Newspaper of Evening Star, March 30, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 30, 1864 Page 1
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? ? ? ? va. XXIII. WASHINGTON, D. C.. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30. 1864. N?. 3.159 THE EVENING STAR t? PT7BWHHKO EVEKY AFTKRlfOOlt. iSVHDAT BJCMPTMO,) AT THfc 8TAB BHLDlNf' ******* *'**?'* Avsm Awn | its t*TU?? W. I>. W 4LLACH. P*pfr# kmd wiOiont wrapper*, by Amert. Hoeu'e per week; in wrappers at tbe ratn of 3* per y*ar To mail sobecribers the pnw is S5 par year, S3 for alx months Papers procured It the ftta* office counter, with or wlthont wrappers. Two (Jxwtb baoh. ur aovutismchntp should be tent to the ?Mem before IX o'clock uj, otherwise they mar ?nt appear until the next day AUCTION SALES. rPTPM oat a. " E? J O U OU IIA CO, ito'iwr.n. d^MAT *A-B MY OA* A LOGO BOP JS7i\TT. \F?i*b FlBST OLaSS BOU.OIHG uOTS ISrLO-raiXJ *? THB ' iaviDSOU BftTaTK "-On TUBiDAY API bRNOON A p. il 6th, at 6 oM'otk, at the Aa<v tlor rtomi corner of Tenth and D street* we shall wU? 79 flBHT CI-ABB BUILDING LOTS beteurir.atotbe ' Oarldsoo Br.aW eoiorlsine mw of ifcr met eiiMble bnild+a? tot* to je found lnti? e t>, situated p'voo p? l?oo he hUh groundi ?ortb or Pennselrsnia areene, ba'woon Ninth and Fifteent- s're*?awe?t in the b?s v.-^oy-s aoJ ??22 ** p*rt ?f th# ?"y for r?*:" ?< I drsv/ljriTe c?t*!oft-i,witti teiuasof sali Ac mtt y n> the a.h.l?* J C BoGUlBSdt 00. Au;?w By W L, WaIiI/ t CO , Aa-tioneere, JnnifAVfti' -OrntT PtHniylrnnia actnue and Vtmfi ? A *4lI)1.iLI A.iUi HOiUK 0 J Li ? J PI >N A ..OIL l^lNPjrfG* AT Anon.)* n"r wlS.i?^i*T,ww5NI?rt'oAprn ls^ **7 wi' At '!!? Amotion Rooss by a Teleeble ?n't oko?Be eoUeetloi ol Oil Pa'atlnn etr bras ng wort* ef trr-a*:, tal ? rtr^tf of ?n??>??? by the fo:lowi?g Artista, and ot*?e-s : >?rrr?*el Dens V Hummel Pne? F>m#gh*l ^itbruens P*ol? B'gioid vfc0 Huyauo Ar.iote Cti?.ra?l ie Brinard Br tag'ao ??*?*? Rons ue TSrill ?Vfi1 , PBraekelbarg Osrlo Marati A P 0#(partes Martin PauM Ceirpli'rgMe Boinanille Laura Pir WodfyB seller tsoa Pa-atl Saily l> learto Oeut? Tbeye Psiuttnysare from the coll. ct'on of the )it? HruT<iit 8, Old Acid, and near o. them ere aft?mh*M!r original. ' Oetaioraee ?l!l be ready and the Pietaresoaex hiMuot t.6# day pr< vions to th? ??]? ?b Mt WM. L *4L'. A CO . Anots Pr ?'RBBN A WILLIAMS Aastioneer?, 1 1 . kLABL_!1 BCILOINO LOTJ FftONTIN') M I U* T *W0 W IID tiTH HTfl liOBTH AT ADO taos - On t UI8DAY, the 5th of A ?ril n?*t *? ?leli e?ll in front of t o premise* at 0 o'clock p. ? . <n? fol o*l< f hmidsQiuo hbi!dins Lo.e. 2> *i 7' 8- ,3-,4- s ? !^- '8 %od 13 in ? ofM?%re No 1?: th-s ? lot* h*? fronts ?'?: :rt/,ch',rnn:iB# 95 fe? to sllays, ana r> biDQSt ir fcly Fitatwd, ftitiiB: Oct. th-rd HliQon !? aq1 I*'in". rfL VL* Ar.Dt. U\ **yin* mter*?ti a dwi g'. ? er *rl a de> d of f/u*t taken AI (cureratee and s'ampa ?? tb<? cost of the par t'i %( PT mi?*o4A4B ORKiSW A WILLI \Vt8 A lets ?T J O McGI 131 ft ? O As i'i in^'rA CHiM*" KB AND BK(fBCT8 OP A ?\WlLY vnifif 8 ?*OD8k K?PfiBO - On FRIDAY vi'u J } ' "L1' %c ?'3f'?k .at Uua<t .to I b'.tw,?u I4t ? ?tr-ei#. w? itiall ? ! tfce fnri itare - r.d tttretn oomo-isic* ll?Li uu y f c'a 0' *'r< iDd l,nocc? ? S' p 'K Oil Jlnth anl **'t;Dtr ^ ictrW Cnrfa n> and 8h?d*> Mirtor. Ft* ir* T?b'e. oard v?r<? Cfcins. <?; ?*- ar<*Croet?rr Wa>*e - t. ?e N?d Wood 8 *t Chairs, tefrl'ieratoi P< uh e ?r?^" it e j) Bea ti'eads ft'"" ? .arw? ?,8h?tan-*s ? a rar< Ham M ltre'? f. B ,1-terB and ?I!lowr, ? '.il* ?*. femf rt? ffr-a1d Pt-a<* M d?scid ?tm. f h? ta'fi T?vli??. To'^t ' ittfl, f of.fc'jit ?r d o 3tov 'n, T?*e>* ?r vita many otsar articles of Household n?e. T? mi e?.sh nil 36 d a McQUIRB fc CO.. ActH By J. O. MeOUIUS Sc. CO.. Aactl )B?crs K''' 8i.L# ?* A fau* OONCAININO s UOAuHae Mnatutiisg Bitb?t?d i? *i[?. ?a* luua't, Viaoinia abbot ops Hili r.oi CoHliau OS THE MIDDI ? PlKB.-l Saall ?? tbe Aoctu.n Koon a of i. O. McW lire A Oo on TT B^DA> 1 be rid of Uarrb. 1864. at 13 4., by rir ns ot a <ie-d of trnat o > ne *ahg<;. ib?r bea-'imi J*'r *b?a? of Vay, 8^ and reoirdnd in LiVtr B ??- ?' 1*3 A e . one th? L>and r?eorda for Fi-trUx looKtty Vuninia, the followin* oeseri'^ad Coretty l?u tt and tvi.ig in f,? County of fair ?, Ptat?, of Virginia via- Bijrininif at A ?>or? p ant< d oa U e *ont.h aile of the Middle Pihe fr ,'i!' w>th sa d pike north w?? ?ry to ?anioel r? rkina' corner at J, th?ne? 'nnthweiW ? a iota aaid CeiHt* line to a 8t?k? I. theao? tos keTi) aior g the aaJ i Perkins lin? to a ?ta? ? L ?-??'e oorPw?eterlr alODg a*ia Cerkina* line to a ?take a then?e aoatberiy to the no?th for* of Hoticea rt n od KUtff mao'a line to S, two ma ked Kapif *. p ne and <*a aap:io?a at Sins^inan'a -jor nee amtt-eaaterly aioac the aald ran to 0, a itaa? pole frcm Lip?a >aa!) ? i;n?, th?nc? north W6 de* , ?a?t 231 pom* to A, th? be^'aaioa, ?on aw ?. ^ r#8 of litod. mow or (oi^h^r ? ? ?" **4 siDiruUr. tke improTetie^s, pmvi lege* tciedlUmenti, and &ppart#oAaoM to tb* mn#. Tein : Fifteen hnodred dollars in eash on tht d? y r>r e* ~ . ibo re> idne iu twelv# m ntas from day ef ?a e with tntereat. semrsd by a deed of irn-it 33 Ike pr> n is**. If tt? Uro s ol Pa'e are Dot oompliel wtth within lea days after the sale, the tras&ee tederres the rl*ht *o i?-fell atthrri'k and expense of the de hanl' t pt rehaaer on one wee? i' no^ioe in the lr.nine Star. H N OTLIBHT Traftee ??* <aw J C MeQUIBI A OO Aneu _t&-TVE AlOVMHALBia w0 TI?ONiOUNTIL FAFUROAY April'd nine honr ar.d plae ?. N OILHRBr rn-tie. n>b ;3-e*>d J. C McOrtBl ? Or?.. A lets Bf M. Y. BCCKBY. An^tioneer! Geergttoten, D. C I XBOCTOR fl 8a L* - By ?i tusof the last will > aod t?a<amxnt o' I ta Laovi. dressed I will ? i.* 2r WMDMMDAY, the ith day of Aj.r? ,at 4 o e ook p. n.. on tke premises. th-? lat* 11 L?ea? In Oeorre'nwn, ?on?'U tag tlat part of L?t ere .ty-?li. mi) of Old e*oraeto*n. lylec -a tbe *a?t eideof C?? (alley. In Biin oce snadred and ninety feet on s*id alley ??' * y ? ?? ten d^ep. aed t^e e a hw?nt part of J-*'* three,t?1) forty-nine f?et ?i* Ins4*p in L i ?v w^o e isnproved by a>nhsianla Frame Dwrnilng. Alee etSo'el. ek p ra . on tbe aaae day. on the Item p^a. Lot go. tbl-ty-By*. ty>) lo Deakla'-. Lee fkiL M"*. r* \>?ddttW n to 6eo'c*towa froitinc Unrtj 'eel on Green ifeet ty one hnidr-d an ?,!?Ti uf**' *nd improved by a two- tory rran e I eellioc. fermanfsal : One-third of tbe pnrehase moeey to be taid In ra*b;aed 'he *eaidn? it i wo eqaal in ataJm- nte. at six and twelve months, wita iate en. to r?enred. * lie tens o sal? most be eon piled with within ?f? ?"?"'? ?le or 'he property ma* be reao d "?? rt"k nod eoatofthe flret p ?'?ha ??. after one we.k?'r?tio? WiL'ISR O^X Rx^entor ??' r e A ??* M. V. HPfKBT. - w*t. By OBBBN * WlLLIaMd. AbcUomTs] VALCb???? BUILDING LOT AT &00T10S ? J. * DAT, April Alb we aballaell in ?e? t of the eremiaee at 6 o'eloek p. m , part of Lo> ? " Mna?? 3d. This property front* on W etreet aenh atd ia between ad and 34th str<era w-at It j^s front of 34 feet 9 Inches, and runs bask Wo Terpoa one-half ea?h; balance in ?lx and4tw*lye ?catha for notea bearing interest; a deed clreo sa ? dt ed of trnst take n AH eonveyanee and atampa at the floet of tbe parehsaei*. ?h.23 eoAda Q?1BN ft WILLIAMS Aneta, to' .. HI DBS. nVvIhk BB^?L5A1^?J0TU>* BVBBY WlD * Ai- Di^ and r ATUBT)a / at 1| o'ol ck a m.. at 3M, yBAM? eot of Mx'h street, all t*e HIDBi "ALLOW, Ae . that nay be on hand, if Oattlr Uaagbtered ontalde the limits of the DUtrin o Cctniobia acd ebipp>d to this point far such elspo ?***en Terma saah in Oerernnent faols. to he pall at the Ume of sale O HB A, nb> in Ll?at. Col, and 0 ? T.D 0CT10M 8ALB OF OOMDJCMNBD^ BTUOS ~ WasDiPaSTMssv Cavalbt Boasao. i UfetQf Ot<f (fuarUrmantr, ) . .. Wwfcsriow D. P . Maro 3 1854 \ aJ? pnhiic aaetioa to tne high, st ?!d ???. at the Depot uf 'km Oaralry Bar->sa at Qiea b?w> Fojnt.oo THnH8DA Y.the Ttbdae of March airtl nn THCR'DAY, tbe 31 t day of March >%64 ? 2.Ja) *? on* <"*> oocde-noed BtiMiiKk day The** Mora* s hare be?n condemned aa aoflt far the oayairt ae. rice of the United States army *a? be?ha/Dd f*nn "Masr ?ood bar galas Borers will be ?old>lrgly. Terms cash la United btates Treasury notes, Balea to eonmeoee at 10 o'eloek n m . , . ? . JAMBS A Kill. ... i-leot Ool aad < hlef Uaarternaatee, - 13 *' Oaralry Bar?aa R OOFIMG FBLTI BOOFIM? f ILTII H. 0. WILSOfl A CO , loo* op Sjd St W?8* WaaxiaoToa, D. 0., Man a'aotu rare ? t ?OOFIBG FBLT. DBY AND TARSBD SHAATH INQ. 100FIM0 CBMBNT and -? . J-AMP BLACV, ?B T AND OBMBNT, Wholesale and Retail rj" ?" epl'ed on the neat liberal terna mlHrZr9*?1 of ** WSat. Ofl?e-l ?1 23d gfjt-heb>w Pa areewa mh 113m f b"JUli J ?o-~ *,tr? ?.h0'6* Bt?r PSX'VV,. i. eu.M?'Si;, Hhvs Is* A JABDIN, Florist, PEHSONAL. M1 L. SMITH?AM ?XJILLINr OU(B rorutud TMt Medium,380 lit .Bear 41,1e Mrtbea and oommunlcetas with spirit frieods, mm tiviag friends at a distance. talis their oharaoter. gets aunia, examines dlHtMH perfectly. magna ti?es, reads the future. Hoar* from 10 a m till 8 pm. gityaii <1 oh Mm* MB8. WBBKTs CUBING UOPBLISS 0At? 138 or DtPiAsa By MaiMttin aai Bieetrleity, whea all otter treatment fails. Call aad Me tes timcaiaU at 446 B ?treat, Washington. ahaim* I AMIS, Oft LY lAh>& AT TBiB I?We a<-e bow Li prepared to do any kind of Bmbroidery by shU fal beads. oa aaeb term* that cannot fall to iattafy. *1 to yoar Stamping in elegant style, and no bucking, aad wiab It to be und*r*tx>d that we arc not eaa eetes with any other ptaee of the k'nd in the eity. where Stamping la advertised, SG/"Our Elaoei* 3*1 F ?trMt, oppoei e the PateatOAee jm ook out that Ton do not mistake the street We 4a>ly reMiveaew Patterns'or Braid and Bnabrol dery }u*t oat, and stamp roar goo<ii while yoa wait Maehlao l>titohin<peatlT'I"ne. fe M 0 M19IOAL. 1 ? ICONS KiffsriBf with BrpMlii, Gonorrhoea ttlMt, Seminal Weakness. or Private Diseases of ut description, ehonid call Immediately upon DB DAVIS. female Diseases treated la the moat seisnti&e and snccersful manner The Doctor's Diploma baags in his oRee. A eure guarantied. fee* moderate. DB. DAVIS, 4?S rth street, opposite Post OflUe, de W *m Room 93 ap ataira DENTISTRY. QBBAT DISOOVBBT IN DBNTISTBT. tW* BxtrmaU wttAeai Pain with tht MHkritt e< Oxygm I would advise all persons having teeth to as met to call at Dr. lBWIB'8 offle-, ^r-aBO*, and baya them taken oat by this new iJL^E?*gt ?nd harmless process Also eali and'?7/^^Wy examine the Doctor's new and im- 1 proved method of I iserting Artl?cial Teeth If "0nose? see the gT3et Improvement la hia teeth ?on wili bare them in no other sty'e than this new ir,.-' v cdg. No 'J49 Pa. arcane, between Uth a?d 1 ?th etreete no 'S P V- Ijyil M. D . Dentin m a 'i JSJbiT ti i? 1 ? L'JOMlh, M. D., tte lurt-nvor and Patentee of the MINERAL PLaTB TBBTH, at j, >nde personally at his otto? in cn.s^I jity. Many persons otn w<ar theM vj te?th wbo caazut we&rother* and oo see? on an wear other* w> o cannot w*?r theft Perrons caliintr at my olB ? Ac he aaocmnjo-. ateo with to tyle and price of Teeth ttey mty oes're lut to those who are part Scalar md wish the puree*." >!ran*rt rtroiiee?t, and n.nt pt-r'?ot d?H?tar,? thai *rt eae produce, the MINBRaL PLATE will b r.ore 'ufly w-.rraDted Booms in tbied*>?No. 33* Pennsylvania between <>th ao.i 1C*h etr??t? tl?o, ttOI Aroe st , maw It PA PERU ANGINAS, &c. PATlBHANOINaS AND I WINDOW SHADES J. L K'PVBLL world re*peexfully inform hl? friends and tbe public fener%>l) that Is? has n->* m I *ad a wel* selected a'?o-trrseat of WAbli P* P >i ? a t? 1 Nl/OVV -{J aI)a8 saita^le f >r parlors, sails dibin*, Ac Also on hand, PLKH BOABD PRINTS, PAPRR OUHTA1N8. OOKB r AF^H 8. Ac .all of which be U p epared to svll \t th* lowest cac* prices All papers hung in ta* nty or counLry by exvriaaoeU workmen at short ooii'o. Remember the place?No 36? D strMt, near 9ti street la Frsnklfr Hall Rulldtnc Ja 19 ta Recruits Wanted TO V1LL TBB QUOTA OF THB DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. BO UN TV FOB VBTBBANS, 855S, ?991 af which will be paid In tdrtaci. BOUNTT VOB NBW RBOBUITB. ?452, l-iill at which will be paid In advasea. BOUNTY POB OOLORBD BBOBOITB. ?1?0, PBBSONf; WISHING TO BNL18T Will apply te any of the folio win* BBOBUITINO OVflOBBB : B. 8. BABBB, Baciae Hail, near the Market, oa Pecoxy'ranla ?veaae, between Seveath aad Ninth streets, i. 0. HTDB, Ooraer ef Woarteeath aad New Toxh aveaae. 0. A. KBABBBY, SstrMt, aear eorner of Nineteeatb ao-i Paaa Tlrania aveaue. J O. PABKBB, Oorner of High aad Danbarton Bwtg* taw*. 0. 0. L&N6LBY, Navy Yard Bridge, ktf beta appointed Beerait&at OflBoer. HBNBY A. SOHBBTZ, Oaptaia aad Provost Marshal, J W-tl District of Columbia. WINDOW SHADES. bOLD OPAQUE WjlITS BUFF ORKhN AND BLUB HOi LASD FIXTURES; mil approved styles O. L. A J. B. IBL T, Manufantarers ?ad Importers, 3*S Broadway. Nsw Yorh. CURTAINS, NBW 8T TLBS, H O 1 9 ? 4 . SWISS LACS, 2 | J y?TTLTcBHAM MUSLIN, * g, a BROCATELLB HKP8, 3 C O TERRY CLOTH, DAMASK. ? ? JAPANESE .* " CLOTH. COVERS, FOR FIANOS . AND TABLES e. l.a j. b.iilri, IMPORTERS, ah IMm 349 Broadway, New Yorh, R. WOODWARD'S LIVEHY. HALE AND HIRING FTABLKS, NO. 47 NOBTH 0TR8KT. HaLTIMQBB, Near Saratoca Street. HORFEP. CARRIAGES, HARNESS. Ac., pur cbased and seld on ctimmieeion. T e subscriber offers his services to the pn' lie. which from long experieuce and estrnfive acquaintance iriv-s him , superi-r opportus ities. Particular at trntion ifivt-n to the selection of S t-l Heand Har n?s?Hurses. Persons wishing horses siippe>l in ai y direction by at-ndii'g tteiu to my ?widrese mnry reb up?<n having them promp lv attended to with out tbe oersonal attention or the owner, thereby savina themselves much time af>d trouble. Rffcrto W. D. Wall&ch, Proprietor Washington Ptar; Dr. John Oiegson. Veterinary Surgeon; I Famuel T. Houston, Quart#rma.ster'a Department, mh IS tf L OR SALE?By a Lady leaving the eity?One s v??ry fine SADDLE HORSE, suitable gv for a lady; very spirited and perfectly broken. * ??p Also, one superior SADDLE IIORSE; for a gen tleman of taste. Can be seen for a few days at Hazell's 8tible, Brail street, Georgetown, No. 1KH. Any person wanting such would do well to call and see tbem. One Saddle and Bridle, male by Prainer of New Yarl.rost $05; made and fitted expressly for the Lady'a horse. mh 24 lw ^BiPl 0 U T~T 1 N G 5 ? Delaware O^neord. Hartf rd ProDfls ao4 other Piape Cu.tlags can be hat at the * BdaU-U reea ?taeyfcrd. Prise f 1 fio p?r I o. \41r-M mh II seiw* WM hfl<7KNSY. fuaaesmju ss*ti OOURPBh. All these who desire to avail them hslres ?f the beaeflts of his new axl fftmaliflsl By?Um. will sail at his resiteaM. No 316 P itr*,-t eoratref llth BeeepUea beers are dallr frmn f t ? l*a>eleah m. u is WBArPING PaPBB For sale at the Star o/lee eoanter, tf It tea esats per poind. N. ?c., par AMUSEMENTS. en bat NATIONAL CIRCUS! MRS. CHARLES WARNER, (formerly Mrs. Dm Rice)--. ~~ m.-. ...... Directress. NOW OPEN FOR ONE WEEK ONLY! PERFORMANCES EVERY AFTERNOON AND EVENING. AT SIXTH STREET AND NEW YORK AVENUE. % This Equestrian Orgaaliation hM been arranged with doe regard to high-toned refinement. The company consists of the following well-known Artistes: MRS. CHARLES WARNER, (FORMERLY MR8. DAN RiCE,) MR. HARRY WHITBY. MASTER JOHNNY WHITBY, M1S8 ELVIRA WHITBY, MISS FU IE WHITBY, MRS. FRANK WHITTAKER. THE DKNYER BROTHERS, MR. GEO. DERIOUS, MR. JAS. HAWKINS. MR. CHAS. KING, MR. FRANK WHITAKER, MR. D. HOWARD H'3f. KENNEDY, CLOWN. The two Comic Mules, CONTRABAND AND CUNNING, will be presented to the audience by their trainer. Doore open &t2 and 7 p. m. Adtnissiou M cents. Children under 12 years of age 25 ctn. ^ih 28 !w* CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIC ^CANTERBURY HAM..; AND 11 A L LjCANTEKBURY HALL.f THEATER LOUISIANA Avksck, Rtar of National unJ Metropolitan Ha'els. Gkorgk Lka Proprietor BRILLIANT AND V A HI ED PERFORMANCES : UNBOUNDED EN HIU9IASM ! CRUV DKD HOUSES ? The best conducted and most popular place of amusement u> t?>?- country. MORF. NEW A 1 TRACTIONS! The best, mofct talented and attractive perform nncesthe country on" produce." The mana^'en: >nt have gnire.l for t! < anterbtiry the proud titi ? of THE MODEL M lT*IO if * j.j. OF THE W >RI.D. The entire great Dramatic. Operatic and Terp^i cfcorean Alliance will appear 'u-ni^ht. MISS JENNIE ENGEL, The beautiful f nd d.iHVm-; Hot: 1 str-.-ss. TIIE HON/.A I UALI.KT TROUPE, W. B. Cnvanaugh. Messrs. Willia'ns, West.Djugh erty. Rfrmer, ' rtnnellv. in their different a*ts. DEL KIIA NT'/. AND WAKD, TUa gr^at Clog Dancers. Til k, O.. UKT OF BEAUTY. M lie Media. Naomi Porter, Jennie Forrest. Emma Schell, ??t?>lle Forrest. Nelly Raicford, l>oai?a Rolette. Mary Coulson, ucyClifttfti.Emma Thom as all appear to night. A great variety programme to-nicht. including a h.autifnl Drama, a splendid Ballet. Laughable Ethiopians. Songs. Dancing. Extravaganzas ami a Fairy Pantomime, 4 c. Doors op. it at 7; performance at8. SPECIAL NOTICE TO LADIE0 \ OKAND FA vl I l,Y MATINEE. For '. !? -xjiress accommodation of ladies and chil dren, will h? given on SATURDAY AFTERNOON. April 2. Doors open at 2o'cloc,(: performances at3o'cIk, at cheap price*. as follows - 1 adieu to reserved O-chf?*ra 8n.?t* 2.'! cents Children to reserved Orchestra 8?-at? .10 cent* NOTICE EXTRAORDINARY. Will be produced in a few JajstVfc grand, gor geous. spectacular pantomime, as per ormed at the Bowery fheater. en'it'ed THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT. with new tricks, machinery. A**., at a cost of two thonsand dollars. Look out lor it. mh2Mw varieties: varieties! Hambi.i* A Co ? Proprietors Fit* Simmons? Stage Manager and Advertiser. NEW STARS! NEW STARS! NEW STARS) HOUSE CROWDED NIGHTLY TO EXCESS ' Every spot a human being standiDg. The great e*c?tement increasing. All auxious to see. heac and applaud. Great Administration Play and Political Drama. Great life story ant tal** of crime. Great public ex position and people's eye opener. The moral lesson and Union representation. The pres ent state of female denravity. Witnessed by thousands, mercbauts and statesmen Applauded by soldier# and workingmen. Ad mired by ottic rs .ind braveavii. Breathless they sit side by side. Attentive they watch row in row Evil eye of evil doers closing with shame. They offer thousands of doIlaVs to stop the piece, butont of justice to the moial and to punish the Mi 10 ^ IT WILL BE PERFORMF.b THIS EVENING IT WILL BE PERFORMED THIS EVENING, For the actors that figure in the dramaare proto types of the people now in this citv, real per sonages. We meet them daily. Presented here in most cases under assumed names out of respect to their re ations, their friends and their position". Their hearts consecrated to mammon, their souls the almighty dollar. The w ils of the orphan, the shrieks of the widow, the pall of the coffin, the shades of the grave, the vi sions of hereafter, far.c not their fro *en feelings. Their sympathies iron and their hearts are steel, f ittsimmous 'copy righted drama, author of over 2d successful acting plays performed triumphantly in this FEMALE PICKPOCKET OF WASHINGTON; FEMALE PICKPOCKET OF WASHINGTON; or, HIGH AND LOW LIFE IN THE CAPITAL. HIGH AND LOW LIFE IN THE CAPITAL. Every government clerk.''very p ilitician. every mechanic, and parties of both sexes?all in terested. Atl our old citiiens know the lady. All our statements from endorsed truths. ALSO PLAYED WEDN ESDAY AFTERNOON FOR THE LADIES. ALSO. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON", Ladit-s must come early to get a scat. Last Wed nesday many ladies hail to stand, over fifteen hun dred persons being present. ALSO THE MUSIC HALL SHOW. THREE NEW STARS. The Premier Danseuse of the day. MISS AUGUSTA WALBY. The greatest Ethiopian Artist of the age, BOB hart. The Ravel Pantomimist of th?? Foster star troupe, HERNANDEZ FOSTER. and ever thirty other artists. Cn Wednesday night, in addition, th? wondarful pan torn ine. JOCKO, THE BHAZILIAN APE; _v On. THE MAN MONKEY. The Man Monkey, by the wonderful agile H er nandez performed by him night after nigh t at the F> ont s'reet Theater, Baltimore. * nly pause and ponder, when night comes, wh^re yuu will spend the niojt pleacant ev -nin^. and J?nr good judgment will point out the Varieties. Admission. *5 and so cts. Private boxes, $5. 34 Maria Spice b t TlkandMk In.* opened a very Iar?B aMHorti??*nt of Spring ani ^nn?n?^r Cloak*. Alto, a great Variety of Fancy Bcnnetn and pIowits. Embroiripries, auch as LacA Collars. Handkerchiefs. Sleeves. &c.,Ac. Fancy ti< eds. Fancy Parasols, Corsets. !Ioop Skirts, and a large assortment of I adiea' Un ler Clothing an !? the 1 est cheap price Gloves. Lit lies, you will do well by calling and examining our stock of g >ois before you buy elsewhere. rah 2t-lin* MCLESI. MULE9II MULES!!! I have for sale seventy head of large young MUI.ES. all of which are well broken to wtrfr. Also, some tine saddle and har ne>s HORSES which will be sold on ac commodatiog terms. JAB. H. SHREVE, oh 21-6t* 7tb street, bet. II and I gr yujug 3a FURNIT URE FURNfTURE. % Our stock of CABINET FURNITURE is now fall and complete, embracing every artlela ?saally kept in s first-class Furniture Store. Iron Hall, No. 31H Pennsylvania avenie, mhJ$-eofit ketweewJtn ani ivlth st*. AMUSEMENTS. FORD'S NEW THEATER. Tbxtk Strict, abov b Pbnmsyltasi aAv snob The public demanding: a repetition of the great ?lay of TBI OCTORT-ON : Ok. LIFE IN LOUISIANA. it will be performed again THlSi^edn.sday EVENING. Mareh 30, with Miss Alice Gray. Mr. C. B. Bis top. Mr. 9. K Chester Mr. H. B. Phillips, and tne en tire company in the cast. To-morrow, seventh appearance of the GREAT AMEBIC AN TRAGEDIAN, EDWIN FORREST who will sustain his world-renowned Shaksp?rean delineation of OTHELLO. The play will be produced with great complete j ness and a superior cast. Mr. Johu McCullough as Iago Mre.J.n. Allen an Desdernona M ikh Alice Gray as Emilia Luc notice will be given of the drat performance of the new play, by Geo. H Miles. E?q., entitled SENOR VAUENTE IMPORT ANT NOTICE. PERSONS HOLDING RESERVED PLACE? are respectful y requested to ATTEND EARLY. The Immense throng of patrons now attondins the theater 811 the thoroughfares to an extent rendering access to secured places somewhat diffi cult after the rise of the curtain. PRICES OP ADMISSION. Dress Circle SO cents Orchestra Chairs 75cents Family Circle.. ?.....25 cents Private Boxes $10 and %i> Reserved seat*on Mr. Fo Trent's nights 2*cts. extra OROVfcR'S THEATER. Pessstlvamia at., nbar Willap.d's IIotbi.; Lbovard Grotkr Director GENUINE SUCCESS Of THE GRAND SEA SON OK OPr.RA. THIS (Wednesday EVENING. March3\ Only time most positively of Bolideux's Grand Opera <>f LA DAME BLANCHE in three acts, and a cast of unparalleled strength, and a powerful chorus of thirty, including the leading members of the celebrated ARTON SOCIETY. and the ent re (4 rand Orchestra from the Acaluray of Music,New Yorji. M . Theodore Hab'-lnDacri as ..... G'?org^ Browne M. Frederich Graffas .Trave-ttori M'ir.e Uertha Johatiiiseji as ..Anna. hisnie"<* Slgnora Louise Prederici as Marffaretha M Kronft ld as Dickson Mile Pau' ne Cani??a. as Jenny, hi * wif Sittnor Carlo Lemnni as Sh-?r:fr CARL AXSCHUyZ. Conductor oftlieUpera There will lie no Opera ?>ti Thurilnv nor any per foiMoauce at the Theater. . prjces o:-APMtSSIOV. TresftCirele and Parniet $' Orchestra I Imiro i 5> l-'arrilv Cm le SO Private Boxes >;2 O> tee . %?t Seats CO cents e vtra. Poors open at ' O'cL cfc. Cornmt nee at S. Seats may be secured during the pay between the hours of it) a:.U 5. WASHINGTON THEATER. MR. WM. EDO \R MORGAN ITn' the hon< r to announce t'mt at the solicitation . of hi*" many friends, he will uive a Ha! la I Enter taium?ut at the above-named Theater on WEDNESDAY. March 30th. Mr. Morcan will be assisted by several of the fnest instrumental and vocal performer., of Wash inston and lialum-r<*. A* thia concert isa'most entirely by -ubseription. a ereat minv ticket havine already been secur jaeof his friend-; ili Wa^hin^ton winbL ? to be present will planse < all early to avoid confusion. mh Z'-'t* GREAT MKTROPOLITAS HALL, Pl5*HTLVARlA AveKUB ANl> EL?YBKIH iTKiiT . GARD NKBACO. Proprietor*. Unqualified approval meets the efforts of our trtnit dt la crtme of ail companies. " Kent, vidi ' said the Roman co: queror. The proprietors of tbJs sup? rb establishment have adopted it air eraily as th> ir motto. ENlEUHAillC RECEPTION OF THE GREAT COMPANY. MESSRS. EARTH' ?L MlBW A BUTLBR, The two grekt Pantomimisi* CONMrAN TIN S GREAT BALLET TROUPE. UU? XLIcJB, Premier# Daneeuse. MIfcS ANNA KT 8H MIS^ MARY WALTON. MISS MOLLIE LANK, WM. PCOTT, relehrated Tenor. L. BRUMME1 L, Live Ban.) ist HANK MaSON. Oaampion Jig Daneer. ED. MURRAY. GEO. H. MURRAY, GEORGE Mll.ES, GEO. SHBuDON. The celebr*ted Acrobat. GEORGK DE LOUIS A**D HIS TRAINED DOG JENf?Y LIND, Forming the gr?at<>?t co.- biuation of '-aleut in the world. To conclude, ?*n each evening this week, with the gorKeous corn c Pan'omim<* of DON JUAN. New Fcenery. Dre.-ses, Ac. ADMissiorTas cents. "ORCUE8! RA CH AIRS. AO CBS TS, PRIVATE BOXES SO AN D $5 B\0H. GRAND FamTlY MATINEE Every Saturday A'ternoon at 2 o'clock. Admi? s>?,n : Ladies 26 cents; Children Id cents. mh2t-nf I GEOEGKTOWN ADVBH'MTS NOTICE? LICFXSKS ?All Licenses due the Corporation of Georgetown on the first otApril next must be paic within ten days from that date: otherwise they will be strictly enforced by the Metropolitan Police. mh 25-eotlOap WM. LAIRD. Clerk. 1FREE VACCINATION. N Accordance with a law recently passed by the city authorities, the undersigned will vaccinate Gratuitously all residents of Georgetown who may apply to him for that purpose, at his residence, lV4 Dunbarton street. Office hours from 9 t* 10 n. m. and from 3 to 4 p. in. _m hJ8 eo3t CII AS. II. C RAG IN, M D. HOS. H. DONOHUE A CO.. PLOMBKRS A YD GAS FITTERS, No. 82 Bkidgk Strket, Gr.oROKTow.v. All orders for Gas Fitting. Alterations and Ex tensions w ill receive prompt and faithful atten tion. Plumbing in all its brancnes executed in the best mariner. Water introduced and Hydrants put up at short notice. mh 22- 1m* [V-^GEORGETOWN TAXE3.-Anabatement of 8 per cent will be allowed on the annual taxes for the current year if paid on cr before the first day of April next. mh 17 2w* CHAS. D. WELCH. Collector. f~l.MK ! LIME ! LIME ! Orders received for first 1-i quality Pennsylvania ALUM LIME, afr the Lumber Yard on Indiana avenue, between 2d and 3d streets. 1,0W bushels now in store. m h 2*1 w* CKO. W. LIN VILLI? A CO. EXPRESS WAGONS FOR SALE.-One two-horse and two single EXPRESS W \GONS. Also, on? TRUCK. They are all platform spriny. of the best Philadelphia make; have >>een used about six morths; are in complete order Also, four setts of good UARNE8S. A eood chance for an enter iirising man to start a city e press. Inquire of iOHN KING of Wm. A CO., nl Louisiana avenue, be'.ween 6th and 7th streets. mh 2j-3t (V OTICF.?The Public is rcpectfully informed that on and aftei the first day of April. 8?1, all Wood, Coal, and Lumber lauded at.our wharves will be subject to wl>arfagcas fjllowa : For Wood, per cord 10 cents I or Coal. per ton 8 cents for Lumber, prr thousand 20 cents All to be removed from the wharves within five days, otherwise halfihe above rates resp-ctively will be charged for every 2-1 hours it may remain after that time. GRE NASLRMM'NM RICHER S& GU1NAND, tnl. 26 6t" WILLIAMS A JOLLY. BY DIRECTION OF THE SECRETARY OF THE TRB^8^RY. I hereby giv? notice th ?t i am t-ripare'l to receive subscriptions on acc >unt of Ur.tted Stat a ? ondsauthorized b> the act <'f March 3.1 64 bearing date Match 1 Uv>4, r?deenriabl-at the p!e*sure of th? '??????? rntr.est, *fter ten vea?s. ard pay e bio forty years from d-?te, bearing iu'erest at five per crtum a year, paya ? e on Rooda not (iti r otie Irandred dolN s auou lly, and oa all other b- i.ds fleuj' ly, it coin. Subscribers will rece v either Registered or Coupo.i Roods as th-? mav prefer. Ri gis'ered b< n<ls will be i sael of tbt' deno-nina tioi s o? f ifty dollars, ($50.) One Hundred 1olUr?. (S100.) Five Hundred uo lars. (f5'0,) O e Thouiand dol a>s. ($l,'oo,) Fire Thousand dollars, ({> 0>0,l ?i d Ten Thunrand doPars. (f l< JtOO,) and Cuufon Biii^s of the >*ennmi-aMo"S of Fiftr dollars. O e Hnnd'ed dollars, (lltf),) F re Hundred dollar*, (fa 0 bb1 One Thousand d -liars. ($ .dOM gi-.bseriberB will b' #qnired to pay inadiition to the amount cf the principal of the B >uds, in lawfa nooey.iit seemed i- lerest in coin,<or tn T'nited i tates not<8 or the not?a of National Banks, adding (my per eent for pre.tinm until fuitter notice ) from the fi'flt day March or September, as the ease mar be, until the day of su isc. ipti- n and payment ' yen receipt of subscriptions I will t'sne my cer' flcate of deposit therefor ia duplicite. the o iginal of which will be forward by-th-? sub scri er to the Secretary of the Traasnry, Wa?hin? ten, wf?h a letter stating the kind. (R^gfetered o* Codpoa,) and the denomination of bonds required. f. B. RflflSBR, uih 2i <w Treasurer Vuiied States. LOCAL NEV?. Affaibs at th? Jail.?This dilapidated old struc nr*. notwithstanding its nnsnitanleness for the purposes tor which it wm erected, i* kept In a condition in tbe highest d*g ee cred itable <o tbe Jailor and guards?cleanly. Sine-' the war commenced there fca* been over tor > h?.n< red prisoners at one time confined here, for various crimes, from a simple oreacb of tb* peace to murder, bnt at the present time, so espf > luously have tbe court and justices ot the pehc worked, there are Pes than cue bundr-d. The building, it is well known, is or brick, bnt is roughcast, and is fiequeotlv called tbe "bine jog.' On entering, the tlrst object wtrch arrets tbe eye is a rack of muskets, and as me prisoner enters his ^e rests on them with wholesome effect. This rack is in the offlc* or gnsTd-room, which opens into another room at the west rnd ot tbe bnildin?, us> d as a sleep! g apartment for the guards who are not on duty. A ball runs east and west taroagh ihi building, and In tbe west end there is a rack on wbicb tbe prisoners deposit i b-fr bidding To tr.e ritrht of the main entrance is the kitchen, wbicb is kept scrupulously cl*an. Here are thr? ? large boilers and a bake oven, m which tbe "grub," as It was formerly sailed, is served up for the prisoners; bnt jndging from the specimens ? bich we saw, it is now worthy of a more dignified name. Tbe bill of fare consists of coffee, flsb (mackerel or herring.) Corn bread and som> times wheat, soup three da> a in the week, and bacon foar d.iys. This part ot tbe boilciing is presided over bv Wo-e? Mix, a colored man, who was sentenced some time since by a court-martial to ten years' imprisonment here; but he has proved to be so trustworthy ard deserving, and hiving aided the rnards on one or two oc ^asions wheu some of ibe more desperate ohHracter* formed a plan to < scape, an effort vrill he made to procure a pardon U r him. The ceils are all on the north side ot the building, heinz arranged in se?s of tUre^, open ing into a corridor on either side of the stair ca-e, and are each nboct twelve feet square. Four prisoners are allotted to a cell at pr-sent. Tbe wbnes occnoymg those of tbe iirst and secciid floort, and tbe Hacks tbose of the th rd story. 1 h<-female prisoners occupy th* four roorr son tbesooth front of the second ttorv. The rcon.s in the thud story, known a-s the dtbtor's department, ar? ccupied by white niin who are in lor liphtollienses. Tnes^roins are also used 'or brspita' purposes. S >me or' the piisoners are found 1 ungit'g and n ^r amusing h mselves in various way.3; playing the 11 ute, s i ging or reading. The WJTieii an app?ar comfortable, &ud in the large air ro in wi icb ?he_v are held s-?m 'o b-* at no ne, isprciwlly as there is an '.n'? resing infant, (th child t-f* the Jem?le pickp cket arrested in ecrpetuwn i?veral days sin e. ai.d who is low av. a:ting trill.) to occuoy and ineres tbim. In this department til? most of t'i n wrie .'ifir g aronr.d bes ove>-, (with vvbich all the rcon s ( n tlie rou ii cir'e are urnished,> eii gnrtd in conv-r s'ion, sewing, or singing The tctal number of pr sone-a coufinetl n iW is f'5 o' whom "6 are males. (35 h ask a id II white,) a.;d 19 femil s, ("? wtip. an! it bat,) Tt ? entire building gets a o >d white- warn ing e-verv week, and is -c ub'Te l out, whit- a' ihe same time ttie pri oners are required to five tfeir b dding an a<ri-ig oa the rack >n the j: rd, prepared for ihai purp se fie pre ?r>t gcod health cf the prison*rs i- nod >ur?t (?wing t? the dearly ? oi ditu>n ot th-'prisjn. tbeie hetng perceptib v none of th>tt od.r -o peinitario prisons when i.ot kept, in p-oiier ooiidit on. At this time there are b it lonr prisoners U!;<ier n^dual featmjut and tti1^ are not M'flenng tiom any di ea-e coutrajted ii the prison Ihe j ri'cners are generally turned ou e?rly in the morninsr, a d Irom tb it time un it 4 in tte att?ri oon tliey have the rang-* of tb<* batis, I and twice during the day are tbev allowe 1 to 1 be in he } ard ? h the north side of ihe building, [ wl en th< y can exercitf themselves. There ?xe at this time do lees thin six persons here on tt.e charge of murder?two un ter sen tence. (Kendricks and Pollard:) one ^ouvlc'.ed but rot sentenced, (Goo ien.) and tbre^ yet tj be tri?d, (McGiunis aiid Mthouey, eoidiers, and Coriteliu-i Tu'-ll, for tbe murder of bis wife ) From this crime down to simple assault or petty larceay, every crime is repre^suteJ. There are two or three small col ?rea b iys, rLargrd with robbirg a store, condned tier**, i no tbe ( onrt but determined to hind ta-m oi. to riiitahle persons, ou ac ouut of their t-nder age, rather than to pro ecnre them Mr. Wise, the jaiK.r, took ctmrge of one of the enme party oi t o\ 9, and tbmke that h- will make a useful man I here has been but one dea'h in j ? il within a ten deinrle t me, and abiut this case their pj earf to be some little toman ??. It. appears iba a S' Idler ben me acquainted with a zirl i am*(i Antia B; nnon. who lived at th-? ' somewhere north of R-l imore, and seduced lier. after which be cf?meto th>s city, a id, get ting into seme kind oi a s rape, was s nt to jt?il M;e lolloped him here, and, n din: out his where:.bout.-, i-ommitted a ciiine by taking seme small articles which did not belong to her, as is believed for no other purpose tba i to be Lear her lover, and she a-*nr to j ill, ' w bere, about a montb since, she gave birta to a child, and died in child-bed. Tbe soldier lo*er has since b?-en discharged from j til aiU ser t to his leglment at the front. The following l onstiiute the staff of tiie jail: Wm D. Vi e. jaiior; Robert Water1, T. II. Kobirson, Patrick Wilson, Johnson Si>nonda. Geo. H Favroiii, Joel HottertM and Join Bell, guards; and Dr. .Noble Young, physicitn. Police Retorts ? First Precinct.?Grace inter, petty larceny; jiil for court. Third Precinct.?Jno. Ross, larceny; jtil fur couit Harriet Ford, do ; dismissed Catherine Stewart, grand larceny; jail tor court Jno. Campbell, disorderly; #4.45. Eliz berh RiJge. ley. do.: 91 56 Eilen Thomas, do ; f-2 6sJ Joseph McKeel, vagrancy; woikhon;e Mary Ga ely, do; do. Josiah 11'-liar and Jno Doll, drunk; dismiss*d. John Mnrrey and Jonn White, drunk and disorder!}; f*J tiJ each. ArchCatno hell, ussault and battery; jail for court. John Conner, drunk; dismissed. John LMtiel, expo sure; Pat'k McCan and Pat'k Cassidy, gunniug on Sunday: not disposed of. Fourth Precinct.?Jno Hunt, lniecent exoo sure; f5 Ho. Joseph Uevault, desertion; milita ry. Charles l>enham, assault and battery; dismissed. F\ftk Precinct.?Louisa Carroll, snspicion of larceny; dismissed. Wm. Weaver, drunk and disorderly; military. Jacob Cooj>er. disorderly; 9*2- Emma F.ColP, wearing maleapparel;feent to Snperintendei t. Daniel O. Hare, assault and battery; cismicsed. Wm Bond, seduction; lor hearing. Kate Robbins, drunk and disor derly; <2. Joseph Johnson, disorderly; do. Sixth Precinct ? Hugo Barrels, creatiuz uui sance; Martin HaPy, Edw. Haywood, iarcaay; C. S. Roberts, false pr-tense; dismissed. Join King, di nnk and disorderly; 92 FranW Don nelly, druuk; military. Julius Frankenstein, keeping a gambling houBe; tor bearing. Dr. A. Fisbtlatt, A. Wbitelock, L?. W L-vi, gambling; Jj. Frankenstein, selling liqnor to s tidier*: E. Newburger, M. Jacoby, H. ('ollin, J. Damer man, J. H. Henline, A. Siern, S.'Solomon, J. Hjt es, T. Rytbemburg, D. Straus, L. Knsel. S. Furs, S Hartom. disorderly; dismissed. Jalins Frankenstein, selling liquor unlicensed; #20 91. Tenth Precinct.?John A. Carp-nter, druuk and disordfrly: dismissed. Jane Lloyd, Si-iry F. Hfcney and M<ry Moriarty, do ; workb iuse. J. Began, disorderly; dismissed C. Reardon, do.; $4. John Burke, do : S2. James Dj ieisou, do : diami-sed. J. D. Brower, George Masaa, J. L Fiiik, A Rickman, Geo. Mnlvemev. do.; dismissed. Jas. Johnson,do.; 93. L McVary, do. and drunk; 94. Henry Pepper, drunk and profane; c.ismifceed. Tr orntou Powers, carry ing weaj one; S2n.?8. Alice Cole, drunk; 95. Geo Waid,do;?2 M. Sbanahin, drunk and disorderly; ?5 Charles Moore, do ; dismissed. Tl.Of. Loi lie, do.; #5 John C|n>r.n. disor lerlv; do. C- H. Kenister, James Harkum. J.C. Halt, James Uamlin, no.; dismissed Jobn C|uinn, drunkaid; bill tor good behavior. Mar.hew I.ittie, deserter: mili'arv. Dennis O'N-il, dis orderly; oismissed. John Ma'^es,'trunk; J10. Fenmf, disorderly; WhitU-ld K-euan, do.and di tn k; Robert tJray, disorder y; til dismUaed. Micb'l Keenon, do.: 912 v> Jobn >l trd*-, .1j aLddrnnk;92. Mich'i Boy land, nuisanc92 Negro Kqoalltf. We eee it stated that at a rec?nt me'eUn;o pnhlic cel-bration In St. Louis, Geo. McNai exf-rtssed an 01 inion that In the fotnre a grate fnl people would not wiibhotd the.elective lran? hne from any man, 1.0 matter what bis < olor, v bo h <d perilled bis life upon the battle fit Id in behalf of bis country; and that Gen. Rcucrxus endorsed the sentiment, and re peated it even in stronger language than ttie flrit speaker. I'pon this statement, the New Yoik W?rld, a piper that ia gener lljr carefal In the view U takes of things, insl<Is that negro equality la about to be established, and that n>i?erreiatlon will follow rapidly. Tbe r xpremion of opinion aa to the justice or injustice of allowing those negroes who may serve in the army the privilege of voting, ia a THE WEEKLY STAR. TW? Family and IT??* Jotru], "detaining a greeter variety of mrereeting ??i lag then can be found In any "otfcer, Sv FnMiab#' on Friday morning It in ran ably contain* the - WtalUnftOt N?w?" that bao made U?* dally Evmii# Stab circulate so generally throoghoet US oo*r try. Tram Cm*, invertaMf m M?fc Single oopy, per annum...... ?|1N Single copies, in wrappers. Fit?U matter tilt! will address itself to th? jsdcn^nt ol il e w bi e p? of le of tbeseveral >uu-s, when ever that Isn.e arises. Tb* rigbtof voting the rif^btot t-ejing who thali and who sh ill not vote at elections?is a matter wblcb tbe I orsMtntu n car* fully secnres to tbe people of ibt* stT? is) States. >nd does cot permit Oon ts in ar.v mm uer to interfere wi?h. 1 be acmission of ne*r<>e8 to the privilege of voting at el? ctions is not a new qnsuou. It U a very dd on> , dating as iar EiCkastha adr r?icn ol tbe cons.i ution. In Nor'b Unroll m ana 1>nr<stre. and possibly in seme otber sin vt holding State i.r States, certain claeees of fife i f^iot t bud bf rigbt ot voting, jnst as a c*-rtam clxs* ol tb?m have had theritbtof v> tin? in tbe State of New York. In tt&ssa cl.usets, and p? rhaps in other New England Maie^, mgice* are admit>d to tbe elective frai cbi*-e and are eligible to office; neverthe less, txc'pt in abolition speeobee. tne u* re is practically regarded with as littte pOUUoaJ ai d sr* iai riYiM-ct as he is in any other fttite o! the Union The proposition to admit n? groei to the privilege ol voting ha* made bat httt> progress durine the last bal^oentary. an I throwing ont tbe vote of that clasa la New* York, v e no not believe the agirrege'e fre.* netro *ote in the Unit-d States will reach tjv > tboiiSand \oes. We s? e do eyiden<* of any piogiessin pu> lie sentiment toward* the ad mission of lie, ro< s to tbe elective fi anchise; on tbe (outrar.i, we think the boetility to each h. nn atuie it more intense now thau eVer. Under tie li ar that the war would bring to tais Stau* an ed' tt;?>i)HI t>la< k |f>pnlation, the people of Illinois. by a neatly unanimous von?, eighteen mi n'bs ngo, decided that no negr > sh mid ever beaonrtud to anv politi al privile e <n this N;ate, and ty a vote hut lit'le less overwhelm ii g d? clared that no net>ro should ever be per muted to com? into tbe Sta e of Illinois for tha puipose ol r sidence. lithe name question a wi-re frul roitt< d 10 the peopl- of U inois to dav, t .vy wouid iej ?at ih? ir f? rmer decisions just ac ?mpha icsll\ as 'liey did in 18M Tbe control of the privilege of voting is so compl?tH\ wi h'U the power f ibeS'ates,each w ttnin its own jurisdiction, 'hat it is - ot likely t! at neg o equ?lity in political afftirs will nt>k< ai y < xtenslve proirress within the neat tw?it> Hurt, aid alter that, tb? negro raoe hnYii g re^en to b? 'lavs. \*ill hive lost -ifI 'tlieir tlaim upon tb>- philamhropv of their I 11 fi n'. spei ial . ham pious. A H i if p- ndinir before I Jon ir^p* to extend to tie ii^jpots in W??h nfon city the rl^tit of xctinsrtoT municipal officers. That ?ill miy opsp, ? u? it is ? 'emf,Tk*ibl- fart that if it do-a p sp i' will pas." by the vote.- of men from i>bio, Indi .r n, 11 i oie, Iowa aud Wt-icon?io, who woti'd not vo's at hon.e to conf?r a lik^ privi pp< on 'h?ir n?jrro s ?f their re?peof|ve N at s. Mr. Ari ? Id tnav Hud it nveri'?*nt ind puiotic tovo efoL i < gro sttirrage in the lii-s tt ic o- (.*< Ifmhi , bu1 Arnold could not le'i:dnced to vo e in Cht ag ? for -.ui fraie n 111 nois. It it b?i proper tj f irce a lat^? nepro vo'e o i tli- people o* W t-hi ixi >a city, v ] y i' r not pTop? r and right to do the ff-me ii. t'bicti o Ne??*ithele>s, tbe fait W is we tft?c ?'afHfi. mid i o. ly s rvis 'o?how b-w u'tt-i !j d ? hor.fs'is the wb le 8 bciue of < on? r? F-ioi ai lt-ci>la toa upon fie ne^ro t:cn.? Chicago l'u>l W The manufacture of pistols will b? re. si.r-er a- C'ott p 'a torj' in H irtford in about tbie? w^-' lis. Work a? Sharpy's n?*w rlile lac; tirv will bepin about tbe same time. Oi ly flic, "lavof. ?r?- left i-i Folk conr.ty, ]Vlit*curi. l->fore the -*ar they w-recounted l,j tl>e tn.r died. ttJ Ho1*' rt Hn'Iow^ll Gardiner, a prnm:?ent cit -/? n ot Gardiuer. *1 line, di d list weHi,ageti t-5? j ehrs W^The fnr trade of Detroit ampnhtste f iW.t 00 ainirllv United State? 10-40 Lean J AY COOKE 4* CO., 449 Fifteenth Street, Kbcbive Subscriptions roe trk NEW NATIONAL LOAN authorized by s't o* Ma'ch S. 1954 and known as TES- FOR TY BOXD ?, being redeemable at tke pUasire cf tbe Govsrn n.-ei t after t^o ytare. and pivable forty yaars frcm <3at.- in coin, hesring int<r?-Ft at FIVE PKR CISC A YE4K, payatle on bonds no 07er |iX) annually, and on lar?e batds semi-anunallr, IN C JIM. The COUPON BONDS wi.l be is^ed tn 160, f]00, f&0 and ?l/on The BCGISTBRKD BON04 will be is.usd in ?*>. ?iro Sf0i),f 1,(10, tS 001, and f 10,000. There ar<> tbe only gold bearing securities of the Government now procurable at per, end, yield I of at yr stent value of coin OVER EIGHT PER CENT PER ANNTM, offer a very desirable investment for large or small sums. We Bay and Sell, at market rates, GOVERXMEAT BONDS, OF ALL ISSUES, TREASURY SOTES, CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS, and COIN, and pay the hightat prices for Ql*ARTERMAUTER'g CERTIFICATE CHECKS rah ~JAY COOKE h CO. geoT demerit & CO., itEWKLBRS, 303 Brsadway, New YorU, (CORNER PtTANK STRKKT.) 100,000 WATCHES. CHAINS, GOLD PENS AND PENCILS, Ac., Ac., WORTH f.?00.000 ! TO BE SOLD AT ONE DOLLAR EACH, WITH OUT REGARD TO VALUE, And a ot to b* paid until you know what vou xeitl rtuivt! SPLENDID LIST OF ARTICLES All to bk 8olp for Oxk Dollar rich < ICO Gold HuntingCast-d Watches 9lOUea*'i lWJGold WatcbeR fit)#,*;.? ao Ladies'M atches. . %il?A tW1tch^Hp 3 S 00 t. 25 each W0 Itoiu Neck and Vest Chains... J2 OU to 15 e&o;i Chatelaine and Gunrd Chains 5 00 to lfi each 3.GIO Vest and Neck Chains 4 00 to 12 ea-'i 1.0U) Solitaire Jet A Gold Brooches 4 00 to 8 ea.*'? Coral. Lava, Garnet, Ac., do. 3 00 to fpvi 7.O1OG0M. Jet, Opal.&c , Ear frrops 3 00 to 8ea-? 5,t<0 Gents' Breast and Scarf Pirns, S 00 to ? ea- i S-" a ^Kal W Brre,ete 3 0u to S et; , 1,u0 Chased Bracelets s to 10 e<w ? 3.0(0 California Diamond Pin* and Rings 2 60 to 8ea?h 2,C<? Gold Watch Keys 2 30 to ?11 oh 9,0(0 Solitaire Sleeve Buttons snd Studs 2 00 to 8 each 3,0t0 Gold Thimbles 4 00 to 6 earh S.ICO Miniature Lockets I 00 to 7 each 3.011 Miniature Lockets Mnjri,- 4 00 to 9 each 2,CU Gold Toothpicks, Crosses. Ac 2 on to ri #>*.<???> 3,(C(? Fob and Ribbon Slides 2 00 to fi ev-5 5,CC(JChasea Gold Rings 200to fiea^^i 4,tXO htone Set Rings 2 0U to 6,SW) Sets Ladies' Jewelry? jet and Gold k aq to js ejwii 6.WO Sets Ladies'Jewelry, varied 0WM"0e'M"u . "tries 3 00 to 18 each 8,0C0Gold Pens, Silver Case and Pencil 400to leach 4,COO Gold Pens, Gold Case and Pencil 5 00 to 10 each 6,0C0Gold Pens, Gold Mounted Holder 2 00 to 6 each All the goods in the abore List will be soli, withcut reservation, for ONE DOLLlR E*CH. Certificates of all the various articles ar>5 placed in similar envelopes sealed and mixei. Thes? en velopes w ill be sent by mail, or delivered at our office, without regard to choice. Ou receiving a Certificate, you will see what article it repre sents. snd it is optional with you to i>end one dollar and receive the article named, or any other in tbe list cf same value. In all transactions by mail we charge for for warding the Certificates, paying postage, and do ing the business, 25 cents each. Fir* c&ttjicat** te II bt s nt for ft I; Eltren for (2; f\ir #o; Biattfvtftr #lv nnd nu Huoit:e4for % 15. By this mode we give selections from a varied slock tf fine goods, of the best make an ! lateafc styles, and of intrinsic worth, at a nominal prilpe, while all have a chance uf securing articles of the very highest value. We guarantee entire satmactioii in every in ? stance, and if there should be any p rson dissatis fied with any article fhey may receive, ther will immediately return it, and the price wit* be re funded. Agents.?We allow IJtea* wtingas Agent* Tew Cents on each Certificate ordered, provided their r? mitlancc amount to One Dollar. They will collect 25 cents for every Certificate, and retaining 10 cents, remit to us IA cents Tor each. AddresR . OF.O. DEMERIT A CO., mhati SAWit 3U3 Broadway, New York,

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