Newspaper of Evening Star, March 31, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 31, 1864 Page 1
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V?. XXIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. MARCH 31. 1861. N?. 3,4u) THE EVENING STAR u rVBlASBED EVERY AFTERNOON, {SVyDAI EXCEPTED^) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, ceuu FlCHB'A AVHSVB AMD 11TB STBUT, BY W. 11. WAMiAOH. Tspere ?<r reU wltncat wrappers, by carters itctiits per week; in wrappers at the rate of S?J per jear. To mail e-ubseribsrs tlie price Is S3 ?n jear; S3 for six mouths. Papers pro:nreJ ?I tfce Star office counter, ox ^Uhout ?wrappers, Two Csxi3 hacd. WT ADvmr.risJrM.B5T j sRoulilbe aeat to tie <Mem before ii o'clock oUserwUe taey may ?Hrt apyear * ottl tbe cxt day AUCTION SALES. FUTURE DAYS. By WM. L. WALL * CO , AuCt:?ne?rs .it iA. Mors' Bazaar 9S .Sou'A .stJ?; I.a. ttsesui. N tui.j* UfA and I'i^i s'n is. Af?IX TON PLATF< KM 8CaM4d A'f A3C T.ON -On 8ATUiU)AY MORNING. Si AprW, l?ft previous to far ala ol C.?u w? will s ul * S?x Ton Platform Hr*W. wirt ** is n#^d Va a cmI yard wid liu i ?-n o?e<J ahont six mont'is. a> 1 >? Id pr;fest oiujr. ll in of tun ?lu?i p5t#?rv. bf B.tetecck, uJ ait U*.t>u ih? p >3isu'c oto; rii > lick's. Telffi*ca?li. rnbii* vr. r. w*? 6 v * j**. 1*> J. C. ilv(HI IliB A. ,!?> , A'lf-jjiuKf-rj*. ^ALBOF VALUABLE fUphOviU l?t*L BS r^TATB, ilk1 Y r'-'RvKT ? .T' t.*\ f ,vtr r 4 I' ... 3 Twbbtv On SaTL'LDav aJtiiX,03.V, April ?3,at " o'e'o'k. t>n *b pr r v*. t ? 'hjJl s?*u *b?? w*st >*t?of f.ot No Via i, *>>.T*-?r a ?ro?t oa 9 ttff**. of 7'ioifu| b?ck *J3f."<?t S ., IncUiri iia?rOY)*<l tp a unirT.a*\e dweitT * houi?~, c> it Aim a;.- Mi rsoiv, p.>r&. 4 ?nd briok a toin-?. 7?f au? : Oc - -lilt* rub; aa! the Liluioe ia throe egcai paycwBts it 6 W. and 18 raoutts, secured toy a it d of trust on t,b?s rr?mi*ee, Starupe ird e?n?^y?*cing At *>?rehvwr'e ?????, W y fBNBALL, AU>ro%? oak.i9 ???d*ds J O. MOol lSB at Oo Aaots Bj J. C. MeOUJRl A CO , Aatiiiinran. Hon8MHOLD FIJKN1TOKJS AMD 1F?1CT8 AT Fdolio Aiction.?Ob HONOif MOBN lllf). Anii 4Ui ?t lu oVlo?k,At iho r^ideve^of W. ?.Col cm Ii? , Twelfth ?tr??et,t,?tw ea New York ??-! *? tad I *trt?t, w6 >&aU i?il his Fu? aUara ani I0(?tt erTflprjfjjiji? #aii? of Wklant Saw^rt erv*r?d Par'or yirnltiir# G.11AV Ipia*. t.?r?* Jfrtncb Sofa, oae Arm icj Lix ?id? Chairs. Gilt lr?m? Mirror, GPt Wu.<lo? 8iuJ ?, MirbW u,p UDlea, Walcat ^Uatcct. fli.'Aiidol<?9. ManlTfl VsfcS, Eock?r, Fs*.er tah'w, ?rd Chairs, Biair mud l??rralm Osrp?-*.?. Brr.uso Hattroft. f t! Clotn. Oak eiianaion Tabia. )} 0%k Dirla* CfeMrf. C! U^, tjlan" *iid Oro.-k-?ry Wai#, ?abogtny b!c?"brftrd. AretliJ Bf frtgerator. A)t?AUt Tf a lo?* P!teb?*r. V?Mt>t?a<T*. Unr^aaH. Hs^bsta-"'*, l^?Tip# Ka>tr>.es?f. uh! VW <">. BllUiKt ;? C< tAif ciN fuiidt geita Cookjn/e: asd other 8toy?*. *o?8tli?r -wit*? a ,,-tEe-ai u-ortiae^ c-t KlMb.m r? TMPH'Mh. mb.3f d J C. !RE At^OO,. Ancts. B?J C MaetJIftV& QO', Aorti9n??rs. rora fiAK?PCve builoin? lotj on JT P ORtnN?TBKK? trTWKlXSlJCT'T ?eVB5SiH ItlHT-i -On UOMDAV AfiStlNil'N, April 4t'J, at 6 t> ?>!mc* on tk? premtios wa .ihaii s-iii fnjr b?nfl?< a," bjtidiii" Lot* o?s tb-.' so nth si4e of Worth jS siri"!, belsfM CtS a^dVh stre*' s ?ra t fro">t!Qsr ? ?<?? 17 T*?t ? '4 sod numis^ ba'Jk >?i f.?i; ta ? ]:. foot fcl.^T. Tca^sst>rij '?otformH toscomsn' of a street 4S foat ?id? oa-lfd Ora<jcu Jfroet. "Ta'cis <? re-third in c?sf<, the rt>inp ii3?r in Hi* acd tw^lva mentis ?rifi. iut jrest, ??r.a?aj by * i<- <J *>f trrj< t on ? hp pramiaf *. fj-i v*-ysr.??? at tris cr?* r.f th? j>ireb??er. nil?S d [a?p.l J C OQ. AB*t*. lly tV L *ALLA. CO.. A ia^ion^iis-i. JMFOBTJRS BALK-We wU! 941) Rt paMIe*:c 'ion 'ra* iy nait mcn'h by ortfeF of Or??ay;l ij A. AO., CB thteir pr?a>!f.?s No 39'1 P?,rio?Tlys.Bia \\a C"? r p a T>t r ??b?ic.' stoc* ot' Wiae^i, "Jc*n dit:a &<)., eOBBiatine of about I.VOdOSen Taisu'd 6 aV ba? >???? or b?,ca in ibis chf a->.- at 4 yasri acd rot b?i?re oELrsd to ;ne pa'ilio. Prints farni B*s, the trxde, sod sutler? c^a are.-1 th^m -5!v6? f ,r the adranciKK s??a?OR with ^usb art-c!?sr ir?'7 as it wllh acvHOli oa!? f rrc'j 'of a cSan^ o'bn^-r a s?j, and or# af tu? r*rtr< rii in* to ?:aroi??. Vi?t aio?aes Trill b? r<-?Jy two c'ai^ bsl'oia sale dA7, wbicb w;ll b?? hsr??fi?r airauiicud mhI9 lwJCbron 1 W.L. WAlt,ACO, Ane'-s. By J. O McOUIRS ,v Oo , AaotinoMprs HOfJUlJOLl/ ?I? HNirORB AJVD ?KKROT/'AT Accitoa -On TCB^DAY MQ1NIN(1, Ajril i b, at JO o'oJoeh, 'ill (ail at Hoa*? No. 319 9 k rtr^et. lutwean L s- . ait exoellent aMJrtmant cfbons?bold farti'.nrt, comprislctf: Ma^t^an^ Cqnara C w? Piano Forte by BassaD Walaat Carved. Crimbon Damask Sofa, SawiccCbair. > " Ci iff ton F?ma*k Window Ottomans, Merb)? top Pier Tab a. Mirror bask, Wsinat Greem Veirxt coy^rad Arm 0aair,0t^>4aan " CarTed Antique Aria Lb air, kfarble top Crntnr asd Btde Table. ^ ale at Corner Pt&r.ds, Plcsh ecversd At.i Chai". ?y?l ci.t frtroe *irror Brontt acd ?nt Uandeiebrat act Gira^4o:e*. Btil Divan andoidu Chairs, klafcojrany Card rabk.', Starble Top Cottage 2stta,Tc'U&tg.tta, Pine Wardrobes acd Bnreaofl Cane Beet. Bac*. Roekert, and ?ldeCbaif?, Baik and Hair !J?ttrea?*H,Gi't 8Rai"s. Fustier B?"is, Bolsters and Pil'. ?ws, WslBBt Extension Dinln* T^b.e, Oroekery and GIims Wure C :tl?ry. . l*e*lV?nt Bmaeelaand t-Vrso-wly e?rp?ts.O?lO -jtB. lojr tber with a general a^aortaieot of Kit-nsn Utenaila. Tores c?*h. ink 29-4 J. C. McGPlBB k. Co., A.iet?. By J.O. M?GU'BBft CO, AuotioB*rs. C^BBAT 8ALB BY CATAtOQDBOF SEVBSTY flllB F1EST-OLI6S Bu:LD!?a Lord BTLT?QI!?0 *? TH3 "DayiDftoN K?tat?,"?Ou TiJB^DAF AFTKBKOON. April 5tb, at 5 o'alock, at the Auj tl ?? rooms corner of Tenth and D 'treats, we shall Mil? 79 FIBST OlsABB BUILDING LOTS. kekonjtioK to tbe " Davidson Bstate," eocprialne iotjo of tM Lioat eligible building lota to be foand In tbe city, situated principals on the bUH grounds Berth of PennsylreniB BTeaae, botween Hlath aod Fifteenth streets weat. In tbe beat haprov jd an 1 st >et dealrgble part of the oity for prlvato res?. eeaeta. . . . F< r aeMript'ye catalo?{u?s,witb terms of *J? Ac. ? TT'yto tbe piidersigoed s >.iM J 0 MoGUlRB A. CO. Ancts. t^Ai.BOFOONDBMjSBD flORSBB AND MCrLR3 Omgt QuAa?BMa9Ta'H Ornoa, ?kpo* <tf UasAtntlo*. Wiskinf oA, JJ. C., March JS, 13?4.. W'U be soid at imb!S<i aaetion. at tbe Oorraia. a?ar ^e ObseryatorT, ia the elty o! Washingtoa u C., ou WRDNBBDAY. Ap 118th. lPM.acd on W2D24B4DAY, April ^,1^4,3 lotof H0B8RH AND MULES, Condemned as unfit for publie ssryloe Terms cash in GoTernaent fnaas. 0aiee to eommenee at 10 o'doek a. m. D. H. BUCBBR Brig Geo. aad Chief Qaartermast*r, nbJbt De jot of Wasbirafton_ HI DBS. ILL BB SOLD AT AUCTION BVBBY WED RJUDAY ami RATUBDAF. at ll oMlock a. m.. at We WHARF foot of Sixth street, all tae HIDB9, TALLOW, &e.. that may be on hood, of Cattle slaughtered outsvd* the llmlta of the Distrlat of Oolamhia, asd shipped to tbiapoiat for such dispo riUoB Terms cash In Garornuent funds, to be fali at the ttine of sale. G BILL, "1 Ira Llsat. Col. aad C 8. Y. H. Uii WINDOW SHADES. ? OLD OPAQ UK WHITE BUFF uRRi.S AND BLUE HOLLAND i IJ7VRBS: ? all approval tlyks. G. L. & J. B. SBLTY, Manufacturer sad Importer*, 339 Broadway, New York. CURTAIJVS,* MWrfTYLEB, * a 1 ? ? 4 . IWMHO, 2 | ? MB8LA.V. * g, Z P ROC A TELLE kEFS, 5 o q TERRY CLOTH, damask. 2 Japanese ? " CLOTH. (OVERS, MM PIANOS AND TABLES 6. L. ft J. B. KILTY, IMPORTERS, ? 369 Broadway, Mew Vork, Recti** tiLti H ROOFING VBLYII H. 0. WILSON ft CO.. F?e* or Md St. Wkst. WiHgtaeToa, D. C , Manufacture? of ?00?ING FBLT. DRY AMD TARBBD8I1BATL1 ISG. ROOFING CBMBMT aid LAMP BLACK, ?BUT AMD CBMBMT, Whoieaale aad R. tali. Deafera supplied oa the most liberal terras, ?aetory?Foot of 33d atreet west. OBce?1?1 22-1 ?Weet, beiow Fa avenne ah H-Sti* RALbI^jw extra ehoiee bard? S*or ti-T . ml?.f ^wa, 11 aenolias. Trees, Pwuar, WUi?n??, CTemAUte, Orange aad Lamon Trees, >y'Z *1' Ornamental Troee, Shrubs, OlMaMag Plants, Ayrr^r^eai, Fruits. Tres*, Ao. tb* eoi,e.;t?on eorapriMs ths taoetoeiebrated klada xnowu in Bcropa or Ameriea. ,M. A. JARDIN, Florist, a l]B Uth at, aor. of M. ^ R A P B 0 0 T jf I N G 8. Ooneo'd Hartford, Frolifle. and other t?J!? Waitings out be had at tha BeadaU-Green 60 V?r *?? Addreee Ph 11 so?w? WM. STIOKMBY. % ? r?r M.l?, 5f>? Seta of 1.1, aad 4 horae k^JVirSWV4 BAR'1 *48(also,3*> goodaeeoad ?S ^ i DLBS. Araly to B. 8. tOM, No. gy 3 aa. aveono.btt and ?th y " mh s Ita* Iweicb?? I BaioliTi " BBJCB8III ?*wmii wi 1 baHdlnglBrloke Cor J St -!? Sou'.h ?Uf?ltoietroot.i *h3^" A A T A. RlCaAAM PERSONAL. Mm. l. smith?an it."mum r GI.M ft v ay ant and Test M?4iam.ft?0 I rt ,??ar^.de scribes and aoiaacElcatas wit& aplrit mauds, e*ea Uric,? friends at a c'rtanc.y, telis th<?Ir character, mts dmd?s. ezaicij'j.* ilssaaea ;>erfe;t.'y, magna vjws, r*adfl th<j fntnrs. Hoit* rrCTn 10 a m. till 8, Eittinss ?1. oh 7-Ira* jlTHB Wj' 15 IB CV NO UOPIf^-J OA8S8 i?i OF D?-J4A8? By Magnetism aal Kiectriclty, wfcen all other tr??trYa*vi ra!lR. OaV. ani see tes timoaiaU at 44? K street, Washington, ub S in.' IWL We 4o your Stamping in elegant style, an I no bottkiwi, and wish it to b? undt-retjod that we are not eoni egted with any other plac<j of the hied in the city, where Stamping Is advertised. t^Our plaoe is 3M P street, opposite the Patent Offloe , Look that yon do not mistake the street. daily receive new Patterns for Braid and Embroi dery jn?t otit, and stamp yoar good* while yon wait Ifaehtna >Ki taking neatly JonS. Ms PMBDIOAL. BB80NS HuWsring with Syphflis, gonorrhoea Bleat, Seminal Weakness, or Private Diseases of any tfessriptlon, should call immediately upon DB DAVIS. female Diseases treated la tha most aoteatiSa And ftueaetRful mtoflar. The Doctor's Diploma Langs In his offloe. A vat% gnarantied. Pees lAOderate. DB. DAVIS. 4S8 7th street, opposite Post Office, de ?-*ri Boom 43 up stairs. DENTISTRY. (^BBAT DIS00VB2YIN DBMT1STBY. Ttttk Brtf*rt*d without Pain wilk At MukriU if Oxysm. I would adrfm all person* ha Ting t*?th to ex tract to call at Dr. I.BWIB'S o?oe, and have them taken ont by this new/ and harmless proooee. Aiao eaii and" ixtuk* tha Sooth's a?w and lrrt prorcd method of iMarting Artiioial Teeth. If r*n otxt; f* tbs e~oat iranroreu^at in his testis yon w'll have tbem In no othar str'*) tls*n new and va;vab<oo^e. No. Pa. arwe. between lStb ana IttK aireels. " & ?? ii.. Dent'?t^ My Jjjj jg y ^ ? i-OOMIft. M. D., the Inventor aud Patentee of the kilNJIRAb PUV1 TBB'i' H, at- , te^ds wrsc-aily at ais ofiio* <u.ihis< city. Kany persoss can w?>ir there teeth who eaunr*t wear others. ?,?d po person oan we&r others *>o ew.not we*? t>.e?e. Psrfons calling at my offl .jssts he aecomnodated with aof ? tyie and prioe of Teeth th <y ?a?r d?si ?*>*, tut to tneso who at* pa't-u^lar aud wish tke $?r#3i. SJ^acsi, str?;B^est, acd most p?iT<-ct dontwe that art can produts, lue MINBHAL iT.ATB m'Ub* niore (ufly warranf-id BoomBint Msnitr-No :i1a P i-asyl^s?,fca,rej,ie N-tweon 9th and liJtii street* n:ao, 401 Aj-ou at, Philadelphia. n?av4-ly PArERITANGINGS, Ac. i'A P~r. H II AXG I \ OS T A gr?>ftt variety of JiNTIRkLV NEW i'i'VLfci t)P VELVET AND GOLD P?PKR, &ATIN GROUND PAPKR, COMMON PAPER AND BORDERS, . CANTON MATTINGS, Chock and White Matting?, both .nic *:;?! coaiTnoii grades. FLOOR OIL CLOTHri, From 3 feet to he feet wide, to^ethor wi'-h a sr?^t ?ariety of WINDOW SHADFS, BRASS WINDOW CORNICE*. CURTAIN BANDS, DOOR MATS, PARLOR M \TS, COCOA MATTING, Jce Aii orders promptly aiien ied to at filFFLU A FAT.CONER'ii No. 34?|th street, between I siract and'* Mass, avenuo. Heerultn Wanted to pill TUB QUOTA OP TUB DISTRICT OP COLUMBIA? BOUBTT FOB VBTBBANK. ?552, B4v0 ?| which will be paid in advnac?? BOUNTY PUB NBW RBOiiGri'B. #45?, ?'i4i ?1 ?Eick will be paid la ad vane*. eovijt rv FOiooLoaiD bbcbuixs. $150, Paid ia adttut*. y*EROiSe WISHING TO BNLI?T Will appir to any o* the folIowUig B10EUITING OPPTOB"*; K 8. BABBB, Baglaa Ball, naar t?.s Market, on Peattyiva-ria atecue. between an I Siuvh I. 0. HYDB, Corner of Ponrteentft aud New Vork ate^a. 0. A. SBASBBY, 11 strs-'t, near eomer of l*'r?-i?eatk a<?J Psuo - ty.Tar!a aresue. JT. 0. PABBBB. Corner of High and Duatartyr. atra^ta, town. 0. 0 LhNGIiBV, Navy Vard Hrlagx, haa us?n appointed HeerrJMrg OfBeer. liSNUV A. BOaSSTi. Captain and Proroet Marshal, ) lis if District of Calambia. r! WOODWAKD'f LIVERY, HALB AND HIRING STABLES, No. 47 North Strket, Baltimore, Near Saratoga Street. H0BSES, CARRIAGE^ HARNESS, jnr chafed and aold on corartission. The subscriber offers his services to the pubiic, which from long experience jMHl and extensive acquaintance ffives him 1V> superior opportunities. Particular at tention given to the selection of Saddle and Har ness Horsea. Persons wishing horses shipped in any direction by sending them to my address mary relv upon having them prorautlv attended to with out the personal attention of the owner, thereby having tnemselves much time and trouble. Refer to W. D. Waliach, Proprietor Washington Star; Dr. John Gregson, Vetyinary Surgeon; Samuel T. Houston, QuarWrma^ter's Department, mh 25-tf FOR SALE?By a Lady leaving the city?Ono very fi?e SADDLE HORSE, suitable| for a lady; very spirited and perfectly broken. 4 Also, one superior SADDLE HORSE: for a gen tleman of taste. Can be seen for a few -lays at Hazell's Stable, be&ll street, Georgetown, No. UiS. Any person wanting such would do well *o call and see them. . One Saddle und Briiilo made by I'raintr ot rSe\r York, cost $9fi; made snd Gtt?-il -?*pr--?siy for t!'?i Lady's horse. inh it-lw^ ~^0\ LADIES OF "WASHINGTON, tfip S, HELLER, r?J iVo. n4 Mitrl it Spare b>.t TtkandSth >.*.?. lias opened a very largn a^^ortn-ientof Sorin-' aric' Summer Cloaks. Also, a g>-<;a.t variety of Fancy Bonnet* :md Flowers. EiuOroideries. si?ch a? Lao.> Collars. Handkerchit fs, Hlet vei, Jtc., 4c. Fancy Goods, Fancy Parasols, Corsets, lioou Skirts, and a large assortment of Ladies' L"-il?r Clothing and the best theap priceGlovss. Ladies, you will Uo well by calling and examining our stock of goods before you buy cisew lit re. mh 21-lin* F(TR?ritorr" IN FrRNITURE. % Our stock of CABIN ET FUKNlTUftB Is now fuH and complete, emor^ing every article dsckIIy kept in a first-clss* Furniture f'to're. We cordially invitc^t^e jhUt^ Iron nail, No. 3 ?t? Pennsvlvauia av**?U'J, n:h 16-eovt betw?^eu ??tli and (Oth sti. B1T1NO ' DBFHts; POST FOlIi Oil, T i'fc. kuives Jfhatograpb A!bnwj*,Ob*?*:n?n. Ch^s Boards, Bachgannnuii inside, Got4 /o<w, ImIs aabbcr Penoiis, Pocket h >oss, M.j.aorao Bseks. LuastU^a. XH*r:-?a, A Be. f?* saio at hunui^ AMUSEMENTS FORD'S SEW THEATER, T*HTB gTSEST, ABOVB PBWN8YLVJ.SI.1 AvEK33. THIS (Thursday > EVENING, Maroh3l, KDWIN FORRES V vlll btjcta!n hi" great Sh-ksperean delineation of OTHELLO. Mr. John McCullough as . ? Iago Mrs.J.H. Ailen as.... .... Desdemona Miss Alice Uray r^B Emilia Mr. J. A.Hernean Cafsio Mr. H. B. Phillips as Mr. George Becks as ..... Rod?rig.< Tf- Trug-irt y will be produced en the 8t?<je vitii the greatest completeness. ? - . TBI DAV, April I, EDWIN FORRE8T ?vill p.pp?^ar for time only as LLCJ US JUNIUS BRUTUS in the- Traged;- of BRUTUS. ' During *he engagement of the GREAT AMERICAN TRAGEDIAN, EDWIN FORhEST. lie will ii ppeaT in his celebrated character of HOLLA. THE PERUVIAN HERO. Saturday, night of the "Octoroon:-' Due notice will be given of the first performance ol the new play, by ueo. If. Miles. Esq., eritlt^'l SENOR VALIENT E. IMPORTANT NOTICE. PERSONS HOLDING RECURVED PLACES are respectfully requested to ATTEND EARLY. The immense throogof patrons now attending the theater till the thoroughfares to an extent rendering access tu secured places soirtownaL ditfi cult after the rise i)f the curtain. _ . PRIGKo OK Ai>MH3I0M. Press Circle ....... .60 cents Orchestra Chairs 75 cents Family Circle cents Private Boxes $10 Riui $] Reserved neat* on Mr. Forrest's nights 2 ? cts. extra. OR*;AT MITROPOLITAN HALfZ PKNH9T?,V?K?A AvffsnE *SD El ST?>.?5?sT, GARD NER A 00 ? Proprietors. W.II. Bartholomew an 1 Robt., B'liler in their great and immensely successful pantomime oi' DON JUAN. l'irst night of the Accomplished voea'ist, MISS SARAH II \MBLIN M'LLE ELfSE in her beautiful dances. assisted hy SIG. C. CONSTaNTI *E. The laughable isr-'e of HASHER AND CRA'HER. Singing, Daneiii', Ac., by the company," m . ;.ng upan unexcelled entertainment. Monday evening, A oril 4th. Ornt appear in ce of the beautit'ui and fascinating or jmier danseus? M I LK MEDIA, and th" Philadelphia f -.v>> .? ? t.> -Mifc'S IIELik \ A SMITH. SATURDAY A FT RKNOON, at 2 O'CLdOC, H h AN l> KtM'IV MATINKM For -indies and childrei . Admission 24 >Ih, children 10 cents. mb ,'U VARIETIES! VArtlKTiSS! Fronting Pimvstlv a*;i v r.vjz A >' \ru 11**51 in A Co ?. Proprietor Kixr Simmohs..?^. .itsge Manager and AdverMs r. TOE OREAT J LATUKK AND HIT OF THE SEASON. HOUSE CROWDED NIGHTLY. Fitegimmons's celebrated play', FEMALE PICKFOjKET OF WASHINGTON; or, HIGH AND LOW LIFE IN THE CAPITAL. The gr-'atRavel pantomime, JOCKO, THE BRAZILIAN AI'K. JOcko.. t Hernandez Fostei THK GREAT MAN MONKEY OK THE AGE. TJir ?- i W STARS, ATmTsTA WALBV, FANNY i4?iLMORE, GMOfUJE SHELDON, all iu '.fie greatest * nrt best show fit the C&pi t&l cily. Early to secure s ats. Admission. 26 ana 50 cts. Private boxes, $5. GREAT NATIONAL CIRCUS! MRS. CHARLES W ARNER. <formerly Mrs. Dan Ricel?.^- ?... Directr^as. NOW OPEN FOR ONE WEEK ONLY! PERFORMANCES EVERY AFTERNOON AND EVENING. AT 81X1H STREET AND KBW YORK AYENUB. This Equestrian Organie&Uon lias bean arranged with due regard to high-toned refinement. Thti company consists of the following well-known Artistes: MRS. CHARLES WARNER, <FORMERLY MSB. DAN RICE.) MR. HARRY WHITBY, MASTER JOHNNY WniTBY, MIES ELVIRA WIIITBV, MISS SIME WHITBY, MRS. FRANK WHITTAKEH, THE DENYEK BROTHERS, MR. GEO. DERI0U3, MR. J AS. HAWKINS. MR. CHA8. KING, MR. FRANK WHITAKEit, MR. D. HOWAHD A KENNEDY, CLOWS fie two Comic Muled, CONTRABAND AND CUNNING, will be presented to the andience by their traiaer. Doorfe open at 2 and 7 p. m. Admission 50 cents. Children under 12 years of ag? X5 cts. mh 23-'.w* CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIC ICANTERBURV HALL,/ AND H A L LJCANTEUHURY HALL,\ THEATER Louisiana Avkhur, hear of Ncuiona! and Metropolitan Hctels. Gkorgk Lka... Proprietor BRILLIANT AND Va"btKD PERFORMANCES! UNBOUNDED ENTHUSIASM! C'RoW jDK.D HOUSES ! The host conducted and most popular place of amusemet't in the MORE NEW A i TRACTIONS! The best, most taleuled and attractive perform ances the country enn produce. The management have gained for the Canterbury the proud title of THE MODEL MUSIC II ALL OF THE WORLD. The entire great Dramatic, Operatic and Terpsi ehoreaa Alliance wili anpear to-night. MISS JENNIE ENGEL, The beaatiful and dashing Songstress. THE RONZANI BALLET TROUPE. W. B. Cuvanaugh, Mcstu-s. Williams, West,Dough erty, Renner, Donnelly, in their different actn. DELEHANTZ AND WARD, The great Clo? Dancen. THE COURT OF BEAUTY. Mile Media. Naomi Porter, Jennie Forrest, Emma Schell, Estelle Forrest, Nelly Rainford, Louisa Rolette, Mary Coulson, Lucy Clifton,EmmaThom as all appear to-night. A great variety programme to-night, including beautiful Drama, a splendid Ballet, Laughable Ethiopians, Songs, Dancing, Extravaganzas and a Fairy Pantomime, Ac. Doors open at 7; performaace at 3. SPECIAL NOTICE TO LADIES. A GRAND FAMILY MATINEE, Per the express accommodation of ladies and chil dren. will be given on SATURDAY AFTERNOON, April 2, Doors open at:2 o'clock; performances at 3 o'olk, at ch.ap prices, as follows ; I ndies to reserved Orchestra Seits 2.*> cents Children to reserved Orchestra Seiits... .^ . 10 cents NOTICE EXTRAORDINARY. '?A i- be produced in ?, few days the grand, gor k-:'jus, Bje-ctacuhir pantomime, on per oiiucd at the Bowery Theater, entitled THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT. with new tricks, machinery, Ac., at a cost of two Ki.ius.jjirt dollars. Look out for it. mh2S-lw j\ 0.i'l<'iC.?Tiio Public is respectfully informed ?' ~ than on una after the first day of April, i85l, alt V- id,Co?!,and Lumber landed at our wharves ?. .ii tesubject to wharfage as follows : For Wood, per ccrd 10 cents >or Coal, per ton ...fl cents For Lumber, per thouaaud 20 cents A'! to be removed from the wharves within iive ?iotherwise half the above rates respectively *1 i be charse-J for ev-i ry 2* iiours it may remain after that time. UREfcN A. SLEMM lNS, R1CHARHS St GUINAND, mh ? WILLIAMS A JOLLY. ? 00 FI N G FELT _ AN ?. CEMENT 3l*i Pe:ina. avetiue, up stairs,> mh 'r' oitn between 3th and 10th sts. I? I EFT t LARS IH/AHDIXG SCHOOL IPO ROBOTS, V ?t Mt. Jay. Lancaster Pa. For circnlars a-1 t rese the Principal. ?? ruh;M eoim* R. A. MORHISON. R OFF1C I1L. Mastering Service. [Oi/jular, No. 20.] Var Department, Adjutant GeneraV* Ofi-e, f Washington, March I, 1864. J The following changes ol Mustering Officers, Commissaries, and Assistant Commissaries of Musters, daring the month of February, 1861, are innoun ced lor the information and guidance ol all concerned. First Army Corps. Commissary ? Lieutonunt H. C. E^Swrt, iSUi United Stat?^ infantry; appointed April 15. iVtSJ; relieved Feerntry 15, 1861. Second Army Corps. ' No changes since February 1, 1661. Third Army Corps. No changes since F* bruary 1, 1864. F urlh Army Corps. CAmmfceariss : Capta>n U. O. Ho war T, !8t!i United States infantry; aopoinrod January 20, 1564. Captain Albert B. Dbd, 15Ui Unite-! States infantry; appointed October 12, 1863; relieved January TO, 106-1. Fifth Army Corps. No changes since February 1, l^Ct. Sixth Army Carps. Assistant Commissary: Captain Adam G-. Kin?, A. A. G. volunteers, 3d division; ap pointed February 3, 1864? temporary. S'venth Army Cor pi. CcmmiFsnry : Lieutenant Aloert O. Vincent, ?2d United States artillery: appointed March?, lc64. Assistant Commissaries: Captain Charloj E. Farrand, ! 1th United States infantry, 1st divi sion; appointed February S5, IS64. Lieutenant, Francis II. Wilson, 3d United States cavalry, 2d sivlsion, appointed A.C. M 3Jdivision, I6t'a C?rp?, April 13, l?63; transferred from 16th Corp* Januarys, 1?64. Lieutenant Hugo Koch, 9th Wisconsin volunteers, 3d division; ap pointed January 15, 1-361. Captain L. P. Gil lette, let Nebraska cavalry, district of North f astern Artahsas; appointed Janoary 6, 1965. Lieutenant W. F. Morse, 3d Minnesota volin t-,ers, colored troops; appointed January 6, IJ-G4. Lieuienan t Jaraee it. Gray,7th Missouri cavalry, 1st division; appointed A. C. M. I*, eavaby division, Department of the Missouri, October 3t, 1663; transferred frra Depertnnut 01 the "Vlifonri Januarys, 1861; relieved Fob rusty 15, 1951. Eighth S rti'j Corps. Commissary: Colonel S. XL Bowman, 81th Pennsylvania volunte?ra; colored troops; ap pointed February 1*2. (661. Nintit Army Corps. No changes since February i, 1864. Tenth Am y Corps. Assistant Ccmniissaiy : Lieutenant M. V. B. Richardson, 4>b New tiampauire volunteers; appointed .?uly 2U, 1803. Aleoenth Arwy Corp;. No < hnnges cinee February t, 1864. T 'jelJ'h Army Corps. No changes s>nce* February i, 1881. Thirteenth Army Corps. No changes ?ince February I, 1661. Fourteenth Arny Co us. Assistant Commissary : ? upturn C. O. H >w ard, Itth Uni ed Stati a infantry. Qd division; njipaiuUri April -24, 19*13; iran-d^rrert, as Com missary, to Uh Aro?y Corp?, January ^0, 18#}. V~'fiterJh Army Corp*. AssistantCommissaries: Lieut mant Goorgj Harrington,3d United Scales cavalry. 3d di vision; appointed Febinary 0, 1-01. Lieuten ant \V llliam Hawley,3d United States cavalry, 1th division; appointed April 13, i?63; relieved Decnnber24. ifi63. Lieutenant William J. Cain, 3d United States cavalry, Hb division; ap pointed December 24, 18t>3. Sixteenth Army Corps No changes since February 1, 1864. Seventeenth Army ^Corps. Assistant Commissary Captain N. W. Os borne, 13 h United States inlantry, 2d division appointed Septembers, 1863: relieved February 9,1=64. Eighteenth Army Corps. No changes since Febrnary 1, 1^64. Nineteenth Army Corps. As^iwtant Commissary: Lieutenant II. L. Garvin, 1st United States artillery, 3d division; appointed April 20, 1603; relieved February 27, 1;64. Twenty-Second Amy Corps. No changes since February 1, 1861. Twenty-Third Army Corps. S3 cbangcs sinco February I, 1804. A. G. O, War Deparimui!, Washing .-n. No changes since February 1, ISSl. Headquarters, Army of the Potomac. No changes since February 1,1864. (favalry Corp', Army of the Potomac. Commissaries: Captain Lester Walker,;>th United States cavalry: appointed January 10, 11-61. Captain Henry B. Hays, 6th Unit-d States cavalry; appointed December 1-2, 1S03; relieved January 16, 1864. Department of the East. No changes since February 1, 1861. Department of Virginia and North Carolina. Assistaut Commissaries: Lieutenant A. J. Holbrook, Sth Massachusetts volun ?ers, Dis trict ol North Carol in:;, appointed January?. 1664; lelleved February 19, 1861. Lieutenant Charles P. Brovrn. 15th Connecticut volun teers, district of North Carolina; appointed February i?, 1864. Department of the Cumberland. No ehangcs since February i, 1864. Department of fftj Ohio. Assistant Commissary: Captain William H. Fagr.u, 31th Kentucky volunteers. District of the Clinch; appointed January 17, 1?64. Department of the Missouri. Assistant Commissaries: Colonel A.G.Brack eit, ^th Illinois cavalry; (Major 1st United States cavalry;) appointed F-br?iary 16, 1864. Major T.J. Weed, A. D. C, District of the Frontier; appointed May 9,1363; transferred,as Commissary, to Department, ot Kansas, Janu ary 1, 1864. Lieutenant J. A. Wilcox, 4th United States cavalry, District of Nebraska; appointed May 9, 1863; transferred Jo Depart ment of Kansas, January 1, 13*4. Lieutenant W. O. Gould, 14th Kansas cavalry, Indian brigade; appointed June 19, 1663; transferred to Department ol Kansas, January 1, 1861. Cap tain Jobn C. Anderson, 1st Colorado cavalry, District of Colorado; appointed December'l, 1663: transferred to Department of Kansas, January 1, 1864. Department of the South. Sea 10th Army Corps. Department qf the Gulf?Corpsd'Afriqut. Assistant Commissary: Lieutenant C. B. Ko bau, 12th infantry, corps d'Airique, 1st division; appointed January 2, 1664. Department of Neva Mexico. No changes since February l, 1864. Department of the Pacific. Assistant Commissaries: Captain K.B.Flem ing, 9th United States infantry; appointed Jan uary 6, 1664. Lieutenant S. E. .locelyn, 3d Cal ifornia volunteer*, District of Utah- appointed December '28, 1863. Department of the Tennessee. No changes since February 1, 1864. Department of the Northwest. No changes since February 1, 1864. Department of West Yirgtni*. No changes since February 1, 1864. Department of the Svs fuehan ia. Assistant Commissary: Lieutenant J. W. Pi per, sth United States artil!?ry; appointed Jan uary 3,1S64, temporary; relieved February 8, 1S64. Department of the Honongakela. Commissary. Captain T. B. Swearingen, A. A. G. volunteers; appointed December 0, 1863. Assistant Commissary: Captain W. B. Howe, A. A. G. volunteers; appointed December #, 1663. Department of Arkansas See 7th Army Corps. Middle Department. Set 6ih Army Corps. D'pdrtment of Washington.. See 22d Army Corps. Department of Kansas. Commissary: Major T. .T. Weed, A. D. C^ appointed A. C. M , District of the Frontier, May 5, 1663; transferred, as Commissary, from Department of the Missouri, January 1, IS&i. Assistant Commissaries: Lieutenant J. A Wilcox, 4th Tnited States cavalry. District o Nebraska; appointed May 0. 1803; transferred from Department ot the Missouri, January 1 1664. Lieutenant W. O. Gould, 14th Kansas ear airy, Indian brigade;-,appoiated Jane 10, 1663; transferred from Department of the Mis souri, January 1, 1664. Captain John (1. An derson, 1st Colorado cavalry, di?triet of Col orado; appointed December I, 1663; transferred froja D? r?rtment of the Missouri January 1, 18o4. Mhjor W. O. Ransom, oth Kanaka airy? appointed February 15, 1861. Xertjktm Depart**;**. ComutHtary: Mijo." J. O. Cravens, A. A. G. volunteers; appointed February 20, lr64. Mcstbbino Oroiccus. Lieutenant. G V. S. Aiken, Sih United Stau-> infantry,-N-?w York dtv; apDOinua Januai> 30, 1604. Colonel A. O. brackett, vih Illinois cavr.lry, (^lajor lai United States cavalry,) Saint Loui?. Missouri; appoint ed January SO. 1S64. L:s uteran: Stephen S. Balk,'ith f'np* d Stam en valry, Elmir?, NFw York: appoint *J Febru ary 10, 1861?temporary. Lieutenant T. T. Brand, Ifith United States infantry. Madiscn, Wisconsin; aj pointed F b rnary 15, HHM?Umporarv. Captain G>:orge M. Bray von, 1 >'hT 'nit- i sta infantry, Louisville, Keuiuzk}-: appbla'ed Feb ruary 27, ln>l?temporary. Lieutenant F.ueene Car'.er, Sth United Statns infantry, Springfield, Illinois; appointed Feb- < xtary i, I'rtt. Captain R. E. A. Croftcn, 19th United States in;antry,HarrJsburg, Pennsylvania; appo.ut a Janaary JO, if-d?temporar}'. Lion ten an' J. W. Clous, 6th United States in fantry, Elraira, NewY'ork; appointed February 6, l'S-l. Capiain C. C. Churchill, United States Ar<ny, Harrisbcrg. Pennsylvania;appointed February to, ?temporary Lieutenant E. K. Craft, 5th UnitM S'n^s artillery, Indianapolis, lnrtiana;appoiated Ft'b ruaiy -24, temporary. Lieutenant F. E. DeCourcsy, ll!h United States infantry, Louisville, Kentucky; ?p- , pointed F< broary.5, 1 ?temporary. Major Edward Dotoby, Addilionai Jl. D. C., ' Detroit, Michigan: appointed February 19, | 1F61. Lieutenant William O. Douglass, 14 h United States infantry, Indianapolis, Indisna: appoirt ed February 2, lc61?temporary. Captain II. A. Ellis, 17th United State? in- j far.try, New York city; anpoteiej Fffbruar-. 2, ( If 8!?temporary. Ltentenant J'. A. Fcssenden,5th Uniivi Staos 1 artillery, Augusta, Maine; appointed February j 5, 186*. * I Captain H. H Fleming, ftr-h United Statev in- j faulty, San Francisco, Cafafornia; appoint*"! I January 6, 1--J1. Captain R. T. Frank, f '.h United Stai?; in- j fa n try, New York city; appointed Februav i'. i Jft4?temporary. Lieutenant S. P. Ferris, hth T'ji *d."vatesin- j f'ntr?, New York ciiy; appointedFeb-uary ti, j lc64- temporary. Lieutenant Otis Fisber, rih I ui .d S ates in- i fr.niy, Kcstor, Massachusetts: ap pointed Feb ruary in, l?64?t?mpor".ry. Captain George Gibson, It*.h United Stat -s icianlry, Madison, Wisconsin appointed Feb ruary i, lfc31. Lieutenant Lonis M Hamilton, 3d United Staus infantry, Augusta, Matue; appointed F^'-mary I, 1?64. Lieutenant Abram A. Harback, 1 ith United Mutes inftn'ry, Davenport, low i: appointed 1'ebruiiTy 4, it-G-4. Lleutei-ant H. A. Hnntiurlon, 4th United States artillery Springfield, Illinois; appointed F? hrr.H ry 9, lPt>??temporary. Lieutenant Matthew Jack, U'b United Sta:eg infantry, Elroira New York: apooiut^^i Fe^- i ruery ft, I-(W?temporary. Captain <jeor?e s. f.ioman, lOtb ffnPed : States istaatry, Sprinj't! >id, Illinois: appoin. -d j F. l r^ary I, IHil. Li?u!enant W. W. Lj ct, 1 itb T.'uited States intantry, Albany, N*w York: appointed Feb ruary 12, ltfrl?-emporarv. LieuUnnnt Eani^l Loosely, llta I'sit^d States infantry, UaitfcrJ,^cat: ap pointed Januaty 29, 1-01: reiieveu L'ebruary A', ' |M)4. Colonel Lrfuie H. jlari uali, Additional A. I). C., Madison, Wisconsin, appointed F^brunrv ?/, Ic64. Lieutenant J. F McQues:.;n, ->d Unlt?d States cavalry, Concor'l, New Hampf Uire; ap poin'rd February t, Ittii. ('aptain E. G. Marshall,-?th ITnit^d States inlantry, Eo-sbester, New Y'ork; appointed May ?3, IS#1; relieved Deoenit-er 31, 1^3 Cajitain Giles B. Overton, 14th United States inltntry, Elir.ira, New York; appointed Feb ruary 13, 1^64. Lieutenant Henry C. Peck, llLh United States infantry, E.'inua, New York; appointed Feb ruary 10, 1S61?temporary. Captain J. H. Ratbbone, 12th United States infantry, Baltimore, Maryland; appointed Feb ruary 17, ift>4?temporary. Liru'eoantCfcas. Snyder, tth United Stares infantry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; ap pointed February 10, l;t>4?temporary. Lis ntensnt John L. Smytn, 10th United States infar try, FortTrnmbnll, Connecticut;appoint ed Febmaiy 1*, 1564?temporary. Lieutf nant S. S Sumner,Sth United S' ttes cavalry, Spvicgfleld, lllinoi?;appointed Febru ary 2, P-CI?Umporary. Lieutenant George WiU'ams, Uui'.ed States Army, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; appotn'ed February 10, 1^81?temporary. Captain T. W. Wayier, United States Army, Duvenport, low a: appointed February 13,166'? temporary. Lieutenant Eugene Well^, 12th United States infantry, Wheeling, West Virginia; appointed February r9, 18^1. Lieutenant W. W. W->bb, 1th Uuited State* cavalry, Wiwelin?, West Virginia; appointed Jane 15, 1S63; relieved February 19, ia<i4. The following .officers are annonneed as Chief Mustrring Officers, Superirtond^uts of Volunteer Recruiting Service, and Chief I?is buriiug officers lor their respective States nnd Districts. Tbe Chief Mastering O/Iicerfoi each State or District will take immediate measures to ?ee that all Mastering Ohicers under him muster only recruits for organizations which have been once completed and such new organiza tions (cot recruits but complete organizations,) a.* may be authorized by the War Department. Many'Piovost Marshals havo violated the re gn'ations in Finsterinpr in recruits for new or ganizations. Chief Muntqgiug Officers will immediately take steps to put a stop to ;bis practice: Arkantat. Captain James A. Swaine, A. Q. M. volun tetrsj Cbief Mn-teriiig Odii-er, Superintendent of Volunteer Recruiting Sri vice, and Ciiief Disbursing Off cer. State of Arkansas, head quarters at Little Rock, Arkansas. Ca >/ornia. Brigadier General John S. Macon, L'nited Statis volunteers, Chief Mustering Officer, Superintendent of Volunteer Recruiting Ser vice, and Cbief Disbursing Officer, State oi California and Nevada Territory, headquar ters at San Francisco, California. Connecticut. Major Delavan D. Perkins, Additional A. D. CI, Chief Musterise Officer, Superintendent of Volunteer Recruiting Service, and Chief Dis bursing Officer, State of Connecticut, head* quarters at Hartford, Connecticut. Illinois. Lieu ten an i Colonel James Oakes, 4th United States cavalry, Cbief Mustering Officer, Super intendent of Volunteer Recruiting Service, and Cbief Disbursing Officer, State of Illinois, hetdqnarfers at Springfield, Illinois. Indiana. . Colonel Conrad Baker, 1st Indiana oavaLry, Cbief Blustering Officer, Superintendent of Volunteer Recruiting Service, and Cbief Dis bursing Officer, State of liidiana, headqn&r'-ers at Indianapolis, Indiana. I ova. Lieutenant Colonel W. N. Grlsr, 1st United States cavalry, Chief Mustering Officer, Super intendent of Volunteer Recruiting Service, and Chief Disbursing Officer, State of Iowa, head quarters at Davenport Iowa. . Kentucky. Major William H Sidell, 15*.h United States infantry. Chief MosteringOfficer, Superintend ent of Volunteer Recruiting Service, and Chief Disbursing Officer, State of Kentucky, head quarters at Louisville, Kentucky. Kantat, Colorado^ Kcbraska, and Dakota. Captain Sidney Clark, A. A. G. volunteer), Cbief Mastering Officer, Snpeiiutendent of WluaVter hecrwiting Service, and Chief Dis bursing Officer, Terr- ories of Kansas, Colora do, "Nebraska, and Dakota, h^adquartars at Ltavenvrorth ci.y, Kansas. Louisiana. Captain Fheldf h Stnrgeom, 1st United Srat-as infantry, Chief Muiteriuff Officer, Superia tendeui of Volunteer RecruRiug S rvico, and Cbiif Disbursing Offiew, Slate of Lonisiana, fucludipg department of the Gulf, headqcar. tcrs at New Orleans, l^onUlana, Jfain*. Major J. W. T. Gardiner, United states A i mj, C hit f M ueleri ng Officer, Saperintefl dent of Vclnntfer Recruiting Service, and Ohtei Dubnriirg Officer. State of Maine, headquar ters at Augusta, Maine. JtijMgan. Lieutenant Colonel ft. H. Hill, 3th United State* artil ?rv. Cbief Mattering Officer, 8a mriptmdf nt of Volant, sr Recruiting Service, and Chief Disbursing OPcer, St'tte of Michi gan, b?adquarters a; Detroit, Michigan. THE WEEKLY STAR. Tt> <"*04i6i:t Ks.vr.ily sud j?>we JoareM. containing a greater >ari^ty of Interest-.. g reatir.g than can hs found In nuy other, jt prtl!?fc?<? on Friday morning. It iRvarlrbly ccrtaJr.t the ?? Wc.?t>fnf.-a KcTfi" that f.ns made the d=u'y FvT*r:.o Sr .K etrcalate so g> nfriHy thro? jrh>*?a'. ccartry. Trnvs. Cash, inra. iably m aJhxict. Strglecopy, jvr ncniiB ..?l vi S:rg!o coyt?ee. In wrappers, Fum CK?T*. ,V ?HO.t.hutr t* Major Franeta .V. Clark, dtti l'ub<; si *? ~?i ! sitillery, t ?>.?f Masterinr Officer, Sap, rt' - I fj ndi'ui of Volunteer Recruiting Servi*. at 1 : (hiel Disbursing .Officer, Sia e of &a?*iicht'.. K it*, hi utiquariers at Boston, MaMaclin<"t'?. M ryicvJ r;.d Dr'av a,*.. I c K?ne| Noah L. .LflYieA, Invalid Corp*. i ( bit'f MiipterlR;r Officer, Superintendent ut" \ ohiiiiwr Beerii11illk Service. and Uftlof In hinting Officer. States oi Alar\ laml and I) !a v.u'f, ist udqu.'iru i> Raltiu,v_'jv, Murylai -i . MUfivr'. <\ )< nel K. is Alexander. 10tb United % a>>. i*ii mry, tnwf Mustering OfltM, Snp?tm ? < i u> vi \ .iitui.t r Rtcruitirg t* rv;r.-, tt ,1 ' ' ??: Dit>but>ii:g Oiticei, ?mt,- ?: Almoin, r.?qt;art?T5 St. I.?.,ui?. IWssonti. Min i. L ciit?-i:???it Colonel John T. A varilI,?Wh Min volimtwrs. Chief MtloVrtng OtTRer, Snp^r.ij?<in?iPn' of Yolrm^eer ff?rroiMn? s?-r vue, arid t I) b',rblny Oflleflr, Sta*e of lVtmne?oia. headquarters et St. Pant. PJpine toa A't" 'ffi irr'h'r* Brigadier (*eiicrM K W' K'lrk-, T*lilted StaN*s volunteers. Chb't Mn *ei1a<r nffl.-or. Superin tendent of Voln a teer Recruiting Service, aurt Uhiet t'lebiireh g Otffcer, State of New Hacn shrre, headquarter a? Goneotd; New Hami r h ire. AVv Yorl;. l<rf?H?iier General WRlKm H*vp. UnitM St.- tes \o]ni\, rhief ln^ Orti. Superintendent of Volunteer R?'rtiiV:n^ Ser vice. r?nd Chief I'iebnrsinir Officer, Pontfcem Division of Nt'T.- York, headquarter* u* X York ci'y. Major Tr^deriek Townsend. 1-lb I'm t States iofantry. ? hief Mnstertn^ Ufllopr, ->u p?riuf?;L!det!: ??f Yoiimtenr Kecrmtin* S^rvt and thief I>tsbur?ing Ollicer, Aorthari, i>i v? ;iou ol A-\ ik, iit-rtduuar'ers at Alba^.v. N- v York. AJaior A. S IMaeo. A. A. '1. vo?nr :eer?, (M i Wnsfrlne C.?au?r, Si;p?riut?iid<*nt <>f tci-r lie- ruit ng .S^rvke. au<i Jjts?t?urK::i * C;, > J'.vi?iou ot N-.v? York. uvu^ ? a at lilmim, N?- +? V- k. ? A ?" J ';/. r'mt Co!"H^l P. C. Hfchiir.' , '-'n l xiiteii .>uu< ^ iiitam y.l ulef Mu-tor.niri Hfti >r, nperii , w-.tot. \ i t< *i1.1n^ ^ ^. taed <*hi?<f Iijibur-.i x OSiccr, sL c o* IV,'* .f-rttj, b adr;n"rte:~ at Trer.tu.. N v Jer^^y. '".o, Alajor Henry it >?ldeii. ItMh S'r. liiiasitiy, Chief Aln6ter:t:g Cilice.-, >upe: - t>nc'erii of A olitii.ivr Reoiuitiug .>? .ic-.*. I ChTrf Disbfir-icg Oflicpr, Territory f >v ./ Mcjiico, headqtiar er? at Sanfa Fo. *N-n- M >. ii'O. Ohio. lore! ,r II. Fottei', Xew Tlamn-.bir^ volunteers Cbief Mn^trrJne Officer son.-rir tei d^rt of Volnnteer Recruiting Service, and t'hief TMsborsicgOfficer, of Ohio. h^:id quarters ar Cclumbna, Ohio. }'eiitisylr m'. j1 't C. Gil tr:, I 'Ui United S;a. s i ? f-utry, Cbi< f Mn feiing* Ofliccr, Sup r . dent of Volunteer Recruiting ail Chief Disbursing Olficer, Eastern l'H*i?? \ t t Ivnrsyivarii,', hi-miqi; -rten- at Philideipbi Fenneylt aniu. JLituUn: it Colonel.! V. Iit.mfoid, I'Uh '' ; ; States in(a?i try. ( hi-t Mnsteii' g OtTc.*r, Sap . int?Bdcnt of Volcnieer Recru*: ii .^S rvice. a :l Chief I)itLnr?inr Ofll(er, We? DiviM'i- tf Pennsylvania, madqnaitera a. ilarrUi'.-., I1' nosylvama. Rhodt f.'aptai? Willintn Silvty, i t United Statv ? tillery,Chief Musti-ringf ifficer, Snper'.r.f u ' - <r. of Votnnteer Recroitingtservice.Mnd t'hief O bi:T&ing Otticer, State of J.'hc.tie Island, tier. " - quarters ai Prcvidnree, liUodf I laud. Tennessee. Captain .!. 11. Fuxion, lo^h United Siatdo far. try, Chief Music ring OiBcer, Superiaten i ut of Volnntf-er ReornitingService, andChit*f Tb? bnrsitig Ojficer, State of Tennessee, het^uar ters at Nashville, Tennessee. V'-rtaonl. Brigadier General T. G.Pitcber,Uuiu?d ???' -? volunU-ers, Chief Mustering Olhcer, Super n tendent of Yolnuteer Recruiting Service, and Chief Disbursing Officer, State of Verra-n'-, h?*a.1qnafters at Brattloborough. Vermoat. K'liconsi'n. Colonel James D. Greene, 8th United > -i infaiitry, Chief Mastering Offieer. Snperi > tendent of Volunteer Recruiting Service, ipl Chief Disbursing Officer, State of Wisooiw . h< ad quarters at Madison, Wisconsin. West Virginia. Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Daxr, jr., 1st Vsr. Rinia cavalry, Chief Mustering Officer, Suj.'.r intendent of Volunteer Re-ruitinp Servic?, aud I hief DisbursirgOtficer, St&teof West Virginta, headquarters at Wheeling, West Virginia. Washington Temtm-y end Oregon. Major N. H. Mcl>an, A. A. G, TJ. S. \.. ChietMnsteringOfTu er, Superintendent of V 1 rntcer RecrnitingSej vice. andChinf Disbars ug (Officer, Territory of Wajhington ard StA'? of Oregon, headquarters at Portland, Oregon The following are the changes of Prov:sC Marshals during the month of February, -?'i: Jowa, > ?ith District?Headquarter* traasferr*?, Grin sell. Maryland. is' District?Captain William F. Leonard, v'cr Captein Jchr. Frazier, jr.. aiipaintir. .ui revoked February 15, lSti4. jVeto York. 1st District?Captain James A. Flonry. -t C;:ptain Edwin Rose, diea Jan navy ia. ist District? William 11. Piar^>n, rice Captain Mce^a G. Leona'd, resigned 'f"o rtiary -J5, 1SG-4. ltith District?Captain William S. John^un , tice Captain Isaac Piatt, dismissed February 13, St'th District?Captain William F. R<>?>>-5, . ic Captain Gnstavus A. Scrogg.n, !???=.z . February 16, 1?W. Ohio. 4th Dlblrict?Headquarters irnusferr u l j * -- bana. rennsylrania. 4nh District?Captain Thaddeus Steven*, -c Captain A. W. Bolenius, relieved Februart v i, tset. 17th District?Headquarters transferred 1 > Hollldajsbnrg. W. A. Nichols, Assistant Adjutant Generni By dibbotionopthksroretaryof the TRKaSFRY,! hereby giva notice th?,i { ?.a prepared to receive Bnbticript:oiiS cu aco -'jnt of TJcited Ptat*s Honda authorised bv the v~t ?t '.r,h 3, lf64, bearing date March 1., radaeni.-iW-* ut tn?- pleasure of ihe Governtrent, s.rter ten j iwu. and parable forty years from date, bcanajc interest at five per centum a year, paya'^e ou lloa c ovtr one htindrt-d dollars ann'tslly, *.u<? i r? nil otber bonds Remi-annuaUy, in coin. Subscribers will receive either R^Uter.*) ur Coupon B0111I8. as tiier ma:.- prefer. Registered bondg will bs issued of tbe idiv. -aiii tiors ? ! iiftr dollars, (fjO.) One Huudred do! in-:,. ,*1(10,) Kive liundred aollars. (i-5^0,1 One Tb i >vi'nf flol'ars. (fl,C0i>,) Fire Tkousaod dollars, and Ten Thonpaud dollars, (flo.iK*),) and Cornyon UondK of the denominations of Fifty ilol'ar1?, , > Oi e Hundred dollars,($ 10ft,) Five Huadre-i dul! ,, ffyo and Ono Thousand dollars. (# ,00^. > Subscribers will be required to p:?y in a-lditloa to the amornt of the principal of the Bonds, ta lawful money, the accrued interest in coin, tor in l nited ) tatea notes, or the notes of N*tio i?l Banks, adding fifty per cent for premium u'iiil further notice.) from the first day <>f or P^ptember, as the case .nav be. until tb^ day of subscription and payment. r pon receipt of subscription*_ I wiil >?sae mp certificate of deposit therefor in anplteiV. the o'ltinal of which will be forwarded by ttip sub vert ^er to the Secretary of the Trt-asury. Wu.jh;'itr ton, with a letter statin* the kind < Bepi*t*red or Coupon,) and the denomination of bonds renutrod. Upon the receipt of the original Certilicau- *t the Dernrtment, the Bonds snbscribed fo- will be transmiiled to the subscribers respectively us soon as the Fame can be preparini. It is expected that the firet deli venes Cnnnoit B^ndii will be m>ide not later than Wie fourth (4th) of April. ? F. E. 8P|KN#R. mt at-4w Treasurer Uaited SUU-h. LIMK ! HME! LIME ! Order* reeeivM for first uuality Pennsylvania ALUM IIMH. at t\e Lumber Yard oh Indiana avenue, between Si sni 3d streets. 1-000 bushels now in store. 23-1w* ?EO. W. LTN VILLE .?> ?0.^ |A1PO&TAMT TO FBMALSa. DR. ^HRESS?il(,S PALLS. The iegredUats is these Pills to the result at a iOig ar.d extensive practice, mild in their open t'on and sure to eorroet all Irregularities. Patrial r^ejntroatJons, amoviao ai.l ossfaci^iosa, Tfe jtber from ?oM *r u^Herwise, beiida-rhe, pain iu Aro a positive remedy fer all eoaipialatt to Females, risuiisd wira oaavaravr piaiontaAS. fttacLaxirr. ?xp1i?t dlreetftns, statin* ? t^eyshoeM ?o*a* o9?o, irttheaeh bo*. Fr*? jus dollar. ? _ . ^ """1^ T .fBIN68 ^HILLTF B. FrcpriewTt PI Cedar ?tre?l. New ?cik tat.? ?cidbyfe. C FORP. m?l, avenue. a?Kv*a?

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