Newspaper of Evening Star, April 8, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 8, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMCSKMENTB TO-NIGHT. Qbovbb'b Tiikateb ? Opera.?"La Dame Blanche," one of Boildeau's grandest and beat opera?, will be performed at Mr. Grover's the ater to night, and the fine manner in which all operas have heretofore been put upon the boards here, gives ample assurance that this E'rfoTmanie will be well worth attending. abeiman. .Tohansen, Frederici, Canissa, and the whole strength of the company will be en gaged. Ford's Thbatsk.?It mast be evident to al' that Sir. Forrest, in all his Impersonation?, imbues himself as mu~h as possible with the spirit of the author whose characters he rep. resents; but in no play does he enter more fully into tfce spirit of what the author intended to represent than when he appears as Shak sneare's "King Lear," a character exceedingly difficult of representation, but which finds a master in Mr. Forrest. It will be played to night. Canterbury.?The new pantomime, "The House tnat Jack Built," will pe performed to night again. All of the concert halls lately have given their patrons so many pantomimes of indifferent order that they have become to a certain degree tiresome, but this one possesses many new ard original features, and is well worth seeing. The regular concert hall bill will alto be performed. Varieties.?"The Female Pickpocket,"still he Ids its own at the Varieties, and attracts crowds, who delight to witness it. It is in the highest degree sensational, but ha* many good hits, and is withal well performed. The new pantomime, "The Magic Trnmpet," and the ballet, ??LaOle," will also be performed to night. Metropolitan Hall ?Miss Amelia Well", a vocalist of no mean merit, is performing now at this popular resort. Also, Hank Mason, Scott, Bartnolomew, and many others who ne^er fail to win much applause. A really laogbable pantomime is among the features to night. To-morrow afternoon there will be a matinee. Circch.?The opportunities of witnessing the performances of Mrs. Warner's fine circus com pany are now limited, and therefore all who delight In equestrian exercises should not fail to attend under the canvas at the corner of Sixth street and New York avenue. The per formers are all good, and Kennedy, the clown, makes merriment for all. JiiBdOLTiHO Vihws.?'The last exhibition of Dissolving Views at the West Georgetown Chapel, will be given to-night. N avt Yard.?Every department of the yard now presents a busy appearance, and the work is carried on in a thoroughly systematic man ner. All the shops have now a full comple ment of workmen with the exception, perhaps, of the machine shop, where preparations are being made to commence the machinery of a new and fast gunboat, which will require the fmployment of an additional number of good mechanics. This work will also render it necessary for the employment of additional workmen in sime of the other shops. The copper rolling in charge of Mr. McNal ly, where the metal is rolled out into sheathing and rods for bo't copper, using up large quan tities of metal, and attracts much attention. Much of this work is done here for other yards in the country. The ordnance department is also one of interest, the workmen here being engaged in turning out guns and howitzers; the latter always coming from their hauds as handsome pieces of workmansaip as cau be seen anywhere. Guns of large calibre are a'so weekly turned Out. Here is also heard the clickiLg of the bullet ard cap making ma chinery, by which the e articles are made with indescribable rapidity. The pyrotech nists department, under the charge of Mr. John Clapham, is full up wi'h hands, th"re being employed quite a number of young ladies, boys and girls (most of whom are chil dren of the worthy mechanics ia the yard,) in making loses, rockets, cartridges, Jcc., which are destined to be used against the rets. Notwithstanding that the manulactnre of these articles 1? very hazardous occupation, such precaution is taken that accidents never happen Yesterday the Depariment authorized the pay of the ship carpenters to be raised to 53 per day, to correspond with the wages paid in other es tablishments. The ship carpenters have here tofore leceived ?2 50 and #2.75 per day. The pav of the blacksmiths' helpers, heretofjre #1.50 and SI 75 per day, has been authorized to be raised 25 cents per day. The gun-car riage makers, pattern makers, and other wood workers, and the battery meu of the ordnance branch, have bad their pay also increased 25 cents. The Harvest Moon, bearing Admiral Dihl gren's flag, is lying at the whart waiting or ders, and meanwhile is having some little re pairs made. The steamer Shawshoen, Capt. Phelon, which had her bows ir-jared by being run into by the Pacific some ten days sine-', will have her repairs completed to-day, and will leave to-morrow for Hampton Roads New Gab Company.?The bill in?orpjri ting the Union Gas Company, which pas ed the Senate a few days since, was approved oy the House yesterday, and now awaits tae presi dent's signature. This bill gives the company authority to manufacture gas of any material to light tae city, to lay mams, Jcc., provided in so dofcig that they do not create a nuisance or injure public or private property, and provided also that ttey are subject to tueh regulations and restrictions as may be from time to time pre .scribed by the municipal authorities of Wash ington. The capital siock is to be not less than live hundred thousand nor more thau one mil lion of dollars, to be divided into shares of one hundred dollars each, and to be deemed per sonal property. Books of subscription are to be opened in some convenient place in the city within six days af er the approval of this act by the President, notice to be given in the papers, and every subscriber to pay one-fourth of his subscription, at the time of subscribing, to the corporators appointed to receive the same. The first meeting of the stockholders is to be held in Washington, within fifteen days after Lhe minimum af stock is subscribed, five days' notice having been given in two of the city dailies, or by wri'ten notice personally served on each stockholder, and each share entitles the holder to one vote, in person or by proxy. The go\ernu.ent of the affairs is vested ia a board of directors, composed of seven mem bers, who are to be stock Holders, and hold their office for one year, and till their successors are ele. te.t and qualified; annual elections to be held lor that purpose. These privileges are granted to this com pai y upon the cxpres conditions that it shall furnish gas to all the cu-tomers thereof, con taining fifty per centum more illumina'lng pewer than that which is now furnished by ihe " ashmgton Gas Light Company," aid at a cost not exceeding two dollars and tilty tents per thousand cubic feet, and a failure to comply with these conditions will operate a3 atoifeitiire of the charter. The company will i-ot be authorised to sell gas until It has produced to the Mayor of the ci y and the >ecretary of the Interior evidence that it has laid down not less than tweuty-five miles of gas mains, of an average diameter of six inches, nor will the company be permitted to connect its gas mains with the public build ings until it satisfies me Secretary of the In terior that it has the proper works in operation, capable of manufacturing and supplying the requisite quantity and quality ot gas. Notaries Pcblic?The bill concerning no taries public for the District, which b%? been for ^ome weeks berore Congress, h;t?JMped that body aud now awaits the KxecutHEipac tion to become a law. It provides, tB||( After the number now holding appointments re 4uc<d to twenty-five, all vacancies may be filled by the District Supreme Court. Each notary to take an oath, and give acceptable se curity for tt.e faithful performance or duty in the sum of 92,UK); nil notaries now in tbe Dis trict to give tbe new bond, a general order re garding the same, and the time within which such bond shall be given, to be pub'ished in one or more newspapers, and all such persons failing to comply wiib the requirements of this act to be stilckeu from the list of notaries. The fees established by this act are as fol low*: For each certlfica'e and seal, 50 cents; taking depositions or other writings, 10 cents 'or each hundred words: administering an 0.1th, 15 cents; taking acknowledgement of a deed, or power of attorney, with certificate thereof, 50 cents; every protest of a bill of exchange, or promrciseary note, and recording the same, *1.75; each notice of protest, 10 cents; each de mand tor acceptance or payment, if accepted or paid, ft, to be paid by the party accepting rhe same; each noting of protest, f 1. Mckderocp Assault.?About 18 o'clock night beiore last, as Mr. G. Hoover, who, in connection with bis brother, keeps a grocery on Fourteenth and P street, was on his way from his father's residence on Twelfth street, near N, to the store, when passing the corner of Thirteenth aud N ctreet, some miscreant ran by him and d scbarged a pl-.tol at him, the ball entering near his hip and passing downwards toward tbe knee, indictingadangerous wound. Tbe miscreant did not stop, but made off*as fast as possible. Mr. Hoover immediately fell, and after calling for help, assistance came and he was taken to his father's residence, where medical attendance was at once procured. It is fourd that tbe wound will render it neces sary lor tbe limb to be amputated. Wooo MorLDives.?All who desire wood mouldings ot superior finish and workmanship would do well to notice the advertisement of E. S. Torre>, corner of Thirteenth and O streets, in to-day's Star, before purchasing etoewhare. Imfbovembwt or Srum?Tke following Senate bill paasfd the Hoase yesterday : A bill to amend <? An act to lncorjk>rate the in habitants of the city of Waahington," passed May 15, 1P20. Be enacted by the Senate and House of Re pre ten tat ire/ of the United States of America in Congress assembled*, That the flrct paragraph of section eight of "An act to Incorporate the inhabitanca ot the city of Washington," passe1 May 15, 1??0, be amended so us to read as follows: That the taid corporation shall have full power and authority to lay taxes on particular wards, fmrts, or sections of the city, for their particu ar local improvements, and to cause tne cnrb stcne to be set, the foot and carriage ways to be graded and paved, or so much thereof as they may deem best, and the necessary sewerage and drainpfce facilities to be introduced under and upon the whole or any portion of any avenue, street, or alley; and also to cause the fane to be suitably paved and repaired, and at all times be properly cleaned and watered; and also to cause lamps to be erected therein, and to light the same, and to pay the cost there of t ut of the funds of the ward in which such improvement shall be made;this provision not to be construed as repealing, but being intenied fit auxiliary to the power they already pattest to Mile local improvement! on the application of the wn?T of properly benefitted thereby. .See. i. That immediately after the approval of this art, the corporation shall designate some proper officer thereof, whose duty it shall be to t-ee that the provisions of this act are properly executed, and that ths principal avenues and streets of said city are so cleaned and watered as to be at all times reasonably clear and free lrom dust, and also to keep the pavtm<nta and sidewalks upon said avenues and streets at all times in suitable and proper repair; and it shall further be the duty ot the said corporation to take such moans as they deem wise to promote some uniform and gen eral system of drainage for Baid city. Policb Bkpoktb?First Precinct.?J no. Cur ly, deserter; military. Second Precinct.?Thomas Harrison, stealing coal and carrying weapons. John Thamas, stealing coal; jail ior hearing. Third Precinct.?Hariet Hamilton, disorderly; S2.41. Mary Custis, do.; Jane Custis, do.; Jas. Ragin, assault and battery; dismissed. Rich'd Cross, threats; do. Henry Smallwood, disor derly; 98.56. Hester Cha&e, drunk; workhouse. Catharine Donnelly, do.; do. A. O. Pennie, do; military. Geo. Kilburn, sleeping in market; workhouse. fourth Precinct.?Mary Davis, drunk; work hou?e. Peter Shevlin, deserter; military. J. Wilmer, assault and battery; dismissed. Sixth Precinct.?Geo. Fasnaught, violating city law; dismissed. James Cane, do.; fl. J. Crydler, drunk and disorderly; deferred. John Bowen, larceny; dismissed W. L. Wall, sell ing without license; St. John Freeland, ob taining money by false pretences; dismissed. John Qalvin, creating nuisance; 91.30. James Q,nimby, disorderly; 91. Thomas Myers, cre ating nuisance; Denis Caton, do.; 8.! each. Pat Murray, drunk and disorderly; military. Tenth Precinct.?Sarah Brown and Ellen Bride, arrested on bench warrants; delivered to the Marshal. Thos. Dawson, assault and battery; bail for court. Sarah Peyton, disor derly; 91. Geo Smith, deserter; military. Jas. Wheatley. contempt of court; delivered to the Marshal. Frederick Baird, drunk and disor derly; *2. Mary Shilling, do.; do. Disorderly Families.? Yesterday after noon, a small row occurred near the corner of E and streets, Island, between Mary Knox, Bartiey Knox and John White. The two men are brothers-in-law, and have tor some time past been living in the same borne; and yester day, the latter having moved, demanded pay tor seme fencing, which led to come dispute, and Mrs. Knox struck White, who tackled on to her, and her husband came to her rescue. Officer Gorman, seeing the row from the sta tion-house, vent over to quiet them, and wis obitged to arrest the parties, who this morning appeared before Justice Boswell, and Mr. and Mrs. Knox were flntd ?*2 each and White 93. Chabgr op Ronr.KKY.?Last night, officer Wallingsford found a man named Edward Leonard, who hails from Alexandria, at Steel's restaurant, near the Depot, who alleged that he was teat and robbed of a watch and chaiu; ai d a Mr. Monroe pointed out Joseph Vant tcrn and L. G Wensel, car-drivers, as the par ties who committed the deed, and they were arrested and taken to the station. This morn ing Justice Ferguson heard the case, when it appeared from Mr. Monroe's evidence that the first named struck Leonard in the face, at;d the other took him in the alley, and after he (Leon ard) had no watch The Justice dismissed the case. Yesterday, Joseph Bell and John Wilson, two migrating newsboys, the first hailing from Boston, and the other from Baltimore, aged 11 years, went into the confectionery stor* of S. Bnppert, on Maryland avenue, and rifled the diawer of sixty-five cent?. Mr. Kuppertcauzht them in the act, and held them until the arrival of Serpeant Hepburn, who took them to the Tenth Precinct station, and this mornine Jus tice Boswell committed them to the work house?there being no other appropriate place. Crribt CnrccH.-The following have be?n elected vestryman of Christ Church. Navy Yard, Rev.Mr. Morsell, Rector:?Col. Naylor, I?r. John M. Roberts. Begin Arnold, Mr. Richards, Lemuel Gaddess, Lenoard Huvck Mr. Denbam, and Mr. Metcalf. Mr. Huvck is treaturer, and Mr. Adam Gaddess the parish register. /HARRIED, In Christ Church. on th? 3d March. JS'l. hv R^v Mr Morscll, I EWIS O COOK IT S N.. of Nor ivich, Cenn., to Mi.-i< MOLLIK O'DONNELL, of Washington. I). C. * On the ?th instant. by Rev. Father McCarthy. JAMES J. TON Kit to ANNIE T. McCAM. both of Baltimore. [Baltimore and Richmond papers please copy.] DIED On the7th inst., AMY. daughter of John B. an 1 Sarah (5. Bloss. ag?d ?VnjontliB. The friends of the family are invite! to attend hi-r funeral from the residence of her parents, 37 I 13th street, corner of I, on Saturday next, tiie 9th inst.. at 2 o'clock p. in._ * On the 7th inst.. MARIA B.,wifeof the late John Fink, aged 35 years. The friends and acquaintances are invited to at tend her funeral on to-morrow (Saturday) at 4 n'clocU. from her residence ou i^id street, between ft and I streets. * On Thursday, th* 7th instant, at 4'4 o'clock, ABRAHAM COKPETT, eg-eil tj years, a nativ* of England. and for the last eighteen years a re-ident of Washington City. his remain5 have been taken to Baltimore, and will be interred at 4 o'clock on Fridiy the 8th inst.. from the residence of his brother. Mr. I^u-ic Corbett, No. 93 baltimore street. Baltimore, M 1. The friends of the family are respectfull y requested to attend. * Suddenly, last evening, of congestion of the l rain. Mrs, H. CASSAT CARD, wife of Capt. B. C. Card, U. 8 A. * On Friday morning. April 8 Miss MARY J. FISHER. aged 18 years and 7 months,eld?st ttugh ter of Marv J. and the late A. F. Fisher, of Balti more. [ Baltimore papers please copy.] 486 WINDOW SHADES. 486 Now opening, spring stock Gilt Band Window Shades. Shade Cord, Tassels and Fixtures. Shades of any required style or site made to or der. TermscaRh. J. MARRR'TRH, No. 4S6 7th street, eight doors at ove ap 2-lmif* Odd Fellows' Hall. rpO LIVERY 8TABLE MSN, MILK DAISIES, Ac., Ac. HAYS ? HAY! ? HAY ap 2-ot 300 TONS OF HAY To be sold this week WITHOUT REGARD TO PRICK or VALUE. MUST BE SOLD THIS WEEK. WOR 8AL8 And on exhibition at THOMAS FAHEY'S, Corner of 10th street and the SMITHSONIAN BRIDGE, 11B1R or COMMERCIAL BUILDING. COMMISSION lis PRODUCE MARKET-HOUSE. Trfmotal ?????? nK UNITED 8TATES ASSESSOR'S OFFICE IS REMOVED TO 468 SEVENTH STREET, P. M. PEARSON, Assessor for D. 0. Washihgtos, March SI, 1?64. ap4-lw NITED STATES 8BRV-ICB MAGAZINE.? W11 APRIL 1*6*. Cents. rniTiirs ?What the Navy has done during the ? (inn Cotton; Banjr French Forts and Foot ?r?nlsof the VafleVof thiUpper Mississippi. Prac fi?i r?noaisuing; Thomas de Quincey: Mo-* W*r in?ts Childnood: Secession at the N rric Modern Naval Men C alled Great in Hiitory; Where General Sherman Went, and What He Did; faith Militant (poetry); Literary Intelligence; Editor's Special Depart ?SV A* ^ /eaNOI TlVlloV'' fMDHIN ?ISO barrels Cora 1, for dale low by ? I P. CREAMER, 4T1 ?ih street, square b?|ow M foatQAM, OE1PNBH, CATARRH, aad teMM of tbe EAR, TBROAT, AND AIR PASSAGE^. Da. LIOHTHILT,, from 34 St. Mark Place, New York, Author of "A Popular Treatise oa D*afaeM," ?' Letters on Catarrh," will make his second visit to WASHINGTON, MONDAY, April 11th, and can be consulted at tke Ebbitt Housb for onb wbbk until Saturday evening, April 16th, on DEAFNESS, CATARRH, and all tbe various diseases of tbe EAR, THROAT, AND AIR PASSAGES. Testimonials* Washihotob, D. U., March 5,1061. Da. Lighth ill? Dear Sir: I take this oppor tunity to publicly express my gratitude for tbe wonderful cure of deafness you bare in so short a time effected in my case. 1 was deaf for about six years, and for tbe last few years so much so that 1 could not hear preaching or cemmon conversation; buC now since your invaluable service* have been rendered, I can hear as well as ever. In conclusion, let me say that the noises with which I have been troubled in my head for yeai*, have also disappeared. Very truly yours, J AM KB R. McUAYHBAB, 10th street, between E and F. WA8HIHOTOW, D. C-, March 4, 1864. This is to certify, that having been deal since the year 1358, and since that time gradually loeing my bearing until I was unable to hear common conversation or public speaking, I applied to Dr. Lightbill, of New York, who, aftef a short and painless course of treat, ment, entirely restored my hearing. I hearti ly recommend Dr. Llghthiii to the aeaf. Frederick Robertson, Residence near Fort Saratoga. Washington, D. C., Marcb 2,1S61. This is to certify that having been affected for twenty years with deafness, and having t?ied some of the most eminent doctors of our city without any relief, 1 at last heard of Dr. Lightbill and put myself under his care. His treatment was brief, and successful. I am now completely restored, and the cure is ap parently permanent. I have all confidence in Dr. LigbthiU's skill, and wonld advise all af flicted with deafness to go and consult him at once. Joseph Whitney, Residence near P and lltn streets. Remarkable Cure of Deafness, From the Rev. Joseph M. Clarke, Rector of St. James1 Church. Syracuse, February 30, 1R61. I have been deaf in one ear, ever since I wa9 in college, some twenty vears ago. By the skill ol Dr. Lighthill, its bearing was entirely restored, to that now I hear alike with both ears, and 1 find that I can nse my voice with much more ease and comfort than betore. Joseph M. Ularkb. mar 30-eo3w BALLS, PARTIES, &c. S1CON D GRAND BALL Of THE YOUNG HI BERN I.\ CLUB, Will be held at temperance iiall, E street, betwocn f th ?n I I th t-triM'ts, on MONDAY, May 2d, !&>1. Tickets ONE DOLLAR, admittinga gentleman and ladie3. Committee of Arrangements. John Myers, Martin Crahan, Jumps Bush, Miebsel Farm1, John Lightelle, ftp 7.8,9.2M.Z1.3 &May?-7t* FMGIUn GRAND ASSEMBLY * OP THR AMERICAN IIOOK AND LADDER CO., No^ 8. ODD FELLOWS' If ALL (AViry Yard ) THURSDAY NIGHT, April 14, 1831, The committee will owe their u'mnst endeavors to make this a pleasant time tor all who may favor uf with fbeir patronage. A grneritl invi'ation is extended to all the ladies, as no specials will be served. Tickets, admittiiig a gentleman and ladies, Gfty cenls. N o postponement on account of the weather. Committer. J. W. Cross. Ja-nes Anderson, A. H. Vermillion, Th'imts Johnson, George E. ITopp?Il. Dancing to commence at 8 o clock. ap7-7t* ^ E C O N D GRAND BALL or TITS INDEPENDENT SOCIAL CLUB. To be given at the TE MP F.h A KCE HA L L, E street, between }>th and 10th streets, on THURSDAY EVENING. April Hth. The members of the Club return their sincere thanks to their friends and the public for past fa vors, and respectfully solicit their patronage at our Second Grand Ball, and we promise those that will favor us with their presence an evening of peasuro. The celebrated Holy Hill Band hasbeen engaged for the occasion. Tickets One Dollar, admitting a gentleman and ladies. By order of Committee, ap 7-7t" T. E. CLARK. Sec y. 4 PERSONAL. A PERSON about to resign his situation, will treat with anyone desiring the s-un >. A l dress, in hand writing, A. B. CARLTON, Star or General Post Office. ? ap 8-'it* TIIE gentleman who borrowed-a piir of Opera Glasses st Ford's Theater on last Mon day night, will ploa-e leave the ame at the lowirr door of the Treasury Department, as the owner forgot to get them before 1,-Hying It* 1 N FO RM AT ION W AN T ED OF MRS. ANGELl sTK 1 t-MIIH. Aiiy person knowing or hearing of her would please inform her daughter, Mrs. l.AUKA TITU8, No. 435 5th street, between D and E. ?p7-i!t' A COUPLE OF YOUNG AND LOVELY CREA 1UKES,aced respectively <8 aid Zi, desire to correi-pcnd with so?e young and handsome gentle n>an. i officer or any other man.) with a view to fun, frolic, love and matrimony. Photograph* ex changed. Address Rettie Buttercup and Chrissie Crumple, Ashtabula, Ashtabula county. Ohio. Write quick. up <i .U* I F miss LAURA L. IIAYWOOD la in Washing ton or Alexandria she will hoar something in her advantage by addressing "V.," Box 156 Biilti more, Md. ap2-iw T> ** ARD.?A reward of forty dollars is hereby IV offered for the apprehen i</u and delivery at the Washin. ton Navy Yard, of Acting Master'* M ate willi A M HORN BY, a deserter from th* U. 8. Navy. Said Hornby is about S feet 8 inches in height, of slight build and thin visage, with dark hair ftnd|gxiiALIj A PARKER.Commander. Commanding Potomac Flotilla. [New York Herald will please copy for one week and send MM to Paymaster Carpenter, Navy Yard, Washington, D. C ] api-iw BOARDING. |>0ABD.-8ixorMten can benecom. ? ' mod a ted with board and lodging, on reason able terms, at No. 134 22d street, between K and L, near Pewn. avenue. ap*-l w* |?IVB OR BIX GENTL1MEN CAN BB~A0 r com mod a ted with table board, at $6 per week en 7th street, between K and V streets, Island, v0' on 7tb street, between K and r screeu. isiana No 63T. Also, one furnished ro*m to let. ap 7-3t* fjOARDIN?"PlVasan t rooms and tirst-cU O board, at 1 *6 G strost, botveta ?tb and Sis Torus fW per aaoBtk. at 4-lw* WANTS. A WET NURSE WANTED.-Apply between the hours ot ? and 9, and i? and i o'clock., to Dr. WI>. JOHNSTON. 466 7th street. ap 8 3t? \VANTED? By a respectable woman, a 81T " UATION as cook or chambermaid. Address Box 32 Star IMBce. It* WANTED?A BOY to run errands and be useful in a wholesale store. Apply at 293 Pennsyl vania avenue. It* U'lNTKD?By a respectable woman, a 8IT '? UATION as chambermaid. Address Bo* SI StarOfiice It* WANTED-A YOUNG MAN. 13 or 19 years of a/re. to assist in a restaurant. References required. Also, a COLORED BOY. Inquire at 536 Pa. avenue, corner of 2d street. It* VVANTKD-Two white WOMEN, as assistant " cooks. References required. Call at the of fice ?f the New York Hotel, Seventh stre?t, near E. apS2t* WANTED-A HOSTLER. Enquire at Flem ming's National Stables, on O street, be tween I)* and 6th streets. A white man pre ferred. _ ? ap 8-3t* "117ANTED? A SALESMAN iu a Dry-goods * * Store?one well acquainted with the business and who can come well recoacmended. Apply to GEO. S. JOHNSON fc CO , or JOHNSON A SL C TON, 5'21 Seventh street. ?P ? It* W ANTED?A strong white MAN. to wait on a " patient who is recovering from the rheuma tism, and suffering chiefly from weakness. The duties will he light, and the wages good. Refer ffccefi will be required. Apply at the Globe Office tlTANfED? A person aiT PARTNER, with one ** who has juRt received & Sutlerahip, wherea Kood buKinewt can be made, lie must have from jSM *? to 95 o capital. Address PARTNER. Even ing Star Office, stating where an interview can be had. ap 9-3t BOARD WITH ROOMS. WANTED, from the 14th inst , by a gentleman and his wife, either in a private family, or where there are but few boaraers, in a location convenient to the Treas ury Department. Address A J.B., Office Comp troller of the Currency, Treasury Department, sp 8-3t* AU.) 4. S 3 000 U0B8I!S WANTBD ' War Drpartmbxt, Catalht BrrRBAU.J Office of Chief Quartermaster, WAsni5GT05 D. C., April3,1*34. One hundred and fifty (f 130) dollars per head will be paid for all CAVALRY HORSES delivered within the next fifteen (15) days at the Government Stables, Giesboro. D. C. _ Said horses to be sound in all particulars, not less than five (5) nor more than nine f9) years old; from 14^ to 16 hands high, full tieihed. compactly built, bridle wise, and oT sife sufficient for cavalry purposes. , . 2nt>e .\p?citrattont will be flrutly adhered to and rttttdly m'nrrtd in evert particular. Payment made on delivery of ten (10) and over. Hours of inspection from 9 a. m. to 6 u. m. JAMES A. EKIN, Lieut. Colonel and apS-l.'t Chief Quaitermaster, Cavalry Bureau. ANTED?A good BARBER, at C. WATSON'S Hair Cutting and Bathing Rooms, cerner 6th street and Louisiana avenue. AP_T_ MILLINER WANTED?One thoroughly ac quainted with trimming straw bonnets and hats will find immediate employment at No. 3*9 Pa. avenue. ap^3t WANTED?For a small family, a well FUR NISHED HOUSE, pleasantly situated for the summer. Address WRIGHT, Box 11 Star Office. ap7-iw* 0 WANTED?Two chambermaids (white); also, a kitchen maid, to serve a white man cook, in a private familv. City reference required. Apply 1o Mr. REDFERN. Grocer, corner Pennsylvania avenue and 19th atrett. ap 7-3t _ WANTED?A BOY fo learn the Printing busi ness. in one of the best establishments in the city. One with some knowledge of the business required?none other need apply. Address '"M, Box 44, Star_office._ *P '-3t ANTED?A WAITER at the Gosling House. To one th?t understands the business .?$3) a month will be given the whole year round. Inquire at the Restaurant, !i4 7 Penn. avenue, between 12th and 13th sts._ ap 7-2t Yl/ANTED ?A good PENMAN, desirous of be tV coming an expert book-keeper, offers his ser vices a? copyist, accountant, or would collect. Terms : The comforts of a home, one where there i? a piano preferred. Unexceptionable references given. Address Box IS Star office. ap 7-2t* i OFFICE DEPOT COMMISSARY OF SUBSIST \ ? KNCE. Washington. D C.. April 5. >8?>t. WANTED?ONE HUNDRED GOOD MAKERS at the Government Bakery in thiscitv.on G str ?et, between Twenty fourth and Twenty-fifth streets. ap7-S-t S. C. GREENE. Captain C. 3. V im/ANTE ?Three PLASTERERS. Inquire at the corner of llth street and Mass. avenue. ap C-3t' 11, ANTEI' IMMEDIATELY?A tirst claxsCAKE ? BAKER Apply at McKELDEN'S Bakery, 49?> 7th street. apJvTT_ Vl/AN'ED? A JOURNEYMAN BARBER. t v wages and constant employment given. Also, for sale, a Shop doing a good business; object for selling is to leave thecity. Apply at Barber shop No. 234 K street, between iith and 7th. ap 6 3t IV ANTED?XpXhLOR and CH AMBKR on first v* floor by a Member of Congress and his wife. Location must be convenient to a passenger rail way and meals either sent or furnished. Address Box 122 Congress Post Office. ap ti-.1t \\j anteD?A first-class BOOT FITTERand four > v first class Boot and Shoe Makers to work on the rieemer Patent Lasts, at the Military arrl Fashionable Boot Store, No. i Ol Pa. avenue, near Adams Fxprass Office. . ? * ap 6-3t* JOHN MILLS._Agent. \.i7ANTED? $10,000 on DEED OF TRUST v v NOTES, secured on first class Property worth 5M0.CW. Good bonus paid. Address for^wo weeks, ap 4-7t* Post Office, Washington. D. C. hB V ANTS WANTED?A cook, chamber-nail, _ dininc-room servant and coachman wanted immediately. Colored servants preferred. In compet. nt persons need not apply. I.iheral w*ge? given. Apply at residence of Amos Kendall. Ken da HJreen. ap2-tf 110 FARMERS.?Three good farm HANDS wanted for th*- season. Apply to the Governor of the Soldiers' Home, Washington, D. C. mar 2H-eotf nnA TON'S BONE WANTED.?The under ,IIUU signed will pay one dollar per 100 lbs. for all green camp and hosnital Bones, delivered at their Factory, comer ? 27th and G ?t?. nili '7-lm MORGAN A RHINEllAKT. r A Oni\ LADIES WANTED TO CALL AV OlMMIU PRINCE'S Stamping D pot. tHl F street, opposite Patent Office and get their Stamp ing. Stitching. Pinking a?d Bmbroi ier dene, as th< re are other Richards in the field, la lies bett-r I, ok out th?t thev c<ime to Prince's, who is tne only practical band in the city. Be sure you so to F ptr*?t opposite Patent Office. !n" ^ _ mTTAVTED IM M E DIA TEL Y?200 LAUIKS to \V Embroider on Muslin. Linen and Cambric. To good h?nds constant work an 1 goo I wag -a given. Ladies anrlving will please bring samples of work. Apply at WM.P ISC K'S Stamping an I Ma< hine Stitching Depot, 3^1 F street, opposita Paiei t Cflice. 'e II' AN TE D-SECOND-HAND FURNITURE. VY Also Mirrors. Carpets. Beds, Bedding anl Hc-usefuri.ishing ^ij^y't, mb ,1 ? tf bet. G and H, east si le. L08T AND FOUND. (!!? O PEWAED.?T oston April 7th a SE AL RING, with the word "David ' engraved on it?n a re ic i f a deceased friend. The above reward will hi- paid by leaving it at J. B. * ARD'S, lith atr -^t amt ccna . aP8 2L flfClP REWARD?Stolen fr^m niv sta!il*i t'li-i m? rning. a DARK BAY HORSE, with mi? white spot over the hoof on the hind 1 >g, and white star in ti e f. rehead. I will aiv * the above reward if the Paid horse is returned^ me. ^ bp 8-St* 11th st., near Navy Yard Bridge. j fcro reward-watch lost^-u tv o n Watch which was taken last t Wednesday) night from the residence of a gentleman, on New Jersey avenue. Capitol Hill, is returned to him. the above reward will .be paid and no questions asked. In<T-On the 'st instant, a small Herring's Safe u HEY. No. 22,'?'A The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at the Sta-Office. ap ?1t I A RKWAKD ?Lost or taken from 2hH D st. |l' a silver plated PITCIIEK. The above re ward will be pain on its return to the abov* house and no questions asked. ?P 6-3t flfF REWARD.-Strayed from the^utwribwr.on the 2/klof March, a small re"* and white COW Has warts on one of her te?ts The shove reward will be psid for her return to COLUMBUS SOR.I BER. 259 G st., between I4th and 15th sts. ai> ?-3t flu REWARD.?Stolen, on the night of the tPOU 3Ut March, from my farm in Montgomery countv. Ma. a valuable trotting STALLION, In 1 hsnrts hrgh, six years old. dapple hay, black mane and; no white except the right hind foot; very sitowv * bas large feet and very clean l?gs. sbowy.nas a g STUBB8, Sligo P. O., ap 2 ' w* Montgomery Co., Ma. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS ? IIOS II. DONOnUE & CO., 1 PLUMBERS AMD OAS FITTERS, No. 02 Bridoi Strut, Gborqbtow*. All orders for Gas Fitting, Alterations and Ex tensions will receive prompt and faithful atten tion. Plumbing in all it* branches executed in the best manner. Water introduced and Hydrants ynt up at short notice. mhn-lm*_ gViDAKT l CO. ^ K K ~ No. 460 15th St., Oj-posits tub Trbasurt. United States Bonds of all descriptions. Quarter masters' Checks, Gold. Silver and Uncurrent Money bought and sold. Stocks bought and sold at the New York stock exchange solely on commis sion. Drafts furnished and collections made on the most favorable terms. ap 1-2W* ? JAMES F. HALIDAY, 515 REAL ESTATE BROKER AND AGENT, No. 514 Kliybxth btrbb*, south or PaMSTU TA*tA iTIIOl, Wa?HWOT??. ap 4->olm n OOf INO f?LT aND 01H1NT Constantly on hand and f^sgle^ FOR RENT AND SALE. ''TWO NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS. wUUftfst ? class board, at 301 G street, between 15th ana 14th streets. ap8!w* FOB RENT?In a private house, a handsomely furnished Parlor and Chamber adjoining. Also, s single Chamber, at No. 476 Fifteenth street, between Penn. avenue and F street. ap 8-3t* FOR R*NT?Three unfurnished ROOMS,suitable house-keeping. within five minutes' walk ?' ih,C.?aIT Apartment. Apply 571, comer of K and 17th streets. ap 8-2t* FOR 8ALK-A small FRAME BUILDINO. suit able for a restaurant. It will be suld reason able. as the owner wants to go North For fur tber particulars inquire at 140 G street, Dear 22d ap 8-3t* FOR RENT?Four neatly furnished ROOMS, No. S6* H street, near Mh. Will bo rented to gether of single. Also, one larg?? Attic, suitable for two or three gentlemen?s sleeping room, ap 8-3t* TO RENT?One large furnished ROOM, suitable for three gentlemen. Also, several small fur nished room", with or without board. Inquire at the corner of Third street and Missouri avenue. hap g-3t* i^WO STORY FRAME HOUSE FOR RENT, sit L uated on Dunbarton street, south side, be tween Montgomery and Green streets. No. 63; four rooms and kitchen; gas and water attached. For particulars inquire at 54 Dunbarton street, ap 8-3t^ FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT.?T* > hand some furnished rooms for rent, on first floor, at No. 425 11th street, between G and H. ap 7-3t* F0R~RENT-The DWELLING No. 427 Seventh street, between G and H. Inquire at the store of W. P. LEWIS. Auctioneer. ap7-lw TO LET.?RARE CHASCF ?K good STAN Din a good neighborhood, suitable for almost any kind of business. For particulars address ?' R. R. G.," Star office. ap 7-3t* FORSALE-A RK8TAURANT now doing a foo l business. Will be sold on account. Apply at No 434 K street, between 6th and 7th. ap7-3t* H. SONKEBORN. F^ORSALE-The GREENBACK RESTAUR\NT, with furnished rooms attached. Inquire im mediately at No, 459 Tenth street, joining Ford's Theater. ap 7-3t* CJUTLBRS' 8T0RE FOR SA I.K -A stock of well O selected BUTLERS' GOODS, in a stand doing a good business. Amount of stock about fl.i.'iOO. Rent of store $8*). Apply to No. 213 Pennsylvania avenue opposite Willards'Hotel. ap7-3t* FOR RENT-One new FRONT ROOM and BASE MENT. or each furnished or unfurnished, situated on Capitol Hill, near the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Depot. Rent very moderat" In quire No. 212 F street, at the Clerk's Office, up stairs, from 9 o'clock a. m. to 1 o'clock p m., or address " L. P.," Star Office. ap7-3t* FOR SALB-A desirable DWELLING HOUSE in Third Ward, lot numbered 42. in the subdi vision of square 448, on Madison street, between M and N, in a healthy aud pleasant neighborhood. Inquire of STEPHEN CASEY, on the premises. No. 40 Madison St., Washington, D. C. ap 7-2t* FOR RRNT^A front PARLORTwith BEDROOM attached, elegantly furnished. Terms moder ate. No. 45*^ 13th street, bet. E and F. ap8-3t* FOiTRENT~Two UNFURNISHED ROOMS", suitable for housekeeping. Apply 197 4th street, bet New York avenue and L st. ap 6-3t* TO LET-PARLORS and OFFICE ROOMTNo. 424 15th street, between New York avenue and II. ap6-3t* hfOR SALE-A LIVERY STABLE with horses', carriages, buggies, harness, Ac. Inquire at thisofllce. aptj-lw* FOR RENT?A neatly furnished ROOM, on the second floor, in a pleasant locality. Terms moderate. Suitable for two single gentlemen. Ap ply at No. 421 1 th St., bet. G aud H apfi-eo2t* IARGE BRICK DWEU.INd"on H~north. be l_.j tween 6th and 7th west. 525, will be sold for ?S.W)0. Possession 1st of May. Terms easy. Would also sell other improved and unimproved property in convenient locations. B. MILBURN, apS-lm* 524 I street north. FOR SALE?On Maryland avenue, between oth and 7th sts.. a new FRAME STORE ROOM, 22 by 42 feet ; two and a half years' lease on the lot. 1'rice ?7i)0 cash. Apply to F. MACE, R -al Estate Broker, fil7 7th street, over Maury's Bank. ap6-3t* FOR RENT?Two nicely furnished BOOMS. Par lor and chamber, on first floor, in a private family. Will be rented with or without board; and situated within a convenient distance of the several Departments. Apply to R. KELLY, Wa'oh man. Government Printing office. ap 'it* FOR RENT?A Iwo-story FRAME HOUSE, con taii'int a store aud three rooms, on the cor ner or Frederick and 3d treets. Georgetown. In quire on the premises. ap 5-1 w* FOR SALE?Eieht years' LEASE of a Storeroom on Pa. avenue, located between 11th and 13th sts. Bent only per month. A good stand for any business. MITCHELL ic SON. Real Estate Brokers, ap i!-lw* 8. E. corner Pa. av. and 15th st. 4 IXTY ACRES i?F WOOD LAND FOR SALE^ ? " Mill average 60 cords per acre. 12 miles from the District and 2 miles from the canal. Also, an other tract of wood land containing 200 a^res of heavy timber. WM. KILGOUR. ap 5-5t* Trustee and Attorney, 517 7th st. F'OR SAI/EOR RENT?That first class DW ELL^ )XG HOUSE amt lot of ground at the south west corner of Prince and Columbus streets, Alex andria. Title perfect and immediate possession given. Inquire of JAMES A. STOULENBERG, Alexandria, or of the subscriber. Franklin Row, Washington, corner 13th and K sts. ap 5-im* J. II. LATHROP. L'OR SALE?In Montgomery county. Ml.? V r well-improved FARM, of yo acres of land; 'a) aces in wood, balance iu cultivation. Good dwell ing. out-houses, and orchard* of choice fruits. Lifjl t miles from Georgetown, and in a goo 1 neighborhood. Twenty fine farms and several tia'ts of woodland for sale. II"u?es in Baltimore for sale and r'-nt. T. MACE, Real Estate Broker. 517 7th street, ap4-lw* over Maury A Co.'s Bank. iouses foiTsaleT ir A Corner Lot. 150 feet front on Pa. av., con taining Z-'.mi0 square feet of ground, improved by stores, offices, and residences; is one of the best locations for a first class hotel in Washington. The whole of this excellent property can be pur chased for $125,000? $25,000 cash, balance on long time. A fine Brick Residence on K st.,oppo. Franklin Square, 12 rooms, 26 by 133 ft?to30foot pave I al ley. stable and carriage house $10,000 Desirable Brick on 11th st., near Pa. av.,2y by 100. 10 rooms 8.')00 Brick Besidence on L st., 22 l>y 137, 10 rooms, good stable.. 5,500 A substantial Brick, on B st., bet. 2d and 3d, 18 by loo, 8 rooms 4.000 A snug little Brick House, on L st., 16 by 100, 6 rooms 2,300 Frame Dwelling, 16 rooms, and 10,500 feet of ground 7,000 A neat Frame House, on lltli st., 12 by 100, 6 rooms. 1.600 One on 6th st., bet. N an>10sts.,23 by 126, 6 rooms..... .. 1.400 Two Frames on N st.. bet. 4th and 5th sts, 15 by MO. 4 rooms, each 1,100 Building Lots in all parts ?f the city. A number of desirable Farms for sale. MITCHELL A SON, Real Estate Brokers, ap4-tMl S. E. corner Pa. av. and 15th st. F'OB BENT?Two-large-STORE ROOMS and fixtures, fronting Massachusetts avenue a id K street. Can be thrown into one room, making ri om 100 feet deep. Apply at 428 Massachusetts tveuue. ap 2-fat* l^OR SAI E?A first-rate STAND for a Grocery ? and Provision Store or Restaurant; is located in oiie of the best streets in Washington. Sto k on band ?1.6 0. A p-rfner will be taken hv investing one half < f this amount. Lease for five years or more. No bonus. MIT H ELL A SO^, Real Estate Agents ap 2-lw* Southeast corner Pa. av. and 15th st. 1, OR SALE-The HOUSK No. 4S6 Mass. avenue, between 4th and 5th streets, will be sold low for cash. Possession given 1st of June. Also, a L< T containing 32 acres of land on the turnpike road, near Bladensburg ; adjoins the farms of Mtssrs. Dodge and Bives. Several other pieces or parcels of land in the same locality for sa e. Ad "iressj. W. VEITCH, Attorney at Law. Bladens burg, Md. ap 2 2w' I'IIBEE DESIRABLE BRICK HOUSES AND-A number of VACANT LOTS in the Western part of the city at PRIVATIC 8\LB.?We offer tor sale two three-story Brick Dwelling-Houses, Nos 21 and 23 Pennsylvania avenue,between Twen ty-fourth and Twenty-fifth streets.containingeach fifteen rooms, with large hall and all the modern improvements. The houses are in fine condition, having lately been thoroughly repaired. At tached to one 4-f the houses is a side lot fronting 21 feet on the avenue, with choice fruit trees, grapery, Ac. Also, a three-story Brick Dwellingv No. 78 K street, with side lot, and containing nine rooms, with hall. Also, a number of Vacant Lots, fronting about 24 feet each on Pennsylvania avenue, between Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fifth streets west. For terms, Ac. apply to J AS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctieneers. ap2-d2w 1^'OR SALE?A neat two-story frame HOUSE, r with back-building, containing#rooms. Also, adjoining Lot. 42 feet front, with 15-foot side alley, running back 105 feet to a30-foot alley, with two small frame houses on the back of the lot, situated on 13Js street, between B and C, Island. Can be bought cheap, if applied for soon on the premises, Ns. 67 13& street. mh 24 15t? POR RENT-With or without Board, an excel ? 1. nt PABLOR and several well furnished BED 4 50 12th street, within five minutes walk of the Kirkvood llouse, Willards and the Patent Office, Post uffice and Treasury an 1 State Departments. The location i? unsurpassed in Washington. No children in the house, de 27 tf |<<OR LEASE OB RENT?A llW.????*">' ?* r building LOTS, I minutea de.t'a Hoom dl the o?^^th. mb1?- lm 18th at , tot, of M. >R BALI?Tka DBlpM EATTNG H[)D81 on the coiner of 14th awl O stieetJ. It will b* sold reasonable aa the owter wanta to go into other basin?i Call early o? ?h? yremlaes ah t lm* ?TOR SALE?A first rate two-?tor? FRAME .fa water in the yaH; aa tha eorner ef 4 aad isth ata ud Nu. arena a east. For ft .art. for farther ,artiemlara D OABKOLL. N AND AFTER THIS DATE THE OFFICE of the Waahington and Marl-^rww^*^ boro' Stag" will Re^kept at the^iflgS^ft Stables of HOW AED ft ROUSE, onj G ."between 6th and 7th streets. Washington. I>. C., April 4.18*4. ap5-l?* RATIONAL ALMANAC, 1864. The National Almanac and Annnal Red'j^ar for 1*64. Price, paper, fl.O; cloth,fl.BO. by mail fr*e of postage. For sa'e b PBILMk .MORS, ?Is ?".n. arenas if avenue. AUCTION SALES. iomOTHXK AUCTION BALM BBB IB* PA??. VHIS AfTKflFUMEN AMD TO-MOt?W . Br 0. MoOOIH* ft CO.. Auotionaeri. f A KOI AftD VALUABL1 LOT OJ L^BBPT W?T, ?"W?"^?D\ViLFV?VSo55! iioVoiTik BTsttT ?OnfBIPy ?!<Jed iirtv taiidinp lot* u map bp 4mln*. KMSSSSsat???" "* large eolifVtion 01 is??? ?? ~ _j- . Walnut Hair CI, ^li^Bu" ?, Walnut! Marble- t?*,1^58Mn? Btt,*?u,t ?rS5;sj:sii. Feather Beds, P11U T*l??, M-ttrew# n?airit0tP' n U,V ? 8h?SX Redd la?. Blankets. Comforts, ^ iDgrain C?*p?t?, Brussels. Three pljr. * Mirror One Larg* Gilt Fr?m ther Stoves Cook Radiators and e ^0 Will be added to tbe *a l?w.r?d Matting. SnpiecM White and Cht cK* Terms cash. GRgli S A WILLIAMS. Aacta. |>Y WM. L WALlTk"~* ,Q^u^H^Brnxmar, 5? south side Louisiana a, *?.??*? ?d 1 *h *? A FINE BUGOT HOESR^m eioN*3*' AN? BC<>* On SATURDAYJmo^N^ ?iy*Howi? A?ree* o'cioek, we will sen a flceD* % eelsbratsd maker aDd a new Buggy, tae war* cf. ''.'Jj'n'"- wM. i. w?> u'iLIOr OLD IKON, IUOO 0,?r k7 QjlPMTIl'l TOOLI, BAD!.!!, HldCBLXi-SBOBS AMD GaBBISO* BQCIPAOB, AMD <t qciatiuidm'8 8tom8. Or nop, I 0H1BP Q0ABTBa*i.8TPB/3 \ <u|eTOP. I DbpotojtWa* <h 31, IBM > Whhvotor. D. 0., Mttt 'uaadria as Wild tosaold at Pnblie Atetloa,?t i ooka m Ta SATURDAY, April Btk, ISM, at llo'a * " l001d Iron, Blaeksaniths'Tools, Oarp^p *"sarewB! Badlers' Tools, Scales, Grindstones,/* vy forka. Stoves, Lanterns. 6 bore la, Bakes, & Tinlinoia. Wheol-bairowi. Bag sries, CoaBkes, Am a Blaaft Hand Carta, Saddles, Horse Cellars, S? . hom eta. Ambulance Springs, Horseshoa WaA \ Am Bags. Horts Covers. Currr Oombs, rl? .r.rti-' Horsa Shoes, Spades, and alar*e lot of oti a ur Jt elea too numerous to mention, condemned a for public Berries. , ? a tko Successful bidders will b? rrq*ired to rtnvi ar tic lea in fire (5) dap a from the dap of sals. Terms; Cask in Government fusds D. H, RUCSHB, Briar. Oen. and Chief Qaartermastor, ? mhJl 9t Depot of Warhlnptba. P. B ? By J 0. MeGUlRB A CO. .Auctioneers. _ ? Four habdbomb building lota a , NOBTK N BTBBBT BIT Will SIXTH A*? SPVPPVt BTBBBT8 ?On MONDAY AtBRNOJN, April ?Mk, at 5 o'clock, on tka premieea w? ?ball sell foo? bandeome building Lota ontbeaouth aide of Nortk N street, between (Stk and 7th streets w? t. frosting eack 17 feet 1 \ incbaa, and rRsnlng back 1V* t?sr. to a 16 foot allep. Tke eastern Ix>t forms tbsoornsr of a street 45 feet wide called Oregon street. Terms one-third in eask, the remainder- in air and twelre months with intereat, secured bp a deed, of tniit on the premises. Cor reyanees at the cost of the purchaser, mb?'d [Rep.l J. 0. McGDIRlS A 00. Au?t?. Iff- TUB ABOVE .HALK 14 POSTPOm?D I*' cntfeqnpnce of th<> rain, until SArtTHDAY" AP* ? TBHNOO>i April 9th. eaTne hour a^d plac?. apfid | Rep ] /. 0. McGCIRB t 00., Au?ts. pY W.L. WAI.L & CO., Auctioneers. COMMISSIONERS' 8ALK~0F HOUSK AND LOT. Bi vwtue of ti e orderar.d decree ofthe Strprsvi* Court of tte District of Columbia, beariue date ta the 5th Cay <f April. 18t?4, the undye'sned Com pnixKioTicrR will oflrr for fa e at Public Auction, on Tl ESDAY. the 19<h day of April, A. D. 1B61. at ? o'cln h p. ip.. in front of the premises, the south part of l ot numbered Seventeen, (17) in S<n?*re niiml,ered on? hundred snd ninety-rix (19S>of the piau of the city of Washington: beginning for th? s^me ?t the southeast corner of saia Lot. ani ran ni. g thence wes' eighty feet; thence nortbtwanty (2 ) feet; Ibente w?6t (40) feet, to the line of an aliev in the rear of said Lot; thence north with 1 he line <f prW alley five (Stfeet six(S> inches: . tii^nce east one hundred and twenty (12<t) f->et, aad thence south w th ' he I ne of Fifteenth street w-st tbi U -one ?. 31) fe tj? * (6) inche> to th* placa of be ?inning; with the improvements therein, cousist ir ? of a two story frame house. This pre pert v is situated on Fifteenth street w?st between M and N streets north T?-rms One-third cash; the residue in install ments of six and twelve months; the aurcha^er giving his bonds, payable to the respective parties entitl< d and bearing interest from the day of sale. Title deed to l>o re'ained until tke whole of th* purchase money is paid. _ Ali convex ancicg at the cost ot th? puormwer. ? JOHN VAN RISWICK. CHARLES WILSON. fiEORGE T. MnGLCS/ GEORGB L SI1ERIKP, WM. J. MURl'AGH, Conmissit r.ers. ap^-2*wAds W.-L. WALL A CO., Aucts. y^\ J. C. McGUlBE Jo CO.. Aucticaeoss. CHANCERY sale o?~valcablr prophrtt. B> virtue of a decree of the late Circuit Ciurt ?f the District of Columbia, sitting as a Court of Iqnity. dated on the 20th day of November, liSJ, and tendered in a cause (No. 1.8't3) pending in s& 4 Couit between Christopher Grammar and William B 1 odd. trrstees of the late Go-tleib O .GraiUTn?r and others complainints. and Jriius I?. 'Iramnaer slid M lilinm H. Dunkinson and others defendants, the undersigned trustees will sell at public t>action the foil' wing property, psrt of the buuiestead o# th?- iate G 0. Gianimer, in Washingtcu city, D. 0.: Cm MONVA Y. April 18!/t, at half-pas! H o'r'.ork p. nt, ? n t -e preir>ise?. l^ot numbered nine.,?;^ in Squ?r? i un-bered five hundred a"d thirty tare". <6tl.> frentir g Bftv-six feet and two inches on C street - north, Pfctween Third aod Four and a-h*lf str?ft? west. Itwilibe sold in separate portions, eachta liave a fiont ct twenty-eight feet aid one inch. And on tht folic wins day, ( TUESDAY) tk? 19iA da\t of April. We will sell on the premises, at 8 o'clock p. m , lot numbered 6fieen( 5>and part of lot num bered sixteen. ( W,) in square n mbered one hun dred and t inety eight (198.) These valuable and-, eligib.y s?tu?ted lots front about eighty e?t on U etieet north. betwet-n 15th abd loth streets w-?t? ard ar? opposite tte residence of Alexander Bor i?rd. Isq. Tbe term^ cf pale are : One-thv-d cash; the bal arce to be paid in rqual instalments, in a x and . twelve montfts from tbe day of sale, the said H%1 snce to *>e*r interest from tbe dip of sale au4 ths ps>ments there< t to be secured by the notes of the purchaser; acd Rai^ notes to be aecursd by a daed?f t-nst or the said property. It th-te'ros o'sale b? nat comph(*d wittm flv? ('sys frcm the day of sale the trustees r?serva the right to re eell, nt the iisk and 8spease of the pux C^All corveyaucing and stampa at the exjsni# ot* tbe pu;chaser. OHR. GR*MMBR.( T rt WM B TODO, S lra,ve*? np.8 d J. C. McGUIRE A CO . Aaott |>Y" J. C. McGUIRE & CO.. Aactioni?rs. stocks 'tTurlio SALIL On THURfJDA? AFTBRiKXIN, April l4th, 6 o'clock, atthe Auction Rooms, we :ikail <>ed.,f 4B 1< t? to suit?. 1,590 shares Firemen's Inmrance Jojrpani Qg W ashington and Georgetown sVoc*. A1.SO . *2 7ffl Ba?k of the Metrepoli* Stock 6,tXX) Wasfcingto-? and Georgetown J?urc?a | Cobs f,acy . . 8.00(1 Corpc.ratlon of Washington q-^arterlf L _^r cent. Stock-. Ip.7%' C&ab' J- C- MoGUIRE A CO.. A. jNlTKD STATES BIARSHAL'S SALB In v i rt ueof a writ of fierie faflaa nentof ? cmdenination inpoed fnjtp the s 0^40 i Qf tli# Supreme Court of the District ol Col0m>>w ??d^J mn directed, I will sell at sale, foft ? h *? the front ot the C,.urt House door of t+ii Countt on FRIDAY, the ?th day of April,J o' lock m., the following dfaCTibed if operty t# WLot No. 1. in Square No. MJ, esst 3f Lots No IS 16 ani 17, in Square Bo 24,ih tkaoa yofW?j?H* ickton. D. C .together wis* ailana ? Infpr. vementB thereon, and Ui ITup^ M tiie procerti of Micliiel Mais ne?, .mi i,, to satisfy judicial No. 2?,fcr vor o' ,'*] #n K^gj* ' rr * J: ? LA*0N. BP?-d u. S. Bp rshal, i> b. IJN1TXD hTATKS MARSHAL fj 8ALB^ In virtue of a writ of Fieri Pa of as issued fro* the l l<rk's office.' of the Vupre n e Court of the District of Columbuv. and tl i^a directed' I wiM sell at public sale for ^k. ut theT^ft of tkS Court Hou^o door, of *aiaer,? nty. on P?I DAY. tko ?th day of April. W64. ai \f ? 'clock m? the fol.ow ir g described property .to w it * The north park of W N,o. 19. in ffqoar# Na.?. ooirmenc ag fo* ?k? m ia DWrt at ? point on Slat street west, at the J' l8Unce of?> feat from tko xortbeast corner of gquarv, and ran nine th? ace south 20 foefc- nu the line of Mid tl* streot. thence west ?fset thence north Stfost.aadtkMMo east 86 feet to av slst street wept, aad plaa> of beginrirg. estw at?d to pootain lfli*) ?tuit| fn'. t aether wttk an and singular tke iraprovem^aU ther'on. ad ulj levied upon as tkp proper!/ of Thomas j,By. and will be so rt to nan^f, Ja dicials No. 2U) t. UTor of H??b<?r?. ap7-d# dg U. 8. Marshal, D ' HOM AS BOWLING, Aq*t*r; Georpetowa. Hs/'jbbHOLD AND KITOUKf PrRNITURB A* OnTUBSDAT MORN^N'i. Ap-il mk.1M4.Pt N i o'clock. I will sail, at No. >^O Ws*kington ibtrt, ab ve Heat atre?t,Georgetown, a penerU aaaoA ment of Hooaekokl pad Kitchen fuxmUup. tsa sitting of _ .. Bsir-cloth Parlor Porsttare, Secretary and Bookea^a; Louape, Mirrors, Ct,. ^a-.-wSHSsjrs r?i?. M nuKerous to aaiatioa, Tarms cash. fWtuM DOWUHO, Atlt I

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