Newspaper of Evening Star, April 9, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 9, 1864 Page 3
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? LOCAL NEWS. AM'TfEUJCNT8 TO-NIQHT. Fonne Theatek.?This is on* of Mr. For < S eights, but the vaccum will be some wf st agreeably Ailed np by the ptrlormauce $; ,Y" c **. Wiles' new American play, "Senor * *?- a!p? ? P?R> which proved an unequivo cal tn.cfss at its first representation. The ac^nes of the play are intimately connected wjtn ta- Mexican war, ORo> *h'p Tjikatek ?Von Weber's mnch admired five-act opera, "Dei Freischntz," will be pi r t 'CJfd by the grand opera company to night. tr.d fcr positively the last tithe. It em bisce- (very prominent member of the com pan* in the enst, audi hat is saying all that is efcet-sMy, tor the mrsical world of Washine b7 this tim? 1,1,11 splendid o] era will therefore be performed in a raauder se.dim e quailed?ecrlainly never excelled. Cam ebhi-ry.?Another of those really en tei tau.iDg performances for which the Canter bury vcmpany has ever been famous will be fi\en to-night apain. The pantomime, ?'The lou e that Jack Built," is very amusing, ahd ] ,Je*' re well worth seeing. Songs, dances, l-allt' b and Ethiopian eccentricities are also in tbe bills. "V * R'etiks?It should not be forgotten that .??? it at new sensation play<?-The Female Pick pocket of Washington," will be speedily with, drawn lrcm tbe boards of the Varieties music hail, and therefore all who would see it shonld tiun> np. The troupe of siagers and dancers a?e also good. Me?kcpolitaw Hall?Accomplished vo calist .graceful darners and amusing Ethio pians fill up a splendid bill of eutertainment iiiKb'.y ai this place of amusement, which has be< cm- a very popular resort. A sood bill is anroniiced tor to-night. Ciwrp.?It is aot probable that the circus will n main here after to night. Tbe last per formance will, however, be well worth attend ing; ar d no one who would laugh should fail to see Kennedy, wbo is one of the best clowns travel;rg. The equestrian performers are also ft?.od. M beting ov tub Republican associa tion?lhe Republican Association held its weekly meeting last night at the Union League Kootiii, on Ninth street. The meeting was called to order by Mr. A. C. Richards, first rice president. A.:?-r reading the minutes, the Association proceeded to elect members who had been pro posed at a previous meeting. Messrs. ? M. l'owell, Thomas C.CennoIly, and A. <1. Alden were unanimously elected. When the name of Charles W. Kimball was culled, Dr. Boyd desired to know who vouched for h m; for if it was the Kimball on the Island, who nad heretofore been so active in slave ratching. he certainly objected to him. He/Dr l.oyd 1 desired to know if it was Kimball the county constable, who had been so active in hunting down fn^itives. His election was postponed till next week. h 2i ,?9ley was t6e "P*1 name mentioned, and Mr. Hilton wa* opposed to his election nt tbi- time to membership, unless he was prop* *rly vouched for. Mr. Ciepbane said there was a Dudley who prcmireutlj connected with the mobbing of the old Wigwam, ard he would like to know if this was the man. TLij nomination also laid over. 1 be t_ hair stated that nominations tor new immtxrs were in order, and the rules were i n sj?er ded in order that such as were proposed j mi?, t be at once elected and participate in the 1 m?e'ing. Mr. I?. Crnmbatker and Mr. A. Tyler were 1 clevtt d. i The name of Mr. Ma'hew -Nomers w:,.s pro- ' po*ed. ar.d he stated ibat he w*< a discharged ' *=olou r, and he belies eii he could claim the title i of b. ;ng the oldee: naturalized Republican in j tbe T'nion. He bad always been ?u abolition- ' ist [Applause.! Mr timers was unanimouslv elected The Chair reported that the committee ap. i yo.j. ? d for that purpose had flx^d upon Friday i *l?r tg next as tf.e t:m. for the election of del- ! e*at- s to tbe Baltimore Convention. Tite report j was adopted, and that e\ening was fixed for 1 the el? etion. j Mr. F Ivans desired to know if it wa* under- ' ?'ot d -.ha', publication of a week's notice was to ! made of the meeting. The Chair thought it was so understood. Mr. J. W.Det ble,of Georgetown, moved that i.o ice t-e published in each paper except tbe ' I hr,.yt >/? cne time, and that the notice be pub lish? d in tbe latter paper daily. Mr S Kelley thought that snbject should be W o the discretion of the Executive Com- ' xii iit? e. Mr Coc<mbs said he thought on** notice inline- I diK-f iv and another just before the next meeting woclti be si ffiuient. [Mr. llichards here vacated the chair, and Mr Cor mbs, the regular President, to-.-k it.J Mr. Watson (cl-rk, P.O.Department) said he ?av no CAronicl' reporter at this meeting, and nj>-ih-? star bad a reporter here, if there wasauy pirierence as to the advertising given,it should ?e gi\en to that paper. He believed in remu *eia:ing those papers that favored the asso- j Mr. iK-eble did r.ot think that because tbe ; cLose to publish these proceedings as a j w t er of news, it shonld th-refore be rema- ! JtCTUU d. Mr. Clefhane moved that the publication be $nade three times in each paper. Dr. Boyd did not think it was necessary to ! Srvase the elbows of any special pap>?r. The ! tar did not claim to be anybody's paper par- ' ttcnlariy. Mr. Kelley said the Chronicle had f'ii>d fo j jvporc the proceedings of the association. The ' 4<ar hf.d done so and had faithfully published ! jJl proceedings. I* was finally resolved to publish notice of ' He rr.eetiug three time? in each paper. Mr. Clephane here stated that it wa^ ex- j v*cted that Mr. D. K UoofUoe would address i tl|e meeting tu-nigbt. but as there were but tew yfetent, it was sn?g^sted that the delivery ot the address be postponed. M- Beeson would like to have the address J ns?yh w. because it would prob.ibl> throw out : M?e view^ which would be b?'neficial to '.be ii? at elation. A?; -be lecture was to be dispensed with, Mr. Watren offered the'olio wing resolution, which be bcpect would elieit a discussion an l im ltf diite action: Jitsr h rd, That the R^publiean Association of Washington invito all members ana other uu- j conditional loyalists to appear at its weekly i to??tli g-? and give t-*?timony orally and in j writ rg agaimt s. cessionist? in offic, and that \ all the papers of tbu? city he Invited to publish ??ch testimony, that if jtosjibSe, these disloyal I persons may be removed. Mr Watson ur^ed the pnssa^ ? ot the re?oIu- i t on, Jir he believed something should be at j <>nce done in the matter. There were main* holding office who were positively dHloyfl * iu Maryland an election :?ad recently bs-en be!d, and the neighboring con my, which j lapped on to tbe District, had Ri ven a disloyal ; vote, ai d he believed a majority of 'he people i uf the District of Colnmbia were to-day dis- \ loyal lbeadoptk%of his resolution, he be Jieved, would tend to weed out the disloyal lie w anted the association to be more radical j than i: had ever t?-cn. Then' were men in vffli" wbo actually spit upon this Ooveru jr-'n'. Mr Hillon moved to refer the resolution to tln'txrcutive conunntee lor tht-ir action, and disposition w as mare of it. Tbe As 'fociatiou thjn j>roceed?*d to the eiee- j tion of officers for the enduing yt-ar. aari th.* l?>llcwi?g were eieced. after much ballotting, : no one seetuinz particular! v desirous of held ing any office: Pr<-siden*, ' .1. < 'jombs, (pres ent incumbent;) Is' Vice Hr- >tdent, A. C. Rich- i rrds, (present iaenmbent;) 2d Vice President, John P. Hilton, fvfee (larrett deceased:) Sec retary, D. Crumbat ker, (vice L. Clephane de clined;) Assistant Secretary, Th >s. Connolly: "Treasurer, Qeorg'- H Plant Association then adjourned. A Correction.?Wa^hisotos, i>. C. April f?, ? T? M' Editor of th Evinimi St>ip?Df\T : Do me the favor to insert the following oorrectton: 1 deem it but ju?tic? to correct th?? stat- m mt made by tbe Hon. Mr. Morns, ot Ohio, iu the lit u-e cf Representatives, on the 7th instant, relating to the sieam Are engine Hiberui*. The crgme, hese, ho -e~, and other apparatus are a pratuitons offering from the city ot Philadel phia. and owned by the Hibernia Fire Engine Company No. I, of that city, by whom the apparatus was loaned the United States Gov ernment, for the protection ot its property at Fortress Monroe whil> that point was threat *>ntd by tbe rebel gunboat Mernmac, aud also in this city since Septsmber 15, l^W, where the < iti/ens have alike shared its benefit. Verv respectfully, your obedient servant, Jamk? M. Cim.oan. Chief Director Hibernia. Qr.and I.abob*v.?Dennis Jlart was ar reted by Officer C. L. Oreer for stealing sixty grt-in bags belonging to tbe Government. On the way to the Third W.-ird Station Hart pro posed to the officer to throw the bundle of bass over a fence, and offered the officer S^O to be released. Tbe officer could not see it, and car* rled tbe case before Justice Thompson as soon na possible, at d Hart was sent to jail for court. The bass are supposed to have been stolen ircm Monument Square. Attempted Bcrolabv.?Night before last the residence of Mr. Alfred Bughmans, Score tary to the Belgian Lejratioh, on H street, be* tween Itth and 18th, was entered about two o'clock in the mornin r, by ft burglar, who el Acted an entrance by catting oat the slats ot a "window shutter in the back part of the house and rsi'ing the sash. He had hardly got into o?e of the rooms, however, before one of the inmates, wbo was reading, heard him, and, eelsiag a revolver, made after him, when he wtsttij decamped. Fftxcs o? Oas.?it la understood thV. tha (.'OZLODit'f^ CD the I'UtTkCt el tHe Hoes* of &* preaer.?atlv*F haTPdecided apainit granting the prajer of theOas Light Company for authority to increaH> tbe pric* of fasten per cent., be cause, as is alleged, of the increase of nearly one hundred per cent. In the coetof labor, coal, Iron, tile, and every article used in the manu facture ol gas since the present rates weie fixed by Congress come two years ago. So the net price of gas in Washington remains as hereto fore, viz: ?2.32 to the Government and ?- 70 to ail other consumers, being an average of about twenty per cent, lot than belore the war, whilst every other fiitUle, Irom the cradle to the coffin* has advanced abont eighty per eept We. as large ct nsumtrs of gas. are of course rejoiced that lid ht can Still be had here for much le*6 than it < onld three years since; but the fact will doubtless be less satisfactory to the stock holders in the company, for its dividends must continue to ba " like angel's visila?few and far baiwten." I-akoest of Clothiso ? On Thursday mom u p, Caroline Wedce, a colored woman, employed in the house of Emma Harris, on E at ?et, bet ween Twelfth aud Thirteenth, as a servant and bar-keeper, was sent to market With Ave dollars; and (it the same time took off a lot of i lotliing, valued at thirty dollars,' and she forgot to return. She was tracked *o the Navy Yard, where officer Harbin arrested her. The case was heard yesterday by Justice Uull, who ccinmiitetl her to jail. Dkranobd.?This rrorntn-, officer Howard of the Fourth Ward, arrrested a soldier whose conduct in the street indicated total derange roent. He was taken to<he station house, rnd wa* transferred to tbe raili'ary authorises at the Central Guardhouse to be identified and properly disposed. SPECIAL NOT IC KS. Fomkthino new and beautiful at No. 4 3? Penn sylvania avenue, near 4!* street, at tbe Dol'sr Jew elry Store. It* ThR Feet.?Eeauty of carriage I" mostly depen dent upon a Judicious preservation of theiYet: it id impossible to move in a graceful manner if the {treat support of the ?whale frame be in a disor dered condition, and nothing imp -den so much a? Corns. Bunions. Ingrow ing Nails, or other disor ders to which the feet are liable. To all afflicted ?we would recommend an early call at Dr. Whit*-'* .office No. 424 Pennsylvania avenue. between 4^ and 6th streets. npj-tf BkPWjt'8 Brokchial Trochk<$, These Lozenges are prepared from s highly esteemed recipe for alleviating Bronchial Affec tions. Asthma, Hoarseness, Coughs; Colds, au'l Irritation or Soreness of the Throat. Pvblir tptakrr.i rtnd Vocalists Vr'ill find them beneficial in clearing the voice before speaking or singing. and relieving the throat after auv unusual exertion of the vocal organs, 1 svfng a peculiar adaptation to affections which it'ttui h the orgaus of speech. mil 29-d&wtf Ill-ADH THtT RhBKT. ? against the rules of Taste or Beaut* . in theircolor or in the loss of ail their color, may be changed in a few moments to any Beautiful Shad', by a single application of Cristaooro'3 Hair Dtx. The rapidity of its operation, perfect safety, per manent healthful effect, and the exceeding depth and jichness of the hues it imparts, distinguish this preparation from all other Dyes in use in this country or in Europe. CkIBTaOORo'S Haih Phvsbrvativm, a valuable adjunct to tbe Dye, in dressing and pro moting the growth and perfect health of the liair, ami of itself, v lien used alone?a safeguard that protects the libers from decay under all circum tanees and umler all climes. Manufactured by J. Cristadoro, No. 6 A?tor, New- York. Sold by all Druggists. Applied by all Hair Dress ers. mh 31-d&weolm Nf.*v(?cs Dkrilitv, SaviaiL Wiakskbs, etc.. <anBe Curat by one who has really eared himself and hundreds of others, and will tell you nothing but the truth. Address, witn stamp XnwARn II. Travkr mar KD& Lock Box, Boston, M\as. E. J. WlI.KIJi.S, Esq., has been appointed Aijent <>f the (ireat Pennsylvania route, vice K. O. Nor ton. to take effect on the 2hth of March. Mr. Wil kins has been connected with the Office, at the corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, during the past two yearn, and is thoroughly con verrart with the business of th,- route In all its departments. All applications for information, tickets. Ac., must be addressed to K.J. Wilkin*, Agent Great Pennsylvania Route, Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue. Kn. 8. Young, Passenger Agent, sp 5 (ireat Pennsylvania Route. Colgate's lJo>*; r Soap. This celebrated Toilet Soap, in such universal d-i.mnd, is made from the choicest materials, is mil"! and emollient in its nature, fragrantly sccut- I ed. ?xd extremely beneGc.ial in its action upon the | skin. For sale by all Druggists and Fancy UodiIh ' Dealt rs. Ja25-eoly 8RCRBT DUKAKIS, Samaritan') Uijt is the most eertaln, Mfs and eflectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetable rem i edy ever discovered. Cures in two to four days, and recent cases in twenty-four hours No mineral, i no balsam, no mercury. Only ten pills to be taken. It is the soldier's hope, and a friend to those who do not want to be exposed. Male packages, $2; female, $3. Samarttnn's Root nn<l H'rh Juictr?k. positive ani Sermanent cuie for S;. philis.Scrofiila.L leers.Sores t pot? Tetters. A c. Price If I. or six bottles for S"h. Bold by H. O. Ford. See advertisement. nt VIED On the Mh instant, itt 6 o'clock p. in.. JAMBS (> l>A\. ?g< d 18years. May he rei,t in peace. Amen. The friends of the deceased are invited to attend tbe funtrsl Sunday. 1< th, sto'clock. from the corner of K and First streets. On the morning of th? 9th of April. Mr. (!KO. !!. 1] ARLESTON . 'ale clerk in the Treasury l>'M?art went, aged !6 ysarn. His friends and to qii'iint.ince*. S> na*,>r- and Menil* rs of tin-State of Miciiuran. ami clerks of t' e-Tr< asory and Post Ofiic" Dep trtuients. are r< speetfuily invited t<? attend his funeral, from th ? residence of M,s. l?avis, tiTl* Sev- nth -l,e?'t^ be Iwrni I. and M, on Sunday, at '?> p. iu. (New YorU j llerald and Monroe, Mich., papers please copy) ' j .On tbe pth in?t-nt. at i'i oVIo -k a. m...after i M lingering illness of consumption. JAME^ A. BREAST, aged W jcaTS aud ft mon he. I The friends and Hcqnaint iner i ? invited to at lend liis funi-val on to morrow (. im 'ay)afternoon ' ??< i o'clock ,6-' j his, on Seventh strc t. ? bet u i eri M arid N. In this city, on the 4th instant. EMMA E. only child of William *1. and Mary E. Kemp. ai;e.i ] y? *rs. 4 uioiitl.s nnd 1 i!ai?. Emma, dear, our dnrling. only. Thou hast left us here below: An I our h'-arts are sad and lonely ? VV I n will stiothe our sorrow now? * | Rjiltimore American and Sun pleas1 copy | On tbe Stli instant, of typhoid pneumon ia, RO | SEATTA T1KVRBKRT. iuthe71tli year of her a-e. | The brightness of earth can ne'er woo my heart Nor from this bosom ^ritf S lesterin/ dart, For mother, dear mother, lies pal- with t C dea l, The Uowerets breathing perfume o'er her hea 1 Denth roii?- on that storm, pneomonia in hand. And my<tear mother trom the beautiful land; I Tb<> sunshine can no more en wreath her cray hair, j Those black ey.-s are closed?death's beal it is there. 1*1 T. 11. Noticv ?The friends and acquaintances of JanosR Corner arerespectfnll v inTited to att nd the funeral of his child, on gnnday afternoon, at 'J'u o'clock, from the residence of the parents, on h street south, between 4tl> and 5th sts. ACOOD FAMILY CARRIAC.K UORS? FOR rALE.?Perfectly sound and gentle. To lie sold without any fault, the owner 1 ?s po further use for it. Aiutlv to TllOS. PARK ER or at Messrs. j^fclleher At Pyw, i sU'ihle,a.h street, bet. D and E ?ts. ap 7no.'St TH E F R I E N D 0 F WO MAN ' There shall no evil befall thee , Neither ~hal! any plague come nigh tbylwelling MADAME BOYlN'fl FEMALE ALTERATIVE PIELS? A certain remedy in correcting all irregularities Ail I removing obstructions, whether from ooM or otherwise. These Pills should never be taken i-i pregnancy, a< they would be sure to cause miscar riage. Prepared at l"? Rue Vanalar-1. Paris. France. Can only be obtained at 17?) south R street, be tween ?th aud 10th sts., Island. ap .1-eoSt* 486 WINDOW SHADES. 48S Now opening, sprinystock Hilt Band Windo# Shaded Shade Cord. Tassels and Fixtures. Hbat'es of any required style or size made to or der. Terms caflb. J. MARKItlTKK. No. 7th street, eight doors atove ^p 2-luiif* Odd Fellows' Hall. TNITKD STATES SERVICK MAHAZINK - APRIL 1HH4. 5> Cents. Contents .-?What tin Nnvy has done during the Var; OunCotton; Eariy French^'orts and ?oot I BCItOOi; ?*OI???I napin ? ? .. Called Great in History; Where General Sherman Went, and What lie Did: Faith Militant (poetry ); Literary Intelligence: Editor's Special Depart ment; The Army; Regular Navy; Volunteer Navy. aP7 FRANCK TAYf.OR. TllOS. H. DONOil CB A. CO.,, PI UAiliKRS AND OAS FITTERS. No. Bxidgb Stbekt, Okorghtows. A ll ordfrs for Gas Fitting, Alterations and Rt tensions wiii receive prompt and faithful atteu tioo. Plumbing in all its branches executed in tbe best manner. Water introduced and Hydrant* put up at *hort notice. mh 22-lm* B"0"' .HOE.... , BRI0KS" ITM u^mlwM kavefloojte balidiag Brieks for ""IT? HS22&. DFAFNKM, CATARRH, and dlse aaw of the EAR, THROAT, AND AIR PASSAiiES. Da. LIGIITHILL, from 34 St. Mark Places New Tor*. Author of i4A Foonlar Treatise on Deafueaa," ?? Iiettf fs on Catarrh," will malre h<s second yieit to WASHINGTON, MONDAY, Apbil 11th, aud can be consulted at the Ebbitt Hou*? for C*B WilK until Saturday evening, April 16tfeu on DEAFNESS, CATARRH, end all the various disea^s of the EAK, THROAT. AND AIR PASSAGES. From the Rev. Fred. S. Jewell, Prefessor ?f State Nerval Schoel, Albany, N. Y. This may certify that I have been, since 1S44, subject to % iolent periodical attacks of catarrh, marked by a highly inilamed condition of the lining membranes of the cavities of the head, producing a most distressing species of head ache lor days at a time, wholly incapacitating me from business, and daring the paroxysms confining me to the bed. In some instances the inflammation has extended to the teeth, occa sioning toothache ; to the threat, producing hoarsf neas and partial loss of voice ; and and twice it has so affected (he left eye as to con flDe me for a month or more to a darkened room. These attacks have been accompanied by strong febrile symptoms; by stoppage of the head, and, in the first stages, by watery discharges from the nose, subsequently becoming acrid and yellow, and towards the close of the attack becoming bloody and purulent. 1 have tried medicines of almost every kind: external ap plications to the head, such as camphor, gin ger, hot bandages, and fomentations of hot vinegar; .-nnffs of some half a dozen kinds, and othet catarrhal preparations, together with in ternal remedies, such a<< alteratives, cathartics and emetics. Theso have produced no change in the occurrence or character of the disease, and, In most cases, with little or no temporary relief. I had come, at length, to believe the disease to be practically beyond either cure or material alleviation. Under theae circumstances I was led tome five months ago, to make a trial of Dr. Light hill's treatment. His method at once approved itself to my judgment, a-s simple, philosophi cal, and likely to be effective. Notwithstand ing the disadvantages under which ho labored, in dealing M^ith a disease of such long stand ing, aggravated by nervous debility and dys pepsin, and constantly induced by the acci dent of my professional labor, 1 found the treatment reaching the disease as it had never been reached before, and producing such a modification and alleviation of its character, as I had supposed imoo^sioie. I chronicle the results thus. Although I have been situated several times, so that 1 should formerly have believed a severe attick of my catarrh inevita ble, I have escaped thus far; the symptoms of threatened attack have been very light, and have yielded to the remedies employed by Dr. Liglitbill, without need of recourse to the old hot fermentations, or emetics; and the dischar ges from the head have resumed ?the original snd natural condition. I connt npon a com plete cure. That I have been abl??, however, tu obtain so material a relief is to me a cause of erntitnde. In that alone, 1 am repaid for whatever the treatment may have cost me. 1 make this statement unsolicited, as a means of acknowledging mv obligation* to Dr. Light hill's method of treating catarrh, and with a view to aid any who may have suflered from that disease, in forming a just opinion of its merits, and its probable utility in their own ease. Fj:ki?k. S. .iKWKLt, Prof. State Normal School. Albnny, N. Y., March 11, 1361. Catarrh Cored. From /? r. /?. /*. liussell, Lynn, Most. 1 have been much troubled with Catarrh of the worst type for come twenty years. It gradually grew worse, producing cough and iionrsenes1-. destroying the sense of smell, aud breaking down my general health to such a degree as to compel me to resign my pastorate, and suspend public speaking. I made diligert rse of the useful remedies such as snuffs of different kinds, nitrate ot silver, tar water, olive tar, and inhalations,, but without anv salutary effects. I.ast sum mer I heard of Dr. LightbiU's snccessfnl mode ot treating catarrh, visited him, aud pnr my self under his treatment. 1 began iramodiite ly to Improve, and this improvement has gone on to the present time. My catarrh ha^ gradu Hlly melted away, my cough lias disappeared, my voice has be,ome natural, and 1 am once more able to preach the blessed Oo^pel. Let me advise all troubled with catarrhal dtrtlcil ties to apply to Dr. Lighthill. P. R. Rl'sbrll, Lynn. Mass., Feb. 1, ISfi'J. mh fil-eo-'Jw BALLS..FABTIHS, &C. L-ICIISS (I It a n d bai. ^ OS TIIK 1. T r. M 1 r.BArSl-r., E street. between 9th and It th *treei *, i>n MONDAY. May 2d. 1364. VOCNG III HERXI A CLCB Will be belt) nt 21 temperance hai.l. ia Ticket* ONK DOLLAR, admitting h gontlemin aud ladi?*s. ('<rnim>tttt of ArmR"em?n.>. John Myern, Martin Orahan. James Husli, Michael Parrel, John Lightelle, RP AMar- ?t ; piGHTII GRAND ASSEMBLY AMERICAN HOOK A N?* ADDER CO . No. *i. \ AT ' (>1)H ?EI.LOWSf HA LI. A Navy YnrJ ) THURSDAY NIGHT. April it. I'ot. 1 The committer will use their upmost .-ndeavora J to uiMk- tbi* a pleasant time fur all ? ho may lnvor u? with their patronage. , , , , .. A generiil invitationio oxtooueu to al. tbe iaiie&, J as no specials will be served Ticket*. admitting a gentleman and ladie?, nlty N" postponement wn account of the w.atlier. COMMITTKB. J W. Cross. .Tames Anderson. A n. Vermillion. Thomas Johnson. George K. Hoppcll. _ Dancing to commence at 8 d clock. sp 1 '* y K C O N D (I K A N D BALL ^ or T1IR INDEPENDENT SOCIAL CU B To be given at the TEMHEHANl E HALL. E street, between Oth and 10th streets,on nfCRSDAY EVENING. April lUh The members of the Club return their sincere tl.anks to their friende and the public for pint fa vors, and respectfully solicit their patronage at our Second 11 rand Ball, and we promise thi^c that . will favor us with their presence an evening of p'ensure. ! Tii# celebrated Holy Hill Baud'has been engaged | for the occasion. Tiek?tf One Dollar, admitting a gentleman and ? ladies. By order of Committee. ap7.7t? f E. CliARK, Sec'y. [ Sl PERSONA L. A LADY WISHES TO M\KE the acquaintance of a gentleman with a view to matrimony, IJe must be gentlemanly in appearance, intelligent and indnstrions. Tbe best of reference given and required. Address, with real -name, 'nnn"'V Wanhingtoa City. ap^ eoa_ A GENTLEMAN A HOC T PT ARTINC. Business in this city is desirous of fo'ming the acquaint ance of a young lady of sorue means that w.ll him a small mm with a view to matrimony Aa dr- ss " Geo. II. St. phens. ' Washington, U. t>. ap9-2t2 Okllk It K\V A ltD? Information wanted of KICH OLAS ROACH. He has been mining Sin; e the 2d of October la?t. The last seen of him ne wa- driving team for the Goynrnuient in the rait roHi? park He wus out with his tcani md his team was tonnd on that night ifi l'Jth street Park and he lia-potbetn heard of since. He 1? >ears of a^e, fi feet 4 inches high, fair complexion, light hair; he was a resident of Brooklyn, New Vork Anv rerson giving any information of lain,ilea i or alive, will receive tbe above rewjird by apply ini. to "his brother, JAMES ltOACH at Mr. /ohu Moure V ptore, corner of II and A "PERSON about to resign his situation, will trent with any one desiring the A>t dreKS, in hand-writing, A. B. CAIlLTON. Star or General Po*t Office. *P BOARDING. BOABD ?8i* or seven gentlemen can be accom modated with board and lodging, on reason able terme, at No. 134 ild street, between Hand L. near Penn. avenue. apo-iw ?mVK OR SIX GKNTL1MEN CAN BE AC r commodated with table board,at per wee?f. on 7thstreet, between E and F streets. Island, Wo. 037 . Also, one furnished room to let. ap HOARDINCI.- Pleasant roeps aad flrst-claas O board, at 1M G street, between 'JWb and Jlst. Terms 880 month. ap i-iw T nr. UNITHD STATES ASSJKSSOR'S OF#ICL 18 REMOVED TO 469 SEVENTH STREET, P. M. PI ARSON. Asacwor f"r D. C. yf i March SI, USA, *# I* WANTS. ANjFp?Xf No. 37* E str?et b"*we*nHth ;_V ??<? a good WAIT K a. \ ap9-lV* YV ANTED? A Sr?t-rat? Main COflK ti^ . Air WASHER andTjT()NKH ? nirA^ii4 ?i??.Tt- t'ttwwa 13th and Uth bIb. WAJ!Tv>:D-7A WOODWORK Kit on wagok Apply at 499 6th street. ?*>?*- - JACOB WILSON. W A,J fc.Md? to work on I>r.-?. IMhjitreVuf ^ Slreot' *?**???? Wh^and W NVK^ThV0h?^KAf,i,HTRKSS ??* ?"?!<" n't c--r oft- W r W VWlON1^ Hn<r>rC,KhI'> T?"n" ?,r! * SIT dressBox V. starOffice^a^berwork or ??r?. (Ad W \ wKV* ? \rrr^^r^^^ Mitchell11 ^ {,,rl tp w,",h dishe* at the I?a Y??,,w,<w' 13th and K oh * GEO H. MITCHELL. W A^V^rV^KTKR of e^^Tind ii* Address p o liar ??TO 8 . n.f W zoning paper, dr-nce ' io* 738' S?vm* names and resi \TAaftc?dV>.^!1 ? & I9 **" o^to h onf1 &t>if Xf?A ; ?D 1' i^4a8* ^ ^uiok at tiMres, ?e?tJtopns. PPl7 ^'it-*1' A SKSPti; no o Wt.on to go in the count?. C?Wi?tr?t ap iif W?n *'th RnJ 2,st fit^ets- f?r"wo d?: W J C?*k'*Carriace and U'a^i tlio marM iV Vgl' Sei? Georgetown, near wages airr n <$?m"?\*nd Wagon SMITH. Best ppV-.-tt* but * sood -sand neel a^P'r. 200 SSL? fi?SKrr??!?^f? ?k? ..???> <4.. , it vaipcmrrs ana food Ti?-s in ,UeT,>1;s- U' *el on{ R^lroa 1 Riddle A APP^to.P. R. HARING, at Htre' t snd \iari!mT 8 <,rocery Store, corner luth Hiret t ana Mar>lgu?l avt nne. ap 9-$t* W nm.'ilr), ?%??: ?nd ~1 iTTuatrio^ Ool?r? i w-D WOMAN. to rook; also. a Uoloreu Jloman for ? hoime ser?*?nt?hoth of ence? w'ill I? I1T'** tf, (riv" satisfactory refer i?Z ?V"*~.Vl>?"// comfortable home by apply tNojil5 BrhlBe St., (Georgetown, ap f-3t* \ ^ *;T. N TR 8 i.ff A \ T KD ?A pplybetw.en ttie p JonvUnv jnn4u!ind !? c,ock' to l)r " ? ' ? ?"H>STOX, 4(jit i th street. ap \\ AJT?D-Two white WOMEN. as~asi<istant fire ?fTh. v^v :rPf ^ /eqnired. Call at the of * ?f the New \ ork Hotel, Serrnth near 11^ ANTED.? \ UoPTKKR. Enquire at Fleni tiln A"* ^ iv'naJ stables, on C street, itc f7X?? 4>* Rud ?lb htr??t?- A white, in-in pre IPK.ti ap S-3f w ANTKD-A 9ALH8MAN in ? Dry a ?ioT*'~t""4 wc-U acquainted with the ba.-itr ?* Fvt?l'"i*?c??mended. Apnlr to tav L' cn" "'Johnson a s'ur? 1 Q>. ?*41 revi'iith rttre?-t. ap S:3t* WANTED-A person a< PARTN'Eit. with one *T. '"".has just rocesred aSutlerHhip, wuer?a eooa busiDefK can be ruade. He tnu?t h.tye from ??)('to capital. Addr, ? PARTNER. Even had 'ar 'c' where an interview can be 1 V?,N?" f1 *H~W)7ntWANTED, fi^n tbe ? ?? JHIi inst.. by a gentleman and his wife either in a private family, or where there are but few boarders, in a location convenient to the Tr.-ax nry Depart,net. t. Address A.J B.. Office Comp troller of tbe Currencv. Treasury Dep>irtm-nt ?l>,H-:st* f)()() "ORSES wanted. War Department. CAVii kr Rc.Ein.) Ojfireaf Chi'f 'fuarterniavt-r, \ W Ar.nrvr.Tos, I). C., April s. li?4. \ Out- hundred and fffty<?lso)dollars per h.-u, < will be paid for all CAVALttV IIORSK3 leliyerol within the next fifteen (15)days at the I'ovt i timent Stables, iriesborn, D. C. >sid horses to he sound in all particulars, not l> ss th8n tive (*> nor mor.- tlian nine (9) years old; rroni j j> , to 16 hands hi^h. full flesb-J. eonipvtly noilt. bridle wise, and of sire sufficient forcavalrv piirpOKC'H. Th x -'pt'ifti-ritiant will ftrutly arihtred tn tin / ri*i(lty ' tn i-tig porti'i/lnr. i'a>ment inadeon delivery of tend'ilan.l over. Honr< of in?pection from ?> a. in. to t> p. iu. JAMES A. EKIN, l.ient. (Jolouel and apS 15t Chief Quartermaster. Cavalry B:;r> au. VV ANTED?A (food RARBER. at C. WATS' >>TS Hair Cut tins1 and Datbinif Rooms, earner fith street and Louisiana avenue. ap 7-.'St* JVflir.INER WANTED.? One thoroughly ne i*l quaiiit?-d with triinminic straw bounet" anil [?Ht^ w ill tind iuuni-Iih.te employment at No. I'a. avenue. ap"-:{t* \\T ANTED? Eor a sin,11 family, a well I'l'R ? ? N I SHE I* 1I(?I>K. plt-ssantly sitoalrd for the tnuiiner. AJdn .-s WRIGHT, Box II Star 03ice a p7-lw* \Y ANTED?'Two cbaiuberinaidH (white); also, a *? kitchen maid, to serve a white man cook, in * private family. City j-eferenee reqtiired. Apply Lo Mr. REDFERN. Grocer, corner Pennsylvania tvctine and 19th_streot. ap '-.'If VV*ANTED.?A ROY to learn th* Printing bu-i ?? tie.-s, in one of the best establishments in the "ity. One with -.omis knowledge of the business required?none other lo-ed apply. Address M." Cox 44. Star offle.e. np 7 Jt OEHCE DEMIT COMMIS."Mfv (if SUBSIST ENCE. Waswi*otos, li <" . Aprils. ls;j V\ ANTED?ONE HLNDIIKD CO<?D BAKERS at the Government Bakery in this c' v. on (1 str.M't. '..-(ween Twenty fourth aud T?r-? ?% ;ii'th ?tre.-t^. Hp . st S.L . GREENK.< ptain C. S. V. \V \NTED7^r<T000 on DEED OK TKI ST ? ? NOT E8. -enured on fir Jt-class Prop, rly <*oi. ii fto bonus paid. Add recta for two \vee\ A K. SEPTIMI S. ap I 7t' Post Ofti >?e, \\ ashi:iaton. D. C. WEBVANTS~W \STED-A e^ok. chainberpi^.f. diniite-rooin -erv^nt and coaehman wantttd imMediately. Colored servants preferred. In competent persons need not apply. I.ilieral .vairei | ii. Applyat residence of Amos Kendall. Ken dall f i reen. ap tf rpO 1 ARMEl'S.?Three goo't farm HANI'S I wanted for tin "eason. Apply to the Governor of the Soldiers' Home, Washington, D. C. mar eotf C iWWI ViTns_1:<Vn K WANTED.?The u;id. r ?# .* Ft Ml Si sued w ; 1 i pay one dollar per IllO lfis. I'or sll g-r. cn- amp and hospital, deliverail ?t tlieir Factory, corner 27tn and ?t,. mh T7 lm SIORGANA RHINEII ART. nnn i.ADIKS wantrdTo"?*aLL AT >/U,UUU 1'It!NCR'S stamping Depot. 3M K nt reef, opposit' Patent Office, anil iret thei i Stamp ing. Stitcliing. IMnkingaud Enibroi lerv dene, ^s ft- re an- other Ri. bards in 1 he field, ladiew h. tt<-r look out that tli'*v eoine to Prince's, who is th i oi.iy practical hand in the city. Be sure you to E street, opposite Patent Office. nili I \\ ANTE'ir IMME 1)1 AThY-'iOO LAI?IES"to ?? Embroider on Muslin, Linen and Cambric. To good hand- constant work.and good wajes tfivi-n. Ladies Hin 'viug will pli a-o bring sample-i ot work. Applynt W.M PUINCK'3 Rtamping an 1 Machine Rtitehin? Depot, F stre< t, opposite Patent Office. fe |g \\ A NT X D - SECOND-HAND Kl UN i HIRE. *? Also. Mirrors. Carpets,-Beds, Bedding ?n i H'itiF<-furristiing t; or ds of ,rerv le-.-ri ption. R BITCH LY 4 ti** 7th str.'-t mh ?' tf b?*t. G and H. east ?5 le. LOST AND FOUND. KEWAKD WILL BE GIVEN TO TI1H *??.> finder of a black POCKET BOOK which w*s ji.jif br tween M.mss. avenue and Pa. avenue, mi tith or 7th st*.. containing between $i?j and $151; also, the letters M E.figuruAand a Sixth Corps Badge, by leaving it at Star Office, or grocery store t r.rner Mass. avenue a(id tith sts. apH .ft" Fn/GERALD A BltANAN. \\! As III NO TON COUNTY. D. C.-I hereby eer ? ? tily that Thomas McCarthy, of said eon-ity, brou j:hl before me, the subscriber,a sorrel nOltS E, with wl it.' feet, and a ROCKAWAY, with s.vits for four persons, this !?th day of April. A. I). ISit. which he too!, upat-e.-tray in the streets of Washington city, D C. DAN'L BOWLLVND. J ostice uf the Peace. Fsid horsf- and rockawar are at II i-treet h;iy yard, near rsilroad. The owner will please call, prove properly, pay charges and take them sway. it* thos. McCarthy. REWARD.-Li ston April 7th aSE \L RING, with the word "Oavid ' engraved on it?is a relic of a deceased friend. The shove reward will be paid by leaving it at J 15. *^A KD'S. ?trc? t anil canst. ap.s-.rl* ??>)* REWARD.??tolen from mv stable this mornina. a DARK BAY IIoiiSE.with one ? hite spot ov er th<- hoof on the bind leyrand whi t ? star in tbe forehead. I will give the above reward if the said ln-rse is returned to me. WH. II. C \RRIC". ?p fi-3t* llth st., near Navy Ya"l Bridge REWARD- WATCH LOST.?Tf th^ Odd "??" Watch which was taken last ^Wednes lav) night from the residence of a gentleman, on N< w Jersev avenue, Capitol Hill, is returned to him, the above reward will he paid and no questions 8^*1. ap7-:st* GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS . 'NOTICE?LICBNSRS.?All f.icenses dun _ 7 the Corporation of fjcort.-town on the fust orApril next most be paic within ten days from Vhst date; otherwise they will be strictly enforced by the Metropolitan Police. mh ?.'.Veotlog.p WM. LAIRD, Clerk ^0 BClLDERa AND CONTRACTORS. The tubficribers will reeeiTe sealed proposals for the erection t?f a Market House iu this town until noon of the liith day of April next. The building is t? be erected on the site of the present Market House, and will be about forty feet in width and nearly two hundred and sixty feet in length, a part of which is to be two stories and the remainder one story high, and the erec tion to be of 1 he best materials and workmikndh< p. The plana, drawings and specifications, in full, can be seen on application to Wm. Laird. Esq., Clerk of tho Corporation, and will afford all the information that can be desired by thoso who may feel disposed to contract for the work. The party or parties wh?e proposal* may bo accepted can haTe immediate poiaession of the site, and it will be expected thai th? work will b-i cotnmenced without delay and proseeated to as early completion M Practicable^ m ? RILEY A. 8HIN.N, PETER BICRRY. JACOB C, 1IEISTOS, CLEMEN* A. PECK, Building Committee. Georgetown, D. C., March Slth, 1S64. tub 24-eotd TO MILK AND FEED MEN -150 barrels Oorn 1 K?l. ?rt?ril, Jjgjgd Ml ?* i71 4ih strict, FOB KENT AND SALE. TO LKT-A conTfBifnt BMCK HOrsK. \ tanning nice rooms. Possession canbegivy* or. Monday. For inquire cn the prena i?', * !?? 12th street, b'-tween the hour* of 10 a. nj. and 4 p. in It* FTRNISIIBD room! FOR RKNT-Parlor" aTd Bed ltonm. suitable for gentlemen's busines# rooms. Also, a small Pleepinir Boom. One of t!i? best location* in tbe city, No. 4i*0 6th street, be tween E a?<l F sts. hp 9 n* rTyATE SALE.-A new three story BRICK HOUSE. with two-story b>"k huildinc, ff?n tains eifbt rooais. No. 19:i fourth street, between L and Now York avenue. Price Posses sion immediate. If not sold by Sist Msy, will be sold at ati'-tion. Apply to JOHN F.CKKWH. 4'Jt Pf-Tenth utrfft. ap,J lw* fpOR 8ALE .?That ?s 1 r.sble BUSINESS PROl? EUTY. situated at comer of Heventh and ? streets, fros,ting the Northern Libsrtus Market House Also, two 6ro#U 1>R1 CK HOUi>KS, on K street, between ?th and 7th. A Ion* credit on psy runts of money. I'or partHursrs inquire of I)r. A. J. BORLAND, No. 4.V2 Massachttsette avenue, betw??en 6tb and 7th streets. ap 9 7t* T*WO MCILY FURNISHED ROOM?, with first I I class Heard, at ItOl (I street, between 13th and 14th streets. ap *1 w"_ J I^OR RENT?In ? pr:v*te bids*. a handsoroely * lurnished Parlor awl Chamber adioiuitig. Also, a s ingle Chamber, at No. 47tt fifteenth street, between Penn. avenue and F street. a p S-3t* FOR RKNT?Threeunfumished ROOMS, suitable fwi-bouse-keepiiig. within live minute*' u si k oftbeNavy Department. A pply j7 I, corner ot H and 17th streets. ap 3-il* 170R SALE?A small FRAME BUILDING, suit r able for a restaurant. It will be sold reason able, as the owner want-; logo North. For fur. ther particulars icfuire at 140 (I street, n*ar 2!<i apS-.St* FOR RENT?Four neatly furnished ROOMS. No. 56* II street, near Mb. "Will be rented to gether ot single. AI?o, one large Attic, suitable for two or three gentlemen a* sleepioc room. ap4 3f . TO RENT?One large Arnisbed ROOM, suitable for three gentleinei^ Also, several small fur nished room", with or without board. Inquire at the corner of Third street and Missouri avenue. spB 3t* __ TWO STORY FRAMB HOUSE FOR RENT, ait uated on Dunbarton street. south aide, be tween Montgomery and Oreen streets. No. *5^: f.iur rooms and kitchen: gas and water attached. For particulars inquire at A ir Dunbarton street. ap ,S-3t* 1MRNI8HED ROOMS FOR KENT.-Two haul some furnished rooms forrr-nt, on first floor, at No. 4 HA 11th street, between (J and II. ap 7-3t* CmJR RENT?The DWELLING No. 437 "Seventii F street, between (? and II. Inquire at the store of W. B. LEWI*, Auctioneer. ap7-lw rpo LET.?A*A HE < H A XCF.?A good 0T A N D ia 1 m good noiKhborhood. suitable tor almost any kind ot" bus'iDens. For particulars address " K. It. (4.,'*lftar oflice. ap 7-3f For"8ALE?A RKSTAT'RANT nowdoic'g ag"od business. Will be sold on account. Apply at No 434 K street, between fith and 7th. ap7-Xt* H. SONN'EBORN. F'0RHAft:-T he GREKNBA 0 K KKHT A I* R A N T, with furnishi-1 rooms attached. Inqnire iti mediately a* No. I.V.J T?'uth street, joining Fo.-l s 1 heater.* ap 7-ji ttTTLERjy STORE FOR SALK ?A st.?ck o*" weil eelerted SI TLKRS' OOODS. in a rit<ind !oing a good business. Amount of stiu'k about ? 10, ' Rent of store J8!?i. Apply to No.*Jl3 PennfylvHnia avenue opposite Willards' Hotel. >p7-3t* t^OR SALE?^ BAR11AIH :Two LOTS coutig r nous?r. and aeret?Ueeutifi.l, bealtiiy, gout ne ighborhood: iniles north of city . Also Wanted?A small HOl*3Kand (5ARDKN ia the country for the summer. Address Dr II. N, WADSVJIRTII. 3?<i C street. ap7-eor.t F'Olt RENT?One new FRON/ ROOM an I BASE MENT. or eaeh furnh>bed or unfurnibaod. situated on Capitol Hill, near lho Baltimore an l Ohio Railroad Depot. Ib-nt verj nioderate In quire No. tiI!J F the Olerk's Office, lip stairs, from !> o'clock h. in. t'? 1 o'clock p. in., or address " L. F.," Star Office. ap I."<iRfAf.K?A LiyEl;Y STABLE with hor~e?. carriages, buggies, harness. Ac. Inquire at this office. ap 6 lw' | AR(iK imiCK'DWET.LTN?: 7>n II n.-rth "~b~ I j tween 6th and 7th wi-.-t. . will be sold for Immediate possession. Terms easy. Would kIso sell ?ither improve ! nu<l unimproved prop-rt y in eowvf-nient locations. 11. Mft.BURN. apt; lrn* -*'i I I .-tr-^t north. F- OR RKNT?A Two~sTory FRAMK HOUSK. c?d tninin^ a store and t'tree nsmi-i, <?n theeor ncroi Fn-derick and 3<1 ?treets. fieorgetown. Tn quire on the premises. ap "? Iw ^ IV"OR SALE?Eij;lit years" LKASK !iStor?r<- :il Pa. avenue, located between 11th and r 'K f.t^. Rentonlt per month. V ko?h1 staa l tor Ki;^ business. MITOHKLI. A SON. v Real Estate Broker3, ap S. E. corner P>. av. and 15th at. S~ IXTY ACRES OF wTVodT.AND roiTSAI.E - Will average 60 cords p<# afre. 1"J mil 's from the Di>tilet and ? lnih ' from tho eanal. Alb->, au otlier tract of wood land containing a*' ae-es of heavi timber. WM. KIJ.OOFR, ap.'i 5t * Trustee and Attorney, #1_7 7_tli st. L'()li RBNT?Two BR IC K HOI'S E8 -one on Vir r K>nia avenue, near 4' ? street. Island, with sis rooms; one on 7th strei't. between K and F streets. Ihlan.l, witli seven rooms. Apply to 11. S. JOHN STON. N?. S* :i Pennsylvania nv-nue. Iietwe<-n un 1 t>t li streets, opposite National Hotel. up r FVJR PALK OH RENT - That first class DWELL IN<; HOUSE and lot f>f srt.und at the south west coi nor of 1'rince nod C'olnuil'tis streets. Ale t Hiidrit. Title perfect and immediate possession jt:ven. Inquire of JAMES A. STOt'LENBRRO, Alexandria, or of the subscriber. Franklin Rtiw. Wasliinston . corner 13th and K sts. ap.'eliu* J. II. LATIIROP. F ir OR SALE?In Montgomery county. Mi.?A _ well - i in prov d FARM, of acres ot land; 31 acres in wood, balance in cultivation. Good dwe',1 ii.g. <>ut houses, snd orchards <.f choi?e ft .it-. Eig'Jt miles from Georgetown, and in a good j.eitliborlniod. Twenty fine farms anil sevec#l tiact.- ot ? midland for cale. House- n Baltimore for bale ami rent. T. MACK, Real Estate Broker. A i ? 7t ii street. I ]w* over Maury ,V C".'s Bank. OUSK8 FOR SALE. A Corner Lot. l?i feet front on Ta. av con t-uniiK/ ZJ.^oo --(iiijire f.-et of frroutid, improved '-y stores, offices, and residences; is one of the h*-st !<.? ations for s ,'irst elass hotel in Washington. TUts whole of this excellent property can be pur chased for f$125,tJW>?#^5,'eash, balance on long A flne Brick Resi.lenec on K st,.oppo Franklin Square. 1- rooms. by l.i.*5 ft to 3ti toot j'HO'd al ? li- y, stahl?- aud carriage bouse ......# lu.'WO Desirable Ilt'ilk on llth st., n?*ar Pa. av.,2J by ll*i, 10 rooms -.* ? ? Brick Residence on L st.. 22 by 117. 10 rooms, good stable. ^.'k'O A substantial Brick, on B st., bet 2d and 3d. is by 10n. S rooms 4,<W) A snug little Brick House, on L st., l*i :,y _lWJ. ?: rooms - ? ?? ? ? Fihiise OwelliiiK. 16 rooms, and lo,f?nu teet of ground ??-? ; ' A neat Frame House, on llth st.. 12 by 1'H),6 One on titb st.. bet. N an*i 0 .st8.,5C> by li>,6 1,6"0 rooms. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? l.K*) Two Franms on N st.. bet. ttli and otli sts, 15 h-, 1?'. | roi'ins. each...... l,li? Building Lot s in m11 parts #f the city. A nuoil er of desirable Farms for sale. MITCHELL & SON . Real Estate Brokers. |,1 tMl S E. corner Pa. av. and J5tl> at. ?.'DR SALE?Tbe HOUSE No. 4^Mass. www. 1 l>etween 4th and 5th stivets, will sold low for ca^h. iciv^n l^t of June. .a LOT n utainioK >2 acres of laud on tjie turnpike road, neur Bladensbnrg; adjoins the larms ot Messrs. Dodge and Rives. Several other pieces or parrel - <.f land in the same locality for sn, e. A l dress.I W. VEITCII, Attorney at Law. Btadens burg, Md . "w 'iniREE DESIItARLE BRICK UOFSE9 AND A 1 number of V ACANT in the VU-stein psrt of the eitv at PRIVATE SALE.?We offer for sale two three story Brick Dwelling-Houses, and 21 Pennsylvania avenue, hetw-eu rw.m ty fourth and Twenty-fifth -treets.containing?aeh fifteen rooms, with large ball and all the ino.leru improvements. The bouses are in line condition-, having lately been thoroughly repaired. At tachpif to ??f the houHe^ is ft sijip lot 1rt*uli!i?j ?22 oil the avenue, with choi^w fruit tr^e.s, a'nlro.^tory Brick Dwelling^ No. TS K street, with side lot, and containn* nine rooms. * AlM^a number of Vacant Lots, fronting about 21 feet each on Penns> 1 vania avenue, between Twenty-fourth and Twenty fifth streets woHt For terms, Ac. apply toJAS. C. MeOLl RK J CO.. Auctioneers. &P2 d2w C^OR SALE?5~neat two-story frame HOUSE, with back-building, containing^ room<. Also, oiuiug Lrtt. 42 feet front, with l.vfoot alley, l,epar'tmeLtV. ThVloeation is unsnrpassM in V. ashili^ton. No children in the house, de -7 tl n g,ven ?a av erne, nf ar 4}? street LEASE OR RENT-A litfjf* q jwtity.i?t r bnlldlng L0T8, i minute w^ko? u-tV... dent s: House ?nd all tbe mbl5-lm M'b ?< ? ?*? ?? F" >r 8ALV-A flr?t r?t? two IBAItl HOUSE, eontalnlng niM roomt >'. atberwitb r !?? BttUdin* L0TB. *U ?et oat with c laMtfrmit. such m veacbM, peart, pluma, cberri s ft apes, all of the bTrt ?efeetionjwlth a pnnp fexeelhjnt water in the >ard:onih? corner of O ? nt Jttb sts , and Fenn. avsnce east. For further p?itic*lar? ct,y"t110' PjOARaCLL. N AND AFTER THIS DATE THE 0FF1CB of tbe Washington and Marl- ^ boro' fetaee will bo kept at the?HH3ESK gKtoSflfoS'&S'fc Kq. 46t 15TU St.. Or rat; it ? tux Ta**3rar. United States BondB of all desoriotions. Quartt-r m.stfV*' CberVs, (Joia. KUer and Uncuxrent Mcney bought and sold. Stocks bought and sold ?t the New York stock egchang* euco ninn aloo. Drafts furrdsW and colle*?lon? ma-le ?n tjie most f?T0*?nerifl?. 15* AUCTION 8ALB8. *>*jrrB*a, auotiom ialeb sua m pag-a THHtFTHHoow AMD tO-MOHEOw". ^ jSr^at >n;uii;mJr^m Sistofe "fejSE?*rMr ttnoi OA'-tblrd ID ruk, tksWmaindaV la ?< "rt tw.Ir.^m. with iit?>i.t,M?Cv; JaC* of trait ob tb? ?reml*ee. 7 * a**" Ootmuew k\t the oost of lb* piirehaaer rob*, d (Hep.,' J. O. McGUIhE A 00. Aaeta Till ABOY^ SALK IS POSTPONED IK T*pxV,,7Iff'.of ***? lalB- op?il satuedat ajs I KRMios April ?lk. same hour and plane apC a f Rep 1J.6. McHUTREA&O.. Aaef JJY GBVEN ft WILUA.H8. Aactloneera i. ti .L^B1BBR *T A MOTION. On MONDAY ,the UthimWM leo'olo** m w* r)!*^ *?i of Bp?'or\ Joist aol wkiu pine Cnl in* Iloard* Just landed from on |>ulrj bajce.fuotcfitb street. Nary Yatv\ aad wfij |J nolo to p*? fre-gbt and charges. mii'rter* and others in want oMumbpv- will and it A *?vantac' toatt?nd. will bp soli ia lot* U. suit purchasers ot l,Hufiet with the pririkege. Sale positive. Terms cash at the time of sale. fcp.6 ?t GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aagta. Mrfll'IRK A CO., Auctioneers. 4 ? S^L.!'K,NJL^KD NEARLY NEW FURNITURA ANP HOI BEll OLD JtFFKCTS AT AUCTION On MONDAY MORNING, April litli atlCo'eloek | a- No. 3K0 D street, bfctwein 9th and "tSStSt J* "h*n tbe Furniture and Kfl>ete of a fbmUr dr cliniog Hf>n?ekeeping, comprising? Suite of solid Walnut Parlor furniture flnishNl la "r^^S!S s,x%S(>0??,.".,Be FrW,th 8?f*' T?? Walnut Secretary, Whatnot Fancy Tablet. Dsnssk and lace Curtain. Shades, Tapestry and In (train Carpets, Race. Two Chamber suites with Wardrobe Hmr an4 Bark Mattresses. Bolatera and Pillow* Blankets Comforts, Toilet Setta, * Chira, Glut and Crockery ware. Cooking and other Stores, Kitchen Utensils Ae Terms casb. ' * ' ??pd J. C McGUIRB A OO., Aoeta. |JY GREkN A WILLIAMS, Aactionaeri. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS NEAR THE MATT . yard AT AUCTION. On THIKSDA\ . tL* 14th in?tant, we shall aeN la front cf the premises at 5 o'clock, p. m., com mea ning on the flrst named property, the following bandscnieBniMinfl.ota.Tir.: u ? Ko- *?,n Square No. 913. sub-dirided in 3 BttiMing Lots. of 19 feet front eae?, on south E corner 9th street east. Alao. all of Lot No. ?, aa? T i, V.ot <? I" 8qraie No 9fi, handaoael* 8ub."^,T,(1"<1 ib6 Buildin* Lota.fronting3nfeeteaab. on Htli atreet east, next to the coraer of aoatb d kimet. T>'rp? one-lalf ra?h, balance in six and trtlr* nn nth a. f??r notou hearint: in threat from darofaaia ?J dfed. *iTpn and a deed of trnat taken. AM cor j an cm at coat of purchaser iaciadia* reTtnne ptamp*. ???? d OR KEN A WILLIAMS, Ancta. IJYJ.C McGL IRKA CO.. Aaationeera. FUKNIIUllK AT On THURSDAY MORNING, April reet df-nca No. Ift*.' I atreet. b?twei?n 2ntb and Jlat strt-ats, at in o'cluck. we xhall Ball tha Paraituro and Kffecta of a family d&Jining Hoaaekeepiar COmpt!r;Dg- ' Gre?*r I>amaak covered Parlor Suite, Lounfe. Arui an<t F:<f.- Ciiairs, Whatnot. Kanny Chair*. < ttoman^. Mai Me-top and other Tahl??, Vt-nitian Blinds Bj u.'wie Icgi hia. au i Stair Carpet*, Oil CU'th. MHttini;. Ruars. Sideboard, Diving T?tae? and Chairs, Cl'ir.H, (?ld?H. and Crockery Ware, B^dl?tea?l^. Bureaus. War-hatanda, Warilrokcii, Malt ei>seb. Bolatera and Pillo*4. Loofcincr<rlaaaea, Toil<-t Setts. Cookiijg aud <.th<-r Stoves. Ac., Ac. To^etb-r vith the agual avsirtaient of Kitchen requisite*. Terms cn?h. at? ?>5<1 J. C. McGUIUE A OO . Auots. SA1.E BY TJ1K UNITED STATgjj OP BAL LOONS AND ?IXTUKK3. ChiO '/im-iirni".'!!*'." Offn-t, D>roi of WwhinMoa ? WaHHiy'iTos. D. C., April 8,1564. f Will tit.Id at Public Auction, at Gorerauient ?\V?rnl.oune Bo. 5, N?w York avenue, b?twe>eo Kiifhtf-anth aDd Niueteanth streata. in the City of Washington, D. C., ou Monday. AjirilJ?, 186t, at !?? ? 'clock m ScTen (7) Balloor.a and Fixture*, lot of Silk ?ad KnbberUose. Gas Gei;er;ttori on whe>-l*. Carboy* of Vitriol. Steel Filing*. Copper and Iron B?tjrt* and Tubes, \ a Tea, A c., A c. hncceesfnl bidders will be required turemoTa th? articles within Ftp <61 day* from the day of nate. Teruin Ca*?!i in UoTernmaat funda. , , * D. H. BCOKKR. B- iirxdi< r <isneral and Chief Qaartorinaatar, apS-td l>ep^t of Washington D. O. ^AL>. OV OLD UNSERVICEABLE GRAIN k- - SACKS. Chief's Depot of WnskintttiA Washimotoh, D C., April R, M<4. I WiM be sold at politic anctton-ai teventh street wharf, in thecitj <>f Washington, I>.C .MONDAY April IS. l*>4, at l*i o'clock a m . ' 46,1-0 OLD AND UNSERVICEABLE GRAIN SACKS. Succepsfvl bldd?r? will be required to remoT*tbe sarka withiu Ut? days from the dap of Salt. Terms ?ush in Government furd*. D. H. RUCKBR. ay B-td Bn< r (ien'l and Chief Quartermaster. |^Y J. C. MCG11RK A CO.. Auctioneer*! CHaNCKRY SALK O? \ AH'Alll.R PROPERTY ..">Jr.irtueof*,1,,crff of the late Circuit C-iurto! Uie District of Colnnbla. sittinc ma Court of *Qvity, dhted on the ai'th day of NoTember, 186J, aoa renderfcd in a <jaas?. (No. 1,.*?3) paudinj; in said Court botweeo Christopher Grainmer anl William lidd. trantee.^ of th? late Gottleib C. Grammar and others complainants, and Jniins E. Oramnier ?nd WislidU! II. Lhiukinson and othara defendants Jc?erK'gned trasteea will aell at public huctioa the folio* incc property, p*rt of the homestead of th^ .ate U 0. G rammer, in Washington city. D. C.: On MOW A V, April lS//i, at half pan X o'clock p. m. C n t '.e vr?mi??, Lot immaered nine,(i>, >|n Squkia aiimbered li?e fcundnd and thirty thro ? Irentii g fifty-aix feet and two inches on C -trer't north, between Third and Four and a-htlf streets *e-<t. It will be sold in sep?rat? p< rtion?, ea<-h to haTe a fmntcf twenty-eight feet and one inch. And o* the .follow i*e day, ( TUESDAY) rb? 19ra <ia* of April. We will oeU, on the prepiises, at half pant K o'clock j>. in., lot iTiiinbcred fifieeu( 15^ and part of lot num bered sixteen, (16.) in square nnnibared < n? hua d'??l and rinety-eight (W.t Tb^re Tsluahle and ?h'gib1y .-'tualed lotr. frout about eighty est uu L stieet north, betwetn 15th and 16th stroet* weat, ai d are oppoaite tho resideiise of Alexaajer Bor tnd, Epy. The terms of *ale are: Oue th'rd cash; the bal at ce to be pnid in equal iBHtalccj-ntH. in s;x and twelve months from the day of sale the said bal ance to *-.ear interest fr?,m the day of aale and tha p.i) mentr* therecf t<? be secured by the nolea of the l".irch?f er: and auid notes to be secured by a deed uf t uM <U) the .-aid property. If the terms ol cale be uot complied with In fi?e daj^frcia the day of sale the trustees reserve the rii;ht lo re sell, at the ris\ and expense oft Ue par clieser. All r^nveyancing and stutips at th* expense of the puteitaner. O^R. GFAMMER.< Tr,.t m WM U. TODO * "raneas. j*p.8 d C. McGUIHK A CO , Auet*. HYJ C. MoGUIRE A CO . Auctioneers. STOCKS AT "PUBLIC SALK. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON. April ltth, at S o'clock, at the Auction Rooms, we shall sell. In l?ts to ?oit? 1.59" *b*res ??"iremen's Insurance Company of Wffhingten and Georgetuan stock. il.SO %2.7>io liank of the Metropolis 6.f0" Warlungtos and Georgetown Ruilroad Cnm ysuy Monds. 5,0"' Corporation of Waabington Quarterly six per cent. Stock. Terms cash. ap.7-d 3. C. MOGUIUE A. CO.. Aaet*. P [N1TFD STATES MARSHAL'S SALK. In virtue of a writ of Gerie fa,c?a* oa judgment of condemnation issued from the ClerkOffice of th>? Supreme Court of the District of Col ambia, end to ine ilirected, I will sell at public said, for cash, at the front of the Court House door of said County, on FRIDAY, the 29th day of April, 1861, at 12 o'clock m? the followitj* described property to wil : Lot No.1, in Square No. Htl, ea-t half of Lots No. 15, VI. and iJ.inSqnareNo 7-4.iu tkeel'y of WaSb in^ton.D.C . together v ith all aid singular the impr. Tements theroor, eei/.ed and leTied npoa as the property of Michael Maloney. and will be sold to sat-.sfy judicial No. 33li,lnfaTor of El'en Kelly. W ARD II. LAMON. *p ?^d U. 8. Marshal, D C. ?KITED bTATES MARSHALS 8ALE. In virtue ofawrit of Fieri Paoias iosaed from the Cl-rk's ffmco, t>f the Supreme Coart, of the Hieirict of Columbia, and tj me directed, I will sell. .i* public sale, for cash, at the front of the Conrt lK>use di>or,of faidcounty.oa FRIDAY,th? 29tb da) ? f April. 18<>4. at IS o'clock m.,thefoUow i?-# described property , to wit: _ _ il. i-i..'.:.*.. t -fl ^ No. 19. iti Sonar* No. fis, commencing for tb? saia i?ii ?. - ? Int cn ?i-?. street west, at tha distance of p> f?at from ta? acrtheaat corner of fald Square, and running ti,* nc? south 20 feet with the line #f said Met streat, theuee west &5feef. thenco north ?> feet, and thenca east 86 feet to said 21st street west, and plane at beginning, estimated to aoatain l,7uo bquara fa?\ t-getber with all and singular tbe improTetr # therton, seised and levied upoa as the proper' * Thomas McNamy, and will be sold to aiwGf> dicials. No. 3U. is tavor of Isaac Herxber*. -WARD II LAMON ap7-?A*ts _ TT. 8. Marshal, P. O. |^Y THOMAS DOWLING. Auct'r; Oeorgatown. HOUSEHOLD AND RITCHIE PURNITDRE AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY MORNING. April lltb, ISM, at M o'elock. fc will aell, at No. 160 Washlrurtoa street. ab?re West itreet, Georgetown, a general a*eort ?ent of House). oM and Kitchen Furaitnre, eoa slEting of Hair-clf I Kit.<) en. Parlor and otber Store*. And a general assortment of nurac-rons to menUoa, IV^i ^ THOMAS DOWLING, LvA

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