Newspaper of Evening Star, March 29, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 29, 1864 Page 1
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v!/JU*ujiu?j 1 ir-M~r^ ? _ i?? ?_? ... . _ VSS. XXIII. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, MARCH 29 1864. . N?. %15S ?L "* 111 * J"* THE EVENING STilR VP FlfBLJKHEll EVERT AFTEHIWOR. iSHNUAV BJTVBHTBU,) AT THB STAB HTTIL.DINON, ?uta*n Fnw'* A^unra awd iitb Sriuan BV w? n. V, 4 LliACU, Tb wrwd vrl'^oni wrappers, t>y oarrvrt*. tec^fi J" P?t ww?; In wrappers at the 0j 'rM To mall subscriber* th* pric* Jt? 9-j per yp&r, *J for eli moutJla. Papers procured u iB* 9Utr office C?" QU>r, with or wUboai vrAppen, T"rto bach. Wf AuvrbtipwMjtsTH ahonld be sent to i* t jM<+ before IS o'clock a.; otherwise tfcey na? en? appear until tb? n**' day A llhWIIWWWMWWW?? AUCTION SALES. fllTBRE t>AY3. D* By J 0. MeGUl&B * 00.. Aaotiooecrs. IS1RAFLB BH81DXK0B SOUTBRA^t 005 KkB or TwELt ra emesT WBST tlo t} BTQKKT Sobvh.-Ob WlUft BSD AY APCARNOOS, Mir'.fl 31 ?t f.aro'elook on tUe premises, wa aaaU cell rata of Lota < acd 7, la square No. i2r, fr mating i/> H ?bG street north, at the eoner 0f Twalftb stmt west, aad running back M feet, n laches on Tweifh ?treet,Jla proved by a t-audeoAae Uree tory mi- ba??njent Brick Dwelling Hoar a three ro as ger.p. e otainlag hsIopb parlor aiue chambers, se.leis. ktehcn, servants' rooms. Beth roo a, sup plied with bet and eoid water. gas threathoct,aad ? bn?? ikable on the recr of the '*>? the wbole en ilrwd wits a ra Sciential kriek w/kll The house Is ?applied with flee cloaeta nod p',atri?s throagbout, end the entire premUee ire dr? mod thrragh a la'gS sswer croselrg under the rear of the tot. Terms at sale. Cwveranees at eost of tb', purchaser. ?Wj JMO MoC^IRl A 00.. itttl Bp J.O. M?GU MA, CO.. Auettoaeers. / <UAT BALB BT OAT ALOOOBOP 9BTBMTY U?UI? PIBST CLASS B? /ILD1BO LOT.1 BBLOSOIM to van ' Davineon PjsraTB."?Oa TOBBDAT APTBBNOON. April 5t at g o'clock, at the Auo ttaa rooms aaraer ef T^nth and B streets, we shall >,U'~ TB PIBBT Oh ABB BUILDING LOTS, beleaf in* to the '* F /avldaon Bstate," ooe^rlstaa sasMt cf the ssoet ef ?ibte butldlag lots to be found h tt? ftti??ttaatad pttaelpsllf aa 'he high grounds aerih if Pennevlv* nia avenue, VetweeaNlaih aad Fifteenta rweti east la the heat improved aad yeet desirable p at tf the city tor private reel fei deetripti* /% eatalogu?s,with tarns of sale ho. 00. Aaeta. . ?* *? L. WALL It 00., Aaettoaeere. Fm?t?ivan*m errant and Ninth si A *AL?! ^B AftDOUOlOBOOLLBOTlUMOF ? OI'A/AI1ITIB08 At AOOTIOlf U* ?*7 o-el^k; iJLlVS* ?" at the Aaettoi Booms hp eatakiyue, a *rJlii* ??? ahu?ee eoUsetioa of Oil Palatiaaa, ag works of *r*a^ me it.aui ? oi ' by the following Artists, aad ot,)a<-s : fane* Ael Saaa V Bammel Je"' Braeghel iibmena Paole B?ga> tig ?anBupaan Araota Cbai /aaalUe Brleard Br>ogiao ?li'/T* ??* . lt Bosa ue Tiveli ?*7?rt P Brwkelburg Oarlo Mirali A f / iMagartea Marttn fsalet ?* ?Bpt?J< *iia Bomsnille Laara y a HodfyBaelierB/Mtes Pa?atl "al ly L loa'to 0?at> . 1 b*?e PaiaVngeare from the eolUet on of th? teb? Sraavula 8. 0ldfl?id, aad aaay of taem are .a>*4*nbtedly origla l. Oatakvuee will b? r*a^v and tht> Plotu-eeouex hiM'ion ttf day pr-vioua to tbe sale ab WM.L #4u'i ft CO Ane*e By (BRBBM A WILLIAM8 Auet oaeer? 11 ? ai.i;abl? bi il')i>o Lor"r ")VrfN* 1 ? oa v *ai> W iVD ova ?va aoavH, *r Auo vw?a- Oa TUB8DAT. the 5th of A >ril n-at mi aiali aell in front of t-e praaiI-#? at 5^'eloek p as . tbe fr?lw?wi' g h>iid4ome Hbiidmp Co * vis leto Bo. t. 4. 7, 8, IS, M. S 11 17. tf aci 19 (o sabd viaUn of rauare No S>S: th^e. 1 tt* hav? fronse ef 38 feat each, rune log *ae? 99 feat ta alleps, aad very hande< melv mtu t#d. T??m#: One-tAird eaeh halaae* ia Kit anl tw*t^e n ortas f?r n< t?? bwtai Interest: a Seed gi'en sad a de*d of *rn?t taken Al conveyance and ??ampeat the eost of the par the-rr alBMdftds GKKdN ? WILLI%MR, Aaeta Bv J 0 McOCIRl A '*U Aa^'i jn**rs FCfc*7Yf BB AND BPFBCTS UP A P1?ILT BvCLi|i?o U*'ubik * br i .so ? Oa PR! DAY M<^MN?,aprtl in,a* lu o'sutt at awe No VM.B m?i"t. brtwi rn VHh *0' ut- ?tr .?M w? ibstl ** 1 tne far, (tare ?nd tlf^ote eomprisina* lUAogaci rc'a C a'r* and Louu* ti' if 'i OU''loth, an'* Hattina, Wtadnw Curta!n>- and Bh?d?? Mirror. Pt? iag Tenia, t<i4rNoard B(fa ?kins, afrt Urr?k-rv Wi>?. atd Wood 8 at Ohelre. <t?frigezator, Dvob ? ant Pirg'a a 'nt??d?. lJv*ea?a^ Ws??ir. b?-s Waab*lai('e. Be r aar Hwk M -tt'e^e-?. B .Uv?rsaud Pillows, lUiik tf >'omf rt?. Bpr-aie P*"ew Oaru-rs, H- do and Byes, f-h>m'?> T ikU?. To '?it "?tte, teetlas ar <1 other atove, *eea'?tr vita many otser articles of Bouaehold r?e. T? meoteh w>h * a J O M-oriRT % oo., Aa te !'?> 3 O H K a o , Ai ti nt >*e H<>LKB!IO(.D ITDKMM'Ha 4P AHOriOV ? Ou'H fcMJAY ?OHM? #) M??ah3:*t. ?? ld ? ocb will r? !| a-hrrn N<? 94n ? 4tr>at. V*?<a B'aM??-n*h nd (Jlr?t?*.itk >tr>><iij, tt* ?eeeelilc Parn'ture and Effect* oomprisiog. in JhrK ?jter?d A'm Chaire M?kn<\<iy tfidoCh*"-rs, TwrkUh ? nonnf a> d Pillow, ?? on Centre re1))*, Walin* Wba? Not ride Tab es, * S>? eta/y. Boot D?^>. B?l-f o?. r?d Loot g* O^ante !?>?, ?a?? Feet Arm ano R--eptior Okairi, Bs'aot?*t r?i?iD lUnHtf r bU. " Ona? B*** A m Di' in* r.h*ir?, ? ?bA?an\ Ha* h*ck H% I Oh?i-a, fV.itegeBr e Pin? Wariro've' B.-fh . !><? Hair Mattre??-? lr^tn BedaVale, (liaaard Into let Ware. 0 otbae*Baskets, Tin Balh To^ V?r?'Un BHalee, lkht'u.t Hnreaus. fiilt PT?r*? Toilet ?lae ??e Biiioln Thro* plv, aod Ingrain nary>ta. ??ire?hcr with a general aaaortmeat of Kttohaa Bt-anielt?a. Ta^m* eaeh. wb 2? -l J. 0. MoQPIBB A OO . Ancte. Bv OBBBN A WILI 1**8 4r?tion-? a r ALa OP A VaLCAJL* B Tff.D iko Lot oa tbi Iblapd ? On THt7RW>IT, ta. M. t inrtaat. a'. 6 o'e'oefe p na.,weaha'l eell la ftaa* of the pressLaeeppart Lot No ? ta qaareNo itl, raw) Lot frauta o? 11th street, between D aad B ai?*?ta snth raaning bach ninety See feat tan aaa-a half ia<rhaa T*nr s: Ob* half eaeh, halanea B sal II aoatha. aeeared bv a deed af trust oa ha pran le-s TI l? ix.d,rpatable To ha eold without rsae-va. ? HBd OBBBN A WILLIAMB. Aaeto IB' HI DBS. TT ILL BB BOLD AT AOOTIO* BVBBT WBD BBPPAV andBATUBDa f at lloMleha m.. at tha WBABV ootof 81x h etreet, all t?a HIDB4. TALLOW, Aa. that may ha on haad, of Oattle ilaaabtared outside the limits of the Wtrirt of Orvlnmbia. ard shipped to thia point for eaeh dlepo sMon Terns eaeh la Gwrernseent fa a da. to be palt a* the tima of aale 6 BBuL ash> lm H?at. Oot. and 0 a T. i ^OOTIOH BALB Of OORDBMNBD BTOOK. Waa Uiriimn Oavalbt Btraaao. J Ctflce of Cknf (j*arttrmasur. J PiUMtlei D (T. Marcus IBM \ W01 be aald a- nubile auction to taa highest bid der, at the Depot of the Oavalry Bareaa atftiet boro PoUat,enTBrBBDAl.the 'Tthdav of March, bad oa THO BBD AT, Ue 31X day of March. iSBA Boss flrtj (|P) to oaa hundred (luO) c-iadeaaed Batsaaraeh dav Thee* Hots*e have ha?a eoadvmaed as aaft for the cevairy aervia* of the BaUad Btatee anap. aaee* Hots*e aava na?a aonaumneu as usai ror le cevairy aarvio* of the BaUad Btatee map, Per road aad Harm parpocee maay good bar galas CP ba had CCTION Is A LB Ot OOSDBMNBD B0B8BB, WaaBapaaTMnaT.OtVai.Bv Bouts, bid A Waa BapaaTanar 0tvat.iv Bo as to, 1 (lilu V Ckitf OumrurmaMtr. > Pfftn;lM, U. C , P?b 19. MM \ Wtll b* sold ti pa" tic auction, to the hlg at bl dec. at th* pUcre aad dat?e eam>*d be lav via : it BlBia Peaaa. B?? Boreas P iday, dth March At WilKameport reoaa 3<0 Ho-aac Tuaaday Mh Mareh At A'u>oia. Penaa . 9>0 Horeoc. Vriday, Utb Jl N*v "ruuswlek, ? J , ?t Boraes, Tuesday WU tlarch. At Bastoa, Peana. an" Horece frid^y, 19tt< it Newark, B. J.. ?< Horcea, Tuesday. ? Marel. *t Lebanon. P?ooa.. BO Boreea, P rid ay. let), Mar ah at Wiit*rbarr?. Peaaa .SO' Hors*?,Tueeday.?tt March. Hor #? bava b#?n oroiemned ae an3t for ih. (J*??lry wrrlwof the Called fttat** Army l<w and farm pirpo?*e many pood bargains ?aay S. ha-? ?o **? will ** mH *inaly. Ba?*? tn s?ria at a. m. aad continue dally till ?B era e"M T?rm? i>vb, In United t?ta?e# Treasury Nate* ?oi* Jt?B* % BSItV. W C?l*f Q?irtnm>wt?r 0?v%)rv Borwao ROOPI N tt P B LT I vinw ? BOOflNO PBLTI! B. 0. WILBON A OO , Poov OP 1*n 8t W?BT Wt8BIPOTv>B. D. 0., Manu'hetarere cf ?0uPlt*O PBIT OHY AND r AR1BD 8HBATB IBO. POOPING CBMBNT aad LAMP BLACK, PB -T ANDcaMBNT, Wholesale and Betail. B*et?r> mppl ei on the moet Mbvral terma. rnett'rp-P?ot of Ud rtrret weet OMea?1*1 ?d ?*? et t>? 1' ? e fa avu ae m*? 11W LV1R **.LB-l&,'?0 extra choice ba dv Bver a htonaaiig ho?we, aa^ao'iae. Traa*. Paoaey wtearlae. 0 *mati?o. Orao<e aad Lcaoa T ees. PM'er Pleats Aa , Oraamcnie* Tree* Kb rube VHatMaa Plaa?e Bvergrcens. Prulu Trees, Aa *h? cn t*cU?a coaapria^e the moat celebrated klads ??nwa la Surope or Aaerlea. A J ABDIB. PtoKet. ?bu Ua* Mth st. "or. of <i. ^OTlci.?rorcal*. 4BBBetiof 1.>? aad ? horse ta-wTsl D^PlVb BB* D L^BB*0 'Am(7^o JJWOB.K, m Peaa. aveaoe.let 4^ a^Btb PERSONAL. Mm. h. SMITH?AM KXHUINf OLAlb veyaatand tMt Medium.4P4> I at w?ar4ih,de scrlbea and communicatee with spirit frleals, ?eea living Msnds at a distance, tells *h?lr character, Cte Btnta. nuninu tlwifi perfectly, Bina as, weds the fbtare Boar* from 10 a m till 8 p.m. 81 tt lags fl. mUT in* Mrs. whBN ib during hopeless ca^es Or D1SEA8B Jj Magnetism an i Electricity, when all other treatment fall a. Oall and tea tM tlmnaiaU at 44ft K atrret, Washington, mta 3 m* | APIS?, OALT LOOK AT TBIBI-Weareeow Ajprapared to 4o any kind of Embroidery by nftU tol bends, on u?h terms that eaanot fall to aattafy. Wo do you Stamping la elegant stylo, and no , ?a _______ elegant stylo, and brtektnt, and wiah It to bo aaderstaod tbat we are not eoarectoo with any other plaoe of the kind la the city, where Stampiag to advertised. CTOur plaoe la SM F street, oppoal'e the Patent Oft ee ?a Looh ent that yon do not mistake the street. We daily reeeive new Patterns for Braid and Bmbrot D MUlOAIi! I OBSONB ttferlaa with SyjhUls, Go?orrhae r rant* Gleet, Bemlaal Weakness, or ear description, should e^nmmedlatoly upon female Dlseaeee treated to the Meet soientlflo ad successful manner The Doctor's Diploma banes In his efloe. A euro gaaraatled. Fees moderate. DB.DATIB, 44P Tth street, opposite tost Oflse, dototon Boom 99 np rtalrs. DENTISTRY. QUAT DIBOOYBBYJH DBNTIBTBY TmU MarmtUd wUlum^Fmim wftAlfts Mukriu H I would ad rise all per eons ha Tin a teeth to n to sail at Br. VmrjimSrXTl ^ ,i , and bare them taken oat by this new /EjjKB and karmtom process Also oall and 7/7tWW ?wise the rooter's new and lm- f 1 proved method of 1 .sorting Axtttelel Teeth. If rou oaoe seo the gr*at Improvement In bis teeth IU them In no other styte than this new {wa72Sft!&0!f> ?? a*? Pa. avenue. between llth and l.ftb ?tre*la ? P R LO^IB M. P. Dentist M teeth. ? M. D.,the Inventor and Patentee or the MINERAL PLaTB TEETH, at . lends personally at bis office to this/ slty Many persons ean wear thsse teeth who eaanwt wear othere and oo person ean wear others wfco cannot wear these. Persons Mill a* at my offl -?> aan he aeeommooeteo S?J ' tola and ptlee of Teeth they may desire cut to those who are particular and wlab the pares* ?leea*st. strongest, and mojt perfect denture thai art ?*? produce. the MINERAL PLATB will h acre fully warranted Booms In thlsoltv?No. 33* Pennsylvania avenu* *?*???? 9th end 1?th atreet* 4 lao, >207 Arch St . ?>'ia?*e'-Me aa?* 1v PAPERHANGINOS, fco. PAPEHHANGINGS. A gre*t variety ef ENTIRELY KNW STYLES OP VELVET ANL GOLD PAPER, 8ATIN GROUND PAPER, COMMON PAPBR AND BORDERS. CANTON MATTINGS, Cheek and White Mattings, both Sue and common gradea. FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, Prosa 3 feet to 12 feet wide, together with a great ?ari^ty ?f WINDOW SR ADR9, ?BRA8S WINDOW CORNICES, CURTAIN UAN l)S, DOOR MATS. PARLOR MATS, COCOA MATTING, Ac All orders promptly attended to at RIFFLE A FALCONER'S No. 34P7th street, between I ?tre?*t and "h l&-ee3m* ' Mana. avenue. PAfKHM ASHtNtiB AM U WINDOW MUtOItt J L EIDaBLL world respectfully inform bi? Monde and the public generally %aat he has now jb band a wel< ae.ect?d assortment of WAuU PA FIBtf ai d W IBOOW -U ADhd naitaMe f >r parlors, balls dinine >o?ma. Ac Also on hand, FIB C BOARD PblBTf*. PAPBK CURTAINS. 0080 PASCALS, Ac all of which he la p e pa rod to ael) at ?b? toweat caah prieea All pa per a bang In th? sity or oonatry by ex*- rISDoed workmen at short ootiee. Remember the plaoe?No 307 D street, near 9tb ?treat, in Frankllt. Hall Building jaBtai Beernltfli Wanted to wtu? THB QUOTA OF THB DllTAICt Or COLOMBIA. BOUHTT FOR ?BTBRAJfi, a ?? 999ft of whleh will bo paid la advaaeo. BOUNTY FOB NBW BB0RUIT8, ?99ft ol which will be paid la advaaoo. BOUHTT FOB COLORED BEGBUITS, ?150, raid la advaaeo. PERSONS WIBHIBO TO BHLIST Will apply to nay of the (oUowtag BBOBU1TIBO OFFICERS: a. a. barbr. *-r*? Hall, aaar the Market, oa Feaaoylvaala aveaae, between Beveath aad Nlath streets I. 9. HTDB, Ooraer of Foarteeath aad Hew York aveaae. 0. A. KBABBBV. B street, aoar eoraet of Hlneteeath aad Fs eytvoala aveaae. J. O. fabbbb, Corner of High and Danbarton streets, Oeorga O. O. LANG LEY, Navy Yard Bridge, has been appointed Boerulting Officer BBBBT A. SOHBBTZ, Captain and Provost Marshal, 1 lt-tf Dial*let i-f Columbia WINDOW Ml A IlKS. bOLD OP Ay UK W.H7S BUVV 6 HE* N AND M IS HOI LASU FIX! URh'b; all approval *t*le* G. L. A 4 B & ML Y, Manure turars ? nl I man tar*, Hroa"wiy. New York tlRTllflsr NBW STYLES, >4 O I M4 , SWIfi LACE, S|S N?TZN0^AM MUSLIN, 5^2 BROCATKLL* HEPS, 5 o a TERRY CLOTH DAMASK. O ? ? JAPANESE f " CLOTH. COVERS, FOR PIANOS AND TABLES G. L. A J. B. K ILTY, IMPORTERS, ith jo-ltr 3*9 rfroadway W?w York. pBOFBPBOR ALBX. WOLOW8RI las onena? r feia rooms tor SINGING and PT1N0 FORTS TOCRPE/ AU tkose who desire to avail them aelvef of the beneflts of his now a'id Simplide* System, will oall at hisreelaeaoe. No 316 F street torn* r of llth Reoepttoa hoar* are dally from tu jeo'tloab . w?. tais I^BQOBVILLB AOADBMV, A BOMB SCHOOL FOB BOYS. Who are reeelved at any time, aad ekerged from 4et* of eatraaee Address B B BURN8, Brookevllle, Montgomery eoantv, " fe Iftaolm Maryland. WJ rapfibo PAPER vv For MM at the Btos odtoe counter, at toaosato so* a AMUSEMENTS. GREAT NATIONAL CIRCUS! MRS. CHARLES WARN 1R, (formerly Mrs. Dtn Rice} ?. Direotres*. NOW OPEN FOR ONE WEEK ONLY! PERFORMANCES EVERY AFTERNOON AND EVENING. AT SIXTH STREET AND HEW TORS AVENUE. This Equestrian Organisation baa been arranged with due regard to bigh-toaed refinement. The company consists of the following well-known Artistes: MRS. CHARLES WARNER. (FORMERLY MRS. DAN RICE.) ME. HARRY WHITBY, MASTER JOHNNY WHITBY, MISS ELVIRA WHITBY, MI88 BUilE WHITBY, MRS. FRANK WHITTAKER, THE DENVER BROTHERS, MR. GEO. DERKH7S, ME. JA8. HAWKINS. MR. CBAS. KING, MR. FRANK WHITAKEE, . MB. D. HOWARD WM KENNEDY, CLOWN. The two Comic Mules, CONTRABAND AND CUNNING, * will be presented to the audience by their trainer. Doors open at 2 and 7 p. m Admission 90 cents. Children under 13 years of age 29 ets. mh 28-lw* CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIC ICANTKRBURY IIALI. I AND II A L L {CANTERBURY HALL,f THE ATBR Louisiaba Avkkpr, Krof of Naitonai and MtUopoiihm ii ittls. Gkobob Lba Proprietor BRILLIANT AND VARTKD PERFORMANCES ! UNBOUNDED ENTHUSIASM ! CROWDED HOUSES! The best conducted end most popular place of amusement in th?- countrv. MORE NEW A. TRACTIONS! The he-t, most talented and attractive perform ances the country ran produce. The man^kge-nint have gained for the Canterbury tl>e prou i titl ? of the model music h all ok the w >rld. The entire great Dramatic Op-ratic and Terpsi chore&n Alliance will app.-ar to-night. MISS JENNIE ENGEL, The beautiful and dashing Sonjrstr >ss THE RONZA > I BALLET TROUPE W. F. Cavat'.angh, Messrs. Willia-ia. Went.D >ngh erty. Runner, ' onnelly, in their lifT-rent acti. DKLKHANTZ AND WAHD, The great Clog Dancers. THE U UKT OF BEAUTY. M He Media. Naomi Porter. Jennie Forrest K-n-na Sfheli, Estelie Forrest, Nelly Rainfori. Louisa Bolrtte. Mary Coulson. ucy Clifton.KmmaThorn a? h 11 appear to-night. A great variety programme to-night. inclttiing ?b<antilul Drama, a splendid Ballot. LaunhtMe i thiopiai s. Songs. Dancing. Extravaganzas au-i a K?iry I'anromime, frc. Doors oven at 7; performance at 3 SPECIAL NOTICE TO LADIES. A G l?AND FAMILY MATINEE. For tut e\press accoiumo i at ion of la lien and chi! - dren.will he given --n SATURDAY' AKTERNOON. April 2. Doors open at 2 o'cioc* ; perforin inces at 3 o'cl* , st rh?ap prices, as follows : Ladies to reserve! Orch .-stra Se ?ts 25 o?nts Children to reserved Orchestra Seats 10 cents NOTICE KXTK VORUIN ARY. ft III l/r (/. , i J 1.. _ <? ? 4^, - ?L ^ ^ geous. spec'acular p.antoimmoia* per ?i.ik I ?.t ?i.c th?-at?T. rn itte 1 THE HOUSE TnAT J ACK BUILT with new tricks. luachinwrv, %(?.. at a cost of two thotifrand d- il.irs. Look out for it. inh2i-lw VARIKl'lt.ft! VARIKTIK*! Fboktiko I'tJiNsri.v am a Avbmub A NintiiStkbst \ AVI rih: 1 I V.iHIQTlUS VA ME It? MUSIC HALL ViMETT S iAlil-7If si AVD I VtHJ TlV-i. \AhnrtTS.\ \ vtniKii *:.s, THEATER. | VA II TIHs, yah i *? ii's ) i v am firms HaMPI I!? a Co ? Proprietors Fiti Si?MOSH_^_ Stage Manager and A lv.-rti.4er. NFW STARS! NEW STARS! NEW ST A '{?? f BOL>E CB<?VOED NIGHTLY TO EXCESS ! F.v?ry spot a human b.iug stanling. The great excitement increasing. All anxious to see. h ar and applaud, Gr-at Alministracion l'Uy and l'olitical Drama. Great life story an ? tale of crime. G"eat public ex position and people's eye-opener. . The mora' lesson and Union representation. The pres ent state of female depravity. Wit rested by thou sands, mercb ants an J statesmen. Applauded by soldiers and workingrnen. Ad min d by omc rs and bravemen. Breathlesg they sit side by side. Attentive they watch row in row. Evil eye of evil doers closing with shame. They offer thousands of dollars to step the piece, but out of Justice to the moral and to punish the wicked, IT WILL BH PERFORMED THIS EVEVIVO IT WILL BE PEHFORMKD THIS EVENING, For the actors that figure in thedrnmaare proto t* pes of the people now in this city, real per 'souages. We meet them daily. Prss"nte-J here in most cases un^er assumet names out of respect to their relations, their friends and their positions. Their hearts consecrated to mammon, their souls the almighty dollar. The Wtils of the orphan, the shrieks of the wilow, the pall of tbd - coffin, the shades of the grave, the vi sions of hereafter. fa?e not their fro xen feelings. Their sympathies iron and their hearts are steel. Pit?simmons'copy righted drama, author of over 28 suee^ssful acting performed triumphantly in this FEMALE PICKPOCKET OF WASHINGTON; FEMALE PICKPOCKET OF WASHINGTON; HlOn AND LOW LIFE IN THE CAPITAL. HIGH *ND LOW LIFE IN THE CAPITAL. Every government clerk, every politician, every mechanic, and parties of both sexes??I1 in terested. Ail onr old citiaens know tba lady. All our statements from endorsed truths. ALSO FLAYED WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON FOR THE LADIES. ALSO. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. Ladi-s must come early to get a seat. Last WpI nesday many ladies had t" stan 1. over fifteen hun dred persons being present. ALSO THE MUSIC II ALL SHOW. THREE NEW STARS. The Premier I)*nst u*e of the day. MISS AUGUSTA WALRY. The greatp?-t Ethiopian Artist of the a^e, MR. BOB HART. The Ravel P*r.toniiinist of the Foster star troupf?, HERNANDEZ FOSTER. ard ever thirty other artist*. . On Wi dnes.lav night, in al lition, the wonderful pai.U mir.e. JOCKO. THE B?AZILTAN APE; Or THE MAN M NKEV. The Mart Monkey, by the wonlerf-tl a?i!eH *r nanriti Fob er. as performed by him niuht after nigb t at the F'ont s retrt Theater. Baltimore. ' nl) imnse nnd pinder, when nightcoTi *s. where yon will Fp<>!;fi the miis' pleasant ev ring. a>iJ jovr p< od ju'tirment will point out the Varieties. Admission, i.'. and ATI cts. Private hoxes. $5. ^?TV LADIES OF WASHINGTON, fWj S. HELLER, C55 ,Vc. 34 Market Spr-r* b I l'h nmd^'h lish < pened a very lnrg< a^sortin 'tit of Spring an I Stm mer Cloaks. Also, a great variety of F+n"y l'< rnets and Flowers. Embroideries, such as L.V* ? Collars. Handkerchi"fs. Sle.-^es, Ac.. Ac. Fancy Goods, Fancy Paras. Is, Corsets. HoopS'virts. an l a Inrge aKSortment of Ladies' Un ler CLithing an I the lest cheap price (JLives. Lalies you wpl lo well by rolling and etaininins our stock of * ois before you buy elsewh re. mh 24-lm* MULES! MULE SI! MULES!!! I have for sale s<-venly hea?l of large young MULES, all of which are well broken t0j wort. *Uo. some Ine saddle and har nefs HORSES which will be sold on ac commodating terms. _ J AS. H. SHREVR, mb 81 -<t* 7th street, het. H and I sta. Roofing felt ANDCEMENT 319 Penna. avenue, ap staira,' mh 1< eolm betwaen Pth and 10th sta. B"0"1 f|V / is AM08KMBNT8 DIOIU'I THEATER. FIKK9TLTAXU AT., NI1R WILLaKDN IIoTCL Lsobabd Onov|R Direr .or Tl.IS (Tuesday! EVENING. March 25. 1 Va. SUPfcRIOR TO ANY PRESENTATION OK THE OPBRA IN AMERICA. Only time most positively of Flotow's favorite Opera of M A R T H A ? Ob, THE FAIR OF RICHMOND. without abridgment, in four acts, with a cast of unparalleled strength, and a powerful chorus of thirty, including the leading artistes of th-j cele brated ARION NJCIETY. The Grand Orchestra from the Academy of Musis.New York. M'me Bertha Johannsen as Lady Hariet Hgnora Louise Frederic! as Nancy M. Frederich Oraffas Lori Triitam M. Fran* Himmer as Lionel M.Anton Steineefce as . . .Plunket Signer Carlo Lemani as Judge Peasants. Girls, Hunters and Huntresses. CARL AN8CHUTZ Conductor of the Opera The Director would call attention V> the fact that this favorite Opera will now be prodused entire, it having been customary to omit almost the whole of the fourth aot. This favorite Opera spar ties with musical gems, and will be rendered in suoh a manner a* to make it, vocally and instrumentslly considered, one of the greatest treats of theag*. The plot is one of the utmost romance and Interest. Reserved seats for either of the nights for sale at Metzerott's Music Store and the Box Office of the Tluater at the following MOALB or PRIOBB. Orchestra Chairs S 50 Vress Circle and Parquet ft Family Circle - 90 Private Boxes 9.2 00 Secured Seats CO cents extra. TO MORROW, t Wednesday.) Maroh 30, LA DAMJt BLANCHE. Grand Opera by Boildeaux. First appesranee of M. THEODORE HABEL MAKN. the celebrated Tenore Graaia. There will be no Opera given in Thursday, April 1. nor any performance at the Theater. FOKD'M NEW THEATKR, TinTh Strbbt, abovb Pbubstlvaivia Avb.sob. THIS (Tuesday > EVENING, Mar-h ?*, ONCE MOM AND BY SPECIAL KK4U&3T. EDWIN FORREST will reappear in hi* great rendering of the CARDINAL DUKE, In Bulwer's Beautiful Play of RICHELIEU, Supported as follows: Adrian De Mauprat Mr. John McC;illon*h Julit De Murtemar Mr*. J. H Allen Count Ue Baradas -Mr. J. A. It ;rne Jcscph **r ?? B. Puillips And the entire Compmy. Tuesday,seventh appearand of HIwio Forest. To-morrow. (Wednesday, by universal request, the great play of . THE OCTOrt"ON : On. LIKE IN LOUISIANA rue notice will he given of the tirnt performance o! the new play, bv Geo. II. Mile*. Rsq., entitled p SRSOR VALI8NTE. IMPORTANT NOTICE. PIRSCNS HOLDING KErtERV t; l) PLACEj ara respectfully requested to ATTEND EARLY. The immense throng of patrons now atteniing the theater till the thoroughfare* to an ext.-nt rejideril g access to secureif places somewuat diffi cult a t< r 'he rise of the curt tin. *DW1N tOR?E8T 8 NUIMTH, M ?Vl> \V, rUE-i DAY, THURSDAY AND PRIDAY. PRICKS OP ADMISSION. Dress Circle 50 cunts Crcliextra Chairs 7Scents I amily Circle .25 cents I rivat?* Boxes ?10 and $i I eserved seats on Mr. Forrest's nights 2 ? cl?. extra ?K?AT MhTKOPOLirO II VLt. Pibbsvl vin a Avsjioa abu EbkVHNrii ^trkbt HARD NEB A CO Pro?fUtor?. I'MijUMlitied approval m-cts the efforts of O ir mm- dt I'i ertnn < f a I companies. " K*i??. vi-Ji i cr."mid the tinman en queior The proprietor-, ol'tl ta >-upfrb establishment have adapted it sev i ? a y ai> their motto. RS*ei.?i " " * ?*????* r MESSRS. EARTH L 'iBW A BCiT BR, 1 he two gr>-at Pat-toniim.s ? CON a r *N n.N'S GREAT BAI.LEr TROUPE. M'? LE fcolt E, rr*mier? Dan'eu^e. tof-B ANNA KI'HH MIS* M ARY WALTJS 11 l?s> VIOLL* E LANK, W>". 8( OTT, <-et>*hrated I'snor. I . hUL'VME L, Live rtao) -ist HANK Ui miipioD Jig Oan*er. ?D. MURRAY. GB>. n MUKRAY. U HJKOK M 11 B*, (jtKO. SUK D>N. * Lh celel r>t?<J A?r?'hat. ? Et'RCE I'E Lor IS A*lt HIS TRAINE ) D )G JENNY LINO Forming tbe greatr?t <*o htnation of talent iu t ie w?.rld. To conclude.' n each ev. ni??B "hi? week with the gorgeous com c Pan omim' or I/ON JUAV Nev Pcener- Dr. sses, Ac. ADMISSIONS rjSTs. OPCHFSrK* CH\tRs. 30 CBMTS. FBI > AT* BOX B* HAND S3 B %'OQ, GRAND F?mTlY MATINEE ? very Ba'urday Afternoon at 2 o'tliult. Admis sin: 1 adies 15 cents; Children Vicente, nah 2< f OKORGRTOWN ADVBR'MT> rj O BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. The subserihers will receive sealed proposals for the erection of a Market House in this town until norn of the 14th day of April next. The building is to be erected on the site of the prtsent Market House, and will be about forty feet in width ana nearly two hundred an! sixty feet in length, a part of which is to be two stories and the remainder one story high, an 1 the erec tion to be of the be?t materials and workmanship. Tbf plans, drawings and specillcations, in full, can be seen on application to Win. Laird, E^q. Clerk of the Corporation, and will a (Tort all th-' information that can be desired by those who may feel disposed to contract for the work. The party or partieB whose proposal! may be accepted can have immediate possession of the site, and it will be expected thai the work will be 'commenced without delay and prosecuted to as early completion aa practicable.. HENRY ADDISON, RILEY A. SHINN. PETER BERRY, JACOB C. HBIiTON, CLEMENT A. PECK, Building Committee. Georgetown, D. C., March 24th, 1 AA. mh 84-eotd f HOS. H. DONOHl E A CO., X PL UMBERS J -D HAS FITTERS, Ho, Bridub Stbbbt, Gborubtowx. All orders for Ga? Fitting. Alterations and Ex tensions will receive prompt and atten tion. Plumbing in all its branches executed in the best manure. Water introduced and Hydrants put up at short notice. mh 22-lm* GEOROETOWN T AX E8.?An abatement of 8 per cent will be allowed on the aunual for the rnrrent year if paid on f.r before the first day of April next. mh 17-S.w* CHA8. D. W ELCII. Collector. ocr POWRt'MEOCOL' EGB.BALriMOiKCOUNTY. Md . will commence t e summer ter n of II weel- ft on W?'?day. I th of April. Th ? nu iiber of stud iitu in limited to twenty. n 'he B'igMs'i an I mat! ??mat ics I 1 ranches, and in t e elm-tic il -in I niodi-rn 1st cuay *, sup'ri<>r advin aif-s art e.i ioyed. For the terms of a lmfs ion a I I Rev. E, tf. S. WALDR )V, mh25-3t" Pikesville, Ml. OVAL, ARCH TOP AND SV|L~ tRE FRAME MI'IRORS. Just ri eeivt>d a large assortment of very fine Giit trnnie H irrors. ns? ! r> neb-plate Pi^r Glauses, Ot?I (iilt-tranie Mirrors. ??rnamented, " ?* ?' plain, A r? b t? f " s-q?'?re ?? which we are selling hel- w 'he usual xarket rrices for rash. 1IONT/ A GRIFFITH, nib 12-ot niiH 7th street, bet. I aud K sts. IV R WOODWARD'S LIVE Y. ^ALE AND 1> . HlhlNG fTAULES. No. 47 North Strrbt. 'Ultimohb, Near Saratoga Street. HORPES. CARRIAOES? HARNESS, Ac., pur ebastd and sold on commission. T e subscriber o'ters bis services t?> the public, which from long exp-Hence jWMFl and i-xtensive acquaintance i^iv s bi n Ty superil r opportui ities. Particular at ?-M ?? tciitlon giv> n to tbe B- Ieetion of Sa 1 lie and Hir reis Horses. Persons wishing hors.-s shipped in gi. y direction by s> ndicg U em to mjr addra*s miry rel> opon having them promp ljr att-nled to with out the personal attention of tne owaer, thereby saving tnemselves much time and tro'ibl*. Refer to W. D. Wallach. Proprietor Washington tar ; Dp. John Gregson.. Veterinary Sorg jon; bipqcTT. Houston, Quartermaster's Department. mh 26 tf FIRST CLASS BOARDING 8CHOOLFGR BOYS, at 1ft. Joy. Lancaster Fa. For circulars ad "StfUui-'""- ?? A. sownsos. LOCAL NEWW. CORPORATION AFFAIRS. Council. FMooiuioiiifcB, Marcn 28.?S<x?rd of Ai<t*TM4n.?T tie Chair (Mr. Semmes)iaid bilore the board a communication from the Surveyor lelaiiYe to th* construction of branch sewrs ou 17th street writ, and statin* it would re quire nn appropriation of gttuo. Referred to cummitu-e on drainage. Aieo, acommuotcauoa from the Mayor trans mitt.ok the monthly report of the chief engi i eer of ihe t ire Department. Ail of the apoa. latue to reported Ju good order except the Metropolitan Hook and Ladder tract, whi h to Mill at the shop for repairs. The side wait gAuT^ Vn workm*order, bat reqair olilEg. All the four way plugs are in or.ier except thvse at New York arcane and 7th afreet 5th and If streets, 7th and D streets and '3'handE streets The four- way and 1), *-d and l>. lith aad E, 11th and F? nth and ?, isth and l*, 9t*h aud G, 15th and I 13S and 1 and 23d and F, are covered ap and re quire cleaning. Tfie pings at 7th and 1)street south and liith and F nerth require rings to the cover*. The ebb f engineer rUamndi uut. a Urge hell be p'.aee* (if permission can barn tun^d) upon th'j Patent Office in order to strike alttrma of fire. Also, that permission be ob taint d to strike the bells either upon the 13th street Baptist or St. Matihe w's Church, as these locations, together with the Columbia engine hoos?, aie the most central locations The pbrifeftse of sttaoi firs 6Dfioe? is urwed Mt? ,or Protection of prop ?ity. Eighteen Are alarms are reported during '*? P""t?OB^-two'TOm toonftr*'"? tbnte tal.e alarms, tt\e Ares out cf the cltv, and eight ac d?parun"r t 'rred 10 the committee on lire m 00n"n,,"'*CJJlon from James skid, mi re, aeklcg that the Ash wharf be sold to the th^ls Barred to committee on Also, a communication from the Washiniron m ^ ?*at aoUon r>e su, l ei dr d cn ti e bill to organise a paid flre de paument unti. mxtwrek, as they htv"some ????e?tfoi.s to makri. Be.erred to commitu e jn nf? t epn 'uent ????**? jb Mr. f vrn,eble presents the pet.tlon of J 5imoiidB, ticking i ermis?ion t, allow a fraau ?0* t;*v:,*a b> **:U remain where it is 1 7. ?erec' a Pol>"c school bouse m >he 1 tiro wmto c?-c nd *ca.K>l district) was tak ?n up ae tke 0rst special order, and was lost on tfird reaoicg if ports irom committees were received as fcl uwe:?H* Mr. tapper, improvements, bin to place a wo. d-n along 5tn street east, be??e? n L. fii.d M nor D; pat-s d; Bui f ,r im pr?v m?m of 4* ttrr.t. from Caa?l to ttirv innd aveiiiii; pa^ed; Hill to re>.ave alley in square No 431, in Tiurd Ward: passed; B.ii to i-ravrl h street north, iro n iota to itth struts west; In 10 ou tr.e ta'.ie; Bin to gravel 4th street %*itt, fiom O m?rth 'o New Vork avenu I assen, Hi l to itrade and gravel lststr et west' from N s'reft uorUi to W street soutb: referred toS.vei tb Want d-l gati n. Mr. (/t-rai-fhie, police, a bill am no a o'y of s?cond section or an act approve d u. .MSI, to reguia> th^trri-al air>Ls?m?ni-. It propo^e^ to iucrease tue mi on theaters irom %l.i to *2, per we# k It IKes H e tax on circles at *iui. p^r wnelc, in-t .d P*r 1 ">?? '? un inu-ical ?on.erw at it st^?d j-1 g 0 It al-o Axes a tax 011 balls ? h?n tickets are ?o.d. of #5 j^r n.^nt, a;i,j Uu a iotD>r paces ol amti??<nien:s ^3 p?*r i.i'it it at*an ot t'2. ^xc- pf. rop* and wir-i p r or n ?r cef and pupp? t tb.jwe, Which ?r- tiv taxed ?6 per 1 trbt 1 ft- bill iiaisfd By Ur. (} uuk c< nuiiitt?e on clMlm-, oil I lor of A. Ar.' rar 6oi>. to re:una liim a tine; passed. Hy vir r irnt, Are aepartue t. mil ap.^ropri ttnm ?ut.i lor erectio.. oraievnpjriry '.uil.Mi* f.)r of P'r>e<er.nre Fife < omp ny. and bill t>ali>* tie |,re. ver-nce h ,rr Compauy toapprojn H>e tt. money resized hy i-ai- of the Norta-rn l.irn-ttj m, me; both of w >i h t>?-ei. .\ir [ tar ft t. tiotu tOismlU' f o A?\lam. r-porteJ art\?r??l> ii) on the mil in re-t^inr tne c nnn -n f?it n of tbe Con m s-Muuers of th? Asylum n.d ib?- re per* concnrr?-d in Tie committee on wis dUcHarre I fi'fr-t MV .i.MfA Mil'A\c*Lr^i',\n Ul " - /? the c<>mmi t- ?n murket^Qd U 'o 1 |1MMoV'ar ,,r,M?,'led ^ following comma y?? ihe'Board of Aldermen. I re?pejt uUv r?qu.n that a y claim m-ty r?^ reporu-d o i to 1 i?tji. It haa been 1.1 the bre^ch-s.. o it-i of t e cl an man lot g oujfh. 1 com ? b-tore yon aa rt -upf.iton', hut as a ?-overeiKn, kujwine " > nihie 1 wlil mat. uin hem,?nil io ?oi ct 10 wtiii P n? oTheis o\er inv hU juI er ;i ,v t? n? r, b? any mvmb-rs ? f the B . .rd. b? th y *r.n, tley may The B ard tins ih r^ vim j end. ron<d tl eM iyora. d ?-orporatiiii Atr. ,r lie., Hnd it tt.f> will no ?eiieve th-m tley wi.l liatdlv h? li ve <>ne though u?> r.^e from the c?a< , excej.r ex Mav r Maifrud-t K>si>.tfoll> rU mited. |AmB8 Towlbs. VVa^bmctoii, March sW, 1813 t6r <1 ulick n oved to print the comrnanica tiuii with tne prix'e-diiivs. M?. L o?d ea>d b- had the bill referreJ t 1 nd le fucptft-d there ore, be was tbo chair man reft mo to as carrt Ior i- in hts br-e,.h?M pccket. Mr. Towle? knew verv w*li what the etreeof ti e Hoard w? up>n this mtfer aal ih. c; ii.icn of the Corporation A tornej refrtt r^d to w as simpiv an expression t.ia' if snco and VZZt ."1 e('' ,,l"n Mr Tories1 claim ( or? ? \t'?n was g?d M r. To wles bad told him (Mr. IJoyd) if the Council wovld not allow ibe claim he would sn? the cli> , and h?* (l^io\d) had tol3 him tbat w*< his best course, and be would iofrodace a re^olii. tiou wai vins all leiral ureliminari- 3 and co to a trial at once. He thought th* letter of \|r Towles tie. idedly dtoreepecfnl, and it wouU beojerln*a wide door to au-h ?riz - its public i tion. He would move to lay the letter on the n<>or. Mr. Clnllck said It was on accoan ot th* dis resrecUui tone of the letter that be bad mov-d to ha ve it printed. >everal of the Aldermea expressed the opinion that the communtcaUon wastntlr-ly wan ins m respect, and it was by a uuauimous 'ote laid on the tabl*. The lollowlufr bills from the Hoard of (Joat mon Council were retei red: Bill to improve Judu i*ry Square: to grade and pave alleys in ?qua?s numbered 24:, 312, 293, 22H, and 254, in . mtl^rnm<H^aif; b"i. l? ,lnProv" ??? ?reet from U to K norcli: to trade aa l trAvni 4fb from Pennsylvania av?nus to atree-; bill to place a stench trap at 1 tth street west and E street north: and bill to op* n, grade, gravel and bridged 8-h street street/?"1 ode Ie,an<l to B >und try The Coir mon. Council bill authorizing the erection ef a boat houso for the use of the har bor master was passed. Adioumed. CummoH Council? a communication was re reiv.o from the Mayor, announewt; bis appro val ot tlie following acta: Making an ap ?ro pnatt n for ibe r. palr> of wtter pipe-, Jb.* ? t* coi demn. open, grade and pave alley inaqiiar 4:ift: to take up and relay gutters on b itb side* ot t frtr?*t nor?b, from 10th to 13 h s>reet We-t to ia\ flag foot*ay across <* street nortu, on the.HM Mde 01 24 h street w-at; to take no a id re.ay a sutttr in tb?* First snd Secou i W*r lv to rer-ew policiea of it surauce 01 th^ pub i.* ? cfcu i bou es; autboriziug tne Mayor to em p o> an acdi clerk inbisomc^; 'opr >v le I01 tbe rrnioxal i f o ?Mructi ins in the aven i-> ureets ai d al)e\P; joint resolution in r-latt >7 ton fort oi en r>: ard resolution lor tue ap ( oii mti tut a special ;om;niti>e Ah., enclo?ii.?r fc cerii ica.e from tie Sur \?jor Iioj 11 ? a defl ieicy of ?*?4r fir *ra lui>f am y?a?eliny I Itb B'reet wesr, tro n N r.? p e'reei not h. Ri d ^commending an ipuroprii tioii il.?-r?- or K> err?d Me- aie. !? ? ryuvou, D n .'hue and Roll askej ai d ??*ie giaii ed ptrini-.i-ion 11 r-co"d rh ir vot?a in tie Mftl 1 mati ve o-t the resolj ion pr 1 ust,rp neaiu-t the bill now a-fire *?o t cress to i.mend the cfaaru-r ot the oi:y sb as to allow cciertd ptrt-ou tberish' of?uifrt|(e th-y 111^ lrg httn nbner.t at the l iht ine-<tii>xo: t^ie K>tr l Ti ? ti liimiur w-re in roduceo an>l passed: I') Mr N. Ii I arn? r. hill to open, bridge, ura ie an; ? ra\i I ?ib afitet west fr m Rao ie l? a-id a\ei I.e to l?- u darv a,r e ; By dr. M Oi n r?.n, bill to Ih> ?eitaiu cross icutt rw in i?|.? M>tt V ard; 1-y Mr M l,irner, oil's t^ trim ard yravel Mb a re- i w ft, f?oui H street n ?r 1 it* IV ^ Vu; k a 1 enue; to rt l.ty an 1 wid u gut ins ci Sth str et, I'r im L oii Kiia a veau^ t> I mm. t Eoiir.; o wden gnuef Oo nor n In. of Mto^< ?ri ave u . from 3d to 13^ stree- ; Hy Wt t I s* bill to buiid n ti ?at h >u^ & 14 mr c bt> ^ila for tne Htrb ir Maker's but. Wr Harr, from clainis o nmitt-e r ported hi Is tor 'he reli. f of John Honn and ttrs B. P., which wer* pa-seo. Mr No>ea, irom the spenal c irnmitte** tj whi m ?n referred * resolution r?^ia sting th Me>? r to denaitdof John Alexander to rernod r e*, rtported it back aad *-ked uIh dis ^La.ged iron its farther couaideratloac (Irtdt The following MUs were rsceivd from t|to Alo-rmea and refertedRequesting the May or to tause an iron railing oa the aoadl side of tfco Western Market to be removed; to a apply THE WEEKLY STAR. ? *? % Tnts exo*iient Family and New* .lournsI, VVfi^i6)r? ? greater variety of Interesting re being than can be found to any other, is l af iod Friday morning It invariably con Ah 1* tbe ?? Washington New*" mat has made the dwit EmiN Star circulate so generally taroaghoat thd country. TXKMS. Ciii, invariably in i*wiw. Single copy, per annum fll 56 Slncle copies, in wrappers, FiVBt^wrs. a deficiency in th? appropriation for the Intro i TCiion of Potomac water into th* Western Market. to gmde and gravel tat rn*et en?t, fn m N toO street -outb: to rrguiau the busi n -w of pawnbrokers. TLe Alderman bill for the relief of Mi. Whit by (Mlowing bim to exhibit ula urcn? on pri. > *te property) was passed. Tb bnck bill was taken up as tbe special or der, when? Mr. N. I) Larner moved a non-concurrence; which was adopted. Mr. Sb? pherd introduced a joint resolution roque ting tb*- joint committee before Congress to area upon that body tb? immediate passage of tbe bill Introduced on tbe-*5th of March, 1831, tv Mr Morrill, to enlarge tbe powers of th?? Corporation of tbe city of Washington In view of'he tact tbat some immediate prevision i* necessary in order that volunteer enlistment* be continued. Adopted. Tbe bill for tbe better security of persons and property by tbe more general lighting tbe streets with gas was taken up, and the amend ments wbicb we e made at the laat meeting* were reconsidered- afer wbich, the Mil passed as it c">me from tbe Aldermen Mr. N. D. learner called sp the Aldermen * hill amendatory of tbe aet to tax. regulate and protect theatrical exhibitions; and it was passed. Tbe btll to grade and (ravel 4th street, front G street to New York avenne, was received frcm the Aldermen, with an ameadment pro v idlag that none of the money be expended ex cept by direction of tbe commissioner of the ward, and tbat the work be done by days' labor ai.d referred. Adjourned. Matt nan in Q tomorrow n?Tk* Coat Trade. This seat on opens favorably, and hasineas at the docks has been quite lively during the current month. The namber of arrivals by tbe Chesapeake and Obio caaal daring the month, exceeds the number of departarea since the 1st of January. Tne whole number of arn\a>s to thi* date is 153 boats. The car* goes w*re nearly all of coal. Stni?(ftk' Lnborm.? There are large groape of men loitering about at the coal docks, on a stele lor 92 per day. They bow get tl.60 per day. Burglary at the Collector't Office.?Saturday i. |t,u>, rtiuiv oolu burglar went tu ui?* office of tLeColn ctorof theCtieenj et*- and Ohi >Ca ial t'onpanj, and tu expectation of makin< a profl able job, ran th*- risk ot capture by the ? i.aru, witb>u ftit> feet ot the office. and by m* ans ot a jimmy, pried open tne office door. The) b?n set to work u cot op*>n tbe lr >n t bi st, and by pauent industry, with a drill and cold chisel - ucreedud in cutting toe outer p la tea ot tbe c<*.T an>i forcing back tbe bolt* of tne U > k, wn-n tb*-y found tbey were poorly paid v. nn >4 50 kept in tne -best for cr aage Dtvip po nt?d h re, th*-y torct-d open tbe desk and from tt obtained about g*0 in postal currency. The act v as evidently perp* fated by some ace unacquainted with the office. /? or> or fee /i??>Mes.- TO" oo.nmen on the ihi.hi bppear 'o b- t> arfnl of losing ta -lr et nil 1.1 on tbr iow pnth by guerrillas. Tbe ronte la *eii guatced fiom Mouo.acy to Harp> r'a 1 eiry; nut tMs eid?* of Monocacy tb* gaarda ai? pnr.cip) li> cavalry pickets, and not suffi c nuiy nnnrerons, in tbe opinion of the bo*t n>n to secure the line. Koukth Warii StaTIoX Caskb.?Tfenry threats. bail for p-ao*. Ouaa. T Has i.* II, Mar' >ulli an. o*o Wilsi n. rtoaorah Mor ar y, T1 omts Fau!kn?*r. Mary Faulkner, 88- u>< ai d tai ery, intent hi k 11; ds .iUs d. ("nrnelin* >u-llvan, do; #5 70 Au.j Butler, \a?i*nt. w<?rktious??. Eilw Lilly, aaatuU WW. ill so cHrryi g rone, al d weapons; dismissed. Am Wiiliame, oritbk; ?IW. James Bacon, J. hn Sbrck'-li. do; w tkbou?e. El. Daryer, s sanit and battery, jtll ElU'h Ha n i, d'.; ha i for < our' K. < laik, disorderly: #3. Ji. O. H t-hie). do ; 9I.&8 F. <*i>enbo C do : mili ary. I dvi. M< -. urtec, drunk, di-u iaeed (Ko. C id ' pai d Hei j Ci dlii', mrtats; hail for heariur. W T G?r>rjr . drunk Cfi ??. O rl -rah, liT<eiy: j il tor comt. Ohts Ilea, drunk at d < is rb?rly; Mary O'Brien, do ; uis Diiviri. Ji o. H.(Handen,diuak; <2 Wor wjrk 3;I A?ut <s?rat"il Kn^lrmjutfr. ne.ti^ | ?r rei'v; diemit-"-e<f. Kohert WiYliams. j.. Jcnn Oleason, do ; s& 64. Jo iu Buckley, crunk; ao.kbout-e. I'fiiT or OtOKt:itT..W!t?Entered?^Steamer Iiii>mor.d Staus Nichl-, from N<*w York with u ? k bi'i di*?-. t'.leared?Sieam rs Ja?. G-uv, ! arbi utbt. (llymont; Salvor, Ouicns-'ur, New Yotk. >ihrs. Kilza Ann, Brown. Maryltud F> in'; * Hi r V it. h. Lander, <\nnames,ex; (!?< o n hule, HHrhl?-v, Vienna; B. Il?i, Win Kte. Marylard H ji.t: Geo Wa^hingtoo, B"ll, Chi< kaninxer; Bachelor. Kni bt, St. Mary's, Cleoi *e 1.. (1 reen. ?:obt>, B?>sfon; Mary Trice, Tti'?. Baltimore; O?ceola. Jarvw, d?.; Tbree Mttetp, Pa: her. do.; WIIsoh, Orawfard, (lr iy, do Sloops H Bay. Jones, .\quit Oreelt; Uhrts ti r, Hh||. (?h ckamuxen. Htrges Great Weit #rn. ("lurk. Ui:t&womsn; Great Pirate, Cool Wnitebouse. Saie ok PRorEKTY.?Messrs. J. O. McGuire A Co, sold on Saturday the property oa G stn et, h? t wet'n I'tb and I8'b srre^ts, knowu am Poulang?r*? Bestauraut, to ? tar leu Kloz, for I S13 710. Alto, a lot at the corner tt New Jersey 1 avenue and E street, to Jam?*s Marshall, for thirty cents per foot Also, a lot on n >rth A street, retween3d and 4th streets east, to F. S. Obold, for I3|| cents per foot. Also, a two story trarr.e house and lot at tbe corner of I> and Sixth streets, (Island) to C. I. Brewer, for *3,300. ^ Bow ix Light Alley ?Saturday night, tha vii initj of 3d and G streets was much dis turbed ira terrible noise in Light all^y Tha Fourth Ward officers went in, and discovered that Cornelius Sullivan and his wife, Tbomia Faulkner and biB wife, Honorah Moriarty and George Wilsoo. all ic Sullivan's douse, wnw on a mulftr ?? bust'"?drunk and disorderly. All were taken to the stati n hoa*e andJocked up: t ut in tbe moruinc were di-tmlsned/exc^pC Snllivan, who was fined S5.7u by Justice Oi terscn. Assault ? On Saturday afternoon, Whitfl-ld Ke- nsn went to the bouse of Mrs Kelly, corner < f K ano 4# street*, (Island) and called for something to drink, offering her some torn |-o?ia>e currency, vkhicb she refused to tak*>, and some wcrde ensued. Mr*, hell? called i p< n her bro'her, Michael Keenan, and he at tacbea W bltfleid and beat him Officer New* tin nrres'ed both part ?-* and u>oh them hefi>r? Justice Bos well, ard Whit field was dismueed, and Michael fined 91*2 ?5. fcwiXDLise Coxtbabahd.4.?This class of p?op earn frequently dup. d by ?? fr^e peraoaa ol color," a bo play tbe sharp on tb?-m, nnd of en do tbey in their gr. ed to get gold, gtv* away th? lr well earned Treasury notes for pie. e* ? f briirbt and (littering brts* An la s anc? of this kird occurred on Friday last, w ben a ci ntraband psin awty a ten doll ir Tr^esury no e to a bright mulatto for a pi?*^ of t rafS Bi'kolabious Attkmi't ?On Sunday night, aboii. iv o'clock, an a t?-mpt wa* male to eater .be roc?r> store of Mr l>. M B ill, No 100 Bricge street, G org*-town, by two uuknowa pi 1 he son < f Mr B was ron?ed ny tha noise, a> d wh> n h- nuiipo^eii the vill ? I is h id fuc<?eded in prving open 'h?? hii^ window si lifers h- fired h'? rev. Iver l'b? btll ? r ck te window -a h and a'aocea off. alaraiiiig the roblen, vi ho ?-scnped. scm xn Illnebm ? sutirav ni^ht, a yonng w? n en nam* d xah* ib Boll, was found in a sick out b' Iplesti condition it tbe c >ruer of b h id E ctreeu Sbe was taken In char** hy effi. >n I ??ech ano Frazi*-r, and conveyed .o the I bird Ward sta ion. wh re sbe w is atu-uded ly l>r. Kea<by. ai>a mad- a- comforttble aa litsibie. Yesterday raornior, heiuir restored to coi sciousuesp, she was permitted to go to b- r l <im<-. S^cosd Ward statiow Ca?E8 ? Loula 'ohison disorderly ;fl 5A Emory Biok?f, aj ss*i It ai d dismissed. H ?f. Sw iers,* ('rnr.k ann msord*-rl.<: *1. (1il**b H t vkint, dlsorder'ytM Mary ?li ham, I tree y;hi|| jr ci nrt Jhs. M bam. to.; i*l-mi-sel. Parri ik t'r ten. ?trunk and d sord* rl\; f I. Innl. MiU i# r. f* >sord; r v *2 Patrick Li/ht, susiM^ljaa * ^rat t?r:'dismlss* d Thos. N^abit, dj.; do. Al ei L? wis, dru. k ant disorderly; *2. Oa*iiii*o?0? Sunday officer* Mll?t?ad ai d Turner uada a d- scent oa a hous* in Ex prrtf Alley, between Bands! *rreet?, aad ar rested Char e- 43ql<*maa, Thomas Bolyar aad William Biish, a.I co<or**d who eere ton id cs.mbling, and they were taken arfore fustica f uritaeon who fliied tbem S5.56 each. CYNTK4L GrA?l>HOD0B.?The following persr ns were committed to the Ontral Guard airtlr e y. eterday t the*. Crawford. <V>. A, loth Haw Jersey aavalrv ftirloagh. John iw??y *?d Ootieib battalion V. B. O.; desertion. Henighaasen, 9d

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