Newspaper of Evening Star, April 9, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 9, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. I W. D. WALLAI H. Edlter and Pr*pn?t?r. j ? , " J WABHIJ?QTON CITY: 9ATIRDAT APRIL 9, 1964. ' VfiXADIKQ MATT1IR ON MVKRY PAOl 0KX OUTBIDS fOR INTKRKSTINO Till GRAPHIC ASD OTHER MATTIR. Washington Monty Market. Quotations for stocks, coin and uncurreot money, furnished by Lewis Johnson A Co., Banker*: Buying. Selling. U. 8. Coupon Boads, 1881..,...1U U. S. 5.20 Notes Ill l':: Quartermasters' Checks ?'.? if ? New Certificates WaSW * ? American Silver ..1W ? American Gold "}H ? N*w York Hati*-Fir?t Bo a no Coupon ?'s, 18H, lllfc: 5.SO's, l!2V? Certifi cate* ot Indebtedness, vOtf; Gold, lot',*'. THE RARITAN AND DELAWARE R.-W \NI) CAMDEN AND AMROY RAILROAD COMPA NIES. Under the impression that the bill reported in the Heuse making the Karitan anil Delaware Bay road a military road aud postrouto would have the effect to afford additional traveling facilities to the public, we were at first inclined to favor it ; but a closer investigation of the subject has satisfied us that the public has no inures*, whatever in the matter, the movement in behalf of the Raritan and Delaware Bay road being purely a speculative one to enable Ute purchasers oi the depreciated block oi an unprofitable road to inflate it to a point t-j eua. ble tbtm to sell out and make a good thing or the operation. The roundabout course or th* ??elbow1 route," as the Camden aud Atlantic bud Raritan and Delaware Bay .circumbendi bus route is appropriately termed, precludes the possibility of Its ever accommodating the public a* athrengh route betweon Philadelphia and New York; and therefore the public Will in ?o sense be the gainer should Congress yas* the bill. But there ar? more serious objections to the project, causing Congress to come to a pause in the consideration of the bill, and which will doubtless pro re fatal to its passage. These point* ot objection made against, the bill, a? set forth in behalf of the State of New Jeieey and the roads she has contracted with, are as follows: The Camden and Atlantic Railroad Company wa<* charter*-d by New Jersey in to con struct a railroad irom Camden south easterly to the Atlantic ocean. The Rantaa an l Dela ware Bay Railroad Company was chartered in trS4, to construct a railroad from Raritan bay to t ape May, alorg the eastern coast of New Jersey. The=e two road? necessarily crossed each other at a point about 40 miles east ot Philadelphia, and about 95 mile? south of New Y or?c, and cow Concress, ad\erse to Ihe intent of New Jersey, is asked to consolidate thtse ;wo corporations, with m-limied privileges in tb' Sta'.e, rts a'.hrcugh-line between Philadel phia and New York, and to build branches anywhere in the State, thus practically treat ing New Jersey as though she had lost her so v ereign rights aud powers as a State, and be come only a dependent territory. Both companies took their charters subject to an act passed in IKK, declaring that it should rot he lawiul to construct any other railroad <than thereof the Camdeu and Amboy Railroad Company) intended or used to trauspori pas sengers or freight across the State between New York and Philadelphia, which act wa3 and Is to expire in lwt>!?; and botn companies, when charged with i '.tending to transact such busi ret?, declared, n the oath of their officers and directors, that hey did not intend t-> do. so. Yet they afterw J-ds entered largely into that business. The < onrt of chancery of New Jer *sey declared th- y were violating the law, and that they must lesist. They ask Congress to authorize them t > do what the Legislature of New Jersey never authorized them to do, what is contrary to the laws of New Jersey, aud what they declared, under oatn, they did not Intend to do They ask Congress to allow them ?with impunity to violate the laws of New Jer *ey? by virtue of which they exist. If those laws are unconstitutional, the Supreme Court of the United States will ?o decide. That court is open to the applicants; but thoy a<k Con- I frees to override the decisions of the courts. The corporations applying for the bill are fOTpCrationa created bv IheSiate Of New .T?r?*"y urdeT her reserved powers, and for limited and specific purposes, to develop her internal improvement sjstesn, aud not to interfere with ouer previously Tested interests, and this r? lat o.a of Internal rights and in'ereats, thus ac cepted and established, ought not to be dis turbed by the United States, whatever the United States government may itself do iu the way of constructing new roads. They are distinct corporations under the laws oT New Jersey, and the bill now before Con gress propose?, substantially, to consolidate tfcem in effect as one corporation, with addi tional powers of extension of roadway within tl?e State, and additional rights as common carriers all subversiveof the original intern of the state, and practically divesting the State of her reserved sovereign jurisdiction over them, within her own limits upon her own soil^ being trie exerci-e ol a powr not conferred uponaud not belonging to the United State3. Th*' State ol New Jersey thirty years ago, at an early period, when Internal improvements were an experiment on this continent, and :ui experiment everywhere in their engineering structure, invited a system which might con z4ect the Delaware Tiver and Raritan bay, aud as ?n inducement to the enterprise, pledged her fa th not to legislate ad er*ely if it vras de veloped; bat considering the expense of opera ting so short a line limited thera'e of charge to the lowest geuMTl practi -al standard, and taxed it according to the income or business, being the Bi-me principal of^axation now Ht opted l.y the Unitt-d States tW Internal rev enue. This being a just sy^t; mof encouraging internal Industry, by great ecouomy aud mti :h experiment through many ye:irs the bjst known methods of communication have been estab lished, to-wit: The I.?eiaware and Raritan canal of sufficient capacity to talc? through s- \eer-els and sttarn propellers for he;i\ v neight. and the Camds 11 anJ Amboy, 1'hila d< Iphia and Trenton, and New Jersey rail n ads, to convey pa??<eng?rs and light freight ijinckly: and Cotgress is now inyokej tode -troy this syutem, and this established faith ol tl.e State, and to snbver: the purposes for which the Stale created the Raritan and Dela ware bay :ind Camden and Atlantic corpora tors, to this end, under the plea that the ? ifi-r given to Congress ? to regulate 10m a.trce with foreign uatious, and amony th? t .a! States, and with the Indian tribes," < i u!ers npon it such a jurisdiction. li is agreed that under this power "to regu !a e commerco" "among the scvral States" t oi;gtess has the right to pass y'tirrad 'ai' -rap I licable alike to all the States to regulate com merce between them, "or among the several States;" bat the exerci-eof the power to regu la'e commerce among the several States (where tiie jurisdiction does not f.ttach er belong to ?ny one or more ot the States in their Siata capacity,) is a very different power from tout of consolidating corporation* specially and by r.nme within a State, aud empowering them to extend branch road.? e\er> wh?-re wi'.hia the > taie, and transact the business ot a common carrisr wholly wilhm the jurisdiction of and iu dedauce of tbo authority and rights of a Sta'e. as is sought to be done in relation to New Jersey by the House bill, a>id that sach a right exist* in the United States is utterly i.en ied. The ri^ht and power ot ihe United Statss to require railroad companies, vessels. &,3, to ca-ry the mails for reasonable cotnix'nsation is ii.d^pu'.sble, and iht same right aud power to hive tb>* troops aLd muuitionsot war of the Uxied States conveyed exists; but aa laws applicable to all railroads have already been phhfctd on both of these subjects by Congress, the only cause for putting such provisions in tiie p?>ser.t bill is to make them a rider for the userUou of priva e corporate privilege* over which the iruitecl States has no jurisdiction The iuanguration of this principle by Cou t rebt would rmder this body liable to be called upon to grant lailroad privileges through the v tier Sialic, to extend their branch's to any p .rt of their respective State*, regardless of authority, and to unsettle the relations of tiade on which their success and existence d pends The whole railroad interests of the country v.ou!d br impaired by tho con men t uiect of such legislation. It i? shown conclu siiely that ihe precedents referred to ?the V> iie^iii g Bridge and other cases?do not snp. p< rt the peaanf>evt 'he bill In tli- - a ,? -j tt,r Wheeling Bridge, for in s'MJor, ihe a-tlon ?>f Tongre s WJW invoked to <-ottirw> sta?.> )e^i-'tttiop. not tosttbv -rt it. The SMMTtioL. th it th-' legislation nfN>w Jersey, by "Which the State pledged itself to the Camden and Amboy Company tot to aphorize theSoa ?tmctlon of any other railroad-ai ro?s the State aotll January .?), for the transportation ot pa*>eengers and freight l>ftween New York ?nd PhilaUi'lpiiin. is a ngulatton of commerce, is absurd. many ratiruads earh Stat t shall cbar er on any pafncular rout? is h matter ettiiely in it* own discre'-ion?a dis cretion which every Stai# e.terci~u? for itself. Its engagements to authorize but Uu- oue wilt *ot prevent it from authorizing more, provi led it makes compensation to the company tutored. And If It did, it would no more .bo a regulation -r#e than the eieci*?u of toll gate# on a turapUre over wUrb trade takes its w?y,a turn ? regulation! It would eimplv be de claring its diecretioa ia advance, instead of manifeetisg it br acting or not acting after wards. Got. Parker, of New Jersey, in his special message to the Legislature of that .State apon tbe subjtct, expresses the feeling of that Suite in the following forcible terms: "The third section of the bill declares the real object ol its originators, whiclvis to empower the companies therein name<$ not merely to carry the mail, or con vey troops and monitions of w ar, but to transport goods, wares, and mer chandise of all descriptions, and passengers, be tween New York and Philadelphia, notwith standing any law of this State to i*e contrary. And ju?t only is. this'authority fcv -be given on jbe main line of the roads, but tJfe proposition be fore Congress is to gTunt the power to carry fre ight and passengers on all branches thereof, bnili sud fo I# built. If such a law be valid, the Legislature of the State is a powerless body, and our citi'/er.s must hereafter beg Congress tcr the privilege of constructing works of pub lic improvement on onr own soil. The passage of such an act (although of no blading force, because unconstitutional; would be an insult to the people of New Jersey. It would take the creatures of our law, now under the ban of judicial injunction for violation of our stat utes, and in direct opposition to the decision ot our courts, attempt to make them indepen dent of and superior to the power that created them. Such action deserves, and should re ceive, the stiongest legislative remonstrance. In response to this message the Legislature of that State almost unanimously passed a series ot concurrent resolutions protesting in warm terms against the passage of the Congress bill. let. Because It proposes to divest<he State of its local territorial jurisdiction over its ovfu ci'izene, within its own limits, over its own soil, and would be the unprecedented and un necessary exercise of a power, not belonging to the United Staff s and never before claimed by the General Government. 2d. Because it proposes to empower these corporations to extend branch railroads any where within the State, wholly within the jurisdiction of New Jersey, to the injury of the State and every railroad interest therein, and in direct defiance of the authority aad rights of the State. 3d. Because It proposes to empower corpora tions, created by the Legislature of this State, to do what the legislature never gave them power to do, to make the creature** superior to the creator, and allow them with impunity to violate the laws of New Jersey by which they exist, and to defy the process of her courts. 4th. Because such special legislation, aimed ? only at New Jersey, wonld be a wanton insult to the dignity of the State, in derogation of her reserved rights, and in violation of the con tract* she has made and which have been pro nounced by the courts to be constitutional and binding. * Thes. facts, and others to the same effect, elicited in the course of the controversy, have had the effect to open the eyes of Congressmen who were at first inclined to favor the bill as a measure of public benefit, but who now see that its specious face covers only a project for private speculation, and they do not 4be fit to give iheir sanction to any such kite.fiying leg islation. | The charter of the Camden and Amboy road is soon to expire, and its special privileges will thus come to an end without violation of State law oi?chartered rights on the part of Congress | Markkitkb's.? A very superior painting' '?The Penitent Magdalen," from the original by Batton, in the Dresden Gallery, attracts much attention at Markriter's, 1S6 Seventh street. It has great merit, in drawing, coloring and ex predion. The flesh tints are especially excel lent. Like other line paintings brought to this city by Marknter, it will doubtless speedily be secured by some connoisseur. At Markriter's may now he seen some French photographs, copies (untouched plates) of pic tures by Horace V'ernet, that are th? most remaikable specimens ot the excellence u which the photographic art has attained, that we have ever seen. We recommend a call at Markriter's to see these wonderful photographs. A fruit piece, by Hartwell, ot New York, treated out ol the familiar conventional style, is amongst tbe latest of Markriter's acquisi tions. It represents simply a couple of melons ami a peach in halves, but the effect is perfect. The picture is a gem, and will certainly be 8petdil> snapped up by some discerning pur chaser. A fine Interior, the fathedral at Ba le, by Ktnnoux; The Deer 1'ass, by Laudseer; and a marine view, (Scene on the French Coast near Havr?,) atw?r Isabey, ar? amongst other pic tures worth inspection at Markriter's. In this connection it may be of service to our readers to remind them that Markriter's stock of picture-frames, cord, tassel?, &.c., &c., is very complete, and all tbe appurtenances to a fine picture purchased here, may be procured and matched at the time, a great convenience, as purc hasers are aware. Markriter's cozy, handeemely furnished es tablishment, with its collection of admirable pictures, is certainly one of the lions of the metropolis. Tjik Mabylasii- Elbctio*.?Seme further mum? tome in concerning the Maryland election, but not varying in the result, which i* largely in favor ol the convention and eman cipation without State compensation. The Prime, t.'rorcn'an says tbe majority in that ecumy against the convention will range from ?t o to At Kockville and Medleys, in Montgomery county, there was no voting as the judges of election refused to administer the required oath to voters. A Montgomery county correspondent of the Baltimore Sun says: " The returns from two out of three districts where the polls were opened ?*how the voting; to have been very close. In Berrv's district there is a ma jority ol one ? against'a conven tion.' while the Union candidates received a ma jority of eight or ten. In Cracklin district there is a small Union majority. In Clarksburg it is presumed there will be a small Union majority." r NOTICE.?The members of Metropolis yj? Lodge No. l<?. 10. G."K., are fraternally i ? am-Ftt d to meet in their Lodge room at 7 o'clock 11il? EVENING. Ily order, jt* WM. J. BROWN, Secretary. 0=? METHODIST PROTESTANT CHURCH. Ninth street, above K?Rkv J T. War. o. im-tor. Services TO-MORROW. (S-.b'.ath.) at 11 o'clock a. m., and 7>? o'clock p to. SeatHtree. * THE MONTHLY MEETING of the Board 11 ^ of Trustees ol" tlx- Public Schools will bo hVT'l on TUESDAY next. the 12th instant, at 4,'i o'clock p. in. R. T. MORHELL. ap 9St Secretary. T. O. O. P.?GRAND LODGE.?Tbe res. I nlar -inartcrly communication of the It. W*. Giand Lodge of tbe District of Columbia will be held on MONDAY EVENING. April llth. at 7'i o'clock. ? P. II SWEET. ap 9 "t Grand Secreta'y. nr " NOTICE.?A preliminary meeting of tin; ILj? Journeyman TIN PLATE and fillEKT TnON WORKERS of Washington will be held at Temp-, ranee Hull, on MONDAY. April llth, at 7!-? o'clock p. in. By oPi?r of the Committer. ap 9 at* "ATTENTION, JOURNEYMAN CORD WaINEHS.?The member* of this society are hereby notified to attend n sp>-?'ial meeting on TUESDAY, April 12th, ft Temperance Hall, or E street, between fdh and Hit', streets. without fail BiisiiK s* of importance wit) be iai't before them . fc By order of the Secretary. ap9 2t* rf5=? TWENTIETH STREET MI 88 ION .-Rkv. JJL_v M. E. Hvsokk, the newl) aupointei pa*t?r ofTne Methodist Prnt>-Htar>t Cliapel on Twentieth, near Eoundary Rtreet, has t iken charge of the Mission. Sabbath Hervic?H will be regularly held; pr< aching. 1 o'clock a. m. and 7,1* j>. tn Sabbath Bchuol at 3 p. m. The public is innted. It ry^ NOTICE-All CARPENTERS and CAB LJ._? I NET M AKERS are requested to attend an adjourned meeting at tbe United Hall, llth street, between Pennsylvania avtnue ami E street, on next MON DAY N Iti HT, a.t 7H o'clock; as you will be prepared for tical K''liau in reference to de manding the advance of 2 > p.;r ceut. upon your present wages, and ether itnpormnt business will be presented for vonr consideration , B> order of K W W. LETOURNAN, upi-2t* Secretary. ry^'HARNESS MAKERS, ATTENTION-An Lk_? adjourned meeting of the harness makers of th.e city will be held on MONDAY NIGHT, at 7}io'? i. ck, at Germania Hall, C street, near iith. A larse attendance of all workmen in the District is requested. ap<J-3t fY*5=* MEDIC AL AFiSOO IATIOSA n ad jour n^id meeting of the Medical Association of t'je Dirtrlct of Columbia will be held in tho Medical College, oh F street, near 12th, on TUESDAY. April 12th, at I o'clock p m. J. W. n. LOYEJOY. M. D a p 8-St , Secretary. fY^5=?TnE ELEVENTH ANNIVERSARY~OV iLt WAUGH CHAPEL M. E. SUNDAY SCHOOL will be held,,b#Divine permission, noxt SABBATH MOBNING. at II o'clock. Ad4resHeH will Le delivered by Hon. H. Prick, mamber of Congress from Iowa, and Hon. M. V. Ookll, mem ber of Congress from New York: together with appropriate exercise# by the scholars. A collec tion will be taken up for the benefit of the school. The friends of Sabbath sohoois throughout the city ?r? cordially ioriVed, ?p7-2t?o' MA3$ CONVENTION -Birsuart to ? res , olution passed by th?> Republican Aseocia .ir>n of Washington, Feb. 23th a:;d April 5th. 18*. all the qualified filers of the District of Columbia ll?hn desire the maintenance of the Union, thaeirpretnacyvof the constitution and J{je complete suppression of the rebellion, with tha cause thereof. by vigorous war nail all apt and ? cieat means.'' are invited to meet in masaaonven tion to be held under the auspires of Raid A*soeta_ tion at the Union Leagu>- Rea 1 imi Rnou, <>a 9tn street. Washington, between D and K streets, on FRIDAY EVENING next, athalf-past7 o'clock, for tht* purpose of choosing delegates to represent the District in the convention to be held at Balti more on Tuesday, the-7t*day of .Tune. 1334. to nom inate candidate* for the Offices of President and Vice President of the Unit-'d States. J. J. COOMBS. Pros't. J>, CRUMB ACKER, See. ap#,H.'6_ ryrj- "NOTICE.?This is t* notify the bosses that t J Jf f?r. ard after the l?th day of April. If**, the Plum bets* and Gas Fitters* A'ssocivtion will de rnard an increase of wages to per .lieai. Kt order of the Association. , ?p ?A9 et? GEO. ?i MILLER. Cor. 3 c^ REGISTER'S OFFICE. Mirch 25, WM. Uk_? Notice is hereby given that the License* sued to owuersof Wagons, Carls, and Drays will expire on tbe first Monday in April. and that said Licenses mast be renewed m compliance with law. at this office within ten days after that time. SAMUEL E. DOUGLASS. roll 25-(ltaplfl Register. nrs=? NOTICE- TO THE TAX-PAYERS OF JJj WA SHINU TON As^kssor'8 Opficb, Washington. March 11. 1*64. . Tha Board of Assessors, having completed the General Assessment Tor the year 18m, hereby give notice that they will sit as a Board of Appeals, and for the purpose of making any correction, from Monday, the 21st day of March, to Tuesday, the 26th day of April, inclusive, (Sandays excepted,) at their room, No. 6, basement story.weat wiag City Hall, from 9 a. m to 3 p. m. each day. By order of the President: JAMES W. SPALDING. mh 16 t Ap36 Secretary Board of Appeal. nr5=?CALVABY BAPTIST OHUBCH MB ITS IJof every SABBATH in the Old Trinity Otanroh 90 6th street, between I and La. avenue. Services at 11 a. n. ar.d p. m. Bev. T. B. (Bowlktt, Ktor. 8trangers are cordially invited to attend .tafrao. o?3l-S,tf SHINGLES AND PALINGS.? S? 100,(i(l0 best quality Cedar Shingles ltio,n<iO do do Spruce do jno,ono do do do Palings lon,flflo White Pine Shingles Forsaleiow. Applyto JAS. T. 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Th? hi use is delightfully located. ap7-3f FOR 8ALB.?One of the best and entirely new, Geo. A. Prince's MELODKONS. by ? gentle man leaving Washington, and is to be seen at Prof. ALEX. WOLOWSKl 8, No. 316 F street, corner of 11th. Hoars of reception, only from 9 to 10 o'clock, a. m. ap7-Ht CM)R 8ALB.-A superior pair of NOBTHKBN F HOB8M, handsome Bays, six vears old. Prlee fi^ow, AH?lrat48b aUiSftckuiotUav. w*-3l 4 O'CLOCK P. M. AN IMPORTANT ORDER. The following is a synopsis of General Or ders No. 17, issued fiom Headquarter* Army 01 the Potomac No. 1. In new of the near approach of tlfU time when this army may be expected to re sume active operations, corps and other iude , pendent commanders will cause public anl private property for which transportation is not furnished by exieliaf orders, to be sent u> the rear with as little delay as practicable. | No. 2. All Butlers and their employees will leave this army by the 16th instant, and should' sutlers be foand with the army after thst dale, their goods will be confiscated for the benefit of the hcspitals, and their employees w^li be placed by the Provo>t Marshal General at bard labor. Paragraph 3d provides that alter the 16th instant, no citizens shall be al lowed to remain j*lth the army except Govern ment employees, members of the Sanitary and Christian Commissions, and the registered i newspaper correspondents. Paragraph 3 re 1 veins the authority heretofore delegated to Corps Commanders, to grant furloughs and leaves of absence, except in cases of re-enlisted veteriuis, and with this exception no leaves or futlooghs are to be granted, save in extreme case?, until further orders. Paragraph t> requires corps and other inde pendent commanders to send in lists showing the names and regiments of officers and men doing duty in their commands who belong to I regiments serving in other armies or depart ; ments. These lists must also show the circum stances under which such officers and men have bees detained with this army. Paragraph 7 requires that all officers and men doing duty in other corps than their own shall be returned to their regiments, aides-de-camp to general officers, and men on duty with batteries ex cepted. | A CONFEDERATE OFFICER GIVES HIMSELF UP. Yesterday, Capt. E. T. Sullivan, of the ad Texas cavalry, preseuted himself at the Pro vvost Marshal's office in this city, and asked permission to take the oath prescribed iu the President's amnesty proclamation, which re | quest was granted, and he wis furnished with ' transportation to Philadelphia. Sullivan has i a wife and one child residing in Texas, where ' be owns forty-six slaves and a plantation of j six hundred acres. From his statement it ap i pears In March, 1861, he wab commissioned a first lieutenant in the 2d Texas cava'ry, and that in May, 1862, lie was promoted to a cap taincy. He was in nine battles, and at Mur freesboro1 was wounded aud taken prisoner. ; On the 7th o| July, l-?J, he was exchanged, i went home, and joined bis regiment: but hear 1 ing that three of his bro'hers were iu the UnioA j army, determined to fight no more against the j United States Government. After repeated i effoits, he succeeded iu making his way into ; the Union lines at Frederick, Md., on Friday ! luet, and lrom there proceeded to thia city. NAVY YARD. The repairs on the Primrose are nearly com pleted, and she will soon be ready for service. The Dragon is also being rapidly put in order. The revenue steamer Bibb is undergoing re pairs. The Shawsheen ha? been put in fine order, and will leave probably to day for Hampton Road 9. Yesterday a commission was sent out to in quire into the rates of wages, with a view of increasing the rates in th? yard, and it is ex 1 tested that their report will be favorable, and that all the mechanics who not have recently received an increase of pay will have their per diem raispd. FINDINGS OF A MILITARY COMMISSION The following finding* and sentences of a military commission held at Goodrich Landing Louisiana, have been approved by President 1-Jricolr, who directs that the prisoners be con fined in the military prison at Alton, Illinois, during their term of sent^i'ce: Edward D. Nel-on. of Carrol parish, I^onis lana, found guilty of robbery and assault with intent to kill; sentenced to be confined at hard labor for the term oi seven years. Colored man George, found guiltv of ro^b^ry, and tentenced to be courined at hard labor for five years. A DESRRTEK SENTENCED TO RE SHOT. : Augustus Peabody, of Company C, 15th Now i York volunteers, has been found guilty of de sertion by a court-martial recenOv held wrhm the lines of the Army of the Potom ic, and sen tenced to he shot to death by musketry. The ' sentence has been approved, and will be ear i ried into effect in the presence of so much of j the Engineer Hrignde as can be properly assem I bl^d, on Friday, th? 2>d instiut, at such hour i alter 12 o'clock in. Hi the brigade commander ? msy designate. PRISON ERS 01' W A U Five pritouers of war were sent up from the ? Army of the Pounnac yetterday evening. Col. ! Ii grain in committed them to the Old Capitol RESIGN ED. II. Gusbuiau has resigned his poci'.ion o.' J iNlidr hipmaii in the United Stat.>< N.ivy. Mrc! I.incoln'8 Rkckption.?The la^t Sat , nrday ufternoon reception of the season at the , Wlite House by Mrs. Lincolft, took place to ? day between the faonrs of one aud three, and wa*- largely attended by ladiea and gentlemen* ! uotwllhstaiuin g the disagreeable state of the | v. eather. ! '1 he President took a momentary recess from 1 1 is laborious duties tor the time being, and mingled amongst the guests all of whom he re ceived most cordially. . ( Theie were a number of military men pres ent, among whom was General Crittenden. Kxct'KBH>* to Whkklino.?Vich Presldeut Hamlin, accompanied by the Govern >rof Malue and a few friends, left here this morning ou an excursion to Wheeling. They will return on Monday. Wufchingtou Meney Market?Lntest Qn*. tutiens. Furnished by Lewis Johnson it Co., Bank ers : * Buying. Sslling. U.S. Coupon Hoe.da, ^81 111 Vf lis*. U.S 520 Notes MHj 112^ Quartermasters'Checks New Certificates W _ American Silver 150aI.Vi _ Americau Gold ... ir>:a<t?:? _ kuw VOBK BATKS-glCOHD BOiBD. Coupon B's, 1891,111?,' 5.8(>'s, 112 H.; Certifi cate5: of Indebtedness, Gold, 171; N. Y. OntiKl, 113!*; Erie, f26.!?'; do. preferred, 112; Hudson, l?iy Harletn, IT5? lieadinsr, 161*: Michigan Central, 156; Michigan Southern, 1 do guaranteed Ii6?; Illinois Central, 118*: Pittsburg, 1:10*; Galen i, 13S^'; Toi-d ?, 155", Rock Island, 128 V; Fort Wayne, lUTi*; j Quicksilver, 6I\; Canton, 74^; Cumberland, i Wl; Pacific Mall, 227X OORGBE8SIO?AL.. ?aXlVlIlTH CONGRESS.?FIRST BggaiON. Satitrdav. April 8. Hotsb,? Mr. Colfax offered a resolution pro posing the expulsion of Mr. Long, of Ohio, for the sentiments he uttered yesterday in favor of the recognition of the Southern Confederacy. Mr. Colfax tail h<? had offered the resolution, not as the result of consultatiou, but ou his own responsibility. If these sentiments are to go unrebuked. we could not complain of for eign governments recognising that Confeder acy. If thns^from this ball, giving aid andi comlort to the enemy, is nnrebnked, yon ought' not to ask of your soldiers to peril their lives; tor those whew destruction is openly advo-i cated. He Had pondered upon his duty, and felt that be had a donble obligation on him, one as the presiding officer, to administer the dnties ?f tne Chair and the rules impartially, and the representative from Indiana. Mr.Cox replied, saying Judge Oonway, Lin coln, ex-Keprebentaiive Stanton, of Ohio, and others, had heretofore declared themselves in favor of revolution, and for people to establish their separate Independence if they have the power to do so. ' Remarks were called forth by interrogatory, from Messrs Colfax, Garfield and Julian. Mr. Co* MAtteae* kit remarks, decNuisg that the dMMentk portion of the Ohio deten tion tm against the recognition of the Roatfc* ? ?9?/fderac3r* H* would not destroy ttLO UcBsntntion for any purpose, for without it *?*7!e c"?d be no I nion, and therefore no W*ll regulated liberty. We hare, he said, to , State# to restore the Union. That i.u .w isaue next autnmn. We never will J?'<1 '?}? country to secession or abolition. Mr. Kelly, of Pa , aaid Mr. Cox had defended by indirection what be bad not openly dared to advocate. The gentleman from Ohio? Lioag-~ bad but sounded the key-note of the leaders of the Democratic party, and which rallied th? Democrats her* in opposition to all the depart* ments of the Government in carrying on the war. He referred to his colleague (Mr. Ste? Tens) whose views had been criticised by Mr. C<>x. saying that he could nor be compared with Mr. Long, who had vesterdav in effect de clared, "Heaven bless the traitors, but curse my country!" Mr. Dawson, of Pa., remarked that Mr. Lou* said yesterday that he spoke tor hlra?elf at,3 not 1ot the Democratic party, and that ontrfct to be satisfactory. Mr. Miller, of Pa., rose simply for the pur? pose cf entering his protest against the lectures on patriotism from the Republican side: and especially fromhi^ coUeague(Mr. Kellevt, who bad tokl a deliberate falsefood concerning his (Miller's) father, on this floor. Mr. Kelley replied, defending tb* remarks he had previously made concerning his former Eublic position in Pennsylvania; and said thn* is colleague (Mr. Miller) had brought into the House, on a late occasion, a vile spawn of scan dal from Robert Tyler. Mr. James C. Allen, of III., expressed his sut prise that the Speaker should descend from his chair and ofler a resolution to expel the g ntleraan from Ohio for words uttered in de bate. It was without a parallel in the history of the country. Although he (Mr. Allen> was) apainst secession, the gentleman from Ohio had a right to express bis sentiments. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM OEH'L BANKS* DEPARTMENT. - A BRILLIANT AFFAIR. THK REBELS DEFEATED Cajko, April 8.?The steamer Continental from New Orleans on the evening of the 3d has arrived, bringing a large uumber of Govern ment moles and wagons from Yicksburg. Nine hundred contraband men, women, and children hart arrived irom Alexandria, La Officers of steamers from Red river report a considerable fight 33 mile? above Alexandria, on the ?-th, between Gen. Smith's forces, con sisting of 8,000 infantry under Generals Mowes and Dudley, and Ijee's cavalry aud Dick Tay lor's forces, estimated at l*2,oflo strong, posted on an advantageous positon. The fi^ht lasted about three hours. Our loss is reported to be IK killed and about 60 wounded; that of the rebels much greater, some placing it at St*) killed and wounded. We captured 500 prison ers, and others are still bping brought In. Dud ley's brigade in advance greatly distinguished themselves. Our troops did not halt on the battle ground, but pushed on in pursuit of the retreating foe, and uo rest would be given the rebels. It was Gen Smith's design to %>rce the eu* my to make a stand, and defeat them iu a pitched battle if possible. A considerable number of deserters have en tered our lines. The steamer La Crosse was captured and burned by guerrillas on the 2sth nit. below Alexandria, and her crew released on parole, but b^r officers were retained. A large number of Mississippi refueees are gathering within our lines at Fort Pike and vicinity. Seven hundred, in one lot, are re ported to be leaving the dominions of Jeff Davis. FROM KEtlTl'l'KY. ? I'OKREST'S OPERATION'S THERE. Louisville, April 8.?Nineteen rebels fro? Caldwell county, belonging to the 3d Kentucky rebel c ivalry, gave themselves up to the Pro vost Marshal of Hopkinsville yesterday and were sent here where they took the oath pre scribed by the amnesty proclamation. One of tliem says Forrest on the itith marched between Paducab ami May field, a^l disbanded the :;d, 7th arid t;h Kentucky ret*-1 o??Hir^, tw* p<-* mitted the members to go home. Two hundred rebels are reported to b-1 in the vicinity of the Hermitage, attacked a camp of '.wood-choppers on the south siae of the Cum berland river. A forte lias been sent out to ?capture them. The story of Forrest officers having cro?ded into Indiana to excite th>* people to revolt is discredited here. About 40 guerrillas entered Shelby viile, Ky , at I o'clock this morning, and stole seven horses from Middletcn's stables, and broke open the Branch Hank of Ashland, but before they conld rife it of its contents they b>*cme alarmed at the proximity of the l?'th Ohio cav alry and decamped. They have >>een depreda ting abjut here ior the p.'ist two weeks. The rest of them were arrested and confined in the Taylorsvilte jail on last Friiiay,but on Sunday their comrades made an attack on th?- i?il and releas? d them. LOOAL NEWS. . I'V.'-t ' ^ 5j*on'iiTowN.?Cleared?Sehrs. Alb t Mason, Torry, New York: Envoy, pearl, i??i V, bratley, Shores, White Haven I almyra, Henry, New York? Wio.Spp.-ir. .Tones,' Lalnmore; Daughter of Ziou, Deatler, Tan gnr feonnd; Mary and Priscilla, Jiuark, Balti *. American, Brenington, Pone's ( reck; Mary Taylor, Dennis, Boston. Sloops V i. ' St" Mary's. Barges Mary Cath ?' Hlfrr,s> Mattawomao; Greyhound,Tullv, 1amunkey; Arlington, Merrell. Pohlck Creek. Bnlfdi.fX' M""' S'- M,rf'Si M?JP0l., and Ohio Canal? Strike the at 9"orsretown bj-day , ? ? McMalron. Hue key, Keystone, ioal to Frosrburg Co.: Ida Reynolds and Alii yutppa, to., to Cumberland C. & I. Co.: Wm Darrow and J. E. Mcintosh, do, to Atm-rlcaii t o. Gipsey Claeen and Amelia Snyder, do , to t entral M. &. M. Co.: J. McH. Jiolliugsworth, consignee not mentioned The departures during the.-fime time wen* eight, all light. 1 !i?? boatmen recently arriv? d. report ihat fie miners are on a strike for hlghnr w*se?, in the beyond Cumberland. ( jfANOB OK Railkoad Tims.-A change of time in the departure of trains from Washing ton will take place to-morrow, Snuday, loth April! For Baltimore?rt.30 a. m.. 7.30 a. m., 11.1.3 a. nv, 3 p. m , 4.3o p. m? 5.20 p. m., -.20 p. m. For New York and Philadelphia.?7 :jo a m . J 1.15 a. m .75.20 p. m. For New York passengers only, at 7.?0 p m l)n Sunday at 7..'W a. m. and 3 p. m. for Balti more; 5.80 p.m. for Baltimore aud Philadel phia: and 7.50 for New York. See advertisement in Monday's papers. A New COURT.?The morning report of the ond Precinct police exhibit thecaseof .las Caffrey, arrested for nsiault and battery on Hannah Caffrey, as tri ja by Ju-tice Baroaclo ai|d by hnn sentenced to jail 1 or six months. Tjiere is evidently a mistake soiut? wlu-re. a? Congress established no criminal court for ti n District beside that whkh is presided ov<t by the Justice of the Supr. me t;ourt 0/ the District. Tns Wardens till' ot tb k Jail?This morning, Robert Beale, Ksq., who was a b w days since confirmed by the Senate as Warden of the jftll ot this District, rec#*iv?d bis eommis sicn and qualified, taking the oath of ofUcc, and giving bond lor the iaithful performance ot his duty. Edward Hail and Thos. L. Hume becoming his bondsmen. Mr. Beale, it 19 un derstood, will relieve the present Warden (Mr. Wise,) on Monday of his charge. LtviroESCoxrrscATEK Patrick Haley, pro prietor of a liquor establishment on the corner of 1st and B streets, was arrested yesterday by Capt. Dolan's detectives, and fined #20 by Jus tice Ferguson for selling liquor to soldiers. Haley's stock of liquors was confiscated, his har permanently closed, and license taken from him. Pick* anktly Olo&bd ?The Jiqnor establish ment of John Cannan, corner of E and 17th ?treet.s was permanently closed this morning by order of the Military authorities. Can nan was arrested and fined S30 f0r selling liuuor tn soldiers. ^ M w Polk b apvoiktmknts. ? Thursday the Board of Police Commissioners mad* the fol lowing appointments: William J. Oroggou, Patrolman, vice O. J. Cook, deceased. Thos uroell, do., vice Marcellus Morrice, resigned' BraoLAKY.-Nlght before last the residence ^ M*^G?o*fce Ii>wry, near the Cirels in the Firet Ward,was entered by a barglar and two tnittftble gold WAtclMS cAttied qS. ^UOTIW WOTTC1. TH0UPAT, April S4t*i. MM, at w o'elork, on a eredit. By SOOTf A STBWABT, Bales room* SS Che?tnut at. and SIS Raiuoaa ?? . Philadelphia. TBADB SALBOF 1*.?,000 PIRCE.-t or FKENCB. ENGLISH, AND AMERICA* TAPER HANGINGS, comprialng Bold and Velwt Papera, Lea.' stamped Goid Papera, fine Uul yriit Paper*. Borders, Moulding*. ?old. Velvet aofl Decora tion, French and English Kancy and Oold ~ F P?tin?, Wblu and Brows Fire Board*. Vestibule and Dining room OroinnU. with * large assortment of French Me4*!llon?, Cea tres. Circles MM*m Ac., in fact tbo tine*t *?>! largest assortment of Wall Payer* ever offered In thia country at public hale, being the stock of taan ufac. uricg and importing ho"*e*; to he *oid at- O1' r Salefc R< oir.*. Chestnut street, and ?>!."? Sartotn *Lreet, On THURSBAY MORNING, Ap-il Mtb, And to he continued daiN. ur.til I be whale iadis ptssd of. fa'e to cotntreure at If o'cToah pr<?eia?i| <'*ta1opve* rea^y three darn previoua to Sale. N P.?All papers warranted one shade and mxi ntakirg a* asm pie. ap.9-31* SCOTT A STEWART, Aucti 1/OR PALE ? Fire hundred (fino> empty PORK BARRELS will be fold low. Apply at Mh^-. aventie. bet. 5th and 6th *t?. ap 9-tt* I/OB'SALE?A lot of SCHOOL BENCHES ?n1 DESRS. AIm>, Stove and Teacher's Desk. The whole lot i an be purchased for $25. The room in for rent. Inquire at Mr. RTCHSTEIN'8, Xo. 100 Ma?- avenue, between ytli and 1'tli st*. tpd-3t* ^TtS SALE? A three .?torj brick TtWKLklNU, with a line large store room attached to Mm', (situated on the corner of - th street went and N street north. Apply to WM. l.ORD. corner of itb street went aud G street nortb. apfJ-lw' I^OK RENT?A well-furnished HOUSE in one rf the mo*-t beautiful t?nd healthy locations in th? city. No. 54 Missouri avenue,bet ween Sd and 4^ streets. It. has l? chambers. parlors and dininj; room, gas all through the house. wat?r in kitsh-.o and yard, carriage house and servants'lodge, touit able for either private or hoarding house P.? session given if desired the 15th of April, hp P 486 FKK>^H K^H^POARD PKIN Juat received an assortment of FLENCH FIRKBOARD PRINTS At J. MARKHITKR'3, Ni. 4**> 7th street. 3 doors abv? ep?-7t* Odd Fellow** Hail |?Y J C McUUIKJt A CO.. Auctioneers HANDSOME BUILDING I.OTS OS M STKHKr NORTH. RBTWKKN FOURTH AND K1KTH STREETS W*ST. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. April nth. s o'clock. on the premises, we "hall sell original Lit No. IS, in Sia?re No. 514. divided into three h?r,4 fom?- Buildine Lots, irontiny edch it1-, fee* en H slriet nf.rth, between 4th and tth streets we<?: ai>o 1 uncing k to a 3" foot alley. Th?ee Lots are locate t in a healthy au1 reryd* sirable part of the city. f.r a privat?/e*idcn?-, aai tX'Uiniand a beautiful view of the whol* City AI*o. at sam*? tim.e a finall and le-ir*b!? Lot oa north N etre?*t, near th* corner ofttb.b -Iug p*'t of Lot 2, in S'juar*- 512. Terras: one- third cash, th* l>a1?B'? in "i^.tweir#, aud eighteen months witl? iaterest, and eecurad bj a teed cf trnst Conveyances at coat of tfce purchaser. Titles m feet. ap 9 d J. C. McGCIRK A CO . Au t 15 Y J C. McGUIRK A CO., Auctioneer* TWENTY TBRKB DBSIRABI.B RCILDIIG l.t)TS IN THE NORTUKRN ^AKT 01 THK SECOND WARD AT PUBLIC SALK On 8ATTTRDAY AFTBRN*(K>X. April loth, at 1s. o'clock.on the premi.-es. wp shail sell t-t the high est bidder, the whole of Square No. 3 7 and Squ?-? north of Square Nc. Jttl.aub divided into goot vised Building Lots, fronting teipectite y on Veronon', a\ enue and lltn street west betsrean S and T ?*.,-#?'* no!th. and Vermont areuue and lith itreet w#-t. between R and S streets north -Verniout a^enu-* has been paved on the west side ti the Boundary of the City , aad is destined to b# one of the finest streets in that section of tie Oit? Terms; one third cash, the balance in sis ? .1 twelve montts witli Interatl. aaenre l b> a de?d<?f truston trie premises. Conveyance* a. tba coil >tf th" purcbaft r. e^-piotnof the property may ba obtained at t'?? Auction Room*. ap 9 d J C. MOGUIRB 4. CO , A ic *. H Y WM. L WALL A OO , Auctioneer!. S. W. corner l*a. av. a id 9 U ?' GRCCKRIKS, LIQUORS. OTGAR3, ANDT1BAC CU AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY MORNING, the l?th instant. ? 1' o'clock, we will sell a', the Auction Booms? Barrel* *h;tean i Yellow Sugar, Cht st? Tea. boxes Spetni and A Jawantit e Caadl i* Barreis C?'fi e and boxes do.. Bucket*. Tubs, aad T;a>?. Botes Brown, Ytl'ow, ?nd Ca-ti'e Soap Barkcts of Tinware, Boxes Ginger ?nd Cinnamon. Cafce* Wbisk*y, d-inijohns llrardy ?cd Whi*k?> . 20ocas'-sOtard. Dupuy.and S1. O. P. Braady, and Claret Older Box*-" HavanaTid.accn ardCiirar*. Octave* ard quarters Brardy, ca*es Jamaica R'tn Gibson'* XXX, Old Bourbon, and other brand* Barrels Whifker, vgrif us brandr, l'iidershi tsan.1 t\'oibii>st. A quantity of Small Stores aiiarutler'a Good*. ALSO P'atform Sca'es; Sut*r Mill; a BwauV BodaFoot tain, couip'.etc, cost ?1W>, std only beeu g^ed > month; l>oie? Boots. Shoes, and Staaw Hat<, Ac. ap9-2t WM. U WALL A CO., Ac-ts. R Y J C. MoGUlKK A CO.. Auctioneers. FURNITURE AND I'EKSONAL E^'FKCTS OV 5Fi-romsY *>*>?*?**? On WEPNKSDAY MOltvlNn. April Isth. ,t TP 0 idock. at the ro-m* of bia Excellency Bnrolph ^clileiien, Mia:s?er cf th<- Han-e?'ic R*nnbl ca corner Sixth and L> street* we shall se'l al: h s Houi-ehi ld 1'nrniture and Kff'ctscomprisinj - Kic?*llent Jlonkca*?s. Deik Tab!< s. Etseeres. Sof'g. Arm anl Ka*y Ciiai-s. Carpet.", Curtain*. Gas PiJtbres, Stat i?-tte?, Brone?-s, lincStutiyani rari^r Larnv*. Clocks, Vvk Ac. Gilt and richly decorated Diuu-r, Tea and C^.T e Srrricei from the R<) h1 Manufactory at Berlin, E'efrsni Des?i rt Service of Bohemian gilt glass. eigbtv five piecea, Crystal Cut Glass Dccanter*. Gob'et?. Wines, Tu to birrs o? various patterns A bout 7?t> bottles Teiy cL( ic?* Old Winel.eojupr. pMig pritripsUy? Chateau Leaviile and Cbatemu Latour. 1**^, Chateau 1 atitte lHt~. Clisrubertin Bergundp. Ilaut Santerr.e. Rud??h?-I ffirr, Hockheimer. Schsrlackberper, Marcobr<<ner, Old Ea*t India Golden Sherry, MuM-atrl. Frotignac. Ponta?s. Cf>nstantla from the Csj?- of Qf od (lore Together with many other articUs not n?cesaarr to enamcrafe. Terms ca* h. BP Catalogue of Wines issued previous to *kla tp ?>-d J. C. McGUlR* tc 00.. Auc-g, jgY THOMAS DOW LING. Aust'r; Georgetown SPLENDID PROPBRTyTn GEORGETOWN POR SALE Ry authority ofdecreee of the Circuit and So preui* Courts of the Distri"t of Columbia, putfrd in a cause. No. 1.6t> 011 the E-ioity Docket of e\ d C'-urt?, 1 shall tell to- the bi^rest bidder, on th,* 2>".th day of April in*tant, at 4 o'clock in the a'ter noon, in front of the premises, the follow^n; Lot*, numbered 18. l?>. *1, 21. 22,ai.d 24. an-'. auo*h-r lot lyi'g noith of aud adjoining the same. *11 ia (; orj,'etf;wn, at the northweat intersection ffff st aod C< rgres* streets, with the dwelling hou** a-iJ other liuildicgs thereon The property bus been divided s t as to f ire '? tie dwelling-house ?7 feet front on West street, W'th adep'h on Congress street <*f about 126 feet The other* lots, on ^est *tr*. l. five in number. 1 'tve a front of .??' feet and ti] t.i 125 fei-t in d<-pfh Au alley of *eren fe"t extends in the rear of th" whole frons west to east. giving px.ress to the whole from Congress st. Tbe lot fronting on Congres* ftr< et h?a b??n ditide 1 into two lot*, ea^h fronting feet on Coc^res* s*r?ot. with au sl'ey of five feet between thev>. The dwelling-bonne contains soti.e ten or twelve rooms, two parlors in front, dining room, drawing roam, kitchen. Ac. The whole prop> rtr is eligibly and beautifully situated, just ascenli ^ the heighta, in one of the best neighborhoods, wit'iin a few min.ites' walk of the "ailroad ('arc. over a good pavement. It i* wjdcni such buiBling lots ^s the vacan' groui,d afl'oidsare o Re red for rale Ter.-ns of sale, a- pr^vcribed by the decree*, are Cne fi urth of the purchase ni^ney in ca^h, and the residue at six. twelve, aud oigHteen months, for whic h the purchaser's bonds will be taken, bjarin^ ii.ieiest ftoin the day of sale, aid a retained lieu 01; the prop rty sold. If ti e terms aro not complied with within three days, the property be rc f old. at the ris': an J cost of the defaultcr^on one we?Fs notice in t:i ? N^tioial Iutetlig? ncer. |?os*e?>.ion on the is' of May rieit. Theco^t oT co'ixeyancme-. certificates, bonds stamps A c., to be borne by thj purchaser. E C GANTf, Trua'e*. apfl.tawAds TH-'*?. D>H'LiNG, Au-rt. IjMHt SAI-E?A new.? horse power Upright Tn bular BOILER; one Pi-horse power se:on l band Upright Tubular ROM.Ell. Also one horse power Horizontal Tubular BOILER; also, one 110 and one 15-horse power locomotive styl Tubular BOILEBS. Also, second hand horizon tal. single and double. Return Flue ROILEH-s. sin a from B to horse power. Also, diffarert sizes Upright and Horicontal ENGINES from 31 jyi horse-power. All guaranteed to be in gool order. Enquire, eith"r by mail or in person, to THOMAS C. BA8SHER& CO.. No. 26 Light at Baltimore, Md. ap8-KH* SALB OF OOSDBMNBD WAGONS, CARTS BUGQIBg. ABD WHBBL8. Olllf QCAKTBUtAB?B'8 OPPICI, J Dim or WasHXHOTOg. > WA8HI?oto*,-D. 0., March 31. Ml.\ Will he Bold, it Fmhlio Auction, at the aonth end of Twentieth atreet, near tk?6oriramii| Oon ala in tba Oity of Wuhiiwtoa, D. 0., on MONDAY, A piU Uth, MM, a* U o'clock a.m., a lot of _ G< Ternment Boar horie. Two horse. Spring, Metallic, and Hay Wagona. Carta, Boggiea, Wagon oheeU, Hagon Beds, together with u number or article* per at ning to wagoa transportation, the lama having been condemned aa unit for fuhUc MfiTeceftsfaI blddera wiU he required to remote the articled within tire (*) daya from ike day of sal*. Terms; Cash in GoTornmant fund*. 1 W D H BUCKBB, Brig. Gen. and Chief Quartermaetor, mh SI-10t Depot of Waahlugton PICTURE CORD ann TASSELS. Ac. The largest and handsomest assortment of Pic ? re Cora and Taasela, Binge, Nails, Ac., in the tare . ? . .. . . District Just received at No. 48B Tth atreet VTfraiteAi 1. MABKBITER'8. .eight doors ahoy eight doorsahora Odd BeUosw' jhjk

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