiv ?!.0!)P M? \ I'At* I' K 24 toes res etor App t a! th? < ffi jo of Southern Exp" ag^V_ [ CoU'rasy- ra- It* ?*** ?)/!rr WASHINGTON . C*n~r +.\j * ftovmanufactory, .yo 267 Ccrntr Ft?.n. met-and 111k strut. cfch ant fitnim mr 'inect% '.ed a??^rtiren? of water coolers. h efkjfteratohs. b * h rrns, char ?>al ?r.i u ah ?? uoai, FIRNACLS, SUMMKR KANSK?*, Wil I.O*' WA k. wuoue * ?ark.BAROENH')mj, K*KK?.ft CUTLKKV. KKRO 81VK C)l . Li.HPtf,i3,4c..4c ,? th? low?it cs?h price* JAfl fKlKVING. in 14 eo?H CorryrHth street a"1 P?- ave S FURNITURE' f7\ FURNITURE! Mc ( R E (I O H k CO., If I At their Kxtersive Ware Roorai, 420 Sevknth 8rK*XT. Have now on hand a very larcoaci varied assortment of curniture Mid otl:e' llou'ekeip'r.; Ui>o<ls, au<i ate olrriuc luducem^nta to housekeepers ard pernor s farr.shsor,!!! ro^do *ui?av> o for th* Par or. ^' ?rr.b*r, DiaiiiS Koori, Li'-ra^y. Office aad Kifchen. >Tc3KJ.cOH A- CO.. jn U eotw ,VI<; seventh street. r > lull M i-Rltf .. - . mm ri 't.11 - ?.?. I n Ml !ni-n run rninia. ahuphiki fronts thick, medium. and fiic, (pur? all Lictn oftfia baet ttf-an'ie in:ported ) The vm' <|i?ntitj of Mr?n Good* acnnaTy pairing Ih ougt. our h.?-^da ftiables us to ctfdrdecidnd baeairn in * m'n fabncj the jear ionndFine medium, a d low trioed White F ance>. Oum sr c* unit the ao'uai caah tantfa-d Talue. m&'ke 1 ia pa,a figures; heoos no pnrohas-r is over ohvgal. An in?p#Mton of etaok eolioit;d, it impiiM no ob nation to purchase. PERRY A. DRO., in H t! l'a.a* and Ninth atieet. |^I3T OF UNCALLED-FOR FREIGHT WALL A BERNARD'S, South comtr Pa. acenvc anl Ninth ?? W F J?<>Trns,2 i? xes *i Herte c, r,u:n:,?- <i rAoxaf?a, J M Han*r,2 B"?os aad T noli, J 8 Eilw*r.t?, 1 Box. Chaplain .Mvio.-dr, * Boxra, 4' M o L'oaaeli 6 Boxea, U Kilbarn 1 1'iar.o, J H Hcli, 1 riox, vv Chapnrn, i Ohest, W Vacfteet, 1 Ke?, DM t,* 4 Boxo*, J W Tstto.l Box. K 1 lark. 1 Box. 1. H Hai ?*?, i HiiX'f, R A Thon>aii, 1 Box ?:d Barrel, 9 Cf IUS6. l in \ t:ol UroTMrer, 1 Box an<J B^j, T -labereis tier, B-X, B F Brash , 1 Box F ThmtfSr 1 ii< x M Cohn,J4 'fpx<>?. Jihu Mijuer, i'j ?^i?rr#>lr. WALL, A BERNARD, Poutli corner Fa avenus&n<i Ninth tt. m 14 1 Ke?ub!icaa.| STITCH EL> LINEN Sill 11T FRONTS, Beit sijice, all ?rtr<5r FEIUlY A BRO., n 13 61 t'a avo. and Ninth treat. wibn a.iu wKarrinvs. ? We hav? jnat leceiTrd t'h'a da?) our third aitp py >! ML* MA'1* l i k.6. ai.! $ACQLrt t*. al*> LACL M* NiLfci5, and POINT)?. b.aiinc our took ii..'w rrry crs;nj ots in a 1 the .revJi?? at;lea ol the stas-jE. Ladies mil plpuo tail tarly. M.IAYLOKAO, in 13-eoCt No. 4"4 Pinter Mark*! }*p*oe. AR>iY AND NAVY BuLE *LANNKL.a, of quautten and ouloia that can ho relied on. A full Ltjck ?<f d:miuin and thiu WOOLENS for G enta'. Youth'< and Bo? ?' wear. Ol? prion only masked .u plaiu hci.rea. the aotaa! cash etvidard value ; fceuoe, no purchaser i* de ooi *d An irrpMtionof atoek ?o!loi;ed at all ?ute< lrom r?ci jent? aud stra^cera; it impli'* no obhtatiou to purchase. PnRRV A in 13 ??. Pa avenua and Ninth at. 1'ADLE UNENS, NAPKINS, IOWILB, DOYLIES, CjVILTS. PILLOW COfTONB AND MSlENB. And a:l other kia'a ol Dry Goada 1 jt houaekeaa era' uae, at oar provrrbiaily low prioe*, marked In plain f Kdrea-ttie roru&l oath a aodard va ue. ? n mapeetir-n ? f " ok aoiioited fion atracgera, ( j iurnera aud retideau ; it iiicara co ohiiiatiOD .j puiohata. _ PfcKRY k. LINO., m j tt f >. ave ue fto.i ."Minth tt puATEi) ICE PITCHER*7 Wr will oy?n thia morning *n unuaullf Urge Kaaortinantoi rjfttot ioa fito.-rarto! uie beat Ity, witu tuf iata-t impro\em?ii'i, *t v?r? iow rata*. M. W. UAL.T 4 nRO, Jewal!<?ra, m 10 tt .184 Penp?t|?jiia t*anu?. r AN^Hl ROM *. HhO'R Htf.TfUIIBK Rll. *j??t reo-lvod frwnUie Isu'^W Yor* a ?p'nn?hdat?<<riin?fct ?1 the ety? -retx * ?. 1tSZ2?Sf ???&????. aTfuCV** ?' H?o? 8>l't" 6"oda, wkion wilt t>? rua cfl <.n-ap lor o^ah. Cone aod ouB?mo? your ml, at Hali'a oid piaoa, 374 IE?" Hoop Skirt Faotory, lit Liberty at Nnr Yoik in in 7t* TTJISuT i HK Under* r??d, lat? ofthe ftrmof Claret t 4 May,uke< le&*ar?tB lo.orautic hit friend*aod ' uie pu >:io teuer.% j. that no r,a? the cm ? No. 408 Fer.?,tf !?auia aveuae. iimrth aids,) t*. tw-rt- hi a <4'fin ?imeta. w&ore ha viiiopeaia b {% * jvt? & Irmh of utiirttfiX AND uhv ao<?i>?. a.(*p * ; t j the |?e-rnt ?n<t *p|>roasuta< Maaon I li* hcpae bf ci-cntant peri fa*. arieation to baaiII i>e?a, t&d ?af?v*?.y to tl?.? want**ofUs oaaUnoWa. to i*u?tYe a Ju? Utaie-of tt.e pe'.lta pafronato. m >-i w Ml |*a. ?* ? bfL?h aid''lot* aU. ? lit JJIO WOORUKO IOLUICHI ? oariTAi Published m conformity ?rt(4 tk? ruoiutien ?/ ths 8?naU o f July 11/1881. At 8tmtmmrf Htpit+l. Otmtuttwn Majr 9 iA U. 8. Infimtry 3 ?9tk New York Vol... 1 5th do Artillery.... 1 77th do do,... 2 2d Maine Volunteer#.. 1 ?Ath do do....41 IstVerino*Cavalry .. 2 X>d do do.... 2

5th do Volunteers l tfTtta do do.... 2 Hh Massachusetts Vol. 1 ioi?t do do....16 13th do do.. 3 3d New York Artillery 1 15th do do \ :kl do Cavalry. 2 I9'h do do.. 2|lth do do.... 2 20th do do.. 1; Sth do do.... 1 ?2d do do., l llth Pcna. Volanteen. 2 Stockton's Mich. Vol. 4 27th do do...... 1 7th Michigan Vol.... 1 45th do do 1 lat Rhode Island Cav. 2 ,Vith do do " 1st Minnesota Vol.... 1 74th do do....** 1 2d New York Vol... 1 75th do do 1 llth do do.... 1 - Id do do 4 15th do do.... 0 95th do do...... 1 7ta au do.... ^j9Sth do do...... I :9th do do.... l|S?h do Rcaenrc.... 1 13d do do.... I! 1st do Rifle* 1 31th do do.?. *2 lit do Cavalry.... 16 lv!d do do.... 4?3d do do...... * Hth do do.... 2 Pth do do...... 4 50th do do.... ti 5th Cameron Dragoons 1 54th do do *.> Officer's servant 1 j'jh do do 1 >th do do. .. 2 Total...... 172 A* Rtnoral Horjiilai, Union Hottl, tor*** Fritig* <tnd Washington ttrtttt, Gtorgttoton, May 9. lit New York Artillery 1 711 Penn. Volunteers, a 17th New York Vol... ti'<*}d do do < isth do do.... I I (fid do do 1 29th do do.... 1 Kane's 2 nd do do.... T> 7th Mas* Volunteers. 1 3,ith do do,... 1 id Maine Volunteers . 3 11th do do.... t<i4th Vermont Vol 0 t.'itli do do....'?i Vott's Battery I 19th do do.... 1 Sherman'i Battery.... 3 50th do do.... 1 1th Michigan Vci.... 1 5"th do do.... 1th KxcelaUr Brigale. 1 88th do do.... 5|3d U. 8. infantry.... 1 97th do do.... Mat do Cavalry 1 isi renii. i;avairy.... x n n ao ao i 8th do do t lot do Cbasseurs... 1 1st do Volunteer*. 1 Signal Corps 1 3d do do...... 1 ? Kb do do 2 Total 9i Wh do do...... 1 At Gtntrml (CtnU,) Wmskimgin, May 9. 1st U 3. Cavalry 1 3 I N?w York Cavalry ? 2d do do 1 :)tb New York Vol... y 5th do do 1 -5th do do.... ;! 1st do Artlilery.... 6 ''M do do.... 1 2d do do 3 4th Prnn. Cavnlry.... l 31 do do 4 v6th do Volunteers, l 4th do do 1 r.&l do do...... 1 5Ui do do 4 -8th do do...... 1 44 A f\ Infantrif T riOf V. A a Ar\ 1 *? ?? ? J >i i ? i 'w M 33 do do -Jloth Maine Battery.... 1 4th do do 12! tut Minnesota Vol 1 Otfa do do 4| 1st Kane Rifles....... 1 10th do do 3110th New Jersey Vol. 3 12th do do 2 Tth Wlcconsln Vol... 1 17th do do 1 ? 2d New York Militia. 1 Total 71 At HttfUil ?t Celttmbxin ColUgt, Washing'f*?, Miy 9 1st U. 8. Artillery... llftM Nrw York Vol... ;? <> J -M _ J . i I * a a ?a ao ao........ i u ao ao....11 21 do Cavalry 2jl>6th do do.... 2 Sth do do 2|!*th do do.... 1 3d do lnf'.atiy.... litUUt do do.... 7 11th do do 11 lit New Jersey Cavalry 2d MaineVt?lunV or?.. Ijltilh do Vol.... 2 Ittb do do 1'tit Penn. Artillery... 1 ?th Ma&saehuatUs Vol. I [2d do Cavalry'.... 4 15th do do. 5 tth do do....** 1 19th do do. 5j^th do do...... 1 20th do do. ?-j?ith do do IS im nuoae imaa vci. x, i:a ao >oiuu'-eera. l lstVeraont Cavalry .. 2 -VM do do 1 2d do Volanteers ljSStb do dp 1 3d do do.... t 71?t do do...... 1 1th do do.... ] lend do do i 4th do do.... 1 ifthhdo do 3 7tb New York BaUery. 6 U3:hln do 1 34 do Cavalry. 1 jIMh Indlaan'VoI 1 8th do do..., tjMcClell*n Dra^ocni.. 1 ttth New York Vol... l rtt Michigan Vol ?> 3Gth do do.... 4 5tb WUcoruin Vol.... 1 3id do do.... 3 Citizen l (5/d do do.... l ^th New York Cavalry 1 7Kh do do ... t Blrt do do.... 3 Total .....Hi At Mount PUatant Utntral Hospital, iifay y. 5tb Maine Artillery... lfiat Ffnn.Rtflrs 5 7th do Vo!unte?r?. I .'id do Volunteer*. 2 3d New York Arti lery 3 *tb do do .... * 5th do do.... I lltli do do...... 3 ?Ub New York Vol... 2 73d do do I 57th do do.... 1 load do do 2 M?t do do,... 3 101?t do do I K5:h do do 1 5th Michigan Vol.... 1 With do do.... 1 1*1 Wisconsin Vol.... 1 Wd do do.... 1 'oth N"w Jen<*y Vol . 2 ifld do do.... IJ 2d Uedan f*harps'r?.. 1 !'5th do do.... l,:Jd do do 1 L'Stb do do.... 1 New Ycrk Zouave In n'iHi ao ao.... b 10M do do....It ? IWth do do 4 Total 75 With do do.... 1 At Douglas Hospital, c<rmr of 1 itritt and .Viu Jtrsty avtnut, May 9 Ut I* S. Artillery.... 1 New York Vol... l Sd do do 2 >nth do do ... 4 Oth do Cavalry 3 Tctb do dn.... 1 12tb do Infantry,... 5 101 st do do.... 2 l?th do do 3 livid do do..,. 1 21 M'.ine Artillery ... 1 ICSth do do.... 1 1st do Cavalry 1 ! ! New JeraeyCavalry 3 ttth do Volunteer*. 2 1st l'ena. Cavalry 2 2d VerrnontVolmite? ra t 2d do do 1 .11 HMMCbOtetlS Art . l|8tb do do . 8 10th do Vol. ll-'th do do ? 80th do do., l'ld do Volunteer!.. 1 tld do do.. 2 2Id do do...... 3 Taft't N V. Artillery I 3!?t do do 3 lit New Vork Artillery l 19th do do 2 4th New York Cava'ry 1 53d do do...... i 2th do do.... 5 6i>t do do 1 lit U 3. CbftMeura .. 7 Tlth do do 3 1st Lon? Uland Vol.. 7 Out do do 1 Mm.Y.StateMllltla. i>?id do do 4 fth New York Vol... V>*th do do...... 1 17th do do,... 4 lU7ihdo do 2 l*tb do do... 1 3d do Reserve.... 1 30thN Y S'ate Vllttta 3 It'h do do 1 23 d New York Vol... 7 7th Michigan Vol.... 2 -'5th do do.... *2 3th Wisconsin Vol... 1 31.h do d".... ! Cth do do.... 1 *24 do d-?.... Andrew s Shsrps'rs .. I lid do do.... 3 Ln/ant Perdu . 1 4oth do do,... 1 ?? 031 do do,... 1 Total 135 frith do do ... 41 luiimm* Hetfitml (Patmt Offlu), king torn n n in J' w.j iU ?y iv. 12th Indiana Vol 29 i id Penn. Volunteers. t 11th do do 1 3:1 do Oavalry.... 1 Irtlh do do......31 ttist do Volunteers. 1 uth do do 12 61st do do...... t V7th do do 1 91st do do C"> 1st New York Artillery 3 IWd do do 1 -!d Kxcelsior Battery.. 2 96th do do...... 1 1th New York Ca\rairy 1 107th do do 1 8th do do ... 3 1st Rhode Island Vol. 3 13th New York Vol... 3 U>*h New Jersey Vol.. tt H'h New York Art... 1 Uth Maine Volunteer* 2 5 Jd New York Vol... IN Mlet Vol 8 5fith do do.... 3 llitb MassachiwetNVol 1 5?th do do.... 1 '?!d D. C Volunteers.. 1 Slat do do.... 1 New York Battery... 1 0id do do.... 1 >'?h do do.... v' TjU............ 11(5 Oarlda Cavalry >' * At Siont <iineril Hospital, May 9. 11th Maine Volnntf*ra H.l01?tNew York Vol... l*> 19tkMaanarhnsettaVnl l|l*Mb_ do do... 1 win ao ao. v.m rrnn. volunteers, i 31 New York Cavalry 1 SUd do do (I jVthNewYofkVol... 1 71th do do 1 5oth do do....30 K*3d do do 3 931 do do.... 1 104 th do do 3 95th do do.... i -id D C. Volunteers.. 1 9mh do do.... 3 10th New Jeraey Vol. 3 9^th do do.... 6 ? li>oth do do.... 9 Total 62 At St. EitmmtoU Hospiul, Eastern Brmmtk, Jfay 0 StbV&moatVolunteer* 1 Sith Penn.Volunteer*. 1 42d Mew York Vol... 1 13th New York Vol... 2 4 lit do do.... 1 13d do do.... 1 Cameron Rifles....... 1 Sth Wlaoonsln Vol... 1 Rxcolalor Artillery Vol lj Wh Peon. Volunteer*. 1 Mtk New York Vol... 1 3dth New York Vol ..21 6th N. UamMhire Vol 1 lOJd do do.(a) 3 57th Penn. Volunleera. 4 ? (U>V NMV VA.W V?1 1 m-Arnl AO VI* V VI I* I | VW .? (? < I KlJ ltd Maine Volunteer* . 1 j (a) Ore ogcer. Suk rnwteMf im tkt Hnpiul fm Sruftim* Dii?sta, ml KmUramtm, May 9. ?tk U.S.Cavalry..... 7|4th Penn. Cavalry.... 3 ?th do 1 aft n try l|*M do Volunteer*. ? Ittbdo do '-73d do do 1 7th Maine Volunteer*. l;91?t do do 1 id VercnontVoluntoera 1 96th do do 1 I at Ma*??ehu*Kt? Art. t 107th do do...... 3 3d Now York Cavnlrjr 1 *7th Indian* Vol i ,?t do Ar?U*ry 1 lal Michigan V'!..... 1 3d do do.... ] 5?h Wlaconaln Vol... 2 litkNow York Vol... 1 #d D C. Vo!t?nt*-ra . 1 41-.I 4o do,... i id B-rdan <*bArpa'n.. t 614 * do do ... 1 UnirtwmMWiPfpU Mtk do do.... 1 U. H N*vy 1 *U4 do oo.... ? Colored M-rvant* and loiat do do.... 1 Couu&band 3 OnildnOnvalff 1 ? 11Mb N<rW Jtrwy Vol. 1 Ttkl.t.t 0 At Carrtr (Jttrml H?rpit*i, VuttiiflM, Afej 9. I 1*1 Maine Volunteer*.. li lUSth N*w<York Vol? 2d do do ft: l?t New York Artillery 8 3d do do. ? . do do.... 3 ftth do dottt4t? Mk d^ do ... 1 ?tb do do...... 1 Ilth do do... 1 7tb do do...... 3 lit do C?nlrf K) 2d Vermont Volunteer* 3 i 1st Prnn. Volunteer* . 6 1 3d do do.... 1|31 do do II 1 lit. An An itatk An An 1 -W Mi ?|V WV. . * I * ?V ?v I 5th do do.... tf|?th .do do 9 l?t do Cavalry ...4'f*th do <io 7 1 l?t M&smchuaetta Vol. 19th do do t id do do.. IlfOth do d? S i oth do do..11 nth do do ? 1-th do do.. S,li'h do do 1 13th do do..llj*?th do do 1 15th do di.. I 3l?t do do 3 17th do do.. 1 4>d do do i 19th do do.. 1 ,9th do do 1:1 iJU do do.. 1 5'2d d? do i 40th do do.. 8,5*1 do do...... 3 5th do Car. 1 57th do r, 4th Conrecticut Vol.. 2|56th do d# J iwn ao ?o... 1 jtntx ao eo 1 lit Rhode Island Art.. 1 fti,t do do 1 tat do C?t . 5 ?3d do do...... 3 5th N. Hampshire Vol. l 73d do dr? 3 6th do do. llftd do do '3 ?th do da. 1174th do do 3 1st New York Vol ... 3 75ih do do lt? 2d do do.... 3|6l?t do do 1 Id do do.... 3?>5th do do 13 Rh do do l >?th do do 1 13th do do.... llwh do do 1 1'>(V .(a jl.t ^ i lin J ? >i ? ? a uw ?v. . i inju Ull nu<#( ? 15th do do.... 4 I05'b do do 3 16th do do.... 7 lyrthdo do 3 l?th do do.... 1 id do Reaerve.... 5 iv.h do do,... 2 31 do do I 20th do do.... 12 4th do do 8 21st do do.... 110th do do 1 VJd do do.... 1 7th do do 4 21th do do.... 3;*Kh do do 1 2jth do do.... 5 1st do Artillery... 1 27th do do ... 4 1st do Cavalry ft 'Dth do do.... 2 31 do do...... 1 3lit do do.... Sl5?h do do It 3-M do do.... 2 ?-h do do 3 TVth do do....11 13th do do 1 4(?:h do do.... 6 7th New Jersey Vol ... I Hat do do,... 2 lit do Cavalry 5 42d do do.... 3 3d do do... 3 43d do do.... 7 4th do do... 3 *4th do do.... 2 id Maryland Vol 2 43'h do do.... 1 lat Michigan Vol.... 5 SUth do do.... 121 do do 3 51at do do.... 131 do do 1 52d do do.... 2 5:h do do 14 Ot'.h do do.... J$>i lat do <;avalty. i 5>U> do do.... 3jl!?th Indiana Vol 4 57."h do do.... lji7th do do 2 5-th do do.... 4 lat M'nnescta Vol 1 ?9th do do.... 5 2d Wlarcnaln Vol.... i bin ao ao.. com <10 an..... 1 (>-M do do.... 1.6th do do 1 tK>d <lo do.... fi:?th do do t 6Jth do do.... 2:9th 1U1 noi* Cavalry.. 7 fiVh do do.... 3;>5th do Artillery.. I Mtta do do.... 4 j 1st California Vol.... 1 6- h do do 2. Sberman'a Battery 2 ?<Wh do do.... 8|2d tferdan Sharp*'ra.. 7 77th do do.... 2 McClellan Dragoons . 2 -.ill. J ~ J. 111-. IT U a 0 rr\u UU U'i.tit I * ?l U. C. J 4C Pint do do..,. 2 Stb do do II ?3th do do.... ljllthdo do. 1 ^Sth do do.... 1 '.'thdo do... 4 91s; do do.... S 2d do Artillery 4 Wd do do.... 1 j5th do Cavalry I !'ld do d?>.... I "th do do........ 1 95th do do,... 11 !*-th do do. Total 636 I'ttd do do...54! At Utntral Hospital, (Eekington,) Wathington, ff't* 9. t-th New York Vol... 2 !?t U 8. Chaiteura.. 1 ttith do do.... 3 17th do Infantry.... 1 v:jd do do.... l?t Artillery... 1 27th do do.... I 5tta do do 1 J:?th do do.... S4th do Volunteers. 1 tint do do ...10 75th do do...... 1 4-d do do.... *2 t03d do dr 4 45th do do.... 1 tOTthdo do...... 1 l'Mh An Ho I la* IT d ... Ill . .,m mv. i | V W va?r?U J iv 5Ud do do,... lj'id do do 5 7?'h do do.... 3 'jth do do. ....? ? y Hat do do..., 9* lat Maine Cavalry.... 3 t>'th do do....!- 4th New Yo-k Caralry 1 tK?tb do do.... 3 lat NewJf-rxryCavalry 1 1034 do do,... 2 Ith Penn. CaValry.... 3 l?t Rhode Inland Bat. I -Ih do do...... 2 4th Maine Battery.... 1 5th do do 1 Total 109 1st Berdan Sharps'ra . l At Otmtrul Hotjifl, May 9. 1st U S. Cavalry 1 57th New York Vol ... 7 5tb do do 3 5Stl? do do.... 3 6tii do do*... 3|51kI do do.... fi 1-t do Artillery.... l|83d do do....10 ?4 do do 3,0!th do do....15 rwl do do liWtfc do do....i? ttb do do Ijfcth do do.... 5 5'.b do do 'J *<lh do do.... 7 2<t do Infentry.... i :rth do do....lit ia oo ao 1 jSTtfc do do.... 1 4th do do 'i^th do do.... 1 6th do do 2|5*id do do,... 2 11th do do IjlVJd do do.... 1 12th do do 5 93th do do ? 11th do do lUith do do.... 1 17th do do 2|l?tNewJenCTCaTalnr47 1st do Sharpen... l{3d do Art.... I 24 do do Kjtrt do VcL... j 3d Maine Ba'tery.... 1 *4 do do v fith do do 1;34 do do 3<> :jd do Volnnleert. 6 Uh do do II 4th do do r, lit Penn. Cavalry.... 1* S'.ta do do 101 <d do do 1 7?h do do V.3d do do 1 let N. 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Battery. 2iSlat do do l id Hew York Vol... ? tod do do 1 ?:h do do.... ) (Tki do do 4 I t*b\ do dn..,. 5 73d do do...... 8 nth dn dc.... 4 74th do do...... 2 l>th do do.... 4 75th do do...... 7 l*th do do....16 girt do do ft 17U? do do.... a do do 10 lPth do do.... .5 HOd do do 1 ?<?th do - do....2?) 'JSth do do 15 do dc 7 y?th do do 5 Wd do do....24 dVth do do 1 *3d do do....? 105 th do do 4 aith do do....XI l?Uh Indiana Vol i<s 2tth do ~do.... 4|*7tb do do t XKtb do do....?(> 1st Michigan CaTmlry. 4 iTth do do....19 1st do Vol 1 2?th di rto.... < id do do...... 3 Wtb do do.... " 3d do do 6 "l?ith do do....11 4th do do 3 31st do do....If, tth do do 80 Wd do do.... ? 8th Illinois CaYsJry... 49 3id do do.... 3 id Wisconsin Vol.... ' >5:U do do....30 3d do do 1 36th do do.... 1 6th do do 10 37th do do.... 1 7th do do 16 Via do do.... 6 CuyroD l>r?goons...3t Jtth do do.... 3 M'Clellon Dragoon*. *| unh do do.... a Coiiia* Wmmmm n via do do.... UStgnl Corps 1 41th do do.... 7|l:tth Virginia Brlgaie 1 Wh do do?.. 4 (Quartermaster' cm 50th do do.... 3 ployeea 5 5-d do do.... # ClUxens 4 53d do do.... 1 54th do do.... 1 Vo*l.... 113S 55th do do.... I tET Wiaklagloa pa pew plow oopy and send MUa to tto War l)epartme?V may 14?St MHCHARLES S FOWLER fc CO ,?JD #W IMPORTERS, fijjj WHOLE* A LB AMD UT&ll HQ* W BBALna m CHINA, 8LASS AMD EAKTHEN WAKE, FiaaCuiterr, JIMUW Witlm. Hated Wtrt. (.(iftlOil Lamps Roll Matal Goods, Ciumnera and Wiaks. Block Tim 800J1. Luteru, fto., Ac. T5?j?r' WV?4 ,0.4 FMIW BU.I7 , .u tha oorcsr of E and Bororth eta. The u|kt of o?r large stook of nsn'a and Buys' O.otiua* will r?!i?v? all Mi aheiuiot ?T not bmng abls to f?t im'Sd or fi tad tt Mr MUhlnknnL r?? BAR k. BROTHER a trl&l, ud thr> wxl3 * *?< <lo wh?t ia right ay ft(K2m* ysss Sr7Si?ds,,KKfN,ii?*&c? bwmbmsCss&sMj^, ntOPK-MIB II.IT4MMI ?<.! < > >> ssasBVi^ !*? ,**l T?nU otroet, b*tw en t tui P A.1: 'ioMvh* <Uatr? to btnow fir* alawiior jarjy'.AS-.'y&r^A."" Tky cfmpstTx sassraslF1 1 1-10 TrMtttrf Nctftft. ?3Ht ' I AUCTION SALES. YBIB ArTBKIfOOH * TO-MORROW FrGBKUN* WIl I.IAMf. AMUjbmvs. f*rN MWUATiUN PALK - D*W'? u< tk? 7 BH' linie fMi f if n i ~ ' ^ *k" h? aalr o'f Li^ tors ftnd U mn *11 ?on taa?d at 8u>r? >? rf*3 ^?"rt.?? , \BI* t'MR*. o?Wi lartf'a Hotel w.t! W* coci'Htd 01 i SUIKDaS r.Mt, >h? \ b inunl At lAoolock, A n., *S?n lite imn >r?nfuin (tick cotfiiNi om* of tht wjM* And i,!t?or?, two b*rro)a 9?r Aid rnwry 0U-9r Art;c.r?. vi i te aold to IM felfhott bidder A ft- chALCO for good tAT|AlLf, ta ?t m??t Ho U OHKhN it WH.LIMHS. A*oto U. t2 K1 k \ A U . II* ug A - - VJ v ? ?? ri ,q r> ? vvir'Kwi v. LARGK AND I'KKKM' IOKV MALK OF FIRI Unii-rKiHr?>..<i,Uii)itT.M 6in aurf Fa?is? I, Ti Fie# t}roe?rtM. Tobaooo acd A o . I * oatalrgaeat Auo'ioa. OaM 'NliAY.tM ii.h ef Mm. ,miAcl, will be toll at Aaattnn, t?? v rt.s of a de*l of tr?it to u?? Mbicr 10o'?lf?fc. a. m .at Mo tut F*na lT?aia ar-tr.*, v*|i;arrf* Hotel, tb* Maok ard Fitturea ofatrat-eaaa v\im, Ln*w and Grocery ??ori> Th- a'uve ?to?k vaa vitb craat owe f.r a tint o>km trad*. |r o'nd*d 13 th? ?* e will b? loot-d manr art.c'M ?( #r?<*re? and it? L'^aora, worthy t?n> atte? t on of Hoaaekeerere. Su-lers, am Ue trad* is lateral. Ter.uo?fth. F. M. RKA/OR. Tun*, m7-dAda CRKtN * WltLlAMi* AiiU. IET-THK ABOVfc: HALV. WILL BR CONti. u?d on THUK*t)A\ MORN^fi. tba LSta inataat. at t;? ?% ? * ii>?r a uoa will t# mM w ol ?be ol?oicect Li^aora. tad Ui? attention of <<6Al?<a ab:! tic pub o :a Kv.ied to t&oafcio, * tbOT ctat b? aold to the h i^at biC<>:a Hy rtrlfT of the Truatf* mis 4 GHKh.N ft WILLIAM?. AupU., rUTVRBDATB. ~~ By M?Ht*HAL' A PA6E, AaoMntiO^ra ft >8 7rA ttrttt. U*!ft 04d H?il. Richly kilver tlatbi) j~k CiTrHtir Ftnr Bairn, Ctim* Iwit IIamiii at At to*?On THLM8 DAY MORN|\tf. M?y i&-b. at 9 o'ciook. Bid ? ?tlCKl:A'i NdKMNR M *? .7. V* **11 Mil n frr.nt o' the Anstios, a beiutJui and Tir'wl a**ort neat of? Bi.v?r ? a?ea \V*r?. Cet'err, T*i>ie l('Mn l>ie?t Mttticc. Rlstly (i'.ll Smift, Pi?> <? Cover# Crockery and G.a-??r?ro. ? urtitore. B^o *-"<! S <?-? Cktuptiiii, &:.d 0rt cfr:e?. Ij ciom ton* i n-ipr w >4 S: MAicH'H k. PAGK A note 1 J. C. Mc'it'lKh. * CO.. Auctioneer*. NKWA^DNEAKLY N?W CAK?I?6K? AT Ate: .ux-O.. r?.?Tl'RDAV MOMMN6. Msy 'online oi c at .? u o,.>rk l rball it troni of tfe A not on fo. mv Jm. C. MoSaire A Co. 3 Mew h ooitaways, 4 o*ar!y ? op B?r*ir? 3 nearly New N.? T. r N?*tie? They ar* roonlr of my o?o ?mke ar d bell* *? order, aon >ld uli* i i v oer to ir.tke -oo-n f.?. tSe alt\rft.! iAn ? p a- i* . Aa* a: ? *' - "? Ifl IT1J Ovtoh Slixlul K. H t?h *B'M, r??cb m ker 8th L'kr I). m !< du J C. MrGtliRK ft B? J. r MoGrtHK ft CO. A?et??nf?r f^OOD FL'RNITtKK AN0 MoLfEKKEr* "I IXt Hlijl.CTKi 4T Pen 1C"AL??1>? M->MD\V MCK -i 'i Maj job, at t'ciock w > l *? I a* No. 4*26 H ?'re?t. s.e;r ?l.a v-b r of Varmont pvsbko, tno r?? de <*??? *f*t>?anto t ? cm? tJ l?*v- h I h? H i Karo;'a ?? 'l Hf ots, euuib?r%'icf ic **r.? On* Wa rut fftrior i. i. o.< ?wtiuc cf 1 9ofa, 1 Arm h-i , 6 far o: Chairs, upm.?t?rad in Lf mult *-t ?i i ?. - ' *. u" ?? r i v. i'.?ii.Lor 7mi, c :rg ci jrr.oy Lini B.'dttrjwi varl-'e tor Dreenng iiitMG, *?a?-li-tao.1 arde uase r?at <jiiair?, On6 Ho*- 1 afi e O^rjt f.atne Pi^r G ??. Mi Bracket, Maril - op Center anJ S:J8 Tab'??. Oil Paintinga in f an reaal wo on Fir? Una 4a, i *m ? \V.n4' w Ccfa ua an; Ui.t Mtadaa, Bniaae a ^a-lir C?rp*\ nctais Chare t-er Ca p. t?. Hall 'run rtat I r^a. na i I'cloth. Veuitiaa Slur uarpet, autoa Mattin:, ?*alnu: fcat-n??on 1 ah;*, Mahotai t Sidet>oa*d. Cfcit a, Grata a: 1 Crockery Ware, ami Tab'f Cot^ le j. _ ^ u t.\rg i;:i*!rf, St ?w and other V& trr*?M. Btdlnf, te\iiier f . low*. Ho'?ter?, Ae. Fiitin* ?d Cloth o<>v?re<l Locate Ke riear&tor. CockirK covewru Kilchen Ketuitnet, A3 m ?? <1 J. C. MsOCIRE A CO., Anctt. Br OK KEN A WILLI AM8. A notion**!*. ADMINHTKATR \*8 fAl?K OF HOUSEhold ?? ? kmui* fcuiuii hosts*. Ciii'iet. Bce-y. d?EM e, bKin Horit Flants, Ac . at ainu* ? B? virtn* ofm order ot th < ?t?r nn'e Ccu.-t. will !>s ?oiti c Tf K9UAV. tbe? h dat of May insiar.'. at o'clock a. !>o 419 Fifth afreet weft, between k and P street* rorth. the me~:m.ed Go <1* and Cfcalt*'e,?i?? 1 pa r fi ie M \tcb Carr ate Horses, 1 exo*i eat F?nn y ''ar, 1 Htgjy. I'ouhe ar<3 9 n*.e Ue.rt.ess, i Irt 6 e?n Hcue? P Ai?u. an esoeil<nt assortment oi House r-.c'.a FarBttcr*. ?n? . Ho*ev. o4 tfofa. Castor. R^ertioo Oafc, ?*a l>r, ando.lifr Cl-aira, Fin* French p ate. G.It. Go.Mo rams Mirror and Bra;feet Warbi--top, Centre, and other, and 8iuehoa'd. Fi e Mreie ng Bureau, \V aerobe, L'ookcaee and Ssore's-fi Fine i*ei'?tead, IWdut. and Hair, Spr.Of, and o' Msitreisa*. t ice Brv.ue a,U*. . St*. aad othor Cfcrp*ta?b4 Ouclo h, L inife WW *o . Witt mas* other artie'.ea which we d??m ar.eecetUM.TJ to enanif r? ?. Tsrmc oiish. . KLItAHLTa BR'>??, ACmi-uctnfcix. m 14 d SKKfN A VVIM lA.Mf. Aucll Br J. C. McGUIRB & CO . Acoti^neera. TRU?^B?-'S HALF OF CITV LOTS.??* TiiB8?\Y A F IKRNOON, !K*t 2Ttta 'M, at 5S o'oiook.on the premieee, t-y vi'tn* of tw d^ci of trust to th- enb?)'iber, one dated January S2L1U9. and rro"rd?d in Lifcer J. A S , No '69, f. !io? 2to, ?t *<* : the other d*t?*t J* j lith, 18 ?. a ad reoosded u Liber J A. s , No. StL fo km Ml, et ?(t , of the La-d recorrt for WKhiBfton oocnty, D. C.. w? el. a.! ae'l one or.dinaed h%!fSt of Lot* 1. i, 3, 4, 5, 4, uJ 1. IB a&re wintered fr?uuoc on s n h E street, ween 13th ?cd Mt* a'r.-ets west (Island. I { Term*: On?-fcs'f ouh: trie bvanoe is alt month*, with ictereat, teeured by s deed of trnct on the prrnu*e? 11 eoave. &lcidc at *r.? ?o?t of the earohs*e r. Til O.J "' HKR, Tr??t?e, Ml3-eo4d? J.C MoSUIRK* CO.. Aeota. BOARDING. DOilD-OM nrwly fn'mshe-l Front Ro->m Md L> Bowit in a private tanulT, on 8:h tre*t, be(?Nn 6 and B. Mo. ?p3 m 14 8t* A gentleman an!> wife anntwo iniie c?n!ie;f!*a cmo? aooommodated with Koomi and Botrf, wh?re there are few hoarderr, by oaiiint w.on,at VJ'J lath str??t between P and and 1 street* A fsw *u j rwdert ctu be *?ooajmodnted m '3 ?t* fjMRST CLASHTAB!> BOAR D?44S Twelfth ?ir?et, betweeu 6 *1 H M v hour* > ? and 7 ooio?a u a ly FO^sILSTAND RENT. R7>OM* TOR RENT-Urfttil weT farcuned K -umt for rent to c?&ii?n en. la tr? ft ur nort brick house No. i3i Cat., between 12th a?<i i.?\ I lU m 14 ** O KSTAt'R A NT M'R 8ALK. v;tk F.xUrew la. ooma'ote an old etv<d ana doing a food ! n?? 8i<Loi??>t rea*or? for#? oat vJ: be given by oatlug at the Star Office. ;f FOR SACK ?-K K KMT?The SKID WILL MXTU>LS o| ? Provision !*u r? doiug a coo^ ->bsic?m?the owe-r iboot to iMve the ??y. Insane 3<3 E atre?t near l^tii. if I?1'* RKNT?At No 640 li<b rtr?L eaat rtd?, 6 Ud H i rem, comfortable Annma&U, tkMbtri e, a d wit* ?txmt oona kttuiiMl: 'teutli iff ishad. No chnJrec in ti? honw. The lootticc la one of tiM n:*t de irat e in \V aa iintfon in ?mm - - l?>?^ W'? tf'iW FOH KKNT-MMr fimukcd APARTMLNTS.ln la taanl id* ? rucinvia a n*o?t liflblo W cation. Od? ?nU or. 6nt Coor Apaty S*7 E it-fft, eorn?r cf lltn. n II it* TO RKNT-A n;oaly fnratahed HOU^^n*antly ntaatod ia tta* irpr pprt of u? e tr. Tna rent wr! b? lakaaoal in hoa-d i >r mas. vi% ad obi d. Call at Kooiu 93 Ponrtfc Aaditor'a ffiee. m li-M DOOMS FOR KtiNT-Tv* aawiy ar>d ?.t rartn ly Faraia^ed \pt~tm>->u, oa the ?1: 11 or. Hon??<oonjuta a 11 tha modern im#rura?-nt? a f II i<v. ? l ItrMt. DMW?a J*3 ?ra U-h.Ot?o?'t? Frankltn ^^u&re, ?. .eo f, i reot, ? *?*?? tadCtrnm Hon. *3 ?-* ROOM TO LKT, to *j*rt emic S. A wife, with botrd ? ? amvl *o.U|i built li9BW, wttb pie*?*nt rar*. ?orrouulu.f? Th* buuM li thj OD'r onatatbe aetAre on twee# R *a?l 8 , itnau, tw nraatee w?k fjoir Wi .&:d? . A t?iMaiuatdaileo^if; tf>* ao?e at ?ree?:.t md out 4g*atiwnuand wtfa Wi.:b?iakHiM N>?rd"? Applt m abow. l**? Mil BPILT ? ? ? - > m?1% '?rf? Dnu n nuucfi. nwi door to air MMdooo*. Mata i ait aioe telif room, t?o eenraata room*, kiohea. oe ?t. ac4 table Tot(OMud|?rmu?t tenant tfca^et Will bo t?0 ae year. A ppif to D J F MOE8AN. ooraer Marjiaad avenue aad leVaed. m ? *' I?OE RENT? Kit?er Wi?h or witheetBr+r*. r eerararwa l ftirnit^ed R4?OWS.a->c*i?t?.u of Parlor aad Chamber*. ia a ?!eeeart loo?tioa for the i am mar eeaaoc. Terme moderate Refcie^eee will be repaired. For location epr<7 at tao tiw af thta ?e?er. mil ?' EKJR RENT-Pia* ?UIT? OF ROOM* to let r at No 494 Fifteenth ste-t. U?we*B N#?\#rfc a venae an' If ?t . ea*t ?i e Bou*e wits fcich art e ?tofe. Pl<?uart aeoomrr". mi ->r? rr.a* be obta.aod for imhtbm.oc am, am i A J ? L'Ok ?? K-*c <id K AKUI f? V Hdl'SK oa P?. tmc, now <?isi 'ool fca :ar?j , * fc?? tr*n i?ao?( a., m d w<vtil mvk* *n *it?lint M>ndti t .'* ?**? .. a.'.us% >?. far *? iFM o ?iK l. K> t ft L UAMt,<DK #r 1 >i %i>4 I* " m 1 m i

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