Newspaper of Evening Star, April 1, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 1, 1864 Page 4
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TUB EVENING STAR. XT.irrv HzR First?Many years ago in ; whatisi.-ow a flourish i??R city in tUis -State, l ... stalwart blacksmith, f?nd oi" his pip* 1 ;wi(l his icke. He ?aa also fond ot lus bloom ?Lg uaughter. whose many graoes and charms enat.ared thu affections of ft susceptible youhg printer. The couple, after a season of ? VlJPhng ar d cooing, "engaged" themewlves, an I i rttilpg "bwt. the consent of the youns lady's ??parent.'" prevented their union. To obtain | tfcift, an interview was arranged, and typo j prepared a little speech to astonish and con- ! * nice tbe old gentleman, who sat enjoying hta tavorife Ju perfect content. Typo dilated upon the fact oi their lor.*: friendship, th?ir mutual attachment, their hopes for the future, ( slid like topics; and taking the daughter by the hard eaid : >? I now, sir, aik your permis moh to transplant this lovely flower from its I parent bed"?btit hie " phelinx'" Overcome him, he forgot the remainder of his oratorical rtour ?fh, blushed, stammered, and finally wound , up witb??? from its parent bed into nirown." The fatherSeenly relished the discomfiture of the suitor, and after removing his pipe and blowing a cloud, replied : ?? Well, voting mnn, I don't know as I've any objection, yrtrultd j you icill marriitk>'girl first."' A Dift(.<KraOLATjE Widow.?A clergyman, 'Who w:is consoling a young widow npou the dvath of her hnsband, spoke in a very serious tone, remarking that "he was otlsaf the few. Yon cannot And his equal yon know." To which rhe sobbing fair one replied with an al most broken heart, ?1 don't know, but I'll try." K?" A rebel deserter, on being asked if the ^ascription down South was rigid- replied, somewhat in this wise: Hell, stranger, -! theuld think they did ! They take every man who basnet been dead more than tWo days:" I* this is correct the Confederate has at least a sjiost of a chance left. ?yair. Maltby G-. Lane, a wealthy merchant of Gloucester, Mass.. has been made the victim of t?n extensive forgery?over $11X1,000 worth of pap^t*, with forged indorsements oi his name, having been negotiated in Boston, New York ?nd elsewhere. t?y Veefvali, while_playing iu Brooklyn a few days ago, administered a severe eastiga tion to a party who had gained adtnissisn be hind the scenes, for laying his hand familiarly upon her anil calling her a'"bully boyshe t>?-?ng at the time representing a malt character. mf~A story is related oi an enterprising edi tor in an interior town, who, finding the body or a man hanging to a lamp-post one night, after his own paper had gone to press, cntii down and carried it home, to prev^ut his rival from publishing the news,?aud was htmseli indicted lor the hi unlet. As snon a? our tr iops obtained possession of Cleveland, Tern . some ladies dug up from *? icaTden a Union (lag they had buried three years ago, and unfurled it to the breeze amid the thonts of" the Federal troops. An effort is being made bv New York laoerfhauts to hove the Orinoco river thoroughly explored. The Venexneiian government enters into tte project, and will bear half of the eapense. ?y A bill authornting subterraneftu rail ways, to convey freight and passengers under the brick, mortar and sewers of New York city, has been introduced into the Legislature of ;he Kiopire State. ^"Rebel letter writers candidly admit rhaf oiix colored soldiers -'fought like uevils"' a' Olustee. The compliment is coajse, but it is full of meaning. S^Tbe Prince of Wales presented otie tltons and pounds to the doctors who presided at the birth r,i his son. ttitThe body of a child, cut up into fonrte^n different pieces, was found a few days ago in a ?warehouse cellar in Albany, N. Y IE/"(rolil has bu?n discovered iu one of the Northern piqjectkmt ot <Tre?*ii Bay, Wiscon sin. <?". ?G7" A Londori sculptor is about niaklne: a irarble bnst of the Prince ot Wales lor tile Oanadians. If/" !>>sh< p Tlmon, of Hnffali, has if sued another buil against the Fenian Brotherhood. mr. Another Temperance revival is sweep, iiig over 'he New Fngland States. IGTCoufedenue money in Texas is worth just three cents in the dollar. ?STOn March tilth, in,(Kki barrels ot coal oil were sold in the Pittsburg market. t^frov. tiillmore of New Hampshire is seriously ill. ?y Mr Silas R. HutJer, secretary of the Cro fon Fire Insurance Company, is dead. ?ST"The sum of <!.">,WKi is due the Yarmouth <2rtaes.) district, for Ashing bounties. PERSONAL. MU L. bMlTH?AN EX3BLL.BN T CLAIR voyantand Teat Medium.S*0 I st .near aeritee and eoramonlctt** with spirit friends, tees living friends at a distance, tell* their character, ?et* names, examines diseases perfectly, nagna tiiee, reads tl?e future. Boars from tOam. till g y.m. Sittings If J. m'a7 Im* MM. lViiSM 1M OuVlNG HOPlLKtib OAStH OF DLSKA8B By Magnetism and K'eetricity, ?hn aD other treatment fails. Oall and see tea timonials at 444 K str?et, Ws?hington, ?A 3 im* ? API 18, OHLY bOOK AT XHIb !?We are now l_i yreaared to do any kind of Kinbroiderr by skil fal kaaat, on neh terms that cannot fail to satisfy. W# do your Stamping in elsgaot style, aad no ftsfdkiM, and wish ft to be nnderstood that we are Ml ooareeted with any other place of the kind in tks city, where Stamping Is advertised. (STOur S.?fel? street, opposite the Patent Ottee jm k out that you do not mistake the street, vra y receive new Patterns for Braid and Bmbroi darv jart oat, and stamp yosr goods while yon wait Machine BUtehing neatlydone. fe IB D M1BIOAL. r BBSON8 Suffer log with Syphll!*, Gonorrhoea (!*eet. Seminal Weakness, or Private Diseases of any description, skonld eall immediately upon DR DAVIS. Vemale Diseases treated In the moat scientific as* successful manner. The Doctor's Diploma bangs In kis oBce. A cure guarantied, fees moderate. DR. DAVIS. 4?* 7th street,opposite Post Offl?e, Room #3 ap stairs. Becrnlts Wanted to vill # THS QUOTA OP TH1 Ml STRICT OP COLUMBIA. BOU9TT POR TBTBRAMB. ?BBC ?! which will be paid la advance. BOUNTY fOR NBW BBOBU1TS. H45S, til'il li which will he paid la advance. ? , ? B9CNTT POBCOLORID RBCRU1TB, ?150, Paid ia advance. riJUOMB W1SRINO TO BMLIST Will apply to any of the following UOBUITINO ortlCBRM ?. B. BAKU. ? Hall, aear the Market, on PeansylTanla see, between Seventh aad Ninth stresU. I. 0. HYDB, Corner of Fourteenth and Sfew York ayenae. 0. A. KBA8BBY, ? street, near corner of Nineteenth aud Penn drtvanla avenae. J. O. PARKB&, OCmer of High and Danbarton streets, Qworge O. O. LlNOhBY, Navy Yard Bridge, has been appointed Becrelting OBfler. BBRBT A. I0HBBTZ. Oaptaia aad Frorost Maaki!, j ii tf District of Columbia. Nit WOO!>H" ARD'ft LIVKKY SAI-K AXi> U1 K1N(t HTAOLBrt. No. 4? XOUTM frTKKKT. BaLTIVoKK, Neur 8'feet. , .v<j.. j?ur ?:3Si HMSIS, t'A Kill AGK8, QARNBSS, *?.. ??-.j r chased sn<i Kolti <>u ouinitiiM'kOii. ? The wi^crib?-r offcrn liis ^. rvi<-.-f t<> the public, which fr- m lor;sj exp-j-i-iin'e and ertent-ivo s< ?i?iiiiiifiMie? Kiv? ?< him <tup? rior opportunities Partkqltr hi U-ntion giv.-n t<? the wl?ct?ou of SvUlean-1 Tl -ir ncf? llor-cs Peixms wi?hiiiir hor-^-" -?I?ip>.<?t in any direction by etiiuliag Vlwn to rnr H'iiire-,-1 mwv rely upon having them promptly attvu<i.-.i t?. *i!,h ?aotth? perMnal attentieb of the owner, thereby waving u ie(n*elve? much time and trouble. BofertuW D. WaU&rh, fpoprietor Wsn hii??ton >tar; Dr. John Oregon. VeterinH^ye^'K-^'on, 0air;uel T. lion-ton. Uuart?'rmn*ter,t? D. parlm-ut wi h V5-J* | nnAll BIVouao and trb baxtlb bibld 1 CT.0sspal{t Itstekta la Virginia and Mary -f, Wm? 11-adquartersM&xtary District of Washington, ) PrvLOit Marikal t Office^ Washington, D. C., MarcK 31, 166L ) (rtnerai Orders, JCo. 3.?Ia order to remove facilities for desertion and to gnard against the recurrence of gross impositions which have been practised on United States soldiers by some of tiie dealers in military clotliiag in this city, it is ordered that on and after the Bth day cl April, 1HJ1, the esile of articles of clothing to enlisted men of the United States army withih the limits of the District of Colombia will be conducted under military regulations tunal at military posts. Dealers in such articles will b* required to obtain from th;> Provost Marshal a license to se!l ta enlisted soldiers. Licensed dealers will be permitted to^ell to enlisted men , in the United States service, underclothing, military bats and caps, boot* and sho?s, and sky- bine military pants. For the sale of other | clothing to enlisted men, special permits from the Provost Marshal will be required in eftch particular rase. Applications to the Provost Marshal for a dealer's license mnst be recom mended by some person of known lovalty and approved by the Mayor of the city of Washing ton or'Georgetown, respectively, according to the location o 1 the place of business (which inue>t be specified in the application) of the party i desiring suth privilege. Such recommenda tion must certity to the loyalty and good char actor of the applicant. All licensed dealers shall post in a conspiea i ous position in their places of business a pla card bearing the words, "Licensed by Military Anthority." No dealers, licensed orotherwise, will be permitted to exchange clothing with any enlisted solriier. i Any party selling articles of clothing to en ? lieted linittxi States soldiers in the District of 1 Columbia after the publication 'of this order withoutlicence, or exchanging clothing, will be subject to tlu> penalty of imprisonment, otoeing tiwir place* oi-bnwew, and oondeca tion of th/e'r stocks. By command Of Br/g. (led. Mm Uncial*: T. Ikgiuiuu, mh !Jt- iw CJolone! and Provost Marshal. War Department, Adjutant General's Office, > Washington, March 17,19W. > i All applications for leaves of absence or per mission to -\isit Washington mnst be addressed to Major General HallecK, Chief of Staff, and j mnst specify the business for which the officer I desires the permission. Telegrams addressed direct to the Secretary of War on this subject , will receive no attention. I By order of tile Secretary of War: E. I> Townrbho, Assistrnt Adjutant General Headquarters Military District of Washington, t Washington, D~. C? February IS, 1HM. j General Orders JVo. 3.?Col. T. Ingraham, 3?th Massachusetts volunteers, is hereby detailed i rib Frovoat. Marshal of the Military District of Washington. He will be respecte&and obeyed j accordingly. i . By command of Brig. Gen. Martindale. John P. Shkrhurnk, ^ j fe 16-tf Apsifetant Adjutant General. I Parses te Visit the Army ?; the Potomac. t. Applications taust be made at the office of ' Majtr Lot:is H. P* lou/e, No. ??>():! F street, be . twPenlTtt and linh street?, be'ween 11 a. m. and 1 p. m., except Sundays. Major Pelonae | i# authorised to sipn the passes. 2. If not granted at the office of Major Pe ! lonze. the decision is final, and no reference , need be made at the War Department. 3. Pusses cannot he given to females to visit ' the army. By order of the Secretary of War. E. D. Tdwsshno, Assistant Adjutant General. FURNITURE FURNITURE. *i OAK AND WALNUT OFPICB TABLIB, ABM 0UAIK8, COCOA MATTING, . BXTiNSION DIKING TAKLCti, COTTAGR SST0, A.0 , to. We Lave on hand el our Ware Room* (in the rear of the Auction Room*), a large stock of the above, together with a genersl Mhortmeut of HOUBBHOLD FUF.NITUSB, WkMi we'are determined to close out at a very email sdvanee for cash. Aito? 100 PATRNT ARMY CJ0TT8. W. L. WALL ft CO., auuth corner Ninth and Pena. are. felt tChronioe.l PSAN0IS MOECR ) | FRAHOl b H . MOHCW, MOHCN k SON, ScCCr880*3 TO J. T. LlNMAS, LUMBER DEALERS, Canai, Befirrm 121A and Kith Strut.', Washington, D. O. ? The undersigned having purchased the Lumber Yard of Mr. Jno. T. Lenman,are now preparsd to furnish Lumber of all kinds at the market rates. Tbey desire to call attention to their large stoat which consists in part of the following kinds: About feat Walnut, all thicknesses, In0,"fl0 feet *? Poplar, prime, pii.noo " Osk and Ash, various site*, l.W,W? f?et Scantling and Joist, all lengths, l,w*i,nut> " White Pine Culling*, " " Flc-oring. Also, a large quantity of all other klndsof Lumber mhJS MOB UN it BON. C. W. B0TK1.KK. JNO. W UOTELIS. ? . w. BOTELER it SON, 1MP0RTBRS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN CHINA, ?I A88, AND CHOCRBRY WAR1, TABLR CUTLIRT, SILVRR PLATBB WARB, BRITTANIA WARI, BLOCK TIN OOOD8, TIN CUAMBRR SBTg, COAL OIL LAMPS, JAPANNBD WAITBR8. DOOK M AT T8, FBATHBR DU8TRR3, MRU SHIS, WOOD WAKB, AND B0U8BRBBPING ARTICLBS QBNBRALLY. W HOU#18, HOTRLg, AND 8TBAMBOATS FURN1BURD AT BHORT NOTIOB. 31?, IRON HALL, PENNSYLVANIA ANBNUB. f?17-eo6m between 9'-h and l?th sts. IMPKOVB VOUR BYR31uIIT by the n?(> of the celebrated PXBMLB and PBR18COPIC BPBCTAOLIi, J acknowledged as the best for Sirenrthtmns nnd Prts'-rtms the impaired Byesight, scientifically and correctly suited, by BRANRLIN A CO.. Opticians, 844 Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 13th and 13th sts., t and S68 Pennsylvania avenue, under National Hotel. F1MLD GLASSES, OPERA GLASSES, MICROSCOPES, THERMOMETERS, * STEREOSCOPES, PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS CARTES DE VISITS, Ac. la m great variety, and at the lowest prices. )a M-tr i Jh*AB8RY COLLINS ft 00.8 PHILADBLPBIA DRAUGHT ALB AND PORTRR. I am now reeeiving large quantities of DRAUGHT ALB and PORTRR from this oelehrated Brewery, ftaUafnation gnarantied. Order* gtven to my drivers will be pramptly at tended to. Oooda delivered In all parts of Washington and Georgetown, free of charge. Tarns:?<'asA en dtlirery. RILRY A. BSINN, Agent. Union Bottling D*rot. 61 Green St., apf-tf Qeorgetown, D. C. |G1 CRBAM AND WATBR ICRS, OF THB BB8T QUALITY. Delivered to Fftmilins, Hotels, fairs. Balls, Ac., at the loweat prioes, at the Philadelphia Confection ery, eerner of Twelfth nnd t streets. snh4-eoliD* J. FUBBBLL. SUTLBR8, ATTBNTION I FOR SALE, 100 Boxes CASTILB SOAP. >00 " ADAMANTIKB OANDLBB, mo ?? TALLOW Cheap for cash at the National Soap aad Candle Wtrks, Greene street and the Canal, Georgetown, p. 0_ mh B? II . II O F F A , osALsn r* WATOU MATRB1ALS, TOOLS, CRYSTALS, F1LB8, &e.. No. 337 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Metro- ' polltan Hotel. -ly Waabingto n D.^, SAY BL BOOFHI 11 ttKAYBL BOO F 8 I! H. 0. WILSON A OO iuhnmii to J. F. Waiher A Son. Washlnrton 1> 0- manufacturers or IM mv.s/At?bttAtnow ?* Ofllee? H>1 OA street, below Pa. avenge. Orders may be le-ft at ones Mutual fnsaranoe Company, 7th street and Louisiana avenue, or addressed to Poet OIBee Bos A34. All wotk eztccteO proopttp aad oa the most reaa<>ns*14 terms, and *v rutoi. Rerairt> made p.-cu-vtiy. u-i? li Sir.* AUCTION SALES. (VIURK DATA. I Ey J. 0. McUUlRB A CO., Aus.laaeezs. TTOUBFTTOLD FUKNXTCRB AND BfFBOTB XT. at 5 ibmc Ai"+!0.t.-On MONDAY HQBN )N(t, April 4tn a|l' "clock, at tte reitdeaoe of W. M.Col om.lH , street,betw en New Tort nnn ano i street, we shall toil hi* Pamiture and , Bf'.eots comprising? _ _ Eaii* of Walnut Damu* ecTered r?!or Furc-tur*. compi iting. L&rgc French So.*a. on* Aria an* Six tide Caairs. ? Gilt Frame Mirror, G-. t Windo^ Shadss, Marbls-top table*. Vainat ft l.ataot, Giiandolea, Hai>ti? Va*ee, Rocker, Fancy tab'ee, and Chsir*. firuwell* Btalr and Itgratra OarpeU, broBKi Hattree. Oil Clota. Oak exienaicn Table. 13 Oak D:olng Chairs, Ofcina, Glass and Crockery W?i?. Mahcgaay Sideboard, Arcue Befrlgerator, A l beta Tea Sett. lee Pitcher. Bed'Uads, Bureaus, WaahBisads. Spring Mattresee*. llfViteis, and Pillow*, Blankets Com farts Toilet Setts. Cooking and otbsr Btoves, ^ Together with a general assortment of Kitchen requisite*. * Ters e rash. _ . mt.9Vd J. C.McQUIIiB A C?>.. Auc?s. "" By J. O. McGUIBB A CO., Auctioneer*. 170UR HAHD80MB BUILDING LOTA OS North N bt?b*t. bbtukbsSixth strbkts ?On MOHOAV AIBBNOUN, April 4th, at 6 o'clock, on the premise*. we ehall sell four handsome buildinr Lote on theaouth side or North N street, between 6th and7ihJtreet*wst. fronting each 17 feet 10Y% inche*. and tunning busk 105 feet to a 15 foot alley. The eastern tot forms the corner of a street U foot wide called Oregon street. Terms one-third In.eaRh, the remainder in six and twelve months with interest, secured by a deed of trast oa the premises. Conveyances at the coit of the-purchaser. mb?i d |Eep.1 J. O. McGUIRB A 00. Aurts. By W. L WALLA CO.. Auctioneers. IMP0RTBK8 SALS ?We will sell at pnblie ac tion early next month by order of Cremelien A Co., on their premise*. No. 393.Peno?*lT*ni?*ve nue, np stairs, a T*ry choice stock of ft mei, Bran dies, Ac., consisting of about l,Qt-0 dozen The said stock has been on hand in tbis city about 4 years, and not before offered to the public. Private fatni lies, tbe trade, and sutlers eaa avail themselves for the advanciag season with such article* rarely met with, aow sold only f< r reason of a cbanste ofbaai ntss, and one of the partners going to Bnrope. Cat alogues will be ready two days before sale day, which will be hereafter aoaonnoed. mhJO-lw IChron ] W. L. WALL A CO., Ancts. By J. C. McOUIRB A Co , Auctioneers FlOUBBHOLDFURNITUBKAa? BFPB0T8 AT Jil Ai'Cfios ?On TUKBDA* MORNING, April 51 h, at W o'clock, wewiH sell at House No. 31') 9th street, between L and M. an excellent assortment of household furniture, comprising: Mahogany Square Oas* Piauo Forte by RasMl) Ha'let, Walnut Carved, CrimFon D?rcr.?k Sofa, ?? ?' * '? Sewing Chnif. 2 " Crirrron Damask-Window Otto.cac.s, Marble top Pier Table, M;-ror Vnlt. Wilnut Green Velvet covtred Arm Chair, Ottoman '? Carved Antique Arm Chair, Marb'.e top Center ard Side Table. ^ Walnut Corner Stands, Plueh severed Arm Chair. Oval giit frame Mirror. Itronse and Gift Candelebras and Girandole*, Hall Divan and Side Chairs, Mahogany Card Table, Marble Top Cottage Setts. Toilet S"tts, I Pine Wardrobes and Bureaus. ! Cane Beat. Back. Rockers, and *i<le Chairs, Husk and Hair Mattresees.Gilt Shades, Feather Bed*, Bolsters and Pillows, Walrnt Bxtension Dining Table, Crockery and Glass Ware Oatlery. Bxcellent Brussels and three-ply carpets Ctl Oloth Together with a general assortment of Kitcnen C tensile. I J. C. McfllTlBl A Co.. Auats. By J O. McGUIRBA CO.. Auctioneers. ; / < RF AT SALE BY OATAT.OOUBOF BKVBNTT t \ISINK FIBRT-CI.A8S JlWILPTSC LOTS BSl.OXfJtNO so tkb " D.aviuson Kstatk,"?On TOBSOAVT AFTBKNOON. April 6th, st 5 o'clock, at the Auc tion rooms corner of Tenth and D streets; we Khali sell? T? FIRBT 0LA8S BUILDING LOTS. . belonftine to the "DavidHon cottpr'.slns tomi> of tbe iront eligible builditsa lot? to found in the city, situated principal* on the high grounds north ftf Pennsylvania avenue.ijetween Ninth and Filteentt streets west, in tbe best improved and most desirable part of the city for private resi dence*. . , . Kor descriptive catalogues,with terms of sfc! -? Ac. apply to the undersized. <Sh.l?d J 0 McGLlKIA CO. Ancts. Br J C. McGUIRBA Cn., Auotior.eers 0 MA LI. Ally DRJIRABL.* TBACT OF LAND ApJoikiK'; tub OfTV k? Pi'BM.i; Sals.?On THUKSOA? KRNOON. April 7th, at 5 o'clock, ?d the premises, we shall sell a snail and desirable tract of lacd. lying oo the road to Aoa^stia distant about one quar er ot a mile trom the fi street toll gate irenn dtatelv opposite Douglas's, atd Adjoined on th* we<tby Isherwo.od's place. The tract ecu tain* t'-iUlf acres of Ujd.hasasniili dwelling-house, pump of good rr*ter. and a lias spring on the place, also choiae fruit trees ft <1* aired, it will be divided into fonr cr trac's of six or feven acres each .fronting on the main rosd, and running b?ck to * Ceo! Kan road. Terms : One third ca*?h; the remainder a *'x as'l twelve montfea, wita interest, secured by a dnedof trust on the premises Oost of conveyance*, in cluding ftamcs, to be paid by t.he puTcha-ter. mh31 d J. 0. M' lil'IBl A C'j., Anets. |y M. V. BGCIIIT. Anntioue??. Georrttoirit, D. C. IT'XBCC TOR'B 8 A LB -By Tirtue or th? ?ast will Cj and testament of B'iaa Lueas,deceased, I will offer at auction, on. WKDNKSDAY, the fftb day of April,at 4 o'clook p. m., on the premine*. the late residence of Mrs. Lucas in Georgetown, compris ing that part of Lot seventy-six, <76) of Old Georgetown, lying an the east aide of OecH alley, fronting one hundred and ninety feet on aald alley, by forty nine feet deep, and the s^uthwe^t part of Lot seventy three ,(75) forty-nine feet six inches in Isngth, by fifty feet wide; the wbo'e improved by % substantial Frame Dweuing. Also, at 6 o'clock p. m? on tb* same day, on the premises. Lot No. thirty-five, <4 in Deakln's, Lee sod Gazencve'e addition to ueorgetown, fronting thirty feeton Green street, by on* huodr*d inJ twenty feet deep, and improved by a two-story Frame Dwelling. Terms of sale : On*-tbird of the purchase money to be paid in cask; and the residua in two ?qual in stalments, at six and twelv* months, with iaterogt, to be secured. The term* o'sale must be eomplied with within one week after sale, or the property may be reaotd at the risk and ooet of the first purchaser, after oae ivseks' notice WALTKRS. COX Bxecutor. mh!7-eoAds* M. V. BUCKBY, Auct. S~AL1 OF OLD UNtBRVlCBABLK GRAIN 8ACK0, 8T0VK8. OOPPBn, CAST IRON, 8HOVBLB, Ac , Arc., Ac. ClIlBT Qu A BTB* If ASTER'S OkMC?, i Dbcot or WAsHiaciroB. S Wasbisotor. D. 0.. March 3', 1?U > Will be sn'd, at Pnblic Auction,at Seventh -tre#t 1 Whai f. in tt* City of Wsshingtnn D. C , FRIDAY, . April Bth, ISW, at )'> o'clock a. m . ; 40,000 Old and Unaei viewable Grain Backs. Also, at It o'clock m . ?f the saiosday. at Gov . ernment WarehousB, No. Id, N?w York avenu?, between Blghteeuth tnd Nineteenth streets, will be sold btove*. Ranges, Camp Kettles. C >al hods Mesa Fan*,Old and New Scrap Copper, Old C?st Iron, , Stovepipe, 8hovels, Scales, Wheelbarrows, Desks, As.. Ac. Suooeasful bidder* will b* required to remove the article* within five (t) day* from the day of saK?. Terms: Caih in Go^erument funds. D H. KUCKIK, Brig. Gen. and Chief Qnartanoaster, mb SI at Depot at Washington. SALE OF OLD IRON, BLACKSMITHS' TOOLS, 0artkntbb's Tooi s, Bsdlkr's Tools, Ctvp AND GaBBISOR BgoifAGB, ANII MlttCBLLANKOrg Ul'ABTXRMAfiTBa'S STOHBS. CHIBP QOABlKRMA^TBa'S OKKICB. ) Dbpot ok Washirotor. , Wabbibotom, D. 0., March 31. IM4. S Wild he sold at Pubiie Auction, at Alexandria on 8ATURPAF, April 9th, 1864, at 11 o'clock a. m , a lot of Old Iron, Blacksmith*' Tools, Carpenters' Tools, Badlera' Tools, Scales, Grindstones, J*ck. Screws, Stove*, Lantern*. Shovel*. Bakes, Hay Fork*, Wkeel-bairow*. Bu^gi**, Coaches, Ambulances, Hand Cart*, Saddles, Horse Collars, Saddle Blank ets, Ambulance Springs, Horseshoe Nails, Nose Beg*. Bone Cover*, Curry Combs, trick Axes, Horse Shoss,Spades, and a large lot of other arti cles too numerous to mention, condemned as unfit for pub'ioservice. fuceeisful bidders will b* required to remove the article* la five i$) days from the day of sate. Terms: Caah in Government funds D. H.RDOKHR. Drig. Gen. and Chief Quartermaster. mb.1l _ Depot of Washington. D C. **?ON8TCAKTS vr ? WitUBMUBv n nvvno, P.U0G1B3. AND WHBBIiS. Chief Quabtbbmartbr'b Ornog, ) Dbpot ok Washington. > Washirotor, D. C . March 81, 1S54.S Will be sold, at Public Auetioa. at the south end r f T wen'ieth street, near the Government Corrals, in the City of Washington, D. C., on MONDAY, April Uth, 1864, at 11 o'clock a in., a lot of ?< vernment Foar horse. Two horse. Baring, ? Metallic, and Hay Wagons. Carts. Baggies, Wagon wbeeli. Wagon Beds, together with a number of article* pefaining to wagon transportation, the same having been condemned as up fit for public servtcs Bsccessful bidders will he reqmred to remove the articles within live <#) day* from the day of sale. Terms : Cash in Government funds D H RtJCKBR, Brig. Gen. and Chief Quartermaster, mli 31-lot Depot of Wa*hington. ^JALB OF CON DBMN ?D HORSlI AND MCLBS Chikf QDAaTaRKARTRM OrrieR, l bepat af Vfas hint ion, S Wn*hin*tr>n. O. f., March J9, 1^4.\ Will he sola at phblic auction, at the Corral* near the Observatory, in the eity ol Washington. D C.. on WKDNBSDAY. Ap llCth. l wi.and uo WBDNBBDAT, April 20th J?4,a lot of BOR8KS AND Mb LBS, Condemned a* unfit for pnblic cervice. Terms caah is Government fnnaa. Balea to commence at lo o'clock a. m D. H. RUOKBR. Brig. G*n. aa<l Chief Qnartermaater, mb'> >t Deeotof Washington. WHIDB8. 7" ILL BB BOLD AT AUCTION BVBRY WKD N Ft DAY and 11 o'clock a. m.. at Ufl ABB Bl-sV -a * ?- - ? tki WBARV foot of Biztb itritt, a)1 tii HI Did TALLOW, A*., that may be on hand, of Cattle slaughtered outside the limits of the bistrict of Columbia, and shipp-Mi to thi* point for suoh di?P? Term* cash a G-venam.ut funds" to^e pail at the time of gale. G. BBLr/ mk! 1m Lieut. Col. and C a. VS. TbaLYtIcaL DIGBB? of tHB^AWa ?P A the United States, from the eommeneomentof the Sfith to the end of th? JfTth Congress iSr OeapleUng Brightly a C nlted Bute* DigMtL the Weenttime. 1 vol. ?3.?i. **Tt w cejll FBA7IGB TAYL6B. PROPOSALS. un PfiorcsAva for hat9, gaps, eaoKS, dry GOODS. SEWING MATERIALS, Ao. Bgau^cajiTEta Dr: bxoe^ or WAsnixoron.) Offjc f f (u f (Jua.r:n m<r?i*r, > ~ . ? Wasb ^ot.'*, March 1*$?.\ WRiT.ks Proposals will be reeeiv??d at this omce until further notice, for lurcisaiiig The fol lowing articles for u?e of contraband men. women ana children in this Department. Brorgans, < nn *et, ftr., > and serviceable Boots and Shoss ? for mm women snd children's wear. l Mp. felt and woollen Ha**. and cloth C*ps. ner-eys, Lin-ays. Ginghams. blankets, an a other anu cotton goods. j Hickory Stripes (for shirts > Bed Ticking, bleachedMuslin, and woollen Socke. ?*?poc. Cotton, black and white L?in>n Thread. ' "u"pendcr Bntton?, large Buttons for coat? <>; porcelain Button*. Varus, Neeilss, aal other etwmg rnst..rials and trirauiinjts. ^ aniples ghoul 4 be sent with each bid, at the ex pens** of the party forwardintt the saras. An oat h of allegiance ghoaidaecomonny each bid. "o verbal propositions will be entertained, but r \ery bid or inoiilcatiou of the same mast be in * rltii f, Purchases will be made from time to time as the foods are needed, under contract or otherwise, as me of the service may require. Wood security will be required for the faithful fulfilment of any contract made nuder this aiver nicDt, Proposals should be sealed and addressed to the undersigned.aiid tndorped ' Proposalsfor furnieli i* J Goooh, A.O, ' KLIA8mTgrEBXK. Lieutenant Csloncl and Chief QairUnnuter, __mhft?-lnt Department of Washington. \\[ A S11IN G TON A RS EN AL, Wi8kis<.r05. D 0.. March 2-.,lSU. Proposai.s will be received until April lu at this Arsenal, for furnishing the following tniildio* ma terial! deliverable at the Wharf at southeast angle ot Arsenal grounds: 39n bellow Pit* Piles, middle diameter on> foot, "W*'?%N8E$.'?3?i!?'? W Piles, U to Si feet ,' 140 Piles, 28 to :*) feet. Cf i Oak Piles, middle di?m?ter rtne foot, ranriaz in length from to 50 feet, as follows ? ? "w1"*7 90 Piles, 25 to 29 feet. Piles, 3"?t6 32 feet, 5fi Pjles, .VI to ,15 feet. 10 Piles,y> to 40 leet, 2< Piles, 80 feet. 4,<w running feet Oak Stringers, middle diamater UT>! lu, * *0.cut i24eet, faced on one ?idt. round rUBI,ine f Oak Stringers, same as above, ?s.iioo rnnninc feet Oak Stringers, middle diameter one foot., to cut 2C, fe?-t, round ?'>'?0 running feet square Oai Timber, 1 foot x 1 foot, to cut'li feet. superficial feet of two-inch Oak Plank, to CI:J-1" feet, I eing 30,imi lumber feet. small legs for cribbing nud flooring, diameter 5 to 8 inches aod to cut 8 feet long; enough to cover 45.401) superficial feet, being, sav, 90.S0H running Wet, or 11JJ50 sticks 8 f-*?t lou/. or 177 c wrd < of wool I roposals will specify at what time deliveries will be completed. J.G. liBNTON. i"h 2o- 13t Captain Qommandiug. PROPOSALS f Oil WOOD. Jita<l<iHar(trs D vnrtminl af Wf-shinxion, J ' <jt<' ?- of Chm f Oii'trUToi > Washington, D 0.'. March 2i, 1864.^ Pp.i)?t)4Ai s are invited for furnishing Wood to the trcops in and around the Torts hereinafter specifiea. from partes owning wood or wood lands lE,}t? vicinity of the same, viz: North of the Potomae?Pcrte Sumner, >fausaeld. Bayard gimniins, Gaines, Reno, Kearney, De R^.ftteTens.Stocnm.Totten. Slemmer. Bunker all '^*r5^08^-.Th,?ier- fcca Litc,'ln- *nd Batteries Sceade. Kimball. Parrott, and Cameron. ?ast of JCastern Branch Potomao-Korts Greble, Carrol. Snyder, Stanton, Baker, Davis. Dupont, Meigo., Maban, and Batteries Ricketts and Wagner * Potomac?Ports Marov. Klnan Allsn, o! Bennttt, De ?*>>?, Corcoran, Ilaggarty, JubanyUrr' Wb,p,)le' Cass, l'illingha?t, Craig, and Proprsals will be received under this advertise ment for wood anywhere within the limits of the nepartment of Washington for supply of troops in ss'.d Department. ^osals will be made in the following manner; 1. t or wood standing < price per cor J). 2. Kor wood felled by the United Ltates Bagi te?r?or other wise (price per cord). For wood cat and corded on rhe ground Proposals must specify the locality, kind, quan tity. and quality of 1 he wood. and its distance frojj the nearest fort, cavp or rtatiari for troops. ?ach bidder mutt attach his full naiae and po?t om?B address to bis bid. and the amies of all par bid' in*arBSl*'<l in th? muit appear in the Kids will b? r>pened froti- time to time, and con. tracts or purchases made as the wood may be re Qft)rcu, a t ^d 'B r*>|-rTe to aicept all or any part of No verbal p-op~sit!r.x:s will he entertained, bit ev?ry bid.or modification of the same, mast tie in writing. be endorsed "Proposals fo ? Hoed," and anaressad to JLIA8 M. GRSIN1, Lieut. Col. and Chief Quartermaster, _I?h~"!s_ Department of Wasaingt p. ( |HDKAKC*orriC?. y f Wa? Dbpaitmkxt, P?r,POC4T s .111 Pebruary >1,W64. fioposals will fce reoeiTel at thi? D**nartrn?nt untilXI]BbDAV March 16th,atVp,ra. f^tbede MT?iyrt n " V i??wiD|1 of HOR8* EQCI? af?" tjlcte4 8lal',, 0aTalr' ????"?" horsia I ^I Vi" 5?w j?rk Ap?*n?l. 0 sets. iS? ?5f"k.forcl Arsenal, S.OW sets. I At tne Alleghany Arsenal, fi.o-'o sets At the Cincinnati Depot. 3.000 sets. ; At the gn. Lonis Arsenal, 3 OKI sets ?orse Bquipments are to be fnr I nished complete,.except the horse-bru^h, carry i conib, lariat, j^ickeVpia link, and blanket. The curb and watering bits, the mailable iron Bard ware, I J! i ? /'".??? ?o*form strictly in pattern and hnisb to those deposited at the arsenals above named. The trees are to be of the regulation pat : tern, assorted less than 3 , iuchee be ' ,he^8r?,on the inside of the pammel, the Mae bars ot white wood, the pummels and can tie a I ?i beech well put together, all the irons one tenth ; of an inch thick and all let into the wood: to b* j covered with the beet slaughtered cow h/de; ali other corering rejected. The tress are to be subject to inspection daring all stages of the ma ufacturejbutthe equipments willhe inspected at tbe Arsenals where delivered. Deliveries must be made in lots of not less than fifty sets per week for ail contracts of SOii sets or , under; one hundred sets per week for ail contracts from Buj opto l?ou> sets; two hundred sets per week for all contracts ot from 1.<?h) to 3,oon seta: and Ave hundred seta per week rot all contracts of from ?C2dtodU"rAii,T?4Trat d*UT?ryto <? m. d?,lT;ri0"fct *? 'pecified time will subject the contractor to a forfeiture of the nam ber he may fail to deiirer at that time. ?o bids will be considered from parties other than regular manufacturers, aud such as are known to this Department to be fully competent toexecale own BhoP* tHe work proposed for. Bidders will enclose with their bids the written acknowledgment ot their sureties, over, their own signatures Bach party obtaining a contract will be required to enter into bonds, with approved sureties, lor its faith 1 si execution. Upon the award being made, successful bidders nil be notined. and furnished with forms of eon tract and bond. The Department reserves the right to reject udv f or all bids, if not deemed satisfactory Proposals will be addressed to Brigadier General j George D. Ramsay. Chief of Ordnance, Wasuing ton.D. C and will be endorsed "Proposals for Horse Jquipttents." OlO. D RAUfgAY, Brig, ?en.. Chief of Ordnance. The time for receiving tbe proposals under the ' above advertisement for ILorte JEquipmunt* is postponed nntil the 1st day of April, at \ p. m. The 1 rate of delivery per week will be one-tenth of th* whole amount contracted for, and the time of the ! first delivery is to amended as to allow each bid l?r to specify when he can make his first delivery Sam pits of the eqnlpmenta can be seen at the Pranhfort Arsenal, Brldesburg, Pa , after the 2:1 Inht. GfO. D. RAMSAY mh2I mwfRt Brig. Gen., Chief of Oi-dnano* C^APONS! WHAT'S CAPONBf-GO TO WIL ^ SON'S, 119 Peaasyltauia avenue.and SM his | PORT ANT TO f AMILI18 -The nadersimad ; haying perfected his arrangements la Phi lad ^ ?hiaTnew York and Boston, takes this method of ; la/orming hie old easterners and the anhlie mb. ; * rally that he is reoeiying daily by exprs* Prime Chester Couaty Beet, South Down Mutton, Salem conntv (N.J.) Yeai Prime Philadelphia Butter, Capons, ; Backs county and Mew Jersey Chickens, Bweet Bread, Pheasants.Partridges, ! Giouae, Snipe, Woodcock, and every laxarv of tb? Issfava Uatkets. "^?n.'JV07yS3iUf. '"?I" *?4 Do?"? To families and others giving eatertalnmaats this is the cheapest and besf Piage in Washington to purchase. WILSQW, t 110 Pennsylvania avenue, oc SO-dm between l?th and ?>th streets. Boots abd suobs _ to suit thb timbs. ?i^.D?w manufacturing all kinds of BOOTS and 8H0B8, and eonataatly receiviag a sap- ? ^ , p y of Bastera-made work of every descnp- Ml tioa, n>s(dr express *7 to order, and will befMl sold at a much lower price than has been* heretofore charged ia this city for much inferior articles. ' Persons in want of BOOTS and 8H0B8of lastern or City-made work, will always find a good assort ment in store and at the low?et prices. Give ns a call. _ GftlPFIN tt BROTH BR, *P 8 tf .'<14 Penn. avenue, TBB C0NP1DBHT1AL GU1DB. 4,,. _ A Treaiift ea" Stminal Wink**.**." Old, young, married, and single, will learn some thing of importance by perusing this work. Ladies will also learn something to their advaa taae by perusing " The Con9dential Gaide." | Seat to any address, in a sealed envelope, oa the teceipt of ten eentg aad one red stamp: , , Aidress DB. A. LAFOWTAIW, del8 to?dAw Boeton. Mass. WBCPfALO TONGUB8. B Hare Just received from the West 100 Baghlo Tongues, which we recommend to oar customers. They are aioely cared prime order. XING A BURCHBLL, aorner lltk st. and Vermont av o N B Y I MO NB Y I M0N|I| M. K. WALSH 4s CO* /<K LICENSED PA WXBROKERS, A A No. 499 0 between ?th aad loth ste., Near the Varieties. ' Money advanced on Gold aad Silver Wateheg diamonds, Ladiee and Gentlemen's Weariag Ap parel. Ae.Ac. f? nfjjS QBDTBRB (BW1BS) OHBBSB?Of very ehoiig *-? gnality,Jcrt from lXD(orter*e4iaads. KING A BURCHBLL. trner Yemvat aye. and uth PROPOSALS. p&OFO&ALb J? 0 It am 8. C&ISF QrilTfRKifTKl'S Oi'PICl, ) P*pot or > D f.. Sfar^h T>, lfed.S FsiLVP PmorotAi* w.:l t?? received *? this ofr'ee until MONDAY, Apr.! 4. !K64,at 12 o'clock v.. for fr.rni?hir>g tbe Government with Two Thousand (4,000) MULRS, to conform to the following _ . SPBCIIICATIONS: Alt to be in ?(>cU tl<-*h. All to be fci:twn (U> bands and over in height. AH to be sound. serviceable Mules for draught purpose*. to be over three 3) and und?r nine i9> years of aire.and to weigh not lees than .-even hun dred and ten (710) pounds each. PROPOSALS. Proposals to be for fire hundred i t awl upwa ds. The luii e* !w and post office address of the bid der must appear in the proposal. If the bid. Is made in tee name of a firm, the names of all the parties munt appear, or the bid will be considered as the individual proposal of the party diguing it. Proposal* from disloyal parties wilt not be con siderr d. R' d an oath of allegiance must accompany each prcpo iUon. Proposes must be addressed to Brigadier Gener al D. Q,Ruckib,Quartermaster D. S. Army. Wash ington,!). 0., and should be plainly marked "Pro posals for Mnles " GUARANTY. The ability of the bidder to till the contract, should it he awarded to him, mast be guaranteed by two responsible persons, whose signatures must be sppsnded to tbe guaranty. The responsibility of the guarantors must be shown by the official certificate of the Clerk of the nearest District Court, or of the United fetates Dis- j trict Attorney. i ! Bidders must be present in person when the bide j are opened, or their propolis will not be conoid- I ered. Bonds in a sum equal to the amount of the cob- ' tract, signed by the contractor and both of his guarantors, will be required of tne successful bid der or bidders upon signing the contract. As the bond must accompany the contract, it will be necessary for the bidders to have their bonds men with them, or to have bonds signed in antici pation and ready to be produced when the contract is signed. w Blanks for bonds can be procured upon applica tion Veing made at this .office, either personally, by letter, or by telegraph. FORM OF GUARANTEE. We, tbe undersigned, residents of , in the county of , and State of . hereby jointly snl severally covenant with the United States, and guarantee in ease the foregoing bid of be ac cepted, tha' he or they will at once, after the ac ceptance of said bid. execute the contract for th.e same, with good and sufficient sureties, in & sunt equal to the amount of the contract, to furnish the Mules proponed in conformity to the terms of the advertisement dated March 23.1864, under which the bid was made; and in tase the snid shall fail to eiter into s contract as aforesaid. we guar antee to mate good the (inference between the offer of the said and the nest lowest respon I sible bkld-r. or the person to whom the contract rrtay be awarded. \ Given under our hand* and seals Witn.jifi: J this day of , 18o?. I Seal. 1 / I Seal t I hereby certify *hat to thu best of my kcuwljJtfit and belief, tlie above named are <ood and srmcient ss sureties for the amoifnt for which they offer to be seeurity. . ' To be certified by the United States District At* i torney, Colle :tor of Gristoms, or any officer under I the United States Government, or responsible per son known to this office. INSPECTION. DELIVERY, ice. All Males contracted for under thi-- advertisement will be subject to a rigid inspection, and thowe not conforming to the specifications will be relectod. The Mnles must be delivered in this city within twenty (20)days from tbe date of signing the con tract. Payment to be made upon the completion of the contract, or so soon thereafter as the Depot Quar tet master shail 1 e in unds Any informality in the b;d, or non-conformance with the terms of this advertisement, will ecsure tbe re;ection of the proposal. These moles will be awarded in lots of (9?) firs hundred each, unless the Depot Qaartemaster should deem it for the interest of the Government to vary the number. Tbe Depot Quartermaster reserves to himself the right to reject any or all bids that he may rteam too high. D. H RUCK BR, Brig. Gen. and Chief Quartermaster, tub25-td Depot of Washington. jp B 0 fOBAliS FOB fOBA G l7 OiiirQcinTiikisrit'sOrnoi. I WAfrHiBOTOX Dnror. Dec. 8, 18b3.\ bbalxd PBoroKALb are invited by the under Blgned for supplying the U. 8. Quartermaster's De* rirtmect. at Washington, D. 0.. iialtimotu. Md., lexaddria, and Pert if on roe, \a., or either of these places, with Hay, Corn, OaU &cd Straw. Bide will be received for the delivery of 5,0" G bushels of corn or oats and tons of hay cr straw, and upwards. Bidders must state at which of the above-named points they propose to make deliveries, *nd the rates at which they will make deliveries thsreat, the quantity of eaeh article proposed to be deliv ered, the time when said deliveries shall be com menced, and when to be completed. The prioe must be written out in words on the bids. Corn to be put up in good stout sacks, of about two bushels each. Oats in like sacks of about three bushels eaeh. The sacks to be furnished without extra charge to the Government. The hap and straw to be s?careiy baled. The particalcr kind or description of oats, corn, ha^or stiav propose j to be delivered most be stated ^*A 11 *?e'articles offered under the bids herein in vited will be subject to a rigid inspections by the Government Inspector before being acoepted. Contracts will be awarded from time to time to the lowest responsible bidder, as the Interest of the Government may require and payment will be made when the whole Amount contracted for shall have been delivered and accepted. The bidder will be required to accompany his proposal with a guaranty, signed by two responsi ble persons that in case his bid ie accepted he or they will.witnin ten days thereafter, execute the contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties in a sum equal to the amount of the con tract. to deliver the forsgc proyosed in conformity with the terms of this advertisement; and in ease the said bidder should fail to enter into the eon tract, they to make good the difference between the offer of said bidder and the next lowest respon sible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. The responsibility of the guarantors must be ebown by the official certificate of a U. 8. District * Attorney, Collector of Customs or any other offi cer nnder the United Btates Government or re sponsible person known to this office. All bidders will be duly notified of the acceptance orfrejection of their proposals. The fall name and P.O. address of each bidder must be legibly written In the proposal. Proposals must be addressed to Bria. Gen. D H. Booker, Chief Depot Quartermaster, Washington, D. C., and should be plainly marked "Proposals Bonds^n a sum equal to the amount of the con tract, signed by the contractor and both of his guarantors, will be required of the successful bid der or bidders npon signing tbe contract. Blank forms of bids, guarantees, and bondi ?rr.ay be obtained noon application at this oil ce. PORM Of PROPOSAL. (Town,County and State) (Datd I, the subscriber, do hereby propose to furnish and deliver to the United Btates, at the Quarter master's Department at . agreeably to the terms of your advertisement, inviting proposals for forage, dated Washington Depot, Dec.*, IMS, tne following articles, vis : bushels of Corn, in sacks, at per bushel of bnsielsof Oats, In sacks, at per bushel of 33 pounds _ tons of baled Hay, at per ton of 1,ooo pounds tons of baled Btraw, at per ton of 3,000 pounds. Delivery to commence on or before the day of , 186 , and to be completed on or before the day of ? ??-, 186 , and pledge myself to enter into a written contract with tne United States, with gocd and approved securities within the space of ten days after being notified that my bid has been accepted. Toor obedient servant. Brigadier General D. H. Buckib, General Depot Quartermaster. Washington, D. 0, GUARATY. . We, the udersigned, residents of , In the County of ? . and State of . hereby. Jointly and severally, covenant with the United States, and gear an tee in ease the foregoing bid of ? be accepted, that he or they will, within ten days after the acceptance of said bid, execute the contract for the same with good and sufficient sureties J** sum equal to the amoont of the con tract, toliimish the forage proposed in conformity to the terms of advertisement dated December 8, 1863, under which the bid was made. and. in case the said shall rail to enter into a contract as aforesaid, we gnnrantee to make good the uiffer ence between the offer by said and the next lowest responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. Witness, Given ondsr our hands and seals this day of -?t?- isai I hereby certify that, to the beet of my know ledge and belief, the above-named guaran tors are good and sufficient as sureties for the amount far which tkey offer to be security. To be . .lfted bp the United States District At torney, Collector of Customs, or any other officer nnder the United States Government, or respon sible person known to this office, D. H. BUCKIB, de t-tf Brig. Gen, and Q. M._ P'HIBP QUARTBBMASTIR'BOBPICB. 1 Kj Depot or Washimotom, S quested to send to this office, on' ? - ? -? ?*? "*?? Wl % ?vesvvf wsmi w w? ?- ? -? ? ?u im pialn figures, so that, la ease the exigen of the eervice require the artiste or articles can be obtained without deiay, and at the lowest prioe. Dealers wishing to sell to this Depot will be re. enired to furnish the list punctually every Moo? dap morning. ? D H. RUCKBB, Brigadier General and Ohief Quartermaster, JaAtf Depot of Washington. F.' Jt o?n-tf Washington. D.O, 14AA LIMB! Id MB II LIMB I! ,4UU BABBBLS LIMB Just arrived at Gun* neUtwhart, pex eshooner B.Bullwlnkel, and for I 1HII Llill LIMB! Jfhe undersigned have on hand and for sale.Presh urned Potomac Lime, at their kilns, on -Bock* creek, Georgetown, milling K2BB1AND A DOWLINO. f\l JCRKST0N, iJ BALTIMORE OfflC* No. 7 SOUTH FRUIRi??*??['11 ?Y _rra only physicun au veins/ v " Be* dieeovered the Bort Certain, 8pe?ty ?cd E?e t MjvRA&ES or iMl'BUi/ENCE. litli>f in Sis Honrs! No Ttjlint! PersonsR*inid by Itinerant Prittn<!ers, #r bu Dia-fiV Poison Merely, <AouM apply ... ttnm*linttlp. A CVRE WARRANTED OR NO CHARUE IE FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. * ?L the Bach, Invcluntary Dischargee Strictures, Affections of the Rldu*ya.aud klsdfer I rr. vwktAn/*w (. l nav;i;?. v V1' Threa. Note or Bhin, Affections of the Liver Lunge, Stomach or Bowela-those Terrible Disor dera arising from Belltary HabitF of Youth?the RICrit And solitary preet'ee* m?r? fatal to their victims than the son* of Syrens t J the mariner* of **???. at thalr most brilliant ho,*, 0y anticipations, rendering marriage, Ac , ii~7oaal . ttoung MEy Especially, who have become the victims of Bni* tary Vice .that drealfhl and deatm-.tire habit which annually sweeps to an nntimely crave thouaaa-ia of Yonns fc?:i of the most exalted talent and brilliant intelltrt, who might otherwise have entranced lis tening Benates with the thunders of eloquence,or Wfck*?to aaatacy the living lj re, mar ?aU with foil oonfictoo? TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. These are some of the sad and melancholy effeeta produced by early habits of vouth, Via:Weatuesg f 1ui" and e*in \? *ha Head. IHmaaaa ?i#**?. ?* Maacular Power, Palpitation of th? Heart, />T'P?$?y, Nsijoue Irritability, De racgemect of the Digeative functions, General de bility, Symptoms of consumption, fte. Mbptalitt.?The fearfnl effects on tbe mind are ranch to be dreaded?Loan of Memory, Confusion of Ideas, Depression of Snirlta, Evil foreboding?. Aversion U? 8ociety, Bali-Ciatriut. Lore of Soil tnde, Timidity, Ac. W . , ? marriage. Knrntd Person* or jroang men ei atemplatfn ?^ri??e aware of PhpatoiLweaHneea. Organic He who places himself nndar the care ?fO J may religiously confide in his honor as aaeutivinan and confidently ralp oponhis skill aa a Physician ' o,,9AfisasBffiv MAEHri?G/WCT By Dr. Johnston's marvelous treatment. Weak ness ol tbe Organs is speedily cured and fall vigog restored. Thousands of the most nervoua. debili tated and Impotent, wh*had lost all hope, tar# been immediately relieved. All impediments to marriage. Physical or Mental Disqualifications. Lowof Prosreatlve Power Ner TonaIrritability,Tremblings,and Waahaefs.oi ?>. haoatlon of tha moat fearfnl kind, apaedily omed. ? v , tv DB. f'OHMBTOJf. Member of the Royal CJollefe of Hargeons, Lon don, Graduate from on? or the moat eminent Col leges ut the United States, and the mv a tar par: of wfioeg life has been spent in the hoTpitaS o!lm don, Paris, Philadelphia and elsewhere, has effect, a somecf the moat aatoniahln# en res that were e?er known; maty troabledwith ringing in tbe head atd ears when aslMp^reat alarmeti at ndden soncds, bashfnlaeas. wlt& frennent Dlashing. attended sometimes with derangement of mind were cured immediately. U ^ , young men who hare injured themselves ny a certain practloa Indulged in when alone?a habit freqaemly learned from evil companions, or at scb*oI,tbe effecta o? which are nightly felt, even when asleep, and if not cured renders marriage Impossible, and destroys both mind and body, thonld apply immediately y< bat a pity that a young man, tbe hop? or'hH country and darling of his parents, should b? I snatched from all the prospect* and enjoyment! of life by the consequence of atTiation from the path i of nature and indulging in a oeri&in secret habit Bach persona must, boftre contemalatin* , o .*V ? MARRJAhE. I reflect that a sound mind and bod* are tb? most necessary requisites to promote connubial hapci | nets indeed, without these the Journey throath hfe bacomes a weary pilsriroajre; tr>^ prospect hourly darkena to tbe riew: the rr'ni becem?a shadowed with desralr and nl!e*w?hjthe melan ?K?ly^r??6?iion8 that the bippitt?i or another is blighted witb our own. DISEASES OF INPRVBTVCB, When the m'vudsd and imprudent ?cfaT o3 plrarnrt Pn^? hr, bi.?srebibsd ;? 9 dr c-r :his p? m fn) d!Tj*e, it oft?ri at r.v ill-rirr? '< 1 of ?bac*9 ortlread of 'iuerrerr d"rrrf. tiin rrora ? * plyip& t^cst* wto, ttcr.-. flr.rt; ? i ?. i re?pe: : - T?Uitr. r-.zf f.(ct;o b' rirrdbi-t. 'fe fH'sfnretb? hicdr.-.f tgcorapt aEd ye.-;a^:.. ; prete r a >. ! K'Casab ecfnu.risg,filoh li ? jscucierp ? triffftig north z.'ra ?.nr.tb. cr t* tou - - 1 : the ancalipst f??9 ea? b? <,btf,!.u<i4 ud - <naatt ! leave hUn with riUnedhea'th tos^n;- Lis *-all - lrg dfSaproi- ?w?-r:t; or, by the u?<? cf that <1?ed'p ?<>irr:n. Vlercnr?. hasten the ccr.stit ili^r*! I tomsci this teiriM* diseaca a* A Ceo? Ions t>c ! the Dead. Tl?rcat. Nose. ?>;r> >t*., with frightful rapid'ty tit;til d:?ath ?ats f.t? er^ his draa<iful Enfft rings b7 Pending him ti that rn ! dlscovored country r wllc^? boutxc notrirei^/ returns. OtiflOB T ROUTfl sBEDfiRIOX STHlir. i left hand ?ile going from UiJiimore f.reet, a "etf ; docra from the correr. T&.l not to observe nam? ! and number. t WNc letter' received unless post paid and aon - ! talnlng a stamp to be csed on the reply. Persona writing should state age and send portion of al vertiacment describing symptoms. Tht Dr.'s Diploma hants in his Offirt. ^ IMDOBBKMINT Of TH1 PH198 Th? many thousands cored at thia instltntiov within tha last twenty years, and th? anmersn Important Surgical Operations performed by Dr. i Johnston, witnessed by the reporters of "The Son " and many other papers, notlcea of which have ap feared again and again before th* public besides Is standing aa a gentleman of character and re sponsibility, is a sufficient guarantee to th? af flicted . - SKIN DISEASES SPEEDILY CURED. J* ?-ir gBUBBT D18BA8B8 1 SBCBET DIBBASfic-'i SAMARITAN'S OIJPT! SAMARITAN'S GIFT! TH1 MOST OBKTAIN R1MBDT BV1R US1P ?4 Yes. A Poaitivj Cure" for GONORRHOEA, GLEET. STRICTURES, iC> Contains no Mineral, no Balsam,no Meroury. _. Only T<n Pills to be Taktu to Efvt n Ct:~> They are entirely vegetable, having no smell n.?r any unpleasant taste, and will not in any way in jure the ston ach or bowels of the most delicate Cures in from two to four lavs, and raeent ca>'e-i 13 ?wt"??,t7*fo,iLlM,yS'- PieVM-ed by a gradnnta of the University of Pennsylvania, one of the mon eminent Doctors and Chemists of the present day ?OkJ'OSOM ? KO TBOPBLX, SO CHASOU WHAtKYKS Let those who have despaired of gettingcurad, ; t^6theeD *or*B(i Wlth Balaam Ooparia, ? _ . . SAMARITAN'S GIFT. Sent bp mail in a plain envelope. Price-Male packages, Si. female, ,?3. j ?? BLOOD I BLOOD II BLOOD 1'f SCROTI* LA. ULCKB8,6ORE8, SPOTS, TBTTfiR^, I SCALBS. BOILS. STPatLIS OS VB NBRIAL BIS1ASBS, Ac. SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB J U1CES. la offered tbe public as a positive cure SYPHILIS OB TBtiBRIAL D1SBA6AS iteSA , M A BIT AN-S BOOT AND HBMBJUIOKU the most potent, eertain and effectual remedy ever prescribed; it reaches and eradioates every particle of the venereal poison, so that the cure <? thorough and permanent. Take then of thia purilylng reme ?T **d, fc? h?aled, and do not transmit to yoar pos terity that for ^hjuumey^re^itIn after years, will remove every veatlge of impnritlea frots th? 8yatemt.aa well aa all the bad effects of Mercury FBMALSS I TIM ALES !? j In many affections with which nnuibera of fe "J&V"?**' tk5 BOOT ANOHBRB JUlOJd is moat happi.y adapted, in Ulcerated Uterne, in Whitea, in bearing down, falling of the Womb, Bj^litr, and for afl complaint* Incident to tbe sex. Sent by express. Price 91 a bottle, or ? pottleu 1 ror $0 : nj SAMARITAN'S CHANCE* WASH. Br|ee ? ce?t8. lull dlrectiona. o?* * co" 1,01 161 Po,? Bold by 8. CALVBRT FORD, corner of 11th au : Pa. avenn?. HENBY CQ9K, Alexandria. mayf tf ! Yap.SML'SAIgiA? certain aecret habits which nufit then tor busideM, pleasure, or the duties of married life; also middle 1 aged or old men, who, from the follies of ycu' b or other causes, feel a debility in advance of their years, before plaeing themselves under tbe treat ?*?t?f*ny one, ahoald first read " THB SBCBIT I iTBIBND.' Married Ladies will learn something ' of importance hy perusing " The Secret Triena." Sent to any address, in a sealed envelope on r?? ?eipt ot Ten Centa. Address ? ^ , Da. CHA8. A. STUART A CO., d* l? ly Boston. Maaa. A BAMS EXPRESS COMPANY, A Off 1CB *14 PA. ATBNCB, Wa.'kiHiio/t, D. C GREAT BA8TBRN, NORTHERN. AND WEST ERN fXPKXSSjrOBWAjfcDlUW I MBROHApiSl, MONET. JEWELRY, VALU ABLE8.N0TES,8T0^KB,B0NPS*A0., forwarded with 8 A PET Y AND DISPAfcoH to all aeeeaaible sections of the oonntry. T his Com ban 7 bM age ides in the principal Railway Towna is NORTH, RA8T, WIST. AND NOBTHWJUT Its principal oflicea are e...Ju'?aMMasBtiKuh- ? &RSfcaBSstfnBoai stsi HitkJKfSPaSl SOUTHAMPTON and HAVRE. B?rop?an ?xprasses to all prominent ireil1 toWM to Great Britain and the Con tinent. Collection of NOT18, DRAf TS.and BILLS mad# ht all aeeeaaible part* of th? Unlt<id States, j. M ,0. C. DUNN, Agent, '? ? Washington, D. 0. JOHNSTON'S AGRICULTURAL CHSMISTBT Agricultural OhamUtry; Loudon. Chaptal's Agricultural Chemistry. L)eblg,a Agricultural Chemlstrp Llebig'a Principles of Agricultural Chemistry. Freach's farm Dram age, dc^La.d Culture, By Henry Etephens; Low . Stephens' Manual ?f Practical Draiaase: Loa* don Ditchirg and Draining tables: London. Donald's Land Drainage: London. Strarhan a Tables on Drainage: London. tnh77 fBANCR TAYLOR -WANG, THE li RKA T CHINESM EDY/ot GONOERHCSA, GLEE1. >*a Box wiaL raapoait a Ooaa. l?nta ar? purely vegetable. It IJ ?it to the taat?, has no bad odor, anj . Js&Vr?. 'issirtpzig to*?- *" ''"""lyiKir

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