Newspaper of Evening Star, April 6, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 6, 1864 Page 2
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I ~~ - I'* ' * ?f. V. W ALLArH, Kditer Preyrietsr* tool# WRSADINO MATTER ON EVERY PAOE ?U OUTBIDS FOB INTERESTING TELE GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTER. Washington n*i?y Market. Quotations for stocks, coin and uncurrent money, furnished by Lewis Johnson A Co., Bankers: _ _ Buying. Selling. TJ. S. Coupon Bonds, 1681 J13* 1J4 % U-S.5W Notes ?1?*. 1H* Snartermastere' Checks... WH ? ew Certificates ? American Silver. ?i'150 ~~ Amwicaa Gold 165al67 ? Niw York Bates?First Board. Coupon ?'s, 1881,1133,'; 5.20's, 111*; Oertifi eatts of Indebtedness, 99%\ Gold, 109. AN IMPORTANT OMISSION. Tbe omission by the printers of three words from out paragraph yesterday concerning the movements of Gen. Grant, put Gen. Sheridan in command of the Army of the Potomac, in stead of, ?' in command of tbe cavalry of the Army of tbe Potomac," as it should have read. SENTENCE COMMUTED. Robert Bartmaa, of company K, 1st New Jersey volunteers, who was found guilty ot desertion by a general court-martial and sen tenced to be shot, has had his sentence com muted by President Lincoln to imprisonment at bard labor at the Dry Tortugns duriag the remainder of tbe war. DETACHED. Assistant Surgeon W. K. Scbofleld, U. S. N.? has been detached from tbe steamer Union, and is now awaiting orders. Martha?.4 yifkt in Granada.?Notwith standing the terrible weather of last night a large, brilliant and very critical audience, in cluding the President and his family, attended the representation of Martha, toy Carl An churl's Opera Troupe, at Grover's Theater. To say that the entertainment passed off admi rably will but feebly express the effect of the fins music ot this opera as rendered by the t oupe. It was, to say tbe least of it, a more de cided artistic triumph than was ever achieved in this country by any other opera company. "Every solo, duett, trio, quarto, quintette and chorus in the piece was rapturously applauded, and half a dozen of them were necessarily- re peated before tbe audience would permit the piece to proceed. Tnree times all the leading artists were made to appear before the curtain, where they received such testimonials of the popular appreciation of the Federal Metropolis of their professional merits and success as they surely will never forget. To-nigh+, they render ?*A Night in Granada," an opera never before pertormed hsre as a w he le. Its movements, one and all, are as dis tinetive and as different from anything el3e as those of Martha and Don J nan; nor are they less br.lliant, harmonious and melodious. In truth, tl e critics over the water,or many of them, rank ??A Night in Granada" as being perhaps the fines: opera now upon tbe stage next after Don Juin. As to-night bids fair to be much more pleasant than last evening, every nook and corner ol the vast theater is destined to be filled with enthusiastic auditors. Tub Position of tub Govbrnm en r To W ABD THE NEW GOVEBNMENT OP MEXICO.? The following paragraph appears in a recent i. umber of the London Globe : "We have reason to believe that, on accept ii c the crown of Mexico, the Emperor Maxi |wllii?.n will address from Mexico a formal no. audition of his accession to the throne to all the Prii>c?s and powers with whom he wishes to e^tab i a diplomatic relations. Amongst t e nr.mber is tne United States of America, Mr. Dayton tbe American Minister in Paris haviug already intimated the readiness of Go\ernment to accredit a representative in Mexico and receive a minister from the Emper or of Mexico." There is every reason to believe that Mr, Dayton bas given no intimation of tbe char acter thus referred to, and that his Government has not authorized him to give any 3uch. Bbtikbd List of Justices and Juixjbh of tub United States Courts.?Senator An thony introduced a bill yesterday, providing for the retiring ol Justices of the Supreme Ccurt, or District Judges of the United States, at their own request alter having reached tbe age of saventy years. If a retiring chief jus tice, or associate justice, bas served not over fifteen years his pay shall be?4,lKiO per annum, and C50U shall be added for every additional five years. District Judges are to have three fourths of Ealary, provided that none shall be lees than 32,000. Vacancies made by the retir ing process are to be supplied by appointments by the President The Welcome to Gbobob Thompson.?As s*ated fti another column, George Thompson, Of England, the distinguished orator and hu iramiarian. will, by invitation of the "Wash ington Lpctnre Association," joined by promi nent members of both Houses of Congress, speak in tbe Hall of Representatives to-night. Vice President Hamlin will preside. There will undoubtedly be a large gathering to greet the distinguished speaker. Exchange of Prisonkrs>.?It is uudersund tha* General Butler has arranged a badfe Of ercbange with Commissioner Quid, whereby all cur prisoners will bo exchanged. The? agreement, however, remains to be sanctioned by the Richmond and Washington authorities. It is known that the rebels are exceedingly a.-.xious to secure their prisoners, who have la'tened in their comfortable quarters, for the M-rirg campaign. t^Froin the New York publishers, Leonard }?c tt & Co , we have the February number of the North British Review, containing, amongst < tUer attractive articles, the most appreciative and lelicitious notice of the life and genius of Thackeray we have yet seen. Personal.?Mr. J. G. Nicolay, the Presi dent's private secretary, has returned from a brief visit to New York. ?^General McDowell is ordered to Califor 111 to take command, and will leavat on :e. Thb Dismissal of Officers.?Ju jge Advo ? ate General Holt has. in response to the re quest ot the Senate Committee on Military A airs, given his vie^s on tbe House bill tak ing from the President the power tosummarily dismi- s irray and navy officers, and substitute suspension of suih officers in to umaad with trial by court-martial. Judge Hoi: says from the found, t on of the Government the Presi dent has been in tbe habit of summarily dis missing offloers in {be land and naval service. The power to do so seems to inbere to him nuder theConsti ulion as Oommander la-Chief of the ermy r nd navy. His action' in this re spect bas bun attended by no oppressioa or ui?u<>e?, and its strict Irgality cannot be con ?>?ted. The exerciee, therefore, ol this author ity since the oit-reak of this rebellion has not irr in it that ta or* of usurpation or in i v&tion, or tbat should excite alarm. In the emergencies of military life, and especially during a period of acU?tr hostilities, ttte interest ot th* service oiten not only require that officers shall be insUn'ly di mi-sed, but tbat places shall be fm mediately supplied "1 his t'ill makes snon supply Impracticable in the cases of delinquent an.J ausp^n Jed officers, fetvmusw it ccntemplat-* no vacancy. Besides this, Mr. Holt says that many other -things that the Government could not investigate throng'1 court-mat uaL, the hundreds of cases which this bill would hriug up tor trial, such a dratt upon the officers of the army needed ' tor active field service must greatly impair the i efficiency ot the campaign now about to open 1 Jn every part of theater of war. The Sauiite ' Military Committee hu reported adversely to ' tbe bill. Snowed lN._The first U. S. Mail to Ban nock, Idaho, which left this city ou the 8th of Fsbruafcy, was beard of last week slowly ad. , vancing from Soda Springs with the aid of tbe ; troop* located there. The driver and some of ! the Midlers were reported to have suffeted con siderably from tbe severely cold weather. That ; route may do sometime, but the first expert- ? juent Ot winter traveling ha* been everything i bvt a pleasure trip.?Vuart ?Y?k* Mvr<;\ i?, TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. ^ ? Ib port ant froi Arkuust A SUCCESSFUL EXPEDITION, REBEL TRAIN OF THIRTY FIYE WAGONS CAPTURED. ALSO THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY PRIS ONERS. FIGHT WITH REBEL GENERAL DOCKENG'S DIVISION. | REBELS ROUTED, WITH A LOSS OF ONE HUN DRED KILLED. CAPTURE OF ARMS AND HORSES. SEVERAL HUNDRED NEGROES BROUGHT AWAY. The following has been received at Head quarters : Major General H. W. Halleck, Chief of Staff ; Sock, Ark., April 1, 1864.?Tbe fol lowing telegram is just received: Pink Bluff, Ark., March 31, 1861 Major Greene, A. A. O.: The expedition to Bit. Elba : an d Long-flew has ju?t returned. We destroyed the pontoon bridge at Longview, burned a l train of 36 wagons, loaded with camp and garrison equipments, ammunition, quarter j master stores. Ac. Captured 320 prisoners. En i gaged in battle at Mt. Elba yesterday morning General Docking'sdlYlslon of about 1,800 men* . from Monticello, routed him and pursued him i ten miles, with a loss on his side of over 100 killed and wounded, captured a large quantity , of small arms, two stands of colors, many wagons and over 300 horses and mules. Our ' loes will not exceed 15 In killed, wounded an<* missing. We Brought in several hundred con trabands. The expedition was a complete suc cess, details of which will be furnished in my official report which will be forwarded in a ' few days. Powell Clattoh, Colonel Comdg. I'niea Triumphs is Ohie. CmcmATi, April 5.?The election iu this , city has resulted in the entire success of the Union ticket. The success of the Union tickets i in Lancaster and Dayton, the homes of Val i landigham and Olds, sufficiently Indicate what i the verdict of the people will be wherever "peace and submission" cmdidates are put up. I The result in all the towns in Ohio, as far as i heard from, shows a total and complete rout of the Democracy. NOTICE.?Cffrpeiit?>re and Cabinet Makers Lk_3 ?f Washington and Georgetown are re ppertfully requested to attend a meeting to be held at L niteU Hall? 11th street, between Pa avenue , and K street, on WEDNESDAY, the 6th instant, at 7.3ii p. m. A full attendance is desired. I B> order of Committee. ap 5-2t* PUBLIC WELCOME HON. GEORGE THOMPSON, ! (The distinguished (J*ator ar.d Philanthropist, late member of the British Parliament.,) IN THE CITY OF WASHINGTON, AT THE HALL OF THE HOUSE OF ftEVRE'ENTATIVEP. I . on 1 WEDNESDAY EVENING NEXT. April 6. J The Washington Lecture Association, joined by . prominent members of both Houses of Congress, hpving extended to Mr. Thompson an invitation I to visit this metropolis and address otir citizens, that gentleman has accepted the invitation, and ! arrangements have been made accordingly for the ? evening as above announced. It is unecessary. perhaps, to remind our fellow ' citizens that this eminent man has been, from first to last, the unfaltering friend and ad vocate of the union cause .night after night, in England, de fending it with all his powers to crowds of eager j listeners. We should now greet and honor him in a manner befitting his talents and the character of , the services he has rendered the republic in the dav of its peri!. I *?*Holders of season tickets to the second course of lectures given by the Association are entitled . to admission on this evening. ! Tickets admitting to the floor of the House, $1 a limited number only to be (Oild. Tickets to I other parts of the House. 60 cents, to be obtained at Philp A Solomons', Morrison's, and Ballan lyne's, and at the Hall on the evening. Doors of Hall open at 7o 'clock. Address to com I mence at 8. ! r# ? JOHN P1BRPONT, President. I Z. Richards. Treasurer. ap 4-31 nrg=? REGISTER'S OFFICE, March 25,1864. Ll_5 Notice is hereby given that the Licenses is ' sued to owners o f Wa gone, Carts, and Drays will I expire or, the first Monday in April, and that said ! Licenses must be renewed in compliance with law, j at this office within ten days alter tiiat time. . ? _ . SAMUEL E. DOUGLASS, ; nil.' 25-dtaplQ Ri-cister. _ Assessor's Officb, i T1? D jt t Washuioxom. March 14.1&S4. { ! i ?ie Board or Assessors, having completed the General Assessment for the year TtfU, hereby give i notice that they wiill sit as a Board of Appeals, and for the purpose of making any correction, from ?*? m?*/? y.March, to Tuesday, the ?tn day of Apri., inclusive, (Sundays exoepted.) 'neir room, h?. 6, basement story, west wiug City Hall, from 9 a m to 3 p. in. eachh&y. - * By order of the President : JAMES W. SPALDING, _5?? lS-tAp2P. Secretary Board of Appeal. CREAM, CONFECTIONERY, &o. Lk3 Receptions, Parties Weddings, Balls, 8up pers. Fairs and other entertainments furnished at shortest notice and most reasonable terms. Ice Cream and Water Ices uiade by steam power, war ???i ^ f? j 4e l)?st in "ty, wholesale and re tail, delivered to any part of the city. Charlotte Busse. Jellies, Pyramids and WeddingCakes made toorder, at J0S1 PH 8H A PF ys LD '8 Confection ery, 3?6 Sixth t., bet. G and H.. fe ll-3ui* r^WASmNG AT SHORT NOTICE.?The National netam Laundry has changed Hands, and is now in full operation Itouzh dry Ini i!?* for famihes at fifty cents per dozen. Goods will be called for and promptly delivered by leav ing an order at the office, sontn aide Pennsylvania avenue, between !3th and UK streets Washing for hotels, restaurants, steamboats. Ac..done at short notice. tmr 14-1m*} PERR? COLMAN. F?i?nPcVCE rA *u Per',<?r pair of NORTHERN ?, i ? ,!ayr'MS >ears ?i''- p< ice ?.l..-'. Appl> at 4 4** Ma-saciiusetts av. ap 6-3t* A HARNESS~AND it J Jf w cheap for cash./rv For further particulars apply at livery sta-1^3% ?nG street, between 17th and 18th ?pP-3t* S. C. & E. WROE. RATIONAL ALMANAC, 1864. i Jibt,?^tional All"wiac and Annual Re*ister for ??v Timn: f^V ?rp^rV ? Copies fieiit t>y mail free of portage. l?<">r srV )>y - ?. l'HII.P A SOLOMONS, - ^ "~^t 332 Penn. avenue. J^ST AJUUVED PER STEAMER FROM NEW Six Walnut and Mahogany SOFA BEDS SpBISG*SKATWOHAI^^,nnt "<l *"?????" n""" c BONTZ A GRIFFITH, - al' 6~6t 3f 9 7th street, between I and k. Ci RAND OPENING. '1T06U , MODES DE PARIS.' rth nn ^ PLATT will open on Thursday, April ?pt? vn e>J Oruassortment of^fc SPRING and SIMMER BONNETS of thedQ most approved and latest Paris styles, to5^ bichRhe respectful! > invite? h*r former patron age and the ladies of Washington and vicinity N "V.??1 ior*et the number, ?4o Penn. avenue" Snear Ijth stn>et, over the Independent Telegraph' ompanv. M'me 8. Courteille, from New Yo" ?j?k it 1-Kaniej) *ce' ?2sr?a select assortin nt of neh Muslin and Lace Waists. Capes Real Lace Barbe?' and Ladies' Under tiotmntf. ap 6-3t* f 'ARPETS! ^ ? CARPETS ( OILCLOTHS! CARPETS! ?OIL CLOTHS; MATTINGS! OILCLOTHS! MATTINGS 1 With the largest variety of " ^ATTI^QS! n ?9V*!t,uw"8HINO GOODS ap 6-6t r>36H9 7th str^^J^?^^ ^UPREMB COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF CO Marv M. McTntire, John A. Melntire C'?r?i,? n Baker and Laura E. his wife, Stephen and Mary Eliza his wife. Quincy L P.^ ' ?Ih Mary E. his wife Thos. Davidson and D^loiie Davidson against Williams A. Mclntire. The parties atove named, the. guardian ofthe niinor and^he trustee are hereby notified that .in tbeSSth ApriJj J854, at my office in the City Hall I at 11 o clock in the forenoon, I siiall state the trustee s account and ascertain and report to the Court the shares of the parties an 1 their assignees in the trust fund. They are requested to attend ap6-3taw3w W. KKOt.V, Auditor.' JUST ARhiVED AND FOR 8ALK THREE FINE HORSES, of fine site, and suitable to all Vv purposes, at HOWARD A ROUSE 'S sUblea, 7231 G street,between 6tli and 7th. ap5-."!t* M?? 8PRING FASHIONS. ?' N.0, Een?" avenue, between ?'Jill and 11th streets, will offer for exhibition Jtb. \tit i VLs<i?Ai April 7, a choice assortment of^CJ f?'LLJ"*KY, to which she invites the atten-'2^T tion of residents and visitors. apS-lft^ OVtl? ?PTJ?R THIS DATE OFFICE b< ro? R,.6 Wa?hin*ton and Marl-^wj-^ _^a?hi??ton^U^Q., April 4, HK. vim' T?MeaV'f^tU?lvFl,I> "EN -U0 barrels Co-u ? pf,rtl?Uy for sale lew by 4T1 ?tb ? Fi CRAMER,* street, s^ua-e oelnw B If MUBIf. JUST OUT. B. 8yi ft son* for the time#,dedicated to Gen. U. 8. Grant, a great hit; price 30 cents. Burr Me in tbe Sunshine. a very beautiful plain tive song. the subject from the last word* of Archbishop Hughe*; 3D cents. I'ndir th^ Willow She's Sleeping, a fine eon*, by ahe?; 30 cents. Bh^jjSleeping, a Gallant 6th U. Schottisch, very pretty; ^rn ppnijl i - The Song of all Songt, being the last written by Stephen C.Fo?ter. a very fine Song; MeenU. Tell Mother I Die Happy?last words ct Lient. Crosby?fine song; 25 cents. Young Epbes Lament; 30 cents. Ea?t Lynne March. Music Bent by mail free of postage. Pianos tnned, repaired, removed, picked^ exch&nfea,Btored,tc. Any Musical Instrument repaired at short notice. New and second-hand Pianos^w^s^on^njL ftp 8-3t. >06 Pa. ar., bet. 9th and Krt'h stg. QIS80LUTI0N OF COPARTNERSHIP. The copartnership heretofore existing between J. H. Jonnson and Gwynn Harris in the Grocery Business is this dav dissolved by mutual consent. The business will herafter be conducted byJ.H Johnson, who will collect all bills due the firm. Persons having claims against the firm will please present them to J. H. Johnson, who has power to receipt for the same; and those indebted to the firm will please .make GWYNN HARRIS. Washington, April 4,186*. apS-jw TnE NATIONAL ALMANAC AND ANNUAL RECORD FOR 1854. KxblbltlI,^oLITICAL. FINANCIAL, Economical, Educational,.and Military Condition and Progress of the United States, and of the individual States for the years 1842-3, and the Personnel of the Gov ernment for 1864. 12mo., upwards of Kg pages. Price, in boarlfl, $1.25; mtiBlin binding, $1.50. S?t fr.e .? receipt of pjg,, ^ Bookseller and Stationer, up 5-lw 334 Penna. avenue. (\T0RTH AMERICAN REVIEW, A?*IL, 1854. i~ #1.25. COHTRWT8 : Theodore Parker; Shaksperian Pronunciation; The Sanitary Commission: St. Louis and Join ?ille: The Navy of the United State*; The Future Supply of Cotton; Carl Bitter; Loyal Work in Mis souri; West Point: General McClellan's Report; Critical Notices; Editorial Note; Letter from the President. FRANCK TAYLOR, up 5 Agent. THE VERY LATEST NEWS J AND FROM THS MOST RELIABLE AUTHORITY P. J. BELLE W & CO.. 510 8EVEKTH 8TREET, It's no use talking, we have got th^ inside track and we are bound to keep it for the benefit ?f our friends. We have just received? lTOdozen Coats'SPOOL COTTON, which we will sell at ftl a dozen, 250 doren Perry's very fine WATER TWIST, as good as Coats', warranted 150 yards, at 60 cents per dozen. - s J00 boxes HOOKS and BYES, 1 gross each. 20 cento per box, 500 papers American PINS. 5 cents per paper. fiO.OOO assorted NEEDLKS at 5 cents per paper. No speculator need apply Only a package to each family. An additional new stock of Plain . Ornamental. Gilt and Fancy PHOTOGRAPHIC FRAMES, tfee prettiest styles we have ever had. We are still selling at our usual low prices, yet we are paying #2.50 per dozen advancf. It's amusing to see how we make goods move on the double qniek. Hard marching, but we are bound to keep the track. P. J. BELLEW & CO.. 810 7th street. 3 doors south of ap4-lw Odd Felllows'Ilall. T O LIVERY STABLE MEN. MILK DAIRIES, Ac., Ac HAY! ? HAY! ? HAY! ap y>t .100 TONS OF HAY To be sold this week WITHOUT REGARD TO PRICK or VALUE. MUST BE SOLD THIS WEEK FOR oAI.K And on exhibition #at THOMAS FAHBY'S Corner of 10th street and the SMITHSONIAN BRIDGE hear of COMMERCIAL BUILDING COMMISSION ASD PRODUCE MARKET HOUSE P1 9 (IANOS.?A new assortment of 8teinway<5c Sons and Hainns, Brother Pianos has Just^^H^^ been received at our warerooms. We baveJHHQQ al*o ou hand one almost new seven-octave"** *? * Piano, cost flOO. which will be sold for f2S0, the owner leaving the city. Several second hand Pianos from $K4) to $ 125, upon easy terms, at the Music Storeof * W. G. METZEROTT, ap I Corner of 11th street and Pa. avenue. rpo HOUSEKEEPERS AND OTHERS. Hout-eseepers and other? who are in want of CROCKKRY, CHINA. GT.ASS. CUTLERY, or PLATEl) WARE, lire invited to examine our stock. which it- very complete, and to which we are daily adding all the new and most desirable patterns. Stoie closes at 7}* o'clock. WEBB A BEYERIDGE, (Successors to C. 8 Fowler A Co..) up 1 fit * if 30 4, Odd Fellows' H all ,7tli st reet. 486 pioTUBwr. A few choice Engravings and Paintings for r,ale at J. MARK RITEK'S, No. 4*6 7tb street, eight doors above ap l -7t- Odd Fellows' IIa 1U T KFMO VAL J nE UNITED STATES ASSESSOR'S OFFICE IP REMOVED TO | 468 SEVENTH STREET, P. M. PEARSON Assessor for D. C. Washington, March il. 1864. ap i lw WINDOW SHADES. ! Now opening, Kpnngstock Gilt Band Window 1 Shades, Shade Cord, Ta.-r,els and Fixtures. ! 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Only nine bids were offered, at prices ranging from S155 to *180. Tbe following are tbe bids: Jobn O. Price, Cockeysville, Md , and W. H. lngersoll, Hagerstowa, Bid., 900 mates each, at f>155 per male. D. P. Moore, Washington, D. C., 200 mates, at $168 per male. B. Beed, Philadelphia, Pa., 300 males, at $169.90 per male. Wm. W. Fisher & Co., Philadelphia, Pa, 250 males, at 0174.60 per male. W. P. Charcb, Washington, D. C, 800 mule?, at *1*8 per male. W. H. Hendricks, Kentucky, 500 males, at ?178 per male. O. H. Barbridge, Washington. O. C., 500 males, at S178 per mate. McClure, Miller A Co., Washington, D. CI, 500 males, at 9180 per mole. ?; THE WILKES COURT MARTIAL. The coart met this morning at 11- o'clock when Acting Master Fred. D. Stuart was called and testified to tbe genuineness of the letters and dispatches offered yesterday as evidence Mr. Fox, Assistant Secretary of tbe Nary was next called by the prosecution as a rebut ting witness to certain evidence producedby the defence. Washington Money Market?Latest Quo tations. Furnished by liewis Johnson A Co., Bank-? era: Baying. Selling. U. S. Coupon Bonds, 1?S1......113? 114X U. S. 5.20 Notes ..110# 1113^ 3 uartermasters'Checks... 99 jj; ? ew Certificates 99\ ? American Silver.. 150 _ American Gold.. 166al68 . ? KIW YOKK RATBS?SaOOHD BOABD. Coupon C's, 1881, 113*; 5.20's, 111Certifl. cates of Indebtedness, 99*; Gold, 171. COHGRE88IOHAL. XJIXVIIlTB CONGRB88.?VIR8T BlSfiiON. Wbdbbppat, April 6. The Vice President laid before the SeuatM a communication from the Secretary of the In terior in reply to Mr. Hale's resolution of in quiry as to whether the Marshal of the District of Columbia had, since the passage of the act creating a warden of the jail, neglected or re fused to execute the laws of the District dr judgments of the courts. The Secretary says he has no knowledge of such being the case. On the contrary, he says that he is apprehen sive that the Marshal's detaining persons in the jail may be without due authority of law. The communication was ordered to lie"on the table. Mr. Conness presented resolutions of the Legislature of Calfornia.on the condition of ! the country, and the issues involved in the | war. Mr. C. said that they come here in an j opportune time, when we are engaged in the : woik of expurgating from the political system I the poison that, has effected It. Their coming | i6 a remarkable coincidence, as if prepared by the Almighty Hand. They come from tho far tbest off State, which had been represented in I parf by those who at least scoff at the great t ripht of liberty. They were of no mixed e$ ! pression, and coincided with his own viewfe. ? The resolutions were lengthy, and declare in ; the outset that the people ol California are ui* | coiT'promisingly loyal: that this is a war ofla slaveholditg aristocracy against free Govern j ment: and after denouncing " Copperhead" 1 members of CoBgress, who would send com I missicners to Richmond, declare that Califor j nta will accept no compromise with traitors. Mr. Grimes introduced a bill to repeal the I joint resolution passed a short time since lor 1 the transfer of seamen from the military to the j naval service. He said it was very important that it should be passed immediately, and ex plained that in the enrollment act there are sections which relate to the same thintr, but conflict with tbe joint resolution, whirh was introduced during the pendency of that bill, with tbe expectation that it would reach tha President before the enrollment act could pa*?. HorPE.?Mr. Pendleton, of Ohio, from the select committee on the subject, reported a bill providing that tbe Heads of the Executive I?e partments may occupy seats on tbe floor of tbe House of Representatives. It was ordered to be printed, and permission given to the major ity and minority of the ^mmittee tQ hanil in their reports. He said he would not call up the subject for consideration without due no tice. Tbe House resumed the consideration of the National Bank bill; tbe question being on agree ing to tbe amendments reported from the Com mittee of the Whole on the 6tate of the Union. Mr. Hooper, of Massachusetts, (of the Com mittee of Ways and Meadf?) made the closing speech, giving the reasons why all paper cur rency should be under tbe control of national law. The House proceeded to vote on the various amendments reported to the bill. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. BALTIMORE ELECTION. T1IE DISLOYAL NOT VOTING Haltimobh, April 6 ?Tte election is pro ceeding very qnietly. There is no opposition in this city or Baltimore county. The disloyai, 60 lar as heard from, have made no effort to vote. Full returns maybe expected to-night as far ns can be reached by telegraph. EAPLO&lOft AM) LO&K OF Lire. PHiLAi'ELrHia, April 6?A large boiler at Merrick ic Son's Southwark Foundry, ex plcdcd this morning, causing much loss of life and great destruction of property. Five work irgtnen were killed, and over thirty wounded by the explosiou. The boilef house was situated iu the center of the building, forming a hollow square. It contained two boilers, one of which exploded, throwing temporarily outof employment seven hundred men. The following are the names of the killed . Jos. Wiser, Pat. Branaan, Chas. Webb, Daniel McLoughlin, John Dongherty, Jno. McGowan and Edw. Bannon. Ten of tbe wounded are at the hospital. Several others will probably die The exploded boiler shattered into two pieces; one portion being thrown fifty feet, demolishing the pattern shop and damaging tho other building. The explo sion will cause much delay on machinery for Government frteatners. DESTRUCTIVE FIRE IN BOSTON. Bostojt, April 6.?Shortly after midnight last night a fire broke oat in tbe Freemasons' Hall wbicb, together with the Winthrop House, in ibe same block, was totally destroyed. Ijoss 9300,000. Only the walls of tbe Freemasons' Hall and Winthrop House remain standing this morn ing. All the gaet ts of the hotel escaped, but \ery little property was saved. Mr. Silsby, proprietor of tbe Winthrop House, loses about $50,000 in furniture and fixtures. The destruction of the Freemasons' Hall in volve*, a loss of #100,('00. The building was owned by the F)eemasons and partially in sured. The property originally cos; #100,000 and 956,000 bad recently tven invested in re pairs. It was situated on tbe corner of Boyles ton and Tremont streets. I ? ? REPUDIATION IN MEXICO Pjiii.adsi.phia, April 6.?An official docu ment, dated Imperial Palace, at Mexico, De partment of Foreign Affairs, March 4, 1864, states that tbe regency of the empire ha ving been informed that certain persons coming from ports on the Pacific have taken possession of lands in Mexico, under contracts made with President Juarez, announces that all such con. tracts are void and Of no effect This act of repudiation is in accordance with similar documents issued .1 uly 18th, 1863, by General, Almonte and others, after Juarez bad left the Capitol. TRANSFERRED TO FORT WARREN. Bostok, April ?.?James B. and Charles W, Mllbura, brothers, and active rebels, sent here from tbe Old Capitol, have been transferred to Fort Warren. A soldleT named Allen was shot dead on the beach last night while resisting tbe guard and CASUALTY IN RIW HASPSHIRK. bbrvm, IV. H., April ?.?Three email baud infer, belonging to the Union Pioneer Work# at New Partem, ware blown up yesterday after noon. Foar m?n Ware killed. The damage to property waa not great. Kar?Bra|M?it ef Emigration?Draft ef an Important Bill by Mr. Sewnrd. [Dispatch to the N. Y. Evening Poet.] Wabhik^toh, April 5.?Secretary Seward baa addieased a latter to Mr. Wasbburne, Chairman of the Hou?e Select Committee on Emigration, recommending the passace of a law to encourage emigration. He propoees to advance to indigent emigrants sufficient money to cover the ezp?>nee ot ocean transit, and ?ends to the committee the draft of a btll to carry ont the p?an. Tbe bill provldee for the appointment ot a Commissioner of Emigra tion with three clerks, aad pledgee the labor of tbe emigrant for the repayment of the loan. It also authorizes a reduction of the tonnage dntiee npon emigrant ships, and requires bat one year for the naturalization of emigrants. The bill will be reported to the Bouse by Mr. Grinnell, of Iowa. LOCAL NEWS. Linos Sale or R*al Ehtats ?Yesterday J. C McGuire A Co. entered upon the sale of city lots belonging to the estate of the Davidson heirs. Notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, the company of bidders was more numerous than could be expected, and the pur* chasers were generally those proposing to im? prove the property purchased. The lots were sold as follows: Square 814?Lot 2, 1j st., between Vermont av. and 15th et., to Joseph Kruehl at 36 cts.; lot 3, do., to B. H. Clements at 33* cts.; lot 6, 15th st? bet. L nnd M, to Lawyer Wharton at 22 cts.: lots 9 and 10, M st? near I5tb, to W. B. Todd at 25 cts.; lot 15, Vermont av., I. and M ate., to W. I*. Hodge at 33 cts.; lot 16. do., to Wm Wall at 30 cts. Square 220?Lots 18, !?, 20 and 2t, 15th at., bet. H and I, to Mr. White at $1.25: lots 22 and 23,1 St., bet. 14th and 15th, to Wm. L. Hodge at 76 cts.-, lot 2fl, 11th st., bet. H and I, to Mrs. V. Walker at 75 cts. Square 222? Lot I, New York av., bet. lith and 15th sts , to J. M. Barker at ?1.#5. Square 246?Lots Hand 15, Kst, bet. 13th and 14th, to Hudson Taylor at S1.20; lot 16, do., to A. P. Hoover at 91.20; lot 23,14th St., bet. Kand L. to Chas. Bell atoo cl$.: lot 14, 13th st., bet K ai d L, tp M. Cfreen at 57 eta. Square 252?Lot 1, New York a v., bet. 13th and 14th sts., to B. F. Guy at cts. Square 2^1?Lots # and 11, l.Jth st.,het. Mitnd N, to Sam'l Proektor at 23 cts. Square 315?Lots 13and 14,12th st ,bet. Mass. av. and M st.. to R. B. Donaldson at ft! and 36 cts.; lot 12, do., to Wm. Wall at 51 cts. Square 31<u-Lot 12, Uth st., bet. M and N, to W. J. Miller at 3- cts.; lot Ifi, do., to Chas. Heed at 39 cts.; lot 6, M sL. bet. loth and llth, to I). T. Cissell at 55 cts.: fbt25. 10th st., net. M and N, to W. B. Todd at 30 cts.: lot :ji, ,Jo, to J. R. Greer at 30 cts.: lot 35, do., to J. W. Simms at 31 cts. Square 311?Lot 15. M st., bet. loth nnd llth. to Thoo. A. Mitchell at 6<> cts. Square 312?Lot 4, K St., bet. 10th and 11 th, to Gen H. Turfo.i at 60 ctt.; lof 20, 10th st, bet. R and Mass. av., to A. C. Span Id ins at 56# cts. Square 367? Lot 1. N st., bet. Mb and 10th. to Wm. Stikney at 25 cti.: lot 11, do., to Samuel Ker at 25# cts : lotf 12 and 13, do., to Samuel Laudie at 25 cts:; lot <>u. 9th 6'., bet N and (J. to Stephen Casey at 25 ot.-. Another Attempt to Break .Tail.?Yes terday afn<rnocn, as Messrs. 1'ayman and Robinson, guards at the jail, were engaged in locking up the prisoners foi*the day, they dis co'vere.l that a hole, large enough for a man to squeeze throogb, had been cut nearly through tli? wall vf the third story, and, on examining the tell opposite, discovered that the wall of that ^.'so had been nearly cut through. The parties who intended to escape through this hole w*re both colored?Joseph Bradley, con vict a of stealing a horse, and Lloyd Adams, of viand larceny; the first sentenced to two in tl.e penitentiary, and the latter to one. The wall had apparently been cut through recently, and the openings were care fully concealed with a piece of shirt. The prisoners had made a rope of their bed ticking, 35 ieet long, of three strands, with which to let themselves down. As soon as they weie discovered they were placed in a safe place. It is thought that they would hare made the attempt before night, had it not been that there is a guard constantly in the north yard of the prison; and but for the vigilance of tbe officers they wonld doubtless have ere this escaped. TrtE Flood.?The current and high water in the Potomac, fully justified the merenants on the wharves at Georgetown to prepare for a freshet. As yet, however, nothing unusual has occnrred in consequence of the rise in the river. The water is very high in the upper rirer, and it is expected to be higher. The w, ater in the canal i6 nearly bank fnll, but not sufficient to cause uneasiness, and nothing has been heard iron, the upper sections to induce a belief that anv-damage has or will result irom tbe rains. No boats have arrived at Georgetown ?>inoe our last report, and but two have departed, both of which were bound lor places but a short distance up the canal. Seventh street east, in this city, forming a sort of channel for the drainage of a large por tion of the city north of the Navy Yard, was filled by the flood; the water being up to the doors of some of the d wellings, and quite a number pf cellars and basements were over ilowed, doing some dapage. The Price of Gas.?The House Committee on the District of Columbia, this morning had a hearing of the various interests concerning nn increase in the prici of gas, the Gas Com pany having petitioned for an^rease of 10 par cent to their present price. Mayor Wallach, Messrs. J. H. Semmes, A. Lloyd, A. H. Shepherd, and other citizens ap pear. d in behalf of the city, and Jos. F. Brown, Esq., secretary of the Washington Gas Light Company, for the Company. Mr. Brown made a statement in the Com pany's behalf, claiming the increase as a matter of justice, in consequence of the great advan<3e in the cost of material, coal, &c , and was re plied to by Mr. Shepherd, who contended that lire Company had made enormous profits, and wa> still sell supporting. Police Reports?First Predne'. ? T>%\id Pattent, H. D. Eddy, George Lyons, drunk; kept till sober. Lieut J. A. Russel, rebel sol dier; sent to the Provost Marshal. Second Precinct.? William Fossnaught, as sault and battery; disiui-sed Ihird Precinct ? William Young suspicion of larceny; Timothy Early, drunk and disorderly; di- missed. J-ovrth t recinct ?John Quipn, drunk; $1. Sixth Precinct,?Joseph Clements, Edward Briek, Benjamin Kirby, running a hose car riage on the pavement: #3 each. Tmth Precinct.?Hugh Gallagher, disorderly; *10. Michael Sullivan, drunk and disorderly. Kaufman Myenberg, a-sault and battery; dis missed. Criminal Cocht, Fisher.?This morn ing. the District Attorney entere a nolle pros, in each of the following cases: Christopher V. Hogan and John Kerrigan, false pretences; W. Stevens, larcenv; R. Worms, A. Worms, and Meyer Oppe> heimer, false pretences. Sarah Brown, indicted lor keeping a bawdy house, submitted her case and was fined ns5. Ellen Bride, alias Johnson, indicted for a similar ofTence, submitted her case, and re ceived a like fine. Alexander Moore, indicted for larceny, was iound not gnilty. The petty jury were discharged tfll Tuesday next. The weather continues rainy and disa greeable, Another N. E. rain storm ha? pre vailed since yesterday at noon. All the streams in tbeadjoining country are very high, and the roads deep in mud. Tbe high tides in the Po tomac, we spoke of yesterday, prevailed to-day. The river is up to the top of tbe wharves, and the water runs considerably up King street There is difficulty of landing from the steam boats when the tide is at its height. Ot course, we presume, tbe condition of the roads and streame puts a stop, at present, to any import ant army movements on either side.?Alca. Oat. April 5tk. _ Pardoned.?'The President to-day pardoned Moses Nix, a colored man, who was tried by a court-martial about two years since in South Carolina, and sentenced to the jail of the Dia. trict for ten years for murder, in killing another colored man who he had caught taking im proper liberties witb his^vife. Nix had become quite a favorite witb the guards at the jail, by his orderly conduct, and had on several occa. sions performed good service in discovering when tome of his fellow-prisoners intended to attempt to escape and giving timely notice to the guards. Port op Georgetown.?Entered.?Steamer A. Brauley, Brought, Philadelphia; schooner Antelope, Jones, Baltimore, with merchandize. Cleared.?E. P. Taylor, Rose, New York; Wi nonab, Ryder, do.: B. G. Tubman, Wheeler, Magothy; Enoch Pratt, Baker, Fall River; Kitty Ann, Roberts, Deal's Island. Steamer Thomas Jefferson, Schellinger, Chesapeake v!ity. Barges Cumberland, Holland,; R. Lacy, Smith, Doe Creek. Uii]).?Monday night, a man named Miehael Pheeny, waa fonnd in a dying condition in the Second (Boundary) Precinct. The case Was reported to Sergeant Johnson, who took rneas. ures to relieve him. He was conveyed to the station house, where he died yesterday. coroner held an toquest, aadthe jury returned A CHALLENGE. Seeing that HANK M A80N J\g Dancer attk* Metropolitan Hall *tyle* himself champion of th* world, I, DICK PIRRT, Cham pi on Jig Dancer $ f Post OB, will dance him a Straight Jig Saturday night, April 9tb. at the above Hall. If this meet* bis approbation he will pW? M *wer through any of the public papers in Waski?, ton city, D. C. DICK PERRT, It Jig Dancer of Bo?to?. DT THOMAS BOWLING. Aact'r; Georgetown Hi USKHOLD AND KITCHEN FURNITURE AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY MORN IN*. April lith, I?4,nt h o'clock.,1 will sell, at Ho. 160 Wa*hin*ton *tr??t above * est atre*t,George town, a genenl aiiort' Bent of Household and Kitchen Furniture, coa Haircloth Parlor Fureiture. Bed atead*. Mattresses and Bedding bureaus. Csrneta, Chairs. Tables. Ae., Ac.. Secretary and Bookcase; Lounge, Mirror*. Ac . Kit'l en. Parlor and other Stove*. And a general assortment of Furniture tea numerous to mention, Jpc"" CUM' THOMAS D0WLIN8. Auct. By W. L WALL A CO.. Auctioneer* IMPORTERS BALE-Wo will Mil at pabl'ie air ltlon early next month by order of Oremaiien * Co., on thilr premise*. No. 393 P*nn*vlvanlaavl nne, up staire, a very choice etoek of Wiaee, Braa diee, Ac., consisting of about 1 AO doaen Tke sai* ?toe* ha* beea on hind in thia eltr about 4 mn nod not before offered to the public Prirat* faint lies, the trad*, and sutler* can avail the ana It a* tat the advancing season with such article* rarely mat with, now sold only t> t reaaon of a ebaage of boat *e?s, aodone or the partners going to lunpa. Oat alogue* will be ready two lay* before sale da* which will be hereafter announced mh SO lw IChrow.l W. L. WALL A CO , A net*. flSF*TUE ABOVK BALK WILL POfllTIVBLr take place on W KDN ESl>AY, the 2>'th instant, ai in o'cloak. ap6 Y WM. L. WALL A CO . Auctioneer*. B U. 8. MARSALA SALE OF A SCHOONER AND SLOOP, THEIR TACKLE, APPAREL. A3D FURNITURE, AND CARGO, AND 13 SMAU BO A18. In virtne of decree* issued from the Clerk'* Of fice of the Supreme Court of the District of Celu? bia holding a District Court, and to me directed. 1 win sell at public sale. for ca*h, at the Baxaar of Wm.L.Wail A Co.. Auctioneer*. South aide of Louisiana avenne, between 9th and 10th street, o? WEDNESDAY, the 13th day of April in*i.. ]& commencing at 10 a. m., U?? following gg*d* art chattels, taken on beard of the abovg nam** schooner and s!oop, vis : hi Sacha Corn. ? Sacks felt, 5 Keg Salt, i Seek* Wheat, 1 Sack Qat*. S Boxes Tobacco, K-ir Oyster Tong* U Plow*, ultivalor, 96 Plow Point*. 15 pair 1 Cnlti . i 4? Plow Shears. 14 Moulliog Boards. Also at the Foot of Sixth street Wharf oii ?h. Potomac river. 1 will sell at S o'clock p. m.,on tat Bar e day. the Schooner and Slooptbair tackle, as pare . ard furniture, and 13 imtlf boat*. WARD H. LAM0N.U S. Marshal. D 6 ap.K dAds^ per WM L. WALL A CO.. Aurt*. ' DT TUfMAfi Aa?t?.; Goortetowa ADMINISTRATOR'S SALB OF A LA KG K AN6 VALUABLE STOCK OF FINK GROCBRIEa TEAS, WINES. LIQUORS, CIGARS TOBAOOo G0tf0SAKD GEN?HA^ ASSORTMENT 0? usually kept in a first class Family Grocery, to b* so d by catalogue, at tb? st"re of t he -ate Henry 0 Wilstorf, No 1f?*s Bri lge street, Georgetown D C., coinmeneipg on WEDNESDAY. A. M? isu April, 1361, at l( o'olock precisely. (No postpon* ment 1 n account of the weather.) .11 FO, On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, 14th of ApriL at sats enlace. at 5 o'clock, p. m., will sell a lot 01 s>; ver Ware. Noithwestem Virginia Railroad Buod? American and foreigi Gold and Silver Coin, to g< tser with a tare* lot of standard works. Ac . Ac 1 he Groceries and Liquors embrace, in part. 1 large collection of heavy go~>dr,alI in ?ord order and we'l worthy the attention of the trade W. lame in vart: 28 hexes Macotroni aud Vermicelli, 2 hfijfs Graiu Pepper, Sf0 cans and bottles ?f Preserved Fruit*, Ae,. 33 cases Fren;li Mustard, Large lot Letter and Note Papor, Pen-;. Kov-1 f-p"*. Ac., J Iron Safv, Platform, Counter, ttnd (?tk?! Scales, ? 72 ki's Mackercl. ]fl bbl*. Nos. S and 3 Mickerd, K chests Gretn and Black Teas 61) boxes ftlould Caudles. 13 boyes Adamantine Candle*. 12 boxes Castile Soap, S2 boxes Brown and white Soap, 25 bags green Rio Coffee. 3 eask* Sugar Cured Hams. Large lot Shoulder*. Middlings, J >l.-s. Ac, Large lot Almonds. Nut*, Canary ^ Ac., 35 boxes: of Layer Raisins, wholeg, halves an* quarterii. obbls Kerosene Oil. 300 boxes of prirue Havana Cigars, 250 gross asrorted Smoking Tchacco. .50 gross Fine-Cut Chewing Tc4/acoo. 1 <K<' CigaTcitoB. 4 case* Marifchfin. 2 cases of Cnraeoa. 12 case* of Ab*yuthe 12 cases Kock Wiuo. 8it cases of Claret Wi-e. lccase* of Barsac, 21 CAftrsof London Jockey Club Giu. 75baskets and cases Heidseick, Murj 1 A Co St Maroraux, at'' other brands of cboi<* Champagne, SObblsRye Whiskey. 12 bbld Rcee Gin. 1 puncheon pnre Irish Whisker. I cask pure Hollaud Giu, 3 casks Clare' Wine. 9 puncheons Hock Wine, 30 obis of assorted Winea. Brand es, Cord'*!? Bitters, Ac , Ac., ?0 dozen as-ort-d Blaoking. 6i5 Demijohns, assorted sizes. Scgether wi'h a large lot of Brughee, Bro>m* Buckets, Tnb*, Rops, Twiue.and a varie'y "fotVt articles, too numerous to mention. JOHN J. BOGUE Administrator ap 6-d THOMAS DOWLING, Anet. (CHILDREN AND INFANTS' WARDROBI J AND LADIES' UNDER GARMENTS I have a complete and handsome assortment #f French and home manufacture of Infants'. OirL' Boys' and Ladies' Under Garments, Bl<v.ue> Dresses, Gowns, Ac., the largest stock ever offered in this city. Ladies exclusively have charge of thj< depart m< nt. Only one price will be asked, without 4m deviation. Also, the latest styles of Cloaks, Mantles, Lsce Points. Shawls. B?nbroideries. Black and Fancy Silks, a eoneral stock of White Goo<b Dress Goods, Ac.. A c. Everything will be sol i ?' the lowest New York pric?>?. S. M MEYRNItERG. (Late S. A W. MeyenbergJ 4^ 5f>?rkct Space, be we> n 7th an<l Stb st? . apfi-lw under the Avenue House P MAYOR'S OFFICE. April 5. l?r.4 Rt'POSALS will be received at this office uuti.j 12 o'clock M .. on Saturday, the i?th instant, for t'ra dine and graveling 3d street east, from Cstr et south to L street south, or so much thereof a-, tb' Mayor may deem necessary. The tfravel to be of a quality approved by tb? Commissioner and Assistnnt Commissioners The gravel ta be nine inches in the center, taper ing to four inches at the gutter line, when rolled and to be well rak?d of stones of improper size and well rolled w ith a heavy roller. biiWers will state the price per cubic yard f' cntling'or tilling that which may rcquirethe most There will only one be allow ed, and square yarfl for graveling. The superfluous earth, if any, to be placed wher? the Commissioner of the Fifth Ward may direct and no pait of the appropriation will be ua'd iht contractor withoul a certificate signed by til. Com missioner and Assistants, certifying thework hv beiu di-ne in a satisfactory manner, and accordins to the con traet. W H HAMILTON. Commissioner of the Fifth ar WM. NOTTINGHAM THOS. BAYNE, ap 5-td Assistants ^OYEENMENT SALE OF FLOUB BARBEL? Will be sold at the D. 8. Balrerj. Alexaudri*.M V??on FRIDAY, April Stb, at 11 oVlock, 6/coBarre's. * Terms cash in Government fund*. A. B. MOTT. ?P.5-3t Captain aud C. S By GREEN Jk. WILLIAMS. Auctioneen n VALUABLE BUILD1KG LOTS FRONTING Oh V INI) W AMD (CIH BTB. KOIVH. IT ArO *10* - Oa TUESDAY, the 5th o( April n-xt ?? ?hail sell in front of t?e premL?e?. at ie cloek.f m , tne followii g handsome taildiM Lot*, vi* Lote No. 2,4. 7, 8, 13, J4, 15, 111, 17, 18 nad 19. U subdivision or square No. S'S: thess lot* havefronJ of 26 feet each, running bach 95 feot to alley*. ** yery handsomely situ tied. . Term*: On*-third cash, balance In *ix en* twelve xr opth* for ncte? bearing Interest, a deiw given and a deed of treat taken. .... All conveyance and stamp*at the eo*t of th* pur ^mVa-eodAds GREEN A WILLIAMS, AaeU j tar- THE ABOV E S^tSPOSrPON HID OS I account of the wea the until TBI B8DA\, then I Anew. I, i.HER CHAMPAGNI' THE ROYAL WINE OF ENGLAND. A limited quantity of thia superior Wine b*j been secured for the undersigned, and the *?* shipment of fiOO cases has arjived. by the steaaj ship Olympus, direct from the cellars of tbe wsJ" known house of Messrs. DE YENOGE A CO., at Epernay. France. The present invoice wiir J introduced into thia market at the very low pn?? 1 ? TWENTY DOLLARS PER CASE OF QUARTS, payable in currency, which is much belo* 1 s ? , The superior quality of this Wine Is guarantee^ tnd it i* offered with confidence of its *PP ??1 a' connoisseurs. . ^ Orders f*r one or more cases may be aa b, Irttcr .r oUerwIjj.wa.""^^ Wine and Brait Dealer. No. 7 Broad street, W?H, New 1 orV ajl-JW

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