Newspaper of Evening Star, April 13, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 13, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. W. 1>. WALLACH, Edit WASHINGTON CITY: ..APRtt 13, 1964. WR1ADING MATT BR ON EVERY PAGB BBS OUTBID* FOR INTERESTING TEH GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTER. Washington Money Market. Quotations for swcks, eoin and uncnrrent money, furnished by Lewis Johnson & Co., Banke": Buying. Selling. tT. S. Coupon Ponds, 1S81 115)< llii* II S 5,% NoM.i, Quartermasters'Cheiks W:k ? New Certificates t*?7; ? American tSilver tt0ai55 ? American Gold I70ai?3 N?w York Ratks? First Board. Coupon 6's, 1881, 11G 5.20's, 113*; Certificates of Indebtedness, 9MGold, 175#; Quicksilver, &5%; fcTie, 145. < # I ? I ? ARRIVAL OF THE SASSACUS TheU. S. gunboat Sassacus, which was built last year at the Portsmouth yard, and fitted out at the Boston yard, and which, it will be recollected, was at our Navy Yard in December and January last, arrived here Monday after noon, and will have some slight repairs done to her. Since she left here in January she has been on the blockade oil'Wilmington, and has done valuable service, driving ashore and de stroying two very valuable prizes, the Wild Dayrel and Nntfield, which are said to have been the most costlv blockade runners and car goes which have left England during the war, ore being estimated in London to bo worth over a n.:,lion and the other half a million dollars. The Nntfield was a sixteen mile boat, but the Sassacus, in the chase, made two miles an hour npon her, and had the Nntfield been at sea she wonld have been easily captured, but as it was the was beached. There is considerable feeling on board among the officers and men in relation to some ot the munitions of war taken from tbe two captured * essels and sent here to be adjudged. These goods consisted of muskets, sabres, medicines, iic* and were thought by good judges on board to be worth over *7,000, but after they were f^nt here on the Howquah, condemned, and sold by the court, tbe total amount for distribu tion was reported at about 83,300. The following is a list of the officers of the Saeeacns: F. A. Roe, Lieut Commander; A. W.Mnldaur, Executive Officer, Acting Master, C. A. Boutelle. Acting Master; Edgar Holden, Assistant Snrgeon; G. De F. Barton, Acting A. Paymaster: Edward A. Sawyer, Acting Ensign; August Adler, do; Hobby, 1st Assistant Engineer; Robert N. Ellis, Oscar W. Allison, Dan;el W. Grafly, John W. Huxley, 3d Assist ant Engineers; A. W. O'Hara, T. D. Marble, J. S. O'Brien, Acting Master's Mates; Michael <Jeorge, Captain's Clerk; Gustave DetlalTe, Paymaster's Clerk; Neal Martin, Acting Gun uer. Tfe Florida Expedition.?'The report^f the Committee on the Conductof the War upon tfce Florida expedition affords conclusive proof of the falsity of the copperhead charge that the President authorized this expedition for politi cal purposes. It originated entirely with General Gillmore, who had the sole direction of the affair, ar.d probably failed in conse quence of the departure ol General Seymour Irom his orders. The President, after the military expedition bed been decided upon by General Gillmore, sent out an agent with authority to reorganize | c;vil government in the State; but the Presi- j d-nt in his orders and directions disclaimed any purpose interfering with the plan or di rection of the expedition. ?^"General Grierson had a small fight with Forrest on the bridge which the latter had constructed over Wolf river, and succeeded In destroying it, with slight loss. Forrest is said ' to be contemplating a passageof the Tennessee | with his reinforced army. Preparations are made, however, to resist him. despatch from Louisville, Ky.? (date not given,) says thatCapt. Patrick, with fifteen j men of the 4th Kentucky, surprised eighty reb- ; els at Quicksand creek, killed ten and wound- j ed eleven, and captured all their arms, horses ; and camp equipage. ?yTbe Department of Monongahela, com manded by Major General Brooks, has be??u merged into the Department of the Susqne- , naci.a. commanded by Major General Coucli, and General Brooks is ordered to report to t M sjor General Butler. fy The rebel railroads are represented by refugees as in a terrible condition, trains not he:ng able to make more than ten miles per hour. Large numbers of troops are on their way to Richmond from different portions of the South. ?T'General Nathan Kimball, commanding in Arkansas, declines the nomination recently tendered him by the Union Sfkte Convention Tor L:eutenant Governor of Indiana. W The printers in Cincinnati have struck ftr higher wages, and, iu consequence, the j I'itily Dupatch. and Sunday Independent have t n compelled to suspend publication. % *7" We have received tbe first number of a we<l-filled, har dsomely printed weekly paper, & y led the yational Tempcrance Fountain, started in this city by J. W. Davis and R. B. Millikeu ?y The subscriptions to the Ten-forty loan yesterday amounted to a million and a half of dollars. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. * PRICE OF GOLD. [By the People's Line.] Nlv York, April 13?1<? a. m.?Gold opened ?t 74; lla. m^75^: 1 p. m., TSjif; 3 p. m , 78 5,'a 7-\. C. S. 5.20's, ll3?4all3X; U.S. certificate*, ? ? FROM EUROPE. T he Danish War?The Prussians Repulsed. SiBDv Hook, Noon, April li.?The steamer Virginia, from Liverpool on the 29th, via (.jutenstown on tbe 3<>tn ultimo, has arrived. Low do W, March 1!?.?The Daily News learns that on the gronnd ot difficulties which have arisen a? to the presumptive succession to Aus tria. Archduke Maximilllau has deferred the reception of 'he Mexican notables deputed to r. quest his acceptance of tbe Mexican crown. TLe reception and formal acceptance of the crown would have taken place on the 27th of March. The new Mexican loan is the subject or daily fluctuating rumors. A V enna t-legram to the Times announces ! ii at The Conference of tbe Danish question will ' assemble at London on the lith of April. There is nothing important from the seat of war, only i re small encounter is reported to have taken place at Gravenstein. Austria has given a pledge to England that she will not send .war vessels into the Baltic. i The Morning Post continues to express belief in ?he alleged holy allance. Tbe. Pope of Rome had so far recovered as to participate in the Easter Sunday ceremo nies. Livxr.rooL, April 3?The steamer City of !Ww York struck a rock off Queenstown, and i- a perfect wreck. Her passengers and specie were landed. The water Is over her upper ?'ei Ws at high water. 1 he Prussians attempted to storm Dnppell, M d were repulsed, after five hours' engage it along the whole line. Tbe cotton market is qntet and unchanged. The Manchester market Is ftat, and tending 0 v.-1 ward. Breadstuff's?Flour, very dull, i ending downward; wheat, quiet, and laad. ? t r for winter red; other kinds unchanged. FROM FLORIDA. i.e Steamer Maple Leaf Sank by a Tor ? do?Sixty Passengers en Beard?Foar ? i the trew Drowned. i v York, April 12 The steamer Western v rupolis, from Hilton Head on the yth, has \ed. ! lw Palmetto Herald ha* Florida advicss to lit Inst. Tbe steamer Maple Leaf, while .: ii g to Jacksonville from Pilatka, on the iung of the 1st strnck a rebel torpedo, h exploded, tearing off her bows and sink - in. u?r in a few minntea. Two firemen and deck hards were drowned. The passen t. ? . 'Hi in nam her. were safely landed. Tbe i: age was all lost, including UuU 9t two or tire regiments. A reronnolssance on the 2d Inst, on the Jack j c n \ ille road resulted in sklmMiing with the et-rl pickets, five miles irom Jacksonville, 1 tie nemy retreating. A captain of a Georgia regiment had come In and taken the oath. A i eminent of loyal Floridians is being organised. ostes from Pilatka to the 3& state that four it cur pickets teen captured, hot an is ? Impost AST D*ciaiON ah to lsoal Tkwt>kr Notm.?In the District Court of Pennsylva nia in session at Philadelphia, on Saturday last. Judge Hare delivered the opinion of the ma jority of the court in ft case in vol viog the ques tion of a tender of United States rotee in pay ment of aground rent, the convenant of the ' deed being ?? lawful silver money of the United ? States, each dollar weighing seventeen penny weights and six grains." When the half-year- ? ly ground rent became due, the payment was i tendered in United Slate? notes. This was re- j fused, and suit waa brought against the p'irty. The defendant pleaded this tender, to which the plalntill'replied tlvat the deed required sil ver dollars. Tne defendants to this? filed a special demurer, setting up that the notes ten dered were lawful money of the United States, and a legal tender in the payment of .all debts. The court decided this to be a good payment, and therefore entered judgment for the defen dant. Judge Strond 'concurred in the view-; of Judge Hare, and a dissenting opinion was given by Judge Harswood. 9&~ Children who do not like castor oil can have it prepared to the recent Paris fashion? the quantity of oil prescribed is placed in a pipkin over the Are, and an egg broken into it aud stirred up. When cooked, a little salt, or sugar, or currant jelly should be added. "The patient cannot possibly detect the mediciue, and will likely cry for some more of the mix ture. US"' ry5=?LAST WEEK OF TT1E ORPHAN BOYS' llj? FAIR.?A variety of Fanes- and I. Refill Ar lcles for ssle. Theladv managers, in the name of the orphans ask the patronage of the public. ap l.*-4t* fY;5r=?NOTICF..?Books of subscription to the U J? capital stock of the Uni?n Gas Light Com pan v of the District of Columbia will be_ot>cn at ! the National Hotel, in this city, on THURSDAY, ! FRIDAY, and SATURDAY,the 14th 14th, and 16th i ilists., from 9 o'clock a. m., to 3 o'clock p. m.,eaeh I day. .ap 13-2t* fY<=- NOTICE. LL? FAIR AT THE PATENT OFFICE. Persons having articles in their possession which were donated to the Patent Oflice Fair are respect fully requested to leave them at the residence of ffm, B. Todd, Esq., Chairman of the Finance I l.'onimittee, who is authorized to dispose of them i for the benefit of the funds to which the proceeds of the Fair are pledged. And all who have funds ! in their hands derived from donations, sales of ' articles, tickets of admission, or any other source fi rtainins to the Fair, are requested to meet the inance Committee at the Postmaster's Room, on I FRIDAY, the 15th instant, at 11 o'clock a. m., and account for the same. i The Ladies of the Association are respectfully requested to meet at the above place at one o'clock on the above-named day. ap 13-2t B. B. FRENCH, President. Ac rySr* NOTICE?THE JOURNEYMEN HORSE IJ. ? S1IOERS of Washington are requested to appear at a meeting to be held at the Exchange Hotel. on C street, between 4Ja and 6th streets, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, April 13. at 8 o'clock, for the purpose of raising the pay. By order of apll-3t" ^ " COMMITTEE. ?NOTICE -TO THE TAX-PAYERS OF WASHING TON. Assessor's Office, / Waseisotos. March 14. 1854. < The Board of Assessors, having completed the General Assessment for the year 1864, hereby give notice that they will ait as a Board of Appeals, and for the purpose of making any correction, from Monday, the 21st day of March, to Tuesday, the 26th day of April, inclusive, (Sundays excepted.) at their room. No. 6, basement story, west wing City Hall, from 9 a. m to 3 p. xn. each day. By order of the President: JAMES W. SPALDING, _mh 14-tApM Secretary Board of Appeal. rr?=-ICJC CREAM, CONFECTIONERY, ftc. Lk_3 _ Receptions, Parties. Weddings, Balls, Sup pers, Faira and other entertainments furnished at shortest notice and most reasonable terms. Ice Cream and Water Ices made by steam power, war ranted to be the best in the City, wholesale and re tail, delivered to any part of the city. Charlotte Russe, Jellies, Pyramids and WeddingCakes made to order, at JOS1PH SHAFFIELD'S Confection ery. 386 Sixth at., bet. G and H. fe 11-3m* WASHING ? AT SHORT NOTICE.?The IAJT National Betam Laundry has changed hinds, and is now in full operation Rough dry washing for families at fifty cents perdoaen. Goods will he called for and promptly delivered by leav ing an order at the office, south side Pennsylvania avenue, between 13th and l:i>?streets. Washing for hotel", restaurants, steamboats. A c., done at short notice. |mr 14-lm* 1 PERRY COLMAN. FOR SALE?A small COUNTER or BAR. In quire at SIMPSON'?. Forrest House, 464 10th street ? ap l.T3t? I ESSONS ON THE GUfTAR. Ac.-L?sons hi * Fnttrh. Italian and Spanish.?Prof. G. BORG has removed to sonth Kith street, corner of (J. at Mix. Robey's. on the Island. ap 13-3t* PLOWS AT AUCTION.?The attention of farm ers and gardeners is directed to the lar^e stock of valuable Plows which we will offer for sale at auction on Thursday and Saturday, the ltth and 16th instant. at our auction rooms, corner 7th and D streets, ap 13-3t 8nnn BUSHELS ST UBES SALT ? ""M" 1,"0,? bushels Turks Island Salt ?1 ,(?.<? sacks Liverpool G. A. Salt * 1.5W do do fine Salt Afloat aud in store. For sale in lots to suit pur chasers. J. TIlOS- DANT, S3 Water street, ap 13 1m* Georgetown, D, C. i C K P I T C H E R S !-I C E PITCHERS! A large aud beautiful assortment of Sil - ver Plated ami Krittania IC'K PlTCIIERS." lu-t received and for -ale at our usual low _ prices. ('. W. BOTELERA SONT House-furnishing Store. 31 fe Iron Hall, ap 13'f.t Pa. av., bet. ?th and 10thsts. & REFRIGERATORS. LsT REFRIGERATORS. __ We invite particular attention to our large stock of REFRIGERATORS, believing thetii to- be the best and cheapest in the market. C. W. BOTEI.ER A SON'S II ouse furnishing Store. 31H Iron Hall, h?i y; eotit Pa. av., bet. 9tli and 10th s'.s. | IME. PLASTER, CEMEMT 1.0^0 bushels of Lime, Plaster and Cement for sale at reduced rate* by RICHARDS A GUINAND. Bp 13-.'It* foot of tth_street east 1)ARTIES INDEBTED TO US ARE REQUEST I eti to come forward and settle up by the 1st of May as the partnership is about to he mutually dissolved. Alt bills left unsettled at that-time will he placed in the hands of a collector. _ap 13 3t? RICHARDS A GUINAND. rpilIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, that the subscriber M has obtained fntm the Orphans'Court of Wash ington County, in the District of Columbia, letters of administration on the personal estate ol John J, Fink. late of Washington City. D. C.. deceased. All persons liavrng claims against the said de ceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 12th day of April next; they may otherwise bylaw- be excluded from all benefit of the mid estate. Given under my hand this 12th day of April. A. D. HC4. [ap13-w3w?| JACOB J. FINK. 7Villi ACKNOWLEDGED STANDARD: VOLS. I. AND II. NOW READY. THE HISTORY (Civil. Political and Military,) of tAe SOUTHERN REBELLION, Fr<>ij? it> incipient .-.tagesto itsclose?comprehend ins alio ail important State papers. {Confederate and Federal,) all ordinances of secession, proceed iu_s of Cougres? (Rebel and Federal,) remarkable speeches, Ac.; together with otlicial reports of commanders, army and ijhv> statistics, maps, &c. 11> Oliver J. Victor. To be completed in three volumes, super royal octavo, beautifully illustra ted witksteel engravings, maps, Ace. Endorsed by the President ? Cabinet and over thirty members of Congress. JAS. D. TOllREY. Publisher For liii ther particulars ai>piy toA.E. 1811AM. 31? 1st street east, Washington. ap 13-gt" C'ONDKMNED SUBSISTENCE STORES AT AUCTION. ?Will be sold at public auction, at eleven o'clock a. m., on THURSDAY, April 21. W64. at G'street n hat f. Washington. D. C.? tbe following articles of Subsistence Stores, condemned as untit for use, ? lS'-S'O bblH. Pork, 2 3-11 lbs. Bacon, 6,432 lbs. Ham. 1S0-3O bbls. Beef, 32 136 196 bids. Flour, 13W5 lb''. Be*US. 4876 li s. Split l'cas.2 lbs Rice,MS lbs. R. and G. Coffee. 25 lbs Tea, 3,(78 lbs. Brown Sugar, 91 lbs. White Sugar. -5 callous Whiskey ?92 lbs. Desiccated Potatoes, 196 lba Dried Apples. In lbs . Pepper, 932lb?. Preserved Meats, 7s lbs Ox Tongues. Terns cash, in Government funds. H. H. VOSS. Captain and C. 8. V. an 13 [Chronicle.! p A R I S KID GLOVES. Full assortment of the very he-t Paris'KID GLOVES, in all colors. Price fl.30. JOS. J. MAY A CO., 30S Pennsylvania avenue, ap 12 '-t bet. 9th and loth sts. 486 WINDOW SHADES. Now opening, springstock Gilt Band Window Shades, Shade Cord, Tassels and Fixture*. Shades of any required style or size made to or der. Terms cash. j. MARKKITKK. No. 7th street, eight doors at ore ap 2 Imif* Odd Fellows' Hall. ON A1?D AFTER THIS DATE THE OfVlCR of tne Washington and Marl-jg lore' Stage will be kept at the4Bifl^^S# Stables of HOWARD ft ROUSE, on*3B2Hc5 ti, between 6th and 7tli streets. Washington, D. C.. April 4.1861. ap 5 1m* tJTEUART A CO., ~ >5 BANKERS. No. 460 15th St., Ofpositb thi Ta?A9t KT. United States Bonds of all descriptions. Quarter masters' Checks, Gold. Silver and Uaonrrent Money bought and aoli. Stocks bought and sold at the New York atoek exchange aolely oncommia-* ?ion. Drafta furniahed and colleetiona made on ' the moat favo^kbie teraaa. apl-2w* CUUtt"-?lua?. W v , * , v*fOCIPID*8, fte. J?Ht larg?.assortment of Children's Carriages, Ohaisea and Veloclpldes, which we offer at a very anal I advance on manu tactu^-a'prices. 10NTZ k ?EIFFITH, BMWcVtl OBDXANCK Of FICK. Wit Dkpabtmfnt. Washington, April 12, is*'. The following contracts have Veen awarded f'?r Horse Equipments. under the proposal* received under call 01 ad verti*ement of February 23, !*$<? for 2S.0(.nsets, the bids under which were opened April 2, 1S*>? : Stirling A Co., St. Louis, l.'XKi set.*, at $23.58?St. Louis Arsenal. Sti rling A Co., St. Louis, 1,000 sets, at *23.28?St. Louia Arsenal. Stirling A Co.,St. Louis, 1,000 sets, at ?Jt.'87?St. I.ouis Arsenal. Stirling A Co.,St. Louis,gets, at $i">.7+?Cin cinnati Department. Stirling A Co.. St. Louis. 1/(0 sets. at SioAS?Cin cinnati Department. Geo. Peters, Newark, 2,000 sets. at *.T>..V?Frank - ford Arsenal. Geo. Peters. Newark. 1,000 sets, at Alle ghany Arsenal. Geo. Peters. Newark; 1,000 sets, at $23.75? New York Arsenal. Geo. Peters, Newark. I,<vi0 sets, at $29.25?New ..York Arsenal. Geo. Petera. Newark, 1.000 sets, at f.'it.S*?New York Arsenal. C. 8. Storms, New York, 8.000 sets, at $29.3^?New York Arsenal. J. Cummings, Springfield, 1.000 sets,at $2?.C? New York Arsenal. Lacey.Meeker A Co., New \ork, 4.0T0 sets, at f30.y?New York Arsenal. GEO. D. RAMSAY. ap l.'Mt Brig. Gen. Chief of Ordnance. ? SPRING DRESS GOODS. All the latest novelties for spring wear just re ceived.snd will be soil at the very lowest New York prices, BLACK SILKS Splendid stock now in store, ranging in price from fl to St per yard, many of which were bought % at auction below the cost of importation and will be sold very low. JOS. J. MAY A CO.. SO4? Pennsylvania avenue. ap 12-2t bet. 9th and 10th st?. MAYOR'S OFFICK, April 11.1844. ROPOSALS will be received at the Mayor's office until Monday. 18th day of April instant, for paving and grading the carriage-way on C atreet north, between 4% and 6th streets west Bidders will state the price per square yard for the stone paving, per cubic yard for the grading. The stone shall be good and nniform in size, and laid in a bed of good sharp gravel nine inches in depth, to lie wet and rammed three times before Wins received by the Commissioners. None but practical pavers need apply. WM. DOUGLAS, Commissioner of the Fourtli Ward. JAMBS PUMPHRKY, TIIOMAS HAVENER, ap 12 Assistant Commissioners. P MAYOR'S OFFICE. April 11, WH. ROPOSALS will be received at the Mayor's Of fice until 12 m. on Monday. 18th day of April inst., for continuing the sewer in 6th street west, from I to L street north. The site of the sewer is six feet inside diameter, walls nine inches in thick ness. to be laid in the best cement mortars, the excavation will be about ten feet deep. Bidders will state the price per lineal foot for the main sewer, which shall involve excavation, and filling aud making good all cutters, street, Ac., Ac., which may have to be disturbed in executing the work. None but practical mechanics need bid. Specification.-, cbii be seen at the City Surveyor's Office. W. DOUG IAS, Commissioner Fourth Ward. F. P. MOB UN. C. II. UTKKMEHLE, hp 12 Assistant Commissioners. P MAYOR'S OFFICE, April 11.1S6I. ROPOSALS will be received at the Mayor !s office until Monday. lHtli da> of April instant, for pa ving and grading that part of 15 street north, be tween 7th and 9th, which is not paved; also, for the construction of four sewers, to be located where the Surveyor may direct. Bidders will state the price ner square yard for the atone paving, p<*r "cubic yard"for the grading, per lineal foot for the sewers, which Hhall include excavation and filling and making good the canal wall. The size of the sewers will ne tw o feet inside diameters, walls nine inches in thickness, to be laid in cemeftt mortar. The paving to be laid in a bed of shsrp gravel nine inches in depth; the stone to be uniform in size; to be well rammed, and done to the entire ?ajt is faction of the Commissioners. . J. T. GARNER. Commission er Third Ward. PETER BACON, J. 11. SEMMES. u p 12 Assistant Commissioners. Pr MAYOR'S OFFICK. April. Mil. be received at this office until 12 M. 011 Monday. 18th day of April, instant.- for the continuing of the sewer in Ninth street west, from the north side of Massachusetts avenue to the north side of L street north; also, tlie building of four stench traps, two on the east and two on the west side ot Ninth and L streets north: also, the building of a branch sewer, which shall begin at the intersection of L street north and Ninth street west and run west along the center of L street to opposite thecenterofthealley lead i u ? into Square No. 369. thence up said alley to sncn point as the C'tr Surveyor may designate. The size of the main sewer is live feet inside di ameter. The branch sewer will be circular in shape, in side diameter eighteen inches. walls nine inches in thickness. The four stench trans will be simi lar to those at Sixth street west and G street north. the average depth of sewer will be about nine feet, the work to be laid in cement mortar. Bidders will state the price per lineal foot for the main Sewer, which shall include all excavation and tilling required. Also, per lineal foot for the branch, wliich shall include all excavation, filling and repairs of Hag footways and gutters, Ac., ana per stench trap enc"h, which shall include all exca vation required, under an act approved 23d of'May, 1863. Specifications can be seen at the City Surveyor ? office. None but practical workmen need bid. lUCllARD WALLACII. Maror JOHN T. GARNER Commissioner of the Third Ward. W ASHINGTON DKANE JOHN W. SCANLIN. ap J'.' Assistant Commissioners. j 1ME! LIME! L I M E ? One thousand barrels fresh Potomac WOOD BURNT LIME on hand, and will lie sold cheap for cash. Also, a large lot of Weatherspo^n's CAL CINED PLASTER. CEMENT, and HAIR, at our Kilns, on Rock Creek, between Pennsylvania ave. and K street. GODEY A RUE EM. Orders can he left at 172 Pennsylvania avenue, between 17th and 18th streets. . ap7-6t M. TUCKER, MERCHANT TAII.OR, No. 420 Pa. Avkntk. Bktw. i.'j axi>6tii Sts., Invites the attention of Members of Congress, Cit izens, his Customers and the pilhM(! gen orally to his fine assortment of SPRINQ' GOODS. consisting of CLOTHS. CASSIMERF.3. VESTING*. AXi. BL'SINESS COATINGS, which be has just received, and which will be made up in the most fashionable manner. Army and Navy L informs made peopling ;<? the latest regulations and at the shortest notice. ap 7-2w ^AR PETS: OIL CLOTHS MATTINGS: lss, via 1 CARPETS: OIL CLOTHS' MATTINGS CARPETS: OIL CLOTHS! MATTINGS 1 With the largest variety of HO USE V L'K M SH1N G G OO DS in the Di.-trivt at BON TV. A GRIFFITH. - spC-Gt 3<?*1 7th street, between I anil K sts. SECOND HAND PIANOS very cheap, to make room. One Mahogany Nunit* A Clark Piano,, for i$M; one Rosewood Laude A Co., for ?120; one almost new Nanus Pi-'ll *T? nno, for $250. Mason A Hamlin's Cabinet Orgir.?, from to Steinway A Sons, RHveu A Ba con, and Ilaines Brothers Pianos, at fac tory prices. at the warerooms of W. G. MET8HROTT. ap 9 cor. 11th street and Ph. avenue. |\I O U 1. D I N (i S ! M O IT I, D I N G S ~ It I MOULDINGS!'! * The undersigned is row prepared to execute4 or ders for auy style or quantity of WOOD MOULD INGS, of su jx-rior tiuisli and workninnship. Car penter* and builders would do well to call and examine quality of work, Ac., before ordering elsewhere. By energy, promptness Hud good work manship I hope to merit a share of public patron age. K. S. T0HBEY. ' Excelsior Moulding Mill. np7-lni* cor. 13th and C stx.. Washington. A DIES, ATTENTION ! - Yon cab have all j kinds of UNDERGARMENTS. CHILDREN'S CLOTHING snd PLAIN SEWING done. Also, TUCKING and ST1TCHNG, ut the low rate of four cents per yard.^ AUo, BRAIDING done with neatness. Ladies living at a distance cau have their wurk called for and returned, by sending their address to No. 5*0 Seventh street, between B aud Marjr laiid avenue-, Island. ap7-Gt* JUST ARRIVED PER STEAMER FROM NEW York Six Walnut and Mahogany SOFA BEDS, Also, ten dozen assorted Waluut aud Mahogany 8PBING-SEAT CHAIRS. To which we invite the attention of the House keepers of the District. B0NTZ A GRIFFITH, ap6-6t 369 7th street, between I and k. 486 0VAL P1CT?^B yBA3,u:s 4!M? NKW~*ST0CK 4*6 ..Just received the richest, handsomest and most varied stock of Gilt and Dark Wood Oval Picture Frames in the District. These goods are warrant ed to be gilded with gold leaf ana of superior work 11 A?so,'"a beautiful assortment of Card Visit* Frame* of foreign and domestic manufacture. All goods warranted a?>epreeented. T^rms cash. No. 486 7th itregt, tight doors aboVe ap 1-lmlf* Odd fallow' Hall. T^OR BALI.?A SODA WATER APPARATUS, JT ofthe Bernhardt patent,comprising tor and three Fountains, with * handsome Draw Pipe. Apply at the corner of 7th at. and Louisiana avenue. ap 8-#o5t* f?8v?"-~a mm ?7?. I.quira of J, K. UAJQft, corner 7th and H WU-NA* 4 O'CLOCK P. BL FULLY EXONERATED. We are (ratified to be able to state that Messrs. Fred. L. Harvey and A. J. Deitrich, claim agents, arrested a few days ago and confined in tbe Old Capitol upon charges of exciting mutiny in a Michigan regiment, were released yesterday morning, there being nothing to jus tify the charges, which seem to have originated in a big mistake. These gentlemen are well known?Mr. Harvey especially?and much es teemed in this community, and their friends were sure from the start that they were inno cent of any wrong doing. DESERTERS AND PRISONERS OF WAR, Yesterday evening, twenty-five deserters from tbe rebel army, four prisoners of war, and seven men under sentence of court-martial, were sent up from the army of tbe Potomae? Tbe rebel deserters were released upon taking the oath, and furnished with transportation North. The prisoners of war and men under sentence of coart-martial were committed to the Old Capitol. The Nkw Era.?'The first number of a Washington daily evening paper, issued by Mr. Qeo. M.Weston, and styled "The Hew Era," has made its appearance. It "believes with Qen. Fremont;" goes in for " absolute equality before the law of all men, without regard to race or color;" insists that there are no such States ?as South Carolina and Georgia and Mississippi now in the American Union;" and announces itself finally and specially in tavor of " the Jacksonian principle of confining our Presidents to a single term of office." KT The total receipts of the New York Fair up to 3& o'clock on Monday were 8605,&22 13. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM EUROPE. N?w York, April 13.?The steamer Etna has arrived from Liverpool. German accounts say the Danes attacked the Prussian trencbes, and after fighting hand to hand were driven back, and the Prussians occupied their previous position. The London Times thinks the conference will meet with a reasonable hope of success, the basis being Danish integrity. Latest via Qneenstown. London, Thursday.?A Prussian division of guards have gene to Fredricka to co-operate with tbe Anstrians in continuing the siege. Two engagements favorable to the insurgents have occurred in Poland. France is said to have declared in unadvisa ble to maintain tbe treaty of London on the basis of negotiations on the Danish question, and considers universal suffrage the only means of arriving at a solution. The Court of Assizes at Paris, sitting with out a jury, has condemned Muzzina to trans portation for participating in the conspiracy against the life of the Emperor. ? ?????-????? LOCAL NEWS. The Funeral ok Mr. Rives.?'The funeral of the late John O. Rives took place at noon to day from his late residence, near Bladeusburg and was attended by an immense concourse of persons, among whom weie many prominent officials members of Congress. Ac. For the con venience of the many persons who desired to attend the funeral at the residence, carriages were in attendance at Jackson Hall, (Globe Office) this morning, and large numbers were brought into requisition for this purpose. Tbe corpse, which had been embalmed by Dr. Holmes, looked very natural, and was attired in a plain black snit. The coffin was of flue mahogany, covered with black clo:h? furnished with plain but heavy silver mount ings, and a silver plate on tbe top, bearing the name and age of tbe deceased. On the coffin was placed a handsome wreath of flowers. The services at the house were conducted by Rev. Dr. Pinkney, of the Church of the Ascen sion, (Episcopal,) and Rev. Dr. Smith, of the Fourth Presbyterian Church, of this city: aft< r which, ihe corpse was placed in the bearse, the following acting as pall-bearers:? George W. Riggs. Esa , Hon. Jacob Collamer, Senator from V* nt; Hon. Justin S. Mor rill, Representative from Vermont; Miclfl Oa ten, Esq., connected with the &'??'>? for many years past; Francis P. Blair, Esq., formerly the partner of Mr. Rives: Lambert S. Tr^e, Esq., of the city post office; Hor.. L. Powell, Senator from Kentucky: Hou. Robert Mallory, Representative from Kentucky; and the cor tege, composed of an immense number of car riages, proceeded to Congressional Cemetery. At th? Government Printing Office the cor tege was jo.ned by theColnmbiaTypographicai Society and Bookbinder's Association, which followed the remains to the cemetery. The remains are not to remain her perma nently, but will be removed to hi^ place near Bladeusburg, where they will be placed in a irasstv* granite sarcophagus in a vaultwhichis now being built there. Mr.Rives some time since ordered two cases to be cut from solid stone, in one of which he wished that his remains should be placed, and in the other thO'-e of His wife. The wotk has been done iu the stone-cutting department north oftlie Patent Office, and the cate for Mr. Rives is nearly finished. lr mea sures H teet 1 inches in length,feet 5 inches in biei.dib, and is 2 leet I inch deep, and in the clear to T leet:} inches long, and "J feet I inch broad. A ma-sh e slab, about G inches thick, is to cover the case, and on this is f<ibe cut the name with date of birth and death of the de ceased. The excellent arrangements for the funeral were under tbedirection of Mr. Samuel Kirby, the undertaker. The Franklin engine-house bell, and other bells, were tolled during the day as a mark of respect for the deceased, and both Houses of Oongress adjourned over to-day for the same . cause. Tri al of Cornelius TCell on Charge or Mt ri>bi:.?This morning, the trial of Tnell, charged wiih the murder ot his wife, was resumed. Tlie prisoner occupied,'ms upen yes terday, a seat in the prisoner's box, ajad seemed to be rather subdued at first. Some of his friends entered into conversation with him. ;ind the conversation, whatever it?> import was, had the effect to cause the prisoner to shed tears. Atterwards he grew more self-possessed, and glanced carelessly around the room, addressiug questions to his guard. Mr. Fayman. Tuell is a ycuiig man, not apparently'more than-25 or .'!(), is of small-size, smallish head, prominent nose, features otherwise not marked, and no particular expression upon the countenance, murderous or otherwise. The calling of tlie jury was proceeded with, atdof the talesmen last summoned yesterday the following were challenged by defense per emptorily: Andrew Caywood, C. C. Anderson, M-?)ppenheiiner. The following had formed and expressed an opinion, viz Heiuy D. Gunnell. Lemuel G. 'William^, James A. Conner; John Cameron, George Shoemaker, Jr., Gejrge F. Gulick, John F. Acker. B. W. Reed, Henry B.' Walker, Joseph Mockabee, John McCarthy, John McDanielL Robert Earle, Jr., John J. Bell, Edward Myers, Wm. H. Campbell, James J. Ellis, Robert Bozzell, Joseph Fry, Joseph R. Lowe and Leopold Newmyer. The following had coiiicieatioiu scruples upon the snbject ofcapttal pnnishmeni ? Wm. G. Newtefci, uud Charles A. Stewarf. The following were excused for causes as i signed John J. Joice, sickness; John < 'lubb, engaged in Government business which can not be neglected; D. L. Morrison, deafness. Wm. II. Bates, and Wm. H. Faulkner were accepted and qualified, and the panel of the talesmen bein? exhausted, twenty more jurors were ordered to be summoned, and the Court took a recess. Before the tallymen were summoned, tlie coun sel for the defence withdrew the challenge as to Rody O'Brien and Jos. Lyons, who were sworn, thus completing the* jury in the case, which stands as follows : Alexius Marceron, Warren Lowe, Zachariah B. Brooke, Eustice E. O'Brien, S. A.H. Marks, jr., George W. ChambeTlaln, Henry M. Hur dle. Joseph C. Fearson, William H. Bates, W. H. Faulkner, Rody O'Brien, Joseph Lyons. Second Wabd Station Cakes.?John Hack* man, larceny; dismissed: also, disorderly: ta. Thomas Conklin. drunk and disorderly; mili tary. Joseph Dorsey, disorderly; dismissed. Mary Washington, profanity; 81.58. Peter Smith, disorderly: tt.58. Elizabeth Howard, da; 92. Chas. McKeever, do.; dismissed. Wm. Northcntt, do., do. Frank Elwood, do.: 95. Wm. Shackelford, do.; 95. Joseph Orldsr, do.; 95. Wm. Shackelford, assault; dismissed. F?ank Elwood, do.; do. Henry A Wilson, <M?orderl7i 910. Th* Lipthict Qttota.?Yesterday, Mayor Wallach, John H. Esq., President of the Board of Aldermen and Treasurer of the Citizen's Bounty Volunteer Fond, and Messrs. Utermehle, Turton, N. D. Lamer, and Asbnry Lloyd, joint committee on the pan ot the City Councils, waited noon the President, to represent to him the excess of the quota lor this District. President Lincoln re ceived thrm Tery courteously and pave them a patient hearing. lie then directed them to Col. Fry, the Provost Marshal Qeneral, with a request from him to that ofllcer to revise and adjust the quota of tbe District. The Tisit to Col. Fry, we learn, resulted in an arrangement satisfactory to the committee, although they did not obtain the lull justice which they claimed. According to the under standing, had with the Provost Marshal (Gen eral, the Mayor has since addressed a commu nication to bim, electing to take the census of 1S60 as a basis for the quota under tbe calls ol lS61-'*2, Instead of the enrolment of l?<i3, whicb, as swelled by a floating population ot non-residents, was manifestly too high. This will materially lessen the District's quota, if it does not quite do away with the deficit charged against us. This will be good news to everybody but the substitute brokers. Akothkr dash for Thieves Scc? bssfcu Yesterday, Sergeant Tail having received in formation that stolen goods were deposited in certain houses in the Second Ward, went to Sergeant Skippon and proposed a search for them. The two Sergeants, with Roundsman Voss and Greer started, and first went to the house of Henry Webber, colored, on O street near 12tb. There they found a small box of candles marked "M. Green," two hams and a large side of bacon; several glass jars; five brooms; small sack of coffee; three tumblers; f segars and fine-cut tobacco, all wbich Webber 1 says he bought with the kept, from Henry Plummer, now in jail for other robber ies. Webber was arrested and taken before Justice Thompson, wbo after a hearing of the evidence of the officers and others, sent bim to jail for a bearing. Next they viBited the house kept by Sarah King, colored, on 9th street, between N and O. There they recovered a lot of new dresses, nnder garments, sheets, pillow cases, dress patterns, calico in rolls, and remnants of fine goods in considerable quantity. These are all supposed to be stolen, and are in possession of tbe police. Sarah Kicg was held to bail for a hearing. Fourth Ward Station Cas?r.?Thomas Connelly, drank and disorderly; $1.5:4. Pat'k Callahan, do.; do. or workhouse. Margaret Sullivan, a3sault and battery; bail for peace. James Thompson, drunk; 91.58. Thomas Sul livan. assault and battery, two cases; for hear ing. Wm. Howard, rioting; dismissed. Jacob Magrnder, assault and battery with in'ent to kill, bail for a hearing. Seth Lnnsford, drnak and disorderly; workhouse. John Shea, vio lating cow law; *5.59. Michael Florian, do.; #1.58. Hanora Fitzmorris, do.; SIj&. Thomas Snllivan, do.; SI 58. Michael Reagan, do.; S2.58. Hanorah Scanlon, do.; Slite. Welling ton Gibson, disorderly: for hearing. James C. Nolan, larceny; bail. Frederick Blockwell, John Fairlaz, disorderly; John McFarly Jas. Lord, drnnk; Henry Mekin, ?o. and disorderly; for hearing. Charles McQuid, assault Jind battery; do. Mich'l Conlin, drunk; do. Thos. McClure, desertion; military. T. J. Flanigan, do.; dismissed. An Unsapb Nurse.?On the nth inst, Ellen Clark, a woman employed at the Mount Ver non House, late Delavan House, was entrusted by Mrs. Thomas, th.. proprietress, with the cere of her infant, about eight months old. Ellen went oft' from the house with tbe infant, got very drunk, and lost tbe child. She was arrested by the Third Ward police for being drunk in the street, and was fined $5 by Justice Thompson. Mrs. Thomas being greatly distressed on ac count of her lost child, the officers were vigi laut in search of it; and vesterday found it at Mr. Roberts' bookstore, Seventh stree, near L. It appears that the nurse being very drunk, sat down on the door step of the store, and seme one in pity for the child took it into the store, and the proprietor had it carefully and properly attended. Tbe drunken nurse was also charged with two petty larcenies, but these were dismissed; and she was sent to the workhouse for 90 days, in default of the fine, by Justice Thompson. Third Ward Station Capks.?Leo. Open heimer, larceny; dismissed. Louisa Randals, assault; do. Henry Webber, receiving stolen goods; jail for a further hearing. John Bris toe, drunk: military. Thos. G. Brown, driviug on pavement; $!i. James McGiven, deserter; military. Hannah Stafford, vagrancy; *3. A. T. Howard and Geo. Rose, disorderly; f'2 each. Julius Hall, drunk; military. Navy-Yard.?The Fnscliia, Acting Master Street, arrived up yesterday from the lower river with despatches, and left again this merit ing. The Leslie, whicb has for some time past been used as a tug about the yard, has been attached to the flotilla, and will go on duty on the river in charge of Acting Master Walter. Port op G?obo?tows.-Cleared.? Schrs. Mary Elizabeth, Sterling, Annamassex; Ant*, lope, Johns, Baltimore; Ophmire. Wran, Pow donhan. Me.: B. Franklin, Edwards, SLMary's; Martha Washington, Harden, do. Bare^s" T. L. Carroll, Grann, Pamonkey; J. II. D. Smoot, Anderson, Maryland Point. IpOlt RENT?Three lar^e ROOMS, on Massachu setts avenue, between 2d anil 3<1 street.-,; brick house; water convenient. ap |3-3t* rjyWO WKLL FURNISHED ROOM8, at #18 per I month;al*o one at #12, and a basement at fS: in a small private family, at .'{93 H street. S W cirner 13th. between loth and 14th sts. apl3-2t* FOlt RENT?A FRONT ROOM. 499 Seventh street, between D end E. suitable fur an office. A V>u?in<-3g location. Inquire at STANTON'S. 49.? "th street. ? ap 13 2t* FUKNISUED ROOMS FOR RE NT.?Desirable APARTMENTS en suit.- on tir--t tioor front. Private table if desired. Apply at 322 G St., be tween K'th and l.'uh. north side. ap 13-31* tf! REWARD?I)()(r LOST.?Strayed or w <? stolen on Saturdav last, a larsre black and white Newfoundland and St Bernard D?g, about 5 or ?> years old. The above reward will be paid for his delivery at N i. 600 Mav. a v. ap 3t^ & |f | RKWA RD.?Strayed airayontbe 12th in -I stant. a bay PnNEY with -tar in hi* fore head aud right hind foot white. Thenbove reward will he giveu it' returned to BENEDICT MALA TESTA. No. 29!? B street north between -!d and 3d street*. a.)> l.'f-."it* C ,n REWARD.?Strayed or stolen, on tbe 12th v I" instant, about i o'clock p. m.. h black MARE verv poor, with saddle and bridle: lump under the chin. The above reward will be given if returne<l to Mr. EHRHARDT'S, corner IShs and K street north. np l3-3t* T^AKRN UP AS ESTRAY?On March 2'th. one 1 ba> HORSE by (!apt. 0. S. Hall, which the owner can have by (.omini: forward, provin* prup erty and take bim away from my stable. No. 3S Congress street, Uforjietown. D. C. apl3-3t* J. P. VAN ESSON. LViR RENT-A FURNISHED HOUSE, contain I ing eight rooms, bavin:; a lease of three years, in a central locality. If desired, the lease will In- sold without tbe furniture. Possession immediate! y. Apply at 330 E street, between 13th aud 14th streets. ap 13-31* CM ME TO MY I'KEMltJKS, on the loth instant. ' fonr COWS?two wit# horns and two buffalo cows. Also, on thMfth fnstknt, one light colored COW with horns. The owners are requested t,, come forward, prove property, pay charges and take them away. A. (i LEASON. on tValbridge Farm. about half a mile northwest nt ap 13 St* Columbia College. 4 TTINTION. LADIES ! A FOR a I'KW DAYS ONLY ' M'meS. Conrteille, from New York, at Miss Mary Piatt? Millinery Establishment 24l? Penn. avenue, between 13th fcnil Utb streets, above the Independent Telegraph Office, offers her choice assortment of Real l.nce Setts, Rarbes, Veils, ladies' Under Clotbins. White Muslin Dresses,, Waist.-, Illusion Work.larjfe Ulack Lace Flounces, etc.. at reduced prices, as she will stay but a few days longer. It* jyNITED STATES MARSH AL'S SALE. la virtue of a writ of fieri Facias issued frou the Clerk's Office cf tbe Supreme Cnurt ot the District >>f Columbia and to me directed. I will soil at pnb lic sale for cash.on tbe premie) a. on MON DAY, the 85th davof April, 1SH, at 4 o'eloek p m all'de fendant'" right, title, claim and interest in and to a f;aine slo p situated on pnrt of Lot No. II. in Square No 69'. commencing -Vt feet irom the e irner of C street north aud New Jei .ey avcutie, and rua ninif south alon? New Jer eyaTenue I,r; feet, and running we.-t toward B street lmt f,et, swiped and levied upon a* the property of Win |[. H.Crandell, anrt w ill be sold to satisfy judicial No. IM ia favor of Francis M. Ruukingliuui. sp.13 WARD II. LAMOJT. U. S. Marshal. D. C. YOU ATT ON till KEF; 75c. Randall's fine Wool Sheep Husbandry; 7Z>\ Dadd on the Diseases of Cattle: f I". Youtt on Catlle; S1.2.r>. American Cattle Doctor: *1 Jennings on Cattle and their Diseases; Milburn on the Cow; 25c. Richardson on Pigs; 50c. Allen's Domestic Aninials; 75c. Flint on Milch Cows and Dairy Farming; $1.A). Ouenon on Milch Cows; 60c. _ Vasey's Natural nistory of the Ox Tribe: Lon d >n; 93. Dairy Farming: London; fj-5'. ap 13 * iRANl/K TAYLOR. OR SALE?A STORE and DWELL IN O HOIJS K, No. 401.on7lh street, between H and I streeti. Lot flu by 7o feet. This is atirst-rate business place. A BRICK HOtTSEJio. 66tt,on M street,between 4th and 5th streets. Has six rooms. Sets back from the street. Lot SO by 219 feet, running through to Ridge street. Is a very desirable place for a private residence. A BRfCk HOUSE,No.439,on9thstTeet, between G and H?streets. Had four rooms. Seta back, with vard"tn front. Lot W feet 6 inches by 99 feet. A FRAME HOUSK. No. 3T3, on 0th street, between I and New York avenue. Seven rooms. L A ^RAiil^HOUSK. No. 342, on loth street between L and M streets. Has six rooms. Lot 30 by 100 feet. A FRAME H0U8B, No. 312,on O street,between 11th and 12th. Sir rooms. Lot 20 by 80feet. For particular! apply to V. S. KIRN. |9l?lm* b3? M?t,,bet,4thMd5ih, GBANO BALL is rosor or Tur LADIES OF THE LATE FAIR, AT THK HALL OK THK PATENT OFFICE BUILDING. IS WItlCH THE FAIR WAS HKI.D, On TUESDAY EVENING, April 20. iHiii The proceeds to be applied for th* Benefit of th Families of the8oldiers of the District of Columbia. MANAGERS?Badge, Red Bibbon. lion Hannibal Hamlin, V.iee President I". S Hon Schuyler Colfax, Speaker House of Rep< j; $ Hon Solomon Foot, of Vermont. Senator. Hon Kichard Wallnch. Mayor of Wishfajtoo II on Henry Addison, M??or of Georgeton n BB French t>* Vere Burr Henry D Cooke H I Gregory S J Bo wen W M 8huster L E Chittenden Job W An;ni Dl'Hollowav Samuel P BeiI W P Bole Chas F Stanshury James 8 Grinnell JohnHSemne? Hon Wm Whiting J P Barthoiow Fred W Seward Ezra L Stevens John G Nicola\ IraGoodenow RW Taylor Major O R Latham John M Brodhead Jo*eph J May John L Have* II C Vahnestock II on Edw'd McPherson A H Shepherd Hon John W Forney Edmund F French H on An(fii?tn" Frank Col J G Stephenson Hon Robert C Schenck W I. Avery Hon Wm D Kelley A B Stoughton Hon ? E Woodbridge William Whelan Hon Justin 8 Morrill Capt W T Hart* Hon Portus Baxter A Coleman Hon Kiliian V Whaley C C Symplon Hon T O Howe M 11 Bohrer Hon J F Farnsworth Charles E Mix Hon John A Kasson Jame? R Dooiittle, Jr Hon John H Rice Major C Raj mind Hon H Winter Davis Capt J R Howard 11 on/. Chandler J Burrows Towers Hon John W Longyenr Samuel Bacon, jr Hon M S Wilkinson 8 Y< rke Hon Wm Windom John F Ennis Hon Daniel Clark W G Metserott Hon Then M Pomeroy Win Henry PhUii#e Gen J H Martindale Remus Riggs Gen C C Augur Capt Montgomery Gen H W Benham Capt Wager Col E M Greene Joseph ? Brown Col J B Fry William B Todd Col L Towers Major John C Caafc Surgeon D W Bliss George W McCie?lao Surgeon W Thompson A W Randall Capt H L Schectz C F McDonaid Capt F M Cooly Major RR Scott Capt J G C Lee James Steele John Marbury. ,1r Erecutiv* Cfnmitttr. B B French Bich d Wallach 8 J Bowee WmBTodd JnoHSemuies Committtton Invitation a\d Badge, Bl i? Ribbon. Sam'1 P Bell C F Stansburv Col L Towers Hon MS Wilkin-E L Stevens Dr Mahaffey gon Z D Gilman Floor Managers? Badge, White Ribbon. Capt H I.Sheet* Dr D W Wins B B French Maj Stebbiu.i C H Henstis Sam'1 Bacon J r 7- D Gilman Jas Galway J W Angus A L H?k , N H Barrett Jaa C Snaaklan4 Com mitt*$ on Mn.rir. Col E M Green Capt F M Cooly Committer on Dttoratumi. J W Angus A Witzlebar Jas Steel Committee on Refreshments?Badge. Red. Wbitea'.d Blue Ribbon. J y Bartholow* S P Bel! J W Vn?..5 Committee en Polirt? Badge. Yellov Ribbon. WmBWebb S J Bowen ESWicklin Tickets, $.1: to be had at the Bookstoi.'s au I Ho tels. Gentlemen desiring invitation* for ladies will leave names at those piacea, or with Commit tee on Invitation*. ap 13-gawAdb WANTED?By a mechanic and his wife., good, plain BOARD in & private family. Payments made promptly, and term* must l>e moderate. Ad dress, stating terms, Ac., Bos 4, Star Office. ap 13-2t* |?Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. , FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS AT PUBLIC SALE. On FRIDAY MORNING. April 15. at 10 o'cioe*. at No. l'-iO F street, between Slit and *2d street*, we shall tell *11 the Furniture and Effect* compii ring? Sola. Parlor Chnra. and Tables, Cane Seat Chairs, Rockera, Carpets. Oil Cloths, Matting. Bedsteads. Waahatanda, Toilet Setts. Mattreeoea, Bols ers anu Pillows. Feather Beds, Blankets, Ac., Wardrobe. Looking gUriea . Parlor and other Stovea, Curtains, Window Shades, China, Glass and Crockery wara. Cooking Stovea, Kitchen Utensils, Aa. Terms cash. a?.K5-d J. C. McGUIRK A CO.. Aucto. B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneara. TRUSTIE S SALB By authority of a deed of truat and a decree ol the Supreme Court of thia District, pasaed in tha cause of EPtdish Dodge and Cox gainst Ohaa. H. and Wm. H. Venable, the subscriber will.onth* 16th day of May next, at five o'clock in the after noon. expoMto sale at auction, to the highest bid der, tha following property in this city, near the Navy Yard, namely. Lot No 16 and fart of 17, in Square N?. 847. beginning at the northeast earner of said lot 16, fronting on 8ixth street ea*t. and running thence south 72 fee**;uce west l'*S 'eet 1 inch, thence north 72 feet, thence east 105 feet I inch to the beginning. There are on thisnareelofgroundfivetenemeotji. atde-ich will he sold separately, with a saffieieut portionjof ground attached to each. Terms- One fourth of the purchase money in cash, and the reaidne at 6,15 and IB months, with interest, for which the purchaser's bonds, wi'k surety, will be takeu.anda lien on the premises sold retained. A deposit off20 on each lot will be required at the sale. Deeds. certificates, bonds, -tamps, at the pur chaser's coat. If the term? are not fully complied with within five days from the dav of sale, the property will b.? resold at tha defaulter's risk and cost. W. RKDIN, Tiuatee. ap IS-.StawAda GRBEN A- WILLIAMS. Aucts. \\j ATER COOLERS. T* WATER COOLERS A large assortment received this day. ani fo. sal*-at i i?T YK ar'? i-RICKS. C. W. EOTBLIR A SON'S. House-Furnishing Store, ap 12-6t 313 Iron Hall. CJTEAMER REBECCA CLYDE IIAS ARRIYRD ^ from New York. Consignees will please attend to tbe< reception of their eoods at once. ? Owing to the freshet no goods can remain in f toreliouse or on wharf over nieht except at owti err-' risk . MORGANA RHINEHART, Agts. ap 12-Ct footHieh st., Georgetown. CARD PHOTOGRAPHS F Noted individuals or work* of art. plain or i>a:tited in oil colors, wholesale and FRANKLIN A_CO.'S. Opticians. 'J44 Pa. av., bet. Irth and 13ih streets. Also. Pa. av., under tlx* National Hotel. Catalogues furnislip.1 on aiiplifvtion. ?^Photograph Albums of all sizes and patterns and at the lowest figures. ap 12-lw M n,ES! M I* L E S 11 ^ U L E S 11! The mil.sitiIht lnis for snlc or exchange) hi ad of large youn:r broken MULES. (ii lii au oi large yomiif ol Also, sonic good HORSES J AS II. SHREYE ap 12-ot* 7tli St.. bet. H and I sts. AT NO. 169 NINTH STREET.?We are now re cei.ving a fn-frli supply of GROCERIES, auch Rl'P. white and brown SUGARS, TEAS of all grades. Green, Blacl;, Ei.glish Break fast and Japan. SMOKE!) BEEF and TONG UE8 of choice quali!?, BI TTER, from Orange count>. N. Y. Vor sweet ness, r.ot to be surpassed in the city. To all of which we invite thi-citizens of Wa-vli ii-gti n and r friends generally, at No. 4t59 Ninth street, bit ween E and F. apiar.t* A. II YOUNG A GO L INENS OF EYERY DESCKl tJ T t O N I'll 11 >tock constantly ou hand at very low pri. es. FINE WHITE GOODS. Fifty fresh packages just received, embracing ? many choice and desirable articles ap 12 2t J J MAY A* CO. 3 000 110s h s w A N T K L> War Department. Cirnhy Bureau. J "jfia af (Tit if f (Mtetrtrrmastir, } Wasktmton, to f , April 12, 1*4.\ One hundred and fifty-five dollars per head w ill be paid for all _ CAYALRY HORSES delivered within the next fifteen < 151 days at the Government stables at Gieshoro. D. C. P? ! 1 horses to be sound in all particulars, not lea.- than tive(5) nor morto than nine (It yearn old; f"Om HJ? to 16 hands iii?h; full fleshed, compact y 1 uilt. bridle wise, and of size sufficient for cavalry purposes. Thtst fp-rijiration* v>i>l hr utrietbi ndh'r?d to ani titi>Hy enforced in ertry vartirnlm. Payment made on delivery of ten flO) and over. Hours of inspection, 9 A M. fi P. M. JAMRS A. EKIN, Lieutenant Colonel and Chief Oiiartermaster. an 12-lfit- Cavalry Bureau. Bi'ICRS AND WOOD FOB SALE.?One hundred t. ousand Hard Brick, one thon-ajiu cord> ?ea soiied snd Pine Wood for sale by J. M. STAKE. ap ll-lw* A4 Bridge street, Georgetown. F^OR SALE?A fi-w barrels of pure Monongahel* WHISKY', from U!i to 10 )eara old. made at the celebrated Lowry Distillery on the Monongahel* river. It would answer well for hospital purpo^s or for any one using h stimulant of that kind, bainc perfectly pure?warranted ho. Inquire at 4T3 street, near D. apll~4t* GEORGE S. HA\S. BUT*ER AND EGGS.-New Butter a^rivine dally, for a?le nt Baltimore prices. Twenty barrela treah Eggs, ia store and for apll tt* * 4S0 8th atreat.^ A NOTICE LL Persona baviag clocks, watehea. Jewelry# Ac., left for repaira at the atore of J. A J. T.JM? inaon 349 Pa. avenue, moat aJl tor them lns?*" eiately or they will be ?>ld for refwraand o?? exoenaea. J. ROBIWSO-'; W 11-5V S49 Fewu. *yeo*??

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