Newspaper of Evening Star, April 14, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 14, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. W. D. WALLACH, Edi tor and Proprietor. WASHINGTON CITY J THURSDAY APRIL 14, 1?*64. WRAADINtt MATTKR OH XYKRY PAGM BIB OUTBID* ?0K INTERESTING TKLB eBAPHIC AND OTBXR SCATTER. WuhlR|t?n Money Market. Quotations for stocks, so in and uncurrent mousy, furnished by Lewli Jobuson A Co., Bankers: Buying. Selling. V. S. Coupon Bond?, 1S31......1I0J* ll~x U. S. 5.20 Notes 112)4 U3u Suartermasters'Checks 99 _ ew Certificates ? American Silver 155 ? American Gold..., 17Sal31 ? Nxw York Ratks?First Board. Coupon 6's, 18S1, 117 5.20's, 113: Certificates of Indebtedness, 99; Gold, 183: Canton, 74*; Cumberland, S5*; Quicksilver, 84; Pacific, 238: K. Y. Central, 143 if; Erie, 146',. NAVAL ORDKRf. Lieu*. Commander John H. Russell has been detached from ordnance duty at Washing ton. and ordered to the command of the C.m merone, rice Commander A. K. Hughes, de tached and awaiting orders. L'eut. Commander James Stilwell, detached from special duty at New York, and ordered to command the Unadiila, vice Lieut. Com mander George Bacon, detached and awaiting orders. Assistant Snrgeon H. D. Burlingham, de tached lrom Receiving ship New York, and ordered to the naval rendezvous, Cincinnati. GENERAL GRANT. Oeceral Grant returned yesterday from a short visit to Annapolis. New Books. A Scriptural, Ecclesiastical, awd His torical Vixw of Slavxry, from the Days ot the Patriarch Abraham to the Nineteenth Centnrv. By John Henry Hopkins, I). D., I.L.D. New York: W. J. Pooley k Co. For tale in this city by Hudson Taylor. This is the elaborate defense of thwfnstitution of slavery, by the erratic Bishop Hopkint, of Vermont, which has been so eagerly seized by the rebels as material to bolster up their cause. The book is a curious specimen of egotism, odd scraps of erudition, and superficial reasoning. Gkkxral Gkattt and his CAMPAioirg. By Julian K. Larke. New York: Derby fc Mil ler. For sale in this city by Hudson Taylor The author states in his introduction that the subject of his volume is but year# ol age; has participated in two great wars: has captured during the present struggle five hun dred guns, cne hundred thousand prisoners, and a quarter of million of small arms; has re deemed from rebel rule over fifty thousand square miles of territory: has re-opened to the commerce of the world the mightiest highway on the globe: has stubbornly pursued bis path in spite of ail obstacles, and has never been beaten. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM SEW ORLEANS AND MEXICO. A LIBKBALIST VICTORY AT MONTEREY. THE rKENCHTOBEO^DAT^BK MOCTI. New York, April 14.?The steamer Creole, from New Orleans on the6th, has arrived. The news is mostly anticipated via Cairo. Admiral Farragut was in the city. The Era states that the Liberallsts in Mex ico, ui der Cortinas, had defeated Vidaurre at Mor.*f rey, Mexico. French war vessels were taking soundings ?" 'he mouth of the Rio Grande. Cortinas has returned to Matamoras, and expressed a determination to defend it to the lairt extremity. A jorce has been sent to Bagdad at the month cf the Rio Grande, to oppose the French and throw up defensive works. Ten thousand balesof cotton had been ferried c ver the river at Eagle Pass within a month, at.d ij being hauled down to Matamoras, for shipment. At New Orleans, cotton had advanced two cects: middling, scarce at 72 cents; sugar aud irclssse? higher. The prize schooner Mary C. Benton hail ar ived lrom off Galveston. Seven negroes have been tried for the morder of Mr. NelTs Tamily near Port Hudson in Jan airy, ar.d three of them were sentenced to be hanired. THE REBELS 151 KR?!*T OF COLCM BUS. Buiont Demand* its Surrender?>o Quar 'er* io I olored Troop*?('ol. Lawrence " W ou't Give I p the Ship*'?Gallant De. tense of the Fort?Three Thousand Vete rans Couie to the Rescue. Cairo, April 12?The steamer City of Alton Memphis dates of the llth instant. The lebfl cavalry are scouring the country in the a Jcinity of Duval's Bluff. The steamer Lloyd v as fired into on the White River, and had her p.lot wcunded Forrest's forces are menacing t o h Columbus and Paducah. and a portion Of ?!!?? fcrce is marching on the latter place. They i ru-ed Lovettsvillf to-day, and it is expected :: ey will make an attack to-night. Our pickets at < olumbus were driven in to-day. Besides t'..e re infcrcements sent 'from here, five gnn 1 Vs are ready to receive the rebels. The tn-T Belle ot St. Loui? has passed up with i V< bales cf cotton for St. Louis. Later. Cairo April 13.?The Rebel General Bu i irt tmt a fli<g-ol.trace at seven o'clock this i ctiiing, demanding the surrender of Fort I slieck, at Columbus, Kentucky, the white so: i:ers to be treated as prisoners of war, but lo piotection promised to colored troops if 1 r: a in arms. Five hours was given lor the -mcval of the women and children. The : r Crawford arrived here at one p. m. crowded wi h the latter. As she was leaving c-irrohus two steamers ariived from below v . h tlnee thousand veterans, en route home on i.irku-h, a'so a battery. .11: y were landed, and would doubtless ? ? er.s'Iy "hange the calculations of the Be. * s. T e -teatter Olive Branch, from New 1 i.'uis cn'be iith lust, has arrived, ani re i -j s mat tghniig was going on all day yes .:tv endup to be time sh- passed there, 1 ! *'here * a? a cessation of hostilities. Ne. i - w. re penning, and a Hag of truce Visible Ait'f ! ae incv the fipbtingwas renewed and " - i-Vd. r?u tin? was seen to come down, but it ?- ???? i ? iievt d to have been shot away, as there ttruiMi to be elloris made to raise it again. ? ! 1.1.,'it ?he i assonvers by the Olive Branch v ? Gen. Shipley, from Louisiana: Capt. Mil ife sc ,i? Major, of New Orleans, and 4 !?' Tl'ciupscn, c>f the General's staff. 0 The IsirM. ?*? e .\1 Ki. ford's demand was lor au un . .itu.j. tl surrender of Fort Pillow. It was ! . . rd that it tbe fort wa? surrendered ih? 3 would lie returned to their masters, but i ( >( *o take the place no quarter would i?e ^ t v . tlu-ra. (kilonel I^iwrence, of the thirty .v'ur i't* Jersey Re^im^nt, commanding the . :hat his Government had placed j ..:rj to defend the fort and that a sur- ' -e.ider v. as cut of the question. fi docati advices up to noon to-duy report l^.s'ters-more qni^t, #nd the probabilities of an ? : tack are greatly lessened General Bray man has bent adequate reinforcements both to Col itmbti.* a.'d Padacah, and no fears are enter- | tain^d by the military aothorlties for the safety , c 1 either place. Pa?senirers from below report that Forrest recently 'crossed the Coldwater River, seer Jackson, gcing South with 3,000 ! Lcr?<* and 1,JXK> melons but this is doubtless au exaggeration. ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. 1 or^Mreet Keporteil to be in Richmond. 1 WASHtNttTOK, April 13.?fAseociate-l Presi J i^patch j?Accounts from tin Army of the 1 rVtonihc say that scours report that Longstrest ! is in Richmond with tiie greater portion ot hU I arrry, and that many persons credit ttiis state- ; nnen? Ikevl Ui? Ut regui#f tAYt^T AC' 1 tag :te Oeneral Meade's escort hare been ordered to the trout, and they will he replaced b.v a detachment of the 1st Massachus-'tt.s. General Torbett, formerly commanding a brigade in the 0th corps, has been a&Mgned to the command of the let division of cavalry. The regular troops on detached service are ordered to rejoin their respective regiments. CorRT Martial of Colonel Fish.?A. few days alter the arrest of Colonel William 8. Fish, Provost Marshal of Baltimore, npon charges affecting his character, an order was issued by Oeneral Lockwood, requesting the press to observe silence in relacion to the matter. We now have authority for publishing the following particulars of the case: Colonel Fish was arrested and arraigned upon four I charges, the first of which contained not toss than seventeen specifications; the secflnd, ! three specifications; the third, one; and the fourth, five. The animut of the charges miy be classified as follows: "wrongful appropriation of goods for his own use,'* "renderine false ac i counts to the Government," and "the sending I of cotton or Confederate bonds to Europe.' ' Brigadier General Griffin, of the Regular Army, is the presiding officer of the court, and Major Hastings is the Judge Advocate. The number of witnesses examined was over one hundred, and the testimony, besides exhibits i and accounts, makes over fifteen hundred Jiages. Milton Whitney, Esq., is tne counsel or Colonel Fish. On Monday he occupied about four hours in the reading of the defence, and closed on Tuesday. Yesterday the Judge Advocate made his statement and submitted ; the case to the Court.?Bait. American, April M. A Personal Matter ?We have seen a pri vate letter from Mrs. Douglas, widow of the late Stephen A. Douglas, to a friend in this city, in which she denies, in the most explicit and emphatic manner, the reports which have been going the rounds of the newspapers that | she is employed as a clerk in one of the De partments at Washington. She complains, I naturally enough, of the annoyance which the | circulation of this unfounded statement ecca ! sions her. It probably had its origin in the 1 mistake of some correspondent not so familiar | with her personal appearance as he supposes j himself to be, and has been thoughtlessly copi ed by others.?New York Timet. West Viroiwia Politics.?At a meeting of the Union men of Marion county. West Vir ginia, at Fairmount, on the 2d instant, to elect delegates *o the State Convention, the follow ing resolution was adopted: Retolred, That this Convention has unabated confidence in Abraham Lincoln's Administra tion of the Government; that we regard him as the right man in the right place, and that we will hail with joy his renomination and re election as President of the United States. nf^?A MUTING OF LOYAL PENNSYLYA LkJ? nians, to which tlie public are respectful! y invited.will be held THIS half-past 7_o clock, in the hall on the second floor of the Union League Building, on 9th street, between D and E streets. Addresses will be delivere 1 by Col. Fi'.ancis Jokdan and others. JOSEPH M. WILSON. It* Sec. Ex. Com. Loyal Pennsylvania^. ry^pMjAST WEEK OF THE ORPHAN B >YS Uof FAIR.?A variety of Fancy and Useful Ar icles for sale. The lady managers, in the name of the orphans, ask the patronage of the public. ap 13-4t? [Y s-NOTICE?ltooks of subscription to rlie Lk3 capital stock of the Union Gas Light Coin F?nvv?f the District of Columbia will be open at tne National Hotel, in this city, on THURSDAY. FRIDAY , and SATURDAY, the 14t h 15th. ?in.i 11th insts,, fron* 9 o'clock a. m.. to 3 o'clock p. in..each d?y- ap H-:f rr~5=? NOTICE. " UJ? FAIR AT THE PATENT OFFICE. Person? having articles i n their possesion which were donated to the Patent Office Pair nre re>p.-ct fully requested to leave tlietn at the residence of Wni. B. Todd, Esq.. Chairman of the Finance '?oniniittee, who is authorized to dispose of them .nefit of the fuhds to which the proceeds of the Fair are pledged. And all who have funds their hands derived from donations, sales of articles, tickets of admission, or any other source pertaining to the Fair, are requested to meet the at ,ht" Postmaster's Room, on FRIDAY. the 15th instant, at 11 o'clock a. m.. and account for the same. T 1m* Ladies of the Association ire respectfully requeued to meet at the above place it one o'clock on the above-named day. ap lo-'^t B. B. FRENCH. President. Ac rrr-TATJKNTION. TIN.plATK and SHEET LL? IROi WORKERS.?\ou are requested t>> ftten da m ee t1 nje at Temperance Hall. o:> SATUR DA ? E\ ENING next, at Ho'clock. to adopt meas ures beneficial to the trade. By request of the ap 12 TuThAF* COMMITTEE. rv^=?MASS CONVENTION.-Putsuant to a res LK?5 _ o 1 utio n passed by the Republican Associa tion of Washington. Feb. 28th and April sth, !*M. all the qualified voters of the District of Columbia who desire the unconditional maintenance oft!i Lnion. the supremacy of the constitution and the complete suppression of the rebellion, with th cause thereof, by vigorous war and all apt and efti . cient means.' are invited to meet in mass conven tion to be held under the auspices of said Assoeia tion at the L nion League Reading Rooms, on'it'i ^tween D and K streets. r(!, FRIDAY EVENING next, at half-past 7 o'clock. I?r 'J?' purpose of choosing delegates to represent the District in the convention to be hel I at Haiti nioreon Tuesday, the7thdayof Junt nom inate candidate, for the offices of i'reaib'iit ml > ice President of the United States. P. CHrMBACKEK. 1 U"M?' Vj'Vr/i' r-. o Assessor's Office. / tv. ? ^ . Washikotom.March 14.1*54. i f. Board ol Assessors, having completed th? nnt^lV'iA?TvfS,neMt,fo.I 1,1 e Par '??? hereby give l J ?s a Board of Appeals, and iiVf..H pMrp'i>R.(ii0? making any correction, from Monday, the 21st day of March. to Tuesday, the ? 7u ? T ff April, inclusive, (Sundays excepted,) ll'e,r room. No. 6, basement story, went win* City Hall, from 9 a. m to 3 p. in. each da? By order of the President : ? ?? na JAMES W. SPALDING, *nh 15-tAp26 Secretary Board of Appeal. [r^-lCE CREAM, CONFECTIONERY, At'.? LkJi Receptions. Parties, Weddings. Balls,Sup *9^ other entertainment* furnished at snortest notice and most reasonable terms. Ice .5 V c.e? by Steam power, war ranted to be the best in the c.'y, wholesale and r toil, delivered to any part of the city. Charlotte Russe, Jellies, Pyramids and WeddingCakes niaie ^8*PHSHAFFIEL D 'SOonfecUon ery,3S*6 Sixth St.. bet. G and II. fe* rnr\\^QAr SHORT NOTICE ?The Naticnal retain Laundry ha* changed handg, and is now m foil operation Houzh $ry flrtycents perdoien. Gondi will be called for and promptly d-li\ered by leav ing an order at theofbce. s?uth side Pennsylvania "^between Utl. and I3ii streets Washing for hotels, restaorants, f'teaniboat^. See... done a* short notice. [mr 14-lm*] PERtiiV COLMAN ]VfRS. C. 8. SIMPSONN'S FANCY AND STlfiw'0^MILLINERY K< v on i u tablishment No. 9 Columbus street, between Kiua ,..d PHu?,. streets. Alexandria. ,t" Rare ch a n c e~for a-p k it son wis i i i v7 TO ENGAGK IN THK WHOLESALE \NJ> RETAIL GROCKKY , . BUSINESS. The under signed havn.K been actively ensve | in business .or a p.-riod . f tw.-ut \-one yeai.-. an I dexiring to retire Iroin thi- same, offer tlieii ?tofK together with the good-will ,.f their esVablisl.-' meiut. for sale. * 1 l? " ap 14 Kteo.if MURRAY A SEMMKS carriages: carriag esi CARRIAGES! ?Pr^han'l. s superior lot of fine LIGHT C^R IMAGES, eonsistintf in part of Extension ?,?! Half-tops. Rockaways. Buggies. Boat an I Jersev wagons. Ac.. Ac. Ai^o, Grocery and Express Wagons. RvPHiring proinutly attended to ,, Ki'8T. II GRAHAM. Coachiuaker. _ >|? II y* - :i74 i). aud 47? Eighth street. C'OVKHNME.YT SALE OF * SUBSISTENCE STORES. WiUl-e s^ld at pubiic auction, at eleven o'clock Sg THURi-D.W. April 21. at G street wharf. W?(liib?ton. I) C.,tiie fo,lowiu? articles of Subsistence s:? res. t m-jiect-d in ! -oniemiied ar- uuiit for ixme ) via rs IS'-2- M?I- p( rk. 2 Ihs. Baei-'n. S 4'C.' lT>s Ha*n. ~2 139-2 o obi-. Bevi. ?12 I f, 1!? bl.te Flour, 13 7 5 lbs. Be ins t 4.876 1 lit- Split l?caK . ; ??slbs Rice. 14a lbs R ^ijJG Ct lTet. 151!)* lea. 3 'T-i lb*. Brown Sugar, 91 lbs Whit-- Sugar. 25 ga'lors Wiu.-ke) . 8!'2 lbs Des:ccat?<l I'i faeces, ? iWlb# Dried Apples. 1<? lbs. Pepper 9fi?lbs. ??reserved Meats, 7# ibs Ox Tongues. JXTC s cash. in Government fun 1^. ,A H H. YOtg, Captaia anl 0. 8. V. *P '4 |Chronicle.] pROPOfcALS FOl! SHINGLES. II*ir>QCAaiKits ft Wi^unur^'. i Ojfi' t a' Chief Quartet master,} . Wa.sHIBOtos. April 13,1S1|. S W ritten Proposals will he rec-ived at this office until Saturday noon, the l?ith instant, for furnish ing for this Denartment, l.ti.mKi. more or less No " ltoor.ngShingles. Said Shiuulen t<? of th- best Quality, and reaJy for delivery on Monday ui->rn ? iig. the 18th in^tant. -The> will t>e hauled from tue wharf i t lumber yard by Government teams An oath or allegiance should accompany each hid. I\o verbal propositions will be entertained: but every bid.or modiiicatiou of the same, mu^t h made in writinj. Good security will be required for the faithful fulfilment ol any contract made under th. - a Iver tis?-ineiit. The Shingles will be subject to a rigid inspection and payment will be made m?on tlte acceptance an I delivery of the whole anionnt. Pr<ip<>-.a^ must he endorsed. ?? Pr<rposal> i>-r Shingles." and a>ldress**d to ELI AS M. GREENE, Lieutenant Colonel. Chief Oiisrtermaster ai> 11 2t Department of Washington. ' WANTED-SECOND-HAND FURNITUrT AIm . Mirrors. Carpets. Beds. Beddiug j,nd" Houfetaroisliiug (!oods ot every descriotion K. BUOHLY 4a^7th str^t, IWIW, It KHtlU. c CRAY'S PATENT MOLDED COLLARS Have now been before the public for r.earlj a >ear They are universally pronwmced the nes'-st and best fitting collar? extant. The npper ed*? presents a perfect curvp, free from tbf.anflee noticed in all other collars. The cravat causes ne puckers on theinaida?f the turn-down collar: they are as SMOOTH iNSIDl AS OUTSIDE, and therefore perfectlj fr?e and easy to the neck. The Garotte Collar has a smooth aul evenly fin ished edge on both sidtf. These Collars are not simply flat pieces of paP^1" cut in the form of a collar, but are MOLDED AND SHAPED TO PIT THE NECK. They a* made in " Novelty." (or turn-down style;) in every half size from 12 to 17 inch#*, aud in "Eureka," (or Garotte.) from 13 to r inches; and packed in " solid sites" in neat blue eartons, containing 100 each; also in smaller ones of t??n each?the latter a very hand y package fo r t rav elera army and navy officers. EVERY COLLAR is stamped "GRAY'S PATEN! MOLDED COLLAR," Sold by all dealers in men's furnishing goods. The trade supplied by WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. ap 14.3m 328 Pa. avenue. Washington. XTKWTPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. FROM THE NEVTyORK AUCTIONS. The subscribers are now opening almost an entire New Stock of SPRING and SUMMER DRESS GOODS, comprising almost every tlesirabln fabric in use; and having purchased the most of them at the late large sales of French goods in New YorK ourselves, we save at least the Jobbers nroflt on them. and a glance at our stock will. w,- are sure, convfnce most persons of the advantage they win hnve in dealing with us. Wo would call the particular attention or our customers and the public generally to th* follow ing desirable goods, via: , Elegant Moire Antiques, in blue. green, brown, and all the desirable shades of moilf and fair colors. Superb quality of wide plain colore.! .Silk*, in all of the above shades. Yery rich wide colored Silks, in modes lavender, lilac and wlnte. A beautiful stock of neat check Silks, in Mack an<1 white, purple and white, green and white, brown and white, and blue and white. ALSO? Th?> handsomest stock of rich Black Silks ever offered in this market, comprising elegant plain I'.lack Taffetas, ranging from $l.a?to .??.??? per yard. F.xtra heavy black armour, maiarin. and <ir?* 'I* Amerique Silks, made expressly for La lie* and Mantillas, decidedly the richest g is in the n,arkl*t- - ALSO A magnificent stock of Fancy Dress Grio-i>. com prising almost everything new and desirable in general use. such as silk striped and pi aid. uiozain hiones, brocade worsted, grenedines in great variety, neat cbeck and plaid mozabiques in all the most desirable colors. ALSO JUST RECEIVED? A magnificent assortment of silk grena dines, in colored and black grounds, making our stock of r;ch Dress Goods the most attract! ve tin* side of New York : and having decided advantages in the purchase of our goods, we are prepared to offer manv ol them lower than the market rates. Ali goods marked in plain figures at the lowest price, nnd no rtcvi&tion Allowed. C.I .I lilt*,* w M S,IUSTER * BROTHER. ap 12-eoStif No. 3". opposite Center Market. l?OR SALE-A small COUNTER or BAR In T quire at SIMPSON'S. Forrest House. 4b 4 loth street apUjit* 1FSSONS ON THE GUITAR. Ac.?Levtow* in j Frmcii. liniinn and Spanish.?Prof. (J. HOBO has removed to south 10th street, corner of C. at Mrs. RobeyV, on the Island. ap* 8A/IA BUSHELS ST. URES SALT .UUU 1.00*1 bushels Turks Island Salt 4."tm sacks Liverpool G. A. Salt I.5011 iU> do fine Salt A (tost and in store. Kor sale in lots to suit |uir cha*ers. J. TIIOS. DANT, ?3 Water street, ap 1.1 lm* Georgetown. O. C. TCI P I T C II E R S!-I C E PITCH A large and beautiful assortment of Sil ver Plated and Brittania ICE PITCHERS., mst received aud f,.r sale at our iiMial low ? prices. C. W. BOTELERA SON House-furnishing Store. 31*? Iron Hall, ap 1.1-fit Pa. av . bet. i?tli and loth sts. | I M E, P I. A S T E R . C E M K N T . 1.0*0 barrels of Lime. Planter and Cement for sale at reduced rates by ? RICHARDS A GUINAND ap lj-.lf* foot of 4th street east. nissoivea. a 11 011 isleu iiiiseiueu ai mat nine win lie placed in the hands of a roller-tor. ap 1.5 ,1t_* RICHARDS A GUIN*AXO_ THE ACKNOWLEDGED STANDARD 1 VOLS. I. AND II. NOW READY. THE HISTORY (Civil. Political and Military.) of the SOUTHERN RE HELLION. From its incipient stages to itscione?comprehend ing also all important State papers. (Confederate and Federal. I all ordinances of sece?sion. proceed ings of Congress (Rebel and Federal.) remarkable speeches. Ac.; together with official reports of commanders, army and navy stati-tics, maps, Ac. By Oliver J. Victor. To be completed in three volumes, sisp.-r roya! octavo, beautifully illustra ted v. itli steei engravings, maps. Ac. Endorsed by the President. Cabinet aud over thirty members of Congress. JAS. D. TURKEY. Publisher. For lurtUer particulars apply toA.E. ISHAM. 3-^0 1st street east, Washington. ap 13-2t' i iRDNAN'CE OFFICE. a t waa Dkpaetmext. W t?HIM':To.V. April 12, 1.-J51. The following contracts have been awarded for llorse Equi pm -nts. under the proposals ree.eived under call of advertifenu-nt of February 2.1. !??!. for M.lKM sets', 'the bids under which were opened April 2. IH04 Stirling A' < o..!jt.Li- \is, I,'**' si t-. at 42.'.:V?St. Louis Arsenal Stirling A Co.. St?Louis. Li* sets nt $25.28?St. Louis Arsenal. Stirling ?V Co.. J*t. L' li s. l,*?m sets. at *?21."C -St. Louis Arsenal. ; Stirling A Co.,St. bonis. 1 .???.'* -t - ?'Ji'.7s-Cin cinnati Department. Stirling A Co., St. Loui*. 1.'0 sets at ??flUS.s*?Cm (iiinat; Department. Geo. Peters, Newark. i,i"H- sets, a' " < ..r>'? Frans - lord Arsenal. Ge> . Peters. Newark. \.*J- set-, at Ml.I;l? Alle ghany Arsenal. Geo. Peters. Newark. I,'** sets, at ;*y?N?-\v York Arsenal. (ieo. Peters. Newark. 1. " sets. it >?New York Arsena'. Gee. Peter.-. Newark, l.!M* sets, at -1 5''?New York Artonnal. C. S. Storms. New York. s.'U'.i sets, at New* York Arsenal. J. Cuiiimiiigs. Springfield. I.<???? sSf.J.V New York Arsenal. Lacey. Meeker A C<... New >ork, t.i*S' sets. Nr *.1" S ? New York Arsenal. (i K(>. I) RAMSAY, a 1? 13-4t Brig. Gen. Chief of Ordnance^ SHINGLES AND PALINGS - 1 s ,'<? best quality Cedar ShingL-s 1 mv"i<i do do Spruce do !?<!?. *'o do Paling - p* .'K' White Piue Shingles _ For sale low. Apply to .IAS T. K.^SEa ap" eo .t Foot of High s'.., Gi-org'*town vimTttck kr. W M E R ('If A A'T TAir.OK, No. d'J'i Pa. Avkxuk. Bktw. 4'j aspOTU St^{. Invites the attention of Membersot Congress, 0't* izens. his Customer.-, and the public gen erally to his fine assortment of SPRING GOObS. consisting ol CLOTHS. CA.?SIM EKE^ YESTINGS. aki ?,T.T1,? BUSINESS COATINGS, which hehasjust received, and which will he made up in the most fashionable manner. Arm) and Navy Uniforms made according ti tlie latest regulations and at the shortest notice. ap"-2w ? _ 48(> OVAL PICTURE FRAMES. 4?? NEW STOCK . !-><? Just received the richest, handsomest and most varied stoc'-: or Gilt an t Dark Wood Oval Picture Frames in the District. These goods are warrant ed to be gilded with gold leaf and of superior work, maiiship. Ais<^, a beautiful assortment ot Lard \ isite Fr^r es of foreign and domestic manufacture. All good* warranted as represented 'IVrnis cash. *1 . MA uKrvl 1 r?|\, No. IHb 7th street, eiaht door* above ap I -1 ui if* Odd Fellows' Hal!. WINDOW SHADES. Now opening, springstock Gilt Band Window Sid les. Shade Cord. Tassels and Fixtures. Shades of any required style or size made to or der. Terms cash. J. MARKRITER. No. 4*<(> 7th street, eight doors atove ap 2 linif* Odd Fellows' Hall. ON \*ZV AFTER THIS DATE THE OFFICE of tne Washington and Marl-^rj^-*^ ma, v?;i i 8"1 boro' State will be kept at theJ Stables o< HOWARD A ROUSE, on] G. between Cth and 7th streets. Washington. D. C.. April 4.1*M. apS-lm* ART A CO.. bankers. No. 4till 15th St.,OpW>sitk thk Tkvasi-kv. I'uited States Bonds of all descriptions, quarter masters' Checks. Gold. Silver and Uncurrent Money bought aud sold. Stocks bought and sold at the New York stock exchange solelyoncommis sion. Drafts furnished and collections made on the most favocable terms. ap l-2w* 486 F1{KN'CH FIRE BOARD PRINTS. Just received an assf>rtment of ' FRENCH FIREBOARD PRINTS At J. MARKRITER S, No. 4C*6 7th street. 8 doors above ap 3 7t* Odd Fellows' Hall. fTlHST CLASS BOARDING SCHOOL FOR BOYS, 1 ?t Mt. Joy,. Lancaster P?. For circular! ad dress the Principal. mh 21-eolic" A. MORRISON. rpBl BIVOUAC AND TE1 BATTL1 VUL9! * 4 O'CLOCK P. M. ARRIVAL OP ADMIRAL DAHLGREN. The Harvest Moon, Capt. Warren, arrived at the Nary Yard to-day, bringing back Ad miral Dahlgren, who bas again been unsuc cessful in recovering the body of bis son. Prrpokal.?Secretary Chase left this city last evening for New York. Secretary Seward returned to thecity yester day from New York, where he had been on a brief visit. Washlngt*B Money Market?Latest Qne tatieas. Furnished by Lewis Johnson & Oo., Bank ers: Buying. Selling. U. S. Coupon Bonds, 1881 116* 117* U.S. 5.20 Notes 113 114 Quartermasters' Checks 99 ? New Certificates.... 9?* ? American Silver 155 ? American Gold 172 ? Haw TORE RATR8?8BCOKD BOARD. Coupon 6's, 1831, US; 5.80's, 113; Certificates of Indebtedness, 99; Cold, 176. OOHGBG8SIONAL. XXXVIIITH G0N6RKS8.?TIR3T 8183 ION. Thursday, April 14. Sen at a.?Mr. Wade called up the bill to en able the people of the Territory of Nebraska to form a constitution and State government pre paratory to admission into the Union; and it was passed. The consideration of the naval appropriation bill for the year ending June 30, 1865, was re sumed. An amendment from the Naval Committee, making an appropriation of ? 15,000 for a ceme tery lor the navy and marine corps, near Phil adelphia, was adopted. The amendment of Mr. Orimes, providing that the naval academy shall be returned and established at the academy grounds in Annapo lis, on or before the academic year, in Septem ber 1&65, which had been adopted in Committee of the Whole, came up for a separate vote. Mr. Anthony moved as a substitute for th? amendment that the Secretary of the Navy ap point a board of five naval officers to examine and report upon the most suitable place for the naval academy. Alter considerable debate, the substitute was rejected, and the amendment of Mr. Grimes adopted?yeas 30, nays 10. Houbk.?Mr. Wilson, of Iowa, asked but tailed to obtain leave to oiler a resolution pro viding tor night sessions. The House proceeded to the consideration of the resolution to expel Mr. Long. Mr. Rogers, of New Jersey, opposed the res olution, contending, on constitutional grounds, and by the common law of England, which has ce>mc down to us, that a man has a right to declare his sentiments herein order to more in telligent legislation for the benefit of onrselves and posterity. If the day should ever come when it would be necessary for him te declare such .sentiments as those of the gentleman from Ohio he would do so though prison doors and the Bastile were ready to receive him. Mr. Colfax rose to move the previous ques tion. Mr. Pendleton appealed to him not to do so, as various gentlemen yet desired to be heard. Mr. Colfax said although his heart inclined io the accommodation, public duty compelled him to move the previous question. Twenty six speeches had been made, equally divided on both side?, and he would remind gentlemen that Joshua R. Giddings, in 1942, was expelled under the operation of the previous question. The House proceeded to dispose of the point of erder raised by Mr. Eldridge on Tuesday, that Mr. Brccmall's substitute for Mr. Colfax's resolution proposing to censure Mr. Long by declaring him an unworthy member?was not in order. The Speaker pro Urn (Mr. Rollins of New Hampshire) declared it to be in order. An appeal was taken lrom the decision of the Chair which was sustained, yeas 79; nays 65. Mr. Colfax?The judgment of the House has thus declared, accepted Mr. Broomall's substi tute?lor censure?in place of his own, to ex pel Mr. Long, as it was evident a sufficient vote could not be obtained to expel Mr. Long. lie demanded the previous question, which was seconded?ayes 76, nays 61. The question was then stated?"Shall the main question be now put."1?whereupon Mr. Cox called for the yeas and nays, which were oi dered, and being taken resulted?yeas 75, nays 71. So the main question was ordered to be put. Mr. Col'.ax then made a speech in defense of his proposition. We still live, he said, and with oui gallant soldiers in the field we will live a country as long as time shall last. He gave his reasons for offering his resolution, and eloquently continued until the expiration of his honr. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM EUROPE. TH V HK A7.1I.I AN GOVERNMENT ACCEPTS THE MEDIATION OF PORTUGAL IN IiER ? DISPUTE WITH ENGLAND. Halifax, April I!.?The steamship Asia from Liverpool has arrived. Political news is unimportant. The reportof the destruction of the ship Wm. Crampton is not confirmed. The increase of bullion in the Bank of Eng land is reported to be L1-5,<hh?, instead of i.2?5, M Ki ll opes ar*- entertained of floating the steam ship City oi New York which struck on a rock ot! Ciueenstown. Liverpool. April 2.?Cotton, quiet and un changed. Breadstuff?, inactive and drooping. Pio visions, dull and tending down ward. Pro duce, quiet and steady. Lonoox, April 2, evening.?Consols, 9! JcaO!^ for money. Amenc-au -ecuri'.ie- closing flat Politics unimportant. A telegram announcing the arrival of Gari baldi at Southampton is moinentaril> expected < >rhK?sTo\vN. April -*l- Evening.?Ther- is no change in the position ot the City of New Y<->rk. .^he still lies firmly imbedded on Haunt's Roclr. Preparations on a large scab* are being made, and strong hope- are entertained of h-r being saved. The Brazilian Government has accepted the mediation of Portugal in her dispute with England. . < ONVEDERATE \V AK VESSKL* BE1NQ HI ILT I* FRANCE. pitiLAPEi.iMUa. April 1".?The french pap*r of this city publishes this morning, an article taken lrom the "Opinion National?" of Paris, whiih include-official documents and proves that the French Government Is quietly conni ving with the eflorts ot the Confederate agents to have iron-clad war vessel built in France for the Confederate service. From the rrvelations of the Ojunion, it ap. pears that parties at Nantes and Bordeaux have been tor mo.'ths at work building war vessi Is, ostensibly for China, but really for the rebels. Mr. Dayton, last tall, laid before the Freiu li Government proofs of the real desti nation of the vessels, and after much delay the work wa\stopped by Government orders; but during the last two months the Opinion d? clares that the work has been resumed, and two ot the vessels are ready to be passed over to the Confederate agents. Lieut. Maury and Capt. Bullock have b?en prominent in these negotiations. These vessels are iron-clad, and the rebel authorities have ordered an entire fleet. 1ROM MEXICO. N?w York, April 14.?The steamer Ariel has arrived from Aspmwall with California mails to March 2J. Nkw York. April 14.?The llernld. hi? Mexi can advices via. Havana. Purango has been occupied bv the Imperial ists. General Pontoni having left tor Chihua hua. The reported capture ot Gauulajara by Prasra is absurd. - A French frigate has left Vera Cruz with troops for the Rio Grande. THE SHIP ELVIRA FOUNDERS AT SEA Boston, April 14.?The ship Elvira, from Calcutta for Boston, fonndered in the Bayof Bengal on the 20th of January. Out of a crew of 29 only 3 survived. They remained on the wreck till the 27th. The captain and first mate went down on the ship. The remainder took refnge in the ship's house, which became d? tsm the \?wi. PRK I OF GOLD. (By the People's Line.] N*W York, April 14?9.45 ft. m.?l*old, R0%'; 10 ft. a., SI; 10.30 ft. m-, *6, 11 a. m., t-4*ft85; w 82*. U.S. 5 2(.'s,119* *113; U.S. ceruoeates, 99* LOOAL NEWS. ThbTl**ll Mcrder Trial.?The trial of the case ot Cornelius Tuell, charged with the murderof his wife was returned this morning in the Criminal (,!ourt before Judge Fisher. As upon yesterday, the court was pretty well crowded by parties who appear to take a live ly interest in the trial. Officer J. F. Kflly sworn?Went to the rest dence ol prisoner on the 19th of February, and examined the premises and tound an axe and hammer, both having marks of blood upon them. There was blood on the handle and blade of the axe, and at the time marked both the hammer and the ax?. The furniture was broken up considerably and there was ft greftt deal of blood in the front roam and also in the bed up stairs. At one place beside the bureau in the room down stairs there was a pile of coagulated blood which seemed to be half an inch thick. Witbess sent the axe and hammer referred to, to police headquarters. The axe looked as though it had been rubbed in order to wash the blood ot!'. In the center of the room down stairs there were marks as though blood had been washed up and ashes sprinkled over the spot. These ashes were in the front room and the stairs go up from the bftck room. Did not see blood at the foot of the stairs, but blood smeared the steps as though some bleed ing matter had been dragged up. (Anaxe and hammer were here shown witness and he iden tified them as the ones be had taken from Tu ell s house.) Witness then continued and does not recollect he saw any sheets or bed clothing on the bed. About a week after the murder witness sold the furniture at Mr. Tuell's re quest and fonnd a coffin screw in thfe bftck room. Cross-examined. ? Witness resided within two squares of Tuell's. There was no one at the house when witness went there on the morning of the 19th. Officer Morris went with witness on the morning of the 19th, and while witness was there some women came in. There is a cooking-stove in the front room. The bu reau is fire or six feet from ?he sto /e, and marks of blood were in front of the store and bureau. The stairs leading up from the back room are not more than two leet wide, but witness thinks there is a railing. There was blood in the room up stairs. The blood at the stove looked as though an attempt had been made to wash it up. Caroline SewalU colored, sworn.?Knows Cor nelius Tuell, who lived within forty feet of witness. Recollects the day Mrs. Tuell died. Upon the day alter Mrs. Tuell's dnath the children were in witness's house. The chil dren came to witness's house by themselres witness did not see the fatherr-about 8 or 9 o'clock in the morning, and lett there about 9 at night, when the father came for them. The first time he ?ame was about o'clock, and asked the little boy where bis mother was. The boy replied that he did not know, and" witness told Tuell that she thought she was in the house, locked up; when he replied no. the doors are all open, and she has gone. Tuell came back about 9 o'clock to get the children, but before this time witness heard the rum bling of a wagon in the allev, and the gate open. When he came for the children he did say anything as witness recollects. By the detense.?Witness was in the habit of seeing the deceased daily, except a short time before her death. Witness did not sav on the preliminary "xamination that she heard the r^roblingof the wagon between 4 and 5 o'clock; nor did she state that Tuell came after the chit dren about 5 o'clock. She was also examined be.ore the coroner's jury at Olenwood,' but don't recollect of her having testified to Tuell coming to her house about 4 or 5 o'clock. Mrs. Catherine Somen sworn.?Witness knows the prisoner and knew the deceased and lived near them until last New Years'eve. Witness has seen her setting in the yard in the middle of the night?and very rainy nights?and she said her husband drove her out. Witness did r.ot see him. The lollowing day witness saw the deceased and saw bruises on her person. Wiiness could not say how often she had seen the deceased bruised; it was too often. Witness never heard the prisoner whipping the de ceased. When witness saw her bruised she asked deceased to come in and stay in her honse and one night she stayed at the witness's house all night. Her face was bruised. By thedelence.?Witness's house was in the alley. She could not say that sheerer saw the deceased in liquor. Mrs. SewaU, recalled by the prosecution.? Witness never saw Tuell strike his wife. Five weeks previous to her death Mrs. Tuell was badly bunged up, and was confined to her bed several weeks. The bruises were black and blue and her shoulder seemed to be out of place. The bruises were mostly on the body, and there were scratches upon her lace. Witness has seen Mrs. Tuell run out of the yard and he after her with somethMTg-m tiis hand, as If to strike her quite often; generally in the after noon. Mr^. Tuell would scream so on such occasions that witness did not hear what was said. She sometimes went in the neighbors' houses for refuge, and on one night?a very stormy one?she came to witness' house abr>ut ten o'clock and remained all night. The de ceased went back to her house on the night In question and tried to get in, but the doors were all locked. Witness did not go with her, but saw her try to get in. The Troubled at McKexdree Chapel? Thr Church Split.?It seems that the troubles of McRendree Chapel and Sunday school. In stead of dying out, are still on the increase, and that that once prosperous church is destined to te broken up. Those who have read ol the troubles will recollect that the difficulty origi nated from arepertmade to the Quarterly Con ference by the Kev. W. A. Cook as to the con dition of the Sabbath school, in which it was stated that the school did not appear to be con dr.rted on sound Methodistieal principles; that many ot the library books were religious novels, ?fcc. The Quarterly Conference passed a reso lution requesting the school to subscribe to the Sunday School A-h-ocale, and relating to the scl'ool becoming auxiliary to the Methodist Episcopal Sunday School. The teachers of the school in February last held several meetings to consider tne action ol the Conference, and alter considerable debate, in which Messrs. Hf.rkness, Davis, Squires. JRevs. W. A. Cook ami Ferris took part, and during which there was much feelinr exhibited, a report, accom paried by a resolution requesting the Quar teilv Conference to reconsideriheir action, was adrpted by a vote ol ;?? to 10. The Quarfe-ly Conference was held on the -21th March, when the Conference re-affirmed I s action. At this imeting the Superintendent* of the school (J. C Darkness) presented his l!ith annual report, but it wms ruled out of order by the Presiding Elder. Some of the members of the Conference, on account of this action, left ttie meeting: and on Air Darkness gqi^is to meet his class at their nex* meeting, he lo'ilnd that the minister had takei. charge of if. Quite a number of ttie members of the Church have ? now deter mined to withdraw jxom it. It is stated that? atout ->5(' (something more than hair") have de termined on this course, and a number of the Echolars of the Snn'rtay school have also left. Th* vestry of Trinity Mission, corner Six'h and N streets, offered the seceders the use of their house, and for the past -twc? Sabbah mornings, school has beed r.eld here, and the members have held priver meetings. There is but little donbt t>ut another Church will beformi-d, almost all hopes of a recon ciliation have been abandoned. AKOTetR Demand fox; Huwbr Waoes ? Last night, the journeymen horse-shoers, pet announcement in the Sfar, held a meeting at tne Exchange Hotel, on C street, between Ht and 0th, and organized a preliminary mfettAg by appointing Mr. William Murphy chairman, and Mr. Oliver Anderson secretary. There was but little time spent in discussion, but alt quickly agreed that their wages must be in creased, and a resolution was therefore unani. mously adopted that they would demand $l* per week for firemen aud tfM5 per week fojr floormen, from and after next Saturday eveniug. The wages received now are ?15 for the former and ?12 for the latter class of workmen. It was also resolved that each journeyman inform his employer of the demands of the organization, and that another meeting be held on negc Sat urday evening, at the same place, when the organization wHl be perfected. It was stated that employer* had lately in creased .their prices. A resolution was adopted that if the deniands of the workmen are not complied with tiiere wilt be a general strike upon Monday next, and all journeymen horse sheers are invited to co-operate In the move ment, and those who refuse to do so are to be considered as unworthy ol association with such members as demand what they believe are simply their rights, and the members of the organization pledge themselves to sustain each other in this matter, and to refuse to work in the same fchop Vlth any workman who will not stand up for the increase. A Row at Belle Ferhi-pox's.?L,ast night some young men- paid ? visit to Belle Fergu son's, on B street south, between Oth and 7th streets, and after drinking some wine, one of them is alleged to have refused to pay his reckoning, when Belle had him put out^ and some of his companions taking lus part, she attempted to put them out, and raised a row thereby. The youngsters called officer Gibson' who arrested her, and this morning Justice Boswell fined her ?'0 for disorderly conduot, and held her to bail for court to answer the charge of keepiug a bawdy bouse FrssD ? Philip I.ichaa, No. 4-9 Sixth street, was fined this morning by .?ustice Ferga na lor selling liquor on tjuiuiay. C'ha?wk or Assault ahd Batt?r?-._ About bail-past ten o'clock last aight, m rar No.51 wu pusing on Pennsylvania ar?nue, near 4% street, the conductor ejected a man i0r some cause from the car, and the latter feu )n tbe street, and bis head was cut badly. Hs was picked upaenselese, and laid on tbe aide, walk Patrolman O'Connell arre?ted tbe coc ci uc tor and conrered him to tbe Fourth Ward Station, where his name was entered as W. T Karnes. The Injured man was taken away by somebody, and his name and rasidenca were not ascertained, nor in fact, the extent or hu In juij. The condactor was required to give bail for court by Justice Oiberaou. Thk Dipobdbrlt Bots ?The police in the ricinity of 7th street ar.d Penua avenue are making a raid upon the disorderly boys who annoy the ladies and gentlemen passing alone thai thoroughfare by their vulgar language and mischievous act*. Eight of them, boot blacks and newsboys, were arrested by officer Burch and were locked up in the eells or the Fourth Ward Station, yesterday and last night. This morning tbey were discharged with a promise by J ustice Giberson tbat upon a repe tition of tbe offence their punishment shall b? considerably increased. Pickpocmts Akoct.?This morning, while tbe sales were proceeding at Green & Williams Auction Store on ?th and D streets, some or th* hgbt-flngered gentry cot into tbe crowd and relieved three ladies of their pocket-books and money. One of tbe ladies, Mrs. Stewart, of Georgetown, lost *83 by the operation. The thieves got off safely without being suspected. Stoviko ? Chcbch.?'This morning, officer Howard arrested Benjamin A. Hamilton, for throwing stones through the windows ot tne colored Baptist Church, corner 4th and f, streets, about a week ago. Hamilton and an. other named Sbaw were together in the art, but baa not been arrested. Hamilton ta held for further hearing by Justice Giberson, Haavv Robbery.?About seven o'clock last evening, some person went into B. W. Reed > grocery store, corner Fourteenth and F streets, and took, from bis deak behind the counter, e small box, containing over 91,000, while Mr. Reed's son was engaged in a different part of tbe atore. WANTED?A competent SALESWOMAN for tbe millinery department. None but those fully capable and with good reference need app! y No. 4 Market Space, up stair*,first Hoor. ipli .it* Dry goods salesman wanted ?One weri acquainted with thec'ty trade?a single man 19 to 20 years of see. None other* n?ed apply. Sit uation permanent. PEBRY 4 BRO., npl4-3t Penn. iivenus and 9th street. WANTED-A first class MILLINER: one tU?t thoroughly understand* her business in all its branches. A middle aged lady preferred. A.I dress*-M. B.,,? with terms and reference at thu office. It * w RANTED.?A good COOK. WASH KB ani f I BONER. Also, a first rate CH4MBKB MAID. None others need apply. Call imme<i; ately at No. 252, F street, between 13th and lit'i streets. ap H-2t* WANTED?A WAITER, a' t ?e (iunlint Iiou*-. To one who understands the busine** #2>1 * month wages will be given the whole year rounl Inquire at the restaurant. 247 Penn. avenue. I?> tween 12th and 13th streets. ap l4-2t* Wf ANTED ? For n first-class restaurant, t?<> vv <;OOD WAITERS, who understand th?? ir business. French. German or Italian prnferrol Call today, at the Eagle Restaurant, No. 171 Penn. avenue. _ It* fflf C AAA WANTED.?A Partner with ?S.>n> engage in a profitable aai reeulnr manufacturing business in Baltimore. A tine opportunity i- oJfered for one possessing th? above amount. Address "Manufacturer,'' Bait: more Post Office. ap 14-2t' \\T ANTED?A situation asORGANIST. or ALTO " SINGER, for two young ladies in a ehoi-. where compensation for one only would be ask?d. Also, a few scholars taken for instruction on the Piano. Reference given if required. Address A R. K.. Georgetown P. O.. D. C. ap F~OR~RENT-Several nice FURNISHED ROOM to rent corner of L and 3th sts. ap 14-3t* J70B RKNT-Two FURNISHITIMFoOMS to reut r by early application at No. 320 9th strest. ?p !4-3t* F"OR SALE?DRAWERS ani SHELVING. nearW new, suitable for dry goods, elothing or -hoe* To > e seen at No. 390 11th street, between K and L streets. apl4-S'.' OR RENT?Part of a fine large SItoW ROOM, suitable for dressmaking or any kind of fauey business, in one of the best locations on P-un avenue. Inquire at No. 4 Market Space, upstairs first floor, ap I4-.Tt* STORE FOR SALE FIT FOR A REST A I* rant, grocery or clothing; three rooms and kitchen. It will be sold very reasonable, as the owner is going home to Ireland. 224 22d street, l etween G ana H. Washington, D C. apl4 2t* Furnished parlors for rent.-t* handsome Furnished Parlors to rentto one or two gentlemen, without board. Location the best iu the city?400 16th street, between I and K. ap 14-2t* FOR SALE-A thorough-bred STALLION. Cm be seen for one day at J. A. MARSHALL'S Livery and Sale Stable, No. 47 3 3th street, above D street. it' fife C REWARD.?Strayed on Tue?l.iy. the 12th April, a WHITE C<>W. with dark brown spots; read}-to drop a calf: the tops of her teat-, black. WILLIAM BARING TON . corner of I an t 1st streets. ap 11 v* gY J. C. McGUIRE k CO., Auctioneer*. BOOKS. A collection of miscellaneous Book- will be =oll at Public Ha'e at the Ancti m Rooms. comnienc:ne TUESDAY EVENING . April 19th. at 7 o'clock, an I continuing each evening thereafter until all a:? sr Id Tbe collection is the Stock of a Collector ani Dealer in old It^oks. an<^ embraces every variety in the T'ook lin*-, routing? Law, MeSic&l. History. S'ntistios, Cyclopedias. Geography, Astronomy, Botany, Novels, Ac,, & c. Terms cash. ap 14 J. C. McGUIRE <V CO., A irtv B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. THREE VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON Ttlfc ISLAND KT AUCTION. On TUESDAY, the 19th instant, at *is o'cl >*k, p. :n., we shall stll in front of the premise* th* w est part of Lot 7. and all of Lots 3 ana 9. in Square 538. each having a front of fifty feet. This prop-'r ty fronta on south F and is between 3d and O, street went. Persons desirous of parcha*ing Bail ing Lots in this section of th<* city would do w. 't to at.end the saie as the property will be soM witho-i: reserve. Terms of sale : One-half cash , balance in six ani twelve months, for notes bearing int-re3t. a Je-*1 givi-n and a deed of trust taken. will be,rcquired of each purchaser whea 'he proper y is knocked down. A warrantee deed given. ap.14 eods GREEN A WILLIAMS. Am-J. J^Y J. C. McGUIRE ft CO., Auctioneer!. FIFTEEN V*RY DESIRABLE BUILDING LCT3 ON THIRTEENTH STREET WKSr AND NORTH O STREET AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, April So'clocV. on the premises.we ihall sell ei<jhtdes rable Build ing Lots on the east side of Thirteenth street, be ? 'weenN and O street* north, fronting from 19'? tf 02 fret eacb, and all running bacfc to a$> foot pub lic alley. A 'so, seven Lots on North 0 street, at the corner of Thirteenth street, fronticg e?ch *' feet, ani running back 1<S feet 9 i*icues to an alley. Theee Lota are nil very desirable for building purposes beinc well situated in a healthy aud r?p idly improving part of the city. lerms: Ore fourth ca*h; tie remainder in <= twehe.and eighteen months, wit^interest, *e cured by a deed of trust on the preiirpes < onve>anc- s at the cost of the purchi-er. flats may be obtained on application to the A ic tioreers. ap.O-d J. C. McGUIBE 9c CO., AacS. QQO U0RS]B^ WANT E~d! War ?eva'tme*t,Caralr* Bureau. ) "jnee of rhi'f Oitfir'-rrrrithr. J 'Win\kmtton, I) f- . Av^1 12, 1-C54.S One hundred snd fifty-five (flS5) dollars per he*i w ill be paid for all cavalry horses ?b-livered within the next fifteen <IS* days at the Government fables at Giesboro. D. C. Said horses to l>e sound in all particulars, not less than five (Si nor more than n:ne<9? years ol I: from 11}: to 1?"> hands high: full fleshed, compactly built, bridle wise, .ani of size ?ufl^cieut for c.*val:> purposes. Tit'st .?ptrifi cat ions will bt strictly ndhiud to arl rinully tnftrrtd in every iprticwlar. Payment msde on deliVerv of ten <!'?) aud over. Hours of inspection,9A.M.6 P. M. JAMBS A. EKIN. Lieutenant Colonel and Chief Ouarternaster ap 12- 1M Cavalry Bur -s'.i. FIANO FORTES. i^lX Good second-hand Pianos for sale cheap and on_monthly payments. Five new Pianos from llallet. D?vi<A] C".. this week. I Only place you can buy the famous, ?ood. reli-ible Chickering A t*ons" Piau<ia. Pianos tuned and repairei, and any mnaicai in strument reuaired. JOHN F. ELLT8. 306 Pa avenue. ap U-3t t between 9th and 1'th st-. _ Ij^OR SALE?A new S>-hoT?e power Upright Tu bular BOILER; one h?-horse power second hand Upright Tabular BOILER. Also, one 6 - horse power Horizontal Tubular BOILER: also one llo and one 13-horse power loc^imotive style Tubular BOILERS. Also, second hand horii"" tal. single and double. Return Flue BOILEK*; sires from 8 to 36 horse power. A1*e. diflter nt sizes Upright and Horizontal EN . INE^ from 3 to 90 horse-power. All guarant*"t to le in go d order. Enquire, either by mail or is person, *0 THOMAS C. BASS&ER A CO., No. 2tf LUht st.. Baltimore, li(d. ap 3-IQt 515 JiMES r. SAUDiV. 5J5 REAL ESTATE BROKER AND AGEXT. No. 51tV Elevxkth strxst. sopth or PSS*rrL ViKU AVSKCt, Wash inc. tor. aa <-oolm - PICTURE CORD asp TASSELS. Ac. Tbe largest and handsomest assortment of P ? tnreCord and Tassels, Rings, Nails. Ac.. ,n HARKKITKR'8' ?T'Terma cask. apl???l

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