Newspaper of Evening Star, April 7, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 7, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMU8EMKNT8 TO-NIGHT. l'ORP'P Thbatbb.?Mr. Edwin Forest will to-i ight repeat bis great impersonation of "Yir gluins," a character which he played in his , acceptable style in the early part of his pit sent engagement. Mr. F. will be supported ?j upon the former occasion by Mr. McCul loch a? "Icilins," Mrs. J. H. Allen as ??Vir f ir.ia," Miss Alice Gray as "Servia," and by other memters of the company, forming alto fe?her one of the best casta that could be given to tbe play. G kovhb'9 Thkatbb? Optra.?Mr. Groveris no doubt correct in stating that the operatic ? utertainments given at his theater the past two weeks are among the most brilliant ever known to Washingtonians. Ceitain it is that the au dience? hare been of the most select and ap preciative character; and the operatic company is airogetber tbe best we have ever had here. This is their last night bnt two, and a? Beeth oven's master work, " Fidelio," -grill be per formed, another crowded house may be ex pected. Canterbury has certainly offered this week the best bill and most attractive entertainment of the season, for the list of performers embraces many stars of the concert hall line of business,, who appear n ghtly in song, dauce, and Ethi opian eccentricity; and the fine pantomime of ?"I be House tbat Jack Built," accupies a prom inent place upon the bill. The entertainment lor to-night, therefore, will be as usual splen did. MKTr.orouTAK Hall.?The fine entertain ments nightly offered at this already popular hall, are witnes-ed by crowds, who find an ar.enc'ance here a very pleasant way to while j?way an evening hour. Among the perform ers are Helena Smith, W. H. Bartholomew, Rob?rt Butler, Sig. Constantine, and others, who appear in a varied entertainment. Varieties. ? Fitzsimmons' new sensation play, "The Female Pickpocket," still retains possession of the boards here, and is witnessed nightly by crowds, the interest in it seeming to abate uot. Besides the drama, the regular con* cert hall entertainment is nightly given, and a flue ballet is al?o performed, thus offering a double bill. I'irccp.?Mrs. Warner's Circus, at the cor ner of Sixth street and New York avenue, is ?till an entertaining place to visit. Among the performer* are the Whitby Family, Geo. De rious, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Whittaker, and runny others who are well-known in the eques trian and ring world. Mr. Wm. Kennedy is the clown, and he delights all with his humor nud wit. Ball.?The Junior Bachelors will give their seoond grand ball at Pompeian Hall, George town, to-night, and the management promise 10 make it a splendid affair. The E.nlistmbht Fcnd Execitivb Com >i itt ke and the managers of the late Enlist ment Fund Ball are requested to men at the Major's odice at seven o'clock this evening. Meeting op thb Carpenter* and Wood w i'Kkkes.?An adjourned meeting of the jour neymen carpenters and wood-workers was held last evening at United Hall, Eleventh street, and was largely attended; Mr. Charles liillyard presiding and Mr. F. W W lu tein nan acting as secretary. ior the benefit of those not present at the previous meeting, the reply of Secretary (Jhase to the committee on the part of the wood workers at the Treasury was read, as also the ? ertilicates of various bosses, some of whom i 1 tifitd that they had for some time past been ?riving their journeymen per day, and others they -were willing to give the increase v Inch has been paid since the 1st of April. Messrs. Ferguson and Dashiel, the commit tee, reported that they had been unable to get an answer from Mr. Rogers, of the Treasury Extension, to their request for the increase; but they expected that if their wages were in oreased, it would be from the 1st of April, and tiej had good reasons lor believing that a fa vorable answer would be given. Mr. Mullet (Mr. Rogers' assistant) had intimated that as ioon as th? advanced wages were given out lde tliej would be increased ou the Treasurv Extension. Mr. F. R. Dorsett here adranced to the middle oi the room and slated that he was the oldest carpenter in the room, and the second oldest in ;h? I):strict, and was the man who first obtain ed a reduction in the number ot workiag hours :tr.a an increase of wages. In lt"9 when he v as at work at the Arsenal on North Carolina ] inf. the carpenters received *1.21 per day, v crking from sun tosm;, and '.hey made appli * tson, ar.d alter six weeks they obtained a re duction cl ttie hours to ten and an increase of wnfies to ?1 50 per day. About this time he -t..r,< d as (what some called him) a "mushroom boss" and gave his lew hands the hours and .iie increased M ages?getting some of the other i ojt /s dowtion Una, and he told them that h<? wanted the children of mechanics to know that th^y had lathers; for when the hours were from sun to sun the children only knew their fathers on Sunday. At that time &1..30 would to as lar as 84.50 now He hoped that thev mifcht get per day, and he urged them to uo as they did in "-?0?po to Uncle Sam himself rnd not 'o ou side bosses. [Applause.] Me chanics, he said, bad never thought as much of themselves as they ought to. He would do justice to President Van Buren, whr, when the in i'i it ;he Arsenal had received their de mands, voluntarily established the same rates on tl e other public works. Mi. Dorsett was heartily applaud d when he h id concluded, ar.d a vote of thanks was ten u. r d him for his good advice. A man .Tom the Arsenal stated that he under stood that Capt??euton had been making in Mu.iies as to prices outside, and he had but I t le doubt but that the wag^s would be m cr ased. Srfrae of the branches of labor there had already jeceived an increase. Mr. Wm. Harmon (Irom the Navy Yard) j aid the Navy Yard teemed to be the great i tumbling block, and suggested that the certifi cates from the bosses be sent to the Navy Yard. j h re ate plenty of men in the Yard whose wages are so meager that they are not able to purchase snlhcient food and doming for their children; and some of them have been und3r the necessity of taking the-ir children from .* hool that they may help their parents to sup port their families; and he asked, must we t:PKlect the education of our children because o> tside parties will not give their employees ? I'tiicient wages on which to live He had just returned from Baltimore, where he found the wages much the same as here: but the price ot hv :ng there was much lower than it is here? >2 there being equal to about ?2 5!t here. Sjrae o: the woodworkers at the Navy Yard?nil tno^e employed in the ordnance branch, g.tu <arr;ige makers and pattern makers?had had their wages raised twenty-live cents He moved tbat tbe certificates be handed over to the com mitters from tbe Navj Yard and Arsenal Mr. Iiorsett said everything would help, and to actd a little he submitted the follawiug state me; t ot prices ol some ot the principal articles oi consumption in lei'.i and ls#l: lfe?. ISfit. V.? ge?... 81.21 Wages.. ffj.-lO Flour per barrel 4.50 fe to 12 OoJ i-e per pound li to 1-1 50 to S3 M par per pounu .0 to is 18 to 25 lit-f per ponnd 5 to 7 1- to 2> P.icon per pound "toll 15 "Wood, pine 2.50 9.'?0 Wood, cak 4.00 10 to I ? ? oal per toi ? 12.00 rent lour times as high now as then. Mr. Harmon said that mechanics, in his opin ion, knew almost as much as other peaple, and had equal righta with others; but there has been numeious petitions presented to Congress this session from clerks and others, who receive "? 1 , ;t o and upwards, for incre ise of pay. They tmirt have an increase of twoor three hundred c'ollars but the mechanics, who receive six or tev? n hundred per year, and the laborers, who r> n ive four cr live hundred, were never m-'u t'oned. Some of the laborers at the Navy-Yard ha\e b^tn for months wearing patched clothes nmyly b'cause the Grimes bill wis in fore. i;?' mought that Mr. Grimes, when ho drew the l: l. h?.d no intention of its acting agaiust the v. orking man. In fact, Mr. Grimes had said t: at he intended the reverse. The speaker * i. d what is a man to do with four or five children, and stated that he had fifteen, one of v he m was in the service of his country; and wii-bed to God that he had more togive tor the ?ause. [Applause.] The mechanics wanted *ii increase of pay to help to clothe, feed and s.-hool their children. Tnis was all he wauted, [-evt-ral voices??'Amen,"J and by the help of i e Loid we will have it. [Applause and more ?'Amelia."J s< me one here stated that a Mr. James had t hanus employed, to whom he was paying thi. - dollars per 4a}, and a motion was made i r -he procurement of a certificate to that etVct tr^n: him. Mr. James H. Reed suggested that when the xrei tiug adjourn it be to such time as to give the* Navy Yard committee time to use their c. rtiilcatfs He thought that if the Na\y Y arders obtained the increase it would be a h??lp to those employed on the Treasury and at U*e Ar ^i.a.1. Mr. Wm. Stanford asked what was the ob ifo1 ..i the meeuug : He b<*lteved that they had ne as lar as th??y could, and the only other tmiig tbat could be done on th? Treasury was to ask Mr Ro-ers to classifv the hands Mr. l>?rnugtor favored Mr. Ueea's idea, and si gge?te?i that th? meeting adjourn till both the Navy Yard aud Arsenal m?a have had tirae to act. Mr. Keir did not see the use of delaying tioo, and asked what was to be gamed. I?e 1. y was wh: t the bosses wanted. He referred io his tfi viug attempted to get the wages raised? t e second time he pushed no hard that he * as put out, hut was taken back the next dav. J: they wished to do a thing do it Mr. Stanford ?"Thet's my style." Mr. lKnsettremarked that all iien were alike, ?id foitr.d one cowmor le\el?tae mark-?t hwitse. it Y\i next to lr-.po?sib!" to cia.-j.ty carpenters, for inch is the natore of the work that a man may work six months before the boas would know wbat were bit qualification. Pome of the men were better able to claaaif/ others than the bosses themselvea. Mr. Kerr asked if some ol the men la the ?>vr Yard who were gettlug 92 per da/ were not better mechanics tban come receiving a higher rate of pay 1 Classifying men goea by favors, and this course would ingender jeal onseg. Mr. Phillipa moved that when the meeting adjourn it be to m? et at the call of the chairman. Mr. Collison urged that the meetinga be held frequently; they would do no harm. The Ar senal f.iid Navy Yard men could go to work with Treasury men, and by frequently meeting they could encourage each other. Mr. Phillips mo'.lon was adopted, and the meeting adjourned. Conclusion of the Hci:?larv Hkarino. Yesterday Justice Thompson concluded the investigation of the evidence against the par ties cfcatged with the various robberies in con nection with Plnmmer and Lazenby. The reault was that John Claiborne, Betsy John son, Ann Watkins and Warner Cropp, l'our more of those arrested on suspicion, were dis missed, the evidence not justifying their deten tion. The Justice announced his intention to com mit Richard Lazenby, Mary Ross alias Eazen bv, and Henry Plummer to jail in default of si,*200 bail for each one in all the cases, to answer at court. Mr. Phillips, for defense, said he would apply to court to-day and have them releaaed on ?S00, as the court never aaked more than that sum in auch cases for negroes. Justice Thompson remarked that he could not think that the court, having knowledge of the number and extent of the robberies, and the character of the evidence in each case, would do any such thing. Mr. Phillips instated tbat'the court would. Justice Thompson remarked that he would commit the parties, and Mr. Philips might test the point. A Dh8p*bat? Atthmpt to Escape.?Last night, roundsman Franklin and officer Bresna lian, of the Second Ward, going their rounds, met with a party of five young men who were very disorderly. About one o'clock the officers attempted to arrest them. Franklin took Wm. Ferguson and Bresnahan took another at the corner of L and 13th streets. As the officers started with their prisoners to go to the station honse, the three not arrested followed, and called out to the prisoners to halt; and as thev did so, Ferguson tripped Franklin, who, to save himself from falling, loosened his grasp from his stair. Ferguson seized it, and dealt Franklin a blow on the bead that knocked him down, and Ferguson jumped upon him. Bres nahan released bis prisoner and went back to aid Franklin, and the two secured Ferguson. This morning, Ferguson was taken before Jus tice Tl.ompson for a bearing, and was fully committed for trial at court. Ferguson had bfen to bis brother's wedding last night and got drunk, and this was the origin of the affair. Frar.k!in"a head was very badly cut, and when he took the prisoner to the station his face was so covered with blood that the officer on duty there did not at first recognize him. Interesting Markiagb. ? Last evening, at seven o'clock, quite an interesting marriage toi k place at the parsonage of the \% street Presbyterian Church. The happy couple was Mr. Wm. E. Collins, clerk in the Treasnry Department, and Miss Annie Moore, of the Fourth Ward, the marriage rite being per formed by Rev. Dr. Sunderland. Mr. Collins at one time belonged to the 1st Minnesota regi men i. and at the bat leof Slaughter's Mountain was wounded in the knee. In order to save life am putatlon was resorted to, and Mr. C. was brought to this city and placed in hospital, where he was kindly and successfully nursed by the lady now his bride, who, at the ttm?, was an entire etranzer to the sufferer. When Mr. C. was able to be removed he was taken to the residence of the lady's aunt, (Mrs. Bigelow, 6th street,) and under the tender treatment of the two he speedily recovered. The parties being thrown together so frequently, naturally enough fell in love with eaeh other, which resulted in their being married, as above stated. Don't Deny Old Acquaintances.?Dennis Borrigan was arrested last night for being drnnk and disorderly in the Fourth Ward, and was locked up in the station-house. This morning. Sergeant Cronin recognized hira as an c!d .vequaintance. Sergeant Cronin recog nized him as the man who, some months ago, firea a pistol through the doorol No. 10 Marble Aliev. Dennis said that was the last time he w?s here. The first time he was taken lor steal ing a cloak in Marble Alley, but of that he wis acquitted. Denni? claimed that he was a New "i ork Zouave, but is discharged. He was fined *3 Back AoatN.?This morning. John Early v. as brought out of the Fourth Ward station i'or trial before Justice Oiberson. Sergt. Cro nin remarked to the justice that the prisoner was one of the "Forty Thieves." Early re plied that he had not been in Washington for a loi time; but had been with the army. The Sergeant remarked that E^rlv was concerned in the robbery of Crown s auction jewelry, and ought to be in the penitentiary now. Early ia about sever teen years old, anil his offence now is assault and battery on a little girl. He is held for a hearing. Alexandria Affairs.?Five building lots, on South Fairfax street, and one on Gibbon strtet, with fTonts varying from II to 16 feet, advertised by R. Johnston, were sold this morning at auction, at prices ranging lrom *100 to each. Mr. Isaac Buckingham, an old and respected cit zea ard a former Major of this city, died yesterday afternoon. It is said that the convention, in session in tbi place,is to adjourn to-morrow.?Alexandria Ga .etie 6. Foprth Ward Station Caseh.?Patrick O'Neale, violating Lack law; 54. John J. Adams, desertion; dismissed. John Early, assault and battery ; for hearing. Danl. Raidy, violating hack law; Jamts Sweeney, vagrancy, workbonse. F. B. Jlohnson, insult ing ladies on the etreet; $\!.56. Thos. Conway, drunk and disorderly; dismissed. Barney Feeney, do.; ?'2 :8 and bail for peace. Eiw. Kitvgerald, assault and battery; tail. Dennis Hoiiigan. drunk and disorderly; The Late Sanitary Fair.?The Financial Secretary of tbe late Sanitary Fiiir, held in the temporary building corner of Seventh street and the Avenue, states that its protits will be about $3,5(il', and that the "report" will be iorthfomiiig in a faw cays, its non-appearance being caused by the delay of tbe sub committee in handing in their statements, and the failure to receive the pay lor the building until re cently, Rfi s;a-<*!>.?Mrs. Jane Scott, who was ar rested a wtek or two ago by the Metropolitan police ft r being dressed in mateattire, and com mitted to tbe Old Capitol by Col. Ingraham as a suspicious character, has been reieased uuon taking the oath of allegiance, and sent to Phil adelphia, with orders not to return south of that place. A Wife Beater.?Edward Fitzserald wa? at rested lor assaulting and beating his wife on Tuesday last, and was taken before Justice Giberson, who held him to bail in ?&">0 to keep the peace. East night he was arrested agaiii for a repetition ot the offense. A? stice Giber son sent him to jail in default of bail. Second Ward Station Cahes William McKeegan.disorderly;dismissed. FannyJonef, dtuiik; $1.75. Geo. McClenan, deserter; mili tary. Matt. Eggleston, do.; do. E. B. llall, disorderly; #1.50. Wm. Ferguson, assault and battery on an officer; for hearing. Richard Mora, drnnk; military. Fined.?Yesterday, Mrs. Hannah Carter, kepper *t a grocery store, corner of Third and H streets, was arrested by the military author ities lor selling liquor to soldiers. She was taken before Justice Ferguson, who fined her ft-JO. Come in this morning, beautifal assortment of gold-plated jewelry, for one dollar, at the Dollar Jewelry Store, 13f Pennsylvania avenue, near IX street. * MARKI XD, In Baltimore. March 27th. Vj Rev. George Tern pU-niHH Mr. PETER SNYDER. of Williamr-yort. to Mi Ha MARY A. A. KIRK, of thi?city. * VIED Ou the 6th instant. THOMAS Nil ART. aged 53 years, n native of the Parish ol Dromiskin. Coun ts of Louth. Ireland. Ilii? funeral will lake j>lace to-morrow. (Friday.> Arril Jth, at o'clock, from the residence of Lawrence Ma'one, E strtet north, between 2d and 2d street*. His friends are invited to attend. * On Wednesday. April 6th. Mrs. CATHARINE gl ItiilT, relict of Prin^le Slight, aired 72 years. The funeral will take place from her late resi dence. on J.S street, near Virginia avenue, on Fri day afternoon, at 3 o'clock. On the morning of the 7th in.-tant, FANNIE PI'MPHREV. aged 3 years, relic of TUos. B. and Maria Pumphrey. While the twilight shadows gather. We rhall wait in vain to feel Little arms, all white and dimpled Round our neck so softly steal. Our wet cheeks will miss the pressure Of ?uch life so warm and red, And our bosoms sadly, sadly. Miaa tbe darling little head Which v-as wont to rest there sweetly; Ar.! these golden eyes so bright. Wt shs'Jiuiss their lovina cUncea, Beaming cow in Leaveul? *? L. ?. , The f* erds of the family a'e to aften 1 til- fun-ra: at i o'lloek p. m. o>n tbe i mat from 1 i rivfcidciici ou bet. * w DiCAFKCM, CATARRH, and disease* of the EAR, THROAT, AND AIR PASSAGES. Dr. LIOHTHILE, from 31 St. Mark Place, New York, Author of "A Popular Treatise on Deafness," ?* Letters on Catarrh," will make his second visit to WASHINGTON, MONDAY, April llth. and can be consulted at the Ebbitt HorPK for onb wbbk until Saturday evening, April 16th, on DEAFNESS, CATARRH, and all the various diseases of the EAR, THROAT, AND AIR PASSAGES." From the Rev. Fred. S. Jewell, Professor of State Normal School, Albany, !f. Y. This may certify that 1 have been, since 1814, 6ubjeot to violent periodical attacks of catarrh, marked by a highly inflamed condition of tbe lining membranes of the cavities of the head, producing a most distressing species of head ache tor days at a time, wholly incapacitating me from business, and during the paroxysms confining me to the bed. In some instances the inilammation has extended to the teeth, occa sioning toothache ; to the threat, producing hoarseness and partial loss of. voice ; and and twice it has so affected the left eye as to con fine me for a month or more to a darkened room. These attacks have been accompanied by strong febrile symptoms; by stoppage of the head, and, in the first stages, by watery discharges from the nose, subsequently becoming acrid and vellow, and towards the close of the attack becoming bloody and purulent. I have tried medicines of almost every kind; external ap plications to the head, such as camphor, gin ger, hot bandages, and fomentations of hot vinegar; snuffs of some half a dozen kinds, and other catarrhal preparations, together with in ternal remedies, such as alteratives, cathartics and emetics. These have produced no change in the occurrence or character of the disease, and, in most cases, with little or no temporary relief. I had come, at length, to believe the disease to be practically beyond either cur* or material alleviation. Under these circumstances I was led some five months ago, to make a trial of Dr. Eight hill's treatment. His method at once approved itself to my judgment, as simple, philosophi cal, and likely to be effective. Notwithstand ing the disadvantages under which he labored, in dealing with a disease of such long stand ing, aggravated by nervous debility and dys pepsia, and constantly indnced by the acci dents of my professional labor, I found the treatment reaching the disease as it had never been reached before, and producing such a modification and alleviation of its character, as I had supposed imuossiDie. I chronicle the results inus. Although I have been situated several times, so that I should formerly hava believed a severe attack of my catarrh inevita ble, I have escaped thus far; the symptoms of threatened attack have been very light, and have vielded to the remedies employed by Dr. Eighthill, without need of recourse to the old hot fermentations, or emetics; and the dischar ges lrom the head have resumed the original and natural condition. I count upon a com plete cure. That I have been able, however, to obtain so material a relief is to me a cause ct gratitude. In that alone, I am repaid for whatever the treatment may have cost me. I make this statement unsolicited, as a means of acknowledging my obligations to Dr.Eieht hill's method of treating catarrh, and with a view to aid any who may have suffered from that disease, in forming a just opinion ot its merits, and its probable utility in their own ta?e. Fkedk. S. Jkwkll. l'rof. State Normal School. Albany, N. Y., March H? ISM. Catarrh Cured. From Rev. I?. P. liustell, Lynn, Mis* 1 have been much troubled wi'h Catarrh of the worst tvpe for some twenty years. It graduall> grew worse, producing cough and hoarseness, destroying the sense of smell, and bnaking down my general health to such a degree as to compel me to resign my pastorate, and suspend rnbiic speaking. 1 made diligent use of the useful remedies, such as snuffs of different kinds, nitrate of silver, tar water, olive tar. and inhalations, but without anv salutary effects. East sum mer I beard of Dr. Liglrthills successful mode of treating catarrh, visited him, and put my self under his treatment. 1 began immediate ly to improve, and this improvement has goue on to the present time. My catarrh has gradu ally melted away, my congh has disappeared, my voice has become natural, and I am once more able to preach the blessed Crospel. Eel me advise all troubled with catarrhal dilHcul ties t6 applv to I>r. Eighthill. P. R. Ru?8bll, Eynn, Mass., Feb. 1, 19G2. mh:H-eo;w BALLS, PARTIES, &c. 1 SJ CON D G RAM) BALL or TIIK YOUNG 111 HERNIA CLUB \\iii temperance hall. E street, between Mli au'l loth streets, on MONDAY. J!ay '.M, n?i. Tickets ONE DOLLAR. admittiuga u itleuiaft and ladies. Cummitlrt a- Arraus-'tn John Myers. Martin Craimn, James Lush. Michael barrel, John Liglitelle. ap & May? < t? FUGHTH GRAND ASSEMBLY J 01 THK AMEHICAN HOOK AND LADDER CO.. ()1>J) FELLOWS' HA1.L,{Navy Yard,) ~ os f THURSDAY NIGHT. April 14. 1361. The committee will use their upmost endeavors to make this rt pleasant time for all wb ? may favor u? with their patronage. . , , . , .. A general invitation is extended to all the Indies as no specials ?ill be served Tickets, admitting a irentleman and ladies, tilly COTitf*. , No postponement en account of the weathe:. CoMMlTTKK. J W.Cross. James Andeyoti. A. II Vermillion, Thomas Johnson, George E. Hoppell. ^ ^ Dancing to commence at S <? clock . ap 7-7t Vy E MEET AGAIN IN H ALLS OF PLEASURE SECOND GRAND BALL OP I'll F .T r v t n i: is a cjiel o n s Will be given on . .. THURSDAY EVENING. April 7tli. IKui. | rt VoMi'KiAK IIall. (Union Hotel,! corner of L f idae a n't Washington stre"t s Georgetown, DC. Master of Ceremonies?J B. Burton. Floor Makaukrs. Louie Mendel, Eli Garrett, W. II. Bourke. Edw. Dougherty, Henry Booraem, W.H. llill, Daniel W. I.awler. maniififPrs promise to rr>fckp tbis equal, if not superior, to their former entertainment given on March 10th. 18T.4. . I Every effort will be used and no pains spared by them to contribute to suit promote the comfort ; and unalloyed pleasure of all who may honor them j with their presence. ap 4-4t* Sl PERSONAL. f N FORMATION WANTED OK MRS. ANGKLIN V _ SMITH. Ai?t person knowing or hearing ot her would idea*'' inform her daughter. Mrs. LAURA TITUS, No. 435 5th street, between D aud E. ap 7-2t* A COUPLE OF YOUNG AND LOVELY CREA /V TUBES, aged respectively H and 22, desire to correspond with some young and handsome gentle man, (officer or any other man,) with a view to fun, frolic, love and matrimony. Photoeranhvex changed. Address Bettie Buttercup and Chrissie Crumple. Ashtabula, Ashtabula county. Ohio. Write quick. ap 6 -tt* F MISS LAURA L. HAYWOOD Is in Washing m. ton or Alexandria she will hear something to }ier advantage by addressing'"V.," Box 150 Balti more. Md._ ^ ap2-lw REWARD.?A reward of forty dollars is hereby offered for the apprehension and delivery at the Washington Navy Yard, of Acting Master's Mate WILLIAM HORNBY, adeserter fromthe U. S Navy. Said Hornby is about 6 feet 8 inches in height, of slight build and thin visage, with dark hair *ui JyxuALL A. PARKER. Commander. Commanding Potomac Flotilla. {New York Herald will please copy ior one week and send bill to Paymaster Carpenter, Navy Yard. Washington. D. C ] *P - 1 v-' i BOARDING. FMVK OR SIX GENTLEMEN CAN BE AC roirmodated with table board, at per week, on 7th street, between K and I streets. Island, So. 637 . AUo. one fumi-hed room to let ap .* Br? MtniNrt ?Pleasant r??Tns and first-class board at i ?''<6 O street, between ttth and 21;t. Terms per month. ap4-iw^ rp H y. FRIEND OF WOMAN. " There shall no evil befall thee ' Neither shall any plagae come nigh thy dwelling." MADAME B0VIN'8piFEMALK ALTERATIVE \ certain remedy in correotang til irregularities w.4 JemSvir.K obftruetionS. whether from cold or otherwise These Pills ahonld never be taken in pregnancy, the, Aould be sure to cause raiscar r'r?Soared at 1* Re# Vangiard, Parti, France. CanoWeootainel at :\^T^ taeen Wi aa J Uto ot?., Ifi^ud wants. U'*TV9-A good BOTBlR,?t C WATSON'S 'I Ju*Lng nnd Bathing Booms, c-?rn?r ?th street Louisiana avenge. ap 7 3t? MILLINER WANTED.?One thoroughly ac quaiuted with trimming straw bonnets >nl hat* * ill find immediate employment at No. Pa.avenue. ap7-3t* \\ ANTED?A umair DWELLING or a~?uit"o"f v* Rooms. Occupation ran be permanent. Rent punctnally paid and care taken of the property. Address Post Office Box S3 *. It* \\ ANTED-For a (.mall family, a well FUR ? ? MSHED HOUSE, pleasatftl} situat" I for the summer. Address WRIGHT. Box II StarOfliee. hp i -1 w? r \\TANTED?'Two chambermaids (white!; also, a v* kitchen maid. to serve a white man cook. in a private family. City reference required. Apply to Mr. REDFERN, Grocer, corner Pennsylvania avenue and IPth street. ap7-3t* \Y ANTED.?A BOY to learn the Printing busi ? 'i?***' 'n.onP of the best establishment* in the city._ One with some Knowledge of the business required?none other need apply. Address " M,'1 Box 44, Star office. sp7-.1t WANTED?A WAITKR ?t the Gosling House. To one that understands the business )?20a month will he given the whole year round. Inquire at the Restaurant, U4 7 Penn. avenue, between 12th and 1.1th sts. ? ap 7-2t* \\7 ANTED ? A good PENMAN, desirous of be y v coming an expert book-keeper.offers his ser vices as copyist, accountant, or would collect. Terms : The comforts of a home, one where there is a piano preferred. Unexceptionable references given. Address Box IS Star office. ap7-2t* OFFICE DEPOT COMMISSARY OF SUBSIST ENOE. W\?hijioto!?. D CJ.. April 5. tR'vi. ^ ANTED?ONE HUNDRED GOOD BAKERS at the Government Bakery in thiscitv,on G street, between Twenty fourth and Twenty-fifth streets, ap ? Et 8. C. GREENE. Captain C. S. V. WANTED?Three PLASTERERS. Inquire at * * the corner of 11th street and Maw. avenue. up C-3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A first-classCAKE RAKER, Apply at McKELDBN S Bakery, 496 7th street. ap 6 3t* \\7ANTHD-A JOURNEYMAN BARBER. Good " wages and constant employment given. Also, for sale, a Shop doing a good business; object for selling is to leave thecity. Apply at Barber Shop No. U34 K street, between 6th and 7th. apGJt* WANT ED-A PARLOR and CHAMBER on first floor by a Member of Congress and his wife. Location must be convenient to a passenger rail way and meals either sent or furnished. Address Box 129 Congress Post Office. ap 6 3t WANTED-A first-class BOOT PITTERand four first-class Boot and Shoe Makers, to work on the Pleemer Patent Lasts, at the Military and Fashionable Boot Store, No. 004 Pa. avenue, near Adams Express Office. ap? 3t* JOHN MILLS, Agent. YV ANTED-Two white GIRLS or WOMEN to go ? v to the country, two mile* from the Nar* Yard: one to nurse an infant and do chamberwork, and the other to do housework and assist in wash ing and ironing. Good references will be required. Persons wishing such situations will please call on Thursday or Friday morningibetween the hours of 9 and 11 o'clock, at the store of Mr. EDWARD II ALL, opposite the Center Market, between 7th and 8th streets. ap 6-2t* YV ANTED-A GIRL for general housework; vT will get liberal wage< and a good home. None need applv except one that can CO 816 well recommended. Inquire at Ninth street, over office Independent Telegraph Co. ap S-.1t \\T ANTED? $ 10.000 on DEED OF TRUST " N0TF.8. secured on first-class Property worth $40,000. Good bonus paid. Address for tw.i weeks, A. K. SEPTIMUS. apt-7t* Post Office, Washington, D. C. U|,r ANTED TO KENT?On or before 1st of May. v? a small IIOUSE.5 to 8 rooms, furnished or unfurnished. Careful tenants and prompt pay. Address or call on Treasury Clerk, No. 117 4 l*?th street west, between L an<l M north. ? ap 4-4t* S BRYANTS WANTED?A cook, chambermaid, dining-room servant and coaehman wanted immediately. Colored servants preferred. In competent persons need not apply . Liberal wages given. Apply at residence of Amos Kendall. K>*n da'l Green. ap*-tf lT|UfTON.S BONE WANTED.?The under ''Ml signed will pay one dollar per loo lbs. for all green eainp and hospital Bones, delivered at their Factory, corner 27th and G st?. nih .7 1m MORGAN He RIIINEll ART. (inn LADIES WANTED TO CAM. AT i)",UUv PRINCE'S Stamping Depot. 3^1 F street, opposite Patent Office, and get their Stamp ing. 8'itching. I'in1 ing and Enihroiderv done. As there are other Richards in the tield. ladies better look out that they com'- to Prince's,, who is the only practical hand in the eity. Be ?are you go to F street, opposite Patent Office. inn 4 ll'AMKD IMMEDIATELY -ii<))) LADIES to ?v Embroider on Muslin, Linen and Cambric. To good hands constant work and good wages given. Ladi? s appl? iug will please tiring samples of work. Apply at WM. PRINCE'S Stamping and Machine Stitching Depot, t'**l F str?'vt. opposite Pale' t Office. fe IS \\r A N T E D- SI tJOND II A N i> FI' R N I TURK. ? ? Also. Mirrors. t'arpets. Beds, B"ddiug and Ilou^efui ni-liing Goods <>f every description. IS. BUCHLY 4sSH 7th street, lnh 3 ' tf bet. G and II. east side. LOST AND FOUND. GEORGETOWN ADVERMTS <i;rn REWARD-HM T( Tf LOS'f.-U the Gal l ?ixf Watch which was taken lust (Wednesday) night trom the residence of a genii 'oian. ?>n New Jersey s\ei'iie. Capitol Hill, is returned to him. ti?e above reward will be paid and no questions asked. ap7-3t* IOST-On tlie 1st instant, a snial? Herring's Safe t KEY. No. 22.005. The finder will lie suitably rewarded by leaving it at tlie Star Office, ap 6-3t~ Cl 1 I i REWARD ?I.o-t or t ikt n from :i*?i D st. a silver plated PITCHER. The above re ward will be paid on its return to the above house and no questions a<-ked. ap 6-3t* Ij^OlN I)?A sioail sum t)t MONEY,on theavenue. which the owner can have by proving property and pay ing for this acU ertisemeut. Apply at l?? I 4??street. apf?-2t' CT REW ART).?Strayed from the subscriber, on ?jo the 23d c>! March, a small red and ANhite COW. Has warts on one of her tents. The above reward I be paid for her return to COLUMBUS SCUI BIB, 259 G st., bet ween 14th and I5th *t?. ap?-3t* | I OST?On Satuiday morning, the IM instant, a 1 Li large V!ii< k Nev.foumlland DOti. with white breast and feet; answers to the name of J>ee. SI)) reward will b< gi? en if returned to II. LEHNK. ai>' ot* Old Depot House.cor. 2d and Pa.av. REWARD.?Stolen, on the night of the ;<lr.t March, from my !srm in Montgomery ??i ni.ty. Md. k valuable trotting STALLION. 16 liaiidc l^gh. six years old. dapple bay. Mark mane and tail: n > white except the right hind foot; very show*; has large ("..(?? and very e|e;ln legs. WM. E. STUISBS. Sligo I?. 0.. ai 2 1w * Montgomery Co.. >Id \Y~-r* NOTIC\'.~LK'E\SES.- All Licenses due Ll3 the Corporal ion of Georgetown on the lirsi itT April next must )>e paie.w ilhin ten ilay fi >m that date;otherw ise they wilt be strictly enforced by tin Metropolitan Police uih 25-eotICap WM. LAIRD, Clerk. rro BUILDERS AND C0NTKACTORS7 The sut'scribers will receive sealed proposals fur tl <? erection of a Market Itou-e in this town until noon ot the li'.lli day of April next. The building i to be erected on the site of the present Market llou>e. and will be about forty fe? t "i> width and nearly two hundred and sixty feet in length, a part of which is to be two st->rie* and the remainder < ne story high. and the erec tion to be of the best materials and workmanship. The plans, drawings and specifications, in full, can be seen on application to Wm. Laird. Esq., Clerk of the Corporation, and w ill afford all tin information that can be desired by those who may feel disposed to contract for the work. The party or parties whose proposals may be accepted t?n have immediate possession of the site, and it will be expected that the vork will be commenced without delay and pros&uted to as ear'y completion as practicable HENRY ADDISON. RILEY A SHINN, PETER BERRY. JACOB C. IlEISTON. CLEMENT A. l'EOK. Building Committee. Georgetown, D C., March24th, M*l. B^h 2?-eotd T^UOS. H. DONOHUE A CO., 1 PI. I'M HERS AND HAS FITTERS, No. fcs2 Bkidgh Strekt. Gkousktowx. All orders for Gas Fitting. Alterations and Ex tensions wi!2 receive prompt aud faithful atten tion. Plumbing in all its branches executed ia the best manner. M'ater introduced and Hydrants put up at short notice. mh 22-liu* PM iTOR'sOFFifK. April I, lSi'.t R0P08AI.S will be received at this office until 12 o'clock on Friday, the Sth iu^uut.for grading and gravelling Ninth Street west, from F to II street south; the grave) to be nine inches thirk :n the center tapering off to four inches toward the gutter line; to be well rolled with a heavy roller and te be relieved of all stone of improper size at the discretion of the Commissioner* The dirt to be deposited where the Commission may direct. No part of the appropriation will be paid until the work in approved oy the Commissioner Aid both Assistant Commissioners. Bidders will r-tate the price per cubic yard for grading ant. ner squ*re yard for gravelling JAMES H. BIRCH. Commissioner of the Seventh Ward THOMAS W. RILEY. WM. T. I>ON IT HAN. ap.?-eo."'. A.->istaut Commissioners. ? LU TON COTTON FACTORY FOR SALE. The above named Factory, with 380acrea of laud, mosfy wood, is offered for sale This property is situated at the headwaters of St. Mary's river. The factory building is four stories hitfh, with ample water power and ma chinery for inanu'.acturiiig cotton yarn. There is a grist mill, tavern, blacksmith a d wheelwright shop, stoiehouse. grapery, tailor and shoemaker's shop with eight dwelling houses attached to th? property. To an enterprising man or company thi? property offers very great inducements, situ ated at the head of a nav igable stream, with alarge and thrifty community surrounding it. an abund ance of wood and timber, healthy location, it can not fail to pay if properly worked. For further particulars apply to T W. GOT7GH, I.eonardtown. sr Mary1" county, Md., or MORGAN A RHINR HABT, foot ofG street. [Int.] mh 26 ^oIki -gARRELfe, BARRBI>8 AKD poopkrjxjq Oil Barrelaof eve*^description bo?4ghtand soH. Coopering aaa ^frHupnttf attended to at the short est aoUc?. JOUt. T. REYNOLD*. C^op?r, mh l*-ao;?* ?orn;r Lasl FOR RENT AND SALE. FCfinm BOOMS FOR RKNT.-T.o htn4 some furnished room? for root, on ftrat floor, at Vo._*2S 11th street, between G ?ii4 P. ap 7 3t* PH'R RENT?The DWELLING No. 427 Seventh street. Ipiv.ofii G and II. Inquire at the ?tore of W. B. I.BWI8, Auctioneer. ap7-1 w TO hhr.~RAiTKCHA\C? ?A good 8TAND in a good neighborhood. 'iiititMf1 for ?lin?<t any business. For particulars address " E. R. G./*Star offi?e._ ap7-.1t* C*OR SALE?A R EST A I* RANT no* dmnnruol v Will be sold on account. Apply at No 43 I K street, between 6th and 7th. ?P ' -?? II. gQNXKBORV. F" O B f A L E- Th e O R K E N 8 A C B R T A1'R A V T, witti lurnitlied roouiK aitnch^l. Inquirrim 2\ ? y nt 4?>'i Tenth street, mining Fnr?1'h li'J*?4*'!' ap 7-.It* IOT NEAR WASHINGTON CIROLlf FoRSALR Ji Fronting 18 feet on north side of L street, west of and near 23d street, containing l.773 feet. Ap ply at J. FINK'S store, cor. l?fh and K sts, it* t-rf l ERS'STORB FOR 8ALB.-A stock ofwejT C* selected SUTLERS' GOODS. in a stand doing a good business. Amount ot stock about *IO.n?? Rent of store >8'M. Apply to No. 213 Pennsylvania avenue opposite Willards' Hotel. ap7-3t* FOR SALB-4 BARGAIN -Two LOTS conti* ur.ns?Sand fi acres?beautiful. healthy. good neighborhood: 3K mile* north of city. Also Wanted?A small HOCSB and GARDBN in the country for the summer. Address Dr. H. N. WADSWORTH. 366 C street. ap7-eot>t* FOR RENT-Oae new FRONT ROOM and RASi? MENT. or each furnished or unfurnished, situated on Capitol Hill, near the Raltimore and Ohio Railroad Depot. Rent very moderate. In quire No. 212 F street, at the Clerk's Office, up stairs, from 9 o'clock a. m. to 1 o'clock p. m., or address" L. F.." Star Office. ap7-3t* IP OR SALE?A desirable DWELLING HOUSE in Third Ward. 1st numbered 42. in the subdi vision of square 448. on Madison street, between M and N, in a healthy and pleasant neighborhood. Inquire of STEPHEN CASBY. on the premises. No. 40 Madison st., Washington, D.C. ap7-2t* FOR RENT-A front PARLOR, with BEDROOM attached, elegantly furnished. Terms moder ate. No. 452 13th street, bet. E and F. ap6 3t* ~OR RENT.?Two UNFURNISHED ROOMS, suitable for housekeeping. Apply 137 4th street. bet. New York avenue and L st. -ap 6-;tt* 0~LET-1'ARLORand-OFFICE ROOM. No 424 15th street, between New York avenue and II. . ap6-3t* OR SALE?A LIVERY 8TABLB~wUh horses, carriages, buggies, harness. Ac. Inquire at this office. apft-lw* ARGE BRICK DWELLING on H north, be tween Cth and 7th west. .52 j, will be sold for f8.0(U. Possession 1st of May. Terms easy Would also sell other improved and unimproved property in con venient locations. B. MILRURN. ap6-1 m* 524 I street north. FOR SALB?On Marvland avenue, between 6th and 7th sts., a new FRAME STORE ROOM. 22 by 42 feet; two and a half years' lease on the lot. Price $71)0 cash. Apply to F. MACE, Real Estate Broker, 517 7th street, over Maury's Rank, ap 6-^t^ F'OR-RENT?Two nicely furnished ROOMS, Par lor and chamber, on first floor, in a private family. Will be rented with or without board; and situated within a convenient distance of the several Departments. Apply to R. KELLY. Watch man, Government Printing Office. ap"-.'!t* DESIRABLE FURNISHED ROOMS tor rent, at 37 3 Pennsylvania avenue. ap 3t* FOR RENT ?A two-story FRAME HOUSE, con taining a store and three rooms, on the cor ner oi Frederick and 3d streets. Georgetown. 1 n quire on the premises. up .vIw* FOR SALE?Eight years' LEASE of a Storeroom <?11 Pn. avenue, located between 11th and 13th st". Rent only 525 per month. A good stand for any business. MITCHELL A- SON. Real Estate Brokers, ap 5-1* * S. E. corner Pa. av. and 15th st. ^1XTY ACRES OF WOODLAND l-'OR SALE~^ Mill average 60 cords per acre. 12 miles from the District and 2 miles from the canal. Also, an other tract of wood land containing 200 acres of heav v timber. WM. KILGOUR. ap 5-5t* Trustee and Attorney. 517 7th st. I^OITrENT?Two BRICK" HO USE 8?one on Vir ginia avenue, near lis street. Island, with six rooms; one on 7th street, between E and F streets. Island, with seven rooms. ApplytoH.S JOHN STON. No. 373 Pennsylvania avenue, between I'j and 6th streets, opposite National Hotel. i<p &-eo3t "VALUA liLE-LEASE FOR SALE ?OFFICE FIXTl'RES. FURNITCRE, Ac.-The lea-.- of F T F A Office No. 4S0 lltli -treet, containing four rooms. ?a>. Ac.. a most oesira'de location for any busi ness, is for sale. Apply immediately to SWEENY & < 0.. Real Estate Brokers, corner 7th and Dsts. a;> .V.'-t F~ OITsXlE~OR~RENT^That first-clasTDWELL 1NG IIOl'SEaud lot of ground at the south west coiner of Prince and Columb"s streets, Alex andria. Title perfect and immediate possession given. Inquire of JAMES A. STOULE.NBERG. Alexandria, or of the subscriber. Franklin Row. Washington, corner 13th and K >ts. _a p 5-1 in * .1. II. LATH ROP L^OR SALE?In Montgomery county. Ml.?A JT v ell-improved FARM, of 90 acres of land, 20 acres in wood, balance in cultivation. Good dwell ing. oat-houses, and orchards of. choice fruits Kiul.t miles from Georgetown, and in a good neighborhood. Twenty tine faring jind several tra'-ts o*f .w oodland for t-ale. Houses m Haltiniore for sale and rent. T. MACE. Real Estate Broker, 517 7th street, ap t lw* over Maury A Co.'s Rank. Houses for sale. A Corner Lot. 150 feet front on Pa av., con taining 22.5U0 square feet of ground, improved by stores, offices, and residences; is one ot the bost loeatioiin for a first-class hotel in Washingtou. The whole of this excellent property can be pur chased for Sl2o.000-S25.000 cash, balance on long time. A fine Rrick Residence on K st,.oppo. Franklin Square. 12 rooms. 26 by 133 ft to 30 foot paved al lev. stable and carriage house ...?. $10,000 Desnable Brick on 1 Ith st . near Pa. av.,26 bv 100, 10 rooms 8.0J0 Brick Residence on L st., 22 by 137. 10 rooms, good stable . ? 5,000 A substantial Brick, on B st.. bet. 2d and 3d, 18 by loo. 8 rooms - 4,000 A snug little Brick House, on L St., 16 by 100, 6 rooms ._ 2-JUu Frame Dwelling. 15 rooms, and 10,500 feet of ground ? ? - 7.0<iO A neat Frame House, on 11th St.. 12 by 100,6 I'iK?M2r>. 1.001) One on Cth st.,bet. N and Oats., 23 by 126. {j Two Frames on N st. . bet. 4th and 5th sts. 15 by !.'*). 4 rooms, each 1.100 Building Lots in all parts ?f the city. A number of desirable Farms for sal*. MITCHELL A SON, Real Estate Brokers, npt-tMl S. E. corner Pa. av. and 15th st. I?oH RENT~Two large , STORK ROOMS and I fixtures, fronting Mas.5achusetts avenue and K street. Can be thrown into one room, making rroni 100 feet deep. Apply at 42?* Maasaehusetts avenue. ap 2-W * FOR SAi E?A first-rate STAND foi a Grocery an<l Provision Store or Restaurant; is 1 icated in ?ne of the best streets in Washington. Stork on hand i*l.'/0. A partner will be taken bv investing one half of this aioouut. Lease for five years or more. No bonus. MITCHELL A SON. Real Estate Agents apC-lw* Southeast corner Pa. av. and 15th st. T<?': SALE?The HOUSE No. 4**b Mass, avenue, bi tumen 4tli anil 6th streets, will be sold low for cash. Possession given 1st of June. Also, a LOT containing32 acres of land on the turnpike road, near Rladensburg; adjoins the farms of Messr- l'odjieand Rive?. Several other piee?s or parcels of laud in the same locality for sa'e. Ail dre-s .!. W. YKITCII. Attorney at Law. Rialens burg Md. ap22?* Desirable brick houses and a flMlREE 1 nunibt part ot tlie city at PRIVATE SALE.?We ofier tor sale two three-story Brick Dwelling-Houses, and Peunsylvaniaavenue,between Tweii t > fourth and Twenty-tifth streets.eontainintreach fifteen looms, with large hall and all the modern improvements. The houses are in fine condition, having l?tel\ been thoroughly repaired. At tached to one ?f the houses is a side lot fronting 22 feet on the avenue, with choice fruit tree-, grapery, Ac. Also, a three-story Brick Dwelling, No. T3 K street, with side lot. and containing nine rooms, with hall. Also, a number of Vacant Lots, fronting about "4 feet each ou Pennsylvania avenue, between Twenty-fourth an I Twenty-tifth streets west For terms. Ac. apply to J AS. C. McGUIKE A CO.. Auctioneers. ap2-d2w . t" j*OR SALE-Three FRAME HOUSES. This is a very desirable property for an> kind of busi ness. being on Virginia avenue and 23d street. For particulars apply to JOHN RILEY, 23d street, be tween E and F. Terms; One-ha'f cash; balance in 6 and 12 months. rnh 25-2w* 1?0R SALE?A n?at two-story frame HOUSE, r with back-building, containing8rooms. Also, adjoining I.ot. 12 feet front, with 15-foot side alley, running oack 105 feet to a 30 foot alley, with two sm.tjl frame houses on the back of the lot. situated on lSF? street, between B and C. Island. Can be bought cheap, if applied for soon on the premises, No. 67 13}* street. mh 24-15t* 1j*0R RENT?With or without Board, an excel lent PARLOR and several well furnished BED ROOMS, at 450 12th street, within five minute* walk of the Kirk wood House. Willards" and the Patent Office. Post Office and Treasury and State Departments. The location is unsurpassed in Washington. No children in the house. de2<"-tf Ij'OR SALE,(and immediate possession given.) a F three-storv BRICK HOUSE, with back build ing. No. 171 2d. between Band C streets west. For terms appiy to CHAS. H. LANE. 424 P^n'i. avenue, near 4S street. nan 8.eott CpOK LBAbB OB RBNT-A /t"n?ty of r building LOT8, 6 minutw W*ik of th? 1Pr?K danf. Uoase and all th. ??^|VdIW. mhl5-lm 18th st. cor, of M. JV^OK SALS?Th? UNION BATING HOUii* on r the coi nar of l<th aad ? strsets. It wl'l be hold rea#on?ble. ss the ow. er wants to *o Into other butineea. Call aarly oa ths yremisee imhTlm I?OB 8ALB?A first rate two story fBAMB F HOC8B, eontslnin* nina rise BuHdlng I-OT8. ifflMtout^tt rtoi?stfirttlt. sceh ss peaohas, paars, plums, cherries, grapes, au of th# t?st selection; witt? a pama of eroellent water la the yard;on the corner ofG aad Wih ste., aad Pens, aveane east. lot further particulars D OARKOLL T^tABE CHANCE FOR BUSINESS.-The ad~ A vertiser is now fitting up a first-clasa Saloon, with lunch, sode end cigar counters attached, and would take a youag and active man as partner. A small capital required, lor particulars apply at 448 Seventh street. ap 1-3*' ^AND Al'TKR THIS DATE THE OFFIOJ4 of the Washington and Marl tK5ro' stage will be kept at the<^^^^^^ ~ Stable* ot HOW ARD A ?>U8K, ooJ G b^tweea Cth and 7th etr -ete Waih.a&^a, L\ CApfi.4, UH. a??-(?' AUCTION 8ALK8. issr^Sfc. ? THIS A>T?i??> **"> J>t J. 0. MCODIRI > Au?"w.r.. TWM^Wcfg}^N IK ^THORSD^vTrrKKKOON. 6*4 o clock, on tbe ireniiiw. we a*ali *{ilthe tern pet of Lot Ho. 2. in Square No 170. froatiBtf 41 feet 6^ incnea on New York avsnoe. r*".*** corner of Seventeenth street, and rrnnio** ?a? about 111 feet. To b? sold entire, or diridwf lot* of tweatj feet nine inchea etch, u mar bi>"' sired. Tfce proximity of tki* property to tbe Depart - mei.ts, and the floe view (taking la the Smithso nian Gronrds. Capitol. Monament, and Pwtomas river.> readers it a rte?irable site for a residence. Trimi are half c.'?h ; the renaindor ia 6 month*, with interest, secured by a deed of Irustoatfc# premises. Conveyances and stamp? at eoatof pur chaser. ap4 4t J. C. McflriRI i PP.. Au-ts. By GREEN it WILLIAMS. iMtiWUn. I 1 VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS FBONTITO I ' OlT AND W AID )0TB 8 TO. KOBTI, AT AVO Tioa - On TUESDAY. the 5th of April neat wa ahull aell in front ?f tie premise*, at i o'clock p. m . the following nandsome buIUln* Lota, via 2<41 '? 8- 'JiM. '5. ".?7. ? *?? ?. !? BubdlviaioB of square No. SW: these lota hare froata of 23 feet each, running back 95 feet to alien, aad ?ery handsomely situated Terms: One-Third oash, balance ia ait tafl twelve c optbs for nctea bearing interest; a teed given and a deed of trnat taken. All conveyance and stain pa at the coat of the par chaaer. mhH-eodAds GREEN A WILLIAMS, Awota. ?T^THE A BOY K SALE 18 POSTPONE* ON Account of the weather until TRUKSDAY^the ftW instant, same hour and place. ap 5 1 Int.t GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. Br J. 0. McGUlUE A t?o.. AsstloMin. CJMALL AN0 DESIRABLE TiSAOT Of LAKE v? ADJoiaiao ihi oitt at Public Sals.?Ob THUBSDAY A* rERNOON, April 7th. at ? o'clock, oa the premise*, we shall aeU a email aad desi rable tract of laad.lying oa the road to Anaeeatia Hnd?e, distant abont one quarter of a mile lr.-?m the H street toll rate immediately opposite Douglas^, and adjoined on the westbr Isherwood'a plaee. The tract ecntain* tnlrty aerE^f laad, has a small dweling-house. pami of good water, aad a Abb Sring on the place, also choice frait trees It da red, it will be divided into foar or Ave tracts of six or reven acres each, frontier on tka main road, and running back to ' Cool Run1' road. * Terms : One third cash; the remainder ia six Bad twelve montt a, with interest, secured by a dead of trnat on tbe premises Cost of conveyances. In cluding sumps, to be paid by the purchaser, mh 31 d J. 0. McPCIBll Co., Aaatt. DY THOMAS DOW LINO, Auct'r.; Georgetown. AN EXCELLENT TW(V8T0RY KRAMKHOUSE AND LOT IN GEORGETOWN. AT AUCHO*. On THURSDAY. April 7th. 1361, at 5 o'clock p. m.. I -will sell, in front of the premises, on Cou S-ecs street, between Bridge and Qay streets, rorgetown. The Lot fronts 22 feet on Congrtvie street, and ia improved by an excellent two atory Frame House, containing t'-n rooms. Title indisputable. Terr <s at sale. apt-dAds Til OK AS DOWLING, Auet. 8 ( 3ALV Of OLD UN*1 RVICEAB4.K GRAIN * SACKS. STOVES. CO?PE?, CA8T IRON. 8HOML8, At., Ac., Ac. CHTXP QtJABTBBlfastxr'b Orric?, Dbpotof MTashibotov. Wasmnqtoji, D. C.. March M. 13M , Will be so d, at Pnblic Sevecth .treat Wharf, ia tbe City of Washington. D. C , FRIDAY, April fcth. 1864, at i? o'clock a. m . 40,(<X)Old and Unseiviceab'.e Grain Baska. Also.a: lloMockm . efthe svusday. at Oor erntnent Wi"house. No. IS, New Yo.-X aveaae. between B ghteenth tnd Nlaeteenlh ?tr?eU, will be so'd BtcvoS. Pangea, Camp Kett'c*. C ai hois Meaa Fans, Old and >~?-.w Bcrap Oopoer. Old 0*st Ir>?, Btoveplpe, Shovela, Scales, Wheelbarrow*, Detka, &e . &e fcucc'Sifui bidders will be r?qairel to rtmofi tha articles wi' bin flv (?> days from the day of sale. Term*. Ca<h !n Government funds. D H. RUOKBR, ?rig. Gen. st'i Chief Quartermaster, mh 31 Bt JDepot of Washiagtoa. By . 0- McGUIB* tc 00., Auctioneer!. I A RGB AND VALUABLS LOT ON 1STO J t-BKIIT W?3T, BKTU KEH RkoDX ISI.AND AvgBTB AMPNoBiaPaTBBBT -On FRIDAY AFTBRNOON. April Mth,at 5 o'clock, on the premises, we shall sen let nuu ner J", in sqnare t umber frontiac 97 f?*et 11 inches on lr>th etTtet, and running baaa 91 feet on a 60 foot alley, to be ?w>14 entirely or di vided iiito building lots as may be daairei. ?j^ferle peremptory * Terms cae third ca-h; the remainder in six aad twelve months wilh >n erest. By order of the Trustee. ap 5 d J.C McGUIRB Jc CO., Auots. B ^ J.C. McG CIUK Ac CO.a Auctioneers. H STOCKS AT PUBLIC SALK. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON', April llth. at i o'clock, Httlie Auction Rooms, we sha'l tell, i? lots to knit? 1.500 Pbares Firemen's Insurance- Company o( Washington and Georgetown stock. a ?2 "-!0 Bank of the Metropolis Stock. 6,'^Washington and Georgetown Railroad Cm VH*iy Itondn. 5.Of" Corpt>ration <>f Wasbington luart^rly six pec cent. Stock. IVrms cash. ap 7-d J. C. MoGUIRK St CO.. Auote. Y GRKEN A WILLAM8 Auctioneers. No. 3SO, comer Seventh aad b straeta. B0SKW00D CASE PIANOFORTE AND HOUSE HOLD Fl'NITl.'RE AT AUCTION. f)n SATURDAY,the 9th inst., at 1? o'clock a. oa . w<> sljall sell, in front of our Auction Bonn a, a Urge collection of furniture. Ac., belon^in^ to a fer.tleman (foclinin? housekeeping, vi/ . One newT1^ Octa\e Rosewood Piano Forte, round corner carved legs, serpentine bottom, &i. Cost gs.V'in New York. One Figured Brocat*Ue Pallor suite, consistinc; of Tet<? a tetes,Sofas, Ca?tor=. and Side Chair*. Walnut,IlairClcth Sn'as, Oasto'H and other Cuiura Wainut, Marble-top Dn.-ssing Bu:eauK, Wasliatands and Tables, Wainnt. .iennv Limi, und other Beadateal-, l eather Betls. Pillows, and Bo'sters, Hair-top, Husk, and other MnttresKes. Blanlcets. Clomfoi ts. Sheets, and c ther B^d i iog, Brus?, ls Three ply, and Ingraia Carpats, Or.e Lsrge (jilt i rarne Mirror, Cook Radiator and other Sto\ ALSO, Will' c- added to tbf sai?, 2" pi?c,?8 W lute and Olieckered Mnttir.?. Terms cash. apT C.RKEX & WILLIAMS. Acctv By J . O. MoOUIRK -X Co,. Auctioneers. / iBANCBRYSAHOFFJBTY SIX YAI.UABL* V LoTB IN 182, OS THK H!(.H OP.OU8D BX IWSKS M ; THKKT AND t.'Ev. II tMi'SaiRB AVBS1H AMV SlXTKKHTH AK!> !?KVBSTSBSTH STiiEBTS,?By au thor ty of a decree of tbe Supreme Court or this District, pasted in a cause wharein Riggs A Co. arsi complainants ard i be widow and hetrsofthe lat* Thomas tiuith are defendants, I shall sell to tha highest bidder, on tfc? premises, on tso 2" t day of April next, at 4)i o'clook in ike ai'tsrt&on, and cau tinue from day tod*y tiila'l is sold, tae whole Bf Square Ko. J8J, in this city, (eicept t'na njthwest correr, being l(*i feet sqnare. owned by Q. W. Riggo, R.' 1 ) The ptction of ti.e squa-e in" ended to be soil has been divided into 4? lata of ab >ut twenty foat front each, with tui'able alleys. Ac., and is a part ol the hiiih ground between Sixteenth an lS^vta teenth mm M street and New H?mp<hira avenue. A plat of the whole can bs sesj at/,0. McQuire's auctica rooras. Tbe terms as prescribed by the decree ars, osa fourth of the purobaso mouey :n cmii, and the reei due at six, iwelve, and eighteen months, ta ba a? cured by the purchaser's bonds with surety and a lien ru the premiss, beariuf iutereit from tha day of rale. A'l conveyancing, bonds, Ac , and st?mpitn be at the purcbaser'a expense. If the terms ef sale are not coo- with withia five Cays trom tbe day of rale, tae lot or lo's will be re-sold at said auction rooms, at the purchaser's cost and risk, at pubuc auction, after one week's notice in the National IntclUgen.-^er. W RKD1N Trustee. ap7 3awtd McQUIRB A CO.. Aasse gY THOMAS BOWLING. Auct'r: Georgetown. IICUSKHOLD AND KITCHEN FURNITURE AT AUCTION. On TL'ESPAY M0RN1NB, April 12tn. ISil.Bt 1> o'clock. I will sell, at No. 1BO Washington street, above est atreet. Georgetown a g? ueril assort ment of Hcuaebold and Kitchen Furniture, con sisting ot Hair-cloth Parlor Furniture. Bedf-tends, Mattresses and Bedding. Hi!re?u?,t arpets. Chairs. Table-), Ac., Ac., Secretary and Bookoa?e; Lounge. Blirrorw, See.. Kitclen Parlor and other Stoves. And a genera! assortment of tumiture numerous to mention, 4 IpS^d" TH0MA8 DO WLING , Auct. By W. L. WALL A CO.. Auctioneers. IMP0RTXR& SALE.?Wb will sell at publioaie tion early uwit month- fcr order.of Oremsiiea A 00 on their prsmisee. No. 393.Ptan*ylTania ave sue, up stairs, a very choice stock of Wines. Bran dies, Ac., consiUicg of about IjOtO doxen The said ?took Has been oo hand in this oity about 4 years, and not before offered to the public. Private fami lies, the trade, and sutlers can avail themaelveefov the advancing seeson with such article* rarely met. with, now sola only f? r reason cf a change of tauri nes*, and one of the partacrb going to Cnrope. Oat alo^nts will be ready two dajs before sale dar. which will be hereafter annonaeed mh.SO-lw] W.L.WALLA CO , Auots. *y-TB K ABOVE SALE WILL POSITIVELY take place on WEDNESDAY, the 2 >th mutant, at 10 o'clock. at? jgY WM, L WALL A CO , Auctioneer*. U. S. MARSHAL'S SALE~OP A SCHOONER AN? SLOOP. THEIR TACKLE. APPABF.L. AN? JDRNITUBE, AND CARGO, AND 13 SMALL In virtue of decrees issued from the Clerk's Of fice of tbe Supreme Court of the District of Colum bia holding District Court, and to me direcUd, I will sell at public sale, for cash, at tbe Basaar of Wm. L. Wail A Co.. Auctioneers. South aide af Louisisns avenue, between 9th aud 10th atrCMei, em WEDNESDAY, tbe 13th day of April inat., MM. ccmmencicjc at 10 a. m., the following goods and chattels, taken on hoard of the above named schooner and sloop, vi* : 117 Sacks Cora. f Bait, . S Keg Salt, tSaeka Wheat, 1 Sack Oats. 6 Boxes Tobacco, is ?air Oyster Tcngs, 12 Flow*. {Cultivator, 96 Plow Points, ^ 46 Plow Shears, 14 MouUing?**'^ Also at the Foot of Sixth street Whajf per

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