Newspaper of Evening Star, 1 Nisan 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 1 Nisan 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WA1HUTQTON CITY: FRIDAY APRIL 1, 1S?*. W READING MATTER ON EVERY I'AQE BEE OUT8IDE FOR INTERESTING TELE ?RAFHIC AND OTHER MATTER. FROM FORTRESS MOJIROE. A DMIRAI. ?AHLORES AGAIN t'l'L IN GETTING THE HODV O* HI3 r<4>N. EXPLOSION OF A TORT^DO AT THE A AV If Commodore Montgomery has received au order from the Department to make the pre liminary arrangements for building the ma chinery for a tasc screw gunboat, and conse quently a mnch larger force of machinists will have to be pnt to work. At present there is a lack of machinists of this class, and sood hands may receive a job by applying at th? yard. This machinery will be constructed under the superintendence of the Master Machinist, Mr. Gecrpe R. Wilson, and will no donbt reflect ciedit upon our machinists, as every job, large or small, which they have turned oil has here tofore done. Yes'erday afternoon, a volunteer surgeon went to the ordnance office of the yard to ex hibit a torpedo, of which he claims to be th? inventor, when finding that some alterations were necessary to ensore its success, he was directed to th? plumbers' department, wher-j Mr. Harley T. Hicks was set to work npon it, and while in the act of applying the solder, the torpedo, which was ascertained afterward* to he filled with chloride of potash and nitric acid, exploded. Mr. Hicks' arm, face, and neck were badly bnrr.t, and the inventor was alao badly bnrnt about the face. Some of the workmen had their clothes scorched. The Injured men were at once taken to the dispensary, where their wounds were dressed. Mr. Hicks was so ?>sdly bnrnt that it was requisite to take him to bis home, on 11th street east, near G street south, in a carriage. He is, however, much better this morning, and will recover. The in jured inventor was able to proceed to his quar ters without assistance. We understand that Mr. Hicks, before setting to work on the mis sile, was informed that there was no danger in handling it. The steamer Harvest Moon, Volunteer Lieut. Warren, arrived last night from Fortress Mon roe. bringing back Admiral Dahlgren, who was again unsuccessful in obtaining the body of his son. The Resolute arrived up last evening from ?St. Mary's river, but brings nothing new. THE WILKES COURT-MARTIAL. Chief Engineer John Qermain was npon the stand yesterday, testifying as to the condition of the bcilers of the steamers fVanderbilt and Wachusetts. The defence submitted letters from the Ad miral to the Navy Department, written during rhe latter portion of the year tSG'2, in which he very explicitly represented to the department the impossibility of wholly preventing block ade running, or capturing the rebel pirates, with bis small squadron of five vessels, a part ol which were in very bad condition for effec tive cruising. A letter was also submitted from the Secretary of the Navy to the Admiral, stating the purpose of the .Department to revoke his commiision and place him on the retired list as being too old for active service. The Court then adjourned to meet to-day :it eleven o'clock. . i GENERAL GRANT. A city eotemporary was premature in its an Bouceroent yesterday nfternoon, that General Grant had gone to Fortress Monroe. He left however last evening at six o'clock for that point in the U. S. steamer City of Al bary. He was accompanied by Generals Bal ciy Smith, and J. C Kobwaon. and his stall' officers, General Rawlins and Colonels Com stock and I.egrou. When two such energetic personages a* Grant aud Butler put their heads together for consultation, it looks like work ahead. CM'TI RS OF THE CONFEDERATE SLOOI' FLORIDA. The commander oI the U. S. steamer Honey suckle informs the Navy Department of the capture at sea* on the *20th of M*rch, in latitude 2"r2?, longitude 83:54, of the Confederate sloop Florida, from Havana, bound "nowhere in particular,'' ao the captain said. No papers were found on board the vessel, but her cargo consisted of powder, shot, nails, coffee, <fcc. The crew of the Florida numbered iour men, who, by their own confession, are old blockade runners. The vessel was sent to Key West, under charge of a prize crew, to be delivered up to the United States prize commissioner. Petition poh an Incuakk ok Fav Hon Reverdy Johnson a f#w days since presented a petition from the messengers, watchmen and laborers of the different executive departments lor an increase of pay, which was referred to the Finance Committee, where no doubt it will receive a favorable consideration. The duties of thia class of Government employees haye since the commencement of the war beeu large ly multiplied, owing to the amount of business done in the departments: but their pay has not been in any manner Increased, notwithstand ing the enormous increase In the cost of living Ovuba at GKOVJtit'n.?Flowtuw'a grand ope. ra of SiraMla (performed now for the first time in Washington we believe) to be given to night .- t Giover's theatre by the German troupe, will undoubtedly bring ont all the opera goers uf the Metropolis. The 05 era abounds in delightful melodies and superb musical effects, and will be excel 1, n ly r? ndered by the German company. . I'kksokal.?George Thompson, ol England, u e noted advocate_fj?r the abolition of slavery, 1 expected to arrive in Washington to-mor \.v. K< will be the guest of Mr. Lewis Cle jiliiue. ChaHgep with I)isi.ovALTY.?Yesterday 1: 'jibing her.II 1'iice, of Somerset county, , brought to this city under arrest, 0:1 the . :ir,e of di io.yaity, cue following maraed : -utirs : ? Mater O. IJlacfcistou, El ward Cock ?:<n. both of Mtddletown, Delaware, and J. ] r:;ttoo, Robt. Bra'.tou, Jesse Walters, Irvin ireis, Henry Ken nerly, Samuel S.Ac kV^rth. V.' V.'atiiwngbt, and Dr. Henry L. Toda, al! ? Scirer-et coun'y They were nil locked up ' military pnscn to await an examination ? ' their tases'to-iiay..?ISim. NATION M. it \ S K ItAI.L t'LTIl ?Ttn* -, r? J , V in n. a.r _-U. <t: ?.f lliif flu'1 lor the election i ? "4 ! - ... iii ^ nt r >itui No. 19.St,C!i:irl^ ! ic ! ( i! MtiXllAV. Aj|riU.*t7ij'i'li"('k ji. ra. i E. F. FKKNt.'il. I'n-,'t. M!:i>!< AL ASSOCl AT ION.?Tlie -joini-mi . - ?? iitir Hi the Me?!i<-iil A ,<-intioii of Di?t< 1' "I Culunihia uilllw he| l in t V Ibdi . ?? ( r if . ,1 ?-? <*r> i t. near feth oil TI'ESDAV, .f <1 i! .'.I't. nl K r.Vlwt i>v .< 1 1 ,:t J W. II. l.OVKJOY, M. P.. Si-c'y. (y >(?K S ALE?The larjye north* -st ????rner .1 < Lo I". sit'inte-l 011 ?M-tvImi-I avenii" m l 1' . ? i t. withifi three wqiitift- of Pennnvlrnn' 1 me 1 It. iMoiK- of the best siti-s in the city tor it i 1 in i or large liall. ?*ee mlvurtiseuiHit. n. 1 : . if _ ^ - ItKl.l.-TKIUS OFFIIM'.. Mnreli tS. ls;i Xi'ti?.e ii? lit r'-tiv *i vcn t lint tue Lit-?-ii< s ; .uc'ilto I'VMier- ol Wwuitf, Curt-. MiJ l?r.u? *>iil . x j>. i-?i: tii' /ii ?t Mondriy in April, n.iil tha' k?'hI I :< ?-11 <<-- M.u-f renewe<l in froni>li:tu<*e with ! . *t t'ii ? oftit-i- h it hi 11 t?-i> -Iriv- nTt^r time. ^AMCEli E. DOl'tiL %/?. mh U-' ji>t<:r. NUT It V- TO TH E T I X- lJA YE US OF IL3 WISH IMiTOX AS-tSSOR's OFKICli. i W.iSMlXiiTOji, March U. WM. 1 Tin- Pfinril of A*?e?s<vr*, hnvin^ cutuplete.l tti?? <ifii??rnl Awv-mi'Dt f<ir the v??r If'ii. 1n-re!?v ^ie?' i?fti''f thai tlii-y 'a ill ait .-is a Koitrl ?if Ap|M>als. .tu<l {i t the puryo>e of msVinz miy i-'H-reetion. from Moiidn>, tlie 21 -t -lay of ^l*rcli. to Tne- iay. tUr* t??;tli day of April, inclusive. (.-*hnilay> e*copi?l,) ?<t their room. basement storr. witm City ll?t!. from 9 a, in to :t p. in. each dny. Itv order ol the Prenidetil ? JAMES Vf SPALDIXO. mh la-tApK Secretary llo^r-l of App-al. /v-5=?IC* CREAM, CuilFEUTIONSRY, fco 1I3 Receptlous, Parti js, Weddings, B?lL?,Sap pers. Faira and other ?ntertaiauients furnished at ?hort?st notice and roont rea"onahle term*. Irs. Cream and Water Icea tmvle by steam power, -war rant*d tr be the l**t in th? cntv, wh?i?aa]e a/i t m ta'l.detiTered to any part of the city. CiiArlott* I'n^ar J?-lli??. Pfrimw and We-MinsCmltei" ma-ie JOSIPil 9T3AVKlELD'i Oonfretl^a ?ry. diath at., bet. O aud H. f? u-sn* TELEGRAPHIC NrEW5. Tiir. iKYt%iio* ok nr^TH'xy. Tlir J'oicc* Uiufulrttm;. X?ovtfr ill?. Ivy., March r*i._Aji ofUc?r di rect fiorn Eastern Kentucky reportkthatalargs lorce of rebels are corc*?iirrai uigatPo'iodGnp, nrid?r Geverar Hucktier. lie say? the rebels tarry live Pays' rations and forage, and thinks tha' an extenuve raid v. ill be u.adeiu the hear: of Kentucky. The r?-bei torces wbieh avaeuated Bull's Gap several dajs aso have moved north, either to join Lorgstreet in Virzinia or to effect a junc tion with Buckler at Pound Gap. FROM XKIVWILLE. Rebel Deserter# C*miu{ jut* o"ur Lines? Lie veil Hundred in Three Months? streefs F? rcrs I'Hdrr Mirrbia* Orders l?r RU'IihwhiI. Kkoxvim-S, March ?S.?Sixty rebel deserters came into oar lines during the past week, making n total of over 1,100 for the last tbree months. It is stated that all of I.ongFtreefs baggaire tias been sent back toward Richmond, and his whole force is under marchiag ordeis I SIOJi VICTORY IX LOUISIANA Four Pieces ?! Artillery and T\v? Hundred Prisoners Captured. St. Louis, March .11.?'The New Orleans Delia, ol the *J*Jd instant, sars: Official infor mation was received this morning tbnta recon noissance, under General Mower, was made to Natchitoches, seventy-five miles above Al exandria, on the 21st, where the enemy were in some force. A light ensued, in which we turred tlte rebels flank, and captured four pieces of artillery, with caissons, and two hun dred prisoners. PIANO FOR SALB.-A six Octave, Ma hoganjr Case, very pretty. and in ex-, cellent order. Inquire at 43* I street,1 betwen 9th and luth streets. Washington, ap l-St* For sale A full-blooded black and tan TERRIER DOG^ Inquire at JOHN McGARYRY'S, ap l-3t* ? corner of ZTth and K sts. SUPERIOR PLAIN BLACK SILK8.-A lare* and elegant assortment. ranging in price from 81 to much tiner grades?all very cheap. J. W. OOLLEY. ap 1-St 5-J3 7th street, near Pa. avenue. A fine J\. ? SADDLE HORSE FOR SALE. verv suitable fi r an officer. Inquire of Mr. REDFERN, corner of Penn. avenue an! Ifth st. ap l-'.'t? 2nnn CEDAR P05T8 FOR SALE, delivered ? xMrW in Washington. Georgetown, or 1}S i mile from Aqueduct Bridge, in \irginia. where cut. Orders received for anv length lrom 3 to 411 t>et. Apply to K. A. PHILLIPS. 114 Bridge St., Georgetown. D. C. ap I.St* j PICTI RECORD and TASSELS, Ac. The largi ?st and handsomest assortment of Pic ! ture Cord and Tassels, Rings, Nails, Jtc.. in th?? District just received at J. MARKRITER'3. No. 7tli street, ei<rht doors abov ? Odd Fellows' Hall. <yTerms rash. apl-linif* PIANOS.?A new assortment of Steinwar 3c Sons and Haines. Brotleade Pianos has just^^?^ been received at our warerooms. We Iim vilHHHp alro 011 hand one almost new seven-octave"** W * Piano, cost J 400. which will he sold lor IttSO, the owner leaving the city. Several second-hand Pianos from fKO to $125, upon easy terms. at the Music Store of W.G. MET/.EROTT. ap 1 Corner of 11th street aud Pa. avenue. P1 ffi. (i LAS S W A It E Purchasers of Glass War" can always find at our store ;? lar:re?nd varied aseortni< aI ol the following articles. \ i* : Tumblers, Ooblets, Champagne, Claret, Hock. Wine. Cordial. Decanter.-. Wine Boftl"-?. B.-^r Muirs. Bowls. Salvers. Dishes. Oa? Globes, Svrtip Bottles. Ltmp?. Chimuie*. aud maiiv other articles. WEBB A BKVERIDGE. ap 1 -fit'If ?>04. Odd Fellows' Hall. 7th street. 1^ E W S P R fNGTtTy L ES~ Just openc I this day, direct from the N-w York manufacturers, a beautilui assortm- nt of? Ladies' rich Black Silk Wrappings. in Sactiue* and Circulars. Linght Cloth do. adapted to The immediate season, Als<>. Spring Shawls in ifreat varieties, to which the suecial attention of the ladies ?pi- invited J. VV. CoLLEV. an 1 .It .li.'t 7t'i street, m-nr Pa avenne. kJTJWART A CO.. /.* A A K F. R 5, No. -ttirt 16th St., Onus it e thk Thiam kt I'niti -I States Bonds of all descriptions. Quarter m?-t<r.-' Checks. Gold. Silvor aud Uuctirront Money bonght and sold. Stocks bought an 1 soi l at the New 'iork stock exchange solely on commis sion. Drafts furnished ?nd collections made on the most favorable terms. an 1 'Jwv 4Sf) OVAL I'^'Tl'KE FRAMES. 4^? ... NEW STOCK Ju.-t received the richest! handiiomest and most varied stock ol Gilt ?nd bark Wood Oval Picture Frames in the District. These irood.s are warrant ed to hegildtd with gold leaf and of superior work inanshi p. A1 so. a bea-utifill assortment of Cird Frames of loreitiu and d<>me<tic manufacture All "nods warranted as represented. Term* cn-h. J. MARKRTTER. N>>. 1^*67t'i iJti eet. eiglit loorsnbove ap 1-lmif* Odd Fellows* Hall 1*0 II ??i: S E K E E P EKS AND O T 11 E R_S. Housekeepers and otliefs u bo si e in w anl of CROrKERY. CHINA. (il.ASl , ci ri.Eitv. or PLATED WAKE. nr>- invited ti) examine our stock. Hhich i? very complete. Mini to which we are daily a Idin^ all t fie n? m- and most de.drahle patterns. Store closes at7J4 o'clock. WEBB A BKVERIDGE. (Successors to C. S. Kowler A Co..) ap 1-Ct* if .">04. Odd Fellows' llall,7th -treet. \\ HIT E VIRGIN WA.^OF ANTI LLES?A new ?? Freueli Cosun-lic lor iH'Kutif>iug, whitening, and preserving the Complexion. It is the mo.-t wonderful compound ofth - :i^e. There is neither chalk. |>o_wder. mu.gnesia. bisinutii.or tale in its compos;tion. it 1?ein?r conij)osi*d entirely of pnre \ I ruin Wax?bene ils ext rao. di nary qual i ties for preserving the skin, making it soft, sinootb, fair. ?nd trans parent. It makes the old appear young, the homely, handsome; the Imnd-'oine. more beau tiful, aud the most beauti'"nl divim-. Price Jj an I U I NT S l'.LOOM OF llllSKs. a nio>[ perfect color lor the t-hi'ok* Or 111? -?- doe. Hot trn.h off or iniur" the skin. Price 2J.? nt, an ? tI. lll'NT SOOI RT TOILET POW DKlt. tor whitening and preservini; the skill. l*rice w and jo cent-. Manufaetiired In HI NT A Co.. t I South Eighth street. I'iiilale! rbia. Nolo* celt nine uoles^ the name of " Hunt K i> " i blow 11 on the bottles. For sale ar A. CROYEAl .s1. 17 1 Baltimore street. K-iltimbre, and W . I!. ENTWIPLE, corner Twelfth street an ! Pennsylvania ave.. Washinytoa D. C. apl-;tin Proposals for steam pumps, roilkks. AND PIPE. Ctlltl Ql'AKTKKM Adl F.I'.'S OKMI'R. ) Dneoi or', ' Washington'. D. C.. April I. ts<;? \ Sealed Proposals will be received at tiii.- oj!i ? ? until Monday. April nth. 1461, at 12o'clock in., for the delivery at G street Wbarl.oi Baltimore an I Ohio Railri ad depot, in the (*.it> of Washington. D. C.. ol the lollowinii iiauieU artu:le>. vi/ 1-t. One No. 2 Wortliingtoii St'hm Pump, com plete. 2d. One Steam Roiler. S feet lonx. - le- t indiain ? t- r, i. ith 20 tubes. 4 feet Ions. I", incht < in din -1 ? t r.J'.re box : let't deep, ;i feat llixn.^.i meile. v* id*, -imilar to the nm- boiler mm in use nt Mount I'lea-alit Hospital, iiear theWfv of Washington. Jd. Jfonr hiindreil < 41 sj) feet of Water Pipe, (cast iron,) 2'j inches in dia-neter. The iibox r iiamed articles-, ofh rcd by the s?"? ??esSiul bidder will be subject J to a riiii>l iu-i>ec t:i n iieiore accepted, payment for the same to 'ie made U()on ihe atelIv.-r> aiid :icfepta?:e? of tb w hole a'.nouiit. Deli very oft lie til icles nann*.'l will 1>e required to I e completed withiu thirty (SiMlny,. from datA ? I i-ii 11 tract. Bonds in n sum e^ual to tlic-.vhrde amount of th<* ? i*iitract. si^ned by tlic ,-oiitraittor. ai?i4 two 'j) ra sponsible persons, the r-^spoasibilitv o?" whom si>ould b? certified In by some officer ill* the Gov ern in en t 1.111. >111 to this office, will t>e re<julreil. PioiionmIh |rom disloyal persons will not be e011 sidei. d. and an oath oi allegiance must accomp&nv each proposition. Urtiposal: must be plainl v-markwl "Proposals I r St- am Pump. Boiler, ami Pipe.'" a'id addressed to the 1'odersiijiied. Ii. If. RI'CKER, Briaitdier ticrn-ral amM'hie," tiuarrermaster, apt St Di-not of Washington. jVOTICE TO fUN-ICNELS - The schooii.-c lx Mary Jauvairived olithealth ins'ant >.Aj wilh all assorted vargu of vegetables |i!n>v.^Bh bottles. caM S. ?\ \ e. The on uer or oit'n-?* els are requested t?, cmie forwaiil. mv clitri!'*.) at;d take tlicui A. W. CoLLAM'jRE. mh .'U-.f llay Wharf, foot ??f litti street. 4T PRIVATE SALE BY MRTJOHN itELLf, j.\ one <inn Carriage, one set of D. uhle. llarne.--. and fc r lior-t-t. t'u-ey of tbeia <'sj?i?!e greys. _ 1 n ??-old for no lull It.' ? ? ? the "Hiier is in other bu,M:i' Ss. I' -r-ions desiri t<? buy Sill do \? 1 !1 t,? call at tl e Fresco House, tin II ? street, between II and 1 st rc?d.s, and see for tlo nijel > es. .11 -3t* t^TEAMI It. EMPIRE UN- ARRIYBU FROM N^ ork. Ci n will pi tleiid to the' ren ijtli-n ot'th' ir tood- -t iinc,?. " ? Thts .-'tamer xr ill -ail for N -w York <>u Patur ?iav, Ap>il 2*1. a' 7 a. 11. ?eli ::l rt_ MQRG A N A RUIN EH ART Agents. (poll S A l.E? A new <! rsud Sqiif re PI AN'O FOR r E. ai a great sacritiee. 7 '4 tie laves, <le-_^|^ cfiutly carv^d legs. etc., Ii, a if.-ntl ?i.ihii|MBhI having Was! ington, aua f> to beat '"lTi Prof. Alex. Wolowski's room#. No. 31b F street, corner of llth rt. Ilourscf reception onl) fro in .s to iv o'clock.a. m. dally. ^ i ih 2V '"t ORSAIK-An ENGINE nn1 ROII.F.R. aJ.o?t.') horse ?owcr. Appi> at DtVALL'S I'o.indry, Gsotgetown, P. 0 pTTTER, CHEMI AND EGfcS. ZV ksgc rf Ne* \?rk Butter arritin* l*u:; In hr.i for salt L-> Ap L". DL'TP.oM , ire.'Sdl* t Ht. COIVGB?^IOIfAL. ? iff 13 x ^x;,\T? yes erd AJ? TJ?ejoint resolntioc toameml the CJon>ti:utiO!t fu u to prohibit alarery, Vies under eoainl* era'ion? Mr.Pavismoypd the followirj arueadmept as a substitute: That no negro* or person whose mother ?r f rai:dmotl>er is or was a nemo, shall be a citi *en of the United States, or be eligible to any civil or military office, or to any place of trait or profit under the United States. Air. Davis called the yeas and nays ou his motion, but 110 quorum was present. Ik tbii HorsE? 1 Ti e National Hank bill was considered in \ Committee ot the Whole on the suite oi th9 ! Union. The question was taken on Mr. Stevens'sub- j Mitute. which was agreed to in effect, restoring i the original thirtieth section, v. hich provides j that every association may receive, charge, or retain on any loan or discount made upon any note, bill of exchange, or other evidence of I debt, interest al the rate of seven per cent, per j annum. The knowingly taking, receiving, re- ! serving, or charging a greater rate of interest, k to be held and adjudged a forfeit nre of enure interest. Those paying itmay recover back,in action of debt, twice the amount of interest thus paid. The reetion which designates the place or redemption was amended, so as to include St. Louis. Louisville, Chicago, New Orleans, Cin cinnati, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, New York, San Fraucisco, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Al bany, Cleveland, Milwankie, Portland and Bnttnlo. ^ RAY'S PATENT MOLDED COLLARS If ave now f>'-pn before the public for nearly* year The-} are universally pronounced the neatest and best fitting Collars eitant. The upper edge presents a perfect curve, free from the angles noticed in all other collar*. The cravat causes no ptlCXers on the inside of the turn-down collar; they are as SMOOTH INSIDR A8 OUTSIDE, and therefore perfectly free and easy to the neck. The Garotte Collar Via? a smooth and evenly In ched edge on both si'irs. These Collars are not simply flat piecs of paper cut in the form of a collar, but are vxoli'A uitl fhaptrt to fit th? vtrk. They are made in "Novelty," (or turn-d?wn style;) in every half size from 12 to I7'inche*.an1 in " Eureka." (or Garotte,> from 13 to 17 inches; and packed in " solid sixes"1 in neat blue cartons, containing 100 each; also in smaller ones of ten each?the latter h very handy package for trav;l>?r?i army and navy ofUcers. ?y Every Col'ar is stamped " GRAY'S PATENT MOLDED COLLAR'' Sold by all dealers in meu'd furnishing foods. The trade supplied by HATCH, JOHNSON A. CO , Importers and Wholesale Dealers in Men'i Fur nishing Goods and Umbrellas, *1 Devoa^hire street, Boston. raarS'-^oSm FOR SALE-Two large WORK HORSES, k'nd and gentle in harness. Apply at corner of 2d and II sts.. to CHARLES CURTIX. mh ,?-3t? PKRKINS, STERNE & Co., ISO Broadway, If. Y , EXCLUSIVE D E A L E R 8 IN CALIFORNIA WINE. We guarantee them all to be ABSOLUTELY PIKE. I-or sale by all first-class Grocers and Dmzgists everywhere. ioh JO-Jui" $10 ""i1" $10 O. W. PALMER, Ofyee at W harf foot of Eleventh street. Island. ? O. W. PALMER. Office corner C and 1st sts.. near B. sc O. R.R. depot. L'lmp. Red or White Ash $9 75 Steamboat or Nut. 10 00 Large Egg or Furnace Whit* Ash..'.*.'.'.'."!' 10 50 c m i.- ^ Red Ash 1100 Small htrg and Stove u oo Cumberland Coal, lowest market price. W oo D . Oak .. ftg (Xi Pine and II ickory lowest cash price. Cord length or sawed and split. $10 COAL. ~ #io PALMER** SLY, Comer Seventh at. and Massachusetts arenne. Lump. Red or vi lute Ash 99 75 Steamboat or Nut _ 10 00 Large Egg or Furnace White Ash . 10 60 <5, uv i c'U'- Red Ash lliio Small Lgg and Su>ve_........ ^ . II ^ WOOD. Pine, Oak and Hickory, lowest market pries. . ,, length or sawed and split. mh 15- 2w BEEF FOR THE NAVY. ^ Navy Dsi'a ktmxmt, ) Blbkac ot Provisions ani? Clothiko.J SrAi.ii> I'sopohai.b will bs received atthia Ba f ?Vi 2 ? el<?k ? n,-i.on th? "th April, proxi mo, for the supply of tsn t iioussnd pounds of Fresh Tr?^n'rt^l ^ Washington Station, during the re Tb? t?l'r m^,e0?KC*LyeEr- ?!ndln*June 3(i, 1864. y , ,h *. u equal proportions of fore and fcud quarters, the bess the market affords, and must be offered for by the ponnd Hoods with approved security will be nequired in oue-ha.f the estimated amount of the contract and ^mtrh.p.,Lcenu,Df in ?d(liti0n will be withheld 1 im. il ""t of each payment to be made, as ronTrfr? wh?N^Ly n0 8 e Perf?rinance of the fs fufhftci?mplieh4 with D? aCC?UDt be PaW untH " t!fTi.7 ???!n mu8t be accompanied (as directed in the a'.t of Congress makins appropriation far !;he lfUfi i hr?rVl<2?? r 18W* \approved loth Augcst. )84u ) b> a written guaranty, sis ned by one or more responsible persons. to the effect that he or thav rhi* i*> the J)ijder or bidders, will if his or u iVh5? fil accepted, enter into an obligation, tn I *f,? ai d ?ufTicieut eureties, to furnish the articles proposed. Proposal will be considered unless -accompa |l.?t V 8".c^f u*IR,ltJ5 4I?? by aatjsfaetory evidence 'unt trie bidder has the license requir?-l bv law of t.cnigr?'B8. mh 31-fit I n 1 ted States 10-10 toan~! ?'AY COOKK A CO., 452 Fifteenth Street. Rkceivk Scbscbiptioks roa tji? N E W NATIONAL I. O A i\ authorized by act of March a. Is-M. and known a? TE.Y. FORTY ll't.xd.S, beluip redeemable nt the pleasure of the Govern mei-t. after ten years, .tnj p?ynb!e forty years from <iate in coin, bearing interest %t FI VR P#U CBN T A YEAR, payable on bon is no over >100 annually, i and on 1arg<- boa<:s semi annually. TX COIN. Th.- COUPON 150NDS wi.l be issued in ^50,SIOO, *."1.0. and T he REGISTERKD BONDS will be is.ned in fx?, ?H0. ?iOt, ?1,((0, *5 000, and 510.0(H). Tin se nre the only gold-bearing sepuritie* of the Covernmsnt now ?r?cur?l.le at par, and, yielding at preient value of coin OVER EIGHT PER CENT 1'ER ANNl M, offer a rtr; desirabio inrestmant tor Iar?e or small sums. We Bay and Sell, at rsarket rates goternmint BONDS, of ALL ISSUES, TREASURY NOTES, certificates of indebtedness, and COIN, and pay the highest prices for QUARTERMASTER'S CERTIFICATE OHEOKB. JAY COOKE fc CO. FURNITURE! ' ~^t~ FUKNITURE! ????wWT,YEE!rft cSr'ki'v *"Jth" J} a . Mahosranv Soffm irm ri,-u0 K# rXinr Chair p. &w Chair*' Arm C1,alrs "" "o.'l'r''DSliS;"" Dr?,m, ??a Do 1 a,ld M>ho*?ny Marble-top WashsNnds Husk and Hair Mattresses ,Uo*s to order Alsu. Carpets, Oil Cloths* M?ttin?a *. 4 Also, Cutlery, Plated 8^'ons Forks A e* '* together with a general variety of articles-whl^h is requisite abnut every house articlesirhhuh Al I purchases of *50 and u a wards * <itann....? of ten per cent, allowed. UPW**<? a discount Krt. ,>- * ?<att 4^ aS nth T (frELOCK P. M. : r ir-KHATOR H1C?. _ The steamer Baltimore, bearitg th.i? distin guished gentleman to hi? kome, reached (lam bridge, Md., on Tuesday about noon, bat the state of the weather wa* inch as to prevent him from being lauded until noon yesterday. He made the trip without incoirvenience or pain, and was safely conveyed to his home, a mile from the village. Much credit, indeed, is due to Dr. Lippencott, who, haying faithfnlly walched by his aide since 1m first became ill, with Mrs. Lippencott, accompanied him upon the trip home, and accorded him s^dnlous care and attention. At 4 p. m. yesterday, when the Baltimore started to return to Washington, (reaching here at 11.40 a. m. to-day,) Senator H. was contin uing to improve, notwithstanding the excite ment of his trip and that growing out of the sympathetic reception with which be met from all his friends and neighbors. THK WILKBSCOURT MARTIAL. The conrt was engaged to-day in the read ing of documentary evidence consisting of dispatches from Anmiral Wilkes to the Navy Department, and from the Department to the Admiral. The defence offered these dispatches to ahow that the failure of the capture of the Florida and Alabama was owing to their not being a sufficient number of vessels in Admi ral W.'s fleet, and that he bad frequently urged npon the Navy Department the propriety of supplying the deficiency. TO BE KtrrnKSD to TH EIK RKOIMENT3 Adolphus Norton, jtmo> Rnrni. *'id James McGee, of "Scott's 900," who were confined in the Washington jail upon the charge of assault and battery, but who were released by order of the conrt, were to-day turned over to Col. Ingrabam to be returned to their regiments. Paralyzed.?Mr. John G. Davis, who for tbree or four terms represented the Terre Haute district of Indiaca in Congress, was taken with paralysis about a fortnight ago, and has since been both speechless and nnable to move a limb. Very little hope of his recov ery is entertained. Washiagtva Alsney Market?Latest <|n?. titism. Furnished by Lewis Johnson Jc Co., Bank ers: Buying. Selling. U. S. Coupon Bonds, 1SS1 ll-?^ IK{>^ U. S. 7-10 Notes 1121 i.j u Ou aiter masters' Checks 99 _ New Certificates 99a99jf _ American Silver 150 _ Areerican Gold KM _ KXW YORK RATKS?SBCOJfD BOARD. Coapon 6's, 1SS1,113 7/JO's, 113. Certificates of Indebtdness,e?9tf; Gold, 107?; Ctuicksilver, <?; t'urobrrland, 63tf; N.Y. Central, 113?{; Erie, 1-ilJi; Harlem, 133#; Reading, l.<7\; Michigan Somtiern, 117J*. COW GREgSlOiXAL. XXXVIIIth CONQRK38.?FIR3T S138IOH. Friday, April 1. Sioatx.?The Vice President laid before th;? Senate a communication from the Secretary of the Navy, in reply to Mr. Grimes'resolution caJliig for information as to the number of men transferred Irom the military to the naval service, if any, and if not why not, and what additional legislation is necessary on tho sub ject. It appears by the letter that though a recent act Wfts passed to allow these transfers, none have taken place, and it has been impos sible, as yet, to relieve the navy from the diifl cnlty of procuring crews for numerous vessels. The Secretary suggests the necessary measures for relief The letter was referred to the Naval Committee. Mr Clark, from the Committee on Claims, reported adversely on the petition of Rev. Mr. .Roberts, lor compensatiou as chaplain at Fort McHenry. The report was agreed to. Mr. Trumbull presented a memorial from the officers of the Illinois Central Railroad Company against (he extension of the Good year India rubber patent. On motion of Mr. Grimes, a resolution was ad opif d requesting the President to commnni cate the names of all persons who have been sentenced for fraud against the Government, and of all who have been pardoned since De cember let, with the sentences from which they were pardoned, Ac. Mr. Nesmith called up the hill to establish ateay ollices at Carson City, Nevada, and at Dalles City, Oregon, and moved to amend so as to establish a branch mint at Portland, Oregon, instead of Dalles City. He addressed the Sen ate at some length, arraigning and ridicnliug the opposition thereto of Mr. Pollock, of the California branch mint, because of the increase of smh establishments tending to disintegra tion of the Union, &.c. He thought, it unjust, as well might it be claimed that all the factories, shoe shops, Ac., desired for the convenience of the people shonld be stuck down in one village for the sftme reason. Mr. Conness moved that when the Senate ad journ it be until Monday; which was car ped. The Senate then went into executive session. Hot pk.?Mr. llolman, of Indiana, gave notice that he will, on Monday, introduce a resolution directing the Committee on Military Alt'airs to report a bill increasing the pay of privates in the army. Mr. Wilson asked but failed to obtain leave to introduce a bill regulating commerce among the States. It declares each and every rail road com panj' is authorized to transport freight and passengers irom one State to another: any thing in the Jaws of any State to the contrary, notwithstanding. Mr. Blaice, of Maine, introduced a bill to provide for n-fuuding to the l*yal State* cer tain sums of money expended by them in the raising, organizing, and eqaippiug of troops for the Union army: which was referred to the Committee of Ways and Means. (It provides for a hoard of commissioners to ascertain the amount, which is to be reported toConzress ] Mr. Eliot, of Mass , Irom the Committee on Commerce, reported a hill to establish a uui Joim coi'e fur tiie prevention of collisions ou the waters, and it was prs:-ed. [It appears Irom the explanations of Mr. Eliot that Great Britain and France have adepted the code, and it is believed that other maritime powers will do the same, thus secur ing a uni.orm code so important to thos^ en gaged in marine transactions.] Mr. Elijah Ward, of N. Y., reported from the Committee on Commerce a joint resolution di recting the President of the United States to pive the required notice for the termination of the reciprocity treaty with the British Prov inces, or takemeasnres for rendering the treaty more reciprocltal to the 1 nited States. Its con sideration was postponed for fonr weeks. The Honse went into committee on the.Na tional Bank Bill. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. I>1 PORTAJST FRO.U SEW ORLEANS. C At TU1U5 OK NATCH ITOCUKtv ON RED KIV jKH. AND TH>: RKHKL koruk tiikrk. Nkw York, April 1.?The steamship Ca bawba, from New Orleans on the Jlth ult., has arrived. Franklin, La, has been evacuated and the Government stores removed to Brashear City. Ihe Era says on the 21st Gen. Mower made a recounoisnance up Red river as far as Natch itoches, where a rebel force was outflanked Fonr cannon and 200prisoners were captured. Natchitoches is 60 miles above Alexandria, and refugees from there state that large quan tities of cotton, &c., remain on plantations in that vicinity. Another later account says that the afTtir took place at Bayou Rapids, ?0 miles from Al exandria, and beside the above captures a large number of mules, horses, Jsc., were taken. The lebel force was part of Gen. Smith's in iantry and part of Gen. Lee's cavalry. The weatlur on the Red River is cold, aud the river Is rising rapidly, which will much facilitate gunboat movements. The troops are in fine spirits. Rebel guerrillas, ax Provost Lauding, on the Teche river, fired iuto one of our gunboats, but lied after a well directed discharge of grape. The crew landed and burnt the buildings in tne place. Gen. Fraaklin's column has passed through Opelonsas. The capture of Natchitoches had a depress, ing elT'ect on the cotton market. <>o(isider&ble receipts are expected tram that region. Sales at 07 and for lovr middling KHOM 1.AJK|>. Caik<s Vnr-ih r.t.?(*pt. J. II. Willlivn* Pioviit o: tfcj i Mo, v/a> arretted la*? night *c 1 taken to Memphis ??> aaewer (Mtare Gen. Ha;Iburt. o'lecse.* not v* made pubWc. a brother or Williams, L^u'. Tliroop, and Bnell, criminal af\>rney, have also been tureetediad confined a: Colmnbas. charged wl*? beiag coqpecied with Williams inthe offenses which ctfhsed hi* arrest. The dispatch published iu the newspapers of 29tfe(purportlngtoh.'vrebeen received at Wash ington, troni < apt. Pennock. naval commander here, csnccrninf the rebel capture of Padncah, and bis demanding its surrender. Is bogus. No such dispatch has been sent from litre. The steamer Platte Valley, from Memphis, brought ICS bales of cotton for St. I^onis. The Sth Illinois veterans have arrived tn rt'Ule home on a furlough} Nothing later from Memphis, l^uiet pre vails there. * JtlHKSTON RIIXFOROnc LEE. TEN BRIfiAMKR GXNEtAI.S ORDERED TO REPORT TO f?E!f. yHERMAN CiSCinwATi, April I.?The Ohio Legislature adjourned yesterday. The Commercial's Chaitanooea dtspatcb says Ma.j. Gens. Knell, Negley, McCook, Critten den, Newton and Syfce?, and ten brigadiers, have beeu ordered to report to Gen. Sherman for duty in his division. Gen. Buell will likely succeed Gen. Scbofleld in command of the Army o! (he Ohio. Inserters report that Johnston is reinfor cing Lee. PRICK OF GOLD. (By the People's Line.] Nrw York, April I?10 a. m.?Gold, 6t>K; 12 m., ???*?; 1 p. m., OTtfaCTX; 2 p. m., ?wad?i4 06*. LOCAL NEWS. ?... ???? ?< Kxeeutisn far the borderers arnoruk. ??? p?nard, TREPARATIOSft IK THK .JAIL TARO FOR lB, EXEOrTtON?COMMUTATION Or TBR1R 8BN TERCX. This was the day fixed for the execution of Jeremiah Kendricks, convicted of the murder of Dennis Shanahan, and Emanuel Pollard* (colored) convicted of the murder ot George Butler, (colored.) The terms of their .sentence condemned them to be hung between the hours of 12 m. and *2 p. m. The gallows, which has been erected for some days is placed in the southwest corner of the yard north of the jail building. It is placed in this position to screen it as ranch as possible from view outside. Persons however, by climbing to the rools of the adjacent houses are enabled to get a precarious view of the scene and those having a morbid curiosity in that v. ay frequently pay large sums ot "money to be permitted to occupy upper windows ot the neighboring houses affording, as the/ do, some glimpse of the terrible tragedy. THE CASK OP KRNDRIORf*. Kendrick was committed and sentenced for the murder of Dennis Shanahan on the morning of December'27th, at the house of the latter on 1st street between K and L streets north. T lie circumstances of the murder were f.s follows:?Kendricks had bought a stove Irom a woman and a dispute took place be tween Shanahan and himself iu relation t<? it duiiut: which Kendricks threatened to kill Shanahan and the latter went off. Kendricks afterwards went to the house of Shanahan in the night armed with a knile and dared the latter to come out. Shanahan refused at first, but after K?-ndrick^ had been before the house for some time Shanahan went to the door ac companied tiy his wife. Kendricks asked ? Is that you Shanahan !" to which he replied in the affirmative. Kendricks asked ?' Are you going to i'ollow that stove *" to which Shan ban replied ?' I will see about it to-morrow." Kendricks exclaimed ? Come out here you s? ot-a-h? and I'll see if yon follow it." Mrs. shanahan told her husband to come in, when Kendricks rushed up and inflicted a stab in the breast of Shanahan which caused hi3 death in a few minutes. Kendricks ran off as soon as the deed was committed but was pursued by Mrs. Shanahan who called on some soldiers and they arrested Keudiicks, and delivered him over to the 4th W ard police. An inquest w:>s held the following oay when a verdict was rendered in accordance with the above facs. When Kendricks was arrested the knife was not found on him, but the following day it was picked up. coveied with blood, where he threw it iu bis Might. The prisoner was committed to jail by JusticeGiberson and was tried on the Sth of February. Messrs. Pataey, < lay ton and Wise appearing for him?and a verdict was rendered the same day of tuiltv cl murder in the first degree. lie received the sentence of death on the *ld of February with out emotion, ard at the time took occasion to comment upon the testimony, charging that some of the witnessesagainsthim wouldswear a man's life away for a drinkof whisky. And a.'ter the conclusion of the sentence he remark ? d " That they could take his life, but not nis soul; that God's body was put to death," and walked hack to the dock where he engaged in conversation with other prisoners as uncon cerned apparently at if it was some bodvelse's case. THK t'APK OF I'OLLABD. Pollard was convicted and sentenced for the murder of Heorge Butler, a colored man, on ? he night of the <?th of October last, on Kuxzard "oint, the extreme southern point of Wa-hin" toii. The parties lived near each other, and had the preceding day a quarrel in relation to the possession of a boat, when the culprit threatened to kill the deceased beforedfee nieht passed. On the night cf the murder, some per: on called the deceased, and on his arinr to the door he was shot hi the breast, andWed in a few hours from the effects of the wound, r rum the tact that Pollard had quarrelled with the deceased, suspicion fell on him, and he was arrested on the morning after the oc currence and committed to jail on the chares of committing the act, and on the same day the Coroner's jury lonnd a verdict that the de ceased came to bis death from a wound in flicted at the hands of Pollard. The accused was tried at the December term of the Court, (February llth) and on the. following day he was found guilty. The evidence was altogether circumstantial, but pointed unerringly to the prisoner, who, after the quarrel, wa- seen go ing in the direction of the house of the deceased with a gun, which was found the following day, not in its accustomed place, and neir ;he bed of the condemned man?it bavin* ap parently been lately discharged and reloaded: and the ohot taken Irom ttie wound were found to correspond with soma which were at the prisoner's house. The sentence of death wa j usted upon by Judge Olin, on the last day of the Last term ot the Court, February 23d, and then in reply to the question whether he had anything to say why sentence should not be passed upon him, he answered that he w-i? not guilty of the crime, and asserted that at the time the murder was charged to have been committed, he was asleep iu bed. He betrayed no emotion when the eenience was passed upon him, although at the time every specta tor in the Court room appeared to be affected by the awtul solemnity of the scene. Pollard has a wife and two children in the city He came from near Warrenton, where he was a slave to a Mr. Hughes, from whom he made bis es. ape, when our armies were in that vi citmy. I CONDITION OK- THE CONDEMNED MEN. Since their conviction and sentence, Rev I b ather McGuire, ot St. Aloysius Church, with several Si-ters of Charity, have visited them daily, and lately several times each day to ad minister spiritual consolation to them, which ha# been gratefully received. The wife ot Kendricks, has beeu visiting him often, but the wi.'e of Pollard, although frequently sent for by him, has not seen him since his arrest in October last. Some ot the colored communi cants ot St. Aloysius have frequently visited Pollard, who, it seems, never had religious in struction. Yesterday. Father McGuire ?pent several hours with them, as did also the Sif ter's ot Charity; and alter Pollard had been properly instructed, he was baptised iu the Catholic Church. The Holy Sacrament wa~ also administered at the same time. They yes terday seemed to feel deep sensibility in reiard to their doom, but they expressed themselves to Le fully prepared to meet their God. Jeremiah Kendricks is an Irishman by birth, but came to this country when quite a boy, and settled In Pennsylvania, living in YorR county icr most of the time, following farm work. He has, we hear, several brothers in this country. He is a man of about twenty. Ave years of age, and was married about two years since by Kev. Father McGuire, shortly alter he came to this city, to a girl living near where the murder look place, by whom he has one child. He had been engaged before the commission of the crime in driving a team in the train of Mr. Mcllenry, and was looked upon when sober as a quiet, inoffensive man Pollnrd was formerly a slave to a Mr Hugbes. living rear Warreu'on, Va., from whom he escaped about three years etuce dnrirg one of the first advances of our army' bringing lus wife and two children, and on reaching this city, settled down \r\i Basxarfi's Point, and betook himself to boating for a live lihccd. He is about twenty ?mkv year? of a -e He w?s regarded h quier sort ?r a niac.Vut would .Irlnk =.-uetimes. and would ih-n be. come quairelfoni? THE UALLOW<*. The dimewiciiB of :*e scaffold are as lows* Hai;htO! uptt'hU- sr.pporMcgrhe t7,tj:v lv. a feet, !>!?:.>(cx, tweiS 4 f*t from the Riound, and tweiva feet lauiv One n>ot higher than the lerrt of tbe piuforn i3 the fatal trap, which was formerly in rJr by five, bat has been enlarged to ele'roa to*, h, fire, making it of a aire to allow the eaecouoi of lour persons at the came time. The ron* ,, of the beat manilla, procured from the fta*? \ard, after e?veral pieces ot rope from ttie etoie# ot this city hud been broken under tj? test weight of ;??j pound". Tbe fall is aho<f three feet. The rope U made fast to a cJeet on either upright, and passing orer the beta tb? two r.ooaea prepared lor Kendricks at a FuJ iai.l hang something over three feet apart This scaffold has beenalreadv baptised to lu gr;m mission, having wved tor th* executioa ot do leas tbau four noted orientals: Wood ward, burn tome yeaia ago for the murder ot lu? wile; Jamea Power, hung for the murder of joucg Lutz: John Conrad Kessler, a soldier hung in the Old Capitol prison rard December 5, 1-0-2, for the murder of Lieut, r'emaado Lin. S' ^ m^U^U*1.UB, F?rJ' color*d. bung on th? n , } J**"*1"' for murder o( Geo. Adams, colored. ? PCENE IN THE VICIMTT Of THK JAIL Some time before noon crowds or parsons con.menced to rather in the vicinity ot the itul Among them -were many soldiers and a number of women and children: but the high wnll* of the jail intervening, they could gain t.o vie'* of the gallows or place of execution. The house tops and upper atones of some of the neighbor ing houses were filled with persons, however, waiting the opportunity or witnessing the exe cution. At some few ot the houses the npprr windows were closed, and not a person was to be seen. Twelve o'clock came and weat by. ard presently It was whispered amongst the crowd that tbe sentence of the criminals bad been commuted to imprisonment tor life Others called ont not to believe it, saying that the story of the commutation was a lit of April hoax, put afloat to enable the originators to get better standee seats. It was not until the last miaata of the time designated as the limit (2 p.m.) had expired, that many of the spectators were willing to leave the vicinity. COMMUTATION oy thk PETiTrse*. For some days it has been doubtful whether the prisoner* could be lawfully executed. Mar shal Lamon being nnder the opinion that th late law of Gongreaa providing for the appoint ment of a Warden to tbe jail, took the entire control of that prison from him, and that coa aequently he conld not legallv execute tbe men. In this opinion he waa backed by eome of tbe Jaw officers of tbe Government. During tbe last few day?Mrcnanns efforts have been made tc have tbe sentence commuted or the prisoners respited, and this morning tbe President grant ed a commntatien of their sentences to Impris. onment for life. The document to that efleot was immediately banded to the Marshal and he hastened to the jail to announce it to the prisoners. The prisoners, who accnpy adjoining ceils, weie visited this morning by their spiritual adviser, Rev. Father MeGuire, with two ot tbe Sisters of Charity, and the wite of Ken drick, who remained with them during the greater part of the morning, engaging with the condemned men in religious exercises, and were awaiting to perform the last sad offices of the Church, should they be required. While they were thus engaged at a quarter to twelve o'clock, Marshal Lamon arrived at the jail, and going into the office sent tor the prisoners to be brought down: and iu afe-w minutes, In company with the guards, thev made their appearance, when the Marshal read to them in the presence of District Attorney Carrington, Dr. Young, the physician to th jail: Mr. Davis, of the bar; Rev. B. A MeGuire, the spiritual adviser of the criminals, and sevfral others, the death warrant or Kendricks and Pollard, and after asking if they would accept a commutation of sentence as a contract, (the President having no power to commute a sen tence t xcept with the cor.sent of the parties.i to which they replied in the affirmative, h reftU 'he endorsement on the back, as follows "In this case of Jeremiah Hendricks [or E. Pollard] the punishment of death is commuted to imprisonment during -life, at hard labor iu the penitentiary. A. Lincoln. ?'April I, ISO!.'' During the reading of the paper bo:h ofth<?in becume much affected?Kendricks bowing his nead and shedding tears freely?but nei her uttered ?? word. After being led back to their cells th. y showed mnch excitement In a lew days Kendricks and Pollard will be transferred from the jail to the penitentiary at Albany, N". \ork, when they will enter upon their semeac*. The law recently passed by Congres- rer the appointment of a warden to the jail took from the Marshal all power over the prisoners iu the jail, and tbe Senate failing to confirm the newly appointed warden, left the prisoners without any legal authority lor auy party to execute them. The followiug letter from the Attorney General to the President explains ti?e reasons for the comm utation: At'.<rrnry (irnrral'* Office, Washington, Mvrch '2^th, 1S>I.? To fkt President:?Sin: I have the honor to receive your note of this day endorsed upon a printed copy of " A bill to authorize the appointment of a Warden of the jail in the District of Columbia.'' You require my opinion whether this law relieves the Marshal of the District from Uie duty of executing the death sentence upon per sons under that sentence, in the District jail That bill hp.yine become a law'as your note implies, 1 think it clear beyond a donor, tha' the Marshal no longer lias auv duty or law ful power to execute any sentence"of deafi upon auy man imprisoned in ihe jail of the District of Colombia, under sentence of death The recond section of the act is explicit, an J is in these words: ?>That the said warden shall have tbeexclusive supervision ar.d control ot the jails in the said District, and be accounta ble ior the safe keeping of all the prisoners le gally committed thereto, and shall have a'/ power, and disch'Tie nil the. duties heretofore legally exercieed anil discharged over said j iil and the prisoners therein bv the Marshal ot fai t District." Ihis plainly transfers all the powers and du ties of the Marshal, in that behalf, to the War den of the jail. I have the honor to he, most respectfully, your obedient servant, (Signed) EdWd Bate a. Attorney General. Pout ok Georgetown.?Cleared?Barkan. tine Sleeper, Eoston. Schooners I'nited. Sea man, Bridgeport: Mose* Bramhall, Daw, Havestraw, N. Y.; Fair American, Brewt igtoh, Popes Creek: James Buchanan, Archibald, Philadelphia; II. S. Boynton. Herrick, Boston: windward, Dail, Patapsco; .Robert Franklin, Spedden, Magathv: Eliza A. Johnson, Fallen, do: vanquish, Brieu, Vienna: Henrietta. Bar cellns, Poeomoke. Barges Dayton, Murphy, Salem city; Carter, Bridgeport, N. J T.C.Car roll, draw, Pamunkey. Chesapeake and Ohio Arrived!?Helen May, ceal to Cumberland C. &. 1. (Jo : Borer & Watscn, coal to H! ^ton <!c Co.; S. M. Petrie, coal to Froetbunr Co.; M. .T. Gain!! ar.d T'n expected, coal to Borden Co.; C. Slack, coal to American Co. The departures since roonyes terday were thirty-one, all ligiit except the Ann E. Darby, which carried a small cargo of groceries, &.c. Poi.ic* Appointment* axt> Dismissal* ? "ie.-terday, the Beard of Police Commissioners ir.aiie the following appointments:?Robert Padgett, vice Rol?e resigned. George W. McEl. ficsh, vice James Lewis, dismissed. David M. Sylvester, vice Jerome Taylor, dismissed. Jeremiah Bresnahati, vice Alfred Fairali, dis. missed. Thomas Markwood, vice ,T. N" W Davis, transferred. Stealing Government Rations.?T<>-d*y one of Capt. Dolan's detectives arrested Madi son Tyler, a colored cook at the wagon camp on Meridian Hill, for stealing Government ra tions and felling them. Tvier was committed to the Central Guardhouse to undergo rui ex amination at 10 o'clock to-morrow m amln^ be fore Justice Ferguson. ArPOINTEP.?Mr. Lucien F. Rolf*, late of the Metropolitan Poli<e, has been appjiuted to a first-class clerkship in the Treasury De partment 486 picttiu*. 186 A fe?" choiec EitKMvinjr-i and I'-tintines for sale at MAKKRITElt'g, No. 4S?6 7thst reet. eight doi>i> n'>ov>* ?pl-7t* Oild Kellown' 11*11. 486 8p*ik?stoch. 4H6 4*?0 PAPEBHANGIN08 Just opened, a beautiful assortment of Gold aui Velvet, it old Embroidered and medium priced Uilt Papers. Also, a varied and choice stork of Satin and Blank Papers. Uorders. Statues, Center Piew.liC. Ordera for Paperhatiirings or Windoiv Shades punctually executed in citr or country. Terms cash for goods anrl labo?. 3. MARKRTTEB No. 4S6 7th street, eischt doors *l?ove ap 1-lmif* Odd rellon-h' Hall. '?IIER MAJESTY" CHAMPAGNE. THE ROYAL WINE OF ESGLASD. A limited quantity of thi* superior V?'inf been secured for the niider>igu<'d, ami the first shipment of 50<) cases has arrivi I<> the >te?m shipOl*mpus, direct from the cellars <it tlie well kue>wu house of Messrs. DE VENOGE & CO,, at. Epernay. France. Tha present imoie ? wll! ?' introduced into this market at the very low ;>ric'? of TWENTY DOLLABS PER CASE OF Qi ARTS, payable iu currency, w hich is niurh l?el?>* its tir?t cost. Tbe superior quality of this Wine is guarantee"** and it is offered with confidence of itc approval t?? connoisseurs. Orders for one rr more case* inar he ad4res< letter or otliervrise. to the undersigned WM HENRY WARD. M'ine a-4 Fruit Dealtr, No 7 Br.ikd ?tri eC, near Wall. N?> irp I Sut

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