Newspaper of Evening Star, March 30, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 30, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEW*. AM ii iKNIPTO Nluai'. - Grovkbh Thkatxh? Fiotnw's opera of performed last uigh? at Gro wer i. :*nd to anc her such ? l.trge audtnoc ? as iHbDOi i.i11 to cbtertbe heart of any manager. Tbi? ainoue opera w-ai produ ed entire To s:fht. we arc ?o have Bordeaux's rrand or??ra, i. I,a Dame Blanch*,'" and Mr. The.n Hab?l :o?i. ^ al m ke b>s first appearance. Allot the companv are m tbe cast. l oKD -t Theatik ?This is not 02# of Mr Vi'TTitt 3 nights, but 'hat need be no nvon v. iij Mr. Ford ? patrons should stay away irom his dramatic tempi", f >r a really splendid entertainment will be given by the proinc'toe of tbt tnnllina and popular sensational play, ?Tbe Octoroon or Life in Lonisiana." a piay^. wMch has here'otore delighted thousand*. % akjitibm ? l'tir la sensation f At lea*t so ni tb.- patrons of the Varieties, judging from the anxiety w tb which thev rnsb for tea's to *.>e Fi?/simmon'6 new sei sa-ion play, " Tae >?mnle Pickpocket 01 Washington " Those ?r.o wish to see it should hasten to do so, aa it ninst ?ooii give place to other novelties. Mm KoroLiTAN Hall was filled again la? nigh; wi'b a gay and happy crowd, wbo w-re delighted with tlie p, rformanc- s of Anna Rush, M^ry Waitou. Mollie Lane, Wm. Scott, L. B' t-r Geo. de Louis, and others. Ano'her spleidid entertainment *111 be given to-night Caster hurt.?In addition to the regular concert ball entertainment, the sweet songs of JiOkj Engel, the clog dancing of Delehanty end Ward, and the fine performances ot the form ot Heauty, the Ronzam ballet troape will to-nigbt appear, and a nnmner of new &:rract:ona of soBg, dance and pantomime will be givn. Thk Cmcre at the corner of Sixth street and *>ew \i'!k avenue continues to do a flourish ing business and ibe pavilion is crowded night ly. Mtb. Warner (formerly Mrs. Dan Rice), the Whitby t&mily. Mrs. Frank Whlttaker, hi d others, elicit much applanse. William Kennedy is the clown, and his jests are of such a character a* to amuse all. Ballad Entibtainvint.?Mr. Wm. Edgar Moigan announces that at the solicitation of ttany friends he will give a ballad entertain ment to night at Washington Theater, and will be existed by some fine instrumental and vo cal performers. The last concert Mr. Morgan appeared in in this city was at the Smith* ?o*ian a year or two ago. r.3?LiaTMB*T Fdnd Ball.?The different Committees for the Enlistment Fund Ball are Teqve;-ted to meet at the Mayor's office, City Fall, at 7 o'clock this evening, and the Com* nrttr-e on Refreshments to meet at the ball room to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock. The iJall at the Patent Office ? Owing to the inclemency of the weather last night, the ?. rowd was not so great at the ball in honor of the lmiiea of the late fair as was anticipated; bin the assemblage was a select a?d brilliant one, and all present seemed to enjoy them* selves to the fullest extent. Through' some ruisnudirs andn g the band of the 17th infan try. which had been engaged, failed to mike Its appearance; but at a late hour Hon. B. B. French me.eeded in securing the services of the orchestra at Groffr's Theater, who fur iiislu d excellent mnslc during the festivities of the evening. The supper, gotten up under the auspices of Mrs V- M. Shuster, Mrj. Job Angus, Mrs. Jin.-? Towers and Miss Piper, was a superb * ne, and was partaken of by a majority of those present. Ji.iny of the ladies and gentlemen present expressed a d?sire that the ball might be re pcau-d under more favorable circumstances, aim 11 is hoped the managers will take the matter nnder consideration I)- -r] ite the baJ weather, the style of costume cn the part of the ladies was decided ly rich and tas' ful. We note a few of the coatumes for the b- nefii of lady readers: M-s. .'ohn W F?y, leather colored watered .?ilk black lace shawl, beaut'lul pearl neck lace and earrings. head-dress of flowers. Miss Haitie F?h, of Cambridge, dressed in white tarleton; head-dress of white cameliaa s?cd flow drops. Mrs. E. L Sfe -s, of Washington, white silk dress, > rammed with cherry colored ribbon, .very neat and pretty. Mr*. B. B. F?b. of Washington, white silk: he.tiWdress of japonica and orange blossoms: handsome plaid sash. M>*s Fanny Gil?t, of New Hampshire, white tar! trn: black velvet spencer. Mrs R. CI?e, of Washington, (in mourning* blicksilk, richly and elegantly trimmed. .Vli-sT?d, of Washington, pink silk dress, wit!) pirk sash. Mies Wh?b, white illusion, trimmed with erarle! velvet; peasant waist. Mies I-?4s, white sw es, trimmed with black >?-l>ri, head-dress with white snow drop. Mr?. W. B?ry, of Washingtou, blue silk dref s, with white lace overdress, looped with bl o k velvet. Miss Laura R?d, of Washington, red allk drfts; hlaik velvet waist. >;is; Emma R--d, of Washington, check silk nr-'ss, with blark bodice. Miss H?1, purple 3ilk, trimmed with white lace. ' Mrs. J. M?v, pink silk drees, featooued A'ltb blnck velvet; tead-drfs? of flowers. Miss Belle Mi?er, of Washington, cherry tatin dress.white illusion bodice; head-dress of ge.aninm leaves Miss T?d, of Washington.rose colored tarle t> u; head-dress plain. Mrs. ,fames S?le, purple silk drea-. black r?ce shawl. Mis-F?Id, of Washington, bine silk, trim im d with lace: headlress of roses. Mirs Lizzie W?d,of New Hampshire, Swiss rtiushn, trimmed wnh cherry colored silk rib bon Miss Alice Th?n, pink silk, with skirt fes tooned; illusion wali-t. Mrs. Germond Cr?1, bla>.k silk; head-dre?s oi diamonds. M iss Del?h, of Pitisbnrg, red silk dress; ele ghnt white opera cloak. Muses Laura and Emma A11?a, of Wash ington. dr. satd in white tarleton, trimmed wi'.n black velvet. M iss Cornelia Bid-?1, white Swiss dre3s: rich Of era cloak. Tub Enlistment Fund Ball.?To-morrow T iglr tbe grai.d enlistment fnnd ball will be yiren at the yrill of the Patent Office. That it will b* the ball ol thi? season wo do not think th**ie can be any doubt, lor our most prominent citiwns are at the head of it, and they have been indefatigable in their exertions to so per fect the arrangemt r.ts as to give satisfaction to a'l who may atiend. Every cltize.i of Waati Ingtoii i? ceitalnly intereab-d in preventing a draft here, and as all tbe proceed* of this ball w ill be devoted to that end, by eecuriug mouey t'? p ?y bounties to volunteers, each one should eif-rt bimse!t in the matter, and swell th^ sum of iroiuy nece>sary, by not only purchasing a t ke- himself, but also inducing his friends to I urebase. A IMphonept Porter.?La?t night Thomas l?avis, a colored pori?r in the store ot George E. Kennedy, grocer, 7th street, was arr eted by Mr. Jas. Green, gro<ser, on 1HU? street, uear L, on Misplcion of stealing a bucket of butter which he bad in his possession. Davis failed t give a good account of the manner in which be got the butter, and Mr. Green turned him over to Serjeant Reed, assistant superintendent ot police. He aamiued the tlielt. Mr. Greeu hau beeu robbed h.m ;elf, and bis anxiety to find out something ot his . vr losses caused him to be particular in inv ?','atrtig the matter. JustUe Clayton committed Davi-> to jail for court. FoiiT o? Georgetown.?En1 ered?S-earner .las S Gree?, F? etoii. lrjm New York; sciir. Alb rt M&*oii, Ferry, do., mdze, Oleiired? Scbis. Trainswork, Parsons. Saalsbury; A. J. Dersoit, Hillman. New York; James Wagoaer, Truder, Wadis liay,, Travers, Mig gctUj : Adda E Barnes, Sexre. Pocomoke; si ps. Se< I.ark, Cheselvine, St. Miry's; Flying i'loud,/...dereo 1, t ort Washiugton. Streaicer, 1 li iuif. St. Mary's; 1*. T. Tennis, Bailey, A", ooitiac; Ann E. Howard, Hunter, Occoqnan; J:>mes LuEdy. Perry, Clilckamux??u; barges < nan. e, Jones. .Maitawoman;Occ3quan,SwaQ, ^.icotink: Aliegti any, Sk a, S wan creak. in a Horuiui.K CoNUiTio*.?F street, in 1 re 1st c f the City Pot t Office, 13 still in theeame coLditiuu "a? it u^ed to was. or wusser," ami at 1 he presi nt time it would puzzle the brains of Mi ei.uneer 10 determine th? gratis thereof, fcoiuiiiU-reu up is in with rubbish. If one of tiie stieets the. city has to keep in repair had been iu this condition for this length of time. 1.0 donbt our City Councils would have been suarplv censured: bat it happens iu thU case <.o>frr raent Is responsible. Aw Ood.Aktu.lkto >tbal.?l^an week, an some of taemembeis of the Mariuo- Hat d were on their way np to*n to till an engagement, some paities too4 oil the car in wni;h they "*ei??1 tit bass arum and made o!T witn it, and the loss v. as not dis overcd until the time cam* for calling the instrument ~into action. Some eold .ers who were on tha car got off at 13th ??n et, aud took the drum with them, wbich the iGudufcr natnralJs erotigli thought belonged l?j them. AT T 1to ,t'* evening by W ti Lew^ A Co., at No. 1^7 Seventh ^>tre?f, embracing over splendid photogrnphlc al. hues and Family Bibles, with the beet portion ot their large invoice of stiver- plated ware and table cutlery, painOnge, Ac., Ac. It to eekiom. ^net goods are offered at auction; therefore persot s interested would do well to attend. Bwm nuT rati of to-day* ut*r for latereet M iovaJ articles. DFAFNESft, CATARRH, and dt* asea of the EAB. THROAT, AND AIR PASSAGES. Da. I.IOHTHILL., from 34 St, Mark Pl?^ N*w York, Amhor of ?'A Popular Treatise on D-?tfneas," . " Letters on Catarrfe," will make his second rUlt to WASHINGTON, MONDAY, Ar*iL 11th, and ran he consulted at tke Epbitt Hoc?? for owa wise until Saturday evening:, April 10th. on DEAFNESS, CATARRH, and all the various dia*a*es of the EAR, THROAT, AND AIR PASSAGES. Testimonials. *0 Washisqtok, D. f)., March 5, 1S64. Da. IjIohthill?Dear Sir: I take this oppor tonit^ to pnblicly express my gratitude for the wonderful cure of deafness jou bare lu so short a time effected In my case. 1 was deaf for about six yean, and for the last few yeara- so much so that I could not hear preaching or camraon conversation; hot now since your invaluable services have been rendered, I can hear as well as ever. In conclusion, let me say that the noises with which I have been troubled in my head for yean, have also disappeared. Very truly yours, JAMBS R. MoOATHKAW, 10th street, between E and F. Washiwotow, D. C., March 4, 1861. This is to certify, that ha vine been deaf since the year 1&5?. and since that time gradually losing my bearing until 1 was unable to h*ar eommou convenation or public SDeakicer. I app'led to Dr. Liightbill, of N?w York, who, after a short and painless course of treat, ment, entirely restored my hearine. I hearti ly recommend Dr. IJghthwi to th? (leaf. Fbkdbrick Robkbtsow, Residence near Fort Saratoga. ?Wahhikotow, I>. C., March 2, I8G1. This is to certify that having been affected for twnty years with deafness, and having tri?>d some of the most eminent doctors of our c ty without any relief, I at last heard of Dr Lighthill and put myself under his care. His treatment was brief, and successful. I am now completely restored, and the cure is ap parently permanent I have nil confidence In Dr. Llghthlirs skill, and would advise all af flicted with deafness to go and consult him at once. Josbph Wuitnev, Residence near P and 11th streets. Remarkable Cure ?f Deafness From the Rev. Joseph M. Clarke, R'c'or of St. James' Church. SYRAcrwn, February 20, 1961. I have been deaf In one ear, ever since I was in college, some twenty years ago. By the slill of Dr. Lighthill, Its hearing was entirely restond, eo that now I hear alike with both ears, and I And that I can use my voice with much more ease and comfort than before. Joskph M. Clark*. mar 30-eo3w Di?*ahe< of the Nervops. Skminai.. Uriv*rv ANDSnxrALS>TSTKMS-newand reliable treat-neat? in Reports of the Howard Association?Sent by mail in sealed letter envelopes free of charg. . Address D. J. Skillin Hongnton. Howard Asso ciation. No. 3 South Ninth street. Phi a-lelphia. Pa. ^ mh 29 3m Brown's Bronciihi, Troches. The?e Lnzfrgm are prepared from a highly esteemed recipe for alleviating Bronchial Affec tions. Asthma. Hoarsens*. Coughs, Colds, and Irritation or Soreness of the Throat. Public Speakers and Votali*t< WTI1 find them beneficial in e'earing the voice V fore speaking or singinir. and relieving the throat after mit unnsual exertiop of the voral organs, having s peculiar adaptation to affections which disturb the organs of speech. mh i9-d&wtf Corns. BrNWNS, Ac?I?r. White. Chiropodist, will he in attendance at his rooms No. 424 Penn. ! a'v >;iiue. on and after Friday, April 1st. mh 2?> ' ^ _ Great Pennsylvania Rotte. via Baltimore and ! h'lirn'.-ii.tie. to the rth mid West.?T*? trains 1< ;iTt Washington da'Iv and one on Sunday?quick i time?low fare and sure connections. Soldiers' i tickets sold through (tV-Government rates. For tl; ketf si.d further information spidy at the office <>'Great Pennsylvania Route, northeast corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Sixth street, Washing ?< n. Office open from ia. m. to 9 p. m.; ou Sun dsye from 2 to 4 p. in. Be 12-ly _ E. O. Norton, Agent, Mu a Daasa Boitb. _ .. ? _ Mt*\i Busituu Suits, Youth s Drtss Suits. _ ? ., . ? . Youth's Business SuUs. Chiidrms Drsss Suits. _ Cktldrsns' School Suits. Noas WaliiiA Co., Penn. avenue, Metro politan Hotel Bciidmg, would respectfolly an nounce that ..helr anneal display r." *all ?ud Win ter Clothing Is io? ready for j ? (?ection. It ? comprised of an assortment o' * i.mtlemen's aod Tenths* Clothing of the aewost*.nJ richest design* n material, trimming and workshlp. To those who stndy eTceilence with ecoBoiar in faalsionab^e articles of dr??s, an opportunity is aow off-rod for selecting from the .Tn?-?t attractive stock of ready made clothing n this city, at very rsducei prioes. ^ oe9-4in Spermatorrhea can bsCcrid.? Dr Rand's Spe cific cures Fperrnatorrhcra, Sfminal Weakiuss, im potrtup. Loss of Povcer. etc.. speedily and ejftetually. I Its eflects are truly magical. A trial of the Specific ? will convince the most skeptical of its merits i Price 91 a box. Sold by b. 0. ford, llth i street and Pa. avenae, Washington, and Henry Cook, Alexandria. JaS-ljr ! Da. Ddpokt*8 Sugar-coated Female Kagul&tiug ' Piils are the verv btsi in They operate spmlilv i and effectively, aud being sutar-coaled create no \ cansea uoon the most dclicate stomach, A trial of j these Pills will prove their suptricrity over all ! others. Price Si a box. Sold by ?. 0. F?rd. corner llth street and Pa. ayenBe.Wasfiingtou.and Heury Cook, Alexandria. Ia6 1y Ne*voc3 Dsbimtv, Sbminal Wg*r!iK93, etc.. Can Be Cured by one who has really cared himself and hundreds of others, and will tell you nothing but the Address, witn stamp, Edward H. Tkaver mar J DAW,ly Lock Box, Bo?ton, Mass. BSORBT DlSfA8B3. Satf,aritan'.' (rift is the most certain, safe and effectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetable rem edy ever dipeovered.. Cures in two to four days, and recent caries in twenty-four hours Romineral no balsam. no mercury. Only ten pills to be taken. It is th-? soldier's hope, ani a friend to tsose who do not want to he exposed. Male packages, a?: female, $3. Sbsman'iA'j Root an t Herb Jutees? A positive and permanent oure for Syphilis.ScrorulajTlcers.Sorea Spntn. Tetters, Ac. P'ice ?1, or six bottles for 96. Bold by 3. 0. Ford. See a^wertisement, mS DisiabBB of tK Nitrous, Stminal, Urinary, and S-.sual bysuths?ntw ana reliable treatment? tit heporls of th* Howaid Association?Sent by mail in sealed letter eavelopes, fiee of charge. Address Dr. J. lLtrN HorouToN, Howard Assoeiation, No. U South Ninth Street. Philadelphia, Pa. <i3-Sio Wi xai ktkd to Ocaa i* Six Dats.-Dr.Godfrey's Antidote, an English Specific of sixty-five years' standing, will cure Gonorrhaa in six dnys. No change of diet required. Price 31 per bottle. Sold hy S. C. Ford, corner llth street and Pa. avenue, Washington, and Heury Cook, Alexandria, ja t-ly MARRIED, In Wahh.ngtou. D. C.. on the 2flth inst., by the Rev Dr. Brown 1 GRQKGK W. IIF.N RY. of New York, ami Mi*s SA .^II E. MOHAN, of Washing ton, D. C. On Tuesday. Marcl? 2>th, by Rev. J. T. Ward, Mr 1 EYI KING, of Baltimore, to Mi** EMMA j. W AUBURNR, of this city. DIED 'trthc??th instant, of scarlet fever. JOHN W. DICK ,fiou of J. W.and Eliza Dick.a&ni 4 yearA and 7 mon'hs. Friends and relations of the family are in?ited-to attend his funeral from the residence of his parents, No. New York avenue, between 4th and ith atreets. Thursday. March 3l?t, at 2 o'clock. * In Georgetown. D. 0., March 30th, WILLIAM fc'OYES, in the 7?Jth year of his af?. The friendi of the family are Invited to a*tend his fhneral from his late residence. No. corner of West and Oreen streets, to-uiorrow (Thursday) afternoon, at 4>/J o'clock. * On Thursday, the 89th instant, after s long and painful illness of three weeks, SUSAN ANN, a?ed 3 rears, i months and 10 days, youngest daughter of Win. R. aud JaU|i A. Reed.latobj Virginia. * balls, pahtiks.&o. Sl WEOOM) OKAKD BALL 1 OP TUB If-DEPENDENT SOCIAL CLU3, To be given at tbe TtMPFbAffCE HALL, K street, between SKh end Itftb street*, mi 1UJE8DAY EVENING. Aril 5tb, MM Tbe members of the Club return their sincere thanks to their friend* and the'public for past fa vcrs.snd re fpertfullj solicit their at our Seeond Gvar.d BfcU, and we promise thos i that wil favor up with their presence an evening of P eaFure. Tickets One Dollar, admitting a gentleman ar 1 ladies, by order of Committee. mh ?-7t? T E.CLARK. Sec 'y. R EMEMBER THE HERO OP SUMTER. THB AfiDEKSON EOYS iy THE FIFLD AGAIN, T'oe members of the ANDERSON CLUB take great pleasure in announcing to their friends aft and the public in general that tbey will sire AS tbeir Tenth Grantf Ball at TKMrBXANCa Hall, on E street, between'jfla 8th and ]Oth streets, Cn MONDAY EVENING, April 4.1854. The members pledge themselves to spare no pains or expense to make this one of the best balls of the reason. Ticket? |i, admitting a gentleman and ladies. No hats or caps allowed in tho ball room. Committee of Arrangements. E. Qui n! a n, D. McGrath, H.Nolan, J. Sexton, J. Farrell, * J. Cost el lo. mh 28-3t* o . a. m 1 The members of LQGAN TRIBE. No. ?, I. 0. R. M.,' Georgetown, D. C., Beg leave to respectfully inform their friends and iormer patrons that they will give their FIRST GBAND BALL, at Pompeian Hall, corner Washington and Br id re streets, on MONDAY, April 4th, 1894. Particulars in future advertisements. uy order of the Committee. mh fe tAP4? ELI GARRETT. Chairman. Q B A If D BALL, rOH TBM BENEPIT OP THE ENLISTMENT FUND, to be held at the HALL OF TnE PATENT OFFICE BUILDING, On THURSDAY EVENING. March 31, the proceeds to be appropriated to AIDING ENLISTMENTS TN THE CITY OP washington. MANAGERS. His Excellency the President of the United States The Vice President. The Speaker of the House gi Representatives. The Secretary of State. The Secretary of the Treasury. The Secretary of War. The Secretary of the Nsvy. The Secretary of the Interior. Tho Postmaster General. The Attorney General. ON THE PART OP THP ARM?. Gen II W IIaileek Col J B Fry Gen C C Augur Col BT Ingraham (ten J H Martindale Col E M Greene Gen M C Meigs Capt II A Scheett G^n Ber.bam Capt Benton Gen G I> Ramsey ON" THE PART OF THE KATT. Asst Secretary G F Fox Capt II A Wise Admiral Jos Smith Com Overton Carr Com J B Montgomery Paym'r J S Cunningham ON THE PART OF TnR MARINE CORPS. Col Jobn Harris Major WB Slack Major Nicholson ON THE PAHT vf THE .SENATE. Senator Grimes Senator Foot Senator Johnson Senator Carliie Senator Morgan ON THE TART OP THE BOCSt ?>P R E PRE S E NT A TI T F fl. Hon Tliaddeus Stevens Hon II W Davis Hon Owen Lovejoy Hon John A Ka?"on Hon Samuel Hooper Hon A C Wilder Hon B C Sch^nt'k Hon F P Blair Hon N B Smithera Hon R E Fenton ON the PART OK THE CITIZENS. Hon B Wallach Chas Stewart Jos Platz Hon H Addison L J Middleton A T Richards Wm.Dixon J F Haliday J V Fugitt S E Douglass B W Reed Wm Hamilton Wni Forsyth 8 C Culverwell FHitr G W Riggs Zacb Downing (I A Bobrer T P Morgan W Wall l)r 8 A II M "Kim Wm Wilson J W Boteler Win Talbot Geo KrafTt Chas Klor..?n G A Scott Bobt Bozzel II G Lorch O B Wilson W m Bradley W W Moore Wm Hutchinson II N Exsl-y C II L'termehle D McCathrau 8 V Ilnriiu J Y Davis J Dolroyd Henry Riley W n Lainen Ja* Brown J K Allen J II English M McNally J T Hendlin C W Wroe J B Ellis T J Fisher S J Boweu T E Lloyd Smith P> ttlt Henry Lyl? s WmWise A J Jo>ce S Y Sylvester Geo Wright A Hancock. Jr LA Beall John Dudley A Noerr B B Frer.'h E K Stebbin* M Talty Adolph Clu=s G P GofT J D Hamm&ck N Sargent J R V.lvans W W Soaton N Arker W Stone Jop F Brown CJCanfielJ Gwynn Harris Tl-.omas Lewis KXECCTIVK COMMITTHR. Gen P F Bacon W W Rapley W N Hawi?y J H Seromes A C Richards A It Shepherd II (J Wilson 8 V Noyes C S Noyes John Sessford P M Dubant Capt KS Wicklio Hudson 1 nylor N D Lame* Gentlemen desiring invitations for ladies will leave names and address at Hudson Taylor's Book Store. Pennsylvania avenue between #th and loth streets, addressed to 'Executive Enlistment Com mittee." mh IS tf BOARDING. BOARDING.?Two gentlemen can he accommo dated with one good t?iie*l front chamber (sec ond story) and permanent Board in h private fa n ily in Georgetown. Apply immediately to A B ' Georgetown Post Office, D. C References required, mh 30-3t' BOAPD~Five or six TAHITk"BOARD V'ftS "slTtTe accommodated at Mrs. Fisher's, ytil G *!re<?t Terms. J-4.W p?r week . mh 2*.'-3t * Board and handsomely furnished BOOMS, on first and third floors, for families or single persons. Terms moderate. An experi enced HOUSEKEEPER wanted. Appl) at sou'h w est comer st and H streets, near i'ennsylvKtiia avenue. mh -m-Sl* BOARDING.?Pleasant rooms and first elans hoard, at 15fi (5 street, between 2fltli and 2tst. Terms ?30 per month. mb28-lvr* (?ENT1.EMV.X~CAN BE accom-R'AUted"'w7th I TABLE BOARD at No. i* north K, between 7th and 3th streets. mar 23-eo2t* BOARDING.?Large and well furnished Front Rooms for rent. An excellent tahle is pro vided. with good attendance, and a cheerful home is offered, with ever> necessary comfort, at most moderate price*. Apply at 39/5 Ihtii street, be tween KandGsts. nih 2^-St* T* UBEE OR FOUR M ECHAN1CS mu be jwiOin J mciUated willi BOARD at No. 3'Jk llt'h otrcct, betweea K an4 Mass. av. mar 2fi-4t* BOARD^ FITRNISHED ROOMS to let. with Board. Apply at 13s G ?treet. be tween Jlst and 22'ists. mhW-lw* {VTOTICE.-A few more TABLE BOARDERS can 1* be aeeomnlodKted ;tt tt>e Hurop-'sn Hotel, cor ner of Pa. aveuue and lltUsts"eet. at ^fS.50 p?r week. F.rettk fast"! toy; Dinner 123a to Supper at HoVlk. M"s!s at all hoars. mh l'j 2w |V0T10J.~0b and after Monday next, 0. gau 1 ^ TIEH will b? prapared to rwem regula* Table boardf rt at 97 rer week )a 14-tf fl'lIK I NDERsIGNED, CITIZENS OF WASH I inston, having used the remedy of C. BLeunan, No. ?> 19 I stree:. between H'h and 7tb s^^?ets, for the eure of Inflammatory Rbeunintism. have no hesitation in ta>iug that we are satHI,- i it is ?>n? of great value to all afflicted with this most painful disease. We therefore chterlully twum 1Cl WM. r MAGEE. E. bet. 13th and 13th, MARY NEWTON Uh, bet G anl II MARGARET A. MITCHELL. GRACE HURDLE. I. bet IfH and 2U?h. ROBERT WARREN,7th, bet. K and L. n.h 21-eolm* IfARRELS, 1> BARRELS AND COOPERING. Oil Barrels- of every description bought and sold. Coopering mill Strapping attended to at the short est notice." JOHN T. REYNOLDS, Cooler, mh 13-eolm* corner land inth sts. WILLIAM BRADLEY BEGS TO INFORM HIS friends and the public that be has on hand a variety of large and beautiful utyle of Monuments, Head Stones and all kinds of Marble worked to order, and is thankful for paat favors and bopeS to solicit a share of tbeir patronage. Penn aTenue, between Isth and l?th sty. mh 18-eolm* CARRIAGES, CHAISES, _ vslocipides. 4c. W<- have jnst received a very large assortment of Children's Carriages, Chaises and Volocipideft, which we offer at a rery small advance on mana ftctarers'?orices. BONTZ A. GRIFFITH, mh 369 7th street, bet. I and K sis. howro lay out a garden. ?f jm?w?' Glsny'? Hand* Book on eardaniar. London. Bofst s family Kitchen Gardener. fb'.wert for the Parlor an4 Gar4??; illMtratsd. BmitL's Landscape Gardening, . Gsrdmirg for Ladies. Mrs. London. * A Warder on Hrdges aad Evergreens. Glenny 's Protertiea of Woven. London Mr ?" '""rtoo^lom. London. the Million. London. WANTS. *B7 ANTED?A HOT *o luirn 4k* Confectionary. " Apply at 156 Pennsylvania avenue, be t?e*n 171n and Igth utrMM. rah SHw* \\? ANTED.?A BOY to carry ? route for tli? ?? "Evening Star." Aa honest bey required. ' pvly Star office, bet* een t ?i.4 b p. in. m i ?>-3t 11T ANTED? At the American Telegraph OS?, ?? 43v Pmn. avenue. t?r MESSENGER BOYS. Must come we!, recommended. ml w w w w Mutt come wel, recommended. mh 30-ft" Lr ANTED? A GIRL (either whiterr colored 1 to t go tfl the country an name for several chil dren. _Apply at 435 6tn st.. between E and F. t' 117 AX TED?A mid die axed WOMAN as cook in ? ^ efsnnl) of three persons. Apply to G BO. T. MrGLlE A CO., 37 7 D street, between 6th an t 7tb.__ . ^ mh 30 3t ANTED? A good COOK. One who thorough . lr understands her business. o?ii hur of a good situation by applying at 459 Sixth street, between D apd E.. mh 30-:n? \]LrANTED?A WOMAN a* rook, wither an.t " lroneric a small family. fhe must know h?-r business *nd brin$ good recommendations. Call at Star Office. i mhT?-2t* W ANT^D ?4 thoroughly competent NtTRSB; " an E; trlifn woman, or Scotcn.or American, preferred. Apply at Star office, bo* SI, for ad dress. mh 30-2t l' *\NTED?A\ the Goslir.K House. a WAITER". f He mu><i understand the business. To sack food wages will be given the whole year round nqu're at the Restaurant. S47 Pi-nn. avenue. be tween 12th and 13th streeta. mh 33 2t 1*' ANTED.?A young man < f business etperi ?t erce. de-ire* a situation asCLBKK in some mercantile house. Writes a good hand. Best references given. Address ? Mercantile.'" Wash ington^ D.C. mh 3"?-3t' ' a respectable woman, a SITUA TION aa chambermaid or to do the cooking of a small family'. Apply at Mrs. NOLAN'S, ou II street, between 19th and 2Utl? streets, south side, mh 30 2t* A "YOUNG MAN WITH SIX YEARS EXPE rience in the grocery and liquor business, de sires a Situation as clerk or salesman in some store in Wsshingxon. References given. Address W. H.JT. through Post Office. ?_ mh 30-Jt* VVA.NTED?To buy a first-class DWELLING in the First or Second Ward. Immediate pos session desired. Apply at this office, mh 29-3t* \\! ANTED?By a man and wtfe, a il T U A TI ON " a- Cooks. Good reference giv?n. Apply at No. 505 Tenth street west and C. mh 2S>-3t* 1*7 A NT ED-A' good SALESMAN, in Dry Good* vy store. AddresB Box 7 73, Washington City Pest Office. mh 29-3t WANTED?A German or Irfsh GIRL, for a small family, for general housework. 445 Ninth street. rah 29 2t* 117ANTED TO LEASE?A BUILDING LOT. ?? Capitol Hill preferred. State location and tirms. Address Box No. I. Star Office. mh29 3t* _ 1*.'ANTED?A middle aged WOMAN, for cook. ?? Must be a good washer and i-oper. and rome well recommended. Apply at 443 C street, between 1st and 2d. mh 29-3t* HOARD WANTED, by & gentleman and wife. in a family where there are but few boarders. Would not object, to a place on Georgetown Heights. Address, stating term* and location. Bo* 0 45T mh 23 .it* ? DESIRE TO PURCHASE A BUILDING LOT, located in the Fourth Ward, on a credit of one year, with a view of building on it immediately. Address " Builder."' through City Post OfHce, stating location and price. mh?- 2t * W ANTED?By a gentlemfcn and wife, (no chil dren.) by the first or middle of April, 2 or 3 unfurnished ROOMS, or a small House, in a good locality, either in Georgetown or Washington? Georgetown preferred. Address, slatii.g terns, uutil loth of April, " O. D. M.," Star Office. ? mh a> 3t* \*TANTEI ?A C<IRL to sow. Apply at the Eb v? bitt House. mh2fv3t* 1A' ANTED?A settled German WOMAN, ascnok, *? washer and irouer. Apply at No. 491 14th street, between D and Ohio av mh 28-3t* UJ ANTED- An activo" YOUNG M AN, of good address, as Barkeeper. Good references re quired; at 31y D, betwpen 11th and 12th streets, mh as 3t" 117 ANTED?A white GIRL from 10 to 15 years ? * old toatt?-nd toe f-ma'l child and run errands. Apply at 3?9 F street north, between 8th and 9th streets. mar 2!-3t* 'po FARMERS.?Three tcood farm" 11 ANUS A wanted for th* reason. Apply to tie Governor of the Soldiers' Hume, Washington. D. C. mar VB-eotf W ANTED -ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS for a ?t few months. Any one having that amount to lend can have good security, and will board him in a good private family, where he can have a good room and board for the use of the money what time 1 keep it. Address J T. 8.. Washington P O.. stating where an interview can be had mh K-?t* 11; ANTED?At the French Millinery, 356^? Pa. avenue, between 6tli and 7th sareets. tnree BIILLINERS and two APPRENTICES. mh25 lw? V17ANTKD.-A BOY; also, two SALES LADlEf, ? ? at No. 34 Market Space, between 7th and Mth ??rrets. mh24-lw" i-Tj||f\ TONS BONK WANTED.-The under signed w ill ray one dollar per ll>J lbs for all green camp and hospital Bones, delivered at tlieir Factory, corner 27th and G sts. m>i_ 7 lm MORGAN A RHINEH\RT. llr ANTED.?On Georgetown Weights, at the * ? pis ce ad joining Oak XI i ? 1 Ceni-tery, a respect able W HITE WOMAN, as Seamstress and to take care of a child four years old. R?- ? >mmendatioUH required. mh IS ^TTTinn LAD1H8 WANTED TO GALL AT dU,IIUU P&INOX'B Stamp-ag Depot, 3*1 W street opposite Pateat Ofllcs, wl get their 8tarnp iug, Stite&ing, Pinking. m~4 Mmbroidery done. As there sie otuer Richards in the field, ladles better look ont that they come to Prlaos's. who is tke on'y practical hand ia the city. Be enre yon go to V street, oppostte Patent Ofllee. ma 4 3,000 HOBSBS WANT1D. Wab Dsfakiubst, Oatalkt BrEiin, J Of tic* or OniEpQuAMTBaMiotam, J WAsmgflTos, D. 0 , March 8.1/184 \ Ooe hundred and torty-?eyen (?J47) dollars per head will be paid for all CAVALR7 HOBOES dellrered within the neit thirty (&) days at the GoTernment 8t*blea at Giesboro, D. 0 Skid horses to besennd in all particulars, not less t> an tie (3) nor more than nine cj) years oil; ft jra <o It;hands high, fell fiesh?d,compaotlr ballt, brldje wise, ana or size sufficient for cavalry par poses. Thft ipfificntions to ill be. strictly adherit to and riftiilv *Hjurced in ejt.ry particular. Psyment made oa dellyery o." tan (10) and oyer, Hcors of Inspection from 9s. ra.. t >c p rn. JAMBS A. ES1N. Lleat Colonel and Chief Quarter nMt*r, mh9 Jut Cavalry Barman. ANTED IMMBDIATSLY? iOO LADllS to ?mbroidei on Mnslin. Lluen. and Oamorij To good hands constant work: and good w%ze* given Ladies applying wll! please bring M&m^l^s of*?o?k Apply at Wlii. FBI SOB'S StatipinganJ baekiae htltcking Depot, 3>1 F street,opp-Mite Pr.tent Office. fe l3 H0C8B WANFBD?From tbe flr?lof May.sither lurt-ished cr uofnrn.ehed, north of Penii. avn nee, and bstween 4>a aud Ajth etre- ts. One with stable and car.lags bo jse preferred. Address 3 , Lock l?ox t&. Washington. fe2i tAp<* WANTBD?Some ore cspable of slviOtfljeiSone on thM Gn>tar to a gentleman AdrtreM G B M ATITB, No. U67 Eighth street, Washington. Kh 8 tf | AN I'll. - SicOND-HAND FUENI f DRB Also, Mirrors, Carpets, Beds, Bedding and w w Housoiumishicg Goods of every desirlptlon R. BUOELY. 42" Seyeatfe st. mar V tf bet G and Q. east side. LOST AND FOUND. QO REWARD Will be pail for the return of a O ? smsli ACCOUNT B()OK :mrl papers, lost on Sunday afterncon. WM I . DRURY. mh 30-2t* 433 11th street. RBWA11T) Isst Monday e *<3 the steps of Grove*'s 'U>* iter it BINE GLASS CASE. The undrf will 1 OST?Last nisfht at Grover?b Theiter or in Wil- ] I t lards' reception room, a large OPER1 GLASS. A liberal reward will be paicl on its return to *^IS F street. ^ mh 30-2t" I OS'T?A lara-e DOG all Mack ex'.ept one whito stripe on the eheet. *5 reward will be given t?i any one hringing him. or such information as will recover him. to Mr. DEMON E'r. Confectiouer, Pa. avenue, between 17th and loth sts. mh 3"-2t* REWARD.?Jiost, on Tuesday, 2dtli inst., on C street or Louiniana avenue, betwuenlJ*!i sud loth sts., a silver lever hauling case WATCff. lly leavinp it at W.I^. Wall^ Co. ? the above re ward will be paid. mh 30-3t* (VTOTICE.?On last Saturday night, a team of .! v bors. s belonging to John Kinsley rnna*av, sud the following articles were lost, viz: One line Fox Robe, one pair Olive Cloth Cushions, trimmed with red silk lace, and one Leather Cush ion. A liberal reward will be paid fortheir ret-'.i-n to JOHN KINSLEY'S Stables. No t?? 8th stre -t. bet D and B its.. Washington,4). C. It* Monday ev.^niug, on ? large VA . 1 receive the a! ore reward on leaviL^ them at the Star Oftioe cfiunter. mh Ql |k REWARD.?Lost about the 9th instant, <37 ? I# from the store of John Farrell, Louisiana avenue, a snail t>l&ek TERRIER DOG, named Gyp. seven months old. ears cropped, tail lonjf, tan colored vuws. The above regard willbc paid lor i:ia delivery at 354 10th street, within one wi ek. mh B 3t" AS PICKED UP-Ou the 5tti day of March .""a bay MARE, about 15 hands high, about'9 years (.ld, on High street, Georgetown, D C. The owner in requested to come forward, prove prop erty, pay diaries and take her away. w V ll N 31 a 31a I f mh 2E-3t* fiSUigh street, Georgetown, D. C. ttH AWL LOST.?If the liackmui who took a gen " tleman from 3?U H street on Wednesday, the 23?1, to corner M and l<>tk, and two gentleaien and a lady from thence to the Baltimore depot will leave the brocha long SHAWL.(left ia the hack at the depot,.) with red centre, at 3b9 II street he will be liberally rewarded. ??r 28-3t* TO GIVE None That th#?ubeoriber 1 haa obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington county. Id th? District of Columbia, letters or &dministrat-on on the persoaal estate of Abraham J. Boas, late of Washington oitjr, O, O., deceased. All persons baring claims against tne ?aid deceased are barsky warned to exhibit the aama. with the Toochers the rabseriber. on or before the aath dap of February next: they ma^ otherwise by law he exolndni from all benefit "ejto ssn ?V80K] ?3?? : FOB BENT AND SALE. F (."OK HALE- A geo4 TENT, Mby 11 f?et. n?arly r ive?; w iU be eoid cheap. U<air? it Mtry laad iv?m?. _ mh 3C ?w _ i'OR SA LE?A small V~TORE . on7th stree*. oppo fitfthf P?trttP#C?. he sol i rh> Kp, u ? he proprietor h*s otner busines* and maaoi at tend to it, Apoi) on the premise#, 460 7th street, t.fpi site Pateit Offc?. mh 30-21* F'CR BKNT-A FrUMSHED HOUSE cootam il<; 1 rooms- communicating, in a good central !ccat?< n, suitable for a club-? gentlemen. The furniture will be sold if desired. Apply at the desk of WALL. STEPHENS? A CO., 322 Pa. av., betwet n 9th and Hth eta. rohSO-Jt* [/OR SALE?A REST Al'RANT now doing a ?o<d ?4 hu?ires#: also a ussratelle Table Apoly at th? Star Office frca 1 to 1 o'clock. rah 23 3tJ Til K GOOD WILL OP A GROCERY A* D M*AT I STORE for sale at a barra.n. Inquire of J^S. F. KELLE1, No. 3?3 Eighth street, near I street north. _ nih 2*^Jt_ FOB RALE?a COUNTRY HOf SR. "ituatedon the Baltimore Railroad. within balf a raile of the Bladensburg station. Immediate possession given. Apply at this t lfieo. ran 29-3t* U*OR SALE?TheGRKENBACK RESTAURANT, JT with furnished roonn attached. Inquire im mediately al No. IPS Tenth street. Joining Ford'* Theater mh g>-3t* 'ORSALE?A three story brick HOUSE. con taining ten rooms. situated on nth street, between B and C sts.. Island. For information inquire at 360 ~tb street- to H. L. CHAP1N A CO mli 29-tt* ' ITURNISIIKDnorSE FOR RENT-In the First F Ward containing ten ropms. completely fur nisbed. Poss ssion (riven Immediately. Te-tns 8125 per month, in alvancc Apnly on the prem ises. 14% I street, betweeuiist and 22d. or at 3wJ 0 street, between 12tl ani 13th. mh29-tw* onn ACRK8 OF WOOD LANI> FOR f ALE, ?t\r II ao of which is very heavy white an 1 black oak, the balance i* very heavy white oak and pine. This timber is suitable for ship tiivber. buildiug purposes, plank. Ac.; is 16 miles from GepJ'?,et?*a and SK from the canal. Apply to WM. KILGOUR. Attorney at No. 517 7th st. mh 29-St _ FOR~FALE^On~account of other business?the STOCK. FURNITURE and FIXTURES, also, five years LEASE of one of the best fitted up and best paying Hotels in the city. Will be sold very low. This in a chance seldom offered. Apply at the Philadelphia House, southeast corner Hignth and D streets. mh 29-fit* TOLET-A FRONT PARLOR. or front room, with bedroom attached, either furnished or unfurnished; suitable for a paymaster or doctor. Inquire at the front has* rr.ent. No. 5S7 H str?et, between 4th and 6th. mh a 3'. 1^0 LET With immediate possession, a three story BRICK IIOpSE, witb modern improve ments. F?r terms, Ac., inquire at No. 417 12th street, between the hour? of 10 a. m. aad J p. m. mh Jfi-3t* F" OR SALE?A large DWELLING and STORE, with brick stable attached, an old established stand. Lot 25 feet on 9th street west and 100 fe et on L street north, iu fee. Address ^.P. HOVNELL, No. 317 Hollins street, tdoors from Strieker, Bui tiinore, Md. mh 25 lw f/OR"SALE?Three FRAME HOUSES. This in a r very desirable property for any kind of busi ness. being oil Virginia avenue aiijl 23d street. For particulars apply to JOtlV RILEY, 23d-treet be tween E and F. Terms: One half ca-h; balance in ?i and 12 months mh 35-2w f?OR SALE?A*~Gw^err, Liquor and Provi 'on r STORE in the Second Wai l, with Restaurant !itta''hed. Lease for 5 years at ?40 per month $1,300 will buv it. stock, lease and license or will take a partner by investing one-half of the amount. v MITCHELL A SON, Real Estate Brokers. sotithea-* cor. Pa. av mh 2j-lw* [Chron.l ar;<i 15th street. iTOR SALE-The UNION EATING HOUSE, oil " the corner of !lth and O streets west. It will >.p Fold at a bargain, as the owner is going into oilier business. For pai'ticulars call on the prem ise?. mar 24-1 w* B \RBtifSHOP WITH FIXTURES FOR SALE, in one of the best positions in Washington, with a lease. Cheap for cash, as the owner has more business than he can attend to. Inquire at No. 5^4 New J.jrse^avcnue, uear Ualtimor?- Depot, mh 2i lv? * F~OhSALE?A FARM of IK) acr. s il2 mile from S<aggs' Switch; 2? acres cleared?balance in t-ood wood, oak and hickory. Will be sold for rash. .. , MITCHELL A SON, Real Estate Broker's, mh 24 ,'w 8. E. corner I'a av. and 15th st. OR t*ALE OR EXCHANOH?? .^00 square t"; et of OROUN D, improved by a comfortable brick house 16 by 30, five rooms, and small buildings, now paying $1H> per month net profit. Grocery and Liquor Store, stock, licenses. Ac. included. MITCHELL & 80N, Real Estate Brokers, mh 21-2w?* Southeast cor. Pa. av. and 13th st. F~ OR SALE?A neat two-story fr?me HOUf'K, with back-buibiin^. containinirSrooms. Also, adjoining Lot. 42 feet trout, with 15-foot side alley, runningback 105 feet to a 30-foot alley, with two small frame bouses on the back of the lot, situated on 13l2 street, between B and C, Island. Can be bought cheap, if applied for soon on the premis*-s, No. 67 131* street. mh 24 15** l/OR SALE?A FJRSTCI ASS CQXFKCTIOX r F.KY l.VD BREAD BAKKK1.?TlioConf-c tionery is loca'ed at No. 12? Bridge street. George town. a central position, aud the best stand in the town.di ing all the order business an 1 a largnr transient trade than any establishment of the ?ame kind in the tow n. The Bread Batery is situat.-d at No 13 ( HitfA street?the oldest established ha k. ry in the District, at present doina a larger and better paying business than for several y?ttrs. Tue stock, good will, fixtures, tools. Ac., of both will b?? sold nnlted or separate, as the pnrcbsser de sires Tl.p bad health ?.f the proprietor prevents the atU nt.on the business requires and is the only reason for the desire to sell. For furth*:r partica inquire at *h? addressof either establishment, mar 24-lw* R. A. EDMONSTON . C^OH SaTE -A nice two-story BRICK IIOU^E, r six rooms, on 17th street,between K aud L *ts., only three squares from Penna. av. Price Inquire at 230 K st., n> ir premises. maril-2w* HOTETaND REoTACBANT~#OR SALE.?This establishment is but a few do?'rs frunx Peuu svlvania avenue, midway between 7th and 14th ?ireets. north side, contains two bu.t'n rooms, ten t"u?risb? ' bed r>ioms an attic dining room, k-'tch en. and a beautiful ball room. 32 by 82;?yard60 feet square and admirably adapted for a tir-t elasslaorer b?er garden: live years lease at Jfl^iJO r.?r year; ail for I3,0ti0'-ash. A great sacrifice. MITCHELL A SON B?U Estate Brokers, S. K. corner Va avenue and I5tii st. P. S.?Btock, fixtures, licences aud fuwiiture iu cluded. ? mhlj-2w* OL^ES FOR SALE. A Corner Lot. 150 feet Tront on Pa. av.,c?in taining 2? J'1" square feet of ground, improved hv stores, offices, and residences: is one of the best locatu iiH for u first.-claK.s hotel in Wnfifainfton. 1 lie whole of this excellent property c:iu be pur chased for !jl25,00l>-t5?,00U cash, balance on long A "tine Rr'ek Reoideree on K st. oppo. Franklin Square. 12 rooms, 2d ?>y m fi to 30 loot paved ai ley. stable and carriage uou"?- 10.?mi Desirable Brick on llth st..r.?ar Pa. ay., 2d by K<t. lo rooms 8.000 Brick Residence i n L st.. 22 by l.V. 10 rooms. Kood stable 6 A substantial Brick, on B St.. bet. 2d and *1, IS by lit' # rooms .... - 4,0o0 A snug little Brick House, on Lst.. Iriby 100, 6 rooms Frame Dwelling, IS rooms, aud .10,50u feet ot ground.. ? 000 A neat Frame House, on llth st., 12 by 100,6 rooms ?? ??? .??. ??-????? i?Wr' Cue on lith st.', bet. N and O sts., iti by 13-J. d rooms.* , ? , ? ? ? .????,? 1,-.0U Tw<> Frames on X st.. bet. 4th and 5th sts, 13 by ijO, 4 rooms, each.... ? - ? ? 1 Building Lots in ail parts *f the city. A number of decirnble Farm' for sale. MITCHELL A ffON. Real Estate Brokers. mb!9-tApl d. E. corner Pa. av. ?od 15th st. 'OR 1IA81 OB RENT-A Urge quantity of - building LOTS, 6 mimitea vaU of thei Pt- si dent'e Houce and all the o?0^yiorlst mbl5-lm 18U? rt , cor, of tt. ?TOR BALETTand lmmeai&te poiseMion given,)* I4 three story BRICK HOI B?, wlih bask baild log. No. 171 Second, between B aniO Btree^wr ?t. For Wins apply to CHAS.I1 LANE, mha eot* 424 Penu. ?venu? near ii, ?t I>OR SAT*-Th? UNION EATING H-lDdE on f the coiner ot 14th and G street*. Itwiilbesold rea?onabto, aa the ow^er want* to go into other tusine * Call early on the premises mb 7 Int FOR SALH- A tirst rate two ?tory IttAMl BOUSE, eoiitkining nine roonii, tog?thsr w^ts tine Bnildm* LOTB. all set oat with chol?*?t ftnit, such as MHbw. pears, plums, oherrlee. grapsa. au of ibe bTst selection: with a pam? of exoebent wttrr In the y?r4;on the corner of G andlStHft^, Feno. t venne 0Mt. loi furtker ^'iVlm*40*0* WO 67 5' D CARROLL. */ ALU A BUfTIMBEB AND LAiiD WOOD FOR v S^Ll, . . . The fcub?crlber offers for tale m wipe nor lot of Timber si.itab'.e far bridge and 9"p" 6*; dlitaccfd eightmllei from WMbimjton.D.0 .?"r the stage road leadirgto Upper F?irlboro. Alio, a Ti?sderafc!e nn*ntltj of t? rery best o?k and hickory wood for tort*VihRy! near Long Old Fields P. 0.. mM 2awiw* Prince George Ooonty Ma. TT^O b EINT- With or Without Board-An exoal r lent PARLOR ?nd several well furnished J1D fifiniM it 4 AO TwMth street, witkm miautei wakof'the iirkwocd Hou?ev Willi*rd'?,and the Patent Office, Po?t Offlee and Treasury and SUte Departments, The location Is un?urpasee? iQ Wuhhigton Noehildrwinthehonse. fe?-tf F( SEVENTH STREET 510 GILT. ROSEWOOD A~ND FANCY PICTURE FRAMES. PICTURE CORD AND TASSK .S. We state in no boasting spirit that ? have re ceived this day the largest, newest an ' lost deair able new styled of the above goods e^ opened in Washington. , , Owing to the great difficulty betwe. he gilders and manufacturers of Gilt Frames an *fotndings the past three weeks, we have been ui ble to sup ply any of theabovs goods.and notw -hstanding the great advance in material and la or, we are determined to sell this lot at our ustis' low prices. Special attention also to our new nuu i;am r ?? stock of PHOTOGRAl'HIC ALBUMS. PICTURE CARDS. Over 6.000 copies. Nearly every Picture and Engraving ever exhibited. Every Picture perfect as perfection can be. We respectfully invite every lady and gentleman in Washington to calWwhen it suits them and ex amine this choice selection. Our prices will be found same as the publishers. ql. Call early and get posted. Look around; seMf von can find such in any eetablishmentr south of New York. Remember Ike , Jw ...i Fo? pou toes. Just landing from schooner Eyngton. la ? ^"'"rci.JOftNSOK 4 JO. ? AUCTION 8ALHB. ?ww? AQpmi im? bab iw tMummtwww amp f?wi 9rj OlMDlkltM. ftfv. tt attNt wnnr ?? lwl?W street west, u4 runiai baek M feel 11 ioahsaao Twp'f % * tree*, in provedfev afcttMta* tun ?mt u< ba?? meat Brick DwaMia# Hoim three mm* deep, a atelaiag sslooa parlor bIm ooaahere. mIm k>trkea, urtMta' rumi, bath rM?.np> (Tm wit* ??t ud eold waW.aee tkmil?V,ig| a br'ok e' abl* on the r?w af ti|>i>( Uj elcsed w th a eut.raetial brick ?Ll The Man ta ???IM with in etoOft*a aod mm tbeea tire premiers are drained thr.a<haiw? mw uANbc ?>i?r tkt mr ?rtt? W. r0 it^arsi.. w. By W. B. LMWU A OW. AtsHMW*' ' /"M.OfiNtt BALM AT AC UT ION-TB !??*>*? V 7 o tlotk. at oar Bare. Do Itt 91% atreel, we shall s*U te etoao.aspea4i4 wIIkUmw Photographic Aleaas and fatally Bibaee, lufci, Stationery Writing Paper, Bavlopee. Aa, Alee. Table and P octet Cntlery 8Ur?r elated loo Pi:ch*rs Tea Setts, Out ra, GeMsts Ml >??. ? 4 * ?-?- ? " " ~ "" By J. 0 MoGUIBB ft 00.. MWWMmn. I A BOB a?d BTTBAOTIVB BALI Of If ALIAS JHARBLI AJD ALABAKTimBTATrAST ABDWeeM 2Z?*LrJ&TVa*9Af 1-141 WBDJfBMOAT, Marsh Sth and Sftthoommeaeiag at 14 a "cloak a. a Mb 'y. ??1 ia the eveain* at 7* e'elook. wo will ee4 at pubiie auction on the Bret floor of th* AutiM Boom* a largo and extensive assortment of Mar Mo and Alabaster Statuary, Are., comprising? Bich andolaboratolr carvad AlabasterGroups eat flauroa, via: -Tko Boeder "and-The wfiur.** fisherman of Pradia," Dtaaa " ~ " mioae." 4 Mrtb of Venus," -flora." "fideli ty,' ' "Jfwwnrtr of Love " "Daaoe of Oaaova." "Dance of YaTpets," aad many otkor (roaps too nunvroas to meatioa. Also, Carved Marblo and Alabaster Taaaa ao|M from specimens of tko old aaaatora. oaabrailaA Btrascaa, floreatiae. Hobo, Bomaa, lnyUaa, an* other etvles. ilw, large Card Beeeivere aod Tuu Groups of Animals aad other nsw end beautiful oraaateota for Parlor*, Librarice, Halia, <te. These goods aro of fhe recent imjpartattoa of Manors Oiovannoni aod Zaaaoai of floreaee. Ia this col>aetlon will ba found Works of Art Hiram and more elaborately carved and flalsbod thiea aver offered for public sale in this city. Catalogues of the whole will be prepared aad the goods ready for examination on Mosday, Marsh Term* oaah. mh?S d ^ J. 0. McQPIBB A CO.. Aaeta. twcrs Biabteenth and 5ipeteeath streets,"' tha Household Faraiture aad affects oomprialag, t? Rush covered Arm Ohalra Mahogaoy 8Ida Chain, Tnrkifb Louuge and Pillows, Iroa Centre Table. Walaut What-Not, fide Tables, ** ?? Secretary, Book Case, Rep-covred Lounge Cb aodslers. Care Peat Arm and Beceptioa Chairs, Walnut Pxt msion Dlnira Table, " Cane Beat Arm Dining Ohalra, Mahogany Bat Rack, Ha'l Chairs, Cottage Seta. Pine Wardrobes, Hash and Hair Mattreaeee, Iron Bedsteads, Cbina and Tin Tu>let Ware. 0 otbes' Backets, Tin B*fh Tube Venetian Skates, Malr ut and Mabogaay 8arenas, Ollt Praise Toilet Olas e? Brussels Three ply, and Ingrain farpMJ, Toyether with a general assortment of KitehMl Beqnisltes. Terms cash. neb ad J. C. MoOUIBl A CO.. Aucta. A I)7 OBBBN St WILLI 4MB Acctloneera DCTION tALB OP A V4LUAHH BTTILB iiQ Lot oi th* Islavb ?On THCR8DAT. i"?- Met instant, at 5 o'clock p r.i., we ahatl sell la front of tbn premises, part Lot So. f. in square Ho. *i3; raid Lot fronfi na llth street, between D aad B Bire*ta sooth, running back ninety Ave feet too aod-a-kalf inches Terms: Obe h&lf eaak, balance 6 aad U moathe, sects red bv a deed of trust on tka premises Tl'le indisputable. To be sold without reeerre. mk29 d OBBBN A WILLIAMS, Aaeta B? WM. L WALL k 00 , A&et;coe?rs Ai t*\t Hor^t Bazaar f* Sovth La. atht tireen 9th and M'tA f.r'ets. A*IX TOB PLATPi'BM OOA'.BS AT AUO tiok.-Ou BAT DUD AY MORNING, id April. Just previous to our tale of Carriages, we wi i ?.. U a fix Ton Platform Scales, such as Is as?d la a coal yard and baa been ns*3 about si x moaths, and if in p?Tfast oi-ler. It is of the tineat pattern t?y Bite^cock, and has taken the peoiutn over ? air bank's. Terms saab. mfciO_ W. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. By J. O. MeGtJIRB A CO , Aoc'Ioneera. HOn^BHOLD POBN1TOBB AND BPPB0T8 at Pohlic Aoctios.?On MONDAY MJBN I*h April 4th at mo'voek,at the resideooeof W. M. Col otd Br a , Twelf h atreet, r??tw en Be a Tort si'i ue aad I atreet, we ai*allse,l his Furniture and 4 ffeet, e< jupririPk? Eui'.e of Waliut DamasX eovvred Parlor furniture, coir, v isinc. Large Preach Bofa, one Arm t Is side Chairs Gilt frame Mirror. Gilt Window Shades, Mtrble top tsbles. Walnat Wha'Bot, fUrardoles, Mantle Vaaee, Booker, rater tables, ai d Ckairs, Brusae'is fctair aod Iagraiin (Jarpets, Brcnte Battree, Cil Cloth On! ei renaiou Table. 11 Oak Diilag Ckairt, (11 iBa. Glaas and Orock?ry Ware, Mahogaay Sideboard, Arctio B fngarator. A i hats Acafiett, ice Pttoeer audi. rillowa, Cooking ard other Stoves, Together with a general ai sort meat of Kltohea r?<inieitea. Terr s fash. J. Q. MeQUIRB A 00.. Aacto. By J. C. MoGPIRB H Co , AoetionesrH. / 'BANOBBV BALB OP POHTk-BIX V ALliABLB ^ Lore in Sqi'arb 18J on rna hich g*oc?u bi ifiiit M mkkkt abb Naw H ivpsniaa ave ,?p* a an SlXTl&KRTB AH!- SBVBHTKKRTa STKIKTS,? ?y ?Q th r;ty of a decree of tke t-upeme Coart of thla District, pasted in a cauM whereui Rigif* \ C> ?re compla*nants aid tbe widow and heirs of the late Thonas Smith are defendants, I shall sell to tats highest bidder, on tbe premises, on the Slut day of April neat, at 4Ko'o.mi in the att3rnoon, and oa tinu* from oay to day ti l all is old tee wholx of Square No. 181. in this eity, (escept tve southwest coner, beiug ito feet square, ownel bvG. W. R'?<>, K"t.) Tbe portion of taesquareintendsti to be soil has bteu divided *ato 4t> lots of ab ut twenty feet froLt each, with sai ableailevs. Ac . and is a part ( J tbe h trb aiouna between Bizt3enth and 8-irea t?entb stitets and M street and Mow Hainixfaira av bob AplatoftUe whole can be seea at J O. Mr-Guire's auction rooms. Tie terms as pres.nbM by the d-ioreea^e, ose irurth of tbe purohaie 'oeuer in oa?b, a&dtho resi ?'Tieai^i*, "wtivp. and sightren ir. utbs, to be ?e ??ut? d ty tbe purchaser's bonds with surety ant a l>n > n tbe preiuU-s bet-'.ng intTfit from ta? day ?1 rale AM convevatcng, bonds. As. aad >tiBi#< to be at the purcha*;'r'e erpensj. If th? t?TOt ef rale are cot complied with with'n troui the dav of sale, tie lot o la 6 will be re-soid at said auction rot-ms. at the pui h \ser*a o?.>st at <1 rlak. at pab io anntion, aft jr one week'a notice in the National lntsllieeocer W RgD'W Trestee. irb-tf> iawSw J. C. MoGPIRB A 0uv. Ausje Bv M V BUCBBY, Auctioneer. A T AUCTION?A BUItDING LOT OPPO8ITB . i Scoti.'h Row ?On FRIDAY, tbe Istof April, at * o'clock p- m , 1 will Mil part of I ota 36 and 87 fronting- on the alley opposite Scotch R w,George t -en, it} 2 feet front, tunning back no fe?t to tho Canal. Terms cash. mb 19 at" M Y yCOKBT, Anct. By J. C McGUIRB &? Co . Auctioneers. HOI tBHOLD fDBNITUBB AVD BFFB0T8 AT Ai tiob ? On TUB8DAY MOBBING, April S ii. a*. 1<: o'clock, we a ill sell at House N.i 319P<B street between L and M. an exceileot assortment ofltons?fhoM foreituie, comprising: Mahogany Square Case Piaoo Forte by BoaaaU Ballet, Walnat Carved. Crimson Damask Sofa, '? 8ewing Chair. 2 " Cricion Damaak Window Ottomans, Marble toy Pier Tab'e. Mirror back, Walnut Green Velvet covered Arm Chair, Ottoman " OarveU Antique Arm I hair, Marble top Centtr and Bide Tabie. M alnut Cot n?r Hands, Plush covered Arm Chair. C val giit frame Mirror Brona.* atd Giit Candelebras and G'ratdolss, Ball Divan and Side Chairs, Mahogany Card Table. Marble Top Cottage Setts. Toilet Sett4, Pine Wardrobes and Bureaus. C&ne Beat. Pack. Rockers, and Hide Chairs, Husk and Hair Mattresses. Gilt Shades, Peatker Beds, Bolsters and Pillows, Walnut lxtenslon Dining Table, Orockery and Glass Ware Cutlery. Bxcellent Brussels and tires-ply carpets. Oil 0lotto together with a general assortment of Kitchen I tensils. mb?"d**h' J.C.McGUIBBAOo., Auets. ^ALBOP CONDBUNBD BOBjBB AND MULBB Oimkv Qoahsrhastr'r Ornoa, I *LrPft Of Wilih*n*t4?, I osatasiM, a-. Ci, r.: ' f?4.f at pnblio auetioi. at tae Oorrw, D '*8DA*^*priUnWjl8fi4^I^of Condemned as unfit for public service, Terms oaah ia Government Anas. B^eetoeomm en oe Vt 10 Brig. Gen. and Chief Qu mhjfl 2ft Depot o rVOTlCB -Sv virtae of deetrsiato aei la against the goods and chattel* lands u?. ?w treats of JohaC Oook, fox f reaad roots Uoa ooffai arrears to 8. 0. Magtnder oa the premises eftaate on Sixth street west, beta een Pe ia?ylvaala aveaao and^ Mlsxottn^avyae^a^th^l^y oMPeMUgytQBU premises, oa Ua M " " ? the improvemeats o tha atanlsM aboao and ia an ear to 8 4) ahM-ao4t* JNOTICB. CST Beeeived aad for sale, MMtM. piiMSO Ve^UQAa,.?

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