Newspaper of Evening Star, April 6, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 6, 1864 Page 1
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V*?. XXIII. WASHINGTON. D. C., WEDNESDAY. APRIL 6. 1864. N?. 8.465. AUCTION SALES. rvfiikK Dili. P? J G. McGUIRB A CO , Auctk>n??rt. twc iilfTRAHM! BcTlDING LO ?, IN Til IMMllHiT* 0/ TUB WAR AND On TllUKnD? Y*a F 1 kKN00 N. AprU 7 1*}4, at, 41 f?et 6H inches on New \ork ?T"na?, riaar the corner oi Seventeenth street, an t running back about 111 fe-t. To be said entire, or divided into Lo** of twt: d tj fsfll oine inches each, as may be de "t>? pronmity of ttis pmpnrtr to the Depirt ?sert* end the floe view i taking ia the Smitasc* man (ironed*. Capitol. Monument, and Potomaj iii?r ) reid?rs it a de-Ira^le site for a residence. Terms art half e?ah ; the remainder ia fi months, with inter"*t. seenred by a 4eed of trust on the yemiaef. Conveyances and stamp* at cost of pur cfiastr, ap4 4t J. C. McQCIRB & OO.t An:ts. By J. 0. McGUIRB A Co., Aaatlooaera. ^HALL ANd DB31RABLB TRACT Of LAND ACJOIBIIO THS OiTT AT PUBLIC Salb ?On TFCKgDAY AF' BRNOON. April ?;h, at 5 o'olook, re ibe premises, we shall seU a small and desirable trtet or iard, lyitg on the road to Anacestii drilge, distant about one quar er of a mile trom the ft street toll ga'? it mr dtatelv opposite Donegal's, aid hdjoia.;d cb the we it by Istaerwodd'a p.aae Tre tract eontame tUlrty acres of land, has a amill iwetling hoaan. pump of gt-od water and a fl-ie asritig on the place, a'so choice fruit trees It de aired. it will be divided Into four or fly* trao a of alx or feven acrea each, f ontinz on the main roai, ltd running b*ck to ' Cool Rua'' roal. terms : One third casA, the remainder in Bit and nuoirl e, witb in^-erist, seoured by a ?' ?ed of trukt on the ptemisee Ooat of conveyance*, lc? eluding stamps. to be paid by the pnrcftawr. nib SI d J. if. MotrClB* A. Co., Aastg. By . 0. McStJIRB A CO , Auctioneer*. ? AH'tJE A NO VALUABLE LO - ON 1.1TB 1 4 fRBI? W*6T, BKIWESX RhoDB I 31 ISO IVKIUI ifvNotfB P8TKKKT ?'nk'RI L>\Y aKa JN, April S'-h. at b o'ci. ek. on the premises, we aaall per. ?.ot nambor SO, itx s<ju*re rumber 198. fronting f f-et II inehes ot :5th strtet, and running back ?'? 'eet ?a a 60 foot ailey, to bo sold entirely or di vided lets as may be dasired. BE^"S?le pereirpory Termecne thiid ?%'b; the remainder iasix and lwtlve mtnths with merest. By order or the T ma tee ipi d J .Q McQPlRl A CI., Anots. CByJ C, MoGUIRB A Ca, Auctioneers BABOCKY HALS UV FOHPlf-B1X VA LUABLB Lore >? v'quaj<r ia2 om tub high grooid bk y W?B* M SikBBT Alil> Nxw IIaMI'SHIHB avbbhb and I'i XTf.KVTH avd lilCV BBTBBKTB 8TRtfMl 3By ail th>:rtt> ofadejree oi the bup'-erue Co art of this D st:let pasct d in a cause whriein RIk^i A C j. are remffa'naotsar d ?he widow an! htsirsofthe late Ti'i h'm th a~e defendants I sh*U sell to tiio kiabttt bicdef. <:b tfce premises, on the21>>t day of A pill neit, at 4>k o'a oc* in \ he afternoon, and con time from day to day ti:l all ih m>\&, tae waol>? of fqi'sre No. I8t, la this city, (e;Ci>pt tse i-o ithweit c r;*r, beinc iO'1 feet sqaa-e.owiieJ by (}. \V. H g*?. B q ) rh? portion aftuesqoa -e .n'end.'d to be soli has bf en divided into 4t> 1 >ta of ab .ut twenty feet frci.t e>.ch, with salable alleys, 6 c..and a pirt ?t tt e h t;h ?rou: d batween 8iit??nth aid 8 >yen t?euth s'.ieeta and M street and New H*m? kire A pla'oftbs whole can be re-jn at J C MrSni'e's tuction rooms. 1 e terms as pr^ecrib-tl by the decree are, oce frur'fc of tbe parchaw m*nej in cash, and th ? resi due at i*i?, w ive and eighteen m >nas. to be ^e <ur?d t y the purchaser'* bonds wit^i Bare y an 1 a 1 en fs the premis s teirin^ intereft froci t'is d??y of rale Ai! cotveva-j"ci;.g. bond*. A;., and itvT.r- to be at *h" surr.ha'^r's ex^er.s* If th- terms fa'e areuotcosrplied with with n Ave ??*}? tronj tbe day of tale, tuelotoi 1<> s will b-?'?-ko d at said au?TIOL- rojni* a tii# p irchner's oi'^t ?rd at pub io aurtioa aft-,r o-e ceek's tol>oe it the National Intelliir nrer W ft K!> 1N T-a* ee. r h.? Taw3w J C McOFlKg A CO.. An-i lyVM L. tl.L i CO. Ancti laeera. WAI1 Or lMiRJVSl) HK0P?RTY OV T IF i b L A N I? By virtue of a decree ?>( tte late Oircait Court ?>' the livrietof C ilumtia h?Mi< ilat? on tiie'-0-h oayofA??j,\ D !86b.ana passed ina ?anaeln wa;<rh I> W M ere A 'jo. are eomp alnants, and <*-">. S Kirk a? do tersarrd feitdaBte, I shall oflsr for Bale ai pnS;.Cfriicti< n.ic froaloftb* pre-^'ses on T :''Re r ay , the i4th of A prll A D. !.+{? at S n'ekct. w-rt* Lots i f ?r? and nurniert d seven (7) aod ain-- <1 I in ?qca e i tmh?rrHi tonr hrndrel and thirty s-'en (431 ) of tne piac or th?? t:ty of 'A'* bir*ton a-< de seri'rsd iu th.? proceedings in thrt aaid c.-.uso tb-? dimera:<x? of w iich W)li,b# riven n? the rfiy of sa'e) ?ih the irc prove'Jit is triareon eons' tf ? ieat a d snb-taotial t?o st ry hrii* hois -. Yt s j>rop?r y in situated on F street s?uth, he tw( en7t* an<* 8th streets we^t. ia a thriving aad b?Rit> j n?:jchb rbo d Te-crr: Ore thi, d ra?h the*-esldae lu t^o insfall ir?iit? of six ar.J twelv? mc*ntve. the narel'H??r piv pg hi* not- s for tee deferred purmcnM, >*?ri ik Jr'ersK' from the day of *%le. ?he died to be -e lair ed n^til the whole of tLe purjiase min > i? pa d Ail eonv. y&reinsr a* the cost of 'b'? pnreh?asr. ID MT A R D C. G A R R1 * Q "O N. T rus ,ee. n bS' -eoiw W. L. WiLoA CO , Aoo,t.4. fc^AL* Of w I> IN CKVJ04AB' B fJHUN eACKo fc~OVgg OO.' TB , 0V3T IR\>N. EH0V^L8, i o., &c., Ao. CwitP QtTiBTarM i^trn's Orrrca, Dl,' "TO/ *A3H '.OTON. Wa.-H?HGTt>!?, D. 0., Va?ch *iil be so a, s.t Pcbhc Seret-tb W ha 1, to t'? Ci yof D.O.FRIDAY, Apiii^tb ]8.-i4,a I o'clock a. m Ola ai.d Uose-.v'^^ab'.e Grain 8ai*s Als^?,a H o ' lock ii. . ?f the rami day. at G ">y ernmert a- hotise. No. IS. New York ay^nus. between ? fch'.eettb scd Nineteenth streets, will be so d ttoy<*. Bansfs, Catnp Kett'es C ;al ho<.i8 H-es F?ns.Cld ?rd New Pca5 Co?-er. Old lr,-n, P?ov?p'te, tfeoveis, fccales, Whaelbarrows, Ile ts, Ac Ac t upe'Ss'ul bidders will b* r-^uired to rektioy^ tae ariicl s witbin hve ( ) days from tt?? dap ef sa'.e. Terms: Ca h in Ooverncnenv funds. OH RUCK BR, Erig Gen and Chief Quarter master, jr h 31 rt Depot of vya hiagton. CALBOF OLD TirON, ItLAOKPM.' TflS' TOOL?i. 0?bpkxte*'s Tooi e. Badlbi s Tools. Camp 4BD OABkiSOS Ecj-MPAGB, A Si 1> Ml SO KLL AN BODS tUARTBEMABIBB rt bTORSd. CH!>r Qrartkhmastbr'3 Officb. ) Depot of WASHisoro* > Washiwcton D 0., March 31, <.8*4 S Wi d be fold at Puo ie Auctijn, at Aiesaadna on FATLRDAY, April 9th. i864, at llo'c.ucia m , a lot of _ Old Iron. Blacksnjitbs' Toole. Carpeateri' TjoIi. Badiers'To<.ls, bcales, CrimJatonee, Jaeg St?w?. Hoves. Lanterna. Shoves. Bakes, Hav Forks. Wh?-tu-bairowe, Batgss Coaibes, Ambulances H, l 1 Carta. Pacdl^s. Ilorse Collars, Saddle BUak ets, Anbutance bpricga. Horseaboe fails. Nose B ars Horpe Covers, Curry Oombs, aiek A*sa, Ilorse tho^s, Spades, and a large lot of other >. rti cles tro cpmerona to mention, ojndejined as anV for rvb icservirb. Btctesfcfu! biacers will be required to remove the artlclea in five iB* d*ys from the day of sals. Ttims: Caeb in.Ooyernmeot fnnds DH.RUCK13. Brig. Gen. and Ckief Qr<artermaet#r. BnbSt 9t Depot of Wash'^gt-ia, D C cs. i OT'lH. J I 3', l*>4 S '? I M \ SALK CF CONDEMN BD WAGONS, CARTS BC9G1B3 AND W HIE XLS. Chief Qdabtbr*astir's Okfiob. Dbpot op Wash;n3tos, Washibotob, D 0 , March SI. 1864 Will be sold, at Public A notion at the south end ef Twentieth s re?t, xjt-ar thel-sovernment Ooerals in the C'.ty or Waehinf.ou, D. O , on MONDAY, April 11th, 18*4, at 11 o'clock a m,. a lot of ?Kyernment Four hor?e. Two hor?e. Spring, Metallic, atd Bay Wa*oos Carts. Buggies, W?njn wkteii. Waaon Beds, together with a number of article* per?aitlng to wag3D tranap rtaiion. tae eemebayiLK b^en condemned as uuflt tor public "b*oressfu' bidders will be rtqnlred to rerooy* the artistes within five <4) days from the day of sal^. TermB : Cash in Goyeinmect funds. D H RUGK1R, Brig. Gen. and Chief Quartermaster, Bah Sl-K't Depot of Washington ^?AI BOFOONDKMNBO Q0R3IS AND MCLB4? Obiep Qua?tbkma8tb's Cr^ieit, Drpol af Wa*K*nfton, Washington, if. C , Marcii SO, 1864.^ Wlil b? sold at public motion at tn? Corrals a ear the Obs^rvstory. in the city of Washington D C . on WBDNBSDAY. Am 11 #:h. lfM.and ot WBDNB8DAV. April a.tb J3B4, a lot of B0RSB8 AND MULBd, Condemned as unfit for public service Terms cash in Goveruraont funds. Bale# t0 eommenm at 10 o'clock a. ra D H. RrCKBR. Brig Gea. and Chief Qnarterm\et?r, mbSS > t De ?ot of Washington. IV HI DBS. ? ?? ILL BB SOLD AT AUCTION VVBRY WBD BBBDAY and SATURDAY, at 11 o'el.-ck am. at tae '* li ABF oot o' P'Ktb strset, all tae B1DBS. TALLOW, A*, that may be on band, of Oattle slaughtered outside tke limits of the District o' Ooloo bia, aad shipped to thi* point for each dispo altioa Terms easb ia Gerernment funds, to bs ?all at the time of sal*. G BBl.L, oU lm Llsnt. Ool. and 0 8 V. 8. - ! J64.S By dibkction opthk skckitary of tob TRB4SI"RY. I hereby give notice that I am ?rspsre<i to receive subscriptions on account of L'tited Stat? s i>oi>dt> authorized by the act of Murch 3,1 64 beaiiug'latp March 1, 1864. redeemable at tbe pleasure of the 'Government, after ten years. at<i paysble forty years from d*te, bearing interest at five fer crtinn a year, payable on Bonds uot ev?r . ue hundred doll??s annually, and oa all etber b? nds e-m'-anuua'ly. in coin. Subscribers will receive either Registered or Coup,)., Hoods as the* mav prefer. R- KiftirM bonds will be insed of the denomma tioia ol'Uftv dollars, tf-V).) One Hundred dollars (fiiiW,) ?i\e 11 nod red dollars. (f&?.)Ooe Thousand del ars il.'uu.i Five Thousand dollars, ( So 04),) ai d Ten Thousand dollars. (fl''JMI,) and Coupon Itciids of the <1eai>mi-a?ions of Fifty dollars, (fiV*,) Ore H'ind ed lollars ($l(?).t K ve Hundred dollars, (fftO ar. I ?>n, Thousand dollars, () Subscribers will b? required to pay inallition to the amount i f the principal of the Bond*, ia icotupiI ini?*r?^t in ^oiat(or in I nired .i rates doUs. the ^.tes of National Banks, a^' ing fifty per cent for premium until fuitPer coti'-e (from the first day of March or September as the ca*e ?iav be, until the day of surscflption and psvnvnt i p^n 'eceipt , f sub cripMons I will if^ae my cert.firate of <iiposit therefor la duplicate the ?> igiaal of which will be forwarded by th-*Btib scri to to the Secretary of the Treasury, Washing ton. with a 'et*er siatii g the kind. (Ite^iKtered or Cftup-n.) and the deaoisination of homj^ required IV.n th.< r?-.opt or* the original Certificate at the Department, the Bonds subscribed for will be tr?n?miited to the subscribers respectively, a? WM' aa the same eaa he pr^pare'l. 11 is ex that the first deliveries of Coupon B^rwte will?,(? mode not later than the fourth(4tb) ? f April. F. K. B?*IWN BR, U'4-4f Tret^aorer Uait?d States. AMUSEMENTS. GREAT NATIONAL OIRCU91 MRS. CHARLES WARNER, ; formerly Mrs. Dan Rice)?. - ?... ? . Directress. WILL REMAIN FOR ONE WEEK LONGER BY PARTICULAR REQUEST. PERFORMANCES EVERY AFTERNOON AND EVENING. AT SIXTH STREET AND NEW YORK AVENUE. This Equestrian Organization has been arranged with due regard to high toned refinement. The company -consists of the following well-known Artistes: MRS. CHARLES WARNER, (FORMERLY MRS. DAN RICE.) MR. HARRY WHITBY, MASTER JOHNNY WHITBY, MISS ELVIRA WHITBY, MISS SU*IE WHITBY, MRS. FRANK WHITTAKER, THE DENVER BROTHERS, MR. GEO. DERIOUS, MR. JAB. HAWKINS. MR. CHAB. KINO, MR. FRANK WHITAKER, MR. D. HOWARD. Will. KENNEDY, CLOWN. The two Comic Mules, CONTRABAND AND CUNNING, will be presented to the audience by their trainer. Doors open at 2 and 7 p. m Admission 50 cents Children under 12 yean of a??2.,> cts. ap 4-1 w* fleerult? Wanted TO FILL TBJ QUOTA OF TBI OIBTKKT OK COLUMBIA. BOUNTY FOR ViTSRAN8. . IWJ of which will he paid In advance. BOUNTY FOB NBW RBfiRUITB, of which will be pnid In advance BOUNTY FOR COLORED RJQRUITP, 015O, Paid In advanc*. rmeONH WISHING TO BNU8T WU) apply to any oft be following RECRUITING OFFICERS; S. 8. BABBR. Engine Hall. near the Market; on Penbiyiraaia avenue, between Seventh and Ninth streets 1. 0 BVDM. Corner of Fourteenth and New Yorh avenue 0. A. KBA2BBY, H street, near comer of N innteeoth and Faun eylvanla avenue. J. O. PARKER. Ooraer of High and DunbarVm streets, Gto g* town. 0. 0. LANGLBY, Nayy Yard Bridge, aa? been appointed BearultJng 0?cer. HENRY A. BOHBBTZ, Oaptaln and Frorost Marshal, J U-V District of Oalamhla. PUBLIC STOREHOUSE, (Covering Half an Acre of Ground,) OOMMEROIAL BUILDING. PRODUCE AND COMMISSION MARKET HOUSE. . JOHN FARHELL, So e A??ney fur WILLIAM CLAGBTT A CO '8 Baltirsf i* CELEBRATED ALB AN I) FORIBH. in Baitels, Ha!fs and Buttles. Agency for M. P. BBID'8 NBW YORK M P. XX ALB. AdapUd for Eapoit Trade. Warranted to kwpin any Olimata, Agency for Mc KNIGHT A HON 8, Albwy.N. Y., CELEBRATED MALT ALB AND WINE BIT T EBB. Agency for 6BANNI8 ft TAYLOR'S, of Balii more. CELBBRATBD CANNED 0YBT1RS, OOVB, SPICED, Ac. Ag> ney for TELBGBAPii FLOUR MILLS, BAL TIMORE.all tbe Family, Bztra. Super and Fine Brands. Agency for ALDRIOH & YBBKBS ofPhlladet pbia. for all their ?>e!i known Brands of PICK LB*, PRESERVES, JEL1IE3, SPARKLING C?I VM PAGNB CIDBR. Agency for BRADFORD A MELL1N'8, BOSTON MASS , PATENT AFMY CHAIRS AND00T9. A sever for the 0ELEBRAT1D KENTUCKY WHISKEY, THE CRESCENT XX BRAND, TUB DIAMOND COPPER DIbTILLED. Also, tbe Baltimore OLD RYB " WEL?BY BBAND " Of these we are instrneted to "sellout" to largs burets at clete prices, as the owners intend to keep a nniform and un'iinited supply on hand. Ageccy cf tbe NBW YORK AND HUDSON NAV IGAT10N COMPANY. From thin Company we are Id weekly receipt of Cargoes of Hay, Brick, Grain, Potatoes, Ae , and North Hirer Produce, all of which will b? offorad to tbe Trade in Cargo Lets. SALES feTBlCTLY ON COMMISSION. LOUISIANA AVENUE, BETWEEN NINTH AND TBNTH SIRBBT?, ap9-lm WASHINGTON, P.O. ^t\ LADIES OF WASHINGTON, ^S. fgy S. HELLER, OBf No. 34 Market Spare bit Tthand^th lias opened a very largs assortment of Spring and Summer Cloaks. Also, a great variety of Fancy Bonnets and Flowers. Embroideries, stfceh as Lace Collars. Handkerchiefs, Sleeves, Ac., Ac. Fancy Goods, Fancy Parasols, Corsets. Hoop Skirts, and a large assortment of Ladies' Under Clothing anl the best cheap price Gloves. Ladies, you will do well by calling and examining our stock of goods before you buy elsewhere. mh 24-lrn* Female college" ? EOHDENTOWN. N. J. 1 he Summer Session of this Institution will open Arru the 18th. A few vacancies only re main. For catalogues containing terms. Ac., ad dress Rev. JOHN A. BRKKELEY. A. M.. ioh 16- 1m Pre*i<l*?nt. TB1S IS TO GIVE NOTICE THAT THE SOB - I scriber has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington County, ui the Dixtrict of Columbia letters of administration on the personal estate of Ht-nry C. V* ilstorf, late of Georgetown, D 0 de ceased. All persons having claims against the sai l deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the sami>, with the vouchers thereof. ?o the subscriber, on'or before the ?6th day of March next; they may other wise by law be excluded from all benefit of the said Given under ray band this dav of March, A. D. 1844. JOHN J. BOGLE. ? mh30-!aw3w* Administrator. jjOtTfl ?0 HIT AND 0BMENI CousuDtir ?? h,nVoTfe"S1'i wffe'lN, S18 Penna. ????op stairs,) - mh H eolin between 9th and ictii sts. AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIC ^CANTERBURY I1ALL./ AND UAL LJCANTERBURY HALL,{ THEATER Loo IBIili Atinvi, Rtar of National and Metropolitan Hotels. G*o*G3 ? ...Proprietor IIBBT VIIK Or TBI N?W AND GORGEOUS PANTOMIME, ENTITLED TLB BOUbE THAT JACK BUILT. Tfce piece afcornd* in Funny Triors. Mechanist! Cbucg. s. Tran> formations. Ac. Produced at ai expense of two tbrusand do'lars AVERY EVENING THIS HECK, AID SATURDAY AFTERNOON AT 2 O'OLSQK. The brilliant Panto uime THE HOU*l THAT JACK BUILT. Plmrn Blendersbank, the Clown W. B Caversa'tgh Bcse Trowell, tee f ant* Icon Mr Wil!i*tna Jack b:cut, '-the d an all tattered and toi n " tti? Ilarltqn n .. .. .Mr: Donnelly Ang^llra, "a maid all forlorn " the Columbine Bmna^echeil MilesO Bei;ly,from MoriiiInland Mr. D xighartr ?quiieC?uizleale _.Mr. Ward Baekhheep a Waiter Mr. Switxer Graball, a Policeman.. 0 U Cash,a Lanllord?? Mr Smith Bf rgeant Dri'l_... ?..... Mr Johnsou Troehiano... ) i .MUsJaues F]ash< fighteeris. | f Mi>s Couloo Firebrando | | M^st. 0?vid BUa ,up?? 1 Gnomi. Mast Thomas under! ( ^nomaa. j Mk*t j ,hD ?frP*"3* <- | Mart Jit-n'r) fjLV t'" 't ? I ' M?*^Andrew ?fenlplnriar. J { MalWfriam 2 J"1 J? Ma^t L"n?-wnfcl^rs ' k? Mi 81 VloiK-r 1 be Dog Mast. Otffij t lb" Mf>s BrwH The j'riest, ? all eha*en a^dsoorn Mr. Jolly tffa-i f h?* Booster, '-that erow'd in th* more Mr. Cocky doodle doo yu ?n of >.fce Gnomes Mis<i Clifton Kt?rM?rbt... i Kunbearr' j Miss For-est . Mi's Maria-) _.ftiias i?a>e {::::.v.SSft8ft ? west pea. t. Pr' <"r?Ma) ) r' .. .Miss Carl jf.t* .... Mjss Loreaa Mi-a Usee Miss hearth. Gr verne'S at Mis* Howdy tic's establish rnekt f^x Youu^ l.adiei ? . ? MiP" Prid'all 1 aaj Guzzler le Mxes Gn< me?, Fa.r-.e*. Ac., by .The Lilliputian Pv.iiiy Scenery entheiy new. l,y W. M iatn Machine ry, 1 rl is. aad Prat)?*< tmationa, _ V>. Wat?on and .? -??iT'ii*-.t? Coetumea. br_ Marsha'I f rortrtte* r.ud A prtittrr.faBtg, by Bt nso.i nod A FiKtanle Mch c.a-'rarctd ?ekcted,?rd comp-^eed ?[' ???? ???? Jos, Er&hATn Tli- litrmitat onf aa(S Caic a.n LinUts _J'T .....J Pwaz^ir? Th? ? bolrf pr{ ouppd acdtirsdar thv irotn? di*te C.reciur. of. W B Caveta7<:i tCr.NEBY AlSD INCIDKNT3 8C2NK I. Baunt of the G ucmee l>y? Feltin^a Meeting of 'tiP Pi^my Goomea?They raftsirn in *Tru?.Tion fioin Queen kduitiy to t?? ready at I??t can * rstewf il?tbe datee Jo'n, 'till the hoar M tun wok s. ^ all t*x yoar aitiye p >wt*r." ECKNB II. Crw?15pPa.e by....". Feltinan Tfci? lo-.-re int**rrup'.hd hy th? f&thfr ?App?>Ar *i. <? "i 'itm.r ?nd bis Drnhey?r?gul?.r upst-t? Mi;-? ? l viliy carrying the bod. b?Tore be Joi.ied tbv f i <r.r "T wrote nor us- The Hquire and bis lady? Ttie La. <juc>l L'pap'. an* the of the <-venion r ot tiext?Himon laying bric^a on auo.dfoC"da tsor. Lance? M'iJe Ca-'eetiea INo!'' trr.n well taK >>? Himon?O tni'rsl'ualian ef tbc character*?A pfaranc- of the F? ry?Her pjonme ir Build thpLoure for Jack ftrfllle-1 o> ca? Gromn wbo trrcz tise bona*?Apppara'ca of all coiiiifcted frith tfce Ht u-.e for Jack Bui t name y : J he Mait 9 he Cow, Tha Hat, The Mill, TheCat, The Man. The Da#, The Priest. And the Cook that Crowed. Tie fathrr. unaillin^ that Ja*k rh.'tll btTK h-n rautfhter a ter the H built?The P^iry Utieen trantfnma Jick Into Baritquin, bi< sweet ke'if into Colnmb n??, the faiiier into f^nta'Don, an) Pitcon into a C'owr?Htre ^omiiiexc^s the cranes harletnlna^e?Pterare for fun?!.au?bV.d be mer rj ?DaLCe and b^olsy?All srrte of trieki. SCENE III. Wood near the vi)'.j?e?by . J xhuaOn Barlequin ard Cr't?jnt'n<- pursoed by Clnwn and Pantaloon? Frustrated ^y two iidividuala wbo btTe tkrcu&ii the mill?As onisameat asd ft ar. 1C1V1 IV. Kilerior of Zoclocieal Ga>den? by Peltmaa Pave you the E'eph#nt wit*i a wa'err trunk- Ma?ic Bill Post djj? In.iiible Printing? The mc vable Walt?0, my eye?The Bear hard to tear?A substantial bnjf. SCENE V. Exterior ol a Young Ladies' Stminary, by U. g 8mith. The rmnc MlfS'S &^icg to neSoc.l?Tast bind, safe Cnd?Tk?? keyhole ^r^Tei'cg? Clown ard Pantaloon in Vh?ir glory?Th* decapitated to<> knot?The Mifchieyouk Inps-Tfee race for life. SCENE VI. Bitchen by Williams 1 he sausage machine. ?nd how they are in&nu fsctur^d? Fodder ona end and a ?ke'?-ton the otbej?Grand leap of Harlequin?Ont of the fryina pan i) to tfre flre-Gridiron Flute?Beefsteak wrs'c?The wa'kin* teakettle?The CbriatiTiHS dL t-Four and-twenty blackbirds bakei in a p * Comic tableaux. SCENE VII, Wood.: by K, Abner Here, there, ard eyerjwhere?The cbaract?rn crr^s and rt cioes, to the great delight of all be holders. SCENE VIII. Etcampment by 9mlth The soldi-rn on guard? Physical Soap?Harlequin shot from a gun- Fearful ca astrophe?Lookout for the Plsket Guard. SCENE IX Bedcbamber by Peltman The magieal furniture, crockery, and flxtares? Fall in ctal?Appearance of the gigantie skeleton'^ phca; ??bantcm? outdoing Professor Pepptr Amazxg picture-Confession doubly confounded. SCENE X. Magic Wood by Johnson The pursuers b ought to a standatill?The keook downs? Bov.gha ytrsus bows. Gncme Dance by.. U'lle Celestlne and others 80EN1 XI. The Mystic Dell-The Pairy invites Harlequin and Columbine to her retreat-They are united? She alrdges her protection?Clown and Pan-aloac get their desert?Beautiful supernatural ohant*? J ka rtalma of peraetual pleasure?1 be most bril '?last acene of dazaling spietdor, which oanuot be described, but muat he acen to b? appreciated? Grand tableau of happinasa? Ead of Pantomime. A GRAND OLIO ENTERTAINMENT BY THB G&AND ABB AY OP STABS ATTACHKD TO THK cantebbcby. BOB HABT, BILLY THOMAS. W. B. OAVANAUGH. BILLY WfT. L.? MK1.BLLV, HABMY BAYNOB J. H. EOLGIIBBfY. WARD AND DELEHANTY, THB BOQUKTOP BEAUPY. M LL??SL?^?|T|L&?J?HNI.,OB?.Sr. MLLT KA1N/URD, ecniLL. Msao" WI,-90? ldotolihon. ???"????. Naomi fortik. ??.. CUABM1N0 D1V KitriH^EMlNT. ARD THE GRAND BALLET OP D U R I N I . M IF8 JEN NIE ENG EL, The sweet Balladiat. with tbe entire Canterbury Con pany is as er tir< ly new selection. THE OLIO PIBFOBKANCE WILL bi CHANGED EVEUY NIGHT. Admiraicr - #0 2S O. ch< atra, ; ? ?? 6?i Friya e Bcxes 1 oldio* s>x persons 5 0d Doors oyen a* seven o:e.tek; performance to com n tic* at eight o'clock. FAMILY MATINEE ON FATLPDAY APTEKN00N,a*3 o'clock. On which orra?io? tbe Graud Pantomime of the HOUSE THATJACB BOIbT Will be performed at Cheap Priaea A J mission-Ladles 25 c*nta; Children 10 e kts. THE CELEPRITSD^E'ra^OPIANr COMEDIANS, MULLIGAN AND LEAV4TT. Are engaged and n ill skortly appear. a?4-lw AMUSEMENTS. FORD'S NEW THEATEK, TlNTH BTBBBT, abovb PkNSSYLVANIA AVBKUl. THIS (Wednesday) EVENING. April S. FirPt production in Washington of the new play of Ammeau Scene6, Incidents ana Characters, en titled SF.NOR VALIENT?. Or, THE SOLDIER OF CHEPULTEPEC, written by George 11. Miles, Esq., author of the Prize plav, MOHAMMED, for which EDWIN FORREST. awarded 1500 to the author for the host . AMERICAN PRODUCTION. It will le presented with the followiug POWERFUL CAST : Miss Alice Gray as ... Nell Oaverty *jr. i- A . Heme as.... .. ... Senor Valiente Mr. II. B. Phillips as. General Caverly Mr. C. B. Bishop as Major McMudlle ?ir- i, 1 ^wc?tt ns? -....Chiselby Mr. Mars Bates as Smirk tar Mr. i. fi. Hall as.....,?? Flintleig'i Ta-morniw. in compliance with the requestor a cr> at many citizens, unable to obtain Admission o? its first representation, EDWIN FORREST will repeat his great Roman character of VIKGINHJS, pronounced by the pr?ss and public to be the fini't of this Great Tragedy ever given in W ash in jtton F.DW1N FORREST'S NIGHT?. MONDAY, TUBS DAY, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY. IMPORTANT NOTTCE. PERSONS HOLDING RESERVED PLACES are respectful:v requested to ATTEND EARLY. The immense throng of patrons nowattending the theater fill the thoroughfares to an extent rendering access to secured places somewti&t diffi cult after tho rtse of the curtain. ? - ? PRICKS OF ADMISSION. Dress Cu-cSl .50 cents Orchestra Chairs.... ? 75 cents Family Circle 25 cents Private Boxen $10 and fn. ,e served seatson Mr. Forrest's nigiits T> cts extra. GKOVKR S TH KATEH. PKNNSYlVASIA AV., nbar WlLLARD'd IIOTBl,. Lfonab? Gbovkk. Director Also of Grover's New Chestnut Street Theater. Phila'FHphia. CLOSING MUHTS or 1MB most BRILLIANT OPEIlA SEASON Ever Vrown in Wasbinst'-n 1 HIS <Wednesday? EVENING, April'?, Only time of Conradin K rentiers Gr.aud Opera of A NIGHT IN GRENADA. in tl.ree nets wit't a CA.-T OF GREAT STRENGTH, POWERFUL CIIORUS OF THIItTV including the leading artistes i f the celebrated MUuN SUCIK1 Y HIE ENTIRE (ItANU ORCHESTRA firm the Academy of Music. New York. M. Ait .ii c).e as 'f lie I'rinc" R-?->nt M ile Pauline Cnnissa as Gabri lie M. Ilabein ai ii hk .. Gomez M. Fredericb G rafTo as Aui trosio M. Friiiteld as .I'-dro M . f-?ii-liell as. . V isco CARL ANSCHUTZ.. Conductor of theOp-ra Rcservt d wa'" for eitb r < f til" niirhto for sale at M l/.erntt s Musie Store and the Dot Office of the '1 luster hi the foil' wing SCALE OF PKICES. Orchestra Chairs $; jo Ibiff Circle and Parquet $1 family Circle SO I r.vnte foxes *12 UO Secured teats .*<1 cents ertrn. C. D. HE.'?.'?. Business Manager and Treasurer. MKTROHOLITA^I HALL. Pks*?ylvakia a vksuk and Elxvb.nth Stksbt GA1-D KER A CO.....? ?......Proprietors TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS or THK G R E A T COUP A N Y In their Unrivalled Performances. MISS HELENA SMITH, M'LLE EL!SB. W II. BARTnOLFMKW 4NII ROUT. MUTLEU SIG. CONST*NTIMK AND TWENTY OTHERS EVERY NIGHT. In Fascinating Tances. Exquisite Songs, Negro Eccentricities, /ice. A GRAND PANTOMIME EVERY NIGIIT. FAMILY MATINEE EVERY SATURDAY AFTERNOON, AT S O'CLOCK. Admission 50 and ?> cents. Private Botes $) and fefi. ap 5 VARIETIES! VARIETIES! B^rVARIETIKS^ KT-VARIETIICS^ai MUSIC HALL A .D THEATER. Fronting Pennsylvania Avenue & Ninth Svrbei HamblinA Co Proprietors Kits; Simmons?- Stage Manager and Advertiser. REMEMBER TO-MGHT?THE GREAT SHOW REMEMBER 10-MGHT?Til K GREAT SHOW Third and Last Week ! Fifteenth Representation. Seen by Over Twenty Thousand Persons. Every Person?All Callings Interested. DOUBLE BILL TO-NIGHT. The Great Drama and a New Pantomime! Also, a Full Music Hall IF how ' FEMALE PICKPOCKET FEMALE PICKPOCKET or WASHINGTON; V, ASHING TON; HIGH AND LOW LIFE IN THE CAPITAL CITY H It'll ANi> I ovv LIFE IN THE CAPITAL CITY* Characters by the Dramatic Company' Over Sixty Persons, Men and Women, Depictin" Life in this City ! Also, a new Christmas Pantomime ! MAC IC TRUMPKT; MAGIC TRUMPET; THE MERRY CLOWN Ellin Harlequin and the Bew tching Columbine, Cherscters by the Pantomime Troupe! F'ull of Tricks, Changes, Transformations, Fun Life. Beauty, and Humor! Also, the Great Ballet! LA OLE. By all the Pretty Ladien of the Ballet! Also. Songs, Dances, Jigs. Banjo Solos, Negro Acts, Breakdowns. Ba lads, and TJie Double Music Hall Show ! Theatre. Music Hall, and Pantomime Show. Three Performances in One. By the Grand Double Company, All the New Stars ! The Grear Paris Danseuse, M'LLE LIN A WINDELL; The World's Pantomimist, HERNANDEZ FOSTER; The Premiere Danseuse, MISS AUGUSTA WALBY; The Queen of Song, MISS FANNY GILMORE; The Popular Young Actress, MISS MAGGIE FRIEL; The Groat Male Dancer, 4i ? GEORGE T, SHELDON. Also, the Star Company, Mr. Boh HpII Mr Frsnk Kerns, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Francis, Mr. McGnire, M iss Maggie Vernon, Miss F'anny May, M iss Kitty Lee, Miss Annie Ellmore, And other artistes. ? Workmen of the Navy Yard ! Your Pay is Raised ! See the Great Drama that Helped to Achieve it! Workmen of the Arsenal! Your Pay Will be Faised ! See the Great Drama Re garding it! Clerks in all the De partments! Sec the Interest in the Great Drama! WEDNESDA Y A FTERNOON. I.allies' ai d Clerks' Matinee. Only Afternoon of the Female Pickpocket, introducing to the audience the last Parisian Nov elty. Perfumed Progrnlnmes for the La lies. All the Great Double Show To-Night! Admission. 25 and 50 cts. Private hoxes. $5. PERKINS, STERNE & Co., lt?0 Broadway, N. V , EXCLUSIVE DEALBR3 IN CALIFORNIA WINE. We guarantee them all to be ABSOLUTELY PURE. Forsaleby all first-class Groeer^an^ Druggets verywht re. mh 30-3?* ^lTTEN HOUSE, FANT ft CO., BANKERS, NO. 354 PENNSYLVANIA AVENCK, * Will continue to farni?h V. e. FIVE TWENTY BONDS As Ioe ? as i?ui d by the Govarnmsot, at par, . C? upon fi's tf tail, C B. 7 3" Trea-ury Notes U.S. Certificates of Indebteinesi GOLD AND 8ILVER BOUGHT AND MOLD. Ixehanc* an all parts of Europ* and th* Northern Citle* arid in ^ams to soit purchasers, uckiacd Gold tibogM in N?vr loth axalutivelj 4 oa Commission. Jy 17 ^ITTfiNHOUUM.FANT ft CO. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. [ASSOCIATED PRESS DISPATCHES.] THK LATE ELEt TIOJIS?UJI105I VIC TORIES. Obi*. Chykland, Ohio, April 5.?The city elec tion yesterday resulted in a Union majority of fltteen hundred. The vote was light. Cikciwnati, April 5?At the election for ri'y oflUere. held yesterday?about three-firths ot the vote | oiled?the Union majority was about 4,7U). Returns from Interior town# meitgTe. Lan caster gives 50 Union majority; Davton, t- *i; Cleveland, 1,600. The Democrats otrry Colum bus. Missouri. St. Lori?, April 5 ?Flesh, th"3* conservative candidate, was Peered Mayor of Jefferson Oity yet terday. by twenty-Ave majority over Wan rer, the radical. ? .s-T. Louis, April 5?Mayor Thornas' majori tv is .over'2,5ro. The new oouncil will sta id, itiirteen radicals and seven conservitives. Th * average vote was about 10,1*41, or about ore. third less than at the election last spring, when the Democrats ran a candidate. (onaecticut. Nkw Haven Aprils.?The entire Sta'e, ex c?pt eighteen towns, make Buckingham's majority 5,0.3. The Union partv elects stx sevenths of the Senate and three-fourths ot the HouKe. Haktfcrd, April 5.?The returns from all but tnree towns in the State loot up Bucking ham, WM45 : Sevraonr. :/2,!>u4?Buckingham s irejority. 5,511. The Senate is lt> Union to 3 Democrats: House, 158 Union to 7-2 Dem.jcras, giving a Union majority of two-thirds of the legislature, which se. ures the amendment to the constitution allowing the soldiers to vote. \V i-onsin. MtLWArKiK. April 5.?4.t the citv election tc-c'8y, Abner Kiroy, for Mayor, and ihe whole Democratic tikkef, were elected usu il majorities. THE RED UIVEK EXPEDITION. It* frugrts* and < ontinned Success?'ap tiire of 17 Gnns?Sbreveport Expec ted to in 11 without R fHstaiive- Report* of Rebel Muvriuciits?Nisjr Traiu tailored oy C-J.uerril las. St Lor is, April 5.?Alexandria (La ) ad vices to M**rch '27th say that Gen. Franklin's n am l.ody h^v? reached there, meeting nuop pc?iti?>i>. Thi- country through which ihev passed is dt-tt red by both whites and male*, thy having gcire to Texas. The initiation;- are thatGeneral Bank:' ar,ay Will nwiu ttieie .-cm * time. Ti e gunboat Bragg h id established a bio k a. r at the mon'h <>i .'hp Ii> d Kiver, aud none bt.t (iov rum* nt stramersare allowed to enter e stream. The advance column of onr f rces undt-r G?n. A.J. Smith left Alexandria on the 27t i. (ieneral Mower has captured seventeen pieces ot cannon si.-sce Teaching the Red river. Vickfcl urg aavie^s to the 2-nh ult. say the rrew ot the steamer Alt Cutting had arrived lrom A ipx.nrdria. 1; was expected that Shreveport would fall without any resistance. 1 he leb' is will be driven from the entire count! y ta Pot Bed river. A military post has been established at Waterproof. The rebel General H rrison'6 com aantl is reported to be moving toward Shreveport. A report is circulating here that the rertels :we taking up the old lino on the Big Black an J Yazoo ri\ers. M jor General Pleasanton has arrived, and r? ported to General Hoseerans. A report has reached here that the forasre train Irom Atesville, Arkansas, under Captain Majors, v. as captured last week by Colonel Fre< man's Koerrillas. !\i w Jersey 1 egislature. Tbbuiok, April 5.?The Senate bill against enlistments has been postponed till Wednesday. The penal'y of the bill is fi\e years imprisonment and Ave hundred dollars "fine. IH i*pel.?This place, before whteh some des perate tightiug was t oing on at last accounts, is n lot tress, which the Danes have surrounded wf.h a series ol ingenious and novel deten >s The nrst obs-trnction which its assailants will meet is an line of masked ditches, with sharp stakes firmly fixed at the bottom to im j ale ilife unlucky man who may fall through; i ext ionus a line of chevaux de frige; then a other ot large man-traps; and finally aeom n on wire fence?he latter a simple but very effective impediment to both infantry and cnval: y. Not content with these lines'of cir cumvejiation, the Danish engineers hive crowred bo<h scarp and counterscarp of the eathwoiks with palisades crested with a tw ist line of sharp swords, an expedient borrowed apparently from the French defences of the breath at Badajos. Both within and without the works aie fixed planks studded with long nails, the points upwards, and concealed by a I ght covering of earth. We must add to these amenities tV.e mires that underlie all the assail able parts. Coukterfbitah (iTkkaschv Notes ?There are S-IOO Treasury notes now in circulation. On the counterle't the number of the note k larirer and less brilliant in color than the ginuii.e. The imprint of the American Bank Mote < cmpany at the top is also larger, the donMe rule running lrom it is heavier, and th* terminal enrve twice as large, while there is a diagonal shading at the joint of the imprint w ith the rule, which d?es not appear in the genuine. On the right end of the back of th^ bill the "100" in the circles are inverted thus : ?Hiil." In the genuine the " 100" in the circles on the left end reads thus : ??001;" in the coun terfeit they are thus : "100." The outside circle of the 100 in the lower leit corner of the genuine touches the lower border: in the counterfeit it does not come within one sixteenth of an inch. The paper is also heavier and somewhat grea?y in the counterfeit, and there are other slight differences, but the spurious bill is so well executed that several Wall street brokers ex changed it without hesitation. Trouble in Cuixa?Serious Riot and Atiick or- Missionaries.?A letter dated Fuh Chiu, China, Jan. *22, which we find published in the Times of India, gives an account of some se rious difficulties which had jas' occurred in that city. The trouble originated in the natives n aking noisy demonstrations against the mis sionaries by interrupting the religious services. Some of those guilty of these outrages were am-sted at the instance of the missionaries, and the natives, excited at this action, attacked a native missionary and maltreated him out rageously. Afterward they attacked the chapel of the Methodist Mission, then thatof the Epi* copal Mission, andatterward thatof the Amer ican Board. No injnry seems to hiYe been done to the persons of the foreign missionaries, although the wives of the native missionaries were outraged. At last accounts quiet bad been restored, and the foreign Consuls had taken measures to bring the offenders to justice. Ope k img of th* Great Fair in Nbw York. Tbe great Metropolitan Fair, for the b*ne1t of sick and wounded soldiers, opened on Monday evening, at Palace Gaiden in New York Addresses weiv delivered bv General Dix and J H Choate, Esq. The other exercises con sisted ot vocal laid Instrumental mu<ic, and w?re listened to by over five thousand per?o is. In the afternoon a great military parade took plate in honor of the day. The soldiers, num bering about 8,MX', were le vie wed by General Dix and Mayor Gunther In front of the City hall. During the afternoon business was gen erally suspended, flags floated from all the public buildiugB. and the city wore the appear ance of a general holiday. The weather being pleasant, thousands thronged the street? Gen erals McClellan and Burnside were anione the distinguished persons present at the opening of the lair. The Teceip's of the evening are esti mated at lrom fS.HJO to *0,000. KT A soldier lay in a lady's house, badly wcuuded. A Major General rode up to thti door. His orderly took his horse. He got off, ?went in, and sat down by the dying man's side. Taking ont a IHtle book, he read lrom it; ?? Let not your heart be troubled," Ac. He then knelt dow n and offered np a prayer to God for that dying eoldier. Arising from his knees, he bent down and kissed him, and said, ?? Captain G , we shall meet in heaven." lie then rode off. That General was Major (Jen. Howard. Snow.?We learn that on Friday morning there were eighteen inches of snow at Oakland, on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad. A great fuow stPtm had prevailed east of that point.? Wheeling IhteUigencer. OF# ICIAL. DlTAmuT o? Stat*, ) WAaHmaTow, April 4, ffrM J Information has b*en received at this u?. partmentfrom Mr. Ocmvers O. I^-ach, the Oon snlof the United State* at St John, Newfound land, of the passage of *n act for the regulation of the currency of the colony of Newfcuad* land, w hich is published ttr general inform** tion. An act for the Regulation ol the Cuiren-y. [Passed March, lt?3 | Be it tnact*4 by ike O^remor, ?tSt>tar<ee Court* ciJ, and >?**?*?#?, in LeyUlmite Settitm C'or?? retted, a?foll<*ct : I. The denomination of money in the cur rency of tiii* coluny shall tie dollrrs and cants, in which currency the cent shall be the oue hi.nor^dth part of a doll ii; and all pubiio ac counts sliail tie kep', all public money* paid ai d received. all verdicts received and judg ments entered. and other legal proceedings t: ken, in such curieucy. II. lit" Hriti*n tover?*ien of lawful weieht thai: be he.d to be equal to aud -hall be ft legal tender aud pars current for four dollar* and eighty cent* currency: and all parts of the *ov ernpn shall pa^a current and be a legal tender in currency alter the like rate, according to the proportion thty respectively bear to the sovereign III. The gold eagle of the ITaited States, coined after ibe first July, euhteen hu. died and ibirty-lonf, and while the standaid of ti tnei-s lor gold coins then lixed by ia as of tne t'nlted States remain unchanged, sad we gl. ng en penny weight# of eighteen (trams r< v weight, slltiil pass cnrr**ut ai.d he a le* ti tei 'der lor n:ne dollars and eigbtv-flve cent* cuiratu y; and aH mttltiplea and parts of siicti uugle, oi like date and proportional*- weigi.t, chttli pesra current ai d be a legal tender in currency alter the like ra*e, according to the proportion they respectively to the etigl*. IV. The silver coma of the t'uited Kingdom* w.hile lawfully curitul tiieieiu, shall j>a-4 current and be a 1> gal tender for sums iu cur rency alu-r the rjiu* tixad aa aforesaid fur toe . o d com ol the United Kingdom, accor itng t> ti.. proportion such silver coins bear to sucht gold coins: Provided that no tender in silver i oiu to a t!renter amount than ten dollars shalf Le valid. V. The foreign told coin called thedoubl o*r ci ntauung three hundred and sixty two grams ol pure gold, shall pa-8 and be a legal ten der in currency for fifteen collars and th rty five cents. VI The American, Fernvian,Mexican, (J >1 umbiau, and oid Spanish dollars, i*iug ol tli? lull weightof lour hundred anil sixteen grams, and containing not less than three hundred aud seventy tnree gram* of pure silver, shall pass current and sliail ue a legal tender at the r tt-? ol one huncred tents each; and tbe several Ui visloi sol such coin shall pass current and oe a legal tencer tn currency aftur the like rite, according to 'he proportion su^h divisions shall respectively near to the coin* of whn-'i theyuie parts. Provided thatno tender of such coins to a a'-er amount than ten dollars sh*tl be valid. ? VII. It shall he lawful for the ftm-prnor in Council to obtain and import such quantity of ? opper cr brotze lents a. d half cents a m y be < ? 'cehsary lor th purpos-* ol tlii* act, w* ? h c r>tc ard half cents shall be a legal teudi'T for ai > .' mount noi exceeding tw -niy-flve cents; ana v h n ar c! after tins act shall have come n o opeia* on, ilie c pi?er coma^e tu>-n in cir Ci a iun thall In call* u in, aim one balf ol its circuiaurg value paia to the holder; and na 0 tier copper or brovaser-oiiis, other than B rtiih sterling p> nee and hall pence ol broiixe, sn ul 1 a^s current iu this colony. Provided th tt no p, rsi n be entitled to be pairl 'or any -uoti cop p. r .xir.s then in circulation until ne hall h ve n aoe r.nd s gned, ?efcre a *t-p n Itary magntrate, an attidivit setting forth tnat na bay no: been in any way coiv erci*d mtneJ n poruni n i t such cun, i.r <?f any part ttu r<* r', but v: ac in the J o;"se?sii'n or ilie svmc in tti<? oidinury couise of lu? trade or business, on the cay on which this act si all have come iutj cj ru ;cu. VIII. Sutli told a-.d silver coins, repre seii". i:g tiollare,or multiples or divi-ion^ of fie di liar currency, a- her Ma.i sty ^h ill se< tit to dneet to he struck for that pnrj ose, shall, hy mjiIi nt-mes, ami at such rates, a:id far su h Htm ui.l-, as her Majesty, by tier procl'aiitt >n, sh. li ass'gii, pass currrut md be a legal t nj -r n lii^ coU ny; the standaid of fi. eness of sucti coins being tVe same as that no v adopted 1 >r coins o: the\ nited Kingdom, and ineir intrin sic \aiu>? b' aring the same proportion to then i urr< lit value ?s Priti-h coins re?pectively bear to their enrreut value under this act. IX. Her majesty may *t any time deeb.r', by proclamaticr., that any other gold < r Silver coins oi rnv foreicn State shall, when of 'ha weights assign d therein, pass current >ud be a le>ial tender at rates in currency to be as s'gi ed to tbetri respectively in such proclama tion. siuh iat s bemg proportionate to the quantity of pure g jid a?a silver containe . ia such ct in?, as ccmp.?red with the rates of Brit j; h corns cut rent under tins act. X. Goid coins current nnder this a^t ?h ill b^ a le^ral tentler by tale, so long a< they shall r.ot want niore th?n two grain* of the w i. ht as signed to tbem by thi< act, or by h*r Maj-sty's pruciamation : provided that in auy one p iy inei t ahove fifty pcunds liie person piymg may pay, or the perfeon receiving may insi-st m receiving, the said British gold coins by Weight, at tbe rate of eighteen dollars aud sixty.rn e tiiid a half cents per ounce troy, and the salil gold coins ol the United States, by weight, at the rE'ti of eighteen dollars thirty-two nine s xtPMitns of a cent per onnce troy. XI. All existing liabilities, whether made under act of Legislature, judgment, r ile, or order ol a court oi judicature; or private con tract, shall be discharged as follows; The pot n<1 of present currency by p-tyment of fo ir dollars; 'he pound of local s'erling (eqnal to tw nty-tbree shiilmgs and twelve thirteeutba ci a penny of present currency) by payment of lour dollars and s.xty-one cents; and the pound Pri.uh sterling (equal to twenty.lour of present currency) by payoi*n'. of focr.dollars and eighty cents; ai d nothing in this act shall atlect the rights of parties clai n ing local sterlmg or British sterling under any act of the Legislature or private contract now sub- i.-ting. XII In all future contracts th<> term pound sh^ll mean and be equivalent to fonr doil irs cnriency; and tlie term pound sterling shall nuanaud be equivalent to lour dollars md eig' ty tents currency. Xlil. Any person who shall falsely matte or counterfeit any coin re-embling, or apparently intended to resemble or pass tor, any gold or silver coin current und'-r or by virtue ol this aet or any proclamation thereunder, or who shall import into this colony at;y such false or counterfeit coin, shall he guilty of felony, and, being convicted thereof. Bhall be liable, at tde discretion ol tne court, to transportation beyond seas for life, or f^r any term not less th ajn s- ven years; or to be imprisoned, with hard lab >r, lor any term not exceeding four years; and every such offence shall be deemed to be com plete, although the coin so made or counter feited shall not be in a tit state to be uttered, or the counterfeiting thereof shall not be finished or perfected. . XIV. Any person who shall tender, n'.ter, or put off any such false or counterfeit e> o, knowing the same to be taise or counterfeit, si all be guilty ol a misdemeanor, and, b-dng conviited thereof, shall be imprison-u, wi'h hard labor, for any term not exceeding one yi sr. XV. This act shall not b? in force until s-mo tioned bv h 'r Majesty,' nor until a day there after to be fixed by proclamation of hi* F.Cfl lency the Governor, published in the Roval Gazette. SPECIAL NOTICES. Jkwklky, JavKLRT.?Beautiful GoM-plat 4 Jtwelr> ftir $1 at -13b Penn. avenue, near 4it str? t, at the Dollar Jewelry Store. tt* Thk Fket.?Beauty of carriage is mostly dep^n-* dt-nt upon a judicious preservation of the feel; it is impossible to move in a graceful manner if tho great support of the whole frame beiuatli^or rtored condition, mid nothiug imp?des so rnn^fi a* Corns. Bunions. Ingrowing Nails, or other lis >r ders to which the feet ar? liable. To all aflii-t 1 we would recommend an early call at Dr. Whit offce No. 4514 Pennsylvania avenue, between'1* and Cth streets. ap i-tf E J WtLKiss. Esq., has been appoint '! Air. nt of the Great Pennsylvania rout", vice E. O. Nor ton, to take effect on the 28th of March. Mr. Wil kins ha* been connected with the Office, at t ie corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania aveni">, during the pa>-t two years, and is thoroughly con versant. with the business of the route in ail its repayments. All implications for information, tickets. &-c.. mutt be addressed to E.J. Wilkins, A irent Great Pennsylvania Rout \ fixth street and Pennsylvania aveuue. En. S., General Passenger Agent. ap5 Great Pennpylvania Rout.?. Browx'b Bkoxchiai. Tkocuss. These Lozenges ar? preptred from a highly eateenied recipe for alleviating Uronchiwl Atfec fiorfl, Asthma, Hoarseness, Coughs, Colds, anil Irritation or Soreness of the Throat. -> '? Pvblir ' t<eeirtrs and VarnliftS % W ilKfind them henelicinl in clearing the voio* bef?>re speakingi r singing, and relieving the throat after any unusual exertion ol the vocal organs, hflviii* a peculiar adaptation to affections which dislnin the- organs of speech. mh*^-d4,wtf Diskaftes or tn* NERvors, Pbmisal. Urixart AKuMiXBAJ. SYSTKJis^ni wandreliabletieatment in Ki iHirrC^f I^11* Hi ward Association?*ent by mail ? Vsfel letter envelopes, free of charge. A'lUTear P. J- fkilliii Houghton, Howard Asso ciati^D, K*. 3 South Ninth street, Phi>alelphia Pa. mh 29-am Dm. DupoXT's eugar coaled male Kagnlating Pills are the rtry but ia utt. They operate *w*edily and rfntirtli, and be lug xittnT-roated areata no nausea npon the most delicate storeaoh. A trial uf these Pill* will prove their wf#Tv?rt'? ,ee?r all other*. Price Ala box. Sold by 8.0. ford, corner llth street and Pa.atreBue,washlnatOB,and Henry Cook, Alexandria. J?<-ly

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