Newspaper of Evening Star, April 11, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 11, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. amcj-kmlsto To-xif;ar , tfnovisa-a THJCATEB -Mr. Grorer has cer S'*i riv^fh. a faTor ?l>on h'? P&trous bv fc< . i-ru.v the tpera company for a few ni*h ? ?ASS??^SK?V~5-r- ???"?? ?u xrxHHTfH iu nfionerill ?' < i.i " Miss Alice (Jray ?onerill. Other characters are well C^enaugh^ Biily' Wes7 "''fe1.1' W* B fXi&Sw"'-SfiSWass srtaftss 'Kr&rsxysis's^- y.s fee performed to-night again. * thltAiin^Tn^8',TTtl' man a^in,>nt &??<} an no u nee ?Steo?^ current Ha "entire new mile pK kuof ke^^h^i11^ KIV0n* Tl'?"Fe. wSb/uann? ?th*d *ttrHcti?u**'mK^oui-* ??& -J)?V.R<>1,or'ITAN Ha it.?Ballads, ?ongs ?? and dances are the inghilr or.i?r VT ,k.. J popular hall, which, aWuJh u haa ?en?ln operation but a few Wf-eks, has full vMtnhiijhoi ?'o * <? ot*^r! ?F ??Z*, ?* RlVW' E,Q?'Tb" death *h?U^ . ^ ,he oominunily ?>y surprise* 2. k ^ lLWaf known tunoaznt his friends that ,ri 111 *?***? some time. He ?n?d at his residence, near Bladensburg, yes terday morning, of rheumatic gout. Since been con,ln*<1 by rheumatic I *ont, which, by preventing locomotion, has ! operated to heat up his ay?u?m, and his life was and yhbTnla?*r Ue wa* anative of Kentucky, ana hu first connection with Wa<ihinirtm! , bark to about 1-<M, when he came s.? -prz, VrSiSi &ee* "rrs?J ^wfcile a cli?rk in the fourth Auditor's office of a tllrk Tn"?) u fr?^lm?"U an(i subsequently tHymtlVt * Titb Xr- Bi*'r ^e f- tS tn thr/r?h^ lhe a,,d <-hang?i ** ^ L nioiK jWessra Hlair A- i?,vflJ *fcUt61u>hed the (JU>br% principally for thp nnh" b* t&e official record of proceedings sntesswr Mr ?lection result.-; he was for many veS. an oracle in ?bis latitude. "J*ny ynn an Mr. lvi>H8 has bc^n distiDEuishnd h* hi? patriotic liberality ia behai/ of the Vnion cause ? w ??t,n?atea that amongst other contribu ' *,0"f by him in this District, tw hw exS^d ?? r^i ,Hn *2fU**> for the support of families h ,t'rb* 1,1 Uls treaiment of his ?mploje^a he w:ia ctmra. ^riaed hv the name 8Piri^ and he retained manv per ^,lLh'rXl^aivB print'inr house by his jum ar<) .itx-i al appreciation of their services it is m ?i" J"^nce, wnu-h oofurred a inTi -v^arsI~,n(-e'K^ve above so,tjoo to a single individual, es a reward of his fltieliu- durin<r Bomethlng hkn the third of a century, aui this Km^ridWu^butune *f ,nan> In another instance be gaye ?a,uxi to aa employee who had aer??d him faitlifujlv for fc'Ctne y.-ars. But hk acta of generosity. ?*ei?e elaily to members of the craft, were not vionflued to his own establishment. A gtntieman tjiklrg a ?ubscr1pUon paper to I" *^{T,JS lu aid of a sick printet. received a refusal of his signature by Mr. Rives, who ^-nt on to say, however, in his characteristic I *-ay. that after it had been carried to other i employees and printers, he would agree te give ' as much as was subsoribed by all others, ffe 1 J ot only redeemed his promiee, but the amount ? not satisfying him he doubled wnat had b^en '? subscribed. These were bnt single incidents of : snany told ol him amongst those who knew him Jbest. His irss will be deeply felt by th? community but especially by the printers* craft. Elsewhere will be seen a call for a meeting of the Typographical Society, to tak- measures to show pro|>er marks of respect for th^ir de cenvHi triead. Hkw Ha8 Cowpasv.?We hay<? frequently been atkfd what were the restrictions placed hy Congress ou the bill incorporating a new Oat Li,.ht Company in this city, In order to cnuse it w euter Into a f.iir competition with tl-e old company: and therefore we publish b?lcw the section referred to. In relation to the inquiry what amount of Ji oney will be necessary to lav twenty-tive mil-- ot =ix-inch gas mains, and to erect works aud holders capable of manufacturing and ?/.oru:r 'be requisite quantity of uas to supply an^ co. euinption at all times in the Capitol and other public buildings, we learn that not Jeos than halt a million of dollars must now i>" ex*>ended before the new company can sell ga?. The section is an follows: Sec. 11. be it further enactet, That th? said company shall not be authorized to sell fits urril n shall hive produced to th* Mfiyor ? of tiie city of Washi'ijrtou and to the Secre-ary ol ihe Interior satisfactory evidence that it has laid do wn, in a proper and workmanlike mau jut, m he aveuues and streets of the said city, teas mains of an -average diameter of at l^ast ?.x inches and a tot;ii length of not less than t'A t nty-tive miles: nor shall th? said comoanv ci'Li.ect ii.s sr^ mains with th<* j>ipea supply ing ihe i'j.pitoT and o?ier public bailding* b > jloiigiiig to the United States, nor sell gas until it thall have protlneed to the Secretary of the Inter.or -atisfactory evidence that it has erect ed and in operation good and substantial works aurt holders capable of manufacturing and storing n quantity ot gas, of the quality .??.for.* aaid, sufficient to supply th.* coasumptio'i *? *11 tim^s required in the Opiio! aad public cnil'tiEfTs aforesaid. And unless Ibesaid con - pai-y slinli have complied with he require ments and conditions tu this section pre.scritwd *Witbin 17/o years trom the passage 0f thus act, tl.e suid act shall be null and void. OH'.ANIZING 1 <?U PRK 4I I>K>TIAI. (JA M(*AI<>!T I)>1 >ati rday night a unniber ot Ohioans resi dent iu this city, held a?meetinir in th.- .S^nat** reception room. Notwithsfandin? the v??ry di-at!n-*Hble weather there wa^ a goodly num l'r in attendance f*?-ua:or Shermrm called the mating to order and nj in bis motion Hon. E Jordan,:?jlicitor of tiie Treasury, assumed the chair. Mr. If Jrl Mat e was appointed secretary. Sens or Sherman staled th? obi--ct of th<? XtteeiinA which was to make preparations for property conductictr, ou the part of Ohl j. of the coi'in g campaign. The time had -irrived when . that political organizations rl.'ould be effected. There were but five mem it-re from (?hio in the other honse who were not copperheads, and these members, together itfi the two Senators, were overwhelmed with Teqne&ts trom th* ir constituenu, asking for in zormation relative to the comi; ; campaign Jt was therefore thought but i-hi that the Ohioans her* should enter into the canvas? ^Hh spirit, and therefore this call hid tje^u and it was to be hop^i that Buckeyes iiow present would take the matter earnestly in h.nulWlt was disgrac?!nl thai so lar'e-i populations ? Ohio con-ained had so ie-v ment ??-rPiPilh representing th>* sentiments of tha *i?-ai ftiiate. J>ocumenta should be sent out conferences should be held, and every ar T^ii K' uient should be made ior conducting ;?i eltfcuve campaign* Ol motion, a committee cousi-?ingof Messrs C b. fnat'oon, Wm. Helmi- k, Senator Sher man, A. M. (Jacge -er, and J. J Coombs, wu npj omted to report orfic rs to act until a fuller n.eeting con Id be had and the organization b" p iiected. * ^Tbecommlue* ^ported Hon. E. Jordan for 6t' ai,d U. .M. for Secretary uuiil lT"*aueBt organi/ati ?n could be efT-cted, r. port was unaidmonsly adopted. Itoe committee was further continued tj get '!? constitution and by-laws, and eflSt a poPlect organ!; wior., t <r?port at the neit ineet inC. which will be hel.iai the UnionH**i? Boomp on Saturday evning uext, tj which time and pla e the meeting adjourued. b AKOarHAKCAiiBn For.?Friday nightothcer und * ,I,U* Blx old uamed -^>tm Thoma- Ksmrttd, roving abont neir ?^^rT ifKrwt' worn down- ^'stressed, and i ^ m vermin. He la the son of Mrs nfiudied suddenly a few days ago at Camp lvfiley No one cared lor him. and he Sfk'hhn wanhrt7hnK ai?nt- Mn Hitchcock a hlm' P"tclothe?on him, and ,K ?..?ver U,offic?'r M ulloy, who carried to the 1 rotestant Orphan Asvlum and left liini to be propi^rij car^d for. Tue little fel Ja^y.1 Fery lutelll?e,'L1*d. and deserves sym ?V a?t^ WW" of the cel ?b.atod Fulton Market, corner of nth and D ?j<e^>. sends us an appeU/.;ag ilt bit in the bn.2Uo rum- a?dste,kK simeUiuSj mr\ ~ *y BO,,r? hnffaio-stta? VfL, we puj laeia, wp do, im^ai A*c?TiiBit Ex?x&tHYK(iA3Q or Oceana* thkarthjuj.?We bny? given tht> particulars of *h detec'lon by <be pol. of a Uire of pi gro burpiars, sod thfj- (the pol.ce. h*ve i.ot* made <a. other discove: j ufcimllar whole B?ie burglarious oj^Tvions ia which white roRt-e for Ihe moet f art wt r? cor earned. S&ti.rdaj- jHines Fitzgerald vu arrested l>y ifllcer Peodell fur t,Ua ling a coat from th? store of I*?cah Walker, Penna. avenue, and taken to ttie Statiou hoiue. Tie v. as qaes.oned bj the officer?, and pave information where he and other Hoys sold goods they stole. O Steers Pendell t?nri Dutch with roundsman Kelley toot liim wi'U then and be pointed out several bumra in the Second, Third and Seventh Wards, ^11 uccnpied by Italians except one ?which hid a iicgro tenant. The houfce> were searched and goods found, mostly dress patterns. The bay Fitzgerald ears the goods were iu rolls when stolen; but the reoeivera i cut thero up into dress patterns ami went nround peddling tl?-m. ijotne of tit? goods have been iden'ified. John Orr&tty, Ausjoline Bvburah. Irlia A. Orratty, Angelina Lager nursing, Terasa Gnralla, Charles Hattaglitta, Hfriro C+uralln, and Jfinvs Williams, col'd., were held to hail tor receiving the goods. Be sides the dress, the officers also recovered sev eral new eohts, pants, veets, and shirts; and an assortment of ?*-wing materiel, which were sect to police headquarters. Fitzgerald and John of his companions, were sent to jail for court by Justice Oiherson. Tjik LA.TK tiToiiM did considerable damage in ! this city. The wai*r got in between the earth j and new brick wall of the vaults under the ] sidewalk iu front ot Mr. Semmes' new building, beiween (? street and Louisiana avenue, and caused about half of the front wall to cave in, but did no other damage. The ram also t-oftened the mortar of a portion of the wall of the building in process of erecion near the Central (Guardhouse, and about six nnndrrd square feet of it fell with a load crash, Btartiing the inmates of the Central, who Thought there had been an explosion at the Armory. Many of the basements on the south side of the averiu?, near Sixth street, were tilled with water, aud yesterday morning one ef the engine companies was bard at work pumping the water out of the basement of the Clarendon Hotel. Places and cellars contiguous to the canal were particularly subject to overflow; bnt the raiu flooded to auch an extent that localities iu elevated portions* of tne city were effected by it* Deathh nv sJolthbbs.?The deaths of the following soldiers have been reported at the office ot Capt. Moore, Assistant (Quartermas ter, irw F street, betweeu 21st and 22d streets: Theodore Sellick, Co. 1, 50th N. Y. eng'rs; John Tripp. 5th N.; Bnane Bushnell, Co. H, Sd N. Reuben Root, 22d N. Y. eav : Jacob Henson, Co. 0,16th Pa. eav.; Eu gene relham; Co. A, 2d S. Y. art.; Frederick Kemerly, Co. L, Scott's 900; Robert Beachman, rebel: Robert Long, Co. L, 2d Pa. cav.; (feorge Wyatt. Co. I), 1st Me eav.; Sylvester Parker, Co- H, 4th Pa. cav.. Jol ! T>. Bates, Co. A, (Kh regiment V. K. R.; W^lniu'on D. Eddy, Co. I), 14Stb Pa.; Montraville Warfteld, Co. (}, Scott's'9U0. A Nkwvocndi.ant> do<? has been loot, aad as the animal is a valuable one, the owner otters a reward for his return. See advertisement. Seb rtRUT pa?b of to-day's Star lot La Teres' ag local articles. SPEC!VI, NOTICES. J KWKLKT ! Jrwkj.rt ! J V Y For One Dollar. At 4.1* Pennsylvania HTecut*, uear -C; r-tr-et, ,-vt the Dollar Jewelry Store. It*. Tmk'Fekt.?Beauty of carriage is mostly depen dent upon a judicious preservation of the feet: it is impossible to more in a graceful manner if"irhe ?r>at support ot tlit' wht?fe frame be in a di*or dered condition. and nothing impedes so mue.h M Corns. Bunion*. Ingrowiug NaiU. or other dj?or derxto vhich the feet are liable. To all aflli.-ted we would recommend an early call at Dr. WhiteV office. No. 424 f^-nnaylsanis grenue, betwtrn 4.'> Slid 6th street*. apfr-tf lti.owt'o Hsoschial Tp.O'-?ki?. Thf>-i? Lo/.enjff^ are prennrtl fpim a hl^ily A*-li- nifd recipe for alleviatili* Uronciiiil Affec tions. Afthin:*. Ho(*r?(??n^*s^, t'ouahf. Cold.--, sad Irritation or 8or<*ncs.- of tha Tliroat. l'ullir f-ptuktrx iH'l Vocalists Will And them benivicial in clearing thr* Toice b> f<.rn f peakiur or simfing. a?>l retierib* the throat aft? r sny unusual exertion ot the vocal orffsuo, havins a peculiar adaptatron to atfections which ili-ti'.rn the orjf&nF of Speech. n>h 29-14 wtf Uvarwi that Hkbkl against the rule* of Ta*te or Beauty, in their solor or in th?- los^ of all their color, tn?v V irbnne^-1 :n a few moments to any Kciuii/ul S'tad*. *> by a f-ing1*' application of CBISTAOOBO'8 IIa;| r?TK. The rapidity of it^ operation, perfect -^U-t)-. p^f manent healthful efTeet, and the exceeding depth and richness of the hue? it imparts, distinguish thifl preparation from all other Djui in uS" ia *.Li' c<jt;ntr} or in Europe. CkISTADOHO'S Haik pKisKavATivR. a valuable &-ijun<rt to the Uye.iu dressing anl pro mot in* the growth an'J p'-rfect health of the hair, and of itself, when uW alone-a nafe?mard that protects the tibeta from decay under all circnm Ptance' and nnder ail c!iroa? Manufactured by J Cristadoro, No 6 A-tor Hoi.ho. New York, gold by all Druwaifts. Applied by all H.+ir Dr?-s- j ers inh 51 -d3t woolm j Nh*VoC!< UsHI1.IT*. t?*MINSL WgtKSttBS, etc j (-in BtCvitd one who has real y our^.d hra-e f j and hundreds of others, aud will t-il you nothias but the truth. Addresa, witti stamp, Ki>wARU II. T Avas mar 5-DA W,lr Box. Booton, Mass, K J >Vn K'N-;. K"q., hii^ been appointed Vtreiit of the (ireat Peunsylvania route, v ic<- K. <>. Sny ton, to take t fleet on the 28th o: March. Mr. Wit kins bar t.e."i connected with the Office, at the . i rner of Sir.tli street and Peimsvlvama avenue, during the past two yearn, and is thoroughly eon v.-r-jnt with tl e business of ther?>ute in all it" departments. All application; for inforn.ation. t>kcts Ac., * to K. ?*. VV j Agent r?-at Pfiin&yWauia Kt>u > . Sixth *ti e-a am* I'enitHylviuiis avenue. (ieneral ras??nger At,'* iit. 5 (Jreat 1'ennsylvauia Route. (hllGATK'ti IIo.S BY" S<MP Thia celebrated Toilet Soup, in f-utrh universal demand. ia made from the < lioi. e-t materials, is i.lib! : lid emollient in it? nature, fragrantly S'-ent ,.<!. Hl,j ^\tr. naly beneficial in ii" action upon th? j hUin. For salt 1y all Druggittt-i aud Fancy (io.ei lleal rs. j*-* - "y HKCKKT PT8Snews. I S'ltria' tiftn' f h ift ?!? the tnoai. certain, safe and ? effectual remedy?indeed, the o.ily vegetable run tily ?-ver diseoT" ed. 0ui\'? in two to four days. ao>l r.-cenr ease- in twej.ty-four hour* Ko mineral, i.i) tia'.saui. no mercury. Only ten pilla to bu ta'fen. I" is the sjldier's hope, !-nd a friend to tboB<?whp <1<i not want to be eipo >ed. Mais packages, 9-! Nuiinr^a*1' Root end ^?'r^ Aponitive aed tHirp for ?yphili^,Scrofulii.X71cf'rfl. otireH pot* Tetter* Ac. Price $i, or si* bottles i^r $8. Sold by 8. C. ford. f?es s-'^erti^eoiect. rai PlSRASKj OF THK J?K RVOCH, S*W IW A L, l*Rl * A RT as r- >xr >. I cy.-t kms?new audreliahlA treat me nt? in lieporta ot the Howard Association-^Seuti l>y niail in ^eiiled 1 *tter envelopes, free- of charge. \<!<lre~-? L>. J. akil'i-i Houitnton. Uowar-l A -o 1 ciatiou, N'..' :i South Ni ith ctreet. Phi adelphia | j ;i in h *J JLU ! Da. DrPOMT'H Sugar-coated Keuals Kegnlatintf J }':!! ?re the v rp in u.i?. Thoy operate tp-.uiily 1 anil rfiftivsly. atd beintr suenr-eoattrt create no i nanaoa auou t?:e joo>.t delicate stomach. A trial ot then* IVlIs w>ll prove their superiority over all others. Price SI a box. Sold by M. C. Ford, c? rnsr ! ll'.h Street ate l'a. avenue,Washington, and Ilenry ' Cook, Alexandria. Ja6-ly MARRED, ^r>ril Tth. hy l?ev. Fath-r Finschie], Mr. CHARLKS W. CAMP.M4KK. of Alabama, to Mi M JANJb^HOFFMAN, of Wa.-4hinsrton. I). 0 * In Washington. April Kth, at K street ('hureh, V,r CKoWlK 11 WlIKEItKP f JJc rlinaton. \> t<> Mi So M AHY (.. BriUNU'i JN.of Brooklyn, N. Y. No card*. I Burlington ?nd Brooklyn papro please c??py.l On fcuudsv. Aeril Ht?i. by Rev Father Magu!re, of?t ??oviv-( ?iurch. Mr. At'fi ITSTIJf* OOPl'^S, .lr . to \tih.- M \?V A. K>LtY. both of Pnil a-ielpliin Pa 1 Philadtlphin papers please copy.)* Ill EH On the i'th inatai. t. MARY KKKR. beloved child I < r P ter and Catherine Kerr, aee,| (j years. I Her funeral w.ll la^e place from her parent*' i residence. > i rner Sixth and E stroetB. Monday, j llth. at 3o'clock p m. \t ber residence. 4.15 Twelfth street, hotwern O'pnd 11. on the morning c f the loth instant. Mrj. V BELL, after a protracted illness, in the ft'th >> ar of her age. .. .. . , ' Friends of the familv are rnsMctfullf requests! to attend the funeral, which will taKe pi a-- from her late residence, on Tuesday, at 11 a. in. [Rich mond. Va.. papers please copy.] This morning, after a short illness, AMELIA LFREW. only daughter of Thomas and Lavania Franc!*, aged 3d years and 10 days. The friendH and acq nam tancea of the family are respectfully invit-d to attend the funeral, to-inor row (Tuesaf.y) aiternoon, at 3 o clock, from the residence. 3A6 New York avenue. In (ieoriretowr .onPtth irstant.of typhoid fever, BAHBIKT MATII.DA l'AXT(>N. in the ?;th vear of her ?ge, daughter of John H. and Huriet Pat ton. , The friends and aeqnaint.arces of tt?s faini v are respectfully invijed to attend her fr :ier?l on Tues day afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from her father'), ro* deuce. No. Montgomery street. Dear Tilly sl?ep. and take your rest. iiod called tht*? home, H0 thought It iWt! Firm sin au<J sorrow set thee free. May we prepare to follow thee. On the 8th ifcstart. CLARA, aged 14 days; and on ?he i'ltb instant. CLAKENCK, aged 1 > dajs; twin children of Thomas 8. and Catherine Scrivener. On the 9'.h inftant, MARYL , beloved * if J i?9M A. ftiut4?r. W re*ri. i 1 m ?, CATAK.K H. &iid dlsewew of fltxe EAU, THROAT, ANTD AIR PAi>S>A< 1 EH. Dr. I.IGHTH1LL., f ?m 34 St. Mark Place, New Yor*. Author of -*A Popular Treatise on De&faess," " I altera on Catarrh," is now in WASHINGTON, iutd can be consulted at tit? Ebbitt Hoopb for oss webk until ba:ut&a> evening, Apri? ISUx. on DEAFNESS, 4'ATARRH, and all the various diseases of toe IlAJt, THKCJAT, AND AIR PASSAGED. Testimonial*. VaphIbotoh, D C., March 5, lr?4. Da. Li^hthill? Dear Sir: I take this,oppor tunity to publicly express my gratitude for the wonderful cure of deafnebs you have in eo short a time effected in my rase. I wag deaf for about six years, and for the last lew years eo much so tha; 1 eould not hear preaching or common conversation; but now since your invaluable services have been rendered, I can hear a* well as ever. In conclusion, let me nay that the noises with whicb 1 have been troubled in my bead for year*, bars also disappeared. Very truly yours. Jambs R McCathkib, ltwh street, between "E and f. WaBhtb^tob, D. Ci March 1, Im}4. Tbls is to cartlfy, that having been deaf since the year 1*33, and since that time gradually losing my hearing until 1 was unable to hear common conversation or public speaking, I applied to Dr. Lighthill, of New York, who, atter a short and painless course of treat, ?lent, enUtely restored my hearing. I hearU 1} recommaud Dr. Ldghthiti to the deaf. Fbbobkjck Kobbbtson. Residence near Port Saratoga. WA-- arN'GTON, I>. G., March 'i, h-'M. Tbi.t- is to certify that having been afl'e. -?d for twenty years with deafness, and having tried some of the most eminent doctors of our city without any relief, I at last heard of Dr. Lighthlll and put myself under his care. His ir??at*ieiit was brief, and successful. I am now completely restored, and the cureis ap parently permanent. I have all confidence In Dr. LdRhtbiU's skill, ard would advise all af tMc'-ed with deafness to go and consult him ut once. Joobph Wjiitjjky, Residence near Hand liui streets. Remarkable Cure K IkalnrM. Vfyw tfie Krr. Joseph M. Clarket R'.cUw ?f St. Jamft1 Church. fiYRAcriK, February 20,1BG4. 1 have been deaf in one ear, ever Flnce I was in college, some twenty years, ago. By tte skill ol Dr. Liighthill, its hearing was entirely restored, so that now I hear alike with both ears, aad I find that I can use. my voice with much more ease an4 comfort than before. Jcwm'H m. Ciahkb. mar 30-eofiw BALLS, PABTIB3, &c. fcMGHTH OJtAND AS3HMBI.Y -T> OP THK * AMERICA* HOOK AND l.Al>DKK CO., No ODD FELLOWS* HALL,t Tim* Yard,) THURSDAY NIGHT. April 14 IS61. H The committee will n?? tr u'niost endeavors to make this* pleasant ti*?e for nil who may favor ii- with their patronage. A genoral invitation in iwtended to all the ladles, a- no specials will ht-rvvl. Tickets, admitting ? gentleman and ladies, fifty <*?? ute. No postpoKeaient account of the vr.-atb?*r J W.Cross. James Anderson, A.H V ermillion. Thomas Johuson, Geor*.' K. Hop pel I. Dancing ti> commence st t> <? .dock. apf't* ^KCOND tt RAND liALL 1 OKTHR INDEPENDENT SOCIAL CU B To be given ut the TEJTPEK A SCP 11.11./. K -tr> < t } etwoen 9th and lt#tb streets, on THURSDAY EVENING, April lith The members of the Club return their sincere thanks to their friends and the public for pant fa vom and respectfully solicit their patronage at i?ir Second Grand Ball, and w-> promise those that will favor us with ,their preiniiCf wi evening of p!ep?ure. Tiid celebrated H^ly IIIII Band ha?been engaged for the occasion. Tickets One Dollar, admittine a gei tleman and Indies. By order of Cjruniittce. ap7 71* T. f.. CLARK. Sec'y. a PERSONAL. JVTol U. K.?All pr rsons ire hereby warne<l ajrali st I* p'lrcbapine either ol tl-e follnwiru d<?B'rit \4 prorniKory not?*s :?One not s for live di liars, i< aide thirty days after date; six for the sum of t dollars t-aab, payable respectively two,thr>-e.four, five. and ?even ?uontlif- after date; and one for e<?M dollars and twenty-five conts, payable f>i ;iit months at't.T date. All of *aid notes are-dnted March 12.1364, eacli made i>a>able t" J' hn K. Bi ii r:nsor order: sijrred M.fher S. mark] italic and viti.esscd by E. U Bates. Th>< above dis-or.b.'d t.otts are without consideration; were obtained by t oerriott. and will act b- paid. ap 11-3t* l'HALIND BARNJSS. GEKTT.FmTn ABOr T STARTING Business in tli is city is desirous of foviitiufc the acquaiut aiovj of a young ln<' y of some neans that will loau I-1in a : mail sum with a view to inatrinioay. Ad dress ?' Geo. II. Stephens." Wasbingt'in, D. O. hp 9-2t* A PERSON about to resign his situation, will treat with any one desiring the -nine. Ad drens, in hand-writing, A.B.CARLTON, Star or General Poat Office. apH-.'lt" BOAHDING. JX> ^ BP.?Six or s^yen g.>nt!t?nien ca.-j be ai-fiom J mod ate t with board and lodging. <n reason libl" terms, at No. J3I Z& street, between K and L, near Penn. avenuff. aprtlw* BOA TIDING ?Pleat silt rooms and first clss* borrd, at 1.16 O street, between auth r.ud 21nt. Terms tat per month. ap4-!w* ^IMllS IS TO GIVE NOTICK, That thesnhfieH t l er has obtained !rom tho Orphans' Court of Washington county. In the District of Cotun.liia, letters of administration oh the peronal erlate of Villiaui Alldred, laU< of WashingU.u .-ity, D. C-, deceased. All persons having claims against th? s.?id d?'i*? )j?cd ni^l herpV.y warned ti exhibit the same, with the vourber* thereof, to the subscriber, on cr before the 25th day of March next; they may otherwise by law be excluded froia all uf tbo said estate. Given under my band this 2f>th day of March. A. I?. 'Wl. JOSEPH GAWLER, mh 29-lawJw* _ Admintrtrator. Si'RlNO STOCK. 486 4^0 ..PAPKRHANOINGS ..4^6 opened, a beautiful assortment of Gold and Velvet, Gold Embroidered and medium priced Gilt Papers. Also, a varied and choice stock of Satin and Blank Papers, Border's, Statues, Center Pieces, if. Orders for Paper hangings or Window Shades punctually executed in city or country. Terms cash for goods ana labor. _ _ J. MARKRITER. Ho. t&G 7th street, eight doors above sp 1-1 Air Odd Pellows^Hal!^ fpO MILK AND VEKD^MEN.?IftO harrela Corn J. Heal, partia!ly damaged, for sale Tow by JOSEPH 9. CRBAMKR, 471 tHh etrcet, square helow ? WANTS. A\ * s. I> -'T * r,-4r*r'a ?le ?o '.ai, a - T T T" \ * ? T.'ON as coo's. tin? n"? objection ?? go in the rtun'ry A'dr-^ss Hot No. 47 Star OHice. It* \V ANTI D?A VdniUR~U \ppfr v v to XLYbXK A CO., 95 Louisiana a?C'U.e, 9th and H>th st*. It* WrANTED?A first-ra te 1 O VF BREAD BAKER. A pp.j tc TIIOS. U WLNNER, 317 C street, betw een 6tb and 7th. hp II-St* V4" AN TED-A ?<<:-k COOK, at No. 3*"?5 1 street, ? v W*>-?n jrfb anl J3th streets. Good waj^es WxHjM ? ? ? D. ?p U 'Jt* V?7 ANTED?A chambermaid and nurs*. v v l:q iir- at 4 15 Ninth street, few doors above y. orpo*;t-JTh>nt Office. apll 3t* WANTED?By twe young M OM EN, situations, one ms cook. the other as chambermaid or nur*a. IM-bw rail fur two days, 14th street, be tween E B'.i F. near St. Malhew's Academy. * \\rANTKr>?A WOMAN to wash and iron, ant .1 ? do general housework in a small family. In quire at No. 3"?SI C ftreet, between 41? and 6th. sip ll-St* Fmrnished room wanted between the Capitol ard Nary Yard by a young man. Mu ft be convenient to cars. Address J. J., at this office. __ Hp H-2t* WA N T V D-.CB ARK F.K PF.R. Also, a WOM AN to Cook. Wash and Iron. Apply to JOHN. C. GILLF.N. 225 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Willant's. apll-2t* YOI NQ"GIRL WISH IS TO GET A 8ITCX TION ax CHAMBERMAID or NURSH. Ap ply immediately at No. 94 26th street, between 1 and K sts. Good reference" giveu. It* WANTED?By a respectable woman, a BIT T'AT ION as cook, washer and ironer, in a private family. Please call at No. 956 20th street, between L ard M streets. It* V%'AN TED?A first-class family COOK to com " rnerice May 1st; an Irish Catholic preferred. Call a* 422 isth street, corner New York avenue. ap 11 3t? \\T ANTED? A respectable young WOMAN who vy understands dining room work. Also, a CHAMBERMAID who understand* her business. None other apply at the Herndon Uouse, corner 9th and F sts. ap ll-3t* WANTED?By a gentleman and la^y in a private family, good, plain, substantial BOARD, with the comforts of a nome. Pay prompt and terms must be moderate. Address, stating terms, loca tion, 4 c., Bo* 4 i*tar Office. It* ANTED TO PURCHASE?A amall HOUSE, containing seven or eitcht rooms. One situ ated between 6th and 14th streets and north of New York avenue pralerred. Address through P. O., tlating terms, " 'vility, A e.. G. W. M. ap ll-3t* W" ANTED?a private family a competent COOK, who can also do the Washing and Ironing. Apply at No. 537 15th street, bet. B and C.Island. Good references required. Incompetent yersoun need not apply. Watt*:* liberal, apll-St* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A respectable WO MAN to Cook, Wash and Iron for a small private family. Liberal wages given. References required. Apply at 392 L street, between Mthand Vermont arenue. It* %VANTED?At No. 378 E street, between 8th Yw and 0th ets., a good WAITER. ap9-lw* WANTED? A first-rate plain COOK. Also, a VV good WASHER and IRONER. Applyat2tt4 F street, between 13th and 14th fits. m> 9-3t* \1/ANTED?A good WOODWORKER on wagon T? woi k. Apply at 498 0th street. ap9-St% JACOB WILSON. ANTED?A Mvod SEAMSTRESS and assistant Nl'RSE. The best reference required* Apply corner of F and IHth streets. No. 1 74. ap 9-21* ANTED?A WHITE MAN aw head -waiter. Also, a WUit^ Girl to wash dishes at th? Mitchell House, corner 13th and E sts. ap 9-4t* _ _ GEO. H. MITCHELL. ANTED?A REPORTER of city news, and six CANVASSERS, for a new evening paper, Addrema P. O. Box 732, giving names and resi dent. *P 9-2t" VITIATION WANTED.BY A RESPECTA - ble young girl a.- chambermaid, nr nurss; has ro objection to go in the country. Call on I street, at 191, between 2*'th and 21?-t street?, for two days. ^.HpJ^-Zt* ANTED?At J.J. Cook's Carriage and Wagon - ?* Factory, Bridge ^reet, Georgetown, near the market, a Carriage and Wagon SMITH. Best WHse* given. None but a good hand n?*ed apply. ap 9-.U* Ofkll MEN WANTED -Carpen,U-rs and good ?\t\t Scorers and Hewers, to get out Railroad Tier, in Maryland. Apply to P. R. IIARING, at Riddle A Mortimer's <ir?cery Store, corner lrtth street and Maryland avenue. ap 9 3t* ANTED?A sober, honest and in?lustrious COLORED WOMAN, to cook; al-*o, a young Colored Woman for a house servant?both of yhom will he expected to give satisfactory refer* encei?-will h'-ar of a comfortable home by apply ing at No. 213 Bridge st.. Georgetown, ap 9-3t* WKT~NUR8E~W A NT ED.?A ppl y between the /V hours of 8 and 9. :\nd 12 and 1 o'clock, tf> Dr. W. P. JOHNSTON. 466 7th street. ap n-3t* ANTED.-A H0STLKR. Enquire at Flem mingN National Stables. ?n C street, be tween 4>* and 6th streets. A white man pre ferred. ap S St* VVANTED? A SALESMAN in a Dry goods ? v Store?one well acquainted with the business and who can come well recommended. GEO. 8. JOHNSON A CO., or JOHNSON X SC P TON, 621 Seventh street. aP3-3t* Y!/ANTED?A person as PARTNEti. with one ?? who has just received a Sutlers hi p. where a good business can be made. He wi'-thave trom to capital. Address PARTN&R, Even inir Star Office, stating where *? inU-r? iew can be had. ap 3-3t OARD WITH ROOMS. WANTEI?. from the _ j nth in?t., by ? gentleman and his wife, either in a private family, or where there are but f?w boarders, in a location convenient to the Treas ury Department Address A J. B., Office Corap troller of the Currency. Treasury Department. ap 8-3t* _____ IHIIj HORSES WANTED. War Pi:pahtmkkt. Cavalry Br re ac. 1 Ojfu t of Chief Quartermaster, > Was HuitJTOH, D. C., A pril 8,1864. N One hundred and fifty ($1S!) dollar* per heal will he paid for all . CAVALRY HORSES delivered wttliin the n^xt fifteen (15)days at the Government Siahles, Giesb?ro. I). C. _ Said horses to be sound in all pMrticulars. not less than fiv* {r.> nor more than nine (9) years old; from lC-a t.. l<> hands hi^h, full Heslied. comy-vctly built, bridle ?vif>e, and of si/.e sufficient for cavalry purposes. .... ? Thfft >p'rif\mtion* will be strutly adhered to and ri?Tdly tn'nrrtd >n n-eri particular. Payment made on delivery of ten(l!>)and over, llo'urs of inspection from <* a. iu. to ii p. m. J A.MKS A . EE IN . Lieut. Colonel ar, 1 *p !?: Lit Chief Quartermaster. Cavalry Bureau. ANTED?For a small family, a well Fl'H . . N1SHED HOUSE, pleasantly situated for the summer. Addi'esn \c'RIGHT, Box 11 Star Oflice, <l|>7Iw* iTFFICE DEPOT COMMISSARY OF S(T?SIST " ? ENdE. W <. ?ms?;ToM, D O.. April .1. ixt4. WANTED?OXE lil'N DKEU tiOOD BAKERS at tiie Government Bakery in this citv, on O street, between Twenty fourth and Twenty-fifth streets. S.C. >?REENE, Captain C. S. V. f- AArt~ToN8 BONE %^ANTF.D.?Tho under signed will pay one dollar per lt_K> lbs. for all green camp and hospital Bones, delivered ?t their Factory, corner 27tli and G sts. nib ?7 lii MORGAN A RHINEHART. LADTES WANTED TO C \ LL AT B W t t\ I.ADTKS W AHT K U TU -?i OU,lMMI PRINCE'S Stamping D-p^t. .i8l 1 only piactical hand in t1 e city. Be aure yon go to F street, opposite Pateni. Oflice. mlj 4 iK'A NTF.T) IMMEDIATELY?200 LADIES to v> Embroider on Muslin, Linen and Cambric. To i^ncd h!mds eonsts.?it work and good wasr.'s civen Ladies applving will please bring samples ;,i fork Apply at WM. PHINCE'S Stamping and Machine Ktit. hing Depot, 3"?1 F street, oppr.stte Patent Office. !?_*!_ \tCT\ N IK D-SECOND-11 AND FI'BNITURE. v r Ai.-o, Mirrors. Carpets. Beds, Bedding and li -usefuicisijing Ooods of every description. R. Bl'CHLY 428 7th street, nih 3" tf het. 0 and 11, east side. WMHMWV' 'lUSBKSSUIBMMMMNt LOST AND FOUND. IOST? A hul' terrier BTTCH. white, with Macld a eves ard nose and a very sinail black spot on* titie side of the body; much scarred about the head. Five dollars will be paid upon returning hereto No. 2 Louisiana avenue. It J-nvT-ZrlTth"e"fiEder of an ENVELOPE contain i In: a number of photographs with my name it von 11 y> 111 leave the same al Mr. Shepherd s book st.r ?. corner of 7th and D streets.or drop the same in the post oflice. a luvor will be t t!V",;?by on J ur > L. C. WRIGHT. r 08T?Yepterda^lSun laj) morning, on H street, 1 t between Sth arid 10th. tear the Church o| the Ascension.a lady's BRLAi TP IN with two small birds in Mosaic represented upon it. The linlt r will be liberally rewarded and r eceive th?tlianliB of tbe owner by Laving it ** No. 472 n street, or by giv:i: ?{ information as to where it may be obtained, ap 1L3f BKW ARD FOR A LAR(tE BLAOK N'KW^ t??iU FOUNDLAND DOG, tent moiUhe old, k'ntyed or WAfl from the pun^criber ftnout tlirire weeks ago, answern to nauusof L<h). Any one returning the 4ojf will receive the ward ?ind the than-ts of the i^vner. A. LEHN E, Old Depot, ap 11-St* Corner Penna. av. and ad street. QtOr REWARD WILL BB GIVEN TO THE gJ.) tinder of a black POCKET BOOK, which HTMh lo"t ih-ivetu aveuue au'l a. aveiw^ oa 6th or 7th -ts.. containing between SP 2T? and *15>; alsc. the letters M E. figure ? and ahixth Corps Paige, hy leaving it at Star Office, or grocerystore Corner Mas.-, aveaue ?n1 <*th sts %T> 9-.'it* F1 T/< i hR V LP ?v n H A WAN. iE>?ir REWARD?Stolen fr;m my stab'e this morning, a DA RK BAY HORSE, with one white an,,t ovi r the hoof on the hind leg, and sr.Kr iu t? e forehead. I will give the above reward if the s,id horse la returned** me. Q VRRiq(> apS-3t* 11th St., near Navy Yard Bridge. This is to oivk noti ckthat the sub scriber has obtained from the Orphans Court of Washington County, in the District of Columbia. letters of administration on the personal estate of HenrvC. Wilstorf, late of Georgetown, D. L., de ceased. All persons having claims against the said dece:ised are hereby warned to with the veuehers tnceof. to the sIJiHJk*w wii^'by ^aw^be e cr"!er tRr fcand tii# yMx'VLYwi:*' I f Auia^ui?ttktvr. FOR RENT AND 8ALK. Fc": :uNT a pari or ??,) BKDtt-tOM. ?u:t Ml for t-vo geut.emen, on the first floor. Ai-e. t*p b<vJroomii on the second fioor. Apply *' 3*1 y ?tre?t. between ?th andjftth. ap U 3t* Ftrmphkd house for rent?Being 331 II street, between 6th and 7th, containing 10 rooms. with wnter and $a?. Po-session given May 1 or Jure 1. Apply at ;?0** L street, between 9th and 1' tb. ap ll-at* 1/OR RENT?A large STORE ROOM , on the first floor of the Medical College. on the corner of F and 12th streets. This is an excellent stand for nr> business. Apply to I>r. 3 AMES K. MORGAN, comer of 15th street and Maryland htouu*. Island. ap Iljft* LNiR RENT-A large BRICK HOUSE, ha?i?<r r been thoroughly repaired throughout, con taSning fifteen rooms including a large dinin* room, parlors, _ A e., situated on Hiph street. Georgetown, suitable for a hotel ..boarding-house. tc. Immediate possession giren. Inquire at No. ?"i7 Thirteenth btreet, between E and F, between e. I _.i7 T_ ISand 1 nV-lof*. apll-2w* I^OR7SALE-A?tbreestory brick DWELLING. w ith a fine large store r?>om attached to satne_. ? tuated on the corner of 6th street west and N street north Apply to WM LORD, corner of 5th street w< st and <t street north. ap ?-lw* URN IPH ED ROOMS FOR RKNT?P:. r and Bed Room, suitable for gentlemen's -lines* rooms. Also, a small Sleeping Room. One of the best locations in the city. No. 450 6th street, be tween E and F sts, ap 9 .tt* RIVATE PAIjE-A new th-ee-etory BRICK HOUSE, with two-story baek building, con tains eight rooms. No. 192 fourth street,between L and New York avenue. Price $3.1100. Posses sion immediate. If not sold fcySlst May. will be sold at auction. Apply to JORN F. CREWS, 4 2 4 Seventh street. apO-lw* 1^0RRENTI:a welPfurniehed HOUSE in on* or r the most beautiful and healthy locations in the city. No. 39 Missouri avenue, between 3d and l1-. streets. It has 10 ohambers, parlors and dining room, gas all through the house, water in kitchen and yard, carriage house and servants' lodge, suit able for either private or l>oarding house Pos session given if desired the lath of April, ap 9-2t* CxhTsALF.That valuable BUSINESS PROP 17 ERTIf. situated at corner of Seventh and K streets, fronting the Northern Liberties Market House Also, two small BRICK HOUSES, on K street, between 6th and 7th. A long eredit on pay ments of money. For particulars inquire of Dr. A. J. BORLAND, No. 432 Massachuaette avenue, between 6th and 7th Btreets. ap 9-7t* WO NICBLY FURNI8HKD BOOMS, with first elan* board, at 301 G street, between 13th and 14th streets. ap 8-lw? I?OH RENT?In a private house, a handsomely r furnished Parlor and Chamber adjoining. Also, a single Chamber; at No.47tt Fifteenth street, between P<-nn. avenue and F street. ap3-3t* F~0R~SAL?-A small FRAME BUILDING, suit" able for a restaurant. It will be sold reason able, as the owner wants to go North. For fur. ther particulars inquire at 140 G street, near iZd ap 8-3t* H>R RENT?Four neatly furnished ROOMS. No. F F ? 56f* H street, near 5th. Will be_ rAted to gether or single. Also, one large Attic, suitable for two or three gentlemen as sleeping room. ap 8-3t* * 1^0 RKNT?On* large furnished ROOM, suitable for three gentlemen. Also, s -veral small far nished rooms, with or without board. Inqnir* at the corner of Third street and Missouri avenue. aptj-3t* ' ripW0 1?TORY FRAME HOUSE FOR RKNT sit JL unted on Duubarton street, south siile, be tween Montgomery and Green streets. No. 63; four rooms and kitchen: f<as and water attached. For particulars inquire at 54 Dunbarton street. &P 8-St* FOR RKNT?The DWELLING No. 427 Seventh I street, between G and H. Inquire at the store | cf W. B. LEWIS, Auctioneer. ap 7-lw fpOR 8ALE-A LIVERY STABLE with horses, carriages, buggies, harness. Ac. Inquire at this office. apfl-lw* IARGE BRTCK DWELLING on II north, be jt tween 6tb and 7th we?t. 525, will be sold for |8,(C0. Immediate pow?et*!*ion. Terms easy. Would also Fell other improved aud unimproved property in convenient locations. B. MILBURN. ap ti-lm* 324 I street north. 2?OR RENT?j\ two story FRAME HOUSE, con _ taiiiing a store and three rooms, on the cor ner 01 Frederick and 3d streets, Georgetown. In quire on the premises. ap B-lw ? OR SALE?Bight years' LEASE of a Storeroom on Pa. avenue, loe-ated between 11th and 13th sts. Rent onlv per month. A good stand for anf business. MITCHELL A SON. Real Estate Brokers, ap5-lw* S.E. corner Pa. av. and 15th fit. F~i?OR SALE OR RENT-That flrst class DWELL ING HOUSE and lot of ground at the south west corner of Prince and Columbus streets, Alex andria. Title perfect ana immediate possession g;*en. Inquire of JAMES A. HTOL'LKNBERG, Alexandria, or of t!i? subscriber. Franklin Row, Wa-hington, cornet 13th and K sts. ap 3 lm? J. n. LATHROP Houses kor saie. A Corner Lot. 130 feet front on Pa. ??., con taining 22,300 square feet of ground, improved by stores, offices, and residences; is one of the best locations for a first-class hotel In Washington. The whole of this excellent property can bo pur chased f0r 4dar..mO?925.i?? cash, balance on lone A^fine Brick Residence on K St.. oppo. Franklin Square. 12 rooiris, 36 by 133 ft to 30 foot paved al ley. stable and carriage house -_#10,<M0 Desirable Brick on llth st., near Pa. av.,2(3 by too. 10 rooms ? 8.000 Brick Residence on L st., 23 by 1ST, 10 rooms, guod stable ? . .- - ? ? ? ---? ? ? ? - ? 5.600 A substantial BricK.on<l and 3d, 18 by 100.8 rooms ?.<*? A snug little Brick House, on L st., lo by 100, 6 rooms - - 2.300 Frame Dwelling, 16 roome, and 10,900 feet of ground.. : i.OOl) A neat Frame House, on llth st., 12 by 100. 6 rooms.. 1 ,'VO One on 6th rt.. bet. N and O st-s.. 33 by l'J>>. 6 rooms - I Two Frames on N St., bet. 4th and 0th stf=, 13 by 130, 4 rooms, each 1.1* Building Lots in all parts *f the city. A number of desirable Farms for sale MITCHELL & SON, Real Estate Broker*. ap4-tMl 8. E. corner Pa. av. and 15th st. 170R SALE?T^THOUSENo. 4?6.Mass. avenue, between 4th and 0th streets, will be stud low for cash. Possession given 1st of June. Also, a LoT containing 32 acres of land on the t irnpike road, near Bladensburg; adjoins the larins ot Messrs.-Dodge and Rives. Several other pieces or parcels of land in the same locality for sale. Ad dress J. W. VEITCH, Attorney at La-.v, Bladens burg, Md^ rT^TIREE DESIRABLE BRICK HOUSES AND A 1 number of VACANT LOTS in the Western part of the city at PRIVATE SALE.?We otTer for sale two three-story Brick Dwelling Houses, Nos.21 and 23 Pennsylvania avenue.betwc-en Twen ty-fourth aud Twenty fifth streets.contaimngeu-h fifteeu rooms, with large hall and all the modern improvements. The houses are in fine condition, having lately been thoroughly repaired. At tached to one ef the houses is a side lot 22 feet on the avenue, with choice fruit trees, CIAiso? 'a^three-htory Brick Dwelling, No . T? K Rtreet. with side lot,and coutP.ining nin? roo ns, with hall. . Also, a number of 1 aoant Lots, fronting about 21 leet each on Pennsylvania avenue, between Twenty fourth and Twenty-fifth streets west. _ For terms. A c. apply toJAS. C. McGUIR? ? CO., Auctieneers. ap 2-d2w U*0R RENT?\Vith or without Board, an excel t 1? nt PARLOR and several well furnished BED ROOMS, at 4 50 1.1th street, within five minutes walk of the Kirk wood House, Willards and the Patent Offi-e. Post Office aud Treasury and State Departments. The location is unsurpassed^ in Washingt* d. No children in the house. de27-tt VT(iK SA IjE. (and immediate possession giv*?n.) a I* three--tory BRICK HOUSE, with back build ine. No. 17 1 2d. between Band C streets west. For terms apply to CHAS. II. LANE. 424 Penn. avenue, near 4}s street mh H.eotf LTOiTlKAMX OB RENT-A large quantityi of P tuilding L0T8. S micutes walk ot the Pr? ?i dect's llotiM- and all the oWoePin the First U ard. A. J ARDIN. Florist, Tnhl.r-lm 18th at., cor, of_ar F*0K BAiTi-A tirat rate two a tori FRAMJI HOUS1, coi.talrune niae rooma, tot*thar with r <ne Bnildtng L0T8. all aet,out with chowsat frnit. such a* ?>eacue?. psars, plums, cherries, arapia. au o! Jhe b?st aeUctica; with a panj) of exoellent w?ter in ?hs jard; on the corner of<* ana 15th ata., a_-d p?nn. avenue east. For fartter pirticalara call atreaidenee Ko. 575. n.PRml I&b7-liu* P. CARROLL. G i RAY'S PATENT MOLDED COLLARS Have now been b< fore the public for nearly a y-??r They are universally pronounced thu ueatest a-'id best fitting collarn extant. The upper edge presents a perfect curve, free from the angles noticed iu all other collars. The cravat causes no puckers on the inside of tha. tt;rr-down collar; they are as SMffOTH INSIDB AS OUTSIDE, and therefore perfectly free aud easy to the neck. The Garotte Collar ha-s a smooth and evenly fin ished edge on both iid'*. These Collars are not simply fit p'vivd of paper cut in the form of a collar, but are molded and ? ? shaped to fit the neck. t They are nade in "Novelty," (or t^rn-down style.-i in every half size from 12 to 17 i&hes, and in "Kareka." (or Garotte.) from 13 to p inches; and packed in " folid aiaes" in neat blue carton*, containing 100 each; also in smaller ones of ten each?the latter a very handy pactnge for travelers army and navy officers. . 93T Bvery Ooliar is stamped " GRAY'S PATEN1 MOLDED COLLAR." Sold by all dealers iu men's furnishing goods. The trade supplied by WALL, ST1PHAN8 ft CO., mar 3^ frSrrt 322 Pa. avenue, Washington. TTTjcT WINDOW 8HADK8. 486 Now opening, spring stock Gilt Band Window Shades. Shade Cord, Tftwelaand *l.*turea. . Shades of iuiy required ?tyle or siie made to or AUCTION SALES. pom, one u auction ?jujg ?? ibt m> I THIS AFTERNOON AMD TO-MORRO W . V WM. L WALL * OO , Aaction?*ra. W. corner Pa. av. and f?;h #? B _ GROCERIES, LIQUORS. CIGAR*. AND TOBAO ? 00 AT AUCTION. On Tl t>DA> MORNING, the 12th liaknt. e* V o'clock, we will f?U the Auction Room*? Barrel* White ?n<1 Yellow Sugar, Chests Tea. boxes Sperm sad Adamantine (JitllN, Barrels Coff e ?nd boxes do , Buckets, Tubs, and Tray*. Boxes Brcwn, Yellow, and Castile Soap. BarKet* of Tinware, Boxes Ginger and Cinnamon, Cases Whirtfj-, lemijohat Brandy ?d! WHUkay. J?fv??Or-ifl. Dipuy and S. O. P. Br?s<r, wl Claret Older Bexea llavara Tobacco and Cfgmra. Urtgvea ard quarter* Brai dy, c*ws Jamaica K>tm, Gibson s XXX, Old Bourbon, Mid other brande. Berrela Whhkev, v*ricu.s brands, I ndershirt- and Clothing. A quantity ?jf Small Stores and Sutler's Gooda. ALfH) "platform Bcsles: 9nicar Mill; a Swan's Bode Fonn tarn, complete, cost $150, and only beeo n*a4 a month: boxes Boot*, Shoes ? ap?:t ts. Shoes .and ^taaw Hat*. Ac. WM. 1,. WALL A OO , Aectn. gT THOMAS DOWLING. Anct't; Georgetown. HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN VrHTIITUU At AUCTION. OnTUEBDAY MORNING. April lttk. 1M4, at IP o'clock. 1 will ?*!!,-?i Ho. 160 Washington street, abeve Want street, flcorjf.'town, a general nasafl ment of Household and Kitchen Furniture, cm flrtini; ot Hai r cloth Parlor Furniture, Bedsteads,Mattresses and Bedding, Bureau*. Carpets, Chairs, Table*. w.,Ae.. Secretary and Bookcase: Louage. Mirrors, Ae . Kit eh en. Parlor and otner 8teres. And a general assortment of Purnitum numerous to mention. Terms cask. aofi-d THOMAS DOWLING, A^<*. |^T WM. B. LEWIS A CO , Auctioneer*. THIS EVENING, at 7~</clocg at o?r store. If*. 4i!7, Seventh street, we shall sella splendid as aortmcnt of Photographic Albania, Vacuity Mr " Stationery aad Paney Oooda. Silver plated 1 as lee Pitchers, Castors, Tea Betta, Bratts Bpooae. Porks, te . fine Table and Pfteket Cutlery, (HU and Silver Watches. Jewelry, Chains, Pi Pencil*, fine G?Jd Setts, Rings, Ac.. with variety of Fancy and useful nr'ielep. ap.11 lw WM B. LTWI8 A Go. Auoia. JJY 3. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers FOUR 11ANDSOMH BUILDING LOtSON KOKTM N STREET. BETWEEN BIXTH AND BKT ENTH STREETS. On FKIDAY AFTERNOON, April IS. at(o'oloeA, on the premises, we shall sell four handsome Bsild icg Lots on the south side of North N street, ten tween fith and 7th streets west, fronting eaoh If feet 10* inches, and running back Iu6 feet to a 16 footaliey. The eastern Lot forme the ouroer of a street 44 feet wide called Oregon street. Ternn: One third in cash, th- remainder in ait and twelve months with interest sec a red by a deed of trust on the premises. Conreysnces at the oost of the purchaser. ap II J. C. McGllRB A CO.. Anota. [YJ.C. McGUIRE A CO., Anctioncerc. B' THIRTY-SIT DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS O* FOURTEENTH STREET AND ANACBT THERETO. AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On MONDAY AFTERNOON. April 18. at Ok o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell the easterw half of Square No. 3P4. ?ub-divide1 Into thirty six desirable building lot*;, sixteen of them fronting UP feet on Fourteenth street, between U and V streets, and extecding back ljn feet to a 15-foot alley, and twenty fronting 17 feet each on U and V streeta, near Fourte?utn atreet. and extending back te a3P foot alley. Terms: One half cash; the reminder in tkre* and six months, with interest, secured hp deed of" truat cn the prunisea. Conveyances at thf cost of the purchaa*rs. SSTIot* of the lots n ay be obtained at the aur tionrooma. ap.ll-7t J. C. MCGUIRE A CO.. AocU ( GOVERNMENT SALE. * ? EMPTY BARRELS!?EMPTY BARBELS !! Will be sold at pubHo auction at Sixth atreet wharf. Washington, D. C..on WEDNESDAY, April i'.at llo'elock.a. tn., the following einpt> barrels, more or less, ri* : l.itoPork Barrels, 1,000 CofTee Barries, (heavy ? 25*1 Whisky Barrels, 150 Hum Barrels, M Flour Barrels. ISO Molas*es Barrels, if*) Yinegar-Caeka. Terms, each, in Government funds. G. BILL, ap.U 9t Lieut. Col. and C. BP B TJ.C, McGUIRE A CO.. Auctioneers. HANDSOME BUILDING LOTS ON M STRJtMT NORTH. BETWEEN FOURTH AND F1PTM STRKKT9 WJSST On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, April l?th, at h o'clock, 03 the premises, we skall sell original L^t, No. 18. in Square No. 514, divided into three hand some Building Lots, fronting each 21.H feet on It street north. between 4th and Btii streets west, aal running bark to a 30 foot ?l!ey. Tb'&o Lots are located in a healthy and very de sirable put of th? city, for a private residence, and command a besatiful view of the whole City. Also, ab sane tim.e a rmall and desirable Lot an north ? street, near the corner of 4th, being part of Lot 2; in Square fill. Terms: one-third cash. the balance in six, twel va. and eighteen months with interest, and secured hy a deed i>f trnst. C inrey&bceoat coatof the purchaser. Title? per 'ap'9-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO..Ane>a. J^Y J C. Sl< (4UIRE A- CO., Auctioneers. TWENTt*-TIIREB DESIRABLE BUILDINR LOTB IN Til E NORTHERN f ART OP THE SECOND WARD AT PUBLIC SALE On SATURDAY AFTERNOOM. April 16th, at 4* o'clock. on the premises, we shall sell to the high est bidder. the whole of Square No. 3? and Square north of Square No. .1'U.Mib divided into yooisiaad Building Lots, fronting respectively on Vermont avenue and 11th street west, between Sand T streets north, ai d Ytrmont avenue and 12th street west, between R and S streets north. Vermont avenue has been pared on the west Kid* to the I'.oundary of the City, and is destined to be ! one or the finest streets in that section of the City. Terms: one third cash, the balance in six and twel v?s mouths with interest, secured by a desdoC trust on the premises. Convvjancs at the coatef the porcbastr ft/'l'it !? of the property may be obtained at the Auction Booms. ? ap 1 d J. C. McGUIRE A CO , Auc1*. B Y J. C. MrGUIBE A CO.. Auctioneers. ? URN IT r H E AND PERSONAL EFFECTS Of HIS EXCELLENCY BI DOLPll SCULKIDEV, AT PCB1.IC ~ALK On WEDNESDAY MORNINC. April "?th, at IP o'clock, at the rooms of his Ercelf^n^" Rntfolph Schlfiion. Minister tf the Hansettic .R?publics, corner Sixth-nod I) streets, we shall Sfll all hip Hour el: old furniture sni Effects coTupr:sing? ET^elifut Bo -kcas--?. Deo'^ Tabl??. Et.ieer*?<, S<iff s, A:mand E v?> Chaire, Car^ett., CuttfiinP. Gat, Fixmres, S'at J"ttes. Bronr.e8, Fine S'-idy and Parlor I arnps. Cloc^" Ac. Gilt and ricbly decorated l>inner. Te* sod Ooffai* S."rvic^sl'rom tne Hcjal Maau factory at B ^rlin. Elegant Dec'?-rt Servict- of Bohemia*! Rilt cil{bt?- 8u pieces, Cry'tal Cut (tlsssri Csntero.Gub ct". Wine?,Tuia blere o'Tarions patterr?. About 700b?ittle8 reiy choice O' l Wine'-.compcl fin?f principsMy? . Cliaiaau Leaviile and Chateau Latour. lr<M, Chntean Lafitte 1W7. ' Clmiibertin Bergundy, Hbtit Bauterue, HuiMM* mer, Hockheimer. 8cbarlackber,rer. Marcobrunor. Old Es'.t Indih Golden Sherry, Muscatel, Fri tijmac. Pontac, Const?r.tia *mM fron.. tbe Cape of Good Hope. Together with many bther article^ no. necesaary to enumerate. Terms cafb. . . _. _ . ^Catalogue of Wineo issued previous to s*l?. ap 9 (1 J. C. WcGLIRl A CO.. Auoia, A UCTI0N ItOTICli. TI1CRSDAY. April 14th, 1861, at 10 o'clock, or a credit. By SCOTT A STEWART. Salea rooms <>22 Chestnut st. and615 Saasoi* st . Philadelphia, TRADE SALE OP 18.'.,000 PIECES OF PKENCH. ENGLIl H, AND AMERICAN PAPER HANGINGS, comprising Gold and Velvet l'spera. Lon* Stair pud Ocla Jfapers, Fine Ha-idprint Pep?ra, Borders, Mouldings, Gold Velvet and Gay Decora tion. French and Eogrliah Funcy and Gold Pap*ra, Mjktliine Satins, Whita aud Brown B auks. Pit? Boards, Vestibule and Dining ro .m Ornaments, with a lar<e a^ortment of French Medallions, Cen tres Circles Siatuee A.C.. ia feet the Bujst au1 larg'ft asaottment of Wall Papers ever offered m tkla country at pnblic sale, being theatock of man ufacuiriEjj and importing Louaea; Vo be aoid at on* Sale* Rooms. . . 688 Cbestnnt htreet, et J t? 1 j 9:inaora street, On THURSDAY M0PNTNG, April 14th, And to be eont cued daily, until the whole >?*{? p<,sed of. 8a'e to c.ommer ^e at 10 o clock precisely. Catalogues reaiy three days previous to _ N B.?All papt-ra warranted one shade and same ""aiSSt" 8^P>' SCOTT A STEWART. AncU. y^NAND AFTKR THIS DATE THE OPPIC1 S'ables of flOM ARD A ROUSE. ou?HKHBS G. betw#' n 6th and 7th atret ts Washington. D. C-. April 4. ld^. ap5-lm ^ S^BT * Pa y K K R s, :,V No 460 15th 8t.,Oppobit? tub TaiASCPi*..-. ? United States Bonds of all deacri ptions. Qoarter mastera5 Checks, Gold. Silver and Unenrr??t Money bought and sold. Stock a bought and aold at the New York stock exchanre solely oc oommtt sicn. Drafts fumiahel and coliecUons made en the most favo*b<e lerint. ?P ?-?w? Ff.t> aALE?Cft.f1?0 extra choice hardy ??? Blncmlng Magnolim, Trte?/JP' W atr"-*ks. Olo*atite. Orange and Lemon Trae* Vsr'o- "lants. 4.C.. Ornem rtlal Treea. Bkrahe. cftmhi.iV Kyerareenw. ^alt Trey,^ Thevoliection c?r pri(M-?the in .at c? .ebrat i ainna ?? ?"*>?? ' ARB N. Jl.rA, taitji-lvi* at., e4?. gf*

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