Newspaper of Evening Star, April 5, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 5, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMCStMKNTS TO-NIOHr. FoRr>* Tuxatki:.?To night we are to have ?? Pirnno. oT the Death of Rolla," in which Mr KJ? in Forrest will sustain hie great char acter cf'?Holla,', the Peruvian hero. The play v.-ill b-? placed u^on the stage in the best man tier. arid Mr. Forrest will be sustained by the Jendir g members of the stock company. Miss ISlice tiray sustaining the characier of ???!* ?ira." Orovib'o Theater.?Flotow's favorite op era ot ? Martha, or the Fair at Richmond," is mnnour.cid for to-nighf, and will be product entirv, it having be? customary to omit alflBet the ei. ire fourth act. This famous opera will fee ivi cered in such a manner as to make it ore of the greatest musical treats of the season. MkinoPOLiTAN Hai.l continues on in its triumphant career, the house being crowded nigbtij by persons desirous of witnessing the -**ried ;erformances offered aAhis establish, jner.t Miss llelene Smith, the pleasing and iasiinating danseuse,* made her first appear. Unce list night, and was received with thun ders :i applause. An excellent bill is offered tor to-night. J? V aKiXTiEfl ?Besides the usual Music Hall peiicrmancea manager Hemblin presents to s.iL'tu the new Christmas pantomime of the "Msg4.-* Trumpet," the trailer "La Ole," and Fit/.-immons'thrilling play of the "Female pickpocket of Washington," a piece that never lails -o bring forth unbounded applause. C'AKTERBrRT.?At this establishment last nigh:, the brilliant pantomime of the "House that Jack Built," drew such an immense crowd thati w as almost impossible to obtain stand ins rocm. It will be repeated to-night, and Niss Jennie Engle, the sweet baliadist, with the ei tire Canterbury company will appear in new selections. Thk ExKcrnvE Committke on enlistments, and the managers of the late ball, held for the t>enelit of the enlistment fund are requested to meet this evening at 7 o'clock, at the Mayor's office. J Mka-ure for Cleamxo the Canal?A petition has been presented to the Senate (and referred to the District Committee) from a large number of leading citizens of Washing ton, including many of our most prominent I>hys:riaus, asking an appropriation for clean* sine ard improving the Washington Canal. Th?j estimates in the petition are made by a gi*n'ipman who has had more experiencs and Is tKttor posted soncernlng the canal than any other citizen, and can therefore be lully re lation. As a sanitary measure, the improvement Is ? r the first importance, and especially as re lieving the Whit-? House grounds from the ma laria prevailing there in the summer and autumn months; and it will be seen by the pe tition that a large amount of valuable ground cm be reclaimed ior Government bv the im provement at a small expense. The petition is as follows: To U.e honorable Senate of the United States in 9 o*frrrtt assembled ??Whereas the Washington canal, for several years last past used as a riaii sewer, has become filled up with a de posit Irom the washings of the lands contigu otis to i\ as well as from the several sewers ? mpty irg into it, thereby becoming, during cer tain seasons, detrimental to the health ol the ?ity : Therefore we, the undersigned, citizens ol Washington, respectfully petition your honor able body to make an appropriation for the re moval of said deposit, which can be done at a com; aiatively tntling expense to the Govern ment. And we would respectfully submit the fol li^wii s suggestions as the best and least ex pr m lvemode of performing th? work, by which this object will not only be accomplished, but a are at benefit will accrue to the United States, tiy n-aking with this deposit n^w laud on ttte swamp or marsh in the rear of the Pies dent's mansion, which is more particularly set forth on a map dated December I, IR63, a copy of -which, dated January 1, 1S6I, is also respect fully submitted. The objects to be attained, if your honorable kod\ eraiits the prayer of your petitioners, are: 1st Tne cleaning of the canal, somuc# needed jts a sanitary meisure. ?id The filling up of what is now a dangerous Xnlasmatic swamp, which, in its present con diticn, is bsre two-thirds of the time, and the noxctiE exhalations from which, during the si<n.mpr and early autumn months, has made th< 1 residential Mansion so notoriously un l.eal'i y as a place of residence, and which, to n ve y great extent will remedy this evil. Yi'ur petitioners believe that this obj??ctalone, V. ltl out tckir.g into consideration the other toeneri s herein tismeil, should be a sufficient ind'i .?ment to your honorable body to grant the f? propriation. Ry giving more uniformity to the topo graph y of that part of the city, rendering it much easier to embellish the grounds as a mall c r i a>k, lor which the surrounding: grounds nre intended 4t!i. Py (oniK cting the grounds of the Presi d n*'s Mansion wi'h those of the mall, the ? mi.h.-or.ian Institute, and the Capitol, thereby obvn.tir.g the necessity of passing through the litisii.e s p:<rt ol the city. 5th. By creating fifteen acres of new land for the I'uited States, adjoining the Washinzton JMci.ument grounds, greatly improving the taire. 0 b By greatly improving the interests of con merce, and making a saving to the Gov cri ment and citizens of Washington. Since the taking lor war purposes of the aqueduct bridge at Georgetown, the coal which Jorm^rly arrived at Alexandria via the Ches apeek>? "and Ohio canal was brought in the canM O^rges diroct to Washington The taking of said bridge by the Government necessarily compels the unloading of the barges at George town. and the coal is carted thence to Wash ington at an expense not only to the Govern ment, but to the citizens,of one dollarand fifty cents per ton. B;, cleaning the canal to its original depth, l>aig-s can ariive direct trom Cumberland to "Washington without unloading, thereby saving: this additional expense. Your petitioners estimate the cos: of removing the material lrcm the caflal at forty thousand dollars. Fifty per cent, additional cost for piling and building a sea wall will make the proposed improvement, adding th^filteen acres c;f lac d &t an expense (including the forty thou sand i ollars for cleaning) ol four thousand dol Jais per acre, less than ten cents per square loot, while priiate property in the vicinity is tov; -elling ai from twenty-five to fltty cents j*?r -quare foot. This deposit would otherwise be carried to Hie river, to be to some ex'?nt reconveyed by floods to the canal. The estimate for removal Is bused upon the supposition that the material will be used for the improvement ol Govern ment grounds, which, il carried to the river, v. ill increase the cost. Aside from the important fact that a positive jiecessity exists for cleaning the canal, a great pi blic benefit will be derived from this mode of di.-j of tug of the material. A i <i your petitioners will ever pray. Mkstiko ok thkCakpentebp ashCabixkt IN*AKKB8 ? Last night the carpenters and cabi net makers of the Treaiui'y Extension and ??onnected with private shops met a: Tempi, r *iic?> Jiall, pursuant to adjournment. '1 he meeting was called to orderby Mr Hill yard, Mr. Letourno acting as secretary. Atter ieat'ing the minutes, the "Tetary, for infor mation, read the communication from Secretary Cna.-e, before reported, in reply to th^ request ol the hands upon the Treasury for an increase of per cent, upon their wages, in which ttie XecTetarv expresses his readiness to give the advance "when he shall receive satisfactory ev lileti e that the employers and contractor* not Ju Government emp'ov are giving the increased ?wages. 1 he committee to obtain certificates of con tra ors and bosses who are giving and are -wiling to give per day alter the 1st of May, rej orted the certificates of the following em ployers: John R. Hunt J. W. Scroggin, Del linger A. Downing, J. Moran, Chippie A; Grind, H. C. Holmes, Win. King, J. J. Birch,' Edw. ^?h emak-r, J. J- Fit/.hugh, Harvey & Co., J. A. Hiau fin motion, ihe report was accepted. Mr. Ferguson, carpenter, reported that, as directed, he had waited on Mr. Mullett, ol th# Trt aiury Extension, and exhibited the c^rtifi Mr. F. thought them satisfactory evi dence, .but Mr. M-Ulett did not. Mr. F. esked the meeting what would be satisfactory evi dence T Mi . Dasbeill, of the cabinet malters, reported tha* he bad waited upon Mr. Roger?, sui?er visirg architect, and the result was substan tially as in the case ol Mr. Ferguson. Mr. Jloge:s said he would willingly do what be rould to get the pay advanced soon as the *au?f:.ctory evidence re<iuired was obtained. Th? reports were accepted and the commit* lee thanked for its attention. Mi Sweeney, trcm the Arsenal woodwork ers, ret orted that acommittee had waited upon < apt Ben'on wiih a similar reqn st, and Capt. D. ex, rested his willingness to give the work men highest wages given. The workmen there are fully tan-fifd that il an advance is given hey will get it. Mr- Fergu-on taid that Mr. Mnllett's reply was that he wanted to.-ee a more general ex pression on tte part of private contractors and I ove-<. Some of the bo-ses say they are giving $3, others ^ay they are willing to give it. Mr. Keed asked what was the feeling of the journeymen. Mr. Ferguson.?The private journeymen, to far as I have been able to learn, are with the jneetlcf. Mr Py!e said he a-ked journeymen what they *x>uld do il the bo?see refused to give the a<l ?ance. Tbey replied (hat they wonld quit; but it ubwquntljr tpprtrfd tint tfte hands were pf rtectJv ready to do a* th? bos#**? said. A young man in amilitary overcoatremarked that be was working in a tfcop with but oae other band, aad was not anxious to throw him self out of employment; bat if it was the gen era! agreement., he was willing to <luU ** ouce if the increase was not given. Mr.C Leach called upon the private work men to speak out and tell their feelings, so that co-operaiion and concert of actioB may be had. Mr. Le'ourno contended that theobject of the meetir.g wss not to experiment?it was for de cisive ai tion to obtain (in Increase of wages. The Government agents want for evidence the certificates of steam mill proprietors, as well as contractors; and as for the steam tnill pro prietors, who expects to get their certificates ! Tliey have no sympathy with mechanics. No mechanic is found sneaking away in a steam mill. Forbearance has ceased to be a virtue; but if one stone remains unturned by which we may honorably obtain the advance, he was willing to take the pick in haud to turn it up. A motion was made by a young man near the door that mechanics comprising the meet ing strike at once, and '-stop work from to morrow morning." The Chair said before the motion was put he would say a tew words. He was in favor ot immediate action, and for a positive assertion ol their claims. Unfortunately for mechanics, they allowed those who have no sympathy for them to fix the rates of prices. Legislators fix the price of labor for all time, without regard to change, never locking to the mutability of circumstances. If they can fix the prices of labor, why may they not also fix the prices of living to correspond with them ? He declared that it had always been the fault of mechanics that they placed too low an eetima'e upon th<nnei\e6. Now the mechanics here have exhausted every honorable means to put down the combination against them, for there is a combination. It Mr. Rogers and Mr. Mullett, :u.d the sash factory man, he did not know him, and did not want to. [Voices?"Baldwin," ?? Baldwin !"] Chair?well, if they who have grown wealthy by the labor of mechanics, were asked if there is a combination, they would say yes! He might be discharged to-morrow. The sv ord of decapitation might descend and cut off his heed, but let it come. He did not fear it An elderly gentleman rose and asked for a moment of attention. He said that he put his name to the paper with the other workmen, not with a view to strike, but to obtain an in ct ease of wages. He had confidence in Mr. Chase, the Secretary ol the Treasury, who had always acted toward them as a gentleman, and from the first had requested them not to strike. Mr. Chase bad not refused to give the advance, nor had Mnllet. All they ask is sufficient proof that outside workmen are receiving those prices. Let a further effort be made to obtain the proof required, and Mr. Chase, who Is not unreasonable, will give the Increase. A Young Man.?This meeting is not a repre sentation of the carpenters of the District, but ot the Treasury only. I can live without wor k six mouths: but if we are to strike, let us strike together. Another spoke of the poor show of interest on the part of outsiders and Treasury hands. Nothing can be made by a strike where nothing can be gained. Mr. Chase has said he will dis charge every one who strikes. We who are voung. and those who have no families, need not b^ frightened: but there are-aged men atn?ng us who have families, and cannot leave this citv. Another young man said he was opposed to procrastination, and would vote to strike for their rights. Procrastination will always bring unsatisfactory answers. Mr. Retd thought that a reconciliation might be effected, by which inside and outsld* hands can obtain ?;! per day before the 1st u* May. He was in favor of postponement until a full ex pression cf journeymen can be hid. A cotn picmiee can be effected between those for and apain6t an immediate strike. Mr. Letonrno held that Mr. Chase would not be bcbered with the matter, bat had left it with Messrs. Rogers and Mullett. Oil motion, it was ordered that notice of the next meeting be published in the S'ar, and tne meeting adjourned. Tadi?v Lincoln's Thkatku.?Tadd Lin coln, the sprightly, Intelligent little fellow wLoisscgrtat a favorite with all visitors at the White House, has fitted up room No .1- of the Presidential Mansion as a miniature the ater, in which manager Tadd gives theatrical psrlormnnces once or twice a week, his com pai y consisting of mem1 ers of the Bucktail regiment now doing duty in the vicinity of th* Wbne House. The theater has a handsome stage, with gas foot-lights and appropriate scenery. On either side ol the stage, at the top, are placed hand some vases filleH with artificial flower?, while in ihe center is a bust ol the lamented Colonel Raker, (a great friend of Master Lincoln's) who was killed at Rall s Bluff. Immediately in front of the stage is a space partitioned off by a wicl>et fecce. That portion of the hall set apart for spectators is furnished with settees, sofas, and cushioned chairs, sufficient to ac commodate quite an audience. Master Tadd lias effected arrangements with manager Gro ver by which he is enabled to obtajn such cos turres as are necessary to give due effect to ihe pieces produced at bis little theater. llis audiences are general composed of such of his nurneious friends, both male and female, as he may see proper to invite: and occasionally the President ar.d Mrs. Lincoln honor the perfor mers with their presence. F arreli.?From .lohn Farrell, Esq.,?who, we imagine, tonld sample any luxury or article of converience or use in the knewn world at his commission and produce establishment, Louisiana avenue,?sends us a case of cham pagne cider, which we think justifies theclnim ot Mr Farrell ? i.e . that is. "the best that ever come to this market?the pure juice ol the apple.'' Also, from Farrell we have a package of French coffee, said to be of excellent quality i.nd cheap. Also, from Farrell we have a coupl^ of pat ent camp chairs, a betl- the strongest, handiest and lightest v.e have ever seen. Farrell is a live business man, and his business place is worth a visit. See hi> advertisement. Thk Rfc'onvot-jsanck oy >? No. !>1."?Justice must be done, though the heavens fall; and therefore it was not, we hear, the Philadelphia Inquirer correspondent, but the chef of the Tribune bureau in person, who ie.i the van in the 1st of April raid on No. i'i. Willard's, In quest of returned-from-Richmond correspond ents. In adjusting the credits in the ra^e, it is due to ?? Agate," Of the Cincinnati GateVe, to say that he came in a good second, instead of in'the ruck, as wrongly reported about town. The Inquirer man took no stock in the hoax. He was himself one of the salesmen. Fob Hearing.?Last night, a row occurred in the restaurant on 1), between 12th and 13th sireets, (Old Synagogue,) between Henry M.l ler and Alois Mueller, in which Miller drew a revolver and attempted to use it on hi* oppo nent. They were arrested and taken to the Second Ward station, and this morning Justice Clayton fined Mueller and Henry Geisler, who took a part in the fight, $2 each. Miller was held to bail for a heating for assault with in tent to kill. ForSDI.iN'n.?This morning, Mr. Peter Mil ler informed the 5th Ward police that he had fornd a dead white male infant at the remains ^ of the old stone factory enclosed ip asmall box, ; and Officer Turner went to the place and had it conveyed to the station where it awaits the i inquest of the Coroner. There is but little doubt but that it was murdered, as there are several marks ol violence upon it. Hack Drivers Arbepteo.?Yesterday, the military authorities arrested George Royd, J. R Mason and W. F. Downy, hack drivers, lor refusing to remain upon the proper hackstand, thereby violating the back law. They were corrmitted to the Central Guardhouse. Col. Ingraham expresses a determination to" "arrest all offenders. _ BrRi.lARY.?Last night, the residence of George Sa-\age, earner Fifth and lv streets, was entered by thieves, who secured for them selves a gold watch, a gold bracelet, and a small amount of money. No clue to the thieves has yet been obtained.^ The Julia Washington whose name was in Tenth Precinct Police Reports of Saturday, for indecent language, is not the Julia Ann ash tngton that lives on I street, between Uh and Kith streets, Island. H* MARRIED, On the Sl-t nit by the Rev. Mr F inek 1 e Mr I JOHN H. M ITCH F.LI. t.. MiwJOANN.VR HIU.. 1 both of Washington D.C. VIEP On the 4th in>t?nt. after h long nndpainful \'\ np->. of consumption. ROHKRT &? KK1SU. niC'l ?? years. H<r of Mary and the late John Reed, tor nn rlv of Fairfax county, Ya_ His luneral * ill takt- pla^e To morrow ( W''."ne* day), at 10 o'clock, from hi* residence, on \alle> i-treet. Georgetown. Dearest husband, thou bust left us. We thy loss most deeply feel. Put 'tis (Jod that hath bereft uh, lie will all our anrrows heal J Baltimore papers please copy.] On the morninif ot the Sth in-taut. ROSKTTA HFRHERT. colored, a*ed 70 years. Her funeral will take place from her late resi dence 8 street, between 13th and 14th streets. at 1 o'clock on Thursday F.vening. The frieuds of the family are invited to attend. 2t On the 4th Inst., ANNS OU8TIS only child of Geo. 0. aad Margaret Meaning. a?ed 2 yearn and 2 m0abk9tii 1. JIRSMIAU BUBLIT, Hsed.U year#. OEAFXEH, CATARRH, wid diaeaaea of the EAR, THROAT. AND AIR PASSAGES. Dr. LIOHTHILL., from 34 St. Mart Place, New York, Autnor of "A Popular Treatise on Deafness" " Letters on Catarrt," will make his second visit to WASHINGTON, MONDAY, Aran, 11th, and can be consulted at tke Ebbitt Hocs? for oki wsik until Saturday evening:, April 16th, on DEAFNESS, CATARRH, and all the various diseases of the EAR, THROAT, AND AIR PASSAGES. From the Rev. Fred. S. Jewell, Frefesser ?f State Ktrmal School. Albany >'? V. This may certify that I have been, since 1811, snbjeet to violent periodical attacks of catarrh, marked by a highly inflamed condition of the lining membranes of the cavities of the head, producing a most dietreeeing species of head ache lor days at a time, wholly incapacitating me from business, and during the paroxysms confining me to the bed. In some instances the inflammation has extended to the teeth, occa sioning toothache ; to the threat, producing hoarseness and partial loss of voice ; aud and twice it has so affected the left eye as to con fine me for a month or more to a darkened room. These attacks have been accompanied by strong febrile symptom?; by stoppage of the head, and, in the first stages, by watery discharges from the noee, subsequently becoming acrid and yellow, aud towards the close of the attack becoming bloody and purulent. I have tried mM|icinesof almost every kind; external ftp flpations to the head, such as camphor, gin ger, hot bandages, and fomentations of hot vinegar; snuffk of some half a dozen kinds, and other catarrhal preparations, together with in ternal rvmediea. such as alUsiatives, cathartics and emetics. Theee have produced no change in the occurrence or character of the disease, and, in most cases,'with little or no temporary relief. I had come, at length, to believe the disease to be praztlcally beyond either cure or material alleviation. Under these circumstances I was led some five months ago, to make a trial of Dr. Eistht hill's treatment. His method at once approved itself to my judgment, as simple, philosophi cal, and likely to be efiective. Notwithstand ing the disadvantages under which he labored, iu dealing with a disease of such long stand, ing, aggravated by nervous debility aud dys pepsia, and constantly iuduced by the acci dents of my professional labor, I lound the treatment reaching the diseas9 as it had never been reached belore, and producing such a modification and alleviation ol its character, as I had supposed imnossioie. I chronicle the results thus. Although I have been situated several times, so thai I should formerly have believed a severe attack of my catarrh inevita ble, I have escaped thus far: the symptoms of threatened attack have been very light, and have vielded to the remedies employed by I)r. Lighthill, without need of recourse to the old hot fermentations, or emetics; and the dischar gee lrom the head have resumed the original and natural condition. I count upon a com plete cure. That I have been able, however, to obtain so material a relief is to me a cause ot pratitude. In that alone, I am repaid for whatever the treatment may have co3t me. I make this statement unsolicited, as a means of acknowledging my obligations to Dr. Lijjht hill's method of treating catarrh, and with a ?view to aid any who may have snttered from that disease, in forming a just opinion ot its merits, and its probable utility in their own case. Frkdk. S. .Tewkll, Prof State Normal School. Albany, N. Y., March 11, l*Gl. Catarrh Cui fd. From K'v. A*. /'? Kussell, Lynn, Mat*. I have been much troubled with Catarrh of the worst type for some twenty years. It gradually grew worse, producing cqugh aud hoarseness, destroying tne sense of smell, and brtaking down my general health to such a degree as to compel me to resign my pastorate, and suspend public speaking. 1 made diligent use ot the useful remedies, such as snuffs of different kinds, nitrate of silver, tar water, olive tar, and inhalations, but without anv salutary eff'Cts. Last sum mer T heard of Dr. IiightbiU's successful mod* of treating catarih. visited him, and put my self under his treatment I began immediate ly to improve, and this improvement has gone on to the present time. Mv catarrh has gradu ally melted away, my cough has disappeared, my voice has become natural, and I am once more able to preach the blessed Gospel. Lift me advise all troubled with catarrhal difficul ties to apply to Dr. Lighthill. P. Ii. Rr?8KI.L, Lynn, Mass., Feb. 1, 1^<i*2. mh :j|-eo;;w BALLS, PAP TIES, &c. SK C O N D G K A N I> It A L I. OF TM K INDEPES DENT SOCIAL CU B Post piWiJ-fl .?tl Recount of the indelHI-lIC?lit a.,.3 tin- weather until Til 1'RSDA Y ENhMNG.'-M \nrill4th !8'>l I?v order ot Committee. lt. T E. CLARK. Sc.; v. '?Ml K FOU RTH (i RAN l> MILITARY AND CIYIC BALL of mi It A M R O 0 K C I. I' K Will ??.? held at TEMPERA XCE II I /-/-? ON WEDNESDAY EVENING. A?.ril ?Itli. Tin* Shamrock lloys pledge theniselves lo maW this llall second t" none of the Season. t ;{t* K MOURKE President ll'KMKKT AGAIN IN I1ALLSOF PLEASURE SECOND GRAND BALL ? OK TIIK j r v i n /; a a v H E L o K & Will he given on . .. _A. THURSDAY EYENTNO, Anril 7th. at IVmikian IIAt.l.. (Union Hotel.I corner Rriilg^' WHsliington G* . \i Master of Ceremonies?.1 B, Burton. Ft <H'R M \XAGkrs. Louis Mendel. Eli Garrett. W. II Bourke. l><"tffh. i t y. Ilcnrv Booraem. W . II. Hill, Daniel W. Lawler. The manager* promise to mak'lhis equal . it no* superior, to their former entvrtaininent given on March 10th. WU. Every effort will he used and no pains sparer by them to contribute to and promote the comfort and unalloyed pleasure ot all who may honor them v ith their presence. ap 1-tt* SECOND G R A N I> B A L L OF THK INDEPENDENT SOCIAL CLUB. To be gi vtn at the TEMP Ell A XCE HA 1.1., E street, between 9th and 10th streets, on TUESDAY EYENING. April 5th. 1SW The members of the Club return their sincere thanks to their friends and the public for past la vors and respectfully solicit their patronage at our Second Grand Ball, and we promise those that will favor us with their presence an evening of p'easnre. Tickets One Dollar, admitting a gentleman and ladies. By order of Committee mh 29-7t" T K CLARK, See v. Ik PERSONAL. 1 I WISH TO INFORM THE PUBLIC THAT V l art of the statement in yesterday's Star in re gard to the robbing of iuy store on Sunday night, was not correct. The key used was not the store Key; nor was the porter entrusted with the store Ue>>. The key used wb< my stable key. which un fortunately lits the locks of the cellar doors, the goods being taken from the cellar^ ^ F MISS LAURA L. HAYWOOD Is in Washing m ton or Alexandria she will hear something to bet advantage b> addressing "V.," Box 15B Balti more. Md. REWARD.?A reward of forty dollars is hereby offered for the apprehension and delivery at. the Wa-hintfton Navy Yard, of Actiug Master'* Mate ^ ILL1 AM HORNBY, a deserter from the U. ? Navy Said Hornby is about 0 feet 8 inches In height, of slight build aud thiu vi.-aae, with dark h*,r ""'y^xilALL A PARK F.R. Commander. Commanding Potomac Flotilla. I New York Herald will please copy for o# week and send bill to Paymaster Carpenter, NavT^ard, Washington. BOARDING. TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODA led w ith a pleaaant Room and Board at No. hj Pa. aVenue between 2Ut and 'S>\ stg. ap ?-a' OAR DING ? Pleasant rooms and first-class board, at i36 G street, between 30th and 21st. Terms ?30 per month. *-'w* Board AND HANDSOMELY FURNISHED tt(K)MS for famines or single persons, perma nent^ortraasifnt. L00*11011 P^?a?ant; Southwest h Mil Mat streets, near Pa. av. An ex ^^cnVed p?r*on wa?t?d m h?*?*kaep.r. aP4-'it* rANTS. W * rwpffUWf vomu. a SIT T * ATIQN ** cook. Appl> At tae nortufsist f"*PP" of I. and 23d atreeta. 1;? w Jc>r 4 respectable tromiw/i SITU7T * TION tn do charaberwork and to do plain sewing. Address Box ff Star Office. H* \\' ANTED?By a expectable girl, aSITU ATION ?Vo.aR nnr* or chambermaid. Address Box No. ?26 Star Office. if \\r ANTED?By n young, respectable girl, a SIT ",,1 ATION as cook, washer aud ironer.ia a Final! family. Pleasecall at No. 994 Third street, between Mas.?achafietts av. and G street. It* WASTED-A W AITER at the Gosling House. V To one that understand* the busiuess 320 a "Iv? *i'l be given the whole year round. Inquire at th* Res-aurant, 217 Peun. avenue, between 12th and i.itfa sU. ap 5-2t*_ \\tANTKI>? A GIRL for goneral housework; ' will ?et liberal ?a^e- and a good horn*, none ne*d applv except one that can cone well recommended. Inquire at 506 Ninth street, over onice I ndep-*nd*nt Telegraph Co. ap 5-3t ?{t>ARD WANTEDw?Board wanted b> two young *' ladiesina private family. Terms not to ex ceed fj8 per month. References exchanged. In structions on the piaro given in part payment, if desired. Address S C. K., Star office, stating terni^ and location. ap 5-St* WANTED?A GIRL to sew. Apply at the Ehhitt House. ap4-3t* \V* ANTED?A white Woman to do plain Cook . * * Washing and Ironing in a private fami References required, xnd good wasei given. Apply at No. 37 1 7th atre-'t north. ap 4-3t* BOARD WANTED?By a married lady. A pri vate family preferred, Terms must be moder ate. Addretjs, stating terms, location, Ac.. Box 7", P. O. ap 4-3t* WANTED.?A first class CAKKand PASTRY BAKER, at S. SIMONS' Confectionery. 106 Pennsylvania avenue, between Hand 4l* streets, north side. ap 4-3t* Y\TANTED?A SITUATION a,s nurse for the " sick, by a middle aired American woman, (ipod reference can be given. Address, Post Of" fite. Mrs. HANNAH MARANDA. ap 4 3t? Y\TANTED?f10.000 on DEED OF TRUST "" N0TE8, secured on first-class Property worth ?40.0U). Good bonus paid. Address for two weeks. A. K. SEPTIMUS. np4-7t* Post Office. Washington. D. C. YV" ANTED.?An experienced colored NURSE, to " attend an infant. Appl vat 187 H street, be tween 19th and 2Mh streets, on Tuesday. Wednes day, and Thursday, from 4 to 7 p. m. The best recommendations require*!. ap 4-3t* V\T ANTED.?Three WOMEN as order cooks, one vv womaii to wHsh and iron, and one scrub wo man. all white. References required. Apply at the office of the New York Hotel, ?th street, near E. ap 4-3t* YV ANTED IMMEDIATELY-Experience v * the office of the National Sterna Laundry, south side Peun.avenue, between 13tli and >2% streets. None but experienced workmen need apply. apl-3t* YYr ANTED TO RENT-On or before lst"ofrMiv. " a small HOUSE. 5 to 8 rooms, furnished or unfurnished. Careful t> nant-s and prompt pay. Address or call on Treasury Clerk, No. 371 1 ?th street west-, between L and al north. ap l-4t* ?Q AO Ik WANTED?For one or two years. Improved Real Estate worth live times the nmount will be given. A liberal inter est and bonus will be given. Address "Money," Star Office Box ?, for one week. ap l-3t* C'OOK WANTED.?A really good Cook (woman) > who ran come well recommended as such, can get a situation with highest wages hv applying at No. 600 Massachusetts avenue, near New Jersey aveiiue. ap f-3t* \\" ANTED AT 8LAGLE S ?Wanted iminedTitT ly. a first-class PHOTOG RA I'll BR. One who understands the profession in all its branches will find? good situation, as my Rooms are letter A . No. 1. None but a good operator need apply. A. G. SLAG1.E, ap 4 2t* No. 288 Pa. a v., cor. I lth St. (xOOK WANTKD?At the Clarendon Hotel. II <? must be experienced as a hotel cook, and come well recommended. ap 2-3t" Y\" ANTED?Two MEN to *work on a farm and vv garden, (iood wages aud a desirable .home. Apply at the Star Office. ap J 3C i^REtANTS WANTED?A ."ook. chambermaid. dining-room servant and coachman wanted immediately. Colored servants preferred. In competent persons need rot apply. Liberal wage* given. Apply at residence of Amos Kendall. Ken dall Green. ap2-tf C; I |||1 BON US to any one that w ili assist me to <{7 1 *? V* get a CLKRKSII I P in one of the Ilepart merits. An old and experienced Quartermaster's Clerk. Address S. C.. Star Office. mh WANTKD?A BOY to learn the Confectionary. Apidy at 135 Pennsylvania avenue, be tween 17th and 18th streets. mh 30-iw* 5,000 signed will pay one dollar per 100 lbs. for* all green camp and hospital Bones, delivered at their Factory, corner 27th and G sts. inli ?7-Ini MORGAN fc RH1NEIIART. en unit ladies wanted to cali/ at OH,Will PRINCE'S Stamp ng Depot, 381 F street opposite Patent Office, and get their Stamp ing, Stitching, Pinking, acd Embroidery done. As there are other Richards in the field, ladies better look out that tbey corns to Prince's, who is tie only practical hand in the city. Be rare you go to F street, opposite Patent Office. mii4 ?3.000 HORSES WANTED Wil D?rA*lMEST, Oi VAI.KY fltTrtKAC, } Officio? Uhirf Qo a ar x .. v! i it ia, \ Washiwoton, D. C , J!> ??a S 1154 \ Ore hundred and forty gevsn (% > 47) dollars per head will be pa'*d for all * CAVALRY H0K?KS delivered vithin the nex". thirty (,1^)days at the 9oTernment 3t?b'es at Gi?boro, D 0 Enid hcisec to besonul ia r11 pirticu'ars, not less th?n fiTe (?) tor more than niie (?) years old: fr^m 14' to 16 hands high, fall fleshed, compact!/ built, bridle wiee.anC of feiie sufficient for cavalry par po*?s. ThfSf spttificciions irill be strictly ad-hertrl to in / rittiilly t/tfortcd in fi rry partirul'ir. Payiu>ent made on delivery of ten (10) an* over, Hourt of Inspection from 0 a. m ta6 p. m. JAStK? A. EKtN. Lient Colonel and Chief Q':trter,a*.*ter, mh9?t Cavalry Uur^au. \\" Ah TED IMMSDI ATELY-^OoXiDI EFto vt Embroider on M i^.lin, Linen and C&mbrio To good hantfs constant work and good wages given Ladies apalyirjr will please bricg Sarup!?s of work Apply W M. PKl SOE'8 Stan ping aad Machine St^ching Depot, 381 F Btreet, oppoot-e Patent Office. fa IS W ANTE1 "fcECOND H AN D EURNITU RB *" Also, Minors, Carpets. Beds, Ded-ling ana HouBfcfnmiebiiig Ooods of every des iripxion R. BUCKLY 42? Seventh !t. mar *'tf bflt G and P.. ea^t s:-de. LOST AND FOUND. REWARD.?I,n-t. on Friday lti* in rOST OR STOLEN?Leather POCKET-BOOK, i with ??.?.;>0. also a note payable six nontlis afterdate to Clias. O F.arner. This is to ean-ion all persons from receiving .--aid note. ap.vat* JOHN T LYNCH_ I OST?On Saturday morning, the 2d instant a t-J large black Newfoundland DOG. with white brea>t and feet; answers to tl'te name <,f ^lo reward will be given if returned to II. LEIINK. hp r. :s? * Old Depot Ilonse. cor. 2J anil Pa.av ^TUAYEB OR STOLEN -On Sunday (April fd evening, a BAY MARE.^ith carriage harness on; a leather boi f <>n her nuht front le^; sum ? marks ? > f a ? hip on her hip A 1 :beral re war 1 will be eiy n I y the owner. >1 fCH \El. t'ON.VBR?. i>u 1j hi ret t. be; ween 1st and New Jersey av np.i-2t" CSTRAYED OR STOLEN?From my stable, on April 2, one stirre' PONEY, short man-, both liind i'eet white: is a condemned U. S. hors*; h is W P. I. C. branded on his left shoulder A reward ,,?'^H) will be given if returned to No. 533 New Jei>ey avenue, near B street. ap 5 2t* $10 poei .! to have been lo^t near the Bait more depot. The above reward will lie given if left in the base ment of t he < 'en t ral Hotel. GEORGE W. GREGORY, apr??t? Company II. Purneli Legion. IoST?A BROWN MARK four years old, white J -tar in her forehead A liberal reward will be PMi'i to the finder by returning the ^sme to A N0/1GLA, between IJth and 13tb streets. Pennsvl vania avenue, Navy Yard. ap i-rlt* C* Jf REWARD.?Strnyed from the subscriber, March 29th. a RED COW. with white ho?-ns. and about 8 or I) years old. The above rewar.l will be tiven for the return of said cow to ELIJAH PARKER. Sexton at Old Soldiers' Home. Wa-h ingtop, D. C. ap 4-2( * tfTRAY ED TO MY Place on thehighls of George 1^ town. t*o COWS. Tfee owners are requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take them away. ap 2 ,'U* JOHN A. BARBER._ REWAR1>.?Stolen, on the night of the Jlst March, from my farm in Montgomery eoupty, Md. a valuable trotting STALLION. It", hands high, six years old, dapple bay, black mane and tail; no white exeept the right hind foot; very showy: has larsre fo.-t and very clean legs. WM. E. STUBBS, Sligo P. O.. ap2 1w* Montgomery Co., Md. (g. r REH ARD.?Strayed on th?-night of tli-2?th inst.., from the daughter-house corner bith and O streets, a red COW with white face; rope st tsched to front foot and horns when she loft The above reward will be jiAie for her delivery or any information at stall No. 7 0, Northern Market. GEORGETOWN ADVER'AITS NOT ICE?i. ICEXS ES.~ All Licenses ,tue UJ? the Corporation of Georgetown on the first of A|>ril nftxt must be paic within ten days from that date; otherwise they will bu strictly enforced bv tbe Metropolitan Police. nih 25-eotloap WM. LAIRD, Clorlt. I^nos. n. donoiiue & co., PLUMBERS AN1) HAS FITTERS, No. 82 Bi-.idgk Strket, Gkobqktown. All orders for Gs^ Fitting, Alteration* and Ex tensions will receive prompt and faithful atten tion. Plumbing in all its branches executed in the best njaaner. Water introduced and Hydrants put up at short notice. rah 22-1 w* :art l co.. HANKERS. No 460 15th St.,Oppo8ite the Treascbt. SI,U United States Bonds of all descriptions. Quarter masters' Checks, Gold. Silver and Uncarrent Money bought md sold. Stocks bought and sold at the New York stock exchange solely on conunis Fion. Drafts turpi abed and celleet'eVfl taade on tkf ?o?t fgTortb\? ttrni. . *v H( FOR RENT AND SALE. - DESIRABLE FURNISHED BOOMS forr<.nt.?t 37 3 Pcnns)lr?niaa^nuc. ap:. 31* FORREKT-A two4torjr fraWV FtorT^ . con taining a store auil three rooms, en the cor ner Of Frederick and 3d ttreeta. Georgetown In quire on the premise#. _ "P j '** Kj*0& SALE?Eicht years' LEASE of a St.irerooin r on Pa. avenue, located between lltli mi 1 jtli ?t*. Rent only FSS per month. A fOM stand for tny bu?iiiff4, MITCHELL. A SOS, Real Estate Brokers, ?P I lw* S K. corner I'h ar^and l-'tU st. CIXTT ACRES Of WOOD L AND FOR 8ALB ? *- Will imi^e 60 cords per acre. 12 nii!e? from the District and 2 miles from the canal. other tract of wood land containing 2f#l acres ot heavy timber. WM. HILGOUR. ap5 5t* Trustee and Attorney. 317 7th st. F*OR RENT?Two BRIClCliOUSBB?one ou Vir (jini* Hvmue, near 4*> street. Island, mtitH six rooms; one on 7th street, between K and F streets, Island, with seven room-. Apply to H.S JOHN 8TON. No. 37 3 Pennsylv ania av .-nue, between l1* and 6th streets, opposite National Hotel. ap r.-eojtt* F'OR SALE OR RENT?That first cla*- DWELL ING HOUSE and lot of ground at the suutk west corner of l'rince and Columbus street*. Ale* audria. Title perfect and immediate possession given. Inquire of JAMES A. STOULENBERG. Alexandria, or of the subscriber. Franklin Row. Washington, corner 13th and K sts. ap5-lm* J. H. LATHROP. F"?0R RENT.-TWO ROOM? ou the first floor on MS and C streets. No. 30. ap t-3t* FM RNIfcHED ROOMS an-' first class BOARD for four gentlemen. Enquire at 4 19 C street, bet. 1st and 2a, within one square of cars. ap 4-3t* ~^ouse"on part ofTiotsb to rent on . Island. Apply to DEMONGEOT*S Human Hair Store, corner of D and iUth streets, near the avenue. ap 4-3t* ROOMS to RENT ?Large and convenient FUR NISHED ROOMS to rent, with the privilege of keeping house. Also rooms for single gentle men, No. 3.13 O street, between 4S andtith streets, rear of the National. ap 4-Jt* FOR SALF?A DAIRY doing an excellent busi ness Bnd having everything requisite for a very considerable increase of it. Every information will be given on application to the toll-gate keeper on 7th street.near the Soldiers'Home. ap4-3t* lj'OR SALE?In Montgomery county. Ml.?A r well-improved FARM, of 90 acres of land; 30 seres in wood, balance in cultivation. Good dwell ing, out houses, and orchards of choice fruits. Eight miles from Georgetown, and in a good neighborhood. Twenty fine farms and several tracts of woodland for sale. Houses in Baltimore lor sale and rent. T. MACE. Ileal Rstate Broker. 517 7th street. ap4-lw* over Maury & Co.'s Bank._ OUSES FOR SALE. A Corner Lot. Lr<) feet front on Pa. a*., con tsining Z2.500 square feet of ground, improved by stores, offices and residences; is one of the best locations for a fisst class hotel in Washington. The whole of this excellent property can be pur chased for S125,imO?$25.KJ0cash, balance ou long A "fine Brick Residence on K st.. oppo. Franklin Square. 12 rooms. 28 by 133 ft to 30 foot pavei al ley. stableRnd carriage house ?. 910,UA) Desirable Brick on llth st.,near Pa av.,26 by 1U). 10 rooms 8.000 Brick Residence on L St.. 22 by 137. 10 rooms. good stable -?? - -5,600 A substantial Brick, on B St., bet. 2d and 3d, IS by 100. ft rooms ? ? 4.000 A snug little Brick House, ou L st., 16 by 100, 6 rooms - --300 Frame Dwelling, lo rooms, and 10,50(? feet ot ground ?7.000 A neat Frame House, on llth st.. 12 by 1ft). 6 rooms ; 1.600 One on 6th St., bet. N and O sts., 23 by 126. 6 rooms r -? ----- 1,400 Two Frames on N St.. bet. 4th ana 5th sts. 15 by ISO, 4 rooms, each ?. 1.100 Building Lots in all parts ?tf the city. A number of desirable Farms for sale. MITCHELL A SON, Real Estate Brokers, apMMl S. E. corner Pa. av. and 15th st. frOR" RENT?Two large STORE ROOMS anl r fixtures, fronting Massachusetts avenue and K street. Can be thrown into one room, making re. m 100 feet deep. Arp'y at I Massachusetts avenu e . * P 2-?l FOR RENT?To small families withoutchildren, or to single gentlemen, a number of very de sirable APARTMENTS at the northeast corner ot C and North Capitol streets, near the depot. Apply immediately and for one week. ap 2-3t* OUSE FOR RENT?Containing ti rooms, din ingroom, kitchen and 4 uppi-r rooms. Two or more y??-rM'>ns iti the house would like to boar?i with the family if agreeable. Apply at !**?> E st., between 3<f and 4th. ap .-3t I/OE SALE^X first rate STAND for a Or..eery ? and Provision Store or Restaurant; i*located iu one of the best streets in Washington. Sto'k on hand A partner will be taken bv investing one half of this amount. Lease for five years or more. No bonus. _ , .. MITCHELL A SON, Real Estate Agents ap 2-lw* Southeast corner I'a. av. and 15th st. I70R SALE?The HOUSE No. 4-t, Mass. avenue, between 4th and 5th streets, will be sold low for cash. Possession given 1st June. Also, a LOT <-<?ntainine 32 acres of lan?l on the turnpike road, near Bladensbitrg ; adjoins the farms of Missrs. Dodge and Rives. Several other pieces or parcel" ef land in the same locality for sa e. A1 dress .1. W V ElTCIl. Attorney at Law. I'.ladens burg. Md ap2 2w* 7^11 REE DESIRABLE BRICK HOUSES AND A number of VACANT LOTS in the Western pflit ot the city at PRIVATE SALE?We oiler for sale two three-story Brick Dwelling Houses. N os 21 n n<\ 2Ti Pennsylvania avenue .between T wen - t^ fourth and Twenty-fifth str-et< containing ' a-h fifteen rooms, vith large hall and .ill the modern improvements The houses are in fine condition, baving lately been thoroughly repaired. At tached to one of the houses is a side lot fronting 22 feet on the avenue, with choice fruit trees, grapery. Ae. ... .. _? ?. Also, m three-story Briek Dwelling. No 7* K street. with side lot. and tontdimng nine rooms, with ball. . Also, a number of \ .-leant Lots, fronting n"> >ut 24 feet each on Pciinsyl\ania avenue, between Twenty fourth and Twenty-lifth streets west. lor terms. Ac. uppW t"JAS. C. McGLIRE A CO.. Auctioneers. ap 2-d2w 17MT)R~REN T?"flarge obi l?shi *n HOCSE on II igh street. Georgetown, containing 15 rooms, in rim'iinga large dining room, suitable for h lintel o.t boarding house Immediate posses^iyn given inquire at No. 4.'?7 l.'ith street, between r. and r streets, between 1 and 2 o'clock. mh 31 -lw* |7>OR SALE- A g..od TENT. ?1 by U feet..nearly I new : will be sold cheap. Inquire at 53.> Mary 1 .*111d avenue. mh 30-lw* F?OR SALE?Three FRAME HOUSES. This is a verv desirable property for any kind of busi n^s. being on Virgiria avenue and 23il street. For j?articulars apply to JOHN RILEY. 23d street, be tween 1. and F. Terms; One-half cash; balance in ti and 12 months. mh 25 2w* V)R SALE?A FARM of 9<i acres. Hi mile frn?n Scaggs" Switch; 2" acres cleared?balance in good wood, oak and hickory. AV ill be sold for ' MITCHELL A SON. Re*i Estate Brokers, nib -w S. E. corner Ph. av. and l.'ith st ? V'OR SALE OR EXCHANGE?7,300 square f-et i of (JROl'N D. improved by a comfortable brio* house l'i l.v ;>?. five rooms, and small buildings, now paying!F160 per month net protit. Grocery and 1 Liunor More. -tock, 1 icenses. A. inc.luded. MITCHELL Ar SuN, Real Estate Brokers, mh 2J-SW* Southeast cor. Pa. avv. amUath st. i/OR SAl.E-A lieat two-story frame HOUSE. I with back building, containings rooins. Also, adioiuing Lot. 42 feet front, with KVfoot si'lealley. runi ir g back 105 feet to a .'H'-foot alley, with two smail frame houses on the hn--k of the lot. situated i n 13,'.. street, between 1! and C. Island. ? .in be bought cheap, if applied for soou oi the prcinise-t, N?.1h IM'-J street. -nh'.'i lot L.-'OU LtiASK OR RENT?A large quantity of r tui' LOTS, ? minuted walk of the Pieai dect's House and all the cflicee.ntae First Ward A.JARDIN, rlonst. mhlc-lm 18th et , cor, of M. tvuB SaLS?The UNION BATING HOC8* on the cotter of lith and GBtre-ts. Itwiil be sold reasonable, as the owter wants to go Into otner business. Call early on the premiies mh 7 Ira ?7*0H~ BALB?A fir?t rate two story FRAMB r HOUSl, containing nine rooms, togethsr with r ice Building LOTS, all set out with choicest frutt. such as peaches, p?arg, plums, cherries, grapes, a.i of the bfst selection; with a pump of excellent water in the yard;on the corner of G ana 13th sts . and Pecn. avenue east. For further particulars call at residence No. ft7 3. nlDsm, mh7-lm" P OAHKOLI*. 17>OB RENT?With or Without Board?An excel T lent PARLOR and several weU furnished BED ROOMS, at 4 30 street, ^thin fire minutee wa k of the Rirkwood House, Wllliard s, and the Patent Office, Post Offce and Treasury antTBtate Decartments, The location is unsurpassed in Washington. No ohildren in the house. e21-tf PERKINS, STERNE Co., l'-'O Krondway, M. Y., i: x C I. U 81 V E I) E A L E II 8 I N CALIFORNIA WINE. vv * guarantee them all to bt? ABSOLUTELY PURE For sale by all first-class Grocers and Druggists everywhere. mh:W-3m* tpOll SALE?A new (?ran<l Square PIANO FORTE 1 at a great, sacrifice, 7'* octaves. gantly carved lags, etc.. by a genttemau|KMB9| leaving VVa>hiagton, and is to be seen at'"*'1 Prof. Alex. Wolowski?s rooms. No. HI1' F -treet. corner of llth st. Hours of reception c ilv from 8 to lit o'clock a. m. daily. ;nh 29-6t w H ITE VIRGIN WAX OF ANT H S-A new French Cosmetic, for beautifying liitening, ? ? rrt'urij Lior-iucviu (?i and preserving the Complexion. I' the most wonderful compound of the age. Tit is neither chalk, powder magnesia, bismuth.*- ale in ita composition, it being composed entir y of pure Virgin Wax? hence its extraordinary ?, alitiesfor preserving the skin, making it soft, si ooth.fnir, and trajisnsreni. Ittnnke^rhH old ap -sr young] the homely, handsome; the handsome, luuiv b a ; ' tiful, and the most beautiful divine. Price a Suceats. BUNT'S BLOOM OF ROSES, a most perfect color for the cheeks or lips, does not wash off or iniur* the skin, price 23 cents and f I. HUNT'S COURT TOILET POWDER, for whitening and pre?.-rvin? theskin. Price 25 snd 50 cents. Sfanufactureil hv HUNT A Co., 41.South Eighth stree? PhiffiP phia, .None genuine unless the name of " Hunt A Co ?' is blown on the bottles. For aal* a CROYEAU'S, 171 Baltimore street^ lUlt;?,?.?' and W, B. EN;TWI8LE, corner Twelfth l?enn.ylv.nia ave., Washington D C TO 8UTLBBB?Fire CUM S0LQ?N4 BAUSi ABM ??*.!? Ml S3 ?ti. Hr IB., vlthottt m AUCTION SALES. WOU OTHBB A DOT Km flALBS U1 1ST . THUAfTKRHooii AWP TO-.MOMOW. By J. O. CO. Auctioneers. C^KBATSALB BT OATALOOOBOF t spentf TbIVB FiasT-CLASS BpHM.'h* L<JTK SlUHIiilM TO III DavidsOX 1st4 r< "?On TURSDAT AFTBBNOON April *h.atSo'ewSh, itttoteJ t^on rooms ooraer of ImU ud D itr*?u *? ?s?ji . T? ri?8T GLASS BUILDTH? LOT! hedging to the " l)*riJ?on Batata.'* ootawriUac n>ostelI?ib!e buildlua lot* lo Sefocnl ci,?r. sltaatad principally ob lh r high grands !?? ?? *?an?rlT?Bl* avenue, bstwem Ninth end ^ ?**??** welt, in the bee* improve* *"?' %?*?*** put of titf for private resi For descriptive M,taIogu??.with tarnu of sale Ae. apply to the uadsrsigntd mh.19 d J 0. McOUIRI & CO.. Anete. MM. B. LKWI8 A CO., Auctioneer* CLOSING SAL* of fine Phntojrraphle A! bams, > airily Bible*, biiver fluted Were. T?h|e aodf Po?ket Outlarr. Writing Paper Envelop**, ead slso Odd and Silver We^cbee, Jewelry G?M Pens, Pencils. Ac. Oil Paintings, Engravings. ant a large let of Fancy Goods. THIS EVENING, at r o'clock at our store, No 7, fterenth etrpet, be tween G ut J |#, ?p 4 tt WW P. LEWIS A Co. Aucts. |?Y WM. B. LEWIS A CO.. Auctioneer* STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A BOOT AND SHOE _ J*TOBK AT AUCTION. ? April 6th, at Wo'elock. we eh all *ell at W. IT Stanley's store. No 390 Eleventh street between M and L streets, his whole stock, consisting of * Men's fine sewed and Pegged Calf Boots. Scotch Ties, Shoes, Slippers, and Brogane. flne BalmoraUrSoots. Shoes, and Slippers. With a good assortment of Children's Shoes, etc ALSO, Fixtures, LouageMtools.LookingGlass,Shelving, mf.l'zt WM. B. LBWI8 A Co., Aaet*. By J C. McGUIRB A Co. Anetioners. C ALB OP VALUABLE IMPROVED RBAL BB j^TATB.OF P STBBBT BKTWIIN TWEWTT-riBST A.fS **??" bicokd ?On SATURDAY AFTIlUfOM. April Id, at e o'oloek on the premise*, we eh*U eatf the west half of Lot Ho 5, in Square 8fl, hsriu a front on P street of ? feet 9 isehss, and raanuw *??* * 8\ lnehes, improved by a One framo dwelling bous^ containing hre rooms, psiiBjsB. and bneh kitchen - Terms : One-third sash; and the belasMe la three equal payments at 6 U, and 18 months sstmrsd br a ds?d of trust on the premises. Stamps and conveyancing at purchaser's ooet. W T. FRNDALL, Attorney. mh.S eodAda J. 0 MoGUIBB A Co Aaots. ?"TUB ABOVE SALS IS POSTPONED IN consequence of the rain uut'l WEDNESDAY kf TERNOON, April 6th. Sam* honr and place. W. Y. FBNDALL, Attorney sp2 J. 0. McGUlRB A CO.. Auct*. By M V. BUCKET. Auctions* ~~ (f ear Ail mm, D. C. |? X ECU TOR'S 8 A LB -Br vlitne of the last wfll J_j and testament of B isa Lucaa, deaoased. I will oBer at auction on WBDNK8DAY, the 6th day of April,at 4 o'clooh p. m., on the premises the late reeidfccec of Mrs. Lucas In Georgetown, oomsris lag that part of Lot reveatr-si*. (76? of Oil Georgetown, lying ra the east side or OesU alley front in# one hundred and ninety feet on said alloy by forty nine feet deep, aad the sruthweet part of Lot seventy three, (73) forty-nine fret six iaohesU lsngth, b> fifty feet wide: the whole improved by a substantia' Frame Dwelling. AU?, at 6 o'clf ck p rr., or. the same day, on tho premises. Lot No. thlrty-flve, (55) in Deakln'*. Lee aud Caxencvc's addition to Georgetown, frontio* thirty feet on Green street, by one hwadred ana twenty feet deep, and improved by a two-storr Frame Dwelling. 1 erms of ??1? : One third of the purchase money to be paid In 'aefe; and the residue Id two equal in 8talro< nts, at six and twelve months, with iat?rest to be secured. Tke terms o* sale must be complied with wittiia one week after sale or the property mar be rs?o44 at the risk and cost of the first p ireharer. after one weekn'notice WALT JSR 8. COX Bxecator mbl7-er*de? M. V. BUCK BY. auH. By M V I1CCKBY. Anctionee^ \T AUCTION?A BUT -Dlf G I^Of OPPOS1T* gCGTC h Puw ?On WEDNESDAY, the fitn of Aprii. ai ? o'clotk p m , I will sell part of Lota So sn1 37. fronting on the alley opposite 8eoteh R iw Georg?tcwn. Hi'? fee: froat. runuio* buk llufd<t to the Can*!. 1 erms cash, It* M V. BUCKBY. Auct. By J C. MoGUlRB A 00.. Auctioneers. DBB1RABLE HB8IDBNUK SOUTHEAST OOK KSR or TWKLKTH HTR1KT WgST tSu G STRSKT Korth.?On WEDNESDAY APTfiRNOON, Mar?h f.ur o'clock, on the premises. w? ahin! Mil p&rt* of Loth 6 snd 7. in square No. 12 i, fronting <6 ftei cn G street ncrth, at the <?oru? of Twelfth street we?t, and running back 96 feet 11 inches on Twelfih Htreet. improvfdby a haadsom? th\ee tory ard ba-i*ment Lirick Dwelling Home, three roimi deep, c ntaining saloon parlor nine chimbors reilais. k't^ben. ^errant*' rooms, hath reo-a, gn? plitd with hot and cold water, gas throuvh >at,anl a brie* stable on the rear of the lot. the whole ?u elosed with a snbsiantial brick wall The housa is snpplied with fine clost'ls acd pmtries throagh-xit acd the ertir? precise* aredrai ed tlircugh a !ar?e sewer crosrlng under the rear of the lot. Term* at sale. Conveyances at eost of tbepurchaser mha d J. C McGUIRB A CO.. Biota. %f~TilE ABOVE SALK 18 I'OSTPONKD IN Ccnsequt'nce of the rain, until WEDNESDAY AptII bill, same hour and place. ?P 3 J. 0 McGUlUK A CO. Au?ti. By GBEEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. I'ALUABLB BUILDING LOT AT AUCTION - v an WEDNESDAY. April 6th, we shall sell in front or the premises at 5 o'clock p. m , part or Lot 18 in sqrsre 36. This property fronts on N street north, and is between 23d and ?4th streets west. It ha* a front of 24 feet 9 inches, and runs back mm teet. Terms on? hslf ea.-h; balance in sis and twelve months, for not?s bearing interest; a deed civen an4 a deed of trust taken All conveyance and stamps at the cost of the purchasers. mh.23 eoAds GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auct*. By J.C. McGUIRB A- Co , Auctioneers. f"I Ot BEHOLD FU RNITC RE Aft 7> IfFBOT^ AT II Auction" ?On TUESDAY M08NING. April 6ih, it 1" o'clock, we will sell at Uouse No. 311 9ch street, between L and M. an excellent aas^rtaeot ofhousthold furniiuie. coeiprisicK : Mahrtaty tquara Case Piano Forte by Basseil Ha'.let, Walout Carved Crimson Damask Sofa, " '* ' *' Sewing Chajr. 2 " CiiKSon Ds-mafk Window OctomaSa, Marble top Pier Table, Mirror back, WiinutGrasn Velvet covered Arm Chair,Ottoman " Carved Antique rm Clulr, Marble top Center avii bule Table. Watiu: C- Tner Stands, Plush covered Arm Caair Oval gi!t frame Mirror Brocf;* and Gilt Cacdelebras and Giraadoles, Hall Divan and Side Chairs, Makccany Curd table. Marble Top Cottage Setts. Toilet 8etts, Pice Wardrobes and Bureaus. Cane Seat. Back. Rocker*, acd Pide Obairs, Hush and Hair Mattresses, Gilt Suaieg, Kt-atber Beds, Roister* acd Pillows, Walnnt Extension Dining Table, iitockery end Glass Ware Outlery. Exc?U>-ut Brussels and tbree-ply carpets Oil Cloth . lo^ether with a general assortment of Kitchen Utec*ils. Terms cash. rch il<-d J. C. Mo3UIRE A Co., Auots. TIIE ABOVE SALE 18 POSTPONED IN coi^equence of tlie rain, until THURSDAY, April 7th same honr and p'ace. ap5 J . C. McGU I RE A CO., Aucta. By W. L. WALL A CO.. Auctioneers. SoutAwtft corner Ptnn. artnue *nd ninth itrtit. ( GROCERIES,LI(iUOR8 CIGARS AND TOBAO 1* CO AT AUOTION-On TU1SDSY MORN 1NG. tke 5th or April, at 1C o'clock, we will aoll at the Auction Boom?? Barreli" White and Yellow Buzar, Chests Tea. boxes Spt*rm and Adamantine Candles Barrels and boxes Coffee Ruck?-te, Tubs and Tray* Boxes Brown. Yellow and Castile Soap Raske'sntd Tinware Boxes Giueer and Cinnamon, Ca^es Whiskey, demijohns Brandy anl Whlakey, S II Cases Otara Eupuy.aadB O. P. Brandy, Boxes Havana Tobacco and Cigar*, Boxes Flavoring Extracts, PicsUd Oysters Octaves and Quarters brandy, ess ?* Jamaica Rum, Gibson s XXX, Old Bourbon, and other brands, Barrels Wh'skey. various kinds. Falaratu* acd Soda, Ptherial Fluid I"nderehirts and Clothing _ A quantity or Email Ctores and Sutlers' Goods. AI.SO. A psrt of the stock of a dealer destining business, consiPtiDif ??f i??rifty of ATti^iM, and MeaMire*. S'alcS, Counter, ami Platform, Tea, Caddies, Ac. Terms cash. WM L WALL A OH . Aucta. gy-1 IIB ABOVE8ALB IS POSTPONED UNTI L llirRSDAY MORNING. April 7th. same hour. aP5 W. L. WALL A CO . Abcxs. By . 0. McGUIRB A 00., AaCwioneers. r A RGB AND VALUABLB LOT ON 1ATH I J SRKKT WEST. RBTWBKN RbOSB 18LAHO iVISVS iKi< North P strict ?On FRIDAY AITBBNOON. April fi o'clock, on the premises, we shall seU Ld nun ber St. iu square cumber 19S, fronting iVet It inches on I5th str*et. and running back 9 fvet on m 60 foot alley, to be Bold entirely or di ?i'.Vd into building lot* aa may be desired. ?^"Bfle perftnptory Terms one thud cash; tbe remainder in six and twelve rrri)t>?? with tn*ere*t. By order of iu? ituUa. apftd J.C hlcGUlKE o. CO., A uz'~. pY WM. B. LXWI8 4. CO., Auctioneer*. GLASS CASES, FIXTURES OF SfOBE,Ac.,AT AECT10N. On TnCRSDAY NEXT, at V o'cloca, at ft?^e No. 437 Seventh t-.treet. near G street,was ?> I H^|| Four Glass. Metel Frame Connt-er Caeca, Loo' Glass, Regulaters. _ .. Or- Bow Window. Awning and Frame.Gas I ? lur.Cov-* ' r>heU?ngMd ether Fixturee. ip 4-3t (Chrcvo.) ^ ? p TiKViB m, 0Q.% Auct. I>Y THOMAS DOWLINtt, Auot'r.; Oaorgetoan. \l BXCBLLENT TwijTsTOBY FBAMB HOTTER AND LOT IN GEORGETOWN. AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY. April 7th, mi, at so'eiockp. m.. I will sell, in front of the premises, <w Cow cress street, between Bridge and Gay_ttroet?. Georgetown. TheLotfrmta 23 feat on Con great street, and Is improvsd bp aa exoelleat two storr Praase Bouse, containing tea room*.

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