Newspaper of Evening Star, March 31, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 31, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAB. WASHINGTON CITY: THURSDAY MARCH 31, 99" KJCAMNU MATTEK O.N JEVL11Y i'AGI BEE OUIfclDE YOU INTEBEaTiA'tt TEI, I GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTER WaihlngUn floury Market. Quotations fur Mocks, eoin and uacurrent money. furnished by Eewis John,on X Co.. Banker*: Buving. Selling. U. S. Coupon Bohvis, 113# U. S. Notw ?. 1V? K ll:j ^ Quartermasters'Cheeks ??? j, ? New Certificates aval** ? American Silver 148 ? American Gold li*! ? N*w Yobk Hatks?i'mur Board. Coupon 6's, 16ft, 1VI: 7.3)'?. 113; Oertift*,ates of Indebtedness Gold, 161',; 5.*2U's, Iua\. TOE COMMAND AT ANNAPOLIS. Major Geneial Wasbburne has been ordered to tile temporary command of the troops of he Ninth Corps, now assembling at Annapolis. THE WILK13 COtRT-MARTIAL Yesterday, Commander R. C. Schufelt, who was Consul General at Havana during i? por tion of the time that Admiral Wilkes was in command of the West India squadron, was called to the stand, aud corroborated the tes timony previously given as to the activity ;tnd energy of the accused when in command of the squadron, and show* a that he was constantly cn the alert. Commander A. G. Clary also testified to the same effect. Mr. E. A. Punl, an army correspondent of the New York Tim-s, tes!iii-=d as io the lim of several of his visits to Washington and his interview with Mr. Wilkeson, who, a lew day? since, raid that he saw the Admiral's letter or the llth of December, ifedJ, on Saturday, the t-ith Inst. Mr Paul s statements, which wer? made after consulting his private diary at the time, and which be Dad with him, served a? evidence to prove tlia' Mr. Wilkeson must have been mistaken in respect to the time when he saw the letter, as on 'he day mentioned h was sick with the var:o!oid, and hid not visited the Times office tor several diys. The court then adjourned. ?^"Yesterday morning. Her. Dr. Bullo k pas'or of the Franklin street church, Baltimore, and brother-in-law of John C. Breckinridge, was arrested by a Government detective, aud taken before Major Haynor, Acting Provo-t Mnnhal of that city, charged with hnrborluz the rebel Col. Smith, of Morgan's command Dr. Fnllock was released, however, it l^.svins been shown in evidence th*t Smith was a kins man of tne Divine, and was on his p-irole, con sequent upon magnanimous con due' in saving the life of a Union officer. Deeply, Darkly, (but not) Bbactikcllv Blub.?Painters with paint-pnts and paint brushes are busy painting the Patent Office Halls. Perhaps the reader will not credit it tiut it is a so.'emn tact, known to numerous as tonished spectators that a drejt indigo blw has r et n selected as the color for the main columns Tlie effect is remarkable to sav ttie 1-ast. Escapk ok Thubk hcNiu;m> Union Phi.-*. OMU8 i rom Danville, Va The Dayton (Ohioi Journal of Monday, contain- a dispatch jrom Fayetteville, West Virginia, March 2-th. stating that 3n0 Union soldiers h id escaped from the rebel prisons at Danville, and were on their way North Yet Akothxb Paper in Washington.?It is staed that Mr. Geo. M. Weston, formerly ai d recently (briefly) connected with the ft - lliccn, is about to start a paper in this ?ity to K* called the Xcic Era. Tbis will make eight ?itiily papers in Washington. TaE Bali. To-night.?All the committer on reception, on refreshments, on decoration, 1 and the floor mhuagers of the Enlistment Fund Fall are requested to meet to night at 7 o'ctojk, in the TO'.unda, on F street, of the Patent Office. ' A general attendance is requested at that hour ?/" In Baltimore, on Tuiv-day night last, jVlr. Wm. S. Gross, a well-known citizen of that city, was arrested by a sergeant of the 2d Eastern Shore regiment, upon the charge j it being disloyal to the Government. Gross ; has been imprisoned to await a further exam ination. JOT Mis. Terry, of Somerset county, was ar \ rested on Tuesday last and taken to Bal'imore, j charged with attempting to run the blockade, j Marshal Haynor released her upju parole to | remain in the city. Cobfiembo.?Among the appointments re. cently confirmed by the Seuate are thos ? oi Surgeon Henry A. Schlaitlin and Assistant. Surgeon A. P. Williams, oi the District of Co lumbia. V Mr. Beainan, of Michigan, has been ap 1 ointed on. the Committee for the District of j Columbia, und Mr. Hrinnell, of Iowa, on th-^ ! Committee on Territories, in the place ot Mr. i J.ovejev, deceased. ... TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM LVI19IAXA. ) KUIRAI. OCCUPATION Of ALEXANDRIA. THE RF.BELfc RETREATING. HANKS' ARMY ON THE MOVE. ^ Ktil I.> CONCENT RATI G AT SnREVEP^RT KORT DE RUhSEY BLOWN UP. i St. Lot March 30.?Al'-xar.driH, L juiriaua, v a^ occuj led by onr troops on the 16th instant; the en? my, v.ndrr General Taylor, crossing the rner and retreating to Shreveport by land. Seveial rebel gunboats whica were there l. id got e up the river. The steamer New Falls City, laden with ?? ttou, :s reported burned. The r.dvuY ee of Gen*-rHl Hanks' cavalry, i<t ?'er Gen-ral, arrived at Alexandria on ? : ! l$;h. The remainder of the -umy is wit-iin 1 . o d;; *i'aia cb. H'b i; it arrives, the corn t-tri'd Icr.e wlli proceed westward by land, fuj pi ar?* ^oin* by ri ver. 1 i e :? btU noith Mid ooth ot Rel Riv*r ar-* < ?n ratiug at Shrev?port. excepting General i !.v ii-n. f ca . airy, at Columbia i'ae u inLoats have n.ade prizes of all cottjn, ?u out tin^ to .ive thousand Lal-.'s. 1'uT! I??- Fuisey was acciden'ally blown up ? n ti e Kth, killing Unit and mounding six men The * e: mtr Flureiue rau against a snaz and in i,. :.c 3thtouririver, ei^ht miles bflow a. y? siwri'ajr. \> |.< nii.iu Krpr.hlican < onvcntiou ?*Ir. Lllit aln il- c ? hvic e el the StHtc. tn c.vT k.f. 3i..rcii30 ?Th??UnionCouven i '?.?! ctnojing telesa'es i*> the Baltimore ? i \ ntioi. rati a' Maditou, *?t l] o'clock to <? > . t?o\ ri>or S'dv m: i. was mnd.- President i A . ^ ;!ie di-?n:j. ichot*n n e Fx-'iover ior ; : i -ll h>. Jov-'rn r maud Hon. .1 F 1' rte . I, lniio* - were ? d> pie 1 i:i favor of PreeU . . I.m-c ' :;nd fH orli.Trancipa'Jon. The ? c ? i? i iivi vw.o- y.i^riu tly harmjtu- u>. ? ?b!? ;ci on>. Tiie 'ci ga es ar?* ncanioious fir ; Pre^idei.t jju coU "I he I oBl'iifiB'fSl the f mniierlaiil Hirer. t-'T. Eon.-*, March ul''.?The steamer David Tatein, which leached Cairo last evoniagre. pr rts that a part of Forr ^tV force is crossing fbfe Comber laud river at Eddys villa. Aguit. boat hi*t t^sea sem np the nrer to look arter him. The First Alabarot* cavalry reported last j rIght at Cairo. 7<<0 c;roog. and uaanimonsly i le-enlie *ed. PRICJE OF GOLD. (By th.i Peopio's Eine.) >'rjr Tons, x'*r.rcn Ul.?The Goternny-iit j9<*-t< rnr>id this- T-iirrti,; a. uu* a?- ? ' a COPrEIUlKAD OlTRAftES ILLI NOIS Tin- "Vlnrdfr 01 \ ni?n Mm?riiio* AI nnv ? I .lion 5i>Micr? n:td Kcbel Himpathixer*. St. I-one, mar-h ?*> A ul?p*u.n to ?l'O l)t in.?' rat, frr?m t bwrlcston, Oolf? county. Ill . sjij< that the <'o>')>erh?'H<l- camp into that town to autnd court yes-ierday with guns cou ftnUd in ^""ir wag' Q? P.U'A PliJ- i tols. . ? Some .-tidier* it. Hi<? I our: JUraee yard were drawn into an affray and a general fight oc- j ciirr.-d. The county Shetiff sprang from the i Judge'p stand and commenced firing a pistol j at the Union men. Major York, a surgeon ot ill? o 1th, was one of the flrgi -victims. The Union men being ontnr. inhered at the ! Court House, rnu ?o the bouses and stun s lor ; arms, aud they were fired upou fr> rn th*? wiu- ! flow*. Ten or :wel\e men were wounded. , Uol. Mitchell, of the ~>!th regiment, was l*adly ' wounded; Oliver Sales \?a*killed; Jas. Goode* | rictr. William Hart, L. C\ Jeffreys, md several ' soldier.-? belonging to vh* 54th. were wounded | sufiely. The ;>tth regiment arrived in '.he nitemodn | nnd l. imed on the square. Nelson Wells the j man who tored the flr>t shot was instantly killed, .lohu trooper, a prisoner, was shot ! whi le trying to escape. Col. Krook- with a -quad of men went in j piifsuit of a gang of Copperheads about seven j miles distant. Capt. Williamson has some twenty prorai- j r.ect Secesh implicated in the attair under j ~ j#* - ?- " guard at the Court Uo^e. Ool. Mitchell h id a c jiilerence witti the Hon. O. H. Franklin and .1 ndge Cot.stable, who sfemed very anxious that stef>~ should be tafc-n to prevent any fur t!??*r oiuhr?*alr. Pnt?iitt ?t the < opperhcad*?>l?vcmmH ei t li ?*? .>IilHarv. C/H!CAitn, March :ifi.?A. special dispatch to theTrihnm dated Malton, III, last night, say* -it n men of the ,'4th Illinois regiment leave Charleston touiaht to atftck the rebel sympa tni/ers. who are said to bw 3>\i strong, under torunandoi Sheriff John S.OHary, entrench ed at Gillady'e Mills, ten mile? northeu?t of Ch?rle?ton. *A portion of th? 5ith regiment i-= ar Malton, that place Wing also threatened hv Tbe rebels lrom Shelby and Moultrie counties. Four companies of the In valid Corps going to Springfield have been stopped at Charleston for garrison duty. Pickets are out oh all the roans. In the fight on Monday, four of the 51th regiment aud one Union citi/en were killed, and Col. Mitchell, live privates and two Union citiyeiir were wounded. Two rebels wore killed and several wounded. The State ( anal Hoard. Ai.ha.ny. March Uf.?At a meeting of the Canal board to-day, on motion of Comptroller l.'otdnson, the report, heretofore made to the Legislature, in favor of enlarging the canal to gunboat capacity, at an estimate of nine mil lion, was recalled. Atltauce in *craitton Coal. I'hilai'ELvhia, March ,1o. ?Twenty-live thousand urns ol ^irtmton coal sold ataiution in New York, to-day. at an advance uf twenty cents over prices at February's sale. flection *n fcing Sing. Sim* Sinu. Mnrcli -9.?At the town election tc-iiay, Frederick C. Hurrhiis was elected supervisor. The I'nion men claim a gain of thrfe hundred. Dislotaltv in Canada.?Tti>> Toronto p;i per- denohiice the St. Patrick's day celebration in that city as emliiHj>t?y disloyal. The -p^ak ers indulged fr< ely in ' treasonable e*pre->. sions" against the Eugltsh yov? rnin- nt. The Wa-hingtor. corty-p.indent of the Ctu.ato Tribune makes the tollowmg st.ite ments :?" The Fernando Wood demo, racy have been sounding (?^n. Fremont. General Singleton, of Illinois, sought an interview with the General in New York sora? time gin< e. fit' this interview i>?ner^tl Fremont's friends ci'veone ver.-ion, ami tlen. Sli.eleto:i arotlnr. G n. Fremont's friends say that tha sal:t he would take th? deiuocratt ? r.ominatiim upon his ewn platf<irm. (Jeneral Singleton says the General said lie would ac cept the nomination on the d? mocratie plat form. tY"^-* K)R SAI.K?Xh? !arj;e northwest corner | L > LOT, situnte't en M?r) lati'l arenue hiiJ sireet. within three sq'mr-s of Pennsylvania ave nue. It is one ol the Ix-st sit- - in the city for h hotel or lwrge hall. See a'lvi?rti^em-nt. nih 31 3C ENLISTMENT Kt N D H ILL. F AI It KOO.M, Uof CATEXrolHl'S lil'II.DINU, MA lit'II r,l . l?oi. The Weft Wins will be nr?prot>ri&tc?(i for Ladies' Dressing Reoirt. The ka?t Winy ns (lentlettien'j Dressing U >oi'i. The Committees w ill be fl-cixuMe l as follow Reception Ooii>piitt?,e. WVife Ros tte. Police Committee Red . W hit.- H>i'i I'.lue Rf.setto. Befrcshutunt" Commit'e- . Rej R. ^ntt'-. Decoration and Mu>ie Co-n mi tire. I.lne Rosette. F1 nor Mannsrers. W hit, nv! Rlue Rosette. Refreshmeiiti will be Su.j>itlied b) Mr. Jan. Sbaf regular prices. The Marine Hand, under l*r ?!'. will be in attendance Bull Room will he opi i.'-t at s'_. p. m. for the recepljoc. of sues?'>.. inh 30-Wt [Chronicle and Tiiue*. It . | IV"S5=? REOTSTFR'.S OFF 10K, M treh 25. 1S H. Notice is hereb** tiv??i: that t .e License-, is sued to owners of Wagons, f'nrts. an 1 liravs will expire on the first Mom!u> in April. and that -aid Licenses must he renewed in compliance.with law. at this office within ten dayp aft^r 1 'sat tirue. SAMUKLK. DOl'GL'.Ji? nih 25-dtaplO Register. KXECl TIVK JiNLISTMKN'T Cf?MMIT T?E IlOOil. Mavok's Ovficb. Citv H m l. ll'as/i/nn'on March -1 IV* Cf U'a.Wi.'/t ?'6? U. March. -1 lv^ Tlie tollowina- Committees have heen appointi-d for the GRAND ENLISTMENT BALL to he hell in Fair Room of Patent Office Rui Id in u, THURS DAY EVENING. March 3'. I8et. to aid the fund for the encouragement of Volunteer Enlistments ia the city of Washington. COMMITTFE O* RECKPT10N. Hon R Wallaeh Gen R F Racon B R Frennh , GenRC Wei^htioar. W W Seaton C S Noyes, W N Hawlpy Georve Wright L -I Middleton W W Moore C 11 Utermehle Jas H English JosPlatz Jit Ellis GcoPGoff John Ses^ford Ward H Union ('has Kloman Geo R Wilson Hudson Taylor Ai-bury Lloyd Win E Hutchinson Alex R Shepherd John H Semmes Paymaster Cunningham. U.S. N. COMMITTEE OS POT.tCF. Cspt pcheet* W B Webb E S Wicklin COMMITTEE OS REFKKSnMBNTS P M Djhant A C Richards N 1) Larner C H Anderson Samuel V Noyes C0M*#TTEB ON PFCOKATIONK. Adr.lph Class John B Tnrtoc Thouias Lewis Ilenry Lyle A B Norton COMMITTEE ON MUSIC. Col J Y Dii.vis S V Noyes COMMITTEE ON INVITATION. liu'lsou Taylor CroFby S Noyes Alex R Shepherd FLOOR MAN tGEtS. W in G Moore W O Stoddard John W Roteler II C Wilson Thos E Lloyd D McCathran Jas H English S Y Sjlvester John I'udley N D Larner gCt nlvervell J T Halleck A C Uii'hards P M Duhant I. A Reall C 1 Canfleld Snpwden Robinsr u C I' P Wroe John R Wheeler O K Harris Gwyun Harris Z Downing Andrew Noerr John II Blake Win R MeLcan Harve\ Roberts The various committees will he designated l>y eaitable rosettes. Gcn'leinen desiring Invitations for ladies will r4e?-e fend names and address to Hudson Taylor's U'okstore. Peiitsylvania avenue, betwoeulith and loth streets. Tickets lot sal ? at Hotels and Bookstores. fCht oniole, lU-pnbliean,Iutelllg- ncer and Times.] II' tl ?4 A POSTPONEMENT.?The Rrf -id JSnt-rtainment nnnounced to take place last evening at the V'a?lijnj?loti Theater is i>o-<tiM)iied in cont-equetiee of the veatlo-r toM0NI>AY. April 1th. Persons h'.idinij ticktts will please take notice. It* W. E. MORGAN. ^Ul ND?On the 20th luat.. a POCKET Ht.>0K M eoiraining a s?n? of nnuey. The i. vncr -ji ti h?ve it by proving ihu >acie and payiiiir this v. v, rti^enieril. Vpnly at Norlicci. i~ ?>;' ibjittt's Cfr;,r>rtcr Shop. Li ii^l:>'.ia t.vonue, n 9th aud loth sta.. oih .;l -3t* VfiTlOE" TO~CON~IGM ES~The --..i ooner I* kiai y J.'ine ai rived onihe^'-ith instA:it with rin t-^orleft ? f ve^etabl's i It bottles, case Icc.. A.c. The ov. tier or <??, .- *?* er Hr? requested to com-- forward p-iv > targes ai.d tak< tlieiri avx v. A. W. CULL ' NfORE, nli ti-'.t* Hsv Wharf foot of 11th street. T PRIVATF. SALK_BY~MrTJOHN KKLLY, out o^en Carriage, one set of Double i Harness and four Borses, three of them dapple greys. They are sold for no fault,4 the owner ia in other business. Persons desirin j to buy will do well to call at the Fre-iro Ilo'iae, on 4>? street, between H and I street,. j*ud sec for themselves. r.ihSl-it* F'B BKNT-A RARE CHAiVt'/?.?A~sIx room BRICK BOUSE,having been thoroughly and handsomely repaired throughout, suitable for a restaurant, clothing store, Ac., situated on street, now one of the most growing business street* in the city. Inquire at No. 437 I3tb street, between E and F streets, between land 2 o'clock, ml 31 -3t* CJTEAMER EMPIRE HAS ARIUVK'J FROM Kew York. _ JT#iL Consignees will please attend to t'te??iS*fc reception of their goods at onee. This steamer will sail for New York tn Satur day. April 2d. at 7 a. n. n^r-rt MORGAN k KIIINEnART V_ npVTE PERSON WHO LEFT,THE PORK P\};T 1 rf a wagon at the wh?elKrijfht 4>ljo^ <-a t? *lr?.et. near 7th. is ht?ri-by l ot i.eq to rail wi-t get it bin a v. it wi.. tt i\ 1c pay i-?i.e-iki.s. :;-j if C 3<y* Y^i OOI???RB??IOrrAU. !?? in? SihATM yesterdaj Tie joiai revelation ano'-aflator- ?' 'lie Von. wbf taiten ^fcec Tr of Kv- mfcic a lengthy ap** < h Tt?e Vice Ptntdwt m 1 n- ?'???ow.r.* ns"* ; s tuje frcm \h* PncldMl of ti ? d state#: ! 7.? flu Strait ftnd Htvti qf S'.t ? ?r 'j'r?i 0/ fA< . I'r.iifd S Qi*t: > < Sir lAadt* B- Smart wuvuirkv anjitwr, ; Appointed by lilt, i.>*. 5:R*>c-a of tbe . Governor ol the Stat* o! N>t Yorv. aoccrdinf : to ? 1m w vj that State. )>as made -t .eport npcr. ; ? li" propped impro ven^rats to ^a"-v {runboats from :ule wateY to th?* Nortlx rn ? nd North- j v,< et> ru l?ii-'e<-, which report 1s !??? vtvitft **e- 1 tpeitlnllv tr:ts iin. ?d ' >T >onr .-oi'vidoraui-n. IWnrehVj*. J ?*?'.. Aiir.Aii a s L::vtn.'.ai- ! 1 s thk Ilor?K ? Tti<' national ba^k bill being under contidtr- ! Miior.ttii amendment ? :ul<>pteii ?(rtkti?ir'>?t (It? rate ol m'vcii per cent. interest, and :imend- : irgthe thirteentN ^ectiod so as to provide that 1 fvcrv association rn*y clvirer on nuy loau or discoim', fo . :it h rate established bv law iti the S'a'f where MK'li institution -.halt Ik1 lo i at i*it. The '?amp se -tinn was further 'intended ?*.? that 'lie rate of interest shall not exceed ?dx p.?r tent. If more than this has been ; *UI, double the amount inav be recovered by suit. Mr. Steven.:. who bad oppowd these fttnmd oi' nW, moved "hat the committee rise, iit ord^r to give the Committee of Wars and Means an opportunity tocon.-iilt and determine whether they wanted the bill to pas*. The motion was ngre? *1 to. The Hon?** arain resolved itself into a Com mittee of the Whole on the Stat* of th? IJnioa on the President's annual mess-ice, when Mr. Ashley advocated the bill for the reconstruction of State- subverted or overthrown by the rebel, lion. >'?. > J- i OFFICIAL. H'adqttarlrr* Military District of Wa*hinyton, l'rorost Marshal s Offlcf, Washington, 1>. C., MarcA 31, Is61. ti'ii'To- Ord'r-, No. 3.?In order to remove fa* ilitie- for desertion and to guard against the recurrence of gross imposition* which have been practised on United States soldiers by gome ot the dealers in military clothing in this city, it 1? ordered that on and after the (5th day ot April, ictil, the sale of articles of clothing to enlisted men of the 1 'nited States army within the limits of the District of Columbia will be conducted under military regulations nsual at military posts. Dealers in such articles will b" required to obtain from tlo Provost Marshal a license to sell to enlisted soldiers. Licenced dealer^ will be permitted to -ell to enlisted inen in the United States service, underclothing, military hate and caps, boo's and shoes, and sjvy blue military pants. For the sale of other clothing to enli>ted men, special p-rmiw fr>m :be Provost Marshal will be required in each l-Hrticular > a-e. Applications to the Provost Marsbal for a deal r'rf license ma4 be recotn mrnded by rome person ol Itno^n loj alry and H>pr<j*ed by the Mayor of the city of Washing ton or Georgetown, fe->pec-tively, according to the location ot he place of business (which mtii-t b?- : pecitte'l in theapplication)ot the p irty deMrii g siuh privne^f. Such recomm^n la tiou murt certify to the loyalty and Rood ch ir acier of the applicant. All licenced dealers shall post in a conspicu ous positlt n in their places of bu^inees a pla card beanns:the word1, "Licensed by Military Aiuhority."' No dealers, licensed oroth -rwise, wilib-' permitted to exchange clothing with any enlisied scMier. Any paTty eellitig articles of clothing to en 1-!'ed United Staffs soldiers in ttie District ol ?' lumhia afrer the publication of this order vvi'hont Iicens#-, or ext bangliig clothioc, will t.e subject to th* penalty of imprlsoninent, closing their pla. es uf business, and confisca tion oi their stocks. By command ot Brijr. Gen. Martindale: T. Iwoit \UaMi n h 31- Iw Colonel and Provost Marshal. GKOVKR'S THEATER. l'i;.V.\STl.V ISII AT . nkak Wili.ark'b Hotrl. Lkosahu kh Director KKIOAV KVKNINO, April 1. fiBAX 1? <> 1' K K A N I O II T . Oid> 11 i-'lit of Kiowti'w(i r.niil Opera in three &? te. fTRADELLA". Predentin* t'oth Tenors, M. ill KU I1ABELMANN M FRAXZ* IIIMMKR ChKt of" ?reat str?-i>gth an'l a powurful cliorns of thirt>. inrludinj; the.leading artistes of the cele brated ARION' SOCIETY. and the entire <;r*nd Orchwatra from the Academy of Mu"ic.N?-Vf York. M. Frederieh OrafTo a- B?ssi M 'i le Pan line Caniss.t an Leonora M. P*ans Himtner an . Alle.taudra Htradellx M. Theodore Habelinanii as Barbarino M. Anti'ii Steiuecke ?i Mololio Ma'au^rades. Peasants, Ac. Scene. Venice and Rome. Reserved ceato for either of the nights for t?ale ?t Met lerott's Music Store and the Box Office of the Theater at the following 8CA1.K OF PRICKS. Orchestra Chairs SO Ilress Circle aiel Parquet ?1 Family Circle ? .,? 50 Private Boxes #12 uo Secured Seata St) ceata extra. Box office will he open on Thursday for the sale of -e.ith from "i a. tn. to 9 p. m. SATURDAY EVENING. April2. For the ls-t time, positively. Go-mod'* Grand Opera of F A r S T . SPECIAL NOTICE. S at,-, for the Opera for Friday. "Stradalli.'' and Saturday. '? Faust." may-be obtained at the Box < 'frice of Grover's Theater, at thecustomary hours, from y until half past. 9. and a^ain iu the evening fr? in 7 until !J. Al?o. st Met*erott's. Ho perform ance to-nieht. , jL-EEbli BlTxF FOB 1 UK NAVY. Navv Dki'artxixt, j lUhEAl 0> I'H0V|.<.ltiXS AND ULOrUi.VO ) March 31. 18K4. \ t'BAi.KD Proposals v 11 b? recsived at thii lUi r aj until 2 o'clock p. mon th-j llth April, prosi wo. fox thesuppb of tKn tiousana p Oioos of Fr. gfi bedf, at the *-<bii.gton Slatioi:, auring the ;?? &:*ixuer of the GkcuI y- ?r ending June JO, I'61. The Bee; mus: br in equal proportions ifforeand Lud tiujrteis, the be*, the market affords, nud must >>? r ffpred ?or by the pound. Bond* with approval secur ty will he required in one halt the ;?? ia ated amount ufthe coatract.ead twenty per centum in adcition will be withheld from tV e amount of each pivment collateral reenrity for the nue perforauinruj of the contract, which will on no account he y> iid until it is fuily cr>mpliea with. Evt ry offf r must he accoic.psnied (as directe<i in the act of Conare>s making appropriation f ^r the uaval service ^?r l;;i8-'7, approved loth August, i.S-lii ) hy a written guaranty, si? ned by oueor moie retiponts'ble persons, to the effect that he or they nnuerUkethat the bidder or bidders, will if hi? or their bid be accepted, enter into an obligation, v.ithin five dajs.with iooduid suflioient feureties. to fnruis'a the articles proposed. N<? prt.jioral wi'l be cot fidered nnless acco.rpa Diei! by sue!) Kuarantv and by sitisfactory evidence that the bidder has tlio license required by law of Con'irets. mh:U-'it FORSALE-Two lar?eWORK HORSES, kind ,uid gentle iii harness. Apply at corner of 2d and Hj^t- ,OH ARLESCrRTIX. mh 90-3t PERKINS, STERNE & Co., 1?0 Itroadway, N', V., EXCLUSIVE DEALERS IS CALIFORNIA WINE. W' guarantee thi m all to be ABSOLUTELY PURE. For sale by all first-class Grocers and Druggists everywhere. mb 30-3m* SALE?A complete SODA FOUNTAIN, at 3<iO Pa. avenue. mh 2y B UTTER, CI1 EE?E AND JBGGS 2C<"i k^gs of fine New York Butter arriving. Part in store and for sale by I). E. DUTKOW, mh 20 fit* 400 sth Areet. 17"OR SALE?A covered tbree-spiing WA'It^N, nearly now, price S100. On-* set double II Alt NESS, f?2f ; alt>o, two light work or naddle HORSES at $70 and JM. Apply at No. -Jit? ath street, ba tween N and O st'. north. mb 23 -tt* |^OK SALE?A new Grand Square PIANO FORTE. V ... ? ? ? v B 1 - -> * 1 ? j ?? 11.111 1 itig: Wa6hingt^n, hQd is to i>o mou at Prof. A!ex. Wolowski's rooms. No. 316 P street, corner of llth st. Honrs of receptloa onl y from ti to 0 o'clcck a. m. d.iily. mli 2J-^t CARRIAGES! CARRIAGES! CARRIAGES! On band, a fine assortment of flrst-cUss CAll RIAGF.S, consisting of two and four seat Rock a ways. Extension and Ilalt'-top Beat and Jersey Wagois. Topand No-top Buggies, tie., \.e. A!s^, Grocery and E<rre?B Wagons. ROBT. U. GRAHAM, C .^hmaker, mhj?_3t^ 3T4 D and 417 l^^htii .tre?-t. IV E^iV nooks. 1> NEW POORS. Polko's Musical Sketches. Trandato l >>y Fanuy Fuller. Price $1.26. Rambles Among Words?Their Poetry, Hi tory, and'Wisdom. By W itliatn Swinton. Price. fl.S'. The Conntry Parson's New Book Counsel and Comfort, spoken from a City Pulpit. Price. *1.,W. Robert Bri-wning'sNow Book. Sordello. Str?f 1 ford, Christ man Day,and E? - tor Eve. Price, fl.2."?. Thackeray, the Humoriat anu man of Letters. PThe' Secret. A Novel. By Mrs. Aun 9. Stephens. F?P? r, f 1; cloth,*1.ft. Annie Warleigh't,tortune. ByHolmeLee. Pa I wr. i>rioo* & <H>nts. I Pmate MileaCReillr's Hook. Prh-. S1.2a. Also,all Other new and recent publication-. l All btoks sint I y reau. fr. c of poatage For^alviby PHILP A SOLOMONS, Metre^olftan Store, tr.l-C? 3.1 ?P ;.n. ave , U-i. 'Ah ;tnd 1(Wh m* _ ?jviR FALlt AnlNCINi: wji ROIVER,abottS V Lorse poet-r. Ape.) at tiV\ ALL'S IVyndri, Oicrgetcwj.D. 0. nniJO-vt* I *? 4 P. THK wlLKX3C4ft7ET-M4?TI\t. Tills tacrr.; ?,*>-?.?? the evidence given yes ter<sy had t^h read. Ooromfctdor J. M. B. Clit/ wfi csl>d, aid testified 'hat be was crd^rffl to tie cocr.rrs. & of tha Juniata, at Philadelphia, Ci tlie 3d rf February, 198o. and ir. consequence of defects :n the machinery of the vefcsf-l he did iK" get ?>fi until the iiSih of April, ar.rl air.v -1 at Havana on the 5th of May, ITh-* <?? the engine? were always defective. II': captured t&rw schoon er? v. ith this Tf5?Fl ^iirin)! his cnilw on be ? In m r.h May to 1-t Jiwy, li*B. VKOM 1I1E FRONT. The Army of the Potomac was visited yes terday and the <1: y before by one of the mn?l serious rain storms of the season. Mud is knee deep, aiid the streams are all ranch swol J.Mi. The KappabHtBOck bridge -ufl'ered slight ly irem ihe llocd, but it was quickly repaired, :uid trail s are now'iunning with the usualjre sularity. WHO If IS. The horse contractor mentioned yesterday as having Veen arrested and committed to the Old Capitol prisor, is a Mr. John Spicer, of Chi cago. He was arrested on Saturday last at the Occidental Hotel, on Fourteenth street, by cue ot Capt. Dolan's detectives. He is report ed to be very wealthy. G*N. GRANT IN TOWN. To- day at one o'clock Lieut. Gen. Orant ar rived ia the city from the Armr of the Poto mac. He was accompanied by Gen. Rawlins, I and Colonels Legou? and Comstock. RESIGNED. Midshipmen Henry T. Cook and O. F. Gar rison have resigned their positions in the United j States Navy. i A Canard.?We have authority for stating | that the following paragraph, which first ap j p? ared in the Boston CommereicU Bulletin, has J nut one word of truth from beginning to end 1 "Somebody has stolen the plates on which i Mr. Chase printed greenbacks, and no clue has yet been lound as to where they are! Unless found shortly, greenbacks will be as thick as leave? in Valambrosa, because whoever has tte plates can print "Government money" just a- well as the Treasury Department! The sig natures are engraved! The impression that stamps the notes ateo prints the "official signa ture.'' It is said that an officer in Mr. Chased c< ntlder.ce, aud who was entrusted with the sale k- eping of the plates is now in Europe!" m? CONGRE88IONAU j XXXVIIITB CONG BBSS .?FIRST BK8SI0N, Wbi>sk8day, March 31. Sbnatr.?Mr. Snarman presented the memo j rial uud resolutions of the Agricultural and | Horticultural society of Cincinnati, praying i a liberal increase of the appropriation for ag ; riculiure. Mr. Ten Eyck presented petitions from citi zens of New Jersey, and Mr. Bucicaiew like ! peiiiions from citizens of Philadelphia, in i laver of increased railroad facilities between i NVw York and Philadelphia. j Mr Wllley presented a petition from the sth muanUri in i an try of West Virginia, asking au increase of p:ty, ic.; which was referred to the Military Committee. Mr. Coliamer called up the bill to authorize the Fo-tmaster General to con'ract with the Overland Mail Company for carrying the mail in the next four years, at a cost not exceeding 51,1 OO.tiOO per annum. It was taken up and pi s ed. [The mail is to start from Atchison or St. Joseph's, Missouri, the route terminating at Folsom. California.] Mr. Willey, from the Committee on th? Dis trict of Columbia, reported back the bill to chatter the Masonic Hall Association of Wash ington with sundry amendments. Mr. Chandler introduced a bill to establish collection districts in Washington, D.C ; which w if referred to the Committee on the District of Columbia. Mr. Foot introduced a bill authorizing aud regulating writs of attachment in the District of Columbia, which was referred to the Com mittee on the District. The bill for the erection of the Territory of Momai o came np as unfinished business, and Mr. Wilkinson's amendment, qualifying col ored men as voters, office-holders, &e., woa adopted?22 to IT?and the bill passed. Hoi re.- Mr. Shannon, from the Committee on Indian Alfairs, reported the Senate bill for the better organization of Indian affairs in Cal ifornia: vhiih, after Mr. Shannon had made remarks in its lavor, was passed. The HunBe resumed the consideration of the Hout-e bill declaring the Delaware Bay and Kai i'an railroads to bo military and post routes. Mr. Gar Held, of Ohio, resumed his remarks i from last week, in favor of the bill. Ho urged ? that the present means of transpor:ation are ] insufficient, and that therefore they ought to j avail themselves of the privileges" now pre sented. He characterized the Camden and An:boy company as a* odious monopoly, and violating all the laws of trade. Without concluding, the subject was passed over; and the House resolved itseli into Com mittee of the Whole on the state of the Union on the amendatory National Bank bill. Mr. Mevens, of Fa, oflered a substitute, re storing the interest chargeable by the several bai ks under this act to seven per cent. Pro positions were made and debated to fix the rate at six per cent; while others suggestsd that the iate oi interest be regulated by the laws of in terest :?s they exist In the States, where such institutions may be located. [These questions were under debate when we last heard frtm the Capitol.] TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF THE SOI TH. Ci KN*. 3EYM9UR RELIEVED BY GKN HATCH. RKBF.L FOHCE? WITHDRAWN FROM JACK SUNV1LLE AND 1'ILATKA. Nbw York, March 31.?The steamship Ful ton, from Port Royal on th? 27th Instant, has arrived. The steamer Continental, from Portland, ?with a portion of the 2d Maine cavalry oil board, put into Port Royal on the 2-ith, w:th a lots of 50 horses. The remainder t;r ? badly used up. TheContinental was obliged to out loon*? from the ship Frank Bail, also ladeu meu and horses, which vessel she was towing :o New Orleans. The Frank Ball was condd*red safe and able to care for herself. The steamer Daniel Webster, wi:h a portioa of the llth New H mpshire on board, from New York for New Orl'ans, put into For: Royal on the 27th. The Continental reports having pussed, o'T Hat "eras, large quantities of wre/k-id stuff, supposed to be from the wreck of some steamer. A naval expedition?n? the St. John's river captured a rebel steamer, the Hattie Hrook, with 105 bales of cotton, rice and toniceo. Brig. Gen. Hatch ha = gone to Jajk'souville to relieve Gen. Seymour, who returns to Hilton Head. The rebels are r?portf?a to have with drawn a portion of their forced from before Jacksonville and Pilatka. The court-martial of Gen. Gordon is pro gressing. 1U? troubles IN MISSOURI TROOPS MOVING TO QUELL THE OUTBREAK SPKiKuriu.!', March 30.?Colonel Cokel As sistant Provost Marshal General, started for Charleston last night, ami telegraphed to-d ty for ihe forty-lim regiment, which left this af ternoon. Generr.l Iletatzl mm ha? also been r -qu it<.'d to send tTwips from Indiauapoli;?. This iufii atet that the troubles in that-ec tion are of a aerlous character. THE TIHRO SEW JERSEY CAVALRY. Pbilaoklvuia, March 31.?Tte Third New Jtreey Cavalry toarclied througti Chestnut stieet tliis morning, twi lve hundred strong, at trnctin^ gri at attention by their martial ap pearance aitd attractive uniforms. THE NEW JERSEY RAILROADS. Trk>toh? March3?.?MrBceison, of Hndson, ; this morning Introduced a bill to repeal tho ' tbarter ofti&e IhIaware Bay Railroad. RBODl: ISLAND POLITICS. | ri'? vir<y^fT. March Hi. The Dfjrfiocratl n eC'c i' ? ' RYv-iviafaaVjilfof Q-otwior ^ th?.- :? U. lir j 1 FROM CHATTAHOOttA. C'i*c.mkati, March 31.?The Gn&tle't Chat, taaocfr* dispatch says Gens. 8herm%n, Uran j ger, KcTterson Sheridan, and Berry arrived) at Cla'-itocognc* Ukt fBtb, and were in ooun-i oil lu Cmy at Q?a. TbMMu' headquarters. Ail ta qmet at Itowald. Om?. Sheridan and Orarjer w ent t? Kaoxvllle er. the 29Ui. The Erqttirr has the pfrticuiars of a fire at New Lil erty. Ky. The entire besinees portion of ? tcvr is destroyed. Eighteen families aie reiofred homeless. The loss is about V ROM FORTRESS MONilUE. 1 OB.TKB&A Mokroe, March, 99.?Capt. Slijet of the Revenue Cutter Phillip Allen, has raised time hundred and fifty dollars for the relief of tl e crew ot the schooner Alabama. The schooner Neptune's Orida of New Tork> from Key West, ha* arrived with mainmast and bowsprit gone. An easterly rain storm commenced this after noon with a high wlr d. LOCAL NEWS. OriMiaoF Tax Nbw^boyh* Hons.?Last eiiiny, the Newsboys' Home, in Armory Square lot, which has oeen in course of erec tion lor some time, was formally opened. The Heme is a frame structure, two stories in height, with a depth of 75 feet and a widith of 25 leet. To the left as we enter is the bath room, supplied with hot and cold water bath tube; and alto sink, wash-basins, towels, loo It log-plaseee, brushes, combe, Ac. To this room the newsboy, on entering, is introduced, and undergoes a process of wholesome ablution that makes a sew newsboy of him. To the right of the entrance, and of the main office, is the office o1 the matron, Mrs. Mary Flagg, which also contains the ?? Newsboy's the shape of a table perforated with apertures to the number of sixty, each aperture letting into a correspondingly numbered com partmentin the drawer to the table. On coming in at night the newsboy can deposit in his com partment such of his earnings as he has no im mediate occasion to use, and receive Interest on his deposit at the rate of five per cent, per year, payable monthly The " bank" is the gift of Mr*. Hon. Sam'l Hooper, of Mass. Passing on, we come to the boys' reading room, the walls of which are ornamented with pictures, and which has also a good-toned melodeon, the gift of Miss Alice Hooper. The ?'lockers" under the benches that line the walls, are numbered and furnished with lock and key, serving as receptacles for papers or such articles as the newsboys may desire to store in safety. The newsboys' dining-room, which has tables to accommodate sixty or more persons, comes next, and this room is surrounded by closets, pantries, wash-room, laundry, A c ; and a dumb waiter communicates with the kitchen below a convenient room, -having a fine cooking range, boilers, &c. Coal bins, closets, sinks, and other conveniences, find a place in the basement. Mounting to the dormitory, we find a spacious room, well lighted, well wVffied, witfe that d<SldW&tn?3 'or ft sleeping apartment, good ventilation. This room accommodates fllty neat comfortable cot beds; resting places that mnsi seem almost beatific to tbe little fel lows after their heretofore sleeping experiences in dry goods boxes, on market stalls, &c. The bojs? snch of tbem as are able to pay anything?are to pay 10 cents per night fqr lodging and 15 cents lor meals, two of which will be furnished each day?breakfast about 7 o'clock, after the early sale of morning papers; and dinner between 5 and 6 j>. m., between the sales of the city afternoon papers and the New York papers coming in by the evening train. Tbe Horn", which was erected under tbe supervision ol Dr. I>. W. ltliss, (surgeon iu charge of Armory Square Hospital.) chairman ot tbe building committee, shows in its various departments that close attention has been given iu its construction to the welfare of the boys, ar.d, at the same time, to the question as well ot the economical and judicious management ot the concern. It wl!l be in charge of the ir.atron, aided by two servants; and a police man will be stationed at the Home dtiring the night. Yesterday afternoon, the boys, to the number o: a do/en or so, were treated to an opening dinner by their kind friends; and lat ?r in the eveninir there were some interesting exercises at the Home. At eight o'clock, Prof. Henry called the mtetu.g togeiner in the reading-roo.n. t^uite a number of the patrons ol the newsboys were present, and lift en or twenty of the boys were there seated on their benches. Midway of the row, sitting bolt erect, and with ;,n air ol severe gravitv, as if the responsibility of sus taining tbe dignity of tbe profession rested upon his shoulders, was Mr. Aleck Dough-rty. Everybody knows Dougherty. He is a char acter amongst ^he bovs. He wpars his hair short, and sports a coat of military cut, with immensely long sleeves, which keep his hands warm in cold weather, and wheu the air Is balmy, he turns them up our ot the way in a gracelul kink, quite indescribable. Dr. Channing opened the exercises with pr;tyer, invoking the Divine blessing upon the " Home" enterprise. The tjpys dropped their hehds in their hands with a aevoutness a little too good to last: and presently one little scamp, peeping at his fellows through his lingers, overcome by the oddity of the situation, gave a perceptible "snicker, ' which proved infecti ous to all the party save Dougherty, wno en deavored by frowns and becks to make them sensible of the impropriety of their conluct. Not sncceediug, he gave a sharp dig with his elbow in the r:b! of his left hand neighbor, and admonished one to bis right by a pull at his back hair, "hat reduced them both to tearful solemnity. And the moment the prayer w-is through, Doupherty, to put a stopper then and there on such practices, called out qnite audi bly to his < omrades: "^ess limine catch yon laillii in prayer-time agin, and I'll punch yer heads fer ye, see if I don't!" After which there was no levity. Various reports were read and accepted, showing tbe satisfactory manner in which the tru^i had *>een administered by those concerned in the institution. Up to March 1st the receipts had been SI,792 27, expenditures 4,051* 00 leav ing a surplus of S~3I in the h*ud.> of the treasurer. This surplus has However .-in.* hfccu exhausted; add some *sa was last night contributed by tlio.-e prison* in the way of an tuai dues (*-/) for membership, Jcc. In the reports it wa: stated tuai the benefits ot the He me would not be confined to news boys; that hoot-blacks and other uncared for children may enjov us privileges. on motion of H. M.Stade, Esq., !>r. Bliss wes constituted ;ui honorary member of the Newsboys' Home, iu recognition ol his ser vices. Dr. Channing made some remarks congratu lating the association upon the succossful re sult ot their labors, lie suggested that the secretary should taUe down thu hist ry of the news-boys; their expediences',& ;. Soni" of these boys won Id doubtless rise to places of honor and trust, perhaps reach the Presidential chair. Records of a juvenile lie form Association within his knowledge, showed that some of its inmate-had risen to b ? member* ul Cou press and Governors ol" State?. If boys thus tsinte<< with crime could thus ri-e, what hope there was for these boys who were so much more favorably sitnated. T<io examples of Gen. Banks, Theodore Parker, Abraham Lia coin and others who have risen tro:n an hum hi? position were referred to as worthy of emulation. ... l)r. Channing concluded with some good ad vice to the boys, recommending them to form an association among themselves, making re gulations to govern themselves by. Mr. Slade here caused the boys to sing * My s*ul is marching along," accompanying them on the melodeon. The boys sang the pie.*e ex ceedingly well; and we need hardly add that (with their trained lungs lu lull play) the ??chorus was effective.''* Rev. E. W. .Tacksou, chaplain of Armory Square Hospital, followed in some remark apropos to those of Dr. Channing, urging th > boys to big* aims, illustrating by numerous and interesting examples. Mr. Head ley, of N. J ., then made what we call a nlodel speech for boys, right from their platform and every word of which they ,xmld comprehend. And as showing that 4,a touch of nature makes tb? whole world an in, ' it is a ta< t that bis familiar anecdotal remarks were quit** as interesting to tti^ niont Its i.ner a* to the untutored youngsters them selves. Mr. Headley knows how to talk to boys?newt-boys. Dr Macgowan (the well known lecturer on China and Japan) also made some pletsant ar d interesting remarks; and was followed by Prof Henry, who made whut we conceived to be si rne most jadiclout suggestloi s in regard to the education of the?" boys. - He thought case should be taken not to hold up to them the idea of being or,:U "a?*n? bnt ra'.her of being <l men. Not one in a million could rii8 to the Presidency, but all eouhl be good. And let whatever greatness, they attalu**d be found ed on their goodness, tie thought well af tihe suggi stlons regarding the taking a record of tlie boys' history and of their forming an Or ganisation for their own g<3vernmeot: and he concluded WHS some remarks npon the pre? P*>ct cl nccomplishlua g?>od before tkenssot'i. utton. The following is a correct list of the offi^rs cf the licme: President?Mrs. Samuel Hooper. Vice Presidents?Mrs. Dr. Bliss, Mrs. Heary W hecivtan-?Mrs. Joseph Henry. 1 res^urer? Mrs. J. O. Wbrtmore ^ M:.Ufper??Mrs. Weed, Mrs. H ii>. Cock*, Mrs. Gs.sgewer, Mt*? E^'lT ?l s UaT', l:<*beo--a guiles, ?Vrs, Nuhr>i ?ob. Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Dr Barber, Krt. lilao cfcju-c, Mrb. I)f. WeUierUl, Mrs. MUier, Mr IJxocstKe Oomitl?i*e? Mrs. Ka'jor W.*^, Ifcra. Ltancbard, Mrs. Hart, Mr* It. TkiVr. A1.its Oillies. (.cmmititeof Waji tad Mc&ci S*r . !! j> L\k:K?. Mr.. Gangewer, Mrs.FahxusU' n, Nun. 7.. C. Robbirs, Ml*# Etrlly JSnlhra^ MikUAQi or Col J.H.Tatlor. "? day at 12 o'clock, Ool. J. H. laylcr. chief c* (itreral AopfrVttaf, wa* nnl^dm th-ho^ bards of matrimony to Miss Jllary 31. Melg\ the accomplished daughter of (lei.erai .">i -i*. The marrisge ceremony was performed m h> Jebt's Church, by Rrv. I>r. Pyne, ir. thr pr-.?. ence o 1 an immense ccnconrse of persons, r*;* tives ard friends of the partite. He?w-*n U; borr* cf one and three the happv couple ban ? r? < eption at the residence of the bride's taihM-. aid received the congratulations of mscj' wn., railed upon them. Secretary Stan ion "bet j . smcrg the number. At 5 o'clock in the "t?; :a? the bridal party started on a bridal t?<or u> Maine, where they expect to remain tor M*vert? days Before the bride's departure ehe vv the recipient of several bandeom* pr-^senir, s.mcng then a very handsome set of silv-r ware, by the officgTS attached to the headquar ters of General Anger. Criminal i^ovHT, Judge Fitker.?Thl* more lnr, Wm. Ruffe, mulcted for pettit larceny, pW-etl guilty, and received a nominal sentence. Oscar Davis, indicted for the larceny of thren barrels of cement from H. C. Wilson Jc Co., pit ad guilty, and was sentenced to one year iti the Penitentiary. David Jordon, indie'ed for stealing a quan tity of clotbir g from Tobias Warren, was found not guilty. Matilda Ryland alias Till Wade, Indicted for keeping a bawdy house on the Island. wv? found guilty, and sentenced to pay a Am of or fifty days in jail. In the case of Michael McKomara, indicted for the highway robbery of Karl Oeiach, and also for an assault on the same party, a molU pro* was entered. John Brooks alias Bruce, indicted for the lar ceny of a coat, the property of George W. Bra cey, was found not guilty. Ax Imrbasb or Waob*.?This morning, Commodore Montgomery, of the Washington Navy Yard, received .the report of the com mission?Master Morris, of the Navy, and Master Mechanics Wilson and Hutchinson? recently appointed to Inquire into the rates 01 wages of mechanics onteide, with the approval ot the Department. The report affects the ma cbinists, boiler- makers, blacksmiths, plumbers, coppersmiths, turners and brass finishers, who will hereafter receive ftt.75, S2.30 and 92.25 per day, instead of *2.50, $9 25 and ??, as formerly. The approval of the report carries with it the recommendation of the Commodore that the incren.-e take place on the 15th of March. iat?i ov a Policbmab.?Yesterday arter ), patrolman Chae. J.Cook, of the Third Dbats ROOD, _ _ _ _ ? ? T va >MV ? Hit tt Ward," died of congestion of the brain, after a short illness. The readers of the Star will re member that about two years ago patrolman Cock bad a terrible encounter with a maa wLo be undertook to arrest for some violation of Jaw, Ju the ejjcoypter- (be man, who had a heavy weapon, chopped and beat Mr- Cook's head so severely that be was a long time Con fined to bis bed. It i9 believed that bis death resulted lrom the injuries then received. A Test Qtb^tiox.?The case referred to bv ua yesterday as t? the liabilities of a Conductor ot "a city railroad oar, who refuses to change a bill for a paasenger is to be tested by the Court*, as Justice Kinsev this moruing held Philip S^ybold to bail for asxsult and battery: the al leged misdemeanor having been occasioned bv Reynold's pnttiug Westerfleld off car No. 11 because he couid not tender 'he exact fare?five cents: but offered a dollar bill which the con ductor returned to change. Firk?About five o'clock on Tuesday after noon, the roof of th-? house of Mr. James O born, ot" 7th streeteast, between (land I streets south, LsOk fire from the chimney, but wai dis covered by Officers Walling and Harrison, who with 'he aid of the negroes extinguished the flames before any material damage was done. The Anacostia and American IIoolc and ladder were quickly on tfce spot, but their service wi re not needed. Fai pr Pbetkhcb and PBR-tt'BY.?The ca~? of Major Thomas Ilowri-san. First Michigan Cavalry, on cbarre of ohtatulng a horse by lalse pretences, and Sergeant Frankee on chart otpTjnry, vas dismissed by the Grand Jurv on Monday, there being no testimony to sustain the charges. Mauriaue Licbfhks.?Dnring The present month, the clerk of th?? court has issued on. hundred and filty-e<ght licenses, of whicti thirty.eight were to colored couples. Lkft.?The U. 8. steamer Sbawsbeen, Actlnr Master Phelon, which brought up 6evert! prizts and alotof prize goods from Yotk River, left the Navy Yard yesterdav afternoon. ^EVERAL GFNTLEMBW Can be sreonnin^; i with pl??K*nt Bo m<* si d sr'>od Hohr<1 ftf 3:<9 15th street, between F and G st?. n h .M 3t* im'ASTKD-A JOURNBYMAN BARBER. (.0 ** wnpi-s niveii To stea<iy dim. Apply to > FISIIER. 391 7th street, T:.-nr >lar>.!sii'i m -f ? Inland. Jo. will pl^-meeaU mh.tlSt* FOR RKNT-One liuncl<niii? I'ARl.OR na CDAMBEB . ontbe 'st 11 our; h1?o, otlier r,?om suitable for ci- t?le .* ntleuien or centl'-tr.en an! their wiv^s. witbont board. stNo. 33'J ISth <lre<' corner of K. rah3!-3t* ??T RBWARD.?Straysd sway on ihe ?ith ins' a red (X?W. with whit** horn?j huU ai.?.ut 6 f'yejirsoM. TUe above r<*t iirI will >??? sr'ven '?* returning ssid cow to ELIJAH PARKER, ft x? n Oid Soldier-' Home. l ?* j* Bv GBK9N A WILLIAMS. Anstione r^T AS-^UNIBTBATOB'8 8AL8 OP OLOTHING 4r . it ATJCT105 ?On BATUBDAT, tfce ?i dsr of 11 o'clock s n.,we shall sell. In front of ?"?nr suction rooras, by order of th?Or?haas' 0>>urt. the Personal IfTeets ol the late William Aldr-J deceased. Bv order of the Administrator. mh31 2t ORBffW A WILLIAMS, Aortt. By QRBBK A WILLIAM", Auettoaeer*. IADli-S'. MIOSIS', AND Cb ILUKKN'8 sriO*.* j At Adotiof ?On THURSDAY, tas 7th Uj April, at ir. o'clock a. m., w# edall b^U, in troat oT etr met ion rooms, viz.: pairs Lsdies' Gsifers scd otb-?r Khors, S.i' wsirs Misses' a'.d Childree'? 8Hoop of alikli't*. The attention ot d? .tiers la invite: to the **ie, a< 'h^y vlll bs S' l.i in lots to salt purekssers. TeTffSCHjh. irbSl-d ORBKN A WILLT1M3. Aneie. Bt 6RXBN .V WILLI IMP. \r,r.-.ions?r*. \NbCAL 8fRlN(> 8ALK OF ISAAC n*R7 A 8o.s?Bztmnon P<tu-jtbroi*r's tab' o.' 1 HTfl-..v,e<l Pb.dits.?Vf* sbal'. " our Au< * t o ni?. corner of 8>-vDBtb ?r?! D >-:r?4ts.ou M'J'* PAY snd TUEgDAY, Apr'.! ?th so ! t'.h. st I' o i-!oek a m . a ia*ae collection of Unrt issmel <*o?Pietin* in paTtof Gold and Sifter Uniting Patent Lsrer an 1 otv We ches. Ditrr.onds, Jfar rin*s, tine? r rin^s. Go d Cb? ns. Br?a*ipirs. s?td Pi'rMr ?Vari?. Also, l adies'ard Cei.t's Wearit^ Appirdi, ViPtcls. Optra ftla???s. Acd a 'ar#e C't'.lec'ion of a? ods which ws de~m it hero ann?c?e!?rv '? ?oumerate At?o, one scry gin**'Chronometer. f h? ?a'e will C'lmmer e? with tb? Watci. Trnnscash. ISAAC HIRZ3KBR- A SOI, PavnHrnkers. jrr^Sl d fiJRFER A WILLIAMS. ArcV. Ut 4 O lacUriKlAt 0"? , Auctioneer" FfXCX. LBNT fFRSITCUR abi? QOCPSUOLD j Errk''t> xt Public Sai.s ?On TUHl>A? MORMk1 I*. April 'th, at in o'clock, at the rssi <?' rce cf A. Brcktjfnanl. Bsi.. I street. bt>tw*ra Tw. nii?*t>i ?ri! Twontv flrst streets, we shall ee'.l the furr-itcre a^l Effects, eoapri?ing? Too.verv lar^e sod elegant Krsnch g'ato MaB''1 Mirror*, tc silt frames. Yelret and l!ro?atelie covered So'a, Ann, aad Chairs, Ms-ble tcp Tables. Whatrot, Vi r 11 \ Lt Chinese \ases. larce aite. Oil Paintta#s. Bncrarin**, Mantle Ornaments, Embroidered CnrtJhie. Shades. Cornice. BrnssetF. three ply, and In*rain Oaryets, Kooteh lo.-s Oil Ciotfas, Matting. Ezlension Bin'n* Table, Dining Chairs, So'ae, Lotirges Keekers, Stools. Superior Sewing Msehiue, Bat Tree. Pilver plated eorerei Diskes aad Castors. Cbina, 01sse. and Crockery Ware. L&rse Psycho O'ass. Mirror-front Ifardrobo. Bedsteads. Bureaus, Wasbstands, Toi'.et Setts. Looking-glasses. Bair and Busk Mattresses. Bolsters aad Pfl'.ors, Plaskets. Comforts. Sheeting, htovss, Befrigerator, Kltohen Ctonsils. Terms easb. mh al-d J.C McQUIBB A Co.. AacM._ ByGBEBM* WILLIAMS Anetionsem. F^VTBNSIVB SALB or UOUSB^OLD AND A KtTCHSB FOaBlTUBK. FllSO foaT*, 4.C., ** Accrios -On MONDAY, the 4th day or April.** rhallsellat 10 o'clock, a. m,,at ths residence <' * lady denizing housekeeping. Mo. **?3. ' nia arenua, south aide, be'we<*u Third and J?r ai.d a half streets, an ezoeUsat assortment of Hi turn, v'z ? 1 Excellent Brs*woo-1 Flano Forte, T neK.made by Hallet flr Ds?i?.Stoal aad WalBBt Bofas, Bivane, Cantor Arm scd t*? !or Chairs, _ Marble top Dreeing Bareane, Oenter Table and Wastest*ads, Brocatello, MbWo. sn.l Chinte Wie low .art* ' and Ornsaseats, Yaces. Whatnot, Book Shelves. China, OfAss,and Osoekory Ware. . fi?e#try,BrBsee)s aad other Carpet*. Oilcloths and Matting. Mahogany had oth?fr Wardrobe*. onmoii WMh-tauda au^^m [PiUowa-J Cm, C^Stog. si5j^*Air tight Bgd ether Steves. Mlub a rrod I'vrhneat of Kitckea ?o?*ir'r*| wltiirnnv other artielea whieh ws 4c?*ii eece4<ay~* t,' i'l iKwrat", Tpitt * e??a, H T\ OIIBN A WILUAMS, *?*??

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